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InverseFunction Mathematica

I got this answer as a result in a DSolve procedure in Mathematica. I try to translate it into standard mathematical notation, but I like to be sure. Gamma is a parameter and C[1] and C[2] are ...

2 answers

Composing functions of functions in Mathematica

I would like define an operator in which the input and output are each functions. For example, say I have op1[f_,x_,y_,z_]:= f[y,x,z] op2[f_,x_,y_,z_]:=f[x,z,y] I would like to compose op1 and op2 …

2 answers

Is there any command or routine to clean screen MATHEMATICA?

I am seeking some command or some routine that allows cleaning the work area (screen) so that the results are presented in a clean screen. Command is not to clean things like variables, it is with the …

2 answers | 6 hours ago by zeros on Stack Overflow
4 answers

File Input output in Mathematica

I am writing test-cases for a problem,I want to check my test-cases with Mathematica but I am facing some problems with file input/output. I have to take Input from a file say "",the date ...

1 answer

Comparing Eigenvectors, Mathematica vs. Matlab

I am trying to create the same out puts in Mathmatica and Matlab, however I am running into trouble aligning the eigenvectors with the eigenvalues, I think the Matlab is doing something slighly more …

1 answer

Two-dimensional error bars with ErrorPlotList in Mathematica?

I am brand new to Mathematica and am having trouble putting two-dimensional error bars on a graph. I have a table with the data format: (r, sr, x, sx, y, sy) where r, x, and y are means and sr, sx, …

2 answers

Fitting custom cumulative distribution

I'm trying to create and adjust the following CDF: nlDist /: CDF[nlDist[a_, b_, c_, d_], x_] :=(Exp[-a Exp[-x/b] - c Exp[-x/d]]); FindDistributionParameters[{31, 46, 70, 87, 87, 93, 114, 128, 133, …

0 answers

Shaded environment using WinEdt

I am currently using WinEdt 5.5 on a Win7 machine. I am using the shaded option to highlight a block of Mathematica code: \documentclass[a4paper,11pt,twoside,english]{book} \usepackage{xcolor} ...

2 answers

How to plot a phase portrait for this system of differential equations?

I beg your help.. I'd like the phase portrait for this system. I don't know how to use Mathematica/Matlab ... :( If anyone can make this portrait and post a print screen here, I would thank you ...

0 answers

squared complex norm of pde solution in wolfram-mathematica

Following problem: I want to calculate the squared norm of a complex function f, in order to get a real solution. This means a want to calculate Solution = Re[f]² + Im[f]² Actually the ...

2 answers

Mathematica and GAP: Is there an interface?

Although the Abstract Algebra Add-on is a beautiful package for Mathematica, imo there is nothing that beats GAP, at least not for Group Theory. When I looked at Sage a few years ago, I found that ...

7 answers

Best Math Plotting Software for Electrical Engineering

I am an electrical engineering undergrad. I would like to learn a math plotting software which would be helpful in visualizing topics in advanced calculus (my immediate need). It would also be helpful …

1 answer

Mathematica not round small value to zero

I have a simple question, for the specific project I am working on I would like mathematica to not evaluate extremely small decimals (of the order of ~10^-90) to zero. I would like a scientific ...

1 answer

Wolfram Mathematica - Newton Backward Interpolation?

I have the following task: Create a function (in Wolfram Mathematica), called $\mathrm{NewtonBackward}$[n_,x0_,h_,f_] which interpolates backwards the function $f(x)$ with nodes {x_i = x_0 + ...

1 answer

How to simplify or rearrange an equation to a specific form in mathematica

I have an equation: Y[u_, v_, w_]:=(sin[u] + v*cos[u]*sin[u - w] - v*sin[w]) Which needs to be expressed in a specific form: Y[u_, v_, w_]:=(a*sin[u] + b*sin[2*u] + c*cos[2*u] + d*v*sin[w]) ...

1 answer

Return the maximum element of an indexed object in Mathematica?

How do I return the index of the maximum element in an indexed object in Mathematica? For example, I have an indexed object numbers[i] that contains an array of randomly generated numbers. ...

