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Top new questions this week:

What does “杀牛”mean in this context?

In the story I'm reading for class, a man meets a woman online and she asks him what sign he's born under (属什么). He says 牛, and she says "我是杀牛的." He recounts, "就这么两句话一下子就把我打动了." So they arrange to ...

idioms slang  
asked by MissMonicaE 4 votes
answered by songyuanyao 2 votes

凭, 按, 根据, 依据, 依照, and 按照 how to use these words correctly?

All of these words mean "According to", but I'm wondering are there any different in use. For example, some of them might only be used as adj. or adv.; some of them might have other meanings.

asked by Phrase Phrase 3 votes
answered by wpt 1 vote

does Cantonese 畀 and Mandarins 被 have any historical connection?

畀 and 被's modern pronunciations are quite similar. Although 畀 can mean “give” like the Mandarin 给 it also can work like 被: 佢畀人睇見 他被人家看見 does Cantonese 畀 and Mandarins 被 have any ...

mandarin cantonese  
asked by user3306356 3 votes
answered by wpt 2 votes

Origin of the term "Sitting the Month"

I've recently learned about the practice of 坐月子 or sitting the month where a woman secludes herself for around a month following a pregnancy. The articles I've read indicate that this practice has ...

etymology expressions  
asked by Ringil 3 votes
answered by Chu Wa Tim Tim 1 vote

Fill in the Blanks/Grammar error

两个队的分数_都很_近. The spaces are where words/phrases are supposed to go. Are there such words that fit in these spaces? I've been going through google trying to find similar sentence structures but to no ...

grammar mandarin characters sentence-structure character-identification  
asked by aznluster 2 votes
answered by Siyi Deng 1 vote

What is this book called? 汉说文

I am beginning Chinese speaker, but I watch this documentary on Chinese characters and they talk about origins of the characters from ideograms. They refer to a book called "Roots of Characters" but ...

classical-chinese dictionary  
asked by john mangual 2 votes

“FLAG” meaning in ‘bullet hell-style subtitles’ (弹幕)?

Watching shows with 弹幕 (or bullet hell-style subtitles) the word ‘FLAG’ often shows up. What does ‘FLAG’ mean?

asked by user3306356 2 votes
answered by Kenneth Chen 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it easier to learn Chinese after learning Japanese or vice versa?

For those who speak both Chinese and Japanese, would first learning Chinese make it easier to learn Japanese? Knowing that Japanese Kanji are derived from Chinese characters, how hard is it to do the ...

mandarin learning history  
asked by Gabriel Fair 27 votes
answered by Huang 24 votes

How many characters do I need to learn?

How many Chinese characters would I generally need to learn to be able to handle most text in typical every day circumstances? How many would be required to be considered fluent? Are there any good ...

characters writing reading  
asked by Cocowalla 36 votes
answered by arcyqwerty 28 votes
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