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Changing a string to smaller one

I have this string: aa= 'SAN/MOST/MOD10A1.005/2000.02.26/MOD10A1.A2000057.h01v10.005.2007163034521.hdf.xml' I want to change it to: 'MOD10A1.A2000057.h01v10.005.2007163034521.hdf.xml' How can …

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MATLAB divides data when importing with 'importdata'

I am using command A=importdata('msnbc_database.seq', ' ', 7) to read data from a data file that has first 7 line I do not need and data looks like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 etc First two lines are …

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Matlab Gui update plot with popmenu

I have a matlab Gui program which takes input data from the serial and plot them in an graph. The Gui has several tabs. In the second tab I have a popmenu which allows me to select the data to plot. …

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Download multiple files from FTP in Mtlab

I am trying to download some files from FTP and save on local folder.I tried this code but it does not work correctly.Anybody can help me?? Thank you in advance ftp_client = ...

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How to save data from serial port to an array in Matlab gui?

I want to read a serail port every 0.1s and append the incoming data to an array, I can show the data this time but the array seems only store the newest data. Anyone can tell me why? Thanks. Here is …

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Image Compression using Burrows Wheeler Transform

I have code for encode and decode text file using Burrows Wheeler Transform (BWT). But in this case i want to encode and decode an image. Please give me a solution to convert an image to string so ...

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Internet History Script For Google Chrome

I'm not looking for a "best" or most efficient script to do this. But I was wondering if there exists a script to pull Internet History for a day's time from, say, Google Chrome and log it to a txt …

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Matlab Fucntion Debug (Error: File: sodifficult.m Line: 1 Column: 28 Function definition is misplaced or improperly nested.)

Question: A photon moving at speed 1 in the x–y plane starts at t = 0 at (x, y) = (0.5, 0.1) heading due east. Around every integer lattice point (i, j) in the plane, a circular mirror of radius 1/3 …

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how to use pca in Matlab

According to the manual, it says [coeff,score,latent,tsquared,explained,mu] = pca(X). In my opinion, PCA is same as truncated SVD. But for the outputs of pca, which one is truncated eigenvectors and …

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Change color of specific characters in MATLAB Edit Text

I used two MATLAB Edit Texts to display data side by side. I would like to highlight the differences between the two Edit Texts. The characters which are different should appear in red. Is there …

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Fancy Binning Operation - How to vectorize a relative intra-bin-wise operation?

I've decided to get a little wild this evening and party with histogram bins to operate on some financial data I'm analyzing. It appears the party has been pooped on, though, as the manner through …

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Mean matrix of matrices in matlab

i'm new to matlab and I'd like to ask something. Is there any function in matlab that allow me to make mean matrix of matrices? To give you some picture, for example I have matrices like this : A = …

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Parallel MATLAB - Create a distributed vector

I have a relativelly small vector in Matlab R = randn(1,1000); Now I would like to create a much bigger vector by selecting a specified set of elements like so Q = R([1 5 8 5 8 1 3 4 19 1, etc]); …

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Differentiating between regular and irregular shaped blobs

I have a set of connected blobs, and I would like to distinguish the more regular (a, c and d in the figure) from the more irregular ones, like b. I tried using the convolved area (putting a ...

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MATLAB: efficient construction of large matrices using elements of a small matrix

I have a small matrix A of size (n+1)x(n+1) with n=O(10). I need to build N=(n+1)^m much larger matrices B_i, each one of size Nxm, where m=O(10) also. Luckily, I need to store just one B_i at the …

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Why do these images have the same entropy?

Why do these two images have the same entropy? These images are created in MATLAB as follows: N = 50; Z1 = randi([0 1],N); Z2 = zeros(N); Z2(1:2:N,1:2:N) = 1; Z2(2:2:N,2:2:N) = 1; subplot(1,2,1) ...

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matlab char array to cell array

say I have an array of chars which looks like.... hello hillo hello and I would like to convert them to a cell array which would be the same as... A = {'hello';'hillo';'hello'} how …

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fusing more than 2 images in matlab

In MATLAB, how do I fuse more than two images? For example, I want to do what imfuse does but for more than 2 images. Using two images, this is the code I have: A = imread('file1.jpg'); B = ...

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Difference between FFT and DFT results !why?

can some one help me to understand the reason of difference between the spectrum of the DFT(raw formulas) and FFT which I have implemented via the following code? I am investigating the harmonics up …

8 hours ago by JOE on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Can't save compressed image using JPEG algorithm

I want to ask about compression in jpeg. I can't save the compressed image, only the decompressed image can be saved. Also i can't do entropy decoding. I hope someone can help me. I'm using MATLAB ...

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using svm with additional constraints in Matlab

I am working on a problem where I have two sets of data- X (NxT) and Z(KxT). For each z(1xT), I want to classify those X' which are related to the z, from those (X-X') which are not. 1. I have prior …

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Easy way to filter Infs in a scatter3 plot

Given the following code, how would one make the Inf values invisible in the scatter plot without color manipulation? J = rand(20, 40, 5); J(J>.6 & J<.4) = Inf; % Plot a scatter matrix ...

2 answers | 9 hours ago by embert on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to set SDP constraints?

Z is a matrix variable that results from a CVX SDP code using Matlab; how can I include a constraint that the values of the elements of matrix Z should be either zero or one? There is the "banded" …

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Code returning constant value

r = 0.4; a = 0:0.1:10; t = r*cosd(a); x = 1 - r*sind(a); n = (t/x); plot(a,t,'--'); Value of n is returning a constant value, but according to the problem it should change. Please help

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Search a Stateflow Chart or Transition by ID

I have the following warning in Stateflow with IDs of a Chart and a Transition. Warning: Chart #404 has an unconditional transition #383 that shadows the following transitions: #381 . You …

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Matlab read from fifo with fopen timeout

I'm working with named pipes (fifo) to communicate between python and MATLAB. The MATLAB code to read from the pipe is functional but it hangs if nothing has been written to the fifo. I would prefer …

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how to setup a programmatically resizable UI in MATLAB

I'm trying to implement a resizable MATLAB UI. But I'm encountering a lot of problems. In fact, the use of the normalized command is compulsory in order to have a window that automatically resize its …

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Speeding up symbolic recursion in Matlab

I have a backwards recursion for a binomial tree. At each node an unknown C enters in such a way that at the starting node we get a formula, A(1,1), that depends upon C. The code is as follows: ...

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How To Make Noise Signal After Estimate Noise Variance

For Blind Source Separation (Adapative Filtering , LMS Algorithm), i need two input. a)noisy signal, 2)noise signal. But How can i make the noise signal. If i can estimate the noise variance of noisy …

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Expose workspace of a called function to calling function in MATLAB

For the sake of simplicity I am using MATLAB scripts as configuration files in my application. This way I can use the function run to load all variables into the workspace. Currently I am writing the …

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