Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Remove GRUB and keep a Linux system

I searched the Internet for instructions on how to remove GRUB, but the only thing I could find was using a Windows DVD to "repair" the system. I previously had a Windows/Linux doal-boot and removed ...

boot dual-boot grub2 partitioning  
asked by Magix 9 votes
answered by Zacharee1 19 votes

Is there a good file-copying tool?

The copy dialogue is stuck at 0 seconds left... Whenever I try to copy big files to my USB pendrive (in any format), it always stops at the last moment. It finishes after a long time. I searched Ask ...

asked by Severus Tux 8 votes
answered by cl-netbox 11 votes

Bash - Check directory for files against list of partial file names

I have a server which receives a file per client each day into a directory. The filenames are constructed as follows: uuid_datestring_other-data For example: ...

command-line bash scripts  
asked by Arronical 7 votes
answered by terdon 6 votes

How do I search for `!` (exclamation mark) in a manual page?

I want to get the explanation for ! option (which means exclude) in find command in the man find. And then I press / and shift + 1 , a Non-match popped out, instead of ! So my question is how to ...

documentation manpage  
asked by lizhe 6 votes
answered by muru 12 votes

Different internet ping from two user accounts

My desktop is running xubuntu 14.04 and my internet access is terrible with pings up to 9000MS. I created a new user account and I show ping speeds around 30ms, and browsing is fast. How can I find ...

14.04 internet ping  
asked by Rich Dell 4 votes
answered by dr01 0 votes

How to find ONLY duplicate files that have different names?

FSlint can find duplicate files. But suppose one has 10,000 songs or images and wants to find ONLY those files that are identical but have different names? Right now, I get a list that has hundreds of ...

asked by Nobody Atall 4 votes
answered by Byte Commander 8 votes

"file /var/log/syslog is being edited" message in nano

To the best of my knowledge, I can view /var/log/syslog with the command sudo nano /var/log/syslog and successfully did so several times during a session; however, I was trying to search the log ...

command-line syslog nano  
asked by munr0 4 votes
answered by Florian Diesch 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I resolve a "Cannot open shared object file" error?

Trying to run Game Dev Tycoon on Ubuntu 64. It asks for the above object. I ran sudo apt-get install libudev1:i386 and it came back already installed. I have /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ but no ...

software-installation shared-library  
asked by senshikaze 53 votes
answered by Sean 20 votes

How do you monitor the progress of dd?

dd is a wonder allowing you to duplicate a hard drive to another, completely zero a hard drive, etc. But once you launch a dd command, there's nothing to tell you of it's progress. It just sits there ...

dd monitoring  
asked by James 224 votes
answered by James 184 votes

Can you answer these?

Installing Ubuntu 15.10 Server offline

Is it possible to install Ubuntu Server from the .iso without being online? If so, how?

asked by Kasi 1 vote

Can I kick users off my dongle?

I have an Osprey dongle from ee and use nethogs to regularly see who is using it and how much data is being used. Is there any way that I can disconnect users or block certain ip addresses?

networking wireless internet  
asked by user2538235 1 vote

Automouting NFS share inside NAT'd LXC container fails

I have 2x Ubuntu 14.04 LXC setups One is on bare metal hardware and containers are assigned IP adresses directly from the network The other one is on an ESXi virtual machine and using NAT via the ...

mount automount nfs lxc autofs  
asked by inckie 2 votes
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