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Top new questions this week:

Filesystem is corrupt. How to find wallet.dat?

A customer of mine brought me a 2TB crashed harddrive. The drive itself is not damaged physically, but the file tables (MFT / NTFS) are corrupt so there is zero ability to recover files with their ...

asked by bos 7 votes
answered by Nick ODell 11 votes

Bitcoind with ZeroMQ support

I'm trying to compile from latest tag the bitcoin repo and in my use case scenario ZeroMQ support would definitely help me. Reading the documentation I realized this rudimental docker container. The ...

bitcoind zeromq  
asked by Dario 3 votes

Transaction priority

I'm testing some functionality on the testnet and I'm having problems with the transactions priority. According to the technical info, a transaction that has not enough priority should have a fee of ...

bitcoind transaction-fees error priority  
asked by Sergi Delgado Segura 3 votes
answered by Sergi Delgado Segura 0 votes

When I'm downloading the blockchain for the first time, from whom am I downloading it from?

Is it p2p through BitTorrent protocol? Is it through a central server?

asked by davidhwang 3 votes
answered by Bitcoin 6 votes

Getting a bitgold prepaid debit card

Can someone tell me what the process is of getting a bitgold prepaid debit card and if I can use it just about anywhere? Does anyone have one of these cards and what is your experience with them?

asked by Riley Potts 3 votes
answered by Luca Molteni 2 votes

Is there a shortcut for a synchronized bitcoin core after txindex?

I have downloaded the whole blockchain, but I was curious about the working environment after enabling txindex=1 and calling the -reindex command. Now that I decided not to reindex the blockchain ...

asked by Dimos Chatzinikolaou 2 votes
answered by Bitcoin 1 vote

Could someone solve for your private keys by sending many transactions to the same address?

I've read that it's never safe to use the same bitcoin address more than once because there is a small chance that someone could solve for your private keys (though I don't have a solid-enough ...

security private-key encryption  
asked by Bizorke 2 votes
answered by Jimmy Song 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to answer to whether Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme?

I was asked whether Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme as I was explaining Bitcoin. In support of the question I was presented with the following scenario. I didn't know what to answer. Let's assume ...

value scam  
asked by Jayrok 7 votes
answered by Murch 20 votes

How long does it take on average to receive one confirmation? Is it still reversible?

Hi! Based on your experience, how long does it take to receive one confirmation for any given transaction which has payed the standard miner's fee? Is it still reversible? Thanks!

transactions reverse-transaction  
asked by flaab 3 votes
answered by Highly Irregular 6 votes

Can you answer these?

What block version is this: d9b4bef9 (decimal: 3652501241)?

I'm trying to parse the blockchain directly from the .dat files. The parser works well up until I run into these blocks, with the version appearing as "d9b4bef9" (already reversed). What is this ...

blockchain block version-bits  
asked by Fernando Tiberti 1 vote

bitcoin-cli get all tx hashes for watch-only address

does bitcoin-cli have any functionality to get all tx hashes for a given address (ie the txs that either send or receive funds from the given address). listtransactions sounds like it should do what i ...

listtransactions bitcoin-cli  
asked by mulllhausen 2 votes

name coin applicability to RDF data model URI specification

In the RDF data model things are named with URIs which are essentially just URLs with more precise information appended to them. See here: @prefix eric: ...

namecoin database  
asked by S.Matthew_English 1 vote
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