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Top new questions this week:

Excuse me, how many of you are new here? Mind if I JOIN you?

I had perceived an uptick in new reviewers around here, and I wanted to see if the data backed that observation up. It's been a while since I've written any SQL, so this was a nice little exercise in ...

sql stackexchange t-sql  
asked by RubberDuck 22 votes
answered by 200_success 18 votes

Running Lights - Embedded "Hello World"

I'm getting my feet wet in embedded development, and like all those before me, my first task was to make an LED blink. I went a bit further than that and made a "runner" that lights up each led from 0 ...

c embedded  
asked by RubberDuck 18 votes
answered by nhgrif 15 votes

Simple Self-Learning AI

This is a programming challenge I set for myself a while back to create an AI that starts with no knowledge of anything whatsoever, and learns as you talk to it. (It can learn stuff like your name, ...

java ai  
asked by DonkeyCore 13 votes
answered by Mat's Mug 7 votes

checkmate - C spelling corrector 2.0

Since I posted my first version of the spelling corrector here, I've been working on improving it a little in my free time. I've also gone ahead and put the project up on Github so that others can ...

performance c natural-language-proc  
asked by syb0rg 13 votes
answered by janos 11 votes

"Heat spot" image generation performance

I wrote a function that generates an image like this. The function is as follows: /** Draws a texture wherein are spots of "heat" where a pixel's spotColor is of highest alpha, fading as ...

java image generator libgdx  
asked by StrongJoshua 12 votes
answered by Emily L. 7 votes

Sales, Taxes and Totals

I'm working to get some practice with SQL functions which are often used in a financial setting, and I created this simple table with products, prices and tax rates basically. I then wrote a query to ...

sql sql-server finance  
asked by Phrancis 11 votes
answered by PenutReaper 7 votes

How to speak Brainfuck: for beginners

The following code transforms multi-line input into the the Brainfuck equivalent. One line turns into one program. The resulting programs are split by newlines for readability. Brainf.cpp #include ...

c++ strings c++11 vectors brainfuck  
asked by Mast 11 votes
answered by Barry 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Faster way to convert DataTable to List of Class

I am using ExcelDataReader to import an excel file to a dataset. Example Excel table below: //ID Name Display Order Active //1 John 1 1 ID, DisplayOrder and ...

c# performance linq converting datatable  
asked by devspider 12 votes
answered by Gaui 12 votes

Handling Hover Events on a Touch Screen

A website I have designed uses a nav menu that shows submenus on :hover. The initial site did not use any responsive design: it targeted only the desktop environment. I am now using responsive-design ...

javascript jquery touch  
asked by JoshuaD 19 votes
answered by PlantTheIdea 13 votes

Can you answer these?

Transferring information between sheets based on column headings

This function conditionally copies and pastes information from one sheet to another based on the column headings to standardize data before exported to SQL database. I am not an expert in VBA and ...

vba excel  
asked by Bril 1 vote

Number guessing game in Clojure

I have recently started learning Clojure, and decided to write a number-guessing-game as an exercise. The game works as follows: User enters minimum and maximum values Computer generates a number ...

beginner clojure number-guessing-game  
asked by Attilio 2 votes

Dynamically created Exception classes

This is a question of Best Practice. I have a project I am building and I have the following base Exception class Namespace Project; class Exception extends \Exception{ //=============== BASE ...

php error-handling  
asked by ArtisiticPhoenix 1 vote
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