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pdflatex is not available in R

I am pretty new at using R and I have an assignment where I have to use the arcdiagram function/package. I used the commands: install.packages("devtools") library(devtools) This worked without any …

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How can i change a table column's size and its text justification at the same time in Latex?

I am a newbie in Latex but I know that this command {|>{\small} l | p{2.8cm} | p{2.93cm} | p{2.85 cm} | p{2.58 cm} | } will change first column justification to left and set the size for other ...

1 answers | asked 11 hours ago by Libertador on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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sympy print function to latex wihtout solving it

I just started playing around with python sympy. For my own reference I'd like to convert functions to latex as they are, i.e. without sympy solving or rearranging them. Example: ex711= (x**2 - 4*x + …

1 answers | asked 14 hours ago by dariober on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Expand selection to brackets in math mode doesn't work for LatexTools in sublimeText 2

Normally, the keyboard shortcut for expand selection to brackets, shift+ctrl+M, works great in the Latex environment for sublime text 2. But for some reason, in math mode, it doesn't work. It just …

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Impossible to create new LaTeX file

I've installed TeXMaker on my new computer. A friend of mine had installed it on my old laptop, but it died. I have no idea what he did at the time and have lost contact with him since then. Weirdly …

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how to specify in a makefile where to send the results too

Right now I have a makefile that build the .tex file (latex) in the same directory as it and spits out a pdf version of that file and also a bunch of baggage with it. I was wondering how to specify in …

1 answers | asked yesterday by user2510809 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Copying straight text from latex generated file

I'm trying to do some corrections to a PDF documented generated from latex. To do the corrections I first copy the text out of the PDF. What happens is that in the generated PDF, the words are cut …

1 answers | asked yesterday by fullmooninu on Super User superuser.com
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LateX code for 1+2+3+4+5 = 15

Can anyone help please? I need to know how to make the sum of value S(n) = 0+1+2+3+4...+(n-1)+n (example: 0+1+2+3 = 6 , 0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7 = 28 and so on) on Latex I am new in this language. \batchmode …

1 answers | asked yesterday by rudstep on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How do I add an extra horizontal line to a tabular{tables} object in R?

I want to add an extra \hline to a complex table I created in an R sweave document using tabular(){tables}. Using the Iris data as an example: I want to add an additional horizontal line underneath …

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java lyx to String

I would like to know if there are any java libaries which can extract the plain text of a .lyx document, so that I get the unformated content for further analysis. This seems like a relatively easy …

asked 2 days ago by Daniel on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Mathjax Offline app error

Hello i am trying to implement mathjax offline, i referred to this on github https://github.com/leathrum/android-apps,Can anyone help with this why this is not working??? i have tried from every ...

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Music intervals graphic with TIKZ

I am drawing a picture showing how to position segments for the natural music scale. My trigonometry lessons are long ago forgotten, so I apologize for this is going to be a very dummy question. ...

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Older Lyx on Mac fails to open doc created in newer Lyx on different computer

My friend created a doc in a newer version of Lyx on her Mac. When I try to open this doc on my version of Lyx on my Mac, I get the error "[filename] is from a newer version of LyX and the lyx2lyx …

1 answers | asked 2 days ago by user43953 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Selectively suppress output in sweave/knitr document

I am calling a function from a library in a code block in my Sweave document. The function prints a lot of progress messages. I want to suppress/hide the printed messages from the function. In the ...

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Correct Mathjax source in RStudio and RMarkdown

I create a R Markdown file in RStudio , then I click on the Knit HTML button on the top of the screen to create and save an HTML page which I want to use elsewhere, say store it on my server. The ...

1 answers | asked 2 days ago by Steve on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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how to include numbers inside and outside a tikz element in Latex?

