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Top new questions this week:

How does '一勿' Compound to mean sundial?

Etymology [of 腸] Ideogrammic compound (會意): 日 ‎(“sun”) + 一 + 勿   The rays of the sun. [ From ] Primitive pictograph 昜. From sun日 (rays) on a sun dial (一勿). Meaning ...

asked by LePressentiment 2 votes
answered by 倪阔乐 1 vote

Is this a real Chinese Proverb? (Pumpkins and Time Management)

Recently, I read this Chinese proverb. It looked amazing, but I wasn't able to find the Chinese version (or even find out if it actually existed). "One cannot manage too many affairs: like pumpkins ...

asked by Stephen 1 vote

What is the difference between 诡异 and 奇诡?

According to Google Translate it is "Strange" and "Strangeness" But I saw a native speaker post "好诡异", which would be "how strangeness?" When would you use one or the other?

meaning word-choice usage difference  
asked by A O 1 vote
answered by Cosmos Gu 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How is the "r" sound pronounced?

One of the most trickiest sounds to pronounce correctly in Mandarin seems to be the "r" sound, as in 日本 (rì běn). It's not uncommon to hear people pronounce that like "urban." I have been told it's ...

pronunciation pinyin  
asked by Orion 17 votes
answered by xiaohouzi79 13 votes

Why Cantonese is considered as a dialect of Chinese?

Can someone explain why Cantonese is considered as a dialect of Chinese, instead of a language? It is also for any language exist in China, both land and Taiwan (Cantonese, Hunanese, Fujianese, ...

cantonese dialect topolect accent  
asked by mrjimoy_05 16 votes
answered by jsj 12 votes

Why is stroke order important when writing Chinese characters?

I often see people having a big focus on correct stroke order for writing Chinese characters. My question is, for most learners, is it important to know the stroke order, and if so, why is it ...

history stroke-order  
asked by Ciaocibai 14 votes
answered by Huang 10 votes

How many syllables does Chinese have?

I'm just reading a book about China and Chinese customs from Heike Barai. She says that Chinese only has around 300 different syllables, whereas modern German has about 10 000 and I suppose English is ...

mandarin phonology  
asked by Pedroski 5 votes
answered by Drunken Master 13 votes
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