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Updating MathJax with AsciiMath input

I have the following div: <div id="math-display">``</div> The page runs MathJax.Hub.Queue(['Typeset', MathJax.Hub, 'math-display']) when the page is loaded. ` is the delimiter for ...

1 answers | Jul 18 at 15:16 by user5130178 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Draw \hline inside table cell in LaTeX

I have the following table \begin{supertabular}{|p{4mm}|p{44.7mm}|} \hline \# & Subject\\ \hline 1 & Differential and Integral Equations\\ \hline 2 & High Energy Physics\\ \hline ...

Jul 18 at 13:58 by natasha on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Writing latex matrices from Rmarkdown to word

I'm migrating to RMarkdown provided that I work with MSWord users. When I try to write a matrix using latex syntaxis inside Rmarkdown using the following code: $$A = \begin{bmatrix} 1 & 0 ...

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Can we replace client-side MathJax with server-side MathJax?

One of the (many) problems with MathJax is that formulas are rendered using a client-side JavaScript. Apart from the process itself being ridiculously slow, this also means that the entire page must ...

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How to embed HTML page with javascript code in Beamer LaTeX?

How to embed HTML page with javascript code (precisely D3 library with some hover over capabilities) in Beamer LaTeX? Idea is to have a slide with HTML page embedded and during presentation I am able ...

2 answers | Jul 18 at 1:55 by aza07 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Compile error: emergency stop with tikz standalone

I want to compile an image to a pdf file using the standalone documentclass in latex. However I get the error: Compile Error. Sorry, your LaTeX code couldn't compile for some reason. Please ...

Jul 17 at 20:37 by Derk on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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two statements next to curly brace in an equation

I want to write an equation which has a single left hand side and on the right hand side it has a/one curly brace ({). Next to the curly I have to write two statements in two different lines. How do I ...

4 answers | Jul 17 at 2:53 by y2p on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LaTex Summary Table Options for Zelig MLogit Results

Back a second time in one week - I apologize. I've been trying to extract my summary stats from an mlogit model run through Zelig using texreg, stargazer and memisc. texreg throws me the following ...

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stargazer() with Zelig regression output

I'm working with the R package stargazer(). I have a zelig model that I can't get stargazer to create Latex code for. logit9.1 <- zelig(winner ~ treatment + count_parties + resp_OECD24 + DirExp ...

1 answers | Jul 17 at 2:07 by user1842834 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to get outline view of Latex Project in Sublime text?

As I'm writing Latex more and more on Sublime Text (3), I decide to totally move on to ST from TexnicCenter. However there's one thing I miss from TexnicCenter, that's the ability to show the project ...

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Generate a table in Latex with cells in different colours

I am pursuing a PHD in Mathematics in Graph Theory. In my thesis I have to color a specific cell row (edge of a graph) of a table in Latex. Can this be done? I have only found a way that colors the ...

2 answers | Jul 16 at 22:04 by Anupama S B on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to solve mhchem/MathJax rendering problems

Edit: This is not a bug, it is a feature, see my answer post. While recently directing a new user to this meta post about formatting using MathJax, I noticed that some components were not ...

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mathjax conflict with jquery-popbox

I use mathjax on my website and I found that when using jquery-popbox, the mathjax text is on top of the popbox. I created a jsfiddle which shows this problem https://jsfiddle.net/of5g5f32/ I use ...

1 answers | Jul 16 at 12:13 by carl on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Why doesn't Vim search under cursor work in LaTeX file?

The word currently under the cursor can be searched by pressing * in Vim. I find that if I have a word_with_underscores in a C++ file, then * searches for the entire word. But the same ...

1 answers | Jul 16 at 10:05 by Ashwin Nanjappa on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Using stargazer for lfe and getting error

I am trying to use stargazer package after estimating model with felm (from lfe package) and getting error, maybe somebody could provide help on this. Below I provide a simple example. library(lfe) ...

1 answers | Jul 16 at 10:04 by Vitalijs Jascisens on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Examples of MathJax codes of directed labelled graphs to use in a MathOverflow Question

I need some examples of MathJax codes of directed labelled (with loops or multiple edges) graphs to use in MathOverflow Questions so that I could easily change them to my graphs. Here is my try to ...

