Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Terracing mountain features

I'm looking to replicate a procedural terrain effect I found on a portfolio/blog site a few days ago. Quoting the site, the terracing was generated through, "multiplying [the final height] by some ...

mathematics procedural-generation  
asked by Juddily 6 votes
answered by amitp 5 votes

Should I use secure WebSockets for a game?

Is SSL necessary for a web game? I'm using Node.js with Without it, when using unsecured networks someone on the LAN could change commands being sent to the server and "take over" a ...

client-server node.js security websocket  
asked by Ness 5 votes
answered by Lolums 5 votes

Finding cells within range on Hexagonal Grid

First up - I know I'm being super-dense here. With that out of the way, I'm trying to write a C# implementation of this algorithm: var results = [] for each -N ≤ dx ≤ N: for each max(-N, -dx-N) ≤ ...

c# algorithm hexagon  
asked by Askanison4 5 votes
answered by Vector57 2 votes

In Unity, how do I correctly implement the singleton pattern?

I have seen several videos and tutorials for creating singleton objects in Unity, mainly for a GameManager, that appear to use different approaches to instantiating and validating a singleton. Is ...

unity c# design-patterns  
asked by CaptainRedmuff 4 votes
answered by PearsonArtPhoto 4 votes

Depth Peeling implementation problem: How to render the next layer? (OpenGL)

I try to implement order-independet transparency sticking to the pseudo code in the linked paper (page 4). I can't figure out how they are able to do this in OpenGL. I am rendering the scene two ...

opengl depth-buffer transparency post-processing  
asked by mak 4 votes

Unity3D - Screen Capture of particular UI elements

How can I screenshot particular UI elements? In my case I need screen capture UI Panel with child objects like UI Text, UI Input and etc. Please take a look at picture. Thanks in advance

unity screenshot  
asked by Nurlan Shukurov 3 votes
answered by Shuvro Sarkar 3 votes

Pathfinding: longest route along tiles of same type

I'm programming a simple tile-based puzzle game, and I've gotten stuck trying to work out a pathfinding algorithm. Here's how the game is set out: The game board is (arbitrarily) 8 tiles wide by 8 ...

ios tiles path-finding swift  
asked by MassivePenguin 3 votes
answered by wondra 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make a character jump?

I am currently making a game in C# using Direct X 9.0. The game remake is Donkey Kong NES. I have nearly everything completed, but I am having problems with the physics of Mario's jump. I have ...

physics input jumping  
asked by Sarah 28 votes
answered by David Gouveia 65 votes

How to detect and prevent abuse (botting) of online game API?

I have been ocassionally working on a game idea in my free time. The gameplay and content renders it to be implemented as a online multiplayer game built with well established web technologies. You ...

multiplayer online security api bot  
asked by Alomvar 45 votes
answered by Superbest 44 votes

Can you answer these?

Weird squares everywhere

So in unity I have some weird squares on surfaces of certain objects, which are buildings represented by planes: I don't know what causes it, I tried changing some settings in lighting and ...

unity lighting materials lightmap  
asked by Vadim Tatarnikov 1 vote

How can I implement A* so that it accounts for the size of the actor?

I'm trying to make a little A* implementation using polygon verticies as nodes instead of grids and I ran into the problem of figuring out what paths are wide enough to accommodate the actor moving ...

path-finding collision-prediction  
asked by thecodethinker 2 votes

How to bundle JRE with game for Steam

Heyo! I have looked for a step by step tutorial everywhere and haven't been able to find anything so please be helpful and fairly slow. I am creating a game for Steam and I am using Java to write ...

java steam  
asked by DreddTrekkiter 1 vote
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