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xpages: cannot compute view column using getColumnValue()

In the code below, I am trying to compute the last column using a value that is coming from another column in the view. I can't figure out why this isn't working, returning the default value all the ...

2 answers | 9 hours ago by Ben Dubuc on Stack Overflow
2 answers

What is the “for identifier” in a formRow good/used for?

The extension library offers means to structure your forms by Form Tables, where you can put Form Layout Columns and Form Layout Rows. The Form Layout Rows have a property called "for" (the "For ...

2 answers | 12 hours ago by DonMaro on Stack Overflow
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Create Lotus Notes entry from Access Event

Is it possible to create an entry in a Lotus Notes Calendar, specifically a "reminder" using an Access VBA script when a new entry is made in the Access database table? I have had a search on google ...

1 answers | 13 hours ago by AJF on Stack Overflow
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java.util.ConcurrentModificationException in XPages

We have this multi-page browser-based application in XPages. The main window contains 5 frames with different pages, a 2nd (and there may be more) contain documents, all with a different page layout. ...

1 answer

Update drop down list dynamically - xpages

I have a form with two drop down type ahead fields. The first one works but the second one has to use different views based upon the input of the first value (actually a viewScope variable stored ...

1 answers | 14 hours ago by Mike Gonzalez on Stack Overflow
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MS Word “The linked image cannot be displayed” on user's computer (creating word with HTML in Lotus Domino)

I am creating MS Word with lotusscript by printing HTML. In my code I am including an image (with img tag), where src parameter is absolute path to an image saved locally on my disc. User also has the ...

0 answers

How to expand first two categorized colons and colapse the third one in Lotus view?

I have a view in Lotus Notes application. This view has first three columns defined as categorized (with a twistie). I have "Collapse all when database is first opened" in View properties - Info tab. ...

1 answer

Is Buddha(in Mahayana) immortal?

As I know Buddhism, it says 'Nothing is permament' I just came across this in Wikipedia: ...a Buddha is immortal. Even though he descends in the samsara to preach Dharma and save sentient ...

1 answer

confirmation dialog on SSJS

I need to do some ServerSide(SSJS) control in backend then a confirmation dialog should appear in front of the user. i couldn't write the correct code to be worked. var cVal = ...

1 answers | 21 hours ago by Cumhur Ata on Stack Overflow
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Create dash node dynamically on XPAGES

I recently installed the Extension Library containing objects responsive In particular I was using the Dashboard component. I was trying to figure out how to dynamically create DashNode with ...

2 answers

XPages Extension Library and REST control

I've only recently started experimenting with the REST control in the latest Xpages Extension library. I've been able to create a REST control to return the contents of a view: ...

2 answers | yesterday by Dan Soares on Stack Overflow
3 answers

Xpage JVM Debug Mode

really funny situation. I need to turn off the debug mode in the http server in the Domino. More exactly to switch the Logger Level on the XPage. Now in the Domino Log, there are many informations, ...

1 answer

XPages viewPanel remembering previous selection

I have a viewpanel in an XPage that has its search value "Search in Search Results" set to a sessionScope variable called queryString. it is set with the following formula... var tmpArray = new ...

1 answers | yesterday by smacca01 on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Deploying OSGi Servlet to Domino (IBM presentation) - 404 error

I´m trying to deploy an OSGi container in Domino using PDE tool with Equinox. I´m following the instruction in this IBM slideshow: ...

2 answers

Set 'From' email address in Lotus Notes when sending via VBA

I am using a VBA function in an Access database to call Lotus Notes to send automated emails to customers. The emails are being sent from the users personal Lotus account so that they have a history ...

3 answers

Sending formatted Lotus Notes rich text email from Excel VBA

I have little Lotus Script or Notes/Domino knowledge but I have a procedure, copied from somewhere a long time ago, that allows me to email through Notes from VBA. I normally only use this for ...

1 answer

How to enable delete functionality in lotus notes searchview form?

I hope you can help me on this, We've got a project in our team and the client needs to have a search functionality in a view. The application is web based by the way. By default we used the default ...

1 answer

I cannot delete multiple emails on IBM Notes Social edition

Somehow the multiple emails selected on IBM Notes Social edition do not get deleted when I hit the delete button. I am using Notes on MAC. It worked well on Lotus Notes 8.5.3 but when I upgraded to ...

1 answers | Nov 27 at 6:56 by Sumeet on Super User
2 answers

Can xpages display data similar to fraction format?

May I ask can xpages display data similar to fraction format? We have to develop a web application using domino designer version 8.5.2. One of our task is to display data in fraction format(or ...

2 answers | Nov 27 at 6:39 by beginner on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Use XML URL as View in Lotus Notes

I have a plain vanilla XML output that I want to display in Lotus Notes as a view. Is there a way to use the XML URL as the basis for a view?

1 answers | Nov 26 at 19:24 by Spurious on Stack Overflow
0 answers

dropzonejs and XPages upload

Hello I need to use for upload file in my XPages. I thought about using to use the XAgent for handle Mark Leusink: ...

1 answer

IBM Domino Security Library/Jar

Im trying to export LDAP users from Domino LDAP to a Plain TXT file/JDBC. The case is, i achieve the process to export everything from LDAP to a .TXT/JDBC but... the userPasswords field comes like ...

1 answers | Nov 26 at 11:42 by cley on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Java based lotus agent how to change content type

I have a java agent in lotus notes in which i receive an xml and parse this. this is the code: import org.w3c.dom.Document; import org.w3c.dom.NodeList; import org.w3c.dom.Node; import ...

1 answer

Export Sametime buddylist from vpuserinfo.nsf use lotusscript

I know we can get access to custom data of vpuserinfo.nsf using: byteArray = notesDocument.GetItemValueCustomDataBytes( itemName$ , dataTypeNam$) But i don't know the datatypename of "8193". Can ...

1 answer

Lotus Domino Calendar REST Service unicode

I'm trying to add Calendar event with room reservation using REST API by sending JSON. Everything works perfect until I don't want to use room name with unicode letters like \u00F3. I was trying to ...

1 answers | Nov 25 at 21:42 by w-w on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Lotus Domino sametime retrieve online status

Is there any way to use the com-api to get access to online status on sametime? The data should persist in a nsf-file right? Or is this only accessible from the sametime rest api? I only want to ...

2 answers

Does Lotus Notes support AMQP or JMS?

To be honest, I have no clue what these are. I know they are some sort of messaging protocols, but that's about it. A manager in my organization wants to know, so I'm asking. Any help would be ...

2 answers | Nov 25 at 21:39 by Mike Jackson on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Cannot find SameTime Local Server with port 59449

Hi I am working on SameTime Web Connect Api. I the help document they have written, you will see servlet with port number 59449. However when I run LotusNotes and SameTime I find the port closed. I am ...

3 answers

Open IBM Sametime chat window programmatically

Consider a scenario where Sametime chat is already running. It is possible open chat with another person from another program? Can you please tell me the procedure? Thanks a lot, Omkar

3 answers | Nov 25 at 21:37 by om471987 on Stack Overflow
1 answer

How can I send a message to a SameTime user from another system?

I guess what I'm asking is what methods are available to send SameTime messages to users? The version is the one integrated into Notes 8.5. Is there a command line, a web service, a .Net API, a Java ...

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