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Jquery AJAX sending JSON to web API 2 function

Hey all I am not sure why I am not able to send my data in json format to my web API 2 function. My AJAX: $('#btSubmit0').click(function () { $.ajax({ url: "/febClassifieds/", type: ...

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Outlook Interop Problems

In my application I am generating a pdf and attaching it to a Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Application MailItem. I then display the message (It opens the email item in outlook) using ...

1 answers | 2 mins ago by Chris on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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What do I need to do to send out Protobuf serialized Data using C# ASP .NET web api?

I'm new to protobuf and fairly new to asp .net. so I might need help on this. I have this code snippet for my PersonsController: public class PersonController : ApiController { [ProtoContract] ...

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How to use a default value for JSON.net for properties with invalid values

I am using the Newtonsoft JSON library to deserialize a response from a web service. The problem is that some of the fields contain values which are not valid. For example, one field on one record ...

2 answers | 4 mins ago by Alex on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Unable to connect to SQL Server database in Web Site Administration Tool

I have a web form project with a membership database. I'm using VS 2015 for web. I can debug the website using VS so I think my connection string is fine. I can access the membership database using ...

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C# Timer elapsed still runs little bit more after stopped

I am working with windows forms. I am using System.Timers.Timer . Although I stopped the timer with timer.Stop(), It still goes little bit more. I put some bool variable to prevent this but no luck. ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by a-f-a on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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how to get the next autoincrement value in sql

I am creating a winform application in c#.and using sql database. I have one table, employee_master, which has columns like Id, name, address and phone no. Id is auto increment and all other ...

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Access Property in ContentControl's Parent ViewModel

I have got my MainWindow which loads new UserControls and there ViewModel's into it's ContentControl, so the Views are switched. However, I need to access a property in my MainWindow ViewModel from ...

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Saving multidimensional byte array to SQL Server database

I want to save a multidimensional byte array to a SQL Server database. I know how to save a byte array which is a image conversion to a database. For that the data type I used is image. But now I ...

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Injected HttpContext is always null

This is honestly mindblowing, I can't get it to work. The context is always null, wherever it is injected... Do I have to add an instance of the context in Startup.cs? If Yes, how? Originating calls ...

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How to get the last digit of a number

How to get the last digit of a number. e.g. if 1232123, 3 will be the result Some efficient logic i want so that it is easy for results having big numbers. After the final number i get, i ...

4 answers | 10 mins ago by mns on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to check a list of string values in a condition statement

I am trying to check the value of a list of string in a condition, with out creating a for each or counter loop. For Example string extention = Path.GetExtension(attachment.Name).ToLower(); ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by EasyE on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Reference ASP.NET TextBox Control in AngularJS by ID instead of Name

I have a legacy application that I'm trying to add some Angular form validation features for the client side to be a little nicer. It's a WebForms application and it's using Master Pages. The issue ...

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How to allow window.opener.postMessage and window.close to interact with a separate webview

I have been working on getting popups working, for example ubisofts xbox live login option brings up a popup and posts a message back to the main web page. My problem is getting the popups webview to ...

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Retrieve all entities in a solution CRM

I am struggling with CRM currenly trying to get a list of all entities from a solution. This is the code that I have so far where i can retrieve a solution and get it's name etc but I can't figure out ...

2 answers | 11 mins ago by Slavi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How can I know that two emails are the same from two different mailboxes?

If I send the same email to two different mailboxes, I'd like to be able to tell if these are the same email. The problem is that the itemId is different for the two emails. And I can't figure a way ...

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c# load image from external dll

After many hours on Google and here, i ask yours help, because not found any valid solution, but only wrong way. I have many images into a dll as embedded resource, add this dll as reference to my ...

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Execute EXE file to run command as administrator on restricted user

I need to create File EXE when clicked by restricted user, it will execute command as administrator (Local Administrator ) I used this code: System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(@"C:\Test.bat", ...

2 answers | 12 mins ago by Peter on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How Do I Make a TemplateField with Checkbox Through Code-behind?

How can I add a template field with a checkbox to my DetailsView object through C# code-behind? I'm having trouble figuring it out from reading the asp.net code. I already have the TemplateField and ...

2 answers | 13 mins ago by Erick Garcia on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Bind Odata call to data grid view in a winform

I'm wondering if this is possible at all, but here is this public odata webservice: http://services.odata.org/AdventureWorksV3/AdventureWorks.svc/ I'm wondering if it is possible to get the data from ...

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Prevent Enter key from taking me inside a for loop

When I used the Visual Studio 2013 editor for writing in C#, pressing the enter key on the keyboard would simply insert a newline at the current cursor position and take me to the next line, which is ...

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jquery datepicker with calendar image button not working with asp.net masterpage

The Image does not appear when used with masterpages. The functionality of the datapicker works when you click on the text field, but the calendar.gif is not visible. It all works fine on a single ...

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WPF DataGrid binding to an Entity Framework with help of mvvm light

I'm having trouble to be able to bind DeviceListDataGrid to an entity (EF7). The datagrid is not showing any of the data contained by the source. I'm using mvvm-light toolkit. Here's the xaml ...

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How to convert a specific datagridview column values to double in c#?

I am new to c# and I am using windows forms. Anyone knows how can I convert specific datagridview column values to double using dataGridView1_CellValidating (or using other events) in C#? Please ...

3 answers | 20 mins ago by Kate on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LogicalCallContext flows across await in Console App but not VS UnitTest

I am using the Logical CallContext to flow information back across a series of awaits. Interestingly, in my test console app, everything works fine. However, when running my unit test in the context ...

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Customise email based on recipient

Using C#, I'm sending an email to a list of people who have Outlook. In that email there is a link to a shared calendar. The link looks like this: <a href=\"outlook://Public Folders - ...

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MatrixTransform how do you tell if its increasing or decreasing

I'm using MatrixTransform on a canvas that is pinched as follows: var transformation = MyCanvas.RenderTransform as MatrixTransform; var matrix = transformation == null ? ...

2 answers | 26 mins ago by John Sourcer on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Convert to Basic Latin for the websites only support Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplyment(C#)

When my website send customer's billing information to my vendors, they only accept the characters of Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement. They also want me to convert the characters not belonging to ...

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OpenTK - Model view projection problems

I have been following the C++ OpenGL Matrices Tutorial and attempting to translate it into C# OpenTK, without using a MVP matrix I get a red triangle drawn on screen but whenever I try to use it I get ...

1 answers | 27 mins ago by Tom Gothorp on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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First line of code in case is marked as unreachable but second line is not, why?

According to Visual Studio 2015 the first line of code in the first case statement is unreachable but I don't understand why. The second line of code in the same case statement is not marked as ...

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