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Nothing happens when i make HTTP request from my arduino

I'm using arduino UNO R3 with wifly RN-XV rev3. I'm trying to make HTTP request from arduino but nothing happens. This is my code: wifiSerial.listen(); if (client.connect("tatkartr.com", 80)) { ...

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Simple Button Program Aberration

I am trying to program 2 buttons (w/ an Arduino), one which will start a 5 second cycle and one which can stop the cycle at any point within this time frame. When the "Start" button is pressed ...

1 answers | 46 mins ago by Christopher Yin on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Linking Libraries in Arduino to C++ Translation

I need to translate a program I modified from Arduino into C++, preferably while using Atmel Studio. I found this useful guide ...

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Arduino Leonardo serial communication

The USB port on my Arduino Leonardo broke off and I don't have a USB to Serial adapter, is it possible to wire a USB cable to the TX, RX, Vin, and Gnd pins so that I can use serial communication ...

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Receiving a HTTP POST Request on Arduino

Is it possible to receive a HTTP Post request with my Arduino Uno using a Ethernet shield. I want to make an Android app wich can control me Arduino and I thought the best way to do it is with a HTTP ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by ObAt on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to read an SMS from Arduino and get LED to switch on or off

#include <SoftwareSerial.h> char inchar; //Will hold the incoming character from the serial port. SoftwareSerial cell(2,3); //Create a 'fake' serial port. Pin 2 is the Rx pin, pin 3 is the Tx ...

3 answers | 3 hours ago by jalpan on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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If I charge a battery using a much higher amperage, can it explode?

If I have a 12V 4Ah lead acid battery and use a battery charger that, let's say for example, can charge 10A, 50A, or 100A. If I theoretically turned it to 100A will the battery explode? I understand ...

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How to debug when I get garbage data in arduino serial output when using the cc3000 wifi shield?

I have connected a CC3000 wifi shield to arduino uno and uploaded the buildtest code example. However, it only shows me some garbage value on the Serial Monitor - UD,H1O!ü ... I have connected an ...

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Why am i not receiving serial data in visual studios but i am in putty?

Lets say i have this simple arduino program: int i=0; void setup(void){ Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { i++; Serial.print(i); delay(500); } It works, prints data in the arduino ...

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Emf interference on arduino and breadboard , using 74HC595 shift register, how to prevent it?

I’m using a 74HC595 chip (shift register) NPX semiconductors, connected to and arduino board. Basically the shift register switches on and off 8 leds in sequence. Everything seem to be working, code ...

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Arduino - trouble sending data from opamp to Bluetooth

Hello StackOverflow community, I am encountering an issue retrieving data from an opamp to the Bluetooth. I am a complete beginner at circuit building, so please excuse my amateurish mistakes. I am ...

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Will there be a “lite” or “ThinPC” version of Windows 8?

With previous versions of Windows there are "lightweight" versions designed to be ran on embedded or less-capeable devices (XP Embedded, Windows 7 ThinPC, Windows 7 Embedded) which have a very low ...

3 answers | 6 hours ago by tombull89 on Super User superuser.com
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Mimo 2G USB Monitor and cheap computer (Raspberry Pi?)

I have a Mimo 2G USB Monitor (UM-710S I believe) which I got in college due to the lack of space for a real second monitor in the dorm. Now I don't really have a use for it, so I thought of ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by Matt on Unix & Linux unix.stackexchange.com
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Arduino-do something only when done read serial?

I have some problem with a basic thing here . When you want to read a serial data as a string, than do something/many things based on that value, you have this problem : while(Serial.available()) ...

1 answers | 7 hours ago by Curnelious on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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arduino nano avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I am trying to upload the blink sketch to a new arduino nano v3 (technically it is the iduino knockoff from geeetech) with atmega328 but I keep getting the infamous "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in ...

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Back EMF & Current, how can we make I stable?

Lets assume we have a wire that has $10V$ across and $1$ $Amp$ flowing, now if this conductor is introduced to a changing magnetic field, $-EMF$ is induced, can we control our voltage to increase it ...

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Why a tunnel diode (TD) is called a diode?

Traditionally, a diode is a 2-terminal device that limits current to flow in one direction, i.e. a rectifier. But a "tunnel diode", according to wikipedia, is not rectifying: In the tunnel diode, ...

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MCU Debugging: What is the difference between ITM, SWV and Trace?

What is the difference between ITM (Instrumentation Trace Macrocell), SWV (serial wire viewer) and Trace? For example, in an Atmel SAMG53 ARM M4F; it supports: -SW-DP (Serial Wire Debug Port) -FPB ...

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color light sensor with arduino dosent work

need your help.. I am new to arduino programming ...and I try the code for calibration color light senser..the code is here in this web site ...

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Changed Op-amp, now signal is not centered

I'm making a pre-amplifier for my 9mm electret microphone to be read by an Arduino. Here's the schematic: Note that the resistor I used connected to the output is 1Meg. My supply voltage is 5V. ...

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Why does rubbing feet against sheets create a spark?

Sometimes when I'm in bed at night, I rub my feet against the sheets and light is created. What exactly is going on? I'm familiar with static electricity, and the triboelectric effect (creating a ...

1 answers | 14 hours ago by oyvey on Physics physics.stackexchange.com
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Assembling an image from chunks from mongo db after storing it there in Binary

I have Arduino sending me chunks of a picture in a series of http post requests. They arrive at server in unicode format. I convert them to utf8 and then bson.binary.Binary in order to store in mongo ...

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Is is possible to simultaneously use Arduino serial monitor while receiving data from Processing?

I am attempting to send some data from Processing to my Arduino over the serial connection so that the Arduino can control an LED strip. Could I view the serial monitor while this transfer was taking ...

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Gyro Accelerometer Complementary Filter

I am trying to create an artificial horizon using a 3 axis gyro and accelerometer (MPU6050). To prevent gyro drift I am using a complementary filter that mixes the gryo and accelerometer values ...

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Arduino serial connection requires init?

My arduino Uno , is connected to a bluetooth module(hm-10) , and they connect via uart from the arduino tx,rx pins . Something strange happens: The arduino program is starting a serial connection ...

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How to set an int to arduino from c#

I'm working in a project to control a fan depending on the temperature using arduino and C#, the catch here is that I need an option for the user to provide input temperature in which the fan will ...

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Running and stopping a processing code automatically

What i wanna do is this; I want to run the processing code below, and after 2 minutes it should stop automatically and make itself run again and after 2 min stop again and again. I mean I don't want ...

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Arduino in Ground-Chassis (Vehicle): Activate by grounding

I am working with an Arduino as a controller for an Aftermarket Heated Seats Kit and interface for the stock A/C Auto Control Panel (the car did not come with heated seats, and I acquired an A/C Panel ...

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Current in Parallel Circuits

For the parallel circuit below: Why is the current across the ammeter unchanged when the resistance of the variable resistor is increased? I've always learnt that current varies in parallel and ...

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Determining range of integration for electric filed of a semi-circle contour

Suppose we have a semi-circle contour in $xy$ plane ( it is oriented so that all of it lies at $y<0$) , and an arbitrary point on $z$ axis. It has linear charge density $\alpha$ and radius $a$ The ...

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