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Make for doxygen enum inside group fail error

I have some C code that uses doxygen to document it. If I try and document the values of an enum that is inside a group the doxygen build runs OK, BUT the pdf make produces errors The General ...

1 answers | Oct 10 at 18:01 by Toby on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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typing exponents on trig functions from sage latex command

the command print(latex(sin(x)*sin(x))) returns something like this $$\sin(x)^2$$. However, I would like it to return something like this instead $$\sin^2(x)$$ I am new to sage and I am guessing ...

Oct 10 at 15:52 by userX on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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undefined sequence when using nolinkurl

In latex I defined a new command: \newcommand\file[1]{\nolinkurl{#1}} Then in the text file I use for instance: \file{coq/theories/Init/Datatypes.v} when I compile I get the error: Undefined ...

Oct 10 at 15:34 by Quyen on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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TikZ takes more than max LaTeX memory for complex R plot

I have a very complex plot, containing about 56,000 data points. It doesn't look right if I downsample it, so I really need to keep all of them. I would additionally like to add LaTeX captions to the ...

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Publishing a .m matlab file to pdf: display latex is blurred / poor quality

I'm using the command publish('myFile.m', 'pdf') within the Matlab gui. The resulting file is crisp and perfect except for any of the LaTex within it which is blurred almost to the point of not being ...

1 answers | Oct 10 at 9:26 by kungfujam on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Centering display equations with org-latex-preview?

For some reason, org-mode is left-aligning my display equations when I run org-latex-preview (C-c C-x C-l). But the margin between each equation and its equation number is calculated, as if the ...

1 answers | Oct 10 at 7:43 by Adam on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Control width of knitr output for columns in sweave documents

According to FAQ.7 and Example.038, I should be able to control my width through global options options(width=40) or chunk options tidy.opts(width.cutoff=40). However, the text still runs off the gray ...

1 answers | Oct 10 at 6:28 by crippledlambda on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Adding references to IEEE template

I'm trying to use IEEE's latex template for a conference paper, which I downloaded here: http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/publishing/templates.html After some clean-ups, it looks ...

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Getting LaTeX comment package comments highlighted in Sublime Text

This question is about Sublime Text 3 LaTeX syntax highlighting. Only LaTeX default % comments are recognized by Sublime Text, and it could be useful to get ST to recognize the comment package ...

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Ubuntu 14.04 boot up, login, but once in desktop I can't do anything

I can boot Ubuntu 14.04 and login into my user session. Once I do that, I get to the normal desktop page. I can move my mouse and if I hold Super the shortcuts appear. The problem is that it's the ...

2 answers | Oct 9 at 4:06 by The_guy_65 on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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(-6x^2-x-7)(2x^3+3x^2-2x-5) as input in SymPy

Is there any function in SymPy can take thisexpression as an input (-6x^2-x-7)(2x^3+3x^2-2x-5) to find the derivative?

1 answers | Oct 9 at 3:29 by user1485853 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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new font style for stargazer latex table when using knitr

I want to print a latex table generated with stargazer() in monospaced font, and I want to do it in a reproducible way with knitr (i.e., no manual latex coding). I tried to define an environment ...

1 answers | Oct 8 at 22:47 by Eric Green on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MarkDown quirk, including square brackets in link text of Comment

I recognized this Question as duplicate to one with square brackets in its title (unsurprisingly, since the Q is about irreducible polynomials over $\mathbb{Z}_2$). The auto link from my ...

1 answers | Oct 8 at 21:39 by hardmath on Mathematics Meta meta.math.stackexchange.com
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Using stargazer for systemfit objects

I wonder how to use stargazer for systemfit objects. My MWE is below which gives two different tables rather than one. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks library("systemfit") data("Kmenta") ...

2 answers | Oct 8 at 14:44 by MYaseen208 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Tools to diff, patch or merge on a word-by-word basis

For text, not source code, files like LaTeX, markdown, restructuredText, usually single line breaks does not matter for the semantics and they are frequently refilled within 80 columns. When things ...

