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display a label after the Button is clicked in Java swing

I want to display a label, when a button is clicked. I am using Eclipse Juno. I have the label added and setting the visible part... wLabel = new JLabel("YOu and Me"); wLabel .setVisible(false); ...

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What is the data structure to be able to contain any type in go?

Reference Go equivalent of a void pointer in C this is a demo. package main import ( "fmt" ) func map_exist(map_val map[string]interface{}, key string) bool { _, ok := map_val[key] ...

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GAE Go datastore - ignoring some variables?

Say I start by saving this structure into datastore: type Foo struct { Important string NotImportant string } But later I decide that I don't really care for NotImportant anymore and would ...

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Error when trying to connect to LDAP with TLS 'LDAP Result Code 201 “ErrorNetwork”: Invalid packet format'

I'm trying make an authentication service with LDAP and TLS using When I use only basic authentication using the following code, everything works just fine. conn ...

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EclipseでAndroidアプリケーションを作りたいです。 サーバ側もJava + Springで作成する予定です。 Androidとサーバの間はJSONを使って通信を行いたいので、プロジェクトを3つに分けられないかなと考えています。 Androidプロジェクト サーバサイドプロジェクト Json通信を行う際にデータを入れるPOJOのプロジェクト(1/2から共通で参照) ...

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one common http handler instead of several

Is it possible to not copy paste expression commonHanlder(handler1), commonHanlder(handler2) ... commonHanlder(handlerN) in this code: rtr.HandleFunc("/", commonHanlder(handler1)).Methods("GET") ...

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Cant able to run Android app and error: Error retrieving parent for item error

I recently installed eclipse and set up the libraries for android development, i just created a new android application from eclipse with configuration as minimum version as 2.2, target version as ...

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Create a Maven project in Eclipse complains “Could not resolve archetype”

I am totally a newbie with Maven. I want to create a Maven project with Eclipse Juno EE with archetype "webapp". I installed "Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP (incubation)" and I also have installed ...

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Partial updates using nested structs with go/mgo

I'm trying to maximize code reuse across objects that share data by using nested structs. Consider the following code: package main import ( "" "" ) var ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Chris on Stack Overflow
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Generic type class generation via implicit resolution

Let's say: sealed trait Bound[T] { def show: String } object Bounds { implicit case object StringBound extends Bound[String] { def show: String = "this is a string" } implicit case ...

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Grails Eclipse plugin

I've seen various posts on SO criticising the Eclipse Grails plugin, and am wondering if anyone has found a way to work productively with Grails within Eclipse? I had a look at the Grails plugin ...

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Who does the garbage collection work in go?

According to this specification, there is a mark-and-sweep garbage collection mechanism behind go. But who does it? Go code will compile to native binary, right? So there will not be a virtual ...

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Meu código não ignora os erros Lint

Sou iniciante nessa área mas, me deram um código, um pacote para eu compilar e gerar o .apk. Fui tentar gerar o .apk pela primeira vez indo em: Android Tools > Export Unsigned Application Package Me ...

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@ComponentScan - Need to specify the Jar file and package name

I'm writing a plugin using java JSPF. My plugin need to expose a Rest service so I've implemented the Rest MVC (Embedded jetty server). My plugin is compiled as jar file and this jar is placed inside ...

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Subtype restriction on type parameter

Suppose there are two traits trait LongKeyedRestricted[OwnerType <: LongKeyedRestricted[OwnerType]] { self: => OwnerType } trait LongKeyed[OwnerType] { self: => OwnerType } ...

2 hours ago by Adi on Stack Overflow
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cannot get gorilla session value by key

I cannot get value from session this way, it is nil: session := initSession(r) valWithOutType := session.Values[key] Full code: package main import ( "fmt" "" ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by efr on Stack Overflow
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Crashlytics to Fabric, duplicate library projects

So, a week or so ago we switched from Crittercism to Crashlytics, for various reasons. It came with a plugin for Eclipse that automated some of the process. Kinda convenient, sure, I guess. But ...

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Play Scala : Recursive web services call without using Await.result

I work with Play! Scala 2.2 and I need to make recursive web services call (until I get all the results). For the moment I managed to make it with Await.result as following : def ...

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In Java EE full container, performance wise, is it better to pass an object around or just let the Entity Manager get it from memory?

If I know that a lot of subfunctions are going to use a database object, should I get the object in my main method and then pass it to all the subfunctions to reuse, or is it much of a hit to just get ...

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Count number of sockets in room with golang socketio package

How do you count the number of sockets in a room in Golang. With socketio in nodejs it appears you can do this: io.of('/chat').sockets.length How do you do the same with the socketio library for ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by Neil on Stack Overflow
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Using method name “x” with implicit conversions in Scala

Suppose I want to add a facility for computing the vector product of two 3-tuples by providing an implicit conversion like this: import scala.math.Numeric.Implicits._ case class Vector3[T : ...

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How to use Eclipse CDT/C++ for profiling

I'm trying to use perf tool in eclipse CDT(latest) for my application on Ubuntu 14.04. I'm getting an error when I Right click on project->Profiling Tools-> Profile with Perf. Error within Debug UI: ...

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Call RInside in Eclipse with gdb using mingw-w64 gcc distribution

I'm trying to use RInside in Eclipse with Rtools 3.1 for R 3.1.2. However, the Rtools distribution of mingw-w64 distribution seems not to contain gdb tools. I tried to use a standalone/newer version ...

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Can Eclipse be prevented from creating additional appcompat_v7 projects?

Eclipse now has this nice feature where it makes a "Support Project" for you with the name appcompat_v7, automatically linking both support-v4 & -v7 for you and giving you XML attributes only ...

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golang gorm and mysql: how can I retrieve instance of last added item

I'm using with a mysql backend. I want to retrieve the Id (or the full entity) of the row in the previous Create call. As in, last-insert-id: ...

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Scala Play Forms verify that one date occurs after another

My form has two dates, but I want to validate that the second date occurs after the first date. Is there a concise way to do this using Play's Form verification? Here is the form I am working with: ...

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How To Create Setup exe File (Mysql Database Administrator Project) in java

Recently I Create a java project using Mysql Database administrator & eclipse. Now I want to try to make this project as a exe(Setup) file. I try exe4j, Jar2exe to make exe file. But i am not ...

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Eclipse save automatically

I would like Eclipse to automatically save every time I edit a file, in much the same way that it builds automatically. Because I've been using IntelliJ for the last year (which saves automatically by ...

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Google Datastore - Not Seeing 1 Write per Second per Entity Group Limitation

I've read a lot about strong vs eventual consistency, using ancestor / entity groups, and the 1 write per second per entity group limitation of Google Datastore. However, in my testing I have never ...

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how to launch browser automaticaly after war deployement?

I have a maven project and I want that the browser launches when I make maven deploy for my project. Of course with jboss EAP6 i have juste to make the maven command jboss-as:deploy to create the war ...

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