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Top new questions this week:

What is the magnification necessary to see pond life

My daughter is 5 and wants to learn about Biology. I thought a great start is to see life from pond water through a USB microscope. It would be great if she could see organisms like amoebas, ...

asked by MyDaftQuestions 11 votes
answered by cagliari2005 7 votes

Biostatistics: Pollen dispersal directionality

What Information am I looking for? Think about a tree that is sending pollen all over the place. Because of wind, most pollen grain will go toward one direction. Imagine, we split the 2D area around ...

botany mathematical-models statistics biostatistics migration  
asked by Remi.b 8 votes
answered by Hillary 0 votes

What is this insect? Found in Peru

I took the pictures today in Cusco Peru. It is the third insect of its class in a month. I never see it before. I thought that it is a wasp, but I think it's really thin to be a wasp. It's about 4 or ...

entomology species-identification  
asked by Mijail 8 votes
answered by Kendall 6 votes

When do plasmids replicate relative to its host cell cycle?

For plasmids is so much shorter than their host cell's genome (about 1/1000 in my case), it will take only 1/1000 time for it to replicate. With respect to cell cycle, when will that replication ...

microbiology ecoli plasmids replication copy-number-variation  
asked by Neil 8 votes
answered by poka.nandor 5 votes

What is the difference between influenza A and B viruses that causes their distinct seasonal patterns?

I recently learned from an answer at health.SE* that influenza B tends to occur later in the season compared to influenza A. According to the graph in that answer, during this year’s flu season the ...

pathology virus infection  
asked by Susan 8 votes
answered by Fomite 2 votes

How can we differentiate between respiration and breathing?

I am a student of 10th grade, and I eagerly want to learn biology. What is the difference between respiration and breathing?

physiology respiration breathing  
asked by NigHterz 7 votes
answered by anuragak 7 votes

Can scientists name themselves in the scientific name when they discover a new taxon?

There are sometimes people names in taxonomy, like Myotis keenii was names after Mr. Keen who contributed to discover the species. So, if you discover a species and someone else is constructing the ...

taxonomy species  
asked by Tomas 7 votes
answered by March Ho 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the maximum and minimum temperature a human can survive?

This is a question that has been in my mind since I was a kid. I'm not a doctor, nor even a biology student, just a curious person. What is the minimum and maximum temperature a human body can stand ...

human-biology physiology temperature  
asked by Bugster 31 votes
answered by Rory M 21 votes

What is it called when one human eye is seeing brighter color than the other?

What is the name of a phenomenon where one of the human eyes is seeing brighter/more saturated color than the other? I can observe the same object from the same position while alternating which eye is ...

human-biology vision terminology perception  
asked by Alex Stone 1 vote
answered by gaurav_jain 2 votes

Can you answer these?

What are the survival limitations of alcohol?

This question was inspired by watching one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies; particularly where Jack Sparrow allegedly survives on a desert island by finding an unlimited supply of rum. I've ...

nutrition health alcohol hydration dehydration  
asked by WannabeCoder 6 votes

What's a good simple test for cDNA library quality?

How do I assess the quality of a cDNA library? I want to clone CDS copies of genes from a library, but I don't know what's a typical expectation of getting a full length clone even for a shorter ...

pcr cdna  
asked by shigeta 1 vote

How did the introduction of artificial light changed the life cycle of a plant?

Plants in urbanized areas are constantly exposed to artificial light after sunset. In their natural habitat there is a more distinct day and night cycle. Since light is an important factor in a plant ...

plant-physiology circadian-rhythms  
asked by Geeo 4 votes
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