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1 answer

Mathematica: Imported Table not same as Exported Table

I apologize if this is a stupid question, but this is driving me berserk. I generate a large Table of complex numbers in Mathematica and I want to save it and read it in later. Looking at the ...

6 answers

Is there an application which supports a Mathematica-style workbook but customisable?

My son demonstrated Mathematica to me a while back. Is there anything similar which works within the workbook metaphor, but which is not limited to Mathematica?

6 answers | 15 hours ago by boost on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Reduce function syntax in Mathematica

I would like to know whats wrong with my code. I am trying to solve system of non-linear equations (initially in wolfram but the command was too long) in Mathematica: Reduce[Pi*(h^2 + 2*R*(R - ...

1 answers | 22 hours ago by Smajl on Stack Overflow
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I need a swap mutation code (genetic algorithm) in Mathematica?

I'm working on GA coding to optimize the locators position in fixturing system to minimize the error in precision manufacturing.I need a code for mutation (genetic algorithm) in Mathematica. Here, I ...

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How to write a comma to a file in Mathematica?

The following code is typing the two quotes (around comma )as well. fp = OpenAppend["Math.txt"]; mycomma = “,”; (*var1 and var2 are variables*) Write[fp,var1 ,mycomma,var2]; (*other attempts ...

1 answer

Indefinite integral not evaluated in Mathematica

I have an Indefinite integral integral: Rm = 50; d = 3; W = 1.2; f = 1/(1 - R^2/Rm^2) A = W*(d - 1 + X)/d*R^(X - 1) - R*f - (1 - d)/R; B=W/d*R^X + 1; Integrate[A/B, R] Mathematica evaluate the ...

1 answer

How to make a substitution in Lambda Calculus?

I would like to know how to make the following lambda substitution: Let: M = λxy.x (λx.x)(λy.x y) Calculate the substitution: M[x := y xλz.z] Do you know some way to make such substitution in ...

1 answer

TikZ \filldraw command acting strange

I am attempting to plot a region in TikZ using data exported from a Mathematica RegionPlot. But the TikZ \filldraw command is giving me a strange-looking output. The problem with the generated TikZ ...

1 answer

Mathematical symbol for Symbolic Replacement

(Posted at mathematica.SE, as it might be better there) I'm searching for a mathematical symbol, that describes the symbolic replacement done for instance in Mathematica: f[xx_, a_, b_] := 3*xx ...

1 answers | May 26 at 14:35 by NicoDean on Mathematics
1 answer

How to plot a phase portrait for system of differential equations in mathematica or R?

Please, help me. I'd like the phase portrait for this system: If anyone can make this portrait and post a print screen here, I would thank you very much.

1 answer

Mathematica simplify conjugate expression

Is there a way to simplify this conjugate expression: expr=d12*Conjugate[C1]*C2 + d12*Conjugate[C2]*C1 + d13*Conjugate[C1]*C3 + d13*Conjugate[C3]*C1 into something like: 2 d12 ...

0 answers

Modules and custom Input functions Mathematica

I am trying to make a Module that takes a Boolean function, and prints the following: the function's truth table the function's NOR epxression the function's minimal Disjunctive normal form So far ...

0 answers

How to compare elements in every permutation

I need to solve this problem: If we have a set A={a,b,c,d,e}, how to print all possible permutations of length 3, such that, "a" appears before "c", and "d" appears at most once. Thanks. :) I create ...

1 answer

Tomcat HTTP Status 403 - Evaluation of…did not complete within the allowed time limit

I'm developing a web application with webMathematica and using Apache Tomcat 7.0.57 as a server. I've developed a GUI in a .jsp-File with text fields, drop down menus and radio buttons where the user ...

1 answers | May 24 at 12:56 by Tesla. on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Permutations in Wolfram Alpha

So, the program has to print all possible permutations of a set A with elements {x, y, z, w, u, t}, with length of 3, which accomplish this condition: 'u' must not appear after 't'. I know how to find ...

