Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How are some games playable before fully downloaded?

Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2 have a nice feature: I can start playing before the full game/update has finished downloading. How does this work? How could I implement a similar feature? I guess Diablo 3 ...

engine user-experience patching  
asked by nikitablack 41 votes
answered by ClassicThunder 46 votes

What is a "2.5D" environment?

I don't understand the meaning of the term "2.5D." I'm specifically confused about the difference between 2.5D and 3D environments, even though I've read different definitions and articles about both. ...

2.5d terminology  
asked by mathieug 24 votes
answered by bcrist 52 votes

Using L-Systems to procedurally generate cities

I'm currently making an app that focuses a lot on procedurally generated content. So far, I've successfully implemented the procedural generation of the terrain and shape of a map using simplex noise. ...

2d ios game-mechanics procedural-generation  
asked by qegal 6 votes
answered by congusbongus 11 votes

Are there any hex tile sizes where both width and height are integers?

I'm trying to figure out the optimal width and height (in pixels) to start building hex tiles for game development. My preference is for "flat topped" hex grids, but the math is similar for both. I ...

asked by Tom Auger 5 votes
answered by Seth Battin 14 votes

Warcraft III, SharpCraft C# plugin: Usage of native "TimerStart"?

about: Blizzard Warcraft III [furthermore abbreviated as WC3] related version: WC3: The Frozen Throne (german Patch 1.26a) MindWorX Sharpcraft [furthermore abbreviated as SC] related ...

asked by SourceSeeker 4 votes
answered by William 'MindWorX' Mariager 2 votes

Find a position within one radius, but outside other radii

I have an Object A which will attempt to stay within a certain distance of another Object B. I would like Object A to also try to stay outside a certain distance of one or more other Objects R. ...

c# unity collision-detection collision-avoidance  
asked by Deozaan 3 votes
answered by user3506498 0 votes

Should I have multiple small textures or a single big one?

I'm using SDL 2 to create a small 2D game. Based on the docs, this is what I would do: SDL_Surface *surface = SDL_LoadBMP("image.bmp"); SDL_Texture *texture = SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface(renderer, ...

2d sdl2  
asked by Emiliano 3 votes
answered by Raxvan 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I can't figure out how to animate my loaded model with Assimp

I have loaded in a model to my C++ OpenGL game. It is a COLLADA file type that I have loaded, and I setup an animation under blender for the file. The problem is I don't know how to animate the model. ...

c++ opengl animation collada assimp  
asked by Brendan Webster 16 votes
answered by sebf 33 votes

Can I legally remove the default Unity splash screen by removing it from the APK?

While using Unity I export an Android game as an APK. When the APK is run, the first thing that is displayed is the Unity splash screen. I worked out that I could replaced that image by opening the ...

unity legal copyright publishing google-play  
asked by David Dimalanta 15 votes
answered by Josh Petrie 30 votes

Can you answer these?

How do I pause and resume a game in ActionScript 2?

I'm making a game where the player must avoid random falling objects. I dont know how to implement pausing. I've been stuck on this for 2 days! I tried using gotoAndPlay and such, but the objects ...

flash actionscript pausing  
asked by user3132527 1 vote

How do I handle rope physics with fixed ends and a sliding weight?

I've been interested in rope physics recently—I've successfully implemented a simple Verlet rope with moveable ends. Now I am trying something a little different: I want to start by recreating the ...

c++ 2d box2d cocos2d-x rope-physics  
asked by Valentin 3 votes

How to setup a particular blend state where the alpha channel is additive?

I would like to set a blend state to be "additive" and do the following: Result.R = Source.R + Destination.R; Result.G = Source.G + Destination.G; Result.B = Source.B + Destination.B; Result.A = ...

xna directx sharpdx blending alpha-blending  
asked by SmartK8 1 vote
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