Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter
Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Skip ads from YouTube

Since ads are almost inevitable on official YouTube app on Android device, I was wondering if they can be skipped automatically? This discussion is only about those ads which can be skipped, lets ...

youtube google-apps  
asked by AADTechnical 5 votes
answered by Six 1 vote

Can we pair two smart watches without a phone?

As far as I know, wear smartwatches are designed to be companion devices that stay connected to your smartphone. Without a phone around, though, they aren't entirely useless.They'll still function as ...

asked by Anuroop Vaniyar 4 votes

Can't play video in gallery

The phone I am using is a Samsung galaxy s6 edge with the latest software installed. One I have recorded a video of some sort, I go to the gallery to check what the video is like. As I click on the ...

samsung samsung-galaxy-s-6  
asked by Liam Scapens 4 votes
answered by Liam Scapens -1 votes

Can I run apps in a smaller resolution?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (SM-T235) tablet. It is 7 inch, which is nice, but sometimes (for example, when walking) I would like to be able to hold my device in one hand and only use my thumb to ...

applications root-access screen-resolution samsung-galaxy-tab-4  
asked by WarButter 3 votes
answered by Manubhargav 3 votes

Is it safe to clear data for gallery?

I have a Motorola Moto E (Gen 1). I've observed that the gallery app from Motorola takes up 50.13 MB under 'Data'. My question is: Is it safe to select the 'Clear Data' option? Will I lose the ...

internal-storage gallery motorola-moto-e  
asked by Vatsal Jain 3 votes
answered by Ashwin Ramamoorthy 4 votes

Files show up on Nexus 5 but not in Windows 7

I have a Nexus 5 running Android 6.0.1 and all of my files appear on the media direcotries within the phone, but when I plug it in as an MTP device in Windows 7, only some of the files show up. When I ...

asked by Chris 3 votes
answered by André Filipe da Conceição -2 votes

Protect from theft at flash level

There are a lot of apps that could block your phone in case of theft, take picture of thief remotely and such, but in case of reset any of this security methods will be useless So I was wondering if ...

security anti-theft  
asked by Illiax 3 votes
answered by Aaron Gillion 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Google Play Services Has stopped message continually popping up on my Samsung phone

The following message keeps appearing on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone screen about every three seconds "Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped". Is it actually a virus or it is a problem ...

samsung-galaxy-s-4 google-play-services  
asked by LingLing6985 5 votes
answered by Ashrith Athreya 4 votes

How do I find out my SIM number?

I have a Samsung Galaxy GT-I9000 and need to find out my 20 digit SIM number somehow. I have been told that I should go to Settings > General > About to find it. However, it isn't! Does ...

asked by user28546 8 votes
answered by Narayanan 11 votes

Can you answer these?

LG G4 H815 chain crashing

UPDATE: definitely an hardware problem; re-flashed V20d kdz (data wipe). Phone froze again during initial setup. I'm experiencing two kinds of crashes with my LG G4 H815 (EU) with V20d (MM) firmware ...

crashes system-freeze lg-g4  
asked by Ithilion 1 vote

Strange icons artefact on app launcher

I have QMobile Noir LT250 running Android KitKat. As you can see on the image, two applications have strange icons. I have uninstalled one app and reinstalled it again, but it didn't solve it. I have ...

4.4-kitkat launcher  
asked by Atif Iqbal 3 votes

Call reject that does not roll to voice mail

I have been getting lots of calls (one per day) from the same number. There is never anyone on the other end. I placed the number in my 'call reject' list. Now my phone never rings when that number ...

4.4-kitkat call-screening  
asked by Les 1 vote
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