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Xpages getComponent inside iFrame from parent webpage

We have built an Xpage application with a tabbed container inside. The first page of the tab container holds a view, when clicked on a document inside this view, a new tab with the corresponding ...

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XPages - using POI 4 XPages and it errors on $ symbol exporting to Word/PDF

I am using the splendid POI4Xpages add-on for my Xpage. It does very well mapping the web page to the Word or PDF, but I have noticed it bombs when there is a dollar sign ($) within any of the fields ...

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Bug fixing on JAVA beans deployed as OSGI plugin

I deploy a Java bean together with some custom controls and css as an OSGI plugin. So far so good. The troubles start when there is a bug in the bean. Debugging the Java bean is no problem but bug ...

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Cannot enable folder references in Lotus Notes database

in an external program that accesses various lotus database I get the following error: Error 4386 occured in line 43: Database does not support folder references Usually this program is ...

1 answers | 9 hours ago by Moh-Aw on Stack Overflow
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How can I change the default font on my emails to 10pt in Lotus Notes r5?

Emails always start off in 9pt and I always have to F2 the text up a font size. I can't see a way of changing the initial font size in any settings though. Any suggestions?

4 answers | 20 hours ago by Lunatik on Super User
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Lotus Notes hyperlink issue

I have a user with Lotus Notes 8.5.1 who is having issues opening hyperlinks. When you click on a link from an email, the line under the link text just flashes. I updated her to fix pack 8.5.2 and I'm ...

3 answers | 22 hours ago by Kyle on Super User
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Is it possible to send a response from an XPage that uses Transfer-Encoding:chunked

My goal is to stream a large response to the browser. I need to minimise the memory use of the XPage so that multiple hits don't bring the server down. The XPages are set up "XAgent" style with ...

2 answers | 23 hours ago by Brendan Wheble on Stack Overflow
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Create a Second Stationary in Lotus Notes 8.5

Three departments use the same mailbox. Is it possible for each department to have their own stationary mailbox from which they can send e-mails? If so, how can this be accomplished?

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Lotus notes script: create and open unsaved clone doc

in lotus notes 6.5.6 i have a document and inside this there is a "clone doc" button that create a copy of the uidoc and open it in workspace. My problem is that when the cloned document is opened in ...

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XPages events onStart and onComplete in conjunction with dojo.connect

I would like to use xp:eventHandler events onStart and onComplete in conjunction with dojo.connect. Take a look at this code snippet: <xp:scriptBlock id="scriptBlock1"> ...

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How to browse for a folder on OS X?

I've got a function in a Notes app running on the Windows Notes client which allows you to choose a folder into which files get downloaded. It uses a call to shell32. It, of course, won't work on a ...

1 answers | yesterday by Clem on Stack Overflow
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Connection Pool XPages driver JTopen iSeries/A400

Hello I have create my Osgi packare with this driver JTOpen and the Wizard JDBC Driver Plug-in Wizard using the class "" and import it into my UPDATESITE.NSF ...

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How to read emails from remote Lotus notes 8.5.3 server using PHP

I am trying to read Lotus notes 8.5.3 emails from a remote server using PHP code. It looked pretty straight when I read emails from Gmail using below code. But the same code did not connect to Lotus ...

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How to extract attachments from a Notes app on OS X?

I've got a Notes app which is accessed from Windows and OS X clients. I have a function which extracts an attachment from a doc. It works fine in Windows but is throwing this error: "Error in loading ...

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After clicking Browser back button, BeforePageLoad-Code not run

My problem is that after clicking the Browser back button the code in the BeforePagesLoad-Event not triggered. There is a function to get set an object in a manged bean. I dry to set the cache control ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by khsopro on Stack Overflow
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How to make a glyphicon clickable on a button

In my native Notes development I have a button on which I have defined a icon from the resources. Then in the have an onclick event. Want to make this a bootstrap button with an onclick so I add a ...

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Set the active Nav Pill when returning to a page

I have a nav pill example below where I have a nav pill and the active tab toggles depending on the selected tab and this works fine. However the link sends the browser to another page. I want to have ...

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Xpages OneUI 3.02 paging looks terrible; how to replace with OneUI 2

I prefer OneUI V3.0.2 to 2.0 except for one element, which is paging. I think the new style looks horrible. Here is an example of the old paging style: And here is an example of the new styling: ...

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XPages: Server side access to input values via getComponent().getValue() vs. Value Binding with Scope Variables

In XPages you can access the value(s) of an input control (e.g. xp:inputText) on the server side in three (see answer of Sven Hasselbach) different ways: Use javax.faces.component.UIComponent to get ...

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Poi4Xpages - write file to document during postGeneration

as per a suggestion recently received from Stwissel, I am using the following code to convert a file to mime and attach to a notes document during the post generation process of POI4Xpages. EDITED ...

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Issue with Dynamic View Panel and onColumnClick (CSJS) event

Using the Dynamic View Panel and trying in the onColumnClick event with client side JS to get the UNID or NoteID of the row the user clicked on. However, the XPage does not load with the error shown ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Howard on Stack Overflow
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Time Zone issue in xpages time control

I hope you guys are doing good. I am using date and time control on front end for selection of Time from date and time control and only time is visible at front end. My users are using different ...

1 answers | Jul 28 at 8:48 by Qaiser Abbas on Stack Overflow
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Xpages - JVM Security - PolicyTool

I want to know how to use PolicyTool: to add permissions for executing my java code within an NSF add permissions for multiple Java classes within an NSF What are Signed By and Principal entries - ...

Jul 28 at 8:44 by Arun on Stack Overflow
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Lotus Notes Client: How to determine user's role by click a button

I would like to ask how to use a button to determine user's role? I have a form and a button. I created a role called tester in Access Control List (this is used to define user's role). What I try ...

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Scrolling up to page top when changing tabbedPanel as PartialRefresh on Domino 9 -XPages

When I test the code below on Domino 8.5.3 FP6, TabbedPanel can change the tab contents without moving back to page top as I expected. However, when I test the same code on Domino 9.0.1FP3, my browser ...

1 answers | Jul 28 at 7:24 by kazu on Stack Overflow
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‘DAS - Domino REST service’ and Spring integration. Is it real?

I would like to build own REST service on domino. I’ve tried sample from ExtLib github source - ‘DAS - Domino REST service’ - ...

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How to add agent to lotus client using java

I wrote a simple agent program to get the count of unprocessedDocuments() and updateprocessedDoc. public class JavaAgent extends AgentBase { public void NotesMain() { FileWriter fw = null; ...

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XPages Ext Lib Value Picker onChange event

I'm using a the extension library value picker to select a Name. Once the user hits Ok, I need to use the selected value to populate several other fields. But I can't figure out how to fire a SSJS ...

1 answers | Jul 27 at 21:27 by Jeff Byrd on Stack Overflow
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Set an out-of-office message in Lotus Notes

How do I make the out-of-office option visible in Lotus Notes? It was usually available under the Tools drop down but now only Preferences is visible under this drop-down. I am using Lotus Notes ...

1 answers | Jul 27 at 19:37 by Mulki on Super User
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Getting values from profile document

I have some problem getting the value from the profile document. For creation, I followed these instructions: Creating a profile form 1.Create a form with fields to hold the values you want to store ...

3 answers | Jul 27 at 19:28 by user2472368 on Stack Overflow
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