Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter
Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What simple IC can I use to extract 500ma from a computer USB port?

I have very small and simple electronic projects that I power up using the USB power connectors plus a resistor. For one project I require to use more than 100ma, however the USB port requires an …

power voltage usb integrated-circuit  
asked by Sebastian 8 votes
answered by Samuel Clay 8 votes

What is Overmodulation?

The Wikipedia article is very short and doesn't explain the concept very well, and there aren't any other sites that I can find that give a simple explanation. What does it mean by 100% modulation? I …

modulation power-electronics  
asked by Blue7 7 votes
answered by jippie 14 votes

How different are 8-bit microcontrollers from 32-bit microcontrollers when it comes to programming them

Right, so we have 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers in this world at the moment. All of them are often used. How different is it to program 8-bit and 16-bit micrcontrollers? I mean, does it …

microcontroller programming  
asked by quantum231 6 votes
answered by tcrosley 11 votes

How to make -12V from a +12V supply?

The equipment I have needs +5V +12V and -12V supplied to it. The old PSU which provided all the voltages blew to bits. I have sourced a PSU1 +5V (30A), and PSU2 &PSU3 (two identical +12V (2A) …

asked by user40442 6 votes
answered by Olin Lathrop 9 votes

Wind turbine generator: brushed or brushless DC motor?

I am trying to use a DC motor as a generator for a wind turbine but then there are two possibilities for the DC motor which are brushed and brushless. Which one is more efficient to use? I know that …

dc-motor brushless-dc-motor  
asked by user2280164 6 votes
answered by John D 4 votes

What does "OC" mean?

My Bluegiga WT-32 manual ("Stereo CODEC ADC characteristics" table) says: Allowed Load --> Resistive, min.:16(8)Ω , max.: OC What does OC mean in this case?

asked by Radon 5 votes
answered by markrages 11 votes

What are Guard Rings?

I have heard about Guard Rings many times, and I know they are supposed to avoid currents in places where there shouldn't be no currents, but I never found a good text to read more about it. Can …

current guard-rings  
asked by mFeinstein 5 votes
answered by The Photon 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Difference between latch and flip flop?

What is the difference between latch and flip flop. What i am thinking is latch is equivalent to flip flop since it is used to store the bits and is also equivalent to register which is also used to …

asked by ankur.trapasiya 10 votes
answered by Rick_2047 6 votes

What would happen if I connect two different DC voltage sources in parallel?

I have a computer power supply that I'm hacking together as a bench supply. For this particular model to power on, I need a minimum load across both +5V and +12V. "Easy," I thought, "I'll just …

power-supply dc parallel  
asked by rascher 15 votes
answered by Madmanguruman 21 votes

Can you answer these?

How to understand voltage change between different phases of BLDC?

Actually, it is a question about an application note of BLDC from here. (on page 30 of that material) The question is about calculation of potential of M. What I learned from book is that the …

inductance brushless-dc-motor  
asked by oilpig 1 vote

Circuit with coupled inductors, need help with mesh equations

Are the mesh eqations in the image below correct? It gets a little tricky with the mutual inductance and my textbook gives no solution (American textbooks..). Click the image below for a larger view. …

circuit inductance  
asked by Nic 1 vote

How do filament LED bulbs work, looking very similar to incandescent bulbs?

Filament LED bulbs use very narrow strips containing the LED, which look similar to filaments of an old incandescent bulb. Here's a good picture: http://www.aruana-led.de/ They look like a normal …

led components light thermal led-strip  
asked by Volker Siegel 2 votes
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