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Problems using VMware and VBox with Utopic 14.10

When I installed Virtual box it would not run a machine. Same problem as encountered previously of it missing vboxdrv. Old fixes didnt work. VMWare won't install as kernel headers do not match. Can ...

3 answers | 16 secs ago by Tom Bucknall on Ask Ubuntu
2 answers

Pen drive format

i installed UBUNTU 14.04 using my pen drive. the problem is i need my pen drive back with the same storage. is there is any way to do like that please.

2 answers | 1 min ago by Yogaraj on Ask Ubuntu
0 answers

Sid Meier's Civ 5 Wont launch

Whenever I try to launch Civ 5 it shows the launch dialogue box and just closes. I'm fairly new to linux so anything at all will help I'm running Ubuntu 14.10

1 answer

KVM guest performance impacted by very long virtblk disk wait times

I have several KVM guests running on Ubuntu 14.04 using libvirt. Their performance is very poor. The intermittent nature of the poor performance with an order of magnitude variability in simple ...

1 answers | 8 mins ago by Pukeko on Ask Ubuntu
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Planning solo projects where you are the client

I work on my own doing Rails development. I'm interested to know how others plan their projects when there is no client involved. When working on your own projects, how do you manage your ideas, ...

0 answers

restarting the system loads something through the terminal that blocks some functions in the computer

every time I start the system and open a terminal something loads through the terminal. I am not sure what it does but my system every time it starts asks to report a problem ![image of terminal just ...

3 answers

How can I check the permissions of a specific group?

I've a group on my system and I don't know which permission it has. Where can I find all group permissions? I want to have an output like this: folders owned by group 'test' /home/test/Documents/ ...

3 answers | 18 mins ago by OrangeTux on Ask Ubuntu
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How can I create a copy of an entity using command blocks?

More specifically, say there's a pile of items on the ground, for instance after someone dies, and I want to create an exact copy of each of those items (NBT tags and all), but in a different ...

4 answers

Is it legal to use Ubuntu name for my cybercafé?

I have a cybercafé in Tunisia (North Africa) and I want to promote Ubuntu and hence I want to call it "Ubuntu Club" and I want to know whether Canonical will allow this. I love Ubuntu and I want to ...

1 answer

What exactly is the gold covetous serpent ring?

I have the gold covetous serpent ring does it do anything else other then item discovery increase?

1 answers | 28 mins ago by Josh on Arqade
0 answers

Ubuntu 14.04.2 with kernel version 3.13.0-46-generic fails to shutdown

I have tried changing GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi=force' it wont work.If i update the kernel to 3.16,the touchpad wont work then

1 answer

Why can't I upgrade my origin armor or my infinity blade?

I have obtained the Origin Armor (the armor the worker wears), but I can't seem to upgrade it, or my Infinity Blade. Both are Level 10. How can I upgrade them?

3 answers

Should code comments explain the control flow?

Should comments explain how the application control flow works? For example, the relationships between classes, how this function is used by other functions, and what we are trying to do with these ...

0 answers

Touchpad won't work on Ubuntu 14.04.2 with kernel 3.16

Touchpad works fine on kernel 3.13.0-46-generic Device model is Acer Aspire ES1-311-C9T9K

3 answers

Is it possible to re-spec my character?

I'm playing Dark Souls 1 and since I know that in Dark Souls 2 you can re-spec your character using a Soul Vessel, I was wondering whether there is a similar item in Dark Souls 1. Is it possible to ...

3 answers | 39 mins ago by Exa on Arqade
1 answer

How is the healing stat calculated in Diablo 3?

Can someone explain how come this gray item without any healing stats heals 12% better than a legendary? Click for bigger picture.

1 answers | 46 mins ago by zespri on Arqade
2 answers

Is “K.K. Song” played in Club LOL?

I wanted to know whether or not K.K. Song can be played while DJ KK is doing his thing. I have stood around his preformances and not heard him play the song.

2 answers

How to enter window after ledge assassination?

While I was playing the game I had to perform a ledge assassination on a guard standing by a window. So I went from below the window and I performed the move well. But i noticed that right after the ...

1 answer

How to connect wifi network from raspberry pi 2 (snappy)

I've set up new raspberry pi 2 with snappy core. And I couldn't find how to connect wifi network from snappy terminal. My wifi dongle working correctly but there is no iwconfig in snappy core. Wlist ...

1 answers | 55 mins ago by Kim Seokjun on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

How do I get the good ending?

How do I get the good ending in Five Nights at Freddys 3? I keep on getting the bad ending no matter what the outcome of the minigames are.

1 answer

What are the tradeoffs for using 'partial view models'?

I've become aware of an itch due to some non-DRY code pertaining to view model classes in an (ASP.NET) MVC web application and I'm thinking of scratching my itch by organizing code in various 'partial ...

1 answer

Is it possible to control the hookblade “catch” when falling?

In previous AC installments, you could voluntarily fall when hanging - and then press a key to grab at a lower point. AC Revelations seems much the same, except that my hookblade keeps "catching" on ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by EBongo on Arqade
2 answers

DVD : no medium found on /dev/sr0 when there is a DVD

I have a nagging problem with Ubuntu 14.04 and playing of DVD's. After installing 14.04 I came to the conclusion that I can not play any DVD's on Ubuntu 14.04. DVD's cannot even be opened as they ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by linuxpete on Ask Ubuntu
6 answers

Plex Media Server: Won't find media External Hard Drive

I am attempting to turn an older PC into a home media server with Ubuntu 12.04 using Plex Media Server. I have a newer WD 2 TB external USB HD with all of my media on it. I can not for the life of ...

1 answer

Compiling vim with python support on ubuntu 14.04, no errors and no support

I'm trying to compile vim with support for YouCompleteMe as per the github guide [redacted because no reputation] and I'm having strange results. Vim compiles correctly as best I can tell and doesn't ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by stringMangler on Ask Ubuntu
0 answers

How to show notification at startup using notify-send?

I added the command notify-send "Hello User" in /etc/init.d/rc.local but it did not show any notification. Using Kubuntu 14.04.2 64bit

2 answers

Lost Items through the Postmaster in Destiny?

I just completed a strike mission and after returning to the tower the postmaster had an item for me, under the heading "Lost Items", a decoherent engram. Did this engram drop during the strike and I ...

1 answer

FF XIII-2 Cemetary

So, I'm in the cemetary of Bresha ruins (when it's snowing) and there's a man with a red silhouette and I don't know what to do. I try everything, even throw Mog and nothing happens. So, any ideas?

5 answers

How to install H.265 / HEVC codec on Ubuntu Linux?

I have seen that the new DivX Player 10 shows off H.265/HEVC playback, the successor of H.264. I wonder how I may get this support in Linux. Is there a need to install a codec specific for this ...

5 answers | 1 hour ago by Majal on Ask Ubuntu
3 answers

How do I make a new world per character in starbound?

I own two starbound characters: one Avian and one Novakid. I need to know how to make a new world for every character. The latter of the two is my first character, and he already exhausted the ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by J.S.D on Arqade
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