Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I force trolls to drop their inventory before I kick or ban them?

Don't Starve Together is fun, but public servers attract trolls once in a while. Someone dies, they steal that player's stuff, and won't give it back. I'm an admin on a server. I can easily ban ...

asked by Konerak 9 votes
answered by Ealhad 21 votes

Where do soul gems originate?

On Nirn (or at the very least in Tamriel), soul gems seem to be extremely common as they're found in almost any shop anywhere. As I remember, the only source of new soul gems is the geode mining ...

skyrim the-elder-scrolls  
asked by Svj0hn 8 votes
answered by that guy 3 votes

Is there a way to cancel or manually end manipulate?

So, I'm in the battle arena on disc 1. I had my green materia broken, so when the arena brought out Zemzelett, I thought it would be the perfect chance for a free heal, as I knew I could manipulate ...

asked by msg45f 8 votes
answered by msg45f 12 votes

What happens if you use an Amiibo in Smash that hasn't been unlocked as a character?

What happens if you use an Amiibo of a character that is locked by default in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS (like Duck Hunt) before unlocking the character on that copy of the game? Does it ...

3ds wii-u super-smash-bros-4  
asked by Kalamane 7 votes
answered by ChaseC 1 vote

Where can I break down mutagens?

In Witcher 3 you need several "generic" mutagens in order to craft a greater mutagen, and I think I saw somewhere that you can dismantle them. For example, take a griffin mutagen and get a generic ...

asked by Igor Zinov'yev 7 votes
answered by Jeeva 5 votes

Does picking up a weapon give any stored/leftover criticals?

With the Gunmettle update it is now possible to pick up weapons from fallen foes (provided you are playing the same class as them). There are also some weapons that stockpile crits through certain ...

asked by Robotnik 6 votes

Will buildings disappear (and chunks change) if I go too far?

Somebody told me that if I travel too far from my house, it will disappear (possibly with my treasury). Is it true? Will the chunk change if I travel too far? I travelled across tens of thousands of ...

asked by John 5 votes
answered by ExplosionsPlus 14 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What happens when I get attacked by another player?

I'm currently in the grace period where I have a "shield" that prevents attacks from other players. When this expires, I assume that I'll start getting attacked. What happens when another player ...

asked by EBongo 39 votes
answered by EBongo 51 votes

What is the fastest car in GTA 5, and where can I find it?

What car is the fastest in GTA V (naturally or through upgrades)? Does it spawn naturally in the environment, or how can I get it?

asked by Sean 18 votes
answered by BaronGrivet 16 votes

Can you answer these?

Skyrim randomly closed

I have the USP installed (unofficial Skyrim patch). As I was taking over Fort Greenwall I got the achievement but then as soon as that popped up the game just closed suddenly. No error message, ...

skyrim pc technical-issues  
asked by Skye 1 vote

How do you use a docking computer on the Xbox One (not PC) version of Elite Dangerous?

On the Xbox One version of Elite Dangerous how do you activate a docking computer? After playing the training missions and trading for a few hours I've been manually docking every time - I didn't ...

xbox-one elite-dangerous  
asked by Keith 1 vote

Minecraft Servers won't Connect at all

So, I have a legal full version of Minecraft, version 1.8.7, running Windows XP SP2, whenever I try to connect to a server, it does not connect. When connecting to Hypixel, I get: Connection Lost ...

minecraft technical-issues  
asked by ETHANWEEGEE 1 vote
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