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No gcc4 in Cygwin's package list

I had to use NS-2 on Windows. Thus, I've installed Cygwin and downloaded NS-2 source and run ./install then it says Cygwin detected Note: Cygwin install is still considered EXPERIMENTAL Checking ...

4 answers | 2 hours ago by songsong on Stack Overflow
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Perform git deep scan in order to compare files for real

How to make msysgit to scan files for real changes? Currently it seems to rely on file timestamps and therefore it makes mistakes: shows no differences where there are. I tried git update-index ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Paul on Stack Overflow
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zip command is not working as expected in java code

I am trying to issue a zip command through a java program on a windows machine which has cygwin installed. I am giving below cmd in java code : zip -r C:/ C:/Folder It gives me error - zip ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by Pink Giraffe on Stack Overflow
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Graphviz with dot, doxygen and cygwin has wrong Encoding

On windows using Graphviz with dot and cygwin I've generated documentation in doxygen everything is fine except diagrams. All language is English and param DOXYFILE_ENCODING set to UTF-8

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Windows + Qt + Cygwin

Есть проект на Qt с некоторыми зависимостями, которые можно разрешить с помощью cygwin. Как объяснить Qt'у, где искать заголовочные файлы и библиотеки? Хардкоддить не вариант.

1 answers | 9 hours ago by anEagle on Stack Overflow на русском
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Windows RegEdit: How to properly quote Cygwin commands in Registry “RunAs” entry?

I have a Windows machine with Cygwin/X installed and X11 server running. I want to open text files with Cygwin/X's GVim. I already have it set up, with the appropriate Registry entry at ...

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Configure path to PowerShell console in Cygwin Emacs

I have Emacs running via Cygwin istall. In Emacs I have installed (via package-install) powershell package; however, when I run M-x powershell I get the following error: Searching for program: no ...

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IOError when trying to append to a file in Cygwin

I have a very simple little python script to demonstrate my problem: The codeblock below is the complete script, totally 5 rows, stored in a file named with open("file.txt", "w") as myfile: // ...

1 answers | 15 hours ago by Weldeborn on Stack Overflow
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SSH connection times out

Given: vm - a WinXPsp3 virtual machine hosted by a Win7sp1 physical machine alice is the user on vm srv - a Win2008R2sp1 server bob is the user on srv quake - a linux server mark is the user on ...

2 answers | 19 hours ago by mark on Server Fault
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Not able to execute Rails version command from Babun shell

I have installed Rails 4.2 on my Windows machine along with Babun (a cygwin superset). However, after installation it is not able to recognize the rails version when i execute rails -v command. ...

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VisualStudio doesn't create .gitignore and .gitattributes when adding an existing solution to a repository

Hi I'm new to Git for Windows and Git in general, I'm using Visual Studio with Git For Windows to train on that a little bit. When you add a new project to a repository, Visual Studio creates two ...

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Cygwin + git: __git_ps1, missing

I've recently switched from MSYS in favour of a more complete BASH experience under Windows. I'm using a custom PS1 which now fails on my Cygwin installation with -bash: __git_ps1: command not found ...

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Cygwin gcc compiling and running, but doesn't printf anything

I'm just starting with C and installed Cygwin with GCC compiler on Windows. I tried running this Hello World program. #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { //fflush(stdout); ...

1 answers | yesterday by Brecchs on Stack Overflow
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Missing pipe-output from a console-subprocess in the main program (Pari/GP,cygwin?)

I've a User-GUI (in Delphi 6, 32bit) for the mathematical console-program Pari/GP: I call the Pari/GP in an invisible subprocess-window and communicate using the pipes STDIN and STDOUT, and as far as ...

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Unable to symlink to the .git directory

This is probably something silly, but searching around I haven't been able to find the answer. I'm trying to setup pre-commit hooks for my git project in a way that the scripts can be versioned along ...

