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Japanese source code corrupted after upgrading Visual Studio 2010 to 2013

I have migrated an application developed in Visual Studio 2010 and upgraded to 2013. Now I see all program comments in Japanese in 2010 are displaying as junk data as follows. // Ží—ÞC ...

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DataGridView custom ComboBox implementation error, sharing same value

Here is my code that i used to create my own custom combobox column, my combobox is kind of special that shows treeview inside (here is code page ...

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Database using Visual Studio C# (Web Application)

I have to create implement a database in one of my projects. I'm using Visual Studio and coding in C# The problem I'm experiencing is that I cannot find information on how to create a database with a ...

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what means “object sender, RoutedEventArgs e” in c#?

what means exactly (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) when declaring a method in c#, "sender" and "e" are parameters received by the method? what they contain? private void DoWhenClick(object sender, ...

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Entity's state is not changed when a collection navigation property is changed

This works as expected: var customer = getCustomerFromSomewhere(); customer.Name = "Foo"; context.SaveChanges(); // ... // ... in an override of SaveChanges, get the entry state var isModified = ...

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DataGridView override top,left header cell click (select all)

I want to override the behavior of a mouse click in the DataGridView header/column cell (top, left cell). That cell causes all rows to be selected. Instead, I want to stop it from selecting all ...

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Tic Tac Toe game winforms

I understand that this works and all but is there a better way of doing this ? Button clicked = (Button)sender; if (turn) { clicked.Text = player; } ...

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How to clear Textbox text using contextmenuStrip

I want to know whether there is any way to clear the textbox when I click on contextMenuStrip(1 item named clear). I have 4 textboxes, which i have given same contextMenuStrip name to all textboxes. ...

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Drop down list in MVC from DB text, value

I have problem with dropdownlist. I want show text in selectedlist but select Id. How I implement view? In view I must save selected data to model (odbiorca) Controller: var odbiorca = ...

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How to retrieve values using XPathNodeIterator

I am trying to select values from elements using the XPathNodeIterator. But I am not able to get the expected value from my XML file. My XML file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> ...

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Changing button content according to DataGrid SelectedItem property

I have a WPF Window and a Viewmodel and I need to change the content of a button to fit the property of the SelectedItem in the Datagrid. For example: The DataGrid is bound to a list of tasks with ...

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Is this a safe way to update the UI Thread in a Windows Forms application?

I'm not super familiar with multithreading, and want to know if this is the safest way to update the UI thread from a different thread. The workflow of my code is as follows: // this is the button ...

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Datareader not working with Select Upper and Group By Upper

I am trying to get data from a Microsoft SQL database using c# in visual Studios 2015 Express. All of the commands I have used so far work. Now I am trying to execute this command with SqlDataReader: ...

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Opening Other Email Accounts using MailKit

I'm trying to access to an IMAP account (Not My Default) using MailKit (created by jstedfast) I can access my exchange email account using Imap fine and loop through the folders. What I really need ...

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WQL for enumerating all classes in a namespace

I am able to use the following query successfully on WMI, but I am unable to make it more granular using the __genus property. Works: select * from meta_class where __class like "%win32%" Works: ...

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Targetting Win 10 from app.manifest C#

Sir i am trying to target Win 10 from app.manifest in C# but, it seems to be not working. app.manifest <assembly manifestVersion="1.0" xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1"> ...

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Disallow ambiguous dates

DateTime.Parse(myString, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture) gladly parses the following unambiguous dates (assuming a fixed local time zone): 2015-12-31T12:15:00 2015-12-31T12:15:00Z ...

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Populate TextBox based on DateTime Field. ASP.NET C# JS

Ok so I have a StartDate field: <asp:TextBox ID="txtnewStartDate" runat="server" Text='<%# Bind("StartDate", "{0:MM/dd/yyyy}")%>' CssClass="datepicker grid_5 ...

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Clone Git using using username and password?

I have a batch file that will open a application git-cmd. When trying to clone a git repository, i'm getting prompt to enter password on the git-cmd. I want to do it all from the batch file. Is there ...

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C# Windows Phone 8.1 runtime: how to make a task survive beyond app lifecycle?

I have this kind of Task private async Task SaveToFile(StorageFile file) { // prepare data await ... Debug.Writeline("completed"); } If the user press "back" ...

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WCF App_Code folder dosen't recognized

I have a WCF Service Application in C# with an App_Code folder in it. The folder contains DAL.cs file with the same namespace as the Service1.svc and its public. But when i try to use a function from ...

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Window 7 OCR API

I have been reviewing replacements for the Office 2007 MODI OCR (OneNote's 2010 solution has lesser quality/results than 2007 :-( ). I notice that Windows 7 contains an OCR library once you install ...

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How to map model in asp.net mvc application with a mongodb collections

Hi I was trying to create an asp.net mvc application and thought of using mondoDb as database. A mongodb collection does not have any fixed schema to how do I map mongoDb collection in asp.net mvc ...

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How can the same Coded ui script runs fine on my local dev environment but error out my agent server

I currently have a a script that works fine on my local environment and also on a co-workers local environment. The issue I'm having is when i build it and run it on the agent server i'm receiving the ...

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Using Jquery to hide and show a div section

I want to start out saying that I am new to asp .net and html coding. I have a asp .net user control that I am dynamically placing on a page. The user control looks something like this: <div ...

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How to delete all entities with a timestamp more than 1 day old from Azure Storage Table?

Azure storage tables all have a timestamp column. Based on documentation here the listed way to delete from a storage table is to select an entity then delete it. Does anyone know how to delete ...

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How do I add a reference to an unmanaged C++ project called by a C# project?

One solution (the.sln) One C++ project (mycppproject.vcxproj in 2010or mycppproject.vcproj in 2008) which compiles a native DLL exporting some function(s). In debug this builds ...

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Memory Efficiency and Performance of String.Replace .NET Framework

string str1 = "12345ABC...\\...ABC100000"; // Hypothetically huge string of 100000 + Unicode Chars str1 = str1.Replace("1", string.Empty); str1 = str1.Replace("22", string.Empty); str1 = ...

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Convert a text to lowercase but keep uppercase for word that was uppercase

I'm searching for a function in c# that convert to lowercase a string, but keep uppercase the word that originally was uppercase. "Pippo, pluto. paperino" -> "pippo, pluto. paperino" "Pippo, ...

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Validation attribute does't work

I am working in asp.net web api project. I created a ValidationAttribute class like as public class MyValidationAttribute: ValidationAttribute { private int _Id { get; set; } public ...

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