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Top new questions this week:

What windowed Sinc might be closest to a Parks–McClellan low-pass filter?

In another question on dsp.stackexchange, a statement was made that the output of MATLAB firpm() or firls() for an anti-alias low-pass filter was "close" to the coefficients of a windowed-Sinc ...

matlab filter-design window-functions  
asked by hotpaw2 3 votes
answered by robert bristow-johnson 1 vote

Matlab : Proper estimation of weights and How to calculate MSE for QPSK signal for Constant Modulus Algorithm

I had asked conceptual Question about Constant Modulus Algorithm. I am implementing the simple steps of the algorithm, as I do not have the cma() built in module. I am considering a FInite ...

matlab digital-communications adaptive-filters equalization adaptive-algorithms  
asked by SKM 2 votes
answered by Matt L. 1 vote

Constant Modulus Algorithm and the gradient operation

CMA is a blind channel equalization algorithm with the details presented above. I am facing 3 difficulties and shall appreciate help Q1: Does $H$ and the bar over $\bar{y_k}$ represent the ...

least-squares adaptive-algorithms blind-deconvolution  
asked by SKM 2 votes
answered by Matt L. 1 vote

KLT tracker implementation

I'm working on a object tracker based on KLT algorithm using matlab. Can anybody guide me how I can find the features and calculate the distance in the sequence of the frames? Thanks.

image-processing matlab object-recognition matlab-cvst visual-tracking  
asked by Jayesh P 2 votes
answered by Dima 0 votes

Detect dog barks

I’d like to use my Raspberry Pi to record when and how often my dog barks. But for privacy reasons, I don’t simply want to record the loudness in the room, so I have to automatically detect barks. ...

asked by Joachim Breitner 2 votes
answered by user14819 3 votes

How does sampling rate affect discrete filters?

I am just starting to learn discrete filters and I could use some help. I understand continuous signals and filters. I am trying to understand the math behind discrete filtering. For example in the ...

discrete-signals lowpass-filter  
asked by Adam 1 vote
answered by Vinith 0 votes

Applying a high-pass filter on constant signal

I recently implemented a Butterworth high-pass filter (2nd order). Everything seems to work fine, except that I have a question when applying such a filter to a constant signal. As there are no ...

filters highpass-filter  
asked by Ben 1 vote
answered by Paul R 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between Lumped and Distributed systems?

What are the salient differences between Lumped and Distributed systems? In what contexts are distributed systems the appropriate model and in what are lumped systems the appropriate model? Also, ...

linear-systems system-identification  
asked by Gowtham 2 votes
answered by Deve 6 votes

What is the advantage of MATLAB's filtfilt

MATLAB's filtfilt does a forward-backward filtering, i.e., filter, reverse the signal, filter again and then reverse again. Apparently this done to reduce phase lags? What are the ...

matlab filters theory  
asked by user4744 11 votes
answered by Matt L. 11 votes
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