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Top new questions this week:

What is this kind of card shuffling called?

What is this kind of card shuffling called? Its a grid of cards where you take 1 card at a time to create a grid of say 2 wide and 2 tall, (although it could be any number wide/tall) ASCII Drawing; ...

asked by user12204 6 votes
answered by Rainbolt 11 votes

Is one allowed to play Go with a notebook?

This may be a silly question—but, is it illegal for one to enter a Go (or Chess, for that matter) tournament with a notebook in hand?

asked by AmagicalFishy 5 votes
answered by mafu 3 votes

king of Tokyo- camouflage

If I buy a card that does damage to me, and I have camouflage, do I get to roll to negate that damage? The card says when I take damage I roll to negate it, so I would think I could get rid of the ...

asked by dillon m 4 votes
answered by ikegami 4 votes

Is a Regenerated Creature Removed from Combat?

Say my opponent attacks me with a creature. I use a burn spell to deal lethal damage, then he regenerates it. Is it removed from combat at that point or does it still deal damage?

asked by Algur 3 votes
answered by murgatroid99 6 votes

Can you interfere and help and win the game as an elf in munchkin?

In the rules it says you can interfere with combat "use a one shot item to help another player by casting a potion against his foe" My friend drew a lvl18 card and someone else helped him. I wanted ...

asked by ioquatix 3 votes
answered by doppelgreener 5 votes

Where can I search by card for decks in major tournaments?

Where I can search by card for decks from major modern tournaments? By major tournaments, I mean Grand Prixs, StarCityGames Open Series, TCGPlayer Max Point Series, and other large (200+) player ...

asked by BolasStone 3 votes
answered by bwarner 5 votes

When "an opponent" has to do something in a multiplayer game, who does it?

In a multiplayer game of Magic: The Gathering, if a card requires an opponent to make a choice — like Fact or Fiction, which states an opponent separates the piles into two piles — who ...

magic-the-gathering mtg-multiplayer  
asked by Gryff 3 votes
answered by GendoIkari 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What happens when I sacrifice a blocking creature?

In Magic:The Gathering it is possible to trigger abilities of creatures at the same time you can play instants? I play it that I can block with a creature and sacrifice it at the same time. The ...

asked by Demento 11 votes
answered by thesunneversets 20 votes

Where can I find good tile layouts for Settlers of Catan?

I just bought a copy of Settlers, and noticed that there was a suggested starting layout that is included in the Almanac. I noticed it was mentioned online as well: "new editions of the game also ...

house-rules settlers-of-catan  
asked by Droogans 23 votes
answered by Justin 20 votes

Can you answer this?

7 Wonders - Abusimbel and Courtesan's Guild

So, this item came up last night while we were playing. I'll give you our answer, but I want to see what everyone else's thoughts are. One player was playing as Abusimbel, and their neighbor had ...

7-wonders 7-wonders-leaders  
asked by Aggie Kidd 1 vote
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