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How to print a range of columns in a CSV in AWK?

With awk, I can print any column within a CSV, e.g., this will print the 10th column in file.csv. awk -F, '{ print $10 }' file.csv If I need to print columns 5-10, including the comma, I only know …

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AWK show until first difference

I want AWK to display everything until the first difference occurs by my criteria in two files. File1 line: C000 4C F5 C5 JMP $C5F5 A:00 X:00 Y:00 P:24 SP:FD CYC: 0 SL:241 File2 line: JMP $C5F5 …

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grep from <tag> to </tag> through multiple lines and look for a special string inside

I tried: pcregrep -M '<activity.*MainActivity(\n|.)*</activity>' I want to grep from <activity to </activity> through multiple lines (3x <activity></activity>) and look …

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WordPress Not Rendering HTML5 Video

I am trying to create a splash page in WordPress (which I have done), but the video I would like to play isn't being located by the browser. This works when not in WordPress. But once inside ...

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In H264, what does the field_pic_flag mean and does it have a relation to encoding intervals?

I am looking at a H264 stream which has all true field_pic_flags in every slice header. The standard says the following about it: field_pic_flag equal to 1 specifies that the slice is a slice of a …

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Why doesn't the shell command find . -name “*.txt” | rm remove all .txt files in the current directory?

I am new to the shell. I tried to use the following command to remove all .txt files in the current directory. find . -name "*.txt" | rm I realize this isn't the most straightforward way to remove …

2 answers | 29 mins ago by intelli78 on Stack Overflow
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Output alignment structure-preserving

Here's my output: <activity> <intent-filter> <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" /> <action ...

4 answers | 37 mins ago by user3022917 on Stack Overflow
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Best way of posting a video to a html website

I want to post some mp4 videos in my site and I don't want to upload it to youtube or any 3rd party web app which will let me embed it into my website. I also don't want to use any blogging system ...

2 answers | 46 mins ago by Anay Karnik on Stack Overflow
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Unable To Run Command-Line Instructions From WinForm

On my way to learn C#, I created a winforms based application to ping on the click of a button. So, when I click the button, the command prompt comes up but the ping command doesn't run and …

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Detecting a element's position when and absolute is inside a relative

Please don't kill me as I'm sure this has been asked somewhere before but when I've looked around nothing made sense to me. Essentially I'm trying to use the code below to auto play a video on my ...

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How to update/shrink the size of my github repo after running BFG Repo Cleaner

I have cleaned my repo with BFG Repo Cleaner using the following procedure: $ git clone --mirror git:// $ java -jar bfg.jar --strip-biggest-blobs 500 some-big-repo.git $ …

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Difference between “(no branch)” and “(detached at abc1234)”

Normally when you run something like this inside of a git repository: git checkout abc1234 You end up in a detached HEAD state. If you run git branch, the output will look something like this: * …

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Linux egrep and join

i want to join two fields of stat (date of modify and name) in one line stat *|egrep 'File|Modifica' File: "expresso" Modifica : 2014-07-21 19:03:53.797915876 +0200 File: "file" Modifica : ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by elbarna on Stack Overflow
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Unable to push in Git

I went through other similar questions extensively before ending up asking my own question on this. I am beginning to learn Git and I tried something very simple. My objective was to create a repo in …

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Deepak Mahalingam on Stack Overflow
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shell script connect three commands

I have shell script, and need to forward number of files and folders in some directory to .txt file, I did it with ls | wc - but in that file need to be date and time when script was ran ls | wc -l …

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Stipe Viskov on Stack Overflow
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How is git tree object hash constructed?

Git trees are well described in But how is the SHA1 ID for a tree object generated?

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Jenkin android build fails

I am trying to build test an android app on my jenkin server. But some how it is failing to create AVD. any idea why it is failing. Please find the log from jenkin build. I have configured this ...

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git rebase command works wrong

I try my last 2 commit in my project. I write code below. git rebase --interactive HEAD~2 Normally This code opens VIM editor and I merge last 2 commit like this example. ==> How can I merge two …

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iOS AVCapture video capture green border

When i capture video using AVCaptureSession with a custom video output size, I get a green border to the right and below the video. These green borders get embedded in the video. See image below. ...

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How do you configure Git to ignore changes to line endings?

One of our developers' text editor messes up the line endings of our PHP files. We've tried all settings, but the editor still seems to replace the CR-LF's with LF's on saving. Of course, the most …

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How to count lines of code including sub-directories

Suppose I want to count the lines of code in a project. If all of the files are in the same directory I can execute: cat * | wc -l However, if there are sub-directories, this doesn't work. For this …

11 answers | 2 hours ago by speciousfool on Stack Overflow
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Javascript - Adding Full Screen Video to Image Slideshow

I need assistance as to how I would add a short video clip to display along with my image slideshow. Below is the JavaScript slideshow which works fine with images, I would like to add videos ...

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Why should I use core.autocrlf=true in Git?

I have a Git repository that is accessed from both Windows and OS X, and that I know already contains some files with CRLF line-endings. As far as I can tell, there are two ways to deal with this: …

2 answers | 3 hours ago by Rich on Stack Overflow
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how to deploy web application directly from git master branch

For educational purpose, I am writing a server instance in GCE(google compute engine) to serve a few web apps mostly (to be) written in Dart and Polymer. My workflow is, when my students log-in the …

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grep multiple extension current and subfolders

I'm trying to grep multiple extensions within the current and all sub-folders. grep -i -r -n 'hello' somepath/*.{php,html} This is only grepping the current folder but not sub-folders. What would …

3 answers | 3 hours ago by Mike on Stack Overflow
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How can I do a find-and-replace across my whole system?

I want to run a query or script which first searches every .php file on my system for the string strawberry. If that string is found anywhere, the entire line containing it should be replaced with the …

3 answers | 3 hours ago by GreenTriangle on Stack Overflow
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Access pre-compiled functions within a class C++/11

Sorry if the title is misleading, I'm currently looking for solutions to the following: I'm developing a library, for other people to use. They have to follow a strict design concept and the way they …

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Debian Linux script. Restart MongoDB

Help write the SH script that can be hung on CRON. The script should check whether MongoDB, if not, delete the file mongod.lock and restart the mongo server. if (mongo == down) { # rm ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by jeka5555 on Stack Overflow
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git rm - fatal: pathspec did not match any files

I added over 9000 photos by accident to my project folder. And committed them. Then deleted them from disk. Committed. Now I try to push changes to git server. But it takes to long and tries to ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by efr on Stack Overflow
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npm postinstall fails with multiple commands

Inside my composer.json, there's a postinstall hook setup like the following: "scripts" : { "dist" : "node dist; node_modules/.bin/doccoh src/package.js", "postinstall" : ...

2 answers | 4 hours ago by kaiser on Stack Overflow
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