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solaris + how to verify if file isn’t update more than XX min

how to verify if file isn’t update more than 55 min? For example, the file IOstatDisk2.log not update since 18:00 And now the current time is 19:00 solaris1a:/var/tmp ROOT # ls -ltr IOstatDisk2.log ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by maihabunash on Stack Overflow
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How can I expand my video.js player on facebook?

My idea is, when you pasted a link from my blog to the facebook wall, you can play it, just like youtube player. I have video.js, and I tryed this tags: <meta property="og:video" ...

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List all local branches without a remote

Problem: I want a way of deleting all the local branches I have that do not have a remote. It's easy enough to pipe the names of the branches into a git branch -D {branch_name}, but how do I get that ...

4 answers | 11 mins ago by JC Denton on Stack Overflow
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Find and kill a process in one line using bash and regex

I often need to kill a process during programming. The way I do it now is: [~]$ ps aux | grep 'python' user 5124 1.0 0.3 214588 13852 pts/4 Sl+ 11:19 0:00 python ...

16 answers | 12 mins ago by Orjanp on Stack Overflow
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Github Pull Requests: How can I prevent “unjustified” change markings?

Our Github pull requests are full of "non-changes" like this: I generally understand that these are related to recent code changes that were merged into this branch. But I thought one of the ...

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Recovering codebase from bare git repository

I have my codebase in a git repo on my laptop and I setup a bare git repo on an external hard drive for my backup. I successfully pushed my first commit, but noticed my backup repo on my external hard ...

2 answers | 14 mins ago by Dusty on Stack Overflow
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'Commit to Branch' option in XCode 6

In earlier versions of XCode, there was an option called Commit to Branch on commit page which really helped when you'd messed around too much with your code in a particular branch and didn't want to ...

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Script to classify files in a directory structure yyyy/mm/dd

I have more than a million images in a directory. These images have been taking over the years and want to create a timelapse with mencoder on a per day basis. Files have their date un the following ...

1 answers | 23 mins ago by Cy. on Stack Overflow
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FFMpeg convert avi video to the format in HTML5 standard

I try to convert an avi file to mp4 format which is supported by the most known browsers eg. : (IE, Firefox, Chrome). I use for that ffmpeg tool. I noticed that video after conversion works on my ...

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bash write line in .bashrc

I try to write a litle bash script to add line in fstab on linux Debian and Ubuntu. I have no software like puppet and no time to learn this approach I'm dummie in bash so that is my first hello ...

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Unable to deploy/move forward with simple web app

Beginning details: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit WAMP Version: 2.5 MySQL Version: 5.6.17 PHP Version: 5.5.12 Apache Version: 2.4.9 I also have git, heroku toolbelt, etc. etc. I'm trying to ...

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FFmpeg libswresample linker error

i'm trying to set-up a function, using the ffmpeg c api, to resample a stream (AVStream format) to fixed (1channel - u8 sample) format. I'm using ffmpeg libswresample library, but when i try to ...

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How to use Jekyll site.pages to generate sitemap.xml

I'm trying to use site.pages to automatically generate sitemap.xml in Jekyll (GitHub Pages), This is the sitemap.xml code I got: --- --- <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <urlset ...

2 answers | 59 mins ago by Jim on Stack Overflow
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Mysterious: Elif and Counter Increment Bug

Hi I am trying to run a for loop with an increment counter that switches into an elif statement. The for loop is a way of building a string of syllables to synthesize with macintalk. I would like to ...

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bash: get filenames and pass to script

I'd like to make process of creating csv files more automatic. I have 30 directories containing logs named as below 2015-05-01/ 2015-05-02/ ... 2015-05-30/ Each directory contains the same number ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by golazo on Stack Overflow
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pass multiple content from layout to page

I would like to know if there is a way to pass a dynamic named content to the page from the layout. For example, Layout <body> <div class="container"> {{ content }} ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by naveen on Stack Overflow
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Resource path during reactor build and child build (Maven)

How to construct the path to a resource used during the build (specifically the verify phase), so it will be found whether maven was executed on the reactor root or on the child module directly? ...

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Twisted Conch MockSSH: implement 'stty -echo'

I am attempting to set up a mock ssh shell server using MockSSH. To test the particular application I'm dealing with, I need to be able to stop the shell from echoing input. The application always ...

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Travis not testing new commits after GitHub repository renamed

It took me 3 days to notice that Travis-CI isn't testing the commits I push after I changed my repository's name. I tried every option that I was able to find here, on GitHub and on Travis help page. ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by akz92 on Stack Overflow
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AWK, SED to display a column based on Column name

I am working on a shell script which has a lot of SED and AWK commands in it. Now, I am stuck up in a place where i couldn't proceed further. For example :- If i run the below command. It prints the ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by like_to_learn on Stack Overflow
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Xcode: Working copy has uncommitted changes

When trying to switch branch in Xcode 7 beta 3 or 6.4 I get "Working copy has uncommitted changes". If I commit or discard all changes and try again I get the same result. Update: So now I'm unable ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by Andreas on Stack Overflow
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iPhone doesn't support inline video - Is it possible to strip frames and audio from an uploaded video file with JS?

Tl;Dr Is it possible with JS to strip individual frames and audio data of an uploaded video for streaming to a custom canvas / audio player? Why or why not? I haven't tried reading raw file data / ...

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Desired output format

I have created a Expect Script file that telnet to multiple switches. I would like to check if telnet functions properly by telneting the switch. This is my code to telnet to the switches. ...

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vim in Cygwin replaces first character with 'g' on opening a file

I use vim in Cygwin terminal. It was working fine. Recently, I added a package in Cygwin which caused update of vim and some other components. Now when I open any file in vim, the first character in ...

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Handling commands with spaces in filenames

I am using below ffmpeg command to cut videos.It works fine for video file names which doesn't have spaces but didn't worked for filenames having spaces.. execFFmpegBinary("-i " + path + " -ss " + ...

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How to set flag in bash function for setting aliases?

This is the command i want to execute watchify files/[filename].js -t hbsfy -o out/[filename].js i tried this javascriptCompile() { foo="src/js/files/$1.js -t hbsfy -o src/js/out/$1.js" ...

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Can i programmatically rename a file on removable sd card

I tried below codes for renaming file.It works fine for internal storage but is not working for removable sd card file.I need to rename file on removable sd card to remove spaces and special ...

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Adding lists to a list, got TypeError: 'float' object is not iterable

biglist = [] for files in glob.glob(os.path.join(path, '*.txt')): sublist = numpy.loadtxt(files).tolist() biglist.extend(sublist) return big_matrix I am trying to add lists extracted from ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Chelsea Dong on Stack Overflow
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google d8 (v8 shell), outputs “undefined” on every press of return key

I have google v8 version 4.6.0 running on linux mint rafaela, downloaded with gclient and built using "make native console=readline -j4". Now whenever I have d8 shell running, it outputs undefined ...

3 answers | 2 hours ago by nse7en on Stack Overflow
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Ionic material app not running

I am trying to run the example ionic material app found here: I have run the following commands: $ ionic start myapp sidemenu $ ionic platform add android ...

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