Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why is it needed to hold reset when powering off the NES?

Why are these directions required? Do some games actually run instructions that would be interrupted if the player just hits the power button? Note I'm not looking for speculation, but rather a ...

asked by schil227 74 votes
answered by Nolonar 64 votes

How to turn off game notifications in Windows 10

I upgraded to Windows 10 today. I'm kinda liking it but every time I launch a game, it pops up some stupid notification, like "Use this keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot", or "Use this combo to ...

asked by DeadMG 37 votes
answered by DeadMG 62 votes

Why am I a penguin when I should be a microwave?

As you can see, I am a penguin (see area marked '1' for clarification): However, I am expecting to be a Microwave, since this is Goat Simulator. Areas 2 & 3 clearly show the expected Microwave ...

asked by Alex 19 votes
answered by Timelord64 1 vote

What's the point of using a pistol?

I have never used a pistol, ever. The damage is too low. I just do not see what the point is in either the original XCOM or the remake.

xcom-enemy-unknown xcom-ufo-defense  
asked by Jim Thio 18 votes
answered by Lawton 63 votes

What video game are these ninjas from?

As asked by JoshDM on Movies.SE: In the movie Pixels, Josh Gad's character battles several chibi-style ninjas that are assaulting a school bus. I do not recognize what video game these ninjas ...

asked by TroyAndAbed 14 votes
answered by agent86 14 votes

Does player age have any effect on the game?

Mischief Makers is an older Nintendo 64 game from 1997. When a player sets up a save they are asked to input a player name and the player's age. I've played the game with various different ages ...

asked by onewho 9 votes
answered by Ealhad 12 votes

Can you freeze a bomb?

Can you use a freeze spell on a bomb to slow/delay the explosion? If my hogs are trompin around pounding everything into oblivion and stumble across a double bomb, is it possible to drop a freeze ...

asked by Josh 7 votes
answered by Nick 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Bell puzzle in the Temple of Eothas

In the Temple of Eothas there are 3 bells that you have to ring to (presumably) open the door to the next level. I've found one clue, that the large bell is to be rang second, where can I find the ...

asked by Kevin van der Velden 9 votes
answered by LessPop_MoreFizz 9 votes

Is there anything I can do about thieves in A Dark Room?

Some thieves seem to have moved into my village, and are stealing much of what I can gather each turn. I'm currently assuming that eventually I'll encounter an event that will allow me to deal with ...

asked by Jaydles 8 votes
answered by deryl 5 votes

Can you answer these?

Can you connect 4 wired xbox 360 controllers to one pc?

I would like to play some steam games I bought with 3 other people. These are games much more suited to a controller however, and I only own two PS4 controllers. My question is, If I were to buy ...

controllers windows  
asked by Nick 2 votes

Gta V final mission not showing

In the final mission when franklin has to choose who to kill i accidently cancelled the call and now the marker for the mission osnt showing and i cant get the choice option again. ...

asked by Mat 1 vote

Hidden secrets in Starcraft 2?

So when I played the Terran campaign again after completing the Zerg campaign in Heart of the Swarm, I accidentally uncovered a secret maybe? The one I'm talking about is in the mission where you have ...

asked by ken 2 votes
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