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Simple bash script to split csv file by week number

I'm trying to separate a large pipe-delimited file based on a week number field. The file contains data for a full year thus having 53 weeks. I am hoping to create a loop that does the following: ...

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Git - push does not update files in the repository

I have cloned Git repository from C:/temp/NetBeansProjects to C:/temp1/NetBeansProjects. I have changed the content of one file, "", on temp1, then staged it and committed it. Then I ...

1 answers | 4 mins ago by Nash on Stack Overflow
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Randomizing order of what appears in the second and third columns

If I have a text file in the following format, where the field separator is , and the text delimiter is ' This is how it looks if opened in a text editor such as gedit 'not','here and ...

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Automating a bulk copy/paste job

I want to automate a task as scripting the job is faster and would automate the task for future instances. I know Java so the logic is here (I think :X), but I am very lost as to the actual syntax and ...

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getops still performs default actions when arguments are provided

I've recently started working with the getopts command in bash. I am confused as to why my script runs the dafult action "cat ~bin/Temp/log.txt | ~bin/Scripts/" when arguments have been ...

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VS2013 Git — Cannot complete the operation because of existing changes to the following file

Using VS 2013, I have made a change to a file, successfully committed and pushed to the server. When I go to change to a different branch, I get the following error: Cannot switch to CM because ...

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A open source RTMP streaming server for stream mp3 on deman?

I need a open source RTMP server for stream mp3s on demand for linux(centos), i found a few but these dont let me stream on demand only live. thanks

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passing db name as parameter in “use dbname” mongodb

I am writing a shell script, where in I need to use the statemetn "use dbName" to connect to various dbs. Is there any way to add it as parameter e.g.,/ mongo localhost/admin--eval " use ...

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Convert a ffmpeg video to an appropriate dimension

I am writing a video conversion script using ffmpeg, it has been completed to full. Ideally, my video conversion script should output the video to many formats (like YouTube): 140p: 256 x 144 ...

1 answers | 28 mins ago by georgechalhoub on Stack Overflow
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Shell Script time control

I am running a shell script which runs for ONCE or twice a week.. and this program runs for few hours (depends on how many files) a day.. But problem is, I have to pause this program during the ...

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Perl - Trouble with my unzip system call for zip file crack

My skill level I am a junior currently taking a scripting languages class that is suppose to spit us out with intermediate level bash, perl, and python in one semester. Since this class is ...

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using bash to automate answering of prompts for django sync for graphite install

I am using chef to automate the install of graphite on ubuntu. I need to automate the python syncdb using bash or by any other means. ubuntu@ip-xxx-xxx-xxx:/opt/graphite/webapp/graphite$ ...

5 answers | 32 mins ago by Tampa on Stack Overflow
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Bash read/write file descriptors — seek to start of file

I tried to use the read/write file descriptor in bash so that I could delete the file that the file descriptor referred to afterward, as such: F=$(mktemp) exec 3<> "$F" rm -f "$F" echo "Hello ...

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removing part of the file names

I have a bunch of files like this: file123.txt.452 file456.txt.098 file789.txt.078 How can I remove the second dot and the numbers at the end from the file names? I tried using rename but I don't ...

4 answers | 46 mins ago by user2189312 on Stack Overflow
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Ffmpeg hls live streaming - How to generate shorter segments

Been using ffmpeg for live streaming via HLS and playing through video.js. It works but there is a 20s delay between the time the stream starts to the time it actually starts playing. Do you know ...

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How can I download a Video mp4 File from a Server and write it down (save) in my app's Document Folder in Swift?

I need to download an mp4 video file from a server(for example: to my Documents app's folder. I currently can stream the video using the AVKit framework in a ...

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lme4 - dev install — reproducible (?)

Can anyone reproduce this error? Having trouble with the development version of lme4. Problems strictly on my work machine. Seem to not have a problem on my personal laptop. Dev-version needed due ...

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Capitalize first lower-case letter in specific location

I have a lot of .htm files. Title tag has something similar 19.10.2014 - pila and it's always different text. How it is possible to make pila to Pila. What i need is a onliner which finds all .htm ...

1 hour ago by Jaur on Stack Overflow
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Timeout a command in bash without unnecessary delay

This answer to Command line command to auto-kill a command after a certain amount of time proposes a 1-line method to timeout a long-running command from the bash command line: ( /path/to/slow ...

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How to get image from video played on a surface view?

I'm trying to catch the last frame of a video played on a surface view. The video is playing from http and I can not use mediaMetaDataRetriever because mediaplayer already uses the http connection and ...

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awk: How can I use awk to determine if lines in one file of my choosing (lines 8-12, for example) are also present anywhere in another file

I have two files, baseline.txt and result.txt. I need to be able to find if lines in baseline.txt are also in results.txt. For example, if lines 8-12, is in results.txt. I need to use awk. Thanks.

1 answers | 1 hour ago by user2719735 on Stack Overflow
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Unix - How to check if firewall is blocking mailx functionality?

I am attempting to write a script that utilizes the mailx command. The script is supposed to send files as attachments to a SharePoint directory. I use the following command to encode and send the ...

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How to get the byte offset based on the Video's play time offset in Android?

How can I get the byte offset of a video based on the video's play time offset? For example, given the play time offset of 15 seconds for a video, I'd like to know the byte offset for that second. ...

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Hide hidden(dot) files in github atom editor

I am very new to Github Atom editor. It always shows hidden files such as .git, .sass in the side pane. How to hide hidden files(dot files) in atom editor's side pane.

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Best practice for repository and unitofwork

Is there a best practice for using EF, repository and unitofwork? Are there any good books that someone could recommend? I've done a lot of researchand I'm more confused than ever.

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System level git config in mac

I am able to see global and local config files at usual locations. But if i type git config --system --list it gives me fatal: unable to read config file ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Abhijit Mazumder on Stack Overflow
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How to push Git TAGs from Intellij without using the console?

Is there a way to push git tags from intellij without bringing up the console and typing git push origin master --tags

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How to Sum a column in AWK?

My file is delimited by a comma which gives 64 columns. I extracted the field as shown below: awk '{split($0,a,","); print a[57]}' How can I compute the sum of the values in columns 57 with my ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Ajo on Stack Overflow
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what is the best way to use two extension file into loop for a job in bash script?

how could you deal with two files at a time with different extension. More importantly, one such as file.fa is affiliated with file.qv and need to process at the same time. Issue: suppose you dont ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by unique379 on Stack Overflow
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python check_output workaround in 2.6

I'm running on a machine with python 2.6 and no I can't upgrade for now. I need the subrpocess.check_output function but as I've understood this is note defined in 2.6. So I've used a workaround: ...

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