Database Administrators Weekly Newsletter
Database Administrators Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Huge differences of performance of MySQL in two servers

We have a MySQL server installed in two different machines, a testing server and a production server, both windows, which is used by a web application. The problem is that there are HUGE performance …

mysql performance windows  
asked by juantxorena 5 votes
answered by RolandoMySQLDBA 1 vote

Using the sysadmin role with EXECUTE AS

It is my understanding that I can use the EXECUTE AS OWNER clause as part of a procedure that I create to make the body of that procedure run as a different user. My goal is to execute a command that …

sql-server security dbcc role  
asked by usr 4 votes
answered by Kin 4 votes

Bad Design or Complicated Query?

Problem: For fun I am building a Database for lottery results to get some statistics off of. As of now I am only interested in a Pick 3 style lotto and might introduce more later. How would you …

sql-server sql database-design  
asked by Jon H 4 votes
answered by Mat 9 votes

Does sp_indexoption cause index rebuilds?

I want to switch AllowRowLocks=ON on a number of indexes. Some of those indexes are on large tables, and I don't really want to rebuild or reorganize the index. It is not clear from the MSDN article …

sql-server sql-server-2012 index index-tuning  
asked by Junto 3 votes
answered by Thomas Stringer 7 votes

Tail Log backup when doing a restore?

Typically when doing a restore of a DB from a production server to a non-production server I will use the WITH REPLACE option as when I forget I get an error about the tail log not being backed up. …

sql-server restore transaction-log  
asked by Paul 3 votes
answered by user16484 2 votes

Consolidating 2 Tables with same Values

I am working on a project trying to consolidate two databases, DB1 and DB2, for my organization into a single database, DB3. Initially our organization started with DB1. A few years back they made a …

sql-server data-migration duplicate  
asked by Irfan Salfi 3 votes
answered by Mike 3 votes

How do I prove that the act of removing foreign keys doesn't corrupt existing data?

TL;DR: Prove that in practice, the execution of the alter table table_name drop foreign key constraint_name statement does not corrupt existing data. The important consideration is the execution of …

mysql database-design innodb foreign-key referential-integrity  
asked by snot waffle 3 votes
answered by David Spillett 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I list all databases and tables using psql?

I am trying to learn PostgreSQL administration and have started learning how to use the psql command line tool. When I log in with psql --username=postgres, how do I list all databases and tables? I …

postgresql tools psql command-line  
asked by Jonas 182 votes
answered by Frank Heikens 221 votes

What are the differences between NoSQL and a traditional RDBMS?

What are the differences between NoSQL and a traditional RDBMS? Over the last few months, NoSQL has been frequently mentioned in the technical news. What are its most significant features relative to …

nosql rdbms database-recommendation  
asked by Spredzy 49 votes
answered by Jonas 45 votes

Can you answer these?

Change Data Capture not running when Mirror is Suspended

We have 2 SQL 2012 SP2 Enterprise servers that have some mirrored databases. One of these databases also has CDC enabled on a number of tables so that we can run some business logic when there are …

sql-server-2012 mirroring change-data-capture  
asked by Greg 2 votes

How to append records from one complete table into a partly populated differently formatted table?

I have two tables of interest linked in a MS Access 2007 database. The master table called EMPL_MASTER (from which I only have read access, I cannot make changes) updates every time a system …

sql ms-access insert  
asked by pheidlauf 1 vote

How to tell if Database Certificate Used?

I plan to migrate a SQL Server database to another server. There is a certificate listed under the Security > Certificates view in SSMS Object Explorer. I ran the below query to check if database is …

sql-server migration encryption  
asked by k09 1 vote
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