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Top new questions this week:

Heart rate in crossfit and running

I am confused about my heart rate and the sensation I have when exercising. I have been exercising for one year and 4 months, I am 27 seven years old. I have been doing mainly cardio, but three ...

running heart-rate crossfit  
asked by Raosk 2 votes
answered by Geoff Hutchison 0 votes

How can I fix sloshing while running?

I have a fairly persistent problem with "sloshing" sounds when running. Specifically, on the downbeat of each step, I get this feeling and sound like there's fluid being dropped suddenly. It's ...

running hydration cramps  
asked by Sean Duggan 2 votes

Upper body workout following a groin pull

What kind of upper body weight lifting and strengthening exercises can I resume if I pulled my groin 1 1/2 weeks ago? I think it is about a grade 1 groin pull, maybe 1.5

recovery injury rehabilitation  
asked by Julia Adams Richardson 2 votes
answered by Eric Kaufman 1 vote

Ankle tiredness

So I'm in the first week of c25k and just finished my second run/walk, but even in the first week I had to skip one of the running periods. My ankles and the front of my shins were so fatigued that my ...

running couchto5k  
asked by Tyler 2 votes
answered by Sean Duggan 1 vote

Is sweating a necessity for the body or its normal not to sweat after the workout

I normally do 20mins on the jogger with speed of 7-8Kmph and later the dumbells of 5 kg ,dips of 4 sets with 10 each,chest press of 40lbs same 4 sets with 10 each. After following this regime I am ...

asked by user285oo6 2 votes
answered by Eric Kaufman 3 votes

cycle or swim without injury while training hard for a race

So I was a great swimmer (2k), cyclist (100+ milers) okish runner. (10k max) After the brain tumor like diagnosis and hospitalization, things went cold. Started running again in a few months and ...

running injury-prevention triathlon  
asked by gideon 1 vote
answered by JohnP 4 votes

how much should I be engaging my glutes during a plank?

I notice that when I plank, I can do a few different things. First of all, when I plank my elbows are together and slightly in front of my shoulders. I could choose to strongly engage my core ...

bodyweight-exercises static planks  
asked by LukeP 1 vote
answered by Eric Kaufman 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Should I run before or after the workout

I've been going to some different gyms in the past few years and at every new place I would ask for a new training plan. One radical difference I observed was that some suggested me to run on the ...

running training  
asked by Elijah Saounkine 16 votes
answered by Ivo Flipse 20 votes

Stronglifts - Why is my bench press/row progress lagging behind?

I have been following the Stronglifts program since February of this year, so I've been at it about 6 months. I had tried the program before, but I had been away from it for some time, so I started ...

bench-press progress stronglifts barbell-rows  
asked by Joshua Carmody 17 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 13 votes
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