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Trying to use F# controllers with Web API

I'm getting a "could not load type MyApp.Api.App from assembly MyApp.Api" runtime error in my c# mvc project that is referencing an f# web api library. The c# project MyApp.Web has a project ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by MonkeyBonkey on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Sound sometimes does not work for some programs in Windows 7, even from Mixer dialog

In my Windows 7, the sound works for some programs sometimes but not for other, and for those other programs, sometimes it works, sometimes not, with the change happening without reboot. Here: if I ...

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Why are multiple branches of a match expressions evaluated?

I am using a match expression and getting a much different result than I expected. In my case the value of wi.State = "Done" so I expected the wi.Close() call to be executed and that's it. However it ...

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How to clear 217Gb of <Unknown> space on my C drive?

I have a Dell XPS 15 (2013 model L521X - Windows 7) with a capacity of 680.3Gb on the C drive. But WinDirSat says that 217.4Gb of that space is and I can't access it! SpaceSniffer says that 215.8Gb ...

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Google Chrome using incorrect resolution on external monitor

I recently bought a new laptop. Its a Dell XPS 13 Developer edition (Which means it uses Ubuntu 14.04 rather than widows 10) I've only really run into one snafu which has to do with Google Chrome. ...

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Is myopenrouter.com reputable?

I really want to flash dd-wrt on my netgear r6300 v1, however the main dd-wrt website's database is extremely outdated. I keep being re-directed by search results to this page, but I'm a little ...

2 answers | 7 hours ago by Matt on Super User superuser.com
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Element Hiding Helper stopped working today in Firefox

Ever since it came out, I've used Element Hiding Helper with AdBlock Plus in Firefox. I have not installed anything, updated anything, changed any settings, or done anything differently with my ...

1 answers | 9 hours ago by stephen falken on Super User superuser.com
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PDF report with embedded HTML

We have a Java-based system that reads data from a database, merges individual data fields with preset XSL-FO tags and converts the result to PDF with Apache FOP. In XSL-FO format it looks like this: ...

1 answers | 10 hours ago by PM 77-1 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Processing GRIB-2 Data in .Net

Is there a library for reading GRIB2 data files in .NET (preferably in F#)? If not, where is a specification that formally defines the GRIB2 data format?

2 answers | 11 hours ago by Ben Hamner on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is this usage of Option idiomatic in F#?

I have the following function that checks the existance of a customer in a data source and returns the id. Is this the right/idiomatic way of using the Option type? let findCustomerId fname lname ...

6 answers | 13 hours ago by Zaid Ajaj on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to find video in Firefox cache?

I'm trying to find youtube video (just watched) in Firefox cache folder, but I cant find the folder. win xp sp3 Firefox 16.1 I tried C:\Documents and Settings\eDIN\Local Settings\Application ...

10 answers | 14 hours ago by Alegro on Super User superuser.com
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F# random class throws BadImageFormatException when calling .NextDouble()

I have made a small application from a book about F#, but when I call the rand.NextDouble() method it throws a BadImageFormatException, which at first glance looks like it's something to do with ...

3 answers

Can a fake second display be enabled in Windows 10?

I just updated to Windows 10 and discovered that Microsoft broke this method of adding a fake second monitor: Is there a way to fake a dual (second) monitor which I rely on for scaling some small ...

0 answers

How to have a webpage refresh every 30 seconds?

I am running Firefox on OS X. On some forums the webpage does not refresh automatically. This can get annoying as I have to constantly keep hitting F5 or clicking the refresh button. My Question: Is ...

1 answer

Resharper/Nunit AssertionException was unhandled by user code

I am trying to set up unit testing in a solution with Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 and Resharper Ultimate 2015.2. I created a new unit test project in the solution and used NuGet to install Nunit ...

1 answers | 22 hours ago by JamesA on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

Uninstall Resharper completely

I have completely uninstalled the resharper. But still it shows on VS 2013 menu.Could you tell me how to remove it completely ? Thanks in advance.

2 answers

Inline function and type extension

Consider I have two different library types: type Foo = { foo : string } type Bar = { bar : int32 } I want to implement generic function zoo that will work for either Foo or Bar instances. And I ...

2 answers | 23 hours ago by ForNeVeR on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

No HDMI Output, Video Lag, Windows 10

ive been looking for help to solve my issue for a week now ( since my windows 10 upgrade from win 8.1 ) and i do not want to do a clean install unless it is totally the last resource available, so i ...

2 answers

Extending Dual Monitors with VGA and HDMI to Single link DVI

Here is my question. I have a workstation running windows 7 on a Dell Optiplex 390. He would like to use two extended monitors. The graphics card is an Intel Graphics HD 2000. It has a VGA out and ...

2 answers | yesterday by Ethan on Super User superuser.com
0 answers

What resolution can a graphics card handle in multiple monitors?

So given a graphics card (in my case AMD Radeon HD 6620G on a Toshiba Satellite P775D) how do you know what your laptop can handle when you have multiple monitors? I’d like to know in general how you ...

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Why a Firefox addon is reported corrupted after very small changes?

I have a font problem with the Romanian dictionary in Firefox. On google group of the creators of the dictionary I was instructed to open the xpi as zip and, inside two text files ro.aff and ro.dic, ...

1 answer

this construct causes code to be less generic… when applied to phantom type

I am trying to implement a DSL in F# for a small language. Unfortunately the compiler stops me dead in my tracks when I attempt to constrain nodes to hold additional type information (via phantom ...

1 answers | yesterday by dkinitiate on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
2 answers

Why the West supports Al-Qaeda in Syria?

Currently the main force of the non-ISIS opposition to Syrian government is the Islamic Front group, a loose conglomerate of several groups, the strongest of which is the An-Nusra front, a Syrian ...

1 answer

Philips 170S does not display fine gray tones but other colors fine

I have a problem with my secondary monitor: I calibrated it with Windows Color Calibration, and I have the problem that it displays grey tones (like the grey background of the Stack Exchange code ...

2 answers

How would I translate a Haskell type class into F#?

I'm trying to translate the Haskell core library's Arrows into F# (I think it's a good exercise to understanding Arrows and F# better, and I might be able to use them in a project I'm working on.) ...

2 answers

Constantly can't open youtube on Linux but being able to load it on Windows machine

My problem is that for some reason Youtube sometimes stops, I get "problem loading page" with Firefox and the same on Chormium, I'm using Backbox(based on Ubuntu). The problem is that I can open ...

12 answers

How to download favicon from website?

When you browse a web site, the "favicon" icon shows up next to the URL (or the bookmark). If I want that graphic, is there a way to download it directly from the site? I'd prefer to download it ...

2 answers

How can I disable searching and domain guessing from the Firefox Address Bar, while keeping other features?

I used to know how to configure this, but I can't seem to find it again. Here are some special features I would like to keep in the Address Bar, and some I would like to disable: To Keep: ...

2 answers | yesterday by Iszi on Super User superuser.com
1 answer

XSLT: Count the iteration of a cases inside a loop

I have two loops and want to count the iteration of cases OK and NotOK and overall cases inside xslt file. How I cold do so? If I want to know the sum of both iteration how could I write it? my For ...

1 answers | yesterday by Royeh on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
4 answers

Pattern matching on provided types

Firstly, obtain a schema and parse: type desc = JsonProvider< """[{"name": "", "age": 1}]""", InferTypesFromValues=true > let json = """[{"name": "Kitten", "age": 322}]""" let typedJson = ...

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