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Top new questions this week:

Calculate distance using speed of sound

I've been working on learning Java and this was a challenge as part of a chapter on data types: Create a program that computes how far away, in feet, a listener is from a sound. Sound travels ...

java beginner oop  
asked by Phrancis 19 votes
answered by 200_success 25 votes

Coin dispenser program

I've decided to go tech and learn a language. I have been reading Java for a week and here is my first attempt. I am making a habit to write JUnit test cases so that I start on correct path. Here is ...

java beginner unit-testing  
asked by geoandroid23 12 votes
answered by janos 8 votes

Parsing log files of HearthStone: Loading card data without external libraries for JSON

I'm still working on a parser that can parse log entries from a game called HearthStone, the overall idea is that it will read the log file live when the game is running, parses the log file and show ...

java javascript json  
asked by skiwi 12 votes
answered by Simon André Forsberg 9 votes

Singly Linked List in Java

I created my own implementation of a Singly Linked List. Is there anything I can improve on, in terms of effciency. Also, what other methods would you recommend for me to try and implement. My goal is ...

java data-structures linked-list  
asked by safaiyeh 11 votes
answered by Brythan 12 votes

Toy virtual machine

I am a web developer, trying to have fun with C++11, so any positive/negative feedback is very welcome. This is a toy virtual machine with 3 registers and 3 commands: vm/vm.h #ifndef VM_H #define ...

c++ c++11  
asked by Alexander 11 votes
answered by Morwenn 5 votes

YAuB - Yet another Micro Benchmark

Note -> Follow-on question posted here: YAuB - Micro Benchmark Follow-on I recently answered this Beautiful String question, where the task is to maximize the value of a string by assigning each ...

java performance  
asked by rolfl 9 votes
answered by Simon André Forsberg 4 votes

Inspector Rubberduck - Take Two

Release 1.1 of Rubberduck only had a handful of implemented code inspections, more as a proof of concept than anything else. For release 1.2, we now have 19 implementations of our IInspection ...

c# performance cache antlr  
asked by Mat's Mug 8 votes
answered by JasonLind 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Reversing words in a string

I have to reverse the string "He is the one" to "one the is He". I have written some programs in Java but am looking for other best solutions. Suggest any possible ways to minimize the current ...

java algorithm strings  
asked by Sumeet 6 votes
answered by 200_success 3 votes

Reading a line from a text file and splitting its contents

I have this kind of file structure MALE:FooBar:32 FEMALE:BarFoo:23 Where I would want to identify the gender and age of person, <Gender>:<Name>:<age> try{ BufferedReader in ...

java file file-structure  
asked by KyelJmD 4 votes
answered by palacsint 7 votes

Can you answer these?

Read from DataInputStream (Socket connection)

I am interfacing with a network device and must read a response after I issue a command. Sometimes when I attempt to read, nothing has been returned from the terminal. This means I must wait, but not ...

java io stream  
asked by conor 2 votes

Creation of Queen Ann's Lace fractal

I've created a program which recreates the Queen Ann's Lace fractal. However, when the amount of points that are being plotted increases, the points are plotted way slower. Is there any way to make it ...

java performance swing graphics  
asked by Trevor Mayo 4 votes

Split string in chunks preferable at spaces

I'm working on a tool to import data from one database to another. One requirement is that I have to split a string from one source field into three (shorter) fields at the target. If possible the ...

asked by Thomas Schremser 2 votes
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