Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

When do people explode?

Sometimes, I noticed that when I'm in hand to hand combat, a small explosion happens when they die. When is this scenario triggered? And how much damage does it do?

asked by z - 18 votes
answered by BlackVegetable 15 votes

What are all the effects of hacking a system?

I've noticed that the hacking drone sometimes provide additional benefits while hacking a system in addition to removing it from play for a while. For example, hacking an medbay will cause the room …

asked by z - 14 votes
answered by Niet the Dark Absol 19 votes

What are Effective Strategies for Countering Mind Control?

Don't get me wrong, I like the new advanced content, but I am at a loss as to how to counter mind control. When I am boarding, and get mind controlled, it usually is the end for at least one of …

asked by ChargingPun 12 votes
answered by Ray Poward 15 votes

How would I solve Level 21 (endOfTheLine.js)?

I have checked and checked, but I can't edit the code, and am 100% sure that no code is editable. I'm truly stumped right now. Any help/suggestions?

asked by Darakath 12 votes
answered by Shaun 11 votes

Why are my crew starstruck?

Sometimes my crew stop working, and a star shows next to them. What does that mean?

asked by Colonel Panic 11 votes
answered by Doktoro Reichard 13 votes

What are the tactics associated with stunning weapons?

In the advanced edition of FTL, a number of "stunning" weapons have been introduced whose primary function seems to be stunning the enemy crew for a certain number of seconds. Additionally, some …

asked by BlackVegetable 11 votes
answered by z - 16 votes

How can I remove Endermen from the game?

I hate Endermen. They tear apart my beautiful buildings, force me to keep all my rooms below 3 blocks high, make terrible screeching noises, and as far as I'm concerned can all go back to The End and …

minecraft mods  
asked by Zibbobz 10 votes
answered by Alex 14 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I get rid of my bounty?

I accidentally killed a noble, now every guard wants to kill me. Is there any way I can get rid of the bounty?

asked by nabbeloff 21 votes
answered by Peter 20 votes

How can I get more of each evolution stone?

In Pokemon X, most of the evolution stone I find are items lying on the ground, but there don't seem to be nearly enough to evolve every evolution chain. Which stones can I get more of, and how can I …

asked by murgatroid99 12 votes
answered by Kendra 11 votes

Can you answer these?

Which weapon has the highest DPS in Cave Story?

Which weapon out of all of them (besides missile launcher) has the highest damage per second( considering levels and charge)?

asked by Shadow Zorgon 2 votes

What happens to survivors resources when they join your group?

So I'm back into playing State of Decay and I always wondered, when a group of survivors wants to join your group, what happens to any resources in their "chest"... does it go to you? Or does it just …

state-of-decay state-of-decay-breakdown  
asked by MattR 1 vote

Obfuscate voices in VTM: Bloodlines

What do the voices say when you use obfuscate in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines?

asked by JellicleCat 2 votes

New blog post:

The Thousand and One Revisions of Link’s Awakening

by Morwenn on Apr 11

I have always loved The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. I can’t even remember how many times I played this game. I somehow got interested in the game’s numerous bugs and tried to learn about many …

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