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Domino Server 9.0.1 FP3 crashs when JAVA getAllEntries method (of the View class) follows a call to the FTSearch method

I have an XPage application which is running on a Domino Server 8.5.3 FP6 without any FTSearch problems. Since a couple of weeks I am working on the migration to Domino Server 9.0.1 FP3. Now it ...

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Error getting session token in IBM Notes Agent

I'm trying to create an IBM Notes agent (written in java) that gets the session token associated with the agent. (The intent is to then pass it as a cookie to an HttpURLConnection xpage request.) ...

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xPages dataTable right-click context menu

Does anybody have an example how to implement xp:dataTable right-click context menu? There are few examples for dataGrid control on Google but not for dataTable/view Thanks

1 answers | 3 hours ago by VladP on Stack Overflow
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XPages and xe:jdbcQuery - dynamic queries

Before I ask my question I clarify that I aware of xe:sqlParameter option. The question: how can I implement possibility to prepare queries dynamically based on user input on the page? Example ...

2 answers | 5 hours ago by Andrew Grabovetskyi on Stack Overflow
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How to add a read/write customRestService to support editing in Dojo DataGrid?

I am trying to develop a Dojo DataGrid that returns a user's documents from the categorized BidsByDriver view and allows them to edit the Priority field in the grid. After getting past the hurdle of ...

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AbstractMethodError when adding file download control to xpage

In one of our apps we currently are facing the a strange issue involving download controls. When we add a file download control to the xpage and bind it to the datasource ( normal Document source) we ...

1 answers | 11 hours ago by jjtbsomhorst on Stack Overflow
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XPages Checkbox Group not working with Bootstrap Theme?

I am having trouble with the "Check Box Group" XPages control when using a Boostrap Theme with version "9.0.1.v00_10_20141105-0922" of the extension library. The values of the item bound to a check ...

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Manage ACL for the entire users in domino

Is it be possible to have a common ACL rule to the list of users? basically this rule will be for the mail access (read and write documents with no access)).We would able to achieve it my managing the ...

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CSS Email Not Showing Correct In Lotus Notes 8

I’m planning to send a responsive email to users with Lotus Notes 8.5 (Windows 7) but the CSS used in my tags is being rendered incorrectly. Here is the code I'm using <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC ...

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Why does new sametime message kill Notes and Designer

About once a day, when I get pinged via sametime and it causes Notes and Designer to crash immediately. If I am looking at the screen, I can see the sender and part of the message before the NDS ...

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XPages: Data Grid

I'm new in Xpages and I need help about use Data Grid(DG) or Dojo Data Grid(DDG). How can I use “filters” using a Read/Write/Input DDG/DG whitin an XPages Form? Example: I have input Field in ...

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Domino ACL - redirect to page with multiple authentication choices

I'm trying to create a Domino Xpages 9.0 application which has multiple authentication methods, these being SAML 2.0 via an IDP, and standard lotus notes authentication with the domcfg login form. My ...

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Trying to export a view but only getting the first line of data repeated

I am trying to export a view using LotusScript. Some of the columns in the view are displaying multi-value field values which display on separate lines within the view. I have made some changes to ...

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Need to Delete an email message from several Lotus Notes Databases

Here's my problem. I have a list of emails with large attachments. I'd like to delete them from the users databases. I have full access to all the users mailboxes. Is there a way I'd be able to ...

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Understanding effects of Domino command to restart HTTP server

We have a Domino cluster which consists of two servers. Recently we see that one of the server has memory problems, and the HTTP service goes down after 2 hours. So we plan to implement a scheduled ...

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XPages - dojo IO Pipelines in combination with ExtLib xe:namepicker

I have a big problem using dojo IO Pipelines in combination with ExtLib Controls (e.g. xe:namepicker) in Domino 9.0.1 FP3. For illustration here two scenarios.... The XPage code for the first ...

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How to migrate Lotus Notes Database to DB2?

Is there any way to migrate data of Lotus Notes Database (.NSF) to DB2 or MS SQL? I am currently working on data migration which main goal is to migrate the content of website (running on domino ...

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I need to be able to mark a rich text editor with a default value as dirty

I have an existing Xpage application that sets the default value of a rich text field based on a look up to another document. The initial problem was that, unless the user entered something into the ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Steve G on Stack Overflow
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Color toolbar in CKEditor in Xpages (skins?)

I am using the dojo attributes in the RichTextControl in an Xpage (running Domino 9.0.0). Have everything just as I want it EXCEPT I cannot get the toolbar to appear in color. In this web page from ...

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Domino OSGI plugin - Couldn't find design note

I am trying to creata a Domino OSGI plugin which exposes a simple Hello World servlet. To do this I created in eclipse a plugin project(with web.xml and the servlet in place) , a feature project ...

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Configuring Domino Program Document

I want to define a server task using Domino administrator(8.5.2). So using the menu Server>>Programs>> and then using "Add Programs" I am trying to define a server task which should run at 12:00 and ...

1 answers | Mar 27 at 23:36 by user1525825 on Stack Overflow
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Copy from Lotus Rich Text Field and paste into Xpages Rich Text Field (CKEditor)

For 20 years I have been able to copy and paste rich text fields from one lotus document to another. But now if I try to copy rich text from a Lotus Document (or another application) into a Rich Text ...

5 answers

Lotus Notes won't open a hyperlink/uri in a browser!

I'm still new to Lotus, but I have LN 8.0.2, and have it set up to open hyperlinks "using the browser i have set as the default for this operating system" which in my case is Firefox 3.6.13. If I try ...

5 answers | Mar 27 at 14:08 by Andy O on Super User
1 answer

IBM Lotus Domino Calendar Getting Real Time updates

I want to get any changes in the Appointment for users and Room Resources from IBM domino calendar. Our Application integrate with Domino through Rest Services. Now , if any changes in Calendar & ...

1 answer

Getting exception while using NotesCalendar.getNewInvitations

I am getting exception while invoking NotesCalendar.getNewInvitations method. NotesException: NotesCalendar error: The database handle is NULL at ...

1 answers | Mar 27 at 13:10 by Anil Kumar Pandey on Stack Overflow
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Why wont delete document from Xpages Dynamic View work

I have created a new XPage with a DynamicViewPanel that lists the documents in a certain Notes View. Then I have the dynamic view panel configured to show a check box for each row. I then created a ...

1 answers | Mar 27 at 10:19 by AJF on Stack Overflow
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Lotus Notes subdomain exchange server

We have a notes server at that processes our regular email, and an exchange server at for testing purposes. Lotus Notes email addresses are ...

1 answer

Getting selected values from one dialog list to another

I'm having a problem with following thing: I have 2 dialog lists: "DL1" and "DL2". "DL1" gets the values from a view with DbColumn method and it is set to "Allow multiple values" so is "DL2". What ...

1 answers | Mar 27 at 8:13 by MarisP on Stack Overflow
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How to migrate IBM Domino web application content to WebSphere Portal?

Scenario: I have an IBM Domino web application (.NSF) and contains divisions (refer to the image). I want to migrate the content (such as blogs, main content and the article) to my WebSphere Portal. ...

1 answers | Mar 27 at 3:51 by androidentrylevel on Stack Overflow
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Search and extract data from AS400 using IBM Domino Lotus Notes workflow

I was doing a lotus notes workflow which needs to connect to my ERP system, AS400 to search and extract data into the workflow. Any idea I can possibly do that? Thanks!!

1 answers | Mar 27 at 0:33 by Junior on Stack Overflow
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