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Top new questions this week:

What do the Symbols ◒ and ◓ Signify In Old Chinese Poetry Books?

I recently bought an old manual of how 詞 (classical lyric) are supposed to be "filled". The pages look like this: Naturally am curious about the meaning of the circle symbols next to each ...

poetry scansion  
asked by Master Sparkles 7 votes
answered by Yang 4 votes

Rhyming in modern Mandarin

What syllables rhyme in modern Mandarin, according to the native speakers? I'm looking for some rules or rhyme tables. I have found some, but I'm confused by the fact that 韵 may both mean "rhyme" and ...

asked by michau 6 votes
answered by Danke Xie 1 vote

上的 — How is it functioning in this sentence

In the following sentence, what does 上的 mean? 中国历史学上的夏、商、周属于考古学上的青铜时代。 I translated it as "Archaeologists know the Xia, Shang and Zhou collectively as the Bronze Age." I think I have the gist of ...

meaning-in-context sentence-structure preposition  
asked by liao 3 votes
answered by pakgwan luk 2 votes

When to use 世界 and when to use 国际

These two terms are broadly speaking translations of "world" (世界), and "international" (国际). Recently, I've been reminded that "international" in English can be used to mean "many nations" rather than ...

meaning vocabulary usage  
asked by Sqrtbottle 3 votes
answered by Drunken Master 7 votes

Does anyone know the meaning of this character (𣟂)?

The only things I found about it is its vietnamese reading "khuôn" and that it is used in 𣟂𩈘 (meaning "face").

asked by Marvoch 3 votes
answered by Drunken Master 3 votes

What's this idiom mean?

生命诚可贵 爱情价更高 若为自由故 二者皆可抛 I think it means "life is expensive, but love is even more so. However, both are not as good as freedom."

asked by Photons 3 votes
answered by songyuanyao 7 votes

How would you describe the meaning of 弯 wan1?

Specifically regarding its use to mean someone who is 'bent'? Someone who likes someone of the same-sex or is at least suspected of it? Does it include bisexuality? Is it polite or rude, subtle or ...

translation slang  
asked by Tyler Gleason 2 votes
answered by Aw Qirui Guo 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Special meanings applied to numbers 0 - 10

From what I understand: 4 or 四 means death 8 is similar to 发 as in 发财 9 is somehow related to the emporer or is the emporer's number Can someone please provide the meanings (if they exist) for ...

vocabulary meaning  
asked by xiaohouzi79 12 votes
answered by Alenanno 9 votes

What does 牛逼 mean? Can anyone define it?

牛逼 What does it mean? Someone gave a presentation on it in my school Can someone define it? Thanks!

asked by iDontKnow 2 votes
answered by George Chen 3 votes

Can you answer this?

What's the best way to improve Chinese after mastering the fundamentals?

I think to learn a language including Chinese, you would need to first learn the fundamentals, such as the vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. After that, native speakers go their own way to ...

learning improvement  
asked by Danke Xie 1 vote
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