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lstinputlisting like Verbatim

I used to use \lstinputlisting{foo.R} w.r.t \usepackage{listings}, but a little distressed with so many settings, characters, keywords etc. in lstset, so I turn to VerbatimInput{foo.R} w.r.t ...

asked 6 hours ago by John Stone on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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jupyter to latex, why inline images are not exported

I want to convert jupyter notebook to latex, I use jupyter-nbconvert in command line (windows 10) but images aren't included how to have the embedded images with ![title](image.jpg) are used when ...

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Texmaker vs. MikTex

I finally got tired of trying to type mathematics in Word and am installing Tex on my desktop. Any recommendation for which version to install? I've used MikTex before (it's been a couple years ...

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How to import pstricks-add in beamer?

In a latex report, I import pstricks-add to use \psbrace in a figure. When I want to redraw my figure in beamer, I obtain a problem when I import pstricks-add: No room for a new \dimen ...

1 answers | asked yesterday by lovelace63 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How can I stop org mode from moving my figures to the last page?

I'm currently trying to write up my thesis in emacs org-mode, and have run into some problems with file inclusions. When I include figures with: #+NAME: fig:banana #+CAPTION: this is a figure ...

2 answers | asked yesterday by Japhir on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to insert a movie in latex without a title using \multimedia in from the beamer package?

The documentation of the beamer package states on page 133: \usepackage{multimedia} %in the preamble \movie[⟨options⟩]{⟨poster text⟩}{⟨movie filename⟩} "This command will insert the movie with ...

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What is the convention to call +1, -1 bits in a pseudocode?

What is the standard convention to call +1, and -1 bits in a pseudocode? They are also called NRZ (non-return-to-zero). But NRZ is not very common. I cannot use binary since they are 0, and 1. ...

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Doxygen: Found unknown command `\mathbb'

I used the mathbb command in one of the documentation comments /** * @brief Represents a point in $\mathbb{R}^2$ */ Added amsfonts to EXTRA_PACKAGES in my Doxyfile EXTRA_PACKAGES = ...

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LaTeX Draw exporting pdf with wrong size (crops it wrongly)

I'm trying to export something that I just created on LaTeX Draw (here it is), and I get a pdf with this: Instead of this: I don't know why LaTeX Draw is cropping the image in that way. If I ...

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Creating a table with latex

I'm wondering how can I create a kind of table attached here with latex? table in latex

1 answers | asked May 1 at 12:03 by s.v on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Left aligning a LaTex equation

Below is an rmarkdown document with a LaTex equation. The default for these equations is centre. How do I left-align this equation? I have searched the similar answers but none of the suggestions work ...

1 answers | asked May 1 at 3:43 by llewmills on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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latex formatting negative number with brackets/parenthesis

In expressions, I use Latex macro such as \a to have '23' or '-23'. The problem I have is that \a-\a produces '23--23' instead of '23-(-23)' as it should, when \a is negative. I tried the numprint ...

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Exporting parts of crosstab to a table format in R?

How do I export part of a cross tab o frequency tab to a table format with for example latex or write.xlsx? Here is my code: library(gmodels) data(infert, package = "datasets") tab= ...

asked Apr 30 at 23:03 by Karatekid on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
2 answers

Is there a way to draw trees/graphs with MathJax?

I know you can do some basic LaTeX on SE sites using MathJax. Is it possible to draw graphs (as in nodes & edges) or trees through tikz or something similar? Most of the examples I've seen are ...

2 answers | asked Apr 30 at 19:23 by xdhmoore on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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How do I get two tables to align in LaTeX?

I'm having trouble aligning these two tables together in LateX. The bottom one keeps getting skewed to the right. Is there a workaround for this? \usepackage{multirow} \begin{tabular}{ ...

