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Lyx and Mendeley bibliography

I am absolutely new to Latex, Tex and whatever more there is, so I decided to try Lyx to make my life easier (haven't had much success, though). I am also using Mendeley to manage my bibliography and …

asked 4 hours ago
1 answer

Writing the dimension of a variable in latex

I am trying to write the information about the dimension of a vector like this $M \epsilon R^N$ In the paper, they write it nicely, it looks nice. However, I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but …

asked 6 hours ago
1 answer

How to place a different background image on each part of a book

Do you know if it is possible to place a background image on each \part{} of a book? Ideally, for each part I would like to be able to put a different background image. Currently, I am using the ...

asked 8 hours ago
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LaTeX PHP Library/tool for showing (Financial) Mathematical equations

So I have been looking at ways for displaying (Financial) Mathematical equations on webpages (blog). Now I know of MathJax and it looks really promising. I found 2 con's (but of course it also has …

asked 10 hours ago
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\newcommand environment when convert from markdown to pandoc

I use ipython notebook to type math and then convert to latex. To make mathjax understand \newcommand, I have to put it inside $...$. For example, $\newcommand{\cl}{\operatorname{cl}}$ works well with …

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Creating composite figure from matplotlib animation frames

I have a data time-series that I am animating with matplotlib, and I would like to add frames by a specific time interval (e.g. monthly) to subplots in a matplotlib figure, so that I can have better …

asked 13 hours ago
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sage notebook dirac bra-ket notation with latex

I'm having difficulty getting properly formatted latex output for notation in the sage notebook. I am using sympy for sympy.physics.quantum.Bra and Ket, but cant seem to get proper latex behaviour …

asked yesterday
1 answer

Export Matlab Figure to LaTeX

I am trying to use an open source Matlab figure exporter called fig2texPS but I can't seem to get it to work, the documentation says I have to get the figure number of the figure I want to export then …

asked yesterday
1 answer

How to fix MATLAB R2014 greek letter/latex font support

I am using MATLAB R2014a under Ubuntu 12.04. Using tex markup such as \alpha, etc in text objects renders regular ASCII characters and not the expected tex output. Making a symbolic link from the …

asked yesterday
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codeigniter destroying session after adding ckeditor latex code in cart

I am working on codeigniter project of online exams. I am creating optional question bank. For adding multiple options i am single ck editor in which after creating option i am inserting option in ...

asked Apr 14 at 11:27
2 answers

Vertical lines/borders in generated table is not continous (R+Latex+Sweave+xtable)

I am creating a report in latex using R and Sweave. The table is generated using xtable. Following is the code used to generate the table <<echo=FALSE, results=tex>>= tabulatedVal <- …

asked Apr 14 at 11:20
1 answer

Choose a profile when installing a quickinstaller product (Plone 4)

I had performance problems when loading MathJax dynamically in my Plone 4 application. Thus, I found the Plone integration at https://github.com/collective/collective.mathjax and, as I noticed it does …

asked Apr 14 at 9:20
1 answer

How can I use \newenvironment?

For example, let us say that I want to use macro to typeset matrices. Just in case I later decide that I want to somehow change how they look, I can then change it in one place - in this macro. ...

asked Apr 14 at 8:02
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How to replace all images in Libreoffice with their description

I have a very long document containing lots of svg images created using the extension TexMaths. This extension uses the latex installation to create svg image of the inputted equation (or set of ...

asked Apr 14 at 6:50
1 answer

use a “+” or “-” by itself without terms

I want to typeset an I with a subscripted "+" sign. How can I do this? I know there's a trick to tell TeX that there are no operands, but I can't remember what it is, and I can't seem to search for it …

asked Apr 13 at 22:30
1 answer

Rendering MathJax/MathML at compilation/preprocessing time, to create an HTML file without MathML?

I have some webpages, which make heavy use of MathJax (or MathML?) that I would like to convert into ebooks and display on my kindle, which does not support enough javascript, nor MathML. So I would …

asked Apr 13 at 21:39
1 answer

Exclude TeX.SE question titles from MathJax parsing in Hot Network Questions

Recently, the TeX.SE question "\[\mu\] is printing the Greek letter mu on a separate single line" got onto the Hot Network Questions list. Like many questions on TeX.SE, it contains some TeX markup …

asked Apr 13 at 19:04
1 answer

Matching only numbers that come in numerical order

I have numbers in [.] indicating the page number of an orginal printed document I am transcribing. However, the document also contains other numbers in [.] that do not correspond to page numbers. For …

asked Apr 13 at 3:36
1 answer

Latex on MacOS stops working after update

I have seen a number of similar questions around but never one precisely addressing this problem. Sorry if this is, in fact, a repeat. I have texlive installed on my MacBook Pro with OSX 10.9.2 ...

asked Apr 12 at 18:44
0 answers

How to do 'R CMD Sweave' in R 3.1.0?

Summary. Sweave works differently in R 3.1.0. Until I upgraded to R 3.1.0, my Makefiles had e.g. a.tex: a.Rnw R CMD Sweave $< but with R 3.1.0 this doesn't run the R code within a.Rnw file. …

asked Apr 12 at 11:37
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Group table rows using intermediate multicolumn headers

I have a data frame which I am putting through Hmisc:latex() to generate a formatted table with pdflatex. What I'd like to do is to group the table rows into sections based on a data column, and ...

asked Apr 11 at 18:41
1 answer

Printing p-values with <0.001

I wonder how to put <0.001 symbol if p-value is small than 0.001 to be used in Sweave. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks ctl <- c(4.17,5.58,5.18,6.11,4.50,4.61,5.17,4.53,5.33,5.14) …

asked Apr 11 at 16:48
0 answers

Reload Master File in whizzytex for emacs/auctex

I wonder whether it is possible to dynamically reload the master file of a latex document when changing definitions such as \DeclareMathOperator in the header file. Consider three documents: ...

asked Apr 11 at 13:08
0 answers

Get page from xdvi using inverse search and auctex

Short Version: Is there any possibility to get a lisp-readable page number out of a dvi on a position i previously found using AUCtex's forward search? Long Version: Suppose that I have a (rather …

asked Apr 11 at 9:52
1 answer

Node.js render LaTeX code

I'm trying to execute the following code in Node.js: var docdata = {paper_size: "a4paper", file: inFileName} var output = ...

asked Apr 11 at 7:28
2 answers

Use Windows PowerShell script to compile LaTeX files in parallel

I can compile all the LaTeX files in a directory sequentially as follows: Get-ChildItem -include *.tex -name | ForEach-Object { lualatex --interaction=nonstopmode --output-directory=$pwd $_ } } …

asked Apr 11 at 2:50
0 answers

Why we can't see suggested edits rendered in latex before approving?

I've noticed that when viewing suggested edits there is an option to show rendered output but it doesn't actually show what the edit will look like after latex has been compiled. I realize there is …

asked Apr 10 at 23:39
1 answer

Can't delete file because it is open in pdflatex

I'm trying to remove an unnecessary file that was the product of some LaTeX typesetting. However, when I try to do anything to the file, Windows tells me that the file can't be moved since "it is open …

asked Apr 10 at 21:50
1 answer

Excess backslashes in stargazer latex output

I get a weird result when trying to output my regression results into latex tables using the stargazer package in R: when I simply do stargazer(linear.1,linear.2) I get a perfectly fine latex table …

asked Apr 10 at 17:41
1 answer

Output tex file directly from stargazer?

Is there any possibility of having stargazer directly produce tex files from regression output, similar to the way outreg2 does this in Stata?

asked Apr 10 at 17:19
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