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Top new questions this week:

What is meant by the assertion that high repetitions of pushups do not build strength?

I intuitively think of the act of performing an arbitrarily large number of pushups as one requiring a considerable amount of strength. However, sometimes it is claimed that this is not the case. ...

asked by cheaterpushups 11 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 16 votes

How long until a new workout/diet is assessed?

How long is a reasonable amount of time to assess whether or not a new workout and/or diet regimen is working? I've heard many people complain about not losing weight after a week but I've also ...

weight-loss diet workout-routines workout  
asked by Steven 6 votes
answered by Kneel-Before-ZOD 2 votes

How much harder is it to burn calories in hot weather?

I make walks to try to keep a little fit and to burn calories/fat. At a temperature of about 16°C I can walk 10K in just above 2 hrs with almost no rest and not being excessively tired afterwards. I ...

weight-loss cardio calories heat-tolerance  
asked by ycc_swe 6 votes
answered by Mårten 2 votes

Lose weight: run small everyday or long once in a week?

In order to improve my endurance and lose some weight efficiently while avoiding injury, is it better to run for a short time (20-30 min) everyday, hence not much time between runs, or longer (1 hour ...

asked by Rodolphe 6 votes
answered by JohnP 7 votes

What is the physiological mechanism of 'gaining stamina' for a particular exercise

A recent question centered on the fact that higher and higher rep counts for an exercise (e.g. pushups) stop building strength, but 'build stamina.' Do they in fact build any sort of muscle-specific ...

cardio endurance muscle-endurance reps stamina  
asked by bmargulies 5 votes
answered by Mårten 2 votes

When is 5x5 deadlifts too much volume?

I am curious what the science is behind strength gains on the dead lift and when it is ideal to stop working on 5x5 rep scheme and switch to something lower, as low as perhaps 1x5. Currently I can ...

weightlifting strength-training deadlifts powerlifting  
asked by chamburger 4 votes
answered by Eric Kaufman 3 votes

Are protein supplements used outside of bodybuilding?

The phrase "protein supplement" suggests a substance that can be consumed to offset a protein deficiency. Searching the net for "protein deficiency", however, I was unable to find any sources ...

protein supplements  
asked by cheaterpushups 4 votes
answered by Eric Trigo 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why does running make you have to poop?

So I've always wondered what about running makes you have to go to the bathroom? Why is it that it seems to accelerate the downward progress of any ... you know ... Or maybe I'm the only one this ...

exercise running  
asked by Doug T. 45 votes
answered by mootinator 39 votes

effect of masturbation on gym workout to gain muscle

For years I'm listening from everyone that we have to stop masturbation and also limit sex as it let down process of gaining muscle. Also everyone in gym suggests me to completely stop masturbation. ...

workout gym muscle-gain sex  
asked by Shirish Herwade 15 votes
answered by masonk 15 votes
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