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Top new questions this week:

Why is working memory so small?

I know that the concept of working memory may be subject to discussion. Still, there is a storage capacity limit. This is a real mystery to me. Working memory is known to be positively correlated to …

cognitive-modeling working-memory  
asked by brumar 4 votes
answered by Eoin 3 votes

How does the brain read rotated text?

Suppose a human ran across a letter written at a 45 degree angle. How does the brain read this text? Most people don't often see text written at an angle, so it seems safe to assume that the brain …

perception cognitive-neuroscience vision  
asked by Victor Lyuboslavsky 4 votes
answered by Lofo 7 votes

Does limiting mental activity during the day increase mental performance later in the day?

Is there any scientific evidence to support the idea that you only have so much cognitive energy in a given day; and if so, would the mental abilities of someone who focuses on as little as possible …

cognitive-psychology intelligence metacognition  
asked by user1477388 3 votes

Does not seeing sunlight for several days impair moral judgment and lower mood?

Background: In winter, daytime is very short where I live. A few months ago, due to a bad sleeping habit, I had not seen sunlight for almost a month. Then I noticed some strange things had been …

emotion moral-psychology mood  
asked by Dulguun Lst 3 votes
answered by ShortHandPad 0 votes

Why are the Big Five factors of personality correlated?

One of main characteristics of Five Factor Model is that factors are not orthogonal as in some other personality models. Why it is tolerated that those factors are not independent? Is it possible to …

measurement personality test  
asked by ICanFeelIt 2 votes
answered by AlexR 4 votes

Does stress impair your short term memory?

I have noticed frequently, when in a very stressful situation (particularly emotional stress), I will forget things very quickly. To give an example: Recently, I got in a heated argument with a …

memory stress short-term-memory  
asked by Johnathan Jones 2 votes
answered by Lofo 3 votes

SSRI and Antipsychotic Effect on Cognitive Functions

Does taking SSRI and antipsychotic result in cognitive dysfunctions? What should happen to restore the Cognitive functions like problem solving skills, thinking, memory? What are the most effective …

cognitive-psychology cognitive-neuroscience  
asked by Ahmed Saleh 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do people say they hate drama?

On social sites sometimes people will state, "I hate drama!", as if to say "if you cause drama, please go away." My theory is the people who say this, in fact, actually like drama... as evidenced by …

asked by Randy 6 votes
answered by Chuck Sherrington 3 votes

Does evidence support Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs (shown below) is a popular concept and is often taught in basic psychology courses, and often less objectively taught in Business and Marketing courses. A common problem …

cognitive-psychology motivation  
asked by Ben Brocka 26 votes
answered by Richard 16 votes

Can you answer these?

What are the common components of other cognitive architectures and the Semantic Pointer Architecture

In the papers I've read about it, the Semantic Pointer Architecture (SPA) embodied in Spaun is said to be more biologically plausible than many other proposed architectures such as the Neural …

theoretical-neuroscience computational-modeling  
asked by Seanny123 4 votes

How to compare tasks completed by neural architectures objectively?

When I first saw this video of Spaun and the tasks it can complete (solving the Towers of Hanoi problem, completing the Raven matrices), I was really impressed, but then I realized I didn't really …

theoretical-neuroscience computational-modeling  
asked by Seanny123 2 votes
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