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Provisioning a default.aspx page to use a custom page layout

I have a custom site definition I created that deploys a couple of custom page layouts. Does anyone know what needs to be done so that when a user uses my site definition to create a site, their ...

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Accessing/Viewing SharePoint 2013 (On-Premise) SSRS reports from Office 365 SharePoint site

How do we access/view SSRS reports in SP 2013 (On-premise) from Office 365 SP site. Both SP sites in different domains.

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Sharepoint 2010 - The search request was unable to connect to the Search Service

This has been frustrating me for days now. I am trying to use Sharepoint Search (not Fast), and I just want to be able to enter a search term and have relevant results returned from the site. So I ...

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Sharepoint Web Applicantions Share Web.Config file

I have 2 sharepoint web app on the same port, with diferente iis sites, configured with Alternate Access Mappings, with distinct virtual directories. The question is, the web.config file used on web ...

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Code blocks are not allowed in custom master page in SharePoint 2013

I had migrated a SharePoint 2010 web application to SharePoint 2013 and running in compatible mode. i have a SharePoint designer modified master-page which is saved in content database. i had some ...

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Installation SharePoint Server 2013 on Windows 8.1

I'm trying to install SharePoint Server 2013 on Windows 8.1 using this guide, but all my tries are failed. Error from log file: 2015/07/03 19:57:50:376::[4056] Executing command path: 'C:\Program ...

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Deleting File from SharePoint List in Java

I'm trying to delete a file from a Sharepoint list in Java and running into some issues. I'm using a batch element described here I'm able to make the request, but the results that come back are null ...

1 answers | 13 hours ago by Tom on Stack Overflow
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List Item multiple users permissions programatically (sharepoint)

I've looked around and haven't found a solution yet. I have picked up code snippets here and there to find a solution. I have a Doc Library called "Document Collaboration" with the field "Assigned ...

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Ribbon Command to read values

My javascript is not the best and was wondering if someone could help me out with this. Essentially I have a library with an integer column called PGCount, I want to be able to click this button and ...

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How to create/delete multiple items in a transaction

I am trying to delete multiple items in a SharePoint list with the constraint that either all of the items should be deleted or none of the items should be deleted. In short, I am looking to create ...

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Sharepoint 2010 register control as safe through wsp

I created a "Hello World" Sharepoint 2010 solution using VS2010. It contains just a feature, and a webpart containing a label. I registered the webpart as a safe control in the "Properties" window of ...

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How to use sharepoint:lookupfield control in a custom aspx page

I've searched four several hours and came up empty. Hopefully someone can provide me with some example code. I'm making a custom page in sharepoint, displaying/editing data about an entry in the ...

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How to use the javascript getPeerUrl() function in Sharepoint 2013 client object model?

I want to use this function to get the french url from the english url (I can't just simply change the en to fr and vice versa). But I ...

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Setting Author Id of sharepoint list item with rest API

I'm trying to create a new list item, but specify the created by to someone other than the account that's inserting the records, it looks like from some of the documentation it should be possible to ...

1 answers | 16 hours ago by Shriike on Stack Overflow
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Moving WSS sites to a new SharePoint 2010 Foundation server

This existing question helps but it doesn't answer all my questions. I have WSS 3 running on Server1 (Server 2003) and its database is DBServer1 (SQL 2008). I have installed SharePoint 2010 ...

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Sharepoint 2013:I Cannot access host site

Sharepoint 2013:I want to iterate through all the lists present in mu sharepoint online site. However when I a loading the host side and calling the executeQueryAsync function, it always seems to call ...

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Custom web part deployment produces 'Cannot import this webpart' error

I have built an empty SharePoint project in Visual Studio 2010 with some custom web parts in it. When I've tested these on my local development machine they can be added to a page without any trouble. ...

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Is it possible to make a Yearly SharePoint timer job programmatically?

Even though I created a SharePoint timer job to run yearly. Once the timer job is executed manually through the central admin(After deploying it), the Schedule type changes to "Hourly". Then it gets ...

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SharePoint 2010: show hidden columns with WebService

I create a list, add 2 columns and insert 2 items via c# Webservice. In SharePoint I cannot see the 2 columns, only Title. When I edit the items, I see the other columns. In SharePoint I can change ...

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How to split Regular Expression in Nintex

I am trying to split a value in Nintex, Sharepoint 2010 My value: ABCD\123456 I want to split "\" and return this: ABCD 123456 But when I try this, it returns an error: Error in regular expression ...

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Sharepoint - Loop through list and get column value

I'm having a problem how to build a good workflow. I've access to InfoPath and SharePoint Designer. I'll try explain below: I've two lists, A & B. List A: | Category | Product | Qty* | Date* | ...

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Transferring to external URL's using SpUtility.Redirect method

Can someone please tell me how to transfer to another external page like using sputility.redirect method .I can transfer to pages withing SharePoint but not to an external URL for ...

2 answers | yesterday by user505210 on Stack Overflow
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Sharepoint Dropdown List SelectedIndexChanged event

I've problems for populate 2 dropdown with 2 SharePoint lists. I've a "Type" list and "subtype" list. I wish that following the selection of this dropdown, it performs the sort on the dropdown ...

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how can we do a list form of sharepoint2010 using tabs..each tab consists some fields

I need to design list form in sharepoint2010,but it should be with tabs of which each tab will contains some fields in it. how can we do that.I have created a form with all the fields but i am unable ...

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sorting is not working in the sharepoint 2013 conent search webpart

I used conent search webpart[sharepoint 2013] the items are Showing perfect but problem is try to sorting the items by first name but is not working its shows default view only what can i do for it ...

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calculate days excluding weekends in sharepoint2010

How do I exclude weekends(sat and sun) when counting number of days between a start and end time in sharepoint 2010 calculate column. 1.I have a calender added to sharepint 2010 and there is two ...

3 answers | yesterday by SHPUser on Stack Overflow
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SharePoint 2013 Provision with SPMeta2 API ListModels

In the code below, which is using the SPMeta2 API to provision SharePoint artifacts. What are the FieldModels, ContentTypeModels, and ListModels? I can't find a definition for them in the samples. ...

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“Already Exists” Exception thrown when Getting SharePoint 2013 Library items using CSOM

I am trying to retrieve all items from a SharePoint 2013 Video asset library using the CSOM in C#. When I run my console application I occasionally receive the following error: ...

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Content types for Excel export to SharePoint

I have an excel spreadsheet that I want to export to SharePoint. I am currently using the SynchroniseWSSandExcel.xlam add-in by Microsoft to export and sync my spreadsheet however some of the columns ...

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Why are buttons “Settings” in top navigation bar in a list app missing?

I have several list apps in my SharePoint 2013 Teamsite. In some of them are the buttons Settings in top navigation bar in a list app missing. In the other very similar list apps the Settings ...

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