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How can i prevent page from reloading?

My Question is: I have one page and I redirect to another page by passing Response.Redirect On the second page I am downloading file but when I am reloading page from user side it again downloads ...

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wifi-direct: p2p_find FAIL

I need your help to resolve “p2p_find” FAIL message. Below is the complete description of my setup. I want to establish wi-fi direct connection between two Dell Laptops running on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS. ...

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How can I cut the mac address out of DHCPDUMP?

I am trying to use dhcpdump to recognize people logging onto my home network and give them a tailor made greeting using a credential file. I cannot get the mac address out of the results of dhcpdump. ...

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Gparted doesn't create partition table

I wrongly used to command dd to create a bootable usb specifying the partition of the USB, and not the disk (with of=/dev/sdb1 instead of of=/dev/sdb and now I'm trying to recover the USB. When I ...

1 answers | 4 mins ago by TomCho on Ask Ubuntu
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Kubernetes vs mesos+marathon vs juju - how to demystify?

[somewhat newbie] Stumbled across juju 2 nights ago when looking for ways to use Ganglia and/or Rocks for cluster management and monitoring. Love the "deploy on AWS, yada-yada..." of Juju - almost ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by Sheshadri Mantha on Ask Ubuntu
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lsusb command not found

I've installed Ubuntu on an external drive and it don't see my usb dongle. I am complete novice with things Linux. After doing some digging I found that step 1 was to run lsusb. But that set of ...

1 answers | 6 mins ago by fernny500 on Ask Ubuntu
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Can I transfer games from a PS4 to my PS3?

I want to transfer COD: Black Ops II from my brothers PS4 to my PS3, it isn't a game that has been purchased in the PS Store but has been played via game disk. Is this possible? I don't want to go ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by Chelsea Owen on Arqade
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Openstack Juju charms and Modified Kernels

On a multi-node Kilo, on one of the nova-compute node, running 14.04, needed to modify the kernel, in order to install Intel's MSSR6. This seems to have gone well, i.e., MSS is activated, node is ...

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Ubuntu won't boot because of grub

A couple of days ago i booted Ubuntu and got a black screen with text saying (grub rescue>) I've tried different tutorials on how to repair/restore grub but i get (error: attempt to read or write ...

1 answers | 11 mins ago by Spartan01 on Ask Ubuntu
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Replace Windows 10 with Lubuntu

Im on a HP Mini 110-3800 with a Intel Atom CPU N455 (1.66 Ghz) and 1 GB RAM. Since both Windows 7 Starter as well as the upgraded Windows 10 are both too slow for this netbook, I want to replace ...

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How to enable Secure Boot without issue?

I read here that it is essential to have Secure Boot enabled: However I find that when I enable Secure Boot, it changes it so that systems can boot with UEFI boot, but not Legacy, it also disables ...

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vlc player is not displaying video but audio works

I had installed a vlc media player from Ubuntu software center recently. It worked for sometime but then the instead of the video only a blank screen is displayed with the audio. Even the same videos ...

14 mins ago by clover13 on Ask Ubuntu
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How do I convert a x86 RPM to a x86 DEB within a x64 system?

In my case the software I am trying to convert is the Lacie lightscribe labeler. 1.- I renamed the RPM mv LaCie\ LightScribe\ Labeler\ 1.0\ Linux.rpm lacie-lightscribe-labeler-1.0.rpm 2.- Convert ...

2 answers | 17 mins ago by givanse on Ask Ubuntu
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What happens if a feature merged into develop is postponed by management?

We recently had a problem whereby a feature for our webapp (automatic signup) was postponed by management because they felt the start was too "cold" but they wanted all the other features we had been ...

5 answers

Annoying Viber notification

Can I somehow put Viber notification icon on top of the Unity panel (near Dropbox and others)?! It's pretty ugly to stay in top left corner...

5 answers | 21 mins ago by Marko Kojić on Ask Ubuntu
4 answers

Check security mode of connected wifi network

How to check in cli what security mode of connected wifi network? I want to know is wifi connection have wpa, wep or open mode.

4 answers | 24 mins ago by QkiZ on Ask Ubuntu
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Opening System Settings changes Display Settings

I've got a new laptop at the office where I've installed 14.04.3 64-bit. The laptop is a HP Probook 650 G1, which is on the Ubuntu certified hardware list ( ...

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Learning python in a virtual environment

I am a beginner user of ubuntu and I am currently using ubuntu 14.04.03 lts. I would like to learn python and to be precise I would like to start with python 3.4.3. I would also like to set up a ...

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Ubuntu 14.0 how do i log back in without password

Hi computer geeks and nerds, i am in no way a computer guru. My sony viao S series laptop decided to break after just a year. My hard drive failed meaning it held all my work and files including ...

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Cannot Deploy Charms from Charm Store

Ran into a strange problem, on juju 1.24.2-utopic-amd64 and 1.7.0+bzr3299-0ubuntu1~utopic, when trying to deploy a charm to a node, e.g. juju deploy --config ./kilo.yaml nova-compute nova-compute-01 ...

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Notebook does not power off when battery is critically low

After discharging the battery, my notebook goes to hibernation instead of shutting down. That happens regardless of using intel graphics or NVIDIA graphics mode on ubuntu 15.04. Can this issue be ...

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How to structure a SaaS application?

The Problem I need to develop a Software-as-a-Service application, that will be used from our clients. The application contains a lot of forms (Company Application) using a step-by-step forms. They ...

1 answer

How start Xpad and viber minimised in the system tray when OS start. 14.04

after this Code: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:gurqn/systray-trusty sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade i have system tray in 14.04 LTS. Skype have menu item - "Start Skype minimised in the ...

1 answer

How do I redeploy the state server / juju bootstrapped environment

Basically in my AWS set up I have encountered this bug I am trying to understand how to just reset the state machine to keep all of my environments ...

1 answers | 31 mins ago by Edward Bond on Ask Ubuntu
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SharePoint upload data - function refactoring - design questions

I currently have a series of functions that write to various SharePoint lists, I am trying to amalgamate them into a single function but want to be able to have an elegant way to do this. each ...

2 answers

GUI program to record internet radio with songs tags (title, artist, etc.)?

In Windows I like Screamer Radio, and I know that are others like RarmaRadio, programs which can record radio music and also save the proper titles, artist names, etc. Is there such a program in ...

2 answers | 35 mins ago by cipricus on Ask Ubuntu
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Cannot install Ubuntu 14.04 on ASUS X453M

I was delighted when my daughter asked me to convert her laptop to Ubuntu after being very disappointed with Windows 10, so quick as a flash I built a new 14.04.3 LTS USB and tried to 'Try Ubuntu ...

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What are all Sonic the Hedgehog transformations?

Originally, I know Sonic could go Super Sonic whenever you collected the Chaos Emeralds in most Sonic the Hedgehog games. However, I've seen Sonic in quite a few other altered states. An example would ...

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What happens if Baron Rivendare and Dreadsteed dies at the same time?

In Hearthstone there are the two minion cards Baron Rivendare and Dreadsteed. The Baron's ability is "Your minions trigger their Deathrattles twice" and the Dreadsteed has "Deathrattle: Summon a ...

1 answers | 44 mins ago by Rob on Arqade
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Link Error With Cross Compiler

I built a cross compiler for powerpc-eabi using this tutorial I followed it exactly except for the target but now when I use it to compile an empty c file ...

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