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There is no trusted URLs configured for the app deployment

I have a provider hosted app on my SharePoint environment. The app is working fine and loads a form. Within the form there are two client side SharePoint controls. One managed property and one people ...

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Passing a URL variable into xsl in sharepoint 2013

I use xsl to reformat a list in sharepoint 2013 and I want to implement paging in the new list. So, first I want to know how to pass parameters from the url and read it from xsl. ...

2 answers | 7 hours ago by Kamal AL-Hinai on Stack Overflow
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Sharepoint CAML query to select all items that user have shared with it

I secure my sharepoint list using share with, it is done by sharepoint event receiver that share the current added item with all people who could interact with that item. It works well, but when I use ...

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Customizing SharePoint Breadcrumb Navigation

I need help trying to customize the Breadcrumb navigation displayed by SharePoint. I have created two .aspx pages in the Pages Library named search.aspx and products.aspx. A link from search.aspx ...

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Managing users in Sharepoint

Is the best (or only) way for managing users in MS Sharepoint Active Directory? I'm studying, and i have been buiding a little project to learn, and i'm using active directory to manage my dummy ...

4 answers | 9 hours ago by Marcelo on Stack Overflow
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Sharepoint Web Parts roll up

I'm pretty new to Sharepoint, but my company wants me to set up a Sharepoint to manage discussions, documents and tasks. The company has two different departments, so I made one main site and two ...

1 answers | 13 hours ago by Torgis on Stack Overflow
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SharePoint 2013 App Deploy Error: “A different version of this App is already installed with the same version number”

I have developed a very simple Provider-Hosted App which I was deploying to our SharePoint Online Developer Site. Testing was going fine, and I had deployed it several times to the site, before I ...

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Changing appearance of web parts in SharePoint 2013 using CSS

I have built a site in SharePoint and would now like to change the appearance of web parts (document libraries) using CSS. Whenever I add the following CSS code: <style type="text/css"> ...

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Get ListItemID from which was task started

In SharePoint 2013 in event receiver (item added) I need to get List item id from which was task started...I have custom list when I add new list item the workflow starts and create new task in task ...

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How to rename a project in the Team Foundation Server (TFS)

How to rename a project in the Team Foundation Server 2008? What are khown issues?

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SQL Sharepoint Integration using oData connector with SSIS

SSIS Sharepoint Connection using OData connector. I was able to connect to Sharepoint site fine and was able to see the data thru preview and all.. but when i execute the task i get below error. ...

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SharePoint 2010 SSAS SSRS transition 2 servers from one FARM to another 1 server FARM

We have an Enterprise server BI Farm consisting of three(3) Servers. FARM2 on SQL2 instance 1) Central Admin Server 2) PowerPivot SSAS Server 3) SSRS Reporting Server. We would like to combine all ...

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SharePoint 2007 content db restore issue

I'm trying to migrate content from one MOSS farm to another. Specifically a web application. The web application data is fully contained within a single content database. My process for doing this is ...

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Root site collection in Javascript

How to get the Root Site collection url when the context is in a child site, in JavaScript or JQuery. Thanks and Regards, manjunath

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SharePoint Online Access Request Status Codes

I am using CSOM to retrieve items from the "Access Requests" list. ( I am trying to figure out all the possible ...

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Using SharePoint 2007 ContentEditor with embedded HTML to reformat multiple PageViewers

First, the vanilla page viwer uses a hard-coded size, and I want to resize the page viewer to the length of the embedded page and remove the scroll bar. Second, since embedding code in a content ...

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How to scale background image based on white space with CSS

I need to scale background image based on the white space left from content div. Here is the sample code: <body class="ms-backgroundImage"> <div id="s4-workspace"> <div ...

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How can I use InfoPath 2013 with SharePoint 2013 to upload a document when the user submits the form?

Background: I want to make a form in SharePoint for the user to submit vendor information. They fill out the form and attach a document with products and pricing. I can't figure out how to make a form ...

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Sharepoint REST API authentication with SAML

My app uses OKTA for authentication using SAML. I was able to get this up. I am also able to make REST calls to sharepoint using the username and password. Now that I have both these set up, I would ...

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Iterating a SharePoint 2010 Atom feed

SharePoint 2010 returns an Atom feed when using its REST API. For example: http://SERVER/Tasks/_vti_bin/listdata.svc/Tasks?$select=Id,Title,Status&$filter=UserId eq 1234&$orderby=Status asc ...

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SP 2013 - Quick edit with Managed Meta Data columns, copy and paste from excel

I'm trying to migrate a meta data from an excel spreadsheet to a SP 2013 document library. The columns are managed meta data columns with pre defined terms matching the data in the excel spreadsheet. ...

1 answers | yesterday by Vangoz on Stack Overflow
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Event receiver to invalidate cache in multiple WFE

When a list item event receiver is triggered in a multiple WFE farm, will it trigger in the other WFEs? I currently don't have the resources to test this out myself and my search has given me nothing ...

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Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowServicesBase.dll not in GAC

I am trying to start a workflow in my SharePoint 2013 provider hosted app. The class I'm looking for is WorkflowServicesManager, however the dll Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowServicesBase.dll is not in ...

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Get ContentType of documentSet using Javascript(CSOM)

How can i access all the contenttypes for a particular docset using javascript Using server model we can achieve it by var ctIds = ds.ContentTypeTemplate.AllowedContentTypes; //1 ...

1 answers | yesterday by user3476088 on Stack Overflow
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Calculate Date Time Difference in Hours in InfoPath 2010

I'm currently looking for a way to get the difference between 2 date time fields in hours. The first "Start Time" is a date time field with its default value as now() while the "End time" is a also a ...

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How to include Project's FieldValues in CSOM request

I'm trying to pull all Projects information from SharePoint using Client Side Object Model (CSOM). Here is how I'm getting Projects information: projectContext.Load(projectContext.Projects, c ...

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Sharepoint 2013 Online CORS Cross Origin Resource Sharing

I'm trying to implement a simple Sharepoint 2013 Online solution to allow sharepoint to visualize an externale source inside an Iframe, the external source in this case is OWA. Placing a simple page ...

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How to customize an alert message summary

I tried running an alert sending a daily summary of tasks. Many users may change one task during the day so when I get the summary I find many edits done the task. How do I get the alert summary ...

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Getting getCurrentUser() from Sharepoint with Java

I am trying to find an answer to who i really am. With Java calling the http://sp.demo/_vti_bin/usergroup.asmx webservice. My goal is to push Items onto the server, and add a field with the ...

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Unable to delete SharePoint 2010 ContentType “Contenty type in use.”

I have tried all the recommendations on the web, to no avail. I wrote a console application per these instructions: ...

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