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Top new questions this week:

Is computation expression the same as monad?

I'm still learning functional programming (with f#) and I recently started reading about computation expressions. I still don't fully understand the concept and one thing that keeps me unsure when …

functional-programming monads  
asked by Grzegorz SÅ‚awecki 11 votes
answered by Tomas Petricek 12 votes

How to simulate a die given a fair coin

Suppose that you're given a fair coin and you would like to simulate the probability distribution of repeatedly flipping a fair (six-sided) die. My initial idea is that we need to choose appropriate …

probability-theory randomness sampling  
asked by probability_guy 10 votes
answered by FrankW 21 votes

Exponential-size numbers in NP completeness reduction

In the proof of Theorem 4 in [GS'12], the authors reduce an instance of PARTITION to their problem. Therefore, they create for each element $a_i$ in the instance of PARTITION a number $2^{c \cdot …

complexity-theory reductions np-hard  
asked by user1742364 5 votes
answered by Kaveh 2 votes

Difference between weak and strong AI

I'm trying to understand the difference between weak and strong AI. For an example, let's say we would pass the turing test - would it show strong AI or weak AI then? I don't believe that this is …

terminology artificial-intelligence  
asked by Regnard 4 votes
answered by David Richerby 4 votes

Probabilistic hardness of approximation or solution of NP-hard optimization problems under a probabilistic generative model for input data

So in biology (DNA sequences), sequence alignment is a generalization of longest common subsequence where an alignment of two sequences is scored typically with a linear function of how many spaces …

complexity-theory reference-request np-hard approximation average-case  
asked by user2566092 4 votes
answered by Yuval Filmus 3 votes

Complexity of Linear Diophantine equations

My question is simply, can linear Diophantine equations be solved in polynomial time? Specifically, I am looking at equations of the form $a_1 x_1+a_2 x_2 + ... + a_n x_n = k$, where $a_i,x_i,k$ are …

complexity-theory time-complexity polynomial-time integers  
asked by John Jenkins 4 votes
answered by D.W. 4 votes

what would be the drawbacks of lecturing two programming languages simultaneously?

One colleage came with the idea/comment that it would be useful to lecture two programming languages, eg. Java and Scheme, at the same time while lecturing an Introduction to Programming course aimed …

reference-request programming-languages education didactics  
asked by Layla 4 votes
answered by Wandering Logic 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

In basic terms, what is the definition of P, NP, NP-Complete, and NP-Hard?

I'm in a course about computing and complexity, and am unable to understand what these terms mean. All I know is that np is a subset of np complete which is a subset of np hard... but I have no idea …

complexity-theory terminology p-vs-np reference-question  
asked by agent154 64 votes
answered by Kaveh 105 votes

How not to solve P=NP?

There are lots of attempts at proving either $\mathsf{P} = \mathsf{NP} $ or $\mathsf{P} \neq \mathsf{NP}$, and naturally many people think about the question, having ideas for proving either …

complexity-theory reference-request history p-vs-np reference-question  
asked by Raphael 45 votes
answered by Opt 39 votes

Can you answer these?

Scalable quantum computation vs Uncertainty Principle

What does it means for a Quantum Computer to be scalable? I see a zero sum game between Quantum physics measurement being unpredictable and Quantum computing being scalable (and classically …

quantum-computing oracle-machines scalable measurement  
asked by Hernan_eche 2 votes

Applications of min spanning trees

What are the significant applications of minimum spanning trees? After doing some research online and in several textbooks, I have found three real-world applications: Building a connected network. …

graphs spanning-trees weighted-graphs applied-theory  
asked by D.W. 2 votes

Sorting with gaps

Suppose we have a directory containing $N$ files whose names are numerals, but not necessarily contiguous numerals. Let's say for concreteness that each file contains an email message, each of which …

algorithms sorting  
asked by Mark Dominus 3 votes
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