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Top new questions this week:

Can someone outline the full pros/cons of the various Replace-By-Fee proposals?

I've done some research myself, but I find that I'm either biased myself, or my sources themselves are biased. Does anyone have an objective analysis of the various proposals and their ...

mining transaction-fees replace-by-fee  
asked by Josh Cincinnati 6 votes
answered by Hao Cheng 1 vote

How to migrate wallet from namecoin to namecore?

Today I updated namecoin by building the new "namecore" reimplementation but when starting namecoind I got this message: Error opening block database. Do you want to rebuild the block database now? ...

bitcoind namecoin private-key-import  
asked by Rnhmjoj 3 votes

All else being equal which is better for the environment, Litecoin or Bitcoin?

Does scrypt mining inherently confer any environmental benefit or energy efficiency for the same level of service provided?

litecoin energy-consumption  
asked by Brad Thomas 3 votes
answered by Murch 1 vote

Transaction without fee

If i want to make a transaction and sent it without fee how long it will be getting conf ? And my friend told me it will take more than 1 day. Can anyone here explain to me why it can be happen ?

asked by Fery Jhie 2 votes
answered by Mikko Ohtamaa 1 vote

RFC6979; (v, r, s), what is v?

Deterministically signing a Tx with RFC6979 returns v, r, s, where r and s are the 2 values used in standard ECDSA signatures. v = 27 + (y % 2), so 27 + the parity of r, as pybitcointools indicates. ...

cryptography ecdsa  
asked by Wizard Of Ozzie 2 votes
answered by David Grayson 0 votes

Is this brainwallet approach safe enough?

Let's suppose I derive a private-public keypair from a passphrase like this : long_and_complex_enough_but_yet_easy_to_remember_passphrase Now I wish to generate 100 more keypairs using same ...

asked by Gustavo 2 votes
answered by Bitcoin 2 votes

How does the bitcoin network recover in case of a hash collision in the block hash?

A Bitcoin client has to download the whole blockchain from the P2P network in order to become a full node. A full node is able to determine, if a transaction in the network is valid or not. To ...

blockchain bitcoind block-header  
asked by user1861174 1 vote
answered by Murch 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where can I see my Bitcoin address?

I use the original client, but I don't know where can I find my Bitcoin address. Can someone help me?

bitcoin-core address  
asked by Rowt 4 votes
answered by ThePiachu 4 votes

Are there any _true_ anonymous cryptocurrencies?

I've been looking into Bitcoin recently and stumbled upon numerous notes how Bitcoin is not anonymous at all, or how it's only partially anonymous and you can easily trace your funds. So, this ...

asked by HowardLoosingIt 11 votes
answered by Andrew Poelstra 21 votes

Can you answer these?

Meta-Mining: Can mining exist in abstract states?

Has anyone here explored or pondered possibilities for meta-mining? Theoretically, you could have miners work on any computational problem, and then have rewards handed out proportionally as part of ...

mining bitcoin-core mining-pools  
asked by Ryan Strauss 1 vote

Bitcoind writes complete wallet.dat regularly which is a problem, what can i do?

i have troubles with my system, using iotop i identified bitcoind as the source of problems. I am running bitcoind of bitcoin-0.10.0-linux32 and am using the RPC calls of bitcoind. My wallet file is ...

wallet bitcoind bitcoin-core client wallet.dat  
asked by Cahoiner 1 vote
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