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XML parsing with column and value

I need to parse an XML file. I am very new to parsing the document. I am using XMLReader to parse the document.Part of the XML document looks like below: <TABLE> <TR> ...

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An attribute argument must be a constant expression, …- Create a attribute of type array

Here is my custom attribute and a class I'm using it on: [MethodAttribute(new []{new MethodAttributeMembers(), new MethodAttributeMembers()})] public class JN_Country { } public class ...

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Entity Framework: Unrecognized element 'providers' exception

I get an Unrecognized element 'providers' exception at runtime when I use Entity Framework 5.0.0 with .NET 4.0. Actually with .NET 4.0 it's the version 4.4.0 of Entity Framework that is loaded when I …

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Can I use Protobuf-net to deserilaze data which has been serialized in Java?

We have a Java based WebSocket that is currently returning JSON which we are then consuming in a .Net application. Due to the size of the data we receive, I would like to start taking advantage of all …

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delegate contravariance (parameter compatibility)

I am looking at the C# 5 in a Nutshell text, section on Delegate Parameter Compatibility. It says When you call a method, you can supply arguments that have more specific types than the parameters …

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Xamarin Studio & Mono running a ASP.NET MVC 3 Project

I am trying to run a new ASP.NET MVC 3 project using the latest versions of Xamarin Studio & Mono. I am stumped as to why this is failing right out of the box.

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Convention not applied unless first db query does not reference serialized object members

Using the mongodb C# driver, when I add a convention in a convention pack to the convention registry, the convention does not work correctly if my first database query references a member of a ...

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(datagridview) update a row's font color base on a column value

I'd like to ask how a row auto update its font's color base on a column's value in dataGridView. For example, a table has 4 columns that are: id, name, rentPayMent and check. Check for each row to …

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How do I zip files in Xamarin for Android?

I have a funtion that creates a zip file a string array of files passed. The function does succeed in creating the zip file and the zip entry files inside it, but these zip entry files are empty. I've …

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How to use MediaWiki API in C# in Windows 8 app

I'm attempting to create an app to allow users to view a wiki and, eventually, edit the wiki from their mobile devices. Because I'm a little more comfortable with it, I'm attempting first with a ...

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How to copy a column of DataGrid to an array C# WPF

I am looking for a code to copy a column of Datagrid to a double array. Period Acc 0.1 3 1 4 2 7 5.5 10.5 For example, I would like to have …

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C# WebBrowser control does not display web page?

I developing an application where my code generates a URL which I then want to display to the user using a WebBrowser control. For instance, one of my methods generates the following URL and return it …

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asp.net bind model of type Dictionary<string, List>

I have a view in which I have a form in which I want to show a category and then under the category show all the elements that belong to that category and then let the user check which ones they want …

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ServiceStack NuGet update 4.0.22 to 4.0.31 caused errors on deployment

I'm hoping not to be to vague here, but I've just done a NuGet update for ServiceStack, updating from version 4.0.22 to 4.0.31, the project compiles fine but once deployed to iis I'm getting this ...

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only works with a breakpoint-Xamarin Studio

this code: try{ _player.Stop(); _player.Release(); _player.Dispose(); _player = null; } catch( Exception) { …

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When updating Collection Items for a DataGrid Asynchronously why does the data disappear?

I have a DataGrid that is bound to a DataGridCollectionView which is using an Observable Collection. The collection contains about 650+ items with around 20 columns. Every 60 seconds a new ...

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How to send the unhandled error back to caller in a web service with Elmah?

My largely JSON web service is protected by Elmah. It does a great job of recording uncaught errors. However, when error happens the caller of the endpoint gets this response: How can I send the …

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WPF override style in merged dictionary

In my dictionary file I have <Style TargetType="{x:Type Label}" BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type Label}}"> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="White" /> <Setter ...

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OpenTK “Picking” Not Working As Intended

I have attempted to implement picking in my game and I am certain that I am missing something because the picked color always returns either 255,255,255,255 or 255,0,0,0. These two colors seem to ...

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How to know if the application is visible in the user interface or not

I am working on a WPF application where I need to know if my application is visible to the user or not. I tried Application.Current.Activated/Deactivated events to change a bool property and use this …

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Custom Instrumentation in New Relic: Which assemblyName should I use with C# Web Forms?

I've searched high and low here on SO and also read ALL of the pertinent documentation on New Relic's site. I am attempting to capture method-specific information in the New Relic transaction trace …

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Is it possible to do an md5 check without writing to the filesystem?

Basically I am doing the following: Download an encrypted file from a web site into a MemoryStream Decrypt the file Write the decrypted file out to the file system Read it back into memory again as …

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Cryptography setup and secret management for AesManaged

I am implementing a shared-secret encryption scheme for moderately secure data transfer. When the server is provisioning a client, I can generate one or more strings representing the secret. The ...

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WaitHandleCannotBeOpenedException on Azure web role start with Task.Wait()

The following (web) role entry point, after returning, causes the below exception to be thrown. public class WebRole : RoleEntryPoint { public override bool OnStart() { Task.Run(() …

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Where are the icons for the binding navigator located?

I am using a BindingNavigator in C# winforms I want to replace the navigation ToolStripButtons with my own BindableToolStripButtons But I need to keep the same icons When I drill into the image ...

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C# Eventhandler with parameter control type from xaml

I want to call onClick event and transfer Textbox object to the eventhandler from .xaml code. is that posible? i'll try to illustrate, This is my Main.xaml.cs code: <Button ...

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C# System.Object[,]

I wrote a little C# program that opens up an Excel workbook and a worksheet and iterates over all the cells in a worksheet and prints out the value in each cell. The problem I am having is the ...

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Request.Form[x] values are null in a Cross-domain Post

I read a lost of questions and answers about cross domain post here, but I still cannot make it work. The task seems so simple, but the data I get from the receiving side is always null. In web ...

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How to get an absolute path to the directory of the XSL file?

My Schema.xsd file is located in the same directory with the .xsl file. In the .xsl file I would like to generate a link to Schema.xsl in the generated output. The generated output is located in ...

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Can someone please explain this delegate syntax?

In a class library called DataAccess I find the following declaration and usage: public static class DataAccess { public delegate T LoadObject<T>(SqlDataReader dataReader); public ...

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