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cygwin gdb creating stackdump in emacs

When I debug a simple hello world program using cygwin gdb it works fine but when I debug it using emacs(for windows) using the argument: gdb -i=mi test.exe it gives the following error: 3 ...

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openSSH is ignoring the HOME env variable

I've been trying to sort out the Could not create directory issue with openSSH installed via cygwin, and have tried every solution I can find on the internet, but none of them are working... I've ...

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Can “diff” be forced to sync at a specified point?

I am merging source files that include different versions of the same functions. The functions are not necessarily in the same order in the different files. For example, foo.c might contain baz() ...

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Unable to login in putty using ssh mode throwing fatal error

I have installed Cygwin in my windows machine. And I want to login into cygwin using ssh mode from putty. I have installed sshd [openSSH]service package in cygwin and it is up and running. Now I try ...

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git-svn with msysgit and SlikSvn won't encrypt passwords or honor encrypted passwords

We have the following installed on our Windows machines: git version 1.9.5.msysgit.0 svn, version 1.8.11-SlikSvn-1.8.11-X64 (SlikSvn/1.8.11) X64 the server file is configured with [global] ...

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How to move files to hdfs in hadoop using unix command

I have 2 directories "dft" and "hdfs" in the unpacked Hadoop folder. I am trying to copy the file(StartUnit.txt) in dft into hdfs. The corresponding command and exception are as shown below ...

2 answers | 17 hours ago by Shreyuth on Super User
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msys git causing “fatal: Unable to create 'c:/xxx/.git/refs/remotes/origin/”failed-to-sent“.lock ': Invalid argument” error

I have git version 1.9.5.msysgit.0 installed with proper configuration but still getting this error while pulling code? I tried git pull on develop branch fatal: Unable to create ...

1 answers | 20 hours ago by Swapnil on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin closing connection to server when switching panes in tmux

Looks like tmux drops the connection to the server when I use the following code to switch panes. It works for a few times and then at random it drops the connection. Anyone else experiencing problems ...

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Android NDK debugging: armeabi-v7a not working

Eclipse / Cygwin NDK 8c Building a shared library I can't get gdbserver to start anymore after switching to armeabi-v7a. I've searched online for hours but can't find a topic that deals ...

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Fastest way for Windows users to rebuild an SD card?

I've built an SD card firmware, for Raspberry Pi. This firmware is made of two partitions : 1x FAT32 and 1x EXT4. What I'm trying to do, is to let Windows users install it as fast as possible on ...

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Setup Clion with boost on windows 7

i need some simple example how to include boost libraries/headers with CMake in Clion IDE under windows 7. need it for C++ 11. Boost libs and headers are installed in custom directories. I have ...

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syntax error: unexpected end of file trying to run a simple bash script

I really can't see what the issue is with my script is. I've considered missing quotations or other syntax errors. There's got to be something I'm missing. It's a very simple while loop script... ...

1 answers | yesterday by user3671613 on Stack Overflow
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Python - using cygwin instead of cmd on windows

I'm programming on Windows 7 and in one of my python projects I need to call bedtools, which only works with cygwin on Windows. I'm new to cygwin, installed the default version + everything needed for ...

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HHVM Assistance

I have a problem installing HHVM on windows using Cygwin64 Terminal I'm using this guide It's an official guide, as you ...

1 answers | yesterday by Aboud on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin: Obtain comment field from Active Directory with mkpasswd

Running cygwin on W7x64. Since a generated /etc/passwd file is static, it has to be performed occasionally when new employees are hired. It polls Windows AD, and writes the passwd file. In the past, ...

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Changing title without changing prompt on Cygwin

I have the following shell script function from this site that allows me to change the title in both Putty and Cygwin. In Putty connected to a Linux host it changes the title and leaves the prompt as ...

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unrecognized command line option ‘-rdynamic’ on GCC v4.9.2

I'm using GCC v4.9.2 under Cygwin on Windows 7 64-bit, but running into an issue trying to compile uWSGI. The error I'm receiving is - gcc: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-rdynamic’ GCC ...

2 answers | Jul 3 at 23:47 by user3238014 on Stack Overflow
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How to get gdb working with Eclipse CDT under windows (fails to find source code)

I installed cygwin (the latest 1.7.xx?), and then installed eclipse cdt (Juno). When I tried to build a hello world project, despite eclipse identifying that cygwin was installed, it didn't work. So ...

5 answers | Jul 3 at 22:43 by Dov on Stack Overflow
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Compile Gtk# 2.99.3 in Cygwin unknown types uid_t and pid_t

After compiling last version of mono in Cygwin64 (last version) I compiled some C# tests with the mono c# compiler (msc) I want to make some tests with Gtk so I downloaded the source code and try to ...

Jul 3 at 21:23 by ZEE on Stack Overflow
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Installing pzmq with Cygwin

For two days I have been struggling to install pyzmq and I am really not sure what the issue is. The error message I receive after: pip install pyzmq is: error: command 'gcc' failed with exit ...

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How to reset the terminal under Cygwin?

Under Linux, I can clear terminal output with a simple reset from the command line. Under Cygwin, it appears reset does not work: I also tried reset 0 and reset 1 with no joy. And I even tried the ...

3 answers | Jul 3 at 20:04 by jww on Super User
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Powershell's Read-Host cmdlet causes hanging when script is ran from Cygwin

I'm trying to run a powershell script from within Cygwin (ultimately will be run over Cygwin SSH), and am finding that user input seems to be ignored. The script displays a menu and then uses ...

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How Can I Get MinTTY (Cygwin Terminal) to Open gvim in a New Window?

I have installed mintty. After that I am not able to open gvim. As suggested in same question for emacs I use: 1) mintty gvim this opens a new window with message : E233: cannot open displayE852: ...

4 answers | Jul 3 at 18:28 by Chandan Choudhury on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Unable to open database with sqlite3 on cygwin

I seem to be getting the error as shown below: Am I missing out on something here and not giving cygwin the right to write to a folder?

1 answers | Jul 3 at 18:22 by Sharan Duggirala on Stack Overflow
2 answers

ssh config under cygwin

I have Cygwin installed on Windows 7. I made default install. I would like to use ssh config file (~/.ssh/config) to set host and options for connecting. Normal ssh command is not able to find the ...

2 answers | Jul 3 at 7:10 by Hubidubi on Super User
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Getting CRC mismatch warnings in gdb on cygwin

When I run any program under gdb in cygwin shell I get following warnings... warning: the debug information found in "/usr/lib/debug//usr/bin/cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll.dbg" does not match ...

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Using GIT with GIT GUI - Master and Branching

I am trying out GIT, and using the GIT GUI (from msysgit) with it. I am trying to make a new branch, but somehow it keeps taking over the master branch. The master branch still appears, but not as ...

1 answers | Jul 2 at 21:07 by R P on Stack Overflow
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cygwin binary exec format error

I have a script file that I was given to run in windows using Cygwin. When I try to use this file I get the following error -bash: /sigdet/filename: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error. ...

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How to compile existing posix code for 64-bit Windows?

I'm ok with using Cygwin or MinGW, but I need to end up with 64-bit code, not 32-bit. This is because I will be calling the DLL from 64-bit managed C#. I can't seem to find and good references for ...

2 answers | Jul 2 at 19:06 by Fantius on Stack Overflow
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input/output error while copying PNG files from linux server to desktop using scp in cygwin

I am trying to copy some png files from linux server onto my local desktop running windows 7. I am trying to copy the files with cygwin using the scp command. I do not get any syntax errors but all my ...

Jul 2 at 16:54 by ardnen on Super User
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