Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter
Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is the dual of a diode?

A diode has an exponential I-V curve. To a first approximation, it will pass whatever amount of current is required to keep the voltage across it constant. Is there a passive component that will ...

current components constant-current passive-components dual  
asked by immibis 17 votes
answered by Spehro Pefhany 21 votes

What well-known ICs have essentially no packaging?

As a kid I once found a calculator whose IC was protected only by a loose plastic cover. With the cover removed, and with appropriate lighting, I could make out distinct features of the IC– including ...

integrated-circuit packages hobbyist  
asked by rezmason 16 votes
answered by Tom Carpenter 21 votes

Why are charge pumps only used for low current applications?

Typically the most expensive (and hard to get) elements in a SMPS are the inductors. Thus I was wondering if it's possible to use inductor-less switching mode power supplies (i.e. charge pumps) for ...

power-supply capacitor switch-mode-power-supply inductor  
asked by Lazarus 10 votes
answered by Wouter van Ooijen 15 votes

What component does the 'coupon' label refer to in terms of PCBs?

I was looking at a motherboard recently and I found a couple interestingly labelled component footprints. They're two through-hole mounted components right next to the CPU, and they seem to be called ...

pcb components footprint  
asked by HotelCalifornia 9 votes
answered by Michael Karas 14 votes

Why do laptops need larger transformers than mobile phones?

I was wondering why a laptop power adapter is so huge. Most laptops that I have seen use a ~19V power supply. Using transformer equation, and considering 100 turns in the primary(just an assumption), ...

transformer adapter  
asked by mayank budhwani 9 votes
answered by Spehro Pefhany 26 votes

Hacking Circuits Together Using Existing Schematics

I am working on a prototype using existing breakout boards from open source hardware manufacturers (Sparkfun, Adafruit, Teensy etc...). Everything is going great! I am at the stage where I'd like to ...

power-supply circuit-analysis pcb-design  
asked by Aaron 9 votes
answered by Spehro Pefhany 10 votes

MCP3424, how to read channels in parallel?

About this question I do not have an electronics engineering background, and this is one of my first challenges with communicating via I2C, and with writing to a register, so please do not assume too ...

arduino adc i2c  
asked by Mads Skjern 7 votes
answered by Andy aka 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I use a 12 V input on a digital Arduino pin?

I am creating a controller for a 12 V system using an Arduino Uno microcrontroller. For the outputs I am using a relay shield to switch the 12 V components. I have a 12 V toggle switch that turns on ...

asked by D.W. 14 votes
answered by stevenvh 19 votes

What is the reverse recovery time in diode?

What is the reverse recovery time in diode?

asked by Cell-o 12 votes
answered by Joe 20 votes

Can you answer these?

Does thhis crystal circuit works?

I need a tiny oscillator circuit for testing an application. Now I haven't much experience in creating oscillators so I would like to use this Collpits-circuit: I only need the carrier wave so I ...

oscillator crystal transmitter high-frequency ham-radio  
asked by Findus 2 votes

Low-Power Video Transmission for IoT

I am currently developing an apparatus for feeding and monitoring my dog remotely. The basic idea is to make this using 2 main components: The first component will be composed of a camera pointing ...

camera video video-transmitter beaglebone internet  
asked by DSte 1 vote

Why my solenoid valves open only if power is turned on at last?

I have a set of eight 48Vcc solenoid valves that I'm controlling using an Arduino. The open and close signals are sent using the Arduino's SPI lines, which are connected to a circuit composed by a ...

inductive solenoid-valve 74hc595 transistor-array  
asked by Ikari667 2 votes
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