Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why does my sprite player move faster when I move the mouse?

I'm trying to develop a simple game made with Pygame (Python library). I have a sprite object which's the player and I move it using arrow keys. If I don't move the mouse, the sprite moves normally, ...

game-loop python pygame  
asked by Drumnbass 13 votes
answered by congusbongus 35 votes

Does Steam provide persistent data storage to developers?

Does Steam provide persistent data storage (for custom data) to developers? For example, would an online shooter be able to store player statistics (kills, matches, player deaths, etc.) on Steam ...

online data steam  
asked by Ben 13 votes
answered by Zee 9 votes

Using full resolution of depth buffer for 2D rendering

I'm working on a front-to-back renderer for a 2D engine using an orthographic projection. I want to use the depth buffer to avoid overdraw. I have a 16-bit depth buffer, a camera at Z=100 looking at ...

opengl 2d rendering depth-buffer  
asked by AshleysBrain 7 votes
answered by Panda Pajama 4 votes

Evenly distributed checkpoints in a procedurally generated world?

Got a procedurally generated world. It's succinctly described as an undirected acyclic graph where vertices are junctions and edges weights/length note the amount of time/effort guesstimated to be ...

mathematics graph  
asked by zehelvion 4 votes
answered by Arcane Engineer 3 votes

Packet size vs packet frequency

I am making a multiplayer game in Java that uses a client-server model, where all important decisions are made by the server and communicated to all clients over UDP. Currently the clients and the ...

networking client-server udp  
asked by Dan 4 votes
answered by JPtheK9 1 vote

Torus World Collision Dection

I am looking for a collision detection solution for use when 2d screen wrapping. Specifically, when the image is split between the right and left side I can only detect a collision for a limited ...

xna c# collision-detection  
asked by Ravenscar 4 votes
answered by John McDonald 1 vote

Trying to implement gun cooldowns in C#

My aim is to allow my player to shoot 3 bullets at a time. Between shooting these 3 bullets the player should wait a very small interval (so that they don't all get fired at the same time) - call this ...

c# unity 2d  
asked by eyes enberg 3 votes
answered by Zee 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the most efficient way to find barycentric coordinates?

In my profiler, finding barycentric coordinates is apparently somewhat of a bottleneck. I am looking to make it more efficient. It follows the method in shirley, where you compute the area of the ...

asked by bobobobo 14 votes
answered by John Calsbeek 16 votes

Convert Flash game to work on Android devices

Is there any way to convert a Flash games(file with .swf extention) to work with android devices? I want the game to use Android device native controls like sensor, accelerometer, etc.

android flash  
asked by Akram 6 votes
answered by jhocking 6 votes

Can you answer these?

SteamCMD Failed to get application info app

I am trying to push my first build to a depot and I keep getting this error and I can't figure out why. Logged in OK Waiting for license info...OK [2015-05-17 20:11:58]: ERROR! Failed to get ...

asked by Max00355 1 vote

Find camera coordinate of vanishing point

Given a vector and a camera (position, angle, up vector, field of view, etc), how would I find the vanishing point of the vector in camera space?

opengl c++ vector  
asked by omikun 1 vote

XNA arcball camera steering issue

I have an arcball set up to follow my model in XNA. It rotates around the target correctly when holding in the left mouse button and moving the mouse. It zooms in and our correctly with the mouse ...

xna xna-4.0 camera  
asked by b0b 1 vote
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