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How to add symlinks to git repository on Windows?

I compile binaries for OS X using GitHub' s electron environment and want to add the output to a git repository. I tried git add . error: readlink(" ...

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How to treat a file use awk

I want to read a file using awk and but I'm got stuck on fourth field where it automatically break after a comma. Data:- test.txt "A","B","ls","This,is,the,test" "k","O","mv","This,is,the,2nd test" ...

2 answers | 8 mins ago by akhilesh chand on Stack Overflow
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How to get the file creation date/time in xfs

I am able to get the file creation date/time using debugfs command in ext file system but how to check/get the same in XFS file system.

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shell script to display the calendar of the current month with current date replace by *

I want the result to like this: May 2014 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa 1 2 3 4 5 * 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 I am able to extract the date using date ...

2 answers | 22 mins ago by vjd on Stack Overflow
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Create new column that merges two columns

I have 100 files with similar format (shown below). I want to add a new column to every files that combines the column mir and seq separated by an _ This has to be done automatically for all files. ...

1 answers | 34 mins ago by BioMan on Stack Overflow
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Paste string in system

Within R how could I try to use this unix command printf "%s\t" NAMES n{1..1600} >file_o Trying system(paste("printf \"%s\t\" NAMES n{1..1600} >file_o")) causes no message, but it does not ...

1 answers | 55 mins ago by ktoui on Stack Overflow
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Deploy R markdown document on

I'm trying to deploy an R markdown document on the server. I have followed the steps as described here. However, step 8 indicates the presence of a "deploy" button. This button is ...

1 answers | 56 mins ago by glnvdl on Stack Overflow
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Awk: splitting a field

new to awk and try to do something that's probably simple but it's taking me a while. To simplify things, I have a text file called 'sample' and it contains the following line: ...

1 answers | 57 mins ago by Cro2015 on Stack Overflow
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How could I remove all directories except 10 recent with bash?

I have the following folders in my base /var/www/.versions directory: 1435773881 Jul 1 21:04 1435774663 Jul 2 21:17 1435774856 Jul 3 21:20 1435775432 Jul 4 21:56 How could I remove all ...

1 answers | 57 mins ago by Erik on Stack Overflow
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“MPEG audio header not found” error when opening with TagLib after converting with ffmpeg

I converted a wma file simply by doing something like this... ffmpeg -i song.wma -f mp3 song.mp3 I can then play the mp3 file in Windows Media player, so it looks like the conversion worked. ...

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jq or xsltproc alternative for s-expressions?

I have a project which contains a bunch of small programs tied together using bash scripts, as per the Unix philosophy. Their exchange format originally looked like this: meta1a:meta1b:meta1c AST1 ...

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Linux crontab redirection log

I have the cron set up as such, but the log file just has a number 50 written to it. Within the script I have another logfile in /tmp folder and that shows the echo outputs. Why is it missing here in ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by user1918074 on Stack Overflow
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Spring Cloud Config Server + BitBucket

I'm trying to get Spring Cloud's Config Server setup with a BitBucket private repository and haven't had any luck. No matter what configuration I use, I always seem to get a 404 returned when trying ...

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Game Maker Language calculating proper average

Here is my code: var num, totalNum, averageNum, numItems, msg; msg = ""; totalNum = 0; numItems = 0; while(true) { num = get_integer("Please enter a number. Enter -99 to quit.", "type here"); ...

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Bash: can I have shell autocompletion ignore certain paths?

I have some directories in my home directory which I prefer to leave as-named, for various reasons. They do however irritate me as I basically never need to autocomplete on them, and they interfere ...

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Using an array of strings in gawk command in Linux

I'm having problems applying my gawk command to an array of strings. The gawk command in itself works fine: $ gawk '$1 == "name" {print $0}' Data1.txt >> Data2.txt with this I am able to ...

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VS2013 Crash After Pull with Git from command Line

Hi to everybody and tks in advance for your help! I have a web app in VS2013 working just fine, but everytime I make a pull from my gitlab repository, then I can't open the solution anymore. The only ...

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How to to selectively edit and accept changes committed in another branch without editing hunks?

I am trying to select/edit changes from another branch before merging - e.g., after a fetch. When there are conflicts, it is easy to go to a conflicted file and remove/edit the text between '>>>' ...

1 hour ago by B. Zen on Stack Overflow
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Setup Clion with boost on windows 7

i need some simple example how to include boost libraries/headers with CMake in Clion IDE under windows 7. need it for C++ 11. Boost libs and headers are installed in custom directories. I have ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by ya_dimon on Stack Overflow
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How to locate largest directories

I am wanting to create a bash script that locates the directories over 500mb within a directory foo. I have this command which finds the directories with foo in ascending size order. du /foo/* | ...

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QVideoWidget not launching, not playing video

I have an app where there is a certain menu option, clicking which, I want to launch a video player with a specific video from my local drive playing. This is what I tried (mostly from Qt official ...

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Understanding git pull and git fetch

I understand that git fetch downloads the data from the remote repository and only updates the remote-tracking branches, not yet merging into the local branches (thic can be done with git merge ...

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How to handle binary files in a Jekyll site that lives in the gh-pages branch of a GitHub repo?

Let's say I version-control a project and use GitHub as a remote repo. Now I would like to create a dedicated site for that that repo. GitHub allows you to use Jekyll and gh-pages for that. But sites ...

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Jekyll sitemap exclude not working

I wonder why main.css still appears in my final sitemap.xml. I'm not using any sitemap plugin in _config.yml. In /sitemap.xml's code, it says: {% for page in site.pages %} {% unless ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Christopher on Stack Overflow
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av_interleaved_write_frame return 0 but no data written

I use the ffmpeg to stream the encoded aac data , i use the av_interleaved_write_frame() to write frame. The return value is 0,and it means success as the description. Write a packet to an ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Jerikc XIONG on Stack Overflow
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awk pattern matching with if

I'm trying to multiply field $2 either by .75 or .1 I have this data: Disputed,279 Processed,12112 Uncollected NSF,4732 Declined,14 Invalid / Closed Account,3022 Awk statement: ...

3 answers | 2 hours ago by Registered User on Stack Overflow
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color filter on existing video file in iOS

I am looking into applying a color filter on a AVMutableComposition. I do not want to use any external framework such as GPUImageFramework. I thought it would be quite an easy and fast thing to do ...

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Extracting a eia_608 stream from a mpeg2 transport stream with FFMPEG

I'm trying to convert a MPEG2 Transport Stream to a MP4 stream. The video and audio are fine, but I can't seem to figure out how to tell ffmpeg to extract the eia_608 stream from the video and place ...

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Pull a commit into another branch exactly (without merging)

I have a structure similar to below: C1 -- C2 -- C3 \ -- C4 I want to pull C3 on back on top of C4. (NB: C3 & C3a hold the save files) C1 -- C2 -- C3 \ -- ...

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Is it possible to implement a video codec using GLSL shaders?

Is it possible to implement a video codec using GLSL shaders, and if practical, would it be any more efficient than a cpu codec?

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