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Top new questions this week:

What's behind the "Duck of Doom" card?

"You should know better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon." Should I, really? Most of the cards in basic Munchkin are humorous references to Dungeons & Dragons or other tabletop RPG ...

asked by Iszi 6 votes
answered by Paul Marshall 7 votes

Are tribal spells with changeling considered creature spells?

Does Heartless Summoning make Tribal Changeling Instants cheaper to cast? Crib Swap's type line says: Tribal Instant - Shapeshifter In the reminder text it says: Changeling (This card is ...

asked by Ragingpoo 4 votes
answered by murgatroid99 6 votes

Betrayal at House on the Hill - "Voodoo" (Haunt 25) - Do you continue if the traitor dies?

We played the Voodoo scenario the other night and I as the traitor got killed in an attack. At the end of each traitor turn, the chance of survivors dying gets more and more likely. So I hoped that ...

asked by BeeMo 2 votes
answered by GendoIkari 4 votes

What is the typical DPI at which playing cards are printed?

I recently had a deck of custom cards printed at MakePlayingCards. They accept bmp,png,tiff and jpg images at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. I have a bunch of SVG vector images that I can convert to ...

asked by kcghost 2 votes

Is it possible to fill an othello/rervesi board with one color?

I have a simple question, but couldn't find an answer anywhere: is it possible to fill an othello/reversi with one color? I already played some games where one of the two opponents was wipe out, but ...

asked by Braba 2 votes
answered by Colin D 5 votes

Can a runner end the run before accessing all cards?

When playing casually, I have seen runners occasionally access some cards but decline accessing the remaining (typically due to hitting a trap and being concerned about subsequent traps). The ...

asked by zashu 2 votes
answered by Twitch_City 5 votes

How many units and resources will the Germans get when they research logistics?

Is there any official/de facto interpretation for this topic? After setup, each time the Germans research a tech that upgrades or unlocks a unit, they build one of that unit for free and gain one ...

asked by 3100 1 vote
answered by np8 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Basic strategies for each country in Diplomacy

I found out one of my friends has Diplomacy and wants to play. He's never played before, and neither have I, nor anyone else in the group. I'm confident I can explain the rules, but I don't really ...

diplomacy teaching  
asked by Gordon Gustafson 9 votes
answered by Peter McNamara 12 votes

How can I tell which sets are currently legal in various formats?

I haven't played Magic: the Gathering since the days of Onslaught and Mirrodin, and I would like to try to catch back up. Since all my cards are quite dated now, I may be more interested in formats ...

asked by StrixVaria 7 votes
answered by thesunneversets 9 votes
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