Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I prevent raycast car wheels sliding sideways?

I've been writing a non-realistic car physics engine as a learning exercise, using this article as a reference. I have a car that correctly collides with a terrain and applies the correct suspension ...

collision-detection physics 3d vehicle  
asked by Kazade 5 votes
answered by Kazade 1 vote

How to clip game objects to a rectangular area

I'm trying to figure out how to do this but am coming up short. I'm making a slot machine in unity 2d and would like to clip the tile prefabs when they leave a given rectangular area. I can't seem to ...

unity unity5 clipping  
asked by ReaperUnreal 4 votes
answered by Fuzzy Logic 1 vote

A* pathfinding for dynamic obstacles and player made blockages?

Hi I'm creating a TD in Unity 5 and need some help with my Pathfinding. I'm going to use Arons A* pathfinding for my AI which enables me to use dynamic objects and update the path during run-time. ...

unity c# 2d ai path-finding  
asked by Grimbox 4 votes
answered by JackFrost 15 votes

Which parts of game should belong to engine and which should belong to scripts?

Often, the game is splitted into engine code (i.e. C++) and scripts (i.e. Lua). The question is which parts / modules of game code should typically belong to engine, and wchich should belong ...

architecture engine scripting lua  
asked by komorra 4 votes
answered by Arcane Engineer 1 vote

Predictive Collision Detection - Find Time Of Impact

I have a green box at a starting position A. It can move along two paths A to B is linear motion A to C is under the influence of gravity (non-linear) The thin vertical line is a fixed ...

collision-detection physics  
asked by Benzi 4 votes
answered by dnk drone.vs.drones 1 vote

Dual paraboloid shadows on GLSL

I'm trying to port an XNA example to OpenTK + OpenGL, I found it here But I'm having a really hard time, I think my maps ...

opengl glsl shadows opentk  
asked by Gusman 3 votes
answered by Gusman 1 vote

Android TV game development

Anybody develop games for Android TV? Especially with libGDX? I would like to know what game controllers Android TV uses? And whether we can use libGDX to control the game controllers?

android libgdx  
asked by Lim Thye Chean 3 votes
answered by Ramsay Smith 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I simulate a bad internet connection for testing purposes?

I am developing an online multiplayer game. It works well when I test it on the local area network, but before I release it I would like to test how the user-experience works out for someone who has ...

networking testing  
asked by Philipp 76 votes
answered by Marc Bury 53 votes

Has piracy ever resulted in a developer getting shut down?

Has piracy EVER resulted in a developer getting shut down? That is, has piracy ever been so detrimental that it brought about the downfall of a game studio? If I were to release a game, should I be ...

project-management piracy  
asked by indie corp 108 votes
answered by Blue 92 votes

Can you answer these?

Why does interactive cloth not appear in game view in unity5 Pro?

I used interactive cloth fir flags in unity5 Pro version and it appears in scene view but does not appear in game view while playing. What can I do for that please somebody help me out?

c# javascript unity5  
asked by Shraddha Patel 1 vote

3D 3-axes rotation into 3D 2-axes rotation

Hello everyone and thanks in advance to anyone who'll help me through this ! I am currently working on the Kinect V2 (for XBox One) to interact with an avatar. I'd like to use the rotation quaternion ...

rotation quaternion angles kinect avatar  
asked by Angeall 2 votes

Why is my Box2D Body only colliding with one type of Object after a new level has been built?

So developing for an android mobile game, using Android Studio and developing for the API 17, with Box2D implemented. FIRST LEVEL For some reason, one the first level everything is running okay: ...

android box2d jbox2d android-studio  
asked by 101_son 1 vote
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