Biology Weekly Newsletter
Biology Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

B-cell antibody production

I've just learned about B cells in immunology lectures and some things are not clear to me. Here's what I know: 1) Apparently, each B cell produces a specific antibody, determined randomly at the ...

immunology antibody immune-system  
asked by potatocurry 4 votes
answered by Polisetty 1 vote

Do transcripts always start and end with exons?

I realized that in all cases of "RefSeq Genes" annotations of hg19 I looked at spliced transcripts start (and end) with an exon. From the annotation there is no evidence of any sequence upstream or ...

molecular-genetics rna transcription splicing  
asked by Herr Jemine 4 votes
answered by WYSIWYG 5 votes

Could potatoes that have been fridged for 142 days still sprout afterwards?

I know that potatoes can still sprout even after being fridged, but could you fridge them for 142 days without them decomposing, and still be able to use them as seeds to grow more plants after that? ...

asked by Fiksdal 3 votes
answered by Probst 6 votes

What is a regulable promoter? And how does one regulate it?

I'm reading a patent where they (in S. cerevisae YNP5 strain): downregulate the ERG9 gene by replacing the native ERG9 promoter with the regulable MET3 promoter What's a regulable promoter and ...

asked by curious_cat 3 votes
answered by Gergana Vandova 4 votes

Is "A" inhibiting "B" and vice-versa, a positive feedback loop?

If product A inhibits the expression of product B, and product B inhibits the expression of product A, is this a positive feedback loop? My thinking was to consider the scenario that A starts off ...

molecular-biology theoretical-biology systems-biology  
asked by dpdt 3 votes
answered by WYSIWYG 6 votes

Why I cannot find dendritic cells in blood smear?

According to many sources including wikipedia, there are haematopoietic stem cell derived dendritic cells in the blood. figure 1 - haematopoietic cell lines - ref Despite of this, when I examine ...

immunology hematology  
asked by inf3rno 3 votes
answered by One Face 1 vote

What happens to the brain during sleep versus unconsciousness?

How does being unconsciousness differ from being asleep and whether it causes breaks in consciousness?

human-biology brain  
asked by Akaash 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between an antibiotic and an antibacterial?

Concerning medicine, what are the differences between antibiotics and antibacterials?

bacteriology antibiotics  
asked by Tim 9 votes
answered by LanceLafontaine 13 votes

What's the difference between a plant and an animal?

Are there some living things where the distinction between plant and animal is blurry or unclear? I wouldn't know where to put something like yeast. I also thought of photosynthesis, but then I ...

zoology botany  
asked by wim 7 votes
answered by Jack Aidley 14 votes

Can you answer these?

Guide to learning about Population biology / ecology / dynamics for a non-Biologist

I'm an applied mathematician who works in the field of feedback control systems but has been becoming interested in looking at population biology (e.g. Lotka-Volterra, Mathusian growth,etc.) from a ...

theoretical-biology population-dynamics population-biology  
asked by ALB 1 vote

Can plant roots absorb dissolved oxygen from water, or do they require actual bubbles in the water?

Plant roots generally require some exposure to air. Deep water culture is a form of hydroponics where plants' roots are left to soak in water. To keep the roots from "suffocating", most online ...

botany plant-physiology  
asked by John Walthour 1 vote

Effect of increasing Extracellular Na+ Concentration on resting voltage and likelihood of an action potential of occuring

If you increase the extracellular Na+ concentration how will this effect the resting voltage and likelihood that an action potential of will occur? Please explain using the Goldman–Hodgkin–Katz ...

cell-membrane membrane  
asked by John Musser 1 vote
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