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Sharepoint list retriving and updating using VBA

I'm new to this, but have been reading some answers earlier and see some experts have clarified many topics which are complex and so seeking help. I'm trying update sharepoint list item using VBA and ...

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VBA - Sharepoint list REST call update times

I've been trying to look more into this but I can't seem to find a good explanation of why this is happening. So I am making a REST API call to a Sharepoint list. All I want is to grab information ...

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ReportViewer to access SSRS Reports on SharePoint

My customer has a SSRS report deployed on their SharePoint Site. I am supposed to use ReportViewer to access that SSRS report in Here is the code I implemented, public partial class _Default ...

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Issues editing a Sharepoint Workflow, only have old .wsp

I was handed a project at a new job that was supposed to be relatively simple: Edit the main custom sharepoint help desk workflow to include a few extra fields in the email. Simple enough, open in ...

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Using mechanize to upload files to Sharepoint is failing, I can't figure out why

Below is the code that I am using. Can anybody please tell me what I am missing here? br.select_form("aspnetForm") br.form.set_all_readonly(False) FILENAME="2BProcessed.txt" ...

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Sharepoint Search - Searching “0” does not match properties with that value

We have set up a custom Enterprise Search Center page designed to search against all of our companies offices. We set up a custom BDC model with custom managed properties which are being crawled by ...

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how read/write data all from sharepoint without using Azure authentication in site

I am new in SharePoint, basically i want to know the mechanism of authentication/authorization of SharePoint, after authentication i want to read/write data on it like create projects, reads projects ...

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SharePoint 2013 Display Template

I am having issues with getting a value to show in my display template (Which I have done countless times before) Here are the steps I have taken Created a column (SLOT) and added content to the ...

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Limit the results of a query

i have this SQL code which obtains information about SharePoint sites, it returns every subsite and sites inside those i need to fix this query in a way that only returns the first subsite and not the ...

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Enable Visual Studio 2012 to publish to SSL protected Sharepoint 2010

I was able to get Sharepoint 2010 to work with claims based authentication behind a WebSEAL server by following this guide The issue I'm ...

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View doesn't exist in list after file upload

I have method, that uploads *.aspx file, containing view, to Lists/ListName. After upload to that folder in online version of our product there were no issues, but in on-premises they are. ...

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Add List Item to Remote Sharepoint 2007 using Powershell

I am attempting to automatically add records to a list in Sharepoint. I am following along in this post ...

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Cannot get Sharepoint 2010s Lists.asmx service to work

I'm trying to access Sharepoint 2010's Lists.asmx web service. I've created new console project in C#, added reference to a web service (http://[SITE]/_Vti_Bin/Lists.asmx) and it found the Lists web ...

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Link to a document In another document library in sharepoint 2013?

Link to a document In another document library. The “Link to a Document” content type does not exist in as an option in SharePoint 2013?

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SharePoint: “Failed to extract the cab file in the solution”

I'm receiving a "Failed to extract the cab file in the solution" error when I try to deploy my wsp using stsadm -o addsolution -filename... I've open the wsp as a cab and checked that there are no ...

7 answers | 10 hours ago by Graeme on Stack Overflow
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In SharePoint 2013, the uploaded videos are not playing on ipad and iphone

I have uploaded .mp4 videos to an Assest Library in SharePoint 2013. I can play these videos on IE and other browers but I am unable to play them on IPhone and IPAD. It is asking for Silverlight ...

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How to define case-sensitive crawl rule in SharePoint 2013

I try to create a case sensitive crawl rule in SharePoint 2013 to crawl a MediaWiki site with the following include path: SharePoint saves this as ...

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How can I remove an Application Pool in SharePoint 2013?

I use SharePoint 2013 and I create Secure Store Service App and remove it. When I want create this Service Application with the same Pool Name I get this error : This Server Application Pool already ...

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Using wildcards in csproj to include whole folders in SharePoint wsp package

I just spend the last 4 or so hours trying to figure why when compiling a SharePoint deployed package (wsp file) files that were specified via wildcards were not always getting included in the ...

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Is there a way to make a <p> element contains block elements?

I have issue on my RTE[Rich Text Editor], I'm using Sharepoint 2013, we have issue on putting custom script inside element. Here is the sample code when you put the code in the editor ...

1 answers | 12 hours ago by frogcoder on Stack Overflow
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Update SharePoint ContentType with REST API

I want to update a contenttype order with JavaScript and REST API. I have found at MSDN this description but no exemple Can someone help ...

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Add sharepoint attachment, with REST API

I am trying to add attachments to a sharepoint list item, I am able to add text and pdf files, but word files for example gives me the error 'the data is invalid'. This is how I do it now: ...

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How to send email to List in sharepoint 2010 - by default email for list is not permitted on the system

I have a requirement in sharepoint 2010 custom list(customised infopath form). I want to send an email to custom list the following fields i want to map Subject - Title From ID in Outlook 2010 - ...

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SharePoint (2013) Workflow between lists

I'm quite new to SP Workflows. I have two lists: letters and persons. This is in O365 Sites (SP 2013). I have created "log" via workflow that will get chosen lookup values ("Letters") and edit ...

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How can I sort my Jquery dropdownlist by date created?

I have a sharepoint dropdown that I need ordered by date created. The code I have so far tried is this simple JQuery: function DashboardReport(a, b) { return new Date(a.Created).getTime() - new ...

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How to upload file greater than 1 GB in Sharepoint hosted app using javascript?

I am developing sharepoint hosted app for Office 365. I am reading byte array of file using following methods function ProcessUpload(fileInput) { var reader = new FileReader(); reader.onload ...

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Infopath Start Date End Date

In Infopath I need to do the End date could not exceed more than 12 month from the date of request I am using now() > 12 but it shows invalid how to do in Microsoft Infopath

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Could not save the list changes to the server in sharepoint designer 2013

I am aiming to create forms in sharepoint but sad to say i'm having this error "could not save the list changes to the server " did i miss any setting configuration in my sharepoint or there's ...

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SharePoint listview color change on checkbox click

I have a SharePoint list and I have changed the row color by adding this piece of code in CEWP. <style type="text/css"> .ms-alternating { background-color: White; } </style> Now when I ...

1 answers | 15 hours ago by Learner on Stack Overflow
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cartodb linked to sharepoint

has anyone tried linking a sharepoint excel spreadsheet with cartodb? my spreadsheet has a url like it would from google drive or dropbox and it is shared with editing and viewing privlidges for ...

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