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How can I change NumWorkers in parallel cluster profile when MATLAB starts?

I'm designing a GUI that use parallel computing. I want change NumWorkers in parallel cluster profile when my program starts and set it to MATLAB default value when i exit the program. How can i do …

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Matlab delete all documents from MongoDB collection via Java driver

I'm in the process of writing a cleanup routine for a mongodb collection for a unit test via the java driver (i tried the "native" matlab driver but the documentation is, well, scarce). I can get a …

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Is there a better/faster way of randomly shuffling a matrix in MATLAB?

In MATLAB, I am using the shake.m function (http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/10067-shake) to randomly shuffle each column. For example: a = [1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 9] a = 1 2 …

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How to solve image segmentation of an image in matlab?

I have done a code that can segment sclera from an eye image using HSB color space and thresholding but it's not working for all image. I am using UBIRIS database. If i customize an image with ...

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numpy delete an array value (logical zero)

The short story is: I am trying to delete a precise point in an array, by using a logical zero or any other way. I am starting with some points' coordinates which define a wing. With them, I am ...

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image mosaicing using SURF

%clear workspace clear; clc; close all; %read Reference image and convert into single rgb1= im2single(imread('r1.jpg')); I1 = rgb2gray(rgb1); %create mosaic background sz= ...

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I want to make a regression using libsvm, if I get the label , how can I predict the feature value?

I get a 4160 * 10 trainData, the first column of trainData is label ,the rest column is feature value. Then I use libsvm in matlab to train. This is a row of trainData after scaling: 8 1:0.636364 ...

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alter tick labels in bar plot

Consider the following example: aa = [911354,4049816,9041133,16045631,23974555,35821544,47721190,... 63573808,84692546,106536581,134014666,168579941,200237804,... 237840742,237840742]; aa2 = …

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Matlab performance in creating an array of nested objects

Using Matlab 2010b Service Pack 1. We are having a performance issue when creating an array of 1000 objects. The array is obj.MyClassArray The objects are of class classdef MyClass < handle ...

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Generate Asymmetric Triangular wave using Modulo function in single Line ? for MATLAB

y=abs(a-mod(x,(a+1))); a=0 for sawtooth a=1 for symmetric Triangle https://flic.kr/p/oCJSHp and I needed what function for following image using single line modulo function ...

2 answers | 3 hours ago by viz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to ignore Black border in MATLAB

i make some compare between 2 very similar images , (by code RANSAC) and after it i rotate one of the images to the angle of the first image . the problem is that in some images you have a black ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by DDDD on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Similarity of data set to a distribution in MATLAB

I have a data set that i want find which distribution is fit to it. How can I check difference distributions on this database? Is any code or automatic code for do that in MATLAB? Thanks.

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can't access database entries in matlab

I am using database variables in MATLAB. When I try to access its entries, MATLAB doesn't recognize it. mydataset(:,{AGE_ID}); Function 'subsindex' is not defined for values of class 'cell'. ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Diego on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Remove noise in an image

I have an image (left image), but it has some discountinuties and noises in the edges. I want to use a method (filtering, image repairing, etc. ) that can give me the right image. Is there any method …

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in matlab Unbalanced or unexpected parenthesis or bracket for definite integral

I'm writing a program that can solve the equation of motion for an inverted pendulum. However, on the line "F=int ... ", I get an error saying "unbalanced or unexpected parenthesis or bracket". ...

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Replace comma into dot using uigetfile

I'm trying to replace comma to dot from txt files in Matlab but I'm not getting. Follow below my code: [nome,caminho]=uigetfile({'*.pal';'*.sjc'},'Selecione Arquivos para Palmas ou SJCampos'); ...

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Can we have more workers than number of cores in MATLAB?

I have a Core i7 CPU and 4 real cores. Can I have more than 4 workers for my computation or the number of workers are always equal to the cores number? Thanks.

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Export certain columns from a Matlab matrix

I have a Matlab Matrix and would like to know if there is a way to extract certain columns from this to make a new matrix. For example, if i have a matrix of; data=1:20 I would like to export …

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matlab keep nan values

I have a huge matrix and I need all the information in it. The contents are mostly numbers but some of them are like "V11.7" or "E111.7". When I import this matrix, the elements containing alphabet …

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Plotting median of an image on image coordinates

I have a gray scale image. I want to plot the median of the columns of that image on to the image axis. For doing this I need to have two things: median values of the columns (which i can obtain …

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How to check performance of parallel processing in matlab?

Just to check how parallel processing works in matlab, I tried the below piece of codes and measured the time of execution. But I found the parallel processing code takes more time than normal code …

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Converting byte array in java to matlab

I have a program that works well in Java and I am trying to incorporate it into Matlab. There is an external jar file that I add using javaclasspath into Matlab and I am able to use import statements …

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Difficulty creating a new matrix with some specifications in MATLAB

I have a matrix that is 11 x 2 in size: M = 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 1 2 2 2 3 2 4 2 5 2 4 3 5 3 I would like to create a new matrix that is of size 7 …

1 answers | 7 hours ago by Pepe López on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to fill up the Cartesian plane with randomly distributed points?

In matlab, how to fill up the Cartesian plane with randomly distributed points? That is, for each coordinate x(i,j) in the graph, a point is placed or is not placed based on some random criteria (for …

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Classifying handwritten digits using PCA

Classify handwritten digits using PCA. Use 200 digits for the train phase and 20 for the test. I have no idea how PCA works as a classification method. I've learned to use it as a dimension ...

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randomly disperse numbers in array

I am trying to randomly disperse different numbers in MATLAB array: I have two 3's, four 2's and I want to randomly populate ones vector (size 10,1). End result look something like this: A = ...

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Random closed packing of non- overlapping spheres inside a cube using Matlab

I am trying to model random closed packing spheres of non-uniform size in a cube using Matlab. There are three constraints in the problem. First, random spheres generated should be bounded within the …

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Matlab: getting GUI handle value from a callback function when calling by another function

I am new to GUI programming for Matlab, so my question relates to that. Let's say that I create a GUI with GUIDE. In the creation function MyGUI_OpeningFcn(hObject, eventdata, handles, varargin) …

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Quadratic programming with linear equality constraints in Matlab

I have to identify an ARX under some linear constraints, this means that I have a quadratic programming with linear equality constraints problem. One way is to use the following equations in the …

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Convolve every row in a matrix with the same function

I'm having difficulty convolving every row in a matrix with the same function without using a for loop. I was wondering if there's a simpler way to do this.

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