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Wondering how I might be able to debug this ACL issue

I'm adding security around some buttons in an app I built long ago. The way I implemented this security feature is that I created a a role in the database's ACL. I do a check in the button's ...

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xpages fileupload creates 2 files

I transported an xpage from 9.00 server and extlib to an 9.01 rebuild it etc, and now got a few oddies: amongst others, my fileupload control creates 2 instead of 1 file attachment from a selected ...

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why are field values being erased with an xPage full update (on another field)?

I have an xPage that is behaving very oddly. (if xPages get corrupt, I think this one might be) Tell me what you think: I have editable fields with onChange events that take the value of the field ...

3 answers | 21 hours ago by ann mcg on Stack Overflow
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embed a YouTube video in an XPages repeat control

I'm looking to embed a YouTube video into an XPage, probably into a repeat control. I've looked around but can't find anything specific to XPages. I can create a link to open the YouTube video but ...

2 answers | 21 hours ago by Bill F on Stack Overflow
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Ask for password when opening Database - LotusNotes/DominoDesigner

My task is, when opening a database in Lotus Notes, the current user will be ask to input his/her password that was given by his superior. Is there a way how to do that? Just a simple prompt or form ...

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Duplicates mails in Lotus Notes 8.5 after replication

I had the very bad idea to copy and paste some missing mails from a message database to a second one. After a replication I get about a thousand of duplicates ! How could I remove them easily ? I ...

2 answers | 23 hours ago by jet-info on Super User
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lotusscript and dir function

I have one problem, and it drives me crazy, Here is a line of code qdName$ = Dir(fDir, ATTR_DIRECTORY) fDir is a directory path. Aim: I want to retrieve only Directory list under fDir path ...

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Can I plug IBM Notes Applications into IBM Rational Synergy?

A client of mine is trying to have all software tracked by his Configuration Management System, IBM Rational Synergy. He wants to track one of his applications, based on several nsfs. I couldn't find ...

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Prevent backspace button from navigating back to previous XPage

In my XPages application, I have noticed that whenever I hit the backspace key (without an input field having focus), the application returns to the previous XPage. How can I disable this behavior? I ...

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Lotus Notes Rules “Mark as Read”?

I have a rule set up in Lotus Notes to filter certain e-mails to a folder (Move to Folder). However, I can't figure out how to mark them as "Read" automatically. Is there a way to do this?

2 answers | yesterday by cmcculloh on Super User
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Signle Sign On between Cognos and Lotus Domino

I have some lotus domino servers with single sign on using LTPA tokens. I want to enable SSO for cognos server too. Cognos is a sub-domain of domino domain (eg and ...

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Best way to build a custom table linked to a NotesView with sorting and paging

I have a view in my Xpage application that contains a lot of elements. From this view I need to build a table with custom rows (I can't just display the view, I need to build the rows to display ...

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Change a buttons style-class on partial refresh

I have a series of buttons in a panel (id="panelButtons") which is nested inside another panel (id="panelView"). at the moment the onclick event on each of the buttons sets a sessionScope variable and ...

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How to retain the formatting while appending a word document to lotus notes mail body through VBScript?

I am trying to automate a mailing system where an edited word document will be mailed to number of people through Lotus Notes. I am using this following code to do so. This code works fine except it ...

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ExtensionLibrary ApplicationLayout grid column class setting?

When using the Extension Library ApplicationLayout control with the new Bootstrap features. I would like to know how best to override the grid column settings. Currently they are: Left Facet 2 ...

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How do I refer to an Excel sheet by name to import Excel data into a Notes app using LotusScript?

I am trying to look up some data in an excel sheet to populate a field in a Lotus Notes app on demand. I am using an Action button with LotusScript like so: Dim v As String Dim v2 As String 'Open XL ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Dave45 on Stack Overflow
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Lotus Notes 8.5 : Create a meeting with java

I started to work with Lotus Notes 8.5, and i have to create meetings in Lotus by using Java, lotus.domino and Notes.jar. So, to do this, i create a new Document and fill it with all the needed ...

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Java agent in Lotus notes to connect to FileNet P8

i am trying to developp an app in lotus notes to connect to filenetp8, and manage the documents. anyway i was using the filenet java api and did really connect from a distant machine but through a ...

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Lotus Notes' livetext equivalent for Outlook

Lotus Notes 8.5 introduced live text, which allows you to configure a text recognizer via regex, so that it can recognize items like flight numbers, fedex codes and make them clickable links that take ...

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Caused by:

I am trying to connect to a lotus domino server . For which i am creating session through java code by following way : String ior = NotesFactory.getIOR(""); Session s = ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by Sachin Jain on Stack Overflow
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Allow a user to select a folder path in Lotus Domino

What is the best way to allow a user to select a folder path in domino? Help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Stina

3 answers | 2 days ago by Stina on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Can someone help me learn how to use the javascript connections code?

I am trying to access data from Connections. I need to use some of the javascript api code: ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Bitwyse1 on Stack Overflow
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Trying to access Lotus DB via Java application - getting error msg “ XXX.nsf has not been opened yet”

I'm trying to connect to a Lotus DB from an external Java application - my code works perfectly against a database located on my test (local) server, but fails when run against the production DB (no ...

5 answers | 2 days ago by Mythli on Stack Overflow
2 answers

How to migrate existing database from Domino Server to Relational database (MySQL)

Is there any good way to migrate existing database from Domino Server to Relational database like MySQL without using any tool. I've explored a bit about this and got to know that its possible using ...

2 answers | Feb 25 at 17:17 by CWC15 on Stack Overflow
2 answers

LotusScript getting data from a view

I am new to lotus script, and I'm trying to get data from a view and save it into a string. But each time I do that I get the error that Initialize Object variable not set on line 36. In my domino ...

2 answers | Feb 25 at 17:12 by sabera on Stack Overflow
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Can I resize an image uploaded in an Xpages Upload File Control?

I have a user facing app where users are supposed to upload pictures. I am concerned they will not follow instructions (that is rare indeed) and load up huge files. Is there a way I can resize an ...

1 answers | Feb 25 at 15:59 by Bryan Schmiedeler on Stack Overflow
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How to get print statement in xpinc?

I've successfully created a view in XPages which contains list of all my lotusscript agents and a button to run the selected agent. When I select any one of the agent and run it, it successfully run ...

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How to update user status message to IBM Connections (Lotus connection API)?

Ive just read the manual(source: of Lotus Connection API on updating a status message however I did not find a sample script ...

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Xpages Combobox setting values in managed bean

I am trying to pass arguments to a managed bean. The bean is configured and works, has two methods "getResponsible" and "setResponsible". Calling "myLookup.responsible" works. I cannot pass ...

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Issue with Lotus Notes.Error message

When I first used Lotus Notes on my home PC, it worked fine. Now, I get the following messages: Bookmark File does not exist (I then click 'ok') You cannot quit Notes because a dialog is active. ...

1 answers | Feb 25 at 11:40 by Zacharie on Super User
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