Christianity Weekly Newsletter
Christianity Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Are there any Catholic sects which disagree with the sinlessness of Mary?

As a protestant, the concept of the sinless state of Mary is one of the hardest aspects of Catholicism to swallow. The historical account of the adoption of this doctrine doesn't lend any credibility …

catholicism perpetual-virginity  
asked by Flimzy 9 votes
answered by svidgen 5 votes

LDS Church and Genealogy Research (What is the connection?)

Forgive my ignorance in asking this question, or if I am making a sweeping generalization. But I feel like my observation is a very common one, and I am surprised that nobody else has asked the …

lds culture  
asked by Ryan 9 votes
answered by Matt 9 votes

Where does the tradition come from that Noah's sons went separate directions?

I have heard in many places, and was even taught as a child, that Noah's sons, sometime after the Flood, separated and went North, South, and East to repopulate the Earth. The story is commonly used …

noah extra-biblical nations  
asked by fredsbend 7 votes
answered by david brainerd 8 votes

How does the Bible teach us to direct our prayers?

In a recent Pentecostal prayer meeting I attended, one member, who was a leader in the church, began his prayer with "Holy Spirit, please...", offering up requests for healing, instruction, and …

asked by Andrew 5 votes
answered by david brainerd 2 votes

Childless Christian

Question Given that in the 10 commandments of Moses, there is no: Married couples shalt not be childless how do Christians argue that willfully choosing to be childless is a Sin? Aside I …

asked by user47368 4 votes
answered by shakAttack 2 votes

Is there Christian scripture or literature absolving the old Jewish laws of usury?

Most people are aware that Jewish law forbade earning interest from the lending of money to another. As Christianity gained momentum in the early first and second century, many of the Mosaic laws were …

mosaic-law judaism  
asked by Adam 4 votes
answered by Tim 2 votes

Do any church writers compare or contrast Jesus and the burning bush?

From the Wikipedia article on Oneness Pentacostalism, Oneness theology specifically maintains that God is absolutely and indivisibly one. It equally proclaims that God is not made of a physical …

christology oneness-pentecostalism non-trinitarian  
asked by Andrew 3 votes
answered by FMShyanguya 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

If Jesus was Emmanuel why was he named Yeshua?

It was foretold that a virgin shall give birth and the new born will be named Emmanuel then why was Jesus named "Yeshua". Please explain...

christology titles-of-jesus  
asked by Albert 10 votes
answered by Affable Geek 8 votes

If the Ten Commandments say “thou shalt not kill” how can a Christian fight in a war?

Exodus holds the 10 commandments. Specifically, we see: Exodus 20:13 (KJV) Thou shalt not kill. Since the Ten Commandments say “thou shalt not kill” why do many Christians fight in a war? …

ten-commandments war killing  
asked by compman 45 votes
answered by Mason Wheeler 52 votes

Can you answer these?

What is Alvin Plantinga's view on divine sovereignty and free will?

The main Wikipedia page on Molinism lists Plantinga as one of its (Molinism's) best known advocates. However, Plantinga, in a speech given at Azusa Pacific University, describes himself as "a …

asked by userSomeNumbersHere 3 votes

Genesis's Order of Events: Is there Unanimous Consent Among the Fathers?

Is there unanimous consent* among the Fathers of the Church who interpreted Genesis that the order of events as described in Genesis actually occurred in the order Genesis describes them? I know yom …

catholicism exegesis genesis  
asked by Geremia 2 votes
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