Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why is H (blinn) used instead of R (phong) in specular shading?

I can't find a good reason for this anywhere. The reflection vector used in phong has a simple basis in physics. But the half vector used in blinn seemingly has no rational basis, and does not …

shaders fragment-shader shading  
asked by BmB 16 votes
answered by BmB -1 votes

What problem does double or triple buffering solve in modern games?

I want to check if my understanding of the causes for using double (or triple) buffering is correct: A monitor with 60Hz refresh's the monitor-display 60 times per second. If the monitor refresh the …

rendering double-buffering  
asked by krokvskrok 12 votes
answered by Trevor Powell 19 votes

Utility of submesh class in a 3d game engine?

I've read somewhere that we use sub mesh for being able to give different materials to one mesh. But why not simply do this with scenegraph ? I mean you have a car mesh, and instead of using …

3d architecture scene-graph  
asked by user2591935 3 votes
answered by Coburn 2 votes

Implementing a motorized hinge joint

I have a 2d physics engine, with three boxes: "body", "left wing" and "right wing". The wing boxes are connected to the body using a hinge joint. The physics world has no gravity. I'm attempting to …

physics 2d-physics  
asked by OpherV 2 votes
answered by RandyGaul -1 votes

How to avoid subpixel values in a resolution independent 2D game with orthographic projection?

I'm trying to do resolution independent rendering of moving sprites in a 2D game. My plan is work in a fixed coordinate system in my world (for example 960x540) and use orthographic projection to …

opengl 2d opengl-es2  
asked by Eric 2 votes

Any way to embed Pygame in webpages?

I have a Pygame game, and I was wondering if there was any way to embed it into a webpage to make it easily playable, or if there is a games website that accepts Pygame games.

python pygame  
asked by JThistle 2 votes
answered by Roy T. 5 votes

How do I handle packet loss in a client-server network model?

In a client-server network model, the clients only send commands to the server (i.e. coordinates of a click, fire gun, etc.) and the server then runs those commands to produce a game state. But what …

client-server lag  
asked by Willem 2 votes
answered by wondra 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can an application break the graphics card?

Quick note: I know this is a game development Q&A site but I guess you guys most of all know and have experience with graphics cards so I address this question to you. If you think this is …

gpu hardware  
asked by NPS 13 votes
answered by Nathan Reed 27 votes

How to solve the big video memory requirements in 2d game

We are developing 2d game (Factorio) in allegro C/C++ and we are facing the problem with increasing video memory requirements as the game content increases. What we currently do is, that we gather …

c++ 2d engine memory-efficiency allegro  
asked by Marwin 21 votes
answered by Krom Stern 10 votes

Can you answer these?

libGdx Window .pack() not working

I'm trying to make a window, then use the pack method to get the right size, but the window maximizes instead. Here's my code: private Table buildOptionsWindowLayer() { winOptions = new …

asked by igrossiter 1 vote

How to implement efficient Fog of War?

I've asked a question how to implement Fog Of War(FOW) with shaders. Well I've got this working. I use the vertex color to identify the alpha of a single vertex. I guess the most of you know what the …

unity shaders fog-of-war  
asked by Cambrano 1 vote

How can I dynamically load the correct sprite from a sprite sheet?

I am making a simple card game in unity. The game is based on a standard 52-card pack, with identical backs for unique faces. In my particular game different cards are worth different values and have …

2d unity spritesheet card-game  
asked by Leonard Challis 1 vote
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