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how to convert int variable into ascii words

good afternoon everybody, i have some problem in my program, i want to convert the int variable into ascii words. But when i compile it, it only print out the first word only. here is my program ...

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Best WPF control for my display :)

I have an image which a user will scan onto their computer. I want to then be able to display the image, in proportion on a control so that I can allow the user to draw various shapes on top of it. ...

1 answers | 4 mins ago by A Merz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How does C# know what type the literal is?

Given this code: double i = 0xF0000000; Console.WriteLine(0xF0000000.GetType()); Console.WriteLine(i.GetType()); Why C# prints System.UInt32 for first one and System.Double for secend one? Is ...

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confusing part of data type conversion

i read C# book, and there is this example. the question is, why the heck float lose the numeric "1" from int value??? isn't float have bigger magnitude? int i1 = 100000001; float f = i1; // Magnitude ...

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How to filter query in asp.net using dropdown list?

i am using sql query to fetch the data from one dropdown list and want to change the second dropdown list by filter data i mean i am selecting the 1st dropdown list and the 2nd drop downlist show all ...

2 answers | 6 mins ago by Ismail Malik on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Add Insert new row between two existing row in Bounded datagridview in C#

I tried to Add insert new blank row between two existing Row in datagridview(already Bound to database) but I am getting following exception. Rows cannot be programmatically added to the ...

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Get Audio From Video using any library in c#

I just want to add watermark on video. Quality doesn't matter. What i want is my solution must work on mp4 on any size video. it must retain its audio in it. What i have done 1) split video into ...

1 answer

How to create the second player/Computer

I am working to create a two player dice game, where the player can either play with another user or the computer. i am having a hard time figuring out how to create a two player game. I am not sure ...

1 answers | 7 mins ago by E_T_A on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Reading and storing data, 50 text box in c# by function

I have a project in C # to get about 50 text boxes and then stored in the database. This is done using the function. The only problem is I'm making function. I thank you. What needs to be done. x8 = ...

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Cant we use the view as well as Dataset for Crystal report in asp.net?

I am using the crystal report to generate my reports for my reports I wanted to attach the images as whose names are stored in the database I am trying to fetch the image name from database, storing ...

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Issue in code while checking whether url is active or inactive?

I have written a method in c# public static bool Test(string url) { HttpWebRequest req = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url); req.Method = "HEAD"; try { ...

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C#: Submit Form Using HttpClient Fails

I'm trying to submit a form on a web page programmatically. I'm practicing on the comment form of my Wordpress website: http://www.smortazavi.com/games/before-eternity/contact/ And here is the code ...

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Whatsapp Login Failed not- authorized

I am using this API to connect & send message to Whatsapp. Here is the code. byte[] nextChallenge = null; WhatsApp wa = new WhatsApp("91999999999", "your password(WART)", "Name", true, true); ...

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Not Recently Used page replacement algorithm C#

I understood the logic behind the NRU. I understand the 4 variations of Referenced and modified states. I think due to my inexperience with C#, I am stuck. Objective: to implement NRU dynamically. ...

2 answers

C# - Kill EXCEL.exe process referencing a particular file

I have a C# application that creates an excel file. But if the file is left open and the app is run the second time, it throws IO exception (since, in the code I am replacing the existing file with ...

2 answers | 18 mins ago by SharpCoder on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
6 answers

Adding a New Line in iTextSharp

I’ve been trying to solve this problem for a while now to no avail. I have some text in iTextSharp I’m trying to put on a newline. I’ve tried using the \n escape character, Environment.NewLine, and ...

1 answer

Export Asp.net Gridview to Excel error message

I am exporting a GridView to excel by using RenderControl Method below is some part of the code. gridExcel.HeaderRow.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.FromArgb(0, 255, 255, 204); ...

0 answers

Reading data from XML into an 2D array

I have a xml file looks like it. <movielist> <movie> <title>ABC </title> <year>2005</year> <length>120 min</length> ...

24 mins ago by HCOOLH on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

Calling Unmanaged Code from C# and Checking Returned Value with Known Constants

In a DLL for target platform .NET 3.5 written in C#, I'm going to use CMP_WaitNoPendingInstallEvents unmanaged function. As described in the documentation, this method returns WAIT_OBJECT_0, ...

1 answers | 25 mins ago by Donotalo on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
2 answers

Error “No Overload for method 'Fill' takes 2 arguments” with 2 tables here which is joined

i always got an error "No Overload for method 'Fill' takes 2 arguments" in this code. i use 2tables here which is joined. please help me private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) ...

2 answers | 27 mins ago by user2650781 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
5 answers

inheritance of functions

I am trying to create a program that allows the user to check into a hotel room. The program should check if the room is free and then allocate one of the free rooms if any are available. I have ...

5 answers | 27 mins ago by Adam on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
4 answers

Override .ToString method c#

Okay, so I wrote this program out of the exercise of a C# programming book (I'm trying to learn here) and it asks for "Override the ToString() method to return all data members". Have I done this ...

4 answers | 31 mins ago by Zoro on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
2 answers

How to render a partial view asynchronously

Can a partial view be rendered asynchronously? I have a partial view that needs to render blog posts. The blog posts are returned asynchronously. In my _Layout file I render my partial footer ...

1 answer

Is it possible to transpose rows to columns in C#.net and listing data?

I have list of two different items like Employees and Departments, both having many to many relations. Employees: EmpID EmpName 1 emp1 2 emp2 3 emp3 Departments: ...

1 answers | 37 mins ago by khemt on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

How to add a dynamically changing float value to a label

I'm coding this app that pulls your battery % and shows it to the user periodically. I've made it work so far as a console app, but as I re-write it in Windows Forms it gives me some issues when using ...

2 answers

Notifications on Windows 10 using desktop app

I got a Windows Forms project in C# with a NotifyIcon. I'm using the following code to display a balloon notification: notifyIcon.ShowBalloonTip(1000, "title", "text", ToolTipIcon.Info); This was ...

2 answers

Could not find endpoint element with name 'xxxxx' and contract 'yyy' in the ServiceModel client configuration section

I generated a proxy via this command - svcutil.exe /language:cs /out:generatedProxy.cs /config:app.config https://service100.emedny.org:9047/MHService?wsdl and then copied the elements ...

2 answers

ASP.NET User Validation

I get confused in my code, I need to validate the UserName and Password with ASP.Net and a stored procedure but all time I get -1 so how can I solve this problem? Here's my project: Carpet ...

2 answers

I want to get coming saturday date and display it on the label using asp.net c#

I want to get coming saturday date and display it on the label using asp.net c#. using server date time or Ajax calander extender datetime,. But every week it will be changed to next saturday ...

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