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Top new questions this week:

How does infect step of epidemic interact with mutation?

As the current player pulled an epidemic card, we do the following steps: increase, infect, and intensify. Infect: Draw the bottom card from the deck and put three cubes in that city. Discard ...

pandemic pandemic-on-the-brink  
asked by JMoravitz 5 votes
answered by bwarner 3 votes

Do I need to reveal a face-down card if it is put on top of my library?

If I have a face-down card (such as a morph or manifested card), and an effect puts it on top of my library, do I need to reveal the card (as I would if it was destroyed or exiled)? Example: I ...

asked by bengoesboom 5 votes
answered by Hackworth 7 votes

Are you required to pay all mandatory additional costs for Wild Evocation?

I found this year old question on a blog. Anthony controls Wild Evocation. At the beginning of his upkeep, he triggers and begins resolving Wild Evocation's triggered ability, revealing Disaster ...

asked by Rainbolt 4 votes
answered by Ilmari Karonen 2 votes

Custom special abilities rules

I know ther are some rules for creating custom Investigators, so new character is balanced and does not ruin the game. It's utilized in Strange Eons. Are there any rules for custom special abilities ...

arkham-horror balance  
asked by dzielins42 4 votes
answered by JMoser 0 votes

Can you shuffle your discard pile?

Is there any rule or reason why you can't shuffle your discard pile during moments of downtime, in order to get a better shuffle once your deck is fully depleted? My understanding is that the discard ...

asked by user30903 3 votes
answered by swbarnes2 0 votes

If damaged by another player's Acid Attack, can I cede Tokyo?

If I'm in Tokyo, and a player outside of Tokyo has Acid Attack, they will do one damage to me on their turn (even without rolling a claw). But will that damage from Acid Attack allow me to leave Tokyo ...

asked by KatieK 3 votes
answered by ikegami 4 votes

What is the status of Fruitcake elemental?

I have found a card called fruitcake elemental. This card does that does not appear to be on gatherer, but is on It is a 7/7 green indestructable creature costing: 1{G}{G}. At ...

asked by John 3 votes
answered by John 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Land ratio vs mana curve

When choosing cards for a deck, one of the most important things to consider is the number of land you put in. The biggest issue is mana curve, of course. What shortcuts are best for determining the ...

magic-the-gathering mtg-manabase  
asked by Hyppy 21 votes
answered by Alex P 24 votes

How does trample interact with damage prevention effects and indestructible blockers?

Say I have a 4/4 creature with trample. I attack, and my opponent blocks with a... 0/1 creature that is indestructible: Does my 4/4 trampler's extra 3 damage carry over even though the blocking ...

asked by Gordon Gustafson 4 votes
answered by Alex P 9 votes
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