Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Who do I hire to design my home HVAC system?

Preface I need to buy a new HVAC system for my 1930s home. I currently have forced air duct system. My gas furnace was installed in 1985 and is rusting out, and I'm not sure about the air ...

hvac contractors  
asked by Walter Stabosz 4 votes
answered by iLikeDirt 9 votes

Old solder joints are failing

Working on a small cottage by the Delaware Bay. Last year I had to repair the plumbing in the two bathrooms because the solder joints pulled apart. This year some pipes fell out under the house ...

plumbing pipe copper  
asked by Steve M 4 votes
answered by HerrBag 3 votes

how do i mount this old Toyo Toki (Toto) sink?

I'd like to use this small sink in a powder room, but can't figure out how it mounts to the wall. There are large holes for lugs at the bottom, but if that's it the sink will tip and crack. Does ...

plumbing sink  
asked by Keith Twombley 3 votes
answered by eric poole 3 votes

Electrical wiring too short

Running three #4 wires 150' underground to a new barn. I ended up 12' short of the disconnect switch. is it okay to mount a weather proof junction box on the exterior wall of the barn and then ...

asked by GP Barn 3 votes
answered by ThreePhaseEel 1 vote

When add a new closet in an existing space, should I attach the bottom plate to the flooring or the subfloor?

I am adding a new large closet, 3 walls and a door, in an existing bedroom. Can I attach the baseplate of the new walls directly on the existing oak flooring, or do I need to cut a channel in the oak ...

asked by Augie Corsico 2 votes
answered by DrewJordan 3 votes

Adding a utility sink drain to the main to the main cast iron stack

I need to add a utility sink and the drain would connect directly into my main stack (see attached picture). Is it possible to add a connection to the main cast iron stack, without cutting out a ...

asked by Free2be 2 votes
answered by Eric Gunnerson 2 votes

Cracked bathroom tile - runs almost entire length of the wall

Have lived in this house 8 years. Finally redoing (full gut) bathroom this July. Just recently we have noticed horizontal cracks in the bathroom tile. Runs almost the entire width of the ...

bathroom repair humidity ceramic-tile water-damage  
asked by Wil Hall 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do I have to remove the old thinset before installing new tile?

I will be installing some new 12x12 tiles in two bathrooms approx 25 sq/ft each. When I pulled up the old tiles, there was no thin set that had made contact with them so the removal was very easy. ...

concrete ceramic-tile  
asked by Carl B 10 votes
answered by BMitch 14 votes

How can I stop my washing machine drain from overflowing?

When my washing machine drains it sometimes comes up and out of the open pvc pipe in the service closet where the water heater would drain. I've found lots of posts where people speak of the washer ...

washing-machine drains  
asked by Carey 7 votes
answered by lqlarry 6 votes

Can you answer these?

Why does my outdoor AC unit make a screeching sound when it shuts off?

MY AC cools just fine. But when it cuts off, the loud screeching sound outside can be heard from far away. This only happens when the AC goes off. There are no other weird sounds, any other time. ...

asked by Georgia 2 votes

Internal walls supported by rotten wood

We've an old house from 1890 and are replacing rotten and wood worm eaten beams and floors. But, whilst doing this we've found that the internal walls have been built on top of planks of wood placed ...

walls foundation old-house dry-rot  
asked by mrtimdog 2 votes

Water in my central vacuuming system?

We have a central vacuum system that was installed in our 4 year old new build. It works perfectly but about 6 months ago we found water in the canister. We assumed our cleaners had accidentally ...

asked by Caroline Jones 1 vote
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