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Is this Strelkov?

The ibtimes site claims that the guy in this image is Igor Girkin, also know as 'Strelkov": Igor 'Strelkov ' Girkin (C) pictured in Visegrad in 1992 along with a Russian mercenary and a ...

1 answers | 19 hours ago by Kittie on Skeptics skeptics.stackexchange.com
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What is the United States' interest in Ukraine?

I read several articles on why Russia is interested in Ukraine. But not much found on why USA is going after it. Appreciate if someone can explain this to me.

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Was the MH17 video taken in Ukraine-held territory?

According to MISH'S Global Economic Trend Analysis, On the CBS program “Face the Nation,” Mr. Kerry referred to a video that the Ukrainians have made public showing an SA-11 unit heading back to …

1 answers | Jul 25 at 4:58 by ike on Skeptics skeptics.stackexchange.com
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Are there constituencies for the partition of the Ukraine?

The people of the Ukraine seem to be of two minds. Some (mostly in the West) want a west-leaning Ukraine free from Russia. Others (mostly in the East), want a Ukraine that's part of, or at least tied …

2 answers | Jul 23 at 20:42 by Tom Au on Politics politics.stackexchange.com
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How accountable will Russia be if it emerges they have supplied the Surface-to-Air Weaponry that brought down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17?

After today's events, there is a lot of speculation that Flight MH17 was brought down by surface to air weapons. Witnesses appear to have heard the loud explosions before the flight crashed, and ...

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Does or did Russia support the Donbass People's Militia?

Many (western) sources claim that Putin (actively) supports the rebels in eastern Ukraine, more specifically the Donbass People's Militia. For example, BBC News writes: Russia was obviously ...

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How could the Ukrainian rebels get SAMs?

I know this counts as geopolitics(or maybe skeptics), but The US and Svobda have claimed that Malaysia flight MH17 was shot down by rebels. After reading This question in Travel Stack Exchange, I now …

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Was the video about MH17 done the day before it crashed?

Was the video implicating rebels in the shooting down of MH17 created the day before the crash? Example claim donwload SBU video of recording of rebels talking of downing #MH17 and check the …

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Is popularity with the Russian public important for Putin?

I've read reports (pre-dating the shooting down of MH17) that the war in Ukraine has increased Putin's popularity with the general Russian public. Link1, Link2. However, does Putin need to be popular …

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How responsible is Ukraine for allowing civil planes to fly over a war zone?

Regardless of who shot down the plane and taking into account that (non-civil) planes had been shot down before, is Ukraine in part responsible for allowing civil planes to fly over a war zone? It …

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Multiple entry ED Visa in Thailand

I am wishing to apply for an ED visa, for legitimate interest in studying the language. However, I have the need to exit Thailand briefly, maybe two or three times within the study year. The school is …

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Are United States scientists building a Stanford Torus space station in the Ukraine?

In late 2011 the prime minister of Ukraine said the following: But it is impossible to predict what will happen in 20 years. I will tell you a story: I just got back from a plant in ...

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Extension of stay in Thailand

What's the requirements to keep getting the extension of stay (90) days, or is it just a case of turn up pay the money? And how much extension are you allowed on ed visa?

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Did irradiated Chernobyl firefighters re-volunteer to avoid others being affected?

I don t have any link to the claim right now, but it is heavily repeated where I live. I'll edit to add a link later A commonly repeated story says that the firefighters that were tasked to stop the …

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What level of autonomy do regions within the Russian Federation have?

So, in the United States, of course, there is the [10th Amendment] to the constitution, stating that powers not enumerated as adhering to the federal government are reserved either to the states or to …

2 answers

UN veto power deprivation

Is there any possibility that UN could deprive the Russian Federation of the veto power? Because of what happened at one of the last UN sessions, I think that Russia was misusing its veto right (and …

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Couldn't those threatened with asset freezes simply move their money?

There's all this rhetoric about freezing the assets of certain Russians. What I'm asking is, aren't governments issuing these threats simply giving people warning in time to move their money out of …

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How can I create an effect of pictures like an album

I am using Vegas Pro 10 and I can't find a (good) way to make pictures flying through the screen. Well, it's a little bit difficult to describe but what I am thinking of is a screen, where you can …

2 answers | Jun 25 at 16:54 by Ripei on Video Production video.stackexchange.com
1 answer

Why is rendered playback slower than my project?

I have a project that's 1280X720 @25 I do have clips in the project that are various resolutions, but this hasnt seem to be a problem. I render as the "Match the Project Settings" and everytime the …

1 answers | Jun 21 at 14:04 by Seth on Video Production video.stackexchange.com
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Is ban on Social Interaction with opposite sex a Human Rights Violation?

Some universities ban Social interaction with opposite sex inside college premises. If it is a human rights violation then do these universities are liable to that ? Edit: These rules are common …

1 answers | Jun 18 at 18:44 by user3124 on Politics politics.stackexchange.com
2 answers

Sony Vegas: Make timeline “line” follow event trimming?

It would be a huge time saver to make the time "line" actively chase the end point dragging of events, so you can tell precisely where the event is compared to other tracks above and below. Is this …

1 answer

EU Friendly bank to use in Thailand

I am an EU citizen and I'd like to spend some month in Thailand (which may extend to years). I'd like to open an international bank account before leaving so that I have access to local branch in ...

1 answers | Jun 9 at 8:19 by tralov on Expatriates expatriates.stackexchange.com
2 answers

Cannot render 16:9 video for youtube

I downloaded this YT video, and want to make it 16:9 in Vegas 10 pro. Here is my file settings: Template - HD 1080 24p (1920x1080, 29.970 fps) Frame rate - 29.970(NTSC) Field order - None ...

2 answers | Jun 2 at 21:12 by Bonaca on Video Production video.stackexchange.com
1 answer

Does Saudi Arabia really control the Chechen terrorist groups?

According to the article linked below, a Saudi prince told Vladimir Putin that he can guarantee the safety of the Winter Olympics in 2014 in Russia if some things will be done by Russia. Does Saudi …

1 answer

How should I go about making 80's style graphics?

I want to make a title screen thing that looks like this: See how it's all anti-aliased and bloomy, and the font is sort of computery? Also, I want to make it slightly waver here and there. I can …

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Vegas pro will not show video for avi with mp4v fourcc codec?

I have a few avi videos that are encoded with the mp4v fourcc codec. I have Sony Vegas Pro 8 and it will not open the video part. It will bring the files into the file manager, but when I drag them …

1 answers | May 22 at 21:52 by fredsbend on Video Production video.stackexchange.com
1 answer

Resynchronize Audio to Video

When I have audio and video tracks de-synchronized, is there a way to make them synchronous? A workflow: Add a video+audio track to a project; Crop a small Event in the middle and remove the rest; …

1 answers | May 22 at 21:12 by bytebuster on Video Production video.stackexchange.com
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What are the key factors to consider renting vs. buying real estate in Thailand?

I'm living in Thailand for several years so far (student "ED" visa). It's well-known that Thai laws are pretty much restrictive regarding non-local citizens buying out real estate in the country. ...

1 answer

Can video frame size be increased?

I have two videos that need to fit these specs: "The minimum frame size is 1280w X 720h pixels (either progressive or interlaced is acceptable)." Video A is: 480 × 640 [.mov] & Video B is: …

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