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How to add a sheet in an excel sheet using go lang

I have used the xlsx package and it works well for reading a xlsx file.It also works well for creating a new xlsx file.But for writing into the xlsx file it shows error while opening the xlsx file.

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Testing request with cookie

I wrote a cookie getter and setter. Now I want to test it, and wrote following test function. func TestAuthorizationReader(t *testing.T) { tw := httptest.NewServer(testWriter()) tr := ...

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urllib.quote() in Golang?

Is there any function in Golang works the same as urllib.quote(string) in Python? Thank you! The document page for urllib.quote():

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Possible to change Golang template during runtime without server restart?

As the title says I need to be able to change Golang templates during runtime, since I'm building a CMS in Go. People should be able to change template markup without restarting the server everytime. ...

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Defer called in go routine

I believe I understand defer well in the normal use cases. Such as the one listed in this question Go(lang) Defer behavior. However I am a little perplexed as to what is happening when defer is called ...

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GAE datastore, GetMulti() with Projection?

My application puts together a grouping of many different Kinds of data for a report to the user, this report takes a while to compile and it is useful for the user to see this snapshot at a later ...

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Docker on Mac behind proxy that changes ssl certificate

I am running into a problem with my initial attempt to get Docker running on my Mac at work, which is running 10.8.5. It appears that my company's certificate-rewriting proxy seems to be getting in ...

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Go(lang): Implementing a cron / executing tasks at a specific time

I have been looking around for examples on how to implement a function that allows you to execute tasks at a certain time in Go, but I couldn't find anything. I implemented one myself and I am ...

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go https client leaks

I wrote simple https client program for tests. It should work in keep-alive mode and not keep-alive. And it leaks badly.. In keep-alive mode it leaks twice slower. This is sample working program. ...

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Unmarshal XML Array in Golang: Only Getting The First Element

Code: type HostSystemIdentificationInfo []struct { IdentiferValue string `xml:"identifierValue"` IdentiferType struct { Label string `xml:"label"` Summary string ...

2 answers | 19 hours ago by Kyle Brandt on Stack Overflow
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golang - how to initialize a map field within a struct?

I'm confused about the best way to initialize a struct that contains a map. Running this code produces panic: runtime error: assignment to entry in nil map: package main type Vertex struct { ...

2 answers | 19 hours ago by Matt Ball on Stack Overflow
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Golang Flag gets interpreted as first os.Args argument

I would like to run my program like this: go run launch.go --m=2 --strat=par "" gets interpreted as the first command line argument, which is ok, but the flags ...

2 answers | 19 hours ago by Ive on Stack Overflow
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Unmarshalling XML with (xpath)conditions

I'm trying to unmarshall some XML which is structured like the following example: <player> <stat type="first_name">Somebody</stat> <stat ...

1 answers | 20 hours ago by paukul on Stack Overflow
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More easy way of using Interfaces to map YAML dynamically?

I am trying to parse a yaml file dynamically (Therefore no struct). package main import ( "fmt" "" "log" ) func main() { var out = ` a: First! f: Second b: c: ...

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golang reference struct in same package in another file

main.go lib/file_1.go ... package lib ... type MyStruct struct{ } .... How to reference "MyStruct" in another file in the same package/folder? I get undefined: MyStruct when go build ...

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How can I pass an array as a list of args to a function with varying number of parameters in C

I wonder how can I tease out an array in C to several arguments of a function. After I saw the amazing syntatic sugar from Go (golang) I thinking about it. The c code: #include <stdio.h> ...

3 answers | 22 hours ago by Danilo on Stack Overflow
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How to log per request / context - Golang

I'm trying to migrate an a web app from Google Appengine to a dedicated server and I've got stuck to the logging issue. Basically I would like to organise the logs per request/context(like on GAE) so ...

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Is there a way to detect memory leaks for Go programs using cgo on Windows

I'm using cgo to link to C libraries or to use C code in my Go projects and I was wondering if there's a way to detect memory leaks on Windows.

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Does it make sense to install the runtime on docker?

I'm considering deploying some apps on docker (aws beanstalk being the provider). Going though various resources I've found it's recommended to use a base images, in my case the official golang image ...

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Marshalling XML Go XMLName + xmlns

I am trying to achive the following XML output <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <CreateHostedZoneRequest xmlns=""> <Name>DNS ...

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How to get value from map - GOLang?

I am working in GOLANG Problem Fetching data from map Data Format res = map[Event_dtmReleaseDate:2009-09-15 00:00:00 +0000 +00:00 Trans_strGuestList:<nil> strID:TSTB] Note How to get the ...

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How to rebuild all library after upgrading Go 1.4

I was using Go 1.3.3. After installing 1.4, there are many errors similar to this: db/base.go:4: import /home/asd/Dropbox/go/pkg/linux_amd64/projc1/libs/Bool.a: object is [linux amd64 go1.3.3 ...

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Does it make sense to test time-based fields ? (golang)

I have several structs with fields of type time.Time. I'm wondering what's the best practice to test them? Should I simply set the time.Time fields to nil and test the rest of the struct (i.e. ...

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Golang - How to extract part of an XML file as a string?

My XML looks something like this: <a> <b> <c> <d>TEXT</d> </c> </b> </a> I know how to separate this code via the xml.Unmarshal ...

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how to analyse golang memory

I wrote a golang program, It cost 1.2GB at the runtime. when I use go tool pprof to got a dump。 It show only 323.4MB in the heap. what is other memory ...

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Misunderstanding the usage of := in Go

I was reading this doc and saw the following fragment: The := syntax is shorthand for declaring and initializing a variable, e.g. for var f string = "short" in this case. f := "short" ...

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Creating API backend on App Engine

I would like to create a rest backend for an application on App Engine using Go. I have arranged my files as fallow: -> app/ -> auth/ -> auth.go -> app.go -> app.yaml ...

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Nested data structures in go - python equivalent

I can create this data structure in Python really easily: data = {'Locations': [], 'Dates': [], 'Properties': [{'key': 'data1', 'value': 'data2'}], 'Category': 'all'} Which can then be ...

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Logsend fails to send logs to Influx db

I am trying to collect centrally all logs of my system. I prefered to go with logsend and influx db. I am using a mac book pro and I installed influx db using brew. I installed logsend locally also ...

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Can Go really be that much faster than python?

I think I may have implemented this incorrectly because the results do not make sense. I have a go program that counts to 1000000000 package main import ( "fmt" ) func ...

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