Christianity Weekly Newsletter
Christianity Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why don't most Protestants consider confession to be a sacrament?

Most Protestants recognise only two sacraments, saying something like this (from the Anglican 39 Articles): There are two sacraments ordained of Christ our Lord in the Gospel, that is to say, ...

protestantism sacraments confession anglicanism penance  
asked by granmirupa 9 votes
answered by Jon the Architect 6 votes

Did any of the Apostolic Fathers Know Paul?

Is there any extra-biblical written evidence that any of the Apostolic Fathers knew the Apostle Paul? If so, what is the written evidence that they were taught by Paul or even heard him Preach? Are ...

paul-apostle church-fathers extra-biblical  
asked by hernan43 7 votes
answered by AthanasiusOfAlex 4 votes

Why is Saint Paul considered gnostic? (by some)

I read that these verses (over other texts that are clearly gnostic but not attributed as such) are consider gnostic: ST. PAUL TO THE EPHESIANS - Third letter For our wrestling is not against ...

paul-apostle gnosticism  
asked by granmirupa 7 votes
answered by Dick Harfield 1 vote

Why is wine associated with St John the Apostle?

In the Rituale Romanum of the Catholic Church one can find a blessing for wine which is reserved for the Feast of St John the Apostle (December 27). Why does the Catholic Church associate this ...

catholicism tradition john-apostle blessings  
asked by Ken Graham 5 votes
answered by Daisy 3 votes

What do the Amish believe with respect to Creationism?

I realize there are numerous denominations of the Amish, but I'm wondering whether any or all of them believe in the literal, six-day creation and a six-thousand-year-old earth. I've looked in many ...

creation young-earth-creation amish  
asked by GreatBigBore 5 votes

What is process eschatology?

I'm looking for a concise bullet point breakdown :) And some things specific to Christian Process eschatology. I have lots of books and articles with lots of information but am looking for a small ...

asked by Effie Allen 4 votes

What is the difference between Anglo-Catholicism and Catholicism?

I read about Anglo-Catholicism and what I found is that there aren't differences between them and Catholic (in term of doctrine). Am I wrong? If I'm not in wrong, the only difference is in the Pope's ...

catholicism anglicanism  
asked by granmirupa 3 votes
answered by KorvinStarmast 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Who Were Mark and Luke?

From Luke 6:13–16 (NIV): When morning came, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them, whom he also designated apostles: Simon (whom he named Peter), his brother Andrew, James, ...

gospel-of-luke apostles disciple luke mark  
asked by Yuck 16 votes
answered by Affable Geek 16 votes

Why did Jesus refer to Gentiles as dogs?

The passage below raises two questions in my mind but I suspect they both have the same answer. My questions are: Why did Jesus at first refuse to speak to the Canaanite woman? We know He had no ...

jesus exegesis gospel-of-matthew gentile  
asked by Wikis 19 votes
answered by new wings 21 votes
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