Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Replace chain at 0.5% wear, or 0.75% wear?

Why do chain wear indicators have an indication for 0.5% wear and one for 0.75% wear? Are both measurements included because there is some personal preference from mechanic to mechanic, or rather are ...

maintenance chain  
asked by hillsons 5 votes
answered by Batman 5 votes

What kind of portable pump should I carry when riding on a fat bike?

However, I just got a fat bike with 4.5in tires. I know that my portable hand pump takes a long time to pump mountain bike tires due to it being optimized for high pressure / low volume. What type of ...

tire pump tire-pressure fatbike  
asked by Benzo 4 votes
answered by Chris in AK 4 votes

Pull Inexperienced Tandem Stoker?

Is it feasible for an experienced single seat cyclist to serve as captain of a tandem bicycle and effectively "pull" the stoker behind as if the said stoker was riding in a trailer? It's understood ...

asked by Shawn Eary 3 votes
answered by whatsisname 2 votes

What is "crank preload"

I'm in the middle of swapping my BB30 cranks from stock FSA Gossamer to a (shorter length) SRAM BB30 "IA" S950. The S950 has a "crank preload" adjuster on the NDS which the spindle is also attached ...

road-bike crankset sram  
asked by 3 votes
answered by DWGKNZ 1 vote

Is threadless a noticeable difference from threaded headset setups?

I'm considering replacing my threaded aluminum forks, threaded headset, steel threaded stem and steel handlebars with threadless carbon forks, threadless headset and integrated carbon stem and ...

asked by Ehryk 3 votes
answered by Kibbee 3 votes

Exposed cord on bike tire - replace?

The gash is about 3 inches long. Should I toss the tire or should I keep it?

asked by Dissenter 2 votes
answered by andy256 10 votes

How Can A Faster Rider Aid A Slower Rider On A Long Ride?

For the context of this question, two people are trying to get from point A to point B (and back) where the only viable means of transportation is bicycle (and a tandem bicycle / electric bicycles are ...

technique equipment group-rides  
asked by Rob P. 2 votes
answered by Fred the Magic Wonder Dog 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the downside to me purchasing a road bike instead of a hybrid?

I'm about to move to a place closer to my work where I'll be able to ride to and from the office (9km ride each way). I'm not super fit but I occasionally ride to work from where I'm living now ...

road-bike commuting-bike  
asked by Diskdrive 8 votes
answered by Stephen Touset 11 votes

What's the difference between All-Mountain, Cross Country, Freeride, Downhill bikes?

I'm somewhat new to the world of mountain bikes and I'm seeing various terms to describe different bikes. What is the difference between all-mountain, cross country, freeride, and downhill? Are they ...

asked by MrBoJangles 29 votes
answered by cherouvim 39 votes

Can you answer this?

Refurbishing mountain bike - left standing for couple of years

I've a Marin Rocky Ridge (2007) that I'd like to give a bit of an overhaul/refurbish as it's been left standing for two years or so. I'm just looking to know where would be common areas that would ...

mountain-bike maintenance restoration  
asked by Colin747 1 vote
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