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Short caption fig.scap in knitr not working?

I understood that using fig.scap should provide a short label for use with the table of figures, but it doesn't, it uses the long label. Any ideas? Rstudio Version 0.98.1091. --- output: ...

1 answers | Dec 8 at 19:34 by Steve Powell on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Writing astronomical units in the labels of plot

I use matplotlib to plot my data but I need to write in labels the unit and I it doesn't work the way it works in latex. For instance in latex by using siunitx package then I can write \arcsecond unit ...

1 answers | Dec 8 at 13:28 by Dalek on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to show math equations in general github's markdown(not github's blog)

After my investigating, I found mathjax can do this. But when write some example in my markdown file, it can't show the correct equations: I have added this in the head of markdown file: <script ...

2 answers | Dec 8 at 12:58 by alexunder on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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custom bar hookup in mathjax

I'm using mathjax into my website to write formulas. I wanna insert a custom loading bar that indicate the percentage of progress until all formula are correctly typesetted. The following code show ...

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Disable cursor to jump to error location after compile in Texstudio

I am compiling a large document (more than 100 pages) in TexStudio 2.8.6 (macOS Mountainlion) and writing a lot of equations. Every time I compile the cursor jumps to the first error location inside ...

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linebreak in url with Bibtex and hyperref package

Why is this item not shown properly in my bibliography? @misc{ann, abstract = {ANN is an implbmentation of nearest neighbor search.}, author = {David M. Mount and Sunil Arya}, ...

8 answers | Dec 8 at 3:32 by Tim on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Mathematica and Latex

I am constantly using the mathematica software and using TeXForm command to go back and forth between the calculations and the latex document I'm typesetting. However, mathematica won't allow me to ...

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Is it okay to post solutions without using $\LaTeX$

Following question Now has two answers both written by same user, one of them without $\LaTeX$ Using an Integral to Solve for a Variable a I've also commented about using $\LaTeX$ and I got ...

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d3.js/LaTeX translation

I'm producing a scientific data visualisation in d3.js, and hence being from the scientific community I am a "LaTeX-er" but very new to d3.js... I want to include the following in my visualisation ...

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How can I restrict the size of my \multicolumn cells in a longtable?

I have a really long table in LaTeX that spans several pages and is (as it is now) also too wide for the page. I am using the longtable package with every column width specified with the p{width} ...

3 answers | Dec 7 at 21:53 by Mica on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Separation between logic gate inputs

How can I increase the separation between the inputs of the logic gates using tikz. I can solve this problem by using multiple inputs if they are available. However, when only two inputs are possible, ...

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How do I recover the old behavior of LaTex mode in emacs?

I have happily been using emacs's LaTeX mode for years (decades?). Up to emacs version 24.2.1, if I type C-c C-c in a LaTeX buffer that I was editting, the following would happen: A prompt appears ...

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Knitr & Beamer with Overlays in Figure

I am creating a beamer presentation in which I have a figure displaying several time series together with a legend (say 10 series for 10 countries). I would like to know if there is a reasonably ...

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How to extract readable source code from a .web file?

I'm trying to dig into the source for Donald Knuth's Metafont compiler. However, I am getting bogged down in his toolchain. What is the best way to extract readable, navigable, source code from one ...

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mathquill latex- how can I move cursor (selection) by code?

I am using mathquill lib (mathquill git) and I am trying to make a keypad and a backspace using html buttons but I can't figure out how to move the cursor throw the formula. Thanks,

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Is there a way on MSE to search for previously asked questions using LaTeX code?

Before I post a question, I always try to see if it has been previously posted. But for some questions with mostly "math symbols" and few words, I find it difficult to search effectively. For example, ...

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Loop in Latex isn't working

I'm trying to create a loop in LaTex, but it will only print out on the first time through. Here's what the gist of what I'm working with, but I my loop isn't working correctly. ...

1 answers | Dec 7 at 3:09 by Lcat91 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How can I pass a javascript string to html and have mathjax render the math?

I'm using flippant.css/js and isotope.js to make flashcards for my algebra students (http://timbusken.com/flashcards/exponent-props.html). But I can't get mathjax to render the html to math on the ...

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Cannot see colors in LaTeX output - lstlistings

Can you give me some help? In the following I only see black text, although I set lots of things with different colors... Why isn't this working? \documentclass[10pt,twoside,a4paper]{article} ...

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Latex and NetBeans

I have NetBeans 8.0.2 EE edition. I'm wondering if there is a latex plugin supported by Netbeans in the same way as Texlipse plugin in Eclipse. I've been searching online about that but unfortunately ...

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MathJax - File failed to load: /extensions/MathZoom.js

i've decided to use mathjax in one of my web projects and i'm getting a issue that i cannot understand. First point: i've created my own CDN website where i've istalled the 2.0 version of mathjax on ...

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Is there a javascript LaTeX equation renderer?

I am looking for a purely client side javascript library that renders latex equations as HTML/CSS. I hate that all I see are utilities that request an image from a server. Example usage: ...

5 answers | Dec 6 at 2:13 by Fletcher Moore on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Vim: customize tex equation highlight

How do I force vim to highlight the following environment: \begin{dmath*} 2 + 2 \end{dmath*} the same way as \begin{equation*} 2 + 2 \end{equation*} ? i.e I want the dmath environments (in ...

1 answers | Dec 5 at 19:59 by petobens on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LaTeX formal letter: signature align left

For the life of me, I can't seem to figure out how to fix this signature. Right now, it is right-hand justified, and I want to make it left-hand justified. I am still pretty green when it comes to ...

1 answers | Dec 5 at 19:25 by brownem on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Should I really edit Titles

I noticed that $\LaTeX$ is not used in title of following question Prove that $1 + 4 + 7 + · · · + 3n − 2 = n(3n − 1)/ 2$ Before I click edit button, I noticed that it has ...

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How can I format math and chemistry expressions here?

The site supports mathjax for mathematical equations and the mhchem extension for describing chemical reactions. What is the markdown syntax to add these to my own posts?

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is there a css' line-height in LaTeX?

Do you know a way to influence the line-height (distance between the lines inside a pragraph) in LaTeX? I can't find anything. I want lines to have more space than the default.

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Text and Images in LaTeX

I have LaTeX document with text and images. I added some images in section 2 in the itemize environment. The image that is in section 2 is appearing in section one. I guess the text is adjusting ...

1 answers | Dec 5 at 13:12 by Sidak on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to recover when one svn commit accidentally deletes contents from a previous commit?

I accidentally initiated a commit without reloading my file after some earlier commit which replaced the changes of the earlier commit by the previous texts. As I was working on a different part of ...

2 answers | Dec 5 at 12:38 by P basak on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Unable to build or view pdf files in TexMaker

I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. and have installed TEX MAKER, after writing and saving file, when i build for PDFs view, It prompts error that file not found. I am also new to Ubuntu, On Windows when i have ...

1 answers | Dec 5 at 9:20 by M. Taqi Hassan on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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