Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Laminate Flooring Height difference

We are going to be having laminate flooring installed in our kitchen, dining room, living room and down the hallway. We removed a built-in bookcase, and most of the carpet, but we noticed that there …

flooring laminate  
asked by DebA 3 votes
answered by shirlock homes 4 votes

how to get rid of moisture in hardwood flooring

1Please advise, HELP We have recently come to a halt with our building due to our hardwood floorboards cupping and swelling in several places.(Boards were climatised for several months before …

flooring moisture hardwood  
asked by Eve 3 votes
answered by shirlock homes 6 votes

what do I need to do if the netural bar is hot in the panel box

In my panel box I have just discovered that the neutral bar is hot, it actually shot sparks. I was putting in a breaker for a new ceiling fan and light attached and went to put the neutral on the …

asked by Casey Cane 3 votes
answered by Comintern 7 votes

How much maintenance should I budget for a historic home?

We've been considering some historic homes as a future residence, but one of our concerns is how much to budget annually for long-term maintenance and repairs. Let's use this late 1800's Victorian …

asked by glenviewjeff 2 votes
answered by DMoore 1 vote

Looking for termites when thinking about buying a house

I'm buying a house in an area where termites are a serious problem. I know most people are honest but most is not all. When I'm doing a tour of a house with a realtor that I'm thinking of putting an …

asked by First Time Buyer 2 votes
answered by shirlock homes 4 votes

Left side breakers in my panel box all tripped!

I added a double pole breaker in my panel box for a dryer receptacle. When I finished, I noticed the refrigerator was out - and the microwave. Went back to the panel and noticed that ALL the breakers …

asked by Dempsey 2 votes
answered by Edwin 3 votes

How can we measure the air quality index of our room?

My house is situated near a construction site and dust, particulates, etc gather in really quickly. My room is currently set up such that there are two different air filters running continuously …

air-filter measuring air-quality  
asked by Pacerier 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to detect whether there is a signal on TV cable

I'm not receiving TV in my room and the cable guy has determined that there is no signal on my coax outlet in the wall. There is a signal in other rooms, so there must be a broken or disconnected …

electrical coax  
asked by Bart van Heukelom 4 votes
answered by ppumkin 8 votes

How do I remove a flush mounted ceiling light fixture dome?

My bedroom has a very nice looking flush mounted ceiling light with a glass dome. However, all the bulbs have gone out and I cannot get the glass out to replace them. I'm 5'4" and standing on the …

lighting light-fixture removal  
asked by Katey HW 4 votes
answered by Jaydles 7 votes

Can you answer these?

Should I install insulation between the rim joist and the top of foam insulation?

I am in the beginning phases of finishing my basement, newer house with poured cement foundation and engineered I-beam floor joists. No moisture issues in the basement. Rim joist currently has a batt …

insulation basement  
asked by jriggs 1 vote

Wet Exterior wall

ok so I had some water issues in my basement recently. Taking a good look at all the possible causes I noticed the landscaping around the front my house was slopping in towards the house. So to fix …

concrete walls  
asked by Amanda 1 vote

Can I move this drain line from the wall to the floor?

Here is my kitchen sink drain configuration: (The horizontal run after the trap is actually pitched correctly, not as drawn.) The portions inside the wall are galvanized steel pipe. Under the sink, …

plumbing kitchens drain drain-waste-vent  
asked by ArgentoSapiens 1 vote
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