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Arduino softwareserial clashing with SPI?

I have an Arduino project that is using an nRF24l01+ radio module over SPI (using this library: http://tmrh20.github.io/RF24/) and an RFID reader over softwareserial. I am sleeping my Arduino and ...

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Keeping a consistent supply voltage while driving a solenoid from battery

I am working on a project where I would like to pulse a solenoid using an arduino with the power from both coming from 4xAA batteries. The project is a puzzle, when you solve the puzzle, the solenoid ...

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Parsing serial string data into an array (VVVV to Arduino)

I'm currently working on an arduino project at University. Basically what I am trying to do is send a string of data from VVVV to arduino, however I need to parse the data into an array and I have ...

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Processing and PHP - Failing to upload file

I have a php server running on the root of this structure: NetworkedCat --> data --> script-cat.php index.html ...

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how create a square signal between 0.2 volt and 0.8 volt

i am working on a signal comparator. I want to create a signal output of 0.2 volt if the input is under reference value and 0.8 volt if the input is over the reference. I am doing it with an arduino ...

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Pulse Sensor- arduino based photoplethysmogram

I am interested in making a DIY cheap arduino based heart rate monitor using the principle of photoplethysmography. that is I want to use an IR LED and LDR to make the device. I have a commercially ...

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XBee end device in sleep mode communication with coordinator on Arduino board

What I want: To connect a stand alone end device XBee in sleep mode to a XBee coordinator attached to a sparkfun redboard (Arduino Uno). For this example, I am using Faludis wireless sensor networks ...

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Is there a way to draw a thermodynamic diagram analogous to an electrical schematic for simple ideal systems?

I have a small system in air (which should be part of the schematic), consisting of several cylinders within one another and contacting ideally at various spots. How do I model it as if it were an ...

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Balancing Robot Control Model

I am trying to find a control model for the system of a balancing robot. I started with the dynamic equations and went to find the transfer function. However, I am not sure of my result. Here is the ...

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What is general strategy to find the resistance of medium?

What is general strategy to find the resistance of medium ? These are some of the examples Two metal balls of the same radius $a$ are located in a homogeneous poorly conducting medium with ...

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error: expected identifier before '(' token

It keeps on giving me the error: expected identifier before '(' token, on the if statements, I have tried switching a few things around but I cant seem to get rid of this error. Could anyone point me ...

1 answers | 9 hours ago by M. Howlett on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Why does public mains power use 50-60 Hz and 100-240 V?

Is there a physical reason behind the frequency and voltage in the mains electricity? I do not want to know why exactly a certain value was chosen; I am rather interested to know why that range/order ...

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Arduino Leonardo Fails to Send Exactly 64 Bytes

When I try to send 64 bytes with my Leonardo, it doesn't appear until I send another one. If I try to send 63, they all appear. Here is a small test to show the issue. void setup() { // put your ...

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Simultanously Reading Two Analog Inputs with Arduino

We are simulating an oven. The potentiometer sets the desired temp and the sensor reads the current temperature of a little copper plate that is "the oven." Both the temp sensor are connected to ...

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Crashes and strange behaviour when manipulating strings

My chip just stop doing anything. sometimes it prints good results, sometimes its not, i just cant understand whats wrong with this code( and generally any time you using Strings it happens ) void ...

1 answers | 12 hours ago by Curnelious on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Serial communication with arduino using nodejs

Im trying to control the arduino via using nodejs. My problem is that im trying to write an interger to the arduino but the value won't register. Can any1 help ? The node.js serial communication ...

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arduino gsm shield error 0

I have been trying to send a simple message using an arduino microcontroller and a gsm shield but it keeps getting an error 0. Here is the code: int8_t answer; int onModulePin= 2; char ...

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equivalent of arduino millis(); function (that return passed time) in pic microcontroller?

I have the same situation of this code it resolve my problem (this code blinks leds without using delay function that block the execution until a set time has passed) my question is there eny ...

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Why in this problem I had to take the average of the electric field?

On an electrically charged soap bubble, acts an electric force outwards. We are given the total charge of the bubble, $Q$, and its radius, $R$. What is the value of the total force, acting to ...

1 answers | 14 hours ago by Whyka on Physics physics.stackexchange.com
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Best instrument to detect footsteps in field

I need to build an intrusion detection in my farm house. Occasionally a bear or elephants or other animals would wander near the fencing. I am trying to built a non-intrusive method to detect them. I ...

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Getting char pointer from function

Forgive me if its too basic but i get crashes and it seems i dont really understand things. I have a global variable : char *incomingData=""; then i have this function which gets some data from ...

1 answers | 16 hours ago by Curnelious on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to get x and y position from joystick?

I have VR2 Joystick and I want to hack it. What I think is that, to determine analog voltage of joystick outpin and to mimic this values in Arduino with AnalogWrite function. I tried measure analog ...

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Who to disuse Delay Fonction it cause a bad effect ( who to solve this senario )?

i have one question if possible . i have one senario problem and i don't want to use interupts cause the same problem will be there i will be forced to use delay to insure that specific time did ...

1 answers | 18 hours ago by Bilal on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Serial.Available not working on Arduino nano

I have a serial application that runs from a nano into a current loop driver. Now if I connect the Tx straight to the Rx the led is set to HIGH but if I link the Tx/Rx to the current loop board the ...

1 answers | 18 hours ago by Jed on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Arduino language shuffle order of an array

I'm working with arduino , but I can't seem to shuffle an array. the proplem is that with arduino I can't use an arraylist so hat makes it very hard for me to shuffle the array. What I actually want ...

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Why it gets stuck upgrading Arduino Yun firmware?

I am upgrading to OPENWRT-YUN 1.5.3 image and my YUN gets stuck blinking the blue LED (WiFi). This window tells it will take about 3 minutes to finish flashing. But in my case it takes forever. ...

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What is the most efficient way to time LED’s

I need to create a board that will contain about 50 LED’s. The LED’s need to be turned on/off individually, and together (timer is based on days suppose every Monday all the 50 LED’s turn on and every ...

1 answers | 21 hours ago by noam hezrony on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Building an app using HTML CSS JavaScript on a touch compact device?

I'm a web developer who uses HTML/CSS/JS to write applications with awesome user interfaces using frameworks like reactjs and nodejs for browsers. I can build the same apps using the same code to ...

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Shorting a Superconducting Coil with A/C

When a superconducting coil carrying a direct current is shorted, it continues to carry the current without loss (approximately), assuming it stays cooled and superconducting. What would happen if ...

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Reading a pin on Arduino Uno does not work, need help on avr-gcc

I am trying to control three LEDs on an Arduino Uno board. These LEDs are connected to the pin 3,4,5 of the port D as the outputs. The pin 2 of the port D is connected to a push button, and it is ...

1 answers | 22 hours ago by emguy on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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