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Matemáticas o Matemática

If I am trying to say: Mathematics is a very interesting subject Which of these would be: Matemáticas son muy interesantes Matemáticas es muy interesante Matemática es muy ...

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Sign that word 2!

Sign that word 2! Not that long ago, I posted a challenge called Sign that word!. In the challenge, you must find the signature of word, which is the letters put in order (e.g. The signature of this ...

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Does every prime of the form $4k+1$ divide a number of the form $4^n+1$?

While playing around with Fermat's little theorem I was asking myself the question in the title and I can't answer it...

2 answers | 42 secs ago by Adago on Mathematics math.stackexchange.com
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Oscillation of Atom

What exactly does it mean when one says ' one atom of Caesium 137 oscillates 9,192,631,770 times' ? I do understand the general thing about oscillation but what exactly is the oscillation of atom, ...

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Why isn't there a clone of Total Commander for OS X?

Is there some reason why somebody doesn't create pure, clean copy of Total Commander for OS X? Are there some technical, legal problems why all TC clones are so.... weird and not as usable as ...

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Unable to get Wireless during Arch Linux install

When using release 2015.08.01 I tried to start the installation but when I type ip link the following is printed: 1: lo <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue [....] Using lspci ...

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Is there a way to access Skype IM logs?

I tried looking in C:\Users[name]\AppData\Roaming\Skype and I found a folder called "chatsync" with some mysterious folders with files ending in .dat. I'm almost certain that these are the chat logs ...

6 answers | 1 min ago by eternalmatt on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Apache .Htaccess URL Rewrite rule

I've got the following pages: domain.com/index.php domain.com/news.php domain.com/news.php?article=xxxxx domain.com/news.php?archive=xxxxx domain.com/projects.php domain.com/projects.php?view=xxxxx ...

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Нужны ли запятые в скобках?

Я прошел мимо (,) к секретарю (,) и был впущен в кабинет.

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Remove a record in a Object Array jQuery

EDIT : Included more details Hi I have a Object Array in jQuery which looks like this, My question is how can I delete a record from that object array by columnheader as parameter. I know there is ...

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Kinect Set Elevation Angle

I'm developing a project with the Kinect SDK 1.8, but when i try set the elevation angle of the sensor, i get this error: An exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in ...

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what script/cms did silk road or other Tor Hidden services use?

i know this question is not directly related to TOR, but this has been popping to my mind a lot, are their services self made? or they used pre-built scripts for their sites?

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Change the view element property based on ViewModel property change

I would like to change the color of my Label in the view based on a type in my ViewModel. For ex: My class in ViewModel has a bool property like following: MyViewModel { public bool IsBlueColor ...

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How to create a “Go to top” using angularjs

I would like to create a "Back to top" button using angualrjs. 1) Button should be poisition: fixed; bottom: 0px when footer is not visible 2) When footer becomes visible, "Back to top" should ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by saga on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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R: fastest way to check presence of each element of a vector in all the columns of a matrix

I have an integer vector a a=function(l) as.integer(runif(l,1,600)) a(100) [1] 414 476 6 58 74 76 45 359 482 340 103 575 494 323 74 347 157 503 385 518 547 192 149 222 152 67 497 588 388 ...

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Robotium setProgressBar - onStopTrackingTouch is not fired

I have a problem with writing tests in robotium for testing my application flow. On my main screen (Fragment) I have a seekbar that is calculating some data in onStopTrackingTouch(Seekbar sb) method. ...

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Iterating over a csv reader object to call api with requests.get

I have several hundred companies to query with an api. The api url call for each is in a csv file in one column in the form: http://api.duedil.com/open/search?q={"Company ...

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Http headers: Expires

Expires Headers are rather simple in how they work. They tell the browser how long to store a file in the cache so subsequent page views and visits they don't have to download the file again. You ...

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How to get scroll position after stop scroll?

var scrollVal; $(".book-body").scroll(function(){ scrollVal = $(this).scrollTop(); console.log(scrollVal); }); Above is my code and this will console.log the scroll position when scroll. ...

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Okhttp assign value to variable on response

i am new to using Okhttp library for http communications in android development. I am trying to fetch data from remote api. My code is as below OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient(); Request ...

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WebBrowser object couldn't show text (.txt) file properly in C# Winforms

I'm writing an application with C# Winforms and using a WebBrowser object to display text files. I have a DataGridView which shows me all the files I have added before, and every click on a Data Row ...

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Bash: Download files from file list

I have a file named files.txt with all files which I want download. files.txt http://file/to/download/IC_0000.tpl http://file/to/download/IC_0001.tpl If I use cat files.txt | egrep -v ...

2 answers | 1 min ago by skyndas on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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DetailList databind on Dialog Box using Knockout

I am showing a list of record and there is "Details" button on every row. If click "Details" button, want to show a list of Email. My problem is that I can't pass the EmailList to jquery dialog ...

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Need to pass variable to a batch script from a perl script

I'm running a perl script, which in turn calls a batch script. I need to pass 3 parameters to the batch script. I'm passing the parameters, since it it easier to read a file in perl script & ...

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How to add more documents in already existing elasticsearch index using java API?

I have created an index and added a document using java Index API. client.prepareIndex("details", "Key", i).setSource(putJsonDocumentString(Key, Value)).execute().actionGet(); This worked fine. ...

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How to make string concatenation work with Nashorn's JSObject

Intention I'm using Java 8u60 and am working with its Nashorn JavaScript engine. I created my own JSObject by extending AbstractJSObject. It's supposed to wrap an org.json.JSONObject and make it work ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by hzpz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Attach image usng Download file module

I am using https://www.drupal.org/project/download_file module for download my pdf format catalogue. It looks like below: Here I need to replace these links by two different images so when user ...

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instantly scroll tableView to indexPath

I have to scroll tableView to indexPath immediately after my screen appears. Here is what I've tried but it doesn't work at start. It works only when tableView has loaded and then I press a button ...

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Google Maps async loading with options

I know I am not the first one to ask this question but none of the answers I found on this site could solve my problem. I am trying to load Google Maps API asynchronously. After integrating this ...

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