Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Does including extended material in FTL make it more difficult to complete the game?

I ask because I previously completed it on PC before the new material came out, but I've since been playing it on iPad with the new material (i.e. new races, systems, etc) and I am unable to get past …

asked by Cheeseburger 12 votes
answered by z ' 10 votes

Why did my sheep spawn pink?

While I was building a barn for sheep, I spawned a lot -- and I mean a lot -- of sheep. Then I noticed something funny: I spawned a pink sheep. I didn't have any dye in my inventory. How on earth did …

asked by craftern3rdgurl 11 votes
answered by Caleb 25 votes

How can I beat Anub'Rekhan on Heroic?

Between the 45 health, the 4/4 creatures every round, and the fact that he always gets a coin, I'm really struggling to beat this one on Heroic. What are some strategies I should follow when building …

asked by Beofett 10 votes
answered by Raven Dreamer 7 votes

How can I get a villager without a village?

I am playing on a server on one of the new snapshots, and we have set up a world border, but unfortunately there aren't any villages in the area. Is it possible to spawn or create a villager without …

asked by Flaunting 7 votes
answered by Johonn 26 votes

How is XP calculated in Don't Starve?

When you die in Don't Starve, an XP bar appears, telling you the progress to unlocking the next character. How is this calculated? Is there a set amount of XP you get for each day you survive, or …

asked by ahillier88 7 votes
answered by NoneOfYourBusiness 9 votes

Differences between Dungeon Defenders and Eternity

Dungeon Defenders Eternity was announced on Steam offering the following description of what is new from the original game (italics mine): New Missions - Play the best maps from the first game, …

dungeon-defenders version-differences dungeon-defender-eternity  
asked by Batophobia 7 votes
answered by Gigazelle 3 votes

What is the point of experience?

I've just started playing Final Fantasy 8 for the first time, and I've come to understand that monsters level up with you. So from what I can find, the game doesn't get easier with grinding, with only …

asked by antiduh 7 votes
answered by Ben Brocka 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the fastest way to level up in GTA online?

What's the fastest way to level up in GTA online? I want't to level as fast as possible to beat my friends. But what is the fastest way to level up?

asked by xBeats_GhoStZz 9 votes
answered by Zero Stack 11 votes

Where are the properties and heists in GTA V online?

I was under the impression that GTA V online let you do almost everything in multiplayer that you could do in single player like buy property(most importantly safe-houses). I'm also really interested …

asked by CaulynDarr 2 votes
answered by CaulynDarr 2 votes

Can you answer these?

Create and Join Game Not Available While in Lobby

I have just downloaded the "Try it" version of Starcraft II and I am attempting to create (or join) a custom game however both the Join Game and Crate Game buttons are grayed out with a hoverbox …

asked by ReallyGoodPie 1 vote

Cant get out of this lava!

I landed in lava in Minecraft: pocket edition and died. I keep respawning in that lava. What do I do?

asked by Katie Krisis 3 votes

Performance issue in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on PC

So I have had the game for a while now, having a positive experience with it, my PC achieved an average of 60 FPS while playing it, but now, it just reaches an average of 13 FPS, making it unplayable, …

asked by Abraham Andrade Astudillo 2 votes
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