Game Development Weekly Newsletter
Game Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is Vulkan and how does it differ from OpenGL?

Khronos Group (the standards body behind OpenGL) has just announced Vulkan: Vulkan is the new generation, open standard API for high-efficiency access to graphics and compute on modern GPUs. This ...

opengl vulkan  
asked by Anko 35 votes
answered by Josh Petrie 36 votes

How to install Unreal Engine 4?

As soon as I found out that Unreal Engine 4 is now free, I decided to get it in order to tinker with it. So I clicked on the blue "Get Unreal" button, signed up, and downloaded (and installed) the ...

asked by Nolonar 18 votes
answered by Nolonar 22 votes

Getting a Ranged AI "In Range" to shoot

In my game, ranged units and melee units have the same behavior. Ranged units try to maintain a fixed distance r, from their targets. If they're within r + d of the target (where d is a small value) ...

ai path-finding  
asked by mklingen 6 votes
answered by Izzy 3 votes

How can I retain the soundtrack state across levels to have continuous play?

Suppose I have two levels. I want the same soundtrack to play on both of them. At the moment I have an audio source in each level, playing the soundtrack. However, when you move from one level to the ...

asked by Omega 4 votes
answered by Mortoc 9 votes

How can I achieve a pseudo-3D camera effect like this?

I am trying to achieve a pseudo-3D camera effect similar to this: I have gotten the following results using a 3D camera and billboards: I am now running into the following problems: In the ...

xna 3d camera projection perspective  
asked by test 3 votes
answered by mklingen 3 votes

What are the advantages of tangent space shading/lighting, and what about attenuation?

In several topics here it was suggested by people that doing lighting in tangent space is better than doing it in world space. Right now I am doing it in camera space, but it's really similar to world ...

opengl glsl lighting shading spaces  
asked by W. Nawrocki 3 votes
answered by Thelvyn 0 votes

2D Physics: What happens with torque when center of mass changes?

Novice programmer and explorer of simple 2D physics, here. I have a simple 2D object made up of two rigid bodies connected at a fixed joint. The two rigid objects can rotate freely about that fixed ...

2d physics body torque  
asked by Curtis Sherwood 3 votes
answered by Dronz 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I can't figure out how to animate my loaded model with Assimp

I have loaded in a model to my C++ OpenGL game. It is a COLLADA file type that I have loaded, and I setup an animation under blender for the file. The problem is I don't know how to animate the model. ...

c++ opengl animation collada assimp  
asked by Brendan Webster 17 votes
answered by sebf 35 votes

Can I legally remove the default Unity splash screen by removing it from the APK?

While using Unity I export an Android game as an APK. When the APK is run, the first thing that is displayed is the Unity splash screen. I worked out that I could replaced that image by opening the ...

unity legal copyright publishing google-play  
asked by David Dimalanta 17 votes
answered by Josh Petrie 35 votes

Can you answer these?

Find the largest empty space inside a cube populated with a point cloud?

Lets say we have a set of points (x, y, z) where we know 0 < x < 1 (same for y and z). Now that 3d space is populated with monsters, players or what not. The points represent their location. We ...

3d mathematics  
asked by zehelvion 1 vote

iPhone game app won't flip over like it's supposed to

I'm making a game iPhone app and I want the entire game to flip it's orientation as the user flips their device plus it's a requirement by Apple to have this orientation flip in iOS games. ...

ios iphone orientation  
asked by aliya 1 vote

How do I get the depth data of objects closer than 800mm?

I'm trying to scan the layout of blocks on a table. My Kinect can be at most 1m away from the surface and I need to stack those blocks higher than 20 cm. I'm using Zigfu. Using the kinect 1 I have to ...

unity kinect zigfu  
asked by Kai Krämer 2 votes
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