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Tab autocompletion in bash vi shell mode

When using MSYS on a windows platform, I "set -o vi" to use the vi shell mode. Tab autocompletion for files and directories stops working. How to I renable this while remaining in vi shell mode?

2 answers | 15 mins ago by William on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Download multiple files fast wget

I want to download several webpages using wget, and for that I'm using the following BASH: wget -x --load-cookies cookies.txt wget -x --load-cookies cookies.txt ...

2 answers | 8 hours ago by Allen on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin sub-directories different color than files

In Cygwin I have the xterm color scheme, which is nice, but I don't like that it colors directories and files the same, i.e. when you do ls and it displays the contents of a directory with ...

1 answers | 12 hours ago by aconkey on Stack Overflow
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ANTLR Warning: TestRig moved to org.antlr.v4.gui.TestRig

I have been trying to get ANTLR to work all day. I have used several websites including, numerous StackOverflow queries and the textbook by Terence Parr. I am on a Windows 7 machine (work ...

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Will “rm -rf /” delete everything from Windows if run from Cygwin?

So...I did something bad. In Cygwin I wrote a bash script that took in two directories and copied the contents of one into the other. First, it called "rm -rf" to remove the contents of the second ...

1 answers | 16 hours ago by JDN on Super User
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'\r': command not found - .bashrc / .bash_profile

I have windows, using Cgywin, trying to set JAVA_HOME permanently through my .bashrc file. .bashrc: export PATH="$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH" export JAVA_HOME=$JAVA_HOME:"/cygdrive/c/Program Files ...

9 answers | 19 hours ago by Jasmine on Stack Overflow
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Cmder error when using msysgit tools

Using cmder, every time I try to run one of the msysgit tools (e.g. ls) I get the following error: 0 [main] ls 7796 stdio_init: couldn't make stderr distinct from stdout The same tools work fine ...

1 answers | 20 hours ago by hellobenallan on Super User
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gcc failed with install Python MySQL libraries on Cygwin

I want to install either oursql or MySQLdb on a Cygwin box. (Pywikibot can work with either.) Unfortunately both easy_install as well as pip fail at installing both. easy_install-2.7 oursql ...

6 answers

Has anyone installed MySQLdb for Python on Cygwin?

I'm trying to install MySQLdb for python on Cygwin. Unfortunately, when I run python build, I get the following error: $ python build /bin/sh: /usr/local/bin/mysql_config: No such ...

6 answers | 22 hours ago by Ben on Stack Overflow
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Current Cygwin version is not supported by Clion, how to install an earlier version of it?

I am trying to get my Clion 1.1.1 to work with Cygwin. I've installed Cygwin using its setup-x86_64.exe installer. but when I set Cygwin path in Clion's toolchains dialog, it says: Environment: ...

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How can I kill process, which has spawned a child using system()?

I'm using Cygwin on Windows 7 (though the same problem could perhaps also apply to a native Linux environment). A parent process - which happens to be a Ruby program, but I guess the same problem ...

3 answers

KDiff3 under cygwin git will not invoke

In keeping with a number of solutions posted on the internet I have installed KDiff3 and modified .gitconfig as below to make use of it. Nonetheless, when I run git diff HEAD^ HEAD within a repository ...

3 answers | yesterday by lovelyzoo on Stack Overflow
3 answers

How can I set up Cygwin to automatically update and download without the GUI?

How can I set up Cygwin to automatically update itself? How can I get Cygwin to download a package without having to go via the GUI thing?

3 answers | yesterday by delete on Unix & Linux
1 answer

Socket programming code Executes on XP but fails on Windows 7

First let me give you the objective of the code. It is a udpserver and is supposed to provide statistics on the number of packets received and time taken etc etc. The client code is part of the ...

1 answer

Download files with BASH, wget efficiently

I want to download several webpages using wget, and for that I'm using the following BASH: wget -x --load-cookies cookies.txt wget -x --load-cookies cookies.txt ...

