Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter
Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why do launchers not support all widgets?

Why is it, that when you attempt to add widgets to two different launchers on the same device, that each launcher seems to present a different list of available widgets? There are always some widgets …

widgets launcher  
asked by Steve Crane 3 votes
answered by RossC 3 votes

How do I stop warnings appearing when I increase the volume?

I am using Nexus 4 with Android 4.4.4 stock. Whenever I increase the volume while listening to music on my smartphone, I get a warning that listening at high volumes can cause problems to the ears. Is …

settings volume-control  
asked by Ale 3 votes
answered by sameer 5 votes

DNAT iptables rule on rooted Android phone?

How i can set iptables rule like this on my rooted Android phone: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i wlan0 -s -p tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT -–to-destination ... since …

asked by programings 2 votes
answered by RossC 2 votes

App of the day Android

When I click on the link in the "app of the day" to view the app offered every day it seems that before liking to the google play page it open an ads page that I am not able to view. It is right and …

google-play-store nexus-4 chrome-for-android  
asked by Ale 2 votes
answered by Dan Hulme 4 votes

Help Needed. Cam/PC link

Hello fellow enthusiasts, I am in need of help and would be very thankful to anyone who can take a few minutes and help me solve this issue. Here is my problem. I would like to open a Youtube channel …

camera youtube  
asked by Aleksa Nikolic 2 votes

My whatsapp icon is missing

My WhatsApp icon has recently disappeared from my phone completely. It's neither on the home screen, nor the main menu. When I go to the Google Play store, it shows that it's part of my installed …

samsung whatsapp-messenger  
asked by Rick Davis 2 votes
answered by cara 1 vote

Forcing Nexus 5 to charge wirelessly even when USB device connected

Is there some method to make wireless charging take priority over wired (USB) charging? I have a device that has to be plugged in to the micro-USB port of the Nexus, and it is preventing wireless …

nexus-5 wireless-charging  
asked by Indivara 2 votes
answered by RossC 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I root my Android device?

This is a common question by those who have want to root their phones. How exactly do I root my Android device?

asked by Bryan Denny 257 votes
answered by Bryan Denny 233 votes

Battery Life and First Time Charging on Li-ion Batteries. Myth?

"Ok you bought a brand new mobile phone with brand new battery, after checking its working ok kindly switch it off and charge it fully (100%) then start using it. IT WILL INCREASE YOUR BATTERY LIFE.", …

battery-life charging  
asked by user54879 61 votes
answered by yrajabi 56 votes

Can you answer these?

Samsung Ace 3 - S7270 - Wifi and recovery mode problem

My Samsung Ace 3 does not detect any Wifi networks, and it cannot connect to Kies. My wifi network is fine, and there are lots of wifi networks in the area, but my SGA3 does not detect any of them …

wi-fi recovery-mode samsung samsung-kies  
asked by Majid L 1 vote

Android virtual keyboard (Rugby Pro) types j when I press g (and other keyboard mismaps)

This description is bad but I have been struggling with finding the right words. I searched SE for "android virtual keyboard loses touch mapping" and nothing that looked right came back. Have a …

asked by lonstar 1 vote

Install Android-x86 in Virtualbox VM, then root it

Problem I want to install Android in a VM to restore a backup using Titanium Backup. For this to work I need Android to be rooted. What I tried I've tried to install Android-X86 4.3 in a Virtualbox …

rooting root titanium-backup vm virtualbox  
asked by SPRBRN 2 votes
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