Ask Different Weekly Newsletter
Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What would happen if I force installed a Linux driver into Mac OS X?

So, recently I got a Mac system and I was planning to put in an Intel WiFi card (as an upgrade for its current card). Now, as we know, Apple and Intel do not get along WiFi-wise. However, this same ...

osx wifi hardware linux  
asked by Mew 7 votes
answered by JakeGould 11 votes

If OS X doesn't use the X Server, then what does it use?

What is the window server on OS X?

osx window-manager  
asked by jakekimds 5 votes
answered by Ian C. 8 votes

Why is the process named geod in my iOS simulator trying to access

I'm developing an app that has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than specific external audio-related hardware. While running my app in the iOS simulator, I got a message from my ...

ios xcode ios-simulator  
asked by mojuba 4 votes

Why does my dock keep moving back to my other monitor?

I have a larger, external monitor connected to my MacBook Pro and have arranged it such that the dock is in the external monitor (via System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement, by dragging the white ...

macbook-pro mavericks multiple-displays display dock  
asked by hobbyte 4 votes
answered by Mr Rabbit 2 votes

Auto Generating and Printing PDF Files From Markdown?

I'm looking for a way to automatically have my computer generate and print PDF files from a folder full of markdown files. So, every morning at 5AM I'd want my computer look at my /markdown-files ...

pdf printing automation markdown  
asked by CGP Grey 4 votes
answered by Drew Stephens 3 votes

How can I keep my home address private when sharing my vCard?

Instead of handing over cumbersome (and likely to get lost) business cards, I like texting my vCard. However, I'd like to not share some of the information in my vCard—most importantly, my home ...

yosemite icloud contacts ios-8 privacy  
asked by Nathan Lucy 3 votes
answered by soulshined 2 votes

What is analogous to the Windows registry in Mac OS X?

I am new to Mac and was wondering where application/OS settings are saved.

osx yosemite windows settings  
asked by yask 3 votes
answered by patrix 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

iOS 7: delete a location from the weather application

I would like to delete a location from the weather app in iOS 7. If I tap and hold I can rearrange the order and the '+' sign allows me to add one. Swiping left-to-right as in previous versions does ...

asked by Matteo 6 votes
answered by Matthieu Riegler 7 votes

Change my Apple ID email address on iCloud account

I had to make a new email address for my new Apple ID since I forgot my previous Apple ID password and couldn't receive a verification email. Now that I have my new Apple ID and password, my iPhone ...

icloud apple-id documents-in-the-cloud  
asked by Jade 2 votes
answered by robin0823 0 votes

Can you answer these?

Family sharing, some clarifications needed

Recently we've set up family sharing. Now my SO has done an in-app purchase. So far no issue. But when I told her she was a little upset that there was no way to make the payment herself. Because ...

itunes icloud family-sharing  
asked by 0xC0000022L 1 vote

Screen saver settings keep defaulting back to National Geographic Photos

I like to use my photo library for a screen saver (have 10,000 photos - it's nice to get to see them more often), but ever since I've downloaded Yosemite, every time the computer goes to sleep, it ...

yosemite screensaver  
asked by Endicott2 2 votes

Why is my ipod shouting everything at me?

I must have triggered some bizarre mode and I don't know what it is or how to turn it off. I can't get it to happen predictably-- whenever I try to make it talk, it won't. But whenever I try to just ...

asked by Aerovistae 2 votes
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