Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

"mv file" and now it's missing

In a terminal window, I typed: mv filename ..\.. [Note the wrong slash.] Now I can't find it. Gone. I ran some searches and looked through recoverable deleted files. Nothing. Poof. Serves me ...

command-line bash hidden-files mv  
asked by John 16 votes
answered by heemayl 36 votes

How to display more than 1 terminal simultaneously

Sometimes when I work I use more than one terminal and I find it inconvenient to switch between them when all of them were invoked using Ctrl+Alt+T. I wonder if there is any program or terminal that ...

gnome-terminal console  
asked by Al Bundy 13 votes
answered by A.B. 14 votes

Where are commands `fg`, `bg` and `jobs` installed?

fg, bg and jobs are used for job management. And for some reason (maybe it's just me), I'm not able to find where their binaries are nor their manpages (whereis prints no information). which gives no ...

command-line bash manpage  
asked by Guildenstern 12 votes
answered by heemayl 27 votes

Can I emulate graphical DOS applications inside a TTY?

Can I play DOS games inside a hard terminal (like the ones that open with Control+Alt+F1)? I want to be able to close the Xsession because the PC I'm doing this is on is really slow. The PC has ...

command-line tty dosbox  
asked by FinDrunkie 11 votes
answered by kos 7 votes

How could I list all sudoers?

I want a command to list all sudoer users in Ubuntu 12.04. In other words, how could I list all users who have sudo ability? Suppose I'm a sudoer user. How could I know all other sudoer users?

command-line sudo  
asked by New USer 10 votes
answered by kos 7 votes

How to use grep output as a path for cd?

How can I pipe grep output as an argument to the cd command? For example: [root@xxx xxx]# pip install django | grep '/usr.*' Requirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): django in ...

command-line bash directory grep  
asked by micgeronimo 7 votes
answered by heemayl 10 votes

grive sync error, possibly google API shift

I am having trouble syncing with my google drive account from grive running on Ubuntu 14.04. I have never had problems previously. I tried purging drive from my system and deleting all local folders, ...

14.04 sync grive  
asked by LeoAnth 6 votes
answered by Dan McGrath 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to delete a non-empty directory in Terminal?

How do I delete the following directory? I typed: rmdir lampp This error comes up: rmdir: failed to remove `lampp': Directory not empty Is there a command to delete all the files in the ...

asked by naveen 143 votes
answered by Shantanu Banerjee 190 votes

Unity doesn't load, no Launcher, no Dash appears

When I login, nothing happens. I am presented with my desktop wallpaper. No Dash, no Launcher, nothing.

asked by jrg 241 votes
answered by Oli 201 votes

Can you answer these?

Some icons in Gnome applications are very large

I currently have both Unity and Xubuntu/Xfce installed. Recently, I upgraded to 15.04. One problem that I came across was that certain icons in GNOME applications (or at least I think it's only GNOME ...

xubuntu icons 15.04  
asked by idtownie 2 votes

RTL8812AE cannot connect to 5ghz networks

I recently purchased a PEX867WAC22 PCI-E wifi card from StarTech (RTL8812AE), and have not been able to connect to any 5 ghz network due to authentication timing out. The driver it comes with is only ...

networking wireless 14.10 realtek  
asked by Mazen 2 votes

How does Juju get the private-address of a node

I have a setup where each node has 2 interfaces: One connected to a private network between the nodes one connected to a public network. The communication between Juju (on my laptop) and the nodes ...

asked by Galgalesh 3 votes
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