Ask Different Weekly Newsletter
Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do WWDC presenters paste text during demos?

During demos in the WWDC videos, the presenter will often paste code into Xcode to save having to type it in. How are they pasting each different snippet without switching to another app to copy it?

osx xcode copy-paste  
asked by jobbogamer 11 votes
answered by Mark 16 votes

How do I know a mac needs to restart?

Is there a way to figure out from a script whether a Mac needs to reboot? A file, the presence or contents of which I could monitor perhaps? I'm looking for an equivalent to the file ...

automation restart reboot monitoring  
asked by llaurén 7 votes
answered by Graham Miln 5 votes

What app is this icon with a square and a black triangle?

I've seen this icon in a tutorial I watched on YouTube. What app is this icon? Have searched through Google Images but found nothing.

osx applications  
asked by rahmat 6 votes
answered by grgarside 14 votes

Erase certain messages in Messages on OS X

I like having the Messages app on my Mac, but I have one problem: When I delete a message thread on my iPhone, it doesn't delete from my Mac. In other words, if I delete three messages from the same ...

osx messages  
asked by Traci 5 votes
answered by grgarside 4 votes

How to quit an app in OS X Yosemite

I have this annoying BitTorrent app that won't quit. I first tried right clicking and force quit from dock. It does show 'App not responding', however, on clicking 'Force quit' nothing happens, and ...

osx yosemite applications quit  
asked by Cupidvogel 4 votes
answered by Kellen 1 vote

What are the risks if you install an app that's not from the App Store?

On my iPhone (iOS 8.2), I installed an app that wasn't coming from the App Store. I chose to trust it because a serious news website had spoke about it, but now I'm a little bit worried of what this ...

ios security  
asked by Trevör Anne Denise 3 votes
answered by atdre 3 votes

Script to change downloaded mac wallpaper automatically?

I want to change my mac wallpaper daily with microsoft bing images. I found this script that download the daily picture automatically, but I sill have to set the wallpaper automatically. Is it ...

terminal applescript automation microsoft wallpaper  
asked by marco2012 3 votes
answered by marco2012 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

permanently stop iPhone text messages from appearing on my iMac

How do I permanently stop iPhone text messages from appearing on my iMac. I don't want to send/receive/view messages on my computer. I only want to use my phone for sending/receiving/viewing messages. ...

asked by Sam 1 vote
answered by tubedogg 2 votes

Unable to change payment information to NONE in iOS Appstore

Ever since adding an iTunes gift card to my account, I'm getting verification requests like crazy. I can't even download free apps. It takes me to my payment info and when I try to select none, I ...

itunes ios-appstore  
asked by Rebecca 4 votes
answered by Stephen Jennings 14 votes

Can you answer these?

Can't erase unmountable external HD

My external HD isn't mounted and can't be repaired by Disk Utility. However, I'm also unable erase the disk: $ diskutil list disk2 /dev/disk2 #: TYPE NAME ...

yosemite hard-drive disk-utility external-disk  
asked by Jonathan H 2 votes

Is there a way to force clockwise pane rotation in iTerm2 with the shortcut keys?

I've often found that when using iTerm2, I'll have like 3 or 4 panes open in one tab. And the shortcut keys for moving between them Cmd + ] and Cmd + [ are very useful, but unpredictable. The reason ...

terminal iterm  
asked by Nick 2 votes

Reminders always created today/in an hour

When I create a reminder, I set the time and day, and then I press DONE. The reminder is created but not for the time and day I have specified. Instead, it creates it for today, and at the next hour. ...

iphone ios-8 reminders  
asked by Tony Tsindos 1 vote
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