Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Coping with crash fear?

This will be my first season racing collegiate this spring and I recently crashed on a group ride going about 22 mph around a corner and slammed my face into the ground. Crash was pretty bad and had ...

racing injury  
asked by Ryan 8 votes
answered by andy256 7 votes

Are road brakes designed not to brake too much?

All of my cycling fellows always told me that it's much more difficult to fully stop a road bike, compared to a mountain bike, because "road brakes just don't work so well" (and perhaps because of ...

road-bike brakes  
asked by heltonbiker 6 votes
answered by Fred the Magic Wonder Dog 9 votes

With a garmin edge touring can I just ride or do I have to do a route?

I'm thinking of getting a garmin edge touring but I want to use it as a map rather than a satnav. Can I just ride and it will show where I am? Or will it always want me to take a pre-determined route? ...

asked by Rob 5 votes
answered by hillsons 5 votes

First time commuter needs advice

I'm an out of shape 60 year old and have just purchased a bike for the first time in almost 30 years. It's a Giant Seek 3 hybrid and my intention is to commute to work on it at least 3 times per week. ...

asked by Rick 5 votes
answered by Blam 15 votes

What type chain lube should you use in a sand and salt water enviroment?

I rent bikes in remote beach locations. What lubrication will reduce rust and sand accumulation?

chain rust  
asked by user15739 4 votes
answered by RoboKaren 3 votes

Can I use Kerosene for lubing the cogs and the chain

I recently went to a bike mechanic and he dropped some kerosene on the cog and chain for lubing them. He said that it keeps the dirt off and is quite volatile so will evaporate after sometime leaving ...

chain lubricant  
asked by yawar 4 votes
answered by James Bradbury 4 votes

How does weight and strength of a person effects the riding of bicycle at higher speeds?

I weigh very low about 56 kilograms and height is 5 feet 6 inches.I use a hybrid for fun and commuting. While riding i use the hishest gear on my bike always i.e 48 tooth front and 11 tooth back. I ...

asked by munish 3 votes
answered by Rider_X 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why don't brakes come with 'Safety Levers' any more?

It used to be very common to see bikes with dual pull brake levers (if that's even the right name) as shown below. However now it seems almost impossible to find brakes like this. Even finding a ...

asked by Kibbee 28 votes
answered by freiheit 24 votes

How to move a bicycle by bicycle

I need to move two bicycles from work to home. The route is 5 miles long and car free. My only means of transport is to ride one of the bicycles so my question is this: What is the safest way to get ...

commuter advice  
asked by nettux443 27 votes
answered by Passing through 23 votes
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