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Using stargazer with RMardkown to generate LaTex table with a list of models

I would like to introduce a table with outputs of regression model generated via stargazer package into the RMarkdown document. RMarkdown The code pertaining to the RMarkdown document is given ...

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Formatting Sandbox

Basically same as Formatting Sandbox in meta.SO, but since this and Statistical Analysis are the only 2 sites (I know) supporting TeX formatting, I believe we also need one here for testing it.

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New lines in displaymath LaTeX

I need to write the next formula in LaTeX, but I can't put it in multiple lines and with the right indentation for the subsequent lines, this is my code. \begin{displaymath} \pi_D^B(r) = ...

4 answers | Jan 31 at 21:39 by mjsr on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to keep knitr style while putting line numbers in .Rnw output file?

I have read a lot of question and relative answer but I didn't find a solution! My request is similar to this: Putting line number for R code with knitr, but I want to keep the standard style of ...

Jan 31 at 15:50 by Slaf on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latex Spanning a table horizontally over pages

I have a very wide table, which I like it to span horizontally through pages. \documentclass[runnngheads]{book} \usepackage{longtable} \begin{document} \begin{longtable}{*{25}c} ...

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Forcing interactive session with knitr to add drop down list (GUI)

I am new to R so any comments, help would be greatly appreciated! I am working on dynamic report, where I will feed raw data into R and than output summary tables in PDF, formatted using LaTeX. Data ...

1 answers | Jan 31 at 9:31 by An economist on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Line breaking in MathJax (Common-HTML)

This is sort of a reopening of the bug reported by Najib Idrissi here. The Common-HTML render does not break lines. Compare this to the HTML-CSS output of the same code. You could imagine how ...

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Is it possible in RStudio to speed up the PDF preview in Sumatra after compiling?

I had to reinstall everything on my computer. After reinstallation of R, Rstudio, Pandoc and MikTex, the preview of knitted PDFs using RStudio and Sumatra takes a VERY long time. Prior to the ...

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Is there a way to override a bibtex style file for a particular entry?

My preferred bibtex style file cites via author's initials. However, there are various texts which should be cited differently (for example, Elements Geometrie Algebrique should always be cited as ...

3 answers | Jan 30 at 18:15 by David Zureick-Brown on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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New to LaTeX. Unable to print following list

I am trying to set the following list using LaTex: 1. An arrival rate \lambda\\ 2. Upper bound of the server rate \& the waiting buffer, denoted by \mu u \& Nb \\ 3. Cost ...

2 answers | Jan 30 at 17:04 by Varun Joshi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to properly set variables in a latex template for Django

I want to create a pdf with latex through a django view. I created the view and set up a latex template and it works fine except for one thing. When I place a variable in the latex template I have to ...

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Should chat have TeX support?

OK, so chat is now available... but; it has been suggested that for Mathematics we should have TeX support. The current TeX processing has some non-trivial client impact. Before I even attempt trying ...

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How to write this mathematical formulas into latex

I want to change this formula into Latex code: the latex code generated by MathType is below: \[\widetilde v(i) = \frac{{\sum\nolimits_{j \in {N_i}(D)} {w(i,j)v(j)} }}{{\sum\nolimits_{j \in ...

2 answers | Jan 30 at 12:36 by vinllen on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to add symbols on edges to say they are same length?

There are some edges having the same length. I want to add little symbol on it as in the picture: How do I do? Thanks. \begin{tikzpicture} \coordinate (Base1) at (0,0); \coordinate ...

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How to activate on LaTeX greek and latin characters

I try to use LaTeX to write a paper with greek and english text, WITHOUT using separate commands for greek or english (like: \begin{otherlanguage}{greek}), but using both greek and latin characters ...

Jan 30 at 11:28 by Fotini on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LaTeX Optional Arguments

How do you create a command with optional arguments in LaTeX? Something like: \newcommand{\sec}[2][]{ \section*{#1 \ifsecondargument and #2 \fi} } } Then, I can ...

5 answers | Jan 30 at 3:07 by Verhogen on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is it possible to automatically compile a LaTeX document through terminal using TeXworks?

I want to create an alias to automatically compile the main .tex file of a big document in LaTeX under Debian Wheezy. That means I need a shell command to do so. Is this possible? I am currently ...

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Tables/Listings: Convert Markdown to HTML & PDF with Pandoc

I want use pandoc for convert a Markdown document to two formats: HTML and PDF. While HTML conversion works okay, with PDF conversion I have some problems with tables and listings: Long tables in ...

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CKEditor MathJax fail to load on localhost

I want to use CKEditor via MathJax But when I use script file on localhost like this : <script type="text/javascript" src="~/Scripts/MathJax.js"></script> I get following errors: ...

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Need references of equations between different HTML pages with htlatex

I would like to convert a big TeX source using htlatex into HTML pages. The TeX file contains equations formatted with Mathjax. For this purpose, and from this link, I am using the following ...

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Latex - buffer overflow with babel.def (texlive)

I have a problem while trying to use latex on xubuntu. It always dies with buffer overflow at babel package. I have the most recent version of TexLive. Makefile: buf_size=100000 pdflatex projekt ...

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Display LaTex in Android

I'm trying to display a LaTex item in android in an ImageView. I'm using jlatexmath library. So far, I've got TexIcon object from formula. Now I'd like to display that content in ImageView (or ...

1 answers | Jan 29 at 6:47 by Nishchal Gautam on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latex pgfplots loglogaxis scaling

I have loglog axis in Latex and i want to change scaling of the y-Axis like this: y-Axis should be signed with: 5*10e1, 10e2, 2*10e2 But this numbers should be shown in integer like: 50, 100, 200. The ...

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lervag/vimtex indentation for LaTeX not working

I've install lervag/vimtex on Vim via Vundle. Everything works fine... except the indentation. When I do a: gg=G nothing is indented. I've tried to ajust default settings, turn autoindent off, ...

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Delete **Contents:** in index of pdf generated with python-spihnx

I have a project created with python-sphinx and I use latexpdf to compile the final pdf. In the final pdf created, in the index it is visible a Contents: string that I would like to delete. The ...

1 answers | Jan 28 at 21:27 by matteo on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Font problem after sfnt2woff

It seems that I misunderstood the use of the tool sfnt2woff, which should convert a font to woff format, and messed up my fonts. Since the tool did not work as normal user, I ran it with sudo on the ...

Jan 28 at 21:24 by highsciguy on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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Sympy - How to declare mathematical Symbol with any LaTeX string

I would like to declare a Sympy symbol, that looks like C_{x_{0}} when displayed as a LaTeX string. I have tested the following from sympy import Symbol, latex Cx0=Symbol('{C_{x_{0}}') latex(Cx0) ...

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Display \LaTeX-symbol in Doxygen documentation

I would like to display the classic \LaTeX symbol in my documentation generated by Doxygen. According to the Doxygen documentation the default mode when using the tags \f$ [LaTeX code here] \f$ is ...

1 answers | Jan 28 at 16:23 by dangu on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Adding section headers in between xtable figures in a loop

I am using knitr to generate a PDF writeup. I want to print a series of tables with section headers in between. I am doing this in an R code chunk. Unfortunately though, what happens is that the first ...

1 answers | Jan 28 at 12:40 by Michael Discenza on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Exporting R output into Latex - Stargazer for non suported objects

I'm estimating models in R using the frontier package and I need to export the results into Latex. The output is quite similar to a lm regression [see below] but frontier objects are not supported by ...

1 answers | Jan 28 at 11:45 by user3507584 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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