Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter
Ask Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I install NVIDIA GPU drivers properly?

Having found a lot of different questions on Ask Ubuntu regarding NVIDIA graphics drivers installation generating various issues and problems on Ubuntu systems - I do want to know: What do Ubuntu ...

asked by cl-netbox 8 votes
answered by cl-netbox 13 votes

I can get into my administer account on my Ubuntu without typing in the password how do I disable it?

I have a password on my Ubuntu computer, but if I just click the arrow next to login I can get into my account. I want to disable this, because my brothers have gone on and I don't want them to. Also, ...

asked by That kid 8 votes
answered by pl_rock 13 votes

How to create an ubuntu.iso file from Ubuntu Live USB?

I have an Ubuntu 14.04 Live USB (32 GB). Is it possible to create an .iso file from the Live USB ? How can I copy the content of the Live USB to a folder (without creating an iso file), so that I ...

live-usb iso  
asked by Ravan 7 votes
answered by terdon 5 votes

After `chown -R` git is super slow

I have a massive GIT project with several GIT submodules inside. I recursively changed ownership(chown -r) from root to my user for each file in my project. Now any git command takes a lot of time to ...

bash git ownership  
asked by lukas.pukenis 7 votes
answered by A.B. 8 votes

Why is there an inconsistency in base64 output?

I am using the java based neo4j graph database on lubuntu 15.04. The neo4j HTTP authentication header uses base64 encoding of 'username:password' (not including quotes). Using wireshark I can see ...

command-line password neo4j  
asked by Lozdown 7 votes
answered by muru 39 votes

What does ":" (colon) operator in a bash variable expansion: VAR=${TEMP:3}?

What is the meaning of the following line in a variable in bash? VAR=${TEMP:3}

asked by Mahesh Shah 6 votes
answered by chaos 10 votes

How to get the list of installed packages without dependencies?

Software Center somehow shows quite short list of installed packages. How to get it in text file? I tried: > dpkg --get-selections|wc -l 3265 > aptitude search '~i!~M'|wc -l 1181 > dpkg ...

software-installation software-center  
asked by zuba 5 votes
answered by kos 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to use manual partitioning during installation?

I'd like to see the full How-To on how to use manual partitioning during Ubuntu installation. The existing guides (at least those I found here) cover only automatic part and leave untouched the manual ...

partitioning system-installation  
asked by Danatela 59 votes
answered by Danatela 58 votes

How to copy files via terminal?

I have read about copying files with terminal but these examples will help me a lot. So here is what I want to do: Examples: I have a file in /home/levan/kdenlive untitelds.mpg and I want to copy ...

command-line bash  
asked by Levan 35 votes
answered by Evandro Silva 54 votes

Can you answer these?

eglibc-2.19 nptl compilation failed on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I was trying to build eglibc-2.19 which I downloaded through apt-get source libc6 I followed the INSTALL instructions but got this error when it ran into nptl, gcc sem_init.c -c -std=gnu99 ...

14.04 lts glibc  
asked by appleater 2 votes

Kubuntu 14.04 : usb mouse movement wakes up from sleep

I have the following problem: when the computer is in sleep mode (S4 mode) I can wake up it with a simple movement of my USB mouse. I'd like to disable this "fast" wake up, but I have some problems. ...

kubuntu mouse suspend  
asked by manifold 2 votes

Aptitude: show packages whose installed version is no longer available

Sometimes, after trying out some repos, i get packages (also available in the standard distro) whose installed version is no longer available because i disabled the origin repo. I want to downgrade ...

apt package-management repository synaptic aptitude  
asked by Gonçalo Marrafa 1 vote
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