Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is happening with the "Totally Not a Cow Level" buff?

While playing today I got a new buff: It is pretty clear it has something to do with the blog Debunking the cowspiracy. But what does this event actually do?

asked by Blem 14 votes
answered by Blem 16 votes

Why doesn't Patchwerk take fatigue damage?

In the solo adventure Naxxramas the first boss on the fourth wing Patchwerk takes no fatigue damage. Was this intentional or just a bug? This happens on the normal and the Heroic version.

asked by Alagaros 14 votes
answered by Studoku 21 votes

Can I steal anything without repercussions?

When I arrived in the first village, the tutorial popups warned me that I should be careful not to do anything that would draw the attention of the guards. I ignored this advice and went right to ...

asked by Mad Scientist 13 votes
answered by Lokuzt 8 votes

Is there any other kingdom than the Mushroom Kingdom?

In the Mario Brothers universe, We always hear about the princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom, but are there any other kingdoms in the Mario Brothers universe?

asked by Fredy31 9 votes
answered by Ashley Nunn 11 votes

What is the default world state in Witcher 3, regarding decisions from Witcher 2?

At the start of The Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt you can either import a savegame (PC only) select the decisions you made in Witcher 2 (Simulate Witcher 2 Decisions) skip the whole import of decisions ...

asked by Toby 9 votes

How can I get Steam to download games during off hours?

My bandwidth provider has a window at night where my data isn't counted against my cap. How can I get Steam to download during that window? I know I can set the auto-updater for a specific time, but ...

asked by end-user 9 votes
answered by NoneOfYourBusiness 16 votes

Do I need to play previous Witchers before Witcher3

I'm thinking about buying The Witcher 3 and I know it's heavily based on a story/narrative. For the story/narrative to make sense, do I need to play the previous 2 Witcher games - or are the stories ...

asked by ʰᵈˑ 8 votes
answered by Lokuzt 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to survive Dragon Age: Inquisition combat on Nightmare difficulty?

I tried using two mages and two warriors for my party. However I have realized that my mage character is more offensive with her spells than using supportive spells for my party. I am thinking about ...

asked by linuxfreebird 8 votes
answered by Reiden219 5 votes

Where can I EV train with Hordes in ORAS?

I'm starting to get my competitive Pokemon team together, and would like to EV train using hordes like in XY. Which routes give the highest Pokemon encounter rate for each stat? Which Pokemon should ...

asked by Robotnik 7 votes
answered by Robotnik 8 votes

Can you answer these?

What does "Advanced Functionality" mean?

In Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm, when I join a Realism server, it says Advanced Functionality is enabled. What does that mean and do?

asked by mugen2099 3 votes

Is the win/loss credit bonus awarded to all players?

Is the win/loss credit bonus awarded to all participants in a round, or only those connected (alive/spectating) at the end of the match?

asked by Landric 1 vote

Installation of Hearthstone via Amazon app store on stock Samsung Note 4 failed

I have been trying several times to install Hearthstone via Amazon app store on stock Samsung Note 4, but they all failed with error message:"There was an error while installing Hearthstone: Heroes of ...

hearthstone android amazon  
asked by warriormole 2 votes
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