Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can I mix and match cogs from 2 different SRAM cassettes and still expect it to work?

My road bike currently has a 12-25 cassette on it. I really want the cog with 11 teeth instead of the cog with 12 teeth, but I don't want to upgrade to a full 11-32. If I were to install a new 12-25 ...

gears cassette  
asked by Jason 6 votes
answered by Will Evers 7 votes

Slipping aluminium seatpost in aluminium frame

I've already seen this question: Problems with a slipping seatpost The main difference is that I have an aluminium frameset and a forged alloy seatpost - lightweight clamp. After every couple ...

seatpost aluminum clamp aluminium  
asked by RoKa 5 votes
answered by Klaster_1 6 votes

Safe to ride with Kenda 27 x 1/38 inch studded tires in snow/ice?

I currently have Kenda 27 x 1 3/8 inch tires on my road bike. I live in a snowy, icy city and am a bike commuter in warmer months. I would like to occasionally commute this winter. I am wondering ...

road-bike winter 27-inch  
asked by BritM 5 votes
answered by Suspended User 5 votes

Which cables and housing do I need?

I am going to build my own bike. I purchased the 105 5800 groupset the other day and was examining the different components. The shifters came with some cables and cable housing. I have attached a ...

brakes gears shifting  
asked by Sid 5 votes
answered by Bent Spoke Cycle Repair 3 votes

Bullhorn bar + STI brake/shifter

I'd like to install a bullhorn handlebar on my existing hybrid bike and would prefer to continue using my flatbar Shimano STI R42O gear/brake lever system rather than a bar end brake/shifter solution. ...

brakes shifter handlebars  
asked by R Gillan 5 votes
answered by Batman 2 votes

Bike won't shift at all

I have old old 90's Cannondale that has been sitting in a spare bedroom for the last three years just collecting dust (has not been ridden in those three years). I bought a bike trainer over the ...

asked by RustyStatistician 5 votes
answered by Criggie 4 votes

Seat Stay Replacement - Bridgestone MB-3

I am working to restore my first mountain bike frame, a "vintage" 1993 Bridgestone MB-3. Early on, I swedged the left seat stay so that it buckled a bit & rotated about 15 degrees inward. I have ...

mountain-bike frames repair parts  
asked by bbdonz 4 votes
answered by Mσᶎ 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Difference between Cyclocross, Touring, and Road Bikes?

My question is "What is the difference between Cyclocross, Touring, and Road Bikes? Also what are their intended uses (their place in the cycle 'community'?)" I have looked at What is the difference ...

road-bike touring-bikes  
asked by Cardon Fry 17 votes
answered by joelmdev 25 votes

Help Me Understand My Bicycle's Gears

I've recently started commuting with a bicycle (Giant hybrid bicycle). I've been trying to learn a little about bicycling to make my commute easier and my time on the bicycle more enjoyable. Please ...

chain gears  
asked by Rob P. 16 votes
answered by joelmdev 21 votes

Can you answer these?

Identifying Rear Axle Size

I've got a bent QR rear axle and am looking for a replacement. Seems that these come in 9.5 and 10 mm sizes with a couple of different threadings. When I measure the OD of the threads I get around 9.8 ...

repair hub  
asked by dlu 1 vote

Repairing older Cycleops Mag trainer

I have an older cycleops Mag trainer which has started to make a clicking noise when the tire is engaged. Is it possible to repair this?

asked by michael 1 vote
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