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Top new questions this week:

Script to enter text in a box

Here's a little script that enters text into a document when activated. tell application "TextEdit" activate end tell delay 0.2 tell application "System Events" keystroke "Hello World!" ...

synchronization applescript  
asked by abby hairboat 21 votes
answered by 200_success 6 votes

Passing parameters by reference? Let me fix that for you

I've implemented a code inspection that verifies whether a procedure has parameters that are implicitly passed by reference - in VBA a parameter is passed ByRef unless it's explicitly specified ByVal. ...

asked by Mat's Mug 18 votes
answered by RubberDuck 12 votes

Enum, constants, or other to represent chess pieces

I'm learning C# and I decided to write a chess program to help me practice the concepts I'm learning in my book. I started the Board class tonight, which is going to handle 1) the board state and 2) ...

c# enum constants chess  
asked by AdmiralAdama 16 votes
answered by RobH 8 votes

I'm Simon, and this is what I say

Play my game! Having the name that I do (Simon), of course I have to participate in this challenge! (Even though I am a bit "late", but Simon says "have forgiveness!") This is an implementation of ...

java community-challenge simon-says gwt libgdx  
asked by Simon André Forsberg 15 votes
answered by vaxquis 10 votes

Winterbash 2014 "Red Shirt" Estimation

Some fellow code reviewers (hi @Janos!) have been inquiring about a SEDE query to allow to check progress of the Red Shirt "hat" progression. Try it here! Background Red Shirt cast 5 ...

sql sql-server t-sql stackexchange  
asked by Phrancis 14 votes
answered by Mat's Mug 11 votes

Extracting the classpath entries from a jar file's manifest

Sometimes I need to search for dependencies in the classpath entries in the manifest of jar files. A jar manifest with classpaths looks like this: Manifest-Version: 1.0 Created-By: 1.6.0_29 (Sun ...

asked by janos 14 votes
answered by miracle173 7 votes

Bling Accounting - Badge summaries

A question was raised in chat (hi @malachi) about how you can count the number of badges of a given metal (bronze, silver, gold). This can be hard to do because the medal details are not stored in the ...

sql sql-server t-sql stackexchange  
asked by rolfl 13 votes
answered by PenutReaper 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Making a simple call to a server

Earlier this year, before I learnt about Code Review Stack Exchange, I gave this answer in response to a question about how to combine ASP.NET, jQuery, and JSON: I keep thinking that there must be a ...

c# jquery ajax json  
asked by Rice Flour Cookies 10 votes
answered by brandonc 7 votes

What are the best practices with multithreading in C#?

For a while I have been interested in seeing if some tasks work well when split across multiple threads. On the one project I have been busy with I have been creating a lot of small utility apps, to ...

c# .net multithreading  
asked by JonathanPeel 30 votes
answered by Eric Lippert 57 votes

Can you answer these?

Smoother column resize, page reveal animation

I've been working on this site. The designers original inspiration for the column layout came from this site. I've been trying to get the animation as smooth as possible, to match the smoothness of ...

javascript optimization jquery animation  
asked by dcc 2 votes

Idiomatic Scala for nested map/flatmap

Does anybody have an idea on how to make this code more idiomatic? I tried to use scalaz Traverse, but it didn't really help. Given the types and method signatures: type HTTPResult = ...

functional-programming scala  
asked by simao 1 vote

Binding model to view

What I need - if there are some changes to model in must be rendered in view (HTML). The main problem here is to catch changes in model. Firstly I tried to use watch. However it can't work with IE8 ...

javascript design-patterns mvc  
asked by PashaTurok 2 votes
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