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Top new questions this week:

How to design an inverse for a Butterworth low-pass filter?

I have a signal that has a spectral shape very similar to the transfer function of a second-order lowpass filter (butterworth design). I would like to whiten the spectrum of this spectrum in the ...

asked by bastibe 2 votes
answered by Matt L. 2 votes

denoise image MATLAB/Ooctave Gaussian noise

I want to remove a noise for an image using MATLAB, when the observed image is $$f=u+v$$ where $u$ is the restored image (is the image i want recovered) and $v$ is the gaussian noise. To restore ...

image-processing matlab image-segmentation octave  
asked by bernard Idmah 2 votes

Does our brain constantly ifft to hear?

From my understanding our ears have hairs/cilia in the cochlea that resonate at frequencies within our hearing range. To me this means we are hearing in the frequency domain as opposed to the time ...

fft sound ifft  
asked by portforwardpodcast 2 votes
answered by Hilmar 7 votes

derivative filter transfer function

In many of the papers it is said that the derivative filter transfer function is given by: $$H(z) = \dfrac{1}{8T}\left(-z^{-2} - 2z^{-1} + 2z + z^{2}\right)$$ But no one gave the detailed information ...

filters dsp-core derivative  
asked by James Corner 2 votes
answered by Matt L. 2 votes

Beginner Level : How to perform channel estimation using Least Square estimates and CRLB for channel estimation

I am having confusion as to what the CRB expression for linear model will be and how to derive it when the estimator is the Least Square estimation for training based estimation of a linear SISO ...

estimation equalization least-squares self-study  
asked by SKM 1 vote

Using SURF algorithm to match objects on MATLAB

I am trying to find the difference between two images, using Matlab. The classic built in function that Matlab provides for this is because the two images don't have the same dimensions (The objects ...

image-processing matlab computer-vision matlab-cvst  
asked by azifallail iraq 1 vote
answered by tbirdal 0 votes

Hilbert Transform, filters - two different phase graphs

Relationship between magnitude response and phase response for minimum phase is: Phase plots are obtained from Hilbert transform of real magnitude values. Input to Hilbert transform was a vector ...

filters phase dsp-core hilbert  
asked by Nebojsa 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why Carrier signal can't have frequency less than Message signal

I know that why we use Carrier of high frequency to send message signal over a long distance, when the frequency is low , energy will be obviously low. To increase the energy of the signal we need to ...

frequency modulation  
asked by Sufiyan Ghori 2 votes
answered by Jim Clay 7 votes

Algorithm(s) to mix audio signals without clipping

I'd like to mix two or more PCM audio channels (eg recorded samples) digitally in an acoustically-faithful manner, preferably in near-real-time (meaning little or no peek-ahead). The physically ...

audio algorithms distortion  
asked by bryhoyt 12 votes
answered by pichenettes 6 votes

Can you answer these?

Understand about registration between spatial prior and original image

I am working in level set/active contour method using spatial prior information . The main papers that I am focusing:"Automatic segmentation of neonatal images using convex optimization and coupled ...

image-processing computer-vision image-segmentation image-registration  
asked by user8264 1 vote

Singularity Detection from 2D Wavelet Modulus Plot

I was wondering if I could get some tips/resources on how to pick out the singularity from my 2D Continuous Wavelet Transform Coefficient Plot (scalogram) using the Gaussian Derivative as the ...

matlab wavelet python edge-detection 2d  
asked by HumptyDumpty 1 vote
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