Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I tell if my enemy can see my player?

Given a player and an enemy with position, and given the direction vector of each, how can I tell if one can "see" the other? In other words, how do I test if one position with direction is in front ...

mathematics ai vector  
asked by izb 9 votes
answered by Shittypeete 13 votes

Jelly ground collision

For fun I am trying to replicate the mechanics from The Floor is Jelly. So far I have successfully created "jelly islands/blocks" which are represented by an array of points and then drawn by using ...

2d collision-detection physics game-mechanics  
asked by Kinru 3 votes
answered by Gigggas 0 votes

DirectX Quaternion SLERP Wrong Answer?

I have some code that looks like this: DirectX::XMVECTOR a, b, c; a = DirectX::XMQuaternionIdentity(); b = DirectX::XMQuaternionRotationAxis(DirectX::XMVectorSet(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f), 3.1415f); c ...

c++ directx quaternion  
asked by Motig 1 vote
answered by Chuck Walbourn 1 vote

Modular enemy behaviour in a shmup - Delegates unsuitable?

I'm creating a shmup type game and trying to implement the enemy wave system, which includes the associated enemy behaviours like their movement and bullet patterns. I've tried to separate the ...

c# unity architecture  
asked by Joe Staines 1 vote
answered by Ben 1 vote

Unity 4.6: Position jumps when switching Canvas render mode from Overlay to camera in code

In the project I am currently working on I have two sets of main UI: one set that is on the screen at all times for the players use, and the second set which the player can open and look at to gauge ...

c# unity gui  
asked by Christian 1 vote
answered by Jannie 0 votes

How can I load a level using a sound file? [JAVA]

I'm trying to load a level from a music file (mp3, midi, etc, I'm not picky) for a rhythm-based game. I must be searching in all the wrong places because I can't seem to find any help on this topic. ...

java android andengine music eclipse  
asked by Alex 1 vote
answered by XGundam05 1 vote

Bloom control - enlarging glare area

I am trying to improve my bloom system. So far I have bloom that looks like this: What I need is to enlarge the low-bloom areas to make it look like this: Simply increasing the bloom multiplier ...

shaders bloom  
asked by cubrman 1 vote
answered by zogi 2 votes

Can you answer these?

Understanding diffuse lighting in The Division

Here is a screenshot of the main character walking under a bright lamp: His hat, that was originaly dark grey, turns completely white. My question is how can such lightsource do this without making ...

shaders lighting  
asked by cubrman 1 vote

Snapshot data architecture for networked real-time games

I want to create a simple client-server real-time multiplayer game as a project for my networking class. I've read a lot about real-time multiplayer network models and I understand the relationships ...

architecture networking multiplayer game-state  
asked by Vittorio Romeo 1 vote

Unity Android Orientation Bug in Auto Rotate

I am currently looking for a workaround, or fix, for a Unity bug. I want to be able to auto-rotate my game, while respecting the Android system settings. Currently, if you set your Unity Orientation ...

unity android orientation bug rotate  
asked by Jon 1 vote
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