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Non-Latex accents in matplotlib titles

I want to use the default sans-serif font in matplotlib to write the plot title, which has to contain an "ä", german a-umlaut. If found that usually in python this is done with declaring # -*- coding: ...

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Mathjax + CKEditor 4 + CKEditor in ajax based popup

I have configured CKEditor 4 and I have following things on my page. I have one CKEditor in page. Two options to set values. These two options themselves options two ajax based popups each. These ...

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Write a Makefile to compile .tex to .pdf

The simple process on shell script might be like this: 1 #!/bin/sh 2 3 latex --verbose manual.tex 4 dvips manual.dvi 5 ps2pdf manual.ps 6 rm manual.{aux,log,ps,dvi} There are 3 step to ...

1 answers | asked yesterday by terces907 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Tables in LaTeX

I have tables which I want to set horizontally, they are too big that they don't fit with the page, either column header shift down, are doesn't fit on page, how can set them. I used long table too. ...

1 answers | asked yesterday by Sidak on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to run commands in LaTeX on a Mac?

Like many other posts on this forum, I am struggling with citations in LaTeX. Like many others, I do the right coding (hopefully) but get a question mark instead of correct citations. I am using the ...

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Emacs AUCTeX compiling issues (Ubuntu)

I am new to emacs and AUCTex. I used the package manager to install AUCTeX and I noticed that the emacs environment changed from (LaTeX) to (LaTeX/P). However, from reading the documentation, I ...

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How can I use latex packages in R markdown beamer?

I want to include latex packages in R markdown pdf and beamer. Could you help me in including usepackage command in rmarkdown beamer file? Thanks a lot.

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Sencha Touch and MathJax

I am trying to display math-equations in a Sencha view component (extends: Ext.Container), using a Ext.Label Component and MathJax JS. (As was suggested answering my other question: Display math ...

1 answers | asked 2 days ago by uncl3t0m on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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author, year in Lyx

I would like to use the citation style: author, year. Which configuration do I have to use? If I do \usepackage[comma]{natbib} it collides with the preferences where I can only chose between numerical ...

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CGI file can not open in my server

When I open my website on mamp I find can not open the *.cgi file. What should I do? P.S: My server is apache and the cgi file write by ruby . If you can provide the lateX lib which write by js is ...

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Latex appendix number only “.1”

I have a Problem with my appendix. This Code shows me only ".1" with no A. I can´t find something that works to show the A, like "A.1". \appendix \section{Konversation mit Pauker J. der Firma ...

1 answers | asked Dec 15 at 11:52 by Schneckschjen on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Unable to install TexLive on Ubuntu, permission problems

I tried to follow this link to install texlive: https://www.tug.org/texlive/quickinstall.html But what I have, when I enter the command 'i' is the following error: Installing to: ...

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Epslatex and multiplot gives superposed graph

I am using the following script in order to ts=10 gnuplot <<EOF set terminal epslatex color set output "scaling.tex" set lmargin at screen 0 set rmargin at screen 1 set multiplot layout 1,2 ...

1 answers | asked Dec 15 at 9:43 by Nome Cognome on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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rowcolors fill whole row and not just the table row

Ok so i wrote this simple code (shown below) to create an alternate colour table using \rowcolors, yet instead of just colouring the rows of the table it colours the whole row (even more than ...

1 answers | asked Dec 14 at 17:51 by ASantosRibeiro on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latex: customising syntax highlighting in vim

I made some custom commands to make writing equation blocks easier: % Equation starters \newcommand{\eqn}[1]{\begin{equation} #1 \end{equation}} \newcommand{\eqns}[1]{\begin{equation*} #1 ...

asked Dec 13 at 14:09 by enigmaticPhysicist on Super User superuser.com
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Combine texreg, knitr, booktabs & dcolumn

I'm trying to compile a LaTex report using RStudio and knitr. I'm having a hard time getting the packages 'booktabs' and 'dcolumn' to work with my 'texreg'-generated table. As an example, I am trying ...

