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Top new questions this week:

Do dreams repeat/continue? Or is it just a perception that a dream repeated?

During lucid dreaming, we sometimes feel that it is a repetition of (or in someway related to) a previous dream, but when we wake up, we can't recollect the first instance of such a dream. Why is this ...

memory dreams  
asked by Jayanth 2 votes
answered by Izhaki 4 votes

Peer relationships measurement

Is there a method for measuring peer relationships in university students (e.g., a questionnaire)? I am looking for a questionnaire that can be used to asses the level of peer relationship among ...

social-psychology measurement psychology  
asked by MeragioJay 1 vote
answered by Izhaki 0 votes

Why vision cannot count things instantly?

If vision can instantly "see" 30x30 grid, why does the brain often need to count rows and columns for understand there is 30 rows and 30 columns? Why does the brain fail to instantly count?

cognitive-psychology vision  
asked by Program Idea 1 vote
answered by Izhaki 0 votes

The article "Vector reconstruction from Firing Rates" of Abbott and Salinas

Is anyone familiar with this article? I am reading it, and it is basically very clear. But still, some points are not clear to me. For example, how is equation (7.1) in page 12: $Q_{i,j}^{-1} = ...

theoretical-neuroscience computational-modeling  
asked by MathBgu 1 vote
answered by honi 0 votes

What are the original paper(s)/reference(s) using lateral inhibition to explain simultaneous contrast?

I've seen a lot of textbooks and papers explain how lateral inhibition can account for simultaneous lightness contrast, but what is the original theory/papers that I could cite?

perception reference-request  
asked by LennaKB 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to reliably measure working memory capacity?

The capacity of human working memory is subject to individual differences. The number of items or chunks a person can retain in their memory may, have profound effects on a variety of other cognitive ...

memory measurement working-memory short-term-memory  
asked by crash 21 votes
answered by user1196 10 votes

What makes people easily subscribe to pseudoscientific theories?

There are many theories/disciplines that have been categorized as pseudoscience in the scientific community. The list includes many things that are regularly even quoted in media like graphology, ...

cognitive-psychology social-psychology motivation bias rationality  
asked by Forbidden Overseer 42 votes
answered by Artem Kaznatcheev 43 votes
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