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Android : Including LinearLayout issue

I want to include LinearLayout layout to my layout with <include> tag but i have some problem with it , I'm beginner in android Here is my main layout <RelativeLayout ...

2 answers | 22 secs ago by Chris on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Need some help to prove this

I need to show if a is in R but not equal to 0,and a+1/a is int, a^t+(1/a^t) is also and int while t>=1. Can you provide me some hints please ?

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want to know what this script does

i am new here and to UNIX scripting, couuld someone help me understand what the below script does OLDSTRING=$1 NEWSTRING=$2 replace() { # echo "$1" mv "$1" "$1".bak sed ...

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Find the value of a text field in a onClick function

function myFunction(id,value){ $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "/inc/scripts/post.php", data: { "did": id, "value": value }, dataType: "JSON", success: ...

4 answers | 43 secs ago by JFKz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Banco de dados controle de transações

Em meu projeto preciso desenvolver um sistema de transações onde o usuário vai colocar credito e o serviços que ele contratou irá consumir esses créditos, construí a seguinte estrutura mas não sei se ...

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Swift function Generic

I user swift function to return class A or A's subClass like func test(tst: Int) -> A { if(tst == 1) { return A() } else { return B() } } B is subClass of A when ...

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Should philosophers care about the existence of emotions?

Cody Gray recently asked "Why should philosophers feel any different about the existence of emotions than they do about the color of the sky?" as a rhetoric question. But both physics and psychology ...

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Deltatype in SSRS Query

I have a cube with several measures like cost (bound to a calender week hierarchy) and a calculated measure representing the value from the week before (it is a calculated measure navigating in the ...

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preg_match() + 0-1x and digit

I trying to make regexp for telephone numbers. Resp. for this input: +420123456 -> valid 123456 -> valid Respective I want regexp where can be one or zero + folowed 1 or n digits function ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by user1097772 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Android internal memory mystery, can you help me solve this?

I have the internal memory of my phone quite full, but when I tryed to find out what was taking this space I found out something really strange. I installed the program Disk Usage & Storage ...

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Injecting Ninject dependencies into WebApiConfig in Web API 2

is it possible to inject dependencies into the WebApiConfig class using Ninject? This is my WebApiConfig class. public static class WebApiConfig { public static void ...

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How to unit test a UIViewController - TDD/BDD

Unit testing is just something I never seem to be able to get my head around but I can see why its important and can be a huge time saver (if you know what you're doing). I am hoping that someone can ...

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How to limit log file size using >>

How can I limit the size of a log file written with >> to 200MB? $ run_program >> myprogram.log

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How to create a simple webkit browser in vala?

I have this simple code: using GLib; using Gtk; using WebKit; public class Browser : Window { private const string URL = "http://mixtape.quadhome.com/6/"; public Browser() { ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Levi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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JBPM 6.1.0 kie workbench not working - Did not find a way to clear Weld's event observer cache.

I downloaded JBPM 6.1.0 and followed the installation steps and started the demo using "ant start.demo". The server started fine. But when I tried accessing the KIE workbench, the UI does not work or ...

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How can I use OOP classes in angularjs

I need to know how I can use a class in angularjs. A simple class like this: function Person(name,age){ this.name=name; this.age=age; this.getAge(){ return age; }; ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Berlin on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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No scheduling with FreeRTOS on CC3200 Launchpad

I'm trying to build a system with multiple tasks on a CC3200 wifi (TI) lauchpad board with freeRTOS. I created three tasks in my main: // Create task1 osi_TaskCreate( task1, ( signed portCHAR ...

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Showing Plugin in post page wordpress theme development

I am learning how to develop wordpress theme. I want to share posts. I am using social sharing by loginradius plugin. Plugin url: https://wordpress.org/plugins/loginradius-for-wordpress/ I enabled ...

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SQL Agent Job report omit previously sent data

I posted a similar question to help me with this script and I figured out that main part of it. It's a simple report setup as a SQL Agent job in SSMS. It sends the results by e-mail as an HTML table ...

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Swift iOS 8 upload image to WebServer

I'm trying to post image of imageView as parameter called "image" and parameter "action" with value "upload" to web server throw http. How to do that in Swift iOS8?

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Wordpress woocommerce shortcode button is not displaying on editor

I have network activated woocommerce and I have it activated on my current site. I don't know why I don't see the short code woocommerce button so i can create a feature items section under my main ...

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Javascript - convert youtube/vimeo url's into embed versions for use on a forum comment feature

Trying to make something similar to facebook. I've created this javascript url pattern converter. Something like this could be triggered just as the user clicks on the submit button for a forum post ...

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Do not ask for optional argument when autocompleting

I have Emacs 24.4.1 with the following packages so to get autocompletion: yasnippet auto-complete auto-complete-auctex (and of course AUCTeX) After I type \usep and then press TAB, the string is ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by skey on TeX - LaTeX tex.stackexchange.com
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Gerar backup do banco de dados

Em meu projeto, tenho um banco de dados que tem bastante registro. Então eu queria que o SQL Server fizesse um backup por dia ou por semana. Mas acho que o por dia é melhor. Mas como posso fazer esse ...

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How is it possible to have machlokot in very basic issues of the halacha

The orthodox world view assumes that the whole torah came from the mountain of sinai and is transferred from generation to generation. When there is a machloket this is because either: The ...

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Android Studio Google Cloud Endpoints Run/Debug Config Error

I am a beginner for Android Cloud Endpoints. I am trying to create a backend module in Android Studio 1.0 RC2. Everything seems okay while creating a backend endpoint module ...

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Covariance of $Z'Vb$ given that the rows of V are i.i.d.

Suppose that we have the following entities $$ \underbrace{Z}_{n\times k},\quad\underbrace{V}_{n\times L},\quad \underbrace{b}_{L\times 1}. $$ $Z$ and $b$ are nonstochastic whereas we assume that the ...

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Use an parameter value as array name in Jquery

I have a problem regarding following Codelines: $(document).ready(function () { getJsonDataToSelect("ajax/json/assi.hotel.json", '#assi_hotel', 'hotelName'); }); function getJsonDataToSelect(url, ...

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How do I “activate” a button on the GUI?

By now, I already know my code is flawed. I just want to know why it's flawed. I want to activate the "webButton" so that when it gets clicked, it prints a message on the console that reads "This ...

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TexMaker: when I add image in my Latex file with TexMaker in windows, I got an error.

when I add image in my Latex file with TexMaker in windows, I got an error. My code is following: \begin{figure}[hbtp] \centering \includegraphics[scale=1]{first1.png} \caption{iamgeTitle} ...

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