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Keep first character of sed regex match

I'm trying to use the rename perl command in Debian to rename files and remove detritus from the end of the filename. The file names may be like so (varying length/nodes before the series/episode ...

2 answers | 2 mins ago by Graham Gold on Stack Overflow
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Delete history in local repository instead of cloning it again with --depth 1

Title basically. I just mixed some things up with my .gitignore and bloated my .git dir to > 100mb (it's a repo with like 100commits total..). So I'm a lazy guy and was wondering if it would be ...

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Docker workflow with older OS development environment

I'm interested in learning more about Docker and how it can help me with my development environment. I'll outline what I currently use and the software packages installed. I'll also outline what I am ...

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How to use cygwin bash in Android Studio terminal and start it at project directory?

From this blog post, you can set the Android Studio Terminal to cygwin/bash under Settings -> Tools -> Terminal -> Shell path. However, the new terminal will start at your home directory ...

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Open PuTTY and run shell script on server

I want to open Putty from local machine, automatically login to the server, and run shell script on the same session of putty using Excel VBA Script. The code below works fine to open putty. Sub ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by ajay0210 on Stack Overflow
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classes.jar not getting generated in .aar file

I am using Android Studio AI-141.216xxx. I generated a .aar file from FFMPEG module/library from this project: I then tried to import a .aar ...

1 answers | 13 mins ago by vasanth on Stack Overflow
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Checking out another branches file(s)

I am working in a branch separate from the main development branch in a GitHub repository. I was informed that the file I was going to need work on had been updated and I need to pull it into my ...

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Shogun fails to compile. Are these Shogun bugs?

I am trying to compile Shogun on Fedora 23 64bit, but it fails with the errors below. Version 4.0.0 have the same issue. Can anyone tell me, if there errors are bugs in Shogun or something I have ...

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scripting pdftk stamp on windows

I want to create a script which uses pdftk to add a watermark stamp to pdf files. After the stamp is applied the output file doesn't need to be renamed My problem is I don't know what the file name ...

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Play AVSession of topmost subview

So I'm trying to implement a multiple image/video viewer much like how snapchats snapstories work. You have an array filled with videos and images. You then display them in succession where the ...

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Using .lessfilter

I've seen several programmers using ./lessfilter filtes for preprocessing files before being feeded to less. However my less doesn't seem to recognize my .lessfilter file in ~. What am I doing wrong? ...

1 answers | 32 mins ago by henrikgiesel on Stack Overflow
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Why does my 'git branch' have no master?

I'm a git newbie and I keep reading about a "master" branch. Is "master" just a conventional name that people used or does it have special meaning like HEAD? When I do git branch on the clone that I ...

7 answers | 32 mins ago by aberrant80 on Stack Overflow
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Installing SciPy with anaconda, .sh file not found

I'm trying to get SciPy on python 2.7 on OSX 10.10 working. I downloaded and installed anaconda, as the SciPy website ( suggests, so far so good. After installing I ...

1 answer

Multiple developers to do single xcode project without OS X & Xcode Server

Is it possible to do more then one developers work in single xcode project without having Server OS, Xcode Server Apps? else Tel me the possible ways to do more then one developers work on same ...

1 answers | 38 mins ago by Madhan on Stack Overflow
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How to join two lines in one

I have a problem with select of specify lines and join every second lines in one line. i.e. I have two file: cat lol1.txt 2015-11-15 12:44:34 Name Value1 Value2 lol1 3 2 lol2 2 5 ...

3 answers | 40 mins ago by Damian Silkowski on Stack Overflow
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sed n doesn't seem to work quite the way I thought it would

I was trying to copy an example I found here : here is the sed pattern /^begin$/,/^end$/{ /begin/n /end/!d } here's the first file begin one ...

3 answers | 41 mins ago by kdubs on Stack Overflow
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Currently running WGETs

I'm having a hard time using knowing if it is possible to have a clue on my download speed using WGET. To run my gets I use the following command : wget -c -b So it runs in ...

4 answers

A better way to do git clone

This is lazy programmer request. I would like to create a shell script automate the following process: git clone <remote-repo-url> cd <cloned-folder> open <cloned-folder> So the ...

4 answers | 48 mins ago by Saurabh on Stack Overflow
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Comparing two files based on md5 hash value

I am using a find command to find files formatted 'DGT_????.JPG'. I am trying to get the script below to record the absolute paths of any file with the same name and the same hash from the source ...

1 answers | 50 mins ago by jgot8 on Stack Overflow
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Scripting the Websphere 7 RAD

We need to prepare part of our EAR for deployment, we usually do this by loading it into the RAD, right clicking on the EJB and selected "Prepare for deployment" option. Then we export the EAR. Is ...

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Cron: Redirect script output to file in home directory

I have a Python script which outputs to standard out, and the scripts resides in /usr/local/bin so I run the following command to redirect the output: ./myscript >> /home/user/output.csv. ...

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Redux: how to add subtitles to mp4 using ffmpeg?

I have a tiny little example mp4 video (which unfortunately stack overflow won't allow me to embed directly inside my question). Following the advice previously offered in this answer, I'd like to ...

3 answers

Android - Play Video does not work

I'm a newbie on android java programming with Eclipse (I have a .NET background) and fail to get a video played in an emulator (nor on an android htc desire) My setup: Eclipse IDE for Java ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by FrankE on Stack Overflow
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Using avplayerviewcontroller in tableview cell like Instagram?

I was wondering if someone can help guide me in the right direction. In my app I want to display video in a uitableview. I want to create a video feed like instagram. Right now I have tried using a ...

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How do I get Composer to download the latest commit in the master branch from GitHub for a package?

I am trying to get Composer do download the latest commit for the Behat/MinkSelenium2Driver package. That particular repo only has a master branch. I have tried every method I can think of, including ...

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“stash apply” in git override changes got from a pull

I got in this situation today. I had some changes in one file to commit but before I wanted to do a pull for this file so I did the next Stash changes from my working directory Pulling changes ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by user3254515 on Stack Overflow
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HTML5 Video element in IE 11

I recently upgraded a site to play all its videos using the <video> element. It's a simple, static HTML site, with some minor javascript to load videos into the <video> element. ...

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looping over jekyll collections

I have the following code <div> {% for note in site.regnotes %} {% if note.regulationno == page.regulationno %} <p> {{ note.regulationno }} - {{ note.url }} ...

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String Matching in Shell

I have file a file named as file.yaml with the below content : SystemType=Secondary-HA Hostname America I have a shell script echo "Enter systemType:" read systemType SYSTYPE=`grep ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Rishab on Stack Overflow
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How to use Github Pages with Dependencies?

Sorry if this is more of a general question. I set up a github pages account under: This allows me to access my applications on: Now I am ...

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