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Why is there no “Search” button beside the search field?

Why isn't there a Search button? It's actually disconcerting to simply hit the Enter key after I type in my search terms. It's like, "I'm hoping this will search, but I'm really not sure."

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Rich on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Can the OP comment highlighting be turned up a bit?

This is a minor quibble but since the site's CSS is in review I thought I'd bring it up. I just found out, via this MSE answer, that if you ask a question and then comment on the answers below it, ...

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Верстка табиков на странице “Вопросы с меткой”

Ломается верстка панели вкладок на странице "Вопросы с меткой", когда есть конкурсные вопросы. Если конкурсных вопросов нет, все влезает хорошо. Пример: ...

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A long 'question feed' link causes it to extend past the screen

See: If you have a lot of long tags (eg. discussion, feature-request, the link extends past the end of the page, causing an excess of whitespace. In the image above, the page should end at the blue ...

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“Read-only mode” banner is illegible due to color scheme

The Stack Exchange network was put into read-only mode today for a failover test. A banner was posted on each site to advise users of this. However, on English.SE (and Meta.English.SE), the banner ...

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What algorithm is used to display the Badges multipliers on the user profile?

Earlier today I answered a question about the badge multiplier mis-alignment on the user profile page. While debugging the answer for that question, I went through few of the top ranked users profile ...

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Съезжает верстка кнопки на странице профиля

На странице профиля (при залогиненом юзере) съезжает верстка кнопки из-за длинного текста. Открывал в Google Chrome. Решить можно путем добавления display: block в стиле элемента

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White space below footer

I just noticed that here on meta the footer doesn't stick to the bottom of the page, I know that it's not that big of a deal but it does look a bit clumsy. Shouldn't there be an easy fix for this? ...

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Badge “multiplier” a little bit misaligned on the profile page

Checked for dupes, didn't find one. Hope it's not a dupe. Well, you can see it for yourself. The badge multiplier is a bit misaligned. Can you fix this please? (I know it's kinda a minor issue ...

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Something strange happened to the background

What's with all those hard drives on the side? It doesn't show in Incognito.

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Why the background image is shaded and centered?

This has to be merely with how the users will experience the site. Shaded content on the background is often used to indicate that you are on a different layer and once you are done the information on ...

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Wrong calculated height for .launchpad-login on login page

There seems to be an error in the calculated height of the .launchpad-login <div>: The initial height is 16px (no error yet). After clicking the height changes to 60px (to small). I am using ...

2 answers | yesterday by danjjl on Ask Ubuntu Meta meta.askubuntu.com
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Разные аватарки отображаются в расширенном и кратком режимах

По всей видимости, у пользователя @cy6erGn0m используется Identicon в качестве аватара. Тем не менее, в данном вопросе в качестве аватарки показывается фотография с Gravatar. Которая благополучно ...

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Change old link icon

http://stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/new-user Change the old icon to the new SVG icon used in the editor nowadays.

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A design update is coming!

Most of the changes won’t be visible; these tweaks go along with recent updates that were made to Stack Overflow: We are moving the site's CSS to a newly refactored LESS system, so that it's easier ...

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Downvoted answers stay grayed-out when hovered over

Answers downvoted to -3 or less are shown grayed out, but they're supposed to unfade when you hover the mouse over them. Except it doesn't work here on RPG.SE. (It does work on most other SE sites.) ...

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Careers PDF, expand links to show url in copy areas

When you export a PDF of your careers profile, if you have links to other sites in a copy area like "Background" those links aren't shown. It would be nice if the link in the markdown was rendered ...

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Un-fade low-score answers on click/tap too

Since a couple of weeks ago, answers that are shown grayed out can be un-faded by hovering the mouse over them. This is great especially for users with poor eyesight, who can now read such answers ...

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Edit buttons of profile page drawn over profile picture

The Buttons "Bearbeiten" to edit my profile and tags are drawn over my profile picture. See screen-shot below.

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New overall design for Wordpress.SE

I'm using Wordpress.SE a lot in the moment and every time I visit the site I ask myself where I'm actually at. Sure, this is very subjective but in my opinion the design of the site does not reflect ...

1 answers | Jul 30 at 10:34 by Kovah on WordPress Development Meta meta.wordpress.stackexchange.com
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CodePlex's icon

At Get a Stack Overflow Careers profile!, the CodePlex's favicon.ico is used. But it's only 16x16px. It should be at least 64x64px. Use this image instead:

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Style Sheet proposal: Consider sharing, previews when writing question titles

I would like to propose that we tighten up our question titles where possible. I know I've written some long, rambling titles, and I'm trying to go back and shorten them. It's not easy for me, but I ...

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Tag score over 100k causes minor bug

If someone has a tag score of over 100k, then the score will partly disappear under the tag itself on the user profile: I think there is only one user that has ever reached a tag score of over ...

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Updates to the site

My name is Stéphane and I'm the designer at Stack Exchange who made the design of this site. You may have noticed some updates to the design lately. The updates are part of a SE network-wide update ...

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Chat room color theme is too bright

The current version is way too bright. It would be superb if we had color theme we can customize for the chat room. If such feature is too much to ask, I at least desire to tone down the color a ...

1 answers | Jul 29 at 7:42 by Blue Bug on Game Development Meta meta.gamedev.stackexchange.com
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Incorrect spacing around headers

When we use a header in a Question or Answer, the header is starting a new section of text, and is not related to the previous text above it (we have bold etc for highlighting within current text). ...

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Color tag for accepted answers on “Related” posts

I have a question about a convenient feature that seems to have disappeared after the last "overhaul" (or whatever it was) on M.SE. I seem to recall that, in the column of "Related" posts associated ...

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Bug if the name of a rare tag badge is too long

I think this doesn't occur very often, but if a tag badge has a very long name and it has been earned at least one year ago, and it shows up in the rare badges, then it doesn't fit, causing a bug: ...

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Stack Overflow Careers job link / post tags mess and overlap issue

The tags on the "Sr. Software Developer/Web Application Developer" job post are a big mess. They are clubbed together and formed a big long link of tags. It also overflows on the share sidebar to its ...

1 answers | Jul 27 at 21:04 by HackerKarma on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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