Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What are '.save' files?

I have been writing several bash scripts, and I have found that while writing them that extra copies of the files have been created which seem to be identical in contents to the normal files, except ...

file-format nano  
asked by Toroidal 8 votes
answered by Paulius Šukys 8 votes

Why I can't uncompress a .bz2 file using tar?

So I have this wikipedia dump sized at about 10gb and named as "enwiki-latest-pages-articles.xml.bz2". I have been trying the following commands in the terminal to unzip the dump: tar jxf ...

command-line tar bzip2  
asked by Arun Mohan 8 votes
answered by Terrance8D 32 votes

Launch nautilus in location navigated to in Terminal

I find it rather hard to travel through my system using nautilus and much prefer using the cd etc commands in Terminal to get around my system, but I find that sometimes I do need to look at a list of ...

command-line nautilus filesystem  
asked by Toroidal 6 votes
answered by Fabby 4 votes

Workspace Stopwatch?

Is there a program that can serve as a workspace-depended stopwatch? I'd like to know how much time I've spent in each workspace every day. Edit: I'm using Unity.

unity scripts time productivity  
asked by Gazorpazorp 6 votes
answered by Jacob Vlijm 6 votes

Xmodmap unlisted characters. Is there a way to add them?

I would like to type some specific characters after using xmodmap to map them. For example, the ⅒ character (Numeric value: 0x2152). I would like to change a keyboard button to type ⅒ like so ...

keyboard xmodmap button  
asked by user264974 5 votes
answered by juAron 7 votes

What is apt-file update?

I was following these instructions and I have installed apt-file along with some other packages using: sudo apt-get install gnupg pbuilder ubuntu-dev-tools bzr-builddeb apt-file And now every time ...

apt software-sources  
asked by Toroidal 5 votes
answered by muru 8 votes

A browser as GUI on a headless server

Is it possible to use a browsers as GUI on a headless ubuntu server? what would it cost in terms of dependencies, resources...whatever? is it even possible to show only a fullscreen window, the max ...

server headless  
asked by cocco 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I patch/workaround SSLv3 POODLE vulnerability (CVE­-2014­-3566)?

After the BEAST attack and Heartbleed bug, now I've heard about a new vulnerability in SSL/TLS called POODLE. How do I protect myself against being exploited? Are only servers or also clients ...

security ssl tls  
asked by gertvdijk 137 votes
answered by gertvdijk 189 votes

How to pin Eclipse to the Unity launcher?

How can I pin eclipse indigo 3.7 I have 'installed' at /opt/ to the taskbar? I have tried launching eclipse and right-clicking to choose the 'keep in launcher' option. But when I click that icon, ...

unity launcher eclipse  
asked by nunos 161 votes
answered by Salem 230 votes

Can you answer these?

Why does xubuntu 14.04 request a reboot on every start?

Since installing xubuntu 14.4, I have often found that the update manager insists a reboot is required even if no upgrades were performed. This seems to be because /var/run/reboot-required and ...

upgrade updates xubuntu  
asked by artag 2 votes

RTLinux on Ubuntu 14.10 - AMD x64 machine

Can I install a full PREEMPT kernel on Ubuntu 14.10? I've found a lot of tutorials on the web, but none worked for me, 'cause I think they are out of date.

asked by Lukas Blauensteiner 2 votes

MacBook Pro 3,1 (late 2007, g84m), Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with Nvidia won't boot

Let me be clear - this is only a problem when using the Nvidia drivers. I can boot the machine with nouveau, however the machine won't sleep properly and I have no 3D acceleration. Any time I install ...

14.04 nvidia graphics mac macbook-pro  
asked by Brian Morton 3 votes
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