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Pandoc Error from Rmarkdown to PDF when centering plot

I'm receiving an error only when I include a centre option to the code chunk. My rmarkdown file looks like this: ```{r echo = FALSE, fig.width = 6, fig.height = 2.5, fig.align = "center"} g <- ...

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Plain-text table format

I'm looking for an appropriate format for storing a small amount of experimental data. I want to keep an up-to-date table of data from high-energy physics data, which is easy to maintain and see ...

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How to input .cls file in rmarkdown?

I would like to use a .cls file when producing pdf file using rmarkdown, how to include this file, where to include it? --- title: "Proposal" author: "Name Surname" date: "01/30/2015" output: ...

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Latex best pratices

I inserted Latex in 15 questions from other users and I'm being called attention for two of them. Then I ask: What are the best practices for Latex Edit? When can I use? And when I can not use? ...

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Sublime Text + Latexing, How to disable automatic pdf opening on compilation?

How can I disable the automatic pdf opening on compilation with Latexing for Sublime text ?

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Rendering issue with Mathjax-Latex on wordpress with twenty fourteen theme

I'm running my website http://www.mathcounterexamples.net with WordPress 4.1 and Mathjax-Latex plug-in 1.1.3. Since around a week, the rendering on my iPad or my Android Nexus 5 is wrong in horizontal ...

asked Jan 29 at 18:00 by jpmjpmjpm on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to use greek letters in fig.caption using RMarkdown?

This code produces an error when I try to knit a pdf using RMarkdown in RStudio. How can I write a greek letter in fig.caption as for example $\beta$? --- title: "Untitled" author: "SB" date: ...

1 answers | asked Jan 29 at 17:37 by sbac on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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File q.sty not found Latex Linux

I'm trying to compile this document (Plasmati Graduate CV) I got with xelatex and it complains about not finding q.sty. For all the other missing files I could just Google or search in the Synaptic ...

asked Jan 29 at 12:33 by simernes on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Add buttons to Mathjax dialog and update preview area automtically

I would like to add symbol buttons for Mathjax dialog (symbol buttons are not available for default Mathjax plugin). As per above image, I have depicted two buttons called Alpha and Beta. I would ...

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Latex in Chaco text?

Is it possible to create a chaco plot with latex text? For example, if we wanted latex symbols in the title of this exampe: from traits.api import HasTraits, Instance from traitsui.api import View, ...

1 answers | asked Jan 28 at 23:40 by Adam Hughes on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is there a way to include LaTeX in a Qt application?

So I am working on a project to generate documents using LaTeX, the program is supposed to ask for some inputs and then compile the .tex and get a .pdf. The problem is that if I use QProcess to ...

asked Jan 28 at 23:00 by Michael on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is it possible to compile .tex files to pdf with pandoc?

Is it possible to compile a .tex file with pandoc? I'm currently taking my class notes in Multimarkdown with Macvim. That way, when I get home, I can just mmd2tex and compile the .tex file to .pdf ...

1 answers | asked Jan 28 at 17:43 by oneofdays on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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C++ script Latex Table Centering Issues

I have created a C++ program that generates a LaTeX table. However on the columns with slightly longer headings some of the numbers do not center properly. I have the command \centering used and I ...

asked Jan 28 at 16:51 by thewire247 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Double headings in latex

I have a problem with latex. I want to create a heading with a special name and aumomatic numbering of the chapters. I use the \chapter{Introduction} command to create the chapter named Introduction. ...

1 answers | asked Jan 28 at 15:24 by user3399670 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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RMarkdown: citecolor LaTeX option not being used

I am trying to create a JSS article using RMarkdown, but am not able to get options that typically get used with pdf_document, in particular, the citecolor option. Here is an MWE, which is the ...

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How to implement autoclosing '$' signs for LaTeX similar to that of parentheses in vim

I want to find a way of achieving the autocompleting functionality that the vim plugin DelimitMate provides for parentheses but instead for dollar signs. For example, typing $ should yield $$ with the ...

