Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter
Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can a radio transmitter somehow detect the number of receivers in its area?

During conversation, a colleague proposed that over-the-air television and radio broadcasters can determine the number of viewers or listeners based on the "load" on their signal. This seems to me ...

rf signal radio transmitter receiver  
asked by ghaberek 35 votes
answered by Dave Tweed 40 votes

How can a high voltage transistor be in such small packaging?

For example: STN0214 - Very high voltage NPN power transistor It is said to accept more than 1kV between its collector and emitter. It comes in a SOT-223 package (3 pins plus a tab). With a ...

transistors high-voltage arc  
asked by JulienFr 18 votes
answered by Olin Lathrop 12 votes

Designing a *linear* MOSFET driver stage

I'm looking for a MOSFET driver circuit that can be placed between an op-amp and a power MOSFET to operate the transistor as a linear amplifier (as opposed to a switch). Background I'm developing an ...

op-amp mosfet analog mosfet-driver gate-driving  
asked by scanny 12 votes
answered by Spehro Pefhany 3 votes

Do op amps need one bypass capacitor or two?

As with other ICs, it's standard practice to place bypass capacitors near the supply voltage pins of op amps. But I've seen conflicting opinions on how to properly bypass an op amp (here, for ...

op-amp bypass-capacitor  
asked by Adam Haun 9 votes
answered by Spehro Pefhany 8 votes

Why is it usually the case that the negative rail for ICs needs more decoupling capacitance (has worse PSRR) than the positive rail?

That the premise in the question seems to hold can be seen from various sources, including: comparing the datasheets of various clones of LM317 and LM337 (too many to list, but generally the ...

power-supply decoupling-capacitor  
asked by Respawned Fluff 8 votes
answered by Spehro Pefhany 11 votes

Max Serial Cable Length?

What is the maximum length of serial cable I can use, to connection work properly? Is length of serial cable in connection with baud rate? I am using about 5 meter cable at speed 38400 bauds and RS232 ...

serial rs232 cables  
asked by Junior 8 votes
answered by hildred 9 votes

Why does my rectangle function on a FPGA look like this?

I programmed my FPGA to create a simple 1 MHz rectangle function. But when I display the resulting function on my oscilloscope it shows some oscillation after the edges. At first I thought this might ...

fpga fourier resonance crosstalk  
asked by Stein 7 votes
answered by Dwayne Reid 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to Calculate the time of Charging and Discharging of battery?

How do I calculate the approximated time for the Charging and Discharging of the battery? Is there any equation available for the purpose? If yes, then please provide me.

batteries charging discharge  
asked by Farid-ur-Rahman 8 votes
answered by Majenko 12 votes

What is the difference between Flash memory and EEPROM?

Flash memory storage and EEPROM both use floating gate transistors for storage of data. What differs between the two and why is Flash so much faster?

flash eeprom  
asked by skyler 20 votes
answered by supercat 24 votes

Can you answer these?

NPN and PNP doping amounts?

I'm trying to find out how much each area of BJT's are doped. I understand that for PNP's, the emitter is doped the most, the collector moderately and the base a small amount. Is this the same for ...

asked by Physicsman 1 vote

STM32 Flash acting like RAM

I've been trying to program a word of flash memory on my STM32F030F4, but for some reason whenever I power it off and on again, the memory location has defaulted to '0xFFFFFFFF' again. Am I missing ...

stm32 memory flash non-volatile-memory stm32f0  
asked by Sensors 1 vote

General Question about Coil wrapped around a transformer core

I had a doubt about how inductance of a wire is calculated if it is wound around a iron rod, and when its wound around a transformer core. Case 1 : Considering an iron rod at first , or in other ...

transformer inductance coil  
asked by Dallas Carter 1 vote
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