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Using scripts in table

Ok so i am trying to create a simple product form in HTML. I am able to build the table however I need to use certain variables the user selects from the form to create create things such as ...

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pattern regex substitution in Notepad++ N++

Pl explain a little bit on the reasoning behind your answer. Much appreciate it . How do You achieve this kinda regex substitution notepad++ ( N++ ) & Linux/ Unix korn shell (Plain BSD linux ) ...

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Sed in place on privileged symlink

Once upon a time I used sed and tee combined to alter a privileged file in place. Because the shell itself doesn't have root privileges I had to get creative to write command output into files: sed ...

1 answers | 4 mins ago by J V on Stack Overflow
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Save changes to GitHub using Git Bash

I'm new to both GitHub and Git. I created a repository on and added some files to it. Then, I used git bash (on Windows) to download those files using git clone ...

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Delete part of string in line (but not whole line) in subset of rows?

I have a tab delimited text file with 4 columns and a hundred million rows that looks like this: chr1 10019 10020 rs775809821 chr2 10108 10109 rs376007522 chr3 10128 10128 ...

2 answers | 5 mins ago by dam4l10 on Stack Overflow
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Add Input File Functionality to Unix Shell

I have created a file called myShell.c in which I am implementing a Unix shell. I haved added functionality to redirect output to a file using the command mysh> L > dir.txt. I was wanting to add a ...

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How to scope down acess on GitHub without scaling users?

I ran into a situation where I have a lot of test boxes (~4), each of which only needs read-access to a subset of the repositories in my organization. I can create an SSH key, add it to GitHub for ...

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automating the setting of the Java option Xmx

When I create a cloud server instance, manually via a browser, I have to select the memory available. This information is available to the server instance operating system, which in my case is, ...

3 answers | 8 mins ago by H2ONaCl on Stack Overflow
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Missing argument to -exec in groovy command through jenkins

Im trying to copy the resulting war file from one build directory to another using Jenkins pipeline script(groovy). I have tested the find/exec/cp command on the system itself as the jenkins user, ...

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Get the characters after the last index of a substring from a string

I have a string which is an output of another command. I only need the end of this string to display. The separator string is "." (dot and space), and I need the string after the last index of ".". ...

4 answers | 9 mins ago by Patartics Milán on Stack Overflow
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git: copy/move range of commits to separate repository

I created a new feature branch and added a file there. Every commit after creating that branch only targets this file. Now I want to move those commits to a new repository that is just for this new ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by Ollie on Stack Overflow
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Why git identity is keep losing with bitbucket repo?

Whenever I need to git pull or git push repo on on Win10 dev laptop, almost every time I need to add the identity before I can do that. Here is the ssh -T: $ ssh -T ...

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Package inputenc Error: Unicode char \u8 in RStudio

In RStudio, when i go for convert my Markdown file to PDF then it gives me the error: output file: ! Package inputenc Error: Unicode char \u8: not set up for use with LaTeX. ...

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I would like to find the process id of a Jenkins job

I would like to find a way to find the process id of a Jenkins job, so I can kill the process if the job gets hung. The Jenkins instance is on Ubuntu. Sometimes, we are unable to stop a job via the ...

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In Bash, grep for a line and print that line in a file but with more information

In bash, I am using the grep command to print the result to a file: grep "4 CA 1" CVOLOPTs*SYMREMO.out | grep "11 O 0 0 0" >> data.dat Which prints the following in the data.dat file: ...

2 answers | 20 mins ago by DavidC. on Stack Overflow
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Passing arguments to perl using bash variables

Ordinarily I would invoke Perl and supply required arguments from within a bash script simply using: perl arg1 However there are cases when I want to store both the perl script directory ...

1 answers | 22 mins ago by AnnaSchumann on Stack Overflow
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How can I reproduce zombie process with bash as PID1 in docker?

I have a Docker container that runs bash at PID1 which in turn runs a long-running (complex) service that sometimes produces zombie processes parented to the bash at PID1. These zombies are seemingly ...

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How to 'grep' a continuous stream?

Is that possible to use grep on a continuous stream? What I mean is sort of a tail -f <file> command, but with grep on the output in order to keep only the lines that interest me. I've tried ...

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git2go: After CreateCommit() all files appear like being added for deletion

With git2go I do a AddAll() and a CreateCommit() on a newly cloned directory. The Push() works fine and I get all commited files, when I clone the remote to a different place. But if I call git status ...

1 answers | 34 mins ago by Michael on Stack Overflow
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Awk tolower a string that starts with an accent

I have a file with this string in a line: "Ávila" And I want to get this output: "ávila". The problem is that the function tolower of awk only works when the string does not start with accent, and I ...

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Merge two lines into one

I have a text file with the following format. The first line is the "KEY" and the second line is the "VALUE". KEY 4048:1736 string 3 KEY 0:1772 string 1 KEY 4192:1349 string 1 KEY 7329:2407 string 2 ...

19 answers | 43 mins ago by shantanuo on Stack Overflow
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Writing output into a file via linux script?

I have to write a script in linux that saves one line of text to a file and then appends a new line. What I currently have is something like: read "This line will be saved to text." Text1 $Text1 ...

2 answers | 45 mins ago by Matt Smith on Stack Overflow
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Spring JPA Repository - Caused by: org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: could not extract ResultSet

I have a Repository and hitting directly this repository from Postman. Caused by: org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: could not extract ResultSet at ...

1 answers | 48 mins ago by Smitha Reddy on Stack Overflow
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Github pages are not updating

I'm running into a weird issue with Github pages. I pushed a new commit to my personal pages page, but the new article isn't showing up there. When I execute the server locally, a ...

9 answers | 48 mins ago by Jonathan on Stack Overflow
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sed to get string between two patterns

I am working on a latex file from which I need to pick out the references marked by \citep{}. This is what I am doing using sed. cat file.tex | grep citep | sed 's/.*citep{\(.*\)}.*/\1/g' Now ...

3 answers | 48 mins ago by Himangshu Paul on Stack Overflow
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How to implement a many to one relationship repository

I have a many-to-one relationship with two tables and my fluent api as: builder.Entity<CustomerINVOLVED>() .HasMany(c => c.ASSOC_INC_CUSTs) .WithOne(t => t.CustomerINVOLVEDs) ...

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Generate a git patch for a specific commit

I need to write a script that create patches for a list of SHA1 commit numbers. I tried using git format-patch <the SHA1>, but that generated a patch for each commit since that SHA1. After a ...

4 answers | 52 mins ago by elle on Stack Overflow
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Migration from CVS to GIT - simplest way

I'm starting my professional career in programming and needs help ! What is the simplest way to migrate from CVS to Git .

1 answers | 56 mins ago by Jackop on Stack Overflow
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Check if remote file exist and perform some other operation in expect script

I am trying to write an expect script in Linux which needs to do following job. Login to remote windows machine using ssh Check if a certain file exists Compare timestamp of another file on the same ...

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bash script does not display $strings in echo statements

I am taking a Linux course and we are covering bash scripting. The following script should print the echo statements with the string value but it doesn't. #/bin/bash echo "Enter the first string" ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Debug255 on Stack Overflow
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