Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter
Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Compute the minimum number of 120Ω resistors to get 80Ω of resistance?

I recently had to take test in basic electronics. I didn't get one question right, but I don't quite understand why. How many 120Ω resistors are at minimum required to get a resistance of 80Ω? The ...

asked by Martin 23 votes
answered by Respawned Fluff 32 votes

When should one switch from ASCII to advanced serial protocols?

All my microcontroller devices that communicate with PC via UART use ASCII strings for sending commands and receiving data. That's what I learned when I began digging into electronics and I always ...

microcontroller serial communication uart protocol  
asked by I have no idea what I'm doing 19 votes
answered by Scott Seidman 23 votes

Why is home voltage value higher during the night?

I have been monitoring the voltage in my own home ( Mexico 120v 60Hz ) I have been graphing the values every minute and im starting to notice that during the morning voltage gets up to 127 and during ...

voltage current energy variable  
asked by GoatZero 15 votes
answered by Sean Boddy 14 votes

What if there are an odd number of twists in a twisted pair cable?

I am not an electrician, or a student of the field. I am a Network Engineer with a curiosity bug and that has recently taken me to exploring cabling and Twisted Pair specifically. I say this to plead ...

ethernet twisted-pair  
asked by Eddie 14 votes
answered by Wouter van Ooijen 16 votes

Is it sensible to always use larger diameter conductors for carrying smaller signals?

This question as originally written sounds a little bit insane: it was originally asked to me by a colleague as a joke. I am an experimental NMR physicist. I frequently want to perform physical ...

noise physics signal-to-noise snr  
asked by Landak 14 votes
answered by user44635 0 votes

Why am I getting odd inductances from home made inductor?

This question is related my my previous question: What to do about very hot planar inductor? What I'm trying to do I am trying to make a planar inductor (made from the tracks of the PCB, and ...

inductor measurement planar-inductor  
asked by Rocketmagnet 12 votes
answered by Andy aka 6 votes

Implementation of D (differentiation) in PID

I am implementing a PID controller for motor speed control. I am done with implementing the PI control and it works perfectly fine for me. In the specification I have been told to implement a ...

c pid-controller  
asked by spp 8 votes
answered by ben b 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What do solid/striped lines on a wire indicate?

What do solid or dashed lines on a wire indicate? Is there a difference between the solid and dashed indicators?

asked by Mark Harrison 12 votes
answered by In silico 16 votes

What is "forward" and "reverse" voltage when working with diodes?

What is the difference between "forward" and "reverse" voltages when working with diodes and LEDs? I realize this question is answered elsewhere on the interwebs such as wikipedia, but I am looking ...

led diodes  
asked by JYelton 25 votes
answered by AndreKR 20 votes

Can you answer these?

Microstrip through passive components

I am a bit confused with the implementation of a microstrip line to an u.FL connector. In order to maintain a 50Ohm line, the trace width would need to be ~0.1 inches wide, I have a pi matching ...

rf microstrip  
asked by MadHatter 5 votes

Non contact non LOS proximity sensor with identification information

I am looking for a sensor which would allow non contact and non line-of-sight identification of an entity. Here is an example usage: I attach the sensor module to my PC and I keep another node in my ...

sensor proximity-sensor  
asked by Whiskeyjack 1 vote

How to detect end of Capacitor Pre-charge

A common problem with batteries and loads connected to them is that the load often has substantial capacitors which needs managing . When the battery is connected to the load by closing a ...

asked by Alexis 2 votes
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