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SqlException occurred during query execution:

I am trying to add some features to existing web app, a newbie here thank you for your help. I am kinda lost here and went through library solution could not find the solution. Description: An ...

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Find out on which programmatically generated object the contextmenu was called

In my program, I generate Labels dynamically by right click -> new in the form: private Point MouseDownLocation; private List<Label> labelList=new List<Label>(); private void ...

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Implement interface property that is an interface

Given the code below I get the following errors, that the parent and child don't implement IParent/IChild. I have clearly misunderstood something. What is the correct way to implement this or am I ...

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Key logger in C#

Is it possible to create a kind of key logger in C#? I would like to create an application which to detect all the pressed keys even if this application is not the active one - here I mean that for ...

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WPF Binding to a child collection

I have the following entities: public class User { public User() { Roles = new ObservableCollection<Role>(); } public int UserId { get; set; } public string Name { ...

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string is missing the last 2 characters when writing to a CSV file

I have a CSV file that I needed to manipulate, manipulating it went fine, until it writes to a CSV file then it is missing the final characters of the string. I have no idea why because when I loop ...

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.NET read XML and selecting elements based on condition

I'm working on an ASP.Net MVC application. In my application, I have a xml file where I save information to, for the next run of the app. Here is a sample of the XML: <data> <event> ...

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Binding if a DataGrid column is a tab stop in WPF

I have a DataGridTextColumn that needs to be a tab stop sometimes, and not a tab stop sometimes. I have <DataGridTextColumn x:Name="SomeColumn"> ...

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How can I correct the Internal Server Error 500 on Forms Authenticated WebRequest in ASP.NET

This question seems to have been asked before in a variety of terms, so I'll try to be succinct in my particular application. We're trying to implement the Lucene search indexer on our Intranet ...

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Why wouldn't a DataGridView show the Databound values?

I've got a moderately complex situation, where I've got a parent-child relationship set up with a bunch of BindingSources, so I've got: DisposalBindingSource.DataSource = typeof(MyLibrary.Disposal); ...

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How to reverse the order of displaying content of a list?

Let's say I have a list of integers. var myList = new List<int>(); 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ..., 10 Is there any function that allows me to display them in reverse order, i.e. 10, 9, 8, ..., 1 ...

3 answers | 8 mins ago by Richard77 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to deploy default application settings

Hi I need to provide each user with some default settings - list of string Then each user can add new and sav? I am using user-scope settings. What are my options? UPDATE: I cant even find ...

2 answers | 10 mins ago by Captain Comic on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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InnerException:When converting a string to DateTime. parse the string to date the date before putting each variable into the DateTime object

I am trying to deserialize XML returned from an API call but am getting "InnerException:When converting a string to DateTime. parse the string to date the date before putting each variable into the ...

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Changing a buttons icon in with the visual studio SDK

I am using the Visual Studio SDK to add in some additional functionality to visual studio. I have a button that when pressed will perform a potentially long running task (maybe 10-15 seconds) and I ...

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Share folder in onedrive pro via csom

I create a folder using this code : context.Credentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(username, password); //login in to SharePoint online context.ExecuteQuery(); ...

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Server-Side calls in a span

I can't seem to populate the 2nd span. I want to customer to click one of the li elements and have it populate the information in the second span. The WebService calls work. I have gotten them to ...

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Check that all the shims defined within a ShimsContext have been called

Is there a way just before the end of a shims context block to ascertain that all the shims defined in this block have actually been called (without adding a flag to the shim itself)? using (var ...

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IE BHO written in C# 4.0 is working in IE 9 but not working in IE10 on a windows 7 machine

I have written a BHO by following " Developing Internet Explorer Extensions?. " and it worked very well for me in IE8 and IE9. But the same is not working in IE10 and above. Are there any differences ...

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Limiting datagrid items using a converter

In my application the user can select a large amount of entities and I generate a DataGrid that is bound to the selection. As that amount can be thousands and it would hit the performance I am only ...

2 answers | 16 mins ago by Sturm on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Why is it not possible to get local variable names using Reflection?

If I have a code like this: public class Program { public static void Main() { string bar = ""; int foo = 24; } } I can get the local variables declared in Main using: ...

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Asp.NET MVC REST API: How to get Client Host Name

I am developing REST API application in ASP.NET MVC3. I am trying to get client client HOST Name in action but cannot success. I am using this API in multiple applications so I want to log the domain ...

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Copy values from one businesobject to another without loop in c#

I have two business objects in C# with same fields and properties, but different namespaces. namespace B1 { class myClass { public string Name{get;set;} public int Age{get;set;} } ...

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FindControls<T> Extension Method - What am I missing?

I am trying to add an extension method to allow me to easily get a List of various different control types on a web forms ASP.Net page. I have created a new static class and inserted the extension ...

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WCF data services service operation cannot materialize entity containing single quote

Try to use WCF data services service operation to get results from a SQL Stored proc. Overcame a few hurdles, such as the entity instead of complex type has to be used as return type, has to escape ...

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Differences between Code Contract and Spec#

I want to implement the DBC in C#. I faced with the Spec# and Code Contract for it. What is the difference between Spec# and Code Contract?

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Issue with file upload to a shared location

I am using Asp.Net MVC 4 . I am trying upload a file to a shared location to which I have access. After publishing my application to IIS, I came to know that I need handle impersonation at code level. ...

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ASP.NET MultiLine TextBox - RegularExpressionValidator for MaxLength - Difference in Client & Server Side Validation

Background: I am working on a ASP.NET webpage and I have a multiline textbox as below <asp:TextBox ID="textBox1" runat="server" TextMode="MultiLine"></asp:TextBox> and a regular ...

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Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: An unknown error occurred while processing the request on the server."

I have couple of update panels and jquery tabs on page. And also I am loading couple user controls on update panels. After user waited for couple of minutes (not checked the time approx 40 mins). when ...

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Generating WAV File Tones

I'm trying to programmatically construct an audio WAV file that contains n seconds of the standard UK ring ring tone that you hear when you dial a phone number. I have found a source that documents ...

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Unexpected error using Google API Libraries

I think that I'm in a NuGet Dll hell. My first problem have ocurred with: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Net.Http.Primitives, Version=, Culture=neutral, ...

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