English Language & Usage Weekly Newsletter
English Language & Usage Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Word for dismissing someone's opinions as racist, sexist, etc, instead of debating back

I'm looking for either a single word or phrase that would describe either someone or the action of dismissing someone's opinions as something "socially unpopular", without giving any reasoning why, ...

*single-word-requests *phrase-requests  
asked by Pyritie 32 votes
answered by Silverfish 9 votes

Is there a single word for when something becomes neglected or forgotten (e.g. a plant dies because the gardener forgets to water it)?

What single word can we use to describe something that has "died through neglect" e.g. a plant that has died due to the person forgetting to water it. (Note: I'm specifically hoping to apply this ...

asked by nelsonic 24 votes
answered by Gaurav 14 votes

Common term or single word for someone who is embarrassingly over-complimentary

Does English have a word for someone who compliments another person in a way which is awkward or even embarrassing? Someone who uses compliments which are overly-familiar and all but inappropriate, ...

*single-word-requests *nouns *vocabulary  
asked by susan dinsbier 23 votes
answered by EleventhDoctor 44 votes

What is it called when a highly respected person commits an immoral act but people don't believe that he committed the act?

I was wondering. It just came up. It has no real world relevancy. An example: A highly respected businessman commits child abuse and one day his wife finds out about it. She shares what she had ...

*meaning *single-word-requests  
asked by hamitto 20 votes
answered by Edwin Ashworth 17 votes

Word for Secretive Marriage that is not Elope

I'm unsure if there is any term for this other than "A secretive marriage", but figured I would let you smart forum goers decide. I am aware of the word Elope: To run away secretly with the ...

*single-word-requests *expressions  
asked by JumpInTheFire 20 votes
answered by Avon 29 votes

What is the sound of teeth hitting each other in cold weather called?

What is the sound of teeth called that occurs in chilly weather: the sound that comes due to teeth crashing in each other in an extremely chilly winter.

asked by Ehaan 20 votes
answered by Dan Bron 90 votes

What's an adjective for "pertaining to donkeys"?

Horse is to Equine as Donkey is to ...?

*adjectives *animal  
asked by Shaul Behr 20 votes
answered by anemone 53 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How many tenses are there in English?

Do we have 16 tenses in English? With future present past future in the past in these forms simple continuous perfect perfect continuous Can we manipulate these together to create English ...

*verbs *tenses *modal-verbs *mood *aspect  
asked by Mohammad Rafiee 84 votes
answered by JSBձոգչ 108 votes

Difference between "résumé" and "CV"

What's the difference between résumé and CV? When is résumé used? And when is CV used? Are they equivalent?

*meaning *differences  
asked by hamed 25 votes
answered by Amos M. Carpenter 34 votes

Can you answer these?

Differences between "in a list" and "on a list"

Generally speaking, is there any difference between saying "in a list" vs. "on a list"? There's already a similar question, but that was about one specific example with a specific answer; if ...

*word-choice *grammaticality *prepositions *in-on  
asked by mguassa 2 votes

Noun & verb agreement

in the sentence "Fourteen of the bones make up the face and jaw." is "Fourteen" singular or plural? The preceding sentence is "The skulls of every human being have 22 bones." The grammar book I'm ...

*verbs *subject *subject-verb-agreement  
asked by Pam 2 votes

What is the diferrence between "minute by minute" and "minute after minute"

I am not a native speaker therefore I would be grateful if someone could explain me what is the diferrence between "minute by minute" and "minute after minute". Thank you.

asked by Markus 1 vote
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