Bicycles Weekly Newsletter
Bicycles Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to build surge brakes on bike trailer?

There are a couple of pretty good answers How to make a cargo trailer? after looking at them, the answer at What are the safety concerns of a high vs a low mount trailer hitch? doing some other ...

brakes trailer  
asked by James Jenkins 8 votes
answered by Mσᶎ 8 votes

Do "trailer bikes" help kids learn to ride a bike on their own?

I'm considering getting a trailer bike for my 3 year old (image below) but want to know if it will help or hurt progression toward him riding independently. He's amazingly fast on his Strider ...

trailer children kids  
asked by mattsolar 5 votes
answered by mattnz 11 votes

Should a saddle hurt?

We recently brought a road bike for my sister in law and we took her out on a quick test ride (only about 1km and SLOW). The next day she complained (a bit, mostly my brother being over protective ...

asked by Aron 2 votes
answered by andy256 2 votes

Choosing a handlebar width

Are there any rules/tips to choosing a handlebar for your bike? I live in a big city, and I've seen fixies with really, really narrow handlebars (presumably to avoid hitting pedestrians?) I ...

handlebars urban-riding  
asked by OverOverUnderSkipAHole 2 votes
answered by andy256 3 votes

Adjustment to road bike brakes for high grade downhill

I have a road bike with a front brake that wears a lot of brake pad when I ride downhill every day. I lose 900ft in elevation on steep grades with lots of stop signs and traffic lights. On top of ...

brakes downhill  
asked by ash 2 votes
answered by Batman 1 vote

Saddles and Bent Metal Rails

Has anyone else had issues with bent (slow deformation over time) metal rails on the saddles they have used? I previously had three or four saddles that all ended up tilted over to one side and ...

parts saddle  
asked by Chris in AK 2 votes
answered by Blam 4 votes

Inflating airspring fork with Topeak products

Today in receipt of a Topeak "Pressure-Rite Schrader Valve Adapter" to inflate my airspring fork, thinking it would work perfectly with my Topeak "JoeBlow Pro" floor pump. It doesn't work very well, ...

maintenance fork topeak  
asked by Shunyata Kharg 2 votes
answered by ShemSeger 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why aren't Tour de France riders going any faster?

I was having a look at the average speeds of the winner of the Tour de France over the years on this page. To help things along I put the data into LibreOffice and produced a plot: I put on the ...

racing nutrition speed history technology  
asked by tdc 44 votes
answered by dbr 15 votes

Do skilled cyclists really "use the front brake alone probably 95% of the time"?

Sheldon Brown's Braking and Turning Your Bicycle page states that: Skilled cyclists use the front brake alone probably 95% of the time and "Generally I advise against using both brakes at ...

road-bike brakes technique handling  
asked by amcnabb 32 votes
answered by Tom77 31 votes
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