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Speed up code to compare fields in a struct

I have the struct Trajectories with field uniqueDate, dateAll, label: I want to compare the fields uniqueDate and dateAll and, if there is a correspondence, I will save in label a value from an other ...

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i have a plot of K vs E. both k and E are matrix of different dimensions.Now i want to calculate SIGMA(K) with E values ranging from min(E) to max(E),but all the time showing an error. I have tried ...

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How to find the size of smallest and largest bin in MATLAB?

I need to find the the size of bin with maximum and minimum element. I am using histc function in MATLAB. Here is what I am doing, A=[1 2 3 11 22 3 4 55 6 7 2 33 44 5 22] edges = [10 inf]; N = ...

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Obtaining result in Frequency Domain using FFT in Matlab

There are the two vectors: Time and Displacement (Don't know how to attach them here)Displacement vs Time Vector displ.mat is the displacement vector obtained after running a dynamic response ...

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read matlab mat file via VBA or C#

I have some matlab data files, extension .mat I want to know if it is possible to read the data in the mat file and then output this data to an excel spreadsheet using VBA, so with code written in ...

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Matlab loop to assign rows to cell array

I have a big cell array A=cell(a,b,c,d) and a row vector B with dimensions 1-by-b. I want to build a loop in MATLAB that does the following: for i=1:n B = Calculate_row(input1,input2) %this is a ...

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What is use of impulse response in overlaping matlab

function y = overlapadd(b, x, L) Above is a function for overlaping in matlab. Where b is impulse response, x is input signal and l is length of segment. I want to use this function for overlaping my ...

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Check wav file exists in Matlab folder

I need to check whether a wav file in Matlab work folder exists ou not. If it does, I need to load the file into a variable (file in my case), i use this code but it doesn't work. if ...

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creating a feed-forward backpropagation network with Matlab

I am using the neural network toolbox in Matlab to create a feed-forward backpropagation network. I am using the function: net = newff(input, target, [35], {'tansig', 'tansig'}); In earlier ...

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Use pigpio in matlab and simulink

I have a piece of code on the raspberry-pi which reads the values from an ADC with the pigpio-library. Is it possible to use this code in an S-function in simulink? I know this can be done with the ...

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How can I determine disk space in MATLAB

Is there any function in MATLAB that determine free disk space? I have made a temporal function that uses MS-DOS dir command and parses the last line of an output the command dir. I think it's doing ...

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how to use generated code from matlab

I want to use the C-coder in Matlab. This translates an m-code to C-code. I use a simple function that adds 5 numbers. When the code is generated there are a lot of C- and H-files. of course you could ...

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MATLAB matrix element wise multiplication optimization

I have to optimize a piece of MATLAB code. The code is simple, yet it is a part of a calculation unit, which calls it ~8000 times (without redundancy) (This calculation unit is used ~10-20K times in ...

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Difference between first element of 1x1 matrix and all elements of 1x1 matrix

After finding some logic in how empty structs are dealt with, I wanted to check how this generalized to matrices. Here I noticed the following: If you have a 1x1 matrix, and assign to the first ...

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Message Catalog Matlab:interpreter was not loaded

I have got a very strange error in MATLAB and it doesn't seem to be directly related to my program. MATLAB doesn't even give me a line where the error occurred. My program processes a lot of files. I ...

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Hessenberg matrix with householder transformation on Hermitian matrix

I have written a program to find a Hessenberg matrix who's orthogonal equivalent with a matrix A using householder transformations. The program works fine until I start using Hermitian matrices. ...

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How to get exposure value in image by matlab

I will coding HDR function in matlab but I can't get exposure value in image.

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How can I calculate a tangent vector at a point in 3D dimensions?

On the z=0 plane, I have a point A(a1,b1,0). And there is another point B(a2,b2,0) which I consider it as the center of a circle. I connect AB together and then draw a circle with radius AB. There is ...

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Is this C++ FFT function equivalent to “fft” matlab function?

I have always used the function "fft(x)" in matlab where "x" is a vector of complex numbers. I am looking for an easy to use function in C++ that would return complex numbers. I have found this code ...

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Image Compression Using wavelet- MATLAB

I am working on image compression based on wavelet in MATLAB... I have constructed the below code. Everything is working fine but the compressed image is displayed as plain black and white image. If I ...

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All rows containing missing values while using Matlab knnimpute

I am using Matlab's knnimpute function to replace missing values. Although the data I have is sufficient to replace the missing values ( no large continuous stream of missing data ), i have the error ...

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How to compute the errors between two matrices of normal vectors?

I have two matrices. One contains the correct values of xyz normal vectors. The second matrix contains estimated normal vector values. I need to know how different these vectors are from the other ...

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Contrast color for colormap

I have a variety of image plots where I use different colormaps for each one. I would like to plot colored lines on these graphs that are noticeable against the background/have a large contrast to the ...

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Is 1 + 1 == 2 always true in Matlab?

As this example suggests: 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 == 0.3 gives the surprising result of false due to precision issues when storing 0.1. However, 1 + 1 + 1 == 3 evaluates to true as expected. Note that ...

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Why does eps fail in a matrix when used with realmax

See >> eps([1 2 0.00001; (realmax('double')-10) realmin('double') realmax('single')]) ans = 1.192093e-07 2.384186e-07 9.094947e-13 NaN 1.401298e-45 2.028241e+31 ...

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Are there precision issues when comparing a copied value with the original value?

Consider the following workflow: A = [2/3 exp(1) 5]; match = interp1(A, A, 2, 'next'); The second command finds the value of A which is first after 2. Thus, match is equal to exp(1). I have two ...

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Numpy loading csv TOO slow compared to Matlab

I posted this question because I was wondering whether I did something terribly wrong to get this result. I have a medium-size csv file and I tried to use numpy to load it. For illustration, I made ...

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Cannot change line color in MATLAB plot

No matter what I specify as the colors of my lines on this MATLAB plot, the resulting plot displays this automatic coloring: here is the code I used: figure ...

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Compare two nonlinear transformed (monochromatic) images

Given are two monochromatic images of same size. Both are prealigned/anchored to one common point. Some points of the original image did move to a new position in the new image, but not in a linear ...

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Enable to execute the matlab compiled code with netbeans under Yosemite

That is 3 days that I am trying to find a solution, but nothing...I always have the same error run: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at ...

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