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5 answers

Is there an application which supports a Mathematica-style workbook but customisable?

My son demonstrated Mathematica to me a while back. Is there anything similar which works within the workbook metaphor, but which is not limited to Mathematica?

5 answers | yesterday by boost on Stack Overflow
1 answer

How to improve sensietivity of EventHandler to MouseDragged and MouseClicked events

Using EventHandler, I notice that sometimes it thinks I was dragging the mouse, even though I was just clicking it. Here is a simple example EventHandler[Graphics[Circle[{0, 0}, 1]], ...

1 answers | yesterday by Nasser on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Frequency of a wavelet filter

Assume that I have decomposed a data set using Symlet Wavelet with six levels. How can I estimate the approximate frequency interval of each level? That would be great if you consider your answer in ...

1 answers | yesterday by K-1 on Cross Validated
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Parametric Imaginary Plots on Mathematica

I am trying to plot the trajectory of . I tried this on Mathematica but I don't get the desired cone-like shape: ParametricPlot[{I*Sin[u]*Sin[t], -I, 1}, {u, 0, Pi}, {t, 0, 10000}] The result is ...

0 answers

Karger's algorithm in mathematica

I am trying to implement Karger's algorithm using Mathematica. I am able to reduce the graph but unable to keep track of which edge or vertex has been reduced. I tried labelling the graph at every ...

0 answers

software library to compute KL divergence?

Are there any software libraries that compute KL divergences in closed form, that also give the derivatives of the KL divergence wrt the distributions' parameters? I'm using Julia, so it's ...

1 answer

Help me understand Gröbner basis result please

I'm practicing a bit with Gröbner bases but I'm not understanding the following result I obtain from Mathematica: GroebnerBasis[{ (2 a[1] - a[2] - a[3]) (a[2] - a[3])^4, (a[2] - a[3])^2 (5 ...

1 answer

Coloring Edges in graph according to their vertexes color

I working in mathematica and have a graph that every vertex is in a different color, i want to coloring the edges. for example: if two vertex in the same color, the edge will be in some color, and so ...

1 answer

Is there is an autocompletion feature for brackets in Mathematica 10?

I am new to Mathematica, have used RStudio before for R and like the feature for brackets' autocompletion. There are plenty of different brackets are used in Mathematica code and it is handy to have ...

1 answer

Generating power-law distributed numbers from uniform distribution – found 2 approaches: which one is correct?

I am trying to generate power-law distributed numbers ranging from 0 to 1 from a uniform distribution. I found two approaches and I am not sure which one is right and which one is wrong. 1st Source: ...

1 answer

Get mathematica to represent spcific matrices in the answer

I have defined the matrices as below: A={{1,0},{0,1}} B={{0,1},{1,0}} I want mathematica to convert {{1,2},{2,1}} to A+2B.

1 answers | Apr 13 at 8:17 by Alg on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Converting a ParametricPlot parametric expression to a ContourPlot cartesian expression

Using ParametricPlot I can plot a lemniscate expressed in parametric coordinates: ParametricPlot[1/(1 + Sin[t]^2) {Cos[t], Cos[t] Sin[t]}, {t, 0, 2 [Pi]}] I want to find using Mathematica the ...

1 answers | Apr 13 at 7:48 by wojtek on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Mathematica Plot error

I want to plot Sin and Cos function in the same system. But this code Plot[{Sin[x], Cos[t]}, {x, 0, 5}, {t, 0, 6}] lead to this error: Plot::nonopt: "Options expected (instead of {t,0,5}) ...

1 answers | Apr 12 at 14:54 by Abbey on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Contructing a triadiagonal matrix in Mathematica where nonzero elements contain functions and variables

Suppose I want to construct a matrix A such that A[[i,i]]=f[x_,y_]+d[i], A[[i,i+1]]=u[i], A[[i+1,i]]=l[i], i=1,N . Say, f[x_,y_]=x^2+y^2. How can I code this in Mathematica? Additionally, if I ...

2 answers | Apr 12 at 5:12 by hbaromega on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Define a matrix depending on variable in Mathematica

I am translating my code from Python to Mathematica. I am trying to define a matrix, whose values depend on a variable chosen by the user, called kappa. In Python the code looked like that: def ...

