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Top new questions this week:

Will transforming Thing in the Ice with a token-summoning spell bounce my tokens?

Thing in the Ice: Thing in the Ice enters the battlefield with four ice counters on it. Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, remove an ice counter from Thing in the Ice. Then if it ...

asked by Tim B 13 votes
answered by doppelgreener 17 votes

Can you choose not to assign damage to a second blocker?

In a game of Magic, I attack with a 5/5, indestructible, trample. My opponent blocks with a 2/3 and a 2/2. He hopes the 2/2 will die because of an effect when that creature dies. Can I choose to ...

asked by Vecta 12 votes
answered by Rainbolt 13 votes

Why is "LGS" the standard term for a game store?

Why is LGS the term of choice for gaming stores? Is it to specifically refer to local gaming stores, as opposed to distant or non-local gaming stores? I have never seen DGS or NLGS, so I don't know ...

asked by Trevor D 6 votes
answered by Jefromi 9 votes

Can I counter a creature with Shroud?

I was playing with a counter deck, and my opponent played Algae Gharial, which has shroud. Could I counter it?

asked by user16086 5 votes
answered by diego 8 votes

Can you re-equip equipment to the same creature?

Murderer's Axe has an equip cost: discard a card, and since madness runs off discarding, this can be rather useful. Can an equipment card be re-equipped to the same creature that already has it ...

asked by davemtgplayer 5 votes
answered by diego 6 votes

Replacing ships after taking control of enemy ports

Page 25 of the rulebook states: Taking Control of Enemy Ports - If the land area connected to a Port is successfully attacked and taken control of by another player, that player may ...

asked by Bob 4 votes
answered by Benjamin Cosman 4 votes

Which US states have the highest Magic: the Gathering participation?

How can I determine which US states have the highest Magic: the Gathering participation? To make the question less subjective, we'll define participation as any of the following: Number of Friday ...

asked by Rainbolt 4 votes
answered by diego 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are tile bonuses counted twice if 2 new words are formed?

An example: O O? There is a triple letter tile to the right of the bottom O, indicated with a ?. If I place an X on it, making the words OX (vertical) and OX (horizontal), do I score 50 points ...

asked by Rupert Madden-Abbott 10 votes
answered by Pat Ludwig 13 votes

What are good general strategies for Pandemic?

I've looked at a lot of forum posts on several sites on Pandemic and it seems that there is a decent amount of luck. You may win 2 6-epidemic games in a row, then lose 3 5-epidemic games. I have no ...

asked by Gordon Gustafson 26 votes
answered by Ryan 24 votes
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