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Top new questions this week:

Where is this large beige motor with battery box from and how does it work?

I have a LEGO Technic motor with a built in battery box for 3xAA batteries (thus 4,5 volts). Could you help me identify it? What set does it belong to and how old is it? Colours are beige and ...

identification motors creator  
asked by Kambestad 6 votes
answered by jncraton 7 votes

Selling custom LEGO image mosaics using original LEGO bricks without breaking LEGO's Fair-Use Policy

We have designed software and an accompanying site to convert images into 48x48 (or larger) LEGO mosaics; we use the current LEGO color palette, use image dithering to improve color availability, ...

shopping lego-group customization  
asked by PixelBrick 3 votes
answered by Phil B. 3 votes

Neutralize brick scent

I store some used Lego sets in household plastic boxes originally used for candy. I thought they were ideal, but now I found out the bricks have caught an unpleasant candy scent -- despite cleaning ...

asked by Gruber 3 votes
answered by zovits 3 votes

What prevents a 12V motor, when pushed by hand, from providing DC electric out?

This question is somewhat related to a similar question I asked about whether pushing a 12V train motor (such as the one below) would damage it. See title "Set 7865: six wheeled Lego® train motor ...

trains motors 12v  
asked by CJBS 3 votes
answered by Niels 5 votes

Why can't I combine a EV3 Motor with a Technic frame in LDD?

It is easy and stress-free to attach a frame to a large motor in a vertical or horizontal manner as shown in the picture in real life. But I can't do the vertical version inside LDD. Anyone knows why? ...

ev3 technic ldd  
asked by ShungChing 2 votes
answered by Ambo100 1 vote

How can I power my LEGO pneumatic engine?

I have just finished building a simple LPE, but have no means to power it. I live on a farm and have access to a small air compressor, would that work?

asked by DR_JRO 2 votes
answered by zovits 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I build a Lego rubik's cube?

How can I build a LEGO Rubik's cube, I have 2 of them, and I've built them several times, but how can I build a LEGO Rubik's cube.

asked by Matcelo barrantes 7 votes
answered by jncraton 12 votes

Why does LEGO have a maximum age limit?

I am wondering why do LEGO boxes have a maximum age limit printed on them? My girlfriend has just gifted me LEGO Starfighter (8088) and it has an age range of 8-14. Why not just write 8+? Are there ...

lego-group packaging  
asked by Drake 19 votes
answered by Zhaph - Ben Duguid 19 votes
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