Christianity Weekly Newsletter
Christianity Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is the origin of the tradition that Thaddeus founded the Armenian Church?

According to tradition, Thaddeus (aka Jude) and Bartholomew were the first disciples to bring the Gospel to Armenia. As such, they are commemorated as the patron saints of that church. What is the ...

church-history oriental-orthodox thaddeus bartholomew  
asked by ThaddeusB 8 votes
answered by Dick Harfield 6 votes

Are there any ecumenical movements among lay people working to unite Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians?

If leaders of Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches are still far from resolving the theological issues separating these two true churches, is there any ecumenical movement at lay people level like the ...

catholicism eastern-orthodox ecumenism laity  
asked by Slowriver 5 votes
answered by Tupelo Thistlehead 3 votes

How widespread is panentheism within Protestant schools of thought?

I'm confused about what panentheism is. The Wikipedia article and the few mentions of it here on Stack Exchange both indicate that some Christians identify as panentheists and some don't. I'm guessing ...

nature-of-god protestantism terminology omniprescence panentheism  
asked by Mr. Bultitude 5 votes

Why has a Brazilian church built a replica of Solomon's Temple?

An Evangelical-Pentecostal church has built a huge replica of Solomon's Temple in Brazil. But why Solomon's Temple? What does it have to do with Jesus Christ and the Christian faith? It's very odd to ...

temple pentecostalism solomon brazil  
asked by yurihbss 5 votes
answered by dashaxiong 7 votes

Is the Wesleyan Quadrilateral present in Luther or in any other pre-Wesley theologians, Protestant or Catholic?

The Wesleyan Quadrilateral, also known as the Methodist Quadrilateral, is a method of theological reflection and of arriving at theological conclusions based on scripture, tradition, reason, and ...

catholicism protestantism martin-luther lutheranism wesleyanism  
asked by Lee Woofenden 5 votes

According to Roman Catholicism, what is the soul and its purpose?

In the Catholic Tradition does there exist a teaching on the purpose or role of the human soul in the makeup of a human being? I could also settle for a theologian's thoughts and writings on the ...

catholicism nature-of-man philosophy souls  
asked by shiningcartoonist 3 votes
answered by Nathaniel 2 votes

What do US Christians against state recognition of same-sex marriage think of the fourteenth amendment?

From what I understand, the fourteenth amendment in American law is interpreted by the SCOTUS to be implying that bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. To me, this means, from the ...

homosexuality government-laws civil-authority united-states same-sex-marriage  
asked by Red Rackham 3 votes
answered by Manwe Elder 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What word did Jesus use for God in Aramaic?

What is the word and pronunciation for God in Aramaic? I saw 'AaLaH' is the pronunciation for God from this link - Did Jesus uses the word 'AaLaH' for God during ...

bible jesus word-study  
asked by manuthalasseril 9 votes
answered by Halloworld3 15 votes

Difference between Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox

What is the difference between Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox in Christian religion? Kindly explain. Thanks in advance :)

catholicism eastern-orthodox comparative-christianity  
asked by AppleDevX 3 votes
answered by lonesomeday 15 votes

Can you answer this?

What is the Catholic view on EFT?

Did the Catholic Church or any of the representatives issued any stance on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)? I realize it comes from an Eastern religion which is not in line with Christianity, but ...

catholicism other-religions  
asked by Grasper 1 vote
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