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Lotus Notes NSF conversion

I seen a few things but I haven't found anything great regarding the conversion of Lotus Notes (NSF) files to MySQL. Any thoughts?

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Michael W. on Stack Overflow
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Lotus Notes Mailfile Local Replica corrupt

I have a problem with a local replica of my Lotus Notes Mailfile. When I try to move new mail from my Inbox to another folder it does not appear in the folder view. The message is still visible in the ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by marcoheras on Stack Overflow
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Lotus Sametime 9 does not open chat window

Using lotus Lotus Sametime 9 I'm able to receive a chat message But when I try to start a chat my self the window does not open. I already have updated to the last version of Java and .NET framework

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Axxess on Super User
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Xpages OneUI 2.1 lotusColLeft: possible to make height same as lotusContent?

I am unsing the application layout in an application where there is no footer. Is there a way to get the lotusColLeft (or/and lotusColRight) to be the same length as the lotusContent div? The users ...

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Like button in Domino Notes

I am creating a database where I want to put a like button the form. This will be a button that can only ever be pressed once by a user. Once the button is pressed it will add 1 to a field. Is there a ...

2 answers

Is it possible to change the predefind Bootstrap classes set in the application layout control in ExtLib

I am using the responsive Bootstrap theme together with the application layout control in extlib and cannot really find any documentation about if it is possible to change the Bootstrap predefined ...

4 answers

Conditionally Enable Custom Converter based on a Users Input

I would like to conditionally run a custom converter. I have an XPages that handles editing and new data on the same page. The user selected a radio button to edit or create a new item. The input ...

4 answers | 9 hours ago by Steve Zavocki on Stack Overflow
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How to add an onComplete event to the Xpages extLib valuePicker control

I have an extensionLibrary valuePicker control on my XPage and I'd like to run some search code after user selection. How can I achive this. Any onComplete events? I'd like to omit an "onchange" event ...

1 answers | 11 hours ago by dj_universe on Stack Overflow
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Xpages - Value picker UI customization

I want to create a custom value picker which can have: Same labels Can't use simple Domino view value picker as I need to check individual entry for some business criteria I want to show a short ...

1 answers | 12 hours ago by Arun on Stack Overflow
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New methods in a Web Service don't work in domino but works in Eclipse

I have set up a Web Service Consumer (Notes 9.01) and have an agent in java that talk to the Web service. It worked fine. My vendor created new methods in the Web Service. I set up a new consumer ...

4 answers

Xpages HTTP Web Server: Command Not Handled Exception HTTP Code: 500

Problem I have an Xpage working properly on the test Domino server. On production Domino server it can not be opened, Http 500 error displayed. The two servers has different access control ...

4 answers | yesterday by jlehocz on Stack Overflow
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Lotus Domino - split mail

Here is my environment: My email server is hosted externally (not on Lotus Domino) - let's call it I have an existing Lotus Domino Application Server (9.01) A new Domino Application ...

2 answers

How to store a list of dates in a multi-value field using SSJS?

In the past, I've added multi-value text data to a field putting the values into a simple JavaScript array. For example: doc.replaceItemValue('AlwaysAccess', ["John Doe","Bob Smith"]); Any ...

2 answers | yesterday by Don Mottolo on Stack Overflow
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Lotus Notes hyperlink issue

I have a user with Lotus Notes 8.5.1 who is having issues opening hyperlinks. When you click on a link from an email, the line under the link text just flashes. I updated her to fix pack 8.5.2 and I'm ...

3 answers | yesterday by Kyle on Super User
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Cannot get iNotes Calendar Data in Xpages

I cannot get the iNotesCalendar control to work. It works in a tearoom.nsf. But if I put the controls in normal mail.nsf I always get a blank calendar. I can get JSON via a web browser. Looks like ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by Bryan Schmiedeler on Stack Overflow
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lotus notes traveler on android email text body appears VERY small and to left of screen

our company has a helpdesk and they cannot get this worked out. also they claim I am the only complaint of this issue. I have reinstalled lotus notes traveler as requested. it seems its only e mails ...

