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cant connect to wireless via Edimax USB in Ubuntu 14.04

i am a new comer so please answer me in "simple" English.. I cant connect to the home network with my USB nano ? Ofer

1 min ago by Ofer on Ask Ubuntu
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Ubuntu 14.04 start to black screen (nvidia optimus)

I have Dell Inspiron 17R with Ubuntu on board. This laptop have optimus (Intel and Nvidia graphic card). Yesterday I've installed Ubuntu 14.04 since 13.10 no longer have updates. Installation started …

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ubuntu 14.04 install with custom swap size using LVM?

I want to install ubuntu 14.04 with LVM and encryption. But the problem is that my computer has a large RAM (16GB) and a small SDD disk (60GB). So I think only a small amount of space for swap is ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by user3165752 on Ask Ubuntu
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how to find duplicate rows in gnumeric or Libreoffice calc

I have gnumeric and libreoffice calc, how to find duplicate rows? if I could use libreoffice, it's better, but anything is good for me. I have the latest stable version of both software

1 answers | 4 mins ago by Fischer on Ask Ubuntu
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How does polymorphism help a programmer?

I have been trying to understand the importance of the concept of polymorphism in Java, and I understand that it means to use a interface's object to call subclass methods. I've been reading an ...

2 answers

Problem with Counter Strike Global Offensive

I am having a problem with Counter Strike Global Offensive. I just bought a new DVD of it, and installed it without a problem at installation. Now I am trying to open the game using the desktop icon, …

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Minecraft Crashed when i tried to connect to a Minecraft Server!

Error: Minecraft Version: 1.7.9 Please help me! I need to connect to my server! On 1.7.5 it works fine...

1 answer

Think Centre 71, Ubuntu 12 … Error 1962: No operating system found

Brought a new Think Centre Edge 71 because The Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge71 desktop has been awarded the status of Certified for Ubuntu. Source. Spent the the past 2 days trying to get ...

1 answers | 14 mins ago by johnboy7 on Ask Ubuntu
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What is the Spirit saying on level one?

I am playing finding Teddy and I want to know what the spirit in the first level on the wall is saying.

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Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS to 14.04.1 LTS upgrade: “no new release found”

According to Trusty Tahr Release Schedule, Ubuntu LTS 14.04.1 (first .1 version) was released two days ago. Unfortunately when trying to upgrade using the do-release-upgrade command I get the message …

2 answers

Need help understanding a recursion example in Python

Python is my first programming language, and I'm learning it from "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist". In Chapter 5 the author gives the following example on recursion: def factorial(n): if n …

2 answers | 18 mins ago by Ali Mustafa on Programmers
1 answer

Automatically get a file onto another computer?

Alright, brace yourself because this is a hard one to explain: So, I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 and my friend is on Windows 7, I need to be able to get a single file onto his computer without him having to …

1 answers | 19 mins ago by user281414 on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

Minecraft - Use Certain Commandblock commands with @p or @a

So, I originally wanted to attach the /playsound random.orb , when the scoreboard objective Bow got a value of 1 which was tracking stat.useItem.minecraft.bow, So when the player shot an arrow the ...

1 answers | 20 mins ago by EpicMinecartz on Arqade
1 answer

What happens if we add a dot at the nd of sudo `apt-get autoremove`

sudo apt-get autoremove . OUTPUT: WARNING: The following essential packages will be removed. This should NOT be done unless you know exactly what you are doing! apt libapt-pkg4.12 (due to apt) libc6 …

1 answers | 22 mins ago by mini on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

Network Manager Icon Isn't In the Unity Panel

I accidentally purged network-manager. Hopefully, I downloaded the debs required by network-manager and installed them. Now, the network-manager indicator is not in the Unity panel. Is there a fix? …

2 answers

Can't boot Windows Vista after installing Ubuntu

I'm very new to Ubuntu, and have come to this point that I can't boot back to my Windows Vista anymore. I thought that I would get some kind of dual boot in the beginning when booting my computer, …

2 answers

formatting and mounting a 32 TB RAID 50 disk

I want to know how to format a 32 TB drive. What program should I use and what filesystem? The largest drives I ever had to map before are 2-3 TB and I always used fdisk for formatting. But fdisk is …

2 answers | 28 mins ago by grokkaine on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

Invisible mouse on 14.04 with NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200

I installed a fresh install of Xubuntu 14.04 and the mouse is not visible on my screen. It works, but it seems to be invisible. How can I get it on screen? I had the same problem on a Ubuntu 14.04 …

1 answers | 30 mins ago by rubo77 on Ask Ubuntu
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Will I lose all the data in my hard disk when I install Ubuntu alongside my Windows 8?

I am using Windows8 and now I am trying to install Ubuntu alongside my Windows8 .My professor has warned that i might lose all my data in the hard disk.Will I lose the data ?

2 answers | 31 mins ago by user309311 on Ask Ubuntu
4 answers

Locking down windows drive

Im new to these forums but have been getting into Linux lately after years of windows which I only use for gaming now and I see Linux as a superior alternative for everyday use. Im running the LXDE …

4 answers | 31 mins ago by myhatisgreen on Ask Ubuntu
0 answers

Nvidia 304 Driver support in 14.04.1

I'm currently on 12.04.4 and getting the upgrade prompt for 14.04 LTS. Just wondering if the Nvidia 304 drivers are supported. Thanks.

0 answers

Can not boot Windows after trying to install Ubuntu

I got a dell laptop (dell inspiron 1420) with windows vista by default. I wanted to install linux ubuntu on it: I burned the iso file to a 16GB flash memory I booted the laptop from this flash ...

0 answers

Server should accumulate several requests and to retrurn response for all [c#]

For example I have a server [c#] and 4 clients. When the first client sends a request to the server I want to push a notification to the other 3 clients that they should send a request to the server …

0 answers

Apanta Studio for ubuntu 12.04

I am trying to run apanta studio 3 in ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04 I am getting the following error !SESSION 2014-07-26 14:27:32.493 ----------------------------------------------- ...

1 answer

Filezilla Issue. Plese help

I'm able to upload files by FileZilla, but when I try to download files from the same sites I receive: Error: Failed to open "/file" for writing Error: File transfer failed However, I'm able to use …

1 answers | 36 mins ago by Sisyphus Excerpt on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

Do satellites over very panicked countries calm them down?

Is it a good strategy to launch a satellite over a country in the red on panic to calm them down? Am I correct that they will withdraw at the end of the month? If so, will the satellites calm them ...

2 answers

When attempting upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04 upgrade halted at “aborting samba-libs preinst”

During the upgrade process the upgrade process halted and I can not restart the updater. It seems to be related to samba. I ran sudo apt-get install -f and got the following result: Reading package …

0 answers

How do I get to the Far Lands without my dual-core crashing?

I have the XYZ of the Far Lands , but my dual-core crashes there. I have the latest non-snapshot version (1.7.10) , but my dual-core crashes when I get there. Also , can the Far Lands be reached on …

1 answer

Do I need to upgrade my kernel?

my first post here, so be kind, lol, I know you will be. I run a dual boot between Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and the Linux is a whole new learning curve for me. I bought an …

3 answers

“Disconnected by Server: BadPaddingException”

I have not opened up my Minecraft launcher for nearly a year. However, when I updated to Minecraft 1.6.2 and the new launcher recently, every server I attempt to connect to seems to have some kind of …

3 answers | 48 mins ago by David Toh on Arqade
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