Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is the gutter on the side of my roof dormer necessary?

On each side of this dormer there is a small gutter which drips onto the roof and into the longer gutter and down the side of the house. If this short gutter wasn't there, wouldn't the water go to the ...

asked by Drai 6 votes
answered by Tester101 11 votes

2 prong outlet with 3 wires

Our 1950s era house has a 2-prong switched outlet by the front door. Both plugs are turned on/off by the switch next to the front door, so it's not one of those split kind where one plug is always hot ...

asked by James Toomey 3 votes
answered by James Toomey 0 votes

Copper pipe through cinder block wall: corrosion issue

The pipe in the picture runs from my oil tank through my basement wall and to the outside (guessing it's the vent pipe for when they fill the tank). Should I be concerned about what it going on at ...

copper-tubing cinderblock corrosion  
asked by ds007 3 votes
answered by Jimmy Fix-it 0 votes

What kind of light bulb is this?

The only engraving on the bulb I can see says "NRJ8EE" but Google searching that brings up nothing. Also, if we can't identify the bulb, is anyone able to tell if the fixture would be able to ...

lighting light-fixture bulb lighting-fixture  
asked by mike 3 votes
answered by ojait 2 votes

Utility sink close to 220v dryer outlet

We would like to put in a utility sink in between our washer and dryer and the 220v dryer outlet is about 6" to the right and 6" below the top of the sink. I know code doesn't require GFCI for this, ...

sink utilities  
asked by junta 2 votes
answered by Kris 1 vote

Will batt insulation ignite if it is laying against my steam pipes?

I have steam pipes behind a wall that I packed R30 batt insulation against the steam pipes. Will the insulation that is against the steam pipes ignite? The insulation is not very tight against the ...

insulation heating steam  
asked by Michael Cardillo 2 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 2 votes

Add drain line to existing Island fixture vent?

In CA, would code allow for a drain line to be tied into the vent line shown at the location of the red arrow below? Single family home. Happy to draw a picture of where that vent lines goes, if ...

plumbing code-compliance drain-waste-vent  
asked by tom 2 votes
answered by longneck 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What would cause air bubbles in the toilet when I'm showering?

My basement bathroom has recently been remodeled, everything was working fine for a few weeks, but now all of a sudden I am hearing bubbles in the toilet when I shower, at which point the shower drain ...

plumbing bathroom  
asked by user13773 10 votes
answered by Tester101 16 votes

How do I prepare an already painted wall for new paint?

We are repainting a number of rooms in our home, do we need to put primer over the existing paint? Are there any other gotchas that we need to prepare for before repainting the walls?

repainting primer preparation  
asked by Noah Goodrich 18 votes
answered by ChrisF 19 votes

Can you answer these?

How to connect 4 fan coils with one wall control thermostat?

I have 4 fan coils (Sabiana sk-22)and I want to connect them with one wall control thermostat. How can I do?

hvac air-conditioning thermostat ceiling-fan fans  
asked by Nima 1 vote

How to unscrew this uncommon type of screw?

The staircase light next to my flat broke down and I would like to fix it. The ceiling lamp is pictured below: I have a problem with unscrewing the screw. The screw is of rather peculiar shape with ...

tools screws bulb lamp screwdriver  
asked by Konrad 1 vote

Amperage on Main Neutral cause a High Electric Bill

My neighbours power bill was high from the electric company. They called an electrician and they noticed that the main panels, main neutral was carrying a couple of amps on it (verified with clamp on ...

electrical wring  
asked by Janessa 1 vote
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