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Top new questions this week:

Research on aversion to cognitive effort?

I was reading Danny K's recent book for fun (Thinking Fast and Slow, 2011), and he suggests briefly that some people's reliance on their intuitions (i.e., "System 1") might sometimes indicate a sort ...

asked by mrt 6 votes
answered by Umer Vakil 8 votes

Correlation between BIS and BAS responses

As a part of my lab experiment, participants had to answer questions for BIS and BAS (BAS reward, drive and fun) scales. The correlation matrix shows that BIS is significantly positively correlated ...

measurement statistics correlation  
asked by Question 3 votes
answered by matus 1 vote

Why do people bite their nails even when they do not want to?

Why do people bite their nails? People seem to be doing it primarily while contemplating something, or during problem-solving tasks. They seem to understand it is a bad habit, and sometimes they seem ...

asked by jht 3 votes

Are there any mental activites that can be detrimental for intelligence?

It is well known that we get better at the things we practice, but is it possible to stimulate the brain with activites in such a way that general or spesific intelligence is weakened? Also, are ...

asked by C.T. 3 votes

Flow diagram of how information flows through the brain?

I am a Artificial Intelligence researcher with a interest in neuroscience. I was wondering if flow diagrams exist of the way information flows from sensory inputs through the parts of the brain (and ...

cognitive-neuroscience cognitive-modeling animal-cognition  
asked by Fiorentino 2 votes

What personality traits correlate with estrogen?

I'm looking for psychological traits that are proved to correlate with estrogen levels. Anything of specific behavior, attitudes, life styles, emotions, preferences, you name it. (I'm looking for ...

neurobiology personality  
asked by Berit Larsen 2 votes

Are there any studies on correlations between eye movements and personality?

I'm looking for scientific evidence for or against a notion that eye movements can be used as a cue to personality(traits). This may include notions like high extroversion individuals look more at ...

personality eye-movement preferences  
asked by Berit Larsen 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do people laugh in serious situations?

I've seen people (including myself) that laugh for no apparent reason in really serious situations, such as in an argument or when receiving bad news. Although the other party is clearly very upset, ...

social-psychology emotion physiology humour  
asked by Eric B 11 votes
answered by user3554 10 votes

Where to post online psychology studies for participant recruitment?

A common challenge when running psychological studies is getting enough participants. Of course, there are many general strategies for recruiting participants, but I was specifically interested in ...

methodology internet sampling  
asked by Jeromy Anglim 10 votes
answered by Jeromy Anglim 9 votes

Can you answer these?

How Do Those With Antisocial Personality Disorder Fair In Solitary Confinement?

Are there any examples of those with antisocial personality disorder, or people in general, faring relatively well in solitary confinement? The general consensus seams that solitary confinement is ...

asked by Cggart 2 votes

Comparison of assessments of cognitive skills in children

What test is better in terms of its usability and informativeness - WISC-IV (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) or BAS (British Ability Scales)?

cognitive-psychology measurement developmental-psychology test educational-psychology  
asked by Alexandra 2 votes

Is there a rating scale in psychology that is related to happiness?

There are many rating scales used in psychiatry to rate the severity of disorders. Thus, the extensive depression scales. What about the opposite, happiness scales? If 0 denotes excessive depressive ...

cognitive-psychology clinical-psychology  
asked by jiniyt 2 votes
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