1 answers | asked Jan 28 at 5:10 by Leeren on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Refer lyx documents in a master lyx document

I have a couple of lyx documents (the children), I want to create a master document that referencing the children, but if I use Insert -> File -> Doc Lyx the file is copied inside the master document, ...

1 answers | asked Jan 27 at 14:26 by Kaltresian on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Different size brackets for binomial coefficient in inline mode using MathJax

While using MathJax to typeset binomial coefficients, I came across this problem of different sized brackets if my lower index contains the '0' character. Is there anyway to make the brackets the same ...

1 answers | asked Jan 27 at 10:38 by nexolute on TeX - LaTeX tex.stackexchange.com
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How create a single file with dvipng command?

Using the command dvipng I can generate png images via a dvi file. dvipng -D 200 worksheet.dvi However, the command generates a file per page. How I can create a single image file with all pages?

asked Jan 26 at 18:14 by mario502gt on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to Create AIC Model Selection Table in R in LaTex format?

Folks, Looking to create an AIC selection table for a publication in LaTex format, but I can not seem to get the form I want. I have googled this to death and was VERY surprised I couldn't find an ...

1 answers | asked Jan 26 at 16:13 by ctlamb on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax Test Page Warning

I download the latest MathJax package, and deploy it in my own website(IIS). I include the js file in index.html file as below: <script type="text/javascript" ...

1 answers | asked Jan 26 at 10:39 by roast_soul on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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how to display asciimath equation in displaystyle (MathJax)

I 'm trying to display an AsciiMath formula in display mode, but whatever I try its still inline Here is my MathJax configuration: MathJax.Hub.Config({ AsciiMath: { fixphi: true, ...

1 answers | asked Jan 26 at 9:43 by Jeanluca Scaljeri on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to update mathjax in Yii index page?

I'm using Yii 1.1 to build a math site with problem-list. and I'm using the default listing view of yii-bootster which using ajax to do the pagination. but the mathjax failed to reload when using the ...

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LaTex: large figure moves to the end of chapter

I have a LaTex-document using the class \documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{scrbook} and I changed some parameters for positioning the floats: \renewcommand{\topfraction}{1} %default: 0.7 ...

2 answers | asked Jan 24 at 12:49 by Sven Richter on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Delete vertical lines (or vertical rules) in plt.table? Let only horizontal lines as a Table not as a chart

Is there any way to remove the vertical lines in a matplotlib table? Or even using text.usetex=True obtain a plot (using Arial for all texts and numbers) and append a table without vertical lines? My ...

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New error when using Quickbuild in Texmaker: cannot determine size of graphic

I am working on a report in LaTeX for a long time, and I recently got a weird problem: for no reason, all of a sudden all the \includegraphics of my report return errors of that type: ! LaTeX Error: ...

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tool to generate flow chart diagram from textual notation

I am looking for a console-based tool that can process a simple text file containing the textual notation of a flowchart diagram and generate a PNG (or other format) file. There might also be a LaTeX ...

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pandoc full-featured online?

Is pandoc hosted anywhere for online use with complete functionality? The online pandoc demo lacks PDF output and has a character limit. Specifically, I'd to convert Markdown to PDF with embedded ...

1 answers | asked Jan 23 at 19:41 by fvogel on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to generate LaTeX table in R with tabs?

I am generating some LaTeX tables using xtable. I'd like to make it so that when I copy and paste the generated table it would look "lined up" in my LaTeX file. Right now I have: > library(xtable) ...

1 answers | asked Jan 23 at 17:35 by ceiling cat on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to format linked R code in Latex so that it can be copied and run directly from the pdf?

I have to submit a programming assignment in pdf format (produced using LaTeX), and the tutor expects to be able to copy and paste the code directly from the pdf into R to run it. I know I can do this ...

1 answers | asked Jan 23 at 12:34 by ClairB on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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