Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Creating a glitch effect similar to Watch Dogs

I'm currently working on a LibGDX game. When a user does something wrong, I would like all the graphics on the screen to jitter very similar to the glitch/distort effect seen in the game Watch Dogs ...

opengl libgdx shaders graphic-effects  
asked by Rhakiras 8 votes
answered by Zehelvion 1 vote

How do you handle 'move to mouse', if the player is already at the mouse?

I'm making a top-down-2D game. When my player moves, the cursor does not move with it. In my game, the player moves by facing the cursor and then walking toward it. This means that eventually, the ...

xna 2d  
asked by Daaksin 6 votes
answered by Byte56 14 votes

2D games and modern OpenGL

Preconcepts Ok, so what I've gathered so far is this: don't use fixed pipeline (deprecated or going to be deprecated) vbos store "object models" (n vertex data, mostly) vaos describe how data is ...

opengl 2d vbo vao  
asked by Jefffrey 5 votes
answered by david van brink 5 votes

How to deal with agent after it has reached its destination?

This question is specifically about dealing with Recast Navigation library. I have added an agent with addAgent and set its target with requestMoveTarget. When agent reaches its destination, it ...

asked by Krom Stern 4 votes

How to calculate a direction vector for camera?

I have a vector that describes change in movement, and I have a 3d-vector, m_rot, that describes a rotation given to an object. I want to calculate a direction vector using both this data. How to ...

mathematics trigonometry  
asked by ASIO22 3 votes
answered by mklingen 5 votes

Unity access Label in GUI?

There is a quick and dirty appreoch to creating text boxes: void OnGUI(){ GUILayout.Label("Text 1"); } It works well. But, since the Label method returns void, how do I access this later on? ...

c# unity  
asked by mirzahat 2 votes
answered by Michael Madsen 5 votes

Jumping higher when the player touches a trigger collider in Unity

Im using Unity engine to create a 2D platformer. My character can single/double jump, this works fine everywhere except when i am in range of a collider with a IsTrigger set to TRUE, then my character ...

c# unity platformer rigid-body-dynamics jumping  
asked by JDolleyArt 2 votes
answered by user55564 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can an application break the graphics card?

Quick note: I know this is a game development Q&A site but I guess you guys most of all know and have experience with graphics cards so I address this question to you. If you think this is ...

gpu hardware  
asked by NPS 13 votes
answered by Nathan Reed 30 votes

Can I legally remove the default Unity splash screen by removing it from the APK?

While using Unity I export an Android game as an APK. When the APK is run, the first thing that is displayed is the Unity splash screen. I worked out that I could replaced that image by opening the ...

unity legal copyright publishing google-play  
asked by David Dimalanta 16 votes
answered by Josh Petrie 34 votes

Can you answer these?

Why does XNA create two GraphicsDeviceManager services?

While working with XNA today, I looked at the debugger information for Game.Services to retrieve the GraphicsDeviceManager so that a component could utilize it. Instead, I found two different objects: ...

xna graphics-programming  
asked by Kyle Baran 1 vote

HTML5 game : Secure way of saving score

I wrote a pretty basic game for colleagues to play : the player shoots on an enemy which has 50 lives while other smaller enemies pop randomly on the screen. The goal is to kill the main enemy as fast ...

javascript html5 leaderboards anti-cheat scoring  
asked by realUser404 1 vote
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