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Top new questions this week:

Can you play a new player game of Carcassonne w/o farms?

I've taught Carcassonne to a number of new players (it's a great "gateway game")! However, the problem that I keep having is with the farmers. Players are able to quickly grasp the idea of putting …

house-rules carcassonne  
asked by Thunderforge 5 votes
answered by Phil Sumner 6 votes

Checkers (Draughts) Capture all pieces in 1 move

What moves would have to be played leading up to this, obviously both players would have to chip in, but how would this work? Is it even possible to get this board playing with actual rules?

asked by warspyking 3 votes
answered by TemplateRex 3 votes

Bloodbowl - throw a rock, roll for injury or casualty?

We use the 5.0 living rulebook. The exact wording for the event is the following: Throw a Rock: An enraged fan hurls a large rock at one of the players on the opposing team. Each coach rolls …

asked by EagleV_Attnam 3 votes
answered by Chris Persichetti 4 votes

How can I remove a Darksteel Citadel animated by Nissa, Worldwaker?

After the coming rotation with Khans of Tarkir being released, will there be any way to remove from the battlefield a Darksteel Citadel that has been turned into a creature by Nissa, Worldwaker's …

asked by LuckySevens 2 votes
answered by murgatroid99 4 votes

What stategy should I use when playing as the engineers?

I played terra mystica for the first time recently as the engineers. I decided to pick good bridging starting locations, build a stonghold and a bridge the first turn, and spend the rest of the game …

asked by Dan 2 votes
answered by K.C. 2 votes

Can you destroy your own starbases?

The title says it all. Can I destroy my own starbase? Why would you want this? You might want to 'move' the starbase to another system. By destroying your own starbase you can build a new one …

asked by Arazu 2 votes
answered by GendoIkari 2 votes

How to build decks with cards not present in my MTG Online collection

Previously in MTG Online was possible to build decks with cards not present in your collection. This is not possible any more in the latest MTG Online client. Can someone advice on how I can build a …

magic-the-gathering mtg-online  
asked by Gad D Lord 2 votes
answered by Ivo Beckers 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What happens if each player has a copy of the same Archetype?

Archetype of Endurance (from Born of the Gods) is a card that says Creatures you control have hexproof Creatures your opponents control lose hexproof and can't have or gain hexproof. If …

asked by murgatroid99 7 votes
answered by murgatroid99 14 votes

Are there specific deck combinations to avoid in Smash Up?

I just got the game, and haven't had a chance to play yet, but I did a quick run through on the decks (I got the basic version; no expansions yet), and it seemed like some of the combinations might be …

deck-building smash-up  
asked by Beofett 5 votes
answered by Wolfkin 4 votes
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