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Top new questions this week:

I just lost 1.36275883 ($313), and I don't know how it happened or how to prevent it again

I just opened my multi bit wallet, and the 1.36275883 that was in there is now gone. It loaded a brand new wallet, so I don't even have my old wallet with the old transactions or password. I know ...

wallet security hacking  
asked by guest 2 votes
answered by amaclin 0 votes

In Ethereum, what is an uncle block?

In Ethereum, what is an uncle? Why does Ethereum take this approach, instead of having a single chain of blocks back to the genesis block? If you mine a block, and it only gets included as an uncle, ...

ethereum ghost  
asked by Nick ODell 2 votes

XPUB export from MultiBit HD wallet

Is there a way to to export/copy wallet's XPUB from MultiBit HD wallet (windows)?

multibit export  
asked by Reload QA 2 votes
answered by jim618 0 votes

i have good pc can i mine on it, if i don't have to pay for electricity?

i have gtx 970 g1 gpu and intel i7 4790k cpu. i dont have to pay for my electricity costs. i used to play games but now i don't play them any-more. i was hopping someone will tell me if i can make a ...

mining blockchain bitcoind bitcoin-core mining-pools  
asked by danial 1 vote
answered by David Schwartz 1 vote

How to store data on the blockchain?

I am wondering if it is possible to give someone a bitcoin transaction ID and with that he can read some hidden data, like the notes on transactions, but for real, stored in the ...

blockchain bitcoind network raw-data  
asked by Nathan Parker 1 vote
answered by Nick ODell 1 vote

How does Bitcoin Core's Coin Selection prevent change to be a dust output?

Bitcoin Core's Coin Selection optimizes for minimal change outputs. How does Bitcoin Core prevent Change outputs of sizes below dust threshold from occurring?

transactions dust fragmentation  
asked by Murch 1 vote
answered by StephenM347 0 votes

multiple deposits using the same address for investment

i am new to the bitcoin thin and i want to know if i can keep the same adress for send and recive some money. I use multibit HD wallet. Beyond the line is what the help of he investment party tells me ...

asked by Chubb 1 vote
answered by patchariadog 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are orphaned and stale blocks?

If I understand it right, a stale block is a block for which an earlier confirmation has been found and was accepted by majority of people. This block is considered invalid and is later never used. ...

block orphaned-block  
asked by Salvador Dali 13 votes
answered by Highly Irregular 6 votes

Mining pool hashrate effect on a miner's income

Newbie miners have many misconceptions about how the hashrate of the pool they mine in will affect their mining income. If a big miner joins the pool there are some unhappy miners who think that now ...

mining-pools hashpower pool-payout-methods  
asked by Dr.Haribo 9 votes
answered by Meni Rosenfeld 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Can i put Bitcoin Bitcore on Flashdrive?

I am a new user, Downloaded bitcore wallet and blockchain. I have received several bits of information of how much of a risk it is to leave your wallet live on the pc. I read about creating a cold ...

asked by randy 1 vote

GPU VanityGen with AES Encryption?

I'm getting back into Bitcoin and have started pooling savings together into a wallet. I'm moving on to cold storage and need to order some metal cards to keep safe somewhere. I need to generate an ...

gpu vanity-address vanitygen  
asked by Thirk 1 vote
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