Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is a power meter and why do I need one?

So I've been looking to become a triathlete soon and I'm hearing all this talk about power meters. Now, upon googling I found vague information which is why I came here. Exhibit A. That article gives ...

power triathlon  
asked by gideon 9 votes
answered by andy256 16 votes

Pros and cons of single-sided forks (Cannondale Lefty)?

Looks like they save some weight, but how do they have a better strength/weight ratio than a traditional two legged fork? With the single-legged fork the fork and axle must resist huge bending all ...

mountain-bike fork suspension cannondale lefty-fork  
asked by Jerryno 8 votes
answered by Jerryno 10 votes

Bike pump: what is this lump?

What is this lump in the picture and how does it work? I have another pump, which physically is the same but minus the bulge. The one in the picture seems to perform better, ie less work to reach ...

maintenance equipment  
asked by Old Geezer 8 votes
answered by mikes 6 votes

Why are riders allowed to draft behind cars in Grand Tours?

During one of this week's stages of the Giro d'Italia, Chris Froome had a 'technical' issue with his bike that caused him to lose a number of minutes from the peloton. It was of significance as it was ...

road-bike race drafting  
asked by kaybee99 7 votes
answered by gaurwraith 6 votes

Help for a 169 mile bike ride

I am not a pro and I have never taken a long bike trip before, but I think I am up to it. The trip is not going to be one-go. I'll stop for rest. I am thinking that if I do 10 miles a day, I should be ...

touring training long-distance equipment travelling  
asked by asef 6 votes
answered by frodoskywalker 8 votes

What is the benefit of Shimano Click'R technology?

Im looking into making the switch from platforms to clip-less and just saw SPD pedals with "Click'R" technology ( Example ) Im not sure if its worth the extra money to buy that opposed to SPD pedals ...

pedals clipless pedals-clipless  
asked by Focused Muffin 5 votes
answered by DWGKNZ 2 votes

How do internal hubs work

This question is just one of curiosity. I have a hard time visualizing this. How do internal hubs work? Does anyone have a cross cut image that is easy to understand?

asked by Richard 4 votes
answered by andy256 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Building my own full suspension MTB: How to I select a frame?

I've recently gotten back into mountain biking. I took my 5 year old Iron Horse full suspension out to the mountain with some friends that had recently purchased new bikes. I haven't ridden for a ...

mountain-bike frames build diy full-suspension  
asked by Ultratrunks 4 votes
answered by Olly Hodgson 6 votes

Is it better to get an entry-level carbon bike or a similarly priced aluminum bike?

I am going to buy my first proper road bike, and I have been comparing entry-level carbon frames with top-level aluminum frames in the same series (Giant Defy). What are the benefits of carbon vs. ...

asked by Andrew Welch 14 votes
answered by mattnz 6 votes

Can you answer these?

"Le vélo de Tati” - Jacques Tati by Robert Doisneau

Does anyone know where i can purchase this iconic poster? I've searched the most obvious websites. thanks

asked by s.e. clarke 2 votes

Small puncture not repaired even after three attempts, patch leaks every time

I am trying to repair a puncture, it's a small one, but even after applying the glue and patch it starts leaking after a while. I have followed the procedure of scrubbing the tube and then applied the ...

repair innertube puncture  
asked by valar morghulis 1 vote

Who recognises this titanium frame?

I bought this titanium frame some time ago. No markings, only this serialnumber on the bottombracket. The 84 propably stands for 1984 as the bike was fitted with Campy's 50th Anniversary gruppo. BB is ...

titanium racing-bikes  
asked by Matrix 2 votes
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