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Top new questions this week:

Breathing during running

I recently started a C25K program. I'm in the UK and using the NHS C25K podcasts and last night I did the first day of week 2 - the voice over told me that during the running segments I should be ...

running breathing  
asked by Vicky 7 votes
answered by Alec 8 votes

Lat Pulldown vs. Pullups for back strength and bicep development

An old coach of mine told me that pullups are way more effective than using the lat pulldown machine. Is this true and if so why? If not, then why is it not?

muscle pull-ups biceps back machine  
asked by Paul Witry 3 votes
answered by SKala 1 vote

Does recommence of high intensity training has influence on resting HR?

The last 6 months I've done slow extensive runs of ± 60min, 3x / week, (HR between 145 - 155bpm) strength training 3x / week 1x/week martial art (BJJ/Muay Thai/MMA) training (technique+sparring), so ...

hiit martial-arts conditioning  
asked by Gertjan De Mulder 3 votes
answered by Sean Duggan 2 votes

RDL vs Stiff Deadlift

I started to do some Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs) in the gym yesterday when a guy came and said to me, "man, you are doing the stiff-legged deadlift wrong". Apparently those are two similar exercises, ...

weightlifting deadlifts  
asked by MurifoX 3 votes
answered by Ryan 7 votes

Elbow grinding sensation after starting workout

First up, I know there are any elbow noise questions out there, but they do not describe my experience completely. Okay so I'm 18 yrs old and very skinny with little muscle, and I started gym a month ...

weights joints reps wrist elbows  
asked by Invoker 2 votes
answered by Alec 0 votes

What is meant by 'frequency', ' volume', and 'intensity'?

It seems like 'frequency', 'volume', and 'intensity' correspond to lifting sessions per week or sets per session or reps per set or total reps or weight per rep but I'm not sure which term goes ...

weightlifting strength  
asked by Spiky 2 votes
answered by Alex L 3 votes

Can you calculate % of V02 max at which you're working using pulse ox readings?

Can you calculate % of V02 max at which you're working (assuming it's >100%) by measuring change in blood oxygenation with a pulse ox? My understanding is that working at >100% VO2 max means you're ...

cardio vo2max  
asked by Gabriel Grant 2 votes
answered by JohnP 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do protein supplements have any side-effects?

I need some help in taking the decision to use the supplement. I am trying to build my body but couldn't get a better result even after 6 months of continuous training, when asked my fellow trainer he ...

asked by deva 8 votes
answered by Berin Loritsch 17 votes

What's the difference between calories and kcal

What are the differences between Calories, calories, and kcals? Why do we have different terms to describe the same concept? In what cases is it useful to use one unit of measurement over the other? ...

energy calories  
asked by Evan Plaice 9 votes
answered by Barbie 18 votes

Can you answer these?

How do I improve my tracking while flipping?

I have been attempting to get the hang of various flips off of the diving board into the pool. One of the problems I run into is that I'm very bad at tracking where I am in a flip so as to know when ...

gymnastics diving  
asked by Sean Duggan 2 votes

What causes fatigue and light head when running?

I recently replaced running with biking for my workouts. Reason being, I get very light headed and my feet feel the burning sensation quite quickly into my run. After I run (lets say 4 miles), I feel ...

asked by MR04 1 vote

Trying to achieve thicker biceps using TRX and dumbbell curls

I recently returned to strength training after years of only cardio. Today I mostly exercise with bodyweight and TRX, trying to avoid the muscle isolation method of classic free weigh exercises. Back ...

strength-training biceps  
asked by Dean 1 vote
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