Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to pull toothbrush out of the sink?

My toddler dropped a toothbrush down a bathroom sink. Unfortunately, the stopper wasn't in the sink at the time. When looking down from above the sink, I believe the toothbrush is in the PVC section ...

asked by jglouie 3 votes
answered by RedGrittyBrick 4 votes

How can I repair a ceiling fan that hums, but doesn't turn?

Ceiling fan/light has power. Lights work, but fan doesn't turn even though it hums?

electrical electric-motor ceiling-fans  
asked by john 3 votes
answered by Wayfaring Stranger 1 vote

Why is GFCI tripping on refrigerator circuit?

My refrigerator is tripping the GFCI on the socket into which it is plugged. Searching about this topic seems to indicate that this is a reasonably common complaint. However, I can't find any ...

gfci refrigerator  
asked by hoc_age 2 votes
answered by Tester101 1 vote

What is a good reference book for cabinetmaking and/or other millwork?

I'm interested in making some cabinets and shelving. I have basic carpentry experience but have never tackled a project like this before. I'm looking for a good, illustrated guide to making cabinets ...

woodworking cabinets shelving carpentry custom-cabinetry  
asked by jkjenner 2 votes
answered by paperstreet 2 votes

How to fix dry wall side of newly fitted tiles shower wall?

I have had a brand new shower put in, the tiling is shown, however after about 1 month we noticed a small amount of water passing though to the dry wall. The below is now 9 months later. The ...

shower leak tiling  
asked by Luke Sewell 2 votes
answered by Matthew 5 votes

Plumbing: Dual volume control valve WITHOUT mixing

This is probably a total newbie question, I apologize in advance. I have two pipes, hot and cold; I'd like to set up a single control point that turns the flow on both of them on or off, at the same ...

asked by Alex Weinstein 2 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 5 votes

How to attach metal knife rack to tile without ruining tile?

I'd like to attach a magnetic, metal knife rack to a tile back splash in the kitchen of my rental apartment. The tile is glazed white and the attachment points on the rack are small (about 0.9 sq in ...

kitchens tile mounting  
asked by LoftyGoals 2 votes
answered by DarthCaniac 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I fix a stripped hole in an aluminum piece?

I have a tripod head that is made of aluminum. In the head there is a small hole that houses a small screw that secures a quick-release plate. After some time the hole stripped and the screw no longer ...

repair aluminum hole  
asked by Jakub Kaleta 6 votes
answered by Fiasco Labs 5 votes

How soon can I use my shower that I recently grouted and tiled? Should it cure first?

We have been retiling my tub surround area and finished grouting the tile last night. I used non-sanded PolyBlend grout (sold at Home Depot) and added a bottle of Grout Boost Advanced Pro. Everything ...

bathroom bathtub grout tiling  
asked by Jared Harley 4 votes
answered by shirlock homes 9 votes

Can you answer these?

Newly installed 4" halo can lights have a slight odor when on

I just installed 6 new 4" halo can lights. When they are on I can smell a slight odor coming from them in the attic. Is this normal? I felt the light housing in the attic and is just warm. I also felt ...

wiring light-fixture installation recessed-lighting dimmer-switch  
asked by Rodney 1 vote

How can I install Z-Wave switches in these different situations?

I am trying to install z-wave lighting switches into my apartment. What I have discovered is that every light switch in my apartment that I have taken apart (4) is wired differently. The switches I am ...

electrical wiring switch  
asked by user1922876 2 votes

How to remove lead-based paint?

I live in an older home (built c. 1920) and I am positive that it's full of lead-based paint. When we bought the house, there was NO wood exposed anywhere in the house. The previous owners covered ...

paint lead  
asked by TheSmallestOne 1 vote
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