Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter
Seasoned Advice Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is there a quick, easy, mess-free way to peel an orange?

Just what the title says, I don't enjoy getting my fingers all messy and I don't like getting a lot of pith. Is there a better way than just...peeling?

peeling oranges  
asked by Jolenealaska 32 votes
answered by Jolenealaska 39 votes

What is the meaning of the term whole grain?

Often I have read that whole grains are healthy. So, what is a whole grain and what is a non-whole grain? The Pasta I have says "Durum wheat" as the ingredient. What should I understand by that?

language grains  
asked by TheIndependentAquarius 11 votes
answered by Jolenealaska 20 votes

Black Beans - Toss the soak water?

I'm making a two pounds of dry black beans by: Sorting out the rocks, dirt, malformed beans Washing any dirt or mud from the remaining beans Soaking for only 1 hour in 2 gallons of water and 2 ...

asked by DaaBoss 7 votes
answered by Athanasius 6 votes

Why does microwave popcorn burn?

I've been experimenting some with do it yourself microwave popcorn, and some trouble getting the 'burn time' right has led me to a question that I can't find a good, definitive answer to. What is the ...

food-science popcorn  
asked by Joe M 6 votes
answered by jbarker2160 5 votes

What makes Kewpie (Japanese) mayonnaise so different from Hellmann's?

According to Amazon, Kewpie mayonnaise contains vegetable oil, egg yolk, vinegar, salt, MSG and spices (no sugar). Hellmann's (which I specify only because it seems like it's the 'canonical" American ...

asked by Jolenealaska 6 votes
answered by Jolenealaska 6 votes

Unpeeled garlic cloves in French / Belgian cooking?

I am looking through some recipes that came with a French pressure cooker I just bought (in Belgium). It seems most of the recipes that use garlic ask for one or two upeeled garlic cloves ...

garlic peeling  
asked by Andrew Wagner 5 votes
answered by papin 2 votes

Can sarsaparilla and sassafras be substituted with licorice root?

I am trying to make root beer using natural ingredients, but sarsaparilla and sassafras root are difficult to get in my area. I found root beer recipes that used licorice root as an ingredient, and I ...

asked by Questioner 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I put raw ground beef in the crockpot when making chili?

When making chili in the crockpot, must the ground beef or turkey be precooked, or can I just throw everything in and cook it all day?

crockpot chili ground-beef  
asked by Linda 4 votes
answered by SAJ14SAJ 3 votes

How long does it take to warm a ham in the oven?

I bought a fully cooked ham. It was frozen, and it's now thawed. How long should I put in the oven to warm it up?

oven reheating ham  
asked by Laura Henson 4 votes
answered by Aaronut 3 votes

Can you answer these?

What were the primary reasons for different livestock consumption habits of countries and cultures?

Whilst visiting a friend in Germany recently he told me that the prevalence of pork in the German diet was because the winters often killed cattle and beef was not readily available. I began to ...

meat cultural-difference  
asked by Venture2099 2 votes

How to make Cheeze Burst Pizza same as Domino's?

I'm a true pizza lover and at Domino's they make a great style called "Cheese Burst", the only problem is I can't eat it due to religious reasons. As a Jain, I don't eat some common foods. For more ...

cheese pizza restaurant-mimicry  
asked by Hemang 1 vote

Reverse engineer the Perfect Japanese Omelet

I've come across this video of a very impressive japanese omelet and I've been trying to understand how it's done and what do I need to make it at home. I've seen this video reproducing the ...

eggs japanese-cuisine french-cuisine omelette  
asked by Juliano 4 votes
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