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Top new questions this week:

Is it only me or matlab's periodogram's function is confusing?

I am really confused with matlab's periodogram. First of all, it says in the documentation that its unit is "dB per unit frequency". What does that really mean? I just don't quite get it. Second of ...

matlab fft frequency-spectrum power-spectral-density dbfs  
asked by Kevin.hammet 2 votes
answered by A. Donda 3 votes

Fourier Decomposition

Hello everyone have a look at this video of Fourier Decomposition of an image(otherwise you can also refer the image which shows few plots of different extracted waves from an image) . We also know ...

image-processing matlab fft fourier-transform dft  
asked by devraj 2 votes
answered by 0xff 1 vote

OFDM modulator in LTE

My understanding of what an OFDM modulator does, is that it takes a parallel sequence of QAM symbols of size M, pads it with zeroes corresponding to the zero subcarriers, then passes them through an ...

digital-communications ofdm ifft  
asked by Tyrone 2 votes
answered by Naveen 3 votes

Analyzing accelerometer data: appropriate use of rotation matrices?

I'm working on a project in which a rod is attached at one end to a rotating shaft. So, as the shaft rotates from 0 to ~100 degrees back-and-forth (in the xy plane), so does the rod. I mounted a ...

matlab signal-analysis algorithms motion sensor  
asked by John Alberto 2 votes

How to apply a Butterworth filter to data of varying sample rate?

I am trying to apply a Butterworth bandpass filter to accelerometer data of my smartphone. However, the accelerometer samples I receive do not come at regular intervals. Sample frequency varies ...

filters sampling interpolation  
asked by WabbitSeason 1 vote

cause of adaptive threshold poor result

I try to run text cleaning process based on the camera captured image. By using OpenCV adaptive threshold method with parameter (255.0D, AdaptiveThresholdType.MeanC, ThresholdType.Binary, 15, 10.0D), ...

image-processing opencv  
asked by Youngjae 1 vote

What is the cause of slow roll off of windowed filters

Exactly why using the of windowing function, such as Hamming or Blackman, causes a slower transition to stop band? Everywhere it is mentioned just as an obvious fact that this happens but I haven't ...

filters window-functions  
asked by Raven 1 vote
answered by hotpaw2 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Deconvolution of 1D signals

I have convolved a random signal with a a Gaussian and added noise(poisson noise in this case) to generate a noisy signal . Now I would like to deconvolve this noisy signal to extract the original ...

matlab continuous-signals 1d  
asked by user1724 6 votes
answered by Andrey 10 votes

How to mimic/copy/fake someone's voice?

Is there any existing application to sample someone's voice and use it to modulate any other voice or synthesize a text to resemble the original one? For example, this Text-to-Speech Demo by ...

modulation voice  
asked by clapas 3 votes
answered by pichenettes 7 votes

Can you answer this?

How do I interpolate between bins on an FFT in python?

I have four frequency peaks, which I have after applying FFT. Now I want to know precise values of these frequency peaks. there are different interpolation methods. How can I use this method of ...

fft python interpolation  
asked by Aajiz 1 vote
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