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0 answers

Enable Frames for All 2D Plots in Mathematica

To set all the 2D plots to have the option Frame->True, i added the following to my "init.m": (SetOptions[#, Frame -> True]&)/@{Plot,ListPlot,ListLinePlot,LogPlot,LogLogPlot,LogLinearPlot}; ...

6 answers

Extract information from HTML using Mathematica

Is there an easy way to extract data from specific HTML tables using Mathematica? Import seems to be pretty powerful, and Mathematica appears to be capable of handling formats such as XML pretty ...

6 answers | 18 hours ago by Pickett on Stack Overflow
3 answers

Telling Plot to style vector-valued black-box functions in Mathematica

Suppose I write a black-box functions, which evaluates an expensive complex valued function numerically, and then returns real and imaginary part. fun[x_?InexactNumberQ] := Module[{f = Sin[x]}, ...

3 answers | 18 hours ago by Sasha on Stack Overflow
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How can I run Normal Boundary Intersection (NBI) method with matlab or any other software?

I have a constraint optimization problem. I want to convert it to a multi-objective mathematical programming problem (so-called Multi-objective optimization , vector optimization). I need to run ...

3 answers

A numerical evaluation of $\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}(-1)^{\frac{n(n+1)}{2}}\frac1{n!}\int_0^1(x)_n dx$

I would like to obtain a numerical evaluation of the series $$S=\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}(-1)^{\frac{n(n+1)}{2}}\frac1{n!}\int_0^1x(x+1)\cdots(x+n-1) dx$$ to five significant digits. I've used Mathematica, ...

1 answer

Fill upper triangular matrix from a list

I am looking a good way to fill up the elements of a lower triangular matrix from a list. I currently have this: PadRight[#, s] & /@ Prepend[Take[elems, # + {1, 0}] & /@ ...

0 answers

Getting a part of a matrix in mathematica

I was trying to get an element of a matrix, and use in further computation of my program. Problem was that its not reading the value unless and until I specify it again. My code is: In[1]:= G = k1 ...

1 answer

Multiplying constant to an expression

I am multiplying constant to an expression which can be seen from below. But the final expression is getting reduced. I just want it to be multiplied. (x^2 (-((1. (2 - 1/x)^3 x^5)/( Sqrt[1 - x^2] (0. ...

1 answers | Jan 25 at 12:10 by Chikorita Rai on Stack Overflow
2 answers

How to output periodogram result to a list in Mathematica?

I have a time domain data. After I did discrete fourier transform with Periodogram, how can I output the plot into a list for further manipulation? Periodogram[data[[All, 2]], SampleRate -> ...

2 answers | Jan 25 at 11:44 by Ruochen LU on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Wolfram Language -change its cloud dependency, to a local dependency, without affecting its other features

Is there any way Wolfram Language is used against virtual data (no real data.), provided a database (as in a complex game, with specified analysis required). I really like how this language. How can ...

1 answer

Solving a system of 36 equations and 24 variables in Mathematica

I want to solve the following system of equations, but when I use Solve or NRoots my machine seems does not response. Are there any ideas to help? Can you run the code on your machine and give me the ...

1 answer

How to plot magnetic field lines in mathematica?

I am preparing for the exams, and I have spent couple of days trying to solve the task, but without success. Can someone show me how I solve this? The result should look like this:

2 answers

How can I simulate repulsion between multiple point charges (ball bearings) in Mathematica?

I'm trying to write a program in Mathematica that will simulate the way charged ball bearings spread out when they are charged with like charges (they repel each other). My program so far keeps the ...

0 answers

How to create a network graph based on a weighted matrix

I want to create a network graph (similar to g = ExampleData[{"NetworkGraph", "ZacharyKarateClub"}];). However, I want the graph to be based on shared interests rather than connections. I.e. Bob, ...

1 answer

Nested if conditional in Mathematica

Do you know if and how I can rewrite the code below in a better form for different values of m, k, and l? It is a nested if conditional construct that I want to check b for all m, k, and l, but the ...

