Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

My .bashrc alias not run in .desktop file

I've added the following line to the .bashrc file: alias midos="sh /home/erkanmdr/Belgeler/midos/" This command works fine in the terminal and tty. But not working in my .desktop shortcut …

.desktop alias  
asked by ErkanMDR 9 votes
answered by Radu Rădeanu 8 votes

How to open a program typing directly its name on the terminal?

I have just recently installed Light Table downloading it from the git repository, and followed the instructions on this website to create a desktop launcher. Now I want to run the program by …

asked by dapias 7 votes
answered by dan08 6 votes

Is it safe to answer "erase disk and install Ubuntu" on a virtual machine?

I am installing on VirtualBox on Mac. During install it asks: Erase disk and install Ubuntu Question: Is it asking about the virtual disk - hopefully. Is it safe to answer OK?

system-installation virtualbox  
asked by user2459613 6 votes
answered by terdon 9 votes

Make a custom Compose Key for normal characters

I've recently broken a key on my keyboard. Unfortunately it was the vowel "o" (I'm using find and replace to fix this post). So what I'd like to do is setup a compose key for hitting ComposeKey + …

14.04 xubuntu keyboard  
asked by Xero 5 votes
answered by Jay Aurabind 1 vote

Running terminal commands at startup

Please excuse a simple question from a new Linux user. Running Ubuntu 12.04 on a Dell Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5800 @ 3.20GHz × 2. I installed Dropbox OK with the command: cd ~ && wget …

command-line startup dropbox  
asked by ArnieRead 4 votes
answered by Charo 0 votes

Unable to login Lubuntu Desktop openLDAP

Our admin is trying to install an openLDAP system for some network machines. I'm listing all the steps here so that someone may point out the breaking mistake. Objective Setup a centralized …

server lubuntu openldap  
asked by Umesh A Bhat 4 votes
answered by muru 2 votes

Does Ubuntu store data of external media/drives?

I keep confidential data (docs, spreadsheets, images, etc) on USB sticks or discs. I plug/insert them to access the data when I need, and put them back in a drawer when I'm done. Does Ubuntu store …

usb dvd cd cache  
asked by Rodrigo 4 votes
answered by Rinzwind 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I check if I have a 32-bit or a 64-bit OS?

I downloaded and installed the latest 11.04 version from the official Ubuntu site. However I don't know if it installed the 32-bit or 64-bit version. In Windows 7 I could right click My PC and there …

asked by Only Bolivian Here 167 votes
answered by Rinzwind 187 votes

How to install Skype with Ubuntu 13.04

jovan@jovan-HP-ProBook-4540s:~$ sudo apt-get install skype Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Some packages could not be installed. This …

software-installation skype  
asked by Jovan 37 votes
answered by Qasim 74 votes

Can you answer these?

Root web folder points to /var/www

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I have been running an Owncloud instance on my home server. I originally did it through apt-get, and ran it in the default folder (/var/www). I later …

asked by user306799 2 votes

Switching on and off integrated GPU

I have a elitebook 8570w and use it to for both graphically heavy applications as well as normal stuff. I would like to be able to switch between the dedicated and the intergrated GPU. I know about …

14.04 nvidia graphics bumblebee gpu  
asked by Thijser 3 votes

Is there Ubuntu's analogue of

Debian users have a kind of "wayback machine": , which is really great. There are regressions sometimes, and if I don't have local deb package with old version, I'm getting sad …

packages downgrade  
asked by Dmitry Frank 2 votes
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