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Top new questions this week:

What is this Lego piece - Yellow with handles and an octagonal section?

It clearly says Lego on it, but I have no idea what it is. The only number inside is 4-01.

piece-information identification  
asked by Lindy 13 votes
answered by Dave DeLong 20 votes

How to get good color readings from the color sensor?

What type of setup is needed to get good color readings from the Mindstorms EV3 color sensor: Shape of object? Size of object? Distance to object? Color of background?

ev3 sensor-colour  
asked by UlfR 5 votes
answered by Ernest3.14 6 votes

What is NXT-G number format?

We've been following this tutorial to connect a NXT 1.0 brick to a PC via Bluetooth. We've been able to set up the communication, send and receive data in ASCII format. However, whenever we try to ...

nxt software bluetooth nxt-g  
asked by Cristian Porto 3 votes
answered by David Lechner 2 votes

Custom EV3 Block: "Unable to compile..." ("string subsection")

I am attempting to make a custom block according to the EV3 Block Developer kit (found here). I was able to create a simple block that returns the length of a string. This is what it looks like: (The ...

ev3 programming ev3-g  
asked by Ernest3.14 3 votes
answered by Ernest3.14 1 vote

Need help identifying extra large Lego figure from 2003

I came across these LEGO figures at an estate sale and have had no luck trying to find out what they are called. They are much larger than a regular minifig but have a shaped foot plate to attach to ...

identification minifigures  
asked by Adriana 2 votes
answered by Ambo100 4 votes

How to import an unofficial parts archive into LDraw?

I recently created a basic EV3 robot in Lego Digital Designer and exported it as a LDraw file. When I opened the LDView file, the EV3 elements were missing. I then proceeded to download an unofficial ...

asked by Tyler Kim 2 votes
answered by Philo 1 vote

Can I identify the colour of objects 5mm in diamater with an EV3 Colour sensor?

My plan was to make a simple robot to sort beads like this:. Its the Hama Medium size beads, they have a diameter of 5mm so they are fairly small. After some testing, reading and asking here I figured ...

ev3 sensor-colour  
asked by UlfR 1 vote
answered by alexs 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the bley (blay) color?

I keep reading on various lego web sites about an elusive brick color called "bley" or "blay". What is it and what is the story behind this?

terminology colour  
asked by jfyelle 27 votes
answered by starblue 21 votes

What are some examples of advanced train layouts possible with the PF train sets?

I recently got my first train set, the Constitution Chase, and it has sparked my imagination for building train layouts. My 3-year-old son has a small collection of wooden trains and we enjoy building ...

asked by Mr. Shiny and New 安宇 8 votes
answered by jncraton 9 votes
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