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Top new questions this week:

How did the LEGO 7862 Remote Controlled Decoupling and Signal work?

I've never seen this set in person, although it appears occasionally in 12V Lego train system images. I've never seen it used, or described. How did the LEGO 7862 Remote Controlled Decoupling and ...

trains remote-control 12v  
asked by CJBS 5 votes
answered by Niels 5 votes

Slow down the mindstorms EV3 motor so target position is not overshot

I have Debian jesse installed on a mindstorms EV3 and I'm using the library: I want to be able to slow down the motor as it reaches its target ...

ev3 motors ev3dev  
asked by Eric Leschinski 3 votes
answered by Eric Leschinski 2 votes

Can anyone help id this partial build/set?

I found this partial set bagged at Savers, looked interesting. But searching thru peeron, I cannot figure out what set this might belong to. Is anybody familiar with what set this might be associated ...

asked by John W. 1 vote
answered by gev 2 votes

Will playing with a 12V train motor by hand damage it?

This question is similar to one for PF motors. The 12V motor bogie has considerably more resistance than does the newer PF bogie motor, which may be moved very easily when not operating. So, if one ...

motors trains 12v  
asked by CJBS 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the largest Technic-compatible tires on the market?

I am looking for the largest LEGO wheels with tires available to build a nice-sized RC LEGO car. Of course I will start with the simplest prototype, but I would like to achieve a design which will ...

technic size wheel  
asked by Coyote 12 votes
answered by jwueller 9 votes

What is the rarest LEGO production element (colour/shape combination)?

What is the rarest LEGO element according to the following criteria: Genuine LEGO elements, not those available through third party vendors or otherwise modified elements. (So nothing from ...

asked by mcqwerty 14 votes
answered by Joubarc 11 votes

What is considered the most valuable LEGO set?

Which Lego set is considered to be the most valuable set to own? I'm not talking about the most expensive set, and clearly it has to be out of production already, but when trying to collect complete ...

sets history investment  
asked by LarsTech 15 votes
answered by user23 14 votes
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