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Display all Fields from a Form in a View in Lotus Script or Lotus Formula

Is there any easy way to create a view with all available fields from a form? I have a form with over 100 fields and to create a view with all fields will take too much time. The aim is to export ...

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Determine whether a user has opened a database already

The database is not new, adding profile documents, environment variables, etc... won't help. Here's what I need: When a user opens the database, there will be a dialogbox popping up (or not), based on ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by Lesic on Stack Overflow
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OSGI server Addin programming and Domino security not working

i am building a Domino OSGI Server Plugin that has to access different applications when called from the web. So far it is working. I get the application given in the parameters and get json back to ...

2 answers | 8 hours ago by TSchulte on Stack Overflow
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xpages - Get rid of the fraction part of a currency

I'm trying to get rid of the fraction part of a field stored in a Notes document as a Number field. In xPages it displays default as a Double which I then want to convert to Currency. When I use the ...

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Notes 901 Install on El Capitan not launching

I have a mac user who recently upgraded to El Capitan. We've been trying to install Notes on her machine. It installs but when we try and launch it, a window comes up saying that Notes is starting ...

1 answers | 21 hours ago by Clem on Stack Overflow
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XPAGES: Build path contains duplicate entry: 'org.eclipse.jdt.launching.JRE_CONTAINER'

I am trying to run an Xpage locally (in Chrome if it makes any difference) from a local NSF and am receiving the error: Build path contains duplicate entry: 'org.eclipse.jdt.launching.JRE_CONTAINER' ...

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Xpages enableModifiedFlag and modifiedMessage showing erratic behaviour

I'm playing around with enableModifiedFlag and modifiedMessage properties in an Xpages project, and I'm finding it hard to figure out how those should be used. Environment is Domino Designer 9.0.1 FP5 ...

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Lotus Notes / LotusScript - How to set date in German rather than English?

I am writing code which sends a mail to users. The mail text contains a date. While the date is calculated correctly, the date is displayed in English, even though all users have German language ...

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Extracting email messages from a Lotus Notes NSF file using Java API

I'd like to use the Java API (Notes.jar), and I'm running a Windows box with Lotus Notes 8.5 installed. I know nothing about Lotus Notes, and I only need to do this one narrow task: extracting email ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by bajafresh4life on Stack Overflow
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How to ensure a multivalue field is an array

I have an issue with a piece of code that is reading a multivalue field that I need to process as if it is an array using a For loop. var iQuestionnaireVar:string; var nQuestionnaireVarLen:int; ...

1 answers | Feb 6 at 15:07 by rrumaner on Stack Overflow
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How to disable the whole page?

I have a field where a customer number is required. When the user leaves the field in the onblur event I need to run some code, in this case check if the given number is already in use. The problem is ...

1 answers | Feb 5 at 12:04 by AWinkler on Stack Overflow
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Lotus Notes 8.5.3 crashes on startup as normal user but not as admin

I have a really interesting problem here with Lotus Notes 8.5.3: When I start Lotus Notes in single user mode as Admin on my Windows 7 64-bit client, I can run the Lotus Notes initial setup (where I ...

2 answers | Feb 5 at 7:45 by Bubu on Super User
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What is that complex property “All properties > data > properties” good for?

This is just out of curiosity: looking for some other type of property inside an xpage I stumbled upon "All properties > data > properties". This is a complex prop, multiple parameter elements can be ...

1 answers | Feb 5 at 7:39 by Lothar Mueller on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Download multiple attachments

The Notes native client has an option to download all attachments to a folder. I cannot found similiar on web based iNotes (8.5). Is there a way to download all attachments at once ?

1 answers | Feb 4 at 20:06 by PeterMmm on Super User
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XPages Dojo Number Spinner Pattern

When i use dojoNumber Spinner i cannot manage design patter of that design element. My code is below. It looks like "%1.800" but i want it to look like "%18". as you can in the Picture. ...

