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Top new questions this week:

How to get started with Pull-Ups?

My other half is a total newbie in Fitness activities. She has had a tough time to even get through a single set of 5 Pull-Ups. Whats the best way to get started with Pull-Ups? And, How do I support …

bodybuilding strength-training bodyweight-exercises pull-ups chin-ups  
asked by WedaPashi 4 votes
answered by Sky King 2 votes

High intensity training schedule during vacation

I will have a lot of time available for one week and I am thinking how to use this for strength training most effectively. I am used to three training sessions (Mo-Wed-Fri) with weights and gym …

workout-routines strength-training muscle-recovery  
asked by Beginner 2 votes
answered by Tori Montgomery 1 vote

Is there any benefit of stationary running indoors?

I ask further to Is there any benefit of "real" running outdoors vs running on a treadmill in gym?. I consulted …

running jogging  
asked by LePressentiment 1 vote
answered by brentwpeterson 1 vote

Unequally sore muscles

I'm a high school cross country runner, and after several races and runs I've noticed that my right calf is almost always more tired after a run, and then more sore the next day. My right leg is not …

running running-form  
asked by Outlaw Lemur 1 vote
answered by brentwpeterson 1 vote

Recovery plan from tennis shoulder

Shoulder pain is caused by the assisting movement of tennis when you os humerus moves 2 cm outward from the normal position in each assist. The rubber band is my first choice. However, I do not have …

recovery shoulders tennis  
asked by Masi 1 vote
answered by Yash Patel 0 votes

Why do good lifts feel effortless?

I am curious what explains the difference between perceived effort and absolute effort for different types of movements. For example pull-ups and burpees always feel hard, while a 1RM snatch sometimes …

muscle movements  
asked by BKE 1 vote

Squat progressions

I am starting a (mainly) body-weight fitness routine and I have found squats to be WAY to easy. There are two progressions I can try that I know of: I can try to work towards pistol squats OR I …

squats bodyweight-exercises progress  
asked by LukeP 1 vote
answered by Berin Loritsch 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the proper procedure for showering in a gym locker room?

This is going to sound like a stupid question. I apologize. But I've had it on my mind for a while and it needed to be asked. My question is: how do you use the shower at the locker room at the gym? …

asked by Joshua Carmody 18 votes
answered by Berin Loritsch 14 votes

Do protein shakes really damage the kidneys?

I've been reading about protein shakes, it's benefits and side effects. However i've used it many times as my post workout recovery drink. I have no doubt in the benefits i get in my protein shake, i …

weightlifting workout protein protein-shakes  
asked by muffin 1 vote
answered by Jordan Carroll 3 votes

Can you answer this?

Why is cheese not allowed on the slow carb diet?

Most cheese is low in carbohydrates and according to one site it has almost no glycemic effect (b/c it's so low in carbs) Lots of sources say most Cheese (except for Cottage Cheese and Feta and …

asked by Clay Nichols 1 vote
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