Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Disc brakes better for rainy days?

Are disc brakes more effective on rainy weather? I had a close call riding my road bike during a morning rain and almost collided with a parked car. My road bike is steel and has tektro branded ...

disc-brake rain  
asked by Mappersko 6 votes
answered by Batman 7 votes

How to board a ski chairlift that is not intended for bicycles?

As the end of the ski season is approaching, I am thinking about visiting our ski resort by bicycle. I would like to do it at the end of the season to avoid the inconvenience of the crowd, and ...

mountain-bike lift  
asked by anatolyg 3 votes
answered by Vorac 1 vote

Trek Aluminium Grade Comparison

Looking through the Trek archives, I see they have frame materials described as: Alpha Black Aluminum Alpha White Aluminum Alpha Gold Aluminum Gold Series Aluminum 100 Series Alpha Aluminum etc ...

road-bike frames aluminum trek  
asked by RobEarl 2 votes
answered by Chris in AK 1 vote

Fatbike tire footprints?

I am curious if there are any empirical experiments, or theoretical computational results, comparing the "footprint" size of the various fatbike/29er/mountain bike tires? There are lots of claims ...

tire fatbike  
asked by John 2 votes
answered by user973810 1 vote

What does "SRAM Custom" (front derailleur) mean?

I'm going through specification of Specialized Epic Comp bicycle (link) and there is in column FRONT DERAILLEUR: "Custom SRAM, 2X10, high direct mount". What does it mean? Is it some kind of specific ...

derailleur sram  
asked by shobull 2 votes
answered by Olly Hodgson 0 votes

Wear and tear and warranty

I have a trek 7.1 that I bought last March (2014) and have been told that the pads, front wheel, chain and cassette need replacing. Is this normal for 4 to 5 days a week usage for commuting (5 to six ...

asked by David 2 votes
answered by nettux443 4 votes

What to do with the white plastic tube in Dahon city vybe c7a?

Just got a Dahon city vybe c7a: It has a white plastic tube at the bottom, what should I do with it? It seems to prevent the seat pole from sliding down.

asked by qed 2 votes
answered by Okw 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Triple vs Double chainring?

I'm bike shopping for my first road bike, and I've asked for a lot of advice from my father who was a serious cyclist once upon a time. After showing him one prospective bike, he dismissed it with a ...

road-bike chainring crankset cranks  
asked by Powder-Monkey 26 votes
answered by Unsliced 17 votes

What are the pros and cons of internal gears?

I've had my hybrid 24-speed for a bit over 3 years now, and just last weekend, when looking for a bike for my wife, discovered internal gears. Suffice to say it blew my mind when I saw 7-speed ...

gears derailleur drivetrain internally-geared-hub  
asked by drfrogsplat 27 votes
answered by Мסž 40 votes

Can you answer this?

What is the length of the Hope XC internal spacer from freehub to bearing?

I think I have a worn spacer as it has ragged edges. Does anyone have the length of this spacer when new?

asked by Lazerdog 1 vote
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