1 answers | Jul 17 at 21:20 by user7340 on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Sum of a list in Mathematica

In mathematica how would I find the sum of a list plugged into a function such as (15*(1-D)) when D=[0,.05,.065,.08,.10,.12,.14,.16,.18,.20]

1 answers | Jul 16 at 21:32 by user3846537 on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Neighborhood computation for atom lattice

Dear Mathematica users, Given a 2D atom lattice (that is, a set of points within the plane), I need to compute the first three neighbors for each atom/point (the closest 3 points to each atom, taken …

1 answers | Jul 16 at 18:20 by Carlos on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Mathematica Solve[] returns function with variable slots

When I solve for a high degree polynomial in Wolfram Mathamatica it returns a function with variable slots (the "#1"'s) in it, like this: In[1]:= Solve[p^4 + 4*p^4 (1 - p) + 10*p^4*(1 - p)^2 + ...

1 answers | Jul 16 at 17:02 by PGmath on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Running a bash script combining Fortran and Mathemtica scripts

I am trying to run a bash script (on Mac) which combines a Fortran program with a Mathemtica script (Code in the following). In a nutshell, what it does is: I run Adding_ns.m and it creates a new ...

1 answer

Mathematica - Function to return list

I'm new to Mathematica, and I'm trying to create an input function which would return a list of offsprings for the genetic algorithm, but the code returns Null Return[{}] after asking for the ...

3 answers

Select points within a circular area in Mathematica

Please consider : dalist = {{9, 6}, {5, 6}, {6, 0}, {0, 5}, {10, 8}, {1, 2}, {10, 4}, {1, 1}, {7, 7}, {6, 8}, {5, 3}, {6, 10}, {7, 4}, {1, 8}, {10, 0}, {10, 7}, {6, 3}, {4, 0}, …

4 answers

indefinite integral computation $dx/(e^{-x}-x)$

Hi i'm trying to carry out the following indefinite integral: $$\int \frac{1}{e^{-q} - q} \, dq$$ mathematica is not helping me, and i think it is not solvable by substitution method. any idea on …

1 answer

How to save complete pdf document with plots and results with mathematica?

I need to: Analyse Data > Get plots and numerical results > Repeat for different sets of data > Make a document The problem is that I need to create a pdf document for dozens of sets of data... ...

1 answer

How to hide debugging output in Mathematica?

I want hide all outputs created by Print command from user's function defined in module .m. More precisely the problem is following: I have a module that solves some specific task (It's not ...

1 answers | Jul 14 at 17:04 by Anonimous on Super User
1 answer

Replace a part in a table n times by adding the previus values of each iteration and substructing the initial value

I have the following Nested table (myinputmatrix = Table[Nest[function, myinputmatrix[[i]][[j]], myinputmatrix[[i]][[j]][[2]][[2]] + myinputmatrix[[i]][[j]][[3]][[2]]], {i, ...

1 answers | Jul 14 at 13:28 by noni on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Julia. Relabelling a vector

I have a vector of non-consecutive integers that I need to use as indices for a matrix. In order to create a matrix of minimal size, I want to relabel the entries of the vector in the following way: …

0 answers

mathematica first command always running, must abort evaluation for things to start working

I recently installed Mathematica 10.0 and seem to have an annoying bug. The very first command always does not evaluate, it rather perpetually runs. I can do something trivial like "2" or "1+1", and …

0 answers

Mathematica. Two ArcCos functions which should give the same result are giving different results

I have written two lines of code in mathematica Integrate[ArcCos[(1-(w/2t))],{w,0,F}]] and Integrate[ArcCos[-w/(2t)],{w,-2t,F-2t}] where in both cases F < 2t. I expect these two ...

0 answers

How to use NMaximize/NMinimize with a function and a list of variables

I have created this function which calculate the figure of merit of data acquired. DD = 20;Days = 3; Loading = Table[Table[{RandomReal[{-1500, 1500}], RandomReal[{-1, 1}/100]}, {i, 1, 150}], …

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