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How to get user's current location in android?

During development of my application, I came to know that I have to implement user's current location information and display it to over Google Map. I have implement following but it seems to not ...

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find the volume

In the reaction: $$\ce {2KClO3 -> 2KCl + 3O2}$$ What is the volume of oxygen released under NTP conditions when 36.75g of $\ce {KClO3}$ is heated? I tried to find the answer this way - 2 ...

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MySql - Delete duplicate rows, without temp Table

I have this table email_addr_bean_rel with these fields id, email_address_id, bean_id, bean_module, primary_address, reply_to_address, date_created, date_modified, deleted Out of these only records ...

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What is a mixin, and why are they useful?

In "Programming Python", Mark Lutz mentions "mixins". I'm from a C/C++/C# background and I have not heard the term before. What is a mixin? Reading between the lines of this example (which I've ...

14 answers | 30 secs ago by TarkaDaal on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Openstack and devstack

Does devstack completely install openstack? I read somewhere that devStack is not and has never been intended to be a general OpenStack installer. So what does devstack actually install? Is there any ...

2 answers | 34 secs ago by kaus on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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what is pronunciation lab and plz how to apply in wordpress pronunciation lab?

This will be displayed in a monospaced font. The first four spaces will be stripped off, but all other whitespace will be preserved.

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Magento Manage customer not working after upgrade from 1.7 to 1.9

After i upgraded the magento from 1.7 to 1.9, I am not able to access manage customer section from admin dashboard. I am getting following error. Gateway Time-out The gateway did not receive ...

1 answers | 37 secs ago by subas_poudel on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to get email address using grails social plugin

I am using Grails social authentication plugin.So I need to get user email address from facebook , twitter , linkedin. Now i am able to get OauthToken ,but in response i am getting Social ID:87875576 ...

38 secs ago by atul on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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New secret achievements in RETRY

The latest version (1.5.0) released last week added a few achievements, "Shoe Size: Monster", "Cryptozoology Breakthrough", "Mechanical Rowboat", "That About Wraps It Up" and "Meow Meow Meow!". ...

2 answers | 49 secs ago by user96523 on Arqade gaming.stackexchange.com
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How can I make a mobile app that is basically a mobile browser to access my live Drupal site?

There is a question about exporting Drupal pages for use in a mobile app, but I would like to know if there is an easy way to make a mobile app (iOS, Android, etc.) that simply loads the existing site ...

1 answers | 51 secs ago by Patrick Kenny on Drupal Answers drupal.stackexchange.com
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Are there any opensource api for documnts scanner in android?

I am going to develop an application for scanning a document using camera. After capturing a picture i want show a crop on that image like a camscanner app. please help me out from this. Thanks in ...

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Need String Comparison 's solution for Partial String Comparison in Python

Scenario: I have some tasks performed for respective "Section Header"(Stored as String), result of that task has to be saved against same respective "Existing Section Header"(Stored as String) While ...

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How do I “install” the “dynamic” distribution of Skype for Ubuntu?

I was having difficulty running Skype on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Somewhere along the way I was directed to the "dynamic" distribution here: http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-linux/ Having ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Brett on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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variant of Krull-Schmidt Theorem for modules whose rings of endomorphisms are quasi-local

Exercise 3.4 of Injective Modules by Sharpe and Vamos (page 79): A ring is ${\it quasi-local}$ if it has a unique maximal left ideal. A module $A$ is an ${\it essential}$ ${\it extension}$ of a ...

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Alignment of textfield in a form

I want to align my textfields in my form but I cant find a way to do it. I will so you in with a print screen where a want the textfields to start. Here is my code... <html> <head> ...

5 answers | 1 min ago by Nick Bourlai on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How can i show pop up message when entered website?

I am working with shopify, this is the link of website, i am working. https://crap-3.myshopify.com/ , When we entered the website, in the index page, show some pop up message like "welcome to our ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by selva on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Lipschitz continuity of a generalized Rayleigh quotient

I am thinking about the Lipschitz continuity of a generalized Rayleigh quotient: $f(x)=\frac{x^\top Ax}{x^\top Bx}$ with the constraint $||x||\geq c$, where both $A$ and $B$ are positive definite ...

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how do i stop wobble effect in oppengl with 2d textures

(im new to opengl) i have been trying to make a tile based game in opengl using lwjgl when i zoom out (which just makes the float scale smaller) and move the edges of the tiles wobble ...

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Maintaining CSS Hierarchy

I have a HTML5 page which has a master css and tabbed layout. Some tabs have 3rd party controls (like bootstrap.css etc ) which gets loaded when that tab is clicked resulting in overriding some of the ...

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How to disable Windows Help and Support popup window?

I am using windows 8 on my hp Generation 3 laptop. When I am using Windows Help and Support windows fired up contentiously. While that pop-up opens unable to continue my work mainly typing. And ...

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Batch processing web application

I am creating a web application for handling the batch process like adding,editing of users information. I read the file uploaded by the user and store the values in the db and I use external API call ...

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can we add <reference> tag as child of any other <reference> tag

can we add tag as child of any other tag <support_index_index> <reference name="content"> <reference name="foo"> <block ...

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image gallary inside asp .net grid

I am using asp .net 4.5 and C#. I have multiple data for different users. I need to do multiple task in grid 1. Fetch user data with images path from database 2. Display all images in grid 3. On ...

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How to abort socket's BeginReceive()?

Naturally, BeginReceive() will never end if there's no data. MSDN suggests that calling Close() would abort beginreceive. However, calling Close() on the socket also Dispose()s it, as figured out in ...

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Beamed note with unfilled heads — What is this?

In the 1905 incidental score to Peter Pan by John Crook (1852–1922), there’s a notation I’m unfamiliar with: double-beamed notes with unfilled heads. (See the first four bars of the score below.) In ...

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Who first introduced the functional definition of symmetry?

Who first introduced the definition of symmetry using functions explicitly? (That is, for instance, a symmetry of a subset $X$ of the plane is a function $F$ from the plane to the plane that preserves ...

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html5 css animation effect donot work afte reset className on Mac OSX

/* hello plaease Everyone help me to work out my problem ? The css animated fadeInLeft effect work on windowns ie but mac osx when onClick second times thanks */ ///////JavaScript/////the animate ...

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Is the Agenda 21 Conspiracy true?

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck recently talked about the "Agenda 21 Conspiracy", which is a UN initiative that he says targets individual property rights, individual freedoms, and even seems ...

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Moxtra Error : TypeError: d is undefined mx.base.js:22980

I download the the sample code from https://gist.github.com/moxtradeveloper to play with chat functionality and created one more copy of that file. Modified the required parameter. When I tried ...

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XSLT 2 not recognizing NULL value in TSV

I am parsing a TSV file and using only few column values. If some of the column values are NULL, the XSLT is not recognizing them and counting the next column instead. If I change the NULL value with ...

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