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Just installed Ubuntu and during boot am given a choice but unable to choose

i decided to try out this Linux thing, so i installed Ubuntu. Unfortunately after it completed the installation a final reboot happened after which i was prompted a choice for which OS i'd like to ...

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Ubuntu 14.04.02 LTS Workstation Installer Doesn't Recognize Windows 7

I'm a new user evaluating Linux distros. I have a Dual Boot system (Windows 7 and Fedora 21). I would like to install Ubuntu into the partition currently occupied by Fedora (/dev/sda3). The Ubuntu ...

6 answers

Tomcat Manager Application and HTTP 404 Error

I am trying to set up the admin application for a Tomcat 6.0.24 instance. None of the searches I've done turn up anything I can use. I am using this configuration for Apache 2.2.14: Alias /manager ...

6 answers | 2 mins ago by Mei on Ask Ubuntu
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Need help installing LibreOffice 4.4 on Ubuntu 15.04

From a new Ubuntu 15.04 install: When launching any application of the LibreOffice suite the LibreOffice splash screen starts with the following error box: LibreOffice 4.4 - Fatal Error The ...

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Flash Ubuntu Touch

So I recently factory reset my Nexus 7 tablet and I want to get Ubuntu Touch on it. Before factory reset I had it, but since originally flashing my Nexus 7 I got a new laptop and got Ubuntu installed. ...

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Enable SNMP on Ubuntu 12.04 to communicate with Windows Server

I have the newest release of Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows Server 2008 R2. On the Windows Server I have a device management agent which keeps track of all the devices in the local area network as well as ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by user169152 on Ask Ubuntu
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How do I unlock 200cc mode?

So I downloaded the update (4.0 shows on the title screen) but there is no 200cc option when I go to choose a race. What else do I need to do?

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In C++, should I ever declare a local variable in the corresponding header?

So for example, I create a class with two functions: foo.h class foo { public: foo(); void bar(); void ey(); bool m_memberBool; bool localBool; // ??? Should I put this here? }; ...

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How to install Juniper VPN on Ubuntu 15.04?

This post worked perfect for 14.04 as well as 14.10. But for 15.04 there seems to be a strange issue. The application starts and gets a tunnel ip addresses but doesn't forward any traffic. The bytes ...

1 answers | 8 mins ago by Akilesh on Ask Ubuntu
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Avro-Keyboard Bengali not working in Xubuntu 14.04

I have installed avro-keyboard in Xubuntu 14.04 LTS. I can see the avro-keyboard's icon in the status bar but when I am trying to write anything I could not see anything . I tried the same procedure ...

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GNOME login shift bug

I did a quick search and nothing turned up for my problem. My computer is running ubuntu 15.04 with GNOME 3.14. For the login screen, the shift key does not function. I have to use the on-screen ...

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Sharing info objects between objects?

I'm making a game and I have several cards that are created during the game. Each card needs some info, which is shared between cards of the same type. So I have a class CardInfo, which holds a name ...

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What does this QR code I found in Abstergo's office mean?

I found a QR code in Abstergo's office, but I don't know what it means. It just decodes to a bunch of numbers: 12491839. What is the QR code for?

1 answer cannot open shared object file?

After update to version Ubuntu 15.04 I have problems when I try to run emacs. emacs: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or ...

2 answers

Bumblebee in Ubuntu 15.04 (Optirun/Primus) Error

I recently upgraded to 15.04 and after successful installation I noticed that Bumblebee has stopped working. Optirun/primus commands do not detect the gpu anymore (640M LE). Here's what I get when ...

2 answers | 20 mins ago by Newbie on Ask Ubuntu
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Samba sharing not opening in Ubuntu 14.10. & 15.04

the Samba file sharing program does not open. I have properly install the program through either command line or the software center. When I try to open the program it prompts me for my password and ...

1 answer

Login Screen instead of LOCK screen

From Last one week i am experiencing a problem in ubuntu 14.04. Lock screen is not working, when system gets locked its going into Login screen instead of Lock screen. How to prevent it from going to ...

1 answer

How do I get rid of Tea fields?

I won the public lot for Tea and I want to the move crops on my farm over there (i already did...) but I want to free up the space on my farm that was the tea for something else (probably more ...

2 answers

Ubuntu constant screen flicker. Running hot

I recently installed Ubuntu on my hp desktop and I've had a lot of problems. After the initial install I got a lot of screen flicker and it eventually overheated and turned off (when I tried to turn ...

2 answers | 21 mins ago by trews on Ask Ubuntu
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What does the diamond Minecraft sword do?

I found a diamond Minecraft sword hidden in the back of the Circumlocution puzzle in C-6, but I couldn't find anything to use it on. Is there anything I can use it on? What can I do with it?

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Openstack, is there a simple way to create ubuntu image

I am looking to create an ubuntu image to launch my first instance on openstack, following the documentation, we have to create the imge it with a VM and a long process, but I've found a link that ...

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bash: ./name.exe: Permission denied

I want to execute a program in Ubuntu 12.04...but when I type ./programname.exe it makes error: bash: ./gbat.exe: Permission denied and I typed "chmod +x programname.exe" , but it doesn't fix ...

1 answer

Verify the current Google Chrome installation's integrity

I have installed Google Chrome from the .deb file provided here, but after I installed it I realised that I had not checked the MD5 of the .deb file to make sure that it was not corrupt or tampered ...

0 answers

Canon D530 Laser Printer not working on Ubuntu 15.04

I just upgraded to 15.04 from 14.10 and I have a new printer (Canon D530). I set it up, in the print Que it says that it printed the test page but the printer doesn't print anything. I have the driver ...

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Android runtime - does ART miss optimization opportunities over Dalvik?

Is ART a strict improvement over Dalvik, or there are optimizations that an ahead-of-time compiler will miss compared to JIT, but Google decide they don't matter in practice? For example, with JIT, ...

2 answers

can't run this shell script

So I'm trying to install this script I do copy the folder in ~/Documents/icambridge-get-sh1t-done-1222b6b change .bashrc (the one in the user directory, is that the right one?) by adding a line ...

2 answers | 35 mins ago by user2413 on Ask Ubuntu
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Dropbox is not syncing properly

i have just installed dropbox on my new installation of ubuntu 14.04. it keeps indexing about 20000 files. syncing doesn't seem to work properly. this does not look right. could anyone help on this ...

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Ubuntu will not boot past grub menu with Windows 8.1

I have disabled fast boot, secure boot, and have tried with legacy mode. No matter the options all I see is the grub boot menu. After I make my selection there is a black screen and appears so ...

32 answers

How do I download a YouTube video?

For a school project I need to download three youtube videos and save them to a CD. I am running Ubuntu 10.10; can anybody provide instructions on how to do this? I'm fairly new to Ubuntu so the more ...

32 answers | 43 mins ago by cathy on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

How can I avoid an SDK requirement for an end-user unless he uses a specific function? C#

One of the modes of my program uses Microsoft Kinect but the user may never decide use that mode. I want to make it so the libraries for that functionality are only looked for and loaded if he uses ...

1 answers | 45 mins ago by user2514676 on Programmers
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