Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter
Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to deal with sporadic WiFi

As I zip down Broadway in a bus in Vancouver, I pick up a ShawOpen WiFi signal every few hundred feet. Sometimes, at a stop, or during slow moving traffic, this is enough signal to start a page load …

asked by WiFi user 3 votes
answered by razgriz 0 votes

Can I play movies on an Amazon Fire HD from an external USB hard drive?

I read the some Android devices are able to mount USB hard drives or pendrives connected directly to the miniUSB of the Android device: …

usb usb-drivers amazon-kindle-fire  
asked by 1486714871-896-4 2 votes
answered by hotterpop 2 votes

Unlock to different background images

Is there a way to set up Android's "Slide" lock screen in such a way that swiping to different directions changes the background image to a specific image? Such as, swipe left for a personal image, …

images background  
asked by Scud422 2 votes
answered by Stephen Schrauger 1 vote

How to disable redirects from Google Search results to Android apps?

I had the Wikipedia app installed a few weeks ago. It lacked the ability to switch between different languages (link to read the same article in a different language), and it still does. This bothered …

google-play-store google-search app-market-link  
asked by sammyg 2 votes
answered by Bharadwaj 2 votes

3g network connection Problem while using data

For last two months or so, the situation in my two years old international HTC One X is that the data is not connecting when it is on 3g network but it is working absolutely fine with 2g network. when …

networking 3g mobile-network mobile-data  
asked by Rahul 2 votes

Resume an open application on Android Wear

If I'm grocery shopping and have Google Keep up on my watch with the list, I'd ideally want the watch to go directly to the application every time I wake it until explicitly exiting. Under present …

android-wear google-keep  
asked by Charles Duffy 2 votes
answered by elizzmc 0 votes

How to limit DropBox Camera Upload to only Camera images?

I've used Dropbox and its Camera Upload feature for a while now, both on my old phone (SE R800 I believe), and my newer Samsung S4 Mini. It used to be that only pictures taken with the camera were …

photos dropbox  
asked by gibson 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Galaxy S3 is unable to transfer files over USB: "USB device not recognized"

I have Galaxy S3 with baseband version I9300XXLFB and I'm having problems when it is connected to the PC. I cannot transfer or retrieve any files or data over USB. When I plug it in to my PC, it …

usb samsung-galaxy-s-3  
asked by elie kouyoumji 11 votes
answered by david6 5 votes

How do I change the Google Play country?

Can someone tell me how to change the country preference for Google Play? I have searched high and low but in most of the forums people ask you to go to gmail settings > edit profile and change the …

google-play-store localization  
asked by Bobby Alexander 58 votes
answered by Letharion 44 votes

Can you answer these?

Low Quality Contact Photos on "Card" in Android Wear

I own a Moto360. I use Google Hangouts as my default messaging app on my Nexus 5. When the "card" shows up on my smartwatch, the contact image on it is low resolution. It is noticeably blurry. When …

asked by Kellowyn 1 vote

Xperia M2 Ring Volume Drops

On my Sony Xperia M2, running Android 4.4.2,, two or three times a day, the sound volume of the ringtone and notification alert drops to a barely audible level. When this happens, calls can be missed …

4.4-kitkat sony-xperia  
asked by Chenmunka 1 vote

Completely Full /system on CM11?

I installed CM11 from this thread on my old Nexus S 4g, thinking I could use it as a tiny server or something. However, it seems that the /system mountpoint, where things like /etc live, is ~100% …

file-system cyanogenmod-11  
asked by interfect 1 vote
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