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Why isn't this a valid derivation?

So I had to derive the formula for capacitors ( I decided to use m capacitors in my derivation) in series, and this is what I did. The formula for a capacitor is $Q=CV$ which is the same as saying ...

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Multiplexing problem with Arduino, MAX7219 e BJT

I tested the circuit below with an Arduino UNO, a MAX7219 and BC338. The sketch in Arduino is a chaser, so the leds should turn on in sequence. It consist of 7 segment (A-G) and two Digit (0-1). The ...

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Finding the voltage of the circuit?

Capacitor 3 in Figure (a) is a variable capacitor (its capacitance C3 can be varied). Figure (b) gives the electric potential V1 across capacitor 1 versus C3. The horizontal scale is set by C3s = 20 ...

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Arduino - Trigger an iPhone's touch screen with no human interaction

I'm trying to replicate part of this experiment. Specifically, I want to touch the screen with a cable and some aluminum foil whenever I send a signal from an Arduino pin. From the blog post linked ...

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[Arduino]Include SoftwareSerial class in a custom class

I'm trying create a custom class for my arduino rfid reader but have a really big problem. Whem i try to inicializate the SoftwareSerial * returns a error. Rfid.h #ifndef _RIFD_H #define _RIFD_H ...

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Raspberry Pi analog read

Trying to get the value from Arduino analog pin 0 to be shown as a live value in Tkinter but I'm new to Python. from Tkinter import * import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import time from pyfirmata import ...

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Electricity from effervescence, is it possible?

I've had this idea for quite some time (after having a cold and seeing Tabcin sparkling tablets), is there the possibility to generate electricity from effervescence? I envisioned something like the ...

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Python + Raspberry Pi - PY-SERIAL ISSUE - why doesn't baud rate matter in my code?

MY PROBLEM: The code below achieves all of my goals for my application except for one problem: my tkinter spinbox sets baud rate and functions correctly (i think). It populates the pyserial baud rate ...

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Can I use an op-amp to supply itself a negative voltage?

For my project, I am using an LM324. According to the datasheet, its power supply can either be +/- 16V or 0-32V (max). The output will range from -3V to +3V (or there abouts), so I realise I'm going ...

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How to Detect Arduino Yun / Yun Shield IP in LAN

I'm writing a code in a server to interact with an Arduino Yun shield via SSH, it would be nice if the server can detect the Yun shield LAN IP automatically just like the IDE. I've googled, but I ...

2 answers | 11 hours ago by brianFruit on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Increasing RF24 range using an antenna

First time poster here on electronics, so please excuse any big mistakes. I'm working on a project that uses the NRF24L01+ chip for radio communication between an arduino uno and a raspberry pi. It ...

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HXT 900 Arduino Sweep Problem

I tried to implement the Arduino 'Sweep' program using an Arduino UNO with an HXT900, but the problem I was facing was that the servos wouldn't turn at all or would turn at wrong directions and ...

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Light Gate Timer Arduino

I have been trying for the past few hours to get a light gate timer to work with 2 photocells and lasers. It is like a trip wire, when the 1st sensor is low (when it is tripped), it triggers to start ...

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switching with transistor

I want to feed the load by 1.2V source. I want to control it by a voltage changes between 0 to 2 V. I want the switch be closed and feed the load if control voltage is lower than 0.2V and switch be ...

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Using a real time clock (RTC) on Arduino data logging shield

I'm trying to set and read the time on an Adafruit data-logging shield for Arduino but the open source code on the Adafruit website doesn't seem to be working as it returns several errors such as ...

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Including arduino libs inside non-ino files

I had a larger than I'd like .ino file for the Arduino IDE. So, I decided to separate it all out into various .h and .cpp files. I am hoping to avoid the trouble of creating a makefile, by using the ...

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Linux FSTAB error mounting corrupted SD card

i've problem. I've a linux embedded system with an Sd Card that i mount at startup using fstab. This is a commercial produt of my company, so i can't know in advance if i've a bad sd card. # ...

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Read from Serial port to Excel

I need to create a button in Excel to read data in from serial port. I can't have any extra files attached to the excel sheet. I need to transfer this excel file to another computer to read this data. ...

1 answers | 15 hours ago by Atish on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Android bluetooth custom game controller using Arduino

I got a new project to make a pretty unconventional fitness game controller for android. The ideea is the following: using the Android VR technology (Cardboard or Dive) it was pretty simple to create ...

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Send Arduino data via a Wi-Fi shield to a specific IP address on the LAN

I'm attempting to send sensor data from an Arduino Uno via a Copperhead Wi-Fi shield to a specific IP address and port on a LAN. I can get the Copperhead Wi-Fi Server example sketch to work (pasted ...

2 answers | 15 hours ago by Kappa on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Thermometric Properties

A thermocouple thermometer with 10 ohms of resistance is calibrated with its hot junction and cold junction immersed in steam and melting ice respectively. An EMF of 5.6mv is measured. This ...

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Magnetic Levitation

I am new to electronics, and I want to do a project where I make a device that levitates an object with the use of an electromagnet, for learning purposes. Something like this is what I had in mind: ...

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Datatype mismatch with arduino and coder.ceval

I'm writing a simulink device driver block for Arduino Due with the Matlab Function Approach as explained in the Simulink Device Driver guide. When I want to pass a double from the C++ code to the ...

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Arduino stepper

I am building a system with the Arduino Uno, a power shield (REf to model) and a bipolar stepper motor. I cannot initiate the motor using the stepper library from Arduino. I instantiate my stepper ...

3 answers | 17 hours ago by gpasse on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Insufficient ground supply on my circuit? Ground capacitive foil

I'm playing with a wireless sensor device (with atmega, xbee, and Capacitive sensor (simple foil)) that works fine with the lab power supply but as soon as I try it with AA batteries stops working. ...

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Use Qt Bluetooth on android to connect to an arduino

I work on a project where I need to connect both arduino Uno and tablet Android via Bluetooth. I search for two weeks now how to do it with the Qt library. For the moment I use a custom library ( ...

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Why NOP/few extra lines of code/optimization of pointer aliasing helps? [Fujitsu MB90F543 MCU C code]

I am trying to fix an bug found in a mature program for Fujitsu MB90F543. The program works for nearly 10 years so far, but it was discovered, that under some special circumstances it fails to do two ...

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Can I use Websocket protocol with Arduin WiFi Shield?

I bought the following shield: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoWiFiShield and I'm using arduino Uno board... I'm developing a website that using Websocket protoocol to connect to my arduino, can I ...

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Can't receive APDU data with Arduino NFC module

I'm trying to use HCE on my LG G2 and send some data to Arduino Uno with Elechouse NFC module 2.0. The problem is that nfc.inDataExchange(selectApdu, sizeof(selectApdu), response, ...

2 answers | 23 hours ago by Nur4I on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Telnet or SSH to Embedded Linux based NAS?

Do you happen to know whether it is possible to telnet or SSH to LG N1A1DD1 NAS? It seems to have lots of features that I don't need (including FTP) but I couldn't find any mention of the ability to ...

4 answers | yesterday by ef2011 on Super User superuser.com
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