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how to use Sql query to search text in CSV file and avoid iteration

I have one A File and many input files ,All files have CSV format . I want to match text of one column of all input files with one of the column of A file . I have stored all column value of File A in …

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ubuntu 14.04 starup black and white dots dashes flashing

I searched the whole Internet, and found no solutions, let alone reason behind. My Ubuntu 14.04 runs fine. But everytime it boots, at the every beginnig, a black screen with small white dots and ...

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Future proofing fluent-method-chained-DSL test code

The current design is a pair of thin fluent-method-chained-DSLs that mix the "traditional" and "enhanced" builder patterns. That's just a fancy way to say some chained methods are optional and not …

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stdin/stdout- How to send a file as an input to another file

Through the command shell we can redirect the three standard filestreams so that we can get input from either a file or another command instead of from our keyboard, and we can write output and errors …

3 answers | 5 mins ago by arvind on Ask Ubuntu
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Touchscreen on Ubuntu 14.04

I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my thinkpad yoga, and touch worked out of the box (Thank you devs). But I can't figure out how to configure more gestures and make it actually work for me. Does anyone …

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Serana just stays in attack mode

I have already looked up multiple things on how to fix this glitch, but found no answer. I may not have been reading anything right, but it is really ticking me off. I just need a direct solution. I …

1 answers | 11 mins ago by Orcis on Arqade
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How long does it take for my skill group to expire?

I often play CS:GO after long hiatus's due to work and school, and most of the time, when I come back, my ranking has become "unranked", and displays the message "You need to win 1 more game to show …

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Summon trapped souls

Is there a MOD that you could catch any soul and later summon them at any time? There are conjuring spells that you could summon, for example, a wolf for a fox, but I'm looking for more options. I …

1 answers | 14 mins ago by Ramon Oros on Arqade
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Saving to hard disk or USB results in corrupted pdf files

bit of a newbie to Ubuntu/Linux, but have be using and enjoying, maybe actually loving, for a year. However, I recently attempted to access a whole load of files, some of which were saved to a hard …

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How can I make my air force more effective?

I'm playing the Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Within and I'm nearing the end of month two. It's never been easy to shoot anything down... it usually takes 3-4 interceptors just to take down a small ...

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Weird golden moths flitting around my head in Skyrim Dragonborn

I noticed this after doing about 4 of the Hermaeus Mora quests involving books, where you get to choose a perk at the end. My character has a cloud of golden particles flitting around the head like …

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Ubuntu 14.04 sound suddenly stopped working, reboot did not fix

I am running Ubuntu 14.04 on an ASUS X52J laptop. I was watching a lecture on Google Chrome, when suddenly, all sound was lost. Throughout the PC. No sounds from Chrome (even though Chrome indicates …

1 answers | 22 mins ago by Madara Uchiha on Ask Ubuntu
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Adding Folder shortcut to Launcher Ubuntu 14.04

I want to add some folder to the launcher so that I can access them at ease. How do I add shortcut to launcher?

1 answers | 23 mins ago by dushyantashu on Ask Ubuntu
2 answers

How do I boot to a command line interface instead of a GUI?

Hi I have ubuntu server 10.04 installed and I also installed the following: su aptitude install xorg xfce4 aptitude install <name of GUI browser, I use firefox> aptitude install gedit aptitude …

2 answers | 42 mins ago by drtanz on Ask Ubuntu
2 answers

Unable to perform root login

When I try to ssh into my friends computer in the same LAN with his host-name and IP I am able to login successfully. But when I try to login using the root user password it shows me the following ...

2 answers | 43 mins ago by Anandu M Das on Ask Ubuntu
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problem with setting up xrdp on lubuntu 13.04

After fresh install of Lubuntu 13.04 I did sudo apt-get install tightvncserver sudo apt-get install xrdp now when I login with remote desktop client from Windows or Ubuntu, I get black and white …

1 answers | 55 mins ago by neckTwi on Ask Ubuntu
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Cannot download Youtube-dl

I was trying to download a video from Youtube using Youtube-dl, but I got the sig error, so I tried to update Youtube-dl to the latest version and it wasn't working (I'm sorry, I don't remember what …

1 answers | 57 mins ago by Amy on Ask Ubuntu
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Efficiently extracting data from pdf with a template system?

basically allow a user to label specific text in a pdf file. Use the label information to create a template, which a script uses to extract text from specific pdf. What would be a good pattern to use …

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hi…i m not experienced but i had dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7. i deleted Ubuntu and freed memory using disk manager…now

i m not experienced but i had dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7. i deleted Ubuntu and freed memory using disk i get error:no such partition grub rescue> i used the following video ...

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How do I run a multicraft Minecraft server backup locally on my desktop?

I used to run a server on a hosted setup that used Multicraft. I have a backup of the directory (zip file generated from the host's interface) as it existed before I cancelled service. Is it ...

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Filesystem check or mount failed

I had ubuntu 12.04, so try to upgrade it, after the upgrading, i got a black screen, and when restarting the following errors are reported: Filesystem check or mount failed. A maintenance shell will …

1 hour ago by sima on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

Transmageddon xvid codec missing

According to the Info section of Transmageddon in Ubuntu Software Center, xvid is included in the codec options. But when I installed the software, it's not there. Here is a screenshot of ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by tan hernandez on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

how do i prevent ubuntu from starting GUI automaticaly?

i am looking for a way to start my GUI manually when ubuntu loads something like back-track which you login in first using command-line then type startx then GUI starts to running

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Yashar on Ask Ubuntu
2 answers

Is “tactical awareness” an alias of “interceptions”?

I only find "interceptions" attribute on my FIFA 14 (Just like this), but I notice many guys mentioned something called "tactical awareness" attribute (example). I think it's an alias of ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Sayakiss on Arqade
1 answer

How to fix Xubuntu 14.04 screen flicker that started after update?

Every few seconds the entire screen flickers. This began after updates over the weekend (30-31 August). The machine is a Toshiba Satellite P200D, 2GB, AMD Turion 64X2 running Xubuntu 14.04. Things …

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Royston on Ask Ubuntu
3 answers

How to clean gedit's and other editor's find&replace history?

I have started working on a new project using gedit on ubuntu 12.04. The problem i am facing now is that, all previously searched terms are still there when i click on the drop down arrow in search …

3 answers | 1 hour ago by 22lk94k943 only on Ask Ubuntu
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Implementing a universal timer for a game with multiple players in spring mvc

I am trying to create a simple online card game with multiple players. Basically, there's a dealer and multiple players. I have have already implemented most of the game and it's working fine. now I …

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How can I teleport to an unloaded entity?

I am using invisible invulnerable ArmorStands to create "warps" and "homes" in a map. The idea is that I can spawn them in with a specific name, and then teleport a player back to them like this: /tp …

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Family timer remotely xbox360

If I'm not at home (with my console) can I extend the family timer remotely? On the xbox360 can I log in away from home

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How to fix Unity problems after upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04?

After upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04, I am having trouble with my display. I tried the following to fix... dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ setsid unity ...but on doing the setsid unity, I get the following …

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