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Top new questions this week:

What's the best technique to determine if the contents of two images are the same?

I need to run comparisons on the output of hundreds of frames of simple 3D-rendered characters. Perceptually, many of the frames are exact duplicates. Based on this, I assumed something like a ...

image-processing edge-detection color canny-edge-detector  
asked by LucasTizma 5 votes
answered by A_A 1 vote

What is the theoretical upperbound of information that could be transmitted by a device per second?

Suppose I would like to stream data from a device in a single second. What would be the theoretical upperbound of the amount of information (in bits, bytes, pixels...) that could be sent during this ...

discrete-signals digital-communications signal-detection  
asked by Illegal Immigrant 3 votes
answered by MBaz 5 votes

Simulating BPSK Costas Loop in Matlab

I am trying to implement BPSK demodulator in FPGA. First, I am modeling the system in MATLAB. Now, I am trying to design Costas Loop for carrier synchronization. This is the block diagram I'm trying ...

matlab digital-communications bpsk  
asked by Siraj Muhammad 3 votes
answered by Siraj Muhammad 1 vote

How to subsample shift with sinc interpolation?

Does anybody know of a way to shift data by a fraction of a sample by using sinc interpolation? For example, shift an image to the right by 0.1 pixels. I'm struggling to find a formula or reference ...

asked by Mikhail 2 votes

method to detect frequency sweep in audio

I have search a bit to try to find a similar questions, but I have not been able to find any leads. There are techniques to programmatically detect steady tones in audio, such as the Goertzel ...

audio fft  
asked by hashbang 2 votes
answered by Yuri Nenakhov 0 votes

The channel capacity with additive Gaussian noise with changing variance?

As we all know the capacity for a AWGN channel with constant noise variance is just given by $\frac{1}{2}\log(1+SNR)$. What if the variance of the noise changes with the type (assuming the variance ...

discrete-signals digital-communications fading-channel  
asked by Bo LI 2 votes

Reference Request : How to compute CRLB to show the estimator is minimum variance

In system identification or parameter estimation, various input signals are used for exciting the process models. I am interested in parameter estimation of time series model using pseudo random ...

linear-systems reference-request system-identification  
asked by Ria George 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Image classification using SIFT features and SVM

I am hoping someone can explain how to use the bag of words model to perform image classification using SIFT/SURF/ORB features and a support vector machine? At the moment I can compute the SIFT ...

classification sift  
asked by Jono Brogan 9 votes
answered by Dima 14 votes

How to generate band-limited Gaussian white noise?

In some papers, I read that the additive noise is band-limited Gaussian white. How can I simulate this type of noise use Matlab?

matlab noise gaussian  
asked by Bo LI 6 votes
answered by Jason R 12 votes
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