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Is “Target F# runtime:” of “N/A” nominal?

In Visual Studio 2013.4 I have an F# project and looking at its properties I see that the "Target F# runtime:" is "N/A" and the drop down box is disabled. In the same solution there are many other F# ...

1 answers | 50 mins ago by philderbeast on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Why does Array2D not have a fold operation?

I just bumped into a case where it would be useful to have fold/foldi methods on an Array2D and I wondered, if there is a reason, why Array2D does not have them. As my array2d is quite huge, I would ...

3 answers

Random number generation F#

I have the following code: let rand = System.Random() let gold = [ for i in years do yield rand.NextDouble()] However I cannot collapse it into one line as let gold = [ for i in years do yield ...

3 answers | 15 hours ago by İrem Erten on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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What is the difference between R.Net and Deedle library?

I am working on a data analysis project and I have tried Deedle data library on my C# application I find that Deedle is a useful library, it provides timeseries and dataframe for C# and F#. But my ...

1 answers | yesterday by user3515538 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Filtering Rows in F#

I have a code where I have the following frame and filter rows as follows: let dfff= [ "year" => series [ 1 => 1990.0; 2 => 1991.00; 3 => 1992.0; 4 => 1993.0] "gold" => series ...

1 answers | yesterday by İrem Erten on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to implement “return early” logic in F#

I am familiar with the fact that in F# there is no equivalent "return" keyword. However we came across an issue recently where we have needed a workflow that consists of many steps, where each step ...

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F# return a specified union type from byte array

I'm trying to write a function that takes in a byte array and converts it to an ADT as specified by a parameter. Is this possible in F#? This is my ADT: type DataFormat = | Alphanumeric of ...

1 answers | yesterday by Eric on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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VS2013 Fsharp project assembly reference bin debug not found

In a solution with Fsharp projects (Visual Studio 2013), intellisense can start complaining that references to other Fsharp projects cannot be found. It then tries to locate the referenced dll file in ...

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Random access on .NET lists is slow, but what if I always reference the first element?

I know that in general, .NET Lists are not good for random access. I've always been told that an array would be best for that. I have a program that needs to continually (like more than a billion ...

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How do purely functional compilers annotate the AST with type info?

In the syntax analysis phase, an imperative compiler can build an AST out of nodes that already contain a type field that is set to null during construction, and then later, in the semantic analysis ...

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Why doesn't the log4net XmlConfigurator attribute work for my unit tests

I'm using log4net, trying to get logging in my unit tests. If I manually call log4net.Config.XmlConfigurator.Configure(); Since that works, that seems to eliminate all of the "bad config, config ...

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How can I (Why can't I) add two F# double options together?

I'm trying to write some function that handle errors by returning double options instead of doubles. Many of these functions call eachother, and so take double options as inputs to output other double ...

2 answers | yesterday by user3685285 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Adding xUnit Support for ReSharper

I have VS 2013 and ReSharper 8.2 I am trying to add xUnit support extension for resharper but I can not find it. It is the only place to get it AFAIK Am I doing something wrong? It should be ...

2 answers

A library/framework for writing RESTful API in F#

I have been quite happy with the Python framework Flask for writing RESTful API's. Without supplying the details, I can write something like @api.route('/date/<int:year>/<int:month>', ...

2 answers | yesterday by lejon on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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F# Seq.sortBy in descending order

I am fairly new to F# and came by the Seq.sortBy function however it is sorting my list in ascending order. How do I get it to sort in descending order using the Seq.sort? For instance an example ...

8 answers | yesterday by Mark Pearl on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

Health insurance for senior Thai residents

I am searching for a basic health insurance to cover hospital costs in case of sickness for a senior Thai citizen. I have found Bupa's offers of unlimited cover really appealing but unfortunately they ...

1 answer

Resharper: File header text not automatically used for new files

I am using VS2010, Resharper 8.0.1, StyleCop 4.7.45. I have defined a File header text in the resharper options and (wrongly) assumed it would then be used when refactoring (using "move class to a ...

2 answers

UIHint can not resolve template in abstract models

Assume an abstract model like this: public abstract class MyClass : BaseEntity { [UIHint("File")] public long? DocumentFileId { get; set; } } The problem is Cannot resolve template 'File', ...

1 answer

How to globally disable file headers documentation in ReSharper plugin for Visual Studio

Environment I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 with ReSharper 9.0 Update 1. I have ReSharper.StyleCop (for R# 9) (https://github.com/kubiix/ReSharper.StyleCop) ReSharper plugin ...

3 answers

Accumulator function for tag cloud

I'm trying to write a tail-recursion function that will look at a list of distinct words, a list of all words, and return a list with the count of occurrences of each word. I'm actually reading the ...

3 answers | 2 days ago by C Bauer on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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ReSharper: “The build could not be started. There are multiple projects in the solution at…”

When trying to run NUnit tests with ReSharper, the following message appears in a dialog box and the tests are not run: The build could not be started. There are multiple projects in the solution ...

1 answer

Quartz.net - Issues with Adjusting and Speeding up SystemTime causing Misfires

For testing reasons I want to be able to adjust what time Quartz.Net currently thinks it is so I do not necessarily have to wait hours, days, or weeks in order to check that my code is working. For ...

3 answers

F# negative indices in array

In my application there is a need to precompute and keep trigonometric function values for some particular angle parameters, the range varies from -90 to 180 degree. I can create arrays(one for each ...

3 answers | 2 days ago by anushri on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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NuGet issues when installing same package to multiple F# projects in solution

Here's the solution layout: FSharpNuGetTest (sln) FirstService (F# 3.1 console project, .NET 4.5/4.5.2) SecondService (F# 3.1 console project, .NET 4.5/4.5.2) For the sake of an argument, let's ...

1 answer

Generic reply from agent/mailboxprocessor?

I currently have an agent that does heavy data processing by constantly posting "work" messages to itself. Sometimes clients to this agent wants to interrupt this processing to access the data in a ...

1 answers | Apr 22 at 20:35 by monoceres on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

F# concatenate int array option to string

I have a data contract (WCF) with a field defined as: [<DataContract(Namespace = _Namespace.ws)>] type CommitRequest = { // Excluded for brevity ... [<field: DataMember(Name="ExcludeList", ...

1 answers | Apr 22 at 19:22 by Maui_Ed on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

How to force a constraint on a member's return type

I am trying to force a constraint on a function such that the type of the first parameter has a member which returns Async<'T> as follows: let inline private f (a : ^T) = (^T : (static member g ...

1 answers | Apr 22 at 18:46 by cubetwo1729 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
3 answers

ReSharper won't load when starting Visual Studio 2008

When I started Visual Studio 2008 I got an error on the .Net Framework. All my projects wouldn't load and there was een error with ReSharper 6 as well. Which one I sadly don't remember. After fixing ...

3 answers | Apr 22 at 17:31 by Peter on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Test method is inconclusive: Test wasn't run. Error?

I have a test class and below I have posted a sample test from the test class namespace AdminPortal.Tests.Controller_Test.Customer { [TestClass] public class BusinessUnitControllerTests { ...

7 answers

F# syntactic sugar

F# clearly contains a lot of things that are syntactic sugar, and as I try to learn it--without the aid of a book--I am overwhelmed by the sheer variety of syntax. Is there a simpler "core" language ...

7 answers | Apr 22 at 16:01 by Qwertie on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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