Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter
Electrical Engineering Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why do some diodes have a glass package?

Put simply, why do some diodes such as most Zeners and Schottky diodes have a glass package as opposed to the more traditional plastic package? Is it ease of manufacturing, thermal properties, or …

diodes packages manufacturing-process  
asked by Hugoagogo 29 votes
answered by Spehro Pefhany 33 votes

Unplugging a router from the wall socket

When the internet appears to have crashed, the service provider invariably gives this advice as a first line remedy: unplug the router from the wall socket, then wait 5 minutes, then plug it back in. …

voltage telephone socket  
asked by Gayot Fow 14 votes
answered by Enemy Of the State Machine 20 votes

What are the advantages of a shunt resistor vs. a hall effect sensor?

I'm constructing a boost converter, and I need to measure both the input current and the output current. Currents range anywhere from 25A to 200A, depending on the model. My controller is referenced …

resistors current-measurement hall-effect shunt  
asked by Stephen Collings 12 votes
answered by Vladimir Cravero 10 votes

In what situation should I keep the Brown-out Detection feature OFF on a microcontroller?

When the power supply on a microcontroller falls under a certain threshold, a brown-out conditions occurs and RAM memory may get corrupted. Provided that every power down sequence of the circuit can …

microcontroller brownout  
asked by m.Alin 11 votes
answered by Wouter van Ooijen 12 votes

I stuck a 450 V 10 µF capacitor in a 110 AC wall outlet and it exploded... why?

When I put it in the outlet it "popped" with some oily gray smoke. Honestly I thought that the voltage rating on the capacitor meant you could feed at least that much voltage through it, but clearly …

asked by samwise 9 votes
answered by Barry 15 votes

Flash memory: Does the entire page need to be erased before writing just a few bytes?

An easy question, I hope! I'm not finding any definitive answers... I'm writing drivers for a SST25VF064C flash memory chip. It communicates via SPI. Like all flash memory (that I know of), it …

asked by bitsmack 8 votes
answered by Dave Tweed 8 votes

Why do op-amps keep amplifying?

I was reading an old copy of Horowitz and Hill's The Art of Electronics and I am trying to wrap my head around operational amplifiers in negative feedback circuits. As the book explains, as the …

op-amp theory  
asked by Randall Cook 6 votes
answered by LvW 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can a let my atmega328 run for a year on batteries?

Scenario I have created a nice electronic door lock for my dorm room. It is currently an Arduino Diecimila with a servo [un]locking the door. It has a numerical keypad with 3x4 buttons and 5 LED's (2 …

arduino atmega low-power  
asked by LouwHopley 21 votes
answered by Anindo Ghosh 15 votes

How much voltage is "dangerous"?

Related: Safe current limit for human contact? From what I've heard: 110 V (or 220 V; household voltage pretty much) is dangerous (i.e. can kill you) I think there's consensus on this, no …

voltage current safety  
asked by Mehrdad 23 votes
answered by Oli Glaser 24 votes

Can you answer these?

Help need controlling linear actuators on my car project

Looking for some electronics guru who can help with my car project. Personally, my skill level/experience is below novice. I have an ISIS system controlling the car electronics, including two of …

asked by user50323 2 votes

Debug 2-Wire Serial Interface

How can I debug I2C in Atmel Studio (latest)? I have enabled it as shown inside the I/0 View with TWEN and TWIE bits enabled. However, after sending a START condition, I do not see the TWI-interrupt …

i2c atmel debugging atmel-studio  
asked by Babu James 1 vote

Identify RF amplifier IC

I am trying to repair a broken RF amplifier by replacing an IC. From reverse engineering, I know that this is a ~2 GHz, ~25 dB gain amplifier and that it is internally 50 ohm terminated. Some of the …

amplifier identification  
asked by user1850479 1 vote
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