Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Plastic ring on new Shimano crankset, toss or keep?

I just got a new Shimano crankset and it has this plastic ring on the "inside" of the small chainring. I'm thinking that this just some packing material. Am I right and can I toss it, or is this a ...

asked by BPugh 10 votes
answered by BlamBlamBlam 17 votes

Traffic lights: double red

I have seen several times bike traffic lights like these: This one is from Vienna, Austria. One can also find them in Bordeaux, France and in Paris if I remember well. What purpose do these serve ...

asked by G.J 6 votes
answered by BSO rider 4 votes

Increasing stamina while in the office

I started to bike again after 3 or more months of hiatus. I'm currently using a XXS Merida Scultura 300 (I previously used a Trinx R300 needed to upgrade because of the wrong geometry). Thing is I ...

road-bike training power  
asked by Jet Waitforit Torres 5 votes
answered by R. Chung 4 votes

new rear wheel: buy parts separately, or get from cheap bike?

I need a new rear wheel for my mountain bike, and I'm wondering which of two options will be the least bad option: buy this $80 bike from walmart and use the rear wheel from that buy the cheapest ...

asked by mobeets 5 votes
answered by Batman 5 votes

Tourney RD upgrade

I have a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur that has an extension claw (hanger). I would like to replace it with a Deore M591. Do I need to install an adapter to make up the length of the claw? ...

asked by Ron D 4 votes
answered by Batman 1 vote

Is cycling with crystal sunglasses dangerous?

I'm a commuter cyclist. I have a pair of Persol sunglasses with leaded crystal lenses. Do y'all think this is dangerous in case of an accident? I have terrible thoughts of wrecking and glass shards ...

safety glasses  
asked by Richard 4 votes
answered by Batman 5 votes

Can I put a 10 speed 11-36 cassette on a Road Bike with a 50/39/30 crank?

I have a road bike with a Shimano 10 speed 105 group (2007). It has a triple 50-39-30 crank. I want to put a 11-36 cassette maybe the Shimano Deore XT CS-M771 10-Speed Cassette (Note: I can’t find ...

derailleur cassette  
asked by Mark M Hicks 3 votes
answered by John Zwinck 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are advantages and disadvantages of CO2 inflators over frame pumps?

I have a frame pump that I've used on the road when replacing flats, but I always see CO2 inflators advertised at bike shops. Are they worthwhile for the potential weight savings?

tire inflation co2 pump  
asked by Drew Stephens 46 votes
answered by freiheit 56 votes

What is a thru axle?

I have seen thru axles mentioned in various places but never explained or even described. I found a post on another site where someone asked the same question and got lots of debate in response, but ...

wheels thru-axle  
asked by TBR 18 votes
answered by freiheit 25 votes

Can you answer this?

putting a presta stem nut inside the rim?

Has anyone ever heard of this? I'm not sure how it happened, but when i went to replace my tire today, I found that I had two stem lock nuts on my valve. One inside the rim and one in the normal ...

innertube rims presta  
asked by ss ulrey 1 vote
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