Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Any detriment to hanging a bike by its front wheel?

I came across the below image today and thought it a great idea for storing bikes. However I wasn't sure if literally hanging a bike by its front wheel might cause undue stress to either the wheel ...

asked by Gordon Copestake 12 votes
answered by stijn 13 votes

How difficult would it be to maintain 17.5 Mph for an hour?

Whats a good target speed to maintain inside a velodrome for an hour? I believe Bradley Wiggins maintained an average speed of around 35 Mph for an hour, how difficult would it be to maintain half ...

road-bike training speed  
asked by jaywayco 9 votes
answered by R. Chung 32 votes

What makes a cassette mountain bike vs. road bike?

I'm in the market for a new cassette for my road bike and I frequently see cassettes listed as mountain bike or road bike. Since they're usually interchangeable and can be used on either type of bike, ...

mountain-bike road-bike cassette  
asked by Carey Gregory 7 votes
answered by Frisbee 9 votes

Are there any sub $100 gps devices that can export a gpx file

I am looking to ride with strava, however as a teenager I receive very little to no money regularly and I do not have a smart phone. I would like a device that tracks my ride via gps and exports a gpx ...

frugal gps  
asked by ThazL 6 votes
answered by Bibz 6 votes

What is the difference between Time-Trial and Triathlon bikes?

Time-Trial and Triathlon bikes differ from normal road bikes in that they are designed for maximum efficiency when riding alone (not in a group). What, then, is the difference between them? Would ...

racing aerodynamics triathlon  
asked by BSO rider 6 votes
answered by R. Chung 10 votes

Adjust handlebar position/height (damaged screw?)

I was trying to adjust the position of my handle bar...but might have turned the screw too hard in the wrong direction or perhaps it was like this earlier...not sure.... Is there anything that can be ...

maintenance handlebars  
asked by Naresh MG 5 votes
answered by Mσᶎ 3 votes

What are the benefits of removable presta valve cores?

Once again, I spent some quality time debugging a slow leak and found out it was a loose valve core. I tightened it with pliers, but it raises the question, is there a situation where it is useful to ...

asked by ojs 5 votes
answered by Glenn Stevens 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Carbon bikes make me nervous. Can you ease the tension?

Is it only me, or do Carbon bikes make others nervous! I realize that carbon fibre is strong, but for some reason, having a bike that isn't made out of metal seems like asking for trouble. My main ...

safety carbon design  
asked by Kibbee 13 votes
answered by GuyZee 11 votes

How can you remove logos from a bike frame?

I'm trying to remove all these annoying labels from my bike. On the main frame there is one big logo, but I'm not sure if it's a sticker or not. The frame is black, but it's very cheaply made, and the ...

frames paintjob  
asked by Franz Kafka 3 votes
answered by joelmdev 8 votes

Can you answer this?

gear shifting after changing cassette

I've just changed a worn out cassette on my road bike (SRAM 8 speed 12-26T) and replaced it with a Shimano 12-25T 8 speed cassette. Now it looks like my gear shifting doesn't work. I can't get into ...

derailleur cassette  
asked by Alex Katovsky 1 vote
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