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Sharepoint 2010 (left and right Zones) - Remove

All I am trying to do is to remove the right zone of this site. How do I accomplish this? Is there any site in SharePoint that doesn't have zones?

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How to pass a value to SharePoint list event receiver?

I have a SharePoint site page with a document library web part on it, once a document is uploaded to this library, some of the library fields need to be updated according to a parameter of the page …

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Create subsite after remote call in SharePoint Online

I got a task in which me to need create something like web-service in SharePoint 2013 Online which to create subsite after call from remote server. I didn't work with task like this before and i don't …

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SharePoint 2013 - SuiteLinksDelegate Bar

I want to be able to put several links on the SuiteLinksDelegate bar at the top of my SharePoint 2013 site. But after I deploy only the first one will show up. Here is my elements file: <?xml …

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Having a JavaScript file work with two functions within itself but not three

This may be a simple question but I am new to JavaScript and can't figure out why this is not working. It is an external JavaScript file. Also I am using this in sharepoint 2010. When I have these …

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Tabbed content in a SharePoint page

I’ve got a requirement to create tabs for content displayed on a web page, so that a user doesn’t have to scroll vertically to read all the content. Is there a way for jQuery to automatically divide …

2 answers | 2 hours ago by Rob on Stack Overflow
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workflow replicator activity: how to determine if task was approved or rejected

I have basic workflow with replicator activity inside it. Replicator contains my custom sequence activity with standard create task --> ontaskchanged --> complete task sequence. Now: tasks are ...

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Searching Attachments in SharePoint 2010 Lists using CAML

I need help on searching attachments i.e Word Document, PDF etc which are attached to the list during inserting Item in SharePoint 2010 using CAML queries. I tried with this query <Query> …

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access denied 403 forbidden error in publishing site sharepoint item adding

Two days ago, everything was working fine. Now when I try to add an item from my web part it is giving a 403 forbidden access denied error. Also, I am using run with elevated privileges to insert ...

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Angular: GET request for template url mysteriously fails 2nd time

I've got an Angular app which relies on using some template-urls The app is running in an iframe (please don't question why) There's a javascript button on the parent page, which reloads the iframe …

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Highcharts Error #14 with SPServices

I'm new to both highcharts and jQuery and I'm experiencing problems displaying the data from a Sharepoint list using SPServices. I have two columns; one with a Date value, and another with numeric ...

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Synchronizing tasks from Sharepoint list to Outlook task list

I seem to be facing a problem when having to use the task function in Outlook. When an online sharepoint list is to be 'synchronized' with the task list in Outlook, it gives me the following error: …

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Nowacki on Stack Overflow
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Sync SharePoint Tasks and Outlook Tasks 2010

Hj, I want to Sync SharePoint Tasks and Outlook Tasks 2010 but the custom columsn in SP do not exist in outlook. Did anyone have a solution for this stuff. :) Many thanks.

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SharePoint content approval vs approval workflow

I have a SharePoint 2013 publishing site collection set up with the OOB SharePoint 2010 publishing approval workflow on the document library. This works as expected until I use the Approve/Reject ...

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open option ellipses in document library does nothing when using AAM

I have been searching for hours trying to find a solution to this problem. A client site is using AAM and when the users are in any of the document libraries the open option ellipses does nothing when …

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SyntaxError: Failed to execute 'querySelector' on 'Document': '[object HTMLDocument]' is not a valid selector

I am trying to get all field values from a sharepoint list item on a display template, the ctx.CurrentItem only gets some values but not all I need. I tried the following code, but I get the error …

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offline caching of the documents retrieved from sharepoint

I have to retrieve a list of documents from share point and have to save it in phone cache,when theres a change in any of the documents i have to sync the changed documents.Can any one tell me the ...

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How to programmatically create editable wiki pages within the Pages library of an Enterprise Wiki site

I'm new to SharePoint. I'm trying to programmatically create a wiki page within the Pages library of an Enterprise Wiki site in SharePoint 2010. Here is my code: using (SPSite site = new ...

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Migration testing in SharePoint application

I was new to SharePoint application testing. Seems I am going to do migration related testing (Manual). Can somebody advise me on how I need to approach this project and best practices associated with …

1 answers | 6 hours ago by user3057312 on Stack Overflow
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SharePoint 2013 Site - Mapping of relative urls based on Alternate Access Mapping paths

We have created a site in SharePoint 2013 and mapped it to external world using Alternate Access Mapping. The css and js files are used in master page using relative urls. The related urls are getting …

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Sharepoint Document collaboration

Document collaboration Is this possible to restrict the section in document, based on the user. Egg: Document contains three sections, Section 1, Section 2, Section 3 Three users need to ...

3 answers | 6 hours ago by guna Samba on Stack Overflow
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SharePoint SPSite Method dependency issue

I am working on sharepoint dll to get the information of the mysites say name , user id , picture and for that I am using the sharepoint SPSite method but when I run (debug )the code from the visual …

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Word Automation Services : ConversionJob.start() Access Denied

I'm working on a WCF service which runs on the same APP Pool as the SharePoint Farm. This service launches conversion Job to transfer files from a Library to another. No problem on the developpement …

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Insert a list item using REST form webpart: 403 error even when X-RequestDigest is present

I intend to insert a list item from the main page in intranet to a list hosted on another site collection. I made this simple HTML & JS to get it done, but I always get the 403 / FORBIDDEN error: …

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System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.UserPrincipal GetGoups Access Denied

I'm trying to query the groups of a particular user in Active Directory from a SharePoint 2013 environment using Claims Based Authentication. I can do the following: Use DSQUERY in a command ...

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Create a folder in SP2013 using REST and HTTPClient

I am trying to create a folder in SP2013 using HTTPClient and REST. The following are the requirements & constraints on the application I need to create a folder in a 2013 document library ...

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Can't open docx in sharepoint, IE11

On our intranet we can't open docx-files on IE11. Chrome works just fine just as Firefox. Browsers that fail: IE11 Browsers that succeed: Chrome Firefox Error in Console SCRIPT5: Access …

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Modal dialog with progress in SharePoint 2013

I have a problem with modal dialog in SharePoint. My task is created many subsites and subsites for this subsite. And i want show for user progress of creation in modal dialog. I have global variable …

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the file '/_controltemplates/.ascx' does not exist

I am making a SharePoint visual web part project for SharePoint 2013. The web part was working fine till yesterday but now it is giving following error. The file ...

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How to use ChangeTokenStart and ChangeTokenEnd with a Rest API in Sharepoint 2013

I am trying to retrieve a list of Items for a particular list between two change tokens using Rest Apis.I am using chrome rest api client. My rest endpoint looks like this -> Method: POST …

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