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I can't tell the difference between an accepted and unaccepted answer

Perhaps I'm just color-blind, but for me it is impossible to tell the difference between the accepted and not accepted checkmarks next to answers to my questions: Even when they are right next to …

19 mins ago
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Security blog - author profiles

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we used to have profiles on our security.blogoverflow.com blog. That is, if you look at any post by me you'll see I have a clickable name which takes you to …

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SE: User Experience - appropriate for interface design review?

I'm a web developer and interface designer, and for the improvement of my development structure and practice, I can go to SE's Code Review. However, even more than I focus on the quality of back-end …

1 hour ago
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Left Margin looks to be 0 in a div of review page

I did not found the duplicate, but if it is or False call - I'll delete the post. Should the text be shifted to right a little bit? ("How to mantain" etc)

3 hours ago
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“Possible spoilers” in the title, and what to do about it

I just came across this post on Sci-Fi (well, actually on the Hot Network Questions list): In Game of Thrones season 2, why do they (possible spoilers)? Someone edited the title because it contains …

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UPDATED (APRIL 14): Design for Academia.se

I’m Stéphane, senior product designer at Stack Exchange. First, I wanted to congratulate you because this site is now starting the process of moving out of beta to become a fully-graduated site! Well …

13 hours ago
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Why is the UI is different across the different SE websites?

I am on several SE websites and I am wondering why the UI differs? In my opinion, this is a little bit disturbing!

14 hours ago
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Is this just me, or is the site broken?

Part of the content is lost to the left side of the page. This is on IE.

18 hours ago
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New Beta Theme Launched

Your site looks a bit different today. Yes, we are getting rid of the 'Sketchy' look and replacing it with a more-polished and finished design for sites in beta. You can read more about the redesign …

22 hours ago
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Hovering over the community links changes the header height

These 3 links in the top-bar: When you hover over the links, the height of the whole div.header changes from 28px to 29px, which is caused by this rule: Tested in Chrome 33 and IE 11 in case it …

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Fancy TeX (etc.)/Metafont/MetaPost logos?

Can we have fancy logos like they have on CTAN, for example on http://www.ctan.org/pkg/cm-unicode:

2 days ago
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Three-digit score wraps in the related questions sidebar

I'm pretty sure this question doesn't actually have 16/9 = 1.777... score.

Apr 12 at 22:10
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Italics in links loses the link color on mobile

If italics are used inside link text, at least on MSO, the mobile site gives the italicized text the normal black color, instead of the yellow link color. For example, [yellow _black_ ...

Apr 12 at 5:41
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At a quick glance the accepted checkmark looks as if the downvoted an answer

When I scroll through answers the accepted checkmark looks as a downvote arrow at a first glance in the corner of my eye. It makes me question why I downvoted the answer and I find this disruptive. …

Apr 12 at 2:07
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Favourite Tags don't animate

The tags on the Favourite Tags list don't animate in the same way that normal tags do: For comparison — normal tags:

Apr 12 at 0:58
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On hover color of help menu links is difficult to distinguish

Could we change text link color when hovering over help menu items? The color used at the moment seems too similar. As you can see in the image above, you can't easily see if you're hovering …

Apr 11 at 16:44
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Review stats sidebar sinks below stats

On the various "stats" pages under /review, the sidebar (linking to the actual review section and offering badge stats) doesn't float nicely to the right, instead sinking below the main content: ...

Apr 11 at 9:36
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Should we remove the “& Money” part from the site name and logo, to prevent repeated confusion about what is on-topic?

Once again there is a debate with a new user going on about a closed question appealing to the fact that the site name is Personal Finance & Money. Typical exchange: High Rep user: Closing …

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Missing elected year on moderators' users page in meta

On the main site's /users?tab=moderators it shows the year that the user was elected as a moderator under their reputation. However, on meta's /users?tab=moderators the year of election is missing. …

Apr 10 at 19:06
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Bug: Markdown output not rendering correctly

Using chrome and saw an edit pass through and it would appear when viewing rendered output it is not viewing correctly:

Apr 10 at 13:27
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Mod shows up with OP background when viewing deleted comments

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words: The moderator here is not the original poster, but on the comments by the aforementioned OP, his name has the OP background. On the other comments, …

Apr 10 at 13:25
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Mobile link colors difficult to discern for red colorblind users

I'm colorblind and have difficulty seeing red hues. Certain colors, such as red and green (LED indicator lights on a modem), brown and either green or red, and (less frequently) blue and purple, are …

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The color of links in comments

In the following image, depicting a piece of a comment on MO.se the words «this link» are a link to some URL, yet the styling makes it quite not apparent; the only styling I can see is a :hover ...

Apr 10 at 2:07
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Email answer question is out of place

The alignment here is not very nice. It would be good to have a bit more space between the Answer button and the i too. Chrome, Mac OS Safari 7.0.3 repro

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Links in promotion ads are black on black, thus invisible

Just noticed this: There are links in there, clickable and everything but not shown due to the site theme. It should be something like this: (taken from different site in the network) …

Apr 9 at 17:32
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Question hyperlinks have a different font size than answer hyperlinks in the 10k mod tools page

On the 10k /tools page, question links have a larger font-size than answer links: They have different colors as well, but I'm not certain if that is by-design or not. Any link with class ...

Apr 8 at 18:37
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Cor azul de fundo nos avatares das páginas de usuário

Notei que nas páginas do perfil do usuário e na listagem geral de usuários, é adicionado um fundo azul aos ícones (notar o meu, o do J. Bruni, Luis Cubal, por exemplo). Provavelmente o correto seria …

Apr 8 at 17:32
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Timestamps in the Community Bulletin look out of place

First: Congrats on graduating! I love the new design (kudos to the designers) overall. However, this has been bugging me: Notice how 'tomorrow' is ever so slightly smaller than 'ends'? It turns …

Apr 8 at 7:41
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Sprites cortados ou deslocados em telas com dpi alto

Most sprites cropped, misplaced or deformed on high-resolution displays The problem happens on any display with a pixel ratio of 1.5 or greater (like retina iPads, retina Macbook Pros, and other ...

Apr 8 at 6:03
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