Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why doesn't the latest Ubuntu edition come with the latest stable Linux kernel version?

I have recently noticed that the latest version of Ubuntu does not come with the latest stable Linux kernel version. For example, Kubuntu 16.04 LTS comes with Kernel 4.4.0-21-generic while the latest ...

kernel release-management  
asked by Ken 40 votes
answered by muru 49 votes

Why did Canonical drop support for Gimp and how to recover from it?

I was offered an upgrade to 16.04. During the upgrade, I saw this: I can kinda see why Expect and w3m are being dropped, but why Gimp? More importantly, how to do I find pre-built packages that I ...

gimp release-management  
asked by bgoodr 27 votes
answered by muru 47 votes

How to fix apt: Signature by key uses weak digest algorithm (SHA1) after installing Chrome?

I have just updated to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS I started setting up by installing Google-Chrome and then went to run a sudo apt-get update again before I started installing other software, and I get the ...

apt updates google-chrome 16.04  
asked by dlchang 26 votes
answered by chaskes 11 votes

Ubuntu Server 16.04 installs on /sdc but fails to boot

I am doing a clean install of Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS on a machine with a single internal SSD. After completing the install, the system fails to boot and prints a single line fsck output, with the ...

grub2 system-installation 16.04  
asked by Jeff Atwood 21 votes
answered by David Kruger 15 votes

16.04 upgrade broke mysql-server

My overall upgrade went well, but I am left with a critically lingering issue of mysql-server not being able to install itself, and nothing I am trying gets it to work. This is the error I see when ...

upgrade mysql 16.04  
asked by TheGremlyn 16 votes
answered by TheGremlyn 6 votes

Linux without graphical OS but with graphical resources

My first computer experience was with a Commodore. I would like to have Linux computer work similar to that. I was wondering if it was possible to have something similar using Linux. What I would ...

asked by Linuxuser00 15 votes
answered by Eduar 35 votes

What is the Snap packaging format?

I have a very little knowledge about the 'Snap packaging format'. What I know is that 'Snap' is an alternative packaging format like .deb. What I don't know is Why did Canonical chose it? What ...

packaging deb snap-package  
asked by maqtanim 12 votes
answered by Serg 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you monitor the progress of dd?

dd is a wonder allowing you to duplicate a hard drive to another, completely zero a hard drive, etc. But once you launch a dd command, there's nothing to tell you of it's progress. It just sits there ...

dd monitoring  
asked by James 257 votes
answered by James 216 votes

How do I start/stop mysql server?

I try find in internet some article where describe how correct start -stop mysql server. I find this article: How to start/stop MySql server on Ubuntu 8.04 | Abhi's Blogging World I run this ...

sudo mysql  
asked by user471011 105 votes
answered by Caesium 122 votes

Can you answer these?

Laptop freezes after connecting external monitor, since 16.04 update

I have a Zenbook UX303U with integrated Intel HD5000, and using an external monitor worked fine until I updated to Ubuntu 16.04 this weekend. Now, when I plug my second screen and then move the mouse ...

multiple-monitors 16.04 freeze  
asked by Louis-Rémi 5 votes

WiFi not working after restart in Ubuntu 16.04

I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Had a few issues with phpmyadmin and MySQL-Server that I rectified. But whenever I restart the system, I lose internet connection. ...

14.04 networking wireless 16.04 ralink  
asked by UrsinusTheStrong 3 votes

How to ensure user separation on an old school shell server

I want to run an old school shell server for a couple of people, ie. one where users get ssh access so they can run software (their own or provided). My concern is appropriate separation between ...

server kernel ssh security multi-user  
asked by Damn Terminal 3 votes
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