Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do commercial games engines organise the index/vertex buffers?

Preface: This question is going to be coming from a Direct3D point-of-view, because that's what I'm familiar with. Obviously we incur a slight overhead every time we change the vertex or index …

directx vertex-buffer index-buffer  
asked by Motig 4 votes
answered by Chuck Walbourn 6 votes

cost of texture change vs color change

How would I go about determining the difference in cost between changing the render color of an object every frame vice changing the texture (same sheet, just changing the source rectangle) every …

opengl textures sprites rendering color  
asked by David Torrey 4 votes
answered by Joe 0 votes

Can I use an AI engine written in C++ in my Unity game? If yes, how can I do this?

I am studying some chess and others AI algorithms and the majority of these implementations are made in C and C++, my question is, if I make a chess board and all the graphic thing in Unity, can I …

c++ unity algorithm chess  
asked by Mauk 4 votes
answered by StarWeaver 6 votes

map/world "decorator" algorithms/patterns

I've spent a lot of time working with perlin/simplex noise for different styles of map gen, but I'm having a hard time finding advice/resources on how to populate the map with "world decor" that have …

procedural-generation maps  
asked by BotskoNet 4 votes
answered by Thijser 1 vote

"Pixel-perfect" camera positioning in 2d game

I am writing a 2d game using LibGDX. The view to the game world is top-down. The game shows a grid of lines, which looks nice when the camera is at its initial position (0,0). The problem is now that …

libgdx camera  
asked by Matthias 3 votes
answered by AlphSpirit 5 votes

Stats for testing a renderer

I've been writing an OpenGL renderer as a learning process for the past few weeks. Now I wanted to test my renderer against some known numbers, for instance: How many vertices/tris should it be able …

asked by Luke B. 2 votes
answered by Luke B. 1 vote

DX 11 Specular Highlights in Deferred Renderer

I am currently implementing a deferred renderer in DX11.1. Right now I am having a problem that I can't seem to crack with specular highlights when I have multiple light sources. I keep a vector of …

c++ textures graphics rendering directx11  
asked by Patrick Purcell 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How'd they do it: Millions of tiles in Terraria

I've been working up a game engine similar to Terraria, mostly as a challenge, and while I've figured out most of it, I can't really seem to wrap my head around how they handle the millions of …

xna-4.0 frame-rate memory-efficiency  
asked by William 'MindWorX' Mariager 35 votes
answered by thedaian 44 votes

Why do games ask for screen resolution instead of automatically fitting the window size?

It seems to me that it would be more logical, reusable and user-friendly to implement flexible, responsive UI layout over a 3d or 2d screen, which can then be run on any screen resolution. Some …

graphics rendering resolution interface user-experience  
asked by user44900 31 votes
answered by eskimo 50 votes

Can you answer these?

Realtime local reflections of particle system

I'm finding my way around CryEngine 3 (through Steam) and want to create a simple effect where a fire on shore is reflected in a body of water. For testing purposes, I've made the water dead calm... …

directx11 reflection cryengine  
asked by Basic 1 vote

unity3d-Find angle between 3 vector3 points obtained from swipe

I was trying to find the angle between 3 vector3 points obtained from the screen swipe. The first vector3 point is the first touch position fp, the second is some intermediate touch ip and the third, …

unity vector angles  
asked by gamer7 1 vote

Design pattern for animation sequence in LibGDX

What design pattern to use for sequence of animation that involve different actor in libGDX. For example I am making a game to choose a wolf from a group of sheeps. The first animation played when the …

java libgdx  
asked by kevinyu 1 vote
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