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Group strings and form a matrix in Matlab

I have a string A to Z, I group 4 characters together and separate the following 4 characters by a space which is like this: abcd efgh ijkl mnop qrst uvwx yz Problem: I wish to make it a new line ...

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Executing VideoReader('movie.mp4') takes so long in Matlab

I am trying to read many video files from a database and process them. I am using Matlab and my problem is that when I want to read a 10 minutes long full HD video I should wait so much and my ...

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how do we store Segmented Image template in the Matlab for matching?

I am beginner in the MATLAB. I am working on the iris segmentation and recognition for my research work. I have used the Libor Masek ...

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Making sense of CCA (Matlab implementation)

I am trying to use CCA for matching data across different domains. My Question is linked with this and that. I have two matrices X and Y which are of dimensions 300x1920 and 300x1930 respectively. I ...

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matlab to python lu decomposition different

I'm converting some MATLAB code to Python and am observing large numerical discrepancies between the \ operator and scipy.linalg.lstsq, which apparently are interchangeable. In my code I calculate ...

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Matlab doesn't output the numerical solution of a equation (instead output ``Rootof some polynomials'' )

I am trying to solve the following equation numerically under Matlab2014b environment.However matlab does not output numerically solutions, it instead output the following ...

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Laplace approximation for binomial distribution in matlab

i using bionrnd() function to generate a random vector and Laplace approximation formula to approximate the binomial distribution. but Laplace histogram dose not like the binomial distribution ...

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Matlab annotate my plot with an arrow and text label without using the default normalised units

How can I annotate my plot with an arrow and text label without using the default normalised units? My axis limits are: ylim([0 0.1]) xlim([446 2500]) And I want a vertical arrow at x=541: ...

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Using MATLAB's plotting features as an interactive part of a Fortran program

Although many of you will have a decent idea of what I'm aiming at, just from reading the title -- allow me a simple introduction still. I have a Fortran program - it consists of a program, some ...

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How to calculate the probability with a Gaussian Mixture Model in Matlab

This problem is solved. Thank you @dpwe I first make the GMM by gmdistribution. Then I want to have a function that can return the probability of my Observation. That is: GMMObject = ...

4 hours ago by sflee on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Classify using GMM with MATLAB

I want to perform classification of two classes using Gaussian Mixture Models with MATLAB. I doing training by creating two models with the function gmdistribution.fit NComponents = 1; for ...

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Using LIBLINEAR to train 2D features

This is my first machine learning exercise, and I want to use LIBLINEAR to train on some data. The training data that I have worked is stored as a multidimensional matrix of size mxmxn, where there ...

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Multithreaded (pthreads) MATLAB mex function causes MATLAB to crash after exiting

I have a task that I need to perform in MATLAB many times, and I would like to reduce the amount of time taken to perform the task by using a multithreaded MEX function. However, I'm running into a ...

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Pop-up menu and graph focus in Matlab

So I have this in GUI, which plots a scatter3 plot with the given x, y and z coordinates. function activation(hObject, eventdata, handles) cla(handles.eeg_final,'reset') axes(handles.eeg_final) ...

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Removing scientific notation but with rounding in Matlab tick labels

I am plotting on a very small scale from a loop that generates a vector, data. Anyway, the YTickLabel is automatically in "6x10-3" format, for example. data = [0.0004578945622489441 ...

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Using Workspace variables in a GUI matlab

I have a workspace called finalnet. Inside the workspace i have a neural network called net. and I want to use the network in one of the functions in my GUI. Is there a way to do that? I tried to ...

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Rigidly register a 2D image to a 3D volume with good initial guess for affine transformation

I have a 3D volume and a 2D image and an approximate mapping (affine transformation with no skwewing, known scaling, rotation and translation approximately known and need fitting) between the two. ...

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horizonally shift starting point for stem() in MatLab

I have a sequence with data and an offset. I'm asked to plot a stem() graph of the data, starting at the offset. I have figured out the data part (the easy part) and how to change the window to ...

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Ignore certain area(roi) in an image while processing in Matlab

I'm a fresher to Matlab. I'm working on vision.CascadeObjectDetector on Mat-lab and is used twice to find-out two different objects(separately trained), say E and K from a video. bbox and bbox2 are ...

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separate 'entangled' vectors in Matlab

I have a set of three vectors (stored into a 3xN matrix) which are 'entangled' (e.g. some value in the second row should be in the third row and vice versa). This 'entanglement' is based on looking at ...

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Plotting several curves in Matlab GUIDE in real time

I need to plot 2 variables in the same axes in real time using the MATLAB GUIDE. Right now I´m successfully plotting 1 variable per subplot. In order to do that I created in the _OpeningFcn a timer ...

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Curve Fitting for equation with two parameters

I have two arrays: E= [6656400; 13322500; 19980900; 26625600; 33292900; 39942400; 46648900; 53290000] and J=[0.0000000021; 0.0000000047; 0.0000000128; ...

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function [ f ] = divideddiference( r ) %UNTITLED Summary of this function goes here % Detailed explanation goes here %r==point of interploation. ...

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What are the Inputs, Outputs and Target in ANN

I am getting confusing about Inputs data set, outputs and target. I am studying about Artificial Neural Network in Matlab, my purposed is that I wanted to use the history data (I have rainfall and ...

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Link different properties of MATLAB axes

Is it possible to link, for example, the 'XLim' property of one MATLAB axis to the 'YLim' property of another axis? I have looked into linkaxes and linkprop but as far as I can tell, they can only ...

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Using GCC(minGW) as Matlab's MEX compiler

I've been given a project to run on matlab 2011a. As there are several .c files in there - i need to set up GCC as the MEX compiler for that project. However, i can not seem to find any explanation as ...

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DCT transform in image processing

I have an image and want to transfer it into discrete cosine transform space and then regenerate the image by using the lowest 25 percent and 56.25 percent and 6.25 percent parts,I know that I can use ...

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How to keep a color in an image while discarding others in matlab?

I want to keep a particular color in an image and discard all other colors. When I try to keep red color the program works but when I try a similar approach for green color I get nothing. Can anyone ...

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Matlab: how to publish a script that requires user input

I would like to publish a Matlab code, which needs some input from the user (a single string). The code runs fine, but when I am trying to publish it I get Error using input Cannot call INPUT from ...

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transfer each row of a matrix to the field of a structure

I have a 100 by 2 matrix. I want to transfer each row of this matrix to the field of a structure without using loop. For loop solution: % Let's say matrix = rand(100,2); for ii = 1: size(matrix,1) ...

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