Arqade Weekly Newsletter
Arqade Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Which vendors have a lot of cash?

So I just escaped from the Sierra Madre Vault with 37 gold bars. They are worth 9k each. It will obviously take me a while to sell them all. Which vendors have the most caps? I know Gun Runners is ...

asked by victoriah 11 votes
answered by Trasiva 8 votes

Do we need to upgrade a PS/Xbox in the same sense as computers needs to?

Like, Graphic cards, hard disk, sound, etc. that we do in PC in order to play newer games?

pc ps3  
asked by Usernew 9 votes
answered by DangerZone 12 votes

If I buy Civilization 5: Brave New World, will I be able to play Vanilla?

If I buy Civilization 5: Brave New World, will I be able to play vanilla Civilization 5.

asked by Wulfinite 9 votes
answered by onewho 21 votes

How can I see my dweller's maximum HP?

I like to send out only dwellers with the highest HP into the Wasteland for the longest runs. How can I see a dweller's actual HP?

asked by Schwern 9 votes
answered by DocKuro 5 votes

How do I purchase DLC for Bioware games? Through Origin or Bioware?

I am fairly new to using Origin. I was planning on purchasing the following games: Mass Effect trilogy Mass Effect 3 digital deluxe upgrade edition Dragon Age Ultimate Dragon Age 2. I know not all ...

asked by JayP 8 votes
answered by Alfie Goodacre 5 votes

How did the Flood survive the activation of the Halo array?

I was watching Halo Legends on Netflix, a kind of Animatrix for the Halo series, and a couple shorts talked about the early history of the Forerunners, Flood, and purpose of the Halo array. From the ...

asked by Nick T 7 votes
answered by Yuuki 14 votes

What are the max amount of items that can be placed in Mario Maker?

What is the maximum amount of enemies, doors, and teleport pipes that you can place in Mario Maker? I have ran into the issue before where I cannot place any more enemies. I have a great idea for a ...

asked by Dupree3 7 votes
answered by alexanderpas 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are forge cores in Clicker Heroes?

Today's update introduced Relics, which are items, of which one can drop per ascension after level 99. I noticed on the overview page, that there is now also something called "Forge Cores". What are ...

asked by BulliedByMods 15 votes
answered by Colin D 6 votes

Which dragon for which race?

So the update has added in a race track where you can pay 50,000 (so far) to enter your dragon and then race it. Unlike most things in Dragonvale this is an interactive race and dragon selection has a ...

asked by James 15 votes
answered by lFeNixZl 19 votes

Can you answer these?

Chance of success with diplomatic missions

The 2009 guide, Diplomatic Missions in Illyriad, lists a number of factors that influence the chance of success with diplomatic missions, including strength and number of the units carrying out ...

asked by Alti 1 vote

How do I make the water rise gradually in a selected area?

I would like to know if there is any way to make water rise gradually in a certain area.

asked by user112359 1 vote

How do I find a deceased colonist in RimWorld?

My colonists keep claiming I have an unburied colonist lying around somewhere. I'm on a very large map and can't easily find the corpse. Any clever ideas to find it?

asked by Mike M 1 vote
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