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How do I hide team members' contacts information from other teams within one Team Project?

I have an existing team working on one solution using Visual Studio Online. Now I have to add new developer to work on one of the projects. Due to security concerns I have to hide other team members' ...

1 answers | 8 secs ago by Paul on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Windows 8.1 not activating screen saver, turning off monitor, or sleep mode

Any ideas on what would cause this? No applications that I actively run should be preventing this from happening: OneDrive, Steam, WhatPulse, puush, and f.lux. I have power options set to activate ...

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Basic doubt on Stirling numbers of Second Type

When learning Stirling numbers of Second Type, one simple doubt came to my mind and posting it here. The formula for Stirling numbers of Second Type is given as ...

1 answers | 20 secs ago by Kiran on Mathematics math.stackexchange.com
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How would one get browser height in Mithril.js for dynamic allocation

So I have a dropdown and am trying to give it a dynamic height; how would this be possible using mithril.js? This is what I have tried so far: This is a snippet of code where I am trying to give the ...

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Calculus for Economics

Please suggest me a good book for Calculus. I am a beginner. It would be better if you tell me which book would be appropriate for learning Calculus for understanding Economics.

2 answers | 39 secs ago by user258458 on Mathematics math.stackexchange.com
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Is it possible to nonconstructively prove that a statement can be proven or disproven within a formal system?

I've heard of many examples of statements that have been proven to be independent of a formal system, meaning that they can't be proven within that formal system (for example, the Continuum Hypothesis ...

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Proof of infinitude of prime elements?

All proofs of infinitude of primes which I know of essentially prove that there are infinitely many irreducible elements of $\Bbb Z$, and with this goal in mind we can very easily extend this proof to ...

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How to make list fits content when using position absolute

How can I make this list fit his content when it has position absolute to parent? div { width: 100px; position: relative; } ul { position: absolute; } li { background: red; } ...

4 answers | 58 secs ago by charles on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Parameterized group query node/mongo

the following piece of code works (in the context of a node.js web application, using mongojs to connect to mongodb): router.get('/who/:vars', function(req, res) { var db = req.db; ...

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Apache keeps returning 500

(Im working with Apache/2.4.10 on Windows 7 (64 Bit) ) I have a directory "test" in my document root with several files on my local apache: test |____.htaccess |____.htpasswd |____admin.php ...

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More determinism for `memberd/2`?

Many systems provide a pure and efficient implementation of member/2. In particular, no choice point is left open for: ?- member(b,[a,b]). true. whereas, a naive implementation of member/2 produces ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by false on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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evaluate $\lim_{n\to\infty}\sum_{r=1}^{n-1}\frac{e^{r/n}}{n}$

Each term in the equation given in title tends to zero. $e^{\frac{r}{n}}$ tends to 1 and the denominator tends to infinity. Also, even the greatest numerator in the summation $e^{\frac{n-1}{n}}$ ...

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How to add a column like a sum() of another columns

I have this table: id|Type | Value -------------- 1 |Type1|Value1 2 |Type1|Value2 3 |Type1|Value3 4 |Type2|Value4 and I would like to get another column with a value equal to sum() of the values of ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by user3733164 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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What packages can I update in OpenVZ contained guest?

Recently I bought low cost (1$/m, 256 MiB) VPS based on OpenVZ virtualization. There are pre-built guest Debian 7.0. I like stay with more recent Debian stable release - 8.0. Is it safe to: sed -i ...

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Maya Mel | Creation of capsule with modelling operations applied. Problems with executing twice

So the problem I'm having is the most simple in terms of programming, but I'm a mel noob and artist not really a coder so I'm completely clueless with this stuff. The thing I'm trying to do is ...

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Looping through categories in WordPress

I have a number of products, which will be displayed in different categories when ticked. Now, what I am trying to achieve, is certain images to be shown depending on which categories are clicked. ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by jdloader on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Why is the vertical separator not complete in the table?

This is my code. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{pbox} \usepackage{graphicx} \begin{document} \begin{table}[H] \centering \caption{Effect of Tilt on Module Output Power} ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Yogesh Yadav on TeX - LaTeX tex.stackexchange.com
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How do commercial flights get overbooked?

The other week my flight was overbooked and so the airline looked for volunteers to take another flight the following morning. I can't stop thinking about this since the number of seats available and ...

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Broke file permissions on my server

I royally screwed this one up.... I typed this: sudo chmod o-rwx "$CACHE/" The directory was on a windows harddrive and was literally named "$CACHE". $CACHE is not a variable and I realize now ...

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Count RISING edges of a wave form by using ARDUINO

I have realised an electrical circuit that gives 5V in output. When I press a button, it gives 0V. So I have in output a square wave (5V - 0V). I would like to count how many times I press the button, ...

2 answers | 1 min ago by Bernheart on Arduino arduino.stackexchange.com
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Slope of a line segment.

If $A(x_1, y_1)$ and $B(x_2, y_2)$, we know that slope $m = \frac {(y_2 - y_1)} {(x_2 - x_1)}$. What decision can we take aout the line segment when, $m = \frac 0 0$, $m = \frac {dy} 0$, and, $m = ...

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What is the type of language for

{xwx|x€{a,b}+,w€{a,b}+} Is it regular or CFG. As I see it I can write it as (a+b)(a+b)+(a+b) So it should be regular But I am not sure.

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How to compare two functions for equivalence, as in (λx.2*x) == (λx.x+x)?

Is there a way to compare two functions for equality? For example, (λx.2*x) == (λx.x+x) should return true, because those are obviously equivalent.

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How do you say the probability of another planet like earth

We had a discussion about the meaning of "possible" and "probable" in the other question. I know possibility refers to "can", and probability refers to "likelihood", for example we may discuss if it ...

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How to merge create.php, remove.php , edit.php

I am triying to write a admin panel and I use 3 diffrent php file create.php , edit.php and remove.php is there any way to merge all of them into one php file? <?php include 'connection.php'; ...

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Average Stack Overflow user over the course of their career

I'm not great at using the Data Explorer. I am relatively new to programming, and I'm curious as to how the average Stack Overflow user interacts with Stack Overflow over the course of their career. ...

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solaris + how to verify if file isn’t update more than XX min

how to verify if file isn’t update more than 55 min? For example, the file IOstatDisk2.log not update since 18:00 And now the current time is 19:00 solaris1a:/var/tmp ROOT # ls -ltr IOstatDisk2.log ...

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Impossible bigrams in the English Language

Is there a list that contains every two letter combination that is not found in any English words? I have searched for a very long time and found nothing. It would also be useful if I had three letter ...

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Should HD be used “evenly”

I have a 1 TB drive and my OS resides on the first partition, which is 300 GB. I never use the other ~700 GB. Because of this, only the sectors corresponding to the first 300 GB are used. I have a ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Tosh on Super User superuser.com
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Can soil save my city under siege by cannons?

In my Islamic city, where medieval siege cannons are starting to be used, I'd like a better defense than just walls. I am proposing to the Sultan, that behind the stone walls we add a volume of ...

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