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2 answers

Function plot from points result of other function combinations

I have 2 functions declared in wxmaxima: f1(x, y) and f2(x, y). Both contain if-then-else statements and basic arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For example ...

1 answer

A Java advanced text logging pane for large output

Mathematica comes with a simple java program that allows to inspect the communication between front end and the kernel. It's called LinkSnooper and in general it works quite nice. It looks like this ...

0 answers

mathematica getting input from user

'm new to mathematica. i have a small project: get an equation , a number n, a number x and a number y and a number h, then using euler formula calculate nTh iteration ... My code is : ...

2 answers

using mathematica plots in LaTeX

I would like to use plots created with Mathematica inside my LaTeX environment. Is it possible to plot the Mathematica code completely inside the LaTeX environment? If it is not possible, does anyone ...

2 answers

Define function in Mathematica with previous output

I am new to Mathematica and stuck with the following problem: Suppose I do some computation like Integrate[x^2,x]. How can I use the output to define a new function? So, intuitively I thought it ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by harlekin on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Syntax for dividing two complex numbers in wolframalpha

I would like to dive two complex number: a = 440 angle (10 degrees) b = 39 - 18i I would like to know the syntax for calculating a/b

2 answers

Mathematica FindRoot solve equation

I have a task to solve equation system with FindRoot: a*x+b*y^2-c*x^2=a-b, a*x^2+b*y^2+b*x-cy=b+c , where a = 10, b = 10, c = 6; I'm very(!) new to Mathematica and have one day to get to know it. ...

2 answers | Dec 15 at 6:43 by user3722573 on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Differentiation in Mathematica

I want to differentiate f(x)=sin(x^2-1) in Mathematica Software I used this command D[Sin[x^2 - 1], x] The output is 2 x Cos[1 - x^2] Why the angle is 1-x^2 instead of x^2-1 ?? Thanks.

1 answer

Double parentheses with three arguments, mathematica

If I asign something like this to variable Res: Res=Solve[6-5x+x^2==0]; What will do the following line? Res[[1,1,2]] or Res[[2,1,2]]

1 answers | Dec 14 at 18:37 by wdc on Stack Overflow
1 answer

I can't solve this integral in Mathematica

I want to calculate the following integral in Mathematica 10 $$f(x) = ...

0 answers

Mathematica replace function in interval with third-degree polynomial

Any ideas, how to replace function in interval with third-degree polynomial? For example, F(x)=a*sin(1*x/b)+b*cos(1*x/c) needs to be replaced in interval [-10,3] with third-degree polynomial. Any ...

0 answers

Mathematica find values from function in particular points

For example, there is this function: F(x)=a*sin(1*x/b)+b*cos(1*x/c) + d How to find values of this function in particular points from Xi=-2,-1.8,-1.6,...2 ? So in the end it will be like -2 = ...., ...

1 answer

NSolve function in Mathematica

I want to use the NSolve function to solve system of equations. So I wrote the line: NSolve[{0.1 == Exp[-((0.01 - y)^2/(2 x^2))]/(Sqrt[2 [Pi]] x), 0.3 == Exp[-((0.04 - y)^2/(2 x^2))]/(Sqrt[2 ...

0 answers

Pade_Approximant in Mathematica

I want to calculate Pade_Approximant for exponential function in power of 3. I wrote this code but it seems that the answer isn't true. please help me In[131]:= PadeApproximant[Exp[x^3], {x, 0, {3, ...

0 answers

Trouble with sparse matrices in Mathematica

The following code gives me the first k eigenvalues of a certain big matrix. Because of the symmetries of the matrix, the eigenvalues are in pairs, one positive and the other negative, with the same ...

2 answers

How to paste table from MS Excel to Wolfram Mathematica?

When I am pasting a region from MS Excel, which contains multiple numbers, to Mathematica, I am getting just a long plain sequence of digits, i.e. one integer number in Mathematica. How to have a ...

2 answers | Dec 12 at 14:34 by Dims on Super User
0 answers

Problem with multivariate lognormal distribution in R

I'm using the R package compositions for the multivariate lognormal distribution. this is the only package I found that supports it. However I'm not sure how this paackage computes the multiv. LN, ...

1 answer

Draw 3D bar plot in Mathematica

I want to draw a 3D bar plot in mathematica as shown in the following link XYZ 3D-chart in Excel How do you create a grid and create a cylinder chart? I was able to do in a different way in ...

1 answers | Dec 12 at 3:46 by rfic on Super User
1 answer

Mathematica collect a common factor not yet explicit

Suppose I have an expression of the form x^2Coth[y] + 2xyCoth[y] + y^2Coth[y], this is equal to (x - y)^2Coth[y]. Is there a way to ask Mathematica to do this collection? That is, something ...

1 answers | Dec 11 at 14:47 by harlekin on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Animate a sine wave from the center

I want to animate a sine wave as if it's generated from the center and moves outwards (to the left and right). I started with this library: SISinusWaveView and made some adjustments. Currently I have ...

1 answer

Can i return list in Mathematica function?

In my code I'm trying to return list of numbers from my function but it gives me just null. sifra[zprava_, klic_] := Module[ {c, n, e, m, i, z, pocCyklu, slovo}, pocCyklu = ...

1 answers | Dec 10 at 14:23 by user2834729 on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Torricelli's Law with a Sphere (Ignore Mathematica part, already solved)

Edit 1: According to this PDF, second page. The differential equation for a hemisphere becomes $$(r^2h-h^2) h' = -a^2\sqrt{2gh}$$ This differs from the equation I got, which looks like: ...

0 answers

Proving susceptibility in Lorentz Model satisy Kramers-Kronig relations

My instructor asked me to prove that the real and imaginary parts of the electric susceptibility derived from Lorentz Model satisfy the Kramers-Kronig relations using the residue theorem. The problem ...

1 answer

Mathematica and Latex

I am constantly using the mathematica software and using TeXForm command to go back and forth between the calculations and the latex document I'm typesetting. However, mathematica won't allow me to ...

0 answers

Cant plot fourier series in mathematica

Hi i have been trying to plot this on mathematica 8 from where x goes from -1 to 1: 1/2 (-1 + E^2) + 4 E^2 (-((2 Cos \[Pi] x)/(4 + \[Pi]^2)) - (6 Cos \[Pi] x)/( 4 + 9 \[Pi]^2) - (10 Cos \[Pi] ...

2 answers

Mathematica North America map

How would you render a map such as this one within Mathematica? (e.g. one with US states and Canadian provinces colourable separately?) ...

1 answer

How to solve character encoding issue with Emacs, mathematica.el, and Mathematica 10?

I am successfully using mathematica.el in Emacs with Mathematica 10. However, I have some kind of issue with character encoding whereby when I call mathematica-execute on a Mathematica expression the ...

1 answers | Dec 6 at 22:11 by Joe on Stack Overflow
4 answers

How to set values to symbols

I would like to set values to a list of variables, like so: list[[1]] = 2 and if list[[1]] is a, then a will now be equal to two. How can I achieve this?

1 answer

Frequency of a wavelet filter

Assume that I have decomposed a data set using Symlet Wavelet with six levels. How can I estimate the approximate frequency interval of each level? That would be great if you consider your answer in ...

1 answers | Dec 6 at 4:40 by K-1 on Cross Validated
1 answer

What are the labels for minor ticks in a log scale graph?

What are the labels for the minor ticks in a log scale graph? I would like to label them. So, I want to know how to calculate the value for each of the minor tick.

1 answers | Dec 5 at 21:36 by jhyap on Super User
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