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Top new questions this week:

What's the underlying algorithm for detail-preserving upsampling in Photoshop CC?

The detail-preserving upsampling algorithm in Photoshop CC is truly amazing. It can upscale any image while preserving details in almost real-time. And I truly wonder how it is implemented. I've …

image-processing algorithms superresolution supersampling  
asked by Void Main 6 votes
answered by Drazick 0 votes

How to compute the main lobe width of generalized Hamming windows (i.e. Hann, Hamming, etc.)?

Is there a way to compute the main lobe width of windows of the generalized Hamming window family (i.e. Hann, Hamming, etc.)? By main lobe I mean the first zeros left and right of the center of the …

fourier-transform window-functions  
asked by koffer 4 votes
answered by Sebastian Reichelt 0 votes

Why is the Canny edge detection used instead of Sobel/ Prewitt edge detection before Hough transformation?

I know that for the Hough Transform to work on an image, it needs to be a binary image. To convert from a grayscale image, an edge detection algorithm should be employed. I notice that people always …

hough-transform canny-edge-detector  
asked by AshivD 4 votes
answered by Drazick 7 votes

Time-frequency synchronization algorithm for OFDM continuous stream

I am studying on the implementation of a continuous stream OFDM baseband modem. Googling and also searching here on stackexchange for synchronization techniques I found the descriptions of several …

asked by Alex2014 2 votes

Time delay analysis in different binary sequences

I am extracting a property of a signal which I represent with either a 0 for absent or 1 for present. This property is extracted for each data point in a time series and in the end I am left with a …

matlab discrete-signals signal-analysis cross-correlation delay  
asked by Tiago 1 vote

Created Matlab echo signal: Is it an actual "echo?" Or am I just manipulating the signal to make it seem like an echo?

This is just an outline of what I did (assume that all my dimensions fit): (code that imports audio to read audio as function x) X=fft(x); (code to define time t and frequency f) …

matlab fft audio  
asked by user3822637 1 vote
answered by RamanS 1 vote

Filtering out unwanted square wave (Radio: DCS/DPL signal)

I've need to remove a DPL/DCS signal from a recording. Roughly speaking, a DCS signal is a low frequency (67.15Hz) square wave sent at the same time, over the same carrier, as speech. Because it is a …

filters audio infinite-impulse-response radio  
asked by Bjorn Roche 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the distinction between ergodic and stationary?

I have trouble distinguishing between these two concepts. This is my understanding so far. A stationary process is a stochastic process whose statistical properties do not change with time. For a …

random ergodic  
asked by Matt 15 votes
answered by Dilip Sarwate 11 votes

Difference between SNR and PSNR

I understood that SNR is the ratio of signal power to the noise power. In terms of images, how the original image is affected by the added noise. In PSNR, we take the square of the peak value in the …

asked by Premnath D 2 votes
answered by Phonon 3 votes

Can you answer this?

High triangulation error

I have implemented a 2D->3D point triangulation method, which uses 2 poses P1 and P2 and 2 points back-projected to z=1 point1 and point2 to recover depth: Matx14d A1 = point1(0) * P1.row(2) - …

computer-vision opencv  
asked by aledalgrande 1 vote
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