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Borders of my table are not completely showing

I am trying to create a form in a structure of a table. However, it seems that once I placed my boxes text to the label, the outside border loses its structure and part of the border disappears. I am …

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Incorrect font weight displaying in Internet Explorer 8

I'm testing a page in Internet Exploder 8, and I'm failing to get one of the Google hosted fonts to render the correct weight. Given the following code: @import ...

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Linking to divs on another page

I need to link to divs on another page Page is: www and when I go into OFERTA and then for example Artykuły z tw. sztucznych and then Zestawy wentylacyjne it isn't working good. Standard anchoring …

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Is there anything in the CSS spec that allows a percentage property to be relative to a specific element/property?

I want to be able to define what each property that allows a percentage is relative to. According to the current W3 CSS Spec: Percentage values are always relative to another value, for example a …

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problems with formatting text in CSS popup

I have one question about formatting text in CSS popup, who generate javascript. Let's show, this is popup with CSS : .photo4 { display: inline-block; /* Строчно-блочный элемент */ position: …

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ASP menu disappears

Default ASP Menu pops up when using mouse-over on Computer. On modern touch systems that could be a problem. On mobile app, the mouse-over does not exist and if user clicks on the ASP menu, the menu …

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Making list items horizontal no line break even in smalll screens

I am trying to create a gallery view using an Unordered list. With a large screen: With a small screen it will wrap like this: How can I hide any content that overflows over 1 line? Here's the …

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Setting up Locomotive Engine Gone horribly wrong

So I have installed this twice now and still have the same error I run mongod I run unicorn it tells me to create and account, i create the account log in then Sass::SyntaxError in ...

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always scroll to a scrollable div to bottom by always scrolling a very large number

I have a scrollable div which would load conversation dynamically through ajax, and i would like to scroll the div always to the bottom with fresh conversation coming in. can I simply use ...

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CSS Display Properties and the Timing of :before :after with JQuery Animations

I'm toggling the CSS property of display with JQuery. The elements are switching between display:none and display:block, and currently I'm using slideUp() and slideDown() to achieve this. The ...

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Trying to put video to my html and css page

I am trying to put video to the center of my html and css page and everytime that video get stuck to top of the left side what to do ? what is wrong ? This is my school project.Can you at least tell …

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jQuery multi-colored progress bar

This is not so much a question rather than information I wish to share in the hopes that it may help others with jQuery progress bars. I was recently asked to create a progress bar that would ...

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How to make Text Centered in Textbox w/ Calendar Extender

How do you make the text in a textbox centered if the textbox contains a Calendar extender? I tried CSS and code inside of the ASP.NET to set the text to 'centered', however; I got an error with ...

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How to set animation in css?

How to put my text moving from beginig to the end of the div constantly. I did something like this http://jsfiddle.net/swh2jqrg/ on my web page, but my message is going out in new line. I want that my …

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Lists names are broken with visible scrollbar

I've some troubles with this dropdown. http://jsfiddle.net/vnr0rbuu/2/ If you use your trackpad or apple mouse, you have invisible scrollbar by default, and it works for it! But if you use another …

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:active not working properly in IE

This is the part of my code I think is relevant: HTML <div id="btn1" class="btnKeypad" onclick="input(1);"> <div id="num1" class="numKeypad">1</div> </div> CSS #btn1 …

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Basic jQuery Slider (bjqs) responsiveness issues

I'm working with this Basic jQuery Slider (bjqs) and trying to get it to work responsively. Their changelog says the responsiveness of it is in "beta", so I'm guessing that's why it's kind of flakey. …

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maintaining size and scrolling nested tables in HTML/CSS

I'm building a relatively complicated page with some nested tables that should scroll. Despite reading as much as I can on HTML tables, I don't seem to understand what's going. See ...

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How do I create multiple screens/views using phoneGap?

I'm building a reading application and want to try using phoneGap for the first time. I'm comfortable with HTML, CSS and JS, but don't have much experience with xCode. Let's say that for this reading …

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Fixed floating aside on the right

I have a situation like this : <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <head> <title>test</title> </head> <style> #wrapper { width: 1100px; ...

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How to configure/style HTML5 Sortable grid so it matches the demo

I'm trying to make a sortable grid that mimics the functionality at http://farhadi.ir/projects/html5sortable/ where the element grabbed disappears when you click on it and it has those dotted lines …

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H1 Logo in body not working correctly

I am by far not an expert with PHP, and could really use some help creating my logo below into a H1. This is in my body section of the site: <!--logo--> <div class="logo" ...

1 answers | 35 mins ago by Jessica on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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CSS Print Preview Margins

I am trying to set the size of margins on a page in the Internet Explorer 11 Print Preview. I am also trying to clear the margins of any content (ex. page numbers, titles, urls etc.) I have managed …

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change attributes of SVG object before appending it to DOM

Context: I'm working on an app where I add elements dynamically to a container via myModule.getElement() . That will return me a template: function getElement(){ var source = ...

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Vertical drop down menu hover effect to close sub menu when hover out

I have this menu that I need to tweak a bit because its not very user friendly. When you see the demo you can notice that the hover effect triggers on 1st hover and stays open till hover again on ...

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How to fill an element 100% vertically with children only with CSS?

This is my layout page, this code will be used later with JavaScript. I'm trying to simplify the JavaScript part with a fine CSS styling. <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" ...

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Windows Phone shrinking text in email

I'm trying to understand why Windows Phone shrinks the font size when text is within a table cell and the table isn't 100%. The image below is of a rendering test email I'm developing: All other …

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Css and Jquery Animation

What I'm trying to achieve is this animation Link to the animation is Material Design What am I missing?How can I achieve the above result without using position:absolute for the items what I've …

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Horizontal dropdown menu in Bootstrap won't scroll with navigation

today i ran into a problem with bootstrap while using a horizontal dropdown menu, it won't scroll with my navbar, obviously caused by this css-class: .dropdown-menu { width: 100%; position: …

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Why is my browser looking in the wrong place for my CSS files?

Running an Asp.net MVC web application. Basically I have two twitter bootstrap files in ~/Content/bootstrap.css When I run my application, the browser looks in : ...

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