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Annotation Text Size Doesn't Change on MATLAB Plot

I'm trying to add a textbox with no border to a MATLAB plot, but the font size doesn't seem to respond to changes I make to it. E.g. even with size 50 font, this code x=linspace(-pi,pi) y=sin(x); ...

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Matlab, graph 2 variable function as surface

I'm new to matlab, and I was wondering how you might graph a two-variable function as a surface graph, like sin(x)/y^(log(x)). Say I create two ranges, x and y, both represented by the range ...

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Image-based panoromic localization MATLAB

Is there any technique, that uses a model of the environment formed by two panoramic cylindrical images taken at different locations, and a planar image taken at the current position? I need to ...

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MATLAB nlinfit with multiple unknowns

I am trying to fit a curve using nlinfit, however, I have 3 unknowns. The equation that I am trying to fit is the laminar velocity profile in a tube. u = umax( 1 - ( r / R ) ^ 2 ), where u is the ...

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Using elements of a vector to set elements of a matrix

I have a vector whose elements identify the indices (per column) that I need to set in a different matrix. Specifically, I have: A = 7 1 2 and I need to create a matrix B with some number ...

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Copy to and delete from matrices

Not sure even if this question stands valid. But better ask. Suppose we have two matrices in MATLAB of size (n,1) and (m,1) and we want to copy certain rows from matrix A to matrix B on a condition. ...

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Create vector from elements other than diagonal ones

I would like to create a column vector from the elements of a matrix A of size (3,3) that are not on the diagonal. Thus, I would have 6 elements in that output vector. How can I do this?

4 answers | 3 hours ago by Ghazwan Alsoufi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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implementation of Lomb-Scargle periodogram

from matlab official site , Lomb-Scargle periodogram is defined as http://www.mathworks.com/help/signal/ref/plomb.html#lomb suppose we have some random signal let say x=rand(1,1000); average of ...

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Generate Cell Array of Multiple Rows and Columns From Text File

I have a text file formatted like this: ab cd ef gh ij ab cd ef gh ij ab cd ef gh ij How can I import this data into Matlab so that it is stored as a cell array that is equivalent to this 3x5 cell ...

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detecting DTMF digits from mat file

I am trying to decode numbers in a matfile given and was hoping if someone could help me figure out how to figure out the number. Using fft command is a requirement. I used fft(number) and decided to ...

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feature reduction within gabor filter banks deploying PCA

Using Matlab, I'm working with Gabor filter bank, with different orientations and scales, I got a huge no.of features by the no.of used filters. with the total number of training data, I want to ...

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Calibrated camera get matched points for 3D reconstruction, ideal test failed

I have previously asked the question "Use calibrated camera get matched points for 3D reconstruction", but the problem was not described clearly. So here I use a detail case with every step to show. ...

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integrate between curves

Here is a plot with 2 trends on it: I want to find the area under the black curve (the black lines are all part of one trend), but above the blue curve. %w = wavelength array, Tf = filter ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by user4204005 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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MATLAB Mex function isn't faster than regular function

I know that it wont always be the case, but aren't MEX functions supposed to increase efficiency in code, especially with calculations? I have used the coder toolkit to MEX the expm function in ...

2 answers | 5 hours ago by G Boggs on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Digital image reconstruction with bit planes

I am trying to reconstruct an image from extracted bit planes. Firstly I show the original picture and secondly the pictures per bit-plane. Here is my code: I = imread('myphoto.jpg'); ...

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NIfTI data, library

I'm experiencing some problems with the library I'm currently using to read NIfTI data. I would like to change it. Do you have any suggestion? (I need something compatible with MATLAB)

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How do you fix the size of an axes graphic object?

I'm creating a simple GUI in MATLAB and I'm trying to create a figure that contains a 2d plot on an axes, all is working well, but I have a rough time trying to figure out how to fix the position of ...

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Find first negative occurrence or replace with flag if all values positive in columns of an array

I have an array with 13 rows and 1189 columns. Each column has a range values, most of which have negative numbers, but ~100 don't have any negative values. I can find the first occurrence of the ...

2 answers | 5 hours ago by jm4smtddd on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Store MATLAB Strings contained in cell array in excel Spreadsheet

I'm storing MATLAB strings in Excel spreadsheet. My data is like: Matrix = [644x16 char] [686x16 char] [569x13 char] [660x13 char] [619x13 char] [599x13 char] [607x13 char] [702x13 char] [633x13 ...

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find value in a string of cell considering some margin

Suppose that I have a string of values corresponding to the height of a group of people height_str ={'1.76000000000000'; '1.55000000000000'; '1.61000000000000'; '1.71000000000000'; ...

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Call a function with several properties of an object

For (MEX) function calls it would be really nice to pass several properties of one object at once. Instead of foo(myObj.propA, myObj.propB) I want something like foo(myObj.[propA,propB]. Is this even ...

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Doing Integration Testing on Simulink Models

Say, I've UNITs 1,2,3,4 ( either as Model reference or Subsystem) for which I've units tests ready using matlab.unittest.TestCase framework. What could be the easiest way to write integration test ...

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error in storing captured images in a structure

I want to capture 100 images from my webcam and then store them in a structure. I'm trying to do it like this but i'm getting the error, 'subscripted assignment dimensions mismatch'. The code is ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by user3801619 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Using “save” function in GUI .m file

In Matlab, I am attempting to save a file that is titled based on user input from a GUI. I receive an error when I enter the following into the callback function of a pushbutton: Category='Food'; ...

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How to solve an equation with piecewise defined function in Matlab?

I have been working on solving some equation in a more complicated context. However, I want to illustrate my question through the following simple example. Consider the following two functions: ...

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Smoothing of Edges of an Image

I have a code generated Image with sharp edges. The change in intensity (gradient) of the edges needs to be reduced so as to give a continuous change in color over the region. I applied averaging and ...

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Jagged outline using Matlab 2014b

I am plotting some maps using Matlab that use mapshow to plot the country border from a shapefile. I then export them to both a PDF and EPS format using the export_fig package. This worked completely ...

2 answers | 5 hours ago by emmalgale on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Simple cubic lattice using three-dimensional array

I want to draw a simple cubic lattice using MATLAB. I have read How to plot 3D grid (cube) in Matlab, however, I want to color every small cube. I have a three-dimensional array in MATLAB, such as, ...

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How can I plot the intersection of two functions of three variables?

I've got two equations: eqn1 = (wx^2)/4 + (wy^2)/10 + (wz^2)/15 == 1; eqn2 = (wx^2)/3 + (wy^2)/7 + (wz^2)/5 == 1; How can I find the 3d ellipse that results from their intersection? I've tried ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by user3838469 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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