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Top new questions this week:

How to safely release the bar in the power rack when doing squats?

I'm using a power rack to squat and press. So far I still haven't missed a rep (I started Stronglifts a few weeks ago), but I'm wondering what exactly would be the safest way to release the bar into ...

squats health stronglifts exercise-equipment safety  
asked by Antrim 5 votes
answered by Tobias Sjösten 3 votes

What is the importance of being focused during exercise?

During workout at the gym, I see people busy with their phones. That made me wonder how does focus help in training? Although to common sense it appeals that I should focus but what exactly happens ...

asked by Ruchir 3 votes
answered by Jérémie Clos 2 votes

Squat Replacement While Rehabing Ankle

I sprained my ankle a while back and my ankle feels good, so I attempted to squat. Air squats were fine, but when I added the bar and 25lbs, my ankle started to feel unstable. I decided to stop ...

weightlifting injury  
asked by akadian 2 votes

At what point does the improvement from increasing weekly mileage become marginal?

Firstly, I understand that different runners react in different ways to training, and so a specific case cannot be made to each runner. When starting out running, there is a lot to be gained from ...

running training running-training-plan athletic-performance  
asked by MattHead93 2 votes
answered by user5823815 -1 votes

How to mitigate damage from running on concrete

I am a novice and started running 6K. I am planning to step up to 12K. My concern is that I only have concrete surfaces to run on and my frequency is 5 times a week. Will that tax my joints? What ...

asked by Deepak Negi 2 votes
answered by MattHead93 3 votes

Am I ready for a long trip in bicycle?

I've been training for the last three months to complete a 90 Km route. I feel my legs are ready for that, but I'm affraid my weight can be a problem. I'm 31 years olds, 165 cm tall (5' 5"), and my ...

weight-loss training bicycling  
asked by sosegon 1 vote
answered by zeFrenchy 2 votes

Squats & Lunges above parallel - is there any benefit?

I read a while back that to get any real benefit from squats and lunges one should come down low past parallel. Indeed it has been encouraged in my Quads & Core classes (without weights), although ...

squats knees knee-pain  
asked by VictorySaber 1 vote
answered by Alec 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why does running make you have to poop?

So I've always wondered what about running makes you have to go to the bathroom? Why is it that it seems to accelerate the downward progress of any ... you know ... Or maybe I'm the only one this ...

exercise running  
asked by Doug T. 47 votes
answered by mootinator 40 votes

Knuckle vs. palm pushups

What are the differences between open-palm and knuckle push-up forms in terms of benefits, risks, and muscle development? Open-palm: Knuckle:

push-ups form  
asked by Paperjam 17 votes
answered by Berin Loritsch 13 votes
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