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Surveillance through Arduino and Web

I wanted to ask if it is possible to send the video feed from a camera to an Arduino board, and through the ethernet sheild send it to an Apache web server, and then displaying it on the browser in ...

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Is there an alternativee method of transmitting wireless electricity?

I have currently been researching a lot lately about wireless transmission of power. Currently the only methods I have seen that is viable is magnetic induction, and high voltage discharge (Tesla ...

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i want to make my own bluetooth shutter release thingy as first electronic project, what do i need?

I want to make something like this http://www.amazon.com/JBtek-Bluetooth-Wireless-Control-Shutter/dp/B00JDMIOKO/ looks like it's a tiny microcontroller with a battery in the remote, but i'm not sure ...

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Apply Gauss' Law to find Electric Field around nonconducting plastic sheets

The question: Two very large, nonconducting plastic sheets, each 10.0 cm thick, carry uniform charge densities $\sigma_1$,$\sigma_2$,$\sigma_3$ and $\sigma_4$ on their surfaces, as shown in the ...

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Serial monitor not accepting user inputs in arduino c programming

This is for my first year of C programming on a Arduino board. For some reason my serial monitor won't accept any user inputs, what am i doing incorrectly? I need the two user inputs to be taken as ...

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Arduino Broadband Peak Frequency Detector

I'm hoping to build a peak frequency detector, but am wondering whether I'm going to need more than just a couple of antennas. I'd like to be able to detect between 5Hz and 5GHz. So one question is, ...

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What should I use for powering a Raspberry Pi at near space altitudes?

I'm planning a high-altitude weather balloon project (to around 100000 feet) some time down the line to take video and pictures of near space altitudes and I have some questions I need to ask before ...

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Raspberry Pi and Arduino bluetooth communication

I'm currently workin on a project which consists of controlling a arduino robot ( with this https://www.adafruit.com/products/1588 bluetooth module on it ) from my raspberry pi. I found this ...

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Adding Integers in Digit LCD Arduino

I am trying to program an electronic skee ball table with Arduino, since the main electrical system failed a few years back from a power surge. I am replacing every electrical component, and I wanted ...

1 answers | 18 hours ago by Alex Polimeni on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to setup the communication between mac OS and Android mobile phone through the bluetooth serial port?

I'm trying to perform the communication between Mac OS X 10.10 and Android mobile phone via the bluetooth serial port in Processing. First of all, I've connected the Android phone to my mac via ...

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arduino bidirectional php get request

I'm trying to make my Arduino 2009 communicate to a php server via get request. The code makes me light up and turn off a led via a digital pin (digital read) and I'm able to send via php server the ...

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Arduino state not declared in this scope

I am currently working on a small project using arduino and the below is my code: #include <SoftwareSerial.h> #include <Adafruit_Fingerprint.h> #include <Keypad.h> const byte ROWS ...

1 answers | 23 hours ago by huicheese on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Why do power lines buzz more when it is low-humidity outside?

I have observed that the power lines buzz louder when there is less moisture in the air. Why is this? If it will help the lines are located on the foot hills of a nearby mountain.

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Reality of “electrical explosion”

I have often heard people who have been electrocuted refer to the "explosion" and how they were "thrown back" by the "blast". Sometimes the force of the blast is reported to throw people many metres. ...

3 answers | yesterday by Lefty on Physics physics.stackexchange.com
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Arduino Mega (Atmega 1280) avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I have just received my arduino mega 1280 and I am trying to load my firmware within it, but I am getting once and again the same error : avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 I have ...

2 answers | yesterday by Cristina on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Wave Shield v1.1 Errors

I am a beginner, and I have no idea what to do while trying to troubleshoot my wave shield. I just finished putting together my first wave shield. I am using this model: ...

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Draw a Schematic Diagram of Ammeter Connected in Parallel to explain difference between the diagram of a parallel and series connection

I know that voltmeters are commonly in parallel and ammeters are commonly in series. I believe that the voltmeters in diagrams 2 are actually in series. How am I wrong? In Diagram 4, I don't ...

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Back EMF & Current, how can we make I stable?

Lets assume we have a wire that has $10V$ across and $1$ $Amp$ flowing, now if this conductor is introduced to a changing magnetic field, $-EMF$ is induced, can we control our voltage to increase it ...

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TVout 5.91 Libary on Arduino mega 2560

I am trying to upload the example program for the tvOut i compiles properly adruino Uno but not for the Arduino Mega 2560. I get the following error C:\Program Files ...

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Simple low voltage disconnect circuit for Arduino

Preface: Under impression to need a low voltage cut out, to prevent 2x AA NIMH rechargeable battery from being drained too now, and damaging them. (right??) In deployment this circuit will commonly ...

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Calculating Boltzmann constant using semiconductor

My task from the latest laboratory exercise in physics is to calculate Boltzmann constant from known temperature, current and voltage. We were given this circuit: By changing the resistor value, I ...

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Talking between Arduino and Java

I have to realize a communication between Arduino Leonardo and a demon which runs on a pc. The demon has to tell Arduino informations about the operative system of the machine to which it is ...

1 answers | yesterday by SegFault on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Why the emf of a battery doesn't depend on distance between the two electrodes?

I have read that resistance of a conductor is directly proportional to its length...So ,the emf of a conductor(electrolyte of battery) should increase with increase in length/distance between the ...

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What happens when I reverse an electrical generator?

I am trying to find out whether I could run a generator in reverse as well as forward. It will be a wind generator converted to run from a different power source. This is a new invention to which I ...

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tracking robot in a room

I'm trying to track a simple robot (e.g. arduino, raspberry pi, even toys) in a room using fixed location kinect sensor(s) and cameras at different parts of the room. How might one usually use to do ...

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Sending Arduino data to MATLAB

I've interfaced a QTR-8RC sensor with an Arduino UNO and I'm using it to scan a single bold black alphabet from a white paper as I'd move my sensor over the complete alphabet slowly. The sensor ...

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Need to initialize serial connection with screen

My Problem: I've got an Arduino connected to my Pi via /dev/ttyUSB0 and I always have to initialize the connection via screen, otherwise I cannot send any values via Bash or Python. What I'm doing: ...

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How to prevent a virtual method from always being compiled?

While working on an Arduino library I've run into an interesting compilation problem. All the virtual methods in all classes get compiled... always. Even when the class is never constructed or even ...

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Arduino 'time out' function using a millis timer

I've not been programming for long and I just want to expand from electronic engineering with an Arduino UNO board. I've started a new project based on the Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock by Steve ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by user2119971 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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