Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What does 'campy' mean?

What does it mean when people say that a bike part is "campy"? I've heard people say "campy hub" and "campy chain", for example.

asked by BSO rider 10 votes
answered by ojs 13 votes

Do aluminium chainrings/cassettes contribute to chain wear?

In trying to achieve a long lasting, low maintenance drivetrain, I've read statements about aluminium oxide being the source of the black colour of chain dirt and also being highly abrasive: ...

chain chainring drivetrain preventative-maintenance wear  
asked by Simon MᶜKenzie 6 votes
answered by Nhân Lê 5 votes

Winter tyres or winter wheels?

I've just picked up some lightly studded tyres - winters aren't too bad here but ice can be a problem. The bike is a hybrid mainly used for commuting, with some early starts. Most of my route is ...

maintenance tire winter  
asked by Chris H 5 votes
answered by ojs 5 votes

What benefits do bike clubs provide?

Some bike clubs charge annual dues or fees to join. What do I have to consider when determining whether to join a club? Any clear tell-tale signs to avoid? A more subjective question is: what is ...

asked by leaflifelayf 5 votes
answered by Batman 9 votes

How to stop the corrosion?

I have a silly question maybe.. How to protect the frame of my bike from corrosion? The bike is not new. Are there any accessories? Thanks

asked by geraldson 4 votes
answered by RoboKaren 2 votes

Rusty Front Derailleur – Replace or Repair?

My front derailleur has stopped shifting. Have a look at that rusty spring. Is it worth trying to fix, or should I just replace it?

derailleur rust  
asked by Michael 3 votes
answered by Mσᶎ 4 votes

Bicycle hand pump pressure gauge

Today I got my new bike pump. It is a two-way pump with pressure gauge, up to 100 psi, that I bought cheaply over the internet. When I tried to pump up my tire (Schrader valve) it seemed to be ...

tire pump schrader  
asked by Ivan 3 votes
answered by Mσᶎ 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do my tires keep losing air, even after having the tubes replaced?

I had a problem a few weeks ago where my tires were flat and needed air every time I took my bike out of the garage. I brought it to the local bike shop, and they replaced my tubes. This made a ...

tire innertube  
asked by Bill 3 votes
answered by Daniel R Hicks 13 votes

What do you do to cure road rash more quickly after a crash?

Crashes are an inevitability in cycling. This weekend, I hit a 4" stick on my bike. It flipped over, stuck in the spokes of my front wheel and did this to it: It stopped my bike really quickly and ...

health injury  
asked by John Lam 7 votes
answered by user313 11 votes

Can you answer this?

chain stay protection on carbon frames

EDIT: Thank you for your comments, and sorry for not being able to reply earlier! @Criggie / @Frisbee: The following image shows a Cannondale F29 with a chain stay protector attached left of and ...

frames carbon  
asked by StefG 1 vote
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