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Top new questions this week:

When does maximum muscle repair and growth take place after a strength workout?

Every strength routine includes rest days between workouts, so that the natural processes of tissue repair and muscle growth are allowed. I guess this process of repair and growth happens mostly ...

strength muscle-mass muscle-recovery  
asked by Mephisto 8 votes
answered by Alec 2 votes

What happens to your muscles when you stop working out for several years?

I go through spurts of working out. I'll decide to get a gym membership, achieve decent results over six months, and then, for whatever reason at the time, I'll stop and won't exercise at all for ...

weightlifting muscle  
asked by oscilatingcretin 7 votes
answered by Eric Kaufman 9 votes

Breathing out during swimming freestyle

When breathing out during swimming, I've come across conflicting info - a swim instructor years ago told me to "exhale it all out immediately", so after I take in my breath, once my head is submerged, ...

swimming breathing  
asked by bharal 4 votes
answered by JohnP 3 votes

Will taking the stairs daily improve fitness for an obese adult

I'm an obese adult, weighing 316lbs. I have started to try and lose some weight and would like to do something about my fitness levels. I have begun to take the stairs (5 flights) and when I get ...

weight-loss cardio training stairs obesity  
asked by LauraJ 4 votes
answered by Eric Kaufman 3 votes

Can a two weeks pause have a positive impact on strength training?

I am 42 yr old and have been doing a simple bodyweight squat/push/pull routine every third day for a few months. Then I had not any time for exercising any more during 13 days. Today I came back to ...

strength-training rest  
asked by Mephisto 3 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 5 votes

What might happen if I get very low blood sugar during a run and continue running?

During a recent run, due to low blood sugar, I developed double vision. Otherwise, I felt great. Out of prudence, I quit and decided to walk home. I had eaten nothing for 14 hours before the run, so I ...

running physiology sugar  
asked by user312440 3 votes
answered by JohnP 4 votes

Climbing stairs

Is there a negative side to climbing stairs as an exercise? It's a very practical and quick exercise to get my heart pumping strongly every day. (30 floors) I use the lift to come down to avoid ...

asked by Beijixing 3 votes
answered by Sean Duggan 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do protein supplements have any side-effects?

I need some help in taking the decision to use the supplement. I am trying to build my body but couldn't get a better result even after 6 months of continuous training, when asked my fellow trainer he ...

asked by deva 6 votes
answered by Berin Loritsch 15 votes

Is it bad that my feet turn outward when I run?

I recently started going to a personal trainer and he noticed that my feet turn out to the sides when I run. He said that I should try to correct this, but I'm not sure how to do it. Is it bad that I ...

asked by Lauren 12 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 7 votes

Can you answer these?

179bpm Average on 5k

I am a former in shape-now out of shape male weighing 227lbs. Recently I bought a heart rate monitor and took off for a 5k run; At an average pace of 6:27/km it felt challenging. I would not have ...

running heart-rate  
asked by cheeserter 1 vote

Measure performance in kettlebell?

How can I measure my performance and how many calories I burn during swings, high pulls, etc, when exercising with kettlebells? I want to measure how effective I was during training. I am also ...

running calories calculation kettlebell measurements  
asked by János 1 vote
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