Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why is the origin in computer graphics coordinates at the top left?

From what I've seen almost all things use coordinates where (0, 0) is at the top left and the positive Y-axis goes in the downwards direction of your screen. Why is it like this? Why not the …

coordinates graph  
asked by user3387566 16 votes
answered by Uwe Plonus 25 votes

What kind of gaming experiences does hiding game play stats and formulas cultivate?

There are varying degrees of providing players with information on their characters abilities - including but not limited to showing players their character's stats and how they tie into formulas such …

game-design statistics formula  
asked by SpartanDonut 11 votes
answered by ClassicThunder 8 votes

Why is my custom Texture2D blurry?

Have some WWW object downloading a .PNG image. ((SpriteRenderer)renderer).sprite = Sprite.Create(request.texture, new Rect(0,0,100,100)); My sprite looks fine. Now, let's be a bit …

unity textures  
asked by Omega 8 votes
answered by Kelly Thomas 9 votes

What's the point of [HiddenInInspector] (as opposite to [NonSerialized])?

I understand the difference between [HiddenInInspector] and [NonSerialized], what I'm missing is the use case for [HiddenInInspector]: so far every time I've encountered it, it was used by developers …

asked by Lohoris 4 votes
answered by Heisenbug 2 votes

Can someone explain dual contouring?

I've been trying to understand voxel rendering and have been looking at dual contouring (DC). So far I understand this much: Run a density function for a set of grid points (i.e noise function) …

mathematics rendering voxels  
asked by Soapy 4 votes
answered by Ascendion 0 votes

Is it a bad idea to couple action and animation?

I'm making an ARPG (like Legend of Zelda but with more action), and this question raised during the development: Should action and animation be coupled? Or should they be independent? With this I …

architecture animation  
asked by Gustavo Maciel 4 votes
answered by Sean Middleditch 3 votes

Large 2D Arrays Causing Garbage Collection

I've been working on a game in Java that, for this post's sake, looks like Terraria and has random world generation. I've been using Vectors to contain my tile/block objects, but recently due to the …

java performance optimization  
asked by TheBeocro 4 votes
answered by Chaosed0 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to handle mouse input in XNA?

I am developing a card game in XNA. Is there any OnClick event in XNA for objects? I am trying to make cards move when the player clicks on them. In this project, there is a Sprite class that draws …

xna c# input mouse  
asked by Luis 11 votes
answered by Steve H 11 votes

How can I encourage players to "talk to" to each other in team-based games?

With the goal of attracting a certain kind (highly sociable, that is) of players, I have wondered what game mechanics require, or at least encourage, players to verbally (I'm assuming an advanced text …

game-mechanics teamwork  
asked by Sebastien Diot 17 votes
answered by Thijser 13 votes

Can you answer these?

Unity 3d 4.6b New GUI system doesn't take touch when already a touch event is occurring in 3d scene

I know this is beta version but.. I have a Canvas->Button which works fine when I tap it normally. I have a joystick in my scene which is drawn by separate camera other than mainCamera. now, while …

unity unityscript  
asked by samfisher 1 vote

Phaser / PIXI: World size vs. Stage size

I am using Phaser to build a "zoomable / pannable" 2D galaxy with the intended functionality being that the player's home planet is always in the middle of the World coordinates. I have a problem …

2d camera maps phaser  
asked by Altered_Dragon 1 vote

Text rendering overlap

I'm trying to display text with a texture and font description created with BMFont in OpenGL 3.3, but whenever I display the text there is some overlap between certain characters. Here is the text at …

asked by fastinvsqrt 2 votes
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