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Top new questions this week:

Duration of unknown rectangular pulse with additive white Gaussian noise

Problem. There is a discrete signal $f[i]$ (example below). It is known, that $f[i]$ have a form of rectangular pulse with additive white Gaussian noise. $f[i] = s[i] + n[i]$, $s[i] = ...

filters signal-analysis algorithms estimation denoising  
asked by 0xff 5 votes
answered by Matt L. 4 votes

How to remove the noise without destroying the main edge?

I am working on a project. I want to segment a logo from a car and the picture's size is 3648*2432. The logo is selected by the red rectangle. I extracted this area and turn into gray level. The ...

image-processing noise opencv denoising  
asked by Kuo 4 votes
answered by tbirdal 5 votes

OFDM transmitter bandwidth

Theory Suppose an OFDM transmitter with four subcarriers is implemented using the structure shown below. If the serial data input rate is 40 bps, each parallel stream will run at 10 bps. ...

fft signal-analysis digital-communications ofdm resampling  
asked by aslan 3 votes
answered by Deve 3 votes

Measuring non-planar objects in image

I'm working on a computer vision application (using openCV) and the goal is to measure the width of an obejct before/after it falls on a container. So after the fall its position will be random, ...

3d measurement stereo-vision  
asked by David 2 votes
answered by Bulent S. 0 votes

How to detect peaks in a microcontroller?

In the context of a microcontroller, I have much less memory and far less processing power. This means, I can only buffer a reasonable window of samples (e.g. 16 or 32), and may not be able to use ...

asked by tarabyte 2 votes
answered by Bulent S. 1 vote

Difference between Digital signal and Discrete signal

I have just started studying Digital Signal Processing. Can someone explain what is the difference between a Discrete Signal and a Digital Signal in simple words? Thanks in advance !

discrete-signals digital  
asked by praghu 1 vote
answered by Talasila 5 votes

How to transform or distort or skew a rectangular image to fit arbitrary quad

I have a rectangular image which need to transform so the image fits an arbitrary convex quad. Easy? Except I have an important constraint, the features on the original image must maintain their ...

image-processing transform image-registration  
asked by Ken 1 vote
answered by Andrey 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

how do I calculate SNR of noisy signal?

I am having problems in understanding how to do it practically I have a wav file that contains pure speech and another ave file that just contains the background noise (can be various things, such as ...

matlab snr  
asked by user13267 9 votes
answered by Deve 6 votes

What are linear and circular convolution?

I have some basic understanding of signals and convolution. As far as I know it shows the similarities of two signals. Could I get some explanation in plain English of: what are the linear and ...

asked by Sturm 3 votes
answered by Hilmar 1 vote

Can you answer these?

(python+opencv) haar cascade training using cloud computing

I will train my own cascade, using python and opencv. I want it to be as precise as possible, so as I read it is common that training takes one or two weeks to compile. I want to use cloud computing ...

asked by talha 1 vote

Denoise images with wavelets

I try to understand what following algorythm from this gimp plugin does to denoise an image: /* Wavelet denoise GIMP plugin * * wavelet.c * Copyright 2008 by Marco Rossini * * Implements the ...

image-processing wavelet image c denoising  
asked by poor 1 vote

Relationship between FRF, FFT, AutoPower, & CrossPower

Given A is an input signal & B is an output signal: I know that the frequency response function (FRF) is defined as the CrossPower of AxB divided by the AutoPower AxA. Logic tells me I should be ...

asked by Arlin Sandbulte 1 vote
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