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Add a Button to a table-responsive built in SSJS

I'm creating a bootstrap table responsive using a repeat control and it works fine, but now I want to add a button related to each row. I have this working if I just use a repeat control but not the ...

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OnChange event not firing when i use jquery

Im making my first xpage site and i have made a bootstrap themed site. I have an input field that have an onchange event that i want to perform a partial refresh of the surrounding xp:panel. This is ...

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Stored Procedure via Notes Java Agent

I am trying to get a stored procedure to be able to be called from a java agent in Lotus Notes. I have been able to get these type(s) of agents to work fine as far as moving data to and from db2 ...

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NotesException: Object has been removed or recycled

I have a Java package that holds utilities, one of which accesses a Notes database. When I first use this class (called from a session scoped bean), which is static and returns a boolean it always ...

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External java application to open lotus notes database and get date range of mail in a folder

I'm trying to create an external java application that can point to a folder of lotus notes files and get the earliest and latest dates for email. The plan is create this using java and the ...

1 answers | yesterday by A Dev on Stack Overflow
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Java sorting a collection of datetime values

I'm pulling the date and time of emails using the notes.jar lotus notes api. When I add them to a collection, if add them like this: Vector times = doc.getItemValueDateTimeArray("PostedDate"); ...

2 answers | yesterday by A Dev on Stack Overflow
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How to receive DB2 stored procedure result in LotusScript

I have the following DB2 stored procedure CREATE PROCEDURE SCHEME.getData(IN inputParam VARCHAR(100), OUT outputParam VARCHAR(100)) BEGIN -- do sth SET outputParam = 'something2'; END I ...

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xe:navigator, expandable: how to replace the “twisties” with some custom icon?

For navigation I'm using an xe:navigator and containing xe:basicContainerNodes, which in turn contain xe:pageTreeNodes. Rather classic design, I'd say. If I mark the xe:navigator as "expandable" ...

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Test to see if bean is instantiated?

I wanted to test to see if a session scope bean was in fact valid in a beforePageLoad event using SSJS. If I clear the session scopes using the Debug toolbar I get an error when trying to test the ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by Howard on Stack Overflow
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getSessionAsSigner is null while using controller classes

I will start by saying that: I'm using ODA (godmode,khan,marcel). I'm the only code signer. sessionAsSigner is working the first time I load an XPage that calls it. sessionAsSigner becomes null ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by shillem on Stack Overflow
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How can I set the text box as editable when its document mode is readonly in xpages?

To set the edit text as editable when the document mode is readOnly. I add the following code at edit box's readOnly as Computed Field. var fruitName= sessionScope.get("fruitName"); ...

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The entity name must immediately follow the " in the entity reference

Every time I open one of my xpages I get following popup/dialog (see image). I have looked in the source pane trying to find an error but can't find it and the problem is not listed in the source pane ...

3 answers | 2 days ago by Thomas Adrian on Stack Overflow
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Why does this code write out TWO documents?

Have a database where I only want one document for a certain category. So when the user goes to this Xpage I want to test to see if there is already a doc, and if so grab that one, if not, then create ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by Bryan Schmiedeler on Stack Overflow
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Lotus Script - Send email does not attach form

I am trying to send email from Lotus Script. But the email doesn't seem to have the FORM ( named Email Form , referred below in the code ) attached to it, when received in the inbox. When I check the ...

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XPage ajax document creation

This might seem like a duplicate but please read first and let me know if you have questions. I have a single xpage with two data sources, one form for information and the other for image attachments. ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by MichaelGee on Stack Overflow
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Configuring Lotus Expeditor toolkit 6.2.3 with eclipse ganymede

I am trying to Use Lotus Expeditor Toolkit 6.2.3 + Eclipse Ganymede + IBM Notes Client 9.0.1 to develop UI extension. I have installed Lotus Expeditor toolkit in eclipse ganymede via Software Updates ...

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XPages Request Processing Lifecycle -where does the package go

I am trying to run the code in the XPages Request Processing Lifecycle. The 3rd bit of code says But I don't know how to put in a package that matches the defined structure.... Code 3: ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Bryan Schmiedeler on Stack Overflow
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Xpages performance and sessionScope variables

Trying to get better performance out of my Xpages applications. Reading Mastering Xpages 2Ed, blogs, installed Xpages Toolbox. One application in particular is very slow. The user sets some ...

2 answers | Aug 27 at 15:36 by Bryan Schmiedeler on Stack Overflow
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How can you pin position of widgets in the lotus notes sidebar panel

I like for my Lotus Notes client to open with just the settings and preferences that I want. One thing I always do is position and open the sidebar widgets that I will use throughout the day. I ...

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Domino always server fails to send SMTP email at first attempt

In our logs, we find the below: Router: No messages transferred to (host via SMTP: The server is not responding. The server may be down or you may be experiencing ...

3 answers | Aug 27 at 10:02 by kkarim on Server Fault
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How to programmatically open a Dojo djFilteringSelect drop down list

Ok, this ought to be doable - and pretty simple, if one knows how to get a handle on the djFilteringSelect object. Use case: I have taken over a request to extend an existing XPage with the ...

1 answer

Customize Domino Server User Authentication Algorithm

When treating a Domino Server as a web server, a form containing the Username and Password of a user can be posted to a URL with the ?Login command to perform user authentication. By default, the ...

1 answers | Aug 27 at 7:37 by user488432 on Server Fault
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onClick event on Categorized Dojo TreeGrid in XPages

Creating a dojo treegrid using the example from Brad Balassatis: "Create a Categorized Dojo TreeGrid in XPages" The grid is created, but how do have a onClick event on the row or grid? i try to use ...

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SCCM application deployment shows as fail

I am trying to deploy Lotus Notes through SCCM application deployment. I distributed and installed the app successfully on client, however the status shows as failed in Software Center. The ...

4 answers

Lotus Notes- how to change the year in a birthdate to @today

I have to make a calendar view to show employee birthdays. T want to convert their date of birth so that the year is this year. So far I have this and have tried various methods but keep getting ...

4 answers | Aug 27 at 0:58 by Frank on Stack Overflow
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xpages: panel with datasource, radio buttons and checkboxes don't recognize datasource

Found a solution... see bottom for answer... I have a page that has its own datasource (a prent document), and I have a panel with a different datasource, that displays the attached reponses. This ...

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Change Domino Server User Authentication Algorithm

When treating a Domino Server as a web server, a form containing the Username and Password of a user can be posted to a URL with the ?Login command to perform user authentication. By default, the ...

1 answers | Aug 26 at 16:11 by Michael on Stack Overflow
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IBM Domino Directory Assistance with Active Directory

I have added an Active Directory Entry in the Directory Assistance DB. The command "show xdir" shows the new directory as used. The users from AD can login to the web server. But I don't know how to ...

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How to refresh the datasource in XPages, when you change background document?

If I get the NotesDocument object from the datasource, change some fields and then save the datasource, without saving the NotesDocument directly, the changes are not saved. For example: var ...

3 answers | Aug 26 at 15:25 by Tolbxela on Stack Overflow
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Conflict in a FileDownload control in Notes 9 XPage

I am using this code placed in beforeRenderResponse event of an XPage in a notes 8.5.3 application: function overrideFileDownloadAction( fDownload ){ if( fDownload === null ) return; ...

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