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Heading tag in css creates new line

I'm trying to make some input boxes with text infront of it, but each time i style the text in CSS, the styling forces my input box "to a new line". In the image the first 2 text parts is unstyled, …

1 min ago
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Bootstrap, DustJS - Full Width Image for Just Index Page

I want a full-width image to be displayed under the navigation for just the index page. Here is my markup for the master template: <body> <nav class=" navbar ..." role="navigation"> …

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Centralize a div with display-inline and affected by float

I've this problem, i want to centralize a div inside a header, the problem is: I've 2 another div(one using float left and another using float right), see below: <header> <div ...

3 mins ago
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clearing a relative div

I have an issue with two reltaive divs sat sude by side working fine when scaling the screen size down but if I add content the overflow is hidden and creating a scroll bar. I have tried clearing with …

4 mins ago
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Can't click and drag images on slideshow

I'm working on a page with multiple slideshows. I have it all working - but unfortunately you can't click + drag images from the slideshow (or right click + open in a new tab), which is very important …

6 mins ago
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javascript image path forward slash removed

I'm trying to get the correct path which then I can set that for image url in javascript. I'm trying with this approach: <IMG BORDER="0" width="100" height="50" style="margin-right:5px;" ...

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JavaScript runtime error: 'Blur' is undefined

I have been trying to get my text to watermark in my Textbox and have been coming up to some issues. Do i have to reference onblur and also onfocus somewhere in my code because it breaks when i try …

7 mins ago
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Creating a full width slider with custom icons as pagination

I am attempting to create a full width JQuery slider with custom icons as the pagination. The image will slide vertically when each icon is clicked and the icon will remain highlighted with that ...

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a:hover color change not working properly

I have a site with a bunch of anchor elements, and I'm trying to make them have a black background with white text on hover. Each anchor tag is wrapped in li. Funny thing is, only some anchor elements …

13 mins ago
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Slow scrolling on my website

Ok I have a website that sells sneakers, On all the pages the scrolling is immensely slow. The source code is here The actual Website is here I have removed background-cover as suggested, but its …

18 mins ago
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Trying to postion Divs in webpage?

Im trying to position these so there are 2 rows of 3 "content boxes" but when trying to align them they just go everywhere. any help? thanks. Code. .carbox { float: left; width: 400px; …

23 mins ago
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Phantom element being rendered in Chrome for Android only--disappears upon Inspect

Pulling my hair out over this one and I appreciate any help I can get. Visit this website using Chrome for Android: http://summit2014.cochranesupply.com/ This problem in my experience is exclusive …

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Slide nested Divs in search bar

I need to build a search bar that contains the search input, an Options button, and then a 3rd button when hovered expands to the left pushing the previous 2 elements over. I have tried to do this …

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using custom fonts in HTML format in wordpress

I followed a tutorial on how to upload fonts to wordpress (see link below). I've done all the steps including uploading to the ftp, changing header.php to include the font stylesheet, etc as lined out …

27 mins ago
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DOMPDF font family issue?

I copied my project from my org server to local on xampp. this is my piece of css code : <style type="text/css"> @font-face { font-family: 'Verdana'; src: ...

27 mins ago
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Moving Elements in DOM for Responsive Web Design

A Brief Explanation I have created a responsive website that effectively has three views (desktop,tablet,mobile). Most of the design is changed via CSS using media queries (as it should be for ...

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fancyBox popup showing up under another element

I used the FancyBox plugin to load a Vimeo movie into a popup, but the popup is blocked by some part of the HTML on the page. Live link: click here : it's when you click on the slider image ...

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Widget appear only on specific pages of label

I have this code, <style type="text/css"> #HTML2{display:none;} </style> <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'> <script type="text/javascript"> if ...

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codeignter website on a host- CSS changes does not change front end elements

My site is in a Host. (Not localhost) Framework: CodeIgniter. Changes made using CSS: Flot chart's legend I did changes to front end using Chrome tools/developer tools. I can see all the changes I …

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jquery slide effect, hide one div and show another

I have this JSFIDDLE setup demonstrating my problem, I'm sure that it's a simple fix. I am trying to slide out the blue div to the left, while sliding in the red div from the right, at the same time. …

34 mins ago
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FF 'Responsive Design View' and Retina

I like to use Firefox 'Responsive Design View' to emulate multiple mobile devices on my desktop. But I'm in doubt about one thing. As far as I understand iPhone with Retina use 2 physical pixels per …

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Cropping an sprite sheet as DIV background and repeat it

I don't know if that's the correct area, but ok. And sorry my bad english. :( I'm doing a HTML game where the user can make their own levels and save it. Right now I'm doing the game editor' area, …

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How can I search for a class among all .css files in Developer Tools?

I am trying to find a CSS class definiton on the loaded page by using the Developer Tools of IE. When I use the search box under CSS tab it seems it only searches the selected CSS file. Is it ...

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How to horizontally center Twitter Bootstrap grid elements

I am working on a website built entirely on Twitter Bootstrap 3. I am using the grid system all over the site but I have a specific use case on one page. It will display a grid of dynamically ...

39 mins ago
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HTML Blocks Pushing Other Blocks Down

I'm having trouble having my html blocks align as I want them to. I need the center of the text to be horizontally aligned with the center of an image I am using as my logo for the banner of this ...

42 mins ago
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Sticky footer, but with a twist

So, I already know how to make a sticky footer, primarily using this method: http://matthewjamestaylor.com/blog/keeping-footers-at-the-bottom-of-the-page That said, I'm trying something a little ...

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grid in bootstrap not working as expected

I am trying to create a grid using bootstrap and if I have 5 boxes, 5th box appears on right most of 2nd row while if I have 6 boxes, 6th box appears on 1st cloumn of 3rd row leaving first 3columns of …

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Show tab or menu choice as the active element with javascript

This is not a jQuery question. I'm not using an <anchor> or list for my menu. I want the menu (tab) item to be a different color when that menu (tab) is active. I've tried using CSS :active …

51 mins ago
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How to restrict max textarea width and height in chrome or how to disable textarea resizing

Chrome allowed to resize text area by drugging that on the bottom right corner, but some times this movement may break design of the page, so i am wondering how to restrict the max and min width for …

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Row width shrinks with every new div, even if each div is the full 12 columns

I came across an interesting problem in Bootstrap. It started as I was creating a form for my website. The input boxes happen to be nested within a few other elements, because that is how I ...

57 mins ago
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