Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is there a way to unscrew a light bulb that has broken?

The recessed light in my bathroom broke while trying to unscrew it, and only the metal collar remains. What is the best way to get that remaining part out?

electrical recessed-lighting  
asked by Mike Phillison 29 votes
answered by Steven 40 votes

Electric shock - was I stupid, unlucky, or a combination of both?

One of the double sockets in our garage needed replacing (damaged after a washing pole hit it) - a pretty trivial job that I'd done before. So I flipped the MCB for the ring main, used a non-contact …

electrical safety  
asked by user24536 12 votes
answered by Grant 12 votes

How do I understand this description of lumber?

The instructions to a DIY project asks me to purchase something described as: 8-foot ¾-inch clear pine 1 x 8 What exactly does this mean. Here's my guess 8-foot: the length of the board ¾-inch: …

asked by Michael J Swart 6 votes
answered by TDHofstetter 13 votes

Should I staple faced insulation batts to the face of the stud or the side?

I'm preparing to drywall my attached garage and have run into conflicting opinions on if I should staple the insulation flanges to the sides of the stud or the face. I live in the San Francisco bay …

drywall insulation  
asked by Thaumaturgic 5 votes
answered by Paul 3 votes

What are my options for fixing a laundry faucet?

We're replacing our washer so I had to turn off the laundry faucets, hook up the new washer, and then turn them back on. In doing so, the hot water faucet now has a slight leak where the stem of the …

plumbing leak faucet  
asked by DA01 4 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 3 votes

How to fix a deck railing that is falling off?

I have an older deck that has a wide (approx 25 feet) unsupported span. The railing on the deck seems to be pulling outward, probably due to planters on it, and general heavy usage. The underside of …

deck railing  
asked by Erick T 4 votes
answered by ben rudgers 0 votes

Conduit Underground - Ways for tunneling under obstructions?

I'm running into a situation where it's increasingly difficult to bury this PVC underground 18" in some spots due to massive tree roots. Changing directions and/or destroying the roots isn't an …

electrical nec underground  
asked by BigHomie 4 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What wire gauge should I use with a 30 amp breaker for a 220V welder?

I am installing an outlet in my garage for a 220v mig welder. The welder specs call for 30A breaker. The outlet for the welder is only 2 feet from the garage sub panel. The wiring refernece charts …

electrical wiring 240v  
asked by Scott Bruns 7 votes
answered by shirlock homes 5 votes

How to remove old vinyl tiles?

I have a layer of old, crumbly and very sticky vinyl tiles that I need to remove to bring the old tile back (see picture). What is the best way of removing these? Bonus question: How do I get the …

removal vinyl-flooring  
asked by Korneel Bouman 8 votes
answered by auujay 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Can I substitute furnace cement for high temperature epoxy?

I am building a project in The Practical Pyromaniac, and I am wondering if for the Burning Ring of Fire, a simple cooktop, I can substitute furnace cement for high temperature epoxy? The furnace …

asked by Hand of Don 1 vote

Proper size drain and venting behind new bathtub

I'm a plumbing newbie and I'm adding a bathtub where one didn't exist before and I want to make sure that I am plumbing the drain properly. I have a 2" drain available to me directly below the tub …

plumbing drain bathtub pvc venting  
asked by Jonathan Rowny 1 vote

Wood paint still not hardened after three weeks

We recently repainted our window sills from bare wood using one layer of wood primer, then five consecutive layers of furniture paint, with one day allowed for drying between layers. The paint is …

asked by Theodor 1 vote
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