Code Review Weekly Newsletter
Code Review Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Interview coding test: Fizz Buzz

I was recently given a coding test to complete for a potential client. It was a FizzBuzz-type of thing with a two-hour time limit. I had a request to write basic FizzBuzz, then add a special case, ...

java interview-questions fizzbuzz  
asked by Engineer Dollery 24 votes
answered by Mat's Mug 50 votes

Fraction class in Java

(See the next iteration.) I have this class for representing exact fractions. See what I have: package net.coderodde.math; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; /** * ...

java rational-numbers  
asked by coderodde 8 votes
answered by Tunaki 13 votes

Can I stop validating email addresses now please?

Writing code to validate emails is a thing I don't like. It's usually pretty pointless as there's there is actually no right solution, so it leaves me with a certain sense of existential dread. I've ...

c# .net email  
asked by Nathan Cooper 7 votes
answered by svick 4 votes

Evaluating Parser State

The "parser state" of a module in rubberduck can be one of several values: //note: ordering of the members is important public enum ParserState { /// <summary> /// Parse was requested ...

c# rubberduck state  
asked by Mat's Mug 7 votes
answered by Heslacher 5 votes

Button-clicking UI for a game

I've been working on this game for a couple weeks now as a purely personal project to help myself learn Java. I'd like to know if I'm on the right track with my project. Items I'd like specific ...

java beginner swing layout  
asked by Mikey Harris 7 votes
answered by Pieter Witvoet 2 votes

Decides the mechanism of organic chemical reactions based on user input

I'm new to programming, and I would appreciate any constructive criticism on my code and if there may be a more efficient way to code this. import java.util.Scanner; /** * This program will decide ...

java beginner  
asked by Jal 7 votes
answered by 200_success 5 votes

C# SMTP notifier client

I've come from a PHP background and I'm really trying to unlearn the bad habits I acquired from not doing things properly with PHP through my own lack of understanding.. I'm looking to advance my ...

c# email  
asked by Waragi 7 votes
answered by Konrad Morawski 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Greatest common divisor

I wrote a program to find the greatest common divisor between two numbers. How do I improve this program? #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int first_number; ...

c++ beginner mathematics  
asked by user56102 6 votes
answered by janos 17 votes

Update only modified fields in Entity Framework

I'm working on a website on ASP.NET MVC4 and EF5. I want to ensure that only modified values are updated in the database. I'm using a unit of work pattern and repositories for data work. Here's the ...

c# entity-framework  
asked by Narayana 10 votes
answered by Max 10 votes

Can you answer these?

Bash script that displays and kills selected processes

This is my first Bash script and I decided to use what I've learned so far to help manage stray processes while I develop in my *nix environs. I've tested the script extensively and it seems to work ...

bash signal-handling  
asked by jargonjunkie 3 votes

Picking seats in a matrix

I'm trying to write a Python class that creates a matrix of zeros, then uses a random number generator to pick 'seats' on the matrix. It changes the zero in that seat to a one, until the matrix is all ...

beginner matrix numpy  
asked by Mardux 2 votes

FIRST and FOLLOW sets calculator in Haskell

I found myself wanting to brush up on some notions about parsers and grammars and, at the same time, to exercise my Haskell - I am a Haskell newbie; moreover, I haven't touched the language at all in ...

beginner parsing haskell grammar  
asked by Tobia Tesan 1 vote
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