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Lotus Notes, How can I view who has accepted by meeting invitation?

When I schedule a meeting in Lotus Notes,and someone accepts I get an acceptance notification. Short of saving all those, is there any way to view who has or has not accepted the invitation

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How to pass back values from dialog box to parent form again in lotus notes client

I have a new form with fields called Field 1,Field 2 and one button. On click of that button, dialog box will display with some radio buttons. here i want to pass the selected radio button values to ...

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CSJS doesn't update property that was set by SSJS

Here is (Yes/No) radio button onChange event CSJS that disables/enables another 'inputOtherRadio' radio button. And it works perfect: rObj = dojo.query("[id$=':inputOtherRadio']"); ...

1 answers | 13 hours ago by John Glabb on Stack Overflow
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xpage Modal Dialog and sessionScopes

I have a repeat controller, with repeating buttons and clicking on a button opens up a dialog, and should show the correct document (combination of bootstrap). Im setting a session scope variable on ...

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Agent Lotus error with lotusscript Shell command: File not found

I am trying to execute a file with extension .sh on linux system by lotus script agent using the command 'Shell(parameter)' passing the path of file as parameter, but after perform the agent, the ...

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In Notes 9.0.1, how to show the ruler by default when a document is opened?

I don't seem to find a way to show the ruler when a document is opened in IBM Notes 9.0.1. I'm using @Command([ViewShowRuler]) in the PostOpen event but it's having no effect. Putting the command in a ...

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Why does a new Lotus Notes db built from a template require login credentials for browser users?

I created a new blank database and set it to inherit the design from a template. Once the design was replaced, all looked good until I tried to open a form. The server required login credentials. ...

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Easy way to auto bcc all outgoing mail to my gmail account from lotus notes

Currently I have rules that send incoming email to my gmail account but now I want to have my own sent mail copied to my gmail account. My problem is that my lotus note account is space limited and ...

1 answers | yesterday by Aragorn on Super User
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Xpages: Combobox does not retain value when going from read to edit mode

A combobox is bound to a java bean. Documents is opened in read mode, and the selected value is displayed. But when I go into Edit mode the value is "lost". I would like to avoid making two ...

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xpages fileupload control cannot delete in a repeat control

I am struggling with a strange effect: In a repeat control I have a custom control with a fileupload and -download control. The item names are calculated with the row var of the repeat, so I can ...

1 answers | yesterday by Uwe J. on Stack Overflow
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openNtf debugToolbar UI is overridden by extLib's Bootstrap3 theme

This relates to an Xpages project using openNtf's Extension Library for Domino 9.0.1 V 16 (2016-01-28). There is a custom theme applied that extends extLib's Bootstrap3 theme. Now I also applied Mark ...

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How do you analyze Domino snap files?

The Domino server crashed with a java outofmemory error (HTTP). It generated a snap trc file (Snap.20160426.111944.4212.0007.trc). How can this be analyzed? It looks like IBM does have a TraceFormat ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Howard on Stack Overflow
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Uploading a file via HTML to a Domino database

Hopefully someone will be able to assist. I am creating an online submission form in HTML, with the ability to add upload an attachment. The resulting data ends up in a Notes / Domino database. I ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by SimonB on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Trying to convert Rich Text to HTML with embedded images and file attachments

I've been reading about some xPages functionality about wrapping a document with DominoDocument.wrap(...) that is supposed to do this for you. However, I am in a stand along Java program. Is it ...

1 answers | May 3 at 8:25 by Bitwyse1 on Stack Overflow
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VSTO (Outlook) is forceing MSG attachments to be of olEmbeddeditem type, but olByValue needed

I need to send email with .msg file attached to Lotus Notes (Domino) by using VSTO (from Outlook Add-In). When this file is received in Lotus Notes, the email body from msg file is appended to the end ...

1 answer

What benefits does SharePoint offer over Notes/Domino?

I was not sure where I should ask this question but this seemed like a right place. So here it goes. I have been working on Notes/Domino for over 5 years now. There was a lot of chatter, which I ...

1 answers | Apr 30 at 20:00 by Naveen on SharePoint
1 answer

Call XAgent and Standby Dialog Custom Control

I have Fred Norling's amazing Standby Dialog custom control working on partial refreshes in my applications. I have one use case though where I am unsure how to utilize it. I am calling an XAgent ...

1 answers | Apr 30 at 14:14 by Dan Soares on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Dir$ is returning 'path not found' error on networked drives

An agent I wrote in 2003 has been happily running all these years. Just recently I got a report that it's throwing an error. The agent does a Dir$ on a mapped network drive where there are a ...

1 answers | Apr 30 at 3:06 by Clem on Stack Overflow
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Xpages: How to integrate Bootstrapped Xpage FileUploadControl with backed Java Class

I have a nice Bootstrapped file control. This file control I got form the web binds to a document data source. My documents are backed by a java bean and I am using ObjectDataSource to tie that ...

1 answer

repeat control from categorized view

I have tried to get the column values in repeat control from Categorized view in xPages,that time i got the column values are coming with single row,and the same row repeated How to get the column ...

1 answers | Apr 29 at 19:23 by Richard Arun kumar on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Cannot override “Connection” header in XPages' HttpServletResponse

In my XPages application I want to keep the connection alive when sending a XMLHttpRequest from one XPage to another. Therefore, I set the "Connection" header to "keep-alive". On the client-side I ...

1 answer

Set multiple fields after selecting a document on the dialog list in lotus notes

I use a dialog list field with a view for choices. I need not only to set the current field with a value of the selected document but multiple fields on the current form. When I select a document I ...

1 answers | Apr 29 at 15:08 by Robert Moszczynski on Stack Overflow
1 answer

XPages save datasource - date not being saved

I have some curious behavior on an XPage. Would someone be able to shed some light on this? In my custom control, I have the datasource defined: <> <xp:dominoDocument ...

1 answers | Apr 29 at 14:07 by Dan Soares on Stack Overflow
1 answer

javascript open link in external program instead browser

is there any way to use javascript to open a link in an external program and not(!) in the web browser? Background: From CRM2015 on-premise i want to open a Mail in Lotus Notes. script: ...

1 answer

Hide view actions in action bar if no document selected in view in lotus notes

how do I hide actions in the action bar if the view is empty? I need it for example for actions like "edit" or "open". This makes only sense to show these actions when I have already selected one ...

1 answer

combobox - displaying multivalue numeric field

I have a form which contains a multi-value enabled numeric field. I would like to display it on an xpage in a combobox when it has multiple value. However I get the error 500 message. When I try to ...

1 answers | Apr 29 at 11:16 by Malin on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Lotus Notes: Creating new document with prefilled fields, opening in edit mode without saving

I have an issue I don't quite understand and I'm struggeling with it for quite a while now. From an existing document I want to create a new document (same DB different form). I use a button inside ...

2 answers | Apr 29 at 8:18 by Edwin Krause on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Xpages: How to access database from CacheBean

I have a cacheBean called PCConfig in which I want to store references to databases, so I can access them in other Java methods. Here is the relevant part of my cacheBean: package ...

2 answers | Apr 29 at 7:26 by Bryan Schmiedeler on Stack Overflow
1 answer

XPages:Display Email content with inline Images

I am working on an application that display email content from MIMEEntity, however, i notice when there is inline images in the email, it replace the image with image placeholder and when ever ...

1 answer

Xpages Bootstrap Upload Control

I need to include a Bootstrap style file upload control in my application. The file attachments will be stored in a document in a richtextfield called "attachments". Using Java to save fields. I have ...

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