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Top new questions this week:

When to use 一倍 vs 两倍

I would like to have a clarification on this: I know that 倍 means "-times, -fold", but I don't understand why 一倍 seems to mean "twice as (fast)" in the following sentence: 开车最少比骑自行车快一倍。 while we …

asked by pg-robban 5 votes
answered by Caff Huang 6 votes

Chinese countable/uncountable nouns (How do they work? Examples?)

I recall in Mandarin class, my teacher would often discuss an idea about countable nouns. I never really understood how one would easily determine when one is faced with a countable vs uncountable …

grammar word-requests measure-word  
asked by Tommie C. 5 votes
answered by 倪阔乐 8 votes

What is written in this satellite photograph?

What is written in Chinese at this location 40.449787, 116.548828 on Google maps? Tried using translators. But didn't find any feasible answer for this.

translation simplified-chinese traditional-chinese  
asked by Pankaj 4 votes
answered by user6269 4 votes

Should one write “妳好" when addressing a female?

With traditional Chinese characters it is correct and proper to address a female as “妳”. If I have a simple question, I think it's clear I should use the female form. 妳最近好嗎? But to say "hello", …

word-choice traditional-chinese gender  
asked by Matthew Rudy 马泰 4 votes
answered by LulalaBoss 6 votes

啊,诶,喔,哦:compare and contrast

The characters in the title are, FWIK, all exclamatory sentence-final particles, though I'm not too sure about ei. So I was wondering what the difference was between the three. Is there a difference …

asked by MickG 3 votes
answered by 倪阔乐 5 votes

Simplified Chinese font easily readable, suitable for documents and OK for commercial use?

For the English alphabet there's a site, FontSquirrel, that provides great free fonts for commercial use, handpicked and tested. I haven't found anything similar for Chinese fonts, the only very good …

simplified-chinese fonts  
asked by Mastro Willis 3 votes
answered by Mastro Willis 1 vote

How to exclude an ingredient when ordering food?

I know I can order food using phrases like 我(想)要/请给我一份... But how would I exclude an ingredient, e.g. if I don't like garlic? 我要一份青椒肚片无大蒜。 我要一份青椒肚片不要大蒜。 我要一份青椒肚片没有大蒜。 Would any of those be …

word-choice food negation  
asked by Roman Reiner 3 votes
answered by LulalaBoss 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the original Chinese text to "liquid jade"?

The Wikipedia article on the history of tea mentions that Laozi described tea as "the froth of the liquid jade." What is the original text in Chinese? If it's not appropriate to ask such a question, …

asked by Sel 8 votes
answered by Soony 7 votes

If the simplified version of 態 is 态 is why isn't there one for 熊?

I ask because I'm curious as to what's the reasoning behind simplification. It would look something like: 太 灬

asked by Steve 6 votes
answered by Stan 11 votes

Can you answer these?

Etymology of 至关(重要)

至关重要 strikes me as a four-character idiom instead of a Chengyu, and it didn't even make an entry on 现代汉语词典 or However, that couldn't explain the fact that the specific character combination …

asked by NS.X. 3 votes

Sound Loans in Chinese

On one comment to a recent question, LulalaBoss made reference to this article on Chinese character classification. When a character is transformed or redefined, is there a comprehensive method to …

grammar language-learning  
asked by Tommie C. 1 vote
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