Ask Different Weekly Newsletter
Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Will my Battery get harmed if not used for long time?

Will my MacBook's battery be damaged if I do not use for next couple of months? I bought a new Macbook Pro (March 2015) a month back. So far I have not started using it yet. It's charged and box ...

macbook battery  
asked by Volatil3 6 votes
answered by Shaggy D 7 votes

What is a quick way to duplicate a tab in Safari?

Is there a quick way or shortcut to duplicate a tab in Safari?

safari shortcut  
asked by Dag Høidahl 4 votes
answered by Dag Høidahl 7 votes

Turn off mail notifications when in mail (OS X El Capitan)

Does anyone know of a way to have mail notifications turned off when I'm in my mail client (more specifically, when the Message Viewer Window has focus)? It's rather superfluous to receive a ...

osx email el-capitan notifications  
asked by Richard Kranendonk 4 votes
answered by Shaggy D 1 vote

I just overwrote my folder while mounting a hard disk drive. How do I undo/recover it?

I was trying to mount a Linux filesystem on a Mac and accidentally mounted it to my ~/Documents folder using a utility ext4fuse. Below command is the issued command: sudo ext4fuse /dev/disk2s7 ...

osx hard-drive el-capitan mount  
asked by igaurav 3 votes
answered by bmike 6 votes

Why does =$0 appear in Safari web inspector?

I've been wondering about this for a while. Why does =$0 appears next to elements in the web inspector in Safari? I am using Safari 9.0.1 Here is a picture of what I'm talking about (larger): Or ...

safari web-browser web-inspector  
asked by www139 3 votes

How to access an external drive

Moved from Stack Overflow: I plug in a flash drive to my USB port. How can I access it through bash? ($ cd / takes me to the directory called Macintosh HD, but through Finder, I can go up one ...

osx terminal bash folders  
asked by OldBunny2800 3 votes
answered by klanomath 6 votes

How to adjust the compiler for c++11 on 10.8

Originally, I posted my question on Stack Overflow.Compile R package It seems that when installing the R library(Boom) I always get that error relating to compile error: fatal error: 'future' file ...

osx mountain-lion xcode  
asked by Googme 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to combine two images into one on a Mac?

Say I have two photos (or any images), for example with the following dimensions: +----------+ +----------+ | | | | | | | | |320 x 428 | and ...

osx software-recommendation image-editing  
asked by Jonik 68 votes
answered by jstarek 43 votes

How to use my phone number on my Macbook's Messages?

iMessage is very confusing as my email and phone number keeps receiving different messages at random occasions rather than having all messages sent to both. This is very apparent in group messages. ...

mountain-lion ios-5 macbook imessage messages  
asked by Render 1 vote
answered by bmike 5 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I get Safari to set kMDItemWhereFroms when using "Save Image to Downloads"?

Specifically in Safari 9.0: when I save an image via right clicking and selecting Save image as... I can specify the downloads folder and the kMDItemWhereFrom data is saved just fine, as revealed both ...

safari el-capitan metadata  
asked by Dre 1 vote

HD fine, SATA cable fine, but MBP internal won’t mount/boot

I’m looking for some advice regarding a specific problem with a MacBook Pro mid-2009 running the latest version of El Capitan. The basics follow, but I have shared details of the troubleshooting ...

hard-drive hardware  
asked by Parneix 1 vote

My Keynote version is still 6.5.3 even though mac app store says I installed 6.6.1

I have a macbook white late 2009, recently upgraded to 8 GB RAM and running on yosemite 10.10.5. I updated Keynote and Pages to the newer versions. Mac app store says I was able to update to Keynote ...

pages keynote  
asked by user158673 2 votes
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