Database Administrators Weekly Newsletter
Database Administrators Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

SQL Server recreating plans each day

We have this problem in our production environment. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SP1) - 10.50.2500.0 (X64) - Enterprise Edition (64-bit) on Windows NT 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1). SQL Server ...

sql-server sql sql-server-2008  
asked by peter.petrov 10 votes

Why 0 is equal to empty string?

I need some help in finding why the following T-SQL statement returns 1 (true): SELECT IIF( 0 = '', 1, 0) I guess someone has change an ANSI option like SET ANSI_NULLS or something else that is ...

sql-server sql sql-server-2012 t-sql  
asked by gotqn 7 votes
answered by Tom V 13 votes

Sudden poor SELECT performance on a large table with existing indexes

My company uses a software suite in which the only thing I can truly modify is the database. We've always had performance issues (mostly hardware problems that we hope to resolve soon), but lately ...

sql-server sql-server-2008-r2 performance index-tuning  
asked by jreed121 5 votes
answered by Rob Farley 5 votes

Moving TDE database to a new database but having problems with the cert

This is my first time working with TDE so hopefully I haven't done anything horribly wrong. I'm trying to move my TDE database from one server to another. I have created a master key on the master ...

sql-server-2008-r2 tde  
asked by Kenneth Fisher 5 votes
answered by Spörri 4 votes

Shared connection pool in SQL Server and prevention of cross-database queries

Microsoft recommends that a shared connection pool should be used when running e.g. a SaaS software with one database per customer but with a shared codebase to prevent pool fragmentation: ...

sql-server connection-pooling  
asked by brunnsbe 4 votes
answered by srutzky 1 vote

Trace Flag 4199 - Enable globally?

This may fall under the category of opinion, but I'm curious if people are using trace flag 4199 as a startup parameter for SQL Server. For those that have used it, under what circumstances did you ...

sql-server query-optimization query-plan  
asked by Skagalak 4 votes
answered by spaghettidba 7 votes

Why is vertical scaling expensive?

As you can find here Best Practices For Horizontal Application Scaling, vertical scaling is much more expensive than horizontal scaling: vertical scaling cost increase exponentially whereas with ...

database-design scalability scaling  
asked by user1170330 3 votes
answered by datagod 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

ODBC Data Source SQL Server Connection - Login Failed For User

I have moved my database from an SQL 2005 to a server with SQL 2008. I am now trying to create an ODBC Data Source. I am using "With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password ...

sql-server-2008 sql-server-2005 odbc logins  
asked by jpsnow72 8 votes
answered by jpsnow72 4 votes

Force drop db while others may be connected

I need to remove a database from a PostgreSQL DB cluster. How can I do it even if there are active connections? I need sort of a -force flag, that will drop all connections and then the DB. How can I ...

postgresql database-maintenance  
asked by Alex 20 votes
answered by filiprem 35 votes

Can you answer these?

How to find the number of transactions per day or per hour in a SQL 2000 database

I am trying to find a query that I can run in order to find the number of transactions per day or per hour in a SQL 2000 database. The purpose is to get the number of hits on the database. I have ...

transaction sql-server-2000  
asked by Loic 1 vote

Code required to make column not nullable

I have a table where I mistakenly allowed NULL values in a column: CREATE TABLE EXAMPLE ( EXAMPLE_ID INT IDENTITY(1, 1) NOT NULL, FOO_ID INT, CREATED_ON DATETIME DEFAULT ...

sql-server sql-server-2008 t-sql ssms  
asked by Álvaro G. Vicario 2 votes

Trigger failing when called using sp_executesql

We have a recursive trigger on a table that executes AFTER INSERT. There is a check to ensure the trigger does not recurse more than 32 levels deep: IF(SELECT TRIGGER_NESTLEVEL()) >= 31 ...

sql-server trigger spexecutesql  
asked by Boris 1 vote
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