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R, Knitr: The figures compiled in pdf are not the same as what I did in R

I'm new to creating documents with knitr and Latex, and I use knitr to write an econometric report. In this report I need to use some figures to show the results and analyse them. For some figures, ...

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Buffer local variables in emacs

I edit a LaTeX file "file.tex" in Emacs+AUCTeX. It has local variables set at the end of the buffer: %%% Local Variables: %%% mode: latex %%% coding: utf-8 %%% TeX-master: "file-main" %%% End: In ...

asked 16 hours ago by Jabot on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax not Rendering With Angular

The issue I have is this: On my website, I pull my blog content from an external source which, the first time it's called upon to display, has to use a HTTP request to get. Also, the blog posts are ...

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Extra vertical bar when rendering subscript using inline Latex in iPython Notebook

So, I'm trying to get the hang of using inline Latex in iPython Notebook, and I get a funny rendering of even the simplest of code to just add a subscript: code in my markdown cell: The slope $J_1$ ...

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Adding delay constraint to this Link Weight Shortest Path Algorithm

Hi please see the link weight based Djikstra Algorithm, I want the following Delay constraint (\sum_{d \in D} \sum_{p \in P_d} x_e \leq X, \forall e \in E which makes sure that the low-priority ...

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Performing a command with Makefiles twice without having to type it twice

I'm using make to build a PDF from LaTeX source, as follows: PDF:=lualatex --output-directory=../pdf TITLE:="report" .PHONY: pdf pdf: ./src/report.tex cd ./src && $(PDF) report.tex ...

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customizing multiple author affiliations in Orgmode for latex export using package authblk

I have this setup in my Orgmode doc and it doesnt export the author affiliations to latex or pdf. Instead I get a heuristic 'immediate' in place of authors I have added Latex to Org -babel-Load ...

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Request for a MathJax badge

I recently won my first Yearling on Mathematics badge, which strikes me that I have now been using MathJax for a year, and thus began to wonder if I should be entitled to a badge for this acquired ...

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Severe Problem regarding MathJax Renderence

I know this was asked earlier here by Michael Hardy, and despite just some upvotes, it has not received any answer. But, my recent problem is much more severe. I am currently seeing this question. ...

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Repair LaTeX generated PDF with pixelated fonts

I've got a PDF document which has been generated by LaTeX. The problem is that the fonts are pixelated. Here you've got an example of what I am talking about and a zoom-in of the first line of the ...

asked 2 days ago by JnxF on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LateX: circuitikz & table side by side with minipage

I'm having a hard time with minipage: I'd like to put a table side by side with a circuit (drawn with circuitikz), I looked up and did as suggested in other posts (putting % after \end{minipage}, ...

1 answers | asked 2 days ago by Vigintiquintuplet on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Create a multipage pdf file with knitr and split it in many files

I am creating a report made by multiple pages which need to be different files. I made a script which create iteratively many pdf files from one rmd file. But the process is very long an oddly ...

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Formatting LaTex subsubsubsubsection in Table of Contents

I created some code to implement \subsubsubsections and \subsubsubsubsections respectively. While the \subsubsubsection now works great, the \subsubsubsubsection doesn't properly format Table of ...

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Cannot build pandoc with LaTeX \hline using RStudio RMarkdown

Note: This summary can be maxed with other summary calls where a line every row is needed, so a solution that puts lines between every row of every table will not work. Need it just for the tables ...

1 answers | asked Feb 11 at 15:40 by Greg Dougherty on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Compile Rnw to tex

Code hello.Rnw: \documentclass{article} \begin{document} \SweaveOpts{concordance=TRUE} \end{document} Commands: rnwfile <- system.file("Sweave", "hello.Rnw", package = "utils") ...

