Database Administrators Weekly Newsletter
Database Administrators Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Explanation requested for slow DELETE with SQL Server

I would like to get some extra insights/reasoning for SQL Server delete behavior. We have a fairly large database of over 1800 GB. In there are some very shallow tables (only a few integer columns) …

sql-server performance  
asked by Jan C. de Graaf 6 votes
answered by Remus Rusanu 9 votes

Why Does UNPIVOT Work on Compatibility Level 80 DB?

I'm trying to pull data using UNPIVOT on a SQL Server 2008 SP3 database running at Compatibility Level 80. This should mean UNPIVOT doesn't work, but in my case it does under certain circumstances... …

sql-server unpivot  
asked by Andrew 6 votes
answered by Paul White 8 votes

Why are U locks required when using Read Committed Snapshot Isolation

I consider myself a beginner at Sql Server locking. My understanding is that when using RCSI, Sql Server doesn't need to issue S locks because it uses row versioning (in most cases). From …

sql-server locking deadlock isolation-level snapshot-isolation  
asked by Clement 5 votes
answered by Paul White 6 votes

Impact of deleting 100GB table on Mirroring

I'm about to delete a large table which is approximately 100GB in size. I'd like to understand the impact on the mirroring that's in place on this db. Can anyone confirm?

sql-server-2008 mirroring sql-servfer  
asked by Nick 4 votes
answered by Shanky 2 votes

How to avoid the SORT operation in SQL query that contains ORDER_BY condition?

I am optimising a PostgreSQL query which involves three tables and a ORDER_BY condition. It seems that PostgreSQL prefer to arrange a SORT operation to perform the ORDER_BY condition, rather than …

sql postgresql  
asked by Chunliang Lyu 3 votes
answered by Roman Konoval 4 votes

FULL recovery and differential backups

I am going to begin transitioning several of our databases to FULL recovery from SIMPLE. I asked a question last week regarding deployment strategies and I have one additional question. Consider …

sql-server backup recovery  
asked by Kris Gruttemeyer 3 votes
answered by Sean Gallardy 4 votes

Nested table as condition prevents using index

The following query joining a subquery does a TABLE ACCESS FULL when the master-table uses nested table as condition. When the condition is a simple =, the same query does an INDEX RANGE SCAN as …

sql oracle oracle-11g-r2 query-performance  
asked by Peter Lang 3 votes
answered by Vérace 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the difference between a temp table and table variable in SQL Server?

This seems to be an area with quite a few myths and conflicting views. So what is the difference between a table variable and a local temporary table in SQL Server?

sql-server sql t-sql temp-tables  
asked by Martin Smith 196 votes
answered by Martin Smith 327 votes

Why is Database Administration so hard?

I know a lot of Database Administrators and they are all over 28-29 years old. Is all database administration like that? I mean, is this about getting experience more than at least 7-8 years? Or is …

database-administration learning management  
asked by Soner Gönül 66 votes
answered by Leigh Riffel 106 votes

Can you answer these?

How do I pass a parameter in a stored procedure to call a DTS package

I have created a DTS package which fetches data from a text file into a database table. I want to pass the file name dynamically from which it fetches data. Can I pass the filename dynamically?

sql-server sql-server-2000 dts  
asked by yogesh 2 votes

MySQL getting killed by AppArmor

I have copied this link from StackOverflow as it is marked as out of topic there and is waiting to be transfered here. So, here it goes: Occasionally, without any identifiable pattern, MySQL …

asked by DKasipovic 1 vote

firebird update very slow

I am writing a stored procedure for Firebird 2.5 in which I sometimes need to update a single row in a data table more than once in the same transaction. However, I have noticed that the performance …

performance transaction firebird  
asked by user111412 1 vote
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