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Allow llvm/clang to see the text of enum tag?

I currently have the following enums in C code. for example, typedef enum { FIRST, SECOND, LAST } I am trying to do instrumentation on the tags and wrote a module pass through the C code. ...

1 answers | 15 mins ago by user3761728 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Loading new level OpenGL

I am working on a small 2d game engine for android-ndk using opengl. I am facing difficulty on how to change levels, eg. from menu to game screen. Because the texture ids are not working when loading ...

1 answers | 45 mins ago by amuTBKT on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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stdlib.h: No such file or directory when trying to build a simple Qt Android app

I want to develop an Android application using Qt 5.3 framework but I get the following error: stdlib.h: No such file or directory I'm under MacOS 10.9.

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Android MediaCodec SIGSEGV error when Encoding from Surface

I'm working with some code that is based heavily on the Grafika sample application from Google/Andy McFadden. I'm seeing an intermittent low level crash every now and then and the stack trace looks ...

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android jni ndk-build----------> undefined reference to `std::allocator<char>::allocator()'

android jni ndk-build---------->the error is: undefined reference to `std::allocator::allocator()' i have created a Application.mk under project/JNI/ with "APP_STL := gnustl_static" so, any ideas, ...

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How to use GLM in Android using Cmake

I am trying to compile my OpenGL application in Android. I'm using [GLM library] (0.9.4)1 The compilation works until I include: #include <glm/glm.hpp> This header add cmath and linker ...

1 answer

Android c++ string support for to_string, stof, etc

Does any android ndk compiler, based on gcc 4.7, support to_string, stof, and other string conversion functions? In the NDK I am using I found the function in ext/vstring.h. But the function is ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by pka on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Android NDK pretty printing

I'm using Android NDK with Eclipse + CDT, running on OSX. I would like to be able to debug the content of the STD library. I've seen several tutorials about using Python scripts to enable this ...

1 answer

Android std and stl support

I am playing with android ndk. I am using Window Vista with cygwin (latest version). I compiled and launched the hello world jni sample on my phone. It is working. The code is (is a .cpp file): ...

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Android ndk std::to_string support

I'm using android NDK r9d and toolchain 4.8 but I'm not able to use std::to_string function, compiler throws this error: error: 'to_string' is not a member of 'std' Is this function not supported ...

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ltrace for Android build

guys. I'm trying to buidl ltrace for Android from this repo https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/ltrace/ . So i've installed android-ndk, then i've done everything like in android manual ...

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How to avoid pixelated geometry while using a moving camera with perspective view?

While I move the camera, the pixels of the geometry are moving as well. For perspective projection I use glm::perspective( 45.0f, float( screenWidth ) / float( screenHeight ), 1.0f, 140.0f ); I ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Z0q on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

XCode gles frame capture debugging — call stack not symbolicated

I'm using Xcode 7.0 , capture gles frame in ipad air ios 8.1. Debug information format set to "DWARF with dSYM File" and has dSYM file along with .app file. How can I find the symbols ? This is the ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Neko Lazy on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
1 answer

Best practice for implementing overall / weekly / daily highscores?

So I'm setting up social leaderboards and I want there to be daily weekly overall high scores. The way the scoring works is each score is tied to a user after the user logs in so the scores need to ...

2 answers

c++ Directx11 capture screen and save to file

i've got problem with saving texture2d to file, it always gives me black image. Here is code: HRESULT hr = SwapChain->GetBuffer( 0, __uuidof( ID3D11Texture2D ), reinterpret_cast< void** >( ...

0 answers

Get ScreenCoordinates from 3D object OpenGL and draw sample points

I am working on a Particle Filter that needs to compare coordinates of pixels detected from a VideoCapture with coordinates of sample points on a 3D object. Currently, there are no sample points, but ...

3 hours ago by VnC on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
0 answers

Wavedata and openal not working

I am trying to use openal to play sound in my game. But when I try to buffer the data with: AL10.alBufferData(buffer, waveFile.format, waveFile.data, waveFile.samplerate); It gives ...

2 answers

Shader storage buffer object with bytes

I am working on a compute shader where the output is written to SSBO.Now,the consumer of this buffer is CUDA which expects it to contain unsigned bytes.I currently can't see find the way how to write ...

0 answers

gnu make -j8 not running things in parallel

I'm running an Android NDK make file using ndk-build which is just normal gnu make that runs with the google makefile templates. I'm running it with ndk-build -j8 and I can confirm that indeed the ...

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“com.qualcomm.QCAR does not exist” error building Vuforia with Ant

I have downloaded Vuforia library and tried to build a native example for android. The folder hierarchy: --vuforia_sdk ----assets ----builds ----samples ----<etc.> ----Development_folder ...

1 answer

How to correctly map UV coords to those of a quad made of two triangles?

I'm having a difficult time in figuring out how to map the UV coords of a texture to those of a quad made up by two triangles. Can someone explain me where the error is and what should be the correct ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by BRabbit27 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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UnsatisfiedLinkError: libcrypto.so.1.0.0 not found

I am using android ndk in eclipse. I got my project compiled but am facing errors at run time. I have the libcrytpoNative.so and libsslNative.so files but I am getting this error about ...

2 answers

Unexpected results implementing simple motion blur in Libgdx

In the two attached pictures, the desktop screenshot of libgdx functions as expected. The screenshot from my Galaxy Nexus is unfortunately not as expected. I am attempting to create a simple motion ...

1 answer

What is the behavior if an Android NDK application loads more than one shared C++ STL implementation?

We have an Android application with several native libraries. Currently, most of them use stlport_shared, but we are interested in upgrading to c++_shared (the LLVM libc++ runtime). If we were to ...

1 answer

Possibility of an LLVM LTO Pass plugin?

I was wondering if it's currently possible to have an 'external' (.so/.dylib) LLVM plugin (module) pass scheduled at LTO time? The reason for wanting this is a inter-modular optimization I want to ...

0 answers

Using GPUImage with AVVideoCompositing

I'm trying to use a combination of GPUImage and the AVVideoCompositing to implement a live chroma-key filter between two videos. Doing this naively using CIImage imageFromCVPixelBuffer into CGImage ...

1 answer

OpenGL random position and looping

I'm trying to make the ball drop at random position and looping but I got error in my code. It appear this error : '-=' : left operand must be l-value. May I know what is the problem of my code? Here ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by Mary Chris on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
0 answers

my Project Tango AR App Object movement with the color camera movement doesn't work properly

I want to place a cube somewhere in the room. The cube is static in the room and always at the same point. At the moment I can place a cube in the room but if I move the Tango Tablet it isn't in sync ...

0 answers

Compiling c code using android-ndk and Android.mk

I have installed android-ndk on my 64-bit Unix machine (the steps are in my previous question ) Now I can do $CC hello.c -o hello and I am getting the executable. How can I do so using Android.mk. ...

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make-standalone-toolchain.sh always giving invalid NDK directory

I have downloaded the ndk from the Google android-ndk-r10e-linux-x86_64.bin for my Linux 64-bit machine. I did cd Documents chmod 777 android-ndk-r10e-linux-x86_64.bin ...

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