Biology Weekly Newsletter
Biology Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is it that creates that wonderful smell after a fresh rain?

I've heard that the wonderful smell of a fresh rain is actually chemicals released from the trees and grass and other plants. What is the process that allows these chemicals to be released? What ...

botany plant-physiology  
asked by SolarLunix 21 votes
answered by WYSIWYG 20 votes

What is happening when we get a tan?

Almost everyone nowadays wants that nice summer tan, but what exactly is going on beneath the skin? I've heard a few different theories about tanning - such as a tan is nothing but the pigmentation in ...

human-biology cell-biology tissue tissue-repair  
asked by SolarLunix 11 votes
answered by Chris 12 votes

Help identify this worm-like thing

Many instances of this worm-like creature were found in a water system for a mountain cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains of the US, in late June / early July. The water system collects water from ...

zoology species-identification  
asked by Jeff Amelang 10 votes
answered by WYSIWYG 6 votes

Why do chickens not try to get up if laid on their backs?

I've seen a few videos about chickens being laid on their backs for a few seconds after which the chickens stay in that position until they are turned over. Comments around the video suggested that ...

asked by user1306322 10 votes
answered by FloriOn 8 votes

Linear and Circular DNA

So school has taught us that eukaryotes have DNA that is linear and inside of a membrane - called the nucleus. And that prokaryotes have circular DNA that is free floating inside of the cell. We ...

dna eukaryotic-cells prokaryotic-cells  
asked by SolarLunix 9 votes
answered by WYSIWYG 10 votes

Do butterflies pass over migration patterns to their offspring?

So, earlier, I read online ( that Monarch butterflies veer east during their southward migration to avoid a mountain ...

evolution genetics entomology memory migration  
asked by Kelsey 7 votes
answered by shigeta 1 vote

Is this a crayfish hole? or wasp nest?

I'm suspicious that it might be crayfish, which I'd think was insane (I still kind of do), if I hadn't found a dead one around my house earlier this summer. Is that definitely what it is, or do I ...

entomology identification  
asked by user1167442 7 votes
answered by vallismortis 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is SOC medium recommended for transformations?

In pretty much every transformation protocol I've seen SOC medium is used to grow the bacteria for a short while after the tranformation and before plating. I've usually substituted LB medium for ...

molecular-biology transformation growth-media  
asked by Mad Scientist 11 votes
answered by leonardo 9 votes

Do all organisms have to die?

I understand (a little) that there are biological clocks and reason that after a certain amount of time organisms die. I'm wondering if that is something inherent in our DNA or in biology/chemistry in ...

senescence death  
asked by Yehosef 22 votes
answered by CactusWoman 18 votes

Can you answer these?

Spatial learning in microorganisms

Has there ever been an experiment performed that demonstrated a form of 'spatial memory' in a unicellular organism? I'm imagining something analogous to the classic 'rat in maze' experiments, but ...

cell-biology microbiology learning  
asked by Dan Bryant 4 votes

Evolution of the Redundancy of the Genetic Code

In short Looking at the genetic code, it appears that most redundancy is on the third letter rather than on the first or the second letter of the codon. Why has it evolved this way? Longer version ...

evolution genetics dna molecular-evolution genetic-code  
asked by Remi.b 2 votes

What is internal symmetry in membrane proteins?

I have come across the term "internal symmetry" in the context of membrane proteins, but have never found a satisfactory definition. I'm struggling to figure out exactly what this term means... What ...

proteins cell-membrane structural-biology  
asked by Good Gravy 2 votes
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