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Top new questions this week:

How should results from linear mixed models (LMMs) be reported?

Are there any official APA guidelines for reporting linear mixed model results? Can I take an approach similar to what would be done with an ANOVA, i.e.: report the p-value, standard error and ...

statistics linear-mixed-model regression publication apa  
asked by blz 5 votes

Does high IQ correlate with good social skills?

Are people with a high IQ more likely to have good social abilities? Are they more likely to be popular? Wikipedia lists that IQ helps with school performance, job performance and income. It's ...

asked by Christian 4 votes
answered by Warwick -1 votes

Name of cognitive bias when you diminish one's competency based on someone else's for the same function?

Let's say you have a REALLY good manager, and he leaves. So you tend to underestimate/judge the next manager's competencies because the previous one was really good. How you call the cognitive bias ...

cognitive-psychology cognitive-bias  
asked by BeardedMatt 3 votes
answered by Josh 2 votes

Measuring attitude towards learning another language?

Does a validated scale to asses a person's attitude towards learning a new language exist? So far I have only found the following questionnaires: Language Learning Attitudes Questionnaire ...

measurement experimental-psychology language survey attitudes  
asked by Susu Metric 3 votes

Has anyone ever conducted a psychological experiment to test whether an arbitrator appointed by one party tends to judge in favour of that party?

I am interested in the case where the arbitrator has been unilaterally appointed by one of the parties in a conflict. Assume that economic rewards are not involved. I am only interested in knowing if ...

social-psychology personality experimental-psychology decision-making bias  
asked by Enric Garcia Torrents 3 votes

How to obtain well-written demographic items?

I've noticed over the years supervising student projects that it is actually surprisingly difficult to write good demographic items. Specifically, I'm thinking about questions related to gender, age, ...

measurement methodology survey  
asked by Jeromy Anglim 3 votes

What's the difference between executive functions and cognitive control?

I suspect that the difference between these terms may vary from researcher to researcher, since the wikipedia page treats them as synonymous. What's the difference between executive functioning and ...

cognitive-psychology neurobiology cognitive-neuroscience  
asked by RECURSIVE FARTS 3 votes
answered by Christian Hummeluhr 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can the mind affect the physical brain? - a simple thought experiment

Scientists maintain that "a physical action requires a physical cause". However, if I am in deep thought about my dead spouse, for example, and a tear comes to my eye, how is it that the mind ...

asked by Alberto 7 votes
answered by Josh 14 votes

Open source software for running Internet psychological experiments that collect reaction time data

I've often used Inquisit to run psychological experiments online. The software enables delivery of stimuli (e.g., text, images, etc.) and collection of reaction times. Obviously general purpose ...

methodology software internet  
asked by Jeromy Anglim 14 votes
answered by Josh 5 votes

Can you answer these?

Spreading Activation Theory

Two questions, (im trying to get my head around this area of study, my assignment is on neurophysiological differences of t/f memory not theories, but reading up on the topic has had me thinking and I ...

cognitive-psychology memory  
asked by ZeldaZoolander 2 votes

What is "Predictive Reverse Engineering" and how can it be used for understanding brain structure?

Here is a quotation from the paper Markram et al., Introducing the Human Brain Project : New informatics and modeling approaches are making it possible to reverse engineer the detailed structure ...

asked by Lior 4 votes

What drives users to play Reddit's "The Button" game?

There's this amazing social experiment going on Reddit - the Button as of April 1 2015. Here's an example of a website that tracks statistics of the experiment: Reddit ...

cognitive-psychology decision-making game-theory thebutton  
asked by Alex Stone 1 vote
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