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Flickering browser tab while editing

While reviewing this I got distracted during typing with flickering of the browser's tab text. The text seems to get redrawn on every keystroke while editing the body of the post (not its title). I ...

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Profile page not displaying correctly

I was browsing when I came across this on my Stack Overflow profile page. The Next privilege is now a new line. This is something that I haven't seem before. Thinking that this could've only been ...

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Visited tags and badges are styled differently to unvisited ones

I just recently (some two weeks ago) noticed that on some sites (certainly Movies & TV and Seasoned Advice, even if harder to notice there) the font color inside the tags behaves like links, which ...

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Not enough space between username and rep on the questions list

On the front page / new questions list, the name of the user and their reputation is too close together, and looks ugly, making it hard to read & tell apart: Right now, it's nameOfUser2,910, it ...

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Identify movies and TV shows from the image in the top bar

Which are the TV shows and Movies shown in the image of top bar.

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There is too much padding in the “blog” sidebar

The title pretty much explains it, but the padding of the "blog" sidebar is incorrect: There is too much space on the left of the text. Can this be fixed ?

1 answers | 11 hours ago by JonasCz on Drupal Answers Meta meta.drupal.stackexchange.com
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Desalinhamento do título e tags para perguntas nas páginas iniciais

Nas páginas iniciais, tanto do site principal quanto Meta, existe um desalinhamento no título e tags da pergunta que é causado pelo "s" do texto "respostas" que faz o quadradinho verde ficar maior do ...

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Visited links don't disappear with the rest of the spoiler block

When you hover out of a spoiler block, the text disappears. However, it appears that the styling of visited links prevents them from disappearing with the rest of the block. From here (although ...

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Our logo icon makes no sense

Does anyone know what our site logo is supposed to represent? A box? A Transformers® character? Is there any desire to have a better logo? If it has to be squarish, I'd suggest a penny-farthing ...

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How are the reputation points formatted?

What is the implementation of reputation points formatting used on Stack Overflow? Like, 10000 reputation points is displayed as 10k. And 1000 is displayed as 1,000. And sometimes, it is ...

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CSS bleed-thru on tags

I'm seeing an issue with CSS on Firefox (22, Windows) where the little triangles in the new tag icons are bleeding through popups. Here's a screenie: I have not checked it in other browsers.

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Main and meta have too low contrast between text and the background

Not a duplicate of question link visited/unvisited colors (new questions are "grayed out") I have tried (in vain, on other sites) to draw the devs' attention to low contrast of the ...

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Add button in favourite/ignored tags are sliced off

Doesn't look quite right to me! The add button is cut off near the right end. Can anyone reproduce? This is in the sidebar. I use the latest version of Chromium on Gentoo.

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Can we make it clear that there is a tooltip hidden behind certain text?

Tooltips seem to be pretty important on Stack Exchange. And it seems a lot of them get missed. For example, the new mark your own question as dupe 'thing' lead to 2 questions being asked about that ...

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Searching for multiple tags has no way to require all of them to be present in new-nav

Entering multiple tags with the syntax [tag-one] [tag-two] in the search bar takes me to the question page filtered such that any question with either tag will appear. Example. I discovered this ...

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Reputation and username are now very close together!

I've just noticed that the username and reputation you see on the question lists are now very close. I presume this is a side-effect of the new-nav because it only happens on MSO, SO, and MSE (here) ...

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Improve formatting of headlines on mobile site

Related Question: Improve formatting of headlines On the mobile site, the third level headings appear larger than the first and second level ones. First level headings should appear more ...

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Box model issue with the new filter bar

The HTML of the new filter bar looks like this: <div id="filter-bar"> <div class="tag-filter"> ... </div> <div class="filter-bar-links"> ... </div> <div ...

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Filter display gets broken in Chromium with favorite tags

In Chromium (Version 41.0.2272.118 (64-bit), archlinux) selecting tag filter with favorite tags (containing 10 items) caused show/sort filters to be placed behind the tag list: Screen resolution is ...

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Footnote <sub> text collapsed into a single line in Mobile Safari

I spotted this weird-looking text on the mobile site: I'm using Safari in iOS 8.3 (12F70) on an iPhone 5S. I get the same problem in the iOS Simulator, running iOS 8.3 (12F69). The question comes ...

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Link contrast is too low on meta

I've noticed this a few times recently. For example, I completely missed the "and others like it" links in this question. They're visible enough in good conditions, but if your screen isn't the ...

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What's wrong with the fonts

In this and many, many more posts (I'm not sure, if this is SF&F specific or SE-wide?): Google Chrome 42.0.2311.152 m.

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Unreadable text on http://stackexchange.com/sites

On http://stackexchange.com/sites, a few of the sites have words that are impossible to read. For example, the words on the Biology block are so faint that it is almost impossible to read: This is ...

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Too much li padding in communities list in Stack Overflow Careers

Clicking the Stack Exchange button to show the list of communities whilst on careers.stackoverflow.com shows the list of communities, but with too much vertical padding: On Stack Overflow ...

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Help! There's a giant ugly thing on top of the page!

As you probably noticed, there is a new top bar implemented on this site. This is part of a network-wide experiment in... UI design I guess? Details on The new top bar is out on meta. Consider it ...

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Site name is not visible in chat

We now have a themed chat room and it looks great! Mostly. The site logo on the lower right, however, is invisible: Specifically: This is on firefox 37.0 running on a 64bit Debian.

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Stack Overflow logo in QNAP Firmware

I was setting up a new QNAP NAS today, and imagine my surprise when I saw the Stack Overflow logo in the firmware: I realise that it's mirrored and monochrome, but that's still gotta be a no-no, ...

3 answers | May 25 at 6:40 by Mark Henderson on Meta Stack Overflow meta.stackoverflow.com
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<pre> within spoilers is not hidden properly

When a pre tag is used in spoilers (as the 4-space code block doesn't work), the standard gray pre/code background is not hidden when the spoiler is, but the text color within is set to the spoiler ...

1 answers | May 24 at 20:19 by Kevin on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Why are large images less high quality?

It may just be me, but when I compare these images, the one with no size change looks much better: No size change: Size change (l): Size change (img tag): Why does the img tag look so much ...

1 answers | May 24 at 18:38 by Tim on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Is it possible to provide information about further developments outside MO that followed a question/answer?

It happened several times - I've found a very interesting (for me) relatively old answer or question which would most likely lead to some new research. I ask about any possible recent references in a ...

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