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File not found exception in androiid

I am actually trying to search for given string i the text file which i have stored in the assets folder inside my android application. The code that i have written is, package com.example.demo; ...

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Why cant I add 2 doubles together

So I am making a simple game with spites. But im having some issues with the tick/render loop. I need it to run at 30 ticks a second. But the fps needs to be as fast as it can. The issue I am having ...

2 answers | 47 secs ago by Snhp9 on Stack Overflow
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ApiDeadlineExceededException using a WebService Client in a GWT WebApp

I've made a WebService Client using the Eclipse Wizard. It works great when i'm using standar java Classes but when I try to use it in a GWT WebApp I get this error: } catch ...

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cloning git using maven

I have a requirement in which I have to pull all source code from git and later create a jar file using this fetched source code and finally creating a zip folder which will have the jar file and few ...

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Analytics dispatch doesn't trigger android

The google analytics in my android app does not trigger dispatch and if I use GoogleAnalytics.getInstance(this.getBaseContext()).dispatchLocalHits(); the following logical is output: V/GAV4﹕ ...

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CyclicBarrier problems

The following is the skeleton of the multithreading monitor/queue system I'm attempting to use, but I think there is some kind of problem with it. I think this because when it takes a little while to ...

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データグリッドに入力された内容は、Spring MVCで受け取れない?

ヘッダ + データグリッドからなる画面を、Spring MVCで作っています。 しかし、どうしてもデータグリッドに入力された内容を受け取ることが出来ません。 こんな感じのコードを書きました @RequestMapping(value="/updateList") public ModelAndView updateList(Condition condition, Grid[] grid) { ...

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How to display java.time.LocalDate (Java 8) in Spring MVC 4 JSP

I am trying to use some new features from Java 8. java.time.LocalDate seems a fantastic solution for all java date/time related problem. <input id="placemententity_placementFinishDate" ...

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Scanner and Multithreading issues?

I have following code to read entire file data: calling method(String zipFile){ ZipInputStream zis = new ZipInputStream(new FileInputStream(zipFile)); //get ...

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Java SWT : Badge Notifications

I have a desktop based UI application written in Java SWT running on windows. I want to add a button on the UI screen whose behaviour should be similar to the badges on an iphone or facebook ...

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Add multiple buttons on same page

I have a main page that I would like to link off to other pages. I have 1 page setup and was curious how to link off other buttons on the same page? Java 1 package; import ...

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How to get 5 values of the Checkboxs out of 31 and store the selected variables in android

I'm trying to make a simple app that will send 5 variables from the checkbox selected out of the 31 checkbox. Here is a sample image of what I'm trying to do: ...

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Apache Camel Route to SOAP API

I'm trying to post some xml data to a SOAP API through Apache Camel. Please see the Camel route below.What I'm trying here is to read an xml file in C:/input and send its content to a SOAP API hosted ...

1 answers | 15 mins ago by Rock M on Stack Overflow
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Java Garbage collection Local and Global variable

Which of the below snip of code is more Garbage Collection efficient in terms of TIME Class Test{...} Local Variable private void function(){ Test test = new Test(); .... } Global ...

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Hi i am new to android, i am implementing searchview for list but i am getting error, please help me to come out

I am implementing search for list, here i am comparing data with the array list that is hashmap. Here i am not able to get a String from Here my code... ArrayList<HashMap<String, ...

1 answers | 17 mins ago by Simon on Stack Overflow
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java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load cpuinfo from loader dalvik.system.PathClassLoader

I am developing an app requiring CPU information. I placed the cpuinfo library in the jni folder. but i got this error: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load cpuinfo from loader ...

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Dynamic Programing approach for a subset sum

Given the following Input 10 4 3 5 5 7 Where 10 = Total Score 4 = 4 players 3 = Score by player 1 5 = Score by player 2 5 = Score by player 3 7 = Score by player 4 I am to print players ...

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JTable updating in run time

Is there a way to update a JTable during run time and without using the constructor? I have a JTable that I have already added to my JPanel but I want to be able to define the columns and data at a ...

3 answers | 19 mins ago by user2908849 on Stack Overflow
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Need help writing a string to multiple lines in a text file

I have an array of strings toFile[] that I am attempting to write to a text file. While testing, I was reminded that if the sting reaches the bounds of the window, notepad does not wrap the string to ...

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GWT + Glassfish 4 : Error 404 for RPC servlet

I created a servlet for my GWT app made with eclipse. When I deploy it in TOMCAT works perfectly, but in Glassfish I have an 404 Error. I have no deploy errors, the main html page loads well. But ...

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Finding UUID of a device

I am writing an android app for interfacing a Bluetooth Low Energy Pedometer band with Android phone and reading data from it.My app till now successfully scans the pedometer and lists it with its ...

1 answers | 21 mins ago by Sarao on Stack Overflow
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clear form field after successful submitted the form in jsp

I have a form with few filed. Once i submit the form the data is stored in database and i will return to the same page. Now, How to clear the fields in the form in jsp?? <form ...

3 answers | 22 mins ago by pradip on Stack Overflow
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Set Collection for mutable objects in Java

In Java, a set only checks for equality of an object with objects already in the set only at insertion time. That means that if after an object is already present in the set, it becomes equal to ...

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Play framework (Java) model validation - different check for create() and update()

I'm using Play 2.3.7 and I basically have the same question as this but I am using Java and I don't know Scala. In my case I have a CSVData class with a name attribute that I want to be unique. In ...

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Seven Segment Digital Data Recognition using Tessseract / Java

I am trying to recognize seven segment digital text from image using tess4J . My input is here I have made some normalization as follows 1 ] Image cropped . 2 ] Converted it into binary ...

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How to create a sequence number based on database registers with concurrent users

All this happens in a java web application, using JPA in the persistence layer. I have entities A and B. A has many of B. The user wanted a number to identify Bs, it would help them using the ...

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Point adding mechanism troubles?

I have this game where the goal is to pass a ball through oncoming rectangles with gaps in them. Point gains are registered when the ball's x position falls within a certain margin (plus or minus) ...

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JAVA ObjUrl.openStream Connection timed out Error

I'm trying to access the contents of a URL using class, but geting following output: Host: Protocol: http DefaultPort: 80 File: / ConnectException: Connection timed out: ...

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AndroidPlot: Detecting touch event on point

I'm writing an application using AndroidPlot in which the user needs to be able to touch a point on a scatter plot and bring up information about that specific point. In other words, the application ...

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ArrayOutOfBoundsException on PreparedStatement

I'm at a loss here, can anyone see what's wrong with this code? I'm using sqlite with this driver: edit: fixed my initial error but have a similar ...

2 answers | 28 mins ago by blend on Stack Overflow
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