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Top new questions this week:

What's the difference between 同样 and 一样

I'm so confused about this two phrases, I think they can be used interchangeably in most circumstances, but here's the examples: 他们两个长得一样。 Why can't we say 他们两个长得同样? 妈妈点了一杯咖啡,我也一样。 Why can't we ...

word-choice difference  
asked by Kathy Tang 5 votes
answered by wpt 4 votes

Why do people say "man dianer a" when you leave their shop?

When you leave a shop, you often hear the shopkeeper saying something like "man dianer a", which sounds like 慢点儿阿 (something parents say to their kids to get them to walk more slowly [even if they ...

meaning expressions  
asked by Rebecca J. Stones 4 votes
answered by songyuanyao 5 votes

When did the words 麻醉 and 麻药 first appear?

I want to know how long 麻醉 and 麻药 have been compounded to mean anesthesia and anesthetic respectively. What is the approximate date of the origin of those two Chinese words? Are their origins ...

asked by jerry 4 votes
answered by wpt 2 votes

Modern loanwords in Chinese

I've noticed that in modern Chinese there's a lot of loanwords that are translated in multiple ways: 激光 vs 雷射 互联网 vs 因特网 Generally one version will sound similar to the English ...

word-choice loanwords  
asked by Ringil 4 votes
answered by congusbongus 4 votes

Mandarin Neutral Tone: Tone Value?

One of my dialectical dictionaries takes tone value 21 and compares it to Mandarin's neutral tone. The same tone, coincidentally enough, had been described in the same way to me by a local native ...

asked by user3306356 2 votes
answered by Stumpy Joe Pete 2 votes

How do you say "rock a baby to sleep" in Chinese?

当一个小儿子在哭泣而妈妈为了让他睡觉就拿他上来而用胳膊轻轻的动他,这用汉语叫什么? When a young child is crying and the mother in order to make him sleep takes him up and gently move him with her arms, what do you call that in Chinese? PS ...

word-choice word-requests  
asked by MickG 2 votes
answered by Pedroski 2 votes

总监,总统,总裁 and other similar words

What's the difference between: 总 总监 总统 总裁 董事长 主任 领导 老板 They can all be translated as president, chairman or boss. I only know that 总统 is the president of a country, while 老板 is used in small firms ...

difference comparison  
asked by Lex 2 votes
answered by songyuanyao 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between "我还没打算" and "我还没决定"

In a question-response practice, the question is "你暑假要去旅游吗"? Why is the right response "我还没决定", not "我还没打算"?

grammar vocabulary  
asked by cnwang09 3 votes
answered by Cuckoo 4 votes

What does 'duang' mean in 'online Chinese'?

I see this word popping up on Weibo and Taobao. It's not written with any character, but spelled out in Pinyin. What does it mean? EDIT: For the annals:

mandarin word slang online  
asked by Drunken Master 7 votes
answered by NS.X. 8 votes
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