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Top new questions this week:

How can we be formed by our childhood's environment if we don't remember much of it?

Studies with rats showed that the most licking ones in childhood were the most licked in adulthood [1]. Also many psychologist says that this is the part of our live where our personality is created ...

cognitive-neuroscience brain-development  
asked by Probably 4 votes
answered by Arnon Weinberg 1 vote

EEG data processing: large data file seems empty

We have been running an experiment trying to collect ABR data using the Brainvision EP-PreAmp and Actichamp system. We ran several successful tests with short versions of our experiment, about 10-15 ...

methodology eeg data  
asked by psychologue 4 votes

What are 'gap junctions' (electrical synapses) for?

I was reading this and I found the following sentences: Apart from chemical synapses neurons can also be coupled by electrical synapses, so-called gap junctions. Specialized membrane proteins make ...

neurobiology neurophysiology  
asked by Sydney Maples 3 votes
answered by AliceD 4 votes

What's the effect of color on responses to a Likert scale?

We're implementing comment cards on our site that contain a simple Likert-type scale that uses colored buttons (red, orange, yellow, light green, green), to denote the range of negative to positive ...

asked by vdelsign 3 votes

Calculate criterion values for each confidence level (within SDT)

Take a 2AFC task, where people also give a measure of confidence. In the framework of signal detection theory, the criterion values for each confidence level are simply additional criteria, placed on ...

asked by elisa 3 votes

What is Psychoanalysis

I came across the term while browsing forums, google didn't offer a direct response. It would be much appreciated if you could explain the general idea and post external links

asked by Wulfinite 2 votes
answered by Wad Cheber 3 votes

What is "perceptual competence"?

I have no idea what perceptual competence is? Does anyone know about it? I found no information about it on the web.

perception terminology intelligence  
asked by user9197 2 votes
answered by AliceD 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What makes people easily subscribe to pseudoscientific theories?

There are many theories/disciplines that have been categorized as pseudoscience in the scientific community. The list includes many things that are regularly even quoted in media like graphology, ...

cognitive-psychology social-psychology motivation bias rationality  
asked by Forbidden Overseer 42 votes
answered by Artem Kaznatcheev 42 votes

Why does a person feel sad without knowing the reason?

I have known people to behave in a way they despise, and they don't know why.

emotion clinical-psychology  
asked by whatever 4 votes
answered by Arnon Weinberg 6 votes

Can you answer these?

What happens in the brain upon a subsequent exposure to a desired stimulus within a short time?

I'm trying to understand what happens within a person's brain when a focus on an object of desire is temporarily disrupted by an outside event. In particular, what happens when the person focuses on ...

cognitive-psychology cognitive-neuroscience behavior reward  
asked by Alex Stone 2 votes

Which animals are thought to possess some degree of a theory of mind?

Most dog owners would insist that their dogs have a strong theory of mind, and I have read abstracts that support this idea - for instance, a dog who knows better than to snatch a piece of forbidden ...

animal-cognition theory-of-the-mind  
asked by Wad Cheber 1 vote

Why do some people react verbally to intrusive thoughts and/or embarrassing memories?

It seems to me that there are two kinds of intrusive thoughts. The first consists of those thoughts that didn't actually occur in real life, but are nonetheless intrusive and embarrassing and ...

social-psychology abnormal-psychology behavior  
asked by Sydney Maples 2 votes
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