Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is it a bad idea to "map" the mouse position on the screen so that collision detection works regardless of resolution?

Consider a game who's default resolution is 800x600. Objects with collision masks are placed in a game world of size 800x600. The collision masks can detect when the mouse collides with them. Now ...

collision-detection resolution  
asked by user3002473 15 votes
answered by ClassicThunder 38 votes

Does multiple downsampling has a benefit?

So i came across this site and you can see these lines on the first and second paragraph: For a crude but easy effect, draw the bright portions of the scene (eg, light sources) into an FBO, then ...

opengl graphics bloom  
asked by Greffin28 6 votes
answered by Trevor Powell 13 votes

Is it safe to base a combo system in frames instead of time?

I'm building a prototype for a fighting game (not vs, something like Final Fight). I'm trying to define the data for the player combo tree and had a look around looking for inspiration and have seen ...

unity update timing  
asked by Notbad 5 votes
answered by Jibb Smart 5 votes

Line Collision In Pygame?

I am working on a game(a platformer) that is physics and momentum based. I want to make it so that the player(a single dot) can bounce off of the lines with correct physics, but to do that, I need to ...

python pygame  
asked by Larry McMuffin 4 votes
answered by Larry McMuffin 0 votes

Why Can't I duck reverb on the mix bus in Unity?

i'm surprised there is so little documentation on this issue. But i'm trying to duck the audio on all the mix buses in Unity so that you can clearly hear the VO of the game. Now it works great except ...

unity unity5 audio  
asked by Selcuk Bor 4 votes

Debug logging in Factorio mod

I'm writing a Factorio mod, and I'm trying to figure out why it doesn't work. Can I do some kind of error / debug logging somewhere? Both manual (printing variables) and simple error reporting ...

asked by Jorn 4 votes
answered by BlueRaja - Danny Pflughoeft 1 vote

Diamond-Square algorithm output is random and noisy

I have implemented a rough interpretation of the Diamond-Square algorithm in C++ to create some semi-realistic fractal terrain, but the output just seems like a random y value at each point rather ...

c++ procedural-generation terrain heightmap  
asked by Joe Parker 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to detect and prevent abuse (botting) of online game API?

I have been ocassionally working on a game idea in my free time. The gameplay and content renders it to be implemented as a online multiplayer game built with well established web technologies. You ...

multiplayer online security api bot  
asked by Alomvar 45 votes
answered by Superbest 44 votes

How do idle games handle such large numbers?

Just wondering how games such as Tap titans and Cookie Clicker handle such large numbers. I am trying to implement an idle game however the largest number format supported by C# is decimal. I am ...

unity mathematics  
asked by MathHelp 23 votes
answered by Ross Turner 33 votes

Can you answer these?

How to force libGDX to set display mode?

The following code represents my attempt to switch display modes. I've had to include the redundant setWindowedMode because without it, libGDX would not force the change required to reflect the ...

asked by norbornyl 1 vote

Learning how to make imposters manually in Unity - how to render an object to a texture not what camera sees?

I am trying to learn the most performant way to make an imposter in Unity manually - not using pre-fabricated solutions. My first guess is that it should be achieved by using RenderTexture and a ...

rendering unity5 texture-atlas billboarding rendertexture  
asked by AndraSol 1 vote

Unity WebGL responsive

I am trying to embed Unity WebGL to a web page. I wonder, is it possible to make this responsive, so it will always fit whatever the screen size? How to do that? Thank you for answering.

unity webgl  
asked by Hendri Tobing 1 vote
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