2 answers

LotusScript to find attachments in all mail files larger than {X} MB

As the titles says. Unfortunately I'm a complete beginner with LotusScript so I have no idea myself. However we have had for a while no max email attachment size policy in place.. and this has ...

2 answers

Not able to get out of the loop after getfirstitem in lotus script

Sub Initialize On Error GoTo ErrorOut Dim sess As NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim doc, searchDoc, reqNumDoc As NotesDocument Dim body As NotesMIMEEntity Dim header As NotesMIMEHeader Dim ...

2 answers | Feb 4 at 2:49 by Tinku on Stack Overflow
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XPages “xsp://” in rich text - what is that protocol?

I am using code I found in the sanple database that comes with the book "Mastering XPages, 2nd edition" - Chapter 11, that has a managed bean to handle the rich text. in there, it converts html links ...

Feb 3 at 21:10 by Ben Dubuc on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Convert Type “String” to type “Name”

Here is the Problem: import lotus.domino.Document; import lotus.domino.Name; import lotus.domino.NotesException; import lotus.domino.Session; import de.bcode.utils.Utils; ...

2 answers | Feb 3 at 19:51 by shreeram banne on Stack Overflow
1 answer

XPages ValuePicker Limited to 1000

I use valuePicker and DojoListTextBox design element. If i have more than 1.000 values this valuepicker lists at most 1.000 records. How to increase that limitation? I just want it to list how many ...

1 answers | Feb 3 at 14:24 by Cumhur Ata on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Latest Google Chrome & Opera stable not supporting XPAGES?

I have found errors occur on latest stable Google Chrome & Opera when I tried to refresh a simple XPAGES page from a new created NSF database Here is the code : <?xml version="1.0" ...

1 answers | Feb 3 at 10:16 by Hedi Kasmanto on Stack Overflow
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NotesCalendarEntry with recurring event

Hello I need to solve my old question XPages search calendar range datetime So I have rewrite my code for use NotesCalendar class and now this code return correctly the events (include the ...

3 answers

What is the correct way to read the value from a date field in Xpages using SSJS

I have a date field in a notes document and need to read the value using ssjs. if the field contains a value I can read it using doc.getItemValueDateTimeArray[0] but if the date field is empty the ...

2 answers

Xpages ajax request impacts context history

I have a simple Xpage (page1.xsp) opened from view.xsp page. It contains the following elements 1) Back button written in SSJS context.redirectToPreviousPage() 2) CSJS script that does ajax get ...

0 answers

XPages SSJS NoteViewEntry with multivalue - bug or not?

I have create this simple code for rendering the events of my IBM Notes Calendar into a custom JSON Object (I use this plugin for GUI project ) All work correctly and well. I have ...

1 answer

Linking EXE files from IBM WCM not working. Linking any Images, PDFs works fine

We have a WCM COntent Library. Inside the "Components" area, we have created an EXE folder as seen below. This exe folder contains exe files. Now, whenever I am trying to place a link to the .exe ...

1 answer

Lotus Domino 8.5.3 FP6 ignoring archive policy

We are using Domino 8.5.3 FP6. (64bit) on Win-2008 R2 64bit. We have a policy to archive emails older then 365 days into archive folder (for all users). 2 years back, our server crashed dueto ...

1 answer

Java Agent in Lotus Notes thrwoing “” Exception

I'm trying to use the Google Custom Search API to, obviously, search in google. I've made this Java Agent in Lotus Notes. The Main Class: import java.util.List; import lotus.domino.AgentBase; import ...

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Compatibility issue between Domino and JBoss versions

I am a project manager planning for upgrade of one of my customers applications. The application uses both JBoss 5 and Domino 8.5. We are planning to upgrade both JBoss and Domino versions. To be ...

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IBM Domino 8.5.3 SHA2 SSL Termination via a IBM IHS Reverse Proxy

I need to terminate SSL (SHA2) on a IBM HTTP Server reverse proxy as a short term workaround to mitigate the upcoming deprecation on SHA1 SSL Certificates. The long term plan is to upgrade to to ...

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