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OpenGL what does glteximage2D do?

Question: what does gl.glteximage2d do? The docs say it "uploads texture data". But does this mean the whole image is in GPU memory? Id like to use one large image file for texture mapping. Further: ...

14 mins ago by Fra on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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What is the advantage of using buffer objects for streaming vertex data?

What is the advantage of using a buffer object with GL_STREAM_DRAW data that is actually updated for every use over simply using a pointer to client memory? As I imagine it, the data will have to be ...

1 answers | 25 mins ago by Dolda2000 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Nested WebGLRenderTargets in three.js

I'm writing an Oculus Rift application using JavaScript / three.js / OculusRiftEffect.js. For the menu, I need to mask out parts of a 2D ring as transparent. I'm trying to do this by generating a ...

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D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain Software paramter

HRESULT D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain( _In_ IDXGIAdapter *pAdapter, _In_ D3D_DRIVER_TYPE DriverType, _In_ HMODULE Software, //<-- This parameter _In_ UINT Flags, ...

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Do I need to take care to pack vertex attributes together?

If I want to pass two nominally independent attribute arrays of floats to a draw call, can I happily have a GLSL in float variable for each of them, or do I need to ensure to pack them into an in vec2 ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Dolda2000 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Android Opengl ES Obj Loading times

I'm currently working on a game for android and I know many people have experienced long loading times when loading OBJ formats. According to my book it says that I could either use Android NDK and ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by nunya on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Filling in the parameters of an Audio resampling method

I am trying to do resampling in android using this library https://github.com/intervigilium/libresample/blob/master/src/net/sourceforge/resample/Resample.java#L6 but I dont know exactly what to fill ...

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Camera Rolling when Implementing Pitch and Yaw

I am implementing a camera in opengl for an android game and am having problems getting the pitch/yaw/roll of the camera correct. I have read many tutorials on quaternions and have implemented a basic ...

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Linking GLFW in CodeBlocks

CodeBlocks' GLFW Project is outdated and works only with GLFW 2.7. I am using the latest version, which is 3.0.4, and trying to link it in CodeBlocks statically (I hope that I am using the correct ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by narutkataaa on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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OpenGL: Wireframe overlay hidden line removal

I encountered a problem when working on visualizing scientific 3d models. The task is to render a model filled with a color and a wireframe overlay. This works fine for models that are solids with a ...

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IDXGISwapChain::ResizeBuffers - should I recreate the depth/stencil buffer too?

When I resize the buffers via IDXGISwapChain::ResizeBuffers(), it is required to release any references to views to the back buffer. That of course makes sense, because the back buffer texture is ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by Motig on Game Development gamedev.stackexchange.com
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How do I compile swift without any dynamic libraries?

Tring to make a "hello, world" style program to see if I can use Swift on the web by running it through emscripten to get asm.js output. The problem is that when I compile it, its bitcode tries to ...

0 answers

Normal Blur for Screen Space Fluid Rendering

I'm trying to achieve screen space fluid rendering, but I've run into a few issues with blurring. From what I understand, I'm supposed to be blurring the normal map using Bilateral Filter so that the ...

1 answer

Compiler crash with ARM NEON datatypes

I'm trying to cross-compile some code with NEON datatypes with g++ 4.9.1, but I keep crashing the compiler. Is this type of operation not allowed, or is this a compiler problem? My OS is Ubuntu 12.04, ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by Pete on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Understanding the window coordinates' interpretation in OpenGL

I was trying to understand OpenGL a bit more deep and I got stuck with below issue. This segment describes my understanding, and the outputs are as assumed. glViewport(0, 0 ,800, 480); ...

1 answers | 7 hours ago by Red Dragon on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Programatically find out which app store install came from?

Background In my app, I have a 'rate me' button. It follows the usual path - user clicks in, it starts an intent and opens the app's listing on the Play Store. All well and good. Now I wish to try ...

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cocos2dx 2.2.5 unable to get data from file

I used cocos2dx 2.2.5 few days ago to create a project(say TEST) and it worked fine. Now when yesterday i tried to create a project with cocos2dx 2.2.5, it created this problem. I was just creating ...

2 answers

I am trying to learn OpenGL 3 by OpenGL Programming Guide 7th edition but how much is OpenGL 4.0 different from 3.x?

I am on the 2nd chapter and it is getting a big confusing but I shall try to work it out soon. I came to know that OpenGL 4.0 has already been released but, the OpenGL Programming Guide 8th edition ...

2 answers | 9 hours ago by quantum231 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Use ffmpeg to Convert Video to Gif android studio

I am currently making a simple Androidapp that converts a video from the SD card into a gif. I learnt ffmpeg is the most efficient method to handle the conversion. But I have no idea how to add ffmeg ...

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Texture compression in OpenGL done by CPU or GPU?

I am writing a simple C++/OpenGL program, which can load obejcts form .obj files. I use texture compression, but it is a bit slow. Is texture compression done by CPU or GPU? If CPU I could do ...

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DX11 HLSL StructuredBuffer<matrix> is always column major

I have a compute shader that uses several StructuredBuffers of matrices. On the CPU side, the data is row-major. That is in memory, my matrices are like this: row0, row1, row2, row3 (classic C++ ...

0 answers

OpenGL ES 2: VBO and Textures

My program does: Load texture to GPU. Load VBO of uv coordinates to GPU. Load VBO of mode coordinates to GPU. Load VBO of indeces to GPU. Bind to texture. Bind to uv coordinates VBO. Bind to model ...

0 answers

CCSprite shader program leaves 1px transparent border

I'm developing a game where the players can drag and drop CCSprites around an Isometric map which is created using the Tiled Map Editor. To allow automatic vertexZ reordering I have enabled the ...

1 answer

GLSL | Type mismatch in arithmetic operation between 'float' and 'int'

I trying to compile program (I have previously ported it from Cg language). Fragment shader is precision mediump float; precision mediump int; uniform float time; uniform float aspect; uniform ...

5 answers

Eclipse compiles successfully but still gives semantic errors

NOTE: it apparently is a recurrent question on StackOverflow, but - for what I have seen - either people never find a way or their solution does not work for me The problem: I am using Eclipse Juno ...

4 answers

matrix rotation multiple times

I'm having a problem understanding matrices. If I rotate my matrix 90 deg about X axis it works fine, but then, if I rotate it 90 deg about Y axis it actually rotates it on the Z axis. I guess after ...

4 answers | 13 hours ago by Peter Quiring on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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how to get verteces from VertexBuffer?

i try to read a VertexBuffer . it returns an error of access exception . someone know how to read VertexBuffer like an array or how to convert it in something easyer to read like an float array ?

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OpenGL says “from_param received a non-contiguous array”

After installing Yosemite, I had to upgrade numpy, PyOpenGL, etc. Now, a previously-working program is giving me the following stack trace: file "latebind.pyx", line 44, in ...

1 answer

Clang search path file

How to add a path compiler search path? I do not mean-I options. I want to add path permanently to compiler search paths. Is there a file where compiler has saved search paths? I would like to add the ...

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Compiling libnice for Android

I'm trying to compile libnice for Android, but have run into some troubles. My first try was using a custom Android.mk makefile but I got an error stating AI_NUMERICHOST undeclared (adding #include ...

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