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Top new questions this week:

For the same number of repetitions, does it build more muscle to do fewer sets?

Suppose I want to do 50 pushups. I could do: 10 sets of 5 5 sets of 10 2 sets of 25 1 set of 50 Each option is more difficult than the last. But is it more beneficial? Is it "more pain, more …

strength muscle  
asked by Nathan Long 8 votes
answered by Olivier L. 3 votes

Is there a good and bad kind of soreness after exercise?

I vaguely remember being told that there are two kind of soreness after exercise, one indicate good things (e.g. your muscle is being trained) and the other bad (e.g. you didn't warm up or cool down …

asked by user69715 3 votes
answered by Soccerman 0 votes

How to Change My Diet When I Add Exercise

I'm naturally built and toned, and I was a swimmer. My arms have retained that, but through college my stomach has put on some weight. I'm now around 200 pounds at 5'10". Some is probably due to …

diet swimming energy low-carb  
asked by Millie Smith 2 votes
answered by Lego Stormtroopr 3 votes

What should be the correct time to wear a belt (if any)?

My current body weight is 57 KG (125.6 pounds) and am 179 cms tall. I am on stronglift 5*5 and my squat weight has reached 110 pounds and deadlift at 155 pounds, while the weights for other …

workout stronglifts safety  
asked by Prakash Wadhwani 1 vote
answered by Tyler 0 votes

Cardio in swimming : long distances or interval training?

I'm practicing a martial art and I'd like to work on my cardio. To do that most people run, but I've had knee problems so I'd rather pick up swimming instead (I also enjoy it more to be honest...). …

training swimming  
asked by Hal 1 vote

How to be healthy in irregular schedule?

I am a high school student, and from few days my regular schedule is disturbed. Means sometimes i need to wake up early while some time I sleep more than I need.That has affected directly to my …

asked by Freddy 1 vote
answered by Paul Witry 0 votes

Submaximal benching: are failed reps always controlled?

I saw a video of a guy catastrophically fail at benching and drop the bar from an almost locked position. I also learned that he later died of internal injuries. He even had 3 spotters, so I no longer …

injury-prevention bench-press  
asked by Tyler 1 vote
answered by rrirower -1 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

When is the best time of day to accurately weigh yourself?

When I weight myself often, I realize that I fluctuate a couple pounds here and there. I can never seem to get an accurate reading that I can compare to another. Is there a time of day which you are …

bodyweight body-measurements  
asked by MaxMackie 18 votes
answered by Nathan Wheeler 14 votes

What is the proper procedure for showering in a gym locker room?

This is going to sound like a stupid question. I apologize. But I've had it on my mind for a while and it needed to be asked. My question is: how do you use the shower at the locker room at the gym? …

asked by Joshua Carmody 18 votes
answered by Berin Loritsch 14 votes

Can you answer this?

What is good training to extend endurance before hitting the wall

I'm a cyclist and love the longer rides. These days I'm pretty careful on nutrition to avoid hitting the wall and if I'm honest haven't actually hit the wall in a while. I'm informed that endurance …

bicycling endurance  
asked by couling 1 vote
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