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Top new questions this week:

Who mined the infamous block 364422?

Block 364422 contains a transaction that takes a long time to verify. This transaction design demonstrates a way a denial of service attack could be executed. This prompted Gavin Andresen to propose ...

transactions security block  
asked by boot4life 8 votes
answered by cassini 5 votes

How one checks which customer made a payment

One question I'm not able to properly answer when asked is How exactly the blockchain can verify the identity of the user without a centralized trusted party such as VeriSign? I know this is ...

security identity  
asked by Henrique Barcelos 4 votes
answered by Pieter Wuille 7 votes

Why does getNewAddress take so long? Often times out python-bitcoinrpc

Bitcoin 0.11 on a Raspberry Pi 2: I am using this RPC auth proxy to talk to bitcoind from Python. I have a script that requests getmempoolinfo every 1 ...

bitcoind json-rpc python address-generation raspberry-pi  
asked by pinhead 3 votes

With Mike Hearn quitting Bitcoin, what seems to be the future or bitcoinj?

Mike Hearn has apparently sold all his Bitcoins. So what is to be expected about the development of bitcoinj? (and Java based clients in general).

asked by Jus12 2 votes
answered by Murch 4 votes

Is there any wallet that allows safely storing private keys in an offline computer?

I have a computer that is 100% disconnected from the internet. I'd like to: Generate my own private keys by dice rolls; Import them on the offline computer wallet; Send coins to their addresses; ...

wallet security private-key  
asked by Viclib 2 votes
answered by Jimmy Song 1 vote

How do I still have connections without forwarding port 8333?

First of all, this isn't a problem I am having, I'm just curious how this works. If you run your node with port 8333 open, you'll receive a large amount of connections after being online for a ...

nodes peers port full-node  
asked by m1xolyd1an 2 votes
answered by Nick ODell 3 votes

How to verify Litecoin address

In c#, I have the method that verifies Bitcoin address. Now I want to support Litecoin as well. Is it possible to adopt this method for Litecoin? Also is it possible to write generic method for all ...

address verification c#  
asked by Denis 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Overclock Antminer U3 running on raspberry pi

I have an Antminer u3 running on a raspberry pi using bfgminer. Its currently running at 47GH/s. Does anyone know if is possible to over clock it using BGFminer so that it will run at 55 - 60 GH/s? ...

mining bfgminer raspberry-pi antminer u3  
asked by blobbymatt 4 votes
answered by jfoo 3 votes

What hash rate can a Raspberry Pi achieve? Can the GPU be used?

A Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized $25 (or $45, for the deluxe option) computer, designed for educational use. Has anyone tried running mining software on it? If so, what's the hashrate like? ...

mining-hardware raspberry-pi  
asked by Highly Irregular 23 votes
answered by David Perry 9 votes

Can you answer these?

Send BTC with attachment using BitcoinJ

is there an example of how using BitcoinJ send BTC with an attachment? Lets say I want to write to blockchain "Vaclav Bilek Born 1991". If I understand it correctly, its just about sending minimum ...

asked by Wenza 1 vote

Bitcoin faucet changes Bitcoin address of users - could this be malware?

I'm running a Bitcoin faucet and lately I've been getting complaints from several users that the BTC address that is auto populated in the address bar is not their own. I auto populate a user's BTC ...

asked by Ofir Beigel 1 vote

Antmain s3 wireless?

Antmain s3 have an antenna. Does it mean you can mine wirelessly? If yes, can you give me an instruction, I would highly appreciated.

mining-hardware antminer  
asked by simonpeter35 1 vote
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