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Top new questions this week:

How to relax our strained eyes

After the advancement of technology we have hell number of Gadgets with various types of Display(led, lcd, amoled etc.). Due to which we mostly tend to be glued to the screens and are straining the …

asked by user285oo6 3 votes
answered by meanderingmoose 7 votes

Pendlay Row: It doesnt connect the lats

This is a part of the StrongLift 5*5 Program, where one workout is Squats, Bench Press, Pendlay Row and the other is Squats, OHP and Deadlift.The weight increases by 5 pounds on every workout. While …

stronglifts back  
asked by user1502178 2 votes
answered by Berin Loritsch 4 votes

Adjustment from pool to lake for triathlon

I'm looking to try a triathlon, and in preparation I've started swimming at a local 25/50m pool (lane lines put in different ways on different days). The triathlon swim is 800m; I've done that …

swimming triathlon  
asked by meanderingmoose 2 votes
answered by JohnP 3 votes

What effect does restricted oxygen in cardio have on muscle damage & repair?

As we all know, cardio and strength training have completely different effects on your muscles, and your body's response to them. Strength training trains the body to make those big anaerobic muscle …

muscle cardio swimming anaerobic  
asked by Dan Hulme 1 vote
answered by feodor -1 votes

How does muscle confusion work?

I just found out about P90x and it seems they use the muscle confusion theory. But how does it work neurologically and as far as creating muscle mass is concerned? What would a typical routine be? …

exercise high-intensity  
asked by Sniper Clown 1 vote

cardio before or after weights?

145 pounds, 170cm tall, female. been doing cardio & weight lifting for 2 months with good diet, goal is to lose body fat and gain muscle. what is the science behind doing weights before/after …

weightlifting weight-loss cardio weights  
asked by Tori Montgomery 1 vote
answered by meanderingmoose 2 votes

Do front squats compress the spine?

Just curious I regularly do 225 front squats and was wondering what are the long term effects on the spine with this exercise or any squats for that matter? Since the bar is placed in the front and …

asked by user2769651 1 vote
answered by Berin Loritsch 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it better to use whey protein pre or post workout?

I am a 17 year old athlete, and am trying to build muscle effectively. I workout maybe 3-4 times a week for an hour with a combination of running, pushups, crunches, lifting and chin ups in varying …

muscle workout protein  
asked by Paul Witry 5 votes
answered by jp2code 3 votes

Are there any advantages of being an ectomorph?

It can be on fitness, sports or just plain daily life. Everything I hear and know about ectomorphs is: They struggle to gain weight (be it fat or muscle) and they tend to lose the gains easily. …

weight-gain body-fat metabolism  
asked by Kobu 6 votes
answered by Pawan Sharma 5 votes

Can you answer this?

why am i suddently so worn out in cardio?

I started gym 2 months ago and nearly every day except maybe 1 one rest day I will complete 1 hour cardio (about 500 calories, some days even 600-700) and an hour intense weight training targeting all …

weight-loss cardio resistancetraining lifting  
asked by Tori Montgomery 1 vote
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