Biology Weekly Newsletter
Biology Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Identify ~6-7mm long green creature

Here is the creature I found on the glass lid of my light bulb. I guess they are attracted to light as they all concentrate on the light source. I live in Hong Kong. The brown things aren't moving ...

entomology species-identification  
asked by y chung 12 votes
answered by Ilan 7 votes

Do any amphibians start their lives on land?

Most amphibians - at least, all the ones I know of - start their lives in the water (at least, after they hatch). They then spend time maturing before venturing onto land, where they can breed. The ...

asked by HDE 226868 7 votes
answered by Remi.b 7 votes

Are mitochondria dead?

In the video "What is Life? Is Death Real?", the subject of mitochondria is raised at 2:58. At 3:12, the narrator says "[mitochondria] are not alive any more: they are dead." What currents of thought ...

mitochondria life  
asked by James Newton 6 votes
answered by MattDMo 12 votes

Can someone tell me the species of this lizard?

It's a green lizard with a silver tail, and it has pretty, bluish eyes. I saw it today, July 26th, trying to get some shade on a hot, sunny day (32 degrees) at around 18:00 in Austin, TX USA. It's ...

species-identification species identification classification  
asked by Basper82 6 votes
answered by canadianer 7 votes

Is NADPH salt still usable after an hour at room temperature?

I accidentally left a delivery of NADPH Tetrasodium Salt (Santa Cruz Biotechnology) at room temperature for a little over half an hour. In addition, when I opened up the package, I briefly held the ...

biochemistry lab-reagents  
asked by wswr 5 votes
answered by 243 4 votes

Can axons act as receptors?

In all histology books, it is stated that all sensory nerve endings (receptors) consist of dendrites that translate physical stimuli from the environment into neural signals. However, several sensory ...

neuroscience neurophysiology histology  
asked by user4147 4 votes
answered by Chelonian 0 votes

Why are the sex chromosomes called X and Y?

Is there a specific reason that the letter Y is used as the symbol for the male chromosome and X is used for the female chromosome?

terminology history sex-chromosome  
asked by John Curren Chapman 4 votes
answered by Remi.b 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can humans perceive sounds above 20 kHz?

In the never-ending debate raging in the audiophile community about sound quality and what humans can or cannot hear, it is very very very very incredibly often cited that the upper-limit of the ...

hearing human-ear ultrasound  
asked by landroni 28 votes
answered by AliceD 36 votes

What is it called when one human eye is seeing brighter color than the other?

What is the name of a phenomenon where one of the human eyes is seeing brighter/more saturated color than the other? I can observe the same object from the same position while alternating which eye is ...

human-biology vision terminology perception  
asked by Alex Stone 3 votes
answered by gaurav_jain 2 votes
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