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Top new questions this week:

Convex optimization in signal processing

In signal processing, convex optimization plays a useful role in problems such as sparse signal recovery and filter design. What other places does convex optimization appear? For example, in ...

computer-vision algorithms reference-request optimization  
asked by curiousStudent 3 votes
answered by David Wurtz 4 votes

Advantage of using FIR Polyphase Decimator over just computing FIR output every D samples

Let's say you want to implement an FIR filter $h[k]$ with $L$ taps and downsample the output: $v[k] = x[k] * h[k]$ $y[m] = v[kD]$ The "naive" way would be to compute all the samples of $v[k]$, then ...

filters decimation fir  
asked by roberto 2 votes
answered by David 0 votes

Does scaling property imply superposition?

For a system to be linear,it follow the principles of scaling and superposition.Does scaling imply superposition?If so why are two different conditions given for linearity?If not can u specify an ...

linear-systems signal  
asked by skt9 1 vote
answered by Laurent Duval 1 vote

Spatial resampling, how to smooth?

Sorry if this is not the right forum. Having a velocity grid in which a wave propagates, and given a certain spatial sampling of the grid, what kind of smoothing/interpolation should be used if the ...

smoothing resampling spatial  
asked by user1641496 1 vote

Image segmentation: Grabcut versus Level-set

Checking the literature about image segmentation, if I am not wrong, there are two main approaches: Variational approach e.g. level-set optimization in Chan-Vese Combinatorial approach e.g. using ...

asked by mushin 1 vote

applying single pole filter to simple signal

How to apply single pole filter to simple signal fs = 500; ts = 1/fs; t = 0:ts:1-ts; fc = 50; S = cos(2*pi*fc*t);

matlab fft filters signal-analysis  
asked by Urban_Yogi 1 vote
answered by Brian 0 votes

What does "A Target with Zero Doppler" Mean?

I have seen several references to target at zero Doppler and some simulations that command users to place a target at zero Doppler. I know that when a target is flying tangential to the signal the ...

asked by user16612 1 vote
answered by jeremypatterson 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to mimic/copy/fake someone's voice?

Is there any existing application to sample someone's voice and use it to modulate any other voice or synthesize a text to resemble the original one? For example, this Text-to-Speech Demo by ...

modulation voice  
asked by clapas 4 votes
answered by pichenettes 8 votes

How do I implement cross-correlation to prove two audio files are similar?

I have to do cross correlation of two audio file to prove they are similar. I have taken the FFT of the two audio files and have their power spectrum values in separate arrays. How should I proceed ...

audio fft waveform-similarity cross-correlation  
asked by Warrior 32 votes
answered by endolith 22 votes

Can you answer this?

Translation invariance in max-pooling and cascading with convolutional layer

I am reading through this page about convolutional neural networks and I am confused about the part about max-pooling (downsampling a signal/image with the maximum value in a block). Apparently, one ...

image-processing computer-vision convolution downsampling  
asked by gsmafra 1 vote
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