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Stargazer: inputting all data manually, but SEs and stars are missing

Why isn't stargazer outputting standard errors and stars in the below table? I am trying to construct a table where I show different models as columns, and rows show results for different outcome ...

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Including Bibliography in RMarkdown document with use of the knitcitations

I'm trying to use knitcitations and add bibliography to the R Markdown document that I'm drafting in R Studio. The header of my document looks like that: --- title: "Some Title" author: "Me" date: ...

2 answers | asked yesterday by Konrad on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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odd way of rendering math formulas in wikipedia

I am encountering a strange problem that has stopped me for several hours. Wikipedia shows math formulas as LaTeX code but I don't have this problem in other sites like Math SE. The photo shows ...

1 answers | asked 2 days ago by sepideh on Super User superuser.com
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Math Processing Error in android

To display mathematical equations in android webview, I am using mathjax. It works fine and displays equation but only for few seconds, after that it shows [Math Parsing Error]. I am unable to ...

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How to set WinEdt default encoding as utf8 no bom?

I download ctex which contains winedt as the default editor. I am Chinese and I want to change the default encoding of winedt from GBK to UTF-8, because I want to interactive with my linux documents. ...

asked 2 days ago by aha on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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unable to parse mathJax commands in android

I developing an android app to display mathematic formulae and for this purpose I am using MathJax. My problem is that I am able to parse something like cm^2, m^3 but unable to parse anything like ...

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Creating latex using sage/python not working

I am trying to write some code where the user enters in a expression into a sage/python interactive and then my programs display the integral in latex. For example the user might enter in x^2 or ...

1 answers | asked 2 days ago by user4485835 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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From a PDF that was created using LaTeX, how can I retrieve images that are drawn using LaTeX?

From a PDF that was created using LaTeX, how can I retrieve images that are drawn using LaTeX? I have the c# code that retrieves images from a pdf. Unfortunately, it retrieves only images that were ...

1 answers | asked 2 days ago by Biju on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Mathjax not rendering equation unless page reloaded

Im using mathjax in my rails project via the CDN because of issues hosting it in my app. I'm using mathjax with the following <script type="text/javascript" ...

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Losing the cross reference sequence by inline kfigr reference when chapter sequence is used by pandoc_args: --chapters

Probably this is a recurrent question, but by searching did not find the answer. By documentclass: book and defining in YAML preamble pandoc_args: --chapters inside the output: pdf_document: I have ...

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Roxygen2 documentation in a knitr document

Assume a knitr (rnw) file with a code chunk <<function, include=FALSE>>= #' A simple function #' #' @param foo Variable foo. #' @param bar Variable bar. #' #' @return The product of foo ...

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Scale xtable preserving height

I am generating LaTeX tables from R using xtable. While scaling works just fine with print(xtable(someTable, scalebox=0.7), I cannot figure out a way to preserve the height, i.e. add the height option ...

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Saving Visio .vsdx drawing into a format that preserves its fonts, pixels, etc

I have a drawing saved as .vsdx file (made in visio 2013). How do I convert it to the .eps format (or any vectorized format preserving its fonts, pixels etc.) to be used later as LaTeX figure? Why ...

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Word spacing in latex more strictly

I have a problem with the spacing and hypernation. Without select font works well, but i select my font and Latex increase the spacing. The code: \documentclass{article} ...

asked Oct 2 at 10:33 by user56474 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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emacs auctex commandto compile and view

I use EMACS/AucTeX. In order to compile I do C-c C-c, then it asks "Command: (default LaTeX)" I press RET and it is compiled. To view the compiled document I do C-c C-v. I would like to have a ...

2 answers | asked Oct 2 at 10:04 by PiCo on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is there a way yo render LaTEX/MathJax for Slack Chatting client (web or app)?

I have a workgroup that uses the Slack chatting app/website/destop version to communicate, and the desire to send usable mathematical expressions across to friends is something we'd like to do there. ...

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Referencing in style in BMC latex template

I am using the BMC latex template and need assistance with the referencing part. The reference for a journal article in the template is as follows: Smith J, Jones M Jr, Houghton L.: Future of ...

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Latex: Fig label does not function

In my document, which is a book, references to figures do not function. I have already obeyed any classical methods I knew. The figures are generally produced by tikz, which are written by myself. I ...

asked Oct 1 at 20:48 by Arash Daklan on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LaTex: hyperref package and the toc as displayed by the pdf viewing program

I have a roblem with LaTex involving the hyperref package. Consider the following example: \documentclass{scrartcl} \usepackage{hyperref} \begin{document} \tableofcontents \section{Some section} ...

1 answers | asked Oct 1 at 9:11 by Joerg on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Can't preview LaTeX fragment in a non-file buffer

I tried to setup my org-mode according to Bernt Hansen’s wonderful documentation. But later I found I got problem with Org Capture as in Section 6. when I typed C-c c, an error message "Capture abort: ...

asked Oct 1 at 0:05 by Daniel on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Mouse wheel scroller misbehaving in TexMaker on Ubuntu 15.04 running in VBox on win7

I am running TexMaker on Ubuntu 15.04 inside VBox on Win7. I have a sticky mouse wheel (when I scroll, it gets stuck at the bottom of the page and jumps back to the beginning). The scrolling works ...

asked Sep 30 at 14:18 by Silvia_Pi2 on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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Vim syntax and Latex math inside markdown

I write documentation in markdown using ViM and I also put math using the latex $$ symbol (I compile using pandoc). The thing is that ViM syntax wouldn't ignore the underscores _ inside the dollar ...

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Function to sanitize strings for LaTeX compilation?

While xtable() has a sanitize.text.function argument which allows to sanitize strings with special charaters to stop LaTeX compilation from breaking in Sweave/knitr documents, the package does not ...

2 answers | asked Sep 30 at 11:52 by landroni on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Duplex label and tics in gnuplot (epslatex)

I am trying to draw some graphs with reading some values from the file, using epslatex - gnuplot (version 5.0 patchlevel 1), as follows: # gnuplot.gp set term epslatex set output "figure.tex" set ...

1 answers | asked Sep 30 at 0:49 by eng27 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to add latex figure captions below jupyter / matplotlib figures

From within the jupyter notebook, is there a way to add latex figure caption below each inline matplotlib figure? This is desired so that each figure is annotated when running nbconvert --to latex. ...

1 answers | asked Sep 30 at 0:22 by tnt on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Elements (equation, pictures,…) falling out of the paper

I am preparing a paper for International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing. Latex template of this journal provided in http://www.inderscience.com/info/inauthors/author_templates.php (two ...

1 answers | asked Sep 29 at 11:06 by H. Aqjn on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to keep function on one page (pdf) using Sphinx autodoc with latex?

I'm using Sphinx 1.3.1 autodoc and am searching for a way to insert a page break if the function is going to otherwise be split between pages when rendering a pdf (latex). Is there an existing ...

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Why matplotlib replace a right parenthesis with “!” in latex expression?

I'm in the situation where I have to translate python expression to Latex Bitmap for the enduser (who feels confident enough to write python functions by himself but prefers to watch result in Latex). ...

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New posts and post changes don't have their MathJax parsed.

You know the small grey box that says "a new answer has been added" and when you click it the answer appears? Yeah well, MathJax is not parsed. Look: I got that post when I clicked the grey box. I ...

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Mathjax version of \DeclareMathSymbol - How to make a certain character use a different font variant?

Sometimes in LaTeX I'll have a bunch of stuff written up with just e for Euler's constant, instead of using \mathrm{e} or making a macro for it, but I want it to display in roman font as constants ...

1 answers | asked Sep 28 at 1:15 by takhisis on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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