Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter
Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

When app is removed from the play store, is it removed from everyone's phone that downloaded it?

I woke up this morning and noticed a missing icon for an app. I don't know which app; it's just a missing position in a grid of icons. It made me wonder... When app is removed from the Play store, ...

asked by Shane Di Dona 12 votes
answered by Kev 20 votes

The app Facebook has violated its self-enforced StrictMode policy

I am using Red Mi Note running on MIUI5. From past 5 days I am getting this error: The app Facebook ( has violated its self-enforced StrictMode Policy. What does it ...

facebook crashes miui  
asked by Dalvik 5 votes

Mounting an USB wireless adapter to a Nexus 4

Brief problem In short I am trying to mount an external USB wireless adapter to my Nexus 4 so that I can put the wireless adapter into monitor mode to use a tool called reaver. System I have a ...

cyanogenmod wi-fi usb nexus-4 usb-on-the-go  
asked by 09stephenb 5 votes
answered by fattire 2 votes

How do I get my mobile data to work again, after the new Android 5.1 update?

I am having an issue with Mobile data no longer working. Mobile data WAS working the day after updating to Android 5.1 on my Nexus 5. But now (1 day later) it is not connecting to Mobile data. It just ...

nexus-5 stock-android mobile-data 5.1-lollipop  
asked by Eric 2 votes
answered by SuperThomasLab 0 votes

Send a SMS for every Android notification (goal: get notifications on Garmin Edge 1000)

I am wondering if there is a way, or an app, to send a SMS for every notification the Android phone is getting. My goal is to try to find a way to send all the Android notifications to my Garmin Edge ...

sms notifications  
asked by Neoasimov 2 votes
answered by Neoasimov 0 votes

Install another Settings app?

Is it possible to install a different settings app than the one my phone came with? Specifically, I'd like the official Google one.

settings installation  
asked by vpzomtrrfrt 2 votes

Can't read my SMS on my Android phone

Recently I upgrade my Samsung s4, and now every time when I get a message via SMS, the text - and background - all white?: I tried messing with the settings, but still my messages won't show up? ...

sms 5.0-lollipop samsung-galaxy-s-4  
asked by blade19899 2 votes
answered by tanker405th 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why can't my laptop detect my S3 phone?

I want to upload pictures from my S3 to laptop. There is no problem with my cable and laptop because my phone was able to charge when I connect my phone with the laptop. However, my laptop didn't ...

samsung-galaxy-s-3 usb-connection-mode  
asked by GISELLE NG 4 votes
answered by neonlampshade 1 vote

how can I tell if someone has read text message?

Does delivery report mean that the person reads the message on android phone?

asked by user57475 2 votes
answered by ChromoZoneX 4 votes

Can you answer these?

CM12 Nexus 4 (Mako) GAPPS failing to flash, error: Status 7

I'm using a rooted, unlocked Nexus 4 with TWRP. I succesfully flashed CM12 but whenever I try to flash GAPPS it fails with error code: Status 7. Which should I be using for a Lollipop Nexus ...

cyanogenmod 5.0-lollipop rom-flashing nexus-4 google-apps  
asked by hazzahazzam 1 vote

Sinhala fonts in Andriod 5.0 (lollipop)

I have upgraded my Samsung S5 to lollipop recently. Now I am unable to see any Sinhala fonts. Any fix for this ? Thanks !

5.0-lollipop samsung-galaxy-s-5  
asked by Fazlan 1 vote

Unable to permanently forget a WiFi network

I have an 802.11ac router at home with both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz connections and separate SSIDs for each. In most parts of my home, the 5Ghz connection is utterly useless, which I learned the hard way from ...

wi-fi 5.0-lollipop backup  
asked by TurboFool 1 vote
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