Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter
Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to measure battery capacity (mAh)?

I've bought an Andoid device (Motorolla Droid 4) online yesterday, the seller claims that it's 3300 mAh (and that's one of two reason why I bought it), but when I receive the device and check it, ...

asked by Kokizzu 5 votes
answered by Manubhargav 5 votes

What is CP and AP and what are these options used for?

There is this service menu where I can select different USB modes for my phone. One option is called CP and the other is AP. What do the acronyms CP and AP stand for? I recognize MTP, PTP and ADB. ...

dialer-codes mmi-code  
asked by sammyg 4 votes
answered by Manubhargav 4 votes

Is there a way to hide all notifications during the night?

I mean something like this: I'd like to hide them like this during "downtime period" or "do not disturb mode". I'd like to hide them both on the lock screen on the status bar at the top of the ...

notifications lock-screens notification-bar sleep  
asked by Wizek 3 votes
answered by Manubhargav 1 vote

How to solve the "APN settings are not available for this user" issue?

After upgrading my ASUS Zenfone 5 to Android Lollipop, I am unable to access HSPA/3G data. In Brazil we have to manually input APN settings, and when I try to do so, I receive the following message ...

5.0-lollipop apn asus-zenfone-5  
asked by SeuMenezes 3 votes
answered by sss12tup 0 votes

How do I install CyanogenMod on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Wi-Fi?

I put off buying a tablet or smartphone, because they seem like a kind of toy (not bad per se) and a way for big companies to use you. Even a laptop is not always practical though, and modern tablets ...

cyanogenmod installation twrp  
asked by Mike Chapman 3 votes
answered by Mike Chapman 3 votes

App-specific passwords not working anymore under Android 5

I am using multi-factor authentication for all my Google accounts. I am pretty sure that I once used app-specific passwords on my Android (that time version 4 of Android) devices to authenticate. ...

google-account password-protection  
asked by AnNaSF 2 votes

How apps write data into file-system on non-rooted device?

User Apps and Data are stored in /data/app and /data/data respectively. But we can't (even) see that without root permission. So, I want to know If device is non-rooted then How user Apps are ...

applications root-access file-system  
asked by Pandya 2 votes
answered by daltonfury42 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I type special symbols on my Android device like ☺ or ♥ as a regular character?

How can I make special symbols on my Samsung Galaxy SII, like ☺ or ♥?

keyboard text-input special-chars  
asked by EL-Maré 12 votes
answered by svarog 8 votes

How do I set a custom SMS tone for a single contact?

If it matters any I have an HTC Desire Z with the original Sense install. We have this monitoring service at work that keeps an eye on the various servers and starts frantically SMS'ing me whenever ...

contacts sms ringtone  
asked by tolomea 11 votes
answered by collabeta 5 votes

Can you answer these?

Is there a hands free way to manipulate pandora while driving?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a handsfree way to manipulate pandora while driving. (On Linux, there is an app available known as PianoBar, which is open source and can interact with Pandora ...

user-interface driving-mode  
asked by user1833028 1 vote

ES File Explorer is not able to access the /storage/emulated/legacy which it did earlier

I'm in urgent need and I suddenly have a weird problem with the Android phone running version 4.2.2. I never rooted the phone but suddenly the app ES FileExplorer is not able to access the ...

os file-permissions  
asked by SSaikia_JtheRocker 1 vote

How to get the manufactured date information in Android?

In old Nokia phones we get the manufacturer information and manufactured date, purchase date, no. of repairs done etc using the codes like *#92702689# , *#0000# and *#06#. While only the *#06# works ...

5.0-lollipop motorola-moto-g2 dialer-codes  
asked by Lucky 2 votes
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