Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why did they hammer nails in half way and bent them over to secure supports?

In my 1950s house they hammered nails in half way and bent them over to secure the supports to the beam. Why was this technique used?

basement construction nails beam  
asked by j4y 12 votes
answered by isherwood 27 votes

Is a toilet drain permitted to run through I Joists?

It was suggested by a plumber, but is it common practice? The I joists are 11 7/8" but a 3.5 or 4" toilet drain line seems like a large hole to be cutting even if it's in the middle of the joist's ...

drain joists  
asked by Nic 6 votes
answered by Craig 6 votes

Should I repair floor joists that have cracks or holes?

The floor joists in my unfinished basement of a 1950s house have nails that the previous owner probably used to hang items on. Many of the nails have caused the floor joists to split. I've been ...

repair wood ceiling  
asked by j4y 5 votes
answered by BMitch 12 votes

How can I stop our duct work "pinging" at night?

I'm in Canada, and our home is a bit older, ~20 years, and the duct work seems to be making a rather loud "pinging" noise at night. I assume this is due to colder weather in general, and the hot air ...

central-heating ducts noise-reduction  
asked by Ditto 4 votes
answered by personal privacy advocate 6 votes

Why do fence panels turn grey?

Looking from my upstairs window i can see almost my entire streets back gardens. Almost all of them have greyish wooden fencing panels, but i'm sure this asn' by choice. what caused this so i can ...

wood fence  
asked by Terry 4 votes
answered by ojait 4 votes

Testing 3-wire receptacles indicates no ground even though 12/2 w/ground wire is connected

I have an interesting question. I have a hundred-year-old house with electrical panel updated a few years ago by a professional electrician. I went around last week with a circuit tester just to make ...

asked by Kansas Pete 4 votes
answered by batsplatsterson 3 votes

Furnace: are flames in between the tubes bad?

In a Carrier Weathermaker 8000 gas furnace, is it normal for some of the flames to be coming out of the spacers in between the tubes? It seems like they shouldn't be there, since they aren't going ...

furnace natural-gas  
asked by Foo Bar 3 votes
answered by chris 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do my toilets flush slowly and often incompletely?

I have three toilets that all flush slowly and incompletely. I've adjusted the chain to ensure the flap raises completely. I've raised the float to ensure the tank fills nice and high. Yet I have this ...

plumbing toilet  
asked by allnightgrocery 16 votes
answered by allnightgrocery 11 votes

Why does my pilot light keep going out?

My furnace pilot light keeps going out so I changed the thermocouple. Now the furnace will come on and heat up to the degree set on my thermostat, then the pilot light will go out and the furnace will ...

heating furnace thermostat thermocouple  
asked by David Jabtecki 2 votes
answered by KeithS 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Threads in brass floor lamp post have been stripped. No longer twists and stays in place. How can I fix the threads?

I have a floor lamp that comes in sections that you twist to screw together. the threads on one section have become stripped and the sections no longer stay together. Is there a way I can fix these ...

asked by Patti Silverman 2 votes

sticky popping sounds coming from under my newly laid hardwood floors

i have a very annoying and frustrating problem. there are sticky popping sounds coming from under my newly laid hardwood floors. there is a underlay on cement base and the installer swears that he ...

floor hardwood  
asked by Nita Walker 1 vote

Need help replacing this super old shower handle!

Not really sure what kind of handle this is or how to replace it. It doesn't work anymore so no water comes out of the showerhead. There's some little pin in the base of the handle that broke and none ...

shower replacement  
asked by Jane Doe DIY 1 vote
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