Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why do speed-runners usually use the Japanese version of a game?

In most speed-running videos, the person playing the game will usually play the Japanese version, with or without any knowledge of understanding Japanese. Is there a reason why they do this? In ...

asked by Shadow Z. 45 votes
answered by KitsuneZeta 65 votes

What happens if I ignore my Fallout Shelter game for two weeks?

I just started playing Fallout Shelter yesterday. I'm going to be working away from civilization for two weeks and will not have the time nor power nor inclination to play a phone game. I would like ...

asked by Schwern 21 votes
answered by GodEmperorDune 30 votes

Why does my Pokemon Gold cartridge seem to forget saved gameplay?

I recently bought a copy of pokemon gold version at a car boot sale. I played it for a while but then I had to stop so I saved and then turned the game boy off, and took the game out. Then the next ...

pokemon-series game-boy  
asked by Max Browne 20 votes
answered by Studoku 50 votes

Influence an ally to build an oil well that destroys another improvement

There's a city-state allied to me that just found oil. At least, I can see oil in their lands since I developed the relevant technology. I'd like them to build a Well improvement over that tile, so ...

asked by Emilio M Bumachar 13 votes
answered by Studoku 38 votes

What is the maximum number of guards that can be assigned to the vault door room fully upgraded?

While trying to decide which defense strategy is best to guard my vault against raiders, I came across some conflicting information about the room occupancy. Some say that the only benefit we get ...

asked by Ricardo 9 votes
answered by Ross Ridge 14 votes

What Facebook/iPhone game is this from?

From what I remember, the game is 3.5/4 years old and I think it was either an iPod/iPhone game or I played it through Facebook. It's basically like all the other monster collecting/fighting/training ...

ios game-identification  
asked by mememachine 8 votes

Fallout shelter special training

I know that event responses are different, since characters go right back to their original assigned places. What I'm wondering is if you have a character in a training room and swap them out (say, ...

asked by Isaac Kotlicky 8 votes
answered by Jeeva 15 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where can I find Anna, the Baron's wife?

I'm stuck during the second part of the quest "Family Matters". I've found the Baron's daughter, but I can't find any more leads to find his wife. The quest descriptions isn't really helpful in this ...

asked by Mad Scientist 14 votes
answered by Mad Scientist 24 votes

How do I get rid of my bounty?

I accidentally killed a noble, now every guard wants to kill me. Is there any way I can get rid of the bounty?

asked by nabbeloff 29 votes
answered by Peter 31 votes

Can you answer these?

Why is my player stats agility higher than my upgraded agility level?

My agility when I talk to the Emerald Herald to look at my upgrades is 105. When I check my player stats my agility (AGL) is 109. At first I figured some piece of my equipment gave me boost but I ...

asked by Memj 2 votes

How do I not starve in Nethack?

I'm a bit of a hardcore guy in the game realm. I like doing the hardest challenges before I even play the game regularly. I'd like to undergo the atheist conduct, but food seems to be a problem in the ...

nethack unnethack  
asked by Nanotwerp 2 votes

Pure Hold'Em: Ace high/low rules?

Does anyone know the rules in Pure Hold'Em on XB1 regarding how an ace can function as the low card in a straight, I.e. A2345? I can't find a reference in the in-game docs, and I haven't gotten dealt ...

xbox-one pure-holdem  
asked by Dpeif 2 votes
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