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Top new questions this week:

Are there any studies that suggest an evolutionary advantage of dreaming?

I've read the answers to this question. But I'd like to ask if, besides those suggested hypothesis, has anyone ever suggested that the advantage of sleeping could be to allow a profound state of rest ...

sleep dreams evolution visualization evolutionary-psychology  
asked by cinico 7 votes

Why is Internet Addiction Disorder not listed in the DSM-5 manual?

Disclaimer - I am not a student of psychology. I'm currently researching Internet Addiction Disorder and online games for a paper I'm writing. Is there an actual reason why it's not included? Is it ...

internet addiction  
asked by Matt 5 votes
answered by Nir Eyal 2 votes

Voltage sensitive dyes technique: 2-photons microscopy vs confocal microscopy

I just discovered voltage sensitive dyes technique and I was wondering what would be the advantage to use 2-photons microscopy compared to confocal microscopy? They are both fluorescent techniques ...

neurobiology electrophysiology  
asked by Elise 5 votes

Can one neuron spike inhibit and excite at the same time?

Is it possible to have a neuron that in some synapses releases inhibitory neurotransmitters and excitatory in others (everything triggered by the same spike) ?

asked by alagris 4 votes
answered by Yann 5 votes

What does the statement mean "50% of happiness is determined by genetics"?

I posted the question "Is 50% of a happiness determined by genetics?" on Skeptics but realize I don't fully understand the claim. What does it mean that 50% of happiness is determined by genetics? ...

cognitive-psychology emotion genetics  
asked by Celeritas 3 votes
answered by alwayslearning -1 votes

Does any neurological research exist surrounding Buddhist "enlightenment"?

I know there have been many studies on meditation in general, with noticeable changes in the brain. From a skeptic's perspective, I am curious if there are noticeable changes in the brain between ...

asked by Wouter 2 votes

Voltage sensitive dyes technique: What is the underlying measure?

I just discovered voltage sensitive dyes technique: I have seen that figures are labelled with dF/F0, what does it stands for?

neurobiology neuroimaging electrophysiology  
asked by Elise 2 votes
answered by Elise 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What color is this dress? -- And why do some see it as white and gold and others see it as black and blue?

Here's the dress (and keep reading, this is actually a serious question): This question about this image has apparently become quite a rapidly spreading meme on the internet. And after conducting ...

perception color optical-illusion  
asked by John Berryman 26 votes
answered by John Berryman 13 votes

How can we scientifically measure love?

I want to understand the psychology of love, and I found the Triangular Theory of Love on Wikipedia from this question, which I think is very believable. However, there is a big section on mixed ...

social-psychology measurement love  
asked by Laura 11 votes
answered by Josh 10 votes

Can you answer these?

How do I get calculate D1 and d1 in a multinomial processing tree model?

I've just been reading this paper and I am currently conducting an experiment for my undergraduate thesis. The experiment involves reality monitoring source memory judgments and I therefore want to ...

cognitive-psychology statistics recognition  
asked by Gjnn 4 votes

Can a neuron fire when hyperpolarized?

Is there any chance that a neuron could fire when hyperpolarized? In that case the spike would probably be different than usual?

asked by alagris 1 vote

Do ALL decisions arouse cognitive dissonance?

I continue to see an oversimplification in the descriptions of the options available that arouse cognitive dissonance: some websites state that all decisions have positive and negative aspects that ...

social-psychology decision-making cognitive-dissonance  
asked by Bob Pagoda 1 vote
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