Code Review Weekly Newsletter
Code Review Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:


WE_ALL_LOVE_SHOUTY_SNAKE_CASE_SO_I_WROTE_A_PROGRAM_FOR_IT!!1! Alright, enough of this. This is a rags-to-riches from this question. The pattern is pretty simple, it takes a String input, verifies if ...

java rags-to-riches numbers-to-words  
asked by TopinFrassi 20 votes
answered by SuperBiasedMan 26 votes

Writing nested for loops to produce certain output

My task: Write nested for loops to produce the following output with each line 48 characters wide: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...

java programming-challenge loop ascii-art  
asked by JavaBeginner 16 votes
answered by TheCoffeeCup 15 votes

Translating from English to Entean

I wrote a python script that converts English to Entean language from an anime called "The Devil is a part timer". I am sloppy at coding and know that the script can be made better. In the anime, the ...

python strings python-3.x caesar-cipher  
asked by user3620828 16 votes
answered by 200_success 12 votes

21: The number with the curse

The goal of this game is to not say the number 21. Rules: You must only say numbers consecutive to the previous said number. You may say 1, 2, or 3 numbers at a time. For example: Player 1 ...

java ai  
asked by TheCoffeeCup 15 votes
answered by 200_success 8 votes

Simple password generator

Here is a simple password generator in Java: public class PasswordGenerator { public static final String LOWER_CASE = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"; public static final String UPPER_CASE = ...

java security random  
asked by Gumberto 14 votes
answered by janos 6 votes

"Ticker" for game timing

I designed a "Ticker" based on how I imagine Minecraft's tick system works. My ticker calls a method tickRate times a second and provides a Delta Time value (deltaTime) to the method being called. ...

java game timer  
asked by Jack Wilsdon 14 votes
answered by TheCoffeeCup 6 votes

Ising Model - Atom Vibration Simulation in Scala

I am an experienced Java developer (12+ years) and have recently switched to Scala and I love it. However I feel not comfy yet and I have a feeling that I might use to many paradigms from the good old ...

scala simulation physics  
asked by Julian Liebl 13 votes
answered by Caridorc 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Simple Java animation with Swing

I am learning to use Java Swing and have made a simple animation that makes a small shape bounce around the predetermined borders of a panel. The program works well, but I am looking for feedback in ...

java swing animation  
asked by Jeremy Johnson 15 votes
answered by syb0rg 22 votes

Client/server implementation in C (sending data/files)

I wrote this code to send any binary file from server to client (in our example, I am sending sample_file.txt); the client should recreate the file locally. Code works fine (I tested with one or two ...

c networking socket  
asked by user38434 9 votes
answered by Loki Astari 7 votes

Can you answer these?

JS component for displaying tree with weird behaviour

I developed a javascript component to display a tree, based on D3.js I'm not sure how clean my code is, I'm not used to code a lot of javascript and I'm constrained to write everything in 1 file. So ...

javascript d3.js  
asked by Joel 3 votes

Workaround proxy to be able to call 32-bit dll

I had a problem that I posted on StackOverflow about that I could not connect to windows phone 7 from a 64-bit application. I got one response that said I should try to create a WCF Service over named ...

c# wcf proxy  
asked by Happlo 3 votes

Best match between listed companies and private ones based on 3 ratios

My code finds the best match between a private company and a listed company based on 3 ratios in order to report the ratio4 from the listed to the private company. In order to do that first, I do ...

performance vba  
asked by manu 2 votes
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