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Top new questions this week:

Did Satoshi intend to allow midstate computation to speed up hashing?

The design of Bitcoin allows computers to compute a hash with 2 iterations of the SHA256 compression function instead of 3 on all but 1 out of every 2^32 attempts. When Satoshi chose SHA256d for ...

sha256 midstate  
asked by Nick ODell 4 votes
answered by StephenM347 4 votes

Why are Electrum 2.x mnemonic sentences thirteen words long?

The 2.x version of Electrum uses mnemonic sentences that are 13 words long. However, 1.x versions use a sentence only 12 words long. I realize that 2.x changed the derivation of key pairs ...

electrum mnemonic  
asked by Rich Apodaca 3 votes
answered by ThomasV 1 vote

List of companies that has Implemented their own cryptocurrency or Color Coins in their business?

Is there a list of companies that has implemented either their own crptocurrency or went with the color coins approach into their business? I'm particularly looking for non-mining related companies ...

business colored-coins  
asked by duckx 2 votes
answered by Rimantas 0 votes

Bitcoin transactions over Ripple Network

I am interested in using the ripple network in conjunction with bitcoin transactions, but am curious as to interplay between the ripple ledger verification and the bitcoin blockchain verification. I ...

blockchain ripple block ledger  
asked by Brent Hronik 2 votes
answered by Murch 1 vote

Working example of raw transaction utilising Boolean (OP_IF, OP_ENDIF) scripting REQUIRED

I recently posted this Testnet TX (TxID 2d0daa01da8294a54178f8111eb2a02010c425fd15957d8baee8717edcfbe105) which successfully spends an output (TxID ...

development script testnet raw-transaction multi-sig  
asked by Wizard Of Ozzie 2 votes

Is there a proof of work system which takes significantly more memory to generate than it does to verify?

Litecoin resists GPU speedup by using an scrypt-based hashing function that takes some amount of memory to generate and verify. The problem with this is that the r parameter needs to be set high ...

mining proof-of-work  
asked by Nick ODell 1 vote
answered by StephenM347 1 vote

Why am I unable to post two transactions (the second from the change address of the first) in the same block?

I'm attempting to make a transaction on the testnet with an OP_RETURN and a change address in it, and then make a second OP_RETURN transaction from first transaction's change address in the same ...

testnet change bitcoinjs op-return  
asked by JNCF 1 vote
answered by JNCF 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I get bitcoins in Canada?

I want to exchange my Canadian dollars for Bitcoins. How can this be done? If it helps I have some American cash.

buy-bitcoins canada  
asked by Celeritas 6 votes
answered by ThePiachu 5 votes

How does merged mining work?

How does the implementation of merged mining affect the global hash rate of alt chains? Does one solution fit all? Does one solution fit some? Does the rate of "solutions that will fit" decrease ...

mining blockchain-fork merged  
asked by MaxSan 51 votes
answered by David Schwartz 46 votes

Can you answer these?

Why is "New Account" grayed out in Electrum?

When creating my wallet, I chose the options "Create new wallet" and "Standard wallet." I think this is a BIP32-based wallet. As you can see in the screenshot below, "New Account" is grayed out. Why ...

asked by Nick ODell 1 vote

Javascript Stratum Miner

I'm aware of some Javascript RPC Miners, but does anyone know of any Stratum Javascrip Miners for use in my website?

mining stratum  
asked by bootz47 1 vote

Problem with Berkeley DB while building Bitcoin on Windows from Source Code?

I'm trying to compile Bitcoin from source code in Windows 7. When I run ./configure, I get the following error: checking for Berkeley DB C++ headers... no configure: error: libdb_cxx headers missing ...

bitcoin-qt windows build  
asked by Deepak Chauhan 1 vote
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