Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I break blocks remotely?

I want to break blocks far away (e.g. A piece of glass 50 blocks away) with commands, but I don't know if there's any way. Is it possible to break a block (literally break a block, which means with ...

asked by ArceusMaster0493 15 votes
answered by Erman 25 votes

What happened to this creeper? It seems to have a blueish glow

In Minecraft, I came across this: The creeper in the picture seems to be surrounded by a blue-ish glow. What is it? I immediately left my world and came here. What does it do?

asked by TheIdiotGamer 13 votes
answered by shanodin 51 votes

Would the 4.20 patch make smite an unintended laning spell?

As of the 4.20 patch the hunters machette is only purchaceable when you have smite as summoner spell. The hunters machette also got some neat new items to build in-to. These are to much to list so the ...

asked by Marco Geertsma 12 votes
answered by DropDeadSander - EUW 8 votes

Fast way to acquire armor with item level higher than 615

I hit level 100 yesterday and I wondered if any of you guys know a fast way to gear up for LFR once it's unlocked (people with ilvl < 615 can't queue up). The only way I get armor is doing ...

asked by LeagueOfWarcraft 10 votes
answered by Troyen 9 votes

Why did I get surrounded by so many treasure goblins?

I think I'm starting to ask too many stupid questions about treasure goblins. I was slashing some mobs in the first level of a Nephalem Rift with a friend (it was like 3 minutes after we started), ...

asked by Epoc 9 votes
answered by Adeese 12 votes

Does invulnerability work in Sacrifice room?

As I remember, in the old version of Binding of Isaac using items like Book Of Shadows, My Little Unicorn, or The Gamekid when passing over the spikes will render the player invulnerable to the spikes ...

asked by pinckerman 8 votes
answered by BlaXpirit 7 votes

Can I pre-emptively secure PS Plus free games, without yet owning a Playstation Console?

I would like to get The Binding of Isaac for with this months PS Plus membership. However, I don't plan to purchase a ps4 until March. Could I buy a PS Plus membership, go to the playstation store ...

asked by RyanM 7 votes
answered by Valdimar 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Which characters unlock each scene?

No matter where I look, I haven't seen almost any indications of which characters unlock which scenes. Put plainly: Which character/level combinations unlock a scene?

asked by Alex 62 votes
answered by anon 57 votes

Where are the properties and heists in GTA V online?

I was under the impression that GTA V online let you do almost everything in multiplayer that you could do in single player like buy property(most importantly safe-houses). I'm also really interested ...

asked by CaulynDarr 2 votes
answered by CaulynDarr 2 votes

Can you answer these?

Is there a location in Draenor where there are tameable pets within seconds of a stable master?

In Northrend the Dragonbone Hatchlings were known to be very good pet leveling battles because they respawn quickly and are located very close to a stable master to heal and resurrect your pets. In ...

asked by dlanod 3 votes

Is there a maximum on Inquisition perks?

According to some articles, there is no hard cap on character level in single-player (max is 20 for multiplayer), but rather some theoretical soft cap. Is this the case for Influence? Do I only have ...

asked by Yuuki 5 votes

What do chairs do?

I haven't quite grasped the purpose of chairs. Your survivors will sit on them from time to time when idling, but what is the benefit? Do they reduce stress? Is there any point in actively sending ...

asked by atticae 4 votes
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