Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why are the Heroes of the Storm fighting?

Is there any lore that explains why the Heroes of the Storm are fighting? In League of Legends, it is explained that they are fighting to settle political disputes in special arenas in a controlled ...

asked by Dragonrage 28 votes
answered by Jeremy Avalon 26 votes

What is the significance of 88.7?

I have just completed Mirror's Edge and I am now going back through to locate all the courier drops. I've noticed that next to a lot of them is some graffiti. Several of the graffiti marks have ...

steam achievements mirrors-edge  
asked by Burgi 25 votes
answered by O-O 22 votes

Playing Master of Evolution without a valid card to evolve to

If I play Master of Evolution which transforms a friendly minion to a random one that costs 1 more, but there isn't a valid minion in the game that costs that much, what will happen to my minion? For ...

asked by ChaseC 16 votes
answered by Mathias711 22 votes

What happens if you silence C'Thun?

The developers have stated many times that the buff to C'Thun works more like an aura than an actual buff so I was wondering this: can C'Thun be silenced if I somehow survive the initial onslaught? ...

asked by Kappei 16 votes
answered by Jeremy Avalon 17 votes

Does Doomcaller think my C'Thun is dead if I have multiple and only one is dead?

Doomcaller is a card in the new Whispers of the Old Gods expansion, that reads "Give your C'Thun +2/+2 (wherever it is). If it's dead, shuffle it into your deck.". This is a scenario that I will ...

asked by RemcoGerlich 15 votes
answered by Kappei 10 votes

How exactly does melon/pumpkin growth work?

Often, when people discuss automatic melon/pumpkin farm designs on reddit or similar places, a question pops up: Does pushing a block into the air block the melon/pumpkin will grow into reset the ...

asked by MrLemon 9 votes
answered by Skylinerw 12 votes

How do C'Thun's buffs work if I Entomb it?

I have 2 scenarios, per the following. I am playing a standard control Priest deck (without C'Thun) vs a C'Thun Druid. Case 1: He keeps buffing his C'Thun until turn 10, when I Entomb it. What ...

asked by Karoui Haythem 7 votes
answered by Jeremy Avalon 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I use an Xbox 360 controller to play Xbox One?

So I broke my Xbox One controller, and while it is easy enough to go out and buy another, I have a couple of Xbox 360 controllers. Is there any way to use an Xbox 360 controller to play Xbox One?

xbox-360 controllers xbox-one  
asked by Timelord64 19 votes
answered by Timelord64 25 votes

What are the long-term consequences of joining each faction?

What were the long-term effects of finishing the game with one of the four factions? More specifically I was wondering about becoming allies with the Institute. Will the people of the Commonwealth be ...

asked by Jonathan Pitre 16 votes
answered by kalina 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Tap Titan boss killed my hero. stuck with 24 hours cooldown. What is the most advantageous action, time-wise?

In Tap Titans, when you take too long to kill a boss, he might slay one of your heroes. This hero then revives after a very long cooldown, but while any of your heroes are dead, your relics per ...

asked by Mindwin 2 votes

Is there a system of knowing where secret entrances are besides shooting all the walls?

My current strategy is to shoot all walls in treasure rooms and if I haven't found a secret area yet I'll shoot the exit elevator walls. I'd say I find 1 secret entrance every 2 levels or so. Is there ...

asked by Kit Sunde 1 vote

Is it possible to identify mercenaries in realm battles?

In Chaos Reborn it's possible to recruit mercenaries from towns or scripted events. These units will remain in your company after battles if they are not killed. You can also recruit settlements, ...

asked by Jon Ericson 3 votes
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