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Top new questions this week:

Legspan requirements for different running styles?

There are many factors contributing to the legspan and rarity of people achieve maximal legspan such as different splits. The legspan affects functional skills such different running styles so having ...

technique running marathon biomechanics  
asked by hhh 4 votes
answered by hhh 4 votes

Question About Max Heart Rate?

I have a question regarding max heart while exercising. I'm 28 years old, in relatively good shape, 6' 1" 230 lbs. According to the old formula my max heart rate would be 192, and the new formula 195. ...

exercise heart-rate  
asked by jkratz55 3 votes
answered by G_H 4 votes

What are the benefits to eating immediately after exercising?

A friend, who is one of our planet's elite athletes, explained to me that it is best to eat immediately after exercising. He said that there is a short window after exercising where the body can use ...

exercise diet nutrition eating-habits  
asked by RockPaperLizard 3 votes
answered by JohnP 4 votes

What causes an annoying "lethargy" which increases on consecutive days of rest from running?

This question is about something I've been experiencing consistently for some fifteen years. If I'm training consistently in running, say putting in 8 miles a day, five days a week, I experience a ...

running physiology  
asked by Kaz 2 votes
answered by G_H 2 votes

Intermittent Fasting Post Workout

I have lost around 33 pounds using intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast by substituting BCAAs). Since then, I have started lifting, first with Starting Strength and now with Texas Method, ...

strength-training starting-strength muscle-recovery intermittent-fasting  
asked by Saish 2 votes
answered by yisrael 1 vote

treadmills vs walking

I am 300+ lbs Obelix. Still struggling with Obesity. I am NOT looking for recommendation - "Oh you dont need this ... have you tried this ...tried that ? " I have a precise question. If I spend 2 ...

weight-loss exercise walking treadmill obesity  
asked by user1874594 2 votes
answered by yisrael 3 votes

When should I do accessory work?

When should I be doing accessory work? Does the timing largely depend on me, or is there a conventional/preferred time to do them? Should I stick it at the end of a workout day after the core lifts ...

weightlifting exercise programming  
asked by pushkin 2 votes
answered by Alec 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why does running make you have to poop?

So I've always wondered what about running makes you have to go to the bathroom? Why is it that it seems to accelerate the downward progress of any ... you know ... Or maybe I'm the only one this ...

exercise running  
asked by Doug T. 48 votes
answered by mootinator 41 votes

Knuckle vs. palm pushups

What are the differences between open-palm and knuckle push-up forms in terms of benefits, risks, and muscle development? Open-palm: Knuckle:

push-ups form  
asked by Paperjam 18 votes
answered by Berin Loritsch 13 votes
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