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Adding text into .tex file with python

How can i read my .tex file and save it's content into string using python? ( I will then have to modify content of that string and save it again into .tex file all with python ) I was searching for ...

1 answers | Nov 22 at 19:00 by yack on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Sweave control of chuk output

I'm using Sweave to make a report in R-Studio, and I have the problem, that my teacher will only accept reports, where the code is placed in an Appendix. This means that I need to control the position ...

1 answers | Nov 22 at 6:59 by Jens grønborg on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Gnuplot export eps file

I have a ton of datapoints - too much for excel, etc to handle, so I'm using gnuplot. The problem is that I want to include the graph in LaTeX later. I know that I can take a PNG screenshot and ...

1 answers | Nov 22 at 3:22 by inspectorG4dget on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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makefile for latex aspell with multiple files

I neeed to run aspell on all tex files within a directory using a makefile spellcheck: @aspell --lang=en -t -c sections/*tex does not work as aspell cannot handle multiple files. How can I run ...

1 answers | Nov 21 at 20:11 by hlitz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Make pandoc reject unsuported embedded LaTeX in a Markdown document?

Edit: I misunderstood Pandoc's capabitlities. TeX fragments are ignored when converting to html. So I have an example document in pandoc-flavored markdown. Using pandoc version (distributed ...

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Rotate column headers on Hmisc generated table

I need to rotate the headers from a table 90 degrees using the Hmisc package. I tried changing the 'colnamesTexCmd' command but nothing changes on the column headers. Below is a reproducible example ...

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Rmarkdown, Rstudio: pandoc.exe: Error producing PDF from TeX source

I am trying to render a pdf document with the knit pdf button in RStudio, but I keep on getting this error: ! pdfTeX error (font expansion): auto expansion is only possible with scalable fonts. ...

1 answers | Nov 20 at 21:01 by user1983395 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is there a template for creating a “cheat sheet” in knitr/ rmarkdown?

I really like cheat sheets that look like these RStudio PDF's, e.g.: https://www.rstudio.com/resources/cheatsheets/ Is there a template for creating a document that looks like that? I guess I'm ...

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How to create a 3 column table with merge header in Latex

This is an example of the table I wish to do in Latex. This table is part of a set that should look like this: I have tried to use the usual table and other variations, but usually the tables end ...

1 answers | Nov 20 at 19:03 by Luis Alarcon on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Outline view in Sublime Text 3

I've been advised to use SublimeText and I'm giving it a try. When I take notes in a text file, I would like to structure it with a few levels of headers (in LaTeX, that would be sections and ...

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Tables or images too wide in Pandoc output as DOCX or PDF/LaTeX

I am writing a quick and dirty report using pandoc and markdown. I need to generate a PDF or a DOCX with minimum hassle, I don't care much about which (best would be both, of course). Also, I am ...

1 answers | Nov 20 at 11:10 by January on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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What strategy to push only a subset of the files in git?

As an example, I have a directory with three files a lyx a latex and a bibtex file. Both the lyx and the latex share the bibtex file. I'd like to share with my friends the directory (if possible ...

Nov 19 at 23:48 by KraZmAzzD on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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when using vim-latex gq causes overhangs in captions

First, thanks to all of you who take the time to answer questions on this site. I find answers here regularly and very much appreciate your help! I rarely ask questions because someone else has ...

1 answer

Sympy - fraction manipulation

I basically want Sympy to generate latex code \frac{x-1}{3} = y but whenever I ask it generate the Tex component of things Sympy always returns \frac{x}{3} - \frac{1}{3} . How do I avoid ...

1 answers | Nov 19 at 20:27 by tom roddick on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to influence the aspect ratio of R's plot() output with R itself or tikzDevice?

I am not sure if this question is related to R or tikzDevice. I simply use R and the command plot(1). The resulting graphic behave like a vector graphic. It's aspect ratio depends on the ratio of the ...

1 answers | Nov 19 at 18:00 by buhtz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latex Quiz to SCORM Quiz

I have 500 quizzes written in Latex. Each quiz has this format: \begin{question} \subject{Geometria} \topic{Geometria Analitica} \difficulty{A} \choice{Formula Matematica 1} \choice{Formula ...

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latex table not in html. R knitr spin latex kable xtable RStudio

Below is my R script, and the resulting html, which is not including the latex tables. I'm using RStudio and knitr's spin function to produce the output. If I change the output to pdf_document the ...

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Missing \begin{document}, \maketitle in LaTeX

The following code is giving me the error in the title: \documentclass{article} \title{Test} \author{Test} \maketitle \begin{document} content... \end{document} Now I'm a complete noob when it ...

1 answers | Nov 19 at 15:20 by Mikkel Winther on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
5 answers

Two statements next to curly brace in an equation

I want to write an equation with one curly brace ({) on the right hand side and, next to the curly, two statements in two different lines. How do I do it? Thanks.

5 answers | Nov 19 at 10:55 by y2p on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
14 answers

Complete substantive examples of reproducible research using R

The Question: Are there any good examples of reproducible research using R that are freely available online? Ideal Example: Specifically, ideal examples would provide: The raw data (and ideally ...

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How can I print an R macro in Markdown in colour?

I have a print statement in R as a macro in Markdown ```{r chunk_name, echo=FALSE} if ( any(so.results$Duration <0.0)) {print("there are non-positive durations") } else {print("all durations are ...

1 answers | Nov 19 at 8:57 by maniA on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to extract a small portion of PDF as PDF?

I wonder if there is a method that allows me to select a smaller portion (like a table from an article) and save it as another PDF file so I can put it into my presentation, and I can scale it without ...

1 answers | Nov 18 at 22:14 by Halil Pazarlama on Super User superuser.com
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Enable MathJax in elasticearch result with Ajax call

I use mathJax in blog post and everything works fine when the post is viewed. But in Elasticsearch search result with ajax I get x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a} instead of I reload MathJax ...

1 answers | Nov 18 at 20:53 by distance on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
2 answers

Problem with MathJax and Screen Readers

I have created two accounts in math.stackexchange.com. This is the new one because I forgot my password the the old account. I have ask many questions before and until now I have problems writing ...

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Matplotlib - using variables in LateX expressions

I would like to build an expression using LateX formatting, where some numbers appear but are expressed in terms of a variable in the LateX expression. The actual goal is to use this in the ...

1 answers | Nov 18 at 19:04 by Mike Anblips on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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make text center in each cell and fit table to the text width

I have problem with fitting a table to the text width. For example in the below table, I want to fit the table width to the text and locate text in each cell in the centre. In this case, I used ...

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Sublime Text won't compile my citations (which are exported by Mendeley into a BibTex file)

I am running Sublime Text 3 with Latex, and I'm trying to compile a document that is using citations that come from a Bibtex file that is being exported by Mendeley. I get a warning though that says ...

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How can I prevent Rails highlight from interfering with MathJax?

If I want to highlight the word "code", What would be the best way to avoid Rail's highlight functionality from inserting html into $some mathjax <mark>code</mark> within dollar signs$? ...

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LyX — Title, Abstract, Keywords Missing When Using Elsevier Class in View

I'm pretty new to using LyX, but have looked around this forum, as well as others and haven't found anyone else who has encountered this problem. The issue is that, when I click on the 'eyes' to ...

1 answers | Nov 18 at 13:17 by michael-lash on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Better visual quality of formula in Publishing

Published a .m file converts LaTeX formulas to .png, which looks blurry in browsers and especially on zooming. Is there a good way to get clear equations as we see in html formats? As a sample I am ...

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