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High-side switch 24V 6mA control by Arduino

I would like to ask for best solution for my issue. I need high side switch for 24VDC 6mA (it is enable signal for a device). This device I want to control by Arduino (input 5 V 20mA). What is the ...

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The resistor cube consists of 12 resistors, each having a value $R$.How to solve for equivalent resistance along body diagonal through symmetry method

The answer to this problem begins with that due to symmetry points E, B and C will be at same potential. Similarly again extending the argument of symmetry, the points G, D, and F will again be at ...

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Resistor circuit that isn't parallel or series

What's the equivalent resistance in this circuit (between points A and B)?

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Arduino and TinyGPS++ convert lat and long to a string

I' m having a problem parsing the lat and long cords from TinyGPS++ to a Double or a string. The code that i'm using is: String latt = ((gps.location.lat(),6)); String lngg = ...

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electronic circuit design

how ,if I want to put water existence sensor in the kettle, to avoid the kettle from catch on fire during there is no water inside the kettle while it is on.? is there is a specific sensor?. please ...

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How does voltage divided by EMF show efficiency?

I get that electromotoric force (emf) is energy per coulomb supplied and that voltage is energy per coulomb used but I don't get what it means when we say that the voltage divided by the emf gives the ...

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Arduino-Arduino RF Communication, key needs to be pressed several times

I'm communicating two Arduino i.e. Arduio UNO as sender & Arduino Mega as receiver via RF-433 MHz transiver module. Communication is sort of working but there is one problem. If I want to send a ...

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Is it possible to connect the adafruit fingerprint sensor to a database?

https://www.adafruit.com/products/751 I am trying to implement a patient identification system using the adafruit fingerprint sensor with arduino. ...

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Porting Arduino Comm Data into .txt

I'm trying to dump signal data over the arduino's channel using a Processing script. Currently my Processing code reads the data over COM3 and I'm running into an issue with the Processing script ...

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Reading over Arduino's Serial port

I'm trying to dump signal data over the arduino's channel using a Processing script. Currently my arduino code reads the data over COM3 and I'm running into an within the Processing code that looks ...

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String parsing to extract int in C++ for Arduino

I'm trying to write a sketch that allows a user to access data in EEPROM using the serial monitor. In the serial monitor the user should be able to type one of two commands: “read” and “write. "Read" ...

2 answers | 7 hours ago by Julia_arch on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Measuring the rotation angle of stepper motor

I have a hc-sr04 ultrasonic sensor. I am considering to put this sensor on a board which rotates by stepper motor. Sensor starts to rotate and detect an object during this rotation. Is there a way ...

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Path of EM wave propagation in a circuit wire

The image is my visualization of drift velocity and electromagnetic (EM) propagation of charge wave in a closed circuit. The slow drift velocity of the electrons follows the path of the circuit (a ...

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How Special Relativity causes magnetism

So my physics teacher assigned us an article about how special relativity causes magnetism in a wire with a current, even with the low drift velocities of electrons in a current. It seemed that the ...

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multiple arduino communication with laptop

Hi I am doing a project which 5 arduinos that are all sending out different data from their own serial port and received by a java programme. Typically, laptop doesn't have 5 usb port and so what I ...

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How to gather data about how weight is distributed by feet on a surface over time?

I have seen a representation of a person's bare feet and how their body mass is distributed across their feet by color coding the pressure at each coordinate and over time showing how their feet are ...

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Is electricity instantaneous?

My question is basically what exactly is electricity? I've simply been told before that it's a flow of electrons, but this seems too basic and doesn't show that electricity is instant. What I mean is ...

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Arduino Switch to Turn a Relay timer

Briefly: I would like to turn on a relay for 30 seconds, after I toggle a switch on. I'm trying to do a blinds automation at home. I have a simple ON-OFF-ON switch, attached to an Arduino connected ...

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Dielectric field in a homogenous electric field

I'm working through my workbook right now and currently am stuck on the chapter about dielectrics. The term $\vec{E}=\frac{3}{\epsilon_r +2}\vec{E_0}$ was introduced without a proper proof. Instead ...

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What determines sizeof(int)

Regarding the standard data types, What is the size of an integer in ATmega controllers? And what determines the size, is it just the compiler? Or is it in the hardware design of the controller itself ...

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LDR + RGB Led = Color sensor. How to calibrate it?

1$ color sensor. My adventures in electronics continue. While talking with a friend about colors, he told me about color sensors. Later I remembered the video where they sort smarties and so I ...

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Which RF transceiver to use for a network using Rpi or Arduino?

I am looking for advice on how to create a RF network to send and receive data both at the same time. The master Arduino or Rpi Zero receives temperature readings from the slave nodes which passes it ...

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Paradox with Gauss' law when space is uniformly charged everywhere

Consider that space is uniformly charged everywhere, i.e., filled with a uniform charge distribution, $\rho$, everywhere. By symmetry, the electric field is zero everywhere. (If I take any point in ...

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How can we know that a particular charge is positive or negative?

Suppose I am provided with a positive is charged....and someone tells me to find which type of charge is present in it? Then how can we detect that the body is positively or negatively charged? Is ...

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Programming the ATMega324A-PU through the Arduino IDE

How do you set the board (chip) type? How do you set the fuses? All in the (and to use the) Arduino IDE?

1 answers | yesterday by Chris Spreckley on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Length and Width of a Line Following Robot

I'm building a line following robot. I have made different chassis designs. The main prototype I'm using is a rectangle base. At one side motors are placed. On the other side of the rectangle caster ...

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Do I really need resistors when controlling LEDs with Arduino?

I'm just trying out Arduino Uno for the first time with 2 blinking LEDs on a breadboard. All the tutorials on the Internet seem to use a resistor. I do know the function of resistors, but does it ...

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SIM900 gprs web with arduino

I have a problem with this simple code. #include <SoftwareSerial.h> SoftwareSerial SIM900(7, 8); // configure software serial port void setup() { pinMode(9, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(9, ...

1 answers | yesterday by Isaac R on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Arduino 'time out' function using a millis timer

I've not been programming for long and I just want to expand from electronic engineering with an Arduino UNO board. I've started a new project based on the Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock by Steve ...

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How is current produced in semiconductors or metals?

I think current is the movement of electrons through the wire or semiconductor, thus when I press the switch of the light bulb the electrons go from positive part to tungsten and light is produced. ...

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