Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter
Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to solder wires on Li-ion cell phone batteries?

I am making a obstacle avoiding robot and wanted to power it with mobile phone batteries. But wondering how to solder wires on battery correctly for no inconvenience. p.s. I am a new arduino ...

batteries soldering lithium-ion battery-operated  
asked by geeky me 14 votes
answered by pjc50 39 votes

Why are these readings violating ohm's law? (Are they?)

I'm brushing up on my high school electronics knowledge and I decided to experiment with a small acquarium pump I had lying around. I took some measurements with a multimeter and the results confuse ...

multimeter ohms-law  
asked by Bas 12 votes
answered by helloworld922 31 votes

How do electronic devices keep track of time without power?

There's laptops, PCs, microcontrollers and a lot of other things that can be plugged out and plugged in without a battery. But how does the system clock still keep track of time without anything to ...

asked by Loogai 10 votes
answered by David 32 votes

Would an electric fence be able to detect being bypassed?

In the Flashpoint episode "The Farm," there's a scene where you can see one of the officers run a jumper cable from one contact on an electric fence to another, then cut the line of the fence (not ...

resistance electrical charge  
asked by EBrown 9 votes
answered by Mast 6 votes

Why is the voltage drop across this 1 ohm resistor being neglected in this practice problem? (Thevenin's Theorem)

We are given the following circuit and told to calculate the equivalent voltage of everything to the left of the a and b terminals: It omits the load resistor and lays the circuit out as such for ...

circuit thevenin  
asked by Byron S 8 votes
answered by The Photon 18 votes

Is there a Microcontroller with 16MB of Ram?

Here's my situation: As a personal project, I am looking to write a emulator for the Sega Megadrive (Sega Genesis) that runs on AVR. So I have been searching for a Micro-controller that has similar ...

avr design  
asked by baordog 5 votes
answered by tcrosley 15 votes

Can I connect two OPA541 (or similar power amplifiers) in parallel to get higher current output?

I have a requirement for current sourcing about 30A and need to use a power amplifier for other reasons. Is it possible to club two OPA541 (each with 10A max) devices in parallel to achieve this? What ...

asked by Vishal 5 votes
answered by Respawned Fluff 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I tell the size of a barrel power connector?

Spring cleaning, and I'm trying to get power supplies for all my devices with missing power supplies. They're all the typical barrel power connector, and I'm having a dickens of a time trying to ...

power-supply connector  
asked by dwwilson66 20 votes
answered by helloworld922 8 votes

Slow Blow vs Fast Acting Fuse

Is there any way to tell the difference between a slow blow and a fast acting Fuse? I had one blow in my amp and I know its 125v 5a, but i'm not sure if it is a slow blow or fast acting fuse. Is ...

asked by Sean 12 votes
answered by Harry Weston 14 votes

Can you answer these?

Winding method for barrel wound secondary center-taped EE core

I'm designing a high-frequency transformer, EE type core, with one primary, and a center tapped secondary. As the secondary current is relatively high and the window area is small, I will use copper ...

transformer switch-mode-power-supply electromagnetism winding  
asked by Diego C Nascimento 3 votes

How to reduce noise causing by MOSFET driver?

I am trying to get +/- 12V and +/- 5V voltage in my board. I am getting lot of noise on the primary side itself as well it is carrying to the secondary side. I am driving the MOSFET with 100KHz PWM ...

mosfet noise power-electronics mosfet-driver  
asked by PRV 3 votes

Equations of Power Flow Between Buses

I'm working in a MATLAB algorithm to compute the state estimation of a power system given some measures. The classical method computes a Jacobian matrix of all the measures, so I have to program all ...

power flow  
asked by Daniel Turizo 1 vote
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