Ask Different Weekly Newsletter
Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to enforce sandbox rules for the particular app?

I wrote an sandbox specification file (inspired by files from /usr/share/sandbox and manuals like this) and now I can launch some app in sandbox with sandbox-exec $path_to_rules …

security sandbox  
asked by Equidamoid 4 votes
answered by George Garside 3 votes

Any iPhone apps to test the touchscreen?

I've been playing an iPhone game for about a week and today the phone didn't detect some of my swipes. It still detected most of my swipes, but on a few occasions I swiped and nothing happened. I …

iphone applications screen touchscreen  
asked by pacoverflow 4 votes
answered by George Garside 3 votes

Apple ID for employees having no credit card

I would like to create Apple ID on my employee's desktop. She has no credit card, I can't create Apple ID without card, having no apple id she cannot update her desktop. Is there any workaround of …

osx mavericks apple-id  
asked by Luman75 3 votes
answered by cico 0 votes

How to run Say "something" in background in AppleScript

I would like to have AppleScript code like this: row 1 say "some long text here" row 3 When it starts to speak text, it same time continues to row 3. I create my scripts in AppleScript Editor and …

osx applescript audio  
asked by brianBlue 3 votes
answered by jackjr300 1 vote

Access to NAS mount during Power Nap wake up

On my mac I have Time Machine configured to backup to a Sparse Disk Image Bundle that is located on my Raspberry pi, which it connects to over SMB and mounts on boot. As long as the mac is awake there …

osx time-machine backup sleep-wake  
asked by nStgmk 3 votes
answered by bmike 1 vote

see call history from a computer

Is there a way to access the call history on an iphone from a computer? My phone has a problem with the display that stops me from using it, it still turns on, but the screen only displays vertical …

osx iphone  
asked by xxx 3 votes
answered by IconDaemon 2 votes

Why does Pages, export to *.doc a file that is larger than expected?

I authored a 1 page document of about 900 words, and an embedded image (a chart). Storing/exporting this document from Pages 5.2 causes the file to expand to 1.6 MB in size. However, opening and …

ms-office pages storage formatting  
asked by Rolnik 3 votes
answered by Alistair McMillan 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there an iMessage client for Windows?

My wife's iPhone has iOS 5 and hence iMessage installed. I would like to be able to chat with her using my Windows computer. What options are available for this? Is there a Windows client or any …

windows imessage  
asked by Hand-E-Food 48 votes
answered by robmathers 31 votes

Official way to obtain an OS X ISO file

I'm trying to install OS X Mavericks in VirtualBox on Windows 8.1. I have VirtualBox installed and the VM set up, but I need an ISO file to install the operating system. I've searched around and …

osx virtualbox iso  
asked by Brian 8 votes
answered by stuffe 15 votes

Can you answer these?

Why does a click on a website zooms in on a part of the page?

I'm not sure this is even a Mac issue, but when using Gmail on Chrome with OSX, clicking on certain parts of the page makes them zoom in. It's a little hard to explain, so here's a vid: …

osx google-chrome gmail  
asked by gooli 2 votes

iPad sending to iPhone via iMessage

My iPad will not send an iMessage to 3 of my contacts. I have been iMessaging with them for years, they are family and all have iPhones and haven't changed anything with their carriers, usage, etc. …

asked by Valerie 1 vote

Is there an iOS email client that does IMAP properly?

I specifically am looking for an iOS email client that supports IMAP's ability to delete messages "in place", i.e. without moving them to some "trash" folder. I would want to be able to view deleted …

ios software-recommendation imap  
asked by Eric S. 1 vote
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