1 answers | yesterday by Allen on Server Fault
2 answers

GoogleTest 1.6 with Cygwin 1.7 compile error: 'fileno' was not declared in this scope

GoogleTest 1.6 with Cygwin 1.7: 'fileno' was not declared in this scope Error message when building a simple test on Factorial() function in Eclipse CDT: Invoking: Cygwin C++ Compiler g++ -std=c++0x ...

1 answer

Public key authentication on Windows OpenSSH server

I have two Windows machines running on Ubuntu virtual box. Both machines have OpenSSH installed. I can connect from one to another using ssh and passwords, but I can not figure out how to use keys. I ...

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I got a C++ cygwin_exception and a stacktrace but I don't know what is going on

I tried to test my Data class which is supposed to read, write and print a 2d vector map. Data.h: /* * File: Data.h * Author: Kevin * * Created on 04 October 2015, 19:54 */ #ifndef DATA_H ...

0 answers

Best auto-completion configuration of Prezto/Zsh on Windows

when using the Prezto configuration for Zsh on Windows I experience frequent hangs when changing the first time into a directory and trying to see the next directories using 'tab'. It last reguarly ...

1 answer

How can I use original account when booting Cygwin from USB Drive?

I put Cygwin on a USB drive because I wanted to be able to use it on other computers. But when I tried to launch the shortcut it created a new user account with the username of the local computer. I ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by JDN on Super User
1 answer

Heroku CLI failing in babun

I am facing the following problem trying to use Heroku alongside babun on Windows 10, which is based on cygwin. I've installed the Heroku toolbelt on my Windows machine, and the CLI seems to be ...

1 answer

Why can I not execute my java project from a script?

I am working on a project that has many module jar files, one of which conains my main class; I am trying to write a shell script that will setup the class path and then start the application; here is ...

1 answer

Часть модулей в NS3 не собралась

Я работаю в Windows 7, но волею судьбы должен работать с NS3. Потому я поставил эмулятор Cygwin, в который успешно следуя инструкциям с оф. сайта установил NS3. Правда шесть модулей не смогли ...

1 answers | Oct 4 at 7:45 by hunter on Stack Overflow на русском
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Using rsync on windows with vagrant running a CoreOS VM

I am using windows 8.1 Pro pc running vagrant and cygwin's rsync. I am configuring as such: config.vm.synced_folder "../sharedFolder", "/vagrant_data", type: "rsync" And when I execute vagrant up ...

1 answer

Installation Root (Cern) v6.00.02 with Cygwin

I have installed Root (Cern). Before calling "root" it is necessary starting the X server (by Cygwin, typing "startx"), to allow Root to use Windows. By setup-x86_64.exe I installed Cygwin ...

2 answers

SSH: Permission Denied in Cygwin, works in Putty

I am trying to SSH into a server, where I do not have root privileges. I don't like using Putty, I prefer Cygwin. I can log into the server using Putty, but using the exact same private key and typing ...

2 answers | Oct 3 at 21:28 by rshaq on Super User
1 answer

mono mkbundle windows

I've used mono mkbundle on cygwin, to compile a dot net app, and it works fine. I used the instructions from here ...

1 answers | Oct 3 at 19:43 by Smithy on Stack Overflow
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Php Error when running drush in cygwin

in order to manipulate a theme in drupal I had to install Drush in order to make sub-theme. I installed cygwin and followed the tutorial in the link drush installer in cygwin I am getting an error ...

1 answer

Ошибка, связанная с Case-sensitive при сборке кросскомпилятора, используя crosstool-ng в Cygwin

Возникает ошибка: $ /opt/ng-crosstool/bin/ct-ng build [INFO ] Performing some trivial sanity checks [ERROR] Your file system in '/forbuild/.build' is *not* case-sensitive! [00:01] / make: *** ...

2 answers

Can't read the value from pipe correctly

I am trying to initiate a simple pipe in C (using CygWin and Dev-C++) to pass values between a parent and a single child. Here is the parent code (pipesnd.c): #include <stdio.h> #include ...

2 answers | Oct 3 at 9:32 by Bababarghi on Stack Overflow
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