Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter
Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

If you 'caramelize' an onion, does an onion contain sugar?

I love the taste of lightly fried sliced onion. I've heard this referred to as 'caramelizing' the onion. Is there sugar in the layers of an onion that is changed to caramel, or is this just a ...

frying onions  
asked by hawkeye 9 votes
answered by rumtscho 23 votes

How should I choose my next step as a cook?

I'm a reasonably competent home cook: I can roast a chicken, bake bread, improvise a dinner with what's in the fridge, etc, but I'm looking to step up my game a bit. How do I look at a recipe and ...

asked by crmdgn 6 votes
answered by Jefromi 7 votes

Can cheap vodka be used for cooking (with good results)?

A friend left about half of a bottle of some questionable, admittedly very cheap plastic-bottle of 80-proof grain vodka at my house. I should have remembered the name, but I'll edit it in when I get ...

asked by player3 5 votes
answered by logophobe 7 votes

Melting Temperature of Mozzarella Cheese?

I would like to take a 1 pound block of store bought low moisture whole milk mozzarella (Poly O or Dragone), gently melt it in a sous vide without breaking down the milk from the fat, roll it out to ...

temperature melting mozzarella  
asked by user35017 5 votes
answered by moscafj 4 votes

Can I cook a slow cooker recipe on high instead of low, but for shorter time?

This morning, I was supposed to prepare our chili recipe for tonight in the slow cooker, but I have forgotten. Now it's too late to start the recipe as usual and cook it on low. However, it's not ...

cooking-time slow-cooking  
asked by Zibbobz 5 votes
answered by Sobachatina 13 votes

Raised brown spots on garlic

Occasionally I'll get a clove of garlic that has small brown spots on it. When there are a couple spots, I cut them off and use the rest of the garlic. Sometimes there will be A LOT of spots and ...

asked by Brooke 5 votes
answered by Cindy 0 votes

Is it okay to put a hot pan on a granite counter?

Is it okay to put a hot pan/pot on a granite counter? Or will it burn it? I don't know if there's a sealer on it.

equipment granite  
asked by Jemmeh 4 votes
answered by Fabby 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the difference between latte, mocha, and all the other drinks on a coffee-house menu?

There are many different coffee-based drinks on an average coffee-house menu. But what makes them different from each other? What are the differences / distinguishing characteristics between: latte, ...

asked by KatieK 9 votes
answered by Chris Cudmore 13 votes

How to smoke chicken without it coming out tough?

We bought a smoker and it has been fabulous for doing ribs. However, when we've tried to do chicken in it, it comes out "leathery" and tough. I have had smoked chicken at other people's homes that was ...

chicken smoking  
asked by Ann MacDonald 6 votes
answered by Sean Hart 5 votes

Can you answer these?

Baked tortilla chips: how to make them quicker and more consistent?

I like to make corn tortilla chips by cutting up store-bought tortillas and baking them at 350 for ~20-25 minutes without oil or salt. However, I've found that the last few minutes are highly variable ...

baking tortilla-chips  
asked by Chester 4 votes

What kind of cabbage to use in cabbage poriyal (Indian stir-fry)?

I tried making this with a savoy cabbage, and it tastes like Irish cabbage - the spices were overwhelmed by the cabbage taste. When I have had this dish in Indian restaurants, the cabbage taste is ...

indian-cuisine stir-fry cabbage  
asked by Ganlin Jin 1 vote
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