1 answers | asked Feb 11 at 13:33 by b4154 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to write LaTeX in jupyter (not just equations)

Is it possible to write LaTeX in jupyter? It seems that IPython.display.Latex supports only a subset of LaTeX equations. In particular I would like to use \tabular and others LaTeX commands (HTML is ...

asked Feb 10 at 17:16 by Ruggero Turra on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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In Miktex (Latex), how do I rotate figure and fill the entire page with it?

I have a horizontal (say A3 page) .eps figure which I want to import into Miktex generated text, rotating it so that it will fill the entire A4 page rather than occupy only it's say 30% when imported ...

1 answers | asked Feb 10 at 16:34 by user3861925 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Difference between a .bib and .bbl file for Latex

I want to use a .bib file in a conference .tex file where they precise that we should use a bibliography generated by BibTeX as a .bbl file: \bibliographystyle{IEEEtran} % argument is your ...

2 answers | asked Feb 9 at 22:51 by Anass on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Presenting Zelig Logistic Regression in Knitr with Stargazer or Other Package

Stargazer appears to take most Zelig model objects except logistic regression: m1 <- zelig(voted ~ . - weight_full - by, weights = mydata$weight_full, data=mydata, ...

asked Feb 9 at 22:13 by user3614648 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax glitch when viewing comment

Several of the answers to this question use MathJax, and everything displays fine. However, I got a notification about a comment, and when I follow this link to the comment, the MathJax gets jumbled. ...

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MathJax Zoom.js issue Shiny

I see in 2014 others also had the problem that MathJaxzoom.js stopped working in R's Shiny app. It gives the following error: File failed to load: ...

asked Feb 9 at 15:20 by Nick on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Formatting Reference with IEEEtranSN.bst

In my latex file, I have used natbib package with slight modification in IEEEtranSN.bst as bibliography-style. I use \cite{key} for Bhanot et al. (2015) and \citep{key} for (Bhanot et al., 2015) in ...

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Why is there no output when I compile a tikz code with emacs (TeXLive)?

I am trying to get a grip of creating flow charts in latex using the tikz package. I started by copy-pasting a simple example and running it through emacs, with blank output in the dvi file . However, ...

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R markdown on OSX: pdflatex not found

I got the error when trying to knitr a R markdown file to pdf on OSX: pandoc: pdflatex not found. pdflatex is needed for pdf output. Error: pandoc document conversion failed with error 41 Execution ...

asked Feb 7 at 21:51 by Camuslu on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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eps files very high memory usage

I have been struggling with this problem from some time. Whenever I load an eps file into latex or even for simple viewing purpose, it consumes lots of RAM. Eg. a typical 300 kb eps file consumes ...

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Side-specific padding for matplotlib text bbox

Is it possible to specify the padding on a specific side of the bbox when adding text in matplotlib? I'm adding a LaTex table as text and for some reason the table is misaligned naturally with no ...

1 answers | asked Feb 7 at 3:45 by Chester VonWinchester on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to dynamically render a mathjax asciimath expression using AngularJS in a div?

I'm trying to render an AsciiMath expression that gets loaded as a string from a MySQL database. This is the div in question: <div class="description-text" mathmode> ...

1 answers | asked Feb 7 at 1:54 by Stavros Mavrakis on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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usetikzlibrary{} in R Markdown document

Is it possible to \usetikzlibrary{bayesnet} in R Markdown documents? The command works fine in Tex. But R Markdown throws an error, saying it cannot find the file: tikzlibrarybayesnet.code.tex Here ...

1 answers | asked Feb 7 at 1:31 by Chris on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Moderators migrating questions without fixing MathJAX

A question I've answered has been migrated to Mechanics by Matt Young, PeterJ, nidhin and Nick Alexeev. Mechanics doesn't support MathJAX so my answer is semi-banjaxed now. Can the moderators ...

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Is there a latex command \figuremark, analogous to \footnotemark?

I like using \footnotemark and \footnotetext{} (as described here) for my footnotes, because it allows me to specify the exact position of the footnote while maintaining readability of my latex ...

1 answers | asked Feb 6 at 19:00 by user3224967 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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