Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why can't I bomb Rome?

As you can see from the image below, I have a great war bomber with Rome in range. However, when I click the attack button and click on Rome (I can see my damage and Rome's damage), nothing happens. …

asked by mmalmeida 15 votes
answered by animuson 19 votes

How can I beat Anub'Rekhan on Heroic?

Between the 45 health, the 4/4 creatures every round, and the fact that he always gets a coin, I'm really struggling to beat this one on Heroic. What are some strategies I should follow when building …

asked by Beofett 11 votes
answered by Raven Dreamer 8 votes

How can I calculate the right number/types of parachutes for my craft?

In earlier versions of Kerbal Space Program, even in Career Mode, parts cost and recovery was never an issue to be concerned about. So a typical space mission might only return to Kerbin with the …

asked by Iszi 11 votes
answered by Coomie 3 votes

Who is the Main Villain in Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas?

In Curse of Naxxramas there is an Undead Egyptian-looking guy who pops up from time to time and says things: "How did you get in here? You're not supposed to be in here!" "Sea Giant?!? Maexxna, that …

asked by Jonathan Mee 10 votes
answered by z ' 11 votes

Is there any replay value in the Curse of Naxxramas solo adventure?

The first playthrough of the normal mode bosses and the class challenges gives you new cards for your deck(s). And the first complete playthrough on heroic mode gives you a new card back. But is …

asked by Raidri 10 votes
answered by Phoke 11 votes

How can I beat Maexxna on Heroic?

On Heroic she sends two minions back to your hand every turn and plays first a lot of small minions and later some bigger and dangerous ones. What are some good strategies to use against her? …

asked by Raidri 9 votes
answered by Raven Dreamer 8 votes

How do I get the card back for beating Heroic mode in the Curse of Naxxramas?

As the title suggests, what conditions must be met for me to be awarded with the new card back? I heard it was from beating the first wing in heroic mode. I managed to beat them but there is no sign …

asked by Simon M 7 votes
answered by Lyrical 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where can I find Iron, Gold, and Diamond in survival mode?

Where can I find Iron, Gold, and Diamond in Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival Mode? I can only find gravel, dirt, wood, sand, and cobblestone.

asked by Sillynillybean10 5 votes
answered by Lawton 8 votes

Locations for new crew members

Where can I find a list of new people to recruit for the heists? I know at least one is available from a random encounter, I'm wondering how many there are total, and where they are located?

asked by Foo Barrigno 4 votes
answered by Nolonar 5 votes

Can you answer these?

My steampunker wont spawn even though i have all of the requirements to get her and i have a sutible house

I cant make the steam punker move into my house even though i killed a mechanical boss, i removed the hollow from my house, the house is sutible, i just don't know what went wrong

asked by user83371 1 vote

In Auctioneer, is there a way to set a default markup price when there is no competition?

I use auctioneer all the time, and when posting items I have it set to undercut my competitors by 1%. However, if there is no competition for a particular item, it simply sets the default to the …

world-of-warcraft mods  
asked by Othya 2 votes

How could I test if a player is holding a specific item in slot 0 in Minecraft 1.7.9/10?

My question is how could I go about testing if a player is holding an Enderpearl in Slot 0 without mods, plugins or updates?

minecraft minecraft-redstone  
asked by MCCG 1 vote
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