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Top new questions this week:

Hot water and bacteria

I know that it is common to say, "use hot water when washing your hands" or when you've got a cut, "wash your hands with warm water," etc. I was wondering, why is this the case? Since bacteria grow in ...

asked by T Abraham 19 votes
answered by Luigi 26 votes

Why should a tumor look like a crab?

Origin of the word cancer The disease was first called cancer by Greek physician Hippocrates (460-370 BC). He is considered the “Father of Medicine.” Hippocrates used the terms carcinos and ...

cancer terminology history  
asked by MARamezani 8 votes
answered by Susan 5 votes

Mass spectrometry versus western blotting for validation

I have mass spectrometry data (LC-MS/MS) from rat cortices under either drug or control treatments. The results were performed in triplicate (three pairs of rats, drug or control per pair). In ...

bioinformatics western-blot mass-spectrometry  
asked by syntonicC 8 votes
answered by WYSIWYG 2 votes

Is there any evolutionary advantage of selection of L-amino acid over D-amino acid?

After listening to a scientific talk, I had this question that why in the natural selection process, are the L-amino acids selected over the D- form. However, we still we produce D-amino acids; ...

evolution amino-acids chirality  
asked by Arpit Mishra 8 votes
answered by Chris 4 votes

How is DNA Read

Little odd question here. I was told that DNA was read in groups of three. Assuming this, my question is: Which way would better describe how the DNA is read. (123)456789 to 123(456)789 to ...

asked by Tolure 7 votes
answered by Chris Stronks 8 votes

Evolution: One big population vs. many small populations

Let's say I want to evolve a bacterium that is resistant to an antibiotic. I want to do this by growing initially clonal populations of bacteria in presence of this antibiotic for a long time. I have ...

evolution population-biology  
asked by Superbest 7 votes
answered by fileunderwater 4 votes

What is the science behind the inaccurate perception of colors?

If I go into a green room (all walls are semitransparent and green) and spend some time - around 10+ min - in there, when I come out all my eyes see is white as pink. I see no (or very few other) ...

eyes perception neurophysiology senses  
asked by Tab 7 votes
answered by Chris Stronks 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

NADH vs. NADPH: Where is each one used and why that instead of the other?

I know NADH is used in cellular respiration and NADPH is used in photosynthesis. What difference does the phosphate group make that the same one isn't or can't be used for both? Is there a greater ...

biochemistry cellular-respiration photosynthesis  
asked by Gordon Gustafson 12 votes
answered by Mad Scientist 18 votes

What is it called when one human eye is seeing brighter color than the other?

What is the name of a phenomenon where one of the human eyes is seeing brighter/more saturated color than the other? I can observe the same object from the same position while alternating which eye is ...

human-biology vision terminology perception  
asked by Alex Stone 1 vote
answered by gaurav_jain 2 votes

Can you answer these?

Anatomy of nervous system's sensory pathways

When I touch my hand on a hot stove, I feel pain. I'm interested in knowing all the main "endpoints" (components/parts of the body) that are involved in relaying this pain signal. As I understand it ...

human-anatomy brain pain central-nervous-system brain-stem  
asked by smeeb 1 vote

Persistency of botulinum toxin in environment

There is information about decontamination times here on pages 6 and 7. My specific question is how persistent botulinum toxin is in a natural environment, or alternatively, what is the half life of ...

toxicology environment bacterial-toxins  
asked by Qbik 1 vote

What is difference between breed, variant, subspecies and species?

What is the difference between breed, variant, sub-species and species? Are there any similarities between sub-species and sub-population of a region?

asked by pmukundan2015 1 vote
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