Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Switching from a mountain bike to a road bike

I will be moving soon because of my work and the new area is not very "mountain bike friendly" as it is very flat and there aren't much hills or mountains around. So I think of buying a road bike to ...

mountain-bike road-bike  
asked by Tom 6 votes
answered by andy256 6 votes

Is it acceptable to wear kit from old team?

When I was in college I was on the club cycling team and it was fun, I went to a good share of races, was pretty involved with the team, etc. Now I'm out of college and it's a few years it ...

asked by chris72205 6 votes
answered by Kibbee 15 votes

Tips for cycling while pregnant, and is it safe?

To clarify, I am asking this for my wife! Blog articles and other webpages differ on the question of the safety of pregnant cycling. Most seem to think that it is okay, but some think that a ...

health women-specific  
asked by Christopher Barry 5 votes
answered by andy256 19 votes

BSO identification for amateurs

I'm a biking amateur, but I've been wanting to upgrade and get more serious. Just recently, I was gifted a pretty new bike and I'm wanting to figure out how BSO it is so I can either upgrade it or ...

asked by SuperScript 4 votes
answered by Daniel R Hicks 2 votes

How to judge comfort when buying a new saddle

I bought a motobecane mirage s recently from I took the following advice from a bikes forum: Plan on changing the seat, pedals, and possibly the tires. The seat will make your ...

saddle seatpost long-distance  
asked by maxwell 4 votes
answered by dlu 5 votes

Fixing rear-wheel puncture on belt-drive bike

I just bought a bike that has a Gates Carbon belt drive and am wondering what I will need do to remove the rear wheel when I get a puncture in my rear tyre 10 miles from home. The dropout looks like ...

asked by RedGrittyBrick 3 votes
answered by mikes 4 votes

How much speed can I buy

I am currently riding an entry level carbon road bike (Fuji Gran Fondo 2.5, compact 50/34 crankset, 105 group, 12/30 10 speed, Oval 327 wheels, but I suspect the details are not important-you have all ...

road-bike product-rec  
asked by Ross Millikan 3 votes
answered by andy256 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the best breakfast right before cycling?

Sometimes I feel I will faint when I am cycling in the morning. I usually don't have this problem after lunch. My breakfast is rich in carbohydrates, but maybe I'm eating too much or missing some ...

training hydration nutrition  
asked by Jader Dias 23 votes
answered by curtismchale 10 votes

How often should I change road bike tyres?

My road bike has now done 500 miles, but unlike cars, I've no idea how often the tyres should be changed. It's used on normal road conditions. The brow of the tyre is now smooth. How do I know if my ...

road-bike tire  
asked by Ged 25 votes
answered by prototoast 24 votes

Can you answer this?

takhion-esque track frame identification!

I thinking on buying this very lightweight track frame that is very similar in looks to those beautiful takhion pursuit frames from the urss 80's. I was told that brazilian cycling federation bought ...

identify-this-bike track-racing  
asked by thaian 1 vote
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