Ask Different Weekly Newsletter
Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is there a better way to search the menus?

I have always used the help menu (command ⌘+shift ⇧+? /) to search the application menus for something that I don’t have a keyboard shortcut for (or don’t remember it). It’s an awesome feature, but …

osx mavericks software-recommendation menu-bar  
asked by 0942v8653 8 votes
answered by 0942v8653 4 votes

Why don't I have to install programs?

I've just started using a Mac for iOS development, coming from two decades of Windows use, and I'm astonished and confounded to find that there's no installation process for Mac just …

osx mac install  
asked by Aerovistae 7 votes
answered by paul 11 votes

Fastest way to get a photo from iPhone to Mac?

I just want to snap a photo on my phone and work with it on my Mac. Currently I text it to myself (so it comes up in Messages on the desktop)-- quick but hacky. Email is 2nd option (slower). Airdrop …

iphoto photos photo-stream  
asked by Eric 7 votes
answered by grgarside 3 votes

How are paths to files and folders constructed in OS X?

I need to indicate a right file path to read a .csv file into R on OS X, but how can I find where the file is stored? Looking at Excel files, the file path starts at users/…, but there is no …

osx filesystem file path  
asked by Katie 5 votes
answered by grgarside 6 votes

Need a Google Voice app for Mac

Background I've been using Google Voice for about a year. During that time, I've been also using a Mac app called GrowlVoice that appears in my menubar. It allows listening to voicemail messages and …

applications software-recommendation mac-appstore google-voice  
asked by David M. 4 votes
answered by user75796 4 votes

Should I shut down my Macbook or just close the lid (when using it daily)?

I have found contradictory opinions on this. Some say Windows users tend to shut down but that it is not necessary, and I tend to do that too. Others say it is preferable to shut down, as it does not …

macbook-air sleep-wake shutdown  
asked by cipricus 3 votes
answered by sayzlim 5 votes

Trying to run apache server on Mavericks

I am trying to set up an Apache vhost on Mavericks, something that I was able to do easily on 10.6.8. I am using the default Apache that is preinstalled on a fresh install of OS X 10.9.2 $ sudo …

apache web-sharing  
asked by Sam Fen 3 votes
answered by Lauri Ranta 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are my iMessages showing as coming from my email address when I've set my Caller ID to my phone number?

When iOS 5 first came out, I added my @me address to my iPhone and iPad. People could iMessage me at my email address, and I'd see it on both devices. This wasn't always perfect, and recently I …

ios imessage  
asked by Gauzy 3 votes
answered by markhunte 2 votes

Change my Apple ID email address on iCloud account

I've had to make a new email address for my new Apple ID account as I forgot my previous Apple ID password and couldn't receive my verification email. Now I have my new Apple ID and password but my …

icloud apple-id documents-in-the-cloud  
asked by Jade 1 vote
answered by robin0823 0 votes

Can you answer these?

Microsoft Keyboard not found by Intellitype 8.2

I have a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard that I use with my Mac, but none of the custom buttons/Media buttons work which is a massive pain, I run OSX 10.9.2 and installed Microsoft Desktop …

keyboard microsoft  
asked by GodsDead 1 vote

Remove margin in pages?

I want to have zero margin in my document, but there is no way I can't move it. Right now I can see that Document Margins have left: 0 in However, I can see that there is some weird margin applied, …

osx pages formatting  
asked by Hommer Smith 2 votes

My MacBook Pro is connected to wifi but is not opening any web page both from Safari and Chrome

I have checked my TCP which is set for DHCP and is automatically, in DNS I have only one ip which is and my proxies are not checked. I don't know how else check if all is good. Please help

asked by user76109 1 vote
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