Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How much damage can a grow-op do to a house in 3 months?

There is a home for sale about 10% lower than market value in the area in which we're shopping for a home. When we visited, the real estate agent disclosed that renters had used the basement as a ...

asked by Nat_Rea 14 votes
answered by DMoore 20 votes

Does a plumbing vent need to penetrate the roof? (Can it penetrate a wall?)

We're going to move our washer/dryer to the garage (the front loader needs to sit on concrete to keep it from shaking our house to the ground). I'll need to add a washer drain to the garage for the ...

plumbing drain drain-waste-vent  
asked by DA01 7 votes
answered by Tester101 8 votes

how critical are distances between studs?

I'm in the process of finishing my basement (east-central Minnesota, US). So far, I've put up a couple of wood stud walls... non-load bearing, simple partition walls. One one of these walls, the ...

walls basement framing studs  
asked by alt 4 votes
answered by DMoore 4 votes

What reasons are there to rewire an ungrounded circuit instead of adding GFCI protection?

The NEC allows replacing non-grounding-type (2-prong) receptacles with grounding-type (3-prong) receptacles by adding GFCI protection at the breaker or first outlet. What reasons might there be for ...

electrical gfci grounding audio  
asked by littleturtle 4 votes
answered by diceless 1 vote

Why do fire extinguishers lose pressure over time?

We have a lot of fire extinguishers we're using in our company, and I'm wondering why fire extinguishers become depressurized even they're not being used, just on standby. I want to know why it's ...

safety fire-extinguisher  
asked by gunther 4 votes
answered by BrownRedHawk 4 votes

How to make small wheels with minimum equipment (No lathe)

I'm always looking for cheap wheels of various kinds, and rarely find anything for under £1 a piece. How can I make a nicely round disc out of metal (aluminium) or wood with a central hole, if I ...

woodworking metal  
asked by Jodes 4 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 15 votes

What could be the source of an intermittent, unlocatable rotten egg smell?

This has happened a few times since I moved into my current house about a year ago; every once in a while, I'll get a faint, brief whiff of rotten egg smell that I am unable to locate. Then, after a ...

smell hydrogen-sulfide rotten-eggs  
asked by iLikeDirt 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to connect multiple light fixtures to one switch?

I am remodeling my basement, currently I have 5 light fixtures and each one has its own switch. I would like to make it so when I turn on the switch at the bottom of the stairs all the lights turn ...

asked by John Thompson 5 votes
answered by Aaron 5 votes

How can I fix a stripped hole in an aluminum piece?

I have a tripod head that is made of aluminum. In the head there is a small hole that houses a small screw that secures a quick-release plate. After some time the hole stripped and the screw no longer ...

repair aluminum hole  
asked by Jakub Kaleta 6 votes
answered by Fiasco Labs 5 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I get rid of the old wood/furniture smell?

I've just bough a place, renovated it a bit. The kitchen looks to be in decent condition, but I get that smell of old wood/furniture. How do I get rid of that? I mean it's only for month or two, I ...

kitchens odors  
asked by Remember_me 1 vote

How can I protect my hardwood floors without sanding and refinishing?

At some point, I do plan to sand down my hardwood floors and refinish them in my 100 year old home. However, It's a 100 year old home. There is no subfloor, the hardwood is installed right on the ...

repair hardwood-floor hardwood-refinishing  
asked by Benzo 1 vote

laminated flooring vs OSB

I'm considering the option of using OSB(10mm+ thick) in stead of laminated flooring, the floor is currently just concrete, on top of which there's linoleum on top of which there's a carpet. What I'm ...

flooring floor laminate-floor  
asked by ComputerSaysNo 1 vote
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