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How do I prevent MathJax from showing raw TeX while waiting for rendering to complete?

I have some MathJax on my webpage and would like nothing to appear until the MathJax has finished processing my equations: no raw LaTeX and no loading progress indicator. Is there a way to accomplish ...

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sudo apt-get upgrade problem

After upgrading to 14.04 L version, I have problems upgrading my system. I cannot figure out the problem by googling. Thank you very much for your help! Here is the error information: Reading ...

1 answers | asked 10 hours ago by Anand on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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How can I check in latex whether a new chapter starts on current page?

I am using the everypage package. Using the \AddEverypageHook command I can repeat actions at the beginning of every page of a document. Now I want to do soemthing like this: \AddEverypageHook{ \if ...

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Kile crashing on typing in a file

After start of Kile, I type a letter in the editor (last edited file opened), and the application crashed immediately. If instead of typing a letter, I open a new file and start typing in it, Kile is ...

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Is anything like LaCheck (mistakes checker for LaTeX) for ConTeXt?

I am writing my thesis and i would like to compare some tools for finding common mistakes in TeX files. I only know LaCheck for LaTeX. I have not find anything like LaChech, maybe someone from you ...

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How to display LaTex code in HTML file

I want to display this type of LaTex code on my web page, but it's not displaying. Do I need to include any file for this? LaTex sample: \documentclass[letterpaper]{article} \usepackage{tikz} ...

1 answers | asked yesterday by Yash on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Makefile adding spaces to variables

I am trying to use a makefile in order to compile my story in LaTex. I am trying to use a variable in order to complete the file name for my story. If I simply run make, it works. However, I need to ...

2 answers | asked 2 days ago by Aaron on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latex. Figure reference doesn't work

Any idea why the figure referencing of the following code doesn't work ? \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{floatrow} \begin{figure}[h] ...

1 answers | asked 2 days ago by Chris on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax stopped working

MathJax stopped working again. It works fine on other sites such as math.se and cstheory.se. I tried several different browsers and operating systems.

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How to: Enable key bindings on TeXShop?

Despite (a) loading my preferred key bindings in the key binding editor, when I (b) type the input in the TeXShop editor, (c) the shortcut output is not returned. In other words, despite typing the ...

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Unable to render MathML content in Google Chrome

I have some MathML contents in HTML page and the page needs to be rendered in Google Chrome over HTTPS connection. So i tried to follow the approach said in the below link Displaying Mathml equations ...

2 answers | asked 2 days ago by Anirban on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Math from markdown to latex using pandoc and pandown in sublime text

so I'm using sublime text to write in markdown and then using pandoc (via pandown) to typeset my markdown for printing using latex (TexLive on OS X). This is working excellently except when it comes ...

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pandas print to latex a dataframe returns an unexpected result

I have a pandas dataframe >>> ris Pr Err Tr Err Pr Err Tr Err Pr Err Tr Err Data nodes ...

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How to show webview data in vertically center

I want the following formula to show vertically centre in a Layout. It gets centred Horizontally. But it's getting displayed on top, instead of centre. Here's what I want to achieve But here's how ...

1 answers | asked 2 days ago by Sams on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to make fig.width and out.width consistent with knitr?

I have recently discovered knitr and I mainly use it to produce plots with dev=tikz to get a Latex typesetting easily. However I don't understand how to set chunk options fig.width and out.width with ...

2 answers | asked Apr 15 at 18:16 by clemlaflemme on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Character vector in R as itemized list with knitr

I have a vector (e.g. letters) that I want to incorporate into my .Rnw knitr document as an itemized list. How do I do this? I have tried \Sexpr{letters} but it merely places commas between each: a, ...

2 answers | asked Apr 15 at 17:07 by CephBirk on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax doesn't display in the new profile page

This seems suboptimal: I'm running Mac OS 10.10.3. This happens for me in Safari (8.0.5), Firefox (38.0) and Chrome (41.0.2272.118), although in Chrome I do get a brief flash of equations during ...

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Can I control the layout of individual function/method documentation in Doxygen?

Doxygen automatically generates documentations for functions or methods. The usual order is: Function signature (Title) Brief description Detailed Description Parameter list Return value References ...

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Mathjax Display Of $1<x<2$

Experimenting with Mathjax on my site, I face a problem when I type in $1<x<2$ The outcome will be as follows This, for example, has no issues. $x<1\text{ or }x>2$ How do I make ...

2 answers | asked Apr 15 at 12:32 by Eugene on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Table unnecessarily starting from next page in latex

How can I stop my table in latex to start unnecessarily from next page leaving a huge space in previous page? How can I force to start just after the heading. Here is my code: I am using packages: ...

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MathJax contradiction symbol? (\lightning)

I like to use the stmaryrd symbol $\lightning$ for contradictions, but \require doesn't support stmaryrd nor wasysym (both packages have the lightning). Are there any MathJax alternatives?

2 answers | asked Apr 15 at 7:59 by AlexR on Mathematics Meta meta.math.stackexchange.com
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Math equation transform not properly (MathJax)

I'm integrating Pagedown-ace and MathJax to develop a Authoring website. Following is my question: I tried to transform some equations which are the following $$ \text{ED}_{t+1} = f(\text{ED} $$ ...

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How to correctly render double negatives in MathJax?

I have some formulas generated on the fly. Mathjax does not turn double negatives to positives. For example, I want "1 - - 1" to become "1 + 1". Same for "1 + - 1 = 1 - 1". Is there a way to force ...

1 answers | asked Apr 15 at 4:29 by Dmitry Pryadkin on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
3 answers

How to convert PDF figures to EPS while keeping the original quality?

I have 10 figures (graphs and schematics) in PDF format to be published in a journal. The journal accepts the figures only in the EPS format to correctly locate them when it compiles the Latex file ...

3 answers | asked Apr 14 at 23:06 by user3326508 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

Plot in matlab, using Latex interpreter

I'm try to plot with legend using latex style: legend('$\mathbb{E} $','interpreter','latex','FontSize',18); However, I can not see on the graph, and I get the warning: Warning: Unable to ...

1 answers | asked Apr 14 at 15:23 by Ron Yadgar on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latex: output is in italic

If I enter this code in Latex: Using this method, one has to make relative-frequency estimations of P( c ) and P( f_{i} \mid c ), using add-one smoothing. Its output is: Using this method, one ...

1 answers | asked Apr 14 at 12:05 by mvh on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LATEX question about logical symbol

For the "entailment" relation we have $\models$ (\models or \vDash). Sometimes I need "logical equivalence", sometimes symbolized as "=||=". Question : where I can find $\leftmodels$ or one of its ...

1 answers | asked Apr 14 at 9:50 by Mauro ALLEGRANZA on Mathematics Meta meta.math.stackexchange.com
1 answer

Getting error in latex while creating report

I am writing a report in latex but getting the following error. Following is my code...... \documentclass[a4paper,10pt]{report} \usepackage{enumerate} \usepackage{devanagari} \usepackage{fancyhdr} ...

1 answers | asked Apr 14 at 6:38 by tourism on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Doxygen remove extra Index pages

The Doxygen LaTeX output starts with an extensive table of contents. Later on, it contains "Chapters" for the "Module Index," "File Index," etc. In my mind these Index chapters are totally redundant ...

asked Apr 14 at 0:36 by aaronncfca on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latex preview on question title?

Almost every single time I type a question I end up having to go back and edit the title due to no latex preview. Obviously you can write the title in the body first to check it but it's very easy to ...

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