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Tag appearance bug

When I press the downvote button and when the message pops up, it should overlas the tag(s). But in Arqade, some parts of the tag sticks out from the blue pop up and making it a bit ugly. I don't know ...

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Ask question/unanswered links are superimposed when logged out on the main site

If I’m not logged in on the main site, then the “Unanswered” and “Ask question” links are superimposed in the menu in the header. Here’s a screenshot which illustrates the behaviour: Hovering over ...

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Winter Bash 2013/2014: Misalignment of the hat boxes due to incomplete CSS rule set

Update (2014): The Winter Bash 2014 site has the same problem as the site last year. Screenshot: What’s the problem? This CSS rule declaration targets only the 5th element in there: ...

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Feedback Requested: Stack Overflow design update

As you can see, Meta.SO looks a bit different today. Over the years I've gotten a lot of requests to "redesign" Stack Overflow. I've always felt SO's site design had good usability and was very ...

63 answers | yesterday by Jin on Meta Stack Overflow meta.stackoverflow.com
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Winter bash dropdown title hover color is wrong

Clicking the snowflake and hovering over winter bash (all caps for some reason) makes it turn brown! Winter isn't brown! "I hate hats" can be brown because those who click it hate fun and deserve ...

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An ad for Stack Overflow *on* Stack Overflow?

Just noticed (again) an ad for SO on SO. Seems the ad-scheduling should/could be a teensy bit more intelligent. ;-)

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'Welcome back' on mobile shows at the bottom

Since pictures say it all: The 'Welcome back' image is shown at the bottom of the page, and in particular on the front page, it is a very long way to see that message. Can we either: Let it ...

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Why only 5 different logos available on /about/logos SE page?

On http://stackexchange.com/about/logos, it has download options for only certain logos/icons. Shouldn't this include all the graduated sites logos/icons? I think it should.

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The entire answer is moving when hovering the bounty button

It's just a minor CSS issue. See the following gif:

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Style Issue in SFSE profile page

Have anyone experienced some styling issues in profile page of SFSE? I tried a hard refresh for my chrome browser but still it's there. Collapsing sections. Not much clear the info.

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View tag wiki excerpt on tag page on mobile site

One important thing I feel is missing from the mobile design is the ability to view a tag's excerpt directly on the tag page. I find the excerpts very useful on the main site when I see a tag on a ...

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<pre> within spoilers is not hidden properly

When a pre tag is used in spoilers (as the 4-space code block doesn't work), the standard gray pre/code background is not hidden when the spoiler is, but the text color within is set to the spoiler ...

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Design of moderator view of flags, deleted comments and timeline on questions and answers

Moderators, and maybe users with high enough reputation, are presented with additional information concerning flags, deleted comments, and the timeline of questions and answers in a box off to the ...

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Profile Page Makeover, Part 3: the Prototype returns

You may recall this thing - our profile page makeover prototype, the reloaded user page. We posted a prototype 6 months ago and got a lot of feedback. Since then, generations of dinosaurs were born, ...

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Inline editing tab order

The tab order of line editing groups similar elements by type (e.g. post body, submit button) instead of post. Probably because this is how tabindex works in HTML when you ignore the possibility of ...

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Increase the contrast of 'similar questions' pane on unix stackexchange

I am writing a question right now on unix stackexchange and on the right there is a pane with a blue background and orange text. It is hard to read. My suggestion is you change the colors of that ...

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Transparency breaks on medium sized images

When I set my image to medium, the transparent background goes black, and detail is lost: Normal: Medium: Small: Using HTML <img> tag And here is the image itself:

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New Beta Theme Launched

Your site looks a bit different today. Yes, we are getting rid of the 'Sketchy' look and replacing it with a more-polished and finished design for sites in beta. You can read more about the redesign ...

1 answers | Dec 11 at 14:13 by Jin on Martial Arts Meta meta.martialarts.stackexchange.com
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How do I format the words in German (or another language) we are talking about?

Translated from German Should German words in a discussion be formatted in "quotes", or should they be formatted as monospaced text? Which format is the preferred one? Are there any other ...

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I think it's time to update the “We are Offline” BSOD

The current "We are offline" screen on Server Fault when it is down is: with it's lovely 1996 DateStmp's. I think it's time to update the Windows BSOD on the page to something more appropriate for ...

6 answers | Dec 11 at 1:36 by TheCleaner on Meta Server Fault meta.serverfault.com
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Could the last column stop breaking words with a long user name in the review queue history?

Long user name breaks the last column of the review history (at least the Triage one, but this might relate to all of them): It doesn't look good. Could we avoid the last column to break the words ...

2 answers | Dec 10 at 22:14 by TLama on Meta Stack Overflow meta.stackoverflow.com
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Não há linha entre respostas. Isso é um bug ou é by-design?

No Stack Overflow quando uma pergunta tem 2 ou mais respostas elas são separadas por uma linha. No Stack Overflow Português esta linha não está aparecendo. Isto é algum bug? Eu particularmente ...

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When closing > off-topic add padding / spacing to make text more clear

When I mark a question to be closed / off topic I am presented with some reasons. Can we add some padding between each line so that the text doesnt appear so close to each other. For instance, look ...

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Why do I see some questions with a blue background?

I just noticed that in the "Questions" view, I see some questions with a blue background, e.g., the first one here: Is this some new feature?

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Horizontal rule overlaps the number of results in Help Center search

If I search in the help center, number of results overlap hr. I think that it is a bug, because I don't see it on SO.

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Do we really need to capitalize usernames?

I have just noticed that on couple communities (ELU, Money, Electronics and maybe others), the username is written in all-caps in the profile page. I would like to ask whether this is really ...

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Shouldn't images be centered?

I have posted some images inside questions and answers (nice feature), and missed the possibility of specifying the alignment. Actually, considering that the inserted images are never floated/inlined, ...

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Provide an ellipsis after a long name instead of truncating it

I changed my name on Meta Stack Exchange earlier today. I used 24 of the 30 allowed characters: Mooseman is eating pizza However, now on questions I have asked, and answers I posted or edited, ...

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Comment vote coloring is backwards

High voted comments are in black text and look boring and unremarkable, while comments with a few votes have the red "hot" color on them. (I have no idea what is with the blue 25 :P) Could this ...

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Stack Exchange dropdown graphical shift when hovering over titles

On Photography SE, if I open the Stack Exchange dropdown in the upper left corner of the page and hover over CURRENT COMMUNITY, YOUR COMMUNITIES or MORE STACK EXCHANGE COMMUNITIES, a 1px dotted line ...

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