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CSS Print and @page are not working

I have a simple HTML page and on that, I have body, html { width: 100%; margin: 0; padding: 0; } @media print { @page { size: letter portrait; padding-left: 5in; padding-right: ...

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SlideUp effect with jQuery

I'm currently working on my website footer and would like it if the user clicks Contact Us that a yellow div appears from behind the footer. Here is what I'm working on so far right now, but I can't ...

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Buttons jump offscreen on reducing screen size (bootstrap)

I'm trying to make a form field with 4 buttons in the same row. I'm using Bootstrap and since I wanted the field and buttons to be vertically aligned, so I made a css class vcenter for it. JSfiddle ...

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CSS - column heading rotation as well as fixed header when scrolling

I've been trying to display a table that needs to have its column headings rotated, as well as stay to the top of the page when the user scrolls down. I can kind of get it working, but the issue is ...

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Jquery dialog jumps to bottom of the page in Chrome

As soon as i open jquery dialog in a standard way, it opens but scrolls the page automatically to the bottom. I have tried to find the answer but no success. In IE it works normally.. what I am doing ...

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I want to make a div responsive and keep its aspect ratio. Always stay in the middle and keep hes ratio and distance from the header an footer

I am trying to make that div from the middle responsive and I really don't know how. I've tried some things but they haven't worked. I want it to be in the middle with the same white space both up and ...

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Bootstrap line break between nav bar

Hi guys i am trying to use bootstrap so that i can make a line break between each of my nav menu For example Hi | Hi1 | h3 I need it so that the bar at the end also does not show after h3 ...

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Navbar dropdown disappearing on hover

On the right side of the navbar when you click on "Sign In", it spawns the dropdown with the login box, etc. However, when you hover over with your mouse it disappears after a second. I can't figure ...

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Position and Sizing of Drop Down Menu in Polymer

I am learning Polymer. I like a lot of things about it. However, when it comes to styling items, I find it a bit complicated. Currently, I'm trying to style a drop down list and I can't seem to do a ...

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JavaScript: Pick percentage numbers

So I'm having an issue that relates to picking a winner based on percentage. Now for this method I pick a random decimal between 1 - 0. EXAMPLE: [.55 or .33] And when I generate this number, the ...

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css - jquery mobile style not applied

hi I'm new here and I'm really desperate about styling my css. Description: I'm trying to learn: "jquery mobile + ajax + php + css" and I'm right now working on the registration-system of my mobile ...

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No other elements will show up in my section element with a colored background

I have created a < section > with a background color of #ff6952 I am hoping I can place an image (created in Sketch) of a timeline of a software business called LookOut Software. I'm having ...

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Smart CSS minifier?

Is there a CSS minifier that's smart enough to do transforms like turning this: .caret { border-left:4px solid transparent; border-right:4px solid transparent; border-top:4px solid #000; ...

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Wrapping text around a flex element

I would like the text within a content area to wrap around the left-hand side navigation div, which is a flex element of row. This is followed by li as a flex element of the column within. The idea ...

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Load local resources in Windows Hosted Web Apps (Project Westminster)

I'm currently packaging a website as a "Hosted Web App" for the Windows Store. Is it possible to check if JavaScript, CSS and image files are already on the users devices inside the app package? ...

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The javascript game timer does not reload

I have recently been working on building a javascript game called "light off" however the one bug I am not able to fix is when the game is over and the user tries to replay or go to the menu, the ...

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Works with CSS but not Diazo <drop> rule

I'm trying to remove the href attribute from a folderish item in the nav tree for a custom view (Plone 5, custom Barceloneta theme). I can use the same CSS path to get to the link with the attribute ...

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How do I hide images that have a certain class when creating a pdf from html?

I am having an issue trying to hide image elements that contain a certain class when converting the html to pdf, using iTextSharp (5.x). I do not have access over the original Html as it comes from ...

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Transparent bootstrap nav add class on click jquery

So I'm currently working on a bootstrap menu that I have made to be permanently collapsed. The bootstrap menu is transparent, so the idea is that when the collapsed menu is clicked, it would change ...

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View box in High chart

chart: { height:"300", width:"600", type: 'column', viewBox:"0 0 1000 400" } The viewbox is there is not working in high chart. Kindly give me a solution.

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Hover images effect issue

Hello all and Happy New Year! I have succesfully added in my css the following image hover effect. I understand that this is applying in all images on my site. In fact it does :-) However some images ...

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horizontal menu, position fixed, next to div

I have a top horizontal menubar 100% width, centeraligned, with fixed position, so its not scrolling with the page. But I also want a name (named test in example) in the left side of the menu, inline ...

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Line clamping and unclamping, onclick event of Link

I'd like to handle some text in the tag in the following way I am using line clamping at the css to shrink it to 3 lines. The text in the paragraph tag "p" is very long, and hence it has a more ...

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Is it possible to create mobile website with Github Primer?

The documentation for github's Primer state that while not designed for mobile it should work with Safari and Chrome. I developed a small web application with it, a menu and a form, and tried to test ...

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3 column layout HTML/CSS

I have the following HTML layout: <div class="container"> <div class="column-center">Column center</div> <div class="column-left">Column left</div> <div ...

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Select Arrow Background On Hover

I have created a site that has a form. I was testing my site in many browsers to make sure it looked fine across all of them and I ran into this weird error in Opera. What it looks like. What the ...

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Hammer.js and jQuery confusing classes

I am trying to make a web app that would run on my phone. I am using the Hammer.js library for recognizing touch gestures and animate.css for the animations. I use the swipeleft and swiperight touch ...

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On display of hidden element it shows on wrong place because of scroll, only in chrome

I don't realy know how to explain this thing in short sentence. I don't know if it is bug or not. But it could have happened because of my weak HTML skills too. In parent div with fixed height and ...

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Top and bottom borders on table row

How to do this? I want to have different colors on top and bottom borders on the rows in my table. Chrome will render it correct if I use display: block, but I don't know if that is the proper way of ...

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Blur Background Img, Overflow Hidden, Align with parent div

I have done some research on this, but none of the answers are helping me with my issue. Here is a JSFiddle to show what I have so far. Problem: I am having an issue when it comes to over flow, as ...

3 answers | 2 hours ago by Rick Sibley on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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