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Top new questions this week:

What are the very tiny, single-peg, miniature figures from the SHIELD Helicarrier called?

The Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier comes with a number of single-peg decorative figures, including 8 agents, Nick Fury, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Captain America, as seen in this video, or in this report. ...

minifigures terminology micro-scale microfigure  
asked by JoshDM 5 votes
answered by oddTodd 3 votes

6216m2 motor found... what to do?

I recently found a 6216m2 motor in a jumble of old bricks and such - but no connection wires. Firstly, how does this motor compare against all others? As it is a 4.5V motor, it is not listed in ...

asked by kguest 2 votes
answered by Nick2253 2 votes

What's an effective strategy for purchasing large numbers of different bricks?

If you want to go on bricklink for example, you search by part but the end up with parts on various different stores. Buying on ebay is extremely expensive for groups of different parts. How do you ...

asked by Eamonn M.R. 2 votes
answered by Josh King 2 votes

Need a block that can combine a movement program with NXTbee radio (using Labview)

I am a student. I am working on a science project using Lego Mindstorm robots enhanced with NXTbees creating a mesh network. My engineering mentor has me using Labview. I am trying to find a block ...

asked by dayrmoore 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is considered the most valuable LEGO set?

Which Lego set is considered to be the most valuable set to own? I'm not talking about the most expensive set, and clearly it has to be out of production already, but when trying to collect complete ...

sets history investment  
asked by LarsTech 15 votes
answered by user23 14 votes

Are there any African American LEGO minifigures besides the ones from the "Sports" basketball series?

I was wondering if there were any African American LEGO minifigures besides the ones from the sports basketball series... I got a brown head from a LEGO Stormtrooper set instead of a black one. I then ...

asked by LegoBoy 11 votes
answered by Mr. Shiny and New 安宇 11 votes

What are the dimensions of a LEGO brick?

What are the real world dimensions of bricks? (starting with 1x1 brick) Plates? Studs? Does LEGO think of this in metric or imperial units or something else?

piece-information size  
asked by Erik Olson 19 votes
answered by pcantin 33 votes
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