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Why text editors (Sublime, Brackets, Atom) struggle with syntax highlighting?

Following scenario: Go to Grab the source Paste into .html document Is there text editor on the market that can properly highlight the syntax? I tried Sublime, Atom and Brackets and ...

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What was the first programming language with Enumerations?

I'm reading about Swift enum's in the Swift Programming Language guide and the text was comparing the differences between Swift's enum and C's enum. This made me curious as to where enumerations came ...

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No beeping ONLY when in ssh

Alright so I got a weird one, So my beeping works completely fine in my terminal, but when I am connected to my ssh for IRC it does not. I have had beeping work just fine on it before, so I am quite ...

3 mins ago by BloodLines on Ask Ubuntu
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“Intel Corporation Device 3165” wifi doesn't work

I am trying to use WiFi on my new laptop. The laptop is "Acer Aspire R11 R3-131T-P7HR". When I run $ lspci | grep Network I see this 02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Device 3165 (rev ...

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deleting 404 errors in my source.list

I run sudo apt-get update which returns these failures at the end W: Failed to fetch httpe:// Protocol httpe not supported or ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by Israel Davidson on Ask Ubuntu
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Best practice for defining and keeping related stateless methods together in Objective-C

I have a few methods which are stateless: loginWithEmail: password: completion: signUpWithEmail: password: completion: resetPasswordForUsername: completion: Currently what I do is I create a class ...

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Do nested conditionals have a significant performance impact?

This is a question that lives in my mind from a long time. Does the use of multiple nested conditional statements impact the performance of a taken code? So far I know that programmers have created a ...

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How do I go into Blitz Play?

After I've gotten the masks, trash truck and tow truck, I hide the getaway car and can't progress to the actual heist. I've been stuck here for about 5 months. Do I need to play the other side mission ...

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Configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs. If you meant to cross compile, use '--host'

There was a very similar question to mine, but I would like to return to that. I saw one of the answers of @steeldriver and I think It's my case. I try to do the next: root@ettus-e300:~/ortp-0.22.0# ...

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Java question re System.out.println

Beginner to Java, creating a library system with methods such as borrowBook & returnBook. public void borrowBooks(int borrowBooks) { noOfBooks = noOfBooks + borrowBooks; } How do I make it ...

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I have a problem with my adventure maps please help

I downloaded a map called gaurdians of the nether on minecraft and when i put it into my saves file but it will not work. I just go on minecraft and click single player and it isnt there i check to ...

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How do you access the “point of interest” that appear on the map?

I see the point of interest on the map and head there and nothing happens. What are these? Is anything supposed to happen?

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getting xorg.conf right for double gpu setup

I used the Nvidia X Server Settings GUI to activate a 3rd display for my desktop, as it was the only software that seems to detect that display which I attach to a second Nvidia graphics card just ...

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gradle errors in android studio

Error:(24, 17) Failed to resolve: junit:junit:4.12 "openFile:/home/jeevansai/AndroidStudioProjects/MyApplication/app/build.gradle" The above mentioned error is appearing in Android Studio has many ...

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Can I use a timestamp parameter for cache invalidation?

I am considering a scheme for passing a timestamp value in a cached response, and then sending it back to the service to perform cache invalidation. I'm wondering if that's a valid approach. Is that a ...

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Removing program after accidentally removed its installation folder

How can I remove or reinstall a program after I accidentally removed its installation folder? I accidentally removed /opt/spotify/folder and I cannot reinstall spotify-client nor purge it. sudo ...

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is there an armor breakpoint for the Last Whisper?

I'm wondering when it's better to buy another item instead of last whisper if your enemy has a lot of armor. These aren't exact numbers but let's say malphite reaches 800 armor and has 85% damage ...

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Writing Selenium Tests - Modifying Markup Under Test

We'd like to know what you view as best practices and what has worked for your projects My organization is in the beginning phases of creating a Selenium test suite, and have had some early ...

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what are the proper values for usb device in virtual box

I have various windows programs running in virtual boxes. I have a StingRay scope which previously ran in xp with the following parameters The product is DS1M12A, but I don't know how I got the ...

1 answers | 14 mins ago by Ilan on Ask Ubuntu
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What's up with python3.4 in the last updates to 14.04

Something strange happened to python3.4 in the last update cycle. It now appears in Synaptic Package Manager under "installed - local or obsolete" along with all its dependencies. Why is this? I ...

1 answers | 15 mins ago by Organic Marble on Ask Ubuntu
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What game (rpg?) is this?

I've just found this cute and awesome picture from the web: The laptop behind seems to have a game running. I'm curious: What game is that?

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Intel HD 5500 support on ubuntu?

I am searching for a new laptop these days, with an intel i5. But around 95 % of them have intel hd 5500 graphics. By making a simple google search for it I can find a dozen of incompatibility ...

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Style guide for C++

Right now I am using Google C++ Style Guide in my C++ code and I was pretty happy with it. Recently I was told that this guide is very bad: it is used internally by Google (I knew that), is outdated, ...

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Why does Rambo Arcade's light gun work?

As we all know by now, light gun games that worked on a CRT TV do not work on a plasma or LCD screen. However, in recent years an arcade game based on Rambo was released: ...

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“Guest has not initialized the display yet”. when starting to run VM that is ppc64el

Explanation: I work for IBM and trying to prototype netboot (pxe) for ubuntu. The goal is to have a maas deployment server deploy out to 4 VMs managed under ubuntu 14.0.4 to test out juju bundle #39 ...

1 answers | 24 mins ago by David on Ask Ubuntu
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Font issue with MT4 and Ubuntu 14.04

There was a post before about installing MetaTrader 4 on Ubuntu Answer to follow but was wondering if my issue is different. I did copy over the Wingding font to get the smiley face in the top right ...

26 mins ago by Chris on Ask Ubuntu
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NVIDIA card suddenly changed resolution and does not allow login

Some time ago, I had installed It seemed to work. Certainly I was able to login and graphics was working. All of a sudden, One day I rebooted and the screen resolution ...

27 mins ago by Dov on Ask Ubuntu
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Failed to allocate manager object, freezing Openvz Ubuntu server 15.04

I have installing openvz to ubuntu server 15.04 but when i try to login into the openvz kernel it's said: could not open builtin file ...

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No sound on output device after disconnecting Bluetooth headset

The speakers of my laptop work fine. I can also connect my Bluetooth headset, that works equally fine. However, once I disconnect my Bluetooth headset (by turning it off), everything stops to work ...

3 answers

Ubuntu on an Asus EEE PC 4G (701)

I'm a new user to Ubuntu, but having installed it on my main laptop I found that I really like the UI and the usability. I have an Asus eee PC 4G that's been sitting spare for a few years now and ...

3 answers | 30 mins ago by Pyrotequila on Ask Ubuntu
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