Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How are those plastic rings used?

The things on the lower right corner. I have a bunch and don't know what are they used for: What are those plastic thingies called? What are thy used for? How are they applied? How important are ...

asked by Vorac 8 votes
answered by Chris in AK 7 votes

What is the purpose of this small block on the handlebar?

What is the purpose of this small block on a handlebar? This article on "bicycle archeology" (in Dutch) describes that they have almost completely disappeared, and are found only on very old ...

asked by gerrit 7 votes
answered by Elmer 9 votes

Lots of chain slack... Time for a new chain? Bad derailluer?

I got home from a short ride up the street today where there was a lot of clicking and skipping of chain links and when I got home I realized my chain had a ton of slack. After looking around on the ...

chain derailleur winter  
asked by Will 2 votes
answered by whatsisname 5 votes

9x4 spoke pattern

I am shopping around for a high end commuting bike. Several reputable manufacturers, including Batavus and Trek are using rims with 9x4 spoke hole pattern. Here are a couple examples: ...

spokes wheel-building  
asked by Andrew Wagner 2 votes

What does this rod inside the my american classic seat post do?

I've got an american classic seatpost. I bought it used, and wasn't sure how to properly adjust it initially. I found the bolt on the bottom clamps the seat down. The bolt on the rear underside ...

asked by Benzo 2 votes
answered by Carel 2 votes

How to remove existing fluid before bleeding disk brake

I've found lots of tutorials on how to bleed the disk brakes. And in all of them there is nothing about removing existing fluid. I'm quite afraid that when I start to bleed brakes the existing fluid ...

disc-brake hydraulic-disc-brake  
asked by streetturtle 2 votes
answered by Slovakov 6 votes

Converting from square spline to external bearings, what do I need to know?

I need to replace the entire drivetrain on my circa 2000 MTB commuter. Quality groupsets all seem to use external bearings these days. Replacing my current cartridge bottom bracket for a modern ...

mountain-bike bottom-bracket upgrades  
asked by user807435 1 vote
answered by jimirings 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I deal with a dog chasing me when I'm touring?

Once I was riding my road bike down a rural road. I heard barking over my shoulder and saw two dobermans running toward me. I can't think of a time in my life that I felt more endangered. I reacted ...

safety touring animal-attack animals  
asked by user973810 71 votes
answered by Starx 58 votes

Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

I do a lot of road biking. I have a basic Catseye onboard computer for my speed and odometer. But I also use my iPhone to track and record my biking. I've tried a variety of iPhone apps, the best ones ...

bike-computer iphone smartphone-mount android  
asked by Jakobud 21 votes
answered by user313 27 votes

Can you answer this?

Does a Sturmey Archer 2 speed kick shift hub let you backpedal?

Does a Sturmey Archer 2 speed kick shift hub let you backpedal? A backpedal / coaster brake changes riding technique so much it drives me nuts; I am wondering if you can backpedal at least enough to ...

asked by Andrew Wagner 1 vote
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