1 answers | asked Dec 13 at 11:32 by Maarölli on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Why don't the following math delimiters work on the site \( \[?

I was wondering why \( and \[ math delimiters dont work or are not allowed on the site? I know they are capable of working in MathJax since I have used them on other forums. Would it be possible to ...

1 answers | asked Dec 13 at 2:05 by dustin on Mathematics Meta meta.math.stackexchange.com
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Implementing \textbf{} in a Latex custom template

My \textbf{} doesn't works as supposed. I'm using a custom template (.cls) of my university. The header of my document looks like this: \documentclass[color, ddc]{tudbook} \usepackage{german} ...

asked Dec 12 at 14:39 by Adriano on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Lyx not working with any \cite, or MMD cite

I have a slight problem with Lyx and citations that I have not been able to find a solution to anywhere else. When inserting any citation style, such as the following: [#Friston2012] ...

asked Dec 12 at 11:11 by TMorville on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Double space ENTIRE document in latex

In latex, I want to double space the entire document, including the footnote and the table caption. I have tried \usepackage{setspace} \doublespacing It works for the main text, but does not work ...

1 answers | asked Dec 11 at 9:19 by Kacey on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Hover underline styles behave oddly with multi-line mathematical expressions in title, such as $\dfrac{72_8!}{18_2!}=4^x$

I took this screenshot while hovering my cursor over the first question. As you can see, the dotted underline cuts through the denominator of the fraction. Looks like a CSS bug.

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Evaluation Symbol: Consistent Implementation

This question has been posted several times but... I'm looking for a consistent implementation of the evaluation symbol: Evaluation bar as delimeter: <...>| Auto-size to its enclosing ...

2 answers | asked Dec 10 at 21:43 by Freeze_S on TeX - LaTeX tex.stackexchange.com
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Can MathJax just leave the page blank when it fails to parse math instead of showing it red?

When MathJax fails to recognize a symbol (like \lightning) it displays the contents in red. Is there a possibility to just leave the tag blank instead?

2 answers | asked Dec 10 at 20:19 by moose on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax issue on Android in Chrome

I'm working on the site with math content. For display math i use MathJax and it works fine for desctop browsers. But on Chrome in Android (Sumsung Galaxy Note 3) it display math content very wierd. ...

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How to start new line on MSE?

Suppose I am writing something like- "Not only will two students need to raise a baby together, but they will need to do so while living together for two weeks#. Two weeks of Lane Evans and Dawn ...

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Missing characters when typesetting Chinese in LaTeX

I'm trying to include some Chinese characters in a LaTeX document. I've tried several methods suggested on the web (CJK, XeLaTeX, etc.) and the best results are that some characters are correctly ...

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error converting iPython Notebook to PDF

I have searched many related posts and not finding a solution. I am trying to convert an Ipython Notebook .ipynb file to PDF, using the command: $ ipython nbconvert --to latex --post PDF ...

1 answers | asked Dec 9 at 16:10 by PJW on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to fix sympy LaTeX denominator output?

I am using Python 2.7 with sympy. So when I am trying to use LaTeX output, I get an expression, where the denominator is factored out. And I can't figure out why. So for (x*y**2 - 2*x*y*z + x*z**2 + ...

1 answers | asked Dec 9 at 16:03 by RuRo on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Rendering MathML expressions inside ReactJS component

I am looking to render MathML expressions in my Ionic app where we use ReactJS. We are using Mathjax library which renders LaTex expressions properly but throws error for MathML. I get the below ...

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How to end a header 3 box in rmarkdown beamer madrid presentation?

When using the Madrid beamer theme (and some others) the Header 3 is rendered as a box covering the whole section, but in markdown the header is only specified at the start. How can I specify the end ...

1 answers | asked Dec 9 at 13:02 by Corone on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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