Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter
Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why would I buy a rice cooker?

A friend of mine I'm getting an apartment with next year said that we should invest in a rice cooker. I'm fairly adept in the kitchen and don't come from a family that uses a rice cooker so I would ...

rice rice-cooker  
asked by Throsby 17 votes
answered by Sara 32 votes

Rolling boil has barely any steam?

I'm trying to reduce a sauce I've got but I noticed something interesting. When I raise the heat so the sauce is at a full rolling boil, there is barely any steam coming out so I presume there is ...

asked by Trogdor 13 votes
answered by Stephie 23 votes

Can dried shrimp be used as a substitute for shrimp paste in a recipe for thai curry paste?

I'd like to make my own thai red curry and green curry pastes but both of these call for shrimp paste which isn't widely available in my country. I do have a packet of small dried shrimp (with ...

substitutions thai-cuisine  
asked by Ilovethaifood 7 votes
answered by setek 5 votes

Why do patterns appear on tempered chocolate?

Sometimes, during a single session, spots and lines may appear on tempered chocolate. This seems to happen with the first third of production. Chocolates produced later in the batch do not exhibit ...

chocolate melting-chocolate tempering  
asked by Paul Guyot 6 votes
answered by Aaronut 12 votes

How do you apply colored sugar just to the raised image on a cookie

I bake a LOT of cookies, but tend to gravitate toward the soft and chewy type - normally a drop cookie but I have also done rolled and pressed cookies. Recently my daughter asked me to make a cookie ...

asked by user33920 6 votes
answered by Stephie 8 votes

How long does yeast live after baking?

I am pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I need to know for sure to settle an argument with someone... Is yeast still active after the bread has been baked and cooled?

asked by LiddyLady 6 votes
answered by Sobachatina 8 votes

Can you make sourdough starter without throwing any away?

I'm curious if you can make the sourdough starter by adding flour to it, in a sense doubling the volume each time. So many recipes I see in books and online require you to throw almost half of it in ...

bread sourdough  
asked by erotavlas 5 votes
answered by user33830 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How much turkey should I plan per person?

For the holidays, I plan to do a turkey, but I need to order in advance since the place I'm buying from is popular and usually sells out in pre-orders. Estimates of how much turkey to plan per person ...

turkey menu-planning thanksgiving  
asked by Yamikuronue 6 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 4 votes

What is a substitute for red or white wine in a recipe?

If someone cannot or will not use wine for cooking, what would be a good substitute? Question applies to both red and white wine.

substitutions alcohol wine  
asked by JustRightMenus 15 votes
answered by JustRightMenus 13 votes

Can you answer this?

How can i optimize the use of my convection oven?

Is there a resource i can use to learn how to bake in my convection oven? I know that it can improve the results greatly and i am just not understanding it.

baking oven convection  
asked by Di Bar 1 vote
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