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Powering and controlling multiple 12V LED strips with Arduino LilyPad USB

I'm trying to use an Arduino Lilypad USB to control several separate 12V white LED strips. I am however struggling to work out how to power them. The LilyPad only operates at 3.3V and I thought a ...

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How to use ARDUINO ide to program AVR development board?

I have an AVR development board and a USBasp programmer. I found arduino programming much easier than doing programming in atmel stduio. So i was just asking that can i prorgam using arduino ide and ...

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Moving coil through space

Programmer here, I have simple question about existence of magnetic field relative to the coil, when moving in space. Imagine we have coil L, that is connected to battery / power supply and coil is ...

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Turn on light (bulb) with Arduino UNO and PIR Sensor

im trying to turn on the light (bulb) with my arduino UNO and one module with 4 relays. I can do it with one LED but with an bulb i can't. I have connected the wires like in the photo: ...

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Converting from c to AVR assembly help regarding output

I'm attempting to convert an arduino sketch to avr assembly. Taking it one chunk at a time. Below is what I have so far in an attempt to set up the column and row pins as output. I'm using the ...

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Having trouble understanding the concept of current and Ohms law

Circuit in series: $10\,\text{V}$ power supply, 2 resistors connected. Each resistor is $10\,\Omega$, total of $20\,\Omega$ resistance. If I put an ammeter at the end of the circuit, will the current ...

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Cannot compile and link AVR program in OS X

I am working on a mac with Yosemite OS X and I'm trying to compile a program in C that I could then upload onto my Arduino. I am following this tutorial specifically. I tried going through and ...

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SoftwareSerial on Arduino Mega

I'm trying to figure out if I can send and receive serial data on ports 23 and 25 of the Arduino Mega 2560, and I'm very confused by seemingly contradictory information on the Arduino website. From ...

2 answers | 3 hours ago by 0xFE on Electrical Engineering electronics.stackexchange.com
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Upper limit to electric charge confinement?

The following questions are not intended for conventional capacitors (which stores excess charge on the outside surface), rather a type of hypothetical capacitor which is designed to confine charge by ...

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Serial Issues with Arduino Micro with ESP8266 WIFI Module

I have an Arduino Micro connected to an ESP8266 WIFI module. I get all sort of buggy issues with the two Serial connections: text goes missing and general code gremlins. When I'm setting up my HTTP ...

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sending value from arduino to vb2010

I want to send a value from arduino to vb2010. Like every time that the pin(pinNumber) become HIGH, a value will be sent to vb2010 so that my system(vb2010) can count it. And there's a command for ...

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C++ console application to turn on and off an Arduino LED

I am trying to program an interface between the c++ console and the Arduino uno. I want to send a char or an integer via the serial port to the arduino. I have written some code (see below) and the ...

2 answers | 9 hours ago by Strohmi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Interpreting PIR Sensor Data

My project is to use a PIR sensor to detect people walking by. I need advice on how to interpret the output data. For example, if one person passes by, the stream of data my sensor outputs might be: ...

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Thermocouple temperatures change drastically when my whole system is powered vs when just my arduino is powered

I apologize in advance if this should instead go in the Arduino stack exchange, but I feel it should be here. I'm using this thermocouple / amplifier pair with my Arduino Uno. I am trying to make my ...

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Java to Esplora Serial port communication issue

I am attempting to communicate between an Arduino Esplora and a Java process using the RXTXComm library that comes bundled with the Arduino IDE. I have started with the code here. Based on this ...

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14 x 14 LED Matrix - How can I control it?

I intend to build a 14 x 14 standard 3mm blue LED matrix, for a WordClock-like project, but I have no idea how to control it. I've heard of multiplexing with NPN transistors, but I'm concerned about ...

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Serial data initially wrong C++

I am sending data between an XBee transceiver and my pc. The issue is that, initially (in my program) the data is random characters. Only after opening a serial connection in XCTU does it work. So ...

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How to upload a long string to my server using Arduino with GPRS using GET or POST method

I am trying to send some data to my server from the arduino using GPRS. This is the code i am using to send the data to my server sendcommand( F("AT+SAPBR=3,1,\"Contype\",\"GPRS\""), F("OK"), ...

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arduino wifi with cylon.js or johnny5.js

Do you know if is possibile to implement a wifi connection through Arduino one wifi modules using one of these javascript firmata (Cylon or Johnny5)? Reading the guidelines of these frameworks I ...

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How can I trigger a series of LED events when a switch is HIGH, and how can I stop them whenever the switch is LOW?

I am trying to make this thing where every time a micro limit switch is HIGH (pressed), it starts this process that turns on a red LED for fifty seconds, then blinks the LED for about ten seconds, and ...

2 answers | 14 hours ago by bennyscot27 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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RPi + GPS + Arduino Shield

I have this GPS module and an arduino shield for the raspberry pi from Cooking Hacks. See link: https://www.cooking-hacks.com/gps-shield-for-raspberry-pi My raspberry pi B+ is fully updated i have a ...

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SPI (file based) from Rasp Pi to Arduino

I am trying to use file-based SPI communication from my Raspberry Pi to an Arduino (328p based). The weird thing is that when I write it out one byte at a time and flush the buffer between each write ...

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Using IntelliJ to for Arduino IDE

I'm on Mac OS X and have a license for IntelliJ Ultimate. Is it at all possible to use IntelliJ as an IDE for Arduino projects?

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Embedded development board for open cv

I have developed a C++ opencv proof of concept application that captures a few images and then compares the difference between them and outputs distance/movement data. This is running on my I7 ...

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Does a static electric field act continuously?

Electromagnetic radiation is emitted and absorbed in discrete units, photons. One photon's energy is described by the well known $E = hf$ formula. Now, if you a have static electric field that ...

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Arduino freezes after x seconds

I was reading the data from an MPU-6050 inertial measurement unit, using I2C, from an arduino at a sample rate of 25Hz and it worked fine. Then I added a second MPU-6050 that I also read at a sample ...

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Using Ethernet and SD card together in SPI of arduino

I am trying to use Ethernet module ENC28J60 (http://www.amazon.com/ENC28J60-Ethernet-Network-Module-STM32/dp/B008B4QIV2) and SD Card module in single project. I have to read data from the network and ...

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What happens when you pass a current through a coil made of a ferromagnetic substance?

I know when you pass a current through a length of copper coil or a solenoid, there is the induction of a magnetic flux. But what of the coil made of the ferromagnetic material, the permanent type ...

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Need expertice on code for Arduino based security system

Here is my code so far the system contains an SD card reader, two buzzers, two LEDs, a PIR motion sensor, and a IR receiver. error message I get are as follows: 1) Final_Build:100: error: ...

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How to send message to mobile Bluetooth device and Arduino device using my bluetooth application

I have create listView of Paired bluetooth devices.I want to send a message or command to Arduino or other bluetooth devices just click on button "Ok". I am posting my method. please give me any ...

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