Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do experienced cyclists know which gear they are in without an optical display?

Most mid to high level mountain groupsets (eg SLX and X7) have shifter options without any display as to what gear is currently active. How do riders avoid cross-chaining and other unpleasantnesses, ...

mountain-bike shifter  
asked by Vorac 12 votes
answered by andy256 20 votes

How to avoid/deal with exhaust fumes when riding in traffic

I live in Chicago, and I ride through the downtown area and other congested streets to and from work every day. Often when I am at a stoplight, I am directly behind or next to several cars belching ...

health bike-vs-car pollution  
asked by chiliNUT 8 votes
answered by renesis 6 votes

How seriously should I take the maximum pressure rating of my cyclocross rims?

I own a very nice cyclocross bike that I use for daily commuting. It is currently fitted with relatively wide cyclocross tires (Continental Cyclocross Race 35-622) that I inflate to 4 bar (58 psi). ...

tire rims cyclocross tire-pressure  
asked by Emil 7 votes
answered by Glenn Stevens 5 votes

Is it ethical to ride with races without being part of them?

I find it tedious to spend half a day riding the dangerous streets of the city to purchase a mountain insurance, then spend money on race subscription and in then arriving early as hell on the start ...

racing etiquette  
asked by Vorac 7 votes
answered by Mσᶎ 32 votes

Replace rim because of 4 broken spokes?

When replacing the rear brake pads I noticed that 4 spokes were broken and the wheel wobbles. I phoned a local bike shop and was told that they recommend replacing the wheel if more than 3 spokes are ...

rims spokes  
asked by Tyler 5 votes
answered by dlu 3 votes

Why are there so many types of mech hanger?

I have just stripped the threads on my mech hanger and I'm in the process of buying a new one. There are so many different types, even for one manufacturer, I was wondering what the reason for this ...

derailleur derailleur-rear hanger  
asked by Phil 5 votes
answered by OlafM 1 vote

What is an "unreasonably short leave-pass"?

I'm reading and #4 mentions something about "unreasonably short leave-passes". What does that mean?

exercise group-rides organized-rides  
asked by user12707 5 votes
answered by brakenick 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Creaking from cranks/spindle. How to fix?

Recently the cranks on my bike started to creak. I checked with my usual "bike-bible" Park Tool. They recommended dis-assemble, lubricate, re-assemble. So I did that. Remove cranks. Remove spindle. ...

bottom-bracket mechanical crankset creak  
asked by leiflundgren 26 votes
answered by Bob Biscuit 8 votes

How to find a mountain bike that can handle a heavier (250-260lbs) rider?

I am a 44 year old man that is very heavy (250–260lbs(113-118kg)) and I am looking to buy my first mountain bike to do some riding on the weekend to burn off some of this fat I have.

mountain-bike fitness men-specific  
asked by SJS 5 votes
answered by freiheit 14 votes

Can you answer these?

Spokes both too long and too short on same side of wheel

I'm attempting my second wheel build. My first build went pretty smoothly, but this time I've messed something up badly. I calculated that both drive and non drive side could take 300mm spokes ( ...

asked by henry 4 votes

2015 Fox RC2 160/36 (650b) fork - negative air pressure problem

As far as I can tell after speaking with 2 different Fox Service technicians, nobody seems to know why their forks have this well-known problem with negative air pressure increasing and migrating, and ...

asked by Drummerhill Bob 1 vote

Tubeless tyres deflating - serious problem or just because I don't have sealant?

Both the (new) tyres I have bought deflate overnight: I have to pump them up again every time I want to ride them. This happened before I even rode them for the first time, so no punctures. Is this ...

asked by Ne Mo 1 vote
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