Christianity Weekly Newsletter
Christianity Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why does the Episcopal Church take votes on moral questions?

I read in the news today that the Episcopal Church is going to vote on same-sex 'marriage'. As a Catholic who looks to the Pope to issue statements on matters of faith and morals, and trusts the Holy ...

faith anglicanism same-sex-marriage democracy  
asked by Peter Turner 6 votes
answered by Stephen 3 votes

"Blessed Virgin" - not Saint?

Probably the most common Catholic title for Mary, mother of Jesus, is "The Blessed Virgin" or "The Blessed Virgin Mary". But "Blessed", in Catholic hagiology, is typically used to denote people who ...

catholicism virgin-mary saint  
asked by Matt Gutting 5 votes
answered by AthanasiusOfAlex 1 vote

Which was the first Roman Catholic hymnal to include Martin Luther's "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"?

Recently I learned that modern Roman Catholic hymnals include Martin Luther's well-known hymn, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. Investigating further on, however, I find that the song is not ...

catholicism martin-luther hymns counter-reformation  
asked by Nathaniel 4 votes
answered by brasshat 3 votes

What does the Orthodox church consider to be the defining features of Christian meditation?

There are many different kinds of meditation or prayer, Christian and non-Christian. However, I am confused regarding actual difference because these varieties, both Christian and non-Christian, seem ...

prayer eastern-orthodox spirituality  
asked by sirdank 3 votes
answered by Lucretius 0 votes

Are there any active Christian ministries that preach from the Jefferson Bible?

I've recently read the Jefferson Bible and I am actively considering making it my primary Bible. Are there any current ministries that use this bible, and/or are there any active ministries that use ...

asked by Sean C. 3 votes
answered by fredsbend 7 votes

Why don't young-earth creationists just explain things (usually considered as miracles) as miracles?

I've observed some young-earth creationists attempt to link the worldwide flood of Noah's day with melting icebergs. While not critical of the science behind such an explanation, I would really like ...

miracles flood-of-noah young-earth-creation  
asked by Probably 3 votes
answered by curiousdannii 11 votes

Sense of humor that Jesus had

Is it possible that Jesus never laughed or smiled during His public life ? Are there verses in the Gospels which directly or indirectly bring out the sense of humor which Jesus ought to have had ?

asked by Kadalikatt Joseph Sibichan 3 votes
answered by Dick Harfield 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are Matthew, Mark, and Luke called the synoptic gospels?

The first three gospels are sometimes known as the "synoptic" gospels. What does this term mean, and how does it differentiate them from the gospel of John?

gospels terminology  
asked by Bruce Alderman 31 votes
answered by Affable Geek 19 votes

What did Jesus quote Psalm 22: "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?"

What is the correlation between these two scripture? Why Jesus felt forsaken if he knew what was going on? Why was it mentioned in Old Testament as well as New Testament(in two places)? My God, ...

jesus exegesis gospel-of-matthew crucifixion psalms  
asked by Vijin Paulraj 9 votes
answered by Hammer 9 votes

Can you answer these?

Are there any non-pacifist traditions that do not allow their members to serve as military chaplains?

I'd like to know if there are any non-pacifist Christian traditions or denominations, either historical or contemporary, that do not support participation in the military as a non-combat chaplain. I ...

church-and-state war  
asked by Nathaniel 3 votes

Can Hebrews Chapter 4 use of "Today" Be Used to Refute mistranslation of Luke 23:43 in the New World Translation of the Bible?

See the "today" doctrine presented in Hebrews: Hebrews 4: 6 Since therefore it remains for some to enter it, and those who formerly received the good news failed to enter because of ...

jesus exegesis jehovahs-witnesses translation thief-on-the-cross  
asked by 1Up 2 votes

What are some of the reasons for which non-Catholic Christians are against gender-neutral secular marriage?

I get that some churches won't acknowledge religious gender-neutral or same-sex marriage (GNM) and why they won't support GNM, but why exactly does that extend to being outright against (as opposed ...

asked by BCLC 1 vote
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