Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I fix the issues I'm having with large double gates?

I have a privacy fence in my backyard that includes a large double gate. It was built maybe a year and half ago. The whole span is about a 11' 4" opening. The gates to meet in the middle with double ...

asked by AMBER 12 votes
answered by Chris 17 votes

Wind from kitchen sink drainage pipe

We live on a windy coast of North Sea. High wind is a norm here. One of the problems I face with the wind: it comes out from kitchen sink drainage pipe. If it is blowy outside, you can feel a draft ...

insulation drainage draft  
asked by trailmax 10 votes
answered by Tester101 19 votes

Does a receptacle have to supply the max current that it is rated for?

Suppose you come across a L5-30R (120V, 30A receptacle) somewhere. By spec, can you assume that there will be 30 amps at it? Follow up: if you come across a L6-30R (250v, 30A), does it have to ...

electrical receptacle  
asked by Eric Johnson 7 votes
answered by Michael Karas 11 votes

What is the name of a coupling nut with a cutout?

I'm fixing a lamp and I need a coupling nut to connect the post that contains the electrical wires to a rod that holds the shade. This looks like a normal coupling nut, but with half of the middle cut ...

electrical hardware  
asked by fgregg 5 votes
answered by JPhi1618 6 votes

Why does a laundry drain need to be installed at a minimum height of 30"?

My laundry machine doesn't work properly in my new flat (the wash cycle never ends), and the instructions specify that the common cause of my problem is that the drain is too low (my drain is indeed ...

drain washing-machine  
asked by Brann 5 votes
answered by Jack 12 votes

GFCI is popping for no reason

This morning we woke up to the bathroom lights not working. Investigation reveals that the culprit is the GFCI that serves two bathrooms and the laundry room. It still pops in 10-15 seconds with no ...

asked by Loren Pechtel 4 votes

What is the proper way to bring power to this pump?

I purchased this pump to transfer water from a holding tank in a self remodeled travel trailer up to the sink. The pump is an "on demand" style where it will pump pressure in the water line up against ...

wiring pump  
asked by Michael Karas 4 votes
answered by ArchonOSX 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is there water in my washing machine barrel some time after a load?

I have a frigidaire front load washing machine, and we are finding a few inches of water in the barrel after running a load, but not right away -- it takes at least 1/2 an hour before the water ...

water appliances washing-machine  
asked by gravelpot 5 votes
answered by Essobi 7 votes

Why does my washing machine leak only during the spin cycle?

For the second time in a month, I found that my washing machine had flooded the kitchen floor (and part of the basement via the hole for the water line to the fridge). The first time, I only ...

leak washing-machine  
asked by Niall C. 5 votes
answered by Cody C 5 votes

Can you answer these?

Damp concrete floor in bedroom

Had water overflow into bedroom and closet. New laminate floor removed. Concrete floor has glue strips from another flooring that is sticky in some places. Will thoroughly clean with as little water ...

concrete flooring wet  
asked by floart 1 vote

ground water in old coal store

Hi my old coal store in cellar leaks ground water when it rains. Rest of my cellar is a converted kitchen and bathroom. House is over 100 years old. I have damp proofed with liquid rubber, tanking tar ...

repair water basement  
asked by emma ellis 1 vote

How to remove dirt and stains from vinyl decking

I have a vinyl deck that hasn't been cleaned in likely 10 years, save for what little cleaning the rain routinely does. I just recently rented a Black & Decker 1700 PSI pressure washer. I ...

cleaning deck water-pressure vinyl-flooring  
asked by DevNull 1 vote
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