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Cygwin setup.exe hangs during install Windows 8? How should I continue?

So I have used Cygwin on and off for the past few years and I've installed it a handful of times. However, I've never experienced the install hanging during the install process. When this happens, ...

2 answers | 13 hours ago by Austin A on Stack Overflow
2 answers

SSH Password/User problem with Cygwin sshd service

hello I just set up SSHd through Cygwin on a Windows XP Pro box overseas using a RAT and discluded the openssh package from the install. I ran the cywin shell (from c:\cywin) and ran Now, It's under a ...

2 answers | 14 hours ago by Supernovah on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin OpenSSH closes immediately after a connection

Trying to connect to cygwin-sshd using putty or cygwin ssh on localhost, here is all I get. I have it working fine on a different Win7x64 machine but this one is proving hellish. Config files for ...

1 answers | 16 hours ago by Mark0978 on Super User
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java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactory

I install Hadoop-0.20.2 in windows using cygwin. If i run $ bin/hadoop version Hadoop 0.20.2 Subversion -r 911707 Compiled by ...

1 answers | 16 hours ago by Siddhu on Stack Overflow
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cursor keys not functioning properly in vim

I open my terminal and use Vim to open a new or old program, but after I click i to go into insert mode, my cursor keys and backspace key are not functioning properly. The backspace key just moves the ...

1 answers | 16 hours ago by antonio on Stack Overflow
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How to move files to hdfs in hadoop using unix command

I have 2 directories "dft" and "hdfs" in the unpacked Hadoop folder. I am trying to copy the file(StartUnit.txt) in dft into hdfs. The corresponding command and exception are as shown below ...

2 answers | 18 hours ago by Shreyuth on Super User
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Library file issues when installing Gearman through Cygwin

I have been installing Gearman job server on my WIN 7 machine through Cygwin terminal. I have extracted the tar file of gearman-1.1.12 successfully . Now I have to run ./configure to build the new ...

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Use build_libstagefright in ffmpeg to build file .so for android

In order to use ffmpeg in android , I tried to build ffmpeg by using build_libstagefright in ffmpeg/tools/lib_stagefright but it alwalys appear a error which i coundn't solve it. the message in the ...

2 answers

Android NDK and Msys

Can someone please tell me how to work with android NDK and Msys.Is there any setting that needs to be done before I start? And where should i start from? thanks in advance

2 answers | 21 hours ago by shshnk on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Cygwin: CD to Windows paths easily

In Windows paths are (unreasonably) long, so it is common to drag and drop from some links to the terminal or copy and paste paths from file managers. It is possible to put in the shell init file a ...

1 answers | yesterday by antonio on Unix & Linux
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Running Python Command on Cygwin Prompt (Windows 8)

I know this question has been asked many times, but I spent the entire day trying to figure out what went wrong and I still have no clue about it. As a DBA I a used to executing DB2 commands on cygwin ...

1 answer

Inetd / xinetd isn't working under cygwin, why?

I am trying to use xinetd (or inetd) with netcat to act as a TCP proxy. This setup works on Linux without issue. Under Cygwin, either as a service or from the a Cygwin command line, the (x)inetd ...

9 answers

Objective C for Windows

What would be the best way to write Objective-C on the Windows platform? Cygwin and gcc? Is there a way I can somehow integrate this into Visual Studio? Along those lines - are there any suggestions ...

1 answer

Unable to maximize cygwin after opening from context menu

Using the chere command at this link I was able to add the 'open bash terminal here' to my windows shell. However, it looks like rather than opening in a regular cygwin shell it opens in a cmd prompt ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by musher on Stack Overflow
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Improper output in SSH session on OSX using FreeSSHd on Windows with cygwin bash/sh shell

I am testing out running an SSH server on a local Windows VM. I have installed FreeSSHd and set the command shell to "c:\cygwin\bin\sh --login -i" (bash as well) with "Use new console engine" ...

6 answers

Is it advisable to switch from Cygwin 32bit to Cygwin 64bit?

