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Does Sharepoint track document downloads?

I know Sharepoint tracks modifications to files but does it track if a specific user opened a file for viewing?

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SharePoint 2010 Rest API error (Not retrieving data)

When I run the code below, I get the following error: "Unable to get property 'results' of undefined or null reference" $(document).ready(function() { var iceCreamApp = {}; iceCreamApp.Truck = new ...

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SharePoint Workflow to send Email on a specific Date and Time

I am working on a SharePoint list to maintain the regular yearly maintenance activities in the organization. The list contains, Activity Name, Status, Reminder Date, Next Maintenance Date, Primary ...

2 answers | 7 hours ago by jats on Stack Overflow
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Approval workflow with nintex in sharepoint server 2010?

How to create approval workflow for sharepoint list using nintex workflow 2010 in sharepoint server 2010. workflow process...create deal - send for approval - approve / reject if approve it will ...

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Object doesn't support property or method 'querySelectorAll' (sp.core.debug.js)

First of all I want to tell I am new in SharePoint. I have developed a public website in SharePoint 2013. When I open my site in IE 7, following exceptions occurs in sp.core.debug.js Object doesn't ...

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Get specific content from SP List with JS

I'm pretty new to using the SP.JS, and I'm stuck on trying to pull information from a list. This is what I want to do: I am creating a link hit counter that will update the hit column whenever a link ...

1 answers | 17 hours ago by disflux on Stack Overflow
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Protect sensitive information from Site Collection Admins

Is there a way to prevent a SharePoint site collection administrator from viewing the contents of a file without leaving a trail? I’m one of the farm administrators as well as one of the site ...

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sharepoint error workflow when triggered by Dynamics CRM create a document folder

I integrated MS CRM 2013 with SharePoint foundation 2010 for document management. integration works. Now I need to create several subfolders and set proper permission on each folder. So, I created a ...

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Angularjs async requests

Controller 1 var promise = UserService.userexists(groupid); promise.then( }, function (response) { } ); ...

1 answers | yesterday by Newbee on Stack Overflow
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Add SharePoint Hosted App Workflow to Host Web On Premises (Not SharePoint Online)

How to add SharePoint Hosted App Workflow to Host Web from App Web On Premises? I read that it is only possible in SharePoint online.

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Windows Hosts DNS query for _ldap._tcp.domaincontroller, is this normal?

To make this easier to wrap my head around, here's what I'm using in my examples: deecee = my domain controller dctoo = another domain controller = the full DNSDomainName of ...

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SharePoint 2013 - Filtered View for a list based on value in a related list via a lookup column value

I have two SharePoint lists (only minimal columns described below for brevity). The first has two columns, a text column called Name, and a person/group column called head of service. The second ...

1 answers | yesterday by Ross Buggins on Stack Overflow
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Enable item scheduling on a publishing library via SharePoint .NET client API

Does anybody know how to enable item scheduling on a publishing library via code (.NET Client API)? This can be done via the Settings UI for the library in Manage Item Scheduling. However, I can't ...

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How to sync OneNote files with SharePoint (free edition)

I read on the OneNote docs that they recommend that you do NOT sync your OneNote files with a file server using offline files. Instead, MS recommends syncing with a SharePoint server. I see that ...

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How can a sharepoint form library be set up to allow users to submit forms, but not see other people's forms

This use case seems like it would apply to just about every form, but I have yet to find a good out-of-the-box solution for it. Imagine an HR Complaint form based on InfoPath and SharePoint. All ...

5 answers | yesterday by Daniel on Stack Overflow
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InfoPath Web Service Call Timed Out

I developed a WS that uploads files from Infopath Attachments to a file server... Windows... I implemented the WS with rules in the form but as the files can of a big Size, 25 MB, I am recived an ...

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Is Office Web Apps 2010 compatible with SharePoint 2013?

I have a SharePoint farm consisting of: Server 1: SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012 64-bit. Server 2: Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit (and other third party tools and services) ...

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InfoPath 2010 Form ask for “Samart Card”

I am publishing an infopath 2010 form. This Form has Custom Code in VB. I had to set the security level to "Full Trust" and then I needed to add a certificate: Wictch I created with Digital ...

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SharePoint 2010 workflow custom activity - Scope

Can we restrict the workflow custom activity for a particular site collection? It should not be visible to other site collections when opened in SPD... When adding the custom actions to .actions file ...

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Sharepoint 2013 Workflow - approve/reject reason

I have created a simple workflow with an approval process. After creating a new custom list item, the workflow assigns a task for a specified user for accepting or rejecting this new item. By ...

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After importing Spreadsheet to Sharepoint, insert text fields into “People Picker” column type

I have Infopath and Sharepoint 2010. I have imported data from a spreadsheet onto SharePoint and in the Excel sheet it had peoples' names on there. I created a people picker field and I was wondering ...

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CRM 2011 Sharepoint Integration - Removing Add Option

My company is using a rather poor system for storing documents via the CRM 2011 SharePoint Integration utility. We are looking to convert away from it to a new system, but as an integral step of this ...

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Difficulty in sourcing tcl files from sharepoint

I have tcl byte code on sharepoint with url like I want to source this file in another tcl file residing on my machine. I don't want to copy the file from ...

1 answers | yesterday by user2648031 on Stack Overflow
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Retrieve Items from a List View of a Sharepoint List using Javascript

This is my code:\ Here pranav_list is list name and Main is view of that list. <script type="text/javascript"> function retrieveListViewItems(){ alert('start'); var cc = ...

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How to change the DatePicker - date format in sharepoint 2013 subsites

I've updated the regional settings and locale accordingly but when I click on the date picker on the SharePoint 2013 subsite the date changes to US format. Can someone help me out?

1 answers | yesterday by drag on Stack Overflow
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Extend people search, custom result source

I've made a a custom result source based on "Local SharePoint Results", where I use this "Query Transform" {?(({searchTerms}) ContentClass=urn:content-class:SPSPeople)} {?OR (({searchTerms}) ...

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SSRS2012 Mixed mode - Native and SharePoint Intergrated Mode

We recently migrated our SharePoint Site from 2007 to 2013. All the report and SMDL were also migrated and this was location in a document library. Apparently, we can view the report in report builder ...

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SPMeta2 System.InvalidCastException while trying to deploy model

I am currently trying to create a simple list in Sharepoint 365, using SPMeta2 framework. I have tried doing it according to the documentation, and got an exception, then I've decided to simply copy ...

1 answers | yesterday by Angry Homer on Stack Overflow
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SP2010 - Content Query Webpart (QueryOverride)

Iam developing a content query webpart wich should show a user all items from all document libraries within the current site collection with the following criteria: -Created by me in the last 20 days ...

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Sharepoint 2013 .NET CSOM CamlQuery Join

I am unable to create a working query with join in my .net csom application. I was using this article: here is my code: ClientContext context ...

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