Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is the lifespan of plywood as roof decking?

We have a 30 year old roof in New England, which we have begun to interview roofers for this spring/summer. The topic of plywood has come up and 2 have said we definitely need to replace the ...

roof roofing plywood  
asked by treeNinja 6 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 9 votes

Do the nails stick out at all when toe-nailing studs?

So I'm attempting to do the "stick framing" method of building a non-bearing wall. I've got pnumatic nailer and I'm toe-nailing nails on each side. The problem is, because of the angle the nail ...

asked by 2 Left Thumbs 5 votes
answered by bib 8 votes

Can PVC moulding be used indoors?

I recently stumbled upon this some PVC moulding, I actually hadn't known they were making trim out of PVC. Is it designed just for outside, or can it be used indoors too? How do you attach it to ...

asked by Anton Cherkashyn 4 votes
answered by Aloysius Defenestrate 6 votes

How to attach two pieces of carpets in a reliable way?

Since carpets here are sold in custom length, but only in fixed 4m width, one must do a bit of cut & attach here and there to cover the whole floor. When it comes to attaching two pieces, what's ...

asked by sfThomas 4 votes
answered by Mazura 5 votes

How many bolted faults can a residential circuit breaker withstand?

A friend told me I should change my 20 amp breaker after one bolted fault. Is this necessary? During testing of the tread mill that caused the breaker to trip it has successfully tripped two more ...

asked by Phil G 3 votes
answered by Ed Beal 1 vote

What is the 2-inch layer of masonry under my bathroom tile?

My house is 1 story, but I have a basement so all the floors on the main level are "upstairs" and have a wooden subfloor. I ripped out the vanity in a bathroom I'm working on and starting taking out ...

tile subfloor demolition  
asked by Chris Rasco 3 votes
answered by Jimmy Fix-it 8 votes

Will my roof construction allow attic flooring?

I am looking to add plywood flooring in my attic for storage page. There is a lot of space, very large areas. From what I've been reading, it looks to be ill-advised to add flooring if the roof was ...

attic load-bearing attic-conversion  
asked by jeefreak 3 votes
answered by JPhi1618 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to connect multiple light fixtures to one switch?

I am remodeling my basement, currently I have 5 light fixtures and each one has its own switch. I would like to make it so when I turn on the switch at the bottom of the stairs all the lights turn ...

asked by John Thompson 8 votes
answered by Aaron 8 votes

What wire gauge do I need for a 100 Amp subpanel at the end of a 60' wire run?

I am adding an attached garage to my house. I'm going to be putting in a 100 Amp subpanel which is about 60 feet away and run through the basement joists. What gauge wire do you recommend for ...

electrical wiring subpanel  
asked by Shawn Coleman 7 votes
answered by Tester101 9 votes

Can you answer these?

Constant cold air from vents with new downdraft furnace

Replaced with newer, high efficiency furnace and cold air constantly coming out of vents (except when furnace running). It's like the downdraft is totally free flowing and when windy outside very ...

asked by D Jean 1 vote

PVC Water line keeps getting pin holes

The water line that goes from my boiler, carrying warm water keeps getting pin hole leaks. The line is a standard flexible white plastic insulated pipe, covered in a red mantle. About a year ago, ...

water leak boiler  
asked by maartenmachiels 1 vote

Venting by gas meter

We're looking at installing a natural gas tankless water heater, but the vent option with it (that would be easiest to install through our solid poured walls) would come out about a foot away from the ...

water-heater vent natural-gas meter  
asked by TFK 1 vote
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