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2015 Community Moderator Election

The community moderator election is currently in the nomination phase.

Please review and comment on the nominees by July 6!

Top new questions this week:

Shielding your CodeReview on GitHub

In response to a feature-request on meta, I spent a few hours today creating the feature in php. This application adds a review shield to your GitHub repository (or wherever else you want it). It ...

php pdo stackexchange svg  
asked by Simon André Forsberg 41 votes
answered by Quill 18 votes

The chatbot for The Community Post Pimping Board

I recently wrote a chat bot for a chat room here at Code Review. The chatroom is meant to be a place where people can come and pimp a post. That chat bot is meant to handle a list of subscribed ...

javascript stackexchange chat  
asked by SirPython 14 votes
answered by Ismael Miguel 8 votes

Very simple Python preprocesser that allows "until" and "unless" statements

I've implemented the beginnings of a Python preprocesser I plan to implement sometime in the future, and the below code is my simple prototype. At the moment, it only converts until and unless ...

python python-2.7  
asked by Ethan Bierlein 14 votes
answered by Gareth Rees 11 votes

Election vote-counting, result-posting chatbot

In preparation for the end of Code Review's 2015 election, I've built a simple bot to get the election votes, run OpenSTV on them, and post the result to a chatroom. I'm using this Python ...

python stackexchange  
asked by Undo 13 votes
answered by Ethan Bierlein 8 votes

Imposing a sort order on a query

I've always been told "never use goto, there's always a better way" and for the longest time I just accepted it. Lately though, I've been running into such scenarios in which I have to repeat this bit ...

c# linq error-handling  
asked by Shelby115 13 votes
answered by Ethan Bierlein 13 votes

Storytelling program: Gathers stories from certain popular story websites/formats and reads them aloud

Audiobooks make my life easier when I have idle ears and a mind free to wander, but something better for my eyes to do. This program is one of my more recent efforts to allow most of the stories ...

python performance python3 error-handling beautiful-soup  
asked by Zenohm 12 votes
answered by Gareth Rees 4 votes

50 states info program

Instructions: Write a Java program the displays the State bird and flower. You should use your IDE for this exercise. The program should prompt the user to enter a state and print both the state ...

asked by fox.josh 11 votes
answered by SirPython 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Swift 1.2 Singleton Implementation

I am pretty new to Swift, as a solo developer I was wondering if somebody could pass comments on the singleton implementation below. The code does work, but being new to Swift and knowing that there ...

beginner ios singleton swift  
asked by fuzzygoat 16 votes
answered by Rhuantavan 14 votes

Count number of each char in a String

I know there is a simpler way of doing this, but I just really can't think of it right now. Can you please help me out? String sample = "hello world"; char arraysample[] = sample.toCharArray(); int ...

java strings  
asked by statius 14 votes
answered by Marco Acierno 22 votes

Can you answer these?

Using recursion schemes to avoid explicit corecursive unfolding

The code is self-contained and self-explaining. I want to improve the goal function. You can change everything below the -- My solution line as long as behaviour of goal :: Goal function is preserved ...

haskell recursion  
asked by nponeccop 1 vote

Using delegates to avoid duplicate creation of resources

I'm writing a PCL that uses an HttpClient to go visit a few sites and extract data from them. My initial code looked like this: public static class Download { public async static ...

c# design-patterns functional-programming library delegates  
asked by James Ko 5 votes

Shuffling an arbitrary list or sequence

After reading this question I wanted to write a short example of how a list or sequence could be shuffled in .net. The result turned out to not be very short: Program.cs using System; using ...

c# linq random shuffle  
asked by Johnbot 6 votes
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