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Efficiently making a particle system without textures

I am trying to make a particle system where instead of a texture, a quad is rendered by a fragment shader such as below. uniform vec3 color; uniform float radius; uniform float edge; uniform vec2 …

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Using OpenGL GL.TexSubImage2D for NPOT Textures results in artifacts

I'm using OpenGL through OpenTK in C# and try to load textures from generic bitmaps. My driver does not support NPOT Textures so what I do is allocate a POT Texture with GL.TexImage2D and fill it with …

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Using multiple shaders on iOS, from two concurrent threads

I am using an GLKView with some simple shaders to draw my content to the screen, but also want to use the GPU to do some hard calculations that are going to be needed in the app. With glUseProgram I …

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Andoid LibGDX game: FPS drops because of long EGLImpl.eglSwapBuffers calls

I'm working on a game for Android platform, using Java and LibGDX engine. I've run into an odd issue where FPS in my game drops contantly every 30-40 seconds from 57-60 to 40-45 frames and then gets …

1 answers | 51 mins ago by Lez77 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Importing Static library in to Android Project

I have a static library(libnative.a) which I have generated for arm architecture. Now I want to use the library in my android application using NDK. My Android.mk has LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES := ...

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C++ OpenGL dragging multiple objects with mouse

just wondering how someone would go about dragging 4 different objects in openGL. I have very simple code to draw these objects: glPushMatrix(); glTranslatef(mouse_x, mouse_y, 0); ...

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How is normal data usually stored?

This is quite a basic question. I'm learning about 3D graphics and lighting at the moment and I was wondering about how normal data is (normally) stored. Is it standard to keep this data as part of …

3 answers | 2 hours ago by Robomoo on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Does OpenGL/DirectX converts other texture formats to RGBA format internally?

As title said, I have a dynamic texture (which is updated in every frame) from a RGB565 color buffer, I don't know which way will have better performance: Creating a texture with RGB565 format and …

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Multiple output from fragment shader using a FBO

I have the following OpenGL/GLSL code. I'm trying to take two textures into a shader and get two different textures out. At the moment I'm only doing pointless calculations. But for my actually ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Maggick on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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In OpenGL ES, can multiple programs have the same VBO used and bound to their attributes?

I have two programs which I am switching between. I loaded my position data up in a VBO and then set up my vertex attribute arrays for my first program. When I switch to the second program and attempt …

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OpenGL - Two Bounding Boxes Scaled to the same viewport

I'm not sure if what I want is possible or the best way but I have computed two Bounding Box of two volumes that I want to scale and fit in the same viewport using glOrtho. One volume is my data with …

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For loop in NDK makefile to define static libraries

I have a common.mk file that I include in each of my NDK Android.mk files that defines the static libraries I have available. For boost, I wanted to try something clever like this: BOOST_COMPONENTS = …

1 answer

Tons of textures using vbo

I recently learned how to create shaders and was looking to make a simple top down game, starting with a tilemap. The problem I encountered, Whilke I can store a vbo of all the blocks in a "chunk" of …

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What is DirectX 11's equivalent of D3DCAPS9::MaxVertexIndex of DirectX 9?

I'm porting a DirectX 9 program to DirectX 11. How do I get the value in DirectX 11 that is retrieved using D3DCAPS9::MaxVertexIndex in DirectX 9? Thanks in advance.

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DirectX11 How to strip unused variables from constant buffer?

I am calling D3DReflect() to deduce the layout of the constant buffers used by a compiled shader, and I noticed that they often contain unused variables. I am already using D3DStripShader() to strip …

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Cross compilation NDK not found

I'm trying to install Qt5 Android and I face an issue while configuring : The NDK is not found Environment Ubuntu 13.10 Jdk 7u51-2.4.4-0ubuntu0.13.10.1 Java 1.7.0_51 Qt-5.2.1 Issue Following …

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OpenGL 2.0 fragment shader not working with Cocos2d-X

I am developing a game using Cocos2d-X 2.2.3 and Marmalade SDK 7.4 and I have created a fragment shader to desaturate some of my sprites, or in other words to remove all color from them and show them …

2 answers

Using Qt on Android installation

I am trying to install Qt 5.1 for Android, I am using steps described here: http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt5ForAndroidBuilding I installed all the prerequisites (JDK, Android SDK, NDK, etc.). My ...

2 answers | 7 hours ago by Lucian on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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OpenTK “Picking” Not Working As Intended

I have attempted to implement picking in my game and I am certain that I am missing something because the picked color always returns either 255,255,255,255 or 255,0,0,0. These two colors seem to ...

1 answer

Multiple Definitions: Stumped

I have a simple program using FreeGLUT, OpenGL, and some nice simplex noise functions from Eliot Eshelman. The goal is to display 2D slices some 3D simplex noise, which I've managed with SDL. My ...

1 answers | 7 hours ago by Willy Goat on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Issue when recycling bitmap obtained from 'BitmapDrawable'

I'm loading a bitmap to use as a texture in my OpenGLES 2.0 app If I load and use the bitmap via Bitmapfactory then all is OK. Like so: Load public void loadBitmaps{ backgrounds= ...

1 answer

Creating vertex array in loop - OpenGL

Just started working with OpenGL ES 2.0 and was wondering about the best way to construct vertex arrays. Right now, I have a struct where I keep adding new vertices in it for like... 5000 ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by WYS on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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SKShader performance slowdown

I need to implement a custom shader node using SpriteKit. In simulator everything is ok. On a device (iPad 3rd gen) shader animation is smooth just for first ~30 seconds, after that shader's fps are …

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FFMPEG sws_scale Crash on Android

I have an app that convert images to video, in Google Play I see the following crash (which the only details I get is the name of the function and I don't understand the rest): backtrace: #00 pc ...

2 answers

I'm looking for a blend mode that gives 'realistic' paint colors. (Subtractive)

I've been looking for a blend mode to (well ...) blend two RGB pixels in order to build colors in the samw way that a painter builds them (i.e: subtractive). Here are quick examples of the type of …

1 answer

OpenGl & Android: Rotating the Gyro by 90 degrees

Good evening all I am trying to make a 3D splitscreen rendering view for devices like Google CardBoard, OpenDive, vRase etc I am rotating the view based on the gryo so that when a person moves their …

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JNI_OnLoad returned bad version (-1)

I'm trying to load the Qt5Core library in my Android application and I get this: JNI_OnLoad returned bad version (-1) in /data/data/com.xxx.yyy/lib/libQt5Core.so 0x41a8f3c0 Failed to load library : …

1 answer

Canvas not displayable in LWJGL app

In my app, I have a class that acts as a Swing component to render a 3D window using LWJGL. When I go to run the app, I get the error from Display.create() that Parent.isDisplayable() must be true. …

1 answer

Problems with Arcsynthesis OpenGL 3.3 tutorials - MAKE error

I've been following arcsynthesis(arcsynthesis.org/gltut/) tutorial and come across with the following errors during make. I used premake4 gmake to generate makefiles. ==== Building Tut 13 Basic ...

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relation between app_stl values with static and shared build android

Been wondering and now confused. When app_stl = stlport_static or stlport_shared is set in the Application.mk file and you are trying to build either shared and static version of the library. what …

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