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Top new questions this week:

Can a Mayor be used to create a Castle?

We combined Abbey & Mayor with Bridges, Castles & Bazaars for the first time last night, and one situation cropped up for which I want to clarify the rules. I created a small city (with no ...

asked by James Thorpe 5 votes
answered by freekvd 5 votes

Do Cylon Leaders in Battlestar Galactica (Daybreak expansion) draw an extra card in sickbay?

I recently played a game of BSG with some friends and we ran into a situation wherein the Cylon Leader was in the sickbay and their turn came around. The sickbay states that you draw only one card, ...

asked by user13581 5 votes
answered by Pat Ludwig 3 votes

Carcassonne fan expansions - available in English?

I was browsing the Hans im Gl├╝ck website and found two 'official' fan-made expansions for Carcassone. Unfortunately the site is in German. The expansions are (probably) called: The City Gates (Die ...

house-rules carcassonne reference  
asked by freekvd 4 votes

Can a trauma card meet the requirements for victory

There is a winning condition for the keeper that states that a Mi Go monster must kill an investigator. If the Mi Go monster did damage to an investigator and then I trigger a Trauma card that kills ...

asked by user13590 4 votes
answered by Daniel Lim 0 votes

How do Hexproof and Combat Damage interact?

Here's a quick question: suppose your opponent attacks with an 8/8 with Trample, and you block with a 5/5 with Defender, Indestructible, and Hexproof. You also have Hexproof. Trample is an ability, ...

asked by IsaacGladwell 3 votes
answered by diego 3 votes

Does it make sense for a defender to lead a short major when opponents fail to find a fit using Stayman?

Both vulnerable, at rubber, South dealt and bid 1NT, North 2 clubs, South 2 hearts, North 3NT. You, West, have (s) 64 (h) AJ7 (d)J8752 (c) Q84. North clearly has four spades, but not hearts. Any ...

asked by Tom Au 3 votes
answered by Pieter Geerkens 2 votes

Playing pairs of non-cat cards

I am unclear on a detail. Can I play a pair of cards with instructions (such as shuffles)? From the instructions: "If you play matching pairs with no instructions on them,....". It seems like ...

asked by kaine 3 votes
answered by kaine 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is putting a draw four card on top of a draw two card in Uno legal?

Is it within the rules to put a wild draw four card on top of a draw two card, as it is a 'higher' card? We've ALWAYS played that you can, but my new friend is adamant you can't.

asked by Bronwyn 1 vote
answered by bwarner 5 votes

Where can I practice MTG draft online and actually play against my opponents for free?

I've been having fun practicing drafts on draft simulators like this one, but sometimes I'd like to actually be able to play with the deck I built. Since all of the other players on these simulators ...

magic-the-gathering online mtg-drafting  
asked by Gordon Gustafson 15 votes
answered by Daenyth 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Discard Ongoing Card for effect (Mad Mod)

I'm playing the Teen Titan's version of the DC building game which focus heavily on "Ongoing" effect cards. Now we came across an scenario that we are not too sure on. Now he plays the "Mad Mod" ...

asked by ZeRaTuL_jF 2 votes

Is there any good cure in Midway for Japan's lack of search capabilities?

In Midway, the Japanese player gets only three (airborne) searches per turn. What's worse, he only only gets to search "areas" within 12 zones of his ships, while the American's Midway based planes ...

house-rules midway  
asked by Tom Au 1 vote

Are discarded tiles reusable or removed from the game?

In Neuroshima Hex 3.0 a player starts their turn by drawing up to three tiles and discarding one of them into the discard pile. Are these tiles out of the game permanently or is the discard pile ...

asked by ovaltein 1 vote
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