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Top new questions this week:

Damage dealt by creatures and the order of damage

So I had an interesting one recently at our local win a box tournament. Scene - I have 12 life remaining, my opponent has 9. I have an un-monstrous Arbor Colossus and a Polukranos, World ...

asked by LuckySevens 4 votes
answered by Ivo Geersen 5 votes

Will infinite loops still force a draw if I have a way to end them?

The comprehensive rules of MTG state: 104.4b If a game that’s not using the limited range of influence option (including a two-player game) somehow enters a “loop” of mandatory actions, repeating ...

asked by Epidilius 4 votes
answered by Hao Ye 9 votes

What happens when a double-sided card is returned to the battlefield or a copy of it appears?

Say I cast Oblivion Ring on Garruk, the Veil-Cursed (i.e. a transformed Garruk Relentless). What happens when my Oblivion Ring gets destroyed? My interpretation was that Garruk returns in his ...

asked by john_leo 4 votes
answered by Brian S 2 votes

Use of race tokens when conquering new regions

When conquering a new region, do you deploy race tokens from other regions you have already conquered, or do you use your unused race tokens?

asked by Eve 3 votes
answered by GendoIkari 5 votes

Will double strike trigger cipher twice?

Say I am playing with a creature that has double strike (e.g. Two-Headed Ceberus), and I cipher Hidden Strings to it. This allows me to tap/untap up to 2 target permanents whenever the creature deals ...

asked by Artaga 2 votes
answered by Kevin 4 votes

Does Republic of Rome usually generate one or more wars per turn, leading to a loss even when cooperating?

I have played Republic of Rome several (4?) times with a group (usually 4-5 players) without studying the rules myself. We have always started in the Early Republic period, and even when we try to ...

mechanics balance republic-of-rome  
asked by Dronz 2 votes
answered by TimLymington 3 votes

Leading from the wrong (nondummy) hand in bridge

While playing bridge you were supposed to lead from the dummy's hand, but you pulled a card from your hand by mistake. After putting it back in your hand, do you have to play the same suit when you ...

asked by Bea Milligan 2 votes
answered by Pieter Geerkens 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How much would it cost to get started with Magic: The Gathering?

I've heard a lot (of good things) about this game and I'm interested in exploring it; however, I'm slightly worried about the initial cash investment involved. About how much would it cost to get ...

asked by Elliott 26 votes
answered by aramis 19 votes

What extra roles have you used with Werewolves?

The standard game Werewolf, has just a few roles: Citizen, Werewolf, Witch, Cupid, Hunter, Seer, Thief. I know there are lots of other roles created. Which roles do you use and what is the impact. ...

asked by Toon Krijthe 16 votes
answered by eswald 7 votes

Can you answer this?

Can you play a spell on your opponents turn?

In Adventure Time's Card Wars game (the physical card game, not the computer game), can I play a 0 action spell on my opponents turn?

asked by Fr33dan 1 vote
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