Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter
Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Which acid is the most effective against oxidation of avocados?

After this question: Are limes and lime juice more acidic than lemons and lemon juice?, I'm curious. After Logophobe's answer to that question, and my own research backing up that answer, I feel like …

storage-method acidity  
asked by Jolenealaska 45 votes
answered by Jolenealaska 81 votes

How to protect honey jar from ants?

Is there any technique to prevent ants from getting into a honey jar? The outside of the jar is covered with dead ants every day. Currently, I am wiping the surface of jar with a wet cloth before …

asked by Mr_Green 10 votes
answered by Ronak Bhatt 14 votes

Are there similar scales like the Scoville scale?

Are there any scales that have been applied to any of the five basic tastes or other types of food sensations that have been quantified based on their affect on people, similar to the Scoville scale? …

flavor tasting  
asked by Aaron 6 votes
answered by Athanasius 9 votes

rice warming & safe

I'm making an stir fry Hawaiian rice recipe and would like to prepare the rice ahead of time. I'm reading about the dangers of warming rice. Can I safety put the rice in an slow cooker on warm for …

rice crockpot  
asked by Terri 4 votes
answered by jsanc623 0 votes

How much can I change the height of a cake?

It's pretty common to find cake recipes with pans that don't match the size of pans you have. I know ideally you would make sure total area of the pans is the same as in the original recipe, so that …

baking cake recipe-scaling  
asked by Jefromi 4 votes
answered by Cindy Askew 3 votes

Does sugar go bad?

The package of sugar cubes I use have an expiry date. Even 2 months after the expiry, I cant taste any difference. Does sugar actually go bad, and should I throw away sugar past its expiry? Also, if …

asked by user87166 4 votes
answered by Mischa Arefiev 3 votes

Can I substitute vegetable oil for olive oil?

I have vegetable oil but my recipe calls for olive oil. Will it make a difference to use the vegetable oil? Also, what would the conversion be? I'm trying to make a homemade pizza crust without yeast …

substitutions oil olive-oil  
asked by Brandie 3 votes
answered by Jolenealaska 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to stop my cupcakes from sticking to their cupcake wrappers?

I have found that every time I make cupcakes (or muffins, cornbread & hot dog muffins, etc) that the paper liner sticks to the finished cupcake. I know its not me because the Tim Hortons 'muffins' …

baking cupcakes  
asked by Kyra 15 votes
answered by derobert 15 votes

What can be done to thin chocolate for dipping?

I have been dipping chocolates for many years. I recently tried a new brand of chocolate that has a fantasic flavor, but it is thicker than I'd like when melted. I know adding cocoa butter will help, …

chocolate melting-chocolate  
asked by Juju 8 votes
answered by vwiggins 5 votes

Can you answer these?

Sous vide whole salmon at what temperature?

If I'm doing salmon fillets then I'll normally do 50c for 25 minutes, but a whole salmon is a different kettle of fish. I've done sous vide whole salmon on several occasions and I do 55c for 3 hours …

food-safety sous-vide salmon  
asked by Will Calderwood 2 votes

Sprinkles on rolled icing

we are about to decorate some cup cakes and want to know the best way to put sprinkles onto rolled icing without the colours running or the sprinkles falling off They will be no. 3's and they will be …

asked by Allie 1 vote

Why did my toasted acorn squash seeds smell like chocolate?

I recently toasted some acorn squash seeds in my toaster and, to my surprise, when I opened the toaster I got the unmistakable aroma of chocolate. A friend readily confirmed that they did indeed smell …

chocolate squash toasting  
asked by templatetypedef 1 vote
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