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Top new questions this week:

Determining whether two scrambled strings are equivalent

I was able to complete the problem doing it in this manner, but I would assume there has to be an easier way. Sample input: abc, cba Output: Both strings of characters are equivalent. Or abc, acc ...

java strings array  
asked by William Wermager 13 votes
answered by Robby Cornelissen 22 votes

Allowing the user to alphabetize or randomize the contents of a text file

As a newbie programmer, I decided to try my hand at making a program whose function actually might be useful to someone, somewhere. This utility takes a text file, reads it out to the user, displays ...

c++ beginner sorting shuffle  
asked by Gabe Evans 11 votes
answered by David K 6 votes

Amateur RPG Fun

I am looking for this code to look neater, and if possible, less bulky. I am new to def and to dictionaries, so I think throwing a few of those in here could shorten the code. Here is the code for ...

python game adventure-game  
asked by Amateur Programer 9 votes
answered by Josay 21 votes

Implementation of an Stack without Linked Lists in C

I'm a beginning C programmer. As an exercise, I have attempted to implement a stack of strings in C. This is my first real exercise working with pointers. I looked at some other similar posts on here, ...

beginner c data-structures stack  
asked by Chris Qu 9 votes
answered by vnp 7 votes

Finding shortest paths in directed graphs

I have very little experience in programming with C++ and the following small "program" is the 2nd one I have ever written in that language. I am most interested in comments regarding naming ...

c++ algorithm pathfinding breadth-first-search framework  
asked by coderodde 8 votes
answered by glampert 2 votes

consecutive_find function for returning a consecutive range of elements

consecutive_find() is a function that returns the beginning of a range that contains strictly N consecutive elements. It was part of a SO question that I answered. Currently this function runs in ...

c++ c++11 template interval  
asked by David 8 votes
answered by R Sahu 3 votes

Making a text-based RPG game

I started making a text-based RPG game and before I spend a lot of time on it, I wanted to know if there is a better way to make it. Currently I'm using switches to flow through the game, I also know ...

java game  
asked by Arman 8 votes
answered by Joeblade 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"Guess a number" game

I began the journey to be a self-taught programmer about a month ago and my biggest fear about teaching myself is developing bad habits and not realizing it. I'm looking for criticism on this "Guess ...

java beginner game formatting number-guessing-game  
asked by Mike Medina 22 votes
answered by Josay 26 votes

Making a simple call to a server

Earlier this year, before I learnt about Code Review Stack Exchange, I gave this answer in response to a question about how to combine ASP.NET, jQuery, and JSON: I keep thinking that there must be a ...

c# jquery ajax json  
asked by Rice Flour Cookies 10 votes
answered by brandonc 7 votes

Can you answer these?

Game stats storage / display

I have a simple game where you try to go as high up with rockets as possible. I currently store 2 statistics about your playthrough: Current altitude Highest altitude These statistics are stored ...

c# dependency-injection unity3d  
asked by Nick Udell 3 votes

UIntArray class in PHP (part 2)

This question is the follow up of the question: UIntArray class in PHP @Brythan provided a really nice review and I have improved my class. I have addressed almost all the issues he pointed out ...

php oop classes integer  
asked by Ismael Miguel 6 votes

GIF background rollover

I made a cool roll-over in css which displays an animate gif when the parent is hovered. Here's my code : The problem is I will have about 40 .day like that, ...

javascript jquery performance html image  
asked by Clemeeent 1 vote
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