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Top new questions this week:

Is the Laplace transform redundant?

The Laplace transform is a generalization of the Fourier transform since the Fourier transform is the Laplace transform for $s = j\omega$ (i.e. $s$ is a pure imaginary number = zero real part of $s$). ...

fourier-transform laplace-transform  
asked by user17604 4 votes
answered by Matt L. 2 votes

Auto Correlation vs Cross Correlation vs Convolution and their applications

I know from wikipedia that auto correlation in done on the same signal while cross correlation is done on different signals.But what does this actually imply in terms of application.I can always apply ...

correlation autocorrelation cross-correlation convolution  
asked by Chirag Ahuja 3 votes
answered by panthyon 1 vote

Why does filtering the same discrete dataset while choosing different sampling rates yield different results?

If I have a two-dimensional discrete dataset (one space, one time), and I create subsets of this dataset by "sampling" (although the original dataset isn't continuous) it at different rates, should I ...

discrete-signals fourier-transform sampling dft  
asked by Soular 2 votes

At what amplitude does spectral leakage start to be noticeable in the phase spectrum?

I understand that discontinuities at the boundaries of a finite signal may introduce spectral leakage, that alter both the amplitude and phase spectra of the FFT, specially at low amplitudes. That is ...

fft discrete-signals phase  
asked by Helios 1 vote
answered by Peter K. 1 vote

Why is this projection wrong?

I am trying to figure out why a 3D cube doesn't project in the right place in the image. I start with the camera at origin and the cube centered at (0,0,1) world coordinates: Then I create a 3D ...

computer-vision projection geometry  
asked by aledalgrande 1 vote
answered by aledalgrande 1 vote

Optimal method to calculate Fractional Fourier for Chirp signals

There are several method exist in the literature to calculate fractional Fourier transform. My interest is in chirp signals and want to find time delay estimation using fractional Fourier transform ...

discrete-signals fourier-transform estimation  
asked by Creator 1 vote

How does the Magnitude of an FFT relate back to the Time Series wave it was created from?

Alright, to start out I am a mechanical engineer with very little circuits and digital signal processing background. So please excuse my ignorance as this is far out of my usual territory. When ...

fft frequency-spectrum time-frequency  
asked by Frustrated ME 1 vote
answered by hotpaw2 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I plot Frequency vs magnitude of wavelet transform?

I am running morlet continuous wavelet transform. I have got wscalogram of signal and now I want to Plot freq-magnitude like the following picture., but I don't know how to do it: I've used ...

frequency-spectrum frequency wavelet  
asked by Electricman 8 votes
answered by Tarin Ziyaee 2 votes

Why are sidebands generated in AM and FM?

When the signal is modulated onto the carrier in the electromagnetic spectrum, that signal occupies the small portion of the spectrum surrounding the carrier frequency. It also cause sidebands to be ...

frequency frequency-spectrum modulation  
asked by Sufiyan Ghori 5 votes
answered by hotpaw2 7 votes

Can you answer these?

Signal reconstruction in compressed sensing with a simple vector signal as an example

While going through the different types of reconstruction algorithm as mentioned in lecture notes in Compressed Sensing by Richard G. Baraniuk, I came to know that minimum $l_1$ norm reconstruction is ...

compressive-sensing optimization  
asked by J Cian 1 vote

Global partition of image sets using neighbourhood measures

I have the following general problem, I presuppose an image is the addition of $K$ other images $$f(x) = \sum_{k=1}^{K} f_k(x)$$ but I don't know what they are. At each point in an image I obtain ...

asked by geometrikal 1 vote
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