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Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Pros and cons of wiping a new Mac?

Coming from the PC world, most made-to-order manufacturers (e.g., Dell, HP, Acer, etc.) all have annoying little addons which I consider spyware/bloatware--things like toolbars with ads. When buying ...

osx osx-reinstallation disk-format  
asked by cfx 11 votes
answered by Mr. Mel 17 votes

Prevent photos app on OSX Yosemite from starting when plugging in device

There seems to be a new app called Photos on OSX Yosemite (not iPhoto). This app opens whenever I plug in my phone. How can this be prevented? I have seen many solutions for the old iPhoto app that ...

asked by andypaxo 7 votes
answered by herve 8 votes

How to search installed application based on functionality?

My Applications folder has 486 entries, applications that have accumulated in the 30 years I'm using Apple hardware and software. Sometimes I'm looking for "that great application I have installed a ...

osx applications software-recommendation  
asked by yannis 6 votes
answered by Mateusz Szlosek 7 votes

Do I need to decrypt the hard drive before repair?

Today I left my MBP Retina at local authorised Apple service (it's a mid 2012 model, and it's having some gfx issues), and then I got an email telling me that I have to go back there and decrypt my ...

osx filevault encryption repair  
asked by wesolyromek 5 votes
answered by Gabkano 4 votes

Do I need to reinstall OS X after accidentally removing Python?

I managed to delete my python in usr/bin by foolishly doing sudo rm /usr/bin/python and now it seems like I need to reinstall my OS. First off is this necessary? And secondly is there an easy way to ...

osx osx-reinstallation python  
asked by Jack 4 votes
answered by n1000 6 votes

How to export photos from the new Photos app in full quality?

I noticed that the new reduces image size on export. If I drag & drop a photo from the Photos library, the size is reduced by at least 50%. How do I get rid of this behavior and ...

asked by Antzi 3 votes
answered by Jaime Santa Cruz 2 votes

Alternative for `fail2ban` on my server running OS X 10.6.8

I have dedicated my old MacBook as a home server. It runs, among other stuff, the following services: Webserver (Apache, PHP, MySQL) i.e. OwnCloud/WebDAV Torrent client SSH server VPN Some game ...

osx network osx-server ssh firewall  
asked by CousinCocaine 3 votes
answered by jherran 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to find wifi password on my mac which is already connected

I need to find the password for my wifi network into which I'm already connected to. I'm using MacBook Pro with OSX Lion. Any guidance please.

osx macbook mac  
asked by Vishnu Prasath 76 votes
answered by Daniel 103 votes

Why are my iMessages showing as coming from my email address when I've set my Caller ID to my phone number?

When iOS 5 first came out, I added my @me address to my iPhone and iPad. People could iMessage me at my email address, and I'd see it on both devices. This wasn't always perfect, and recently I ...

ios imessage  
asked by Gauzy 5 votes
answered by markhunte 3 votes

Can you answer these?

iPhone keeps restarting itself at Apple logo

I had upgraded my iPhone5C from iOS8.2 to 8.3 over the weekend because I wanted to do to a restore. So I had to upgrade. After the upgrade and restore, I could use the phone for about a day or so ...

iphone ios-8 restore  
asked by xenon 1 vote

How to boot Linux from Mac using rEFInd

I have successfully installed rEFInd on my MacBook Pro 2015 so I can boot into Linux however I cannot seem to boot into it. Here are my issues (both with Ubuntu 64x Mac CD and Kali Linux 64x USB). ...

boot linux ubuntu dual-boot refit  
asked by iProgram 1 vote

Spotlight Massive (out of control at 100GB+)

Macbook Pro, 500GB SSD, Yosemite 10.10.3 Is there a way to determine what folder(s) are giving Spotlight grief? Or some other recommendations to fix spotlight? Spotlight is killing my drive space ...

yosemite spotlight  
asked by TomB 1 vote
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