1 answer

Proper access to a DLL in Notes, or error with NativeCall with Lotus Notes

I am trying to call this using the NativeCall dll in Lotus Notes. However, this code does not run and throws an UnsupportedOperationException on NativeCall.init() Therefore, I assumed the dll is ...

1 answer

Domino R9.0.1 FP4: disable logging related to ImportConvertHeaders?

Recently, we installed FP4, and now there are lots of messages on the console. It happens when a mailed document is opened or saved from a browser, using XPages. The rich-text fields in the mail are ...

1 answers | Jun 26 at 21:10 by D.Bugger on Stack Overflow
2 answers

SSJS - Error When Accessing Date Field

In SSJS I'm using doc.getDocument().getItemValue(dateFld)[0] to access the date field value. For one and only one particular document, I'm getting "Error while accessing indexed property #'0' on ...

2 answers | Jun 26 at 17:24 by Deborah Miller on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Corrupted elements for SVN commit

I've some corrupted elements in my locale workspace before commit. Everything is right into NSF, but not in locale synch. Expecially a Java script library, in which some methods results duplicated ...

1 answer

NotesServiceRuntimeException occurs when running jar

I am creating a program in Java to send emails out through IBM Lotus Notes using Notes.jar When I run my code from Eclipse it runs perfectly and does everything I want it to do. When I generate a ...

2 answers

Why won't scheduled Notes Agent run

I have developed a Notes agent that cross matches documents in the database based on certain criteria. We have a development server, a train server and a live server and each is running an instance ...

2 answers | Jun 26 at 12:44 by AJF on Stack Overflow
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XPages: Notes-Object of type org.openntf.domino.impl.Document is used across threads

Can someone explain what this means? I don't have a clue... not even when it's happening. I'd be happy to supply code, but I wouldn't even know where to start. Thanks. More on the message: ...

2 answers | Jun 26 at 8:04 by D.Bugger on Stack Overflow
1 answer

UIkit tabs and switcher do not work after partial refresh

Ok, this is a bit special. We are using UIkit in our XPages application. We also use the tabs and switcher component ( and ...

1 answers | Jun 26 at 1:13 by Oliver Busse on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Extension library and JDBC driver

For xPages extension library ver. 853 I'm using "" JDBC driver.. But now I'm gonna switch to Domino 9. So I'm gonna use Extension Library ver 901. ...

1 answers | Jun 25 at 21:32 by VladP on Stack Overflow
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How to only enable the creator to edit an indiviual table on database form - Domino Notes

I have created a form where the original creator, will enter information into a table. Then below this table there is another table where any user with a link to the database will be able to comment ...

1 answer

Sending IBM Notes Mail 9.0.1

Lotus Notes just updated and became IBM Notes 9.0.1 causing code I've written to send an email with an attachment to fail. Here's the code: Public Sub SendNotesMail(ByVal attachment As String, ByVal ...

1 answers | Jun 25 at 19:24 by user on Stack Overflow
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lotus notes DB's to HDFS - any tips or tricks?

I am investigating options to migrate multiple Lotus Notes databases somehow into HDFS... the options I see at this point are: Write notes jobs to dump to text, put text in HDFS, maybe apply some ...

1 answer

How to open notes:// url in IBM Notes client instead of IBM Notes Browser Plugin

I have a XPages app that contains some notes:// links to documents. The app is used in Internet Explorer which have IBM Notes Browser Plugin installed and we are not allowed to uninstall it. Is there ...

1 answers | Jun 25 at 14:59 by dj_universe on Stack Overflow
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Domino Xpages with Reverse Proxy

I have a problem with Domino Web Server with an XPages Application which is placed behind some reverse proxy. The problem is, the proxy forwards all requests from the URL like ...

3 answers | Jun 25 at 13:44 by Tolbxela on Stack Overflow
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