Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why did the hydraulic disc brake stop working when riding down a steep mountain?

I rode my mountain-bike with a bicycle trailer attached. Three kids (age 4 to 8) were inside the trailer (trailer made of steel). We went down from about 500 m above sea level to 150 m above sea level …

hydraulic-disc-brake trailer  
asked by erik 11 votes
answered by DWGKNZ 15 votes

What's the lowest safe cadence on a climb?

I recently installed a power meter and just used it to get up some rather steep 15%+ climbs. At my weight and lowest gearing (34f 30r) at a sustainable power level for my fitness (225w) this …

safety power climbing cadence  
asked by sjakubowski 7 votes
answered by mattnz 5 votes

What do I have to know, to replace my hydraulic disc brakes with new ones?

I want to buy a new hydraulic disc brake for my old mountain bike, which already has a disc brake. As I am very far away from any bicycle shop I want to buy the parts on the internet. The shipping …

parts disc-brake hydraulic-disc-brake  
asked by erik 4 votes
answered by Trengot 4 votes

How do I get my hydraulic disc brakes working well again

I just bought a new bike (my first brand new one ever) a few months ago and a while ago I decided to give it a wash and after that my front hydraulic brake hasn't been working as strong as it used …

disc-brake hydraulic-disc-brake front  
asked by Falcon rider 4 votes
answered by mattnz 5 votes

Disc brake maintenance

For some days now I am observing the decreasing performance of my disc brakes on my MTB. Additionally, braking is extremely loud (squeaking). I don't think I have oil or fatty substances on the discs. …

disc-brake hydraulic-disc-brake brake-pads brake-noise  
asked by EverythingRightPlace 4 votes
answered by DWGKNZ 3 votes

How to train front braking technique?

One of my mountain bike buddys has severe issues with downhill riding technique. By downhill I don't mean downhill racing in this context but riding down trails that are rather smooth but with some …

mountain-bike technique skills braking  
asked by Benedikt Bauer 4 votes
answered by mattnz 3 votes

Is it ok for the trunk bike rack to rest against the glass of a hatchback?

I feel like this is one of those obvious questions, but I have been unsuccessful at finding an answer (even in the manual for the rack!). I just purchased a bike rack (only holds 2 bikes) for my …

car-rack transportation transport-by-car  
asked by skybluecodeflier 3 votes
answered by Aaron 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How often should I change road bike tyres?

My road bike has now done 500 miles, but unlike cars, I've no idea how often the tyres should be changed. It's used on normal road conditions. The brow of the tyre is now smooth. How do I know if my …

road-bike tire  
asked by Ged 20 votes
answered by prototoast 19 votes

How to tell when to replace cassette?

How do you tell when it's time to replace a cassette? Are there any specific wear patterns on the teeth to watch for or symptoms specific to a worn-out cassette?

mountain-bike cassette wear  
asked by Nate Koppenhaver 11 votes
answered by zenbike 6 votes
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