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Top new questions this week:

How does a woodpecker not give itself concussions?

How does a woodpecker go about smacking it's head into a tree without killing itself?

zoology ornithology  
asked by Sciiiiience 9 votes
answered by Alan Boyd 11 votes

Why does Hunger lead to the aggressive behavior?

I have observed that frequently when people are hungry; they tend to get angry more easily on pointless issues. Does this mean that our fight or flight response is more active when a person is hungry? …

biochemistry cell-signaling  
asked by katherinebridges 7 votes
answered by Cornelius 5 votes

How should I feed and keep an ant queen?

I have captured wandering ant queen. I guess she was just fertilised and was looking for a place to start a hive. I'd like to create my own ant hive in artificial environment. I unfortunately only …

metabolism experiment ant  
asked by Tomáลก Zato 7 votes
answered by Devashish Das 1 vote

does order of genes in a chromosome matter?

does the order of genes within a chromosome matter? or is the main thing that the genes are there. so for example, our DNA is very similar to that of apes not only by the genes themselves but also by …

asked by user813801 4 votes
answered by swbarnes2 3 votes

Accuracy of genome size estimation by flow cytometry

I'm working on a genome project and using an in silico k-mer analysis to estimate the size of our genome based on the available Illumina reads. The k-mer based estimate is consistent across a wide …

bioinformatics genomes flow-cytometry  
asked by Daniel Standage 3 votes

How does a stonefish get oxygen out of water?

It is said that the stonefish (Synanceia) is able to stay out of the water for up to 24 hours. I wonder how they get oxygen from the air. Could someone explain this?

asked by Isaac 3 votes
answered by Alan Boyd 1 vote

How does boiling water revive cut flowers?

A classic tip to revive wilted cut flowers is to plunge the stem into boiling water for some period of time, and then back into cold water. What process is occurring that causes the flower to be …

asked by Acorn 3 votes
answered by The Last Word 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Death because of distilled water consumption

One of my friends said that I would die if I drank distilled water (we were using it in a chemistry experiment) I gave it a go and surprisingly did not die. I did a bit of Googling and found this …

human-biology biochemistry  
asked by The-Ever-Kid 27 votes
answered by leonardo 21 votes

Why do Humans not produce Vitamin C like other mammals?

Why do most mammals produce their own Vitamin C? Why do Humans not?

human-biology vitamins  
asked by Gabriel Fair 34 votes
answered by Rory M 38 votes

Can you answer these?

Phosphorylation alters structure: Specific Example?

Why does phosphorylation activate an enzyme? A common answer to this question is that the introduced phosphate group "alters the structure" of the enzyme. Can somebody point out a specific example …

asked by TMOTTM 1 vote

Effect of testosterone hormone on cell signalling and behaviour?

A steroid, testosterone was injected in female body which led to development of secondary sexual characters but these characters were not developed over night (Response was very slow). What could be …

biochemistry cell-signaling  
asked by katherinebridges 2 votes

Stem cell that can pass through blood vessel

I know that blood cells can pass through the smallest of capillaries, but I was wondering is it possible for stem cells to pass through the smallest of capillaries? In other words, is it possible for …

medicine stem-cells red-blood-cell  
asked by user46725 1 vote
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