Database Administrators Weekly Newsletter
Database Administrators Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:


I am looking for practical guidance for setting the values for the BUFFERCOUNT, BLOCKSIZE, and MAXTRANSFERSIZE of the BACKUP command. I have done a bit of research (see below), I have done a bit of ...

sql-server backup best-practices maintenance  
asked by srutzky 18 votes
answered by Max Vernon 7 votes

In what cases a transaction can be committed from inside the CATCH block when XACT_ABORT is set to ON?

I've been reading MSDN about TRY...CATCH and XACT_STATE. It has the following example that uses XACT_STATE in the CATCH block of a TRY…CATCH construct to determine whether to commit or roll back a ...

sql-server sql-server-2008  
asked by Vladimir Baranov 7 votes
answered by Vladimir Baranov 0 votes

Find the source of a recurrent mass SQL edit on a server

I'll try to explain my problem as clear as possible. The server of a company I support runs many websites. This server runs Windows Server 2012 with Microsoft SQL Server 2014. Almost all of the ...

sql-server-2012 sql-server-2014 security sql-injection  
asked by RandomITGuy 7 votes
answered by Kin 5 votes

Fast reads without paying the price on writes

We have a large append-only table containing financial transactions. On average 1000 transactions are inserted per minute. Since there are now more and more usecases where we actually want to read, ...

sql-server performance index  
asked by JefClaes 7 votes
answered by Remus Rusanu 6 votes

The fastest way to get the most recent records

I am looking for the fastest way to return the most recent record for each reference number. I quite liked the solution from, but it does not seem to work when I add a third condition ...

sql-server t-sql query-performance greatest-n-per-group  
asked by Pasca 6 votes
answered by Aaron Bertrand 6 votes

What does SOS in SQL Server stand for?

I am reading SQL Server 2012 Internals book now. There are several phrases with SOS acronym, such as "SOS Scheduler" (in chapter about the scheduler), "SOS Memory node" (in chapter about the free ...

asked by Dmitriy Dokshin 6 votes
answered by Aaron Bertrand 6 votes

Does SELECT INTO Reserve the #Object Name in TempDB Prior to Runtime?

Putting together a quickie proc to help with debugging, I ran into a what seems to be a error in the compiler. create proc spFoo @param bit as begin if @param = 0 begin select * ...

sql-server ddl temp-tables parse  
asked by Peter Vandivier 6 votes
answered by Aaron Bertrand 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Maintaining SQL Server 2008 R2 on Windows 10

I have to run SQL Server 2008 R2 on Windows 10 but it is not supported and so I am not getting any updates. Installing a later version of SQL Server is not an option. I can find all the service packs ...

sql-server sql-server-2008-r2 windows-10  
asked by Peter Smith 6 votes
answered by Shanky 5 votes

Eliminate duplicates in ListAgg (Oracle)

Prior to Oracle 11.2 I was using a custom aggregate function to concatenate a column into a row. 11.2 Added the LISTAGG function, so I am trying to use that instead. My problem is that I need to ...

oracle sql oracle-11g-r2 aggregate  
asked by Leigh Riffel 26 votes
answered by Jack Douglas 19 votes

Can you answer these?

How to use a different vlan for mirroring in an availability group

I want to setup the following with SQL Server 2014 Enterprise and Windows Server 2012 R2. I have two nodes and a fileshare for witness. Both are virtual machines in the same vsphere cluster. To minize ...

asked by Philipp 2 votes

Sort operation sql server 2012

I am trying to optimize a query and the sort operation(91% cost) is the costliest operation.Any help will be appreciated. Query is : SELECT TOP 1 ArchiveType ,CONVERT(NVARCHAR(30), A.StartTime, 20) ...

sql performance index sorting tuning  
asked by Viv 3 votes

Managed backup to Azure does not delete backup after retention period

I did set up SQL Server managed backup for our databases. I did define retention days to 4, but i just checked the azure storage account where the managed backups are and found that there is still all ...

backup sql-server-2014 azure-blob-storage  
asked by Smairo 2 votes
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