Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter
Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can a 10% resistor be used as a 1% resistor?

If my schematic calls for a 1% resistor, can I use a 10% resistor that measures to the correct resistance within 1% or is there some quality to tolerance beyond what it measures Ohm-wise? For ...

resistors tolerance  
asked by Tyler Durden 24 votes
answered by alexan_e 42 votes

Resistors - binning and weird distributions

I read about a little quirk related to binning resistors in a comment on this recent question. Some manufacturers will sell, for example, 1% and 5% resistors that are really made in the same batch. ...

resistors tolerance  
asked by Kynit 10 votes
answered by Olin Lathrop 13 votes

Is current flowing backwards a bad thing?

In the circuit below: I find it awkward that the direction of the current on the 2V power supply is running opposite to the direction of the current on the 5V power supply. In the 5V power supply ...

power-supply current current-measurement  
asked by T555 10 votes
answered by The Photon 28 votes

What are rubbery, conductive strips called?

I found a component attached to a PCB inside one of my old $5 devices. There are pink, rubbery things attached to either side of the LCD that can bend and were firmly attached (glued?), and there are ...

asked by nimsson 9 votes
answered by Nedd 18 votes

What is the name of this circuit?

simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab I've tried to Google it but my keywords don't really yeild anything. I'd like to read more about this type circuit ; what ...

asked by efox29 6 votes
answered by LvW 14 votes

Should I avoid BGA?

I am designing a board and have found that a BGA component is cheaper than the larger footprint. I am curious if I should be reluctant to implement a BGA with regard to extra steps during ...

pcb-design design components manufacturing  
asked by tman 6 votes
answered by M D 10 votes

Ultrasound in air ranging system design

I'm designing an air ultrasound range finder that bounces ultrasound signals off a person's head to measure the distance of the device from the head. The goal is to get ~1mm accuracy as a device is ...

frequency signal-processing ultrasound range-detector  
asked by user2525288 5 votes
answered by Andy aka 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Good Tools for Drawing Schematics

I was going to add a bit of information to my post on a previous day using schematics and some instructions. What programs are being employed for this purpose. I mostly want to see what others are ...

schematics cad eda education  
asked by Kortuk 159 votes
answered by Jay Atkinson 58 votes

Help me understand the relationship between positive, negative, neutral and ground in AC and DC

This question stems from notations on schematics and seemingly conflicting information I'm seeing. I suspect that I'm seeing different vernacular for the same concepts--but I'm in a place where no ...

voltage ground terminology ac-dc  
asked by dwwilson66 17 votes
answered by Phil Frost 17 votes

Can you answer these?

HF RFID 13.56MHz Interference from WiFi/BLE 2.45GHz?

If a Wifi/BLE antenna were placed within a multicoil loop antenna for 13.56MHz HF RFID, would there be significant crosstalk/interference?

bluetooth antenna wifi rfid interference  
asked by Jonathan 1 vote

Can I use a TVS diode to remove spikes in SMPS?

I have an almost working Half-Bridge SMPS that has some ringing in the output like this (not the real output, just and image I found): I have eliminated almost all the oscillation using a snubber ...

switch-mode-power-supply tvs snubber  
asked by Andres 1 vote

Yields in DRAM and other Massively Redundant Processes

I'm right now combing the electrical engineering literature on the sorts of strategies employed to reliably produce highly complex but also extremely fragile systems such as DRAM, where you have an ...

dram redundancy  
asked by Mephistopheles 3 votes
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