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How do I install cURL on cygwin (latest versions checked in setup - cyg complains missing .DLL)

There are other posts about this from 2011 but they do not have answers marked accepted (see here). My Cygwin complains about the missing .DLL as follows: /usr/bin/curl.exe: error while loading ...

3 answers | 8 hours ago by user377241 on Stack Overflow
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PETSc installation on windows

I am trying to install PETSc library on Windows 7 to be used with Visual Studio Express 2008, but I didn't succeed so far. I installed cygwin (default installation) with python, make, diff. Then I ...

1 answers | 12 hours ago by ray on Stack Overflow
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Git On Custom SSH Port

My VPS provider recommends that I leave my SSH port to the custom port number they assign it by default (not 22). The thing is the while I know I can give the port number when create a remote config, ...

2 answers | 13 hours ago by ryanzec on Stack Overflow
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How to add properties to a .exe file using c programming?

I want to add/modify the proprieties like author name, version, language etc. in any .exe file using c/c++ programming. I know how to add properties using VC++. I want to do using command based or ...

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cvs CVSROOT: No such file or directory

I'm trying to run the cvs history command in cygwin on Windows Server 2012 and for some reason, it can't find the CVSROOT directory. Here is the command I ran and the output I get: $> cvs -d ...

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Change the location of ~ directory in a Windows install of GIT bash

I am not even sure I am asking the right question. Let me explain my situation: This is about GIT on win7. My company sets up the Windows user directory on a network drive not on the local hard ...

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sh.exe (bash) heap space error on Windows XP

I am running a bash shell on Windows XP that is shipped with Git for Windows. The command window's title shows MINGW32, and the error message contains Cygwin. This is the command that I run and the ...

3 answers | 18 hours ago by hanxue on Super User
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How to remove a string from a text file in shell command?

I have a non.txt file and want to write a shell script to remove a string from the entire file. File has the following data :- ...

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cygwin or linux: what is the directory location of diff?

My normal installation of diff in cygwin seems to be missing. Would you please tell me the normal location of diff in cygwin or linux? This is the primary diff tool, diff(1) in the man page.

1 answers | yesterday by Ray on Stack Overflow
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How do you compile WebkitGTK on windows for MinGW

My experience with C++, GCC, MinGW and Cygwin is very limited. However, I already tested it and realized that Cygwin is not the ideal solution for what I am trying to do. Even though a GTK+ program ...

2 answers | yesterday by roosevelt on Stack Overflow
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Delete undeleteable folder

I was installing Cygwin and something went wrong. Now, I have a folder named #endif and no matter what I do, I can't seem to delete it. I've tried deleting and renaming the folder in Windows ...

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Backspace in Terminal Vim (Cygwin)

I'm running a default cygwin install on Windows 8 and can not get the Backspace key to delete characters - I'm expecting the character to be overwritten with a blank when I backspace. I've tried ...

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“cannot execute binary file” on Cygwin

Preface: Using cygwin on a Win7 machine. I have some old (very old) f77 code (45,000 lines in 25 files) written by someone else that I am trying to use. Yesterday I compiled, linked and ran it OK ...

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Where does IPython store its logs in the event it's unable to start properly?

I'm attempting to run IPython under Cygwin through virtualenv. I'm running into the infamous issue about the virtualenv causing interference. When opening IPython all I get is WARNING: Attempting to ...

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GNU GMP with Matlab and mex - Library Problems

I am using Matlab (R2015a) together with Windows SDK 7.1 to compile a single C++ source file with Matlab's "mex" functionality. This works all fine. However, in this C++-file, I'd like to use the GNU ...

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How do I get the 'clear' command in Cygwin?

I installed Cygwin, choosing a fairly minimal set of packages. In a terminal, I tried to do 'clear' to clear the terminal, but I get bash: clear: command not found How do I get this to work?

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How do I create a shortcut on Windows to launch Urxvt w/ Cygwin bash but also with certain options beforehand?

Confusing title, I know. Here's the problem: To launch Urxvt in such a way that my extensions work, I'd open up Cygwin and use export DISPLAY=:0 and then urxvt. If I launch urxvt just with urxvt then ...

1 answers | yesterday by dar on Super User
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Why isn't rxvt-unicode launching with perl extensions enabled by default even though I built it with '--enable-perl' and even '--enable-everything'?

I'm trying to get 'clipboard' perl extension for urxvt to work. I installed the script, it didn't work, and after some searching around I discovered that Cygwin's rxvt-unicode package is built with ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Darius on Unix & Linux
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Python: No such file or directory

So I'm fairly new to python and i'm writing a script that needs to untar a file. I use this simple function. def untar(source_filename, dest_dir): for f in os.listdir(): print(f) ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by FatalCatharsis on Stack Overflow
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Open Cygwin at a specific folder

How can I create a Cygwin shortcut that will open Cygwin at a specific folder? This would avoid me having to type cd /cygdrive/c/Users/Tom/Desktop/ each time I launch Cygwin.

17 answers | 2 days ago by Randomblue on Stack Overflow
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What is the current full install size of Cygwin?

Every source I found online says a full installation of Cygwin takes over 1 GB, but mine is only 100 MB. I was pretty sure I downloaded everything from the mirror servers, but the install ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by TopTierTracker on Stack Overflow
2 answers

How to get traceroute on cygwin?

The implementation of traceroute(tracert) differs on Windows and Unix. I wanted to compare both with Wireshark. I am on Windows 7 now and i wanted to get Unix traceroute implementation quickly. My ...

1 answer

Compiling GRUB on Cygwin (64 bit)

I'm using 64 bit Cygwin on Windows 8.1 for some basic operating system development. I'd like to use the utilities that come with GRUB 2.00 (such as mkrescue and mkimage) as my kernel is Multiboot 2 ...

3 answers

Git on Windows not working with remote because of “SSL protocol” errors

tl;dr Git on Windows stops connecting to github because of mysterious "SSL protocol" errors. Halp! The Issue I'm developing on Windows, using a private GitHub repo for source control. When I first ...

3 answers | Aug 25 at 9:32 by Sean on Stack Overflow
4 answers

How do I tell whether my cygwin installation is 32 or 64 bit?

How do I tell whether my cygwin installation is 32 or 64 bit? I don't remember which setup.exe to download. And I would hate to mess up my cygwin installation.

4 answers | Aug 25 at 7:09 by user18099 on Stack Overflow
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How to diagnose command-line hang if looking at it with Process Explorer makes the hang stop?

It's a command-line hang, so you'd think it would be easy to diagnose. But I just can't figure out why 1 out of 25 times, certain scripts of mine hang. I'm sure it's something I've done. Typically, ...

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Shell Script to run series of inputs

I have Cygiwin installed on a windows box. I need to SSH to remote machine and have a .sh run a series of commands: Type a word - Enter Type 1 - Enter Type 1b - Enter Type 2 - Enter Type y - Enter ...

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Having trouble installing Photran for Eclipse (windows enivronment). I cannot install gcc4-fortran

Despite following the Photran instructions to the letter ( and this video. I cannot get Photran to compile any program. I get ...

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git file permissions on Windows always wrong in one directory

I have two directories in a git repo that contain scripts I need to run in Cygwin bash. All scripts are saved in git with rwx-r-xr-x permissions, but the scripts in one directory never get pulled down ...

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how to compile libnet for python 2.7 on windows

I have python 2.7 on windows xp, I need libnet but it's not supported for python 2.7 . I tried to compile it using cygwin, as I don't use python on cygwin gnu and I could not compile it using ...

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