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Math processing error on Android app with LaTeX pmod

Any LaTeX block rendered on the Android app that contains pmod, such as $x\equiv 1\pmod 3$, displays as [Math processing error] in red. The Mathematics site is the only site I use/see LaTeX on. For ...

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MathJax not accurately computing end of exponent with custom font

I am using a custom font in MathJax- it seems that it has the length same issues that overbars had, which has been fixed in latest version- in that it computes all characters at fixed length. ...

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How to export a table from R to latex and include dimension names?

I have a simple table with dimension names that I want to export from R to Latex. I'm looking for a straightforward way to do this that doesn't requiring additional editing in latex. I've tried to ...

1 answers | asked 4 hours ago by Minnow on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to write below \bullet in Latex

I have to write something under the symbol \bullet in Latex. Is it possible? I'm using the class beamer. Here it is an example of a frame: \begin{frame} \begin{itemize} \item<1-> Products ...

1 answers | asked 4 hours ago by Giacomo Rosaspina on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Insert knitr (1.9) chunks from separate file into LyX (2.12) document

I have a LyX document (report class) and I would like to execute the following Rmd chunk in "mwe.Rmd" in a LyX file called "mwe.lyx". {r, eval = FALSE, echo = TRUE, cache = FALSE} 2+2 Of ...

asked 5 hours ago by mlachans on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Make overbars closer to numbers in MathJax

I am trying to bring the overbars(overrightarrow,overarrow,etc) closer- I can use something like this to facilitate vertical alignment: _stringOfHtml += "<span style='vertical-align:-10%'>" + ...

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\listoffigures and \listoftables is not working

In the latex file of my thesis document, I have included \listoffigures and \listoftables at the end after my conclusion. But just the heading is seen in the document without any lists of figure ...

asked 10 hours ago by Acjb on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Only view MathJax in preview on button press

Could there be a selection box / button just below the editing box, and before the Markdown Preview to enable / disable the MathJax. When I was editing a question, I was finding it quite distracting ...

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Program accessible only to super user

I installed TeXLive through the .iso file provided in the website. To check the installation I tried tex --version and it returned something like The program 'tex' is currently not installed. You can ...

asked 17 hours ago by u6844 on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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Math equations on black background

I am preparing a PowerPoint presentation and I need to include mathematical notations. I don't think that Microsoft Equation is able to print in white. I can write my equations in MathJax but it ...

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How do I reference a bibtex file from directory other than current project?

What I am trying to do is create a "Master" bibtex bibliography (organized via JabRef) in a convenient directory so that I do not need to copy new references from every project I work on into my ...

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Latex references are roman numerals in text and arabic numerals in description

I have a number of figures referenced in my document. The figure references appear as roman numerals in the text. However figure descriptions are in arabic numerals. The numbers are also off - in this ...

asked yesterday by erin on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How do you center to tables that are alongside each other in latex?

I have two tables that are alongside each other in latex. However half of the second table, is cut of by the page on the right. How do i center these tables so both tables can been seen clearly ...

asked yesterday by Jnyeboah93 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Using Python Regex to Separate a Coordinate Pair into X and Y Commponents

Suppose I have the following segment of LaTex Code: & $(-1,1)$ & $(0,\infty)$ How would I use regex in python in order to separate out the coordinate pair into its x and y components? ...

1 answers | asked yesterday by zara on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Displaying binomials and matrices using asciimath with mathjax

I'm trying to display different math problems using asciimath and mathjax. However some things does not seem to be supported in asciimath. For instance I'm trying to display a binomial/matrix and I ...

1 answers | asked yesterday by Zelnoth on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How can I left align latex equations in R Markdown?

I'm having some difficulty left aligning equations in R Markdown (i.e. putting the equation on the far left side of page, and aligning subsequent lines). I've generally determined that I want to set ...

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Doxygen - Latex error: File `annotated.tex' not found

I have a C project I document with doxygen. The HTML-output looks ok. When I generate latex output everything seems to work fine at first, too. When I run the "make.bat" generated by doxygen (for ...

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Greek symbols in labels for bar chart in MATLAB

I would like to use greek symbols in the ylabels for my barh() chart. I tried the following but it didn't really work: tplot = barh(mdata, 'BarWidth', 0.3); set(gca,'xgrid','on') lbl = ...

1 answers | asked yesterday by Mayou on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Questions migrated from sites without MathJax to sites with MathJax may be rendered incorrectly

This question was migrated from Programmers to Engineering yesterday. One of its answers was formatted oddly: When the migration was rejected, all answers were deleted on Engineering; users with ...

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Mathjax equations displaying 3 times (Jekyll)

I created a website using Jekyll and added MathJax support like so: <script type="text/x-mathjax-config"> MathJax.Hub.Config({tex2jax: {inlineMath: [['$','$'], ['\\(','\\)']]}}); ...

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Cannot include figures via R/Sweave/LaTeX

I am trying to create a pdf vs R/Sweave/LaTeX that will include a plot. Here is the relevant snippet from my .Rnw file: \begin{figure} \begin{center} <<fig=TRUE,echo=FALSE>>= makeMyPlot() ...

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How do I change the color of each letter in a sentence in LaTeX?

I've been struggling in find the solution for the following problem. If I want to change the color of each letter in a sentence in latex, how can I do it? Let's say that I want to write "Merry ...

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RStudio internal PDF viewer

Over RStudio documentation, it mentions an internal PDF viewer (using PDF.js): https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/200552066-PDF-Preview-and-SyncTeX I have no such option. Only "Evince" or ...

1 answers | asked 2 days ago by Ricardo Cruz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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miktex doesn't typeset long outlines in Windows 8

I have generated exported a tex document from emacs org mode. The outline is rather long - 81 lines with five levels. The exported latex file is typeset to pdf. The TOC comes out fine, but the ...

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MathJax overarrow too short

I am trying to place an overarrow over a piece of text in MathJax. I am using a custom font that I declare in the code- \(\overrightarrow{\style{font-family: mysans, TeX, Arial, sans-serif;}{\text{" + ...

1 answers | asked Feb 24 at 21:21 by user1700933 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Printing the value of an R variable in Latex

I am writing .Rnw file in RStudio. At one point, I store (but do not print) the value of the number of rows (nR) of a data frame (df), using the following command: <<results = hide, ...

asked Feb 24 at 15:14 by user3603093 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to make internal links work in Sphinx output (latexpdf)?

I insert links following this manual: http://sphinx-doc.org/markup/inline.html#ref-role However, while the internal links work perfectly in the HTML output, they don't work in PDF. The text supposed ...

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Is there a way to send dataframes from server to client in R?

I have an R script which I program on my laptop. After I am done, I FTP the R script up to my university cluster and run my code there (in parallel if needed). Most of my functions return data frames ...

1 answers | asked Feb 24 at 3:51 by masfenix on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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In Latex, how to put two separate tables side by side on top of the paper?

In Latex, how do I put two separate tables (with separate captains) side by side on top of a paper? Any helps are highly appreciated.

1 answers | asked Feb 23 at 16:47 by user3361508 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Regular expressions in ignored_words in Sublime Text 3 spell_check?

I'm trying to spellcheck a latex file. I would like the spellchecker to ignore strings containing a number. In my settings file I have "ignored_words": [ "textbf", "renewenvironment", ...

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