Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What's the economical design difference for a global auction house or seperate auction traders?

I'm playing The Elder Scrolls: Tamriel Unlimited and there we have local auction houses. (Thy don't have auctions, but I keep the term to not get confused in the following text.) I can see the ...

game-design game-mechanics economy game-theory  
asked by Trollwut 9 votes
answered by Philipp 8 votes

How do I check for collision between transparent textures?

I am creating a 2D game using OpenGL. For sprites, I use textured quads (actually two triangles). The texures contain transparent pixels, since objects are not always perfectly rectangular. How do I ...

opengl collision-detection textures transparency  
asked by apheleia 4 votes

LibGDX input y-axis flipped

I'm writing a game in Java for Android using LibGDX, and I connected my phone so I can test it on it. I know that LibGDX's render system works different than regular Java systems since the 0,0 ...

java libgdx  
asked by MrGussio 4 votes
answered by Alexandre Desbiens 4 votes

How do I convert screen coordinates to isometric tile map coordinates in libGDX using matrices

I know this has been asked many times but my question doesn't quite fit the others. I have an IsometricTiledMap and I need to get the tile under a set of screen X and Y coordinates. Here is a picture ...

libgdx tilemap isometric coordinates  
asked by Vincent Williams 4 votes
answered by Vincent Williams 0 votes

Wall detection in maze game - On the fly or precomputed?

I've been a programmer for over a decade, professionally for the last five years, but I've never really done any games programming. I've had a look at some tutorials but most of what I've found is ...

asked by razethestray 4 votes
answered by akaltar 7 votes

Are concurrent Update and Draw calls possible in XNA?

I am making a real-time game in XNA and I would like to reduce the Update() call frequency while getting as many Draw() calls as possible. This would enable the program to finish long calculations in ...

asked by a man 3 votes

Render Occluded pixels to gray color

In 3d space, objects can be occluded by another objects. By depth testing, the occluded faces are skipped rendering. Only the nearest(smallest) depth value pixels are drawn. But, sometime we need to ...

unity shaders depth-buffer  
asked by Jinbom Heo 3 votes
answered by Jinbom Heo 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is a "2.5D" environment?

I don't understand the meaning of the term "2.5D." I'm specifically confused about the difference between 2.5D and 3D environments, even though I've read different definitions and articles about both. ...

2.5d terminology  
asked by mathieug 27 votes
answered by bcrist 54 votes

Why are gaming graphics not as beautiful as animated movies?

I remember watching the Tomb Raider pre-rendered trailer, and wished those graphics could be in the game itself. Why there is such a big difference between the trailer and the actual game? I ...

animation rendering  
asked by cowboysaif 55 votes
answered by Philip Allgaier 98 votes

Can you answer these?

Security-minded design patterns / paradigm for client/server application

I am working on a client/server application and am starting to take it from proof-of-concept to actual implementation. The client is an Android application and the server is in PHP. In similar ...

game-design design-patterns client-server php security  
asked by espais 1 vote

LOVE Physics - Joint Stretching

After asking a similar question yesterday I've come across another problem with using joints in box2D / LOVE and trying to create a weighted chain. Everything is set up as follows, I've tried to ...

physics box2d lua love2d  
asked by user3510227 1 vote

Real world terrain import into UE4

I am trying to create a basic game in Unreal Engine 4.8.1 and I wish to have it set in the Dubai, UAE but i cannot find a way that will successfully use terrain data i have obtained (NASA Shuttle ...

terrain world-design  
asked by SSGDev 2 votes
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