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Top new questions this week:

What's an efficient model for redistribution of coins between wallets?

Let's say I have 50 addresses which have an average of 0.5 BTC. Some have two or three times the average balance, while others have less than 0.1% of the average. Many times per day an address is …

transactions balance  
asked by Chris Cashwell 3 votes
answered by Tim S. 1 vote

How can I have friend to send me money without possibility to see my balance?

How can I have friend to send me money without possibility to see my balance? When I give him address where to send bitcoins, he can use e.g. or to find …

asked by relaxxx 2 votes
answered by Nate Eldredge 3 votes

Other users' coins instead my own?

I found some advices about anonymity, however one sentence is unclear for me The quote comes from The protection that this method offers is significantly …

asked by Dorszlet 2 votes
answered by amaclin 4 votes

Importing keys to a brand new wallet

After I imported keys to the brand new wallet I tried to test that it is imported properly so I ran salvagewallet command to verify my new wallet but got these errors! 2014-08-21 12:17:28 WARNING: …

bitcoind bitcoin-qt  
asked by Mohamed Farrag 1 vote
answered by Rıfat Erdem Sahin 1 vote

solo mining payout maturity vs pool mining

When I mine in pools there are unconfirmed coins, but it seems unconfirmed times are far less than immature status in *coind wallet app... Any advice how I can get my coins quicker instead of waiting …

asked by jnollette 1 vote
answered by Nate Eldredge 1 vote

Who are you solving algorithms for and why?

I am sick to death of people responding to my question with logistics of "how to" mine data or just that you are solving "mathematical concepts" and "algorithms." What I do understand is this - some …

asked by Claire Mayo 1 vote
answered by David Perry 2 votes

Multiple questions about the Bitcoin Wallet

To start, what is the difference between a private key, and the total wallet ? If I understood, the wallet is just a file with all my "private keys", and "private keys" are keys to restore each of my …

wallet wallet.dat android  
asked by Kourtoumeyn 1 vote
answered by TheGenesisBloke -1 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I get bitcoins in Canada?

I want to exchange my Canadian dollars for Bitcoins. How can this be done? If it helps I have some American cash.

buy-bitcoins canada  
asked by Celeritas 4 votes
answered by ThePiachu 4 votes

Where can I find how much one XRP (Ripple unit) is worth?

XRP are the units of the new system. Where can I find how much they're worth right now? Historic charts?

asked by ripper234 16 votes
answered by nealmcb 10 votes

Can you answer this?

Peercoin: What is the difference and similarity between the PoW difficulty and PoS difficulty?

As of now the difficult for PoW block (Block #127803) is 183694752.0, and for PoS block (Block #127804) is 10.4918556213. Why are the two values so different? Is there any relation between PoW …

difficulty peercoin  
asked by Higher Order 1 vote
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