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Deferred lighting calculation from pixel position

I want to add dereffed lighting to an OpenGL (OGL Version 4.4.0 and Glsl Version 4.40) scene. As supporting libraries I'm using glut and glm (for matrice calculations). All lighting calculations ...

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Grain noise generation OpenGL ES

How to implement generation of grain noise like that one in Adobe Illustrator? (example here: ...

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LLVM struct array iteration

While compiling this code with LLVM: struct bar { int int1; int int2; char char1; char char2; char char3; }; struct foo { struct bar array[16]; }; int func(struct foo *f, ...

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GLSL skips “if” statement

My GLSL fragment shader skips the "if" statement. The shader itself is very short. I send some data via a uniform buffer object and use it further in the shader. However, the thing skips the ...

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Android NDK error __atomic_exchange_4

hey i include some c++ code in my android project and got some weird erorrs "Error:error: undefined reference to '__atomic_exchange_4'" what is it and how to solve it?

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PNG Texture OpenGL es 2.0 Android NDK

I'm developing a game, actually my first game, so I'm new in this world, I'm using OpenGL with NDK and C++ for the render part, and I call it from java with JNI. I'm stuck with the textures topic, ...

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Where is the OpenGL context stored?

I am fairly new to OpenGL and have been using GLFW combined with GLEW to create and display OpenGL contexts. The following code snippet shows how I create a window and use it for OpenGL. GLFWwindow* ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Thomas Roe on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Blending sprite with pre-existing texture

I am just learning the intricacies of OpenGL. What I would like to do is render a sprite onto a pre-existing texture. The texture will consist of terrain with some points alpha=1 and some points ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by stevenkucera on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Can you modify a uniform from within the shader? If so. how?

So I wanted to store all my meshes in one large VBO. The problem is, how do you do have just one draw call, but let every mesh have its own model to world matrix? My idea was to submit an array of ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by Mastrem on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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reduce draw calls plants in opengl

I am using L-Systems (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L-system) to generate plants with just drawing simple lines. But every branch has its own draw call. I cant really enclose the plant with one ...

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Rotating GL_LINE_LOOP around the origin

I'm trying to rotate my GL_LINE_LOOP (actually its square) around the intersection of my two lines. I have tried to do it with glRotatef() but it doesn't change positions of my structure. (I need them ...

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Gradle Project issues

I am getting this error each time I try to do any work on Android Studio 2.1 and everything in each activity become red. How can I resolve this issue?? I am getting these errors. **1.**Error:No ...

2 answers

Unable to create ARM virtual device on “Qt creator for Android”.

Am trying to configure Qt for Android development on my windows 7 machine. I have downloaded the latest Android Studio, NDK, Apache Ant 1.9.7 and Qt Creator from qt.io (Qt 5.6.0 for Android (Windows ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by user12345 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

OpenGL Camera Strafing doesnt work

I'm currently working on a OpenGL FrameWork/Engine and as far as the OpenGL part goes, I'm quite satisfied with my results. On the other hand I have a serious problem getting a Camera to work. ...

1 answer

Unity Android Unable to convert classes into dex format AdMob

I'm a beginner Unity programmer (school-age), so I don't know that much about the system. On its own my app compiles fine, but when I implement the AdMob SDK (Google) 2.1, I have the following error ...

2 answers

SQLite in libGDX

Does anyone have an example of how I can use SQLite in libGDX? I have a class in my original Android code that allowed me to easily access a database but I can't seem to find anything equivalent to ...

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std::terminate() linker error on a small clang project

I'm getting the following error on a project that links with clang (verbose output): clang++ `/usr/local/Cellar/llvm/3.6.2/bin/llvm-config --cxxflags --ldflags --libs --system-libs` -lc++ -fno-rtti ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by samvv on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

OpenGL frame buffer + LibGDX

I have one problem with openGL frame buffer. I want to achieve: Bind FBO1. Draw image1 to FBO1. Unbind FBO1. Bind FBO2. Draw FBO1 to FBO2. Unbind FBO2. Bind FBO1. Draw image2 to FBO1. Unbind FBO1. ...

1 answer

Android ndk nested modules

I have a native project that in frustration with the make system I got working by simply jamming all the code together many years ago. I attempted to port the project properly to gradle-experimental, ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Anthony on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

Windows.h not found using emscripten

I'm trying to convert a C library in javascript using Emscripten on Windows. I used the tutorial here to setup emscripten and LLVM/Clang to get started. I compiled LLVM with Visual Studio 2010. The ...

3 answers

How do I access a Unity class from an Android Activity?

I have made my own C# classes in Unity. How can I access them from the Android Activity that starts the UnityPlayer? Example: I have a C# class called testClass in Unity: class testClass { ...

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Google Cardboard iOS SDK background texture

I'm trying to render a background video texture in a Google Cardboard app using the iOS SDK. I'm using AVFoundation with CVOpenGLESTextureCache to capture video output from the back camera and save ...

1 answer

Expand __COUNTER__ macro once per source file

I'm trying to write a macro that will expand the __COUNTER__ macro only once per source file. I understand fully how macros work with their expansion but I'm having difficulty with this one. I want to ...

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Gimbal Lock and Rotationmatrix questions

I have got some questions related to rotations on 3D objects. I am using a right-handed system with row-major matrix. I've been programming a drawer, which draws lines based on the orientation of the ...

1 answer

How to send data from different buffers or arrays for rendering?

I know it is very basic question but I have array of vertices and texture coordinates and corresponding buffers: glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER,vertexbuffer); ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by qwertyu uytrewq on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
0 answers

onDrawFrame not called

For some reason onDrawFrame is not being called in my game. I've tried breakpoints but the code does not stop. I've also tried logging with no success. There is only a black screen. My overwritten ...

2 answers

i want to make four letter one word game. i have designed xml but getting problem in main activity java.

i want to make four letter one word game. I have designed xml using four imagebutton and randomly load from string array, but how to code entire java file. i am beginner to programming.

2 answers | 9 hours ago by Manikant on Game Development gamedev.stackexchange.com
7 answers

How to draw text using only OpenGL methods?

I dont have options to use other than opengl methods (that is glxxx() methods()). I need to draw text using gl methods only. After reading the red book i understand that it is possible only through ...

7 answers | 9 hours ago by sathish v on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
7 answers

How to do OpenGL live text-rendering for a GUI?

I'm implementing a GUI built on top of OpenGL. I came to the problem that each GUI will have -- text rendering. I know of several methods of rendering text in OpenGL, however, I'm wonderin which of ...

1 answer

How to detect collision only in non-transparent texture?

I am developing a game using libgdx. I am trying to detect the collision between bee and tube. I am using the following code to detect the collision. if(player.getBounds().overlaps(boundsBot)){ } ...

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