0 answers

Recursion in Mathematica

Can anyone explain to me how do I use a recursion, if I don't know the limit. For example, I need the remainder r of the Euclidean algorithm for gcd(a,b) which equals 0. I figured out that the ...

2 answers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 3d array in Mathematica

Edited... Thanks for every one to try to help me!!! i am trying to make a Finite Element Analysis in Mathemetica.... We can obtain all the local stiffness matrices that has 8x8 dimensions. I mean ...

0 answers

free tool for algebraic manipulations of commutator expressions

Is there an (ideally) free tool for algebraic manipulations of commutator expressions of the form: given $$c(A,B):=\tfrac{1}{2}[A,B]+\tfrac{1}{12}[A,[A,B]]+\tfrac{1}{12}[B,[B,A]]$$ simplify (express ...

1 answer

Cannot create volume from Image3D function in Mathematica

I'm getting an error when using Image3D function of mathematica. I am trying to use that function to create a 3D volume from the array imagevar, which contains 10 grayscale binary images. images = ...

1 answer

Automatic Generate Input without shift+enter Mathematica 10

I have a little problem with my program. I have a function which is call funkcja where I do some small operations and at the end an output is show by Graphics function. Then, in function Manipulate, ...

1 answers | May 21 at 14:44 by dawcza94 on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Blur a matrix using Fast Fourier Transforms

I want to blur values in matrix, so that in neighboring elements we'll not have sharp transitions. From the Wikipedia page Gaussian Blur I've found some info on Gaussian blurring. I've tried it with ...

0 answers

How to simplify or factor an expression of non commuting variables

so this question is most likely very simple and I have seen similar questions on here but none which quite seem to work for me. I am quite the amateur with Mathematica as I never really have much ...

1 answer

Compile the C-file in MATLAB

Description I got a Mathematica Symbolic Toolbox for MATLAB--Version 2.0 here Then I using the documentation it cotained to compile in MATLAB enviroment Installation steps: 1)Go to your ...

4 answers

Riffling Cards in Mathematica

My friend posed this question to me; felt like sharing it here. Given a deck of cards, we split it into 2 groups, and "interleave them"; let us call this operation a 'split-join'. And repeat the same ...

4 answers | May 18 at 14:59 by fritz on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Count item checked on Checkboxbar Wolfram Mathematica

I have a Checkboxbar like this: This is the code: {CheckboxBar[{1, 3}, {1, 2, 3}]} I would like to count how much items are selected, and have an action for example when 2 item are selected. How ...

2 answers

Twilight Zelda Guardian Puzzle : Shortest Path (UPDATE: ADDED RULES)

I'm playing a video game right now and in it is a puzzle (see here). There are solutions to solving it (see here) on the Internet, but I'd like to know if this path is the shortest path (least amount ...

1 answer

Frequency of a wavelet filter

Assume that I have decomposed a data set using Symlet Wavelet with six levels. How can I estimate the approximate frequency interval of each level? That would be great if you consider your answer in ...

1 answers | May 17 at 20:21 by K-1 on Cross Validated
0 answers

Calling elements from list in ndsolve, mathematica

ClearAll["Global`*"] \[Alpha]1 = -1; \[Sigma]1 = -0.33; tf = 20; \[Theta]Noise = ItoProcess[\[DifferentialD]\[Theta]N[u] == ...

0 answers

Mathematica Remote Kernel On Windows

I want to configure a remote kernel of Wolfram Mathematica on a Windows 8 and connect to that Kernel from another windows machine using Java. Is it necessary to have Mathematica installed on both ...

1 answer

How can i view solutions of Solve as multiples of pi in mathematica 10

i am new to Mathematica and can't find the option to show solutions of Equations like Solve[6.5 == 2 \[Pi]*r] as multiple of pi. I only get the numerical output {r -> 1.03451} Thanks in ...

1 answers | May 15 at 8:36 by Christian Wach on Mathematics
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