Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is ~ considered like a relative path?

I'm trying to extract the different part of the Nvidia cuda library installer. I'm using the following command: mkdir ~/Downloads/nvidia_installers ./ …

command-line paths  
asked by Regan 25 votes
answered by Oli 43 votes

Are there cases where vi is the only option?

Are there scenarios where vi is the only option to create, edit or modify a file in an Ubuntu environment? My question is basically to really know if there is such a case where I would be forced to …

asked by Luis 20 votes
answered by Volker Siegel 30 votes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mounting various directories on separate partitions?

While installing Ubuntu with the "something else" option, I found out that there are many folders that can be mounted on separate partitions, as you can see in the image below. So what are the …

partitioning mount  
asked by Registered User 14 votes
answered by user68186 21 votes

How to copy a certain file several times with a regular ending?

I have a single file (a PDF) and I want to have lots of identical copies in the same folder (200 would be nice) named file-001, file-002 etc. How do I do it?

command-line files filemanager  
asked by Tim 7 votes
answered by steeldriver 15 votes

Does my computer have 1 or 2 CPUs? (cpuinfo and lscpu differ)

When I run cat /proc/cpuinfo I get the following output (only the relevant line included): cpu cores: 1 However, lscpu gives me the following output: CPU(s): 2 Which of the two is correct, and …

cpu cpuinfo lscpu  
asked by IQAndreas 5 votes
answered by Gilles 8 votes

Key combination to switch between an application's windows in all of viewports

Alt-` is used to switch between an application's windows in the current viewport in Unity. Is there another key combination to switch between an application's windows in all of viewports? I do not …

unity keyboard shortcut-keys workspaces application-switcher  
asked by Kadir 5 votes
answered by Jacob Vlijm 2 votes

How to compare two files

So basically what I want to do is compare two file by line by column 2. How could I accomplish this? File_1.txt: User1 US User2 US User3 US File_2.txt: User1 US User2 US User3 NG Output_File: …

bash scripts  
asked by Roboman1723 5 votes
answered by musher 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to unzip a zip file from the Terminal?

Just downloaded a .zip file from the internet. I want to use the terminal to unzip the file. What is the correct way to do this?

command-line gzip  
asked by ubuntu-nerd 142 votes
answered by Kelley 209 votes

Unity doesn't load, no Launcher, no Dash appears

When I login, nothing happens. I am presented with my desktop wallpaper. No Dash, no Launcher, nothing.

asked by jrg 168 votes
answered by Oli 138 votes

Can you answer these?

apt-file equivalent to search for source files

I find the apt-file utility very comfortable to find the package that delivers a given file. If I wanted to find the package that delivered /bin/bash I would simply type apt-file find /bin/bash and …

asked by GEO 2 votes

How do I create a DHCP server, with a router that doesn't allow me to disable DHCP?

I have an Actiontec V1000H Modem/Router from my ISP Telus, they have blocked access to all their 'advanced' settings like DHCP/Bridging. I have setup a MAAS server I have a few things I'd like it to …

14.04 networking  
asked by Datsik 2 votes

How to lock ubuntu device orientation in portrait or landscape from user input?

I am working on a reader app to be used on Ubuntu-Touch. When reading books from the app it would be a helpful feature to lock the orientation in either portrait or landscape. This would be useful …

ubuntu-touch programming ubuntu-sdk qml qt-creator  
asked by Randy_O 5 votes
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