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C++ Can't add a texture to GL_QUAD

I have a series of rectangles and I am trying to add a texture to just one of them. I have been searching for ages and I have tried lots of other peoples code for loading texture's etc, but I just ...

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SurfaceTexture/Surface mapping with ANativeWindow

Given a GraphicBufferProducer I create a Surface and then retrieve ANativeWindow. Using ANativeWindow_lock I get a pointer to the buffer. Using the buffer, I do a memcpy into the buffer. The problem ...

1 answer

Overridden properties issue in Swift

I have a subclass of UIButton as follows: class VectorizedButton: UIButton { override var highlighted: Bool { didSet { setNeedsDisplay() } } } Everything works ...

1 answers | 15 mins ago by Mazyod on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Mono to Emscripten

Mono has a LLVM compiler. Is there anyway to use it with Emscripten (compile C# code to JavaScript)?

2 answers | 35 mins ago by Alon Gubkin on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Make paid app free for specific user

Is it possible for me as an developer/owner of my paid app (released on the Google Play market) to unlock its full version for specific user?

2 answers | 50 mins ago by EOG on Game Development gamedev.stackexchange.com
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Use build_libstagefright in ffmpeg to build file .so for android

In order to use ffmpeg in android , I tried to build ffmpeg by using build_libstagefright in ffmpeg/tools/lib_stagefright but it alwalys appear a error which i coundn't solve it. the message in the ...

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Android NDK and Msys

Can someone please tell me how to work with android NDK and Msys.Is there any setting that needs to be done before I start? And where should i start from? thanks in advance

2 answers | 1 hour ago by shshnk on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Result of glReadPixels() right after glFramebufferTexture2D()

I successfully use FBOs as a rendering destination in my code. It is not clear to me however what results I can expect when I do: glFramebufferTexture2D(GL_FRAMEBUFFER, GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0, ...

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GLSL mat cannot access with variable index?

I declare a mat(3*3) in shader, based on OpenGL ES2.0 on Android. Then I want to use two loops to go through this mat mat3 GX = mat3( -1.0, 0.0, 1.0, -2.0, 0.0, 2.0, ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by John on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Render depth to texture

I can't get my depth to render correctly. No errors are thrown, the glCheckFramebufferStatus says it is complete as well. Below is the code, the screen always shows up white. The depth values are not ...

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how to move a 3d model according to its direction

I am a newbie to libgdx and android programming in general......so am trying to make a game with libgdx where the user uses accelerometer to move a model....but i can't seem to figure out how to ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by carrion on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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lwjgl texture culling incorrect

So I've been working on a voxel game engine for the last few days, and have ran into some issues with my cube model. Here is a screenshot of what is happening: (removed so I could post photo links ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by Keith M on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
2 answers

Draw circles with center out of view in OpenGL

I am using vispy to draw many circles, here is the reference program: http://vispy.org/examples/basics/gloo/display_points.html When the center of the circle is out of the range (-1, -1) - (1, 1), ...

2 answers | 7 hours ago by HYRY on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Android native code reader assets file having special character in the end

I'm writing an OpenGLES program with JNI on Android platform and I need to read shader files which located in the project's Assets folder.The code I use to read the file is: char* ...

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Drawing with custom shader problems on Android with Open GL 2.0

I'm trying to get a per-pixel shader from this site to work: http://antonholmquist.com/blog/opengl-es-2-0-shader-lighting-examples/ I added some code to my Shape3d class. Now it's looking like this: ...

1 answer

OpenGL Dynamic Object Motion Blur

I've been following the GPU Gems 3 tutorial on how to blur based on camera movement. However I'm wanting to implement a blur based on object movement too. The solution is presented in the article (see ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by Aequitas on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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OpenGl Christmas tree

I created a forest of trees and i would like to get a random size of these trees. Here is my code : #include <stdlib.h> #include "glut.h" #include "math.h" #include <iostream> float x ...

3 answers

Three.js as background of website possible?

I've been looking at using three.js for a fun experiment on a site. I would like to use a current experiment (for which I already have the code for) and use it as a background for my site. Anybody ...

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GL_INVALID_OPERATION when not even using OpenGL

I am creating a simple scoreboard application, and I am getting a GL_INVALID_OPERATION in LogCat. I don't use OpenGL in this app at all, and it's not in the Manifest or anything. It also only ...

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Efficient way to draw many shapes on UIScrollView, scrollable and zoomable

I’m working on various iOS apps and I need an interface with the following capabilities: I have a scrollview (covering most of the screen) which is scrollable both directions This scrollable view ...

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glDrawArrays access violation writting location

I'm trying to visualize very large point cloud (700 mln points) and on glDrawArrays call debugger throws access violation writting location exception. I'm using the same code to render smaller clouds ...

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Android NDK (with SDL) build infrastructure clarification

I'm relatively new to building stuff with Android, Java, NDK, and SDL. But I've been futzing around in an example project I'm building and there's a lot that I find very confusing. Here's a printout ...

1 answer

Where to store shader code in adroid app

I'm starting with OpenGL ES2.0 on Android (5.0.1), API Level 19. Where should I store the shader code? The first example encodes the shader directly as a string. I'd like to have the shader code in a ...

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Nsight Graphics Debugging “completed successfully” error

When attempting to "Start Graphics Debugging" in Nsight for a DLL that launches an EXE, I get the following output and no other things happen: The operation completed successfully ...

2 answers

“flat” qualifier in glsl?

So I was reading "The Official OpenGL Guide" and in a section where they taught material lighting, they suddenly used the "flat" qualifier for an input variable in the fragment shader. I google'd the ...

2 answers | 12 hours ago by Pilpel on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LWJGL shadow mapping Error

Update, I've been working on the shadow matrix and now my shadows are being casted..but with unexpected results.. http://i.imgur.com/z7qBKN6.png?1 i'm still completely baffled on why completely ...

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Three.js doesn't use different shader programs for different mesh objects, why?

I've tried to figure out, how three.js is working and have tried some shader debugger for it. I've added two simple planes with basic material (single color without any shading model), which are ...

1 answers | 12 hours ago by deni on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Creating OpenGL context of a lower version using GLFW

While many people come here with issues about contexts higher than 3, I want to create a context of a lower version. My hardware supports OpenGL version 3.3. I create an OpenGL context using glfw3 ...

2 answers

Setup VertexPositionTexture array for a texture2D at a location

I am trying to adjust the following code to render a quad on a 2D texture at a specific location and specific size. Currently this code will render a fullscreen quad, which makes sense since the ...

2 answers | 14 hours ago by test on Game Development gamedev.stackexchange.com
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DirectX 11 & Windows SDK: any modern project setup tutorials for Windows 7?

Note: I just wanna say at first that I tried literally everything I could find about the subject (MSDN, Stack Overflow, D3DCoder, etc.) without any success (after solving one, another error was ...

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