Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is unit slotting?

I was watching the "Devs Play" S01E05 where JP LeBreton sat down with John Romero and played through Doom, while Romero would explain some of the game/level design choices they made. There are loads ...

game-design ai terminology  
asked by joltmode 36 votes
answered by Philipp 58 votes

Can I embed a game in a Pdf Resume?

I was thinking how it could be cool to have an interactive game on resume. (Obviously the digital version, not paper version.) For the sake of this question and scope of this site, let's ignore ...

engine cross-platform languages  
asked by Evorlor 14 votes
answered by Philipp 18 votes

How do RPGs balance linear damage formulas?

I'm developing a damage formula for an RPG. I've checked many popular titles formulas for reference (Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun and Castlevania) and most seem to use linear functions. ...

mathematics game-design  
asked by Lisandro Vaccaro 7 votes
answered by congusbongus 6 votes

Can you write the current frame number to a text file?

I am running an experiment in Unity 5 to see the effect increasing the particles of a particle effect has on FPS over time. (this is background work for a much larger piece of work). Currently I write ...

c# unity5 scripting frame-rate  
asked by CH99 5 votes
answered by KevLoughrey 4 votes

Are weapon names or pictures copyrighted/licensed?

Will I get a copyright strike or something if I use a picture of a weapon and the name of it? (e.g. a shop where you can buy guns, AK-47 with the pic)

copyright licensing  
asked by Nahro 4 votes
answered by MAnd 2 votes

Armor VS Weapon types

I have these armor types: LEATHER MAIL PLATE which are, basically, light, medium and heavy, and these weapon types: BLADE PIERCE BLUNT I need a sensible 3x3 table which tells what armor type ...

game-design combat  
asked by Stefan Stanković 4 votes
answered by Arcane Engineer 6 votes

How do I save a procedurally-generated map as binary level-data in C++?

For example, I'd like to do something as simple as a generating an array matrix using Conway's Game of Life and then filling each cell with particular data to be saved to a binary file. ...

c++ procedural-generation savegame  
asked by Cuppasoup 4 votes
answered by Arcane Engineer 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are textures always square powers of two? What if they aren't?

Why are the resolution of textures in games always a power of two (128x128, 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, etc.)? Wouldn't it be smart to save on the game's file size and make the texture exactly fit ...

asked by Keavon 37 votes
answered by Josh Petrie 40 votes

Convert Flash game to work on Android devices

Is there any way to convert a Flash games(file with .swf extention) to work with android devices? I want the game to use Android device native controls like sensor, accelerometer, etc.

android flash  
asked by Akram 7 votes
answered by jhocking 7 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I run homebrew program discs on unmodified Wii consoles?

I know that one can play backup games on any Wii console via burned discs, but is there a way to actually run homebrew programs on a Wii? I am asking this because I have run across GameCube Linux ...

wii homebrew  
asked by user75154 2 votes

Why are parts of this Unity scrollrect not being bound to the mask?

I'm setting up a system for people to load up extra levels. Since I don't know how many levels are going to be loaded I have a UI prefab that gets added to the main Level Load UI. However, the Text ...

unity gui scrolling  
asked by Califer 2 votes

Game is responding very slowly?

I have a very simple app which removes buttons and re-adds buttons to certain layouts when a button is clicked. The problem is, this process is taking a very long time. My question is: How can I make ...

java 2d android collision-detection programming  
asked by NullPointerException 1 vote
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