Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter
Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Bypass Swipe to unlock in Android 5.0.2

I have upgraded my Sony Xperia Z1 from Android 4.4.4 to Android 5.0.2 and now, when the screen is locked, I first have to swipe before I can enter the pattern. When I go to Settings -> Screen Lock, ...

5.0-lollipop lock-screens encryption device-administrator  
asked by physicalattraction 4 votes
answered by SuperThomasLab 0 votes

Copy/extract text on screen from any app?

I'm wanting to be able to copy text from an app that does not support traditional android copy/paste methods. I've tried OCR methods, but the font that is used cannot be read by the OCR. Obviously ...

4.4-kitkat samsung-galaxy-note-3  
asked by Wes Foster 4 votes

How to get a confirmation when deleting images?

I just bought the LG G4 (Android Lollipop) and I'm pretty concerned that there's no confirmation "dialog" or something when we delete images in the Gallery. Something like "Are you sure?". Because ...

gallery 5.1-lollipop delete lg-g4  
asked by Gawel91 3 votes
answered by geffchang 3 votes

Warning bar in "Settings - Data usage" is gone! A bug?

First, I'm currently using Android 5.1.1 on a Nexus 5, although this issue was already present when I was using Android 5.0. Now I'll explain what I mean by "not seeing the warning bar": Regularly, ...

5.0-lollipop settings mobile-data vanilla-android  
asked by Avia 3 votes
answered by Andrew T. 1 vote

Not enough fingerpints on the Galaxy S6

I have the Samsung Galaxy S6. I use the fingerprint method to lock my phone. For some reason Samsung has decided that no-one will ever want to use more than 4 fingerprints. The obviously never asked ...

lock-screens samsung-galaxy-s-6  
asked by Jim 3 votes

Why does my phone say I am roaming when connected to my "home" network?

I recently got a new phone, the Elephone P7000 and it runs stock android 5.0. Everything seems to work perfectly apart from the fact that most of the time the top status bar says I am roaming. When I ...

5.0-lollipop mobile-network roaming  
asked by Clueless John 2 votes
answered by Snowman 0 votes

How to turn off android overlays if I can't touch the screen?

My cell phone is a Samsung's SM-G110B/DS Kit Kat, and I found the developer options and "by mistake" I selected one of the overlays. The problem is that the overlay has a bigger resolution than what ...

4.4-kitkat screen touchscreen screen-resolution samsung-galaxy-pocket  
asked by Calne 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Android 5.0 Lollipop device not detected via USB

When the device is set to use MTP, neither Windows, nor ADB will detect the device when connect via USB cable. I have tried multiple cables, in multiple USB ports. I have not tried other computers ...

cyanogenmod 5.0-lollipop windows mtp lg-g3  
asked by Ryan Conrad 7 votes
answered by Ryan Conrad 10 votes

Where can I find a list of the default emoticons on Ice Cream Sandwich?

My fiance has figured out how to make android emoticons with hearts as eyes, and a kissing emoticon, and I'd like to send the same emoticons back to her, but I can't figure out how. Is there a list of ...

4.0-ice-cream-sandwich keyboard  
asked by Ken Bloom 6 votes
answered by Amit Howard 7 votes

Can you answer these?

Android phones that don't require a battery to run properly

My Android phone apparently requires a battery in order to function. If I take out the battery before boot, it shows an empty battery with a question mark on it and refuses to boot no matter how I ...

battery hardware  
asked by Michael 1 vote

Sync exchange acount with onecloud

Is there a solution/app which allows that the contact and calender data from one account (Exchange) is synced or mirrored to an different account (preferable owncloud)?

sync exchange owncloud  
asked by BerndGit 2 votes

Android Chrome HTML5 playhead glitches every minute or so?

Whenever I play either an embedded HTML5 video or just watch it from the direct link on my Android device, the video plays for about 1 minute then stops as if it's trying to buffer. I tap the screen ...

asked by Pyroglyph 2 votes
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