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Should toString be used for a complex operation?

I have a class named CommandHelp. It stores some strings that (obviously) describe what a command does, what are its aliases, the arguments it requires and whatever else I need to register about the ...

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Database lock acquisition failure with hsqldb

I'm running this as an in-process connection, using this JDBC URL: jdbc:hsqldb:file:C:\Program Files\360Works\SyncData2_MirrorSync\Configurations\3d0c6a29-294b-4a24-b075-70302345fdb5\mirrorsync I am ...

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Java hint for a beginner's level pseudo-calculator class

Given the following class: public class ArithmeticExpression { static int evaluate(char c[], int l, int r) { // code goes here, l = leftmost array member; r = rightmost array member } public ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Dick Tucker on Stack Overflow
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Shortcuts in Eclipse work intermittently or don't work at all

In Ubuntu, using Eclipse Luna, very often I experience that shortcuts stop working (for example: Ctrl + C, Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + R). Sometimes I'm able to "get around" by clicking outside the code editor ...

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ZipOutputStream produces corrupted zip file on Android

I've implemented backup of user data from the app using zip archive, I am copying database and shared preferences files to zip archive and calculating MD5 checksum of input files to prevent user from ...

2 answers | 2 mins ago by nemezis on Stack Overflow
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Do the Apache DefaultHttpClient (Android) and NSURLConnection (iOS) retry failed connections with older protocol versions?

Per the disclosure of the POODLE vulnerability, Google makes the following statement: In order to work around bugs in HTTPS servers, browsers will retry failed connections with older protocol ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by esilver on Stack Overflow
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Starting of Tomcat failed from Netbeans 7.3

I have problem with starting Apache Tomcat 6 from Netbeans IDE 7.4 (on 7.3 version I had the same troubles). What did I do: remove installed Tomcat 7 (without removing it, I had the same ...

3 answers | 4 mins ago by liquide on Stack Overflow
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Spring MVC Controller testing, and mocking many classes

We have many Controllers in our system, and many Spring Data repositories. I would like to write tests for my controllers that run through my MVC context. However, it seems pretty cumbersome, and ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by kabal on Stack Overflow
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Spring 3.1 or Later @RequestMapping Consumes/Produces

I have a question in regards to the consumes and produces part of the @RequestMapping annotation. I have an endpoint that I want to accept both JSON and XML and return JSON when JSON is passed in and ...

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This program keeps on giving me an error: Exception in thread “main” java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 4

When I write a code like this one, I always get this error. It is definitely building the file but is not it just gives me exemption. I am a beginner. Can you guys please help me out and really ...

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Searching for a sum in an array

I have a method which counts how many sums of 3 elements,which are equal to 0, does the array contains. I need help finding the way to stop counting the same triplets in the loop. For instance, 1 + 3 ...

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Find a string and display the line number and the line itself?

I'm designing a program that reads the size of a txt file, the number of words, numbers, and characters it contains, and the ability to search the file for a given string. For example. A txt file ...

2 answers | 8 mins ago by user3464969 on Stack Overflow
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How to have a global variable in C++

I'm rewriting someone's code who had a global variable that is useful during initialization when Java makes it's callbacks into C, and just after. It appears they have declared this variable in ...

3 answers | 11 mins ago by John on Stack Overflow
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How do i shake off NullPointerException?

Cant seem to shake off a NullPointerException Error. Been coding for about a year now. Anyway, I have tried every possible combo of !xyz.equals(null) or xyz[0] != null, but can't seem to find a ...

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Querying/Accessing/Retrieving Header row in Google Spreadsheet

I'm accessing a public Google Docs Spreadsheet using the Google Sheets API. The API says that when you query a list-feed for a worksheet, you get back a list of rows excluding the first row, which is ...

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Java Game Screen Change Issues [JAVA]

When I set it to I want it to change to another screen when I press space bar, but when I press any key, it automatically closes. If anyone could help that would be great! Screen Class: package ...

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Bean Creation Exception in Junit Test with Spring

I am encountering the BeanCreation exception when trying to run my test in Junit. It seems Spring is having issues trying to autowire the field. The test class is:- ...

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How to get this dice code working properly in AndEngine?

So I'm attempting to create a scene in my game like the Mario Party, hit the dice, type thing. But there's a random moving question mark die, and upon touch, should randomly pick a number 1 - 6, and ...

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How to modify Java Control Panel selections (corresponding to file) from windows command prompt?

How to modify Java Control Panel selections (corresponding to file) from windows command prompt? Specifically, I am looking for command(s) which can effect change in "Action for ...

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Working with commandName in spring view: IllegalStateException: Neither BindingResult nor plain target object

I was working with spring and read about the use of commandName in view(jsp). I have a little trouble working with it can anyone help me how to effectively use it? i get this error when i use in my ...

1 answers | 20 mins ago by Junaidaj on Stack Overflow
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How to add the values of two “Cards” in Java?

I am working on a project to simulate the first deal in a game of blackjack. So far, the program creates two cards of random rank (such as 2 or 3) with a random suit. I am struggling with creating a ...

1 answers | 22 mins ago by James Curtis on Stack Overflow
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Alarm manager/Notification not setting in app

i have set up an alarm manager to set a notification for the specific day and time the users selects, the only thing is that it is only showing this alarm if EVERY day is selected. Here is my code: ...

2 answers

simple client/server application exchanging msg

my question here is how to exchange msg between clients ? how can i develop method for Text messages should be exchanged between them until the client sends "BYE" or "QUIT". This is the code for the ...

2 answers | 24 mins ago by Ahmed Shaaban on Stack Overflow
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I'm using the Google Guava library for tasks like sorting and filtering of a java.util.List<T> in a Java EE 7 application. Given below an example of filtering a java.util.List<T> based on ...

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Compiler Understanding - assign in a if statement

I recently came across this syntax int i; String s = "test"; if(!((i=s.length()) == 0)) { System.out.println(i); } If you are wondering what it prints it prints: 4 Now I know this code ...

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Java: Program not crashing after throwing exception

I have exception handling being done on every iteration of a while loop. For some reason, when the condition for throwing an exception is true, the exception message is displayed but the program keeps ...

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Vaadin keep added item

I have a 2 screens, page1 and page2 Every page has a table, table1 and table2 Is it possible to add new Item into Table1 and keep this item while going to page2 and return back? Could you help ...

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Resizing Path2D circle by clicking and dragging its outer edge

So, when I click and drag a Path2D circle on my JPanel, it is resizing. The problem is that when I initially click-and-drag it, the circle jumps to a smaller size, but then resized correctly as you ...

1 answers | 37 mins ago by Harry on Stack Overflow
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Play framework 2 authentication options

I am about to pick an authentication for Play 2 Java application. At the moment it would be simple username/pw and Facebook, backed with MongoDB. It looks like there are two options: securesocial and ...

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Pronunciation respelling/News Paper Pronunciation Jake Gyllenhaal - Jake-JILL-IN-HALL - Java

I have searched and searched and searched but i am unable to find ANY documentation or algorithms or dictionaries which i can use to find the 'non-phonemic' translation of a word. By that i mean the ...

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