2 answers | yesterday by Joe Castro on Stack Overflow
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Tunnel Only Access via Cygwin ssh Server to allow SQL Server Read Access

Sooooo, we have some reporting people that want to be able to read our SQL Server resources. Problem is the db hosts are pretty well sequestered so we need to create SSL tunnels to access them. We ...

4 answers

No source file named main.c. gdb break point setting

I am using gdb for debugging c project source code. I compile as shown: ./configure --enable-debug CFLAGS="-g -o0" make --debug=a I want to debugging stop at specific file. so when I set break ...

4 answers | yesterday by alim on Stack Overflow
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Best way to use a shell with Cygwin in Windows 7

I installed Cygwin, to be disappointed that bash by default runs within "cmd.exe". I googled around and found Console2. It's not a particularly well-designed application, as doing adjustments is ...

1 answer

FreeBSD to Windows using Cygwin

I have a C & Fortran Codes developed in FreeBSD and I want to run that on my windows system. So I am using Cygwin as an Alternative. Apart from the codes there is also a Makefile and I had tried ...

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How do I use cmake's FindJNI on Cygwin?

I have some SWIG code I'm trying to compile on Cygwin before I buy Visual Studio. My CMakeList.txt works fine on OSX. On Windows, I installed Cygwin's version of cmake 3.3.1, I installed the latest ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by amos on Stack Overflow
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Unable to run pycallgraph for python

I'm using windows 7 , with python 2.7 and pip 8.0.2 i have installed pyCallGraph for python using pip in cygwin pip install pycallgraph When trying to execute it : $ pycallgraph graphviz -- ...

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Administrator Login not working in cygwin (remote ssh)

I am trying to enable ssh access for windows 7 using cygwin. I installed cygwin and ran ssh-host config with default values. At first time I am able to login through administrator account using putty ...

Feb 8 at 16:41 by Anjali on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Should I change env vars to use the npm script under Cygwin in Windows

Should I change env vars to be able to use npm script under Cygwin in Windows? Because when attempting to use the npm script under Cygwin in Windows, I receive the following error: module.js:339 ...

1 answers | Feb 8 at 12:28 by vcernomschi on Stack Overflow
12 answers

Git/Bash is extremely slow in Windows 7 x64

I've been using Git on both Windows and Ubuntu during the development of a small project, frequently flipping back and forth between the two. The issue I'm having is that Git/Bash consistently become ...

12 answers | Feb 8 at 11:15 by Gemini14 on Stack Overflow
7 answers

Cannot launch git gui using cygwin on windows

I used to launch git gui within my cygwin console without any problems but since I updated cygwin I've got the following error message: $ git gui Application initialization failed: no display name ...

7 answers | Feb 8 at 10:15 by Stijn Vanpoucke on Stack Overflow
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cygwin ssh not working

I installed cygwin on Windows 7 and trying to test SSH to local host but getting the connection refused and stdin is not a terminal error: Here is the detailed log: $ ssh -vvv localhost ...

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How can I find .git repositories and pull'em all?

I tried. $ find . -name .git -type d -execdir git pull {}; find: The relative path ‘%ANDROID_HOME%/tools’ is included in the PATH environment variable, which is insecure in combination with the ...

1 answers | Feb 8 at 2:49 by Jin Kwon on Unix & Linux
3 answers

ssh connection using cygwin

I am trying to connect with my remote linux server using cygwin+ssh but the authentication fails with no apparent reason. I have successfully setup another connnection to github successfully and I ...

3 answers | Feb 6 at 13:24 by mottalrd on Stack Overflow
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Problems configuring argtable2 for clustal-omega

I'm encountering problems configuring clustal-omega-1.2.1. It requires argtable2, so I installed it without significant issues. Issues start to happen when I try to configure clustal-omega with ...

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Android NDK debugging: armeabi-v7a not working

Eclipse / Cygwin NDK 8c Building a shared library I can't get gdbserver to start anymore after switching to armeabi-v7a. I've searched online for hours but can't find a topic that deals ...

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