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How to use cygwin bash in Android Studio terminal and start it at project directory?

From this blog post, you can set the Android Studio Terminal to cygwin/bash under Settings -> Tools -> Terminal -> Shell path. However, the new terminal will start at your home directory ...

1 answers | 4 mins ago by Sungam on Stack Overflow
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How to build hsdis.dll for Windows 32-bit?

I am trying to build hsdis.dll in my laptop 32-bit Windows. I read instructions and got to know that I will have to follow those steps. I saw that I have to use ...

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sudo command not found on Cygwin

I am currently trying to install and update a few packages on a Windows OS. The only matter is that I am using Cygwin in order to type the commands through a terminal (as I'm aware, I can type in ...

4 answers | 8 hours ago by Adam on Stack Overflow
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Execute commands on new terminal on cygwin

I am trying to execute a script on cygwin terminal.I want to start a new terminal, close the existing one and run the rest of commands present in the script on new terminal. I have included the ...

1 answers | 13 hours ago by happymind113 on Stack Overflow
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Error while executing sed command

I am trying to execute script with commands: sed -i "USER/c\export USER=${signumid}" .bashrc sed -i "DEVENVHOME=$/c\export DEVENVHOME=${DEVENVHOME:-/home/${signumid}/CPM_WORKAREA/devenv.x}" .bashrc   ...

1 answers | 17 hours ago by happymind113 on Stack Overflow
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yaffs2utils compile error in cygwin

I am trying to make yaffs2utils in cygwin and I have error below: gcc -I. -I./yaffs2 -O2 -Wall -Wshadow -Winline -Wpointer-arith -Wnested-externs -Wwrite-strings -Wstrict-prototypes ...

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usr/bin/env: bad interpreter Permission Denied --> how to change the fstab

I'm using cygwin on windows 7 to run a bash script that activates a python script, and I am getting the following error: myscript.script: /cydrive/c/users/mydrive/folder/ usr/bin/env: bad ...

5 answers | 20 hours ago by Hatmaker on Stack Overflow
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Clearing the screen in C using Cygwin

I have attempted several approaches to clearing the screen in C, under Cygwin. system("cls") and system("clear") don't work when the application is running, giving errors that say in effect, "that ...

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make composer works both with cygwin and cmd, using only cygwin php.exe

* this is NOT a duplicate : here I want to use only ONE php.exe * How can I make composer works both with cygwin and cmd, using only the cygwin\bin\php.exe ? In my path, I have c:\cygwin64\bin, ...

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cygwin + tmux on windows 7 - why won't tmux use the current path?

I have used tmux on linux systems and Mac OSX with no problem. I am aware that as of version 1.9 (I have 1.9a according to tmux -V), you are required to do something along the lines of tmux ...

2 answers | yesterday by toadjamb on Stack Overflow
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“bash: gfortran: command not found” in Cygwin after Fortran installation is complete

I just installed Cygwin and am using it to run an open source software package which requires the use of a Fortran compiler. I have run setup-x86_64.exe and installed (I believe) all the Fortran ...

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Which binary should I take to resolve the error 'ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault], core dumped'?

I came across this error when I tried to compile a project that used xerces-c library(binaries). Since this is a binary it does not come with ./configure and hence I skipped doing the ...

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Changing title without changing prompt on Cygwin

I have the following shell script function from this site that allows me to change the title in both Putty and Cygwin. In Putty connected to a Linux host it changes the title and leaves the prompt as ...

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Cygwin public key location error

Recently we got a new server and transferred the keys from the old server to the new one; however, when running a script on the new server- that works on the old server- I keep receiving this error: ...

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Why isn't my C .exe file working

My .exe file does not seem to be running. My C program compiles completely fine, it seems to just hang there. Pressing Ctrl+C doesn't even anything so I have to close the terminal. This seems like a ...

12 answers

connecting to mysql from cygwin

I can successfully connect to MySQL from a DOS prompt, but when I try to connect from cygwin, it just hangs. $/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/MySQL/MySQL\ Server\ 5.1/bin/mysql -u root -p What's wrong?

12 answers | yesterday by MCS on Stack Overflow
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How to solve stack trace error

I am writing a program to get prime numbers by trial division. First it sieves all primes below 2^32, then It test 2^64-1 and below for primality. With the code mentioned below I get, while executing: ...

1 answers | yesterday by Roel911 on Stack Overflow
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ConEmu doesn't show non-ASCII characters

I'm using ConEmu (on windows 7) for a few months now. Everything worked fine until today. Indeed, now I can't write non ASCII characters like 'é' : when I press the key, nothing happens. I'm using ...

6 answers

How do I install cygwin components from the command line?

Is there a tool in the Cygwin package similar to apt-get on Debian or yum on redhat that allows me to install components from the command line?

6 answers | yesterday by vy32 on Stack Overflow
6 answers

cygwin + console2: running cygwin bash with startup dir

I am using Console2 as a bash wrapper on Windows. Most importantly, it enables me to start up a new bash tab in a predefined project directory. Now I would like to replace the Windows command line by ...

2 answers

Windows lpr implementation not finding printer

I'm trying to port a linux program to windows 7, that receives an lpr command from a websocket and sends the command to a local vinyl cutter. The windows lpr implementation is different and there is ...

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Where is vimrc or vim profile for github's mingw32 shell on a Windows machine?

Cygwin has a home directory where I can store a .vimrc file to set up syntax highlighting. I know on linux machines this file is usually in a home directory and that it can be stored globally ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by laserface on Stack Overflow
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I still can't use fork() after downloading cygwin

I want to use fork() in window, then i search and i found a thing called cygwin. I download it and try to use fork(), but nothing happened, what should i do to use fork()? #include <unistd.h> ...

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Basic GUI application Cygwin

How do I extend the following program to display basic GUI element Button in Cygwin on Windows? #include <stdio.h> int main(int argc, char **argv) { printf("Hello, World!\n"); } And to ...

Nov 21 at 16:31 by William on Stack Overflow
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How to resolve “relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol `xercesc_3_1::AbstractDOMParser::adoptDocument()'”

I am trying build a C++ program in Eclipse that uses a library xerces-c-3.1.1-x86_64-linux-gcc-3.4 (binary). I see below errors ... relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined ...

1 answers | Nov 21 at 16:27 by Prakash on Stack Overflow
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suriyaaOS - “make all” failed for “kernel.elf”

Hi Stackoverflowers! :-D Problem I'm currently failing to use the make all command (for my own virtual operating system "suriyaaOS") on my Windows 10 with CygWin and don't know the reason why. -.- ...

2 answers

Receiving some inaccurate (or no) grep matches for numbers in garbled text

I'm working on a coding challenge that requires my program (writing it in bash on Cygwin) to search for numbers that match different representations of valid IPv4 addresses in a garbled text. I've ...

2 answers | Nov 21 at 9:25 by ep84 on Stack Overflow
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Gem::Ext::BuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension on windows

I didn't wanted to use Rails Installer. I choose to install everything with cygwin as it provides Unix like shell functionality. I typed ruby && rails. Installed everything what ever cygwin ...

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conda create -p venv/agile2 creates hidden environmnet

Can someone explain where is the conda environment (path) created? I am using a cygwin terminal with conda installed (full package). Everything is installed on a hard drive W: But I want to try to use ...

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I need cygwin and drush to use a different php version

I have Windows 7 64 bits cygwin installed at C:\cygwin and C:\cygwin64 I am using only C:\cygwin Wampserver 2.5 installed at: C:\wamp Using Drupal 7 Using Drush 7.0.0 wamp is using php 5.5.12 ...

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