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Cygwin convert windows path to unix then change dir

I am usually trying to use the cygwin terminal to move to a nested directory. The problem is the windows directory are not immediately interpreted. So I had to do two step: $ cygpath -u ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Nassign on Super User
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bash & mingw: overwrites output when scrolling up

I'm currently using git-for-windows-sdk, with Bash 3.1.33(1)-release. I experience quite annoying and buggy behavior when I scroll up and press key up: Console doesn't scroll back to bottom, just ...

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bash is crashing on cygwin add_item (“\??\C:\cygwin”, “/”, …)

I am trying to run applications on windows cluster. I am getting random crashes like bellow but most times it works. I suspected that it was famous forking issue, but cygwin's rebase did not help. ...

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apt-get for cygwin?

Is there any apt-get like for use with cygwin? I already tried the cyg-apt but when I try I get this error: cyg-apt: downloading: cyg-apt: downloading: ...

6 answers | 10 hours ago by Hyztname on Stack Overflow
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Why do random characters appear in terminals in Windows?

I've been programming on Windows for a few years, and there has been an issue that is becoming increasingly frustrating as I have really started to use various terminals in Windows for my development ...

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Error when trying to invoke the rails command via Cygwin on windows (installed via railsinstaller)

I have followed this tutorial for installing ruby on rails on windows. (the steps are explained in the video in the middle of the page) If I run the rails command in a classic windows shell (windows ...

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How to copy and paste between cygwin's vi/emacs and windows clipboard?

I tried to paste what I copied in windows clipboard into cygwin's vi or emacs, and it doesn't seem to work with yy (vi) or M-w (emacs). Is there a way to do it? I learned that /etc/clipboard has the ...

4 answers | 12 hours ago by prosseek on Super User
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python-magic WindowsError: access violation writing 0x00000000

I installed python-magic (0.4.6) on my Win 7 64bit using pip. I then installed cygwin 1.7.33-2 to provide the needed dlls and created a copy of cygmagic-1.dll named magic1.dll (see When I run the ...

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Installing additional packages for cygwin

Good day. I'm just making sure that i got it right To install additional packages for cygwin, i just need to run the setup.exe again and choose from the packages list? Also, doing this won't harm my ...

2 answers | 14 hours ago by osse on Stack Overflow
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MinGW - Application terminates in unusual way (after finishing) once a .dll was loaded

I have a problem with dynamically loading shared libraries on Windows when compiling with Cygwin's MinGW. The application consists of 6 parts: 2 static libraries, 3 shared libraries and 1 executable ...

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print last date of previous month using date command

Like we can print last day and last month in linux using date command, is it possible to print last(end) date of previous and any month of year using "date" ?

1 answers | 21 hours ago by user3898409 on Stack Overflow
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How do I mount an NTFS image created by GNU NTFSclone on Windows?

How do I mount an NTFS image created by GNU NTFSclone on Windows? Neither the gnuwin32 version of NTFSclone nor Cygwin’s mount seem to be capable.

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SSH Private Key Permissions using Git GUI or ssh-keygen are too open

Recently I've been unable to clone or push to github, and I'm trying to find the root cause. This is on windows I have cygwin + git as well as msysgit. Msysgit was installed with the following ...

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Git commits wrong newlines when using .gitattributes

I was having an issue where merge conflicts resulted in the entire file being a conflict. This ended up being that the local file's newlines all became unix-style newlines (LF) at the time of merge ...

3 answers

curl | sh fails on cygwin

I am unable to install npm on cygwin. I have installed node v0.4.12 which is supposed to be the last supported version of nodejs on cygwin. Here is the error I get : curl ...

3 answers | yesterday by ZeroGraviti on Stack Overflow
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ImportError: Permission denied when importing psycopg2 module

I'm trying to setup an Python application which uses PostgreSQL through psycopg2, but the module keeps failing when importing it. ImportError: Permission denied I've installed psycopg2 using pip ...

1 answers | yesterday by jmoreno on Stack Overflow
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Problems with Matlab engine using Netbeans + Cygwin

I'm attempting to use the Matlab engine example provided with my Matlab license. In project properties >> Build >> Linker >> Libraries, I added the .lib files required. However, when I build and debug ...

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chmod fails to alter permissions in Vagrant VM

I am trying to set up a Vagrant environment to host Snowplow ( When I launch vagrant from a cygwin shell $vagrant up && vagrant ssh I get into an Ubuntu ...

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Libraries “rt” and “dl” in Cygwin

Perhaps this is stupid but I'm unable to find out which package I have to install in Cygwin to fix the following missing libraries: config.status: creating unix.buildinfo config.status: creating ...

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Permission Denied (Public Key,password,keyboard-interactive)

I have installed CYGWIn and then run SSH-HOST-CONFIG There I have disabled the stric mode and created a privileged user for SSH. Now when I do ssh cyg_server@localhost , I am getting the password ...

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fprintf() present in a C .exe file called from MATLAB doesn't work

I'm calling a C executable compiled using Cygwin in MATLAB, using the unix() function. This works fine, and I can see the desired output on the MATLAB command window. However, there is an fprintf() ...

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How to combine Cygwin and Matlab to run this toolbox?

I want to run this toolbox from this website: I choose to download “Linux(64 bit)” . I am not familiar with Linux and also I do not know how to combine ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by Peter Li on Stack Overflow
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How to connect remotely from Windows to a Vagrant instance?

Is there a way to connect from my windows pc to a vagrant instance running on my mac which is on the same network? Ideally I would like to use cygwin or something equivalent

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Running the command “bochs -q” from Cygwin fails

I'm having troubles to execute the command "bochs -q" from Cygwin. I have installed the XV6 operation system in my C drive. I'm using Cygwin in order to compile the XV6 files, that is execute the ...

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Build crosstool-ng (configure on Cygwin)

I try to compile crosstool (1.20.0) on cygwin. I used wget to downloaded it and tarred out, just like the instructions say. I tried $ ./configure --/opt/crosstool no Makefile generated, actually ...

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rsync, cygwin and shell file windows

Using Cygwin I can use rysnc as expected, but using the same rysnc command from a shell file I see: 'rsync: command not found' Script is: #!/bin/sh echo 'Moving local media to dev server' ...

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Android NDK debugging: armeabi-v7a not working

Eclipse / Cygwin NDK 8c Building a shared library I can't get gdbserver to start anymore after switching to armeabi-v7a. I've searched online for hours but can't find a topic that deals ...

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Startup is really slow for all cygwin applications

Start of any cygwin application takes more than a minute on Windows 8.1 x64. It doesn't matter, either I'm starting mintty from shortcut or cygwin.bat or ls.exe or bash.exe from bin folder. Each of ...

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git.cmd vs git.exe - what is the difference and which one should be used?

I have a rough idea that git.cmd is only a wrapper (but added to PATH by default), but I found out that git.exe works as well and I intend to use it as a workaround to this issue (comments to it ...

3 answers | Mar 2 at 4:16 by prusswan on Stack Overflow
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No exe file being generated in c using cygwin

I am useing cygwin for writing programs in c. However, today when I tried to compile a program in using the command gcc filename.c I found out no .exe files were being generated. What may have ...

1 answers | Mar 1 at 18:16 by user220789 on Stack Overflow
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