Ask Different Weekly Newsletter
Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I back up my iPhone without Wi-Fi?

I assume there is something wrong with the battery in my iPhone 4, because it will not stay on unless it's plugged into the charger. I have about 1,000 pictures on my phone, and when my phone is ...

iphone icloud iphone-4  
asked by Jada White 5 votes
answered by grgarside 13 votes

How to re-order accounts in (El Capitan)

Since I upgraded to El Capitan the was upgraded also (to version 9.2) and the ability to re-order accounts was disappeared. Now I cannot move accounts in the preferences. Who knows is there ...

osx el-capitan accounts  
asked by jctim 4 votes

How do I delete something only on my device and still preserve it in cloud?

I still have a very vague understadning of how iCloud Library and the new 'Photos' app operate. How do I distinguish between photos on my device and what is stored in cloud. How do I delete something ...

iphone icloud  
asked by dharlequin 3 votes
answered by bassplayer7 0 votes

TextWrangler running Python 2.7 after I removed it from my Mac

I have removed Python 2.7 from my machine, using instructions provided here: How to uninstall Python 2.7 on a Mac OS X 10.6.4? (Using the top voted/accepted answer's instructions) However, when I run ...

mac python textwrangler  
asked by gptt916 3 votes

How to copy-paste in Finder when there's no right-click space?

I'd be very surprised if this doesn't trouble anyone else. Sometimes I want to paste a copied file in a Finder window, but there is just no "empty" space for me to right-click on and hit 'Paste ...

osx finder copy-paste  
asked by andeart 3 votes
answered by leekaiinthesky 1 vote

Stuck "Enter your Apple ID password"

I just changed the password of my Apple ID. When I started using my Mac, several minutes later, the system preferences asked me to enter my password to continue using iCloud. after entering my new ...

osx icloud apple-id password  
asked by SoftTimur 3 votes
answered by bmike 1 vote

Is it normal for a MacBook Pro battery to regenerate itself?

Let me first give a quick background. I got the 2015 MBP 15" with Retina display second hand like a week ago. As every normal person who just switched from Windows to Mac I was doing this and that and ...

macbook battery  
asked by Phantomazi 3 votes
answered by Jon V 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to remove an icon from launchpad that does not appear in the Finder?

I have moved an installer into the launchpad (uTorrent-Installer). The problem is that I would like to remove it now but as it is an installer it doesn't appear in "Applications" in the Finder. I ...

finder launchpad  
asked by MarAja 9 votes
answered by ahall 11 votes

How can I restart an iPhone 4S with a broken lock button and frozen springboard?

My springboard has frozen and the lock button is broken (two months out of warranty and it's not classed as a hardware failure). How do I restart the phone given that I can't access any apps or ...

iphone ios hardware reboot  
asked by user43049 10 votes
answered by Emil 11 votes

Can you answer these?

WEP Security for Internet Sharing?

I have a DS to connect to the internet, but my router does not support WEP. I used to be able to create a WEP internet share on my MacBook 2010, but after the upgrade to 10.11.4, I cannot. Is there ...

osx el-capitan internet-sharing  
asked by user170167 1 vote

What are the technical differences between A1387 and A1431 iPhones

I know the A1387 model is sold elsewhere, and the A1431 in China, and they are both 4s, but I would like to know any technical differences between the two, i.e. what makes the China model different ...

hardware iphone-4s  
asked by Reality Distortion 1 vote

Two finger swipe to go to previous tab doesn't work in Google Chrome when a PDF is opened. How can I fix this? I use a MacBook Pro

As per the question, the two finger swipe to go to the previous tab works well in Google Chrome, except when I've opened a PDF file in a tab. Any ideas on how to get it working?

el-capitan google-chrome pdf trackpad multi-touch  
asked by Abhishek Joshi 1 vote
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