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Top new questions this week:

What is the meaning of the sentence 字了一?

I ve found this sentence between two other sentences in an article about the scholar wang li: 中国语言学家、诗人。字了一。广西壮族自治区博白县人 I understand both sentences before and after 字了一, but i am clueless what this ...

grammar sentence-structure syntax  
asked by eugene_laserhair 7 votes
answered by Aw Qirui Guo 7 votes

What does the `里` mean in `这些狗里有一只穿红色的毛衣`?

In the following sentence: 这些狗里有一只穿红色的毛衣 What does the 里 mean? I think the sentence means something like The dogs wear red sweaters. But why does it require 里 there and what meaning does it add? ...

mandarin word  
asked by Gardecolo 5 votes
answered by user58955 12 votes

What is the meaning of 當 and 自強 in 男兒當自強?

男兒當自強 is the title of the main theme in wong feihong, i was told its translation is "a man has to stand one's ground", i do not know how verbatim this translation is. 男兒 is man, 自強 is either "his ...

translation grammar vocabulary  
asked by Pamparapandi 4 votes
answered by Chen Jiang 7 votes

What is the origin of giving certain corners within houses own name?

Thanks to another question on this forum i learned that the south-western corner of a house has its own name: 奥. I was very surprised of this notion and could not make any sense why there might be ...

vocabulary etymology culture  
asked by meireikei 3 votes
answered by Marc 1 vote

What is the translation of 托业考试必备 ?

I ve looked up the words: 托 = to entrust (only one possible meaning, i do not know which one makes sense) 业 = enterprise 考试 = test 必备 = essential I can make no sense of this sentence, i even can ...

translation grammar syntax  
asked by meireikei 3 votes
answered by zaolian 2 votes

What is the meaning behind 5000 万 袋住先 7689!@#?

On a poster referring to the umbrella protests in hong kong is a chinese politician depicted in the way of the picture "the scream" by edward munch, next to him is a humanoid banana with googles ...

meaning vocabulary meaning-in-context  
asked by eugene_laserhair 3 votes
answered by Henry HO 7 votes

What is the word in majiang equivalent to suits in cards?

With playing cards with French faces, ♣♠♥♦ are collectively called suits in English, Farben ("colours") in German. With majiang tiles, what is the collective noun in Chinese for 饼、条、万, a property of ...

asked by daxim 3 votes
answered by NS.X. 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Chinese equivalent of: 'ew'?

When disgusted by something people will usually say, 'ew, yuck!' or 'ew, gross.' Is there an equivalent of 'ew' in Mandarin? The only things I was able to find about it (here) - just explain what ...

translation mandarin  
asked by user3306356 7 votes
answered by 7 votes

Does 危机 really mean both crisis and opportunity?

A lot of people, mostly those who haven't studied Chinese, like to claim something along the lines of "In Chinese, the word for crisis 危机, also bears the meaning of opportunity." This is usually ...

mandarin characters meaning phrase  
asked by Lars Andren 7 votes
answered by K. Shen 9 votes
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