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Experimenting with C - Why can't I allocate and use 2GB of memory?

I continue experimenting with C. I have this program that allows you to decide how much RAM you want to eat. char * eatRAM() { unsigned long long toEat; unsigned long long i = 0; float ...

2 answers | 13 secs ago by Juan Bonnett on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Peirce's law valid?

Could anyone help me see how Peirce's law (P→Q)→P)→P is valid? It seems to me that from (P→Q), P need not follow. e.g: assume p=pigs can fly, q=1+1=2 Then if (if pigs can fly → 1+1=2) then pigs can ...

4 answers | 22 secs ago by Tamay Besiroglu on Mathematics math.stackexchange.com
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CSS selector to match elements by attribute's name start

Is there any CSS selector to match these elements? (I need it for adblocker config, looked at W3C selectors document - no hints found there. Generic solution needed because part after data-d- gets ...

2 answers | 26 secs ago by Max on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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For regular stochastic matrices, what power suffices to make it positive?

Suppose $P$ is a $N\times N$ non-negative matrix whose rows each sum to 1 (i.e. $P$ is stochastic). Suppose further that we know $\exists m$ such that $P^m$ has all positive entries (i.e. $P$ is ...

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Random selection of scala case class

I'm developing genetic algorithm and want to select case class randomly from following sealed abstract class Gene(val code: Int) object Gene { case object None extends Gene(0) case object ...

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Custom Style to slider

I have a slider, below is the image on how it looks. I have a white background, because of the white background the button of the slider is not visible at all, so how to change the style of that? ...

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Classification of Mathematical topics between algebra and geometry/topology

What major areas of modern mathematical research deeply delve into the interactions between algebra and geometry/topology besides the canonical ones such as algebraic geometry and algebraic topology? ...

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how to get content of views by drag from first to next in android

There are some views (buttons) in Activity, so I want to get content of views when the user drags his finger on the screen.

1 answers | 1 min ago by AndroSco on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Storing array of large dictionaries with Core Data

In Swift, I have an array containing dictionaries. Each dictionary contains about 5 key value pairs. One value is a dictionary of its own, this dictionary containing up to 65ish pairs. How can I ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Gus on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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custom barbuttonItem doesn't show up

I have made a custom bar button item at my navigation controller and it was working fine but it doesn't anymore. This is the lines that I use to make the custom bar button : func ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by sali on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Paypal buy now button - dynamic price by dropdown

In the following snippet, I'd like it to change prices, depending on which style is selected by the user. So for style 1, prices are: 1$, 2$ and 3$. For style 2, price are: 4$, 5$ and 6$. And for ...

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How to check and reset the boolean value of many options one times?

I defined a function which owns many options. In addtion, these options have a common characteristic. Namely, only accepting boolean value True or False. Here is a screenshot as below: Obviously, I ...

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Create a message box that user can choose to “Don't show it again.”

Made a mass messenger & a multi-message/spammer in one, works fine, just want to make it even better. Obviously I had to write code to have skype allow the program so it can do what it does, here ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by RDR on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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What should I first watch for Afro Samurai?

Should I watch the movie first or the start with the first season? And if I should start with first season then should I watch movie and then the resurrection? Please tell me what should I watch in ...

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Solving Non-Linear Differential Equation Problem

I think I may have to utilize variation of parameters, but suggestions or workthroughs would be appreciated!

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Node.js SSL error - no ciphers available

I was able to upload files to dropbox using request.js module. I was trying to upload file using pure Node.js https.request() and request.write(). As dropbox needs https connection, I am using ...

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Convert .so to .dll

Is there a way to convert .so to .dll? I need it to convert a .so that has been generated using phpize, which is not supported in windows. So only way is to phpize and get .so in linux and then ...

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Integrar Spark utilizando maven

Olá. Eu comprei o theme+layout spark do primefaces. Na comunidade me escreveram que para usar o layout. Eu teria que importar o arquivo spark-theme.1.0.war. Assim que importar, apareceria o ...

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Active directory authentication otrs 5

I am trying to authenticate otrs 5 customers using windows server 2008 R2 active directory but it shows unable to login error on customer page.

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In Adobe Audition - can I see post-effect waveforms?

I'm using Audition to edit voices and adding compression, noise filters, etc. The waveforms in the multi-track session don't change when effects are applied - they are as they were imported. I'd ...

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running C exec in php background

I have searched and found some suggestions to my question but almost all of them are executing php files, so i don't know if that has something to do with it not working for me. My goal is for my ...

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Game Dealing with Multiplication and Winning Strategy

Two players play the following game. Initially X=1. The players take turns multiplying X by any whole number from 2 to 9 (inclusive). The player who first names a number greater than 1000 wins. Which, ...

1 answer

working with file&folder on server with c# application client side

I want manage multiple files and folders on server with c# code in clinet side States such as create, delete, replace, search files,folder I have Permition access to server (username,password) and ...

1 answers | 2 mins ago by farhad farhadi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Full bridge HVDC to modfied square sine - random half side MOSFET burn

I am trying to make a step-down 350V to 220V voltage converter. I decided to go with rather simple circuit of full bridge MOSFET inverter since my loads are only resistive or switched. I had built it ...

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how to jtable mousecliked disable?

I have a JTable and when click any row of table,,,, a JDialog will open.so,I want to do that when a JDialog will open then the JTable will not work to open another JDialog untill first JDialog ...

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Splitting An array of Elements And Merge Them Based on Character Size Limit

I am trying to send an array of Text Messages trough PHPMailer library but there are a limit of 150 character in each delivery party. so I am thinking to slice the array to several messages and send ...

1 answers | 2 mins ago by Behseini on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Columnize output of some print commands in python

Imagine I have the following command in my python script: print ' Name1: %s , Family1: %s'%(name1, family1) print ' Name2: %s , Family2: %s'%(name2, family2) print ' Name3: %s , ...

2 answers

View All Products only shows 3 products

I´m having the issue that if I click "View all" products in my toolbar then what I get back is a category page with the limit of 3 products instead of all. I have checked and I think I know where the ...

2 answers | 2 mins ago by Thomas on Magento magento.stackexchange.com
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What are some of best books in Galois theory?

I am thinking to learn Galois theory on my own. I have basic knowledge about field theory. So which book I should read? Please suggest some of the best book on the subject.

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Why the domain model should not be used as resources in REST API?

I came across a statement that the domain model designed in accordance with DDD should not be used as resources in a REST API (source). It is clear that a REST API is a contract of the application ...

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