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create new instance from existing instance

For some reason when I create a new instance of an object from an existing instance and change values in the new instance, it also changes the values in the existing instance. I would prefer if it ...

4 answers | 24 secs ago by Temp on Stack Overflow
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Remove customized duplicates from objects

A file contains a list of pairs like U1,U2 U3,U4 U5,U1 U2,U1 U4,U5 U4,U3 it should write results in another file U5,U1 U4,U5 it means U2,U1 are considers duplicates of U1,U2 Please ...

3 answers | 41 secs ago by bkaass on Stack Overflow
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Android Programming how can i convert or cast widget to java string

I am basically getting the value of a Textview in Android and then hashing that Text but I am getting an exception String can not be converted into Android.Widget.TextView This is my simple code ...

1 answers | 46 secs ago by user1949387 on Stack Overflow
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Word Basic Forms not covered in Stemming and Lemmatization

I need to find basic forms of words. i have been through alike questions. i am using porter stemmer and stanford core NLP for stemming and lemmatization. Consider following 3 sets of words A,B,C:- ...

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Best way to find unique number in an array

The following is taken from a job interview: In a given array, which contains integers, each number repeats itself once except for one, which doesn't repeat. Write a function that finds the ...

3 answers | 1 min ago by Adam on Stack Overflow
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Data structure that provides a way to acquire intersecting periods with low computational cost

I have a (large) set of data. It consists of elements with timestamp property, so I would call them events for clarity (although it could be any comparable property). If I want to be able to acquire ...

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How to approach Inputprocessing

I am currently trying to build an Options menu in Libgdx using scene2d and im trying to find a way how to approach User input. I want to implement going back to the mainmenu when the back key on ...

1 answers | 2 mins ago by Valentin on Stack Overflow
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Programing deploying but give a 404 error Spring

I am learning spring and am making an practice program. I am getting the following a 404 error when I run the program. I will post the whole console output at the end. I am trying to implement the DAO ...

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Difference between bitwise inclusive or and exclusive or in java

public class Operators { public static void main(String[] args) { int a = 12; System.out.println("Bitwise AND:"+(12&12)); System.out.println("Bitwise inclusive ...

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FacebookError exception in android

I am trying to integrate Facebook login with my android application but whenever I try to login i get this "FacebookError Exception". Can anyone plz tell me what's causing it and how to handle it? I ...

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Is .txt extension necessary in File() constructor?

Like in the method i have attached i have used practiceData.txt i am getting same results while using just practiceData in file constructor so is it ok to use file without any extension or txt is ...

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Reading through a txt file and finding words java

I'm trying to develop a program that reads a 7 digit number and corresponds all possible words from a txt file. The numbers on a telephone correspond to 3 letters, i.e. 2 has "A" "B" "C" all the way ...

6 answers

datetime datatype in java

Which data type can I use in Java to hold the current date as well as time?. I want to store the datetime in a db as well as having a field in the java bean to hold that. is it java.util.Date ?

6 answers | 9 mins ago by akshay on Stack Overflow
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Spring boot with transactional configuration

I am new to Spring Boot. I was trying to use Spring Boot with hibernate and mysql DB. I was trying to search for how to use spring's transactional configuration using spring boot. In normal spring ...

4 answers

How do I repeat code for a certain case in a switch statement and not repeat it for others? (See code in desc.)

I am making a Text-Based Adventure game. In one room, I want to ask the player what to do, and if he goes through the door he/she moves to the next room. If he/she picks up the flashlight, the "what ...

4 answers | 9 mins ago by Arjun on Stack Overflow
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JPQL compare associated collection size to Long

I am trying to write a named query that finds Companies whose employee number exceeds a certain number, which is passed as a Long. query.setParameter("empNr", 5L); This is what i came up with ...

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Calculating Constants for Miller-Rabin Primality Testing

I'm trying to write an implementation of the Miller-Rabin Primality testing algorithm. For a user entered n that is to be tested, the first step is to calculate constants k and m such that n-1 = n^k * ...

1 answer

Does Junit require java 1.5 for play framework 2.3?

I'm starting with a simple play framework 2.3 project written in java. I've create the project using activator and run eclipse command in order to create eclipse style project. Then I've imported in ...

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Best way to execute HTTP GET in onCreate()

I'm coding an Android client that connects to a REST API. Since Android 3.0 it is not allowed to perform blocking network operations on the main thread, so I'm looking for the best way to implement ...

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Trouble getting parameters from Android to PHP file for SQL query

I have tried searching about this but could not find any useful answers. I am attempting to run a query on my database (hosted on a web server) from my Android emulator using eclipse. I can confirm ...

3 answers

NetBeans could not install some modules

I am using NetBeans 7.4 DEVELOPMENT VERSION 2, All packages. First I used NetBeans 7.2, All packages. Then I was notified that I have updates. So I updated it to 7.4 DEVELOPMENT VERSION. Then again ...

1 answer

Not able to delete a blob - GAE Java

With a proper Blob Key, I'm not able to delete a blob entry.. here is my code BlobstoreService blobstoreService = BlobstoreServiceFactory.getBlobstoreService(); BlobKey blobKey = new ...

1 answers | 14 mins ago by Amith GC on Stack Overflow
2 answers

The Java code is not working to create an agent (JADE)

I have this simple java code: public class AnAgent extends Agent { protected void setup() { System.out.println("Hello "+getAID().getName()+". I am ready. You?"); } } I read ...

2 answers | 14 mins ago by Snake Eyes on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Why is my program giving me the wrong output when I run it?

I'm making a program where I look through a text file of 11 names, check to see if a certain name is in the file, add new names, delete names, and then close the file to update it. This is the data ...

1 answers | 15 mins ago by dinax on Stack Overflow
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AutoCompleteTextView custom Adapter always showing same value

My logcat shows these results:: [Vanilla Extract, Salt, Spinach (raw), Egg, White Sugar, Milk, Salmon, Butter, Prosciutto, Olive oil, Baking Powder, Tomato Sauce, Flour] 03-29 21:20:52.337 ...

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Print the nodes of binary tree column-wise, using recursion and iteration

I am trying to code for both recursive and iterative approach to a problem. Below is a recursive code to print the nodes of binarytree column wise. Basically I have count of root as 0 and if I move ...

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Sound plays on every buttonclick, then suddenly stops playing at all

My Users should click a button 10 times, and on every buttonclick it should play a short ( 0.5 sec) different sound. And in general, it works. but if I run my app, like for 10 times, the sound stops ...

4 answers

Java Editable JCombobox Keylistener event for Enter key

I have editable JCombobox and I added keylistener for combobox editor component. When user press 'Enter key' and if there is no text on the editable combobox I need to display message box using ...

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Resource ícones JFrame

Boa tarde. Estou tendo problemas com meu aplicativo. Ele executa com alteração do ícone no JFrame. Ao compilar ele para: "Runnable Jar file" e compilar com: Launch4j para binary, o aplicativo ...

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Meteor Mongo and Android App Sharing DB

I am trying to create a meteor project that allows android apps to access its DB. We have understanding of Meteor (me) and Java android development (friend). Could anyone experienced in this field ...

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