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How do you center to tables that are alongside each other in latex?

I have two tables that are alongside each other in latex. However half of the second table, is cut of by the page on the right. How do i center these tables so both tables can been seen clearly ...

Feb 26 at 20:46 by Jnyeboah93 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference

To see how any formula was written in any question or answer, including this one, right-click on the expression it and choose "Show Math As > TeX Commands". For inline formulas, enclose the formula ...

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How to make internal links work in Sphinx output (latexpdf)?

I insert links following this manual: http://sphinx-doc.org/markup/inline.html#ref-role However, while the internal links work perfectly in the HTML output, they don't work in PDF. The text supposed ...

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MathJax crashes in every page with equations

Is it just me? I keep getting this error when I open physics.stackexchange.com (and, for that matter, it also happens in math.stackexchange.com): MathJax no longer loads a default configuration ...

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How can I left align latex equations in R Markdown?

I'm having some difficulty left aligning equations in R Markdown (i.e. putting the equation on the far left side of page, and aligning subsequent lines). I've generally determined that I want to set ...

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LaTex: Is it possible to vertically center multiple columns in a table?

I've found an example here but that only centers one column and I can't really adapt it to my needs. What I'd like is something like this:

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sphinx customization of latexpdf output?

Just curious if anyone knows how to customize the sphinx output when using the latexpdf target? I've seen lots of custom stuff for html output, but cant seem to find any example of custom pdf output. ...

1 answers | Feb 26 at 12:27 by Brian on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Getting the error “Missing $ inserted” in LaTeX

I try to write the following in latex: \begin{itemize} \item \textbf{insert(element|text)} inserts the element or text passed at the start of the selection. \item ...

5 answers | Feb 26 at 12:01 by Espen Herseth Halvorsen on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Latex fonts in matlab

Is it possible to convert the font of a matlab plot to be the same of latex fonts. For example I can modify the font of a plot by: x = -pi:.1:pi; y = sin(x); plot(x,y) ...

7 answers | Feb 26 at 10:46 by KatyB on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Which Stack Exchange sites use MathJax?

As the title says, I could use an exhaustive list of all Stack Exchange sites that use MathJax. If the list included any site-specific customizations made to the MathJax configuration on each site, ...

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Questions migrated from sites without MathJax to sites with MathJax may be rendered incorrectly

This question was migrated from Programmers to Engineering yesterday. One of its answers was formatted oddly: When the migration was rejected, all answers were deleted on Engineering; users with ...

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Mathjax equations displaying 3 times (Jekyll)

I created a website using Jekyll and added MathJax support like so: <script type="text/x-mathjax-config"> MathJax.Hub.Config({tex2jax: {inlineMath: [['$','$'], ['\\(','\\)']]}}); ...

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RStudio internal PDF viewer

Over RStudio documentation, it mentions an internal PDF viewer (using PDF.js): https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/200552066-PDF-Preview-and-SyncTeX I have no such option. Only "Evince" or ...

1 answers | Feb 25 at 17:03 by Ricardo Cruz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is there a way to include knitr documents in a LaTeX document?

I think the question as stated maybe ambiguous, so let me describe my use case. I am working on a document that is primarily ordinary English text edited in a LaTeX editor (Texpad in my case), but in ...

1 answers | Feb 25 at 14:57 by Ian Gow on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How do I change the color of each letter in a sentence in LaTeX?

I've been struggling in find the solution for the following problem. If I want to change the color of each letter in a sentence in latex, how can I do it? Let's say that I want to write "Merry ...

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Cannot include figures via R/Sweave/LaTeX

I am trying to create a pdf vs R/Sweave/LaTeX that will include a plot. Here is the relevant snippet from my .Rnw file: \begin{figure} \begin{center} <<fig=TRUE,echo=FALSE>>= makeMyPlot() ...

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Latex: kerning between footnote marks and punctuation marks

Not the same as "footnote spacing in latex". When I add footnotes in latex, there is often a little bit of space due to the punctuation mark before them: I can't help but feel this might be a ...

2 answers | Feb 25 at 14:12 by Paul Biggar on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax overarrow too short

I am trying to place an overarrow over a piece of text in MathJax. I am using a custom font that I declare in the code- \(\overrightarrow{\style{font-family: mysans, TeX, Arial, sans-serif;}{\text{" + ...

1 answers | Feb 25 at 14:05 by user1700933 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Missing dictionaries for spell-checking with kate and kile

Spell-checking works in Kate and Kile, but only for English texts. It is not possible to select another language and dictionary. The selection of the dict is available for Kate/Kile at: Settings -> ...

2 answers | Feb 25 at 9:58 by Christian on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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miktex doesn't typeset long outlines in Windows 8

I have generated exported a tex document from emacs org mode. The outline is rather long - 81 lines with five levels. The exported latex file is typeset to pdf. The TOC comes out fine, but the ...

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Is there a way to send dataframes from server to client in R?

I have an R script which I program on my laptop. After I am done, I FTP the R script up to my university cluster and run my code there (in parallel if needed). Most of my functions return data frames ...

1 answers | Feb 24 at 20:37 by masfenix on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Printing the value of an R variable in Latex

I am writing .Rnw file in RStudio. At one point, I store (but do not print) the value of the number of rows (nR) of a data frame (df), using the following command: <<results = hide, ...

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Typesetting math functions in LaTeX to render in Android Application

Does anyone know if it's possible to use LaTeX markup language to format text for display in an Android application? For example the text for a TextView can be formatted with HTML to change the font ...

1 answers | Feb 23 at 20:24 by Carl O'Donnell on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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In Latex, how to put two separate tables side by side on top of the paper?

In Latex, how do I put two separate tables (with separate captains) side by side on top of a paper? Any helps are highly appreciated.

1 answers | Feb 23 at 19:08 by user3361508 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
2 answers

PDFs generated by LyX not searchable in 12.10 or 13.04

I recently updated one of my computers to 12.10 and did a clean install of 13.04 on another, but neither allow me to search a PDF that I exported using LyX (LaTeX editor). I have no problem searching ...

2 answers | Feb 23 at 17:59 by Brent on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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Regular expressions in ignored_words in Sublime Text 3 spell_check?

I'm trying to spellcheck a latex file. I would like the spellchecker to ignore strings containing a number. In my settings file I have "ignored_words": [ "textbf", "renewenvironment", ...

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could not start the command pdflatex - synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex error

I'm very new to LaTeX and its distributions so this might be a very newbie question. I was following this tutorial and I'm not being able to compile the document. The code so far is very simple i ...

1 answers | Feb 23 at 14:15 by Pedro Braz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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A Link to common notation and symbols on the Tour page

Most new joiners do not know about the tools for mathematical and chemical formatting provided by chemistry.SE. The tour page details out the core concept of asking questions very well but I feel the ...

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Strange behaviour of text following immediately long MathJax expression

I have noticed this behavior in this post. Here is an example: $|s_nt_n - st| = |s_nt_n - s_nt + s_nt -st| \le |s_nt_n - s_nt| + |s_nt - st| = |s_n|*|t_n - t| + |t|*|s_n -s|$. It behaves the same way ...

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Stargazer options: resizebox and label

Is it possible to incorporate resizebox into stargazer in R? I'm trying to create a table that is too wide to fit, even on landscape perspective. I manually added resizebox{\textwidth}{!} { ...

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