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How to open settings programmatically in ios

I was searching for the Xamarin implementation of How to open settings programmatically Vito-ziv answered it for objective C - what is the correct way to do this for ioS in Xamarin Studio?

1 answers | 1 min ago by Diamond Fox on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Writing file using StreamWriter takes forever & auto-reloads the window

In my program, I'm using the Window_Loaded event to write my App.config file to the .exe's directory, as I'll be needing it for the connectionString in there. It works perfectly fine, however it ...

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Handling concurrency exceptions in DataGridView

This article here describes handling concurrency exceptions. The steps to reproduce the problem are: Create a new Windows Application project. Create a new dataset based on the Northwind Customers ...

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Improve Data structure with double properties

I have data structure where most of properties are same thing from another table. I have Component1, Code1, Description1 and Argument1, and I have same thing but from different table(Component2, ...

2 answers | 2 mins ago by user2451446 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Calculate memory address c#

How do I find the new memory address in C# using my static address and offset. base: 0x1023469C offset: 1E8 I tried just adding the offset to the base inside of the readprocessmemory ...

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Unit test Class in MVC

I have following class in my project public class Data { public void Getdata(){ var user = HttpContext.User.Identity.Name; } } It is showing null reference ...

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MVC Validation - Server side validation won't allow resubmit using Kendo

Our application (MVC5) has some very complex validation that needs to be done server side (compound capacity checks, workflow validation, and more). The problem we are running into is that once server ...

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What is a NullReferenceException and how do I fix it?

I have some code and when it executes, it throws a NullReferenceException, saying: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. What does this mean, and what can I do about it?

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How to model object relationships without anomalies in C#

So, this isn't a super easy question to describe, as it's a bit conceptual in nature, but here goes: I'm building a C# WPF application to manage Film Production and Scheduling. I'm using a ...

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Forcing embedded Acrobat viewer to capture mouse wheel

I have an embedded Acrobat viewer in a C# winform application. The viewer is in a tab page tabPage1 in a tab control I use the code from this answer: (1) CAcroAVDoc acroExchAVDoc; CAcroPDDoc pdDoc; ...

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Can I deserialize json to anonymous type in c#?

I read from the DB a long json. I want just one attribute of that json. I have got two options: a. Create an interface for that json and deserialize to that interface. (Is it an overkill as I ...

7 answers | 6 mins ago by Elad Benda on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Cascade kendo dropdownlists in dhtmlx lightbox in MVC application

I have a problem with two cascade kendo dropdownlists placed in DHTMLX lightbox. I can't filter second list with ajax call because my script can't get value from the first list. I noticed that DHTMLX ...

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Unity Editor - Is there a way to easily add object and function references to a custom inspector?

Like for example what Unity does on the Button component (the events). I want to add a reference to an object, and then a reference to a public function on that object.

1 answers | 11 mins ago by Rasmus on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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BetterCMS won't play nice with Castle Windsor when setting an IControllerFactory

Following the standard MVC 5 tutorials for Windsor, I have created a WindsorControllerFactory with: protected override IController GetControllerInstance(RequestContext requestContext, Type ...

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WPF Custom control - Binding to command defined in code-behind

I'm trying to create a WPF custom control called "DataTextBox". Everything works fine except for the context menu of this control. Indeed, I would like to add an item in the DataTextBox's Context ...

3 answers | 13 mins ago by Brice on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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TypeInitializationException thrown by System.Windows.Forms.WindowsFormsSynchronizationContext

I'm coding a WinForms GUI for a project running on a BeagleBone, but the Form does not show up: TypeInitializationException An exception was thrown by the type initializer for ...

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Get all the values from excel file by using linqtoexcel

I'm using linqtoexcel in my asp.net mvc 4 project to read an excel file & get all the values from there. But I'm only getting the values of last row. Here are my codes, Controller public ...

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WPF: Progressbar foreground color

Does anybody know how to change the foreground color of a WPF-Progressbar. It always seems to be merged with green. Thanks.

6 answers | 14 mins ago by Morvader on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Handling audible clicks in FSK signal c#

I am developing a windows forms aplication which generates FSK signals. I use a sample rate of 44100 and I represent each bit with 1024 samples. The app knows to generate from a given ascii sequence ...

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JsonConvert convert to custom object

I made a simple custom JsonConvert class. Right now I'm trying to convert the JSON data to a custom class like so: public override object ReadJson(JsonReader reader, Type objectType, object ...

1 answers | 16 mins ago by Vivendi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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WCF: Parsed array field is empty

I don't understand why this happens. I'm consuming REST service via WCF. In case of error the service send this kind of message body (I see in Fiddler): {"Errors":["Some text"],"StatusCode":500} I ...

1 answers | 16 mins ago by Kurtevich on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Use multiple conditions in join LINQ. i,e AND

How to use multiple condition in LINQ joins, i.e. in my scenario I need to get all the users from table User where group ID = 4 from table UserInGroup, where UserInGroup is intermediate table between ...

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UpdateFrame on miltiple forms

I have made a Brain-Computer-Interface in C#, there is flickering pictureboxes on each of the forms. However it is only in the main form where the flickering occurs. Any one know how to get the ...

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Comma instead of period C#

I am getting the following errors: System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format. System.Exception: Unknown error : There are fewer columns in the INSERT statement than ...

1 answers | 18 mins ago by Justin Thyme on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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C# lambda call in for loop references to last object

I've researched this problem and I've tried fixing the code as instructed in a few questions before (such as this one) but it still won't work. Though I must say that all the answers I checked were ...

1 answers | 19 mins ago by Tero Heiskanen on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Map values to class properties dynamically

this is my scenario: I have an application that downloads xml files and extracts data from them. To achieve this I've created a xml configuration file like this: <?xml version="1.0" ...

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'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine

In windows 7 I'm trying to get data from an Excel file on a button click event. My connection string is: string connString = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data ...

13 answers | 23 mins ago by Shailesh Sahu on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Animate Layer Opacity with UIView.Animate

I have 2 CALayers, each with an image. Both have an initial Opacity of 0. I want to animate Layer1's Opacity to 1 over 1 second, starting straight away. Then after a delay of 0.5 seconds, I want to ...

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How to shim XmlAttribute using Microsoft Fakes in VS 2013

I have the below code I am testing. public Loader(XmlAttributeCollection attributes) { if (attributes == (XmlAttributeCollection)null) throw new ...

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aspnet vNext ActionFilter and TempData

I'm trying to create an ActionFilter in aspnet vNext. Within this filter I want to access to the TempData and the ViewData (both available in Controller in previous versions).I override the method ...

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