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Top new questions this week:

How to best train for rock climbing

I've gotten really into rock climbing. I love the adventure off the sport and how it gets me of the beaten path when I come to visit a place. I want to continue in my skill and get more serious so ...

strength-training conditioning rock-climbing  
asked by Josiah 3 votes
answered by Alec 3 votes

Become more flexible through strength training?

Say you're performing an exercise which forces you to have proper form and a certain degree of flexibility to perform correctly. For example, pistol/overhead/front squats. If I emphasize heavily on ...

strength flexibility  
asked by EricAm 3 votes
answered by Hituptony 1 vote

Consequences of taking a break from training

I'm taking a forced break (about 2-3 weeks) from weightlifting after several months of training. How much are my strength and volume going to drop and at what pace should I start training after coming ...

weightlifting weight-loss strength calories  
asked by Herokiller 2 votes
answered by jakefordyce 1 vote

Is consuming glucose during workouts detrimental to weight loss?

I have recently started working out for an hour and a half every day. I drink about 1L of glucose-water during the entire process. Recently, someone commented that if I am aiming at losing weight, I ...

weight-loss carbohydrate  
asked by Inspired_Blue 2 votes
answered by LarissaGodzilla 3 votes

What workout routine is the most optimal for my situation?

I am an engineering student studying at a good school in Silicon Valley. Over the summer, I started working out and I continued for almost two months until my school started. Now that school started, ...

workout-routines workout workout-types pre-workout  
asked by Andy 2 votes
answered by james 3 votes

Feel dizzy while doing crunches

I have recently started doing exercise for my abs. I exercise in following pattern Do 40 Jumping jacks 25 High knees then 15 basic crunches 15 bicycle crunches 10 alternate heel touches I have ...

weight-loss exercise workout abdominals home-exercise  
asked by HappyDev 2 votes
answered by Sean Duggan 1 vote

Are any treadmills designed to slow down safely in the event of power loss?

I saw a video of a treadmill stopping when the power was cut, and it slowed down pretty quickly - maybe within about 2 seconds. I can imagine that if I were jogging in "autopilot mode" at 20km/h and ...

treadmill safety  
asked by Jez 2 votes
answered by Alec 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Exercises to improve speed and running ability

My eight-year old daughter is playing soccer. She's not terrible but she is just slow compared to all the other girls. Any ideas on exercises or drills that can help her run faster? Never been much ...

running exercise-technique  
asked by Kevin 10 votes
answered by Natalie Barnett 13 votes

If I wear my Fitbit One on a treadmill or elliptical, should I log the activity as well?

The FitBit Activity Tracker (on the website, Android application, and I would presume the iPhone application as well) lets you log various activities so you can track and share them with your friends. ...

running treadmill tracking machine fitbit  
asked by Thomas Owens 7 votes
answered by Kate 9 votes

Can you answer these?

Pain on Inside of Elbow after light impact

I play Football, and while I was going to hit the ball, I bumped the receiver with my elbow while jumping up and reaching for the ball. The next play I was surprised that my elbow hurt quite badly ...

injury football elbows  
asked by Just Wondering 1 vote

Differences between low intensity and high intensity cardios

What is the differences between a low intensity and a high intensity cardio session? Pros Cons What are they meant for(fat burning? resistance?)

asked by xPeke 1 vote

What exercises are best for keeping firm/nonsaggy pectorals?

I always remember the nature boy rick flair when I was a young kid and his old man saggy chest... Now i'm getting older and that image bugs me some (so does the mirror). I'm assuming certain types ...

asked by Adam Heeg 1 vote
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