Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Phong lighting - there is something very strange with specular lighting

I implemented Phong lighting. Everything seems to works - torus and spheres are lighted as expected, etc. But I notices something strange regarding specular lighting of directional light. Here are ...

opengl shaders glsl lighting specular  
asked by afiskon 10 votes
answered by congusbongus 23 votes

Recording narration for a game

I am the narrator for a RPG game I'm creating. I two questions: 1) Quality: I have a mic that seems to pick up a lot of background static along with my voice, so the overall quality sounds terrible. ...

rpg audio  
asked by Growler 7 votes
answered by Sandalfoot 2 votes

How do I make voting to kick a "leader" player fair?

My game has many rooms of around 10 people where they compete. It's basically one big guy against the other small 9 people. However, sometimes the one guy will intentionally 'troll' and make for an ...

game-design multiplayer  
asked by Sarah Johnson 6 votes
answered by Anko 5 votes

AI pathfinding in mostly-free space

I'm working in an action/strategy proyect. Consider it a RTS game. The game is in 2D (with LibGDX), and I have a lot of soldiers moving along. Now I have to implement the AI. Let me say some things ...

libgdx ai path-finding rts strategy  
asked by V_Programmer 5 votes
answered by Devmane144 1 vote

How should a circuit or power system (like redstone in Minecraft) be implemented

I want to implement a power-system like the redstone system in minecraft. I have n power sources and m cables. If I disconnect the power source or a cable the circuit should turn off. How do I ...

algorithm graphs  
asked by Benedikt S. Vogler 5 votes
answered by Byte56 3 votes

In Unity, how can I cause something to happen on a specific frame of an animation?

I have a GameObject "enemy" with an Animator and several states, like "idle", "walk", and "attack". I want to activate the "hitbox" when an animation "attack" starts. The problems is that the sword ...

unity animation unity5  
asked by Dbugger 4 votes
answered by user000user 5 votes

What is the optimal texture size?

I recently added a texture packager to my project that will pack a certain amount of textures into a single one, like this: So for example this one is 582x1023 pixels in size. The goal of adding ...

opengl textures performance  
asked by 1337 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to avoid texture bleeding in a texture atlas?

In my game there is a Minecraft-like terrain made out of cubes. I generate a vertex buffer from the voxel data and use a texture atlas for looks of different blocks: The problem is that the texture ...

opengl textures interpolation texture-atlas mipmaps  
asked by danijar 23 votes
answered by danijar 3 votes

Moving an object in a circular path

I want to move one object (dot) in a circular path. How should I change the X and Y coordinates to accomplish this?

mathematics graphics  
asked by Ganapathy 12 votes
answered by Krom Stern 24 votes

Can you answer these?

Hex axial coordinates to table coordinates conversion

I am developing internet game based on hex map. I am storing my data based on axial coordinates system. I developed function which shows me axial coordinates of hexes within $distance from a given ...

mathematics tilemap maps hexagon  
asked by Abdel5 1 vote

Rotating kinematic object around a moving point Box2D

I'm new at Box2D and I am making a simple game where you control the rotation of the maze and the gravity leads the ball to the exit. The game looks like: The problem: I want to rotate the maze, ...

box2d rotation kinematic  
asked by Kinosei 1 vote

How can I efficiently render to multiple screens?

I know XNA is long dead, but I need it to update an old project. (I would have ported to MonoGame, but can't get multi-monitor support in it.) My game does the following: Wait for some objects ...

xna performance multiple-graphics-devices  
asked by dumb_terminal 1 vote
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