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Get Navigation Term using javascript

Has anyone tried to use Javascript API to get Navigation Term in Sharepoint? I found the code in MSDN but did not have any clue to use it. ...

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Clear values from people editor SharePoint control

I have a PeopleEditor control on my page. User can add users to people picker and I have a button that sends some sort of email to to those users. However, the values in the People picker value ...

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Excel file corrupted after uploading to Sharepoint with Python

I am trying to upload an Excel file from a local folder to Sharepoint with the Requests module in Python. The file will appear in my Shared Documents folder, which is where I want it to be, but when I ...

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Using an array to filter an array Javascript

I am trying to look at every value in one array and see if any of them are contained in any of the other array values. Ex: arrOne = ['a', 'b' ,'c' ]; arrTwo = ['option a', 'option c', 'option b', ...

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sharepoint 2010 retrieve Lookup column value using jscript

I try to retrieve the content of a lookup field in a sharepoint 2010 list. (myList) I do this by using sharepoint designer and a javascript.js file The java script works for most columns in my script. ...

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Creating a SharePoint 2010 page via the client object model

I am attempting to create pages in a Sharepoint 2010 pages library via the client object model but I cannot find any examples on how to do it. I have tried two approaches: The first is to treat the ...

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I need to save all fields values like for eg. name,email ,mobile no,department etc from userinformation in another list in Sharepoint foundation 2010

I have one SharePoint list in which I need to insert all the field value that are in SharePoint userinformation list like(email,name,mobile no) in Sharepoint foundation 2010

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Exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' was thrown. Parameter name: encodedValue

I have configured FBA in my web application. I need to use both windows and form authentication. Here when i click sign out it goes to FBA login form. But when i click sign in as different user it ...

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Change SharePoint default date time format to dd MMM yyyy

How do we change SharePoint default date time format to dd MMM yyyy( e.g., 1 May 2013), We can change regional setting to change date format but i can not find anything which display month as word. ...

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How to send email to List in sharepoint 2010 - by default email for list is not permitted on the system

I have a requirement in sharepoint 2010 custom list(customised infopath form). I want to send an email to custom list the following fields i want to map Subject - Title From ID in Outlook 2010 - ...

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How to show a pop-up message in an InfoPath form

I am having one InfoPath form and I am having code on VSTA project as well, now on certain condition I have to show a pop-up message in the form (I am running this form as browser enabled form). How ...

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Using “Select” in SharePoint list query

I have a list with a large number of datapoints. (130 columns, 31000 items). I run certain scripts to data-mine and/or update that info. One trick I use to speed up processing time is to pull the ...

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ASP.NET Hyperlink control not render href on ascx webpart

I have a Hyperlink control on an .ascx that looks like this: <asp:HyperLink ID="hDocument" NavigateUrl="" Text="Delegate Approval" Target="_blank" ...

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Calculated Site Column is dropped from Content Type when added to Document Library (SharePoint 2013 Solution)

I have a SharePoint 2013 solution that is Site scoped with two features: "My Custom Site Columns" and "My Custom Content Types". I'm trying to create an additional site column within the solution ...

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Cannot get to parent Sharepoint URL. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'get_web' of undefined

I am trying to save a value to a sharepoint list. I can save it to the subsite list using "SP.ClientContext.get_current();" with no problems. However, I want to save it to a list of the same name ...

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sharepoint designer workflow not available for other users to manually start

I created a SharePoint Designer List workflow and Published it to the library. I am able to run that manually. But it is not available for any of the users other than me. They are not able to see ...

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Does SharePoint Support VBA?

I have read very little content regarding Sharepoint (SP), and most of my reading has been sales pitch oriented overview material. I utilitze VBA with Office apps - especially Access - on a regular ...

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Sharepoint Forms from Custom Lists

I created a Custom SharePoint List with a custom work flow. Basically the list does the following: Group A initiates the list, fills in all the information Group A will check a box based on a Y/N ...

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Sharepoint 2010 Client Object Module getting a site url list

I’m trying to learn SharePoint Client Object Model, specifically how to get a list of all SharePoint site URLs using a remote connection. This is possible using webservices…but I want to do it using ...

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use current workflow initiator in rest api in sharepoint 2013

I need to get the current user who initiate a workflow and pass it as a parameter to the SharePoint online userprofile rest api, so that I can get the manager, currently this is what I am doing while ...

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What is the counterpart of UserGroup.GetUserCollectionFromSite in the Sharepoint Object Model?

what is the counterpart of UserGroup.GetUserCollectionFromSite provided by the SharePoint WebServices in the SharePoint Object Model? ...

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ContentType still exists after deleting SiteCollection and creating it new

I have an SharePoint SiteCollection (portal/sites/sitex) with a custom content type, which for whatever reason I can't delete (says it is in use though it isn't). I deleted the SiteCollection in the ...

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How to determine style library in sharepoint libaries list using client object model

I am writing SharePoint client app on C# using client object model for SharePoint 2013. In my app I need to distinct some site service document libraries. Actually I am looking for localization ...

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Repeating Table with Column From Secondary Source

I have been struggling with this all day. I have an Infopath form that is connected to two Sharepoint Lists. SP List 1 (Project Charters): Charter Title Charter Opportunity Charter Start Date SP ...

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I am getting access denied message for the visitors group user in sharepoint 2010

Please help me. I am having one site collection and there are many sub sites under that collection. One user which is from collection's Visitors group can access all web parts from subsites. But its ...

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Accessing SPLIstItem properties in SharePoint

I'm trying something very simple - accessing my SharePoint list's items and their properties. However, SPListItem.Properties count is zero for all normal lists. Everything works as expected for ...

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Unable to get user by email from Sharepoint

I am trying to access the user by his email id. But I am getting user not found exception, even when I am able to login to office 365 portal using that email id. Here is the code snippet: //Creating ...

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Sharepoint List how to add hyperlinks to texts in a column

I have a list with two columns. 'Title' and 'Link' For example if I have an item in list with values: Title: move Link: move.aspx So when an user clicks 'move' on the list I want to redirect to ...

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SharePoint - programmatically add list items and set ID

I need to create list items in sharepoint and also set the ID field too. However I get an error when trying to do this as it's read only. Is there a way I can set the ID column value when ...

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Sharepoint Document Library not receiving emails

I have created a sharepoint document library which is email enabled. However when i send email to the designated email address from anywhere, i dont receive the email & attachment in the list. I ...

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