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Running a python script on a remote machine through ssh

The remote machine has Cygwin installed and I have done $echo "PATH=\$PATH:/cygdrive/c/Python27" >> .bash_profile then, source .bash_profile (after doing this I am able to run a Python script ...

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Validate breeze save bundle before going to the breeze controller

Everywhere I look about validating the response before saving to the DB, in breeze, they are overriding the BeforeSaveEntity or BeforeSaveValidation. e.g. breezejs issues with the save bundle. ...

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Creating a git repo on a remote server from a local machine

I have a Debian server containing a GIT repository. A number of users are restricted to only use the "Git_Shell" when they log in via ssh. Is it possible for these users to somehow initiate new ...

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How to run shellscript parallely like java thread

Hi I have a script In main script I have multiple chile script. rm -rf /home/bdata/batch/* I am running my which will run all child ...

2 answers | 17 mins ago by Aman on Stack Overflow
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mpirun within bash script yields different behavior

When I run mpirun -np 2 exec in the terminal, the exec runs in parallel. However, when I put the command within a bash script #!/bin/bash mpirun -np 2 exec I get the following thrown ...

1 answers | 20 mins ago by schuberm on Stack Overflow
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POSIX shell semantic for exec and & (moving program to background)

I can't figure what happen on: exec CMD & especially what value for pid is: echo $!

1 answers | 21 mins ago by gavenkoa on Stack Overflow
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How can I determine the url that a local git repo was originally cloned from?

I pulled a project from github a few days ago. I've since discovered that there are several forks on github, and I neglected to note which one I took originally. How can I determine which of those ...

11 answers | 22 mins ago by Tim on Stack Overflow
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How can I make a program overlay text ON TOP of a postscript file?

How can I make a ghostscript overlay text on top of a postscript file? I found part of a solution here: How can I make a program overlay text on a postscript file? Which suggest to do: gs -o ...

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How do I download a directory from github

Now I know there are several questions like this on overflow but several of these answers have failed miserably for me. I am using Cygwin, if it is relevant. I ran svn export ...

1 answers | 24 mins ago by Brenton Horne on Stack Overflow
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What means “circus tent” on github?

I'm new on github and one thing that bothers me is this: why am I seeing this "circus tent" on my account but not on other repositories?

2 answers | 28 mins ago by codekiddy on Stack Overflow
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RTSP stream to virtual video device on Windows 8

I have searched hi and low but I have not found something that could point me to creating a windows application that grabs an rtsp stream (H.264) and flushes it to a virtual video device. I need this ...

0 answers permission denied android

I want to get frames from video via using ffmpeg command in android ffmcommand for the same is : String[] ffmpegCommand = { "ffmpeg", "-1", ...

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How to Copy Files Without Overwriting Any Files in Bash Script

I am trying to write a script that finds all my files that are .jpg, and copies them do a new directory. It currently looks like this: find ~/Pictures -iname \*.jpg -exec cp {} ...newDirectory \; ...

1 answers | 33 mins ago by wtfsnowman on Stack Overflow
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Compiling a program in a loop with qsub

I want to compile a program in a bash for loop. When I run the program from the command line it will compile but when I use qsub it doesn't compile. Is there something I am missing? Regards, ...

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How to export path to compute nodes, parallel programming

I have a problem using ifort. I compiled a code with ifort/mpich1 but whenever I try to run it across several nodes the code gets to a certain point and hangs with an error: symbol lookup error ...

1 answers | 41 mins ago by jackd on Stack Overflow
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Awk - Rename the output file name same as input file name after processing input file

I have one input file ABC.txt and one output DEF.txt. After the ABC is processed and created output, I want to rename ABC.txt to ABC.orig and DEF to ABC.txt. Currently when I am doing this, it is ...

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How to send a cookie under a specific 3rd-party domain via curl in console

curl -v --cookie "user_db=Tony" http://hostname/ The above command send a cookie user_db under domain hostname. How to send a cookie under a specific 3rd-party domain such like hostname2?

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Command sed using g

I am new to Linux. I was debugging some code. I encountered the following command: PROGRAM_ID = $(echo $PROGRAM_ID|sed 's/-/,/g') Can anybody explain what the g represents here? I understand ...

1 answers | 46 mins ago by user1942215 on Stack Overflow
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Use git dependencies in with npm and node on Heroku

I have this package.json file: { "name": "application-name" , "version": "0.0.1" , "private": true , "dependencies": { "coffee-script": "1.1.3" , "express": "2.5.0" , "less": ...

6 answers | 48 mins ago by Julien on Stack Overflow
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Convert GeoVision avi file to flv using ffmpeg

I am trying to convert the avi video files from DVR's to a flv. most are ok, just getting issues with the govision files, i can play them in windows media player, but not VLC. This is the command i ...

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In Jekyll, how can I create a tag archive for pages?

I'm using tags on pages in Jekyll, like this: --- title: Sample page permalink: /sample/ tag: news --- On my homepage, I have different sections that aggregate pages by tag, like this: {% assign ...

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Resident set size increase for a simple loop in bash script

When I try a very simple script. Example: #!/bin/bash while true; do sleep 1 echo "hello" done I realize that it continue increase RSS (Resident set size, check by ps command). Is ...

1 answers | 53 mins ago by Thuan on Stack Overflow
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bash script : Count max characters in line across text files that match filter

Want a linux/ unix script that will tell me max characters in any line in a directory tree. So I can specify a root folder. It walks down it and processes files with some mask (like *.java) - a find ...

3 answers | 56 mins ago by tgkprog on Stack Overflow
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Use ffmpeg libraries and Cut (TRIM) MP4

I built ffmpeg libraries for Android. So I built libavcodec libavfilter libavformat libavutil libswscale I need C Code example which uses these libraries and cut video.

1 answers | 58 mins ago by Rufatet on Stack Overflow
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CORB Job : Handle ServerConnectionException: Connection reset by peer

I am trying to execute a CORB Job to process my documents. But it is throwing up the below exception after processing a part of the entire collection. ...

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tig: browse through revisions for a specific file?

In tig, suppose I want to see the change that has been commited to a file over time. How do I browse through revisions for a specific file, displaying the file content instead of the file's diff on ...

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How to assign permission to a user in unix, since i am unable to create or use any command

$ touch 1 touch: cannot touch ‘1’: Permission denied $ who root pts/5 2015-01-30 16:48 ( test pts/7 2015-01-30 16:56 (

1 answers | 1 hour ago by sammyB on Stack Overflow
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How to get strings inbetween two Strings

I have group of html files where i have to extract content between <hr> and </hr> tags.I have done everything except this extraction.What i have done is 1.Loaded all html files and ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by user3431651 on Stack Overflow
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gcc unable to get file which is passed in include directory argument

I've installed win-builds from on windows at c:\cygwins directory. Now when compiling any elementary or gtk code, gcc is throwing error that it's cannot find the ...

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How to use jSoup to grab text from <pre> field and keep formatting

I'm trying to simplify a log created by a ruby script which makes a simple log file which consists of a mixture of timestamp message and JSON, similar to this: [TIMESTAMP] MESSAGE [ { ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Silads on Stack Overflow
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