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Git ignore: How to match one or more digits

I would like to make sure that git ignores any log files that are created on a rotating basis. For instance debug.log debug.log.1 debug.log.2 debug.log.10 should all be ignored. I am currently ...

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Laravel installation: How to place the ~/.composer/vendor/bin directory in your PATH?

I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 and I've been trying all possible methods to install Laravel to no avail. Error messages everything I try. I'm now trying the first method in the quickstart documentation, that is, ...

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Checkins to TFVC Team Projects trigger builds in Git Team Project

I have a TFS project set up for continuous integration. My problem is that checkins on other TFS projects are triggering builds of my project even when no change has been made to my project. It ...

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(Script Shell) Printing will result in a line?

well I have this problem when printing the result of my script Nombre : GAaarDO NOsaaOA BssqqIAN ANsssS CAssIN GAsssRDO BAsssAN ANsssES GAJsssDO LOsssZ BAsssAN ANsssES POsssTE GAsssDO BAssIAN ...

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mp4 loading and border issue on safari

I have a website where I supply both the webm for chrome and mp4 file for firefox and safari. I am doing this within the HTML using HTML video tags. <video class = "video" preload="auto" ...

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Add a reviewer to a GitHub pull request

In bitbucket, I can add reviewers to a pull request, indicating that I'd like them to review the request. How can I do the same on GitHub? The only thing I see is "Assignee", which is only for one ...

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Jenkins Execute Bash Based on Git Branch

I have a Jenkins project that successfully builds only when master and dev branches are pushed, and not any of our feature branches. However, what I would like to do is have Jenkins run a different ...

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I cannot get past the comment section after git commit? how to fix?

After I do a git commit, it would prompt me to comment so I can push to bitbucket and normally I press alt+x, then i exit and then git push. But for some reason, it's not letting me exit. committed ...

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expr giving syntax error

I am writing a simple script in bash : #!/bin/bash if [ $# -ne 3 ]; then echo "Usage: $0 number1 operator number2" exit 1 fi opt=$2 case $opt in +) echo "$1 + $3 = `expr $1 ...

1 answers | 31 mins ago by Abhinav Jain on Stack Overflow
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Use sed to delete everything after '>' and add index number plus a string?

I know this should be pretty simple to do, but I can't get it to work. My file looks like this >c12345|random info goes here that I want to delete AAAAATTTTTTTTCCCC >c45678| more | random ...

2 answers | 43 mins ago by Ethan on Stack Overflow
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What is the difference between “png” and “jpg -q 0”?

When you are using ffmpeg to extract images from videos, what is the difference between "png" and "jpg -q 0"? In my opinion, "-q 0" means the quantization is 0 and there is no compression. And the ...

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Images positions are wrong in the Jpegimagestomovie (Video Recorder)

I got a problem when I'm trying to record my screen. Here's a code to begin with : When I'm pressing a button which will record this is the code : if (record) { ...

1 answers | 47 mins ago by Amit on Stack Overflow
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How to randomly select a song I haven't heard in a while and play it

Shuffling mp3 files often results in hearing a track that recently played. So I decided to use the 'touch' command to update the 'last modified' date & time of a file. I want my script to ...

1 answers | 57 mins ago by halon314 on Stack Overflow
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Git push stacks for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 14.1.4

Whenever I do git push through VCS/git/push, IDE just stacks at "Pushing...". Nothing pops up, so was wondering what is causing the problem. Git push through terminal works fine. Could anyone ...

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Why does this sed command output “[18” instead of “18”?

echo [18%] | sed s:[\[%\]]::g I'm really confused by this, because the same exact pattern successfully replaces [18%] in vim. I've also tested the expression in a few online regex tools and they all ...

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when i compiling eclipse RCP project,I encounter an error; the error is “No git repository found searching upwards ”

when i build eclipse scada project by maven;why git is part of build process;how to remove it from build process;please look at follow error information [ERROR] Failed to execute goal ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by ProEditor on Stack Overflow
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git svn dcommit error: Doesn't exist in the repository

I'm trying to publish my Wordpresss plugin to the svn repository they assigned me. I use git (not svn) so I'm trying to use git-svn to but I'm getting the following error when I try to push my local ...

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Loop over csv files, output tail -n to new csv for each

I am writing a bash script that loops over x number of logfiles and sends the most recent 10 entries for each logfile into a separate csv. So if I have 25 logfiles, after running the script I will ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by smoothjabz on Stack Overflow
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Renaming multiple files using list of files

In bash how would I rename multiple files using names from a text file, I have a directory with multiple .mp3 files: 1.mp3. 2.mp3, 3.mp3, 4.mp3 etc... and a text file: names.txt with: song1.mp3 ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by octain on Stack Overflow
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Just check out a branch and untracked files exist

I just check out from a remote branch and I found that there're untracked files just after check out. How is this possible? I tried to commit the untracked files and pushed. However there still are ...

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How do I install cURL on cygwin (latest versions checked in setup - cyg complains missing .DLL)

There are other posts about this from 2011 but they do not have answers marked accepted (see here). My Cygwin complains about the missing .DLL as follows: /usr/bin/curl.exe: error while loading ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by user377241 on Stack Overflow
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Git is reading all my computer files, rather than just one folder. How to point git to a different folder?

I'm pretty new to Git (and Stack Overflow). Aside from git add, commit and push - and pull, I haven't explored any of the commands just yet. Every time I open Terminal on my mac, normally when ...

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Command for viewing overall git status regardless of location in directory

Is there a way to see a big-picture status in git? I'm new to git and end up losing files based on stashing them in the wrong directory or working on the wrong branch, and I'd like to find a command ...

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git diff filtered by file name

I would like the results of git diff to be filtered by the file name. In particular, I want a diff for all of the files named "AssemblyInfo.cs", but located anywhere within the git repository. I am ...

4 answers | 1 hour ago by Zantier on Stack Overflow
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Change past git commit message without stashing current work

If I want to change a past commit message, I know I can do git reset HEAD . git commit --amend -m "Correct commit message" or git stash save "WIP" git rebase -i HEAD~ but is there any way to do ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Andrew Grimm on Stack Overflow
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Best way to remove all lines from a text file starting at first empty line

What is the best way to remove all lines from a text file starting at first empty line in Bash? External tools (awk, sed...) can be used! Example 1: ABC 2: DEF 3: 4: GHI Line 3 and 4 should be ...

5 answers | 2 hours ago by haywire on Stack Overflow
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How to publish a java project source files on GIT?

I want to start moving some of my projects onto github repos. I'm a little overwhelmed on how to organize the files on these repos. I want to make sure I do this right. The specific project I've been ...

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YouTube Streaming Protocol and Port numbers to Different Devices

I'm wondering if anyone knows whether YouTube uses different protocols and/or port numbers in streaming video to different clients. For example, is it possible that they use HTTP, Port 80 for Mozilla ...

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Show Git version in R Code

I am using Git as a version control (currently the centralised workflow, but I would like to move to feature branch or gitflow workflow). I use RStudio/Knitr to compile PDF documents and would like ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by user1420372 on Stack Overflow
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How do I Sort commands by their destination in cliff?

I have a cliff interface that contains commands for FPGA and commands for micro-controller and I would like to show that as the user types help he/she will see them sorted by their destination(FPGA or ...

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