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Maximum transmission range vs maximum interference distance

I am wondering if the theoretical maximum transmission range under Omnet++ (veins framework) is the same as the maximum interference distance. I want to confirm some calculations done before by ...

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OpenVPN server config push DNS in private subnet

Intended: OpenVPN server allows clients to masquerade as its public IPv4 on the WWAN, as well as connect to other local servers within the private network, e.g. the internal DNS server. The private ...

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Is it possible to show ads to the people in my WiFi?

I am planning to give free WiFi to people, is there anyway to show advertisement to their mobile phones? The people I am planning to target are mostly mobile phone users. So is there anyway to show ...

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debian multiple network interface multiple networks

I have a virtual environment with 3 virtual machines on one host. One of my virtual machines has 2 network interface. I need the virtual machine with two interfaces to connect to two different ...

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Windows 10 no network connection at all

The machine is a Dell Optiplex 3020, few hours ago I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 via the updater, and since I've been experiencing the complete absence of any network connection. I did the ...

1 answers | 11 mins ago by DDavid on Super User
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I have a Realtek Wireless Lan USB Adapter 8192CU that I can't get to work no matter what I try

I am new to linux so there are many things that I may or may not have done correctly, but I have gone through many solutions on installing this driver for the USB adapter, however, I never have the ...

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Unable to access router admin when using VPN

My existing home network setup is as follows; Virgin Media Superhub 2 in modem only mode ASUS RT-N13U working as a switch / wireless AP running DD-WRT firmware version DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/07/10) std ...

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Windows 10 : Wi-fi driver doesn't work anymore

I've just installed the new release of Windows 10 on my laptop. My problem is that i can't connect with my wifi card anymore and it appears that there is not any drivers (just Realtek PCE Family ...

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Can't browse network from Nautilus

It's Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Long story short i uninstalled a lot of software by mistake. Among others i uninstalled unity, samba...even nautilus, then switched to tty1 and installed all that i could think ...

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Wireless bridge on KVM virtual machine

I have a VM host (KVM) that's connected to a wireless router. I'd like the virtual guests to be in the same broadcast domain as the host; i.e, receive their IP from the router's DHCP. (=Layer 2 ...

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What do the adjectives “Junior” and “Senior” mean as they apply to programmer titles?

What do the adjectives "Junior" and "Senior" mean as they apply to programmer titles? For example, what should I expect from a "Senior Ruby Developer" that's different from what I should expect ...

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Setup a Wi-Fi which only works at login window

i have a Active Directory domain which has both Mac mini and MacBook as member computers. User login to those computers with their Actvie Directory credentials. Because Mac mini has a Ethernet port, ...

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How to configure a local network for 'no internet'

I have recently built a small server that acts as a wireless access point. Unfortunately, the server has no way of accessing the internet due to technical constraints. When I use a smartphone (both ...

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how can I sniff Bluetooth traffic coming from my and another device?

I am trying to debug some Bluetooth traffic. I have one windows computer that I have full access too, I have an android phone, and I have a wireless hardware device. I want to know if there is a way ...

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How to reliably keep an SSH tunnel open?

I use an SSH tunnel from work to go around various idotic firewalls (it's ok with my boss :)). The problem is, after a while the ssh connection usually hangs, and the tunnel is broken. If I could at ...

13 answers | 2 hours ago by Peltier on Super User
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SSH and VPN Cisco connection working on one laptop but not on another. Both laptops using Ubuntu 14.04. Where is the difference?

I'm trying to SSH to our university server using VPN and WIFI connection. The bug is similar to this one, although different in details. The problem is as follows: Me and my colleague are using ...

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Wifi networking

Wireless connection is provided in my college through a open connection that routes the data through a proxy. Is this setup more secure( or not) than the ordinary open Wi-Fi connections one comes ...

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How to use WiFi and Ethernet at the same time

Brief Description: I need my Ethernet card (en0) to see all traffic under However I also need to use WiFi card (en1) for all other traffic. OS: OS X Lion I am using a separate ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by jakebird451 on Ask Different
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How to run two different IP ranges in one VLAN

Someone please help out of the mentioned scenario... I have a campus wide network which has COMPUTER LABS for Students, OFFICES, and Wi-Fi users. Out of all these I have 07 computer labs where I have ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by Sauresh Mehrotra on Server Fault
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Restoring previous internal wifi interface ID in Windows 7

At some point (most likely due to an upgrade or something) the Windows 7 on my laptop has decided that the wifi interface is not the same one as it was before. All configured wifi networks have ...

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Windows Server 2012 R2 performance for Mac OS X Clients (File Services)

I am inheriting a Windows 2012 R2 Server that is experiencing abysmal SMB/CIFS performance for Mac OS X Clients in particular. The server is doing file services and is an Active Directory Domain ...

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How do I check the flow of internet through ubuntu?

I'm using my Ubuntu computer as a wireless receiver, receiving Wifi from my router and sharing my internet through a gigabit switch. How can I check or monitor the speed that I'm sending data to the ...

3 answers | 3 hours ago by Hellreaver on Ask Ubuntu
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How to setup Canon iR2520 Network Scanner?

I have at my workplace Canon imageRUNNER 2520 Scan/Print machine. I managed to setup printing but scanning I don't know how. Can somebody help me?

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Ruby on Rails social network features

I'm trying to build a cooking social network and i wonder who is the best gems to start my project. i'm using: device, paperclip, bootstrap, auto_html, acts_as_votable

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Traffic Redirection for transparent proxy

My current network infrastructure (specifically the Archer D2 shown below) doesn't support redirecting of traffic, I am looking for some device or software that will allow me to redirect all traffic ...

2 answers

Can't connect to school internet

I recently got a new ubuntu laptop for school. The only problem is that I cannot connect to my school's network. To connect I have to select the network in my network list, then open a web browser and ...

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HPLIP or CUPS cannot Find Network Printers?

I have been searching for an answer for days now, thought it was time to ask! I have just setup my first ubuntu server, everything is working perfect. I have internet connection, I can ping every ...

2 answers | 4 hours ago by user1796225 on Ask Ubuntu
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3g network connection Problem while using data

For last two months or so, the situation in my two years old international HTC One X is that the data is not connecting when it is on 3g network but it is working absolutely fine with 2g network. when ...

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Determine bottleneck for the Wi-Fi speed and match the Ethernet speed

The speed on my Wi-Fi is substantially less than the speed on the Ethernet. Through mtr, I don't see any substantial packet loss between the laptop to the router. I want to be able to diagnose the ...

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Cannot connect to a shared network drive

I am using windows 7, I cannot connect to a shared network drive on another machine. I can ping the machine. I can remote desktop connect to the machine. The machine is on the same subnet My friend ...

11 answers | 4 hours ago by dublintech on Super User
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