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Top new questions this week:

Are some facial features more important than others in human facial recognition?

I'm often surprised by the human ability to correctly identify other individuals despite significant modifications due to ageing, hairstyle, injury etc. But, sometimes the addition of a beard and a ...

perception vision  
asked by Aidan Rocke 3 votes

The role of Anticipation in acquisition, consolidation, retrieval of memory

I was wondering if there is any neurological/neuropsychological difference between the anticipation of an event to come, and the remembrance of that event. More specifically, is there any difference ...

memory long-term-memory working-memory  
asked by Jean-François Rioux 3 votes

What to call theory where next activity following a fun activity is also perceived as fun?

What is the name of the theory that states: "if someone is having fun beforehand, the next activity they do will also seem fun regardless of what the activity is." so like continuing fun... Any ...

cognitive-psychology social-psychology emotion mood  
asked by Lana 2 votes
answered by DesignerAnalyst 0 votes

What is the relationship between neurotransmitter release and resting potential in retinal bipolar cells?

Retinal bipolar cells are known to have resting potentials from which they can become more or less polarized. What I'm wondering is whether a bipolar cell's neurotransmitter-release rate is zero when ...

neurobiology vision  
asked by visual-kinetic 2 votes

How are these review-forgetting curve calculated?

I saw quite some illustration about how reviewing helps remembering. Like: SOURCE: I wonder how are these ...

asked by pinxue 2 votes
answered by Jeromy Anglim 1 vote

Name for compulsive need to mimic another's symptoms of illness?

I'm trying to research a particular issue that arises as a side effect of anxiety and depression. I'm finding it tricky to get information, mostly because I'm not sure what it's technically called (if ...

depression anxiety  
asked by Oliver 1 vote

How to work on a research problem while sleeping?

Put it more formally, how to let your mind subconsciously work on a research problem when you are not actively thinking about it, e.g., during sleep, dinner, walking, or shower? Often I hear stories ...

asked by sinoTrinity 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where to post online psychology studies for participant recruitment?

A common challenge when running psychological studies is getting enough participants. Of course, there are many general strategies for recruiting participants, but I was specifically interested in ...

methodology internet sampling  
asked by Jeromy Anglim 7 votes
answered by Jeromy Anglim 7 votes

What is the current "accepted" science behind dream interpretation?

I'm doing some casual reading about dream interpretation (meaning I'm reading the wikipedia entry) and the article mentions that there are several ways of thinking about dreams from a psychological ...

cognitive-psychology dreams jung psychoanalysis  
asked by Rahul 21 votes
answered by Andy DeSoto 20 votes

Can you answer these?

Automatically register data from paper forms

I'm going to perform an experiment in which we're using a lot of different paper forms to collect data, all of them with multiple choice designs. Is there any way to automatically register this data ...

methodology experimental-psychology  
asked by Speldosa 1 vote

Determining the position of the calcium ion in the three dimensional space

Is it possible to determine the position of a single calcium ion or its population in the context of a three dimensional space with relatively good time frequency, say 1 Hz, taking into account ...

neurobiology theoretical-neuroscience computational-modeling  
asked by bluevoxel 1 vote

What's the difference between divisive and soft normalization?

I know that recursive neural integrators (let me know if I need to clarify this term) can be considers soft normalizers, since their feedback loop means that any stimulus eventually saturates the ...

asked by Seanny123 2 votes
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