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Top new questions this week:

What does the 4 digit number embossed on my LEGO set represent?

I have a Limited Edition LEGO set which has an embossed 4-digit (2755) number on the bottom. I'm curious to know what it is because I don't remember seeing one before. It would also be nice to know ...

sets packaging  
asked by Ambo100 4 votes
answered by Phil B. 6 votes

Do you cut a LEGO knife to create an illusion of a minifigure getting stabbed?

I have watched many action animations and this question keeps bugging me. Does anyone know?

minifigures animation  
asked by Legocake123 2 votes
answered by Mr. Shiny and New 安宇 3 votes

How can I connect CCBS parts to plain LEGO system?

Can anyone explain how the front shoulder was built in this MOC? Are there bricks that allow easy connections between CCBS and plain System?

asked by jva 2 votes
answered by jncraton 3 votes

Where does these knock-off LEGO's come from?

These are some of the non-LEGO pieces I had in my LEGO collection when I was a child, and I was told they were old LEGOs, but any site on the history of LEGO completely fail to show anything like ...

identification clone-brands  
asked by Lennart Regebro 2 votes
answered by Syberion 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Minifigures creator?

Does a website to create custom minifigs exist? For exemple, you choose your head (between all official LEGO releases), torso, legs, and hair, and then you can purchase it for the same price as you ...

asked by Thy' 3 votes
answered by gev 3 votes

How can I wirelessly connect the NXT and an iOS device?

I've seen videos around YouTube (like this one for a car) that show an ability to control a Mindstorms set via iOS (either iPhone or iPod Touch). I am just getting started with Mindstorms, but find ...

mindstorms nxt remote-control ios  
asked by Matthew Bernhardt 13 votes
answered by Zhaph - Ben Duguid 11 votes

Why does LEGO have a maximum age limit?

I am wondering why do LEGO boxes have a maximum age limit printed on them? My girlfriend has just gifted me LEGO Starfighter (8088) and it has an age range of 8-14. Why not just write 8+? Are there ...

lego-group packaging  
asked by Drake 22 votes
answered by Zhaph - Ben Duguid 21 votes
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