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Top new questions this week:

What do shiny ovals mean on Magic the Gathering cards?

I have just bought a set of Oath of the Gatewatch cards, and a few of them have a small shiny oval on the bottom center, like Corrupted Crossroads. What does this mean?

asked by tarun713 12 votes
answered by ConMan 21 votes

In Agricola, do family members occupy as many rooms as possible?

Say I have three rooms and two family members, and I take a "family growth (even without space)" action (for example using the Lover occupation). Does the new family member now occupy my third room, ...

asked by user2390246 12 votes
answered by SocioMatt 11 votes

In Agricola, why are Minor Improvements not separated by number of players whereas Occupations are?

In Agricola, Occupations cards are each marked with 1+, 3+ or 4+, indicating the number of players for which they are valid. For example, you cannot be dealt a 3+ or 4+ card in a two-player game. With ...

asked by user2390246 6 votes

Losing points for partially completed destination tickets in Ticket to Ride

I have the game Ticket to Ride: Europe and I'm a little confused about the points for destination tickets. I read somewhere that if you don't start to complete one of your destination tickets, at the ...

ticket-to-ride ticket-to-ride-europe  
asked by Andre.. 4 votes
answered by GendoIkari 10 votes

What happens if Jace, Telepath Unbound is returned to your hand?

So if Jace, Telepath Unbound is returned to your hand, does it turn back into Jace, Vryn's Prodigy to be recast or does it in effect go to your graveyard because Jace, Telepath Unbound cant be ...

asked by Teichild 4 votes
answered by JonTheMon 9 votes

Is there any difference between double strike and oubleday ikestray?

The card Atinlay Igpay has the ability oubleday ikestray. Is this functionally different from double strike?

magic-the-gathering mtg-unhinged  
asked by Hurricane996 3 votes
answered by Mortaza 9 votes

Double Deck Solitaire for PC 1989-1992

Looking for the name and directions for a solitaire game found in early releases of solitaire for the PC (circa 1989-1991). It used two decks, eight foundation piles and a tableau with ?3 rows of 4 ...

identify-this-game solitaire computers  
asked by Bob Kschinka 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does a creature with Lifelink provide lifegain equal to its power, or the defender's toughness?

I have recently began playing a deck that has a number of creatures with lifelink in it. I want to be certain I understand the mechanic and the following question occurred to me. Which damage total ...

asked by Stephen 13 votes
answered by thesunneversets 26 votes

Where can I play Phase 10 online?

Is there an online site to play the card game Phase 10 on? A clone is fine, but I'd really like to avoid a download.

online phase-10  
asked by old_warbaker 6 votes
answered by ICodeForCoffee 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Where can settlements be built near undiscovered hexes?

The note in the rules for explorers and pirates states that "settlements may not be built on intersections adjacent to undiscovered hexes." I am new to this expansion, does this mean that no ...

asked by Link 1 vote

What happens in these end-game situations?

This is intended to be a canonical question regarding possible endings of the game. For each question, assume a single proper strike was made, and note where an improper strike would change the game ...

asked by Samthere 1 vote
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