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MaterializeCSS modal header

I'm using materializecss framework, right, and I'm trying to make a "modal-header" the same as "modal-footer. Like, when I use "modal-footer", it creates a block over the modal that stops even ...

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<div> forced inside another div

Okai, I am facing a strange problem. For some reason the footer of my website gets forced into the content-wrap div. I want to have whole screen width on the footer background, but because it gets ...

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Change sort icon in Bootstrap Table

It is possible to change sort icon to this: In the new demo and from default the Bootstrap Table comes with ugly non-retina icons: http://issues.wenzhixin.net.cn/bootstrap-table/

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Why are Google fonts looking so much crisper in Chrome than IE/FireFox?

I can't work out why my Google fonts in an app I'm developing look so much crisper and cleaner in Chrome than they do in Internet Explorer and FireFox. The difference in the body text isn't so ...

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Code Joomla Template with Twitter Bootstrap

I am trying to learn how I can build a Joomla template based on Twitter Bootstrap. I am quite familiar in building within Joomla 2.5 and I have written a template using HTML5, but just wanted to ...

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Jquery slideToggle with If/Else statement

My if/else statement doesn't work. What I need to do is change the css (margin-top) of the #Scroller-Text. It must happen when the header is clicked which triggers the $nav.slideToggle. It's for a ...

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Bootstrap - Aligning Yes No with Label

I am using Bootstrap and need to resolve the following issue. I have some text that is too long and it fails over improperly. How could I properly break up this LI Label so it sits on the line with ...

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What disadvantages are there to the <button> tag? (It seems there are quite a few problems with ie)

I started using a diagnostic css stylesheet, e.g. http://snipplr.com/view/6770/css-diagnostics--highlight-deprecated-html-with-css--more/ One of the suggested rules highlights input tags with the ...

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Change made in developer tools remains after refreshing the page

I inspected an element on the webpage through Chrome dev tools. I added to the styling: "font-weight:normal". I didn't mean for it to be permanent but now the change won't go away. It remains after ...

3 answers | 13 mins ago by coderk on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to overlay a div over everything else in a bootstrap well on click

I have a bootstrap collapsable component with a well with some html in it. On a click event I want to fill that entire well with a bootstrap alert message. Right now I can show the alert at the top of ...

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Proper approach for jquery svg and absolute positioning on iOS devices

I'm developing a shop mall plan with use of jquery and svg. It's an interactive map with most images as svg graphics. Main map have boxes and hovering on any of them have to show a tooltip positioned ...

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Gridview ASP.NET lock first columns and first rows

I've found several tutorial regards this, but none of them are working for my project. I'm getting a bit fustrated about it. I need to freeze the columns 0, 1 at the same time I want the rows (NOT ...

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Java script doesn't want to convert CSS to a number

The code is the following: var b = Number(document.getElementById('someElement').style.left); //0 var c = parseInt(document.getElementById('someElement').style.left, 10); //NaN var d = ...

2 answers | 18 mins ago by Toffer on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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how to prevent text inside an input from being overridden

I'm trying to implement an html control similar to the how search works in google chrome. I'm aware that in chrome it might not be built in html, but I'm trying to achieve the same functionality. The ...

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Over-lapping sub-menu values

I have an issue with my sub-menus. Two of the sub-menu values are overlapping and do not appear properly. Here's the CSS code. I've put this in the header on the same page. #dropnav ...

20 mins ago by MM.C on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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CSS Flexbox - How to remove left and right margins from all wrapped rows (without nth-child or js)

I'm looking for a good way to remove the left and right margins from each first and last item in each row without using ::nth-child or JavaScript. If that's not possible then I guess the next best way ...

2 answers | 22 mins ago by Gavin on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Flexbox - don't overflow container vertically

I mostly get flexbox but I seem to be missing a concept. What I want is something like this Basically I don't want the page to overflow vertically and all those red blocks to stack vertically and ...

1 answers | 24 mins ago by George Mauer on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Style Login Form of Django-Allauth using Django-Crispy-Forms

I am using django-crispy-forms to style the login form of the django-allauth login.html <form class="login" method="POST" action="{% url 'account_login' %}"> {% csrf_token %} {{ ...

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Bootstrap Search box width in Navbar

Currently working on my navbar and would like to have the width of the search bar wider so the navbar does not look too segmented. I've played around with the width on CSS and haven't had any luck. ...

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How to disable JavaScript function, after clicking?

I have a page, and when you scroll that, objects (container...) become visible. Also I have projects. So when you click on one of them, my page scrolls up. And i want to disable that function that I ...

3 answers | 33 mins ago by Godje on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Ionic row has width of 0px

I'm trying to use the example from this link (Most of the code is not very important but rather the minor change I added is all the difference): http://codepen.io/psutherland/pen/seiwE ...

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Recreating an animation using jQuery and CSS

I've been working on a scrolling effect for my site that has been driving me crazy, and it's probably not even worth it but I can't stop now. I have been able to simulate the effect using adobe edge ...

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scroll till active tab

This question is based on my last question. show or make visible active tab there were some issues that I have to fix so I have fixed. but still I can't make it work properly. Like I want to ...

1 answers | 35 mins ago by Rajan Kumar on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Disinherit (reset) the CSS style of a specific element?

Ok, I have a beautiful web, with its styles within a CSS and everything But now I've found a problem, I want ONE list to be virgin, without any style inherited. I know I can do it just giving it a ...

3 answers | 36 mins ago by ArcDare on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is the flexbox 'order' unable to be changed by CSS3 animations?

I am attempting to change the flexbox order property via a delayed CSS animation, in order to highlight an element on a timed basis. The MDN documentation says that flexbox order is animatable as an ...

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Bootstrap 3 Grid: Fullwidth Grid (2 columns) one container

I created multicolor 2 column grid in fullwidth. And I want to put content inside wrapped inside one container. Is it Possible on Bootstrap 3? Here is the Grid Image

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Crop overflow of absolutely positioned child within static parent

CONTEXT I am trying to achieve a parallax scrolling effect without causing jank, and am doing so by changing the transform property of the absolutely positioned div providing the background instead of ...

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Srcset not working Firefox

I am trying to use the srcset attribute to swap images when the browser reaches a specific screen size. I need the desktop image to appear when screen size is above 768 pixels wide. I've been able ...

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Menu Style CSS Java

Am hoping someone can advise what is need to be changed to remove the hideous border (?) from this menu (see image). Have extracted modena from the java jar to see how they do it but to no avail. ...

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Problems applying multiple class effects in CSS to elements

I'm having trouble with applying a CSS effect to my elements in HTML. What I want the CSS to do is apply the display effect from the hide class evenly across each element, but instead my code refuses ...

1 answers | 43 mins ago by Ultra on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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