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IBM notes client plugin to modify outgoing mail

I have been exploring plugin development for IBM notes. I have downloaded expeditor toolkit, set up the dev environment, tried out simple plugin as described here Also I have gone through some openntf ...

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Lotus Domino how to Enable Verify connecting hostname in DNS but with exception

Hi I enabled @ LOtus Domino the Configuration -> Message Settings -> SMTP Inbound Controls Verify connecting hostname in DNS This blocks all messages incoming if the sender IP has no reverse dns. ...

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How to install my Plugin programmatically to Lotus Notes?

I have recently successfully developed a lotus notes plugin using java which monitors mails. The plugin is working fine if I am installing it to my lotus notes using update site and feature plugin ...

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How to add a docID from one NotesDocument to another using Java Script

I have a lotus script that add a organisation docID to the contactDoc and it work fine but i would like anhieve this in java script Sub AddContactID(contact As NotesDocument, organisation As ...

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Lotus Notes hyperlink issue

I have a user with Lotus Notes 8.5.1 who is having issues opening hyperlinks. When you click on a link from an email, the line under the link text just flashes. I updated her to fix pack 8.5.2 and I'm ...

3 answers | yesterday by Kyle on Super User
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Lotus Notes VBA Email Automation - db.CreateDocument Command Fail

I'm trying to automate the sending of an email through Lotus Notes 9.0 using VBA. The code will load up notes, which asks for my password but before the password prompt shows up, I get an error. The ...

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XPages: Embed PDF and possibly Office files

I need to embed PDF files in an xpage application. We are using IE11 x64 and this cannot be changed. Eventually, I'll also need to embed MS Office files (Word, Excel, Power Point). I have looked at ...

3 answers | 2 days ago by Ben Dubuc on Stack Overflow
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Domino nchronos.exe multiple instances causing server to die, and Sametime problems

I've had this problem for a few months now. I thought it started when I installed the Traveller software on the server to add ActiveSync support, but I removed that and the problem still persists. ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by Kevin on Server Fault
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Xpages source formatting

I wonder if there is anything more advanced for source formatting of Xpages than what is built-in to the editor. In particular I would like to remove white space from the code. Anything out there?

1 answers | 2 days ago by Bryan Schmiedeler on Stack Overflow
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Pager Add Rows Control Ajax refresh not working properly with Data View Control

When using the "Pager Add Rows" control together with a "Data View" control in a Domino XPages application the user can not open entries which have been added by clicking the "Show more..." link of ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Jens Polster on Stack Overflow
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How to use XPages Java code to set valid method of input control inside a custom control?

Ok, this is a weird one. In XPages my dataSource is a Java Object. A Managed bean or PageController. I'm using bootstrap via the Ext. Library. What I'd like to do is keep all my validation code ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by David Leedy on Stack Overflow
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Why am I receiving error http 403 forbidden?

I have just made a change to an Xpages application successfully on our development instance on the notes development server. I have deployed the change to out Train instance application on our notes ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by AJF on Stack Overflow
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lotus notes - document locking fails

I stumbled over an odd behaviour while developing an application on Lotus Notes for a customer. So I wondered if anyone has an idea why this happens and if there's a workaround or something to be ...

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Lotus Forms print all pages, extend Lotus Forms print ability

I have .xfdl document with several pages. When pressing print button Lotus Forms prints not all pages. In the last time I add button to document with custom .jar for printing. Is it possible to ...

1 answer

Change the looks of selected navigator item

I've been playing around with Extension Library Navigator for a while and I can't figure out how to make the selected (or the current opened pages basic node) node to change any of the looks ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by MarisP on Stack Overflow
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OSGi update site fails with “null” error

Sometimes, after server restart all applications fail because of missing ExtLib libraries. They should be installed during HTTP startup from NSF update site. Server log shows: HTTP JVM: ...

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Using a custom renderer in XPiNC fails

I followed Sven's hint, how to implement empty html5 attritutes to xpages: XPages: Empty HTML5 Attibutes & PassThroughTags I works very well in browser clients. But when I open that peace of code ...

3 answers

Sending formatted Lotus Notes rich text email from Excel VBA

While trying to use the hints in your answer at I could do almost everything I needed: ...

2 answers

Unresponsive buttons after certain time

Today we encountered a strange problem. We have a XPage with some buttons, who id opened in editMode and bind to backend Notes Document. We can press the buttons and the values are updated to the ...

2 answers | Apr 23 at 14:41 by Frank van der Linden on Stack Overflow
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Disable th always on top option. IBM Notes 9

How do i disable to "always on top" windows option on Notes 9 I've looked every where for an answer and haven't been able to find one. Looked under the view tab but there is no opt-in option to ...

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Allow public access to java code in IBM Notes/XPages?

I have an IBM Notes/XPages site, and I'm trying to allow access to one of the pages to anyone. This particular xpage is fairly simple, but it does call some java code that is sitting under Code/Java ...

1 answers | Apr 23 at 14:11 by Reid Rivenburgh on Stack Overflow
1 answer

XPages: Wait for backend document to be saved and reload

In one of my XPages- application (for Client, XPinC) I have a link to "Edit" an attachment of this document. I use the technology described in this blog article to get the attachment edited. In that ...

1 answers | Apr 23 at 13:04 by Torsten Link on Stack Overflow
1 answer

XPages Is it possible loading external javascript libraries via AMD loader?

In Domino 9 dojo comes with the AMD loader which seems to be interfering with loading of external javascript libraries eg Jquery Mobile, Fullcalendar. The quick solution is to load these external ...

1 answers | Apr 23 at 12:59 by jalmen on Stack Overflow
1 answer

xpages view picklist custom control

I am using mark t hughes view picklist custom control from open NTF. Link to control on openNTF I have set all the paramenters etc, however when I load the page with the control on, I get my custom ...

1 answer

Using Subform with computed fields in XPage on Domino 9.x server

I have a Notes Form (Personnel) that contains a Notes Subform (that I call DocInfo) which has computed fields for storing original author and created date. Created field formula ...

1 answer

Adding values to multi-value field and displaying them

I have 3 multi-value fields and I have already inserted values in them. All of the fields are Text type, edible. What I'm trying to do is that I want to add functionality in xpages, so that I can add ...

1 answers | Apr 23 at 8:42 by MarisP on Stack Overflow
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Copy Items in Lotus Script not working

There is a form containing rich text field and has text and doc link in it. I want to send a mail on a scheduled agent with content from the rich text field into body of the mail. I am facing issue ...

1 answers | Apr 23 at 8:41 by Himanshu on Stack Overflow
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Run Time design change in lotusnotes

I need to change the name and formula of columns of a embedded view in a lotus notes dialog box.I need to change this column name and formula when a combo box value in dialog box changes.i added the ...

1 answer

Basic authentication session management Domino

I have a following use case for which I need some pointers/hints/approaches for the solution. I have to make a login screen for android app following which there will be other screens that would do ...

3 answers

Domino Server 9.0.1 FP3 crashs when JAVA getAllEntries method (of the View class) follows a call to the FTSearch method

I have an XPage application which is running on a Domino Server 8.5.3 FP6without any FTSearch problems. Since a couple of weeks I am working on the migration to Domino Server 9.0.1 FP3. Now it ...

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