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CSS url relative path — how do I go backwards?

say I have a css folder and a pictures folder, all contained within the parent directory. In the css folder I have a css file in which I want to use background-image:url() What would I put as the ...

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Complex Bow and Arrow Design - CSS only

Note: This is a self-answered question. How do I go about designing an exact bow and arrow like the one below using CSS only? Suggestion(s) for improvement(s) are welcome and appreciated.

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Dreamweaver: background-image set at height: auto will show no content

I've read quite a number of questions here today to hopefully answer my question with no avail, so I hope someone here can help me. I am trying to evolve my website to a responsive web design, and am ...

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Zooming on a point with CSS3 transform scale

Even if the following code snippet seems short, I struggled during days (shame on me!) to find a way to zoom on the point that is clicked using only CSS3 transform. It works now: var current ...

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side-to-side CSS page transition

I'd like to use this article to create a css-only smooth transition. Except I'd like it to be coming from side to side rather than top to bottom. How can I do that? Sorry, but I'm really new at ...

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CSS being loaded but not being applied

I have moved my project from one AWS server to another, and am now having issues with the styling. I've seen people mention the content-type, but looking at Firebug, the content-type is text/css. ...

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Images disapears while translating on hover first image in grid bootstrap (chrome only)

I have been trying to find the source of this weird behaviour but have not been lucky so far. My problem: In chrome (it works fine in firefox), when I hover over the first image in a grid of 3x2 ...

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How to adjust the menu divider between each menu item (dividing line between text)?

I am having trouble figuring out how to adjust the horizontal menu divider on this webpage: amchaminternship.org/testimonials.html, as it needs to look exactly like on this webpage: ...

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Bootstrap div column centering

I use Bootstrap 3 and the grid system. I have following HTML to display a sort of navigation. The problem is my button group cannot be centered. I already tried the built in class "center-block" and ...

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highlight menu on scrolling (if reach div)

i want highlight the menu point if the div is scrolled // or clicked. http://jsfiddle.net/WeboGraph/vu6hN/2/ (thats an example what i want) my code: (JS) $(document).ready(function(){ ...

1 answers | 45 mins ago by fab on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Remove arrows from form element select in Bootstrap 3

I would like to remove the up/down arrows that show up next to the clock icon on right. Here is the image: Here is the HTML: <div class="form-group"> <label ...

1 answers | 46 mins ago by nomie on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Use Bootstrap navbar as a fixed top bar that doesn't collapse

I'm trying to do a simple thing: a top bar (like a fixed navbar) that has a brand name on the left and 2 icons on the right. I'm developping for mobile, so I don't want it to change (collapse, like a ...

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Bootstrap 2.3 - unwanted vertical space between div rows

I'm using Bootstrap 2.3 and Foundation 5 and both are loaded on the page. There are no Firebug errors. Here's the HTML that is rendered and a screenshot. Why is there so much vertical space between ...

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Phantom JS to eliminate margins from screen capture

I am trying to screen-capture the html file using phantomjs. When I run this capture with phantomjs my.js, PNG has margins of tiles as shown in the image. Is there any way that I can delete all ...

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JavaFX Gridpane border shades and thickness appear to vary

After creating a GridPane and calling Snapshot() on it, the image that I get has gridlines that appear to vary in color and width. The thinner ones are lighter, the thicker are darker. Any thoughts? ...

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Yii2 Kraje Select2 Plugin Formatting

I am using yii2 with bootstrap. When replacing a regular input field with a select2 widget it "destroys" my page layout: The html code of the region is: <div class="col-md-4"> ...

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CakePHP and Bootstrap form integration

I have set up my CakePHP installation with Bootstrap 3 using BoostCake. Now, what I would like would be to create a view like the following Bootstrap sign in example: ...

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Bootstrap grid not working in IE 7 and 8

I have a Bootstrap 3 grid aimed at working on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Everything works fine on recent versions of Firefox and IE 9+, but it fails on anything less than IE 9. By fail I mean ...

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How do I add a class to a given element?

I have a element that already has a class: <div class="someclass"> <img ... id="image1" name="image1" /> </div> Now I want to create a javascript function that will add ...

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How to align buttons from vertical to horizontal in Bootstrap dependent on device viewport?

On my website, I have a set of buttons aligned vertically using the following; CSS: .sidebar { position: fixed; left: 20px; top: 5%; width: 120px;} .sidebar .icons { font-size: ...

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Android browser and backface-visibility problems

I'm having trouble implementing a 3d transform (specifically a Y axis rotation) in Androids webkit browser. My implementation is similar to this example: ...

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jQuery .each works correctly only once for first item

I am trying to center a set of absolute elements in a parent. I am using .each to iterate through the following HTML: <div id="slider_wraped" style="display:none;"> <ul class="slider ...

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Twitter Bootstrap accordion toggle-all-button not working correctly

When I want to use one button to toggle all accordion-elements and some of them are already open, the toggle functionality behaves extremely strange. If I implement this code: $('.corearea-wrapper ...

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CSS issue resizing square image with unslider.js

The issue is that I am unable to shrink the size of the image on mobile devices without cropping it with Unslider.js. Their website (unslider.com) explains that their code utilizes responsive design, ...

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Bootstrap 3 IE8 navigation jump

I've noticed a small issue in that when the page loads, using IE8, the main top navigation, using Bootstrap 3.1.1, starts off collapsed and then when the page has finished loading the main top ...

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Anchor tags non-clickable after adding a class and doing a 3d transform on the X-axis

In the inspector, the tags are all still highlighted in the correct position and I am at a loss for what's going on. I've tried adding a ::before pseudo element, changing the z-index to 9999, and ...

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How do you count characters of a textarea within a dialog? - JS/JQuery/HTML/CSS

I have the following code: <script type="text/javascript"> function createDialog(text, id) { return $("<div class='dialog'><textarea id='textarea' class ...

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VideoBackground Web proyect

I try to do this: A webpage with a video in the background with for example 3 differents buttom, when i do click in one buttom, change to other video background, with other buttoms in other positions ...

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Scroll broken in pageid-controlled microsite - only in desktop Safari

I'm working on a microsite that uses pageid's to navigate through full-page div's, arranged vertically with the overflow hidden. It works just fine on every browser, including mobile, except desktop ...

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Equal height of child divs in Bootstrap columns - Chrome and Safari

FIDDLE Basically, the goal is to have side-by-side columns with dynamically-generated content, and have the divs inside the columns be the same height as the div with the longest content. The ...

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