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Top new questions this week:

How does Starfield of Nyx interact with the Theros Gods?

Starfield of Nyx has the ability As long as you control five or more enchantments, each other non-Aura enchantment you control is a creature in addition to its other types and has base power and ...

asked by murgatroid99 15 votes
answered by murgatroid99 18 votes

How to win with Greyjoy in Game of Thrones board game?

Seems like Greyjoy have a massive disadvantage. No special orders, so no mustering. When the cards for possible mustering or bidding on the tracks came up, other players declined those options. So as ...

asked by user5242 7 votes
answered by Cain 3 votes

Where does the term "sacred discard" come from?

In most variants of Mahjong with restrictions on when a player can complete their hand off a discarded tile (especially Japanese Mahjong with furiten), the English rules refer to the situation as a ...

mahjong terminology  
asked by Joe Z. 6 votes
answered by mafu 2 votes

Do morph cards suffer summoning sickness

When you have the card face down then you morph the card to face up, does it suffer summoning sickness? My friend has lots of them in his deck and I'm not too sure and would like to know whether they ...

asked by Breefree 5 votes
answered by Jefromi 7 votes

Can I use Settlers of Catan (older edition) with Catan: Explorers and Pirates (2015 ed.)?

I have an older version of The Settlers of Catan (part number 483), and an older version of The Cities and Knights of Catan (part number 494), which were purchased sometime around the late 1990s. I ...

asked by James 5 votes
answered by GendoIkari 4 votes

How do I mitigate 'alpha playing' in Pandemic?

I don't quite like Pandemic for a simple reason. Basically - because all players have the same knowledge, and same goal, I don't see the need to have multiple players; one person (the alpha player) ...

house-rules pandemic hanabi  
asked by dwjohnston 5 votes
answered by bowlturner 8 votes

If I copy a spell, do I need to pay the costs again? Will copying a spell trigger Prowess?

If I cast Howl of the Horde and then cast a Collateral Damage, do I need to sacrifice a creature for each new copy of Collateral Damage? Does each new copy trigger Prowess?

asked by Luiz Guilherme 4 votes
answered by Rainbolt 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where can I find a database with a list of all magic cards?

I am going to write a program to manage my library of Magic cards and I am looking for a database file or list of all of the cards that have been released. I know that the Gathering site is useful, ...

asked by Christopher Rayl 16 votes
answered by MaskedPlant 4 votes

Munchkin as a two player game

Has anyone had any experience with playing Munchkin with 2 players? If so, what variant/house rules do you play with, and how do you feel the experience compares to 3+ player Munchkin?

house-rules munchkin  
asked by Eric 34 votes
answered by Ilmari Karonen 17 votes
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