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Can't see filenames as soft link in php script?

I am using this code: $variable = filetype($filename); I expected to get link as output for a soft-link but I just get file. According to the PHP manual one of the possible return values is link. I ...

2 answers | 3 mins ago by Hadron on Stack Overflow
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Variable expansion within posix-extended regex

I've been trying to add a user-defined file extension into a regex with no success. Here's my script: #!/bin/bash echo -n "Enter which file extension are you looking for: " read fExt find . ...

1 answers | 12 mins ago by estro on Stack Overflow
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How to use git for staging from dev to release

The scenario is that I have a single project with a number of parts in various stages of development. There are internal files and folders used for various kinds of experimentation and preliminary ...

1 answers | 17 mins ago by david.pfx on Stack Overflow
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join using a specific field as key

I want to find all sections in section.dat that correspond to the "Database Engineering" course. To this end, I want to join result1.dat with section.dat using the course number as the key, only keep ...

1 answers | 27 mins ago by N. Spencer on Stack Overflow
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Fetch/Push All Repositories

I'm trying to find a simple way to do a git push from all repositories in a folder simultaneously. The reason is that I have a /var/git with bare repos which I push to over SSH, and on another machine ...

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How to add mime type “cache-manifest” to Jekyll?

The Jekyll site is hosted in GitHub and I want to add AddType text/cache-manifest .appcache to .htaccess. I searched and couldn't find anything. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can a Unix Shell be written in any other language than C/C++?

From what I know (I could be wrong) all the Unix Shells are written in C or C++. Is it possible to write a Unix Shell in languages like Python or JVM languages (like Java, Groovy or Scala)?

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Github branch issues- IntelliJ

I am using IntelliJ 15, version control with Github, and Zsh. I am having issues when switching branches. My goal is to copy all content from the gh-pages branch to my master branch. I start by ...

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How do I get html tags in variables to work?

My code looks like this Python: render = web.template.render('templates/', base="layout") . . . fileout_text =, 'r', 'utf-8').read() text = markdown.markdown(fileout_text) ...

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unset variable check in bash

I have two variables declared but unset: __var1= __var2= Now I set __var2 to have some value: __var2=1 When I try to do a check like this: [ -z "$__var1" -a -z "$__var2" ] || echo "Both ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by branquito on Stack Overflow
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How can I install Google API client library on server for php without Shell (SSH) access?

I'm with HostPapa and they don't allow Shell access, only FTP. How can I install Google's API client library on my server? I'm a noob with git as well. I was trying to follow this guide... ...

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PowerShell: Why is this try/catch block magically swallowing the exception?

I'm writing a PowerShell script that uses the reflection APIs to get all the namespaces in an assembly. Anyways, that's not relevant. Here is the relevant portion of the code: function ...

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Linking files directly from github

Are we allowed to link files directly from github ? <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href=""/> <script ...

7 answers | 1 hour ago by anjanesh on Stack Overflow
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phpstorm how to configure git push to a remote repository?

Im using PHPSTORM v-8, I setup git with sucess in local machine. My server is hosted in DigitalOcean, I create a LAMP droplet and install git with success too. When I try to push git the following ...

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HTML5 video background color not matching background color of website — in some browsers, sometimes

I have a video that the client wants to sit "seamlessly" in the website. The background HEX color of the video matches the HEX background color of the website, and renders as such in some browsers, ...

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uploading videos into a folder and its link to database using php

I am trying to upload a video and save it in a folder and its path in the database. But the videos are not inserting into the specific folder. I have searched a lot and found some code.The code is ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by Phani on Stack Overflow
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My firewall icon doesnt work…I have tried setting up the JAVA path but for some reason, it doesnt work

I set my path to JAVA bin. The system doesn't recognize it for some reason and cant seem to find the administrator for sometime. What I do as a work around I go to command prompt and type the ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Amir on Stack Overflow
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Git restore files locally deleted not committed yet

I’m new to Git and accidentally deleted all my local files on my desktop and library. I have not committed it yet. How do I restore the files back ? The current git status is : HEAD detached at head ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Lewan on Stack Overflow
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fatal: could not read Username for '': No such file or directory

I have the following problem when I try to pull code, using GIT Bash on windows I already tried to implement the accepted solution provided here: Error when push commits with Github: fatal: could ...

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How Do I rollback my Local (laptop) Heroku Environment

I rolled back my project on Heroku to a previous version, but on my local machine the Environment has not been reverted. How can I do revert the local environment on my machine? I did a pull but it ...

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How to return both results and errors from a Repository in an implementation-independent way?

I'm trying to implement a subset of the Repository pattern using Rails and am having some trouble understanding how to pass errors from a class or repository, back to the controller and then in to the ...

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Appending string to the variable

I read some file line by looking for some specific string. When I find I assign it to the var. But when I try to append to that string I have problem. Instead of add to the end of var i get var where ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by user on Stack Overflow
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git submodule update fatal error: reference is not a tree

user$ sudo git submodule update fatal: reference is not a tree: a094dcfeeb43fcd62a9e466156e05e7581026f33 Unable to checkout 'a094dcfeeb43fcd62a9e466156e05e7581026f33' in submodule path ...

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CVOpenGLESTextureCacheCreateTextureFromImage on iPad2 is too slow ,it needs almost 30 ms, too crazy

I use opengl es to display bgr24 data on iPad, I am new about opengl es ,so in display video part I use code from RosyWriter one APPLE sample. It works, but the ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by zhzhy on Stack Overflow
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Java: Shell commands with redirection

I am trying to execute redirection in shell using java, but I am getting an empty file1.txt for the command: ls -all > file1.txt. Although ls -all is executed properly. commandLine is of type ...

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usetikzlibrary{} in R Markdown document

Is it possible to \usetikzlibrary{bayesnet} in R Markdown documents? The command works fine in Tex. But R Markdown throws an error, saying it cannot find the file: tikzlibrarybayesnet.code.tex Here ...

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How can I use sed to make thousands of substitutions in a file using a reference file?

I have a big file with two columns like this: tiago@tiago:~/$ head Ids.txt TRINITY_DN126999_c0_g1_i1 ENSMUST00000040656.6 TRINITY_DN126999_c0_g1_i1 ENSMUST00000040656.6 TRINITY_DN126906_c0_g1_i1 ...

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Git Bash on windows is stuck in some kind of linux shell environment

Usually I start it up and I'm located in my windows user directory. I can see all my project folders with a quick ll. The last few times I've used it, though, I seem to be stuck in some pseudo linux ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by Buttle Butkus on Stack Overflow
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Mikrotik Script runs perfectly in terminal but doesn't run when placed in scripts

I am trying to add a script to the list in order to schedule it to run it on interval base but it's not working when I place it in scripts and works perfectly when I manually execute the script in ...

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how to add a argument to a line number using sed linux

I have a file with the line: ..... 30145: $RM "$cfgfile" ..... How i can add a '-f' argument to before $RM in this specific line like this using sed: ..... 30145: $RM -f "$cfgfile" .....

2 answers | 3 hours ago by Jonathan Edgardo on Stack Overflow
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