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Top new questions this week:

Lego Escher structures

How are these done? Is it trick photography? With some kind of giveaway background it should be obvious, but I notice they are not us telling that.

building design  
asked by Jon Mark Perry 6 votes
answered by Joost 5 votes

How to upload an XML file to wishlist in bricklink

I am triying to upload an XML file with all my brick wishlist to BrickLink. However, even if I follow the instructions on the webpage, it never seems to find the product in the catalogue. If I ...

asked by Ander Biguri 2 votes
answered by Phil B. 1 vote

EV3 controlled by 8879 speed control through IR sensor

Is it possible to send commands to an EV3 brick from the Power Functions Speed Control remote? Would I have to interpret the raw sensor values to do this? Are there any references that would help?

ev3 power-functions  
asked by Michael Verschaeve 2 votes
answered by David Lechner 1 vote

How to fix The LEGO Star Wars Corellian Defender set

I was playing with my Corellian Defender which took me up to 4 days to build. It broke unfortunately and I am very sad since I love it very much. I need some tips to rebuild it back :(

asked by Jeff 1 vote
answered by Zhaph - Ben Duguid 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the largest Technic-compatible tires on the market?

I am looking for the largest LEGO wheels with tires available to build a nice-sized RC LEGO car. Of course I will start with the simplest prototype, but I would like to achieve a design which will ...

technic size wheel  
asked by Coyote 11 votes
answered by jwueller 9 votes

What's the most cost effective and efficient way to buy bricks?

After a 20 year hiatus I picked up LEGO again as a hobby. I've been into the Trains lately and need bricks. I found a couple places to pick them up but they all suck for various reasons. The first was ...

asked by craigmoliver 35 votes
answered by HaydenStudios 25 votes

Are there any lego base plates that are compatible with duplo?

I'm thinking of making a lego table but my 2 children both use different lego. My oldest uses normal lego and my youngest uses duplo. Just wondering if there is a base plate that both types of lego ...

compatibility duplo  
asked by user3134 8 votes
answered by jncraton 14 votes
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