Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter
Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why do electronics have a low temperature limit?

Apart from condensation why do electronic components usually have a low temperature limit? For example my laptop says something along the lines of -10 °C to 75 °C temperature while in use. I can ...

asked by George 38 votes
answered by Tom Anderson 37 votes

Do we know what a radio wave looks like?

In precalculus class we are learning about sin/cos/tan/cot/sec/csc and their amplitude, periods and phases shifts. I've studied electronics on and off for about a year. I would like to know if we ...

radio wave  
asked by Foo Fighter 15 votes
answered by Adam Haun 23 votes

Is it worth reusing old components

I find myself constantly trying to recycle old components in my new projects. Yesterday, I needed a demultiplexer so I just took it out from some old phone board... Demultiplexers cost basically ...

components soldering reuse  
asked by avuthless 13 votes
answered by zebonaut 23 votes

How does the controller know when to jump to the ISR?

I am talking about things at the core level. As far as I understand, the controller core just executes instructions which are fetched from the memory (Fetch - Decode - Execute). When an Interrupt ...

microcontroller interrupts  
asked by Swanand 11 votes
answered by Olin Lathrop 12 votes

Controlling heater with PWM through MOSFET

I'm trying to control a heater coil (resistance ~0.9 Ohm) with PWM using a MOSFET. PWM modulator is based on LM393, MOSFET is IRFR3704 (20V, 60A). If I place 1k resistor in place of heater ...

mosfet pwm comparator oscillation  
asked by s0me0ne 8 votes
answered by Brian Drummond 8 votes

how to properly save an architecture in a fpga ic forever

Considering I made an architecture to do some specific thing, wrote in vhdl, for example. Can I 'burn' it in a fpga chip, forever? Or how should I do it, protecting the intelectual property knowing ...

asked by Orlando Leite 7 votes
answered by Jotorious 11 votes

Tri-state output to three analogue levels?

Is there a circuit which can transform a tri-state (low, high-Z, high) output to three voltage levels? Ideally, the circuit will use only passives and diodes. Would a simple voltage divider across ...

analog tri-state  
asked by chrisdew 6 votes
answered by John Honniball 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is a good microcontroller for Ethernet applications?

What is a good microcontroller for doing Ethernet applications? Or do I just need a good Ethernet library to connect with an Ethernet MAC/PHY?

microcontroller ethernet tcp-ip  
asked by Robert 38 votes
answered by spiffed 22 votes

How does a capacitor block DC?

I am confused with this! How does a capacitor block DC? I have seen many circuits using capacitors powered by a DC supply. So, if capacitor blocks DC, why should it be used in such circuits? Also, ...

capacitor dc  
asked by Arun M 26 votes
answered by Ian Boyd 52 votes

Can you answer these?

GLCD testing-KS0108

I'm working with a GLCD based on the KS0108 driver and I want to know if there are any short-cut(s) to test if the GLCD is working fine. Can I simply power it up and confirm it's not damaged if I ...

asked by Adithya 1 vote

Self-oscillation in a commercial RF amplifier

I purchased several 50 ohm (in/out), 35 dB gain photomultiplier tube (PMT) amplifiers from a vendor assuming I could use them to read out the voltages on my PMTs. The amplifiers are AC coupled with a ...

amplifier rf stability oscillation  
asked by user1850479 1 vote

Why is it impossible to realize elliptic even-order filters with \$R_S = R_L \$?

Referring to RLC continuous-time prototypes of filters, I have read that an elliptic filter of even order can not have equal source and load termination resistances. The trasfer function for such ...

filter circuit-analysis passive-networks transfer-function reactance  
asked by BowPark 1 vote
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