Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I become Steve again?

I have changed my Minecraft skin and now I feel a bit nostalgic. I have tried to find a solution to this already but all I can find is possible "Steve skins" on the various skin websites. I want the …

asked by Flaunting 24 votes
answered by MrLemon 24 votes

What happens to my old horse when I get a new one?

I bought a horse at the stable and grew attached to it, but I want to get a new horse from a different stable. What will happen to my old horse?

asked by Faith Edwards 13 votes
answered by James 13 votes

Is there a way to see where Chunks meet?

I want to fix up a red stone system in the Spawn Chunk so it's always running no matter how far i go, however i'm concerned that when i start building it a part of the system will fall outside the …

asked by Memor-X 12 votes
answered by Johonn 22 votes

As a jungler when should I push the lane after a gank?

I'm getting fairly confidant in ganking abilities as a jungler. However, sometimes I don't know what I should do following a gank. This is what I typically do now for early/mid game ganks: Both my …

asked by MonkeezOnFire 10 votes
answered by ZeroStatic 11 votes

How do I apply a new card back?

When a new ranked season started, I received a message that I had won a card back - a blue one. How can I apply it?

asked by Seva 9 votes
answered by Mad Scientist 15 votes

When did Lady Comstock die?

--- Spoilers ahead --- The Columbia Timeline on places Lady Comstock's death some time in 1895. I'm wondering how they arrived at that date... Therefore, I'm trying to pinpoint …

asked by Jubobs 7 votes
answered by Ben 3 votes

How do I know when to help my teammates?

Context: Yesterday I was playing soloqueue and I passed by one of my teammates fighting two enemies. I jumped in to help and because I didn't have any abilities on cooldown I happened to kill them …

asked by numaroth 6 votes
answered by Mark Gabriel 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What happens when I get attacked by another player?

I'm currently in the grace period where I have a "shield" that prevents attacks from other players. When this expires, I assume that I'll start getting attacked. What happens when another player …

asked by EBongo 23 votes
answered by EBongo 33 votes

How do I solve the first set of clues in Part 1 of Paper Trail?

I can't make heads or tails of what I'm supposed to do here; I've looked at the origami dove, the crime scene photos, and the detective's wallet, but I can't figure out what Delsin's Phone is supposed …

infamous-second-son infamous-paper-trail  
asked by cloudymusic 4 votes
answered by cloudymusic 7 votes

Can you answer these?

Statistics from a Minecraft PE world?

I'm playing mostly ironman games (always a new world after death) on my Minecraft PE, and I would like to record some simple statistics about my games after I die. For example, world-days played, mobs …

asked by Ilari Kajaste 1 vote

Does attack speed modify the animation speed for priests on TERA?

Good Day, I am figuring out how to build my priest on TERA. I have recently seen a video of a sorcerer with 24% attack speed landing his attacks faster than when he had 0% attack speed. I wondered if …

asked by Eon Rusted du Plessis 1 vote

Is it possible to have more than 76 strength?

It seems that soldiers do not advance the strength attribute past 76 points. The other attributes seemed to be capped at 100, though I could not get Reflexes or Bravery past 70 just yet. When using …

asked by Ilya Bobyr 2 votes
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