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Top new questions this week:

How do I handle casting a spell with a cost of X when the casting cost is reduced?

If I play a sorcery spell with {X} in the CMC and have a card that reduces the casting cost by 2 colourless. Does {X} start at -2? For example: Arcane Melee in play, if I play Prosperity for just 1 ...

asked by mongoose_za 7 votes
answered by Hackworth 11 votes

Can a card effect make a creature block one that it otherwise could not?

Nature Shields Its Own is an Archenemy scheme that creates a blocking creature (green plant) any time the Archenemy is attacked and the attack is not blocked. We ran into a few issues last night ...

asked by Red_Shadow 6 votes
answered by GendoIkari 8 votes

duplicate bridge revoke not agreed upon

A strange one, for sure. After the hand was played, cards returned to board but before the next round was called, the defenders realized, in discussing the hand, that the declarer had revoked. ...

asked by Janna 5 votes
answered by Pieter Geerkens 6 votes

Trading in two-player games

In a two-player game, why would one player ever trade with another? (I'm working on a new game for my publisher at the moment, and this question is coming up at work.) Let's say you have a three ...

game-design trading  
asked by Joe 4 votes
answered by Nick 6 votes

In Settlers of Catan, if you have unrevealed victory point cards that would make you win, are you forced to declare victory?

If you have enough points to win on your turn, but only by including your unrevealed VP development cards, are you forced to win? E.g. I have three cities (6 VP), three settlements (3 VP), and I buy ...

asked by Fodder 3 votes
answered by GendoIkari 10 votes

When is it worth adding nonbasic land or artifacts to your deck over basic land?

I'm having trouble choosing a basic land over something like Orzhov Guildgate or Gruul Cluestone. Why and when would you want one of these in your deck and would it replace a basic land or augment the ...

asked by Ryan Detzel 1 vote

Necromunda: what happens to plague zombies when they go down?

My brother and I play the skirmish game Necromunda (made back in the '90s by Games Workshop, its a spin-off of Warhammer 40k). My question is, what happens to zombies when you have wounded them and ...

asked by user1108 1 vote
answered by Pow-Ian 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How Is the Magic Core Set 2015 "Deck Builder's Toolkit" Different From Other Core Set Offerings With Respect To Cards?

I'm getting ready to invest in the 2015 MTG Core Set and I'm confused by some of the offerings. What is the difference between: Magic: the Gathering - 2015 Core Set Deck Builder's Toolkit Magic: ...

asked by Mike B 4 votes
answered by jknudsen99 7 votes

Can instants be played after I decide not to block?

My friend has a green Infect deck. When he declares a creature to attack and I allow it to go through unblocked, he suddenly plays all these Instants that 'pump' the creature up, and because of ...

asked by neptec 13 votes
answered by ghoppe 20 votes

Can you answer these?

What boardgame comes closest to the computer game Frozen Synapse?

According to what I've read about Gunslinger it looks like both share similar game mechanics, but not having played this 1982 game I'm not sure. Does it come close to Frozen Synapse ? Or is there ...

asked by Stonecrusher 1 vote

Small go board history

Does anyone know origin of smaller go boards (9*9,13*13)? When (and where) was first introduced? I looked on Sensei library but didn't find anything about history of go boards.

asked by mike_lo 1 vote
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