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SQL how to store employees holiday requests and remaining days

I have the following requirement (SQL SERVER): I need to store all employee leave requests (vacations only) in a table Also I need to know how many days left (vacations) in the period ( ...

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Using static function binding in XAML

I have a XAML file, where i want to replace field names with variables so i can have translation support for more languages for my application. The way i currently use translation in my application …

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Reorder a dynaimcally created WPF datagrid in C#

I am using a webserivce to return data and link it to a datagrid. The data is bound to two datagrids which are ordered amount and then value. For one of the datagrids I would like to change the ...

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Unit Test auto-wiried Caliburn Micro Views

I am working on a large project (10+ Developers) using Caliburn Micro and we want to have 90+% code coverage on unit tests, including the UI layer. Specifically we want to be able to test if the ...

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Dealing with .NET classes in native C++

I want to pass a .net class to a native function and work with that class (i.e. get the value of a Property). Note that i don't want to use C++/CLI. For example, i have a Label in my web application …

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Alternative to Roles.IsUserInRole(“rolename”) using Web.config location element

Let me start by saying that what I have works - I just don't like it. I have a web.sitemap that is used for my navigation bar. Some of the nodes are accessible by everyone, some of them have roles …

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Select Query does not find existing record

The [Date] field in data base is DateTime and it puts data in this format . The problem is in debugging mode. When I send date () to the query. The query does not find any record. I think it is ...

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Setting RadioButtonList selected value

I am trying to select the radiobuttonlist's using the following code but it never get selected. <asp:RadioButtonList ID="rdBond" CssClass="RadioButtonList" ...

3 answers | 16 mins ago by ayha on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Direct communication between model and view within asp.net mvc application

I have done an Asp.net mvc application. When I finished it I see this diagram Microsoft’s Smart Client Factory documentation I don't understand the direct communication between the model and the ...

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Razor syntax error serializing ASP.NET Model to JSON with Html.Raw

This line is giving me a syntax error in Visual Studio 2012 (literally just 'Syntax Error'): var data = @Html.Raw(new System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer().Serialize(Model)); Model …

3 answers | 20 mins ago by Tom Studee on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Code Contracts can't invert conditionals?

I have this struct (simplified for brevity): public struct Period { public Period(DateTime? start, DateTime? end) : this() { if (end.HasValue && start.HasValue && ...

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LDAP error (0x8000500c) when accessing SOME attributes through C# code with administrator credentials

I am trying to read an attribute from an LDAP (not AD) entry using the 'System.DirectoryServices' library. My LDAP entry is the following: dn: uid=foo,ou=People,dc=companyname,dc=local objectClass: …

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random city street generation using tiles

I am trying to build a randomized city made out of tiles and so far i can build an array, set the the city edge, place a random building such as a church or factory and can place tiles with random ...

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How to copy image from resources to disk

I added image to my solution. Changed compilation action property to resource and don't copy. Application in first run check is directories and files are existing if not they are created. My ...

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What can be the cause for error while building ASP.NET web application?

While I build my solution it shows following error: 'System.Web.HttpRequest' does not contain a definition for 'RequestContext' and no extension method 'RequestContext' accepting a first argument …

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How to stub DbSet.Find

// acknowledgement: http://stackoverflow.com/a/5022512/1500199 public class FakeDbSet<T> : IDbSet<T> where T : class { private readonly HashSet<T> data; private readonly ...

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C# Code-First migration, up/down?

Started to use the add-migration command in the package manager console to generate the migrations for my model. My question is, the up and down method. I assume that the purpose of the down method is …

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xero c# API not working

have copied sample xero API wrapper in C# from github. But when same code is copied into the current MVC3 project, it gives a Object reference not set to an instance of state . the relevant code is …

1 answers | 41 mins ago by Abdul Ali on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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how to update checkbox

in my wp8 app i have check box wich is under listbox here is xaml code <ListBox Name="URLListBox" Grid.Row="2" > <ListBox.ItemTemplate> ...

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windows programm where main form display on desktop

Is it possible in Windows 7 to display a form on the desktop behind the icons? The user should only read the content, there is no "animation" or "interaction". If the user can arrange the window, then …

48 mins ago by Thor on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Could not load file or assembly 'DevComponents.DotNetBar2 Erorr

please see this pic http://upload7.ir/imgs/2014-07/95474529960213811860.gif I have an error and I think it is about Dev Component but I have added Dev component .dll file in my Project!! the error …

1 answers | 53 mins ago by user3880066 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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foreach KeyValuePair in NameValueCollection?

I have this code: NameValueCollection nv = HttpUtility.ParseQueryString(queryString); foreach (KeyValuePair<String,String> pr in nv) { //process KeyValuePair } This ...

5 answers | 54 mins ago by Oliver on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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c# How Click “Security & password” Section

I am new in c# programming section so please don't going delete my id. I am just need click in the "Security & password" section via my c# programming knowledge. I am not understand How I am …

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How to renew the access token using the refresh token?

I am using ASP.NET MVC 5 with OWIN. I have done a lot of research and haven't found how to renew the access token using the refresh token. My scenario is: The first time the user accesses my app, he …

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How to check if OnNavigatedTo was triggered by back button in Windows Phone 8.1 Universal app?

Quite a simple question I guess, but I can't seem to figure it out.. I have a MainPage.xaml that runs code on the OnNavigatedTo event. How can I disable this if the user used the hardware backkey to …

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Self referencing loop detected for property 'project' with type 'Project'. Path 'project[0].requests[0]

I have this project mapping and I am struggling with JSON.NET serialization of the model. I have tried with lazyloading = false, and disabled proxy as well. However, it is not working when I am ...

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Selenium phantomjs webdriver, how do I use sessions?

I start phantomjs: IWebDriver driver = new PhantomJSDriver(driverpath); I perform a series of selenium commands to login website, submit firms, verify Page etc. Once logged in, can I start the …

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issue with 2D arrays

I'm trying to fill some data into two arrays, one containing normalized angles and another containing the sin of those angles. The arrays have to be 2D because they're going to be passed into a ...

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Display a file in WPF from a SQL Server database

I have a questions, I don´t know if is possible. First I have saved a file in a SQL Server database from a byte[] (C#) to varbinary with this code: OpenFileDialog fileDialog = new OpenFileDialog(); …

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Regex (C#): Replace \n with \r\n

How can I replace lone instances of \n with \r\n (LF alone with CRLF) using a regular expression in C#? Sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm new to Regex. I know to do it using plan String.Replace, …

7 answers | 1 hour ago by dbkk on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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