Ask Different Weekly Newsletter
Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I teach Siri how to spell my child's name correctly in texts?

When I text my husband something like "I picked up Hailey from school and am on my way," Siri always misspells my daughter's name as Haley (with no "i"). I have an entry in my contact info identifying ...

iphone siri  
asked by candez 7 votes
answered by jherran 3 votes

Is there a maximum number of files supported/recommended in

With the new OS X Photos app released in OS X 10.10.3, is there a hard limit to the maximum number of files (either photos or videos) that the app will support? Or is there a limit to the maximum size ...

osx photos storage  
asked by user292782978 5 votes

How to make inactive when I close application window by Command + W

When I open an Excel file from Finder and close the Excel window by Command+W. The active window remain Excel. Is there a way to make Finder active window when I close Excel? If I close the Excel ...

osx finder  
asked by ironsand 4 votes
answered by grgarside 3 votes

What the “Other” Storage Space is in Mac OS X?

What exactly is included in the Other (blue one) part of the Storage space on my Mac? What could take 31.2 GB?

macbook storage  
asked by Bartłomiej Semańczyk 4 votes
answered by Tetsujin 3 votes

Document Container vs Folder Name

Please refer to the Mac OSX search attributes mentioned below. Any idea what's the difference between "Document Container" and "Folder Name"? Also what's the expected value of "Containing Folder ...

osx spotlight  
asked by Ronixus 4 votes
answered by tubedogg 2 votes

How to put main library on an external disk?

I am using the new Apple Photos app on Yosemite, but I don't want to use iCloud for my photos, and I don't want to keep all of them on my computer. So I as wondering if it is possible to have my main ...

asked by Jean-François Beauchamp 4 votes
answered by Ian C. 4 votes

Get my computer's current city and state from terminal

How can I get my computer's location to the granularity of city and country using the command-line? I know I could get the IP of the correct network interface and do an IP lookup but I wonder if the ...

asked by SimplGy 4 votes
answered by Mateusz Szlosek 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Change my Apple ID email address on iCloud account

I had to make a new email address for my new Apple ID since I forgot my previous Apple ID password and couldn't receive a verification email. Now that I have my new Apple ID and password, my iPhone ...

icloud apple-id documents-in-the-cloud  
asked by Jade 2 votes
answered by robin0823 0 votes

Don't want my email contacts in my contact list

So in my contact list (the native iPhone app for contacts), it has not only my contacts with phone numbers, but also any email address I've ever sent or received an email from. I'd really rather not ...

iphone applications iphone-4s  
asked by Nick 5 votes
answered by Luc 2 votes

Can you answer these?

Fatal: Unknown scheme: SHA512-CRYPT - is This mac related?

You can see from the output of the samples shows in the first case, that SHA512-CRYPT seems to be Unknown. The code I used is from a Linux based tutorial on setting up Postfix+Dovecot+MySQL on a site. ...

password encryption mysql  
asked by Fanney Howarth 1 vote

How to modify the display sleep and sleep together again?

I'm using pmset to set battery-power sleep time independently of display sleep time on my 2014 15" MacBook retina. Before I did that, these values were in lock step when you changed the "turn off ...

macbook sleep-wake pmset  
asked by Ralph Gonzalez 1 vote

What could cause my password to become incorrect?

My MacBook Pro (Late 2013) running Yosemite (10.10.3) seems to have decided my password is incorrect and fails to log me in. I have managed to change the password via my Apple ID but I'm concerned ...

osx macbook yosemite  
asked by James Allardice 2 votes
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