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Top new questions this week:

Is there anything that is completely non-toxic to humans at any dose?

Lately I have seen a number of unrelated "scientific" debates over whether certain substances should be outlawed because they are toxic to humans. My initial, informal reaction is usually to respond ...

asked by Michael Edenfield 15 votes
answered by Susan 10 votes

Are codons that map to the same amino acids interchangeable?

(disclaimer - I'm just getting interested in genetics so sorry if this is an obvious/silly question.) I see from in the section on the RNA codon table a ...

rna translation codon  
asked by Yehosef 8 votes
answered by canadianer 8 votes

Can people with paralyzed eye muscles see?

As far as I am aware, the saccades of the eye are central to sight perception. If the eye is held still, the human stops seeing, even if light is reaching the retina and the visual pathway is intact. ...

human-biology pathology vision  
asked by Rumi P. 7 votes
answered by Chris Stronks 4 votes

Relationship Between Evolution and the Increase of Entropy of Earth

I was confronted by this question: Biological evolution of life on Earth, from simple prokaryote-like cells to large, multicellar eukaryotic organisms, A) has occurred in accordance with the laws ...

evolution thermodynamics  
asked by yolo123 6 votes
answered by canadianer 9 votes

Have there been studies done to test Immortality of Cancer Cells on culture?

The article here says cancer cells may be immortal. I am wondering if there has been any research done to find if cancer cells are really immortal. How old is the still maintained living oldest ...

cancer senescence  
asked by C Rags 6 votes
answered by Chris Stronks 9 votes

What are the differences between cancer and tumour?

What are the differences between cancer and tumour? I mean is it in the DNA or shape or something else... And how can a benign tumour turn into a malignant tumour? The body has a lot of tumours all ...

cell-biology cancer tumour  
asked by Malic Of Sdom 6 votes
answered by Watercleave 11 votes

Does the cooperative eye hypothesis apply to canines?

After researching why humans have white scleras when most primates have dark scleras, I stumbled upon the cooperative eye hypothesis. It proposed that white scleras may have evolved on behalf that it ...

zoology ethology dogs anthropology behavior  
asked by BluWasabi 5 votes
answered by Anne 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a biological mechanism for evolution encoded into our DNA?

Throughout high school, I remember learning about Darwin's theory of evolution as if it were near-fact. But something always seemed wrong about the ideas presented. Survival of the fittest Random ...

evolution dna natural-selection  
asked by CuriousProgrammer 12 votes
answered by Mike Taylor 31 votes

How does laughing gas (N₂O) work?

Laughing gas (N2O), well, makes people laugh. How does just a gas make us do that, there has to be some hormones at work... So, I wanted to know how this works? What is the mechanism?

human-biology pharmacology  
asked by Ashu 25 votes
answered by Rory M 28 votes

Can you answer these?

why reptiles still stimulate even after the death?

I saw a video in which a decapitated snake head still tried to bite. I also saw a video in which a man was hit by the moving tail of a dead crocodile. So why do reptiles move even after the death? ...

asked by danish kumar 3 votes

How long can a human neuron cell live outside the body in a controlled environment?

Have there any experiments been to keep neurons alive (stationary) without preserving methods such as freezing? If yes, for how long?

asked by user3341057 3 votes

eradicating h.pylori naturally

This question is not to discuss whether substances with anti-h.pylori agents works or not, or the pros and cons of such but from a medical perspective. Assuming that one manage to control, reduce, or ...

immunology bacteriology antibiotics gastroenterology  
asked by Nederealm 2 votes
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