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How i can write a config file from batch script using vbscript script variables in output redirect

Ok im try to explain in more resume possible. in a "Bash Script" i make , a can define the Current Resolution , for create a config file for dosbox. in bash script #!/bin/bash # if [ ...

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HTML5 video tag security

i have video save on server in folder root/media. Complete project run on WordPress. All video in folder media is paid. From unregistered user play video only 30 sec with video.mp4#t=0,30 But, in ...

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BASH - how to execute few applications when the network interface is up and accessable to internet?

I have following script which is running via /etc/init.d/service on system boot. But on system boot sometimes the DHCP ip is invalid from the router as a result it shows empty page or invalid page. …

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Cloning a project from bitbucket

I tried to clone a project from bitbucket but the following error occured ( I searched for this error but couldn't find anything. The error message says: !ENTRY …

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Why should we always use our real names while generating GPG key?

I'm using GPG to sign my git commits as the project I'm working for wants. But I use a pseudonym and I don't want to be identified like by my GPG signature. Over here: it asks us to use only our …

2 answers | 9 mins ago by learner on Stack Overflow
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I want to add remote branch of my loca repo?

I want to put my local git project in production server (Linux multi hosting account of go-daddy). Is it possible to add my production server as my remote branch ?

3 answers | 10 mins ago by kuldip on Stack Overflow
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Git Submodule - Permission Denied

I am not able to clone the submodule existing within my private git repository. I do have access to entire repository, Have used the below commands but dint work, please help what is the right way …

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Ruby On Rails, Where Do Bundler install gems that are fetched with :git=>'/your_name/project_name.git'?

This is my first question on StackOverflow. Please bear with me if I am doing it wrong. I am working on a ruby on rails application and had to change the source code of a gem I am using in ...

1 answers | 37 mins ago by Leslie on Stack Overflow
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90fps Gstreamer output from raspberry

I'd like to stream a 90 fps video captured by a raspberry pi noir camera through network. Everything works smoothly when frame rate doesn't exceed 30 fps, but higher fps shall be downrated to about 30 …

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How do I implement markdown in Django 1.6 app?

I have a text field in where I can input text content for a blog using the admin. I want to be able to write the content for this text field in markdown format, but I'm using Django 1.6 and …

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How to pass parameter to shell script in java program

i am trying to run this java code that calls the shell script on runtime. when i run the script in terminal i am passing argument to script code: ./ argument1 java code: public class ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by milano on Stack Overflow
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Space in directory name crashing .sh - use “usebackq”?

dir1='/d/Dropbox/PhD/Experimental Design/APS/Processed_and_Graphed/InvariantQ' echo $dir1 for f in A*.xlsx do str2=${f%?????} if [[ ! -d $dir1/$str2 ]]; then mkdir $dir1/$str2 else …

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Git clone over HTTP

I am interested in step by step workflow that a Git client does when you execute clone command over HTTP protocol. Let's say your Git repository is located here When …

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Vad on Stack Overflow
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Bash - Find and replace with new lines in the same file

I need to find a line in a file that contains a specific variable name. This variable may be commented or not. If not commented then I need to comment it. Add two lines afterwards. The first line …

2 answers | 2 hours ago by user3590149 on Stack Overflow
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Visual Studio 2013 GitHub Commit Trouble

I use GitHub for my MVC 4 project on Visual Studio. But some pages that I've added, I can't commit to GitHub. You can see on the image, there are lock symbols for check-in, but others have not. I can …

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Which open source program is similar to the Linux “dialog” command?

Dialog command is great command to view GUI dialog box But the non positive of the dialog is that we cant to locate the GUI window on the top of the screen or in the lower screen Dialog always show …

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How to convert RTP H.264 payload into playable file using Media Foundation

I need a way to be able to make a video file from H.264 RTPFrames (Payload Type 96) that I receive using the Managed Media Aggregation - I am trying to use media ...

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Drawing text on video with avconv only at the start and end of the video

I'm using the drawtext filter on avconv, one of the most poorly documented functions known to man. I am trying to overlay with text the first 10 seconds of a video and the last 10 seconds (with ...

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git remove commits non-interactively

I would like to non-interactively remove unpushed commits containing a subject keyword from my history (similar to interactive rebase where the lines containing the keyword is removed). The following …

2 answers | 2 hours ago by badeip on Stack Overflow
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Android streaming live camera using Wowza Media Engine

I'm developing one live streaming android application. The app will record video in the background using MediaRecorder and I'm able to store that to sd card. I was trying Wowza Media engine to stream …

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python: subprocess call ffmpeg (command line)

I have been incorporating subprocess calls in my program. I have had no issues with subprocess calls for other commands, but I am having trouble getting the command line input ffmpeg -r 10 -i ...

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opencv2 is not creating videos properly

Hello I've in the past used this code to produce videos. Now it's not working anymore this is a sample code: I've used *'MJPG' *'XVID' always with the same result. Help please. The files are extremely …

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Git - Cherry pick a single commit for pull request

I might not have the terminology down yet. I made file to be added to a open project on git. I forked the project. I made some changes and my last commit is the file I want to request to the project …

1 answers | 3 hours ago by user3590149 on Stack Overflow
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Linux scripting: hiding user input on terminal

I have bash script like the following: #!/bin/bash echo "Please enter your username"; read username; echo "Please enter your password"; read password; I want that when the user types the password …

6 answers | 4 hours ago by JP19 on Stack Overflow
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Linux program only answers no even though a shell variable name exist

I wrote the following program to find valid shell variable names. I always get the answer as no when I run the program even if the shell variable exist. Here is the code: if [ -n "$(echo $1 | grep …

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Beth on Stack Overflow
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For loop to produce a comma delimited string of appended values

I have a script: OUTPUT_DIR=/share/es-ops/Build_Farm_Reports/WorkSpace_Reports BASE=/export/ws TODAY=`date +"%m-%d-%y"` HOSTNAME=`hostname` WORKSPACES=( "bob_avail" "bob_used" ...

2 answers | 4 hours ago by Brian Bills on Stack Overflow
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add a git repository to remine, but it have no history

The project's repository is effective and I can see the files. The problem is I can't get the history. Here is the snapshot: How could I do? I can paste some configuration if you need.

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glibc not supported by Cygwin

Cygwin FAQ has the following info for 'Where is glibc?' : Cygwin does not provide glibc. It uses newlib instead, which provides much (but not all) of the same functionality. Porting glibc to Cygwin …

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Meaning of echo “usage: sysinfo_page [[[-f file ] [-i]] | [-h]]”

I am learning bash at the moment. I got some problem. "file" does not looks like a variable, seems like a command just cant understand things in the [] any help will be appreciated original code here. …

1 answers | 5 hours ago by scoof on Stack Overflow
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Parse log text in Python using Regex

I've a format like this: att1="value 1" att2="value 2" att3="value 3" for example level="Information" clientAddr="" action="GetByName" message="Action completed" url="/customers/foo" ...

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