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Top new questions this week:

Does one parent transmit more DNA to the offspring than the other one?

Does one parent transmit more DNA to the offspring than the other one? Or do both parents always transmit the same amount of genetic material to their offspring? In other words, can a baby be ...

asked by sarah 6 votes
answered by Remi.b 13 votes

Is it biologically possible for an adult's eye color to change?

Can it be that the adult eye can change color? Specifically my question is about a unilateral color change, such that the color of one eye remains constant, while the other changes color over time. ...

human-biology human-anatomy eyes human-eye  
asked by borenx 6 votes
answered by Chris 7 votes

Why does A pair with T and G with C?

DNA is made up of pairs on AT and GC base pairs. I know that A only pairs with T and G only with C. Does this apply just to humans, or are there animals where T will pair with G? Also, surely there ...

asked by Tim 6 votes
answered by Mad Scientist 14 votes

How graphic images leads to nausea?

How graphic images leads to nausea? yesterday my friend visited shock sites(a website), he said that he got nausea sensation within seconds after viewing graphic images, but i don't understand ...

human-biology eyes  
asked by johnson316 3 votes
answered by Jvrek 0 votes

Can an organism process H₂O into H₂O₂?

In an answer to a recent question on Worldbuilding, I suggested that an organism convert $H_2O$ into $H_2O_2$. I suggested a few processes that yielded the desired final result ($2H_2O \rightarrow ...

biochemistry molecular-biology general-biology  
asked by HDE 226868 3 votes
answered by Chris 5 votes

Any benefit to low dose radiation?

Is there any survival benefit in humans that can be obtained from chronic exposure to low dose radiation, or is any dose of radiation a potential harm? Has any research been done into this?

asked by Mew 3 votes
answered by Chris 3 votes

Why cytotoxic T cells don't kill dendritic cells when they present antigen?

When a cytotoxic T cell (CTL) recognizes a peptide presented in the MHC-1 of a dendritic cell (APC), why it doesn't kill this cell? I know that initially, in the lymph node, the T cell is ...

immunology mhc  
asked by becko 3 votes
answered by Chris 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do prokaryotes perform cellular respiration without membrane-bound organelles?

In order to survive, prokaryotes such as bacteria need to produce energy from food such as glucose. In eukaryotic cells, respiration is performed by mitochondria, but prokaryotic cells do not have ...

bacteriology cellular-respiration  
asked by Orcris 8 votes
answered by Bitwise 11 votes

How does laughing gas (N2O) work?

Laughing gas (N2O), well, makes people laugh. How does just a gas make us do that, there has to be some hormones at work... So, I wanted to know how this works? What is the mechanism?

human-biology pharmacology  
asked by Ashu 22 votes
answered by Rory M 25 votes

Can you answer these?

Is Zeiss Primo Start microscope worth the price for student use?

I study physics but I have got interested about biology too. Surfing around the web, I have found out that in buying microscopes one needs to decide between the cheaper no-name brands vs. the four big ...

asked by start 1 vote

How to compare a camera and an eye

How could I compare what a normal eye can see to a camera lens? I just went through a very comprehensive article @ CambridgeInColor, but I'm still not really clear. When I take a picture with a SLR ...

eyes human-eye  
asked by Steven Van Ingelgem 1 vote

ECG of heart transplant patients

I am studying ECGs of heart transplant patients. The difficult thing is that there is so little available data publicly. I must apply for data in my universities. It would be also great if ...

asked by Masi 2 votes
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