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Top new questions this week:

Does an Alarm clock 吵醒 or 叫醒?

I'm trying to figure out whether an alarm clock 吵醒我, or 叫醒我。 I'd like to say the sentence my alarm clock woke me up at 5:30 today my translation so far is 今天早上五点半, 我手机的闹钟叫醒了我。 Can 叫醒 be done by …

asked by Stephen 11 votes
answered by Semaphore 15 votes

How do I say that a program (coding) "Works!"

I'm trying to say a program (as in something a programmer/程序员) finally works! Is there a way to translate this "works" into chinese? Could I say 我的代码终于可以了!? Or is there a way that is more clear …

translation vocabulary  
asked by Stephen 6 votes
answered by songyuanyao 4 votes

How do you say the noun version of 'programmer'?

I know that a couple of variation of "coding" or programming are 编程, or 写代码. How would I refer to that person who does the coding/programming? Is it 编程家? or is there a more colloquial way of saying …

grammar learn-chinese  
asked by Stephen 5 votes
answered by songyuanyao 5 votes

Third tone sandhi: when (if ever) does 3 3 become 3 0 instead of 2 3?

All of the books and materials I've seen talk about the tone sandhi that changes two third tones to a second and a third, as in "你好." I had a question about the word: 寶寶 Some materials I've …

asked by chapka 5 votes
answered by 5 votes

The Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi poem?

A while ago I came across this: Very interesting. I wonder if there's any more homophonic poems like this? Or even is there a genre?

asked by nicobili 4 votes
answered by user3306356 2 votes

Can You use "非常非常‘ to emphasize how much you think something?

I'm trying to figure out if a common english usage I really really Verb something is used in Chinese. Could I say 我非常非常喜欢这首歌? Could I use this in spoken Chinese? Could it be written this way if it is …

grammar learn-chinese  
asked by Stephen 4 votes
answered by Semaphore 2 votes

阿: when is it pronunced 'a' when is it pronunced 'e'?

阿 sometimes pronounced 'a' sometimes pronounced 'e'. I've noticed specific instances for both. Are there any rules as to how to pronounce 阿 in different circumstances/contexts?

asked by user3306356 4 votes
answered by Semaphore 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Use of Honorifics

In Chinese films I've often heard characters refer to each other using some of these honorifics: 大姐 dàjiě (big sister; auntie) 大哥 dàgē (big brother) 师傅 shīfù (master) In what kind of …

word-choice culture formalities  
asked by Cocowalla 5 votes
answered by xiaohouzi79 2 votes

How do we wish someone to get better?

When we know somebody is sick, how can we wish them to get better? What are the best ways and also the standard ones to do that? I'd like you to differentiate among some things, if and when …

expressions social-norm  
asked by Alenanno 5 votes
answered by Georgeee 4 votes
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