Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Who is Angel's mother?

I played the 'snap' out of the Borderlands series and really know much about the games. But after the Pre-Sequel, I still have one big question: Who is Angel's mother? Since we only know about one ...

asked by Mattu475 25 votes
answered by Ryan 25 votes

What are the consequences of not caring about traffic jams?

I have some main roads in my city which appear glowing red in the traffic view. When zooming into them I also see large numbers of cars and trucks lining up. However, so far I did not notice any ...

asked by Philipp 15 votes
answered by Dennis 17 votes

Did Humble Bundle stop supporting the "Activate on Steam" option?

There was a time where you could link your Steam account to your Humble Bundle account and have the codes automatically redeem as you clicked them, without all of the copy-paste-wait-wait more-click ...

steam humble-bundle  
asked by gatherer818 14 votes
answered by aytimothy 21 votes

What is the most efficient wood based fuel?

Which form of wood is actually the most efficient in furnaces? I would appreciate if there is a descending list of efficiency. This includes any thing that can be made from wood, including charcoal ...

asked by DarkDestry 14 votes
answered by Schism 31 votes

Does size matter?

I noticed when I am diving and get fish, it tells me the size and if it is the biggest one I have caught of that fish. Does the size actually matter? Does it change the sale price or anything?

asked by Ashley Nunn 11 votes
answered by Rapitor 4 votes

Why can't I suggest war against Japan or a specific civilization?

I'm playing a (built-in) custom map and Japan is attacking everyone, even the kittens! They've attacked one country I'm on excellent terms with but the game lets me suggest going to war with ONLY ...

asked by John 10 votes
answered by gatherer818 15 votes

What's the difference between tools from the Crimson and the Corruption?

In Terraria, almost 90% of the time I make a world it is a Crimson world. I have heard that corruption is worse than crimson, but I've also heard it the other way around. So, what's the difference? ...

terraria terraria-mobile terraria-console  
asked by imafancyman 9 votes
answered by John Cleaver 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you get to level 36 in Candy Crush Saga?

After half a weekend spent on conquering Candy Crush Saga levels, I have finally arrived at level 36. Unfortunately, there seems to be a "barrier" of sorts to start playing this level, with two ...

asked by rikitikitik 14 votes
answered by agent86 22 votes

Who's telling the truth? Saadia or Kematu?

In the quest: "In my Time of Need" Saadia claims: "I am a noble of House Suda in Hammerfell." "The Alik'r are assassins in the employ of the Aldmeri Dominion." Kematu claims: Saadia is known ...

asked by Renan 31 votes
answered by Grok 25 votes

Can you answer these?

N64 Composite to VGA

My son recently had is grandmother purchase him an old N64 console. Seeing that we don't have any CRT TVs, I purchased a composite to VGA converter box. It connected it up to his PC monitor (Dell 23 ...

asked by fkm71 3 votes

Stuttering While Walking

I just got the skill "Non-Stop", which lets me sprint infinitely and move faster while crouched. This is great and all, but now when I try to walk normally, I will move very slow. I may move normally ...

ps4 far-cry-4  
asked by Kaizerwolf 3 votes

Lagging behind in levels, how do I catch up?

I have been playing Torchlight 2 on "normal" difficulty using LAN multiplayer with a friend. This is the first time we play and I'm not experienced with this type of games. At the entrance of each ...

asked by Gabb 3 votes
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