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Brightness of 2 Lightbulbs hooked up to Capacitor

The figure shows a circuit consisting of a battery, a switch, two identical lightbulbs, and a capacitor that is initially uncharged. a. Immediately after the switch is closed, are either or both ...

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3 Digit 7 segmented display (Arduino)

I am trying to use arduino and this 3 digit 7 segment display. To make a simple counter with a 3 digit range of 0 to 999, so when a SPDT switch is set HIGH, the numbers rise and when the switch is ...

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Arduino board not detected when connected via USB

I have an Arduino clone called the InduinoX. It works with my mother's laptops and I can program it, but in my other laptop it goes undetected. It's last uploaded program works when connected ...

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Why does the Electric Field of a dipole have no $x$ component?

According to the solution $2E\sin(\theta) = E_{net}$. I understand how the dipole works but I don't understand why the x component would be 0?

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String manipulation using Arduino and C++

I am trying to manipulate a string in C++. I am working with an Arduino board so I am limited on what I can use. I am also still learning C++ (Sorry for any stupid questions) Here is what I need ...

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My New Dell Workstation T-7500 gives electric shock

Just bought Dell T-7500 Workstation. When installation technician came to Install the workstation, he got an electric shock when he touched the Start Button. He also got shock when he touched Front ...

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How to control an Mcp41010 wiper position with an analog value

I am using an Mcp41010 digipot chip and am wondering how to vary the wiper position of the chip with an analog input voltage that I can adjust, I need a way of decrementing(--) the wiper position if ...

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serial.println(String) prints “#” instead of the string

i'm just trying to recieve a string using a serial and to send this string back. So when i send a string to an arduino over a serial the arduino should automaticly send this string back. i created ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by Dides1948 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Can you deduce absolute motion through magnetism?

Trying to understand magnetism I stumble into this example: suppose there are two electrons travelling side by side in deep space (say, between Mars and Jupiter) at 1 cm distance at .99 c In this ...

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Is this a series or parallel connection?

I am confused how the capacitors in this circuit are connected. $C_4$, $C_6$ and $C_5$, $C_3$ appear to be parallel, but both $C_4$ and $C_6$ seem to be in series with $C_1$ as do $C_5$ and $C_3$. Am ...

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What do the batteries actually do to the electrons?

I am plagued by this simple question that what force exactly causes the motion of an electron in the middle of a lattice of electrons of a wire? a. Is it an electric field created inside a wire due to ...

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How best to enable end-user configuration of wifi or Ethernet on embedded device?

I'm building a device that includes an embedded Linux computer and I need to allow the device user to (easily) configure the device to connect to their wired or wireless network. I know there are ...

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Reading bytes from Arduino SD Card to DMX Lighting

Anyone have reco's on where I'm going wrong extracting data from a text file (SD) and sending along DMX? The code works for the P9813 portion and the DMX works in general but not the SD data. ...

2 answers | 6 hours ago by joshjingles on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Why do people say that 'power flows' into or out of a component in an electric circuit?

Currently, I am learning about electric circuits, and how to apply the basic concepts of physics, like work and energy. But I keep running into the same phrase--on Wikipedia, my textbooks, ...

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H Bridge not working

I've created an H-bridge for a dc motor that will be controlled by an arduino the bridge has one input and a not gate it has two state forward and backward thats the circuit: it doesn't work :/ How ...

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Magnet dimensions for 3-phase permanent generator

I'm making a 3-phase permenant generator. According to Faraday's law, the emf produced is negative number of turns times the change in magnetic flux over the change in time. If it is only the CHANGE ...

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Why does internal resistance increase as current decreases?

Our class conducted and experiment to investigate internal resistance and terminal pd, using a cell, fixed resistor and variable resistor. The results were as follows: As the resistance of the ...

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Arduino - simultaneous blinking LEDs, with separate and inconsistent patterns

I'm trying to run two "Blink"-esque functions simultaneously. I've found some code elsewhere that lets me do that and modified it! Great. However what I am trying to do is have one LED turn on and ...

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Artificial mouse events with Javascript and Arduino?

I'm working on a hardware project involving a large touch panel, which I'd like to use to control mouse events in a JS app. Currently I have the panel connected to an Arduino Micro, which appears as a ...

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How to “export” configuration variables and “source” them on embedded Linux?

A router runs firmware containing BusyBox and in addition to flash memory the device has secondary memory storage. That USB stick is mounted at both /media/Main and /opt: # mount | grep sda /dev/sda1 ...

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Why is a circuit of linear elements itself linear?

A resistor's voltage is proportional to it's current. V=iR. And a source maintains a constant voltage or current. So these are linear, time independent relations. If I put combinations of them in a ...

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Arduino 'time out' function using a millis timer

I've not been programming for long and I just want to expand from electronic engineering with an Arduino UNO board. I've started a new project based on the Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock by Steve ...

2 answers | 15 hours ago by user2119971 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Solve for emf in the circuit

The ammeter is the circuit reads 2.0 A. What is the unknown emf?

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reading and writing to the arduino serial port

i have 'frankensteined' two sketches together. the first one i'm using to read what's happening on my analog ports. the other i am not as familiar with, which involves writing data to the serial port ...

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Draw a small amount (30mA, burst to 300mA) of DC (~5v) power from 2-wire wall switch?

My question: I'm installing an arduino behind a wall switch. The light switch only contains two wires. the hot/live wire and the wire going to the light fixture. There is no neutral in the wall ...

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How to send data from Arduino pro mini to android

I want a way to send data (string or int) from arduino to an android device. Is there a code for arduino that can send data from Bluetooth module (hc06) and an android app that can show the data ...

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Why do some people support more electricity than others?

There is a game where people hold by their hands and two of them touch the electrodes of a shock box, then an electric current flows through them. I understand that since they are all making a single ...

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Is it possible to send binary data directly to Arduino?

Hello I have been using Arduino's for a really long time and I have made a mini computer that uses an Atmega328p and a nokia 5110 screen. I wrote a load of Arduino code to make a basic operating ...

1 answers | 18 hours ago by jack kennedy on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to use Multiple mcp23017 chips with the adafruit mcp23017.h library

I have been experimenting with I2C and the mcp23017 IO expander chip for my arduino ATMega2560 as I would rather use the IO on the arduino its self for other things I am just figuring out how to use ...

2 answers | 18 hours ago by ChrisPlusPlus on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Phase difference in currents in parallel RC circuit

shouldn't the phase difference be 0. The potential difference across any branch at any instant should be V.so what's wrong ?btw correct answer is (C)

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