Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Transmission implementation in a car game

I'm trying to create a simple car game with manual gear changes. However, I'm having a bit of trouble implementing the gear changes. Here's my current code for the "car": int gear = 1; // Current ...

simulations car  
asked by manabreak 18 votes
answered by Baldrickk 12 votes

Why are leaderboards often seperated between platforms?

I noticed that many games (if not most or all) are employing different leaderboards for different platforms. For example, different leaderboard for iOS and Android. Different leaderboard for Xbox and ...

asked by Chiron 9 votes
answered by ratchet freak 19 votes

In OpenGL, what is "zero state" rendering?

Recently at a job interview, I mentioned that I taught myself modern OpenGL and rendering with vertex buffer objects because my university only taught the fixed function pipeline with immediate mode ...

opengl rendering graphics-programming terminology  
asked by usm 9 votes
answered by v.oddou 8 votes

How should I collect user behavior data in an MMO?

In an MMO, and I'm trying to collect data about user behaviors for the purpose of tweaking the game rules to achieve maximum user satisfaction. Clearly one way to do it is to hand-roll specific ...

asked by Robert Harvey 8 votes
answered by Zehelvion 12 votes

How to approach a coloring app?

I want to make a coloring app in unity. I don't need flood filling. THe player will select a color and click the shape to fill that color. The app will have designs as shown below: Here the problem ...

unity game-design  
asked by SanSolo 3 votes
answered by Paul Robinson 3 votes

How to make a scrollbar?

I am making my own UI for my game, no libraries used, basic UI with simple controls and I am almost done. Now, let's say I need to display lots of information, controls or items which obviously won't ...

gui ui-design scrolling  
asked by Little Helper 3 votes
answered by Kable 5 votes

How do you make specific collisions in Unity?

So I have created a "game" where you are automatically running across platforms and you can jump and land on the top of them. I want to set it where if you collide with the the left and right side of ...

c# unity  
asked by user1627724 3 votes
answered by Kelly Thomas 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Best way to get elapsed time in miliseconds in windows

I'm trying to do it using two FILETIMEs, casting them to ULONGLONGs, substracting the ULONGLONGs, and dividing the result by 10000. But it's pretty slow, and I want to know if there is a better way to ...

c++ windows  
asked by XaitormanX 4 votes
answered by user744 3 votes

How can I store game metadata in a .png file?

Spore allows player-created creatures to be shared by exporting a .png file. That .png is a photo of the creature, but if it's imported into the game, the creature's information (such as textures, ...

file-format savegame png  
asked by ibrabeicker 148 votes
answered by Vaughan Hilts 36 votes

Can you answer these?

Aligning a gameObject to position and normal of another gameObject inside Unity

So I am instantiating a GameObject (the one with cities and trees in the image below) and trying to align it to a hex tiles on a Sphere. So after I instantiate the gameObject, I ray-cast to get it ...

unity mathematics rotation vector  
asked by JimZilla 1 vote

Drag and drop in Flare3d

Now iam working on drag and drop prototype in flare3d.I have a f3d object and have different boxes to place the parts of the f3d objects . when i drag the parts of f3d object towards the boxes,if ...

collision-detection actionscript flex  
asked by Deepika C P 1 vote

OpenGL Bump Map -- Texture artifacts ?

I am learning OpenGL (and learning the math behind it) and I'm making a simple OBJ viewer, nothing fancy. I have diffuse, specular and ambient light/texture working fine and now I am implementing the ...

opengl textures shaders maps  
asked by rXp 1 vote
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