Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter
Home Improvement Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is the cloth around my dishwasher and do I need it?

I have a slight bug problem in my kitchen, so today I'm doing a big cleanup. I've gotten to my dishwasher and as expected there are a ton of bugs there. I noticed it was wrapped in a large cloth, and ...

appliances dishwasher  
asked by David Grinberg 7 votes
answered by Niall C. 11 votes

Wired internet from a single router to several different rooms in an apartment

Here is what my apartment layout looks like: The router will be where the arrow points, the little jack icons are (shockingly enough) where I want ethernet jacks in each room. The apartment is ...

asked by jmac 6 votes
answered by Nick C 4 votes

Are these walls near a skylight, load bearing?

My master and guest bathroom are back-to-back (toilet-to-toilet). Both bathrooms have a tall skylight this size (~4' square). The skylights are about 5 feet apart from one-another. Master Bathroom, ...

walls remodeling load-bearing skylight  
asked by colbybhearn 4 votes
answered by colbybhearn 1 vote

Electric range spark and house fuse blown multiple times

I have this electric kitchen range for 3 years. Yesterday, when cooking, there was a spark in the back and the home's fuse was blown. On turning things back, it worked for a few hours, and again a ...

asked by John 4 votes
answered by Tester101 5 votes

How can/should I mount this porch light?

I want to mount a porch light on my outdoor shed/office. I recently had an electrician place interior wiring however I elected to do the fixtures myself. Uh oh. Here's what the back of the porch ...

lighting light-fixture exterior  
asked by Mike B 4 votes
answered by Tester101 3 votes

How will concrete fill in?

So I am pouring some footings for a deck I am building and my current plan is to dig a hole that is 18" wide and 18" deep. I'm then going to suspend a sonotube about 6 inches above the bottom (using ...

concrete deck footings  
asked by Abe Miessler 4 votes
answered by Henry Jackson 7 votes

What is this thing inline with my dryer vent?

Just bought a condo with appliances included, and the dryer is underperforming. Went to check the vent hose and saw this:

asked by benmarks 3 votes
answered by Fiasco Labs 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I add a "C" wire to my thermostat?

So, the spiffy new wi-fi thermostats want power on the C wire from thermostat, but the old thermostat doesn't have a C wire at it. What's the easiest way to add the C wire/24 volt to the thermostat ...

hvac thermostat thermostat-c-wire  
asked by Aaron 43 votes
answered by Tester101 57 votes

How long should I wait before painting or staining pressure-treated wood?

My husband is installing a new deck with pressure-treated lumber at our home in Tennessee. How long does he need to wait to paint, or should he stain the deck now?

painting deck staining  
asked by Y.Kimble 2 votes
answered by DMoore 4 votes

Can you answer these?

Tips for nailing aluminum fascia cover

I noticed the other day while replacing some shingles that the aluminum covering my fascia board was bent a bit. I think part of the problem was I sparingly used the soffit nails to attach it, and ...

asked by RLZaleski 1 vote

How many sump pits should I have?

I have an older french drain system and after experiencing some foundation problems (horizontal crack), I've been told that my system should be updated to a more modern one which has weeping holes in ...

basement foundation waterproofing sump-pump  
asked by John 1 vote

refrigerator running all the time

I bought a used refrigerator with 6 month parts and labor guarantee. It has cut off just twice in 4 days. It is at the right temperature, but won't cut off. I have called them, but repairman claims ...

asked by user40055 1 vote
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