Ask Different Weekly Newsletter
Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why does Numbers hide a huge PNG file in exported Excel sheets?

OK, this is a weird one. I take my blank Numbers sheet: ...and export it to Excel: Whoah, that seems a little large. Let's rename the Excel doc to .zip and have a look inside: Digging a …

ms-office numbers  
asked by Robin Allen 56 votes
answered by Lukas Klein 36 votes

How do I stop Finder from warning me when I change a file extension?

When renaming a file in the Finder and changing the file extension, I get the following warning message: How can I disable it?

osx finder  
asked by sjy 22 votes
answered by georg 30 votes

Can seller lock/erase my second-hand Mac with Find My Mac?

I recently purchased a MacBook. It's a model that supports Apple's latest OS (at this time 10.9), meaning that it also supports Find My Mac and such. I'd like to know what I would need to do to …

osx icloud find-my-mac  
asked by Billy Bryce 11 votes
answered by Gordon Davisson 16 votes

Native OSX Dictionary

Is there a native dictionary on OSX? I would like to be able to click on a word (in any open window), and get its meaning in a quick popup windows.

osx dictionary osx-dictionary  
asked by Adam Matan 4 votes
answered by George Garside 10 votes

Where is Java installed in OSX Mavericks?

I am setting up Maven on my Mac but it is not working because the JAVA_HOME variable is not defined. I had expected the java installer to create this but alas not. Where is java installed so I can …

osx java  
asked by dmeehan 4 votes
answered by njboot 5 votes

Multiple headphones on one computer

At my workplace we pair program and sometimes need to get on a call with a remote team member. We also have quite a noisy office. We have USB headsets for these reasons. We, of course, use macs. In …

audio headphones microphone  
asked by Chris Adams 4 votes

How can I make Time Machine do a full backup?

Recently, my Time Machine disk exhibited some filesystem errors. Disk Utility was able to correct them, but I don't trust the existing backup content much, and by extension, don't trust incremental …

osx mavericks time-machine  
asked by zigg 3 votes
answered by bmike 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Difference between GSM and Global iPhone 5

I want to download iPhone firmware, but I don't know my iPhone is Global or GSM so… What is difference between "iPhone 5 (Global)" and "iPhone 5 (GSM)"? How can I recognize if my iPhone is Global or …

iphone iphone-5  
asked by Mehdi Hadjar 3 votes
answered by zwerdlds 4 votes

Battery diagnostic tool at Apple Genius Bars

I have a one-year old iPhone 5 and it's battery performance has dramatically decreased over the last few months. As I could use my iPhone for over 24 hours a year ago, the lifespan has halved by now. …

iphone battery apple-store  
asked by Michiel 9 votes
answered by Vic Jang 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Brother HL-1440 Disappears From Mavericks

I'm using OS X 10.9.4 and I have a Brother HL-1440 that I've been using for years, even before I was using an iMac. It's been a real workhorse and doesn't show signs of failure mechanically (it's …

mavericks imac usb printing  
asked by Tango 1 vote

Do I need to stay continuously logged in to Find my Mac to see if a stolen laptop becomes active?

My Macbook Pro was stolen 3 months ago and I am giving up hope of finding it. I was very much hoping to locate it- not so much for the extensive valuable information I have on it, but because the …

macbook-pro ipod-touch find-my-mac  
asked by Jessica 1 vote

How to make files safe so users can download and OS will not quarantine them?

I work with Axure software that generates dynamic and navigable prototypes in HTML. Once they are done I need to send a ZIP file of those HTML files to clients via e-mail or any download internal …

osx mavericks terminal bash  
asked by Grigs 1 vote
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