Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter
Android Enthusiasts Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What options do I have to purchase a play store app for another account?

Recently my wife gave birth to our son and I purchased the tinycam pro app to use with my d-link DCS-932L as a baby monitor. After some tests I was satisfied with the results and decided to buy the …

google-play-store google-account in-app-purchase  
asked by Thiado de Arruda 3 votes
answered by John Kressel 3 votes

Can I use a separate profile for corporate security requirements on KitKat?

I tried adding my corporate Exchange user to my KitKat tablet, so I can sync email and calendar. The security policy page that came up states the admins in my company will be allowed to block my …

4.4-kitkat exchange multi-user  
asked by Traveling Tech Guy 3 votes
answered by Dan Hulme 4 votes

Can anyone explain all these Developer Options?

I hope this is not a duplicate question. Explain these options briefly if anyone could explain - Force GPU rendering Disable non-rectangular clip ops Force 4X MSAA Disable HW overlays What are …

applications development  
asked by MANI 2 votes
answered by RossC 2 votes

What's that icon (Oneplus one)?

does anybody know what's the meaning of that icon ? I have a new oneplus one since several days and today this icon appeared in my status bar.

asked by Frederic Close 2 votes
answered by RossC 1 vote

Is it possible to extract Nexus 7 serial number through command line (e.g., ADB)?

I'm possibly into a rare situation. I have a Nexus 7 LTE 2013 that suddenly stopped showing anything on the screen. It looks like turned off all the time, even the LED light does not turn on. I tried …

nexus-7 screen  
asked by Hussain 2 votes
answered by matega 1 vote

Phantom device showing on Google Play

I was going to install an app to my device from Google Play on my desktop, when I noticed a "No carrier Samsung GT-N7000" in my device list: (the Nexus 7 is mine) Apparently this device is the …

google-play-store google-account  
asked by JJ56 2 votes

Hundreds of "phantom" contacts

I got my Android 2.3.7 ZTE phone used on eBay, and it appeared to be completely reset. However, sometimes hundreds of contacts with names like "brwlvweaace" show up. They all have randomized emails, …

2.3-gingerbread contacts  
asked by SkylarMT 2 votes
answered by SkylarMT 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Getting "Authentication is required" when trying to access the Play Store

Over the past week, whenever I try to open the Play Store/Market app on my phone, the app thinks for a while and then displays this error message: Authentication is required. You need to sign …

google-play-store google-account authorization  
asked by Oak 17 votes
answered by Oak 3 votes

How do I view source in the Android browser?

Is there a way to view the source HTML in the Android web browser?

browser html  
asked by Vijay 52 votes
answered by acconrad 34 votes

Can you answer these?

Find Touch Calibration Wizard

My touch calibration has gone off. I've a Huawei G610s and I can't seem to find where the touch calibration wizard is, so I can restore the responses of the phone.

settings touchscreen calibration huawei-g610s  
asked by The Man 1 vote

Can you reset a password for a restricted profile?

I have a restricted profile that is asking for a password, and it is not taking it. As the owner, I would like to be able to reset this password. Long Story: The restricted profile is my son's. Since …

password android-device-manager restricted-profiles  
asked by Bryan Sherman 1 vote

Samsung galaxy 3 text message

I have Samsung Galaxy s3 and whenever I get a text msg from my friend my phone says unknown address although Ive already saved the number. So, all the msgs are keeping under "Unknown adress" so I cant …

samsung-galaxy-s-3 sms  
asked by Monica 1 vote
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