Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter
Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Sprouts and "better-to-cut-out-parts" in vegetables

A while ago I read that "all the green parts in tomatoes" actually contain a not so healthy "active ingredient" which would be better not to eat. What I knew was that we couldn't digest those parts ...

food-safety vegetables food-science  
asked by Noldor130884 8 votes
answered by Willem van Rumpt 10 votes

Lamian (Hand Pulled Noodles) Technique Question

I have been learning and working on creating Lamian (拉麵) for a year now, and it has been quite an adventure! I had little experience working with dough coming into this, so despite many failed ...

dough noodles kneading  
asked by DBPriGuy 7 votes
answered by rumtscho 2 votes

Is wood a good alternative to charcoal for bbq fuel?

Instead of buying lump or briquette charcoal every time, can I just burn some birch and use that as the heat for my charcoal bbq?

bbq charcoal  
asked by Kaushik 6 votes
answered by Cindy 2 votes

Is it possible to use Coffee Mill for other grain?

I'm in Argentina here I cannot fing buckwheat flour so I bought instead buckwheat grain and I want to mill it to get flour.... but I don't arrive to find a tradicional Mill (at a cheap price) I want ...

flour grains milling  
asked by Christophe Debove 5 votes
answered by Wayfaring Stranger 4 votes

Why do milk products stay fresh longer when stored in glass?

Over the years I have noticed that when I buy milk in glass bottles it will stay fresh-tasting longer than milk bought in plastic jugs or paperboard cartons. This includes other milk products such as ...

storage-lifetime milk glass containers  
asked by Cindy 4 votes
answered by Jemmeh 3 votes

How to extract raw honey from honeycomb?

We recently had to get a swarm of bees removed from our house and moved to an appropriate lodging. We have been left with about 2kg of honeycomb - some of it clean, some of it with old ...

honey raw honeycomb  
asked by walbuc 4 votes

What do these additions to common spice mixes do with your dish?

Where I live, supermarkets sell all sorts of "spice mixes" for specific dishes, like "taco mix" or "spaghetti mix". I used to buy these, but then at some point started experimenting myself and stopped ...

asked by Erik 4 votes
answered by Willem van Rumpt 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is a good substitute for Fish Sauce?

Are there any good substitutes for Fish Sauce for cooking Thai food? This is due to a severe food allergy (anaphylaxis) to all forms of seafood, so I'm unable to substitute for other fish-based ...

substitutions fish asian-cuisine  
asked by Todd Hunter 17 votes
answered by JustRightMenus 23 votes

What temperature to cook a pork tenderloin at?

What temperature do you normally cook a pork tenderloin at? I was searching on the internet and saw anywhere from 325°F (165°C) to 450°F (230°C) and couldn't seem to find a good answer. Also, does ...

pork temperature  
asked by amurra 3 votes
answered by mrwienerdog 5 votes

Can you answer these?

Can I boil a yogurt marinade if I add cornstarch?

I'm making tikka masala tonight, and the chicken is marinating in a yogurt mixture. I've already made a sauce to eat it with, but I was wondering if there was a way to bring the marinade to a boil so ...

marinade yogurt  
asked by eternal 3 votes

Pan makes knocking noises

So today I went to a flea market and found a copper pan with a stainless steel lining. I cleaned it thoroughly and the first thing I wanted to try is to caramellize sugar (because of the lack of ...

pan frying-pan  
asked by Ching Chong 3 votes

Is it possible to make a jam-setting gelling agent at home?

Many jam and marmalade recipes call for a gelling agent in order to solidify the fruit-sugar mixture. While some fruits (like apples) may contain enough of a gelling agent (pectin) to solidify ...

substitutions jam gelling-agents  
asked by Stockfisch 1 vote
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