How can I number the circles from inside and outside, for example I need the green circles to be numbered 1,2,3 from the inside and user1,user2,user3 from the outside. \documentclass{article} ...

asked Sep 17 at 11:56 by Amira Akra on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Mathjax conflict with css opacity

sometimes it works well: However, sometimes it looks like the formula is above the header layer.. Is there any way to figure this out??

asked Sep 17 at 9:01 by Edward on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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using LaTeX pdfpages and geometry packages together

I would like to embed a pdf document (few pages) in my latex document. However, I use the geometry package to set the margins and when I load \usepackage{pdfpages} it completely destroys all my ...

asked Sep 17 at 3:38 by Ashkan Rafiee on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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R2HTML package changed support for \Sexpr

I'm seeing different behaviour with two versions of the R2HTML package in R. With version 2.2.1, I can include R variables in a \Sexpr, but in version 2.3.0 I can't. Is there a different way I can ...

asked Sep 16 at 21:53 by Don Kirkby on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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RevTex 4.1 - Extra comma in bibliography when JOURNAL field is empty

I have to compile a paper with RevTex 4.1 for submission purposes and I am running into trouble regarding the bibliography page. Whenever I have a citation of a paper which has not yet been published …

1 answers | asked Sep 16 at 14:54 by dd_rlwll on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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A contender for MathJax?

Khan Academy released KaTeX, a library that does essentially the same job as MathJax does today -- only faster. Part of that is probably because (the hard?) part of the layout can be preprocessed on …

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Are we tied to MathJax?

It looks like there is a much faster competitor to MathJax, called KaTeX that was recently released. I know that for some of my longer answers (here and here), edits require a refresh to properly ...

1 answers | asked Sep 16 at 4:36 by Nicholas Mancuso on Computer Science Meta meta.cs.stackexchange.com
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A MathJax alternative from Khan Academy

Khan Academy has just published KaTeX, a Math typesetting library. From what I can see on their site this seems to be pretty much a MathJax replacement with much better performance. The performance …

2 answers | asked Sep 15 at 21:29 by Mad Scientist on Mathematics Meta meta.math.stackexchange.com
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How do I (globally) change math-mode font size in Slidify?

I am thinking about replacing my LaTeX/Beamer slides with Slidify/MathJAX. However, the math-mode text is displayed with a much smaller font. I can change each expression individually with ...

asked Sep 15 at 21:26 by freexstate on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to change macro escape char in Apache Velocity

I'm using apache velocity in front of LaTeX. The # and $ escape chars are conflicting with LaTeX. I want to replace # with %% and $ with @@ to avoid the conflicts. Simply using a string replace on the …

1 answers | asked Sep 15 at 15:04 by nagylzs on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is it possible to use MathJax on squarespace?

I am currently attempting to create a new website using squarespace, and I'd like to use MathJax to typeset mathematics. This is the same engine used by SE to render mathematics on physics.SE for ...

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How to add a dot for section/subsection numbering in TeX

The Bulgarian standard formatting for section/subsection numbering is as follows: 1. Section 1 1.1. Subsection 1.1. 2. Section 2 2.1. Subsection 2.1. Notice that both section and subsection have a …

1 answers | asked Sep 14 at 23:36 by sahwar on Super User superuser.com
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Bookmarklet plugin to speed up LaTeX macro typing

I've developed a little tool that assists in writing LaTeX macros. It works the same as the OSX press and hold accent picker. You press a key, and then there will appear a pop menu, with symbols ...

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Doxygen Latex output using MathJax to create a Matrix definition produces an error

I'm trying to get Doxygen to create a latex file that contains a matrix defined using MathJax notation. The matrix definition in question is this: \f$\begin{bmatrix}n2 / (r - l) & 0 & 0 & …

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How to generate pdf with call to MiKTeX from python?

I have a Python program that generates plaintext LaTeX markup suitable for typesetting with MiKTeX. How can I make the process of typesetting the source file part of the Python program? So far the ...

1 answers | asked Sep 14 at 5:00 by Mr. G on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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