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Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I recompile Bash to avoid Shellshock (the remote exploit CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169)?

Given that Bash 3.2 (the version shipped by OSX) is vulnerable to the remote execution exploit known as "Shell Shock" (CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169) how do I rebuild Bash and secure my system ahead …

osx security bash  
asked by AlBlue 319 votes
answered by AlBlue 377 votes

Are Macs vulnerable to the Bash shellshock bug?

Red Hat recently announced a major security-related bug in the Bash shell. Some are calling it the "shellshock" bug. Since OS X is built off of Unix, is it vulnerable to attacks that exploit this bug? …

osx security bash  
asked by abby hairboat 43 votes
answered by JakeGould 38 votes

Does iOS 8's MAC address randomization give the actual MAC address once connected?

iOS 8 is now implementing MAC address randomization, where it randomizes your MAC address to networks while searching for networks. One article describes it as: One of those features, which is …

mac-address ios  
asked by John 8 votes
answered by Percival Ulysses 1 vote

Why does my iPad automatically capitalise Bono but not the edge?

Can anyone please tell me why my iPad automatically capitalises "Bono" but not "the edge"?

asked by Rob 5 votes
answered by Ian C. 5 votes

Unable to install app from web on iOS 8

I had tried to download the SE iPad app after upgrading from iOS 7 to 8. However, nothing happens when I click the download link. For those unfamiliar with the SE app, it's still in beta, so it has to …

applications bug ios-8  
asked by Scimonster 5 votes
answered by grgarside 5 votes

Activating NightMode at a designated time of night?

I am often on call for work, if my phone rings it's very important that I can answer it. I set the ringer on loud when I go to bed to wake me if called. However the contract only covers certain …

software-recommendation notifications ios-8 do-not-disturb  
asked by Liath 4 votes
answered by Tetsujin 5 votes

ios 8.0.1 - download completed but unable to install

I downloaded iOS 8.0.1, tried couple of times - 'Install Now', it asks me to enter passcode, then it asks me to accept 'Terms and Conditions', once accepted it shows message - 'Verifying update...', …

ipad software-update ios-8  
asked by Miraaj 4 votes
answered by Andrew 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

The headphone jack on my MacBook Pro just stopped working. How do I fix it?

The headphone jack on my MacBook Pro stopped working. It was working fine, then just spontaneously stopped while I was using external speakers plugged into the output jack. Now, neither speakers nor 3 …

macbook-pro headphones  
asked by Shari USA 5 votes
answered by iskra 7 votes

How do I turn off "Find my iPhone" on my device without wi-fi?

My wifi greyed out/dimmed for no obvious reason. To restore my iPhone I am required to turn off "Find my iPhone". Since I can't get access to wifi through my device (it needs Apple ID password), how …

iphone ios icloud wifi find-my-iphone  
asked by Juwana 1 vote
answered by grgarside 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Time Machine next backup size

Is there a way to find out what is expected size of the next Time Machine backup? My computer is backed up regularly. I turned off TM for a while and I wish to find out what is the next back up size. …

osx mac time-machine  
asked by ThP 1 vote

iPod touch 3rd generation takes a very long time to send iMessages

My iPod touch 3rd generation takes a very long time to send iMessages. I recently sent a iMessage to my friend, it took about three hours to send. What's going on and how can I fix it? I did try …

ipod-touch imessage  
asked by user92711 1 vote

How to mitigate Bash risk while waiting for a patch (sans a recompile)?

This is related to How do I recompile Bash to avoid the remote exploit CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169?, Are Macs vulnerable to the Bash shellshock bug? and Are Bash, Bourne, and Korn shells compiled …

osx security bash  
asked by jww 4 votes
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