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Unable to automate the migration process using Task Scheduler and SharePoint cmdlet “MigrateUserAccount”

Unable to automate the migration process using Task Scheduler and SharePoint cmdlet “MigrateUserAccount” getting error “You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression” $spFarm = ...

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Add-PSSnapin cannot be loaded. A type mismatch happened

I am just trying to run SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, but it throws an error. Add-PSSnapin : Could not load type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPActionLinkType' from assembly ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by lll on Stack Overflow
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Team Foundation Server 2010 and Sharepoint Foundation 2010 Integration Error

I followed most of the suggestions that I found online but I still got this error when I start integrating TFS and SP I dont have firewall thats why it does not make sense, any idea why this is ...

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TFS on virtual machine?

A follow developer friend is trying to learn the TFS 2010 API. We have established the following trial Virtual machine together: ...

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How to set Sharepoint Apps query string tokens from javascript

I have the following mvc sharepoint app controller public ActionResult Index(string city) { var spContext = ...

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JQuery validation not working within IFrame in IE

I have a form using jQuery validation on site which is being rendered by an iframe on (SharePoint site). The validation works fine on but as soon as it is rendered in an iframe the ...

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SharePoint 2010 not accessible

My complete SharePoint 2010 site is not accessible. However, the admin site is. The database is still OK. Error: Cannot open database "WSS_Site_Content" requested by the login. The login failed. Login ...

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Changing Custom site column to lookup

I got thrown in to a situation where the customer has a production enviroment and needs to make some changes without losing data. One part of the problem is changing a sitecolumn (used in CT, 2-3 ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by simon on Stack Overflow
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Copyintoitems sharepoint webservice call from python uploading zero byte file

Here is my code, I do not know what to be the value for Stream in the xml, I am doing it from Linux. it is placing zero byte file in sharepoint. Appreciate the help. user = "****" password = "***" ...

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Team System - Create a Sharepoint Project Portal for an existing team project

I have an existing Team Project in Team System 2010 which, when I originally created it, I opted not to create a Sharepoint Project Portal website. I now would like a Sharepoint Project Portal website ...

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Sharepoint Online: Set available Groups for User / Group Field programmatically

I want to limit the available Group(s) for an "Assigned User" list column programmatically. Is there a possibility to do this? The screenshot shows the setting via web ui.

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“Incompatible Office products are installed on your machine” when opening Office documents or browsing OneDrive or SharePoint Site

I'm running Office 2013 Pro Plus 32-bit (MSI-based) on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. When trying to open an Excel, Word, or PowerPoint documents I get this error message: Sorry, we can't perform this ...

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SharePoint 2013 List Box view customize web part display

I am referencing a list in a web part on a SharePoint page. In that web part I am using the "Boxed" view. However, I would like to customize the way that box looks a bit. Some examples would be to ...

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IIS connections to Kerberos enabled / non-Kerberos enabled web services

I’m building an App (Windows 10 UWP) that talks to a Web API web service [i] via a VPN to an internal network. The web service is running on Windows Server 2012, using .Net 4.6.1. The web service will ...

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SharePoint Online Custom Announcement List Pagination

I've created a custom Announcement List with pagination using JSLink that shows the user 2 articles per page. The issue is that this works great in IE9, but in other versions and browsers the behavior ...

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Search Function w/ SharePoint 2010 REST

so I'm pretty new to JQuery/REST for SharePoint. Infact coding in general. I've done a bunch of web searches and I think I've gotten pretty close to this working but I've hit a road block. I can only ...

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Changed values during Page_Load don't show up

I have a Project Server 2013 deployment on top of SharePoint2013 environment, and I deployed a webpart that registers a JavaScript on the page, during Page_Load. In this JavaScript I change the value ...

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Using VBA to read the metadata or file properties of files in a SharePoint doc library

I have a few hundred Word templates (DOTX) on a SharePoint site. Many teams of users work with these templates. When a user needs to customize this documentation, they click a special link on ...

1 answers | 14 hours ago by rgmatthes on Stack Overflow
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Mule SharePoint connector

I am trying to deploy mule project and below error occured by: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'sharepoint:dws-create-folder' ...

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Sharepoint Online, Javascript not working in Firefox

Making a SharePoint app using JavaScript to manage the data level. This works find in IE and Chrome but dose nothing in Firefox, no errors no warnings just no action! function List_AddCompany() { ...

2 answers | 15 hours ago by Caz1224 on Stack Overflow
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SPFieldLookupValue in Linq Query

I'm trying to the the value of a lookup field in SharePoint using Linq and a collection of SPListItem - something like this: int totalDepts = (from SPListItem itm in hourEntries select ...

1 answers | 16 hours ago by JimShelley on Stack Overflow
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how to create a custom web part page layout in sharepoint 2010

Can anyone tell me how can I create a web part page layout in sharepoint 2010 using Visual Studio so that I can be able to deploy them to different servers? And possibly add them in the Layout ...

1 answers | 16 hours ago by Dell Boy on Stack Overflow
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How to use Globally resuable workflow for copying list items from child site to parent site?

We are working with Office 365. We are using SharePoint Designer 2013. We are expert in List workflow but we are beginners in globally reusable workflow. We have global content type. It is associated ...

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SharePoint 2013 - How to execute JavaScript on postback

I am trying to execute JavaScript on the client after each postback from an InfoPath browser enabled form. This worked until we recently upgraded to SharePoint 2013. Does anyone know if there are any ...

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Custom SharePoint workflow action always returns error

I'm developing a custom workflow action for use in SharePoint Designer that will return a concatenated string from a list. It actually works fine internal to the action, but always returns an error. ...

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Sharepoint 2013 multi-value lookup on further lookup

Im using Sharepoint 2013 and i want to concatenate strings in a multi-value lookup via JS Link (JavaScript). Basically i have 3 tables. "House" (no screenshot), "Equipment" (see first screenshot) ...

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How to get SharePoint user details from a particular group using SPServices

Is that possible get the members username of a particular SharePoint User group with the help of SPServices. Please help.

1 answers | 18 hours ago by Vishnu S on Stack Overflow
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Get Nintex Holidays from SSIS

SharePoint \ Nintex Is it possible to get nintex holiday list into SSIS package? SharePoint lists work nicely as OData listdata.svc sources in the package. But what about Nintex service lists, can ...

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SharePoint 2013 run Javascript on add item

I'm looking for a bit of guidance on how to get a JS file to run when a user clicks 'new item' on a list. I'm currently using: ​<script ...

1 answers | 19 hours ago by Mark on Stack Overflow
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Custom Activity for String Replace

In SharePoint 2010 designer, there is no direct option to replace the string with some other values. but in 2013, this is available. Is there any option to make this activity? I a column which is ...

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