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Using enumerations in Domino / Eclipse Web Service Provider

Are enumerated values allowed in Eclipse / Domino Designer web service provider? I set my compiler to 1.6 and it allows me to declare enums, but when I try to incorporate it in the service without ...

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Xpage : open attachments - IE freeze

I have a Notes document that is rendered on an XPage. This document contains file attachments, declared as RichText items in the notes document. These attachments are displayed using control . When I ...

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When do I know that my project has been really built?

Following Martin Jinoch's stern admonition to turn 'automatically build' off, I'm doing it the manual way but have some questions: Is there any way to visually determine when the project is built ...

2 answers | 5 hours ago by Andrew Magerman on Stack Overflow
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trying to convert data from Domino Access Service to a JSON string via JSON.stringify

I want to store the result from a call to a Domino Access Service (DAS) in a localStorage however when I try to convert the result object to a JSON string I get an error. With DAS you get the result ...

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Xpages REST Service does not recompute view name hen partialRefresh is done on parent panel

Want to check if rest service control does not honour context.getSubmittedValue() for viewName property? REST Service view name is not being computed when partialRefresh is done on parent panel. I am ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by Arun on Stack Overflow
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I want to add a file inside the Lotus Notes 9 mail Body not as an aside attachment file

I'm automatizing a service and I was able to create a mail using xls vba code but my issue is that the file is attacched externally of the body of the mail while I'd like to have the following ...

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foward slash - use runtime optimize XPages

when I use the compression JS/CSS parameter XPages IE8 browser don't resolve this resource (error 404) ...

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Use OpenNTF Domino API without server install?

Want to use the OpenNTF Domino API for a XPages web application, but where I work I'm not allowed to have anything installed on the Domino servers. Is it possible to use the OpenNTF Domino API for a ...

1 answers | 20 hours ago by Derek on Stack Overflow
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infiniteScroll with pagerAddRows but Timeago only work for the repeat limit not more

I use the Timeago for Xpages and the inifinite scrolling Custom Control. If I use ones of them it is good. But if use both not good. The timeago only works on the entries in the repeatlimit. If I ...

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Domino 9 Dojo mobile 1.8 not supporting in Firefox in Android

I am unable to preview my sample mobile page in Firefox on Android which has been developed using notes 9. Seems Dojo 1.8 not compatible with Mozilla in android. I did the same logic using Dojo 1.8.3. ...

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How to add external third party jar in Notes Xpages application?

I am Java developer, recently working on Xpages project. we are using Notes 9.0.1. I created Java agent to send email and I want to use some third party jar, something like org.apache.commons.lang3 , ...

1 answers | 22 hours ago by Kevin on Stack Overflow
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How can I access deletion stubs (unids)?

I have an Java agent synchronizing Notes documents with rows in a MS SQL table. New documents are inserted and changed dokuments are updated, but I have not found a good way to handle deleted ...

2 answers | 23 hours ago by Henry on Stack Overflow
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xpages SSJS: cannot get rid of “” warnings in log

I am building a multilingual application and I am storing the value of the latest language used in a cookie. When the user opens up the application, the sessionScope variable is not set and the code ...

2 answers | 23 hours ago by Ben Dubuc on Stack Overflow
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Connection between Lotus Notes and PostgreSQL

I want to connect to a Postgres Database with Lotus Notes 8.5.3 in win32 server. I tried to install Pg odbc driver 9.3 and the odbc connection is successful when i launch it in odbcad32. But it ...

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Forcing Users to Log on for a particular XPage: Is the <xp:aclEntry> tag flaky?

I have a 'Registration' XPage for which I want the end-user to be logged in. Normal users can browse the database, but when they need to register, then I want them to register. I have been using the ...

1 answers | yesterday by Andrew Magerman on Stack Overflow
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Getting “The linked document (UNID… cannot be found in the view (UNID …)” Error Message

I'm getting the error message below: Upon clicking the doclink which was being attached in the e-mail which was generated by me through clicking the send to managers button. I also tried using ...

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Entering and onFocus events are not triggered on Mac properly

hope somebody faced up with this issue and already know solution. On Mac/Lotus Notes (I've version 9 installed). On fields with 'Native OS Style' option enabled events 'Entering' and 'onFocus' are ...

2 answers

Date fields and BootStrap Extention Lib

I have a very simple form that I am trying to use BootStrap from the ExtLib with. Everything is fine until I add a field that is of type Date or Time. Any fields after that field are then off in the ...

3 answers

Executing Multiple Actions

When adding a group of actions to an event on an XPage (e.g. Button onClick()), is there any mechanism to control if subsequent actions should occur based upon the result of a previous action?

3 answers | yesterday by Peter Presnell on Stack Overflow
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How to identify “Don't prompt for a password from other notes-based programs” is enabled using java

In all the example programs and tutorials, people are asking to set "Don't prompt for a password from other notes-based programs" before accessing mail database using Java. If this is not checked, ...

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XPages. Hide column in DataTable

I'm trying to hide a column in the dataTable, but not working. Hiding only header. In example I try hide first column. Domino 9.0.1. I was mistaken or is it a bug? I know about the "display: none" ...

2 answers

Domino nchronos.exe multiple instances causing server to die, and Sametime problems

I've had this problem for a few months now. I thought it started when I installed the Traveller software on the server to add ActiveSync support, but I removed that and the problem still persists. ...

2 answers | yesterday by Kevin on Server Fault
0 answers

Xpages Fix Indenting on Multiple Categories and Total column on viewpanel

Multiple Category and total column on same viewPanel problem is category indent. This function (Brad Balassaitis code perfect) is not work on bootstrap how can i solve this. ...

0 answers

Using Java agents with IEI (fka LEI)

We have several java agents in our application that will be scheduled to run at different times of the day and wish to use the IEI (IBM Enterprise Integrator, formerly Lotus) product to run them. We ...

2 answers

Default Scope of XPages Data Sources (xp:dominoDocument and xp:dominoView)

What is the default scope of xp:dominoDocument data source? Sven Hasselbach posted an answer to another question, where he says that you have to set the scope of the data source to request scope and ...

2 answers | yesterday by Georg Kastenhofer on Stack Overflow
2 answers

XPages: Handle the parameters in SSJS send by XSP.partialRefreshPost from Client

Can I use an SSJS function if I call an XSP.partialRefreshPost in Client? Where should I define this SSJS function - directly in XSP.partialRefreshPost or in the refreshed object? Maybe all the steps ...

1 answer

Connection interrupted by other software on your computer

I'm currently using Pidgin 2.10.4 and we have Sametime 8.5.2. Everything worked OK till about a day ago I started getting "Lost connection with server. Connection interrupted by other software on ...

1 answers | yesterday by Mark on Super User
1 answer

XPages - extlib 9.0.1v12 and JQuery 2.11

I have always used in my projects the latest version of the extension library for 9.01v12 9.0.1fp3 Domino Everything works properly and well . But in this scenario, I have a large number of clients , ...

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How to get the Design Last modified date of the Database using Lotus Script?

I want to get the Design Last modified(Not Database modified) date of the database using lotus script. I can get the Design last modified date from the catalog.nsf, But I need to take it from the ...

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Reload Single Copy XPage Design (SCXD) *Java* Application Design

I'm using Single Copy XPage Design, with all my business logic written as Java in files in WebContent\WEB-INF. If I need to make a change to an XPage or Custom Control, I can update my template, ...

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