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Error in JAVA when checking a user roles if the user does not have any roles in DB

I'm processing to see if the current user has a specific role or roles. The issue is that is the user has a role (even if it not one I'm checking for) all works well. However, if the user has no roles ...

3 answers | 9 hours ago by Bill F on Stack Overflow
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Authenticate in Lotus Notes on localhost

This might sound a little complicated, but as I'm often working on my local databases in Lotus Notes I got the problem, that I can not authenticate. So I'm always working as Anonymous on my database. ...

3 answers

How to format link in email to open an Xpage App

I am sending out an HTML email to our users every week in which I want to include links to certain documents and then a link to the overall database. The database is an Xpage db. On my docs I have a ...

3 answers | yesterday by Bryan Schmiedeler on Stack Overflow
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Trying to create a query for a web search in formula language in Lotus Notes - don't get what is expected

We have a web form that allows users to select the selection criteria from the dialog list for the search. The problem we are having is if the user selects a functionalArea that has a value with a ...

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Exception occurred calling method NotesDatabase.getDocumentByUNID(null) null

I don't understand why I'm getting the above mentioned error with following code : value1 = sessionScope.get("selectedPicture"); if (value1 != "empty"){ var db:NotesDatabase = ...

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xpages: trap when extension library widget container is closed

I have added a few widget containers (from the extension Library) to an app to display user's favorites, app specific content and a list of the most popular docs. Although I managed to limit the ...

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Lotus Notes: Print/write variant() to freefile() .csv

I just want to ask how to print a variant() --> "tmpArray" to .csv? Because in the code that I have right now, it's only accessing the first value in the array. I want to access all the values in the ...

1 answer

Lotus Notes: I'm Getting “Object variable not set” at the end of Do While Loop

I'm Getting "Object variable not set" at the end of Do While Loop. When I debug the agent, the pointer points at "loop" after the condition was met. The condition is that if the document is equal to ...

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Lotus Notes Single Sign On through PowerShell

I have a script that works with a Lotus database: $LotusSession = New-Object -ComObject Lotus.NotesSession $LotusSession.Initialize() $LotusDatabase = ...

1 answer

Searching Lotus Notes Databases

I have around 50 lotus notes databases which I need to search through (including RTFs and attachments) based on a rather complicated query (for example: If customer = a or b or c or d or e ... or z ...

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How to migrate Lotus Notes Mail in database to Exchange public folder?

I need to migrate a Lotus Notes Mail database to Exchange. In the past, Users get mails in their Notes mail accounts and sort them manually by drag and drop in a specific folder structure in a ...

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IBM WCM 8, Spring 4

I'm pretty new to IBM WCM and IBM Portal; I'm using the following versions: IBM WebSphere Portal Server_8.0.0.0 IBM Web Content Manager_8.0.0.0 I need to create a custom action for the WCM ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Angelo Immediata on Stack Overflow
0 answers

How to bring back sites and resource document into the resource reservation database

For some reason, Some of my sites and resource documents have disapeared from the resource and reservation database, but they are still in Domino Directory so users can book using the mail calendar. ...

1 answer

Check if Richtext has an attachment

This is strange - or not as Richtext is a son of a b**ch in general. I want to track if a document (resp. the richtext items) have attachments or not to set other fields in my backend document. I ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Oliver Busse on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Create newsletter template in Lotus Notes 8.5

How can I create a template to circulate company newsletter via lotus notes 8.5 in the body of the email, so not as an attachment? I'm thinking blog style with a few images, header texts etc... I can ...

1 answer

Lotus Notes View Selection: How to show top 10 documents only based on a column value

Just want to ask how to show top 10 documents only based on a column value using view selection? The formula of the view selection is in the code snippet below.. then there are 50 documents in the ...

0 answers

Lotus Notes Traveler server did not respond within the allotted time frame

I have Lotus Notes Traveler Build 201411031333 running on Lotus Domino server Release 8.5.3FP6 November 21, 2013 on a Windows/64 (2 Processors) platform This server is dedicated for ...

0 answers

Lotus Notes showing up blank inbox

How can I resolve lotus Notes issue of showing up a blank inbox as attached in my Macbook Air? Lotus Notes 8.5

1 answer

@JdbcGetConnection not working in XPiNC after upgrade to 9.0.1 FP3 'SSLv3 SSLContext not available'

After upgrading Notes client to 9.0.1 FP3 I'm unable to get records from MS SQL instance. I got following error: Error while creating JDBC connection, ...

1 answers | Jan 29 at 1:09 by TomSta on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Can I filter an Xpages search bar

I have been given an XPages project which I did not develop. The project has a OneUILayout that includes a Search Bar "facet". Is it possible to code a filter into the search bar facet so that ...

1 answers | Jan 28 at 23:30 by AJF on Stack Overflow
3 answers

Lotus Notes 8.0.2 - how to stop all mail showing in customized view

I am using Lotus Notes 8.0.2 at work and unfortunately the admin restricted changing default folders design. Only little changes are possible (e.g. change columns order) and even them are resetted ...

3 answers | Jan 28 at 21:28 by mikolajek on Super User
1 answer

Xpages 1.6.1 not working on Domino 8.5.3 server

We are trying to ramp up to using xpages in our apps but have run into a snag. We are running Domino 8.5.3 FP6 on Linux. I have a very simple xpages app with just a view control that works fine on ...

1 answers | Jan 28 at 18:50 by aumis93 on Stack Overflow
1 answer

RESOLVED: Access VBA: Lotus Notes: select notes template & fill with data from Access

I am facing a strange problem: I have an VBA script in Access, which controls Lotus Notes the following way when clicking a button: connect to and opens a DB searches for a certain template ...

1 answer

Is it possible to save a file using client side javascript in xpages

I customize my confirmation prompt using sweetAlert, I did it, now my problem is using a customize confirmation prompt, I cannot use SSJS code but I need to save a document with a file upload. I need ...

1 answers | Jan 28 at 12:00 by kenneth Jims on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Dropdown button with XPages do not look like on the Bootstrap site

I am using the bootstrap theme from extension library and try to make the bootstrap dropdown button look like the one on the bootstrap site. This is what the dropdown looks like on the bootstrap site ...

2 answers

Issue with Intent.ACTION_SEND in Lotus Notes Traveler App

I am developing an Android application which sends emails using Intent.ACTION_SEND. I am sending EXTRA_EMAIL, EXTRA_CC, EXTRA_BCC, EXTRA_SUBJECT along with it. My problem with Lotus noted is that, ...

1 answer

OSGi just won't launch upon Domino server startup, out of ideas

In trying to load the latest Extension Library, (9.0.1.v00_11_20141217-1000) using the UpdateSite.nsf on a Windows server, OSGi just doesn't want to come up after issuing: tell http quit load ...

3 answers

Convert IBM Lotus Notes file to text

How can I convert an .nsf lotus file to a text file? i want to write a java program to read .nsf file which is on my system. i have tried it simply but it is showing non english character is their any ...

2 answers

xPages: redirect to home when dialog closes

I have a contact form where I use the email bean found on OpenNTF snippets to send the email out. That part works great. Once the email is sent, I am showing a dialogbox with a little message to let ...

1 answer

OpenNTF ApplicationLayout and GlyphIcons : how to use?

I'm using the last ExtensionLibrary (v11), theme 'bootstrap3.2.0' and ApplicationLayout control with 'bootstrapResponsiveConfiguration'; I'm trying to use GlyphIcons in ApplicationLinks without ...

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