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Serve the image - Close the image resource

The below code is working perfect. It serves the specified image. public HttpResponseMessage Get(string id) { string fileName = string.Format("{0}.png", id); FileStream ...

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C++ COM DLL for use in C#

In a project I'm working for my company, there have been an inter-lingual DLL communication problem. The library provider makes the DLL in C++ and my company is going to use this DLL in C#. I've read ...

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NGUI 3D Circular Scrollview

I'm trying to make a circular menu in NGUI similar to the one found in the party menu in Monster Strike. Here's a reference (look at 7 mins, 51 seconds): ...

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Iterating through anonymous Ilist type

consider this code public object GetDetailClasses(IList DefaultValue, IList ChangedValue) { foreach (var DefaultValueItem in DefaultValue) { foreach (var ...

1 answers | 58 secs ago by arash.zh on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Check for duplications in listbox with more than 1 item

I have to make a playlist where I can add a song title, the artist and the duration. I may not add the same song twice ( title, artist, and duration the same) and when i try to add a song with the ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Sam on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Creating a PDF using Xamarin Android

I am trying to create a PDF document that can then be open via an external application. The user is selecting an arbitrary number of images which are stored in a List<byte[]>. Disregarding this, ...

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Why isn't my WPF ValidationRule being executed?

I'll spare the larger story, but I have a ComboBox on a form that wasn't/isn't behaving properly. In order to try to fix the problem by experimentation, I created a test WPF project and I added all ...

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How to get error message when no way debugging

I'm using EF in my application and it is throwing an exception System.Data.Entity.Validation.DbEntityValidationException: Validation failed for one or more entities. See 'EntityValidationErrors' ...

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Running fortify scan on .cs files

Is it possible to run Fortify scan on .cs files ? have searched on net and SF but did not get any concrete answer. The project structure is exactly like this ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by saurav on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Override the creation of an HttpResponseMessage for void methods in an ApiController

I'm building a class that extends ApiController, which in turn will be extended by my clients. In my controller class, I need to change the way the actions' return values are serialized. For ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by dcastro on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Read and write image data

I have been programming a map editor to use when making 2D games. I have nearly completed it, however I can't load maps. I have multiple options for saving and loading maps. I have: DAT File BIN ...

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WPF DataTemplate Selector is not working

I am working on a Treeview control. The items control should display a set of textbox and combobox dynamically depending on the value of the data structure. The ArgumentTypeTemplateSelector 's ...

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WAV recorder function, need to change the format to int16 or int24

public class Worker { private static extern int mciSendString(string lpstrCommand, string lpstrReturnString, int uReturnLength, int hwndCallback); public void WavRecorder() { ...

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Creating a binary tree using the inputs obtained from a wpf user control in mvvm

I am creating a WPF mvvm application which consists of a content control where am attaching different user controls to it with different button clicks. Now I want to create a binary expression tree ...

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Load Heavy Object from IoC Container blocks the UI

We have a WPF application (.NET 4.0, can't change due to Windows Server 2003 and XP compatibility) using BCL to support async/await. For DI and aspects we use Castle IoC and, to access the Oracle ...

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Combine two regular expressions in C#

I have a problem with writting a reg exp for a string like this in C# String correct = "<a>link</a>"; String wrong = "link</a>"; I know how to select the first in a reg exp ...

2 answers | 12 mins ago by Bham on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Does Calling Result on an Async function cause block indefinitely?

I am kinda new to C# from a heavy java background, and still trying to figure out how exactly await and async works, here's whats confusing me a lot: Suppose I have a function likes this (Hackish ...

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ANTLR4 C# parser catch-all parameter list (ANTLR4 v 4.3.0)

Ok, I've lost two days on this, and looked at every other answer having to do with ANTLR4 on Stack, but I can't resolve this. I'm parsing a SQL table definition that looks like this: CREATE TABLE ...

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DataTemplate - explained

could someone please explain to me what is the difference if I use "Data Template" inside the List View i Xaml? Don't quite get it. I have used List View to display the content from my Observable ...

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Understanding MVVM Pattern

I am trying to understand the MVVM pattern. I am following the tutorial here. I am stock at Example 4, framework. Putting the code cause issue for me at least for the observable class. I created a new ...

20 mins ago by Jseb on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Do I need to consider possible re-entrant coding issues when using the await operator in an extension method?

I am going to use this method in a Load Test which means thousands of calls may happen very quickly from different threads. I am wondering if I have to consider what would happen on subsequent call, ...

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How to insert latitude and longitude in database from click event?

Using ASP.net and WebForms i am trying to store the user's location (Latitude, Longitude) to a database. This presents the problem: How can i get the user's latitude and longitude into a place where ...

1 answers | 24 mins ago by Muhammad on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Automapper v3.3.1.0 Missing type map configuration or unsupported mapping

I get the error Missing type map configuration or unsupported mapping. Version of AutoMapper: v3.3.1.0 My code is: Global.asax protected void Application_Start() { ...

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LINQ C# Join with Left-Join result

I'm trying to do a left-join with the result of another left-join but in some cases it returns me null reference error (obviously), is there any way to do this without using foreach after select? var ...

2 answers | 25 mins ago by Caio Morais on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Model binding new Datatables 1.10 parameters

In Datatables 1.10 the ajax server side parameters changed from public class DataTableParamModel { public string sEcho{ get; set; } public string sSearch{ get; set; } public int ...

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RouteCollection.MapRoute not appearing when passing into a method

RouteConfig: public class RouteConfig { public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes) { // Bootstrap routes routes.IgnoreRoute("{resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}"); ...

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Recursive adding XML into TreeView

I'm trying to import an XML file of nodes into the same node structure in a TreeView using C#. I have found a lot of example that use a single node structure, but have had a lot of issues traversing ...

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Simply Accounting - Creating a Sales Order programmatically

I have a online ordering system that I have been asked to integrate with Simply Accounting 2012. I am familiar with MySQL and able to connect to the instance. My goal is to create the necessary SQL ...

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How to write an “awaitable” method?

I'm finally looking into the async & await keywords, which I kind of "get", but all the examples I've seen call async methods in the .Net framework, e.g. this one, which calls ...

5 answers | 29 mins ago by Andrew Stephens on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How do i access child control in template in code behind

I have following control, problem is in the code behind I can access radComboBox1 but can not access radGridView1 Can someone please help me on how to get access to radGridView1 in code behind ? ...

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