Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is it bad etiquette to ride road bike through a small residential area?

Is it considered bad etiquette to ride a road bike through a small residential area? Not talking about a cheap bike and riding on the sidewalk but a nicer road bike at a decent pace. I don't want to …

asked by Ryan 17 votes
answered by alesplin 24 votes

Minimum mountain bike trekking/touring equipment

Consider a one week trip in nature, with bikes. Daily routes are to be about 60km with 2000m total elevation change per day (climb, then descend). The group is of 2-5 people. Weather is summer (maybe …

mountain-bike touring luggage  
asked by Vorac 6 votes
answered by Spacemoose 6 votes

Spoke Tension Guidelines

Generally what should the tension be for spokes in wheels built up from scratch? For the front wheel? Should the tension be different for drive-side/non-drive-side spokes in the rear? Should tension …

wheels spokes wheel-building tension  
asked by Booker 6 votes
answered by pepelkod 7 votes

difference between rack mounts and fender mounts?

is there a specific way that bike builders build mounts/eyelets for racks for panniers and eyelets that hold fenders? I'm specifically thinking about eyelets on the rear dropouts. I know that if a …

frames touring rack  
asked by Cole 5 votes
answered by jonc 3 votes

odd noise on new disc brakes

After 200 miles on my LaPierre X Control 229 equipped with basic Avid hydraulic disks, I can hear the front wheel disk ventilation slots grinding through the caliper when I brake moderately! (Shimano …

asked by Mountain Man 5 votes

Are there sirens/horns that are like a car horn?

I am going to start commuting on my bike, but I often use busy roads that are not cycle friendly and cyclists are not often noticed. I need a horn to be noticed (and to vent my anger without losing my …

asked by George H 4 votes
answered by Cole 6 votes

Name in English of different parts and tools

What is the name in English of the part that has a set of dented wheels and goes attached to the center of the back wheel of a bicycle? What would be the name(s) in English of the tool that allows …

parts tools  
asked by user787913 4 votes
answered by Mσᶎ 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is cycling better than walking to lose weight?

I want to lose weight. I commute to my office daily by walking 3 kilometers. If I buy a bicycle and use it for commuting (total 3 km daily), would it be better than walking?

asked by Jitendra Vyas 11 votes
answered by dbr 22 votes

How do I deal with a dog chasing me when I'm touring?

Once I was riding my road bike down a rural road. I heard barking over my shoulder and saw two dobermans running toward me. I can't think of a time in my life that I felt more endangered. I reacted …

safety touring animal-attack animals  
asked by user973810 64 votes
answered by Starx 50 votes

Can you answer this?

Figures on accidents involving cyclists where motorists are using cell/mobile phones

I am trying to get hold of some figures for accident rates where either, ideally just cyclists or, just general road users & pedestrians, are involved in accidents (or reported near misses) …

safety legal  
asked by GriffinEvo 2 votes
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