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Badge symbol in notification is of the site you're on, not where badge was earned

It's so cool that the notification reminds you of the colour of badge you've earned. But I am a little puzzled by the symbols: Is it feasible to use the symbol from the earned site? At the moment ...

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Site design for English Language Learners community

I'm Stéphane, a senior product designer at Stack Exchange. First, I wanted to announce that this site is now starting the process of moving out of beta to become a fully-graduated site! ...

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Stack Exchange logo not visible in chat

The one-box image of http://stackexchange.com is transparent and not visible boldly unlike the http://stackoverflow.com one-box image. It looks clear only when you look close. Perhaps it needs the ...

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Removing emphasis from blockquotes

Currently, quoted text (paragraphs starting with > in Markdown) is displayed with a wider margin and a very visible yellowish background in the main site. This has led some users to think that it ...

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Springer Shop uses an image quite similar to the Academia logo (or vice-versa)

After scrolling down in an email received from Springer, I stumbled across an image that looks undoubtedly similar to the Academia StackExchange logo. I made my little investigation, and found it ...

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Improve and extend the automatic tag-popup for identification questions

We currently have a feature in place that creates an automatic tag-popup whenever someone uses the identify-this-movie tag. This tag popup shows a message asking for providing as much details as ...

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Content is cropped on mobile Firefox; can't scroll or zoom it into view

To reproduce, open for example this answer on latest (44.0) Firefox on Android (using the default mobile view). The text in this answer goes all the way right to the edge of the screen. If I scroll ...

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Add links to post icon in help page is obsolete

In the Remove New User Restrictions - Privileges page under How do I add links to my posts? section, among one of the point it was described as, by using this icon in the editor toolbar you can add a ...

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Overlay on navigation in Stack Exchange Android app

When navigating between Feed and different Stack Exchange sites in the Stack Exchange Android app, I often find myself with a distorted view. It looks like the Feed stays on the screen and whatever ...

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The comment pop-up is too far away

When you click the add a comment button when you don't have enough rep, you get a pop-up saying that you need more rep in able to comment. Except, it is too far away and users might be confused for a ...

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Social login buttons CSS on the login/register page break when zoom less than 100%

I prefer setting the default zoom on my browser to 90%. That causes the CSS on the login and registration pages to break. Though the bug miraculously goes away when the zoom is at 67%

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Overlap bug in the next-privilege milestone pop-up message box

The "x" close-mark overlaps on the title of next-privilege milestone in the pop-up message box. Here is how it looks: Upon doing "inspect element", I found out that the CSS padding-right property ...

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What should be the alignment of titles?

Our pretty new design has gotten bad feedback regarding centered question titles from several users. Paweł already said he's going to change them back to the more standard left alignment, but I think ...

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Gold badges on grey background

I looked a lot at badge icons to make up my mind about the latest changes and I noticed something about the colors that is independent of the shapes (hence a new post): Gold badges are kind of ...

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Is there a way to improve the appearance of a covered front porch roof that uses corrugated plastic roof panels?

We are planning to retrofit a 5'x7' corner porch cover to fit under the eaves/gutter. We will be using corrugated plastic roof panels because they are light weight and we can made a 1/4"/12" pitch. ...

4 answers | Feb 9 at 4:09 by RET on Home Improvement diy.stackexchange.com
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Weird Spacing when on Recent Achievement tab

The spacing is definitely weird and irregular. Looks like some spacing bug as it also raised this question about spacing as well. Can we fix the spacing issue in the Recent Achievement tab?

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Mouseover Tooltip on Title; weird spacing

When mousing over a link to a question on the main page, a tooltip appears with the first few sentences of the question. When a question includes a picture or quote in those first sentences, this ...

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A new logo for Salesforce Stack Exchange (revised version)

See previously: Let's pick a new logo for Salesforce Stack Exchange Our designers rounded up with the design team at Salesforce and after some back and forth this is what they came up with: An ...

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Site logo in chat looks out of place

In the lower-right corner of chat we find the site logo: With the white rectangle, this looks awfully out of place. A different version should be used.

1 answers | Feb 8 at 15:11 by Raphael on Computer Science Meta meta.cs.stackexchange.com
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Magento Site Design

My name is Joshua and I'm a product designer at Stack Overflow. First off, congratulations on your community moving out of beta! Graduation and Your Site Design Graduation comes with a few perks. ...

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Button color in chat provides no contrast

The buttons in chat are colored so that they are hardly visible over the background and the logo is hardly visible on the button(s). A point can be made for solving 1) by using the b/w version ...

4 answers | Feb 8 at 14:59 by Raphael on Computer Science Meta meta.cs.stackexchange.com
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The Community Ads Stats page is still using the old ad dimensions

The Community Promotion Ad Statics page is still using the old Community Ad dimensions, which makes the images in it squashed.

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The “Edit” screen seems to be broken

I saw an open edit on a question, and when I clicked it I got this: One of the buttons is shown only partly, and I think there are some buttons missing. Browser is Chrome 47.0.2526.111 on Windows ...

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Why is the “Top Tags” section layout so complex?

Recently I have been complaining about the design too much, but that's me. Hope it is not treated as a rant. Is it only me who finds the layout of the "Top Tags" section in the profile page somewhat ...

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Hovering on the date of a comment changes its color to the default link color

When you hover on the post date of a comment on the meta site, the color of the date changes from light gray to bright orange. This is different from the main site and other metas (at least Stack ...

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How can I achieve a Quartz look using concrete for a bar top?

I want to make my own concrete bar top but I would like it to have a bit of a sparkle like quartz has. Any suggestions?

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Serif fonts like Chemistry and Math

Last year, we asked Can we have a font which harmonizes better with MathJax? and the answer was yes, it would be included in the CSS rollout. Now that the CSS and profile rollout is complete, it was ...

1 answers | Feb 5 at 19:51 by tpg2114 on Physics Meta meta.physics.stackexchange.com
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Is spruce wood a good choice to make a bunk bed?

I decided to make a bunk bed for my room as it is small and I need a desk. I'm a beginner at woodworking and I need some help. I have made some "plans", I will put 7x2m stakes, 4x1.40m each around ...

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New Site Design!

As you can see the new design just went live. Congratulations! Thank you for your valuable design feedback. We have also themed the twitter account and newsletter template for this site, and adjusted ...

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New mobile chat: the “Loading room” message looks bad

On the new mobile chat, the "Loading [Room name], Just a second" message looks old, out of place and bad: In fact, it was taken directly from the old chat interface: It should loose the beige ...

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