Biology Weekly Newsletter
Biology Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why do bananas go brown quicker in the fridge?

Perhaps the title should be: Why do specifically bananas go brown quickly when left in the fridge? Bananas go brown over time because of the oxidation of phenol residues. Bananas go brown quicker ...

biochemistry cell-biology food  
asked by Good Gravy 7 votes

Are non-coding RNAs introns?

I am slightly confused as to what part of the genome codes for non-coding RNAs. Is it the introns? This would make sense to me as to why they are not transcribed as the introns are not transcribed. Or ...

genetics dna rna microrna rna-interference  
asked by 21joanna12 4 votes
answered by Ankur Chakravarthy 2 votes

How is adrenaline a ligand?

I keep reading that adrenaline is a ligand, however from what I understand a ligand is a molecule or ion which donates a pair of electrons to a central transition metal ion in a complex. How then is ...

biochemistry molecular-biology endocrinology receptor  
asked by 21joanna12 4 votes
answered by Vance L Albaugh 3 votes

Animal gene in plants

Usually only microbes, specifically bacteria are used to express genes of other species for various functions. But, it is possible to try and express an animal gene into a plant. Bacteria like ...

genetics gene-expression gene  
asked by MPG 4 votes
answered by AMR 1 vote

Lac operon: How can lactose enter the cell in the absence of lactose permease?

My textbook states that lactose permease...transports lactose into the cell and When lactose is added to the growth medium, the lactose molecules bind to the other site on the repressor ...

genetics proteins molecular-genetics gene-expression operons  
asked by 21joanna12 4 votes
answered by AMR 5 votes

Why does a cell produce a lot of p53 protein only to later degrade it?

It is known that the half life of p53 is short and so does that play a role in the amount of energy the cell would need to expend to degrade all the p53? By that does the fact that the half life of ...

asked by JustKeepSwimming 3 votes
answered by WYSIWYG 4 votes

How do mutations actually occur?

DNA replication seems so mechanical- the DNA polymerase just running along the template strand. I just don't understand how mutations can arise. When it comes to substitutions, I get that a wrong ...

dna mutations dna-damage dna-replication  
asked by 21joanna12 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the cause of muscle cramps?

According to wikipedia, muscle cramps are caused by myosin fibers not being able to break free from the actin filaments during contraction, resulting in a prolonged contraction. Obviously a lack of ...

physiology muscles  
asked by Mew 9 votes
answered by mikedugan 8 votes

How long can a naked human survive on Mars?

How long can a naked human survive at the surface of the Mars planet? For instance, let's say a worker's base takes fire while he sleeps, and he has to run to the emergency building 200 meters away ...

human-biology death speculative  
asked by nic 7 votes
answered by fredsbend 10 votes

Can you answer these?

Could drugs promoting angiogenesis be used as a treatment for burn victims?

From what I've learned from my textbooks and in class lecutures it seems that inducing angiogenesis for people with severe burns would be an excellent way to speed up the healing process. Is this ...

cell-biology hematology  
asked by JustKeepSwimming 1 vote

What are necessary parameters for a tissue scaffold to be biodegradable?`

I am a mechanical engineer with little biological experience, but I have recently been looking at tissue scaffoldings. My current understanding is as follows, but may be flawed. I would appreciate ...

human-biology pharmacology biophysics healing tissue-repair  
asked by user22049 2 votes

Effects of HRT on transgender(M to F) physiology and athleticism.

I often heard of athletes in the Olympics who would be accussed of having an advantage because they were intersexed. Now I know transgenderism and being intersexed are not the same thing, but they ...

human-anatomy endocrinology human-physiology  
asked by Ro Siv 2 votes
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