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Top new questions this week:

Do we get any benefit from being in a galaxy?

If our solar system were to somehow be created outside of a galaxy as a single star in the vast nothingness between galaxies, would life on Earth change any? Does being a member of a galaxy actually ...

galaxy solar-system  
asked by Scottie 7 votes
answered by HDE 226868 0 votes

How did the Mars satellites "take cover" from the recent comet flyby?

After comet Sliding Spring's Oct. 19, 2014 close flyby of Mars, NASA reports that All three NASA orbiters around Mars confirmed their healthy status Sunday after each took shelter behind Mars ...

mars maven  
asked by Joshua 4 votes
answered by HDE 226868 3 votes

Pictures of a curious astronomical phenomenon

In a recent holiday, a friend made the following picture. It contains a curious green "thing" in the nightsky. The picture was made in Ladakh, India, 6weeks ago. The "thing" only appeared in one of ...

observation amateur-observing  
asked by NicoDean 3 votes
answered by solid 8 votes

Diameter of any galaxy

I've been trying to figure out how to find the diameter in kpc of any galaxy given that one knows the distance to it in Mpc (d) and also the angular diameter/size (A) in arcsec. I had a formula before ...

galaxy distances  
asked by Kennan 3 votes
answered by Dieudonné 5 votes

Evidence behind Giant Impact hypthesis

The giant impact hypothesis is a theory to explain how the moon was formed. What evidence is there that supports the theory and led us to find the current theory?

moon formation  
asked by Nirvik Baruah 2 votes
answered by Count Iblis 2 votes

Viewing a solar eclipse through a leafy tree

Viewing my Facebook feed today, my local news station posted regarding a solar eclipse taking place today: Note the line about using a leafy tree as a filter: Scientists say NOT to directly ...

asked by Mitch Goshorn 2 votes
answered by HDE 226868 6 votes

How to compute satellite coordinates (lat,long) given antenna's coordinates, angles and satellite height

Given an Earth station (antenna) coordinates (in lat,long) ant its Elevation (El) and Azimuth (Az), how to compute the satellite coordinates (lat,long), known its height? For simplification purposes, ...

asked by Etore Marcari Jr. 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How are black holes found?

Black holes have so much gravity that even light can't escape from them. If we can't see them, and the suck up all electromagnetic radiation, then how can we find them?

asked by Undo 22 votes
answered by user8 14 votes

What are the differences between a Black Hole and a Supermassive Black Hole

From what I understand, the mass of a black hole should be nearly infinite, how much more massive can something get? Is the name to be literally interpreted such that a Supermassive Black Hole just ...

black-hole supermassive-black-hole  
asked by David Freitag 13 votes
answered by John Conde 10 votes
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