Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Distribution and sale of modfied ubuntu image

I am in a position where a company is trying to sell me a modified version of Ubuntu with added proprietary binaries. They are selling it as a complete distro on a usb stick. It clearly shows UBUNTU ...

license gpl trademark  
asked by Martin Smith 13 votes
answered by Dmitry Alexandrov 9 votes

How can I wake a sleeping bash script?

Is it possible to wake a process that is paused using the sleep command? As an example, lets say you have this script: #!/bin/bash echo "I am tired" sleep 8h echo "I am fresh :)" After 30 ...

command-line bash  
asked by Bittenus 13 votes
answered by Oli 32 votes

Removing `t=canonical` from browser searches

In Ubuntu 14.04, when I do a search in Firefox using either the address bar or the search bar, the system always adds t=canonical to my searches. So the full string becomes: ...

14.04 firefox search canonical  
asked by Daniel 6 votes
answered by Mitch 6 votes

What are the icons on the top bar called?

What is that called? The reason I'm asking is that I'm creating a desktop application in Java (using the gnome java library - with GTK support) and I want my app to be visible there as well with a ...

unity gnome indicator gtk menu  
asked by TheDudeAbides 6 votes
answered by Sylvain Pineau 8 votes

Why can't my Ubuntu laptop ping other computers in the same LAN?

The scenario: -- the router -- a server, connected to the router via ethernet -- laptop A, connected to the router via WiFi -- laptop B, connected to ...

wireless networking  
asked by hey hey 3 votes
answered by chili555 0 votes

How to re-organize my desktop environments?

I wanted to try out some different desktop environment other than Unity so I installed kubuntu-desktop using sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop then I didn't like it so much, so I removed it ...

unity xubuntu kubuntu desktop-environments  
asked by Kareem 3 votes

Fullscreen Chrome video causes Ubuntu to crash

Any time I try to watch a flash (or maybe HTML5) video in chrome, when I fullscreen it, Ubuntu freezes, goes black, and then my monitor says "no signal." This only happens on the second or third time ...

video google-chrome flash fullscreen  
asked by Chris Willis 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I remove or hide old kernel versions to clean up the boot menu?

Every time I install a new Linux kernel, it gets left in the grub_config, making the boot menu longer each time. I know I can manually search through the installed packages and remove them. Does ...

asked by ImaginaryRobots 229 votes
answered by fossfreedom 259 votes

How do I install python 2.7.2 on Ubuntu?

I want to install python 2.7.2.tgz on Ubuntu, downloaded from Is this a correct way to install : ./configure make make install If not , how can I do that?

asked by Mohammad 56 votes
answered by Achu 81 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I start a LightDM session via SSH?

I'm connected to an Ubuntu 14.04 machine via SSH and I want to start the lightdm session for testing purposes. I don't want to forward the X server to my local machine. I just want to start the ...

ssh lightdm  
asked by hydrajump 2 votes

(Ubuntu 14.10) 3 Monitors on laptop with Intel HD Graphics 4000

I have an HP Touchsmart laptop that has a 3rd-gen Intel Core i3-3120M with integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000. I'd like to be able to use my internal display, an HDMI display, and a VGA display (I have ...

multiple-monitors intel-graphics hdmi vga  
asked by iqover9000 1 vote

Screen turns off without reason

The precise problem The screen turns off the display suddenly, and does not respond to the mouse or keyboard. What actually happens?? When I am working on my PC (OS - Ubuntu 14.10) suddenly without ...

screen system lock-screen  
asked by sangharsh 2 votes
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