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Top new questions this week:

What are the most valuable meteorites and asteroids in terms of precious metals?

There were some suggestions that asteroids could one day be mined for precious metals. I have found an outdated study that says that some siderites contain as much as 0.001% of gold: ...

asteroids meteor meteorite metal  
asked by ufomorace 5 votes
answered by David Hammen 0 votes

What is the brightest star (relative magnitude) in M31?

I am wondering what the brightest individual star is in M31, the Andromeda Galaxy. Specifically, brightest as seen from Earth (so relative magnitude).

star apparent-magnitude magnitude hypergiants m31  
asked by Joshua 3 votes
answered by James Kilfiger 1 vote

How is the Lithium Depletion Boundary used to determine the age of a stellar cluster?

According to my understanding of Soderblom et al. (2014), lithium ages of stars are determined as follows: Determine lithium abundance from equivalent width measurement of Li$_{\mathrm{I}}$ ...

star-formation age  
asked by user44816 2 votes
answered by Rob Jeffries 0 votes

Could there be dark matter black holes?

Could dark matter compress and form black holes? Since dark matter is even more abundant than normal matter, a dark matter black hole should not be rare...right?

gravity black-hole dark-matter matter  
asked by Pies 2 votes
answered by Rob Jeffries 7 votes

Are planets moving away from the sun?

I saw on the tv show Through the Wormhole (hosted by Morgan Freeman) that the planets in our solar system have been continuously moving away from the sun for millions of years. however, when I try to ...

sun distances  
asked by Yvonne Liew 2 votes
answered by userLTK 2 votes

Can all areas on Earth experience a total solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse only puts part of Earth at a time in shadow, so I'm not talking about a solar eclipse that casts a shadow over all of Earth. What I mean is: are there any areas on Earth where, no ...

asked by Nate Kerkhofs 2 votes
answered by pela 1 vote

What light source can cause a shadow of a cloud onto the next cloud above?

Scenario- -Time & Environment-11:00pm Super Moon small town population 40,000 in Central Ca. -Nearest body of water is 80 miles away 4 small lakes of about 1 mile in diameter. -Pacific Ocean is ...

asked by Mr. Cruz 1 vote
answered by user9320 -1 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Jupiter FM - What are practical and inexpensive ways for the amateur detection of signals from Jupiter, especially of the transit of her moons?

What modifications to a standard AM/FM or shortwave radio are needed in order to be able to detect radio-wave signals emitted from Jupiter? Would it be possible to detect the transit of the major ...

amateur-observing jupiter radio-astronomy natural-satellites  
asked by user8 10 votes
answered by TildalWave 9 votes

Do all stars have an oort cloud or is it a rare occurance?

Do all stars have an oort cloud like ours that will be filled with comets and other objects? If not, why are they not around every star?

solar-system oort-cloud  
asked by System.Object 22 votes
answered by HDE 226868 21 votes

Can you answer these?

What's the bleeding-edge model for how Population III stars are born and evolve?

I'm trying to do a brief literature review to find out what the best current models for population III stellar evolution are. I was hoping that someone with more expertise in the area could perhaps ...

star stellar-evolution population-iii  
asked by polyphant 1 vote

How to calculate the heliocentric velocity of an object?

My task is to calculate the heliocentric velocity of an object to correct for wavelength in a spectrum. I have the RA, Dec and observation date, and I know that the NED velocity correction calculator ...

asked by RaynDrop 1 vote

Gaia: What is the difference between CCDs used for astrometry, photometry, and spectroscopy?

My knowledge of CCDs is that these are sensors which collect photoelectrons. That's about it. What is a difference between CCDs used for astrometry, spectroscopy, and photometry? As an example, each ...

spectroscopy astrometry photometry  
asked by ShanZhengYang 1 vote
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