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mathjax broken for prime + no-braces superscript + subscript

It seems that terms like $q'^a_b$ stopped rendering correctly, since their superscript/subscript are not surrounded by braces (e.g., $q'^{a}_b$ should work). The error shown in preview is Missing open ...

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guess-TeX-master bug?

I'm trying to use the guess-TeX-master function (from emacswiki auctex) but I get this error: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil My elisp knowledge is quite poor. Does somebody know the problem? ...

1 answers | Apr 26 at 13:08 by david villa on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Get rid of the annoying message of emacs asking to add newline

I am using org-mode to generate my PDF report. Each time the tex is generated, emacs asks me Buffer hw1.tex<2> does not end in newline. Add one? (y or n) y How can I get rid of this message ...

1 answers | Apr 26 at 13:07 by maroxe on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Automatically extract a bibitem in LaTex

I am writing a conference paper in which I am required to use the format \bibitem entries rather than a BibTeX file for the references. Google Scholar support BibTeX. Is there an automatic method or a ...

1 answers | Apr 26 at 12:59 by Omar14 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Producing PDF report using user input files - Shiny

I have created R code that allows me to transform and analyze data and then output the results in form of tables into PDF report. Recently, I decided to share my work with colleges, who are not ...

1 answers | Apr 26 at 12:53 by An economist on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Best way to store equations and images in database to be displayed later as pdf and html

I am planning to create a database to store multiple-choice questions. Every question will have 5 parts: first, the question body, and the rest four, the four choices (stored in 5 different columns ...

1 answers | Apr 26 at 10:55 by Naisheel Verdhan on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax editing updates beta

There have been a lot of complaints and bug reports about the state of the $ MathJax $ editing experience all around SE lately. We've heard you, and with a lot of help from the kind folks from $ ...

1 answers | Apr 25 at 21:50 by m0sa on Mathematics Meta meta.math.stackexchange.com
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Render a sympy expression literally, with no simplification

I wonder how I can make sympy behave such that the expression is rendered literally and no defactoring occurs (4 under the sqrt) from sympy import init_session init_session(quiet=true) from ...

2 answers | Apr 25 at 20:49 by Krischu on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Rmarkdown beamer ignoring size option

I'm trying to create a presentation with Rmarkdown and beamer and I am unable to adjust the size of my code and output. In the past I edited the beamer template to work around this but I was hoping ...

1 answers | Apr 25 at 20:43 by C. Hammill on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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xtable and knitr: How to center table on full page width?

(This question does not solve this because that was about centering within linewidth. I'm interested in the full page width.) I'm producing a table like this: \documentclass{article} ...

1 answers | Apr 25 at 18:01 by L42 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Make simple tables in Stata and then export them to LaTeX

table fecha, contents(mean var_men_ipc mean var_men) So this is the code that I'm using to create simple tables in Stata. I would like to include these tables in the LaTeX file that I am creating ...

1 answers | Apr 25 at 16:27 by Beg Stata on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Titles with MathJax break in the related questions

Titles with MathJax break in the related questions. It doesn't matter whether I'm logged in or not. It happens on Google Chrome and on Firefox. Screenshots from physics.SE and mathematics.SE:

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latex/mathml to doc file using asp.net web api 2

I am try to export latex/Mathml to word document using asp.net web api 2. but no luck. I knew when we paste mathml format into word file it's convert to it's respected equestion. But how can I ...

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Ipython Notebook - Latex inside markdown table

I'm trying to create a markdown table with inline latex inside (like $$ 1+2 = 3 $$). Here is my example code so far: | A | B | C | $$(A \implies B)$$ | $$\vee$$ | $$(B \implies \neg A)$$ | :- | :- | ...

1 answers | Apr 25 at 11:47 by Decay42 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LaTeX “Could not start the command ”

I have problem with compiling latex file. The error that I'm getting is: Could not start the command. pdflatex -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex I looked into forum (like here) but couldn't ...

1 answers | Apr 25 at 9:25 by Edyta on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Seems to be a (minor) bug with displaying mathjax

Hardly noticeable but I still decided to report it - just noticed: at Find the number of boolean functions of n variable that satisfy the following condition one sees this The second $k$ below is ...

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Word spacing in latex more strictly

I have a problem with the spacing and hypernation. Without select font works well, but i select my font and Latex increase the spacing. The code: \documentclass{article} ...

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R knitr error 41 when producing pdf (windows)

I have been trying to make a simple PDF using the "Knit PDF" functionality from RStudio. Every time I try to convert the sample doc to a PDF I get the following message: |.............

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MathJax broken in “Related” section

The MathJax/LaTeX rendering seems to be broken for question titles in the "Related" section. Example from Show that 1 + $\lambda$ is an eigenvalue of $I + A$: (Observed with Safari and Chrome on ...

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How to convert LaTeX equations to SVG?

At the moment, I'm using mimetex to automatically convert a bunch of equations into gif-images. The program is fast, but the images look pretty bad: How can I (quickly) convert a LaTeX equation ...

4 answers | Apr 24 at 23:26 by Stefano Palazzo on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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draw a line between to .png image in latex

I put two image.png in my latex documnet using \includegraphics. Now I want to joint two points of these images together by a line. I wonder if it is possible to do so in Latex?

1 answers | Apr 24 at 22:14 by rezahs on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Export Latex equation into vector graphic

I want to export equations from latex to import them into powerpoint (if possible as vector grafic .svg). I use windows7 / Office 2010 and sharelatex. Since I would like to export every equation, I ...

1 answers | Apr 24 at 21:23 by Kenni on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Beautiful tables with Shiny Mathjax

I combined the xtable package with the new withMathJax function, inspired by this beautiful post, to create a beautiful table output for my Shiny app. Here the problem: how can I change, for example, ...

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Agda input method, Σ ⇛ ⇒, and Latex export

I can use agda input method in emacs to type effortlessly a gazillion unicode character in my nice beamer presentation. Now I want to process it with latex and I apparently have to map each missing ...

Apr 24 at 16:14 by nicolas on Super User superuser.com
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Latex changes fonts in Matlab produced eps files

In short: I produce a figure in matlab (2013a). The problem lies with the "fontname" command. Example code is plot([1:10],[1:10]) set(gca, 'XTick',[0,4,8]) set(gca, ...

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plot.MCA() not included in Sweave

I don't seem to be having a problem with any other method of including a plot via Sweave. However, plot.mca(), a method from the FactoMineR package seems to not have it's plot pulled through. It does ...

1 answers | Apr 24 at 0:49 by Brandon Bertelsen on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is there a way to draw Sudoku (and other) grids?

We now have MathJax. Can we use it to draw grids, like those needed for Sudoku and other puzzles? The following MathJax code leads to the grid below it. $$ \begin{array}{|c|c|c|} \hline \\ ...

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Easy installation/removal of a LaTeX package

I used to use LaTeX in Windows and there was Miktex Package Manager with which it was very easy to add a missing package. I wanted to install textcomp to Ubuntu 11.10 and it requires me to download ...

1 answers | Apr 23 at 15:15 by petrichor on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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Bachelor thesis indentation

Are there any rules for proper indentation in thesis? I am physicist so my thesis includes number of images and equations. Now I think you should not indent first paragraph after: Title of ...

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Vim quickfix/Latex-Suite go to error not working with Lualatex error output

I am using vim and Latex Suite for editing and compiling LaTeX documents. Quickfix is not able to resolve the error location when compiling with Lualatex (it works fine with the default compile ...

1 answers | Apr 23 at 10:55 by uholger on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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