Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why do tutorials use different approaches to OpenGL rendering? These two tutorials use completely different approaches to ...

opengl architecture  
asked by reynmar 33 votes
answered by Sean Middleditch 63 votes

Unity 3d 4 players Only 4 buttons can be pressed at a time

Only 4 buttons can be pressed at a time, so players cant move sometimes Each Player Has their own Controls i Change, Up Arrow and the other ones for each player---v InputsV-V-V public string ...

unity input  
asked by user59720 7 votes
answered by Almo 17 votes

Multiple Scripts versus single script

I have (methink) a simple question regarding attaching scripts to a GameObject. Is there any performance loss if I attach a script to a GameObject for each action to be performed (such as movement, ...

unity unityscript  
asked by Leggy7 5 votes
answered by Heisenbug 6 votes

Creating an in-game time system only works with real time

I'm trying to create an in-game time system. Thus far it only works properly if you use 1440 minutes to the day (realtime), but I would like to be able to alter the day length to something like 10 ...

c# unity  
asked by cayne 3 votes
answered by Tom K 3 votes

Unity2D tall grass

I'm using Unity to create a 2D top-down game. Everything has been great so far, but I have come into a problem that I fail to solve properly. I want to implement "tall grass areas" where part of the ...

unity 2d sprites  
asked by Leon 3 votes

How can I create 2D, sprite-based reflections in HTML5 Canvas?

I'm trying to create simple reflections in a 2D, sprite-based game using HTML5. I'm looking to recreate an effect like the one you'd often see in GBA games, such as Pokemon Emerald and Mother 3: ...

2d html5 canvas reflection  
asked by Belohlavek 2 votes
answered by congusbongus 1 vote

How to save file in assets so it can be properly loaded in Android Studio?

I am following a guide on creating a replica of Flappy Bird. - The step I am having trouble is loading the texture from ...

libgdx textures assets  
asked by committedandroider 2 votes
answered by Hermith 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why don't more games use vector art?

It would seem to me that vector art is more efficient in terms of resources/scalability; however, in most cases I have seen artists using bitmap/rasterized art. Is this a limitation put on the artists ...

2d engine architecture animation art  
asked by Parris 54 votes
answered by API-Beast 39 votes

Game Maker: How do I make a score display move with the view?

I have drawn everything needed to the screen including a HUD for the score, but I have my room set to follow my player: When the camera follows the player, the score HUD stays doesn't scroll with him! ...

camera game-maker hud  
asked by Chris Zakos 4 votes
answered by Chris Beamond 4 votes

Can you answer this?

Farseer: Friend/Foe Collision - cannot push foes but friends

we are using Farseer in our project and I try to find a setup to achieve the following quite complicated collision behavior: Friendly Units can push each other aside. However, the push should be a ...

box2d 2d-physics farseer-physics-engine  
asked by Imi 1 vote
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