Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter
Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I backup the entire Gallery (photos and videos) to my desktop computer?

The Gallery on my Android device seems to show all the photos and videos, whatever the method to get them could had been (camera, whatsapp, bluetooth, and so on). I would like to backup them all, ...

backup gallery offline  
asked by Sopalajo de Arrierez 3 votes
answered by Firelord 2 votes

increase size of ext2 beyond 1.5GB

I have a rooted LG-D520 (Optimus F3Q) running Android 4.1.2. The internal memory that came with the phone was so small that I installed an 8GB SD which I formatted using MiniTool Partition Wizard with ...

external-sd sd-card link2sd ext2  
asked by Mark Cramer 2 votes
answered by gertmenkel 1 vote

Transparent notificationbar/statusbar for Android 4.3

How can i make the notification/statusbar for Android 4.3 transparent, i know launchers like Dodol Launcher, Smart Launcher and Go Launcher has a transparent bar option. But i want it to be like it is ...

5.0-lollipop 4.3-jelly-bean java  
asked by Liam Rabe 2 votes
answered by MANI 1 vote

Is my brother's phone unfixable?

This is the screen my brother's phone stays at, no matter what action is done, after his phone died and he tried to plug it in. I've seen similar images but most ways to fix it seem to be "flash a ...

asked by Selonianth 2 votes
answered by Rahul Basu 1 vote

Android, connecting to a specific wireless channel

I live in a dorm where there is the same wireless network with different channels. How can I choose to which channel I want to be connected? The problem is that channel 1, which has the best signal ...

wi-fi 5.0-lollipop  
asked by Horstenson 2 votes

Removing redirect link malware

I have Xiaomi Mi3 and it's not rooted. Every time I open a web page, both on mobile data and WiFi, and even with different browsers, I get redirected to other pages with ads and pages like this: ...

asked by Federico Ponzi 2 votes
answered by Juhu 2 votes

Get rid of Google Now Cards nag from Google Search

It seems that Google recently updated Google Search on Android to set up "Now Cards". I have no intention of enabling this. I've disabled it in the Google Search settings, but it continues to nag me ...

asked by Frotz 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I stop being redirected to the App Store/Google Store by dodgy ad-scripts?

There are a load of sites that do this now, and it's really annoying: I visit a content site on my Android device. 10-15 seconds after loading starts the site hangs for a few seconds. Google play ...

google-play-store security chrome-for-android  
asked by Keith 5 votes
answered by mickc1306 3 votes

How to move contacts from SIM to phone?

I have all my contacts saved on my SIM-card but I want to move them to the phone which is Galaxy note so that when I change the SIM-card my contacts are still saved and I don't need to save them all ...

contacts sim-card samsung-galaxy-note  
asked by Gigili 7 votes
answered by Jolin Webb 9 votes

Can you answer these?

Loading from External SD / Saving to ExtSD

I rooted my device, an Android off-brand tablet, and finally found a way to get all my files onto my 32gb SD card instead of the internal SD. However, it says my apps aren't installed now when I click ...

applications internal-storage external-sd storage  
asked by Victoria 1 vote

How can I set the Accelerometer Sensor Range?

The Accelerometer Sensor is set to a Range of 2 - 4 g on most devices. There is no option to turn it up to 8 or 16 G, which my sensor and most others are capable of. I found some information but can't ...

4.4-kitkat custom-roms linux sensors  
asked by Tolga 1 vote

Android Lollipop Trusted Face Missing

So, I've been having this problem; I want to use Trusted face on my HTC One (M8) stock Android 5.1, but in Smart Lock, only these options come up: Trusted devices None Trusted places None ...

asked by TrivisionZero 1 vote
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