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How should I format my cv / résumé for automatic parsers?

Can I make a résumé upload more accurately by providing machine-readable tags? I use LaTex for my résumé and ideally would be able to upload a PDF generated by pdflatex. I could export to another ...

2 answers | May 15 at 7:05 by David on Web Applications webapps.stackexchange.com
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Appendix and List of Scientific Contribution page in “TOC”

I am having two troubles in formatting my toc of my thesis especially the APPENDIX and List of Scientific Contribution. I am using Easy Thesis Template where it uses Thesis class based on Book. The ...

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Is there a javascript LaTeX equation renderer?

I am looking for a purely client side javascript library that renders latex equations as HTML/CSS. I hate that all I see are utilities that request an image from a server. Example usage: ...

5 answers | May 15 at 3:38 by Fletcher Moore on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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tikz and axes labels

When I use sweave+tikz+ggplot2 or knitr+tikz+ggplot2 the x axis and y axis labels, as well as the main figure title overlap the graphics area of the figure. Sometimes it doesn't overlap, but it is way ...

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Render font size of maths in Rmarkdown slides when viewed in then Rstudio viewer

Writing some slides for lecture. I want to include a shiny app. I do not have admin rights on the lecture room computer, which means I can run my Rmd file and present the slides via the Rstudio ...

1 answers | May 14 at 10:50 by gjabel on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LaTex notation in Database (e.g. PostgreSQL) - but rendered for human readability

How can LaTex syntax in database cells (e.g. PostgreSQL) be made human readable as mathematical notation (symbols, greek letters, etc.) on the client-side, maybe with a web-interface? How can this be ...

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Dimensions of Pdf file generated by knitR .Rnw latex file too large

I am working on a .Rnw file, mainly latex tables (no plots/figures) that when I compile to a PDF file, the actual dimensions of the pdf when opening under the system pdf viewer (mac) are way too large ...

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MathJax display issues within iOS app

I have been using the Stack Exchange app on my iPhone for three months or four. Generally this app is really appreciated, which provides a relatively quicker connection to this site and a freer ...

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MathJax display issues within iOS app

Need to delete this post but can't find any delete button within my iOS app. Any help? Thanks! [This question is migrated from math.meta site. Original link here] I have been using the Stack ...

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latex equation display in vim

I recently use the vim to write the latex source. But I got a very strange problem. When I open a old .tex file with vim, the equation will not show as usual. For example, when I type $K$, it just ...

1 answers | May 13 at 19:05 by mtortorise on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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(datatool in LaTeX)DTLforeach: Can't assign XXX there is no keys in XXX?

i am a beginner for LaTeX, and currently trying to create tables from text files(just for some reason the data was generated from an other program and written in a .txt file) And here is one of the ...

1 answers | May 13 at 17:15 by user152531 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MatLab sqrt symbol in title

How to place sqrt symbol in title of plot, i tried this but didn't worked : title(['\sqrt{2E/T}','cos(2\pif_', int2str(i),'t - \theta) + n(t)'],'Interpreter','latex');

1 answers | May 13 at 17:00 by govnokoder__ on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Emacs AucTeX - Folding natbib Citations

In the Emacs AucTex environment, there exists a fold mode, which allows to hide much of the LaTeX markup to focus on the content. I am using natbib citations, i.e. instead of \cite{key} citations I ...

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Pgfplots produces errorbars with shifted end lines

I have a problem regarding the error bars in pgfplots. The example provided produces error bars but the horizontal lines at the end are shifted and not aligned with the vertical line. I tried ...

May 13 at 7:32 by Soeren on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Converting IPython notebook mhchem markdown to pdf

Having figured out how to insert mhchem into MathJax expressions in an IPython notebook, (from this question) I was pretty pleased until I wanted to convert the notebook to PDF. My markdown cell ...

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Dynamic Load for MathJax?

I'm trying to develop dynamic page for a school project, who catch data from a table e put into div to mathjax formats it. So for the first run works perfectly, but for the next clicks doesn't work. ...

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TeXmaker 4.4.1-1 function keys don't work after upgrading (14.10 - 15.04)

I was using version 4.4.1 but after upgrading from Ubuntu 14.10 to 15.04 the function keys didn't work anymore (e.g. F1 for Quick Build, F6 for PDFLaTeX, etc.). I reinstalled TeXmaker via apt-get with ...

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Compiling LaTex bib source

I am writing my thesis in Latex, and I have the references in an own thesis.bib file which look as follows @Article{xxx, author = "D.A. Reinhard", title = "Case Study", year = ...

4 answers | May 12 at 15:32 by Klaus on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Quality for images in LaTeX documents

What are some of the pointers that I need to follow if I want to have good quality images in a LaTeX document. These images are mostly screenshots of an software application or flow charts. Below are ...

5 answers | May 12 at 13:12 by Ladislav on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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\oiint doesn't seem to work

Today as I was answering a question I noticed that $\oiint$ doesn't work in Physics SE. Is it some kind of a bug or am I missing something obvious?

1 answers | May 12 at 5:42 by gonenc on Physics Meta meta.physics.stackexchange.com
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Is compiling LaTex in Android possible?

I just wanna ask you is it possible to compile LaTex in Android app to export a simple PDF. I have not to write math formulas, just a letter.

1 answers | May 11 at 21:14 by Pierpaolo Ercoli on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latex and NetBeans

I have NetBeans 8.0.2 EE edition. I'm wondering if there is a latex plugin supported by Netbeans in the same way as Texlipse plugin in Eclipse. I've been searching online about that but unfortunately ...

1 answer

Matplotlib and latex beamer: Correct size

There were several questions asked about the integration of matplotlib/Python and latex, but I couldn't find the following: When I include the savefig() created pdf files in latex, I always to ...

1 answers | May 11 at 14:27 by FooBar on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How do you render a closed surface double integral?

In other words, this: According to Wikipedia, the code is \oiint, but it doesn't seem to work on this site.

2 answers | May 11 at 10:46 by Ataraxia on Mathematics Meta meta.math.stackexchange.com
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Simple program that automatically compiles latex file

I am using a unix based OS and i am at moment trying to make a small bash program that compiles my tex file all the time, such that i don't need to do that every single time.. the It seem to be ...

1 answers | May 11 at 10:11 by Bob Burt on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference

To see how any formula was written in any question or answer, including this one, right-click on the expression it and choose "Show Math As > TeX Commands". For inline formulas, enclose the formula ...

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Setting width or height for graphics in beamer only works with .png?

This is a problem I had with TexLive 2013 and 2014; working on Mac OS X, 10.8. I have to use xelatex or lualatex because of East Asian fonts. When using picture files with ...

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Org LaTeX preview is fuzzy on retina displays

I have been using Emacs 24.4 for all my math/scientific notes. org-latex-preview is fantastic for this! But recently, I upgraded to a macbook pro with retina display, and I now see that all my ...

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I want to use figures as [item] in latex

In latex, I can use itemize and \item as follows. \begin{itemize} \item ... \end{itemize} I also can write as follows. \begin{itemize} \item[(any strings)] ... \end{itemize} However I can't ...

1 answers | May 10 at 11:23 by mmsss on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Bargraph Error in Tikzpicture

I don't know why the data on x-axis over leaping. I don't have any idea. \documentclass[varwidth=true, border=2pt]{standalone} \usepackage{pgfplots}\begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture} ...

1 answers | May 10 at 11:11 by kalpeshmpopat on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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