Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Outdoor electrical outlet exposed to the rain

Besides tripping a circuit breaker, is there any risk created by a 120V electrical outlet getting wet from the rain? The outlet was installed on an outdoor patio by the builder, so it was intended to ...

electrical safety  
asked by RockPaperLizard 6 votes
answered by longneck 19 votes

Is my attic floor over my garage strong enough to use it for storage and maybe as a small work area?

I would like to use the attic space above my 2-car garage for storage of items around the house and garage, and if possible, utilize some of the space as a small work area. The previous owners left ...

floor attic storage  
asked by Al Schuppe 5 votes
answered by Chileab Construction 1 vote

NM cable next to hot water pipe

Edit: The answer below indicates that at least in some places inspectors consider it inacceptable to attach any wiring to pipes. However, I would still like to understand why it is a bad idea. ...

asked by Boris Bukh 4 votes
answered by Speedy Petey 4 votes

How do I prevent water from leaking into my basement?

How do I prevent rain water from leaking directly into the basement? As you can see in the diagram below, rain water drains into small concrete cracks (near the bright red line shown below) and finds ...

basement leak  
asked by user1068636 4 votes
answered by DA01 1 vote

Best way to splice together 20/22 gauge wiring?

We have some holiday lights that had wiring snipped it seems and wondering what others have done to permanently splice 22 gauge wiring (fed from 3.5V plug). Update: On one set I have soldered the ...

electrical wiring  
asked by DMoore 3 votes
answered by Steven 7 votes

How can I fix the guard on my mitre saw?

I've owned an Evolution Rage-3 mitre saw (http://www.evolutionpowertools.com/uk/build/rage3.php) for about fifteen months. About a week ago the guard that covers the blade started to stick, and now it ...

repair tools powertools saw  
asked by Jim 3 votes
answered by RedGrittyBrick 5 votes

where is safe to step on in attic

please see attached picture. Is it safe to step on the angled wood support highlighted in red box?

asked by user21479 3 votes
answered by Chileab Construction 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the pros and cons of medium-density fibreboard (MDF)?

I heard mixed opinions about making cupboards and beds from MDF. Some said it doesn't matter, MDF is as durable as whole tree or sandwich boards. Some said that MDF is weak, and will not last for ...

wood wooden-furniture  
asked by Elazar Leibovich 10 votes
answered by flamingpenguin 10 votes

Is there a way to unscrew a light bulb that has broken?

The recessed light in my bathroom broke while trying to unscrew it, and only the metal collar remains. What is the best way to get that remaining part out?

electrical recessed-lighting  
asked by Mike Phillison 35 votes
answered by Steven 44 votes

Can you answer these?

how to insulate attic bathroom vent to prevent condensation

i bought a house in june and the bathroom fan start dripping water a few weeks ago (november). I looked at the inspection report and the picture shows that the vent duct through the roof isn't ...

vent attic  
asked by user21479 1 vote

Clothes Dryer will not heat up

I have a Samsung clothes dryer that stopped heating up. Here's what I've tried so far: verified that the 30 amp breaker is working fine verified 120/240v at the relay verified 9ohms across the ...

asked by Chris Pomeroy 1 vote

Security for Outswinging Door (Patio) Not Sliding door

I live on the 1st floor (Ground floor) in an apartment complex. The door opens outside into the patio not inside to the apartment. How do I secure the door while we are inside the apartment? Any ...

doors security  
asked by CoolArchTek 1 vote
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