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What are the supported types for sharepoint lookup columns?

I found that not all fields are supported as lookup fields. I tried to find a supported fields list but haven't been able to find one (google or even msdn)...... So far, I found that Choice, Mutiple ...

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I'm having trouble with basic layout using html/css with Sharepoint

I'm new to Sharepoint, so I'm having difficulty with some basic stuff. I've already posted this to the SharePoint StackExchange, but I thought I'd try my luck here as well. Let me know if what I'm ...

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Read excel file stored in SharePoint Document Library

I have an excel file stored in SharePoint document library. I need to read this excel file and get the data programmatically from the file path For Example: SharePoint Site: http:// servername ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by sharmila on Stack Overflow
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Access linked Sharepoint list error; Cannot reference rows created when you are disconnected from the server

I'm trying to make a split Access db with the backend as linked Sharepoint lists in Office 365. When I try to add data using one list that is my 'Locality' reference I get the following error; You ...

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Sharepoint Email workflow: how to add a variable from another list

I have not been working with sharepoint for too long, and now I am running into an issue with sending emails. So I have two lists, lets say one is a contact list... (List1) Name, Title, Phone#, email ...

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Check if a List Column Exists using SharePoint Client Object Model?

Using the Client Object Model (C#) in SharePoint 2010, how can I determine if a specified column (field) name exists in a given List? Thanks, MagicAndi.

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pure vba SiteData.GetListCollection use in Excel 2010

I need just the final step. Maybe it's stupid but .. what am i missing here?. I'm trying to get all the lists of a SharePoint site. If I debug I can see the correct tree in the locals pane, but the ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by LeTapia on Stack Overflow
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Invalid postback or callback argument. Event validation is enabled using in configuration or <%@ Page EnableEventvalidation =”true” %>

I am getting the below detailed error: Invalid postback or callback argument. Event validation is enabled using in configuration or <%@ Page EnableEventvalidation =”true” %> in a page. For ...

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Update Column names from another table while exporting access table to sharepoint list

I have an access database and i want to export some tables to sharepoint list. The problem is that the table columns don't have actual names but numeric ids. The actual names are stored in another ...

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Set Sharepoint Tags/Properies with VBA

Is it possible to set the Tags of a Sharepoint document (specifically Excel) using VBA. At present the only way I know to handle this is to save a file to Sharepoint, set the Tags when prompted, nd ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by CrazyHorse on Stack Overflow
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Get the content of a sharepoint folder with Excel VBA

Usually I use this piece of code to retrieve the content of a folder in VBA. But this doesn't work in the case of a sharepoint. How can I do ? Dim folder As folder Dim f As File Dim fs As New ...

8 answers | 5 hours ago by Blackethylene on Stack Overflow
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Creating simple pages for SharePoint-2013 remotely from WPF

I have no experience working with share point. I have a simple C# WPF application that should connect to SharePoint server and programatically create some pages based on layouts or update existing ...

1 answers | 7 hours ago by Mirzodaler on Stack Overflow
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Impersonate user programmatically on Sharepoint 2013 (C#)

This might an odd question, but what I would like to achieve is a functionality that would allow specific users to view SharePoint pages as if they were logged in as different users. Let's say we ...

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Sharepoint Client Object model, list.get_defaultViewUrl() not returning correct URL when there are spaces in list name

My purpose of using get_defaultViewUrl() was to actually get URL of library. It works fine as long as there are no spaces in library name, it fails when there are spaces in library names. for e.g. if ...

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FILE_CACHE_ACCESS_START causes 404 Not found when uploading to SharePoint2013 Document Library

I am using WebClient to upload data to SharePoint 2010 Document Libraries and folders. Everything works very well. using (WebClient client = new WebClient()) { //obtains correct credentials - ...

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How to invoke executable or powershell script from SharePoint 2010 Workflow?

I would like to invoke an executable (or Powershell script) from SharePoint 2010 workflow. What are my options? Is it even possible? I did some search online but nothing good comes out. All I get how ...

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Workflow in SharePoint 2010

In the webpart we have form. Which take few inputs and 2 level of approver and saves entire form information in external database(oracle). I like to use a SharePoint sequential workflow. The ...

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Sharepoint 2010 Programming, How to start (Licencing)

I had a question: I wanted to begin programming in Sharepoint and I thought I could get some pointers in which of Sharepoint 2010 Foundation, Sharepoint 2010 Client... etc to download so I can learn ...

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400 Bad Request with Guzzle from the Microsoft Oauth endpoint

We're trying to get the access_token from the Microsoft OAUTH endpoint with Guzzle, but always getting 400 - Bad request response. Any idea on that? Here's the Guzzle request: $r = ...

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Retrieve an image from Office 365 into an iOS app

Does anyone know how to retrieve an image from Office 365 into an iOS app? The image logo has the following returned format: https://"TENANT""SITE NAME"/SiteAssets/domain1.png I've ...

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How to delete webparts from the main page in sharepoint using powershell

I have the following code which adds a webpart, but i need some way to delete all the webparts before this runs. Anybody know how to do this? I have tried multiple ways, but am brand new to ...

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How can I tell an image that is bigger than the window to scale to fit in a div in sharepoint IE quirks mode?

So im in sharepoint building a jquery slider inside of a webpart. The images I am working with are 1920x300 and my slider scales them to fit into a liquid design. Sharepoint template is also liquid / ...

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Calculating the duration frame on Sharepoint Workflow

I have this issue where I wanted to calculate the differences between the closing date(ending) and initial date(starting). I have grabbed the closing date value and initial date value. Then I made ...

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Claims Based Authentication from SharePoint to ASP .NET

I am attempting to create a single sign on SharePoint portal. I have tried a variety of methods so if someone has a better suggestion then I am all ears, but I am attempting to do this via claims ...

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Pause a workflow 2 days before start date

I have a leave workflow which is working fine with no issues What I want to do is to pause the workflow 2 days(48 hours) before start date of the workflow/leave request When applying for leave you ...

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SharePoint 2010 Search Error 0x800703fa

We have migrated from SharePoint 2007 to 2010. Everything appears to be working correctly except for an intermitent error with search. Occastionally search results will crash for all of our sites ...

1 answers | 15 hours ago by Ben on Server Fault
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Thumbnails in Sharepoint online

I need to show thumbnails of Sharepoint Online images on my website, to avoid downloading all images beforehand. Is it possible to make Sharepoint Online (Office365) automatically create thumbnails ...

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Info Path Form Footer Not appear on browser

We create Info Path Forms (Browser Based) contain Footer using office 2013 and publish it to share point 2013 as described here. Users use IE to display and fill forms. when users display print ...

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cannot connect to configuration database sharepoint 2010

I have a simple SharePoint 2010 farm which consists of one web server and one database server. Last week the network admin somehow deleted the service accounts that are used by the SP farm. He has ...

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SharePoint 2013 restrict access for specific user on a specific document

I have a document library and it is shared with a group which contains some users. In this library i want to restrict specific user in the group from accessing a specific document. Is this doable in ...

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