Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter
Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why do they crimp capacitor leads?

Most manufacturers produces crimped and straight lead pairs of their capacitors which has exactly same capacitance and voltage rating. Why do they bother crimping the leads? What advantage does it ...

capacitor physical-design crimp  
asked by hkBattousai 23 votes
answered by alex.forencich 21 votes

Limits of dead reckoning using MEMS sensors

I'm trying to track body parts relative to a person's torso. I see quite a few questions about using MEMS accelerometers and gyros for dead reckoning, and they confirm my suspicions that various ...

sensor accelerometer gyro imu mems  
asked by Assorted Trailmix 10 votes
answered by Dave Tweed 5 votes

Why does ST recommend 100nF decoupling caps for a 72MHz MCU? (And not 10nF)

I've been reading about decoupling caps, and I can't seem to understand why ST recommends 100nF decoupling caps on a 72MHz arm mcu. Usually 100nF decoupling caps are only effective up to about ...

stm32 impedance decoupling-capacitor  
asked by Mike 9 votes
answered by Rolf Ostergaard 7 votes

555 timer: how to set values to take an hour

I'm new (and novice) in electronics. I came to seek your knowledge to see if someone can help me with a very basic circuit. It is a 555 chip, which should light a LED (for about 1/2 second) every ...

capacitor resistors timer 555 basic  
asked by xavi 8 votes
answered by Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams 12 votes

Locking up a DC motor with constant supply a bad thing?

I am working on a little pen plotter project and for one of my motors (which supports the pen) I have used a small DC motor obtained from an old DVD drive. I have noticed that if I supply a constant ...

motor dc dc-motor  
asked by Rahul Khosla 8 votes
answered by Nick Alexeev 4 votes

What would make me choose Verilog or VHDL over schematic design on CPLDs or FPGAs?

I have absolutely no background in programmable logic, I use mostly microcontrollers in my projects but recently I needed to work with video and the microcontroller is just too slow for what I needed ...

vhdl verilog programmable-logic  
asked by Bruno Ferreira 7 votes
answered by Jay Carlson 9 votes

What is the purpose of a capacitor in the feedback path of a unity gain buffer?

First time using this site, I'm an EE student and have been studying opamps. So far in class we have only discussed 'ideal' opamps, but I saw an opamp with this layout and was wondering if anyone ...

capacitor op-amp  
asked by Dragon4th 6 votes
answered by Spehro Pefhany 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is firmware code or data?

When someone says they "flashed" firmware to a device, I'm curious as to what this actually implies. Is firmware just a native binary that is stored in memory and that can be interpreted by the ...

flash firmware  
asked by HeineyBehinds 26 votes
answered by Wouter van Ooijen 26 votes

Good Tools for Drawing Schematics

I was going to add a bit of information to my post on a previous day using schematics and some instructions. What programs are being employed for this purpose. I mostly want to see what others are ...

schematics education eda  
asked by Kortuk 147 votes
answered by Jay Atkinson 54 votes

Can you answer these?

Creating Serial Pressence Detect data from discreet DDR RAM datasheet

I have a board that has soldered discreet DDR RAM chips. The data sheet for the DDR RAM chips is available to me. The DDR memory controller is programmed manually using pre-calculated values. I have ...

ram ddr ddr3  
asked by sessyargc.jp 1 vote

Designing 1-to-2 demultiplexing circuit with a custom truth table

I'm trying to build a circuit with following truth table with CMOS logic. Pins are: I and A are inputs D0 and D1 are outputs A is a line select GPIO pin (1 for D0, 0 forD1) I is input level (when ...

asked by knocker_d 1 vote

Can manage to read device ID from an AVR only once?

I'm using an ATmega48 device and my debugger is the Atmel ICE. I manage to connect to the device only once, the 2nd time causes a "failed to enter programming mode" error. Cycling power to the device ...

avr isp  
asked by user34920 1 vote
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