0 answers

Is Time series already in mathematica 9

Is the time series package already installed in Mathematica? I have already installed Mathematica. Do I need to install the time series package? If so, from where?

1 answer

Summation giving incorrect value (I think) in Mathematica

I have the problem $\displaystyle\sum\limits_{x=2}^4 \dfrac{1}{x^2}$. I know the answer to this problem should be $\dfrac{61}{144}$. When I type the problem into Wolfram Mathematica, I get the answer ...

0 answers

Precision of starting values in FindMinimum

I am currently working on an optimization of chemical kinetic model. Starting points for FindMinimum is defined as: k10 = 2.45*10^-1 and k20 = 8.65*10^-11. The step monitor is used to show calculated ...

1 answer

Matlab or Mathematica: Need help in computing the Pdf for sum of unknown named distribution and normal random variable

Is it possible to apply convolution theorem or software like Mathematica to find a closed form expression for the pdf of Z = R + X where f_R(r;k,d) = kdr^(d-1)(1-r^d)^(k-1) and X is zero mean Gaussian ...

1 answer

Sorting the main diagonal of a matrix

I have a matrix, and its elements on the main diagonal aren't sorted, so I need a function that will return new matrix with sorted elements on the main diagonal. I can't understand why this won't ...

1 answers | Apr 10 at 16:12 by wdc on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Mathematica Lookup Tables

I am making a mathematical model which requires 3 input parameters (as floats) - let's say j,j0 and j1. 'j0' is the primary variable; for each j0 there are multiple j values. For each j there are ...

3 answers

Fanciest way to include Mathematica code in LaTeX

I am trying to include a Mathematica code in LaTeX. To obtain the Mathematica code I just exported notebook as PDF. I didn't like the way it was included in my TEX code so I just thought of adding a ...

3 answers | Apr 8 at 14:59 by Thanos on TeX - LaTeX
1 answer

DSolve answers with DSolve

I'm trying this code g2[x_] = 1/(2 a (a^2 - b^2)) (-a b^2 ϕ1[x] - b^2 ϕ2[x] + a ϕ3[x] + ϕ4[x]) + c2[x]; g4[x_] = 1/(2 a (a^2 - b^2)) (-a^2 b ϕ1[x] - a^2 ϕ2[x] + b ϕ3[x] + ϕ4[x]) + c4[x]; ...

0 answers

in mathematica how to get fully expanded answer for rational system of linear equations

I define a matrix. m= { {2, 1, 1}, {1, 2, 0}} Then i solve the system of linear equation. It gives correct result. But same thing if i do using non-integral coefficients such as re-defining m ...

2 answers

How can this linear solver be linked within Mathematica?

Here is a good linear solver named GotoBLAS. It is available for download and runs on most computing platforms. My question is, is there an easy way to link this solver with the Mathematica kernel, so ...

0 answers

What are the rectangular black markers shown in the roads of Google maps?

I'm doing some image processing to quantify the connectivity of London's roads. I'm not a geographer or map-expert and I would like to know what are the black rectangular nodes/markers in this map. ...

2 answers

What's the distribution of $(a-d)^2+4bc$, where $a,b,c,d$ are uniform distributions?

I have four independent uniformly distributed variables $a,b,c,d$, each in $[0,1]$. I want to calculate the distribution of $(a-d)^2+4bc$. I computed the distribution of $u_2=4bc$ to be ...

1 answer

Newton backward interpolation in Mathematica

I have the following task: Create a function (in Wolfram Mathematica), called $\mathrm{NewtonBackward}$[n_,x0_,h_,f_] which interpolates backwards the function $f(x)$ with nodes {x_i = x_0 + ...

1 answer

Mathematica, NMinimize: Equality constraint involving function is “invalid”

In Mathematica, I've defined the following, in order to try and solve an optimization problem: costVector := {710000, 610000, 650000, 910000, 720000, 570000} cost[x_] := Total[IntegerDigits[x, 2, ...

1 answer

How can I compute the lower and upper bounds of a confidence interval in a linear regression problem?

I am completing a university statistics assignment on the Mathematica program, and this is the initial question: "The Medical Research Council wanted to evaluate the effects of different dosages of a ...

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