Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter
Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Nexus 5 Lollipop goes into Recovery while trying to update to 5.0.1

Im using LG Nexus 5 Lollipop (manually installed 5.0) and rooted with TWRP. I just go notification to update to 5.0.1. But when download and install, the phone automatically goes into TWRP Recovery ...

nexus-5 5.0-lollipop android-versions  
asked by STEEL 6 votes
answered by IronBlossom 4 votes

Are those dead pixels? "Dead Pixel Detect and Fix" apk did not work with them

I have a new LG L9 for about 2-3 days now (but it came to me without foil on the screen). Today I've noticed that about 1-3 pixels near the middle of the screen are quite black. And they do not react ...

screen hardware  
asked by PolGraphic 5 votes
answered by Lie Ryan 3 votes

Bluetooth headphones won't re-connect automatically

I'm using an old HTC Sensation XE with Android 4.1.2. Recently I bought a Creative WP-250 and encountered a weird issue with it. It paired with no problems, sound is going out through those ...

4.1-jelly-bean bluetooth bluetooth-pairing  
asked by user3223738 3 votes

Moving apps to SD: is there any difference between the function in Settings and the apps offered in the Google Play store?

I noticed several apps in the Google Play store featuring the ability to move apps to the SD card. My Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has an application manager under Settings, and this application manager ...

app2sd application-manager samsung-galaxy-tab-4  
asked by Dane 3 votes
answered by Daniel 1 vote

Determining/stopping random phantom notifications during calls

I recently switch carriers and got a used Galaxy S4 to replace the one I would no longer be using. The phone was already cleaned up but I did a factory reset on it myself to be sure. The problem I ...

4.4-kitkat notifications samsung-galaxy-s-4  
asked by techturtle 3 votes
answered by bassmadrigal 2 votes

Merging a Crypt7 and a Crypt8 whatsapp backup

I have been searching a lot in the past couple of weeks on how to merge two whatsapp backup. Last month I got a new phone, installed whatsapp along with my old backup. During installation, whatsapp ...

whatsapp-messenger encryption sqlite decrypt  
asked by Mumbai CabinCrew 2 votes

Which custom recovery to use for Chinese Samsung Note 3 Neo SM-N7506V?

I bought a Samsung of the above mentioned model here in China and I want to flash Gapps on it. I understand the process to do so is rooting it, flash a custom recovery program like CWM or TWRP ...

custom-rom clockworkmod-recovery  
asked by JulianC. 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to transfer WhatsApp conversations to a new phone?

I recently changed smartphones from an unknown to Samsung, and I've lost my WhatsApp conversations. I want them on the new phone. I have reinstalled it on the new phone, and the msgstore.db.crypt ...

whatsapp-messenger chat-history  
asked by mhguda 2 votes
answered by Malcolm 1 vote

What are the names of the various versions of the Android OS, and how are these names chosen?

Many people refer to Android versions by "codenames" rather than version numbers (e.g. Android "Gingerbread"). What are the names of the various versions of the Android OS, and how are these names ...

asked by eldarerathis 27 votes
answered by eldarerathis 33 votes

Can you answer these?

Automatic deletion of new mail gmail notification on android when already read online

If I get a new mail in gmail I am happy to see the notification for this. But if I had read the mail on web gmail on a desktop pc already I don't want to see a notification. Is there a setting in ...

notifications gmail  
asked by timguy 1 vote

How do I create a shortcut to another file or folder inside a folder?

How do I create a shortcut to another file or folder inside a folder? Example: Suppose I go to a folder A /storage/sdcard0/pictures. I know that I have another folder B /storage/sdcard1/music. I ...

4.1-jelly-bean 4.2-jelly-bean 4.3-jelly-bean  
asked by user275517 1 vote

Developer Mode on VSN Mobil V.50

I have a phone made by VSN Mobil called the V.50. It's running their own mod of 4.4.2. The normal method of tapping Build Number seven times to access Developer Mode does not work. I just need to ...

asked by Jason Hartley 1 vote
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