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Top new questions this week:

Finding anagrams - Empires strike back

Recently as part of a job interview I was given the following coding task: Attached is a gzipped text file of about 100,000 English words. Write a Python, C or C++ program that finds all the ...

python strings interview-questions  
asked by user2127135 13 votes
answered by rolfl 10 votes

Simple Java calculator using Swing

This is a Java calculator I made for my programming class. I know there must be vast room for improvement. Please bear in mind the fact that this only accepts an integer, then an operator, then ...

java swing calculator community-challenge  
asked by noobinator456 11 votes
answered by Legato 9 votes

MVVM data binding for a video encoding form

I am creating a C# WPF application. I am intending to bind all of the GUI controls via data binding to my ViewModel, rather than code behind - as per MVVM. I have made some good headway with this, ...

c# wpf mvvm xaml  
asked by Dan Sewell 11 votes
answered by Mat's Mug 19 votes

A closer look at the chat's mumblings

The Go Playground was boring so I decided to make a small application that throws me into the language. It basically queries the chatroom every second for new messages and displays them in the output ...

beginner json go stackexchange  
asked by Jeroen Vannevel 10 votes
answered by Dave C 2 votes

CC C# calculator

This is my basic C# calculator; I'm sure there is much that can be improved. This design is based on Bjarne Stroustrup's C++ calculator, a purposely be-bugged version of which can be found at his ...

c# console calculator community-challenge math-expression-eval  
asked by Hosch250 10 votes
answered by Jeroen Vannevel 7 votes

Hello There Calculator

The open source project I work on uses Antlr4 pretty heavily, but I don't know much about it. I thought I would use April's Community Challenge as an opportunity to learn something about grammars, ...

c# calculator community-challenge antlr dsl  
asked by RubberDuck 9 votes
answered by Mat's Mug 6 votes

Student Showdown - Q and A battle game, part 1: The Champions

Just a self challenge/fun thing. I have a scene where the player picks a character, of course it works but I'm repeating myself an awful lot. I would appreciate any formatting suggestions and making ...

java javafx battle-simulation  
asked by Legato 9 votes
answered by Simon André Forsberg 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Java Implementation of Quick Sort

This is my implementation of quicksort (algorithm taken from Cormen book). This is an in place implementation. Please let us know issues with this or any ideas to make it better. It performs at logN. ...

java sorting quick-sort  
asked by user830818 16 votes
answered by Jeff Mercado 16 votes

Basic Calculator in Java with Swing

I used a standard calculator design from Java. I wanted to expand it so I created a class to create buttons for different operations, like +, -, *, /. The original program didn't do this, they just ...

java swing calculator  
asked by TheWombatGuru 11 votes
answered by Simon André Forsberg 11 votes

Can you answer these?

YouTube video intro, and autoscroll when video ends

This code creates an intro video using the Youtube API, screen text written by JavaScript with a typewriter kind of effect. How can I rewrite this as succinct object-oriented code? Also, I'm not sure ...

javascript oop event-handling animation  
asked by steveBK 3 votes

Conways game of life in Haskell

I started with Haskell some months ago, but didn't really use it since then. As a simple training I implemented Conways game of life. What/How could it be improved? module Main where import ...

haskell game-of-life  
asked by kufi 4 votes

Pyglet: scene manager

This is my brief summary of Pyglet: it's a powerful, efficient, high-tech cage. But once you're in there, once you call, it's all over - you can't go back. Thus, there is this huge ...

python python3 library pyglet  
asked by Xis88 3 votes
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