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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to force a person to honor a conditional promise-to-pay?

I'm thinking of the situation where you have an auction where bids are placed. There are two conditions that should be held: Placing a bid shouldn't expose you to paying the seller unless you win …

asked by B T 4 votes
answered by Murch 3 votes

Is it possible to create a transaction in pure python without needing to run bitcoin locally?

Lets say I have a bitcoin address that has 10 BTC sent to it. I also have the private key for this address Using Python (2 or 3) is there a way to create a signed transaction (which I believe is a …

raw-transaction python  
asked by priestc 4 votes
answered by knapo 4 votes

What did Gavin mean when said minimum fees would be automatically suggested?

From the release notes of the Bitcoin version that introduced minimum transaction fees: ... note that we intend to replace the hard-coded fees with code that automatically calculates and suggests …

asked by Indolering 3 votes
answered by knapo 1 vote

Inevitable dust spam

Given I have an account with balance 1BTC + 1 satoshi. I want to transfer 1BTC to another account and tribute 0.0001 BTC out of that 1BTC to the network as fee. Would my transaction being rejected for …

transactions dust  
asked by Phương Nguyễn 2 votes
answered by mschuett 1 vote

Can you register a .com with namecoin?

Namecoin is a generic name-value store, so I'm wondering if its possible to register .com domains in namecoin. The answer here seems to suggest you can register any domain you want How do I register a …

asked by B T 2 votes
answered by Murch 5 votes

Why is two hours the maximum acceptable offset for Bitcoin transactions?

As far as I understand, Bitcoin transactions include a timestamp, but the only requirement is that they don't differ for more than two hours. But why two hours? For computers that are constantly …

asked by Arturo Torres Sánchez 2 votes
answered by Nick ODell 2 votes

farmers quest to exchange goods and services

i would like to know the possibility to use Bitcoin for farmers to change good and services without ever to use of Money. We are trying to set a network between local farmers and would like to use …

asked by Zeano 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is a good way to concisely explain Bitcoin?

Often I'm asked to explain Bitcoin to someone and occasionally I come up with something stellar that really nails it, but most times it's a rambling incoherent mess. What I would like to see is a …

standard architecture  
asked by Gary Rowe 98 votes
answered by osmosis 62 votes

How many bitcoins will there eventually be?

Since bitcoins are being regularly rewarded to miners, will the number of bitcoins continue to grow indefinitely, or will there be a maximum total number of bitcoins in existence? And if there is …

transactions usage limit  
asked by eMansipater 19 votes
answered by eMansipater 17 votes

Can you answer these?

Predict multi signature transaction size

I was looking for answer everywhere. Basically is there any way of calculate multi-sig transaction size when the transaction is creating, before the signing procedure? I was trying to find any pattern …

transaction-fees multi-sig-transactions calculations multi-sig  
asked by Mr.Coffee 1 vote

Why does Bitfinex allow shorting with BTC as collateral?

I made a mistake today where I shorted BTC on Bitfinex using BTC as collateral. Why is this even possible, I cant figure out why someone would want to do that?

trading bitfinex margin  
asked by Muis 1 vote

Automatic transfer of funds between exchanges

I need to circulate money between exchanges automatically. I want to transfer cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC) between exchanges. I find that these exchanges have API calls for withdrawal options: Cryptsy, …

exchanges currencies withdrawal arbitrage  
asked by Jsd 1 vote
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