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Top new questions this week:

How safe is bitcoin with regard to a random address generation attack?

Imagine an attacker implementing something like the following pseudocode on the fastest ASIC farm money can buy: attack(blockchain, my_address) addresses = ...

address hashing public-key attack random  
asked by Will 3 votes
answered by Nate Eldredge 6 votes

Why does's My Wallet tx volume seem to exceed to total bitcoin network volume?

I was looking at's tx volume (in BTC) over the previous year. It goes from about 100k to 400k BTC per day with a peak of over 850k BTC around November. ...  
asked by BubbaGump 3 votes
answered by George Kimionis 1 vote

How often does a block have only one transaction?

I was looking at blocks on, and came across this one with only one transaction in it: (the mining reward one) ...

mining transactions blockchain block  
asked by ike 2 votes
answered by StephenM347 2 votes

How would one go about generating a BIP-38 encrypted vanity address for cold storage?

I want to generate a vanity address with BIP-38 encryption for a cold storage paper wallet, how would I go about securely making one? From what I've found, generating a vanity address with Vanitygen ...

paper-wallet coldstorage vanity-address bip38  
asked by skeeballassault 2 votes
answered by Chuck Batson 0 votes

Is there a JavaScript library for validating P2SH addresses?

I looked at coinstring.js but it looks like it only validates simple BTC addresses (1-prepended addresses). isValid(base58str, version) Validates whether the address string or wallet import ...

multi-sig-addresses p2sh bip16  
asked by kyledcline 2 votes
answered by Nick ODell 1 vote

Is BIP analogous to RFC?

It seems that a BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) is very similar to an RFC (Request for Comments). Can anybody confirm this, or describe major differences in the two approaches?

terminology bip  
asked by darren 2 votes
answered by Nick ODell 4 votes

Papers/Books on how bitcoin works from a mathematical perspective?

I'm a math student interested in Cryptography. Is there any paper or book which explains, in mathematics and cryptography terms, how bitcoin (more general, a digital cryptocurrency system) works? In ...

encryption cryptography  
asked by Nickolas 2 votes
answered by darren 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I buy Bitcoins with Australian Dollars?

Please! I just want to get them! How hard does it have to be? I've spent some 5 hours today trying to figure it out. I am in Australia.

exchanges buy-bitcoins  
asked by Jambra 17 votes
answered by Chris Moore 5 votes

Where can I buy Litecoin?

I know Litecoin is sold on btc-e, but I'm wondering if anyone has compiled a list or knows of other exchanges selling the currency?

exchanges litecoin  
asked by Loourr 20 votes
answered by Highly Irregular 11 votes

Can you answer these?

When ASICs generate a share, is it always at difficulty 1?

Are they preset to only return difficulty 1 shares when the find a nonce? Then mining software verifies if it meets current target difficulty? Or, if given a different target difficulty, will the ...

mining difficulty asic nonce target  
asked by Ferdinand 1 vote

How do I create a new genesis block for an altcoin?

I'm trying to clone the Blackcoin sourcecode just for the hell of it but I can't seem to generate a genesis block. I can do it on normal coins, but not here. The Blackcoin developers seem to have ...

altcoin genesis-block  
asked by helpme 1 vote

Get just a "reject" string without detaied imformation when submitting a new block

I submitted a new block using the rpc command submit. And I just got a "reject" string without any reason. I checked the bitcoind source code, found usually it always sent the reject reason and only ...

asked by Eleven 1 vote
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