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Reading Text From Row 1 Column 2 (ListView)

I'm trying to write Column 1 + Column 2 for every row but I keep getting: I actually had it working at one point, but I re-opened the project and now it doesn't. Any idea as to what's happening?

29 secs ago
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Hoe to create attractive designe of Windows Forms in Windows Application C#?

I am creating a windows application which is "Inventory System". Please suggest me for good, attractive design as per company standard. I getting problems. I have many forms which contains many ...

49 secs ago
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Whenever try to open debugger in Mozilla Firefox the action result get called on server side

In my partial DashBoard.cshtml: @{ ViewBag.Title = "DashBoard"; } <h2>Customer DashBoard</h2> In my controller CustomerController: public class CustomerController : Controller { …

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Using Tinymce results in Internal server error in asp.net

I am using Tinymce in my web page and in client side every thing works fine. But when I try to access the tinymce textbox in code behind the page control doesnot render. I mean Page load Didn't ...

2 mins ago
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Can't run application from .cshtml tab

Strange problem I got here. I using Visual Studio 2012. When I start debugging my web application from .cshtml tabs I getting this error Server Error in '/' Application. The resource cannot be ...

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Windows Phone Push Notification(Raw) returning unexpected response headers

I am facing an issue while sending/receiving raw notifications. According to Push Notification Response Codes , whenever the notification is received, the response headers should be ...

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Genrics Value Checking Error

This Code is Getting Error at line 11 and 13,Error Message is Error "Operator '<' cannot be applied to operands of type 'T' and 'int'" How can I check Values and print it in other way class ...

9 mins ago
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Force checkbox to be unchecked or checked in datagridview

I want to force uncheck the checkbox in DataGridView if the entered amount is less than the known amount. How do I do that? Here is the code: private void Amount(object sender, ...

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Error calling Oracle Stored Procedure

I'm getting an error "PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'SPVALIDATEDBA'" while trying to call the stored procedure spValidateDBA from inside a c# function. Can someone please …

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how to insert data into a sql data table via stored procedure

i want to insert data from a dataset in asp.net into a sql table but i cant pass the values from dataset to my stored procedure plz help me here is my code private static SqlCommand ...

11 mins ago
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How to change the background color of a menustripitem in winforms?

Hello This picture sums it up: Got some troubles, couldn't find a proper answer using the search bar. I've tried to use a custom Render, but it is always just for professional render, when I'm ...

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Why does “Dispose” work, and not “using(var db = new DataContext())”?

I'm creating a forum which is made up of topics, which are made up of messages. When I try to implement the topic View in my Controller with: public ActionResult Topic(int id) //Topic Id { …

15 mins ago
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Verifying and parsing csv to 2D array in C# Visual Studios

Just trying out C# to make a button that loads csv files verify them and parse them: protected void Upload_Btn_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string test = PNLdataLoader.FileName; ...

18 mins ago
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Can I send an obj of a class to a file using filestream in C#?

I was wondering if I can send a whole obj which has 4 members: string name string lastname int StudentID int CitizenID using the filestream commends to save in a .txt file in binary format? I know …

22 mins ago
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Updating a Sub-document using CSharp

Hi Can any one tell me how to update sub child in the Mongo Document.i tried the below query var UpdateInvoice = Update.Set("Paid.Invoice.$.Number", 123456) .Set("Paid.Invoice.$.Amount", 200) …

25 mins ago
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What is the difference between i++ and ++i?

I've seen them both being used in numerous pieces of C# code, and I'd like to know when to use i++ or ++i (i being a number variable like int, float, double, etc). Anyone who knows this?

25 mins ago
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Display Numbers to words in textbox or lable in asp.net,C#?

<form id="form1" runat="server"> <div> <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True" OnTextChanged="TextBox1_TextChanged"></asp:TextBox><br /> …

28 mins ago
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C sharp to VB.net Invoke error

Hey all I am trying to figure out how to get the code below to work in VB.net. I already converted it from C# to VB.net: Dim dt As New DataTable() Dim dr As DataRow dt.Columns.Add("Name") ...

30 mins ago
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Setting Up UDP C# code

I am very new to sockets with C# and I have been working on trying to get a socket to work with localhost. Here is the main UDP code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using …

31 mins ago
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Error when accessing WCF Service with Byte parameter in Silverlight Application

I am developing a test application where I can upload images to Web Server using Silver-light application. Following is the code of my WCF SERVICE: Code of IImageService.cs using System; using ...

38 mins ago
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NHibernate combination and using OR

I have 3 variables in my filter: int? Owner, int? Watcher, int? CreatedBy. Now, depending of what is entered in filter (if CreatedBy.HasValue etc), i want to combine my query in NHibernate with OR …

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SyndicationFeed only returns the first item

I'm trying to create a rss reader for learning purposes, but my code seems to only return back the first item... I've looked at several tutorials to see if I was doing it wrong and even copied exactly …

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How to select subdirectory data(image) in ASP.net?

I have this code that is fetching data (an image) from a subfolder, but it's taking extra images if the target image is not there in the folders. How do I solve this? string[] selecteditems = ...

50 mins ago
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Use LINQ to SQL Engine to create dynamic SQL

I am working on an object relational mapper of sorts, which needs to dynamically create multi-table SQL statements at run time. The database structure is only known at run time, which rules out using …

53 mins ago
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Return a value from a model to the controller

I have an application where if the joint owner == yes it should show a partialview. My Model.cs is [Display(Name = "Joint Owner")] public string JointOwner { get; set; } and my view is <div …

58 mins ago
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Relationship between extension generic parameters and Func argument generic parameters

So I guess I don't really understand the above. Like suppose you have an extension on an enumerable type like so.... public static TElement StringMatch<TElement, TData>( this ...

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Properties changing in a custom control

I've created a custom control for easy addition as rows to a TableLayoutPanel. One entire row as seen in the image is a single instance of the control. I've to implement some functionality so that …

1 hour ago
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MVC JsonResult Method not accepting parameter

I have an MVC JsonResult Method that accepts one string parameter: public JsonResult GetDestinations(string countryId) { List<Destination> destinations = new ...

1 hour ago
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Update or replace an embedded document in MongoDB collection

I have following data structure: db.objects { "_id" : 1, "name" : "object name", "type" : "rectangle", "area" : { "position_x1" : 0, "position_y1" : 0, ...

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If Else statement does not recognize my comboBox

I am having an issue with my if else statements. When I submit the information, it should read the text in the combobox and give it a defining number. However, it dropped straight to the else and ...

1 hour ago
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