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Top new questions this week:

Cognitive Science podcasts to follow

I'm currently trying to find interesting Cognitive Science related podcasts to follow. Only one I've found is You are not so smart. Does anyone know anything else? Preferably in English. If the ...

asked by devlero 6 votes
answered by Krysta 3 votes

How many dendrite connections vs axon terminals does a multipolar cerebral neuron have?

I find countless places that say neurons have tens of thousands of "connections" or "synapses" and one axon. Do neurons have tens of thousands of dendrite connections, and a few axon terminals; or a ...

asked by PhyloGenesis 4 votes
answered by Chris Stronks 2 votes

Why is sensory substitution not that successful

by successful I mean made it out to the large world market or being massively funded. After looking online it seems that the most relevant research is the one done by Bach-y-rita about the seeing with ...

perception plasticity  
asked by Mehdi 4 votes
answered by Chris Stronks 5 votes

Success cause passion more than passion cause success

What are the good psychology studies about this hypothesis ? From an evolutionary standpoint, it would makes sense on a group level. When a few people starts doing a new thing, if one a them sees ...

asked by Antoine D 3 votes

Can fMRI and EEG signals be generated from NEF models?

The basic function of the NEF is to map the outside world onto neurons, using the firing rates of the neurons. It also supports various neuron models. Have these firing rates been used to create EEG ...

neurobiology eeg fmri nef  
asked by Seanny123 3 votes
answered by Seanny123 3 votes

Is it conceivable to transmit all sound information in the tactile modality?

You may have heard of Evelyn Glennie, an acclaimed solo virtuoso percussionist. She has been profoundly deaf from the age of 12, but learned to differentiate pitch tactilely. She had absolute pitch, ...

asked by Timothée Behra 2 votes
answered by Chris Stronks 1 vote

What is the difference between a biological and behaviorist perspective in psychology?

I was recently reading through a textbook and was unable to clearly identify the differences between the two due to a vague definition of both. Can someone provide an in-depth explanation of the two ...

neurobiology behaviorism  
asked by EMathS 2 votes
answered by Josh 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

By learning to read and write upside down, what did I do to myself?

If you've ever read Encyclopedia Brown books, you'll be familiar with the backwards writing in the back of the book that explains the solution to the case. When I was in my mid-late teens (I don't ...

cognitive-psychology learning motor transfer  
asked by Wayne Werner 37 votes
answered by Jeromy Anglim 37 votes

Does writing something down help memorize it?

This is a question inspired by this recent question on the Chinese Language & Usage website. Someone asked why they needed to learn how to write Chinese characters, since today we mostly use ...

cognitive-psychology memory writing encoding  
asked by this.lau_ 45 votes
answered by Ben Brocka 42 votes

Can you answer these?

Is 1st person perspective useless, may it be eliminated?

If it is true, modern cognitive science tries to find a 3rd person description of the mind, is the 1st person perspective (what philosophers may call phenomenon or qualia) completely useless in ...

cognitive-neuroscience methodology philosophy-of-mind  
asked by Ingo 1 vote

What is the evolutionary purpose of envy?

I am seeking for a general explanation within the context of evolutionary psychology. 1) What is the purpose of envy? 2) Is it safe to assume that experiences with envy should reach a maximum ...

social-psychology emotion evolutionary-psychology  
asked by sigma 1 vote

Effectiveness of implicit measures of deception (e.g., sweating, eye focus, EEG) when filling out online questionnaire

I'm working in my master thesis on a method of detecting user deception or lying when answering online questionnaires using his implicit feedback like sweating, eye focus, EEG etc. I would like if ...

cognitive-psychology experimental-psychology eeg deception  
asked by tikend 2 votes
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