Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is this a bleeder? Why won't it close?

In trying to repair a pipe I went to empty my baseboard heating system, and so I tried to open what I thought was a bleeder. It didn't seem to make any difference, and now after unbolting it it will ...

plumbing baseboard  
asked by Jon Fournier 6 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 10 votes

How can I stop a porch crack from causing internal cracking?

My front porch slab has cracked and part is at least an inch lower. It is supporting the roof. Now there is a crack going up the inside of my drywall at the same place. Suggestions on how to solve ...

concrete structural porch  
asked by S dixon 5 votes
answered by DMoore 3 votes

How can I improve second floor HVAC performance?

I have a forced air heating and air conditioning system that performs poorly on the second floor: It is way too warm in the summer and a little too cold in the winter. I live in a 1920s masonry row ...

asked by canzar 5 votes
answered by Keith Hoffman 4 votes

What is this crud in my shower valve, and how can I prevent it?

I just replaced the pressure balancing valve and valve mixer cap in a shower that had lost its hot water. Replacing the parts fixed the problem, but when I pulled the old valve out, it was covered ...

plumbing bathtub  
asked by Steve 5 votes
answered by DMoore 3 votes

Is fixing these stairs as simple as just replacing the stairs and supports?

It looks to me like it's just a support piece nailed into the wall with a 2x4 running across as a step. They go down to our unfinished basement and a few of them are starting to fail. Anything I ...

asked by Eric 5 votes
answered by Tyler Durden -5 votes

Furnace and A/C suck, literally slamming doors

What specifics will I need to collect to figure out if our furnace and A/C are sucking too much at the source/intake? I don't know the proper terminology for these things, do forgive me for any ...

furnace air-conditioning  
asked by RON8O 3 votes
answered by iLikeDirt 1 vote

Is it ok to let something hang from its plug in a receptacle? (electric car charger)

When I charge my car away from home, sometimes I use the portable 120 volt charge cable that plugs into a normal outlet. At work, we have receptacles mounted a few feet above ground. The charge ...

receptacle cord-and-plug  
asked by user34089 3 votes
answered by RedGrittyBrick 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do I really need a special bulb in the oven?

My oven light burnt out recently. After dismantling it I found a 40W 130V "appliance" bulb with a standard Edison connector. The bulb is slightly smaller than a normal incandescent bulb. Looking for ...

lighting oven bulb  
asked by cabbey 8 votes
answered by shirlock homes 14 votes

What could cause my washing machine to stop before the rinse cycle?

My washing machine will get stuck right before the rinse cycle. The washing machine will be full of water. The way to "fix it" is to twist the knob right after the "rinse" line, find the sweet spot, ...

repair appliances drainage washing-machine  
asked by gtaylor85 2 votes
answered by bcworkz 2 votes

Can you answer these?

Cut pipe or remove ferrule using tool when replacing compression valve?

I have been changing the valves under my sink and I was wondering what is the best course of action? I've attempted to remove the ferrule on two of the pipes and it wouldn't come off. (I had no tool ...

plumbing pipe valve shutoff  
asked by Michael 1 vote

Why does a wall plug show only 20V instead of 120V?

I have two outlets that test at 20V, or sometimes 60V. They should be 120V.

electrical wiring  
asked by Bill 1 vote

120 v to 12 v puck light conversion

I have 7 hardwired under cabinet puck lights which are 10 year old halogen type . All 7 or powered as 120 from one wall switch . Limited access to each light other than removing old puck and pulling ...

asked by S Farris 1 vote
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