News for modrats

News for modrats

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Can't choose “Tainan City, Taiwan” as my location

In Stack Overflow Careers, I want to set "Tainan City, Taiwan" as my location. But it always display the following message: This location is not specific enough. You must provide at least the city you ...

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The iOS app intermittently closes when attempting to view an edit preview

In an edit window, choosing "Tap here to see the final preview" causes the SE iOS app to close. Sometimes, but not always, there's a very brief white screen with the word Preview on top. It doesn't ...

3 answers

We need another volunteer Moderator♦

We need a 3rd moderator for this site. Ideally, Moderators are elected by the community, but until this site reaches a critical mass to hold an election, we need to appoint another provisional ...

1 answer

SO Careers: not being able to confirm my OpenID

I got an invitation for SO Careers, but I'm not being able to confirm my OpenID by clicking the "LogIn" button, and I'm being redirected here ...

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How about some comment features?

As I saw in answers to this question, many users (ab)uses comments to ping OP with apriori intention to delete their comment soon, often to leave a rather marginal note that is not completely ...

2 answers

Show unconfirmed email addresses in the preferences tab

The email for getting notifications can be changed by clicking the "preferences" tab in your profile. After entering a new email address, the "Save email settings" button becomes clickable: ...

4 answers

Is this account suspension abuse of moderator power?

Is this account suspension abuse of moderator power? My account had been suspended for one year. As some of you know, some users don't like my questions in the main because I tend to answer my own ...

1 answer

Allow cancelling of stars from message

Currently, the only way to cancel stars in a chat transcript is when the chat-message is visible in the chatroom's sidebar. However, in a fast-moving, multi-star chatroom, the window of opportunity ...

2 answers

A more efficient way to contact community managers

We moderators regularly need to contact a CM, for example because we have a question about a particular issue or we need someone with more abilities and tools at their disposal. The most common way ...

1 answer

Do we need more moderators?

This has been at the back of my mind for a few months now: For a while I've noticed that it often takes a very long time for flags to get handled. In some cases more than 24 hours. Unfortunately ...

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A lot of tags cause the 'question feed' link to extend past the screen

See: If you have a lot of long tags (eg. discussion, feature-request, the link extends past the end of the page, causing an excess of whitespace. In the image above, the page should end at the blue ...

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Streamline moderators contacting users through chat

If a moderator needs to contact a user (and it's not severe enough to warrant a moderator message), it's common to make a private room and ping them. The procedure is: Create a new chatroom (named ...

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Better way for moderators to see comments from a specific user to a specific user

Moderators can view a history of all the comments left by a user, including deleted ones (profile → mod → info → comments). This is convenient, among others, when investigating situations involving ...

7 answers

Please allow expired close/open votes to be re-cast

When a close vote expires, it can no longer be re-cast. This didn't use to be the case: back when close votes always expired in 4 days, you could re-cast your close vote after it had expired. This ...

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Can't add an application from app store to my careers profile

Well I can't add applications I've done to the careers profile. The link leads me to this page which is weird. Edit: In the image I uploaded on my careers profile the button "add an application" goes ...

1 answers | Nov 27 at 13:21 by Neman on Meta Stack Exchange
1 answer

Didn't get notification for comment on my answer

"1 hour ago", someone commented on an answer I gave on However, I didn't get a notification for that comment, the latest notification in my inbox is from "6 hours ago": The latest ...

10 answers

Give-credit vs. Thank-you comment

Karlis Olte commented on my answer suggesting a better phrasing. I replied somenthing like Thank you, that's better, I updated my answer according to your suggestion. Later, some marshall activist ...

10 answers | Nov 26 at 21:50 by Jan Turoň on Meta Stack Overflow
3 answers

Comments explaining downvotes being deleted

When you downvote a post, a popup appears urging you to explain in a comment why you downvoted. Now this happened: Wow, can I ask the reason of the downvotes? – Vereos 46 mins ago I downvoted, ...

1 answer

Site icons misaligned

On both the full site and mobile theme, when viewed from Android and Chrome, the site icons are misaligned as seen below on the drop down site list. Can't replicate on my mac. But new reports are ...

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Editing a site-meta post with an expired featured tag requires me to restore it

This happened here. I wanted to add a new tag to and remove another obsolete tag from a question on a site-meta and I could not do so without adding a featured tag, which had been added to the post by ...

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Let me temporarily mark a flag as 'safe' from automatic dismissal

For the nth time this year, I accidentally dismissed an 'other' flag by closing the question. I didn't want to dismiss said 'other' flag. Sometimes I just want to close a question without dismissing ...

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When is the next Moderator Election?

Having just stumbled across this question, I'm very curious as to when the next Moderator Election will be held. Does anyone have any information?

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Expose syntaxes associated with tags on data.stackexchange

Syntax highlighting is currently inferred from the question's tags. However, the links between tags and their syntax is seemingly arbitrary, with some languages having no association. While I know ...

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Filters not working on the new navigation bar

This issue started this evening. I applied filters and it shows notification of "2 new questions". When I clicked the notification, it disappears. And the old questions remain.

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How about a “Vote not to close” option to counter the “Vote to close”?

My request is simple: Many times, there will be a question where some people feel like it should be closed. At the same time, I'll feel like it's a perfectly legit question, and it should therefore ...

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“Tab pinning” appears blank on tablet

"Tab pinning", as called in the featured topic (Improving our navigation, the next iteration) appears blank on my tablet: I can see the boxes but no logo in it. I can't really provide a screen ...

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New questions feed looks great, except the reputation identifier needs a space

Consider this: We need a space there! Yikes. At first I thought the user's full handle was developingo31. Maybe if it was a different color too that might be neat? Like a slightly lighter (or ...

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The compact layout in the new navigation hides the number of results

The new navigation has the option to display posts in the compact or expanded layouts: When you are using the expanded layout, you get the result count to the right: When you choose the ...

1 answer

Background-Image of Empty Result is not removed when loading question with recent activity

The Background-Image is not removed when filtering with recent activity. My first filter results in no result, displaying the Image. After a short time the gray banner is displayed indicating recent ...

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