Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter
Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can I cut an IC?

As far as I understand, the die of a DIP package is located at the center and the rest is just the lead frame. Given that I have unused pins, can I cut the top part of this microcontroller ...

microcontroller integrated-circuit dip die  
asked by v.m. 34 votes
answered by Lorenzo Donati 19 votes

Why are op amps used so frequently in analog electronics?

I've read in several books and papers the observation: "Op amps are the bread-and-butter of analog electronics", or "... op amps are the most commonly encountered building block in analog circuits ...

op-amp analog  
asked by scanny 15 votes
answered by Adam Haun 19 votes

Are typical computer power supply units leading or lagging power?

Computer power supplies often have "power factor correction" features which raise the power factor in use to levels close to resistive loads (1). I'm curious what, in the absence of power factor ...

power-supply switch-mode-power-supply power-factor-correction  
asked by Billy ONeal 9 votes
answered by John D 11 votes

Why does reflection only applies to transmission lines?

Why does the concept of wave reflection seem to only apply to transmission lines? For example, for a simple circuit with two resistances R1 = 50\$\Omega\$ and R2 = 75\$\Omega\$, is the voltage wave ...

resistance transmission-line  
asked by victorbg 8 votes
answered by Kevin Reid 11 votes

Engineering Electronics: which approximation is usually good enough?

I have a strong computational background, so approximations with floating point precision depend on the type of computation. One thing is to know how to make an approximation and another one is when ...

design analysis  
asked by OFRBG 6 votes
answered by tcrosley 12 votes

Should I be concerned when loop gain rises back above 0dB on simulation?

Interim update Okay, I just realized I screwed up on the simulation. When I added \$C_{bp}\$ I upset the "break" in the feedback loop necessary to get the loop gain. The left-side lead has to go to ...

op-amp analog feedback compensation  
asked by scanny 6 votes
answered by LvW 1 vote

What do the 3 symbols (circle, square, triangle) in the USB Type-A plug represent?

What do the 3 symbols (circle, square, triangle) in the USB Type-A plug represent? Is it power-/data-related notifications or just universal identification for USB?

asked by ramesh6663 5 votes
answered by PeterJ 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is "offset null" in IC 741?

What is Offset null in 1st and 5th pin in IC 741 (Op-Amp)? Why it is used, though it is not used in many circuits? Give me explanation regarding the offset null! Why offset voltage was formed in IC ...

asked by AbiRAM02 10 votes
answered by Phil Frost 13 votes

Why do we connect a battery to ground when jumping a car?

This may seem like a very simple question, but I've searched all over the place and haven't found an answer. When jumping a car, we connect the + end of the charged battery to the + end of the dead ...

batteries ground automotive  
asked by Ken Levinski 6 votes
answered by Kaz 17 votes

Can you answer these?

Single to many analog signals

I am trying to drive two piezo inkjet print heads with an analog waveform varying from 0-40V, with a slew rate of 15V/us and a complicated waveform of a duration of ~20us. When printing only one ...

analog switching  
asked by CraigS 1 vote

how to resolve mismatch between PWM resolution and sensor resolution?

I have an application that uses a high resolution sensor. The actuation loop runs on this sensor's feedback. Thus, the PWM resolution is limiting my achievable resolution in the actuator's movement. ...

pwm resolution  
asked by SPRajagopal 1 vote

Component change following design freeze

Our device has been through DVT and compliance testing. Both DVT and compliance are expensive and time consuming processes. The compliance includes a comprehensive set of RF tests. I want to change ...

asked by Quantum4 2 votes
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