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How to insert an R script into a bash script?

This question is similar to my previous question How to insert a python program into a bash script?. I am basically trying to achieve the same thing but with R. I tried the following #!/bin/bash R 1 …

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bash seek file name inside tar ball

Here I have test.tar.gz file, it's structure like: folder/ folder/folder1 folder/folder1/aa folder/folder1/bb folder/folder2 folder/folder2/cc Is there a way to find the name of first-level folder? …

3 answers | 3 mins ago by Henry on Stack Overflow
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Insert a character 4 chars before end of string in BASH

Is there a way to insert a colon 4 chars before the end of a string? For example, I have 0x2aab3f439000 and I need 0x2aab3f43:9000 Thanks

3 answers | 3 mins ago by eloc on Stack Overflow
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Cloning a repo without tags ?

I want to create bare git project without tags using clone.But through Google came to know that there is no option like "--no-tags". Is there any way to clone without tags like below? $ git clone …

2 answers | 10 mins ago by anujitm2007 on Stack Overflow
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How to check if running as root in a bash script

I'm writing a script that requires root level permissions, and I want to make it so that if the script is not run as root, it simply echoes "Please run as root." and exits. Here's some pseudocode for …

10 answers | 11 mins ago by Nathan on Stack Overflow
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AWK - Getting all columns where first is = $var && Date >= $date

Im new to AWK, and am trying to work out how to get all the results where the first column is equal to a variable and the date is greater than another unix timestamp formatted variable. Im using ...

3 answers | 11 mins ago by Kiksy on Stack Overflow
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Image not showing up in on GitHub

I am trying to add an image to the in my repository using markdown below: ![ScreenShot]( But the image …

2 answers | 14 mins ago by Saumitra on Stack Overflow
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Version is does not pull

I want to download the code from another branch: Switching to my branch: git checkout mybranch Then performs a merge of the branch where wants to download the code: git merge another_branch ...

2 answers | 15 mins ago by Mark on Stack Overflow
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Change the color of obejects with extendscript

I've had a look around and can't find anything to do this, so I think I'm probably asking the wrong question. I have a series of objects on a page in illustrator with a specific colour in RGB, say …

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Encoding problems using Git between Linux and Windows PCs

So I have recently started using Linux OpenSuse as my work desktop and we are facing huge problems with encondings everywhere. Everytime I push something to the repo if anybody on Windows pulls it, it …

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Change default printer page order preset from OSX Terminal

There is an issue with some printers where the automatic page order is reverse in OSX. I want to push out a change to all my machines to force that to be normal. I know I can create custom preset ...

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How to create a WebHook with WCF to GitHub Enterprise?

I wanna create a WebHook to integrate with a server GitHub Enterprise. I want to use WCF to create this service, but I don't found a tutorial or step by step. This is my first work with WebHooks, and …

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GIT: repository not found (SSH is working and repository is correctly spelled)

I have a bunch of scripts that I would like to upload into a repository I created online. I did the following: $git add $git commit $git remote add origin ...

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“sed” special characters handling

we have an sed command in our script to replace the file content with values from variables for example.. export value="dba01upc\Fusion_test" sed -i "s%{"sara_ftp_username"}%$value%g" ...

3 answers | 28 mins ago by Tech Tech on Stack Overflow
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Eclipse project cannot include tchar.h

I am trying to build an lzmat_lib compression library using Eclipse with Cygwin gcc. I downloaded the library from the link The file has the following include …

1 answers | 29 mins ago by user3860949 on Stack Overflow
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Total lines of code in a repository by commit

What's the best way to determine the total size of a repository (lines of code) on GitHub by commit? For example, say the first commit introduces 1000 lines of code. Starting from that point, after …

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Why is NSFileWrapper setting the quarantine bit in Sandbox

I can't figure out why my calls to NSFileWrapper's addRegularFileWithContents:preferredFileName: is setting the files quarantine bit (as seen when using xattr -l on the file) when in the sandbox only. …

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BASH: redirect for log dillema / duplicate redirection for each loop iteration

I've got a redirect dilemma that I can't get past in a bash backup script I'm developing in CentOS 6.4. I want to redirect all output to two separate files: one tmp and one permanent. The script loops …

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Running multiple octave scripts from command line

I have multiple octave scripts, that I need to execute in order. The 2nd script is dependent upon the first script, so it must wait for the first script to complete. I'd also like to pass in 2 ...

2 answers | 42 mins ago by Adam_G on Stack Overflow
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Aborting a merge in Git

I've done git pull, and received a merge conflict. I know that the other version of the file is good, and that mine is bad (all my changes should be abandoned). How do I do this? unmerged: ...

7 answers | 42 mins ago by Gwyn Morfey on Stack Overflow
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Call java jms listener app from shell script and write its pid to a file

I am calling a java program from a shell script on solaris paltform. Java pragram is responsible for starting the JMS listeners using spring context. I can not return exit status(System.exit() because …

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Fix merge conflicts in Git?

Is there a good way to explain how to resolve merge conflicts in Git?

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Track existing folder from remote git repo

Somehow the .git folder got deleted from my project folder. My project folder may contain changes which I don't know of. Maybe it can be older than the remote version on GitHub. Is there a way I can …

1 answers | 46 mins ago by Zuck on Stack Overflow
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Automate changes to Maven Archetype generated artifact when Archetype changes?

Maven Archetypes are cool for generating artifacts, but I'm curious whether there are any tools in place to automate keeping generated artifacts in sync as the archetype changes. To give some ...

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Can we manage multiple highchart charts in a single function by changing type in chart drawing functionm

Is possible to group types of charts in high charts.? i have a json data, which i want to express in chart type. And also there is range slider.I need to give a option to select chart type by the end …

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Can't the the NDK tab

I saw in some tutorial mention that we don't need to install cygwin after ndk 7. I had install the ndk 10, in tutorial it say we had the setup the ndk path in eclipse, the problems is i can't find …

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In Eclipse/EGit how can I see unpushed commits?

Using Eclipse (EGit) how do I see/review commits that haven't been pushed to origin yet? This is what the history looks like:

2 answers | 58 mins ago by Grzegorz Oledzki on Stack Overflow
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Jekyll front matter ending in dots?

Chasing down a problem, I happened to notice that jekyll/convertible.rb's read_yaml() routine seems to allow the frontmatter to be terminated either with three dashes, or with three dots: if ...

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PowerShell progress bar won't display

I'm trying to write my first PowerShell GUI. Basically I'm trying to run a ffmpeg command which is fine and works, but I cannot get the progress bar to run. (I'm brand new to this.) Here is my ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Brett on Stack Overflow
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Host git-backed DocuWiki on Azure Web Sites

I have published a DocuWiki instance on an Azure Web Site with no trouble, following instructions here. I want to set it up so that content changes by my users (i.e. independent from configuration …

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