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Top new questions this week:

What color is this dress? -- And why do some see it as white and gold and others see it as black and blue?

Here's the dress (and keep reading, this is actually a serious question): This question about this image has apparently become quite a rapidly spreading meme on the internet. And after conducting ...

perception color optical-illusion  
asked by John Berryman 13 votes
answered by John Berryman 5 votes

Does 3rd person reference to self change perception of self?

If you refer to yourself in the third person for a day how does your understanding of self change? For example are you more inclined to consider your actions and motivations from and external ...

language self  
asked by John Berryman 3 votes
answered by mrt 2 votes

What are most popular statistical tools used by cognitive scientists examining WM?

I mean, mainly, by cognitive psychologists. I skimmed over a few articles from Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience and Trends in Cognitive Science and concluded that ANOVAs and t-tests are mostly used, ...

asked by Lili 3 votes

Have different mental strengths evolved in men and women?

I think that men and women are different mentally (but nonetheless equals), however this way of thinking is very hard for me to explain philosophically, so I'd like to learn about what roots this ...

intelligence evolutionary-psychology  
asked by CuriousProgrammer 3 votes
answered by Good Gravy 9 votes

Do introverts engage in too much self-control or do they lack impulsivity?

Regardless of whether people are extraverts or introverts, if they are asked to act in an extraverted way, this improves their mood (for example Zelenski and others 2012). My question is concerns the ...

personality introversion self-control  
asked by MaríaAnt 2 votes

Can one become addicted to learning?

Is it possibly to become addicted to learning? What drives this addiction and how can it be controlled? Note: I'm not sure this is the right exchange for this question... Its the best fit as far as ...

learning addiction  
asked by Jerunh 2 votes

How many hours of speech do kids hear before learning a language?

I'd like some estimates of how many hours of English speech kids typically are exposed to before reaching various levels of mastery. I realize this is a very fuzzy question, but I'm sure ballpark ...

asked by BuschnicK 2 votes
answered by what 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do the blind dream?

Lately, a friend of mine has been telling me that he's been having recurring dreams involving a certain rabbi, who died around a hundred years ago. Since there's been some controversy surrounding the ...

vision dreams color  
asked by Shokhet 9 votes
answered by Jeromy Anglim 10 votes

Open source software for running Internet psychological experiments that collect reaction time data

I've often used Inquisit to run psychological experiments online. The software enables delivery of stimuli (e.g., text, images, etc.) and collection of reaction times. Obviously general purpose ...

methodology software internet  
asked by Jeromy Anglim 13 votes
answered by Josh 5 votes

Can you answer these?

What are some good references for preprocessing and analysis of the P300 response from EEG data in Python?

I have just started to work on problems in neuroscience on my own. I sought to analyze the P300 response from EEG data because I was trying to understand a challenge that used it. I found ...

theoretical-neuroscience eeg mathematical-psychology signal-detection p300  
asked by scottlittle 1 vote

What was the first area of the brain to be associated with a specific function?

I have read on this website that broca's area was the first area of the brain to be associated with a specific function, in that case language. But I couldn't find any other source for statement so I ...

asked by Arone 1 vote

What are the pros and cons of the hot sauce paradigm to measure aggression?

The hot sauce paradigm is a way to measure aggressive behavior in the lab. Participants are asked to give a portion of hot sauce to another person (who they know hates hot sauce) and who will have to ...

measurement aggression  
asked by MaríaAnt 1 vote
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