Ask Different Weekly Newsletter
Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why does iPhone capture screenshots as PNG?

Is there a reason for iPhone to save screenshots taken as .PNG instead of .JPG? Screenshots won't have transparent background anyways.

iphone screen-capture  
asked by Raptor 31 votes
answered by Franck Dernoncourt 59 votes

Paint.NET alternative for Mac OS X

I would be extremely grateful to anyone pointing me in the direction of the Mac OS X analogue for the free Windows image-editing software Paint.NET. Basically the way I use it is I take lots of ...

osx software-recommendation  
asked by user1249170 13 votes
answered by Mateusz Szlosek 20 votes

How do I clear individual types of browser data in Safari?

Prior to upgrading my MacBook Pro to OS X Yosemite, I was able to clear individual types of browser data (such as cookies, visited URLs and website data) in Safari. However, the "Clear History and ...

yosemite safari  
asked by Danny Chia 5 votes
answered by kirbrown 1 vote

Mobile Safari Redirects to App Store

According to several news stories, the iOS 8 betas included a new feature: Safari now blocks ads from automatically redirecting to the App Store without user interaction. (The last link makes it ...

ios-8 mobile-safari  
asked by Adam V 5 votes
answered by Damian Worsdell 0 votes

Apple keeps asking me to accept the new iCloud terms and conditions

A pop-up will appear on my phone asking me to accept the new terms and conditions. To turn off these notifications, I need to turn off iCloud. Unfortunately, when I go into my settings to turn off ...

iphone icloud  
asked by Steve 5 votes
answered by Buscar웃 5 votes

Strange padlock icon on status bar (not rotation-lock!)

I recently noticed that a strange padlock icon with a "T" in it on my status bar. It is not rotation-lock tho. What exactly is this? iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.6

ios-7 jailbreak status-bar  
asked by x7d 5 votes
answered by Jash Jacob 1 vote

Retrieve the Apple ID used to download a given app (in iTunes)

I have multiple devices, all handled with iTunes in the same PC. Each device is associated with a different Apple ID. I may want to install some apps in more than one device. As far as I know, an app ...

itunes applications apple-id  
asked by sancho.s 4 votes
answered by Kent 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Cracked iPad display - What are my options?

I've had my 3rd generation iPad for only five months, and I've tried hard to keep it in pristine condition. I always had it in its case, and was very mindful of what I did with it. Unfortunately one ...

ipad screen ipad-3 repair  
asked by Django Reinhardt 5 votes
answered by Django Reinhardt 4 votes

Should I delete pictures from Photo Stream or Camera Roll to free up space on my device?

Can I make more available memory by deleting pictures? Do I delete them from Photo Stream or Camera Roll? I want them saved but can I remove from one of those areas.

ios photos photo-stream storage  
asked by user63823 2 votes
answered by Valdimar 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Disk Utility: Invalid Disk Label @ cksum mismatch

I have a WD external hard drive. I've been running the routine tests to make sure all my stuff is safe lately. In Disk Utility, I did Verify Disk on both the disk itself as well as the main partition, ...

hard-drive disk-utility external-disk  
asked by yotero 2 votes

Is there any app to make/receive calls on iphone from another non-apple device?

I have an iPhone that I use mainly to connect to internet and another device that simply makes calls and not have much features. It becomes frustrating using two devices when answering calls. There is ...

iphone call  
asked by atj4me 2 votes

Tools to support maintenance jobs with Finder tags

When OS X Mavericks was released in 2013 with tagging support built directly into Finder, I expected tagging on OS X to gather steam (at least among “power users”). However, the number of tools and ...

osx software-recommendation finder-tags  
asked by lejonet 2 votes
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