Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Have there been designs of bikes with stepless transmission?

Today we studied about mechanical stepless drives, which appear to be used quite widely in industry machines, such as CNC lathes. The concept of varying the transmission ratio arbitrary, without ...

drivetrain technology  
asked by Vorac 6 votes
answered by Jeff Bell 5 votes

Merge gpx files

How can I merge two GPX files into one? Read the above link but my gpx files do not seem to have this in them: Copy all the stuff between Open the second GPX file in a text editor. Copy all the ...

asked by Alan Farthing 4 votes
answered by andy256 4 votes

How do I stop punctures for good?

Last night I came out of work to a flat tire. This is the second time I've got a puncture with less than 100km done on a brand new set of schwalbe smart sam tires. needless to say I was quite annoyed. ...

tire repair puncture  
asked by Ben 2 votes
answered by linac 1 vote

Hybrid Fat/Snow Bike

I've seen some bikes with a pugsley or similar fork and 3"+ tires on a hard tail mtb frame. -Has anyone done this them selves? -Do you really notice any flotation with only one fat tire and one ...

asked by Armadillo Ear Wax 1 vote
answered by Emyr 1 vote

How to remove crank arm with broken bolt on SRAM Omnium crankset

I apparently over-torqued the crank bolt and it made a loud snapping sound. Now the hex wrench just spins freely and so I can neither tighten nor loosen the bolt. How do I remove the (non-drive side) ...

asked by Drew Cummins 1 vote
answered by Drew Cummins 0 votes

Chain vs chainless options

Could someone provide a comparison between having a bike with a chain, with a shaft drive and with a belt drive like the Gates Carbon Drive? It could be good to know who fares better in terms of low ...

chain belt-drive  
asked by Álvaro 1 vote

Can I drop-in a compact crank set with my current 105 groupset

I live near a lot of hills and am fairly new to biking. In my lowest gear I still can't keep up at an efficient pedal rate on the hills. I found out they sell "compact cranksets" which in addition ...

shimano gears compact-crankset  
asked by user1816847 1 vote
answered by PeteH 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Chain slipping on newish bike

I've looked at most of the answers for related questions and they all speak about replacing parts that are old. I just bought a new bike from a friend who rode the bike for about a month before ...

chain gears shifting drivetrain-slipping  
asked by xiaohouzi79 6 votes
answered by Neil Fein 6 votes

What is the downside to me purchasing a road bike instead of a hybrid?

I'm about to move to a place closer to my work where I'll be able to ride to and from the office (9km ride each way). I'm not super fit but I occasionally ride to work from where I'm living now ...

road-bike commuting-bike  
asked by Diskdrive 8 votes
answered by Stephen Touset 11 votes
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