Biology Weekly Newsletter
Biology Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why can't we see in low light if staring long enough?

For me it seems reasonable that if I kept my gaze on a fixed point in a room with low light, a progressively brighter and better picture would appear before my eyes, just like a camera can see in the ...

neuroscience vision eyes neurophysiology  
asked by filip 17 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 32 votes

Why does immunity from the flu vaccine appear only after two weeks?

It is said that immunity from a flu vaccine appears after about two weeks. However, from experience, the flu usually lasts only a few days. If sufficient antibodies appear only after two weeks ...

immunology virus vaccination immune-system influenza  
asked by Philo 11 votes
answered by Kendall 11 votes

Why do we blink instead of winking each eye independently?

Question Why do we blink both eyes at the same time rather than winking each eye as needed? Why would winking independently be better? The benefit would be a minor improvement whereby a person ...

eyes human-eye human-evolution  
asked by JohnLBevan 7 votes
answered by Chitinous Exoskeleton 3 votes

What happens if a non-diabetic receives an injection of insulin?

If a person without diabetes or any diabetes-related issues receives an injection of insulin, what happens? Would the blood glucose level drop or does the body naturally compensate for the added ...

metabolism diabetes-mellitus insulin blood-sugar  
asked by user21703 6 votes
answered by gone. 2 votes

Why do crows sit on treetops even when it is cold?

It is cold outside: -1 degrees Celsius, wind 14 km/h and snow from time to time. I was wondering why crows (maybe birds in general in Northern Europe) are calmly sitting in relatively windy places ...

ornithology temperature  
asked by siim 6 votes
answered by Often 87 1 vote

What causes humans to be physically weak compared to animals like gorillas?

Animals like gorillas seem to have a physical fitness and muscle mass that don't depend as strongly on how much exercise they get, compared to humans. E.g. gorillas living in the wild sleep and rest a ...

muscles fitness  
asked by Count Iblis 4 votes

What is the definition of a mutation?

There are two alleles that determine the sensitivity of a person to Coumadin (a medicine for blood thinners used to treat a stroke etc). Sometimes you encounter the terminology that one has a mutation ...

genetics definitions  
asked by Marijn 3 votes
answered by Remi.b 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Teens concerned about impregnation through clothes

How active are you online? How much do you browse the internet? I was surprised to see that many teens ask the same question regarding what is called Dry Humping, which, in definition is: dry ...

asked by TheNotMe 2 votes
answered by MattDMo 6 votes

Why does a coconut have exactly three holes

A theory says: As coconut is a sibling of palm, somehow long time ago, three palms were in a same husk. Based on evolution theory, it's how the coconut was born in the world with three holes. ...

evolution botany  
asked by daviswen 27 votes
answered by fileunderwater 52 votes

Can you answer these?

Capture recapture for only two visit assuming a open population model

I have a study system where I’m doing a capture recapture analysis. I mark fish in one year and I’m recapturing a subset of them the next year. I only have 2 capture events. Since a lot of time has ...

ecology ichthyology  
asked by M. Beausoleil 1 vote

Wax layer destruction from seed coats

I'm working with some orchid species, and i encounter a specific issue. Some of those species deposits upon their seed coat a wax layer. This layer makes seeds behave in a very hydrophobic way. You ...

organic-chemistry seeds  
asked by F.N 1 vote

How can I estimate the CO₂ uptake of a plant?

I would like to make an estimation of the CO2 uptake of plants I cultivate, including, lettuce and aromatic herbs, such as thyme, basil, rosemary. What I want is to end up with a rough indicator for ...

plant-physiology photosynthesis organic-chemistry  
asked by Benjamin 1 vote
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