Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How does one make games playable before they are fully downloaded?

Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2 have a nice feature: I can start playing before the full game/update has finished downloading. How does this work? How could I implement a similar feature? I guess Diablo 3 ...

engine user-experience patching  
asked by nikitablack 51 votes
answered by ClassicThunder 56 votes

What is a "2.5D" environment?

I don't understand the meaning of the term "2.5D." I'm specifically confused about the difference between 2.5D and 3D environments, even though I've read different definitions and articles about both. ...

2.5d terminology  
asked by mathieug 24 votes
answered by bcrist 52 votes

Using L-Systems to procedurally generate cities

I'm currently making an app that focuses a lot on procedurally generated content. So far, I've successfully implemented the procedural generation of the terrain and shape of a map using simplex noise. ...

2d ios game-mechanics procedural-generation  
asked by qegal 6 votes
answered by congusbongus 12 votes

Are there any hex tile sizes where both width and height are integers?

I'm trying to figure out the optimal width and height (in pixels) to start building hex tiles for game development. My preference is for "flat topped" hex grids, but the math is similar for both. I ...

asked by Tom Auger 5 votes
answered by Seth Battin 15 votes

How to design (very high) game difficulty?

I read this questions: How is game difficulty tested/balanced? What is an optimum failure rate that will keep people coming back to my game? But still i didn't get answer to my ...

game-design playtesting difficulty  
asked by 4rlekin 4 votes
answered by Panda Pajama 7 votes

Should I have multiple small textures or a single big one?

I'm using SDL 2 to create a small 2D game. Based on the docs, this is what I would do: SDL_Surface *surface = SDL_LoadBMP("image.bmp"); SDL_Texture *texture = SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface(renderer, ...

2d sdl2  
asked by Emiliano 4 votes
answered by Raxvan 6 votes

Executing commands at the exact same time on 2 or more computers

I have an RTS game, with deterministic simulation, but if I want multiplayer to actually work, I need commands sent between computers to be executed at the exact same time. My game's networking is ...

networking multiplayer rts messaging realtime  
asked by lolbert hoolagin 4 votes
answered by Zehelvion 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the purpose of adding non-gameplay elements to a game?

As an example, I'll reference scientists in Jetpack Joyride. I do understand there are achievements that involve scientists, that you can kill them or you have a nerd repellent, but I am not asking ...

asked by user16547 16 votes
answered by Byte56 41 votes

Can an application break the graphics card?

Quick note: I know this is a game development Q&A site but I guess you guys most of all know and have experience with graphics cards so I address this question to you. If you think this is ...

gpu hardware  
asked by NPS 13 votes
answered by Nathan Reed 30 votes

Can you answer these?

Changing Box2D Body from Kinematic to Dynamic after contact

What is the correct way to change a Kinematic body into a dynamic body? context - I have a dynamic body as a projectile which has to be fired at a kinematic body (it is kinematic because i am ...

libgdx box2d  
asked by user2145312 1 vote

Why is OnCollisionEnter2D called when it's layer's collisions are being ignored?

I'm sure this is down to my lack of understanding of the unity physics system. I'm trying to implement a simple one-way platform for a 2d game and have got stuck on creating a reliable way to let the ...

c# unity collision-detection layers  
asked by mallardz 2 votes

How do I detect collisions between a particle-based net and a ball?

I've implemented a net using Verlet integration and many points connected with constrains; like this demo, but in 3D. I want to implement collision detection between this net and a ball (like in a ...

collision-detection 3d physics cloth-physics  
asked by Python Fanboy 1 vote
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