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MPI_Init() taking a very long time to run

I have a minimal example of a problem where I am simply starting up 4 processes (on a quad core Intel Core i7 cpu with 8 threads) and for some reason MPI_Init seems to take a very, very long time. ...

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Set “realname” in ssmtp

I'm in the preliminary steps of writing a script. I have all dependencies installed and taken care of after sifting through documentation. I'm on cygwin and have had success with sending an email with ...

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How to move files to hdfs in hadoop using unix command

I have 2 directories "dft" and "hdfs" in the unpacked Hadoop folder. I am trying to copy the file(StartUnit.txt) in dft into hdfs. The corresponding command and exception are as shown below ...

2 answers | 7 hours ago by Shreyuth on Super User
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unix (cygwin) fifo buffering

Looking for an intercepting proxy made with netcat I found this script: #!/bin/sh -e if [ $# != 3 ] then echo "usage: $0 <src-port> <dst-host> <dst-port>" exit 0 fi ...

1 answers | 15 hours ago by rslemos on Stack Overflow
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Best way to share vim configuration between cygwin-vim and windows-gvim and launch it

I am trying to setup my cygwin environment. Since I am a vim user, I want to use it easily on cygwin and windows. Sharing vim configuration My first concern is to share the configuration ...

3 answers | 15 hours ago by Plouff on Stack Overflow
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Need help to install DBD::Oracle on Cygwin

I want to install the DBD::Oracle module in Cygwin. I have downloaded the Oracle Instant Client (ver 12.1) at C:\Oracle\instantclient_12_1. I have also downloaded the SDK and SQLPlus and extracted ...

2 answers | 16 hours ago by user828647 on Stack Overflow
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Vagrant up fails with stdin, start, ssh, stderr & stdout errors

I cannot for the life of me...after reinstalling all things VVV/VBox(4.3.10) & running vagrant up --provision figure out why this beauty(VVV) wont run. I'm unable to access any of the wordpress ...

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Running fsck from cygwin shell?

I need to be able to check / fix file system errors on SD cards from a win7 box. I had hoped to use e2fsck from cygwin but am having some issues getting this to work. (SD cards are used to boot ...

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Why does ssh-host-config create two users in Cygwin on Windows 8.1?

In trying to resolve some issues with using Cygwin + SSH on Windows 8.1, I'd like to know why the ssh-host-config script creates two new accounts configuring OpenSSH from scratch? (Is this necessary?) ...

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Cygwin cmd's open on every program launch

I am not sure if my installation is weird, but I installed Cygwin yesterday with some basic programs, along with X-server and XFCE4 so I could feel more at home in windows, and upon every ...

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cmake regex.c issue in cygwin with mapserver

I try to install mapserver-6.4.1 in cygwin 32-bit, but it gives an error: CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:233 (add_library): Cannot find source file: //regex.c Tried extensions .c .C .c++ ...

1 answers | yesterday by Gery on Stack Overflow
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installing mapserver in cygwin - regex.c problem

This is my first time installing mapserver in cygwin, but I'm a quite old user of both cygwin and mapserver (but still young =D ). The thing is that I'm getting a regex issue after doing cmake in the ...

1 answers | yesterday by Gery on Geographic Information Systems
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g++ linking works on linux, but not on windows using cygwin

I have 2 c++ projects, where project 2 includes parts of project 1. On Linux, everything is built fine. On Windows (using cygwin) project 2 has some linking issues it seems. This is the makefile of ...

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problems with using windows make and msys

I have msys 1.0 and wingnu32 installed on my machine which runs windows 8.1. Here is the text of "makefile.mak" all: compile: g++ main.cpp hello.cpp factorial.cpp -o hello.exe whenever i type ...

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Cygwin and Grub again! Almost there

I burned through every web page possible till I understood enough to get so far as to get grub to make on cygwin (YEEEEEEEEY!!!)... NOW the make install seems to have a simple permissions error and I ...

1 answers | yesterday by user2913728 on Stack Overflow
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How can I change a specific font color in git?

I'm looking to change the 'red' font color in git to something that is more towards pink. I tend to keep my monitors pretty dim, and whenever I look through diffs, the red font on the black background ...

2 answers | yesterday by camerb on Stack Overflow
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Zip settings. How to concatenate results from multiple zip files?

So I was one of those fools that didn't realize that Windows 8.1 has removed the windows 7 recovery option for restoring old backups. Now I have a backup set (A folder containing ~1500 zip files) ...

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POSIX regex functions required and missing

when i trying to compile an old c source code using msys2 this error happens: "configure: error: POSIX regex functions required and missing!" Please any idea? Is that a library that can be added or ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Reda on Stack Overflow
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java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactory

I install Hadoop-0.20.2 in windows using cygwin. If i run $ bin/hadoop version Hadoop 0.20.2 Subversion -r 911707 Compiled by ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Siddhu on Stack Overflow
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How to resolve configure guessing build type failure?

When I configure (under cygwin environment), an error occurred, Message are following: $ ./configure ................. checking build system type... /bin/sh: ./config.guess: No such file or directory ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by sean on Stack Overflow
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cygwin1.dll is missing - Cannot run program

I wrote a program in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in C/C++, compiled it using Cygwin, but when I ran the exe file it wrote about missing library. How do I fix this?

1 answers | Oct 18 at 17:57 by Phantom on Stack Overflow
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Find real size of Windows/winsxs folder in Cygwin

I'm running Cygwin with the default installation. I'm a complete noobie to Linux & Cygwin. I just figured out how to find all hardlinked files in my c:\windows\winsxs folder. (Navigate to ...

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SSH Password/User problem with Cygwin sshd service

hello I just set up SSHd through Cygwin on a Windows XP Pro box overseas using a RAT and discluded the openssh package from the install. I ran the cywin shell (from c:\cywin) and ran Now, It's under a ...

2 answers | Oct 17 at 23:48 by Supernovah on Stack Overflow
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How do I patch cygwin to resolve the shellshock vulnerability?

I have cygwin installed on my computer and would like to make sure that I'm secured from the shellshock vulnerability. How do I patch cygwin to fix the shellshock vulnerability?

1 answers | Oct 17 at 14:33 by KronoS on Super User
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Launch failed. Binary not found. Why?

I am on Windows 7 32 bit using Eclipse Juno. I have installed the CDT plugin. I have also installed Cygwin and the necessary files from packages like gdb, gcc, gawk, make etc. I still get a Binary ...

1 answers | Oct 17 at 13:56 by Little Child on Stack Overflow
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Run cygwin bash.exe from windows taskscheduler with no console/window

I have a script I need to run every 1 minute. In windows task scheduler _ I need to select "Run only when user is logged on" and as me login. Otherwise all paths, mount etc get changed. However, ...

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Glassfish 4.0 add cluster node error

I created ssh node in Glassfish Server on Windows, as ssh server used Cygwin openssh. Now when I add this node into cluster I have this error: cygpath: error converting ...

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Putting Git Project into SVN

I want to put a git project (with the entire commit history) into a SVN repo. Therefor i have used the following manual: I ...

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How to check if running in Cygwin, Mac or Linux?

I have a shell script that is used both on Windows/Cygwin and Mac and Linux. It needs slightly different variables for each versions. How can a shell/bash script detect whether it is running in ...

7 answers | Oct 17 at 2:51 by bastibe on Stack Overflow
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xfce-session without panels on cygwin

My cygwin workflow is as follows Run XServer Start xfce session (by running xfce4-session) Start xfce4-terminal Everything works well, except that xfce4-session seems to bring up an empty ...

1 answers | Oct 16 at 21:31 by DigitalEye on Stack Overflow
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