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Ads are cut off on the right

Had a look in chrome dev console, and I think the problem is the 8px padding in div adcm2, class everyonelovesstackoverflow. If I change that to 0 it's fine. (The sidebar, that container, the ad, ...

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Review text bug - lower case letters cut off

As you can see here, in Arqade's review page, the lower parts of the words p and g in the title got cut away. The review can be found here. All reviews have the same problem. I am using Safari ...

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Custom flag textarea overflows at right

It seems that the otherText textarea which is meant for the custom text when flagging a question "other (needs ♦ moderator attention)" is overflowing the right side of the containing box. It ...

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User signature cards on old revisions look funny

This meta post, while mainly about something else, also points out that user signatures on old revisions look kind of weirdly stretched out on SO: Also, they seem to be missing padding here on ...

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Help us test the shiny new “User Activity” page! (Plus a bunch of new features.)

Today, we're shipping the new "Activity Page" of the Profile here on Meta SE, so you can test it out and hopefully share some feedback and suggestions before we ship it network wide. Hate words? ...

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Bounty reason gone

I think the bounty's reason and the addition information by the bounty offerer is missing in the info box. Is this a bug? Or is it intentional?

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Weird layout when posting an answer

When posting a new answer using the mobile website, the new Answer similar questions box breaks the layout. Can this be fixed please?

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The re-design has borked the user flag history page

It seems like the design changed very recently, and I'm pretty sure this is not how the flag history is supposed to look: All the vote counts are on displayed on a separate line and there is no ...

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Extraneous padding on links in comments added after load

On initial page load, comments with links display fine: After a short delay (presumably while scripts initialise etc), some extra padding appears after the link:

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Tag layout broken when asking question

When asking a question and entering the tags, it can happen that the content appears cropped. This is Windows 7 SP1, Firefox 36.0, 100% zoom and AdBlock disabled. 1280x1024 screen size, maximized ...

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Answer section going out of bounds

When editing an answer of mine, I noticed that the answer section goes out of the bounds that it's supposed to be in, as seen in the following image. This can be fixed by adding .answer * { /* ...

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Some view counts in main page not coloured?

Is there any reason for having one view count coloured and not the other (with higher view count)? Checked on Chrome 40.0.2214.115 (64-bit).

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Updates to the site

My name is Kurtis and I'm a designer with Stack Exchange. You may have noticed some updates to the design of your site. The updates are part of a SE network-wide update to a new base css framework. ...

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Border between Share/Edit/Close/Flag links gone

There have been a bunch of discussion topics about the recent SO design change, but one question I haven't seen asked was about a very small detail, the vertical separator between the ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by j08691 on Meta Stack Overflow meta.stackoverflow.com
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Boxes around sponsored tags have inconsistent height

I've noticed that sponsored tags just look terrible side-by-side with non-sponsored tags. Search [google-chrome] [javascript] for some examples. In case you can't see it, I've highlighted the borders ...

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Small bugs in the Stack Overflow editor

This is what I found in Stack Overflow editor. Two links of Stack Overflow are misplaced: Firefox 35.0 Internet Explorer 11.0 Safari 5.1 Chrome 39.0 I am on Windows 8.1.

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Improved spacing in vote-to-close dialog

When voting to close a question that has multiple reasons the spacing between the preamble and the list of possibilities doesn't look appropriate: Understandably the unordered list in the top and ...

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Improve formatting of headlines on mobile site

Related Question: Improve formatting of headlines On the mobile site, the third level headings appear larger than the first and second level ones. First level headings should appear more ...

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When you have no favorite tags, do we need 2 links?

Just noticed on meta, where I don't have any favorite tags, that you get 2 links allowing you to add tags. Granted they give you slightly different options as you can see: edit gives users the ...

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Move Favourite Tags above the Community Bulletin & Careers?

With the expansion of Community Bulletin items and Careers on SO, the Favourite Tags section in the right hand pane of the main questions page has been pushed down the pecking order somewhat and on my ...

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CSS broken on almost every page load

Starting about twenty minutes ago, just after restarting my browser, SO review queues started displaying without any styling on almost every page load. Fortunately, I have an extension to reload just ...

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Can we increase the contrast on the top users score values

Apologies if this question has already been asked or discussed, I personally am not too bothered by most of the changes but agree that they could be improved but this one got me. If you view the Top ...

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Issue with bottom margin of image elements

The image is from Explanation about viable prefix. I'm not sure it's a bug, but it will look better without the bottom margin.

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Is the “new activity on a starred question highlighting” missing, poorly visible or removed?

I'm fairly certain that if there was new activity on a question I favorited/starred (as denoted by the blue "1"), when I clicked the favorites tab, any of those with new activity would be highlighted. ...

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Can't determine my bounty amount

To reproduce this, go to a reputation page and look at a bounty award history. This page of mine has one (the day that I obviously had to get a bounty): ...

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Cancel Comment button?

If I remember correctly, there used to be a button for cancelling the comment. It seems like it's gone after the new site update. It might just be something that I imagined (but I do have a feeling ...

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'Unregistered' is offset on the user page

When viewing unregistered users (example, but he's probably about to get destroyed), the 'unregistered' indicator is offset wrong:

1 answers | Feb 25 at 21:29 by Undo on Meta Stack Overflow meta.stackoverflow.com
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Remove bottom margin on images

Normally, I would provide an image within its own paragraph like this in markdown: Some text ![enter image description here][1] Some Text Which is rendered like this: <p>Some ...

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Some icons on the privileges pages are not aligned with the text

Some icons on the privileges pages are not aligned with the text: http://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/new-user http://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/flag-posts Tested on Firefox, Chrome, ...

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Textarea outof Box when reject any Edit suggession

While reviewing Suggested Edits, if I reject an edit suggestion, the TextArea of the "Causes Harm" option goes outside of the pop-up. See the screenshot below:

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