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double precision functions within the compute shader

I want to use some built-in functions like acos() for the type double. But it seems that some just exist for the usage with float. In the OpenGL Reference Card 4.3, acos() is declared to be just ...

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How to access cocos2d-x sprites in current scene from JNI?

I want to access the children of a cocos2d-x scene from the Android JNI. The scene is created in the AppDelegate as follows: Director::getInstance()->runWithScene(MainScene::create()); //scene ...

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glGenFramebuffers() access violation when using GLFW + GLEW

I am getting this error: "Access violation executing location 0x00000000." when I use GLFW + GLEW on Windows. I am using Windows 7. I also have my own implementation (from scratch) that that ...

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jni types conversion

I am working on an android project with native code that is supposed to update a List and some other boolean variables in an object. consider the following code some java class in my code looks ...

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How to render sphere using open GL, c++ and not Glut/Glu

I am relatively new to OpenGL and C++ in general and I've been working on a custom framework in which I am asked to render spheres. I ve done research and managed to generate a somewhat-sphere made ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Jim Rod on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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DirectX sample code c++

I'm looking for source code (as I bet a lot of others are / were and will) for learning purposes of DirectX. I would like something similar to the vs2013 Graphics Editor when dealing with *.fbx files, ...

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libgdx: where to put Gdx.gl.glClearColor()

on all tutorials I have seen about libgdx, this method is placed in the renderloop, so every loop it is 'executed'. Isn't it better to put it in render? I thought it was the ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Nico on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Setting vectors in shaders, How does it work? OpenGL GLSL

I am trying to understand how vertex and fragment shaders work in OpenGL ES 2.0. My shaders look like this: vertex shader: // source code for the vertex shader attribute vec4 vPosition attribute ...

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Draw text in OpenGL ES (Android)

I'm currently developing a small OpenGL game for the Android platform and I wonder if there's an easy way to render text on top of the rendered frame (like a HUD with the player´s score etc). The text ...

11 answers | 1 hour ago by shakazed on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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size of double array in JNI NDK

I am working on some DSP methods on Android using NDK. I am calling a convolution native method in the main activity like public native int ...

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add metal support as optionnal renderer in ios App

I'm working on an iOS App with openGL ES rendering. we are working on metal support and we are experiencing a crash at app launch on device with ios 7.1 (we target ios 7.1+ devices) dyld: Library ...

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Execution failed for task ':app:compileDebugNdk'

I'm using the latest android studio build 1.1 ,since i want to import an eclipse project that needs NDK .i installed NDK and set the NDK location in the local.properties.The problem is when i try to ...

2 answers | 3 hours ago by vishalaestro on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Linking Qt + CUDA + external library

I've written a PRO file to generate a GUI for my CUDA application under linux (already compiled under windows now porting same components to ubuntu 1404). I've first compiled a helper library ...

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Generating .so files in Android Studio 1.0.2 with NDK

I have been working on getting a very simple NDKSample application built as per the walk-through here. My problem is, I cannot get Android Studio to generate the .so files, so I have no libraries. I ...

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Fastest way of storing non-adjacent d registers with NEON intrinsics

I am porting 32bit NEON asm code to NEON intrinsics, and I am wondering if this code can be written in a concise way using intrinsics: vst4.32 {d0[0], d2[0], d4[0], d6[0]}, [%[v1]]! 1) The previous ...

3 answers | 4 hours ago by aledalgrande on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load from loader dalvik.system.PathClassLoader findLibrary returned null

I understand this is asked many times, but I have done thorough research before posting my query. I have updated Android Studio to latest version as of March 2nd 2015, version 1.1.0. I think still ...

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GL Vertex Attribute handler taking e.g. < float[3], int[2], double[4] >

I'm trying to provide the following interface: using V = Vertex< float[3], int[2], double[4] >; This particular vertex has three attributes, the first one is 3 floats, etc. V must provide ...

1 answer

Android NDK debugging: armeabi-v7a not working

Eclipse / Cygwin NDK 8c Building a shared library I can't get gdbserver to start anymore after switching to armeabi-v7a. I've searched online for hours but can't find a topic that deals ...

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Calculate per-fragment normals for light in modern OpenGL

I want to know how to calculate per-fragment normals to be able to add light to the scene! I read in a texture generated from libnoise library - http://libnoise.sourceforge.net and create a terrain ...

1 answer

ATI Radeon HD 5770 GPU OpenGL 4.1 support?

I have a ATI Radeon HD 5770 GPU on a 2012 Mac Pro. When I run the following code in my program: std::cout << glGetString(GL_RENDERER) << std::endl; std::cout << ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by Maggick on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Android 4.2 ndk: library loading crash: load_library(linker.cpp:750) || soinfo_link_image || libhoudini.so || opencv

I am using a native library that includes opencv. The library builds well and works well in all devices and emulators, but not on Android 4.2 ones. It crashes on System.loadLibrary("mylib");. The ...

1 answer

Android NDK r10: std::string has not been declared

I'm having problems with the android ndk r10. I get the following: std::string has not been declared. I watched other forum threads like this, but nope of them helped me. My Application.mk looks like ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by Artus 90 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

Error eclipse when reopen .c file in native android project

I'm try to learn about native android, using NDK. I find some sample project on NDK folder and on internet. After configuration so much, I end with runnable them. But, my problem is: when I open a .c ...

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Opengl how to scale objects with Orthographic Matrix on window size

Okay i have a orthographic matrix (left = 0, right = 800, bottom = 0, top = 600, near = -1.0f, far = 1.0f).How to scale the object like for half size 400 width and 300 height.When i scale it it only ...

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Projection functionality in Andengine

I want to do this functionality on arrow shoot from Bow in andengine can somebody help me to provide some code or demo. engine.

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superbible sample code ported to JOGL, yet not working

I wrote some sample code from superbible (6th, P27-P30) to JOGL, but it did not work(there should be a triangle, yet there is nothing but only green background). Please take a look at the code below. ...

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Where is the glBegin() source code in the OpenGL/freeglut libraries?

I'm trying to locate the source code for some of the OpenGL functions on a Fedora 18 64-bit system, specifically glBegin() and glEnd() (just to get a better understanding of what these functions do in ...

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Where are all the glBegin(), glEnd(), etc implemented?

I want to see the OpenGL source code. Currently I use Mesa lib, and I find functions like glBegin(), glEnd(), and glColor() etc in its gl.h header, but I cannot find the .c/.cpp files where they are ...

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Android L | libusb_init returns LIBUSB_ERROR_OTHER (-99)

I trying to use libusb on not rooted Nexus 5 as advised in this approach (by transferring usb file descriptor from java to native side). My application ask permission via UsbManager.requestPermission ...

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Make.exe Access denied

I am facing following two problems 1.Access is denied during ndk-build. G:/AndroidApp/NativeCodes -> It has my native codes(c++) codes,when i try to build this,it is compiling the source files ...

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