Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter
Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Pop-up advertising message filling the screen

Sony Xperia M, model C1905. Android 4.3 official firmware, build number 15.4.A.1.9 The blue button on the message is a link to of "du speed booster" page. It is a useless …

sony-xperia advertising  
asked by so-olitary 5 votes
answered by Izzy 12 votes

Can't connect to Wi-Fi with special characters in the name

I have a Moto G running Android 4.4.4. I am trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network with an accented character in the name. The network's name is 'Sala de Reuniões', but it appears to the device as: …

wi-fi 4.4-kitkat motorola-moto-g  
asked by Renan 3 votes
answered by pheidlauf 1 vote

How to hide my name in Whatsapp group?

I've provided a screenshot, clickable for full size, of a group I'm in. Some people are able to hide their names. How can I do it? I do not know some people in the group and I don't want them …

whatsapp-messenger privacy  
asked by Srikaanth 3 votes
answered by user285oo6 0 votes

Install app without touchscreen or ADB?

My phones digitizer seems to have gone bad (after 5hrs of few app updates and 3hrs of a fall, working twice after that for 10minutes). It doesn't seems that the USB Debugging option is enabled on the …

adb touchscreen vnc  
asked by Jay 3 votes
answered by KeshavaGN 3 votes

Install another language to Android keyboard

I have Lenovo a390 with goKeyboard by default, and I have tried installing Serbian Keyboard to it. I have downloaded it from Play store and nothing happens, but never mind. Simple question is this: …

keyboard languages  
asked by Vuk Stanković 1 vote
answered by EternalMelody 0 votes

Android 4.1.1 system is consuming 4GB of my memory?

I bought an Android 4.1.1 tablet, the ad said "comes with 8 GB". But when I go to the system configuration I get: INTERNAL 1,18 GB total Apps 0,90 GB Available 161 MB NAND FLASH Total 4,55 GB Free …

internal-storage ram  
asked by Lord of the Onions Rings 1 vote
answered by IAmTheSquidward 0 votes

Are 'Apple/Android Specific' USB charging ports really different?

I have a portable battery with two USB ports. One is labelled Android and one is labelled Apple. Apparently each has charging circuits optimized for that particular type of device. This sounds …

usb charging  
asked by Alex 1 vote
answered by EternalMelody 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Nexus 5 won't connect to PC

I have a Nexus 5. It is fairly new - I bought it about 2 weeks ago. I have previously plugged it into my Windows 7 PC and been able to access the files on it. However, today when I plugged it in, …

usb-drivers nexus-5  
asked by openidwontworkthrowawayaccount 3 votes
answered by user52489 5 votes

How do I import all contacts from a SIM-card to an Android phone?

My mother have got a HTC Wildfire with Android 2.2. Now I want to import all contacts from her old SIM-card to the phone. I did it and it worked. Then I switched to the new SIM-card, and now when I …

contacts htc-sense htc-wildfire sim-card  
asked by Jonas 5 votes
answered by Jonas 1 vote

Can you answer these?

Google Play No Connection

I have tried all suggestions in the answer and everything the asker did specified on this question without any luck. I reflashed GApps and CyanogenMod at least 13 times, as I have lost count. The only …

google-play-store cyanogenmod gmail samsung-galaxy-tab-2-10.1  
asked by Timberwolf 1 vote

Understanding the android boot

I really want to run pure linux on my android based device (please, no chroot, etc. suggestions) and I want to fully understand how my device boots, from the bootloader as far as the init system. I'm …

recovery-mode linux boot bootloader  
asked by ttouch 1 vote

How to get rid of up/down buttons mapping when the phone is locked - they launch applications in my pocket when the phone is locked

I use Android 4.4.2, phone LG G2 mini. On the back of the phone, there are stupidly placed buttons, which keep being pushed in my pocket. Unfortunatelly, there are applications mapped to the up and …

settings 4.4-kitkat lock-screen buttons lg-g2  
asked by Honza Zidek 1 vote
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