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How can I tell how many kills my soldier is away from promotion?

How can I tell how many kills my soldier is away from promotion? I'd like to get this information, especially when in the middle of a battle, as if I know that I'm just a few kills away from a ...

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What is this game called?

I guess it's a SNES game, but I don't know the name. Google reverse has failed me. Nothing. Please help me.

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Using Domain name in EULA of a software rather than my name in the Licensor field

I intend to sell a software solution. I have already registered a domain but I don't have a registered company. Can I use my website/domain name ( for the licensor field in the EULA ...

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low display resolution

I have a problem with my new desktop: low display resolution. Here is some simple info of my desktop pc. os: ubuntu 14.04 LTS display card: nvidia gtx 960 I have searched a lot of solutions on ...

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Item(s) that improve champion states by percentage similar to Rabadon Deathcap and Void Staff

I play Ziggs and very favor of Rabadon Deathcap and Void Staff which give extra ability power in percentage of champion's AP instead of a specific number. So my question is what are LoL items that ...

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PHP form & drop down list

When admin select any item from drop down list of my form then all the data of my form should be inserted into the sql table of that item. Drop down list contain 4 items (ssc_eng, ssc_mar, ssc_hindi, ...

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Installing windows steam game says no internet connection

I tried installing a windows steam game but it keeps telling me no internet connection idk if that has to do anything that linux or ubuntu but I thought I would give this site a shot and see if I ...

23 mins ago by streak on Ask Ubuntu
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How do I add a permission for write and read access and not remove the folder?

I have Ubuntu 14.04 installed. I want to secure my folder. How can I add permissions to allow for write and read access and not removed the folder?

1 answers | 28 mins ago by SalamBoy on Ask Ubuntu
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Notify client about changes in database in Java

I'm working on a distributed client-server system that uses TCP. The program's functions is to transfer money to an from the server, but also between the clients, a sort of MobilePay. When one ...

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Using x32 Program on x64 Architecture Ubuntu 15.10

So I'm trying to get my Realtek RTL8812AU USB Wireless to work. I came across this package for it: I'm about to install it, but it says it's built for x86 and I am ...

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Ubuntu 13.04 can't open software & updates / software sources

I am using MacBook Air Mid 2012 running Single OS which is Ubuntu (Raring Ringtail). Its been a month I'm using Ubuntu and everything works fine, recently i can't open software & updates, when i ...

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What does the color around the objects and characters mean?

In the game StarWars Galaxy of Heroes, the characters and the objects have a border around it. If I'm not mistaken they can be gray, green or blue. What does those colors mean? Rarity?

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Is there a better way to redact a PDF?

I had to print a couple of PDFs recently to send to someone, but I wanted to redact (black out) a couple small bits of text. A quick google search didn't turn up any tools for this specific purpose, ...

13 answers | 44 mins ago by bstpierre on Ask Ubuntu
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When I type “jue” using pinyin, I get 囧 instead of 觉

I am using Fcitx input method to type Chinese using Sun Pinyin. There seems to be a slight bug in Sun Pinyin though. For example, when I tupe jue, the output is 囧 (Jiǒng) instead of 觉 (Jué). Also, ...

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Is it possible to determine the class of a Gas Giant without scanning it?

When I'm out exporing in deep space I want to maximise my profits by only scanning the more valuable celestial objects. The data in the table below suggests that Class II Gas Giants are much more ...

1 answers | 47 mins ago by JonK on Arqade
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Chicken or the Egg issue: Ubuntu USB image to recover Win files from Win Encrypted HD

I have a Ubuntu USB image to retrieve HD data from a crashed Win 7 machine however the HD is encrypted and I cannot see the Win files thru the Ubuntu front end. I think this is because I forced the PC ...

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Dell Bluetooth not working

I'm have trouble getting this bluetooth device to work on a dell Latitude D630 running 14.04.3 (Trusty). It appears in lsUSB dell@d630:~$ lsusb Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 ...

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How do I make Openoffice look nicer?

So, I've replaced LibreOffice with Apache OpenOffice because it's much smoother for me. However, it's ugly as sin. It there any way I can make the GUI look a bit nicer?

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Paragon “farming” 2.4

Blizzard has massively changed the mechanics of XP gain in 2.4, so the average player gets about as much as they used to, and 4 player XP farming teams get much less. This was largely accomplished by ...

1 answers | 53 mins ago by Dallium on Arqade
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Syncing Data and Coordinate Scripts Across Machines

I have Ubuntu installed on several laptops and I was wondering if it was possible to synchronize the data on them (from one device) AND also run one script/command on all of them from one device.

1 answers | 54 mins ago by Maya Tobias on Ask Ubuntu
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How should I store usernames, passwords for user login in php/cassandra application

I am new to NOSQL and Cassandra. I am not sure if I should store usernames and password in Cassandra. If I should what is the best way to do that. I am getting lots of conflicting ideas from research. ...

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Missing Text on Live USB

I installed Ubuntu 15.04 onto a USB I had, after having trouble getting it to boot up (Through BIOS) after I kept getting the "Missing Operating System" error, it loaded up fine. Then when the desktop ...

4 answers

How do I print to PDF from wine?

I am running MS Office under wine and would like to print PDF documents. Installing the official extension via wine does nothing.

4 answers | 1 hour ago by mreq on Ask Ubuntu
3 answers

More Print to file settings?

The settings in print to file option in Ubuntu is limiting and dangerous. All the applications apart from Mozilla print to a file ~/output.pdf, this is dangerous as you can overwrite a previous ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by pt123 on Ask Ubuntu
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Is it safe to change ownership of all files in “/root” folder to “root:root” recursively?

I mistakenly ran chown -R buttle:butkus *;chown -R buttle:butkus .* in the /root directory. I killed the command but it definitely changed a lot of files' ownership before I killed it. So a lot of ...

1 answer

How can I run a script/subroutine on a Web Server and have that subroutine remain private (eg. Key Generator)?

My Problem: I have been tasked with re-implementing a software key generator routine on an external web server running cPanel v. Currently, the key generator is implemented using a ...

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Text appears too small in FullHD 1080p display, not much help found

Text in my new full hd laptop appears to be extremely small in many applications (like google chrome). I already changed the font size in many places like in System settings>>system>>universal ...

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“Amd64 Adobe Flash Player plugin installer” NOT xxxx.ubuntu.yyyyy

Q: How best to remove a constant Ubuntu-branded-flash-player update message when using full, unbranded Firefox? And without using an old/insecure flash player or visiting adobe every few days for a ...

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Upgrade to 14.04 causes “the disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present” - Computer can't start: Live Disc Repair Option?

I am a relative newbie that used Ubuntu a few years back on an old Dell to install Bitcoin Armory for Cold Storage. When recently deciding to retrieve them, I also decided to plug in my WiFi card and ...

1 answer

What are ADVENT burgers made of?

If there's one thing Dr. Tygan misses more than his lab equipment, it's those damn tasty ADVENT burgers. There have been several references that the food the ADVENT administration serves is of ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Aurelius on Arqade
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