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I tried to solve circuit analysis problem but it failed

I'm a student from South Korea. I tried to solve circuit analysis problem in Hayt's Circuit Analysis 7th. But my answer is wrong and I don't know why I failed to solve this. Here's the question. I ...

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I am new to this forum and arduino. I have been testing with the IR COMPOUND EYE from dagu.. Trying to use it as a range detector.. I am aware that the maximum range is 200mm. But when i compile and ...

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Why is voltage essential in circuits?

I understand what voltage is, but why is it necessary for an electric circuit to function? Why can't current flow without a voltage? Thanks

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Wire library and softwareSerial causing resets

We have this issue for 3 days now, where we have 3 arduino files : main.ino module1.ino //module 1 is using software serial on pins 5,6 module2.ino //2 is using Wire library Every module work ...

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How can I read in M-bus metering data with an Arduino Uno?

I am trying to send data from a Kamstrup Multical 601 to an Arduino Uno using the M-bus protocol. I am considering trying to use the libmbus c libraries to do this. However, I do not have a lot of ...

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MFRC522 on Beaglebone Black

I am trying to get my RC522 to work on the BBB. It works great on my Arduino which is well documented e.g. here or here. My only requirement is to read the serial # of cards which are Mifare S50. I ...

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Current in series resistors and voltage drop in parallel resistors

when we have resistors in series, the current through all the resistors is same and the voltage drop (or simply voltage) at each resistor is different. Question 1: it is fine that voltage drop ...

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Amplifying a 100mV range (sinosoidal wave) to a range of 0 - 3.3V for the Arduino

I have a partial discharge wave form which varies between -100mV to +100mV. For simplification, I am using a sinusoidal wave with that range. I need to amplify and bias this signal between the range ...

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RLC circuit, turning off the voltage source

An RLC circuit (pictured above) is governed by two equations: \begin{align} -iR &= -L \frac{dj}{dt} = \frac{q}{C}+V(t) \\ \frac{dq}{dt} &= i+j \, . \end{align} $q$ satisfies the equation ...

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OutputStream not writing in Java

I am trying to write a string value into my arduino port, But it successfully writing but I the machine is not working when i send the command. If I use my arduino software to test the machine it ...

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Unity SerialPort in android to arduino

I'm making a unity application for android to control an Arduino board. I have everything working perfectly if I run unity from my PC, and I can even control the arduino with unity Remote. But I want ...

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Arduino Ultra Sonic Sensor always returns 0

I am doing a basic project in Arduino UNO connecting an Ultra Sonic sensor (HC-SR04) which should print in the serial monitor the distance of the closest object but it always print 0. This is my ...

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About DigiSpark (arduino) keyboard library

I need to rewrite the DigiKeyboard (reference) sendKeyStroke(byte keyStroke) according to the behavior explained below: The original behavior is to poll the USB and check for a KeyStroke, if it ...

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Lithium battery consuming more power on Sleep Mode

I am trying to reduce the power consumption for PIC18F87J11 on sleep mode. The PIC is drawing about .01 mA (6 uA) on sleep mode with Alkaline AAA batteries and other power source, but when I use ...

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Serial.read() - XBee - not firing 'else if'

I am currently trying to do some communication test between a PC and Arduino Uno using an XBee in AT mode. My test is to send characters from the computer to the XBee and process through conditional ...

1 answers | 12 hours ago by user3930238 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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What happens when you pass a current through a coil made of a ferromagnetic substance?

I know when you pass a current through a length of copper coil or a solenoid, there is the induction of a magnetic flux. But what of the coil made of the ferromagnetic material, the permanent type ...

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In Arduino, what are the raw values for the HIGH, LOW, INPUT, and OUTPUT

What are the actual values for HIGH, LOW, INPUT, and OUTPUT? These are used in functions like pinMode() and digitalWrite(). Thanks

1 answers | 14 hours ago by Naan on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Sending web requests with IFTT and the Maker Channel

So I am attempting to send a web request via the maker channel on If This then That to a Arduino (and Ethernet shield) to turn on a led. From what I understand, I would send a POST request to the ...

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HC-05 bluetooth RSSI not working with Arduino

I cannot get my HC-05 bluetooth modules to output RSSI values. I issue it the following commands in series: AT+INIT -> *OK* AT+INQM=1,9,48 -> *OK* AT+INQ -> *No response, it starts ...

6 answers | 16 hours ago by Houen on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Which TFT display to use for faster processing speed?

I'm planning to integrate a user interface into my arduino project and came upon TFT displays. While interfacing with the TFT displays, will it affect the performance of the arduino processing? Also ...

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Relationship between electrical resistivity and density

I just read this answer on EE.SE and that triggered a doubt in me. If I were asked whether there is any relationship between the electrical resistivity and the density of a substance I'd answer ...

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Accessing individual bytes in PROGMEM on Arduino/AVR

I've read up on accessing PROGMEM for days now, and combed through several other questions, but I still can't get my code working. Any help would be appreciated. I've included a full test sketch for ...

2 answers | 19 hours ago by MarkRoland on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Arduino and Philips hue variable brightness in url

I am changing the code from a website. I removed the PIR sensor variable and added a distance sensor so i can change the brightness with my hand. I got it all figured out but i dont know how to change ...

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MPU6050 output yaw pitch and roll with Arduino

I'm trying to read yaw, pitch and roll with MPU6050 and Arduino, but I always get overflow, if I use the function yprx() in the loop without waiting for any input I get the correct values, the problem ...

1 answers | 21 hours ago by AlessioMTX on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How does Arduino Wiring Language work?

I am new to Arduino and just read from the book < Intel Galileo and Intel Galileo Gen 2 API Features and Arduino Projects for Linux Programmers > that: In 2003, a student named Hernando ...

1 answers | 22 hours ago by smwikipedia on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How does rootfs.ext3 image file work?

I have a FriendlyARM mini6410 device and I have just hardly make it boot from sdcard. Now my sdcard uses "u-boot for mini" (u-boot.bin), "linux2.6.38 kernel" (zImage) and "rootfs qtopia fs" ...

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Strain Gauge and Arduino

I have these 2 strain gauges as you can see in the image (code 632-180) and I want to connect it to the Arduino so I can read the deformation. They should be in Wheatstone Half Bridge. I read that ...

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4G modem on an embedded kernel on a Parrot AR Drone 2.0

I am attempting to compile support for a Huawei E3276 usb LTE modem for an embedded Linux/BusyBox installation on a Parrot AR Drone 2.0, which is based on kernel 2.6.32; however, I am running into ...

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Vector decomposition validity

Is force or field decomposition into component vectors always valid? Lets say a constant electric field $\vec{F}$ is acting in space such that it makes an angle $\phi$ with respect to the horizontal ...

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Arduino Uno SoftwareSerial and Serial conflict

I have a very simple setup with an Arduino Uno R3 connected to my Windows 7 x64 with Arduino 1.0.1. I have a RF receiver connected to the Arduino on the DI10 port using the SoftwareSerial library. I ...

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