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Top new questions this week:

Kalman filter restricted by areal constraints

I'm developing a device for tracking pets in a room with several motion detectors. I use a Kalman filter to estimate the position, which is based on the active outputs of the motion detectors. If an ...

asked by processWatcher 4 votes

Proof from wave equation of upper limit of active noise cancellation

Anybody know of a proof of the hard upper frequency limit of active noise cancellation using the ear canal volume as a boundary condition to solve for the upper frequency limit? I keep on encountering ...

dsp-core acoustics  
asked by Anthony Parks 3 votes
answered by David Wurtz 2 votes

Why wavelets based transmitter/receiver digital signal processing aren't common?

I have seen this thread: Difference between Fourier transform and Wavelets AFAIK there is no common usage of wavelets in the real-time DSP world (excluding image and video processing). I am curious ...

asked by 0x90 3 votes

Creating a flat spectrum filterbank

I'm trying to create a filterbank whose frequency response is generally flat when summed in parallel. Are there any tips to choosing center frequencies and bandwidths for a filterbank of overlapping ...

filters audio hearing  
asked by Anthony Parks 1 vote
answered by Peter K. 2 votes

2D Haar Transform Computational Complexity

I want to learn the computational complexity of the 2D Discrete Haar (Wavelet) Transform (DHWT). The number of operations (divisions, summations etc.) is the main focus. I think there are many ...

image-processing transform  
asked by oneoneonezero 1 vote
answered by Peter K. 0 votes

Algorithm for detecting the time where the signal is above a threshold

I need to detect the time window where a 1D-signal is above a certain threshold. If it dips below the threshold briefly I'd like to merge the two windows, if it dips below for a longer time, split ...

algorithms signal-detection time-series  
asked by Christian Aichinger 1 vote
answered by Marten Koetsier 1 vote

Extracting direction of dominant sinusoids from an image in terms of angles

Here is a sample image. What I am looking to do is compute the dominant "wrinkle" directions. The dominant wrinkle directions can be seen in the following FFT, roughly, by drawing a line through ...

asked by skywalker 1 vote
answered by geometrikal 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How is symbol synchronization with OFDM done?

I'm trying to understand how symbol synchronization is done in OFDM using pilot tones, cyclic prefixes, or any other technique. I've read the following answers which provide some explanation, but I ...

digital-communications ofdm  
asked by Dan Sandberg 6 votes
answered by Deve 5 votes

Best way of segmenting veins in leaves?

I have done a lot of research and found out methods like adaptive thresholding , watershed etc that can be used of detecting veins in leaves . However thresholding isn't good as it introduces a lot of ...

image-processing segmentation thresholding  
asked by vini 28 votes
answered by nikie 35 votes

Can you answer these?

Probability of Detection and pulse-pulse decorrelation time

Not sure if this is the right forum, but thought I'd ask anyway: I'm trying to analyze the probability of detection ($P_d$) for a Swerling II target. I know that the Swerling II target assumes that ...

asked by Rob 1 vote

How to reduce reconstruction noise from a filtered back-projection reconstruction of a circularly symmetric image?

I need to perform tomographic reconstruction of an axially symmetric object. Because of the axial symmetry only one projection of the object (one angle) was taken. I implemented the filtered ...

matlab reconstruction  
asked by user4861528 1 vote
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