Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Making a night scene without being dark on the monitor

What would be a good way to make a 3D scene look "like" a dark night, without being so dark on the monitor that it's hard to see stuff (especially when playing in a brightly lit room). I've been ...

lighting graphics-design  
asked by Dolda2000 36 votes
answered by congusbongus 46 votes

When prototyping, how can I more easily explore game behaviour?

I build indie games myself, but I'm usually out of energy once I've taken a newly developed game to a level where it's possible to play with behavior, so I settle for refinement instead of ...

c++ game-design prototyping  
asked by Jonas Byström 35 votes
answered by Trevor Powell 24 votes

Pausing the game inside the game loop

Inside the game loop, the game is paused by pressing P, meaning that the game loop does not run anymore. Problem is that after this loop is halted, P cannot be pressed again to resume the loop, since ...

game-loop game  
asked by GSquadron 7 votes
answered by Katu 12 votes

In Unity, why is adding a Vector2 and a Vector3 ambiguous but assigning isn't?

Given the following two vectors: Vector3 v3 =; Vector2 v2 =; This line is ambiguous: v3 += v2; // Unity reports dimension ambiguity whilst this assignment isn't: v3 = ...

c# unity 2d 3d vector  
asked by SteakOverflow 7 votes
answered by Alex M. 6 votes

How is RTS local avoidance done?

Currently, I'm simulating physics impact forces for local avoidance of units but this method sometimes pushes units out of formation and has very undesirable effects when units clump up. For RTS ...

2d-physics rts  
asked by JPtheK9 5 votes
answered by Antoine 0 votes

Does vector transformation order matter?

Theoretical question - imagine a car object. There are two (or more) 'forces' acting on this car, these forces will affect where the car will steer. But the forces are calculated using car's location ...

vector transformation  
asked by kacpr 4 votes
answered by mklingen 9 votes

Why does my Outlined Diffuse 3 shader seem "detached" at a distance?

I'm using the Outlined Diffuse 3 shader from Unity and I'm having a problem with it: the outline looks great when the camera is near the object, but at a distance, it looks detached. From nearby ...

unity shaders graphics graphic-effects  
asked by Hefaistos 4 votes
answered by Heisenbug 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do game developers write their own engines instead of using existing ones?

I observed that most of the most, big and well-known game titles developers oftenly develop their own engines - like Valve has their engine, Crytek has their own, Ubisoft has their own, Epic games has ...

asked by ASIO22 20 votes
answered by Josh Petrie 37 votes

Can I legally remove the default Unity splash screen by removing it from the APK?

While using Unity I export an Android game as an APK. When the APK is run, the first thing that is displayed is the Unity splash screen. I worked out that I could replaced that image by opening the ...

unity legal copyright publishing google-play  
asked by David Dimalanta 18 votes
answered by Josh Petrie 36 votes

Can you answer these?

cocos2dx - Swipe and cut the sprite

I am trying to implement swipe and cut a sprite using cocos2dx and inbuilt chipmunk. The image below explains what I want to do For the solution I have done following things Enabled physics in ...

cocos2d-iphone cocos2d-x chipmunk  
asked by iphonic 2 votes

Proper normal vector transformations in normal mapping

Hello! This question is about transforming normal vectors from normal maps properly. I have tried methods from over five sources, still can't get it to work, and I'm really desperate. Included are ...

opengl shaders lighting transformation normal-mapping  
asked by W. Nawrocki 2 votes

Rigging Skinning of human skeleton skin mesh scanned by MRI

I have successfully developed a system in Qt/C++ for human musculoskeletal mocap simulations. I can run asf, amc, bvh motion capture files and can visualize the joint transformations. I even simulated ...

animation skeletal-animation rigid-body-dynamics skinning rigging  
asked by furqan 1 vote
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