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how do I type && in latex?

So i'm trying to make a table but it doesn't look to good since the lines break inside the table in a way I don't like. \begin{tabular}{|p{8cm}|p{1cm}|} \hline ! (4 < 5) & \\ ! false & ...

1 answers | Oct 8 at 12:14 by Gurkang on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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WinEdt highliting switch: how to skip nested STOP symbol?

I have created a highlighting switch in WinEdt8 as following: SWITCH="\REVR{?}" ENABLED=1 MODE_FILTER="TeX;BibTeX;MetaPost" START="{" STOP="}" HIGHLIGHT_START=0 STEP_OVER_STOP=1 ...

1 answers | Oct 8 at 11:58 by Oleg on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax snippets for editor?

Often when typing lengthy equations in answers, I want to align them properly. This can be easliy achieved with a \begin{align*}...\end{align*} block, but typing it repeatedly, for example when I ...

4 answers

How to put LaTeX formulas in Word 2010?

I have a problem to convert directly equations from Mathematica *(copied as LaTex) in Word 2010. Is there any option?

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Markdown -> pandoc -> PDF refuses to give me Roman page numbers in frontmatter

I was pleased to learn I could use frontmatter in my custom template, and I know that it works, because page numbering starts over at mainmatter. But, it won't give me page numbers that are Roman ...

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How to add a dot for section/subsection numbering in TeX

The Bulgarian standard formatting for section/subsection numbering is as follows: 1. Section 1 1.1. Subsection 1.1. 2. Section 2 2.1. Subsection 2.1. Notice that both section and subsection have a ...

1 answers | Oct 7 at 21:06 by sahwar on Super User superuser.com
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How to get previews to persist with org-latex-preview?

I notice that whenever I preview a new LaTeX fragment (or section) in Org-Mode, any LaTeX fragments that I previewed previously disappear. Does anyone know how to get previews to persist until they ...

1 answer

Minimizing whitespace around plots when using tikzDevice in R

I use tikzDevice in R to write tikz code to place plots in LaTeX documents. I have found that the whitespace around the plots, i.e. the margins, is usually excessive. Here is a minimal example of ...

1 answers | Oct 7 at 19:09 by mjandrews on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LaTeX automodifiable expressions in HTML?

I actually these days know some of HTML, a little of Javascript and how to write LaTeX expressions on HTML code. I was wondering if it's possible to configurate a LaTeX expression in HTML that ...

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Can't use ibus-unikey on emacs

I have installed emacs and texlive to use as a LaTex editor. But I can't use ibus-unikey to type vietnamese. Anyone help me to solved this problem :) Thank in advance :) Sorry for my bad English

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iOS 8 MathJax / safari browser bugs

When I use an iPad air under iOS 8.2 I experience two problems lately: large braces are shifted down 50% vertically, this seems to include the \left* \right* constructs, like | in this question. ...

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Make latex fonts available for all users for a php compilation

I'm having problems with compiling a latex document using PHP shell_exec. I thought I had solved the problem, but alas I did not. I have asked somthing similar before: Compiling a latex document ...

1 answers | Oct 7 at 12:06 by aarelovich on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax Bootstrap Accordion - Broken Formatting - Inherits Styles?

I have a bootstrap accordion, with MathJax inside it. MathJax works inside the panel itself, but not in the panel heading. Please see attached link and code below. It should say "Coordinate Geometry ...

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Make LaTeX table caption same width as table?

It looks bad in my paper if a caption is wider than the table underneath it. How can I make them both align? Right now my code looks like: \begin{table}[th!] \caption{Reference temperature blah ...

5 answers | Oct 6 at 23:29 by webjunkie on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Getting Example codes of R functions into knitr using helpExtract function

I want to get the example codes of R functions to use in knitr. There might be an easy way but tried the following code (sharing of any other efficient code will be highly appreciated) using ...

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