0 answers

every calculation must be done twice to get an answer

Would really appreciate if someone can help with this problem: When I first open a Mathematica note book, say you do 1+2 and press shift-enter. As expected, I get "3" as the output. Now suppose you ...

1 answer

Point of intersection between two lines, Wolfram Mathematica

There are two pairs of points given by the coordinates. I have to create two lines out of those pairs of points, and to calculate the point of intersection of those lines. This can be instance of how ...

1 answers | Jan 22 at 21:48 by wdc on Stack Overflow
4 answers

How to solve Euler Project Prblem 303 faster?

The problem is: For a positive integer n, define f(n) as the least positive multiple of n that, written in base 10, uses only digits ≤ 2. Thus f(2)=2, f(3)=12, f(7)=21, f(42)=210, ...

1 answer

Project Euler # 23 Mathematica

I am solving Problem 23 of Project Euler using Mathematica: Find the sum of all positive integers that cannot be written as the sum of two abundant numbers. Recall that an abundant number # is ...

1 answers | Jan 22 at 18:06 by Josué on Stack Overflow
3 answers

Fanciest way to include Mathematica code in LaTeX

I am trying to include a Mathematica code in LaTeX. To obtain the Mathematica code I just exported notebook as PDF. I didn't like the way it was included in my TEX code so I just thought of adding a ...

3 answers | Jan 19 at 21:00 by Thanos on TeX - LaTeX
2 answers

Mathematica: Integration of Bessel Function & Exponent Function & Trigonometric Function

I have an integral with the form Int[k_]:=Integrate[Exp[-x]xSin[x]BesselJ[0,k*x],{x,0,10}] where BesselJ[0,kr] is the modified Bessel function of the first kind. Now i can't get the directly ...

0 answers

Uploading data on apache tomcat gives the error java.nio.Buffer.limit(Unknown Source)

We have built a webMathematica website using apache tomcat servlet. The webapp worked fine for some time, but since the last month we are getting errors while uploading files of size more than 8 kb. I ...

0 answers

How can I fix a poor nonlinear curve fit?

I was trying calculating Fourier transform of some rings. as follow: By directly calculating of model as several rings, the result showed different from the the experimental ones. So I tried to ...

0 answers

Not Fitting well exponent BY Mathematica

I was trying NonLinearModelFit by mathematica.. The data should include something as Exp[-ax]Sin[bx]......But I can't get the proper fitting curve(parameter).. Original programs were listed below.. ...

1 answer

Installing Mathematica Fonts in MikTeX

I would like to use Mathematica fonts with pdfLaTex in Miktex, but I'm having trouble installing them. I have only found guides as to how to install them in TexLive and I don't know how to alter the ...

0 answers

Mathematica is able to compute an indefinite integral but not the corresponding definite one

I'm trying to compute the following definite integral in Mathematica: Integrate[Sqrt[3]/Sqrt[1 + Sqrt[1 + 12*u^2 - 24*\[Mu]]], {u, -Sqrt[1 + 8*\[Mu]]/2, Sqrt[1 + 8*\[Mu]]/2}] Only for some ...

1 answer

Inverse gradient as line integral in Mathematica

I found a nice paper about inverse vector operators here. I have successfully defined a Mathematica function for inverse curl and inverse divergence, however I can't figure out how to do inverse ...

1 answer

Summation of an infinite series

For the following series, S= Sum[(e^(a*m*n))*((b^(-m)*(n/2)))),{m,1,infinity}] I get the output: By the geometric series test, the series converges. How to get the actual value of the infinite ...

1 answers | Jan 14 at 4:31 by Chikorita Rai on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Direction fields, differential equations, and solution in one graph

Assume that I have the following differential equation: \dot{y} = a*(y-0.5) + b*(y-0.5)^3 I am curious to see if one can plot in one diagram the actual differential equation (as given above) with ...

3 answers

Mathematica Interpolation[] that remains constant when outside range

I want to "modify" Mathematica's Interpolation[] function (in 1 dimension) by replacing extrapolation with constant values when the input is out of range. In other words, if the interpolation ...

3 answers | Jan 13 at 0:07 by barrycarter on Stack Overflow
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