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OpenGL: Radeon driver seems to mess with depth testing

I'm having a really weird issue with depth testing here. I'm rendering a simple mesh in an OpenGL 3.3 core profile context on Windows, with depth testing enabled and glDepthFunc set to GL_LESS. On my …

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Animations / OpenGL (ES 2) in game menu

(I am specifically asking for Android) If you look at Angry Birds (and in fact many other games), you can already see a lot of animations & effects going in the main menu and in other places even …

1 answers | 10 mins ago by user16547 on Game Development gamedev.stackexchange.com
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Triangulation of a different subdivided grid

In my OpenGL/C++ application i created a simple 512x512 terrain grid, which i draw with a single vbo as a indexed triangle strip array. Now i want to implement a level of detail technique step by ...

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How do I smooth or 'relax' a 2d mesh resulting from a delauney triangulation?

http://dzhelil.info/triangle/ I have used this python triangle module to create a mesh of triangles from a set of random 2d point coordinates. What I want now is to, without adding any points or ...

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Anti aliasing outlined distance field font

I've got a distance field font that I want to outline with a large white border. I've got this working fine apart from the fact that I'm not sure how to anti alias the transition between the colour …

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Will Calderwood on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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VertexColor shader is not working correctly in built application

I want to change the vertex colors of my mesh. The light sources must not affect the objects with this shader, its lighting must be determined only by its vertices colors, so I turned the Lighting ...

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Qt in Visual Studio 2012, “error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'stddef.h': No such file or directory”

I errors and a warning when I try to compile some openGL projects for Qt. Many of them are: error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'stddef.h': No such file or directory ...

3 answers | 2 hours ago by MHA on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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OpenGL Shadow Mapping not working

When applying shadows to my OpenGL scene my "distanceFromLight" is always returned as 0 and I am unsure if this is a problem with the sampler2D depth texture or something else. I was hoping to get a …

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Exceeding maximum texture size when playing video with OpenGL on Android

I am using the GL_OES_EGL_image_external extension to play a video with OpenGL. The problem is that on some devices the video dimensions are exceeding the maximum texture size of OpenGL. Is there any …

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Libgdx how to set initial starting point of Bezier curve

I am managing to draw a sprite along a bezier curve, much to my delight. However I cannot get it to initialize from a starting point of my definition, no matter what I have tried it will always begin …

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opengl :how to compute transformation matrix?

I need to compute the opengl transformation matrix that transforms a rectangle A,B,C,D into the polygon A',B,C,D (that differs from the first one for 1 point). How can i do that?

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error C3861: 'glewGetContext': identifier not found

Recently, when I tried to compile a project. I got two errors on a line of code: glTexImage3D(GL_TEXTURE_3D, 0, internalFormat, dim.x, dim.y, dim.z, 0, inputFormat, type, data); The errors are: …

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Object and Material for a particle system in Three.js?

I've been working with particle systems in Three.js for a couple weeks now. I started out using an Object3D and adding my own Vector3s and MeshBasicMaterials (and other materials like Phong and ...

1 answer

Opengl seamless texture

In opengl es on andrid when I place two textures next to each other there is a slight seam in which you can see drawn objects behind them. Basically looks like a small gap. I narrowed it down to the …

1 answers | 2 hours ago by NJGUY on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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OpenGL 2.0: draw texture on iOS

I can load my texture corretly in GL_RGBA, but I dont know how to output it correctly. What color shader do I need for it, or is there a better way. It is only OpenGL 2.0!!!

1 answer

SDL2 OpenGL window shrinking and changing mouse coordinates

After shrinking my applications to window size mouse coordinates won't change. Graphics work fine, just mouse coordinates are problem. My applications native size is 1920x1080. But I wan't to shrink …

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Lula on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

How to handle animation that contains multiple objects in OpenGL?

I need to create an OpenGL animation, which mainly contains two objects, a simple one (e.g. a plane) that consists of hundreds of vertexes, and a very complex one (e.g. a city) that contains hundreds …

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Aaron on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

Drawing shape on button click using OpenGL in android

As new to the android OpenGL section.I had downloaded the sample example given on site Displaying Graphics with OpenGL ES so run the downloaded sample and its running with an error and display the …

1 answer

Compile error in a short OpenGL code: 'PFNGLBINDPROGRAMARB' : undeclared identifier

The short code is as follows: #include <windows.h> #include <GL/gl.h> #include <GL/glext.h> int main(int argc, char** argv) { PFNGLBINDPROGRAMARBPROC glBindProgramARB; ...

1 answer

Non-blind Image Deconvolution GLSL

Knowing a kernel with which an image has been convolved, is there a way to perform image deconvolution in GLSL?

1 answer

OpenGL VBO Segfault when calling glDrawArrays()

I've been trying to get VBOs working in my latest project and the program segfaults when I try to call glDrawArrays. Generating the VBO bool Renderer::init() { GLfloat verticies[]= {0,0, 0,32, …

1 answers | 3 hours ago by Damon on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Unusure if my vert lit + vert colored shader is working as efficiently as I'm hoping

(This question is a follow-up from another question where I found the answer myself) While the shader appears to be working exactly as intended, I'm concerned that it might be doing something ...

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Trying to find/create a shader for vertex coloring + vertex lighting without a diffuse texture

I've been unsuccessfully trying to find or create a (Unity compatible) shader to get the look of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvT8SdZ5zf8&t=1m40s (also written in Unity). Note that the light …

1 answer

Record using OPEN AL

Im trying to record using open al, Ive searched around and have only found examples of people recording from the mic. I want to record sounds that openal is playing. Could someone point me in the …

1 answers | 5 hours ago by user1794021 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Different kinds of collision detection in Android

Are there any other ways to detect collision between two objects besides the bounding rectangle method and downloading another class to put into Android?

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Does the function gluSphere in OpenGL(Python) offer a good of enough performance for rendering many spheres?

Im using PyOpenGL and I want to be able to render over 10000 spheres or maybe even more. My question is, how much does performance hinder at this level? Is it sluggish? I have heard of using ...

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Java OpenAL: Sounds Playing on key press but only for a short time

Finally got my first sounds to play, however when doing so when I press the key down it plays a mil-second of the sound and when I release it it continues to play the rest. Here is my sound class and …

1 answer

Android NDK/JNI: loadLibrary failure with dependant shared libarires

In my project I am required to load three different shared libraries in which the third (the main one) depends on the first two. For the sake of simplicity the first two shall be named A & B ...

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UnsatisfiedLinkError in Samsung Spen SDK with proguard

I am working on an app that just recently got big (65535 method count per dex reached). It reached the limit when I integrated the Samsung Spen SDK. I decided to make use of proguard, and it ...

0 answers

Barycentric vertex coordinates in GLES 2.0

I have a certain set of polygons, which are stored in a vertex buffer and an index buffer. The polygons are textureless and normalless. The polygons are dynamic, their buffers get constantly emptied …

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