Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter
Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I make these cookies less sweet without ruining the texture?

I've finally found a snickerdoodle recipe that results in cookies with that perfect "bite": a crispy outside -- not crunchy, but an almost-infinitesimal stiffness that resists your teeth just a little ...

sugar cookies texture  
asked by Marti 6 votes
answered by sourd'oh 2 votes

Filtered or non-filtered soymilk maker?

In the process of making soymilk for drinking it, using it as diary replacement in vegan cooking or preparing tofu, one have to strain the mixture to remove the okara. There are lot of soymilk makers ...

vegan tofu soymilk  
asked by user67182 5 votes
answered by sourd'oh 5 votes

When is a food considered a delicacy?

I had an interesting discussion today during lunch on when a food can actually be 'declared' a delicacy. Is there someone saying "this is hereby to be put on the delicacy-list", or is this something ...

asked by Nicklas Winger 5 votes
answered by rumtscho 2 votes

Simple syrup end result

When making a simple syrup, my ratio was four cups water to three cups sugar, what is the end volume? I ask because i messed up a drink recipe by measuring the next step against the amount of the ...

asked by user6591 5 votes
answered by Jolenealaska 5 votes

How do I make my sourdough bread dough stretchy and not have it tear?

I've been trying to make chewy sourdough bread and it's not going as planned. I read somewhere that if you mix and knead the bread a lot and avoid adding a lot of sugar and use a lot of water that ...

bread sourdough  
asked by Creature 5 votes
answered by Didgeridrew 4 votes

How to honey roast peanuts? Here it is mentioned that peanuts should not be raw. Why? When I will put them in the oven, they will get roasted. Why does that link want me to not ...

asked by TheIndependentAquarius 4 votes
answered by Stephen Eure 3 votes

Cleaning silver with aluminum

Will the silver get broken down (disappear a little bit) when cleaning silver utensils with boiling water, baking soda and aluminium?

baking-soda silver  
asked by Enthuziast 4 votes
answered by Didgeridrew 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How much turkey should I plan per person?

For the holidays, I plan to do a turkey, but I need to order in advance since the place I'm buying from is popular and usually sells out in pre-orders. Estimates of how much turkey to plan per person ...

turkey menu-planning thanksgiving  
asked by Yamikuronue 6 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 4 votes

How long is it safe to drink coffee after brewed?

How many hours/days would you recommend to drink coffee (after brewed) and consider it safe? (For example if you don't want to waste it). What is the difference if it is refrigerated or not? The ...

food-safety storage-lifetime coffee  
asked by Javier 19 votes
answered by Satanicpuppy 10 votes

Can you answer these?

Why does a cold saturated sugar solution melt chocolate?

In this YouTube video at 3m22s, a chocolate easter egg melts when a cold saturated sugar solution is poured into it. Why does a cold sugar solution melt the chocolate? I would totally understand if ...

asked by Stacey 2 votes

Cooking pork roast ahead of time for Christmas?

I need to take a rolled loin pork roast to Christmas lunch. I will cook it at home and take it with me but we will not be eating until an hour after we arrive. My question is, how do I cook the roast ...

asked by user31146 1 vote

Why isn't glass ideal for the fermentation of sauerkraut?

I last made sauerkraut over 20 years ago, so embarking on it again I did some reading and chose an Alton Brown recipe. He specifically calls for the fermentation to be done in a plastic container. ...

equipment fermentation  
asked by Jolenealaska 3 votes
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