Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I make the underneath of an outdoor playset usable and not a mudpit?

Based on this bulletpoint from the allowed topics: Which tools, materials, and best practices for home improvement task. I'm looking for advice on dealing with our playset. Specifically the area ...

asked by TheCleaner 7 votes
answered by longneck 8 votes

Is there code that states there must be a sheet of plastic between vinyl siding and the house sheathing?

I'm the president of a 20-condo association and several residents have been complaining of water coming in and destroying their drywall. The water is coming in at the exact same place in all units ...

asked by oscilatingcretin 6 votes
answered by iLikeDirt 7 votes

How can I remove a lockset latch assembly that's stuck latched?

My latch is stuck. I couldn't turn the handle, even unlocked, so I removed the handles. Now I've got direct access to the latch assembly, and I can't get the unlatching part to move (to the right, in ...

lock doorknob  
asked by Sparr 4 votes
answered by mikes 8 votes

Does UV exposure cause deterioration to PVC pipe which can lead to catastrophic failure?

I've heard over the years that PVC should never be exposed to ultraviolet radiation, or the pipe will crumble and disintegrate. Though upon researching the subject, it seems as though UV radiation ...

asked by Tester101 4 votes
answered by DaveT 4 votes

Why does one outlet trip the breaker, but not others?

In my spare bedroom, there are four electrical outlets. If I use a vacuum cleaner in one of those outlets, the breaker trips. However, if I use any of the other outlets, it works fine. Is the outlet ...

electrical receptacle  
asked by Paul 4 votes
answered by Dave Tweed 1 vote

How should I patch a large hole in brick?

I have an old vent, about 6-8 inches in diameter, in my ranch style brick home that used to be for my stove. We have done away with the stove and no longer need the vent. The hole and vent is ...

electrical brick  
asked by Mike Thrasher 3 votes
answered by Jimmy Fix-it 0 votes

Why is this light fixture tripping the GFCI?

I recently replaced an outlet with a GFCI outlet in a bathroom in an older home (1960s), and added a light/bath fan. In the same box as the outlet I replaced was a single pole switch to a light over ...

electrical wiring gfci  
asked by themidnightwill 3 votes
answered by Tester101 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How should I connect the ground wire for my light fixture?

I am replacing a light fixture in my bathroom and have the following setup: The electrical box is plastic The wire coming from supply has black (hot), white (neutral) and copper (ground). The light ...

electrical wiring lighting light-fixture grounding  
asked by SwDevMan81 4 votes
answered by Tester101 6 votes

Why is my hot water running out quickly regardless of other household water usage?

I've noticed that my shower, which used to run hot water for what seemed like forever, now can only produce about 15 minutes of hot water. This doesn't appear to be related to other water usage in the ...

asked by Madey Jay 10 votes
answered by TomG 12 votes

Can you answer these?

My washer won`t finish its cycle anymore

I bought a used washer (Inglis; ID4200) about a year ago. A month after my purchase, the washer would just stop in the middle of the cycle. I didn't pay attention to that as the machine would resume ...

asked by Maria 1 vote

Wire Ceiling Fan and Exterior Lighting

Objective I took down my old ceiling fan and tried to put in the new one but can't follow directions because I have two wire sets coming out of ceiling. I'm trying to get one switch to turn on fan ...

electrical wiring lighting ceiling-fan  
asked by user35105 1 vote

Why can't some light bulbs be used with timers?

I've seen the answer to questions asking why some bulbs can't be used with dimmers [1][2], and that makes sense, but why can't some light bulbs be used with timers? Aren't most timers equivalent to an ...

electrical lighting timer  
asked by j08691 1 vote
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