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I'm trying to make a map in Minecrafft but I can't make it not say my name

Command blocks on 1.8.1 as far as I know won't let me say something to players but not to the creators and it's driving me mad!

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How do I simulate overprinting in Adobe Reader?

On both Mac and Windows when I print a document there is an advanced screen that allows me to select an option called Simulate Overprinting, however such an option doesn't appear on the Ubuntu ...

1 answers | 50 secs ago by Ben Everard on Ask Ubuntu
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Ubuntu shaky display problem

Good afternoon, I recently got the lenovo y70 touch laptop and got it ready for Linux, however, Ubuntu has a display problem where the screen looks like it's shaking or tearing, I've tried nvidia ...

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Create a race on the LS-airport

I want to make a race, which starts on the airport, where you can make stunnign stunts over airplanes or what ever. But everytime I'll add a checkpoint on the airport area, I can't place it on the ...

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Do Wine Viruses only work while Wine is running?

I heard Linux can get viruses through Wine,and I was curious if the viruses work only while Wine is running. In other words, could I stop a virus from doing it's thing by just quitting Wine?

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How to disable third party repositories? I have tried sudo software-properties-gtk but it does not work

I cannot seem to find a way to disable third party repositories. I need to do this to update from 14.04 to 14.10 I type sudo software-properties-gtk But all I get is this alex@alex-NV55C:~$ ...

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Building and linking to a executable

I'm interested in creating a system wide executable or link for the latest version of Blender which I built from source using this wiki. Long story short, I got it built and it appears to run ...

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How to install openstack in Ubuntu 14.04?

I would like to install Openstack Havana in my system(14.04). I have tried this link. I haveclone` devstack by, sudo git clone -b stable/havana I can ...

2 answers | 7 mins ago by ARUL on Ask Ubuntu
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How do I hide the GRUB menu showing up in the beginning of boot?

I stopped Dualbooting and I dont want to have to choose the OS anymore and just have it load Ubuntu like normal like before? Any help is appreciated.

11 answers | 8 mins ago by Alex Poulos on Ask Ubuntu
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“ERROR MESSAGE: Requires installation of untrusted packages”

I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 in VirtualBox 4.3.20. I keep getting the error message shown in the title when I try to download anything in the Software Center. I tried changing servers in "Software and ...

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Is there an alternative to Softaculous AMPPS?

i would like to know if there is an alternative software stack like ampps so i can install web apps in one click ?

3 answers | 11 mins ago by DeeJaVu on Ask Ubuntu
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How are Ubuntu packages structured?

When I download a package in Ubuntu, what files does it install on my system and where? I'm just curious about the package structure in general (I searched and it doesn't look like anyone's asked ...

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Airmon-ng command not found

In the terminal I get Command not found when I type: airmon-ng start wlan0 What can I do to access the airmon-ng command?

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Is there a log of the output of “bash [ ]” available for Ubuntu server?

Following the advice of someone on this site I attempted to update a wireless device driver with: bash [] which I ran while in sudo. The update didn't work and I'm wondering if some ...

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Are mods from level 60 commendation gear freely transferable?

(SWTOR) It seems like, given the incredibly slow rate of getting purple mats from crew skills, it would be faster to farm dailies for the basic commendation to get purple gear for both me and my main ...

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wifi hacking commands not working, airmon-ng not working ?

im using a dell inspiron 15r 5537 laptop with win 8.1 x64 .I have installed vmware workstation 10 and created a virtual machine for Backtrack r5 3 ubuntu..i am having trouble with the wireless card. ...

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How to Install Oculus SDK 0.4.4 and run something on DK2

I am new to Linux altogether, as well as the Oculus Rift. I have got my DK2 to work on Windows laptop, so I know it is functional. I just built a new PC and decided to run Ubuntu 14.04 and see how ...

1 answers | 33 mins ago by GameDevKev on Ask Ubuntu
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Is it possible for a pitcher to hit a homerun in RBI Baseball?

In the original RBI Baseball game on NES all the pitchers had the same batting stats; a 150 batting average and 0 home runs (I think). A friend of mine has always claimed that he has hit a home run ...

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Run several xdotool commands in one line separated from each other

I'm trying to run xdotool type word then xdotool key Return from Startup Aplications Preferences. But if I use && or ;, xdotool evaluates it as continuation of input.

2 answers | 35 mins ago by janot on Ask Ubuntu
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Ubuntu hanging on shutdown/reboot

My situation is very similar to Shutdown Hangs for 5 Minutes on Kubuntu 14.04 but I am using 14.10 with a gnome environment instead of KDE (Ubuntu with gnome package added not the native version). ...

2 answers | 36 mins ago by Skylead on Ask Ubuntu
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How can I install the ubuntu software center. I tried sudo apt-get install ubuntu-software-center and I get an error

I tried installing many apps already via terminal and all I get is errors which is really starting to bug me alot. So please help me. When I type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-software-center all I ...

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What is the hierarchical DB schema for this xml?

As per this link, this is the xml that maintains "BookStore" data. I see that number of occurences of author are varying for any book. xml's hierarchical representation of BookStore looks more ...

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Half-Life on Steam plays audio from CD while loading

Half-life (steam version) starts playing audio CD in my CD-ROM when game is loading and mostly stops it after game is loaded, but sometimes it plays forever. Is there a setting to prevent it playing ...

2 answers | 48 mins ago by Samuel on Arqade
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Decrease boot-up time with e4rat

I found an article on howtogeek - how to reduce boot time using e4rat. But seems that article is very old and made for Ubuntu 11.04 Since then lot of new Ubuntu versions came and now we have Ubuntu ...

2 answers | 54 mins ago by edward torvalds on Ask Ubuntu
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Can Ubuntu 13.04 32bit support Multi-display(four display) funtion under bay trail paltform?

Now we installed the Ubuntu 13.04 32bit under the Bay Trail platform. For our application we want to do multi-display output at the same time, now we have two output from onboard and two output from ...

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xdotool could not move mouse inside firefox

I have been trying for many days to get xdotool to move and click inside firefox but I couldn't. So please help me. My script was simple but it didn't work : #!/bin/bash firefox # ...

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ZTE MF180 - BSNL - 3G Datacard USB Modem not working in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

I'm entirely new to Ubuntu and hence do not have much knowledge about it... I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version alongside with Windows 7 since i wanted dual booting option. Here's my ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by Harish DR on Ask Ubuntu
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How well does XBox live work with mobile broadband connections?

My primary ISP is HughesNet which has horrible ping times that are not conducive at all with online gaming and usually won't even connect. I'm thinking of getting a mobile broadband card (Verizon) ...

8 answers | 1 hour ago by JohnFx on Arqade
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Converting my hard drive to NTFS

I have a new install of Mint and I would like to go back to back to Windows. I'm aware I need to convert it to NTFS and have tried to make gparted work but it not would allow me to change/shrink my ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Justin N. on Ask Ubuntu
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Do games/DLC downloaded on one account show in the history of another account?

Would the games/DLC downloaded on one account go onto another accounts (on the same PS3) history? There's some stuff I didn't buy - my brother may have logged into my account and bought it, or he ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Bryan on Arqade
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