Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter
Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is it safe to deep fry two turkeys in the same oil for Thanksgiving?

Should you deep fry two turkeys in the same oil or is it better to use fresh oil for the second turkey?

food-safety deep-frying turkey  
asked by user29579 6 votes
answered by ElendilTheTall 6 votes

How (or is) "low & slow" turkey safe?

If I slow-cook a turkey over low, low heat for 12-18 hours, how does it stay "safe" when the turkey has been in the danger zone for a large majority of the cooking time? I've been slow-cooking ...

food-safety slow-cooking turkey  
asked by Robert Cartaino 5 votes
answered by Josh 3 votes

Which end of the cucumber should I save for later?

When using only the half of a cucumber, which end of the cucumber should I save for later use, the stem end or the blossom end?

storage-method vegetables  
asked by arlene 4 votes
answered by GdD 2 votes

Difference between two cleavers - straight back vs curved

Hopefully this is a quick, simple question. What is the effective difference between a traditional cleaver (something like this) and a straight back cleaver (like this)? I can't tell if the curved ...

asked by Matthew 4 votes
answered by Doug 2 votes

How to make gingerbread more moist and fluffy?

I have a gingerbread recipe ( I recently made with gluten free flour and honey instead of white sugar. While it was somewhat moist I wanted to make ...

baking gingerbread  
asked by binarylegit 4 votes
answered by Doug 1 vote

Working with sticky dough for pizza making

I made a pizza dough with a recipe containing: 20 ounces of wheat, 2.25 teaspoon of Salt, 1/2 teaspoon of active yeast, 12 ounces water. After a good time of kneading, I let it rise for around 2 ...

dough pizza non-stick wheat kneading  
asked by samyb8 3 votes
answered by Jolenealaska 3 votes

How keep prepared courgette fresh?

I am making a pasta dish at school that has courgette in it. The recipe says grate the courgette and because I don't have much time at school to do it, I want to do it at home. I do not know how to ...

asked by Mia 3 votes
answered by Jolenealaska 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to cook a pork sirloin roast?

I picked up a pork sirloin roast yesterday, it's a little over three pounds. I've never cooked one of these before and I am not sure what to do. My seasoning plan is salt, pepper, thyme, and ...

pork roast  
asked by Josh Stodola 7 votes
answered by Sean Hart 14 votes

omelettes and scrambled eggs - How long can I store them?

Is it a good idea to keep make a lot of them and keep them in the refrigerator? I like them for breakfast but I don't like cooking every morning. For how long I can keep them?

eggs storage-lifetime scrambled-eggs omelette  
asked by Fitri 5 votes
answered by daniel 8 votes

Can you answer these?

removing breast before roasting rest of duck?

I ordered a duck to roast for Thanksgiving. When I picked it up, it was much larger than I had expected. Since there will only be two of us eating, I was wondering if it would be possible to remove ...

duck thanksgiving  
asked by ADaniels 3 votes

Cooking Ramen noodles in broth or not?

I was wondering if there’s a downside in cooking ramen noodles directly in the broth it will served in. From the recipes I see, ramen noodles are cooked in slightly salted water and then incorporated ...

noodles broth ramen  
asked by Parneix 1 vote
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