Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Looking for some insight on programming design for attacking and attack types in a game

So, I'm starting to introduce attacking to our 2D space RTS (This is in Unity, so it's component driven). Initially it was as simple as "enemy in range, damage applied". However there will be multiple ...

c# unity game-design  
asked by douglasg14b 10 votes
answered by Mir 8 votes

How does one perform collision detection on objects made of many small triangles?

I understand that any shape can be created (or approximated) by smaller triangles. Any rectangle can be created by 2 smaller triangles. Any circle can be created by many thin "pizza slice" triangles. ...

asked by JackOfAll 10 votes
answered by Josh Petrie 23 votes

Isometric vehicle animation

I am working on a medieval isometric RPG in which the player can ride on horses and in horse drawn carriages. The player's movement is not restricted to the common eight directions; he may move in ...

animation isometric rpg vehicle  
asked by user3014065 4 votes
answered by Benedikt Vogler 3 votes

Callback on Derived Class?

How does Unity3D implement their system where if a class is derived from MonoBehaviour and has certain methods like Awake() or Update(), they are called accordingly? I want to do a similar system for ...

c# unity inheritance callbacks  
asked by user2994455 4 votes
answered by pctroll 4 votes

Unity UI square that fills width OR height

I'm trying to create a board with this requirements: It SHALL be square. It SHALL fit available width OR height. It SHALL be centered in the canvas. It MAY be wrapped into as many additional ...

unity ui resizing-window  
asked by Xavi Montero 4 votes
answered by Xavi Montero 5 votes

Alternatives to remove Unity splash screen after developing a game with the free version?

I developed a simple game using the free version of Unity. I want to understand how much it would cost me to remove the Unity Splash Screen to know if it's worth it. Right now Unity professional ...

unity licensing  
asked by Lisandro Vaccaro 4 votes
answered by Chris 7 votes

What direction is forward when the rotation is (0, 0, 0)?

I'm representing the rotations of my actors (or gameobjects) with euler angles (one float for each axis). And I've always considered the vector (1,0,0) (x,y,z) to be the actor's direction if all ...

3d camera rotation direction  
asked by lawls 4 votes
answered by david van brink 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

When should I use a fixed or variable time step?

Should a game loop be based on fixed or variable time steps? Is one always superior, or does the right choice vary by game? Variable time step Physics updates are passed a "time elapsed since last ...

engine physics frame-rate  
asked by Nick Sonneveld 186 votes
answered by deft_code 100 votes

How can I store game metadata in a .png file?

Spore allows player-created creatures to be shared by exporting a .png file. That .png is a photo of the creature, but if it's imported into the game, the creature's information (such as textures, ...

file-format savegame png  
asked by ibrabeicker 153 votes
answered by Vaughan Hilts 38 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I get the pressure of a touch in Unity?

Does anyone know how to get the getPressure function from the Android API into Unity? Or is there another way I can access the pressure of a touch?

c# unity android  
asked by user3637362 1 vote

Using Box2D in LibGDX, is there a reason a fixture set to be a sensor would only -sometimes- detect a collision?

I am working on a 2D game in LibGDX. Currently, I am testing interactions between a player's weapon and enemies - in particular, a sword and an enemy monster. The player has a hurtbox and the sword ...

java collision-detection libgdx box2d  
asked by user63204 1 vote

Recursive backtracking sometimes missing a tile?

I have a basic recursive backtracking alghorithm for a maze. It pretty much works but ocasionally leaves some tiles in the corners untouched. This is the recursive function: void ...

c# algorithm ai procedural-generation  
asked by Menno Gouw 1 vote
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