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Possible to assign a host IP adress on a router?

Is it possible to assign a fixed adress for some host on a router? What I mean is not to assign IP adresses to a local machine, rather to sepcify an adress for some specific host (like so ...

1 answers | 42 secs ago by Devolus on Super User
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Hostapd wpa_passphrase not working

Hi there I'm setting hostapd to create a wlan from my ubuntu computer. I have configure some conf files following some tutorials/guides and I can detect the wlan. The problems comes when i enter the ...

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Viewing Xbox One Network Traffic

I am trying to view the HTTP/HTTPS traffic going from my XBOX one so I can see what is being requested. I started off trying to use Charles proxy like this ...

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Laptop can't access Desktop, but Desktop can access laptop

My Windows 8 laptop sees my Desktop Windows 7 machine, but is denied access. The Desktop, however, has no such problem: it can access files on the laptop.

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Referanceing venet0:0 and venet0:1 in iptables on OpenVZ

I have an Ubuntu vps that is hosted with openvz. For a while now I have had trouble using the interface names in iptables, such as: (edited) -A INPUT -i venet0:0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT ...

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Ubuntu wifi doesnt work

I can't use my wifi as when I click enable wifi it stays disabled. Here's all the info you might need to help me

3 answers | 1 hour ago by Rui Dias on Ask Ubuntu
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Photon Unity Networking

I have a game that contains more than 5000 cubes. Once a user creates a room, cubes are created (new arrangement every time the game is played). I would like to be able to transfer a position list ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by AndTy on Stack Overflow
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Serva Login 0x35 NetPath not found, wrong credentials, or unreliable net

I'm trying to install Windows 8 via PXE network boot, I'm using Serva for this. When I get to the ServaPENet screen on my client I can't connect. Drivers are installed (I tried three different ...

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Sudden bluescreens when interacting with the Steam platform

I recently made a build for a friend and things are running great, except he always gets bluescreens that indicate a hardware issue when interacting with the Steam platform. Bootscreens often occur as ...

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atheros wireless ar9285 driver

I have been having problems with wireless on Ubuntu 10 and above, Mint 11 and above. The problem is in the driver for the wireless... I can see that there is no driver installed and yet it works but ...

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PingIDs (Data) is different on different sides

I am working on a server software for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Right now I am working on the MOTD for the server, and it works Just fine. When sending a response to a ping packet (0x01) with a 0x1c. ...

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request stalled for a long time occasionally in chrome

Ajax request occasionally stalled for a long time in chrome. I finally managed to reproduced it and save all related data necessary to post here if anyone could help me out. The timeline from Chrome ...

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Try DHCP first, if it fails assign static address and use the machine as a DHCP server itself

As the title says, I have a tiny screenless Ubuntu server that I move around, that has two different behaviors and needs to adapt automatically, that is, without any human intervention, at bootstrap: ...

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Setting network to store data from sensors on one machine

I need to collect the data from sensors (temperature, pressure, and motion), which are mounted on Flyport. There are 8 such Flyports deployed in an institute building. Till now, I have completed ...

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What is the difference between these 2 twisted pairs?

I have two cables marked: BELDEN 1583e utp cat5e 4pr awg24 iso/iec 11801 en50173 ec verified 100 ohm 1002069 ESSENTIAL utp cat5e by nexans EC verified 4pr awg24 lu0306 Both connected to TL-SG108E ...

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OpenVPN HMAC Authentication Failure No Matter What I do?

I am having an issue with my openvpn server, running Debian Wheezy x64, and my client, running Ubuntu 14.10 x64. It seems no matter what configurations I try, I get this error, over and over, a couple ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Chev_603 on Ask Ubuntu
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CentOS on HyperV - eth0 not in ifconfig?

I've launched a CentOS install in HyperV and assigned a NIC the same way I've done on an Ubuntu VM, however, the device simply isn't picked up. Only my loopback is found by ifconfig. How should I go ...

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Steps to find the public IP address of a computer from scratch

I am aware of services like that allow a user to find his public IP address. What I'd like to know is, HOW such a service gets written from scratch? I don't need the ...

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How to add a NAT to a simple mininet?

I am getting started with mininet and now I want to access the Internet from inside a virtual mininet node. I am using the latest version (mininet 2.2). There is a command line option called --nat ...

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Can't mount samba shares

I'm trying to setup some samba shares in 14.04. After defining the shares, I can connect and also list the defined shares, but when I try to mount a share, I get the error: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by dnno on Ask Ubuntu
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Communicating to a Client system using a JButton

I have a Server-Client program where for example 10 clients are connected to the Server program. I have 10 JButton in my GUI,now I need a way to find out how to assign those 10 Client system to those ...

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Since Mavericks, I can't mount ISO files on my Mac over a network

Since upgrading to OS X Mavericks, when I want to mount an ISO file that's on my Mac from my Windows 8.1 PC (so, mounting a Mac share on a Windows computer, so I am accessing the file from the Windows ...

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What is the difference between getHost and getAuthority methods in URL class in Java?

I have a series of strings (URLs) in different forms as: 1) "http://domain name.anything/anypath" 2) "https://dmain name.anything/anypath" 3) "http://www.domain name.anything/anypath" 4) ...

3 answers | 6 hours ago by Jury A on Stack Overflow
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HP ProCurve 4208vl - Show PSU information?

I'm working with a few older HP ProCurve 4200-series chassis switches (4204vl and 4208vl). Some of these units have single power supplies, while others have dual power supplies. I'm trying to ...

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Can't browse local domains without a network connection

I have a few different PHP sites running on local domains (i.e. domains set to in /etc/hosts) so I can work on them without any network delay. I'd like to be able to work on these sites ...

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NetEm IPv4 filtering

Hope I've came to the right place to ask this, if not I guess my question becomes where can I find people who know the answer as a week on google doesnt help! I have NetEm setup and got it finally ...

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Network issues when connecting to certain people/networks

My problem is pretty unique to say the least. Me and my friend noticed this problem a couple months back but i didnt really care about it. Okay so the problem is that im only laggin to certain ...

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Computer name keeps changing OSX 10.10 (14A389)

Since I upgraded to Yosemite 10.10 (14A389) my computer name keeps changing adding a (2) and (3) and so forth. Any ideas how to fix this?

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unable to edit /etc/hosts file in ubuntu 14.10

I changed the hostname from default name, set during installation to something short and nice, but didn't change it in /etc/hosts file. /etc/hostname is changed after restart but sudo is not working. ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by Mehran Ali on Ask Ubuntu
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ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID from chrome,but telnet works

This evening I discovered that I could not access any websites from Chrome, Firefox, etc. At first I though my router might just need rebooting, but I quickly found that I had no trouble ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by Michael on Ask Different
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