Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Bike Shorts, Do you wear things under/over them?

So I am going on a 200mi ride (over 3 days) soon. I was at the bike store getting my bike a once-over before I go, and I was told by the bike specialist, that I would really want to consider buying ...

clothes shorts  
asked by Reid 8 votes
answered by Mike Baranczak 15 votes

How can I store my extra wheels on the wall efficiently, without hanging them by the rim?

I have 5 pair of extra wheels, which I would like to store on the wall efficiently. I am a little skittish about storing them using the rim since some of them are carbon wheels and I don't want to ...

wheels storage  
asked by Nyotom 3 votes
answered by Chris in AK 5 votes

Cyclo-cross versus Cross bike

My bicycle was recently stolen and I'm now trying to get a replacement. I had the Merida Crossway XT Edition ...

suspension cyclocross  
asked by mosu 2 votes
answered by hillsons 4 votes

Pedal snaps at every rotation

I have a bicycle that after a some amount of use (at least 3000 kilometres since I bought it from someone else) began having some problem on one of its pedals. Basically at every single rotation, ...

asked by Claudiop 2 votes
answered by Kibbee 6 votes

How to minimize damage from pitted cones?

While working on a old 60's Raleigh I found that there is slight pitting on one of the cones on the front hub (rest of the hub is good). Ideally I would replace the damaged part and move one, but ...

hub bearings vintage  
asked by BPugh 2 votes
answered by Nhân Lê 1 vote

Differential foot stress?

I'm having some pain issues (won't get specific, I know not to let the Internet diagnose me) in one foot but not the other. What kinds of motions on a bike stress one foot more than the other? So far ...

technique pain  
asked by dsalo 1 vote
answered by Chris in AK 2 votes

Pre-load of suspension forks on one side only

I have a question about suspension forks that have a pre-load knob only on one side. I believe having it on one side only is not uncommon, and the other side is often equipped with a lock-out knob. ...

fork suspension  
asked by Nicklas 1 vote
answered by Chris in AK 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Front suspension or full suspension mountain bike

I'm considering buying a mountain bike and have narrowed it down to two models (make and model aren't important for this question). One model is a full suspension bike (front and back), the other is ...

mountain-bike suspension  
asked by user507371 17 votes
answered by Gary.Ray 20 votes

What's the difference between All-Mountain, Cross Country, Freeride, Downhill bikes?

I'm somewhat new to the world of mountain bikes and I'm seeing various terms to describe different bikes. What is the difference between all-mountain, cross country, freeride, and downhill? Are they ...

asked by MrBoJangles 30 votes
answered by cherouvim 39 votes
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