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How to put alert float above navbar?

I want alert float above navbar, like this | navbar |alert| navbar | and alert can be dismissed not this: | alert | | ...

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CSS solution to only scroll current div with the mousewheel - not the div behind it.

Consider the following: Consider the scenario where I have my mouse positioned in div A and I use the mouse wheel to scroll to the bottom or top of divA. When I reach the bottom of div A and keep ...

3 answers | 4 mins ago by MattW on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Flex Layout with fixed position (no scrolling) sidebar

I have a layout with left and right canvas sidebars, enclosing the Main content area in the middle. The sidebars and main content are flex items, positioned in a flex layout left to right. The ...

2 answers | 5 mins ago by Windwalker on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Alternative Ways to Do Site-specific Rich Text Editor CSS?

I've been wanting to implement site-specific rich text css classes but have come onto an issue. I can't change anything global in this environment. The tutorials require me to change an ...

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Changing onClick with onClick

For a website I am coding, I have an interface where one spot holds 4 images: One for Standard, Hover, Clicked, and Bought. The way it currently works is that when the Standard image is hovered over, ...

1 answers | 7 mins ago by CazSquared on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Only scrolling inside one div, while website stays positioned

I'm trying to create a website with the following. On top there's just a basic horizontal menu. Below that, on the left side, is another subcategory. The content will be on the right of the ...

3 answers | 11 mins ago by 45808 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Scrollbar in one div only

Say, for example, I have two divs like so: <body> <div id="header"> MY CONTENTS </div> <div id="main"> MY OTHER CONTENTS </div> ...

5 answers | 14 mins ago by Antonio Pitasi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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HTML5 button background: animated radial cooldown timer

I'm trying to make a normal HTML5 <button> that has an animated radial timer as a background. My use case will be a button that refreshes a view. You can click it to refresh (thereby also ...

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Text indentation in unordered lists with CSS

I have an unordered HTML list and am using CSS to style everything. When the text has multiple lines, it starts before the bullet point. Is there a way to make it start after the bullet point ...

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Why does transitioning the box shadow using CSS cause a full page repaint?

I noticed that my page was lagging when I hovered over an element with an animated box-shadow. Using Chrome's Devtools, I noticed that the entire page was being repainted when I hovered over the ...

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How I can map image gallery inside Orchard

I am working on a web template that contain an images gallery. And when you click on an image it will open a larger image inside a slide show. this is how the image gallery looks like link Now I want ...

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How can I opt out of a CSS style on a case-by-case basis?

I have a CSS style that I need for most input elements, namely: input{ width: 100%; margin: 5px 0 0 -2px; } However, there are a couple of cases where I want the input element to be much ...

3 answers | 46 mins ago by B. Clay Shannon on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Animation svg stroke not complete

I have a little problem with a stoke animation with my logo in svg. I have a animation with the : stroke-dashoffset propriety in CSS. But the logo on hover not do all the animation completely. The ...

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Overlaying div across jumbotron

I'm a complete noob with programming. I am working on a project and I can't figure out the last piece. I am using bootstrap to create a jumbotron and I want to create an overlay with text information. ...

2 answers | 54 mins ago by gwrightiv on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Left positioned item on iOS gets larger

I've implemented a simple left-pull burger menu in a mobile webpage that lives inside an iframe. However, it's behaving strangely on iPhones. We are using Bootstrap for the general page layout and ...

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How to remove padding from first and last row element properly in Twitter Bootstrap

I've been using bootstrap for quite a while now and I'm facing this problem for the first time. I really don't know how to do this. I have found many people suggesting to just remove padding-left on ...

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Bootstrap striped table - row border overlaps with closest rows

I'm running into problems doing something that is supposed to be extremely simple... Adding a 1px top&bottom border to a bootstrap table row (tr), when hovered. The table is striped but I don't ...

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jQuery color change only flashes briefly, is not permanent

I am trying to get a list item to change font color permanently when it is clicked upon, in this case from green to yellow. However, the code below only flashes yellow for half a second when it's ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by AdamF on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Alignment a Sidebar

I´m trying to separate the section[main content] with the aside[sidebar]. I want that's the blue box on the right side of the Green. I tryed it with the overflow: hidden; and with float = right [in ...

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Filtering with jQuery Isotope leads to jerky animation

I'm using Isotope on a project, but have run into an issue when using the filter method. Filtering the list hides the undesired elements fine, but the transitioning animations aren't as smooth as the ...

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Bootstrap custom Nav, Adding max-height breaks collapse (removes background)

I'm using BS3 and a bunch of custom styling. I know the line of code that's causing the issue, but I can't think of a way to make the navbar not so tall without the height or max-height attribute. ...

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How can I get an HTML form to align to the right of a previous form?

I have two HTML forms. I want the second one to align to the right of the first one (not below it). I fiddled (no pun intended) with "display: inline-block;" The pertinent CSS: .form { display: ...

6 answers | 2 hours ago by B. Clay Shannon on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Why is the Validator jQuery plugin not validating with this configuration?

I have the following HTML and jQuery in a Sharepoint .ascx file, trying to validate, for now, just one "required" field (name): <html> . . . <form id="firstform"> <label ...

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How to fix incorrect size of text on smartphones with viewport = 1200?

There is one problem. The site is not adapted for mobile devices, but I need in correct display. In head there is meta tag: <meta name="viewport" content="width=1200"> But there is a problem ...

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How can I force WebKit to redraw/repaint to propagate style changes?

I have some trivial JavaScript to effect a style change: sel = document.getElementById('my_id'); sel.className = sel.className.replace(/item-[1-9]-selected/,'item-1-selected'); return false; This ...

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Load new css style for div based on part of url

I have wwww.my-site.com When user press German flag, it will get to www.my-site.com/de/ Now, when that URL is shown, I wan to change only font size for my menu. Path to that is #topnav li a I tried ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by djomlatan on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Change an input's HTML5 placeholder color with CSS

Chrome supports the placeholder attribute on input[type=text] elements (others probably do too). But the following CSS doesn't do diddly squat to the placeholder's value: input[placeholder], ...

15 answers | 2 hours ago by David Murdoch on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to give text or an image a transparent background using CSS?

Is it possible, using CSS only, to make the background of an element semi-transparent but have the content (text & images) of the element opaque? I'd like to accomplish this without having the ...

22 answers | 2 hours ago by Stijn Sanders on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Make iframe float on right of vertical-alignment

I want to add an iframe to the right of the vertical-alignment http://s13.postimg.org/s5f54mux3/Screen_Shot_2015_07_30_at_4_45_06_PM.png The code to it is: <div ...

3 answers | 2 hours ago by PHP Web Dev 101 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Swift convert Html to PDF but the CSS formatting disappear

I am now have UIWebView in my view controller , and I have the html file ( Template.html, including the css inside),using the Mustache to load the data to the html, just like this: let template = ...

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