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Should MathJaX be pointed out to new users?

On a very regular basis we see new users that are not accustomed with the use of MathJaX on MSE. Sometimes even some users that aren't that new to the site. Most of us, when this happens, kindly bring ...

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Rmd/Kntir: Markdown citations in LaTeX environments

I want to create a threeparttable in a Rmd/Knitr-document and to add a note to the bottom of the table. The table is created by a R-function inside a chunk with results = "asis". I did not add the ...

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Latex memoir class margin wrong

I'm using a latex template for my master's thesis and I am almost finished. There are different margins for the left and the right side, depending on whether the side is on the left or the ride side ...

Mar 26 at 14:54 by Tim on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax bugged on front page (FireFox)

This question displays correctly when viewed in the /questions page: But in the question queue, the preview is messed up: My guess is that this is a result of cropping the MathJax markup halfway ...

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Latex : Extra page remove

I am new to LaTeX. I have no idea about it at all and I am facing a problem. When writing a report the NEW CHAPTER always starts with odd page causing an empty page on my report. How can I remove it? ...

2 answers | Mar 26 at 7:39 by Ajay Shekhawat on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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lyx does not recognize command of included package (dsfont)

I am using lyx and want to use the LaTeX package dsfont to display a unity matrix with double stroke. So, I put \usepackage{dsfont} in my document preamble and put \mathds{1} in my equation. ...

1 answers | Mar 25 at 21:21 by user4583082 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How can one use the latex notation in r-plot?

I want to use the latex notation to lable the axis of my plot. How is it possible? My Code is: plot(all.year, norm.aver, ylim=range(c(norm.aver-norm.stdv, 3.5)), pch=19, xlab="Year", ...

1 answers | Mar 25 at 16:44 by maniA on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Blurry text in PNG image converted from PDF via TikZ and standalone package

I've got a problem converting a pdflatex-generated PDF image to a PNG image using the standalone package. The pixelated rendering of the text in the converted image (PDF->PS->PNG via gs and ...

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Listings in Latex with UTF-8 (or at least german umlauts)

Trying to include a source-file into my latex document using the listings package, i got problems with german umlauts inside of the comments in the code. Using \lstset{ extendedchars=\true, ...

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how to get latex to hyphenate a word that contains a dash?

In a latex document I'm writing, I get an overfull hbox warning because of the word "multi-disciplinary", which happens to be rendered at the end of a line. I can get rid of this particular warning ...

7 answers | Mar 25 at 15:12 by Gyom on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latex \newcommand variable number of arguments

I'm trying to create a LaTeX -macro that basically does different things depending on how many arguments are passed to it. Basically its function would be: \MyMacro{4} % Processes the argument and ...

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Strange behaviour of text following immediately long MathJax expression

I have noticed this behavior in this post. Here is an example: $|s_nt_n - st| = |s_nt_n - s_nt + s_nt -st| \le |s_nt_n - s_nt| + |s_nt - st| = |s_n|*|t_n - t| + |t|*|s_n -s|$. It behaves the same way ...

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Copying coordinates in QTikZ

In QTikZ (KTikZ for Windows), how do I insert the coordinates, my mouse is currently hovering over in the preview, into my code?

Mar 25 at 11:07 by Locercus on Super User superuser.com
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LaTeX local package (.sty) on MikTex Windows not recognised

I am using LaTeX (MikTex + TeXnicCenter) on Windows. My ports are locked by my employer so the automatic package download manager of MikTex doesn't work. So, I have to manually download my packages ...

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Extracting all Latex commands from a Latex code File

I am trying to extract all the latex commands from a tex file. I have to use Python for this. I tried to extract the latex commands in a list using Re module. The problem is that this list does not ...

2 answers | Mar 25 at 7:37 by shanu on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Matlab - latex format spacing

I am creating a legend like so, theta = [90 120 80 120]; phi = [120 120 180 180]; for i=1:length(theta) plot_legend{i} = sprintf('\\theta=%3d\\circ\\phi=%3d\\circ',theta(i),phi(i)) end This ...

1 answers | Mar 25 at 7:16 by Ash on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Suddenly I see source instead of math formulas, why?

A couple of days ago everything worked perfectly on my chrome, today I only see the tex source of all the math formulas, I have no clue why. I did not change any settings, maybe I've updated my chrome ...

1 answers | Mar 24 at 22:23 by domotorp on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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latex: refer a subsection, looking for IV.B instead of IV.II

I get a problem when using \ref to refer a subsection. The titles of sections and subsections start with Latin number (I, II, III...) and English letter (A, B, C...) respectively, but when I refer the ...

1 answers | Mar 24 at 21:36 by ulyssis2 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Change `"` quotation marks to latex style

I'm editing a book in LaTeX and its quotation marks syntax is different from the simple " characters. So I want to convert "quoted text here" to ``quoted text here''. I have 50 text files with lots ...

3 answers | Mar 24 at 19:58 by grandeabobora on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Mathjax's DNS provider attack: why do formulas render on my phone, not on my laptop?

In the last few days there were sporadic problems with mathjax on stackexchange (and other sites) due to attacks on their DNS provider (see here). This is the error message from the JavaScript console ...

Mar 24 at 18:54 by Matt L. on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Pandoc for Windows: pdflatex not found

I receive the error: pdflatex not found when I try to convert a .tex or .md file to .pdf. I have downloaded MikTex and have the associated LaTex packages. These don't seem to include pdflatex, ...

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How to align equations (at equal sign) with Wordpress Jetpack Beautiful Math Plugin?

My question is relating to the Wordpress.com Jetpack Beautiful Math Plugin - Is it possible to align equation over multiple lines? For example, say I have this line (that displays a latex equation in ...

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adding phonetic symbol at LeTex should use which package

I want to add phonetic symbol at LeTex for some words . But I don't konw which package should I use? please help me! thanks.

Mar 24 at 11:40 by lapando on Super User superuser.com
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LaTeX beamer: way to change the bullet indentation?

I've checked the Beamer Class manual (PDF file). I can't figure out how to change the indentation bullet assigns to \itemize. [This is kind of important, as I'm using 2 column slides, and I don't ...

3 answers | Mar 24 at 10:58 by anon on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Math formulas in emails

Is there a way to enter LaTeX (or similar) formulas into an E-Mail and get them rendered as typeset formulas on the receiving side, perhaps with cooperation of the receiving party? My preferred mail ...

3 answers | Mar 24 at 9:12 by MvG on Super User superuser.com
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Additions to mhchem: Cancel, Broken Arrows; SI units

I think sometimes it is necessary to show, that a reaction does not take place, therefore a broken arrow would be a nice thing to have. I played a little in the sandbox and found a somewhat working ...

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xelatex not finding font on Mac

I'm trying to use the polyglossia package along with xelatex to compile some Arabic text. It seems that xelatex is not recognizing the fonts that I have installed. \documentclass{article} ...

1 answers | Mar 24 at 5:22 by plam on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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“Open the current folder in Explorer” in TexMaker?

Many IDEs natively provide a way to easily open the current folder in Explorer. Is there any way to do this in TexMaker? E.g. in Microsoft Visual Studio, I use:

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Q: Latex: create line arrangement within align environment

How can I tell Latex to arrange a new line right under the &-sign in a align environment, when I want the &-sign to be between a \left. and \right. command? When I try something like the ...

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How can I have linebreaks in my long LaTeX equations?

My equation is very long. How do I get it to continue on the next line rather than go off the page?

8 answers | Mar 23 at 12:48 by ubutu on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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