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Top new questions this week:

Sales Tax Problem, rejected for not being up to their standards

I applied for a Junior .NET Developer Position recently, and I was asked to solve a problem (Sales Tax Program) and I was rejected for some reason. The question goes like this: Basic sales tax is ...

c# interview-questions  
asked by Juggernaut 16 votes
answered by John Deters 17 votes

Can I buff up your file?

Here I have a method for reading the contents of a file into a buffer and returning whether or not it is successful. Here is what I would like reviewed: Speed: Am I reading in the file as fast as ...

performance c file pointers  
asked by syb0rg 15 votes
answered by Gareth Rees 18 votes

Simple calculator in C

I made a very simple calculator in C that allows the user to perform calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is my first C program that I've made outside of my ...

beginner c calculator  
asked by Daniel Morris 14 votes
answered by SirPython 12 votes

Mandelbrot image generator

I have written a C program to generate a PPM (Portable Pixmap) image of the Mandelbrot set. The program implements many things in C I am fairly unfamiliar with (Structures, error handling, use of new ...

performance c image  
asked by psychedelic_alex 14 votes
answered by thurizas 11 votes

Convert any number (up to 10^3000) to text

I kinda got the idea after playing Adventure Capitalist, since that goes up to 10300. I found a website that explained how to go up to 10^3000, so I mainly did this as a challenge to see if I could do ...

python numbers-to-words  
asked by Peter 12 votes
answered by Caridorc 3 votes


My C++ was starting to get rusty and I never touched some of the newer features. Reason enough to try something simple and make it overly complicated: FizzBuzz with bonus features. For now we'll call ...

c++ fizzbuzz  
asked by Mast 11 votes
answered by glampert 7 votes

Rubberduck "GoTo Anything" Navigation

The next version of rubberduck is going to include a pretty nifty "goto anything" / find symbol navigation tool that lets the user enter an identifier name in a combobox: UI To achieve the ...

c# winforms wpf rubberduck  
asked by Mat's Mug 11 votes
answered by mjolka 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Vending machine implementation

How would one optimize this code? import java.util.*; public class VendingMachineAssignement { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(; ...

java console  
asked by Kawaiiii 11 votes
answered by syb0rg 20 votes

Simple Java calculator

I am a beginner in Java programming. Here is my simple calculator. I hope you could scan through my coding and let me know if there is any error in my coding or how I could simplify the code. import ...

java beginner calculator  
asked by Isaac 11 votes
answered by Vojta 12 votes

Can you answer these?

Factory for arbitrarily high-order operations

Grade 0: ++ This is so low that it is boring; the operation of grade 0 is incrementing or counting up, for example: 5++ -> 6 8++ -> 9 Grade 1: + Addition is repeated incrementing: 4 + 3 ...

python functional-programming  
asked by Caridorc 2 votes

RSS parser for Node.JS

I would like someone review this code and tell if it can be done better, or if the code is elegant and simple enough for the task at hand. I used code climate and I got 4/4 and my test coverage is ...

javascript parsing node.js modules rss  
asked by Andres Osorio 4 votes

Using Nokogiri to scrape Oscars winners from Wikipedia

I am scraping a Wikipedia page, getting info from that page and instantiating a new object with the information collected: require_relative '../config/environment' def get_winner award = ...

performance ruby html web-scraping  
asked by Cyzanfar 2 votes
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