Database Administrators Weekly Newsletter
Database Administrators Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is an Oracle ASSEMBLY?

What is an Oracle ASSEMBLY, in the context of Oracle SQL? It's listed in GV$SQLCOMMAND. Although GV$SQLCOMMAND is not a perfect guide to "real" SQL statements - for example it has UPSERT instead of ...

sql oracle plsql  
asked by Jon Heller 6 votes
answered by tblPhil 2 votes

MAXDOP not working?

I wanted to test out MAXDOP on my computer. So I set MAXDOP to 2 for a specific query. However, when I looked at my logical processors in Task Manager as I ran the query, it looked like they were all ...

sql-server sql-server-2014 parallelism maxdop  
asked by user3469285 5 votes
answered by Paul White 13 votes

Does MySQL exectution plan depend on available indexes?

Does MySQL choose an execution plan for a given query taking into account what indexes are available, or does it first choose an execution plan and then uses indexes if they are available? ...

mysql database-design innodb index index-tuning  
asked by Alexander Gelbukh 4 votes
answered by Rick James 4 votes

Migration From Oracle to PostgreSQL Encoding Errors

I'm working on migrating data from an oracle database to a postgresql database. I running into a problem where I export the data from oracle, using sql developer, and importing it into postgresql. ...

postgresql oracle migration  
asked by j will 3 votes
answered by Craig Ringer 0 votes

Is it possible to get seek based parallel plan for distinct/group by?

An example from this question shows that SQL Server will choose a full index scan to solve a query like this: select distinct [typeName] from [types] Where [typeName] has a non-clustered, ...

index optimization group-by distinct  
asked by crokusek 3 votes

Getting Machine name from where stored procedure was last executed

Is there any way to find out machine IP or machine name from where a particular stored procedure is executed in SQL Server 2005? We have a client server architecture with .NET as a front end and SQL ...

sql sql-server-2005 stored-procedures  
asked by user2092054 3 votes
answered by Remus Rusanu 2 votes

RAID10 vs. RAID5 for data files

We are trying to evaluate the potential performance improvements that could be gained by switching an existing applications .mdf files to a RAID10 LUN vs. the existing RAID5 LUN they are living on ...

sql-server sql-server-2008-r2 sql-server-2012 performance disk-structures  
asked by Zero Subnet 3 votes
answered by Rob Farley 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to insert (file) data into a PostgreSQL bytea column

This question is not about bytea v. oid v. blobs v. large objects, etc. I have a table containing a primary key integer field and a bytea field. I'd like to enter data into the bytea field. This ...

asked by SabreWolfy 12 votes
answered by Jack Douglas 7 votes

Granting access to all tables for a user

I'm a new to Postgres and trying to migrate our MySQL databases over. In MySQL I can grant SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE privileges on a low privileged user and enable those grants to apply to all ...

postgresql best-practices postgresql-9.1  
asked by PlaidFan 14 votes
answered by dezso 16 votes

Can you answer these?

'mongod wiredTiger' on Ubuntu?

I cannot use wiredTiger as a service for MongoDB. Then, I progresses step by step according to the following guide; Step-1: Start 3.0 ...

asked by user3765109 2 votes

How to check particular SQL UserID windows permissions in MS SQL SERVER 2012?

I would like to say as per my network system administrative security of windows Server 2012 R2. I am unable to start SQL Server agent. As per in MS SQL Server 2012 , i have "sysadmin" & "public" ...

sql-server-2012 permissions windows-server sql-agent  
asked by Md Haidar Ali Khan 1 vote

Finding missing_index_details in MySQL

MS SQL Server apparently can tell you what indexes would be useful for your query. Is there anything similar in MySQL? This article (scroll to "Find missing indexes") says that in Microsoft SQL ...

mysql database-design index  
asked by Alexander Gelbukh 1 vote
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