Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I level up in Pillars of Eternity?

In my log I saw a message saying I had earned enough experience points to level up! But I can't work out how to do it... I looked in the Character tab, where I expected to find it, but no such luck. ...

asked by fredley 12 votes
answered by Mad Scientist 17 votes

Does it matter where my Bus Depot is?

The building description for a Bus Depot says that it "...automatically sends out buses for your bus lines". From what I've seen though, once a bus arrives at a newly-created line, it will stay on it ...

asked by Brant 11 votes
answered by DMA57361 2 votes

What is the most efficient technique to spread creep across a map?

Some background: As a new zerg player, I've chosen to follow the Staircase method. Step 0 of the Staircase method is to be able to successfully complete the "Creep or Die" arcade map (in "Staircase" ...

asked by Dipak C 11 votes

What does the gossip stone message about "crows that fly near the town walls" mean?

When using the Mask of Truth, a gossip stone told me this: It seems the crows that fly near the town walls are fond of musical instruments … I've tried playing my instrument as all races, but ...

asked by Jamie Hutber 10 votes
answered by ChaseC 13 votes

How do I Beat the Catcher Chocobo Race

The Catcher Chocobo race is arguably the hardest part of Final Fantasy X. At least the achievement of completing it with a time of 0.0 seconds is. But it is required for getting the Sun Sigil for ...

achievements final-fantasy-10  
asked by Jonathan Mee 8 votes
answered by Jonathan Mee 9 votes

Why isn't my connections to the highway valid in Cities: Skylines?

I have just bought my first neighboring area and want to hook into it. I first tried with a large roundabout and then with a three-way intersection, but none of them works. I keep getting the ...

asked by corgrath 8 votes
answered by Jeroen Vannevel 20 votes

Is it possible/reasonable to sneak solo/duo Baron?

Basically is it possible/reasonable to sneak Baron or is it too hard or too long? I have tried to search for an answer and most answers are about the old Baron. Emphasis on the sneak part, I would ...

asked by DarJul 8 votes
answered by Jutschge 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to remove the 90 km/h speed limit on Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Can somebody explain how to remove the 90 km/h speed limit on Euro Truck Simulator 2?

asked by RobinCominotto 8 votes
answered by 3ventic 12 votes

What's the fastest way to level up in GTA online?

What's the fastest way to level up in GTA online? I want't to level as fast as possible to beat my friends. But what is the fastest way to level up?

asked by xBeats_GhoStZz 10 votes
answered by Zero Stack 11 votes

Can you answer these?

Is there a sparkly/snuggly the crow equivalent trader in Bloodborne?

Considering this game is like a spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, and also carries many similarities to the Dark Souls games, does it feature an equivalent to Sparkly the Crow (Demon's Souls), ...

asked by mikethirteen 2 votes

BF - Hardline - gun changes to hand weapon

In BF Hardline, if you get close to a enemy the weapon changes to a hand weapon (bat, baton, ax etc...) automatically. Is there a way to disable this? There have been a number of times when an enemies ...

asked by Phil Vallone 2 votes

What is the deal with Providence?

At the begining of Risk of Rain, Providence (final boss) shows up and causes your ship to crash (leading to the rest of the game). Once you get to the UES Contact Light again, and fight your way ...

asked by Shadow Z. 1 vote
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