I've been using Cygwin (for a long time). Specifically, I use it (including gcc/g++) on Win7 for development work. I've just recently noticed there now exists a 64-bit version. I don't have a ...

3 answers

How to use git-extras on windows(PortableGit)

the project : how to use it on windows(PortableGit)

3 answers | 2 days ago by Dozer on Stack Overflow
4 answers

Get display resolution from windows command line

I have seen several suggestions about programs to change the resolution from the command line. However I just want to display it, not change it. On linux I can use xrandr or xdpyinfo to get this ...

0 answers

Cygwin+KiTTYCyg: /bin/sh: No such file or directory

Trying to use KiTTY with Cygwin (x86) on Windows 7 x64. Installed latest Cygwin and all needed packages. Added ;c:\cygwin\usr\local\bin\;c:\cygwin\bin to system Path env. Downloaded KiTTYCyg for ...

1 answer

How do I install gfortran (via cygwin and etexteditor) and enable ifort under Windows XP?

I'm a newbie in the Unix world so all this is a little confusing to me. I'm having trouble compiling some Fortran files under Cygwin on Windows XP. Here's what I've done so far: Installed the e ...

1 answers | Dec 19 at 6:41 by bez on Super User
1 answer

Import Error in Cygwin

When I try to launch python scripts from Cygwin, I get an import error, even though my script clearly imports the necessary modules: $ python Traceback (most recent call last): File ...

1 answers | Dec 19 at 4:23 by Hunle on Stack Overflow
3 answers

cygwin on win7 problem - Could not use curl because “cygcurl-4.dll” is missing

Where do I find it and how do I install it? Thanks Follow-up: I did use the full installation and this specific file is not there.

3 answers | Dec 18 at 22:04 by shachar on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Making xargs work in Cygwin

Linux/bash, taking the list of lines on input and using xargs to work on each line: % ls -1 --color=never | xargs -I{} echo {} a b c Cygwin, take 1: $ ls -1 --color=never | xargs -I{} echo {} ...

2 answers | Dec 18 at 16:02 by John Doe on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Run two processes in parallel one on adb and another on windows using cygwin

I want to run two programs one on adb and another on windows. But it should be done parallely and compare outputs of two. I can use cygwin to do this sequencially: for adb : adb shell ./program1 ...

1 answers | Dec 18 at 11:01 by Vikram Dattu on Stack Overflow
3 answers

How to produce a sound when a command is finished?

I am working on a side project while a slightly long-running test gets processed. $ ruby Meanwhile one test was running, I tried to make up for the waiting time trying to write the next ...

3 answers | Dec 17 at 23:32 by LaunLaun on Stack Overflow
2 answers

will updating cygwin setup file delete my entire cygwin installation

I had downloaded cygwin from one mirror site, and after a few months when I try to update now I get the message that the "current ini file is from a newer version of setup-x86_64.exe" If I download a ...

2 answers | Dec 17 at 20:31 by Rog on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Can I just use the libraries from FFmpeg in an Android app?

After some time on the Web, I found that I have to use the FFmpeg in my app. I found a lot of things related with Android and FFmpeg. I just want to use FFmpeg, but I can't create the libraries and ...

1 answers | Dec 17 at 16:45 by LMDS on Stack Overflow
11 answers

Root user/sudo equivalent in Cygwin?

I'm trying to run a bash script in Cygwin. I get Must run as root, i.e. sudo ./scriptname errors. chmod 777 scriptname does nothing to help. I've looked for ways to imitate sudo on Cygwin, to ...

11 answers | Dec 17 at 16:44 by KenB on Stack Overflow
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Many temporary files from mktemp left after building with cygwin & make

I'm doing sw development in an environment based on Cygwin. Using standard make etc that ships with Cygwin running on Windows 7. A few days ago I discovered that I had ~ 650 000 temporary files of ...

2 answers

fabric cannot execute remote command on windows

I'm using fabric to run some command on a remote windows 7 system. and what i did was like: env.hosts=[''] env.user='test' env.password='123456' def test_windows(): ...

2 answers | Dec 17 at 15:52 by Martian Puss on Stack Overflow
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