Ask Different Weekly Newsletter
Ask Different Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

I included emoji to my password and now I can't log in to my Account on Yosemite

I wanted to check if it's possible to use emoji in a password for my Account on Mac OS Yosemite. It worked but I didn't realize that the Mac OS login screen has only native keyboards, so I can't type ...

yosemite keyboard password filevault emoji  
asked by Artiom Dashisnky 36 votes
answered by Artiom Dashisnky 8 votes

Can someone help me evaluate if this is a scam for Mac support?

My father-in-law purchased a $400 lifetime support contract with a company (Cyber PC Experts). Recently his computer has been acting up—running very slowly—so he requested support. The service tech ...

network virus anti-virus  
asked by milesmeow 16 votes
answered by Graham Miln 21 votes

What are the services Apple's Firewall considers essential?

I'm trying to determine what Apple's Firewall considers essential services. Apple's Firewall has the following settings available: A search of Apple's site does not reveal a support document on the ...

osx network firewall launch-services  
asked by jww 4 votes
answered by Sinan Bolel 3 votes

Starting and stopping mysql server. Shorten and make automatic

Currently I start and stop mysql with the following command sudo /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server start sudo /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server stop It is quite a long ...

command-line shortcut services mysql  
asked by Robbo_UK 3 votes
answered by klanomath 4 votes

Could microsoft remote desktop connection be used to spy?

I found a Program called Microsoft remote desktop connection on my mac but did not install it myself. Could somebody have been using it to spy on my computer use without my knowledge? Would I be able ...

mac remote-desktop privacy  
asked by hijax 3 votes
answered by Tetsujin 4 votes

External disk as system volume on different macs password issue

I have few macs (office, home, macbook) and decided to use external disk as system boot volume (thunderbolt) for convenience purposes (web development, macports, etc, very hard to maintain same ...

asked by cepera63 3 votes
answered by IronCraftMan 1 vote

Window too large when moved to second display

When I move a window from a larger display to a smaller display, sometimes it's so large that the bottom right hand corner is outside the display, meaning that I can't easily resize it. What can I do ...

osx multiple-displays  
asked by Andrew Grimm 3 votes
answered by les 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to combine two images into one on a Mac?

Say I have two photos (or any images), for example with the following dimensions: +----------+ +----------+ | | | | | | | | |320 x 428 | and ...

osx software-recommendation image-editing  
asked by Jonik 58 votes
answered by jstarek 36 votes

How do I type the euro value sign € on a Mac?

I've tried bashing on my keyboard with the ⌥ alt/option key pressed with the ⇧ shift key pressed but I do not seem to be able to find how I can get the euro value sign. ⇧ shift+4 gives the dollar ...

osx keyboard  
asked by FLY 36 votes
answered by Mark 44 votes

Can you answer these?

Is there a way to recover pictures from a destroyed iPad?

An iPad mini from a friend was ran over by a car and it is completely non nonfunctional. I tried to connect it to charger to see if it was draining current but it is completely dead. There are some ...

recovery ipad  
asked by jmbouffard 1 vote

Screensaver doesn't come back after display turns off

I have setup WebViewScreensaver to show a dashboard, and the password is required afterwards. This works well, except that when the display turns off after a few minutes, I turn it back on and cancel ...

osx screensaver  
asked by marv 2 votes

"Unable to unmount volume for repair" message from reformatted SSD (and empty) in "Option/ALT startup"

I am trying to reformat a Samsung 512GB Pro with bootable USB, and I have manage to get through the prep for the USB so i`m in no need there. But after the "Option/ALT startup" i click on the USB to ...

macbook terminal usb ssd startup  
asked by user143181 1 vote
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