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GSM900/GPRS and gps

I Use Arduino uno GSM900/GPRS module (not shield) to send a frame to an open source server(traccar) to map coordinates from gps I don't know how to send the frame and the parameters of gps can you ...

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MCP3424, how to read channels in parallel?

About this question I do not have an electronics engineering background, and this is one of my first challenges with communicating via I2C, and with writing to a register, so please do not assume too ...

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Making a car go straight

I'm trying to work a car that's being controlled by an Arduino. I'm using the following chassis: New 2WD car chassis DC gear motor, wheels easy assembly and expansion and an L298N motor driver. The ...

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Windows IoT and DS3231 RTC clock

For my project I need the current time & date. Unfortunately the RP2 loses everything when it's turned off. The next thing is, that I won't have an internet connection to use NTP. For this ...

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Convert BLE 4.0 data into usable information using Swift (iOS)

This is my first BLE project using swift and would greatly appreciate any direction you guys have out there. My arduino is using a red bear lab BLE mini to send integers (between 1 and 1200) from a ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Mark Onsager on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Simulink Coder, add external C libraries placed outside the working directory

Following problem: I'm using Simulink Coder, an Arduino Due and a self developed expansion board to control multicopters. I've a Simulink model with all the device drivers (made with s-function ...

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Electric Field inside a diode

When a voltage is applied to a diode (Forward or Reversed bias) the depletion zone is changed due to charges change in this region. My question is in both case (Forward or Reversed bias), how the ...

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HC06 not able to connect to Samsung Note4 Bluetooth even it is paired

I am using Arduino UNO R3 to connect a HC06 bluetooth module referring below article, i am using MAC Book ...

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calculation od stacked plate capacitor capacitance

how we calculate the capacitance of a stacked plate capacitor ? is it the summation of the capacitance of each capacitor $Ci$ ?

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Apply Gauss' law to find electric field around nonconducting plastic sheets

The question: Two very large, nonconducting plastic sheets, each 10.0 cm thick, carry uniform charge densities $\sigma_1$,$\sigma_2$,$\sigma_3$ and $\sigma_4$ on their surfaces, as shown in the ...

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Using RGB Lights with Arduino Struct

I am attempting to use a struct with Arduino to turn on multiple RGB LEDs to specific colors. With this sample code, I created a struct to hold a red pin num, a blue pin num, a blue value, and a red ...

1 answers | 7 hours ago by jaqua45 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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V-USB send special command

I've created a keyboard-like with v-usb. I wonder if it's possible to send special command like on my Logitech keyboard to open Calc, increase/decrease volume, shutdown PC, etc.

1 answers | 7 hours ago by felangga on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Raspberry Pi- Arduino Serially driven servo problem

I have been lately working on a ball tracker robot using image processing and I have interfaced Arduino and Raspi via USB. While the servo.write() function works perfectly when i program the Arduino ...

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Can $\rho_{bound} = \rho_{free} = 0$ while still being in a kind of matter (non-vacuum)?

I have a question considering the physical feasibility of a problem. Consider this proof on Wikipedia (screencapture attached too): ...

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How to make a stepper motor to rotate and come to a position of certain degress (say for 90 degrees) from any initial position?

I tried this coding and its working. void loop() { int y = 104; int x2 = vertical2.currentPosition(); int z2 = y-x2; int x1 = horizontal2.currentPosition(); int z1 = y-x1; ...

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Can I write a boot loader for atmel MCU using Arduino IDE?

I am using my bluetooth module HC -05 to communicate through the UART1 of my microcontroller Atmega1284P. I have the memory mapped for both the boot loader and the application section. Now I am ...

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Discharged AA cell

Why does a discharged AA cell fall over when dropped vertically? A new AA cell will not fall over when dropped vertically from distance of 2.0 cm. A discharged AA cell falls over when dropped ...

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Using Arduino to do very basic image processing

I'm looking at implementing an algorithm I wrote for Android on an Arduino. The algorithm is already pretty basic, but I have a lot of ways to optimize it still. It boils down to detection of blobs ...

1 answers | 15 hours ago by RobotRock on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Difference between uint8_t* vs uint8_t

What is the difference/use for these 2 types? I have a basic understanding regarding pointers but I just can't wrap my head around this. uint8_t* address_at_eeprom_location = (uint8_t*)10; This ...

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How to read temperature using arduino uno board with PT100 RTD sensor?

I am new to arduino programming. And almost inexperienced. I am looking to program my arduino Uno board to read 2/3/4 wire configuration of PT100 RTD sensor (in accuracy levels of atleast 0.5°C). The ...

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AC electricity. I dont know what happens when thevenergy flows both ways in AC electricity

I know that electricity in AC flows both ways but I do not know what happens when it flows both ways. Whats the difference

1 answers | 15 hours ago by user106648 on Physics physics.stackexchange.com
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How to think about Ripple and Noise in circuits

Say you have a AC to DC power supply. If you were to hook an oscilloscope up you would see noise occurring. Some of it would appear to have a regular frequency in Khz or Mhz. Would this put off EM ...

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Arduino with two RC522

To pimp up my Carrera I'm going to build a round counter. It contains an Arduino Nano, a lcd and 2 rc522 rfid-reader. The readers share the pins for scd, miso, mosi and have own pins for sda and rst. ...

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Arduino load data into database from ethernet shield

Hello to everyone I have one problem on programming harduino. I have two arduino. In the first there are Sensor Tmperature DHT22 and Transmitter 433 mhz. In the second there are reciever and ethernet ...

1 answers | 18 hours ago by Massimo Mezzina on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Why does resistance increase with length?

This is for the case of wires only (pipes are easy). I see that if I place a 9-Volt (constant) battery across any wire, the current is proportional to resistance. I don't understand why, for a ...

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How can Arduino save data from PHP Script?

I created a PHP script so I could retrive data from my online database(MySQL) but I not being able to pass that information to my arduino+Ethernet Shield(using Ethercard.h). I all want is to get ...

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Convert IP or MAC address from string to byte array (Arduino or C)

I would convert myString "100.200.300.400" to byte array [4]. I'm a "bit" confused, this is right or need i to use a foreach for reading a single number? String myString = "100.200.300.400"; byte ...

1 answers | 19 hours ago by Davide on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Can I use any GPRS Arduino shield with a Raspberry Pi?

I would like to send data over the Mobile network using a Raspberry Pi. Can I buy any GPRS shield made for Arduino like this one http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/GPRS_Shield_V2.0 and connect it wire by ...

3 answers | 19 hours ago by benjisail on Raspberry Pi raspberrypi.stackexchange.com
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Importing Images on 7" LCD using Arduino Mega

I want to load different images to my 7 inch TFT LCD screen (SDD1963 based) from an SD Card and I'm not able to do it. I'm using the CTE Shield for Mega. I would appreciate it if anyone could help. ...

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Most universal sequence of keyboard presses to start an editor

I have a very compact Arduino with integrated USB connector, the CJMCU Beetle that can emulate a virtual USB keyboard. I would like to configure it to send keystrokes to any computer it is ...

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