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Top new questions this week:

Would courts sentence differently if we used a different numeral system?

I hear a lot in the media about people sentenced to go to jail for a number of years divisible by 10. Does our numeral system affect it? Would courts sentence the same if we counted - for example - ...

asked by user123i 5 votes

What are the consequences of prolonged cognitive dissonance?

We know that situations that induce cognitive dissonance cause a variety of interesting behaviors in humans. But do we know why relieving cognitive dissonance is such a powerful motivator? What ...

cognitive-psychology social-psychology cognitive-dissonance  
asked by Justas 4 votes

How do neurons decide how to alter their output signals?

In computer science, neural networks are trained using backpropagation and other methods. Backpropagation heavily relies on mathematical formulas to describe how the weights should be changed ...

neurobiology learning neurophysiology  
asked by The Beanstalk 4 votes
answered by lnNoam 5 votes

Can neuroscience tell us something about the limits of mathematics?

Mathematics is an activity that is based on thinking and therefore on neurons that fire in certain patterns. Can this tell us something about the foundations and limitations of mathematics?

philosophy-of-mind mathematical-ability  
asked by mcb 3 votes
answered by lnNoam 0 votes

What is the role of Chloride (Cl- ions) in membrane potential?

This Membrane Potential article mentions only that Cl- ion is used to model inhibitory GABA synapses. Does it have another role besides hyper-polarizing the cell due to inhibitory neurotransmitter ...

neurobiology computational-modeling electrophysiology  
asked by Justas 3 votes
answered by xelo747 3 votes

Are younger people less capable of driving?

I've seen articles saying that teen drivers have the most accidents out of every age group. Those articles also claim that teen drivers are less capable of driving as their brains are less developed ...

asked by Bob 3 votes
answered by Sydney Maples 5 votes

Intentionally making ourselves remember things that never happened

I've been reading an interesting book which makes mostly founded claims. However, there is no reference to any studies in regards to one of the following claims: according to the author, visualizing ...

memory long-term-memory visualization  
asked by user1999728 3 votes
answered by Umer Vakil 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do people suddenly look back if you look at them for a while?

You possibly are familiar with the following situation, I do not know if this is a researched phenomena or not however. You look straight at somebody for some time and suddenly, even though he or she ...

cognitive-psychology social-psychology human-factors  
asked by Jakob Abfalter 7 votes
answered by what 12 votes

Why does a person feel sad without knowing the reason?

I have known people to behave in a way they despise, and they don't know why.

emotion clinical-psychology  
asked by metacompactness 3 votes
answered by Arnon Weinberg 6 votes

Can you answer these?

How long does it take to learn to cane travel?

How long does it take the average person (either sighted or blind) to learn to use the guide cane successfully for mobility purposes? Source: Lions. Because required training times will depend on ...

learning sensation perceptual-learning rehabilitation  
asked by AliceD 1 vote

What are the IQ correlations between relatives?

Bouchard and McGue (1981) wrote a review article (linked here) that summarized the correlations between relatives. McGue asserted in a recent talk (that I'm not able to link) that he's not aware of ...

intelligence iq correlation  
asked by user1205901 1 vote

Why does appreciation make us happy?

Why does one crave facebook likes or a pat on the back. Our actions are always governed by this phenomenon, and I don't understand why.

emotion personality  
asked by user2012643 2 votes
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