1 answers | asked Apr 30 at 18:45 by Glassjawed on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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longnamesfirst for natbib not working for bibtex

I am trying to change the settings of natbib so that all authors will be listed on the first citation for citations with multiple authors. However, once I add ...

asked Apr 30 at 8:58 by Mabo on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
2 answers

How to add some space in vertical between two paragraphs/sentences in beamer?

In one slide, I find that two paragraphs are too close vertically. Then I want extra space. However, I find that applying more \ \ does not work in beamer.

2 answers | asked Apr 30 at 6:54 by olivia on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How can I use TexReg (1.36.4) for a “relogit” model estimated using Zelig (v. 5.0-13)?

I know that Zelig is a wrapper... But still, it provides nice simulation capabilities (which I wouldn't be able to do on my own). Lets say I have this data, set.seed(123) x1 = rnorm(5) x2 = ...

1 answers | asked Apr 29 at 20:44 by Hector Bahamonde on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to use Javascript CSS/HTML display MathJax source code

I have some MathJax formulas on my site and I want to display the Latex source code when mouse hovers over a formula. In MathJax, you can right click on the formula and select Show Math As -> Tex ...

asked Apr 29 at 20:43 by Joob Lee on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

\def error in Latex

I'm trying to use the \def\variableName{variable} function found from here to pass variables from subprocess in Python to my Latex script. If I use certain words as the variable name the script ...

1 answers | asked Apr 29 at 19:22 by Conner Leverett on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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how to change tex fontfamily to matplotlib default fontfamily?

I use the matplotlib default fontfamily, but adding some labels i have to use Tex, the default fontfamily is different, that makes the fig ugly, how can i set the Tex fontfamily the same the ...

asked Apr 29 at 3:12 by Yin Ge on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latexing within iCloud Drive

This is a question relative to these two posts (this one and this one) found on Apple discussion. I am using Sublime Text 3 to write and compile my latex documents. It works like a charm when I'm ...

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MML MathJax <mi mathvariant=“double-struck”> Common HTML not displaying properly in iOS and Android mobile

We are in the process of updating our MathJax rendering option from HTML-CSS to Common HTML. Using HTML-CSS we had no problems displaying our Maths content however with the new Common HTML ...

1 answers | asked Apr 28 at 12:56 by Terminalpunk on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latex cannot display on domain https

I have a problem with the github blog. when I enter my blog, for example: http://vuqv.github.io//latex/2016/04/24/test-latex-intergrate.html Latex formula cannot display but if I remove https:// on ...

asked Apr 28 at 12:22 by Quyen Vu on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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running pdflatex through sublime text 2 does not work when I use \includegraphics

i'm running this sublime-text build script to create my pdf files with pdflatex { "cmd" : ["pdflatex", "${file_base_name}"], "working_dir" : "$file_path", "shell" : false } The build-script works ...

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Tilde over n when when converting from markdown to latex with pandoc

I have a markdown document that I convert to PDF via pandoc's latex engine. I'm trying to render an n with a tilde over it, as in "niño", with markdown like the following: ni\~{n}o ...but this just ...

1 answers | asked Apr 27 at 22:52 by Alexey Shiklomanov on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Disable Latex font in python output

I run the following code in Ipython: In [1] a=10 In [2] a The output is printed in latex font. How can I disable the latex font for the outputs, as it is slow and oversized.

asked Apr 27 at 22:40 by Mahdi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJaX spacing in Safari (OS X)

Since MathJaX got updated on MSE, I experience a lot of trouble with the spacing following formulae.See for example the spacing following $\dot C$ in the following picture. The period following ...

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Render Latex code with chart.apis.google.com

I've found out that you can use a Google tool to render LaTeX code into nice equations. Example: Latex equation (click to see) Basically, I can use the URL + Latex code and I'll get back a *.png ...

1 answers | asked Apr 27 at 16:37 by user6262596 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to update latex bibliography properly

I used texlipse plugin in eclipse for latex, and copied the references from bibteX google scholar in bibliography.bib But when i generate PDF, it doesn't have all the references i added to ...

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