2 answers

Unable to convert Ipython notebook into pdf format

I have an IPython notebook which I am trying to convert to PDF format. But when I go to file and do download as PDF, it gives me following error: nbconvert failed: PDF creating failed Any ideas? I ...

2 answers | Jul 16 at 3:40 by Manish on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Hmisc latex fuction need to remove the first line

Im using Hmisc in rmarkdown file. when I create a table this is what I do --- output: pdf_document --- ```{r Arrests Stats, results ='asis', message = FALSE, warning = FALSE, echo = FALSE} # render ...

1 answers | Jul 16 at 0:41 by user3357059 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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htlatex and differences between html and xhtml

To date, I have generated html files using htlatex rather than xhtml. This has been for one simple reason. I can right click on the html file and open it in MS word to then save and distribute to ...

1 answers | Jul 15 at 21:35 by EngBIRD on TeX - LaTeX tex.stackexchange.com
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R stargazer, lme4 and lmerTest incompatibility

R novice here. I'm having issues working with lmerTest and stargazer. I was following the tutorial here to get stargazer to work with lme4 in R. ...

1 answers | Jul 15 at 19:32 by Nick Ruiz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Preventing ggplot2 from cutting off charts in a Sweave PDF

When generating a list of charts using ggplot2, how would you make sure that each chart is printed on its own page in a pdf? I'm creating a script in an R Sweave (.Rnw) file. In the script, I'm ...

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How to change color of hline in LaTex

In a simple latex .tex file, how can i colorize an hline? I've tried \hline[color:red] ...and: \hline{color:red} ...but they don't work Similarly, how can i increase the thickness ...

2 answers | Jul 15 at 18:10 by JonathanSFL on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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a/an substitution in LaTeX

I was wondering if there is a conditional command that I can use in latex (e.g., \ifthenelse) that would allow me to, in one case, use the word 'a' and in another use the word 'an' based on the ...

3 answers | Jul 15 at 15:25 by Raffi Khatchadourian on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to compile pandoc pipe tables into html

This thread is about how to do this with multiline tables. However, I need more stricter syntax in raw data to have better secondary data computation with AWK and Gnuplot in drafting notes. Pandoc ...

1 answers | Jul 15 at 13:19 by Masi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Writing subscript in Mathjax?

I want to type this . I have tried like this $$\lambda=\frac{0.693}{t_\frac{1}{2}}$$ Also, $$\lambda=\frac{0.693}{{t}_\frac{1}{2}}$$ Also, $$\lambda=\frac{0.693}{t_{\frac{1}{2}}}$$ But it ...

Jul 15 at 12:44 by user80946 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MathJax - Math Process Error while adding equation

I'm using wiris editor to insert MathML, the MathML equation is as shown in the attached image. When the MathML is processed by MathJax, the following error is occuring When a callback is ...

2 answers

Greek letters are printed bold in matplotlib latex output

I'm using latex output in matplotlib to print greek symbols for axis and legends. The (serif) text is printed in normal font weight, but some special characters are printed in bold. In particular, I ...

2 answers | Jul 15 at 8:58 by ju. on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Change \parskip only inside enumerate & itemize environment

Is there any way that I can change \parskip to a different value inside certain environments, namely enumerate and itemize. I want to have space between paragraphs (\setlength{\parskip}{1em plus 1pt ...

5 answers | Jul 15 at 0:05 by Jeffrey Aylesworth on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Adding horizontal space between fraction in mathjax latex code?

Here is the equation written in mathjax $$y=\frac{1 eV x^2}{2 md v^2}y$$ but it renders like this but i want to show like this i know one idea like this ...

1 answers | Jul 14 at 14:00 by user80946 on TeX - LaTeX tex.stackexchange.com
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merge cells of arrays in math mode

Is there a way to type an array with certain cells merged in math mode on StackExchange? I tried to use multirow and multicolumn commands within array environment, but apparently MathJax does not ...

2 answers | Jul 14 at 13:55 by Vlad on Mathematics Meta meta.math.stackexchange.com
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