Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

2D Collision Detection XNA C#

I've read all around the net, watched videos, tried things and in the end I can't make a decent platform collision detection. I've followed this tutorial. It didn't work out at 100%. My object stops ...

xna c# collision-detection  
asked by Bruno 3 votes
answered by Jon 2 votes

Skydome and Ambient Intensity (Unity)

I've made a custom skydome in my game. For all my lights I have set them to not affect the skydome. The only thing affecting the skydome is the ambient light. For my game I have ambient intensity at ...

unity lighting sky  
asked by Unresolved External 3 votes
answered by Vadim Tatarnikov 3 votes

How to manipulate the two variables that rotate the camera with Input.GetAxis(“Mouse X/Y”)?

A helpful fellow showed me the script for a free look camera mode that rotates with the mouse. The script is included at the bottom of the page. I want to have a system that right clicks once to ...

unity camera  
asked by reincarnationofstackexchange 3 votes
answered by Patrick le Duc 1 vote

Creating HTML5 Canvas Objects in Javascript

I'm currently trying to learn how to make HTML5 Canvas games with JavaScript. I would like to use object oriented JavaScript to manage the elements of the game, but i'm having trouble. I've done a lot ...

javascript canvas objects prototyping  
asked by kylepdavis 2 votes
answered by Arcadio Garcia 0 votes

2D - Smooth lighting with shadows for a tile-based game

for the last week or so I have been completely stuck on trying to implement efficient lighting. I've been researching and experimenting and I've looked everywhere that I have been capable of finding, ...

java libgdx lighting  
asked by KingDolphin 2 votes
answered by dnk drone.vs.drones 0 votes

Problem with coroutines unity 3d

I cannot understand why the coroutines are not waiting the designated number of seconds before executing the code below it. At the moment, the animation bleeds into the next state. I could get around ...

unity animation fsm  
asked by OwenAlexander 2 votes
answered by Nikaas 2 votes

Isometric 3D grid - what order do I render elements in the grid?

I'm trying to create a screensaver, so strictly speaking this isn't for developing a game, but the subjects discussed on this SE site are a better match than any of the other sites, and I think the ...

java rendering isometric  
asked by mouseas 2 votes
answered by Vigil 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

When should I use a fixed or variable time step?

Should a game loop be based on fixed or variable time steps? Is one always superior, or does the right choice vary by game? Variable time step Physics updates are passed a "time elapsed since last ...

engine physics frame-rate  
asked by Nick Sonneveld 195 votes
answered by deft_code 103 votes

Why is Minecraft's default resolution (seemingly) non-standard?

Background: I'm writing some articles on Minecraft in an attempt to introduce 10-year olds to development through modding. I know very little about the game itself, though :) I'm trying to understand ...

opengl minecraft  
asked by Jedidja 5 votes
answered by Byte56 13 votes
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