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Top new questions this week:

When can we write Heisenberg uncertainty Principle as a equality?

We know that Heisenberg uncertainty Principle states that $$\Delta f \Delta t \geq \frac{1}{4 \pi}.$$ But (in many case for Morlet wavelet) I have seen that they changed the inequality to an …

fourier-transform wavelet resolution  
asked by Electricman 4 votes
answered by Matt L. 5 votes

Measuring similarity of music, using lossy compression

I have two sound clips $C_1,C_2$ which are pretty similar. I'd like to measure how perceptually similar they are, i.e., how similar a human would perceive the two to be. Is there a way to use a …

asked by D.W. 3 votes
answered by pichenettes 2 votes

Why would you use DCT as oppose to DFT for detecting oscillation in a signal?

For my project, I needed to detect the primary oscillation frequency in a signal data. As I googled around, it turns out that DCT is the best tool to find this …

fft discrete-signals dft time-frequency dct  
asked by Kousha 2 votes
answered by Mark Borgerding 1 vote

Differential Equation of a Band Pass Filter

I'm struggling with a signal analysis electrical engineering college assignment. We need to a derive differential equation for a low-pass filter, high-pass filter and a band pass filter (made by …

asked by user8589 2 votes
answered by Matt L. 1 vote

PSD estimate using FFT - scaling and units

I know that similar questions have already been asked – I have read the answers, yet I am still not sure if I understand the topic properly at some points. I want to use FFT to calculate PSD …

fft frequency-spectrum power-spectral-density psd  
asked by seashrimp 2 votes
answered by werediver 1 vote

How to calculate the instantaneous frequency of a signal?

i am trying to do the complex trace analysis of a seismic trace in Matlab where I need to calculate the instantaneous frequency of a discrete signal. I have used the formula according to Barnes. I am …

asked by user1963893 1 vote
answered by hotpaw2 1 vote

Extracting features from a signal: a 21st century approach?

I have a discrete signal of random length (let's say between 500 and 800 in time). This signal has an important information which I want to collect and to put it together in a feature vector to train …

fft signal-analysis machine-learning information-theory  
asked by gui 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do we use the HSV colour space so often in vision and image processing?

I see the HSV colour space used all over the place: for tracking, human detection, etc... I'm wondering, why? What is it about this colour space that makes it better than using RGB?

image-processing computer-vision  
asked by porridge 25 votes
answered by Dima 25 votes

What is the cut-off frequency of a moving average filter?

I need to design a moving average filter that has a cut-off frequency of 7.8 Hz. I have used moving average filters before, but as far as I'm aware, the only parameter that can be fed in is the number …

asked by CaptainProg 3 votes
answered by Jason R 10 votes

Can you answer this?

ACF and PACF Confidence Levels for ARMA

I'm trying to figure out where exactly to draw the confidence levels for the autocorrleation function (ACF) and the partial autocorrelation function (PACF) for an ARMA model. For PACF I found that a …

cross-correlation autocorrelation correlation autoregressive-model moving-average  
asked by goocreations 1 vote
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