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Top new questions this week:

Sampling Theorem: How to know the value between two samples of a Signal

According to Sampling theorem, in order to reconstruct a signal we need to sample it at the rate => twice the highest frequency component of that signal. (provided signal is band limited). Let's say, ...

discrete-signals signal-analysis sampling continuous-signals nyquist  
asked by Pradeep Singh 3 votes
answered by hotpaw2 4 votes

Downsampling and Then Upsampling

Given this system: I need to show the $\mathcal Z$-transform of $y[n]$ as a function of the $\mathcal Z$-transform of $x[n]$. Now I know that for downsampling alone: $$Y(z) = ...

discrete-signals sampling z-transform downsampling  
asked by Pichie 3 votes
answered by cimarron 4 votes

Acoustic room simulation - Craven's hypothesis

I'm reading Udo Zölzer's "Digital Audio Signal Processing" and there's a piece about acoustic room simulation. This question will be more about maths and acoustics, but I assume anybody who does DSP ...

sound acoustics psychoacoustics  
asked by Kacper Kosikowski 3 votes
answered by Peter K. 2 votes

How to match a thumbnail to an area in the original image?

Suppose that you have a thumbnail and the original image from which it was generated. You need to match the thumbnail to an area in the original image that represents the original selection from which ...

image-processing computer-vision local-features  
asked by Illya Moskvin 1 vote

Calculus on sound signals?

I was playing with the idea of performing integration on a sound signal, since I've never heard of where it'd be used. Is it used somewhere? Here's something: ...

asked by mavavilj 1 vote
answered by Marcus Müller 0 votes

IQ imbalance amplitude

I have to fix the amplitude of measured IQ receiver data. According to my information about the data, I can estimate that one signal needs to be corrected to the other in amplitude. The phase ...

matlab discrete-signals iq  
asked by m79 1 vote
answered by Marcus Müller 0 votes

Transform matrix creation in compressed sensing

In Compressed sensing ECG reconstruction I would like to use bi orthogonal wavelet basis as transform/sparsifying domain. I found out that ' wfilters ' command in matlab will give 4 type of filters, ...

image-processing signal-analysis filter-design compressive-sensing  
asked by Abhishek Sadasivan 1 vote
answered by Thomas Arildsen 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I plot Frequency vs magnitude of wavelet transform?

I am running morlet continuous wavelet transform. I have got wscalogram of signal and now I want to Plot freq-magnitude like the following picture., but I don't know how to do it: I've used ...

frequency-spectrum frequency wavelet  
asked by Electricman 10 votes
answered by Tarin Ziyaee 3 votes

What does frequency domain denote in case of images?

I was just learning about the frequency domain in images. I can understand the frequency spectrum in case of waves. It denotes what frequencies are present in a wave. If we draw the frequency ...

image-processing frequency-spectrum dft  
asked by Abid Rahman K 65 votes
answered by nikie 63 votes

Can you answer this?

Why is it better to sample white noise in frequency domain here?

We have a channel $c(t)$ that we want to sample. It can be expressed as $ c(t)= g\ast x(t)$ where $x(t)$ is white complex Gaussian noise and $g(t)$ is a function that we know the PSD of, let's call it ...

sampling power-spectral-density  
asked by Benjamin Lindqvist 1 vote
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