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How do I mount an ntfs image created by gnu ntfsclone on Windows?

How do I mount an ntfs image created by gnu ntfsclone on Windows? Neither the gnuwin32 version of ntfsclone nor cygwin's mount seem to be capable.

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Run and compile java code in cygwin

I just installed cygwin and I am wondering how do I compile and run my java code through cygwin? My java code is at my desktop saved in a file named Java.

1 answers | 9 hours ago by Luffy on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin OpenSSH server does not respond after first command from PHP (Using phpseclib)

I got cygwin and sshd working fine. And there are no issues at all when using putty. It responds as expected even for multiple commands. But when using phpseclib , A response is received only for the ...

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How can I run squid in cygwin

I've got cygwin installed on a windows machine & I'm trying to run squid. But when I run /usr/sbin/squid -i it does nothing, no response, no log files, nothing. I've tried searching for solutions ...

5 answers | 14 hours ago by Glenn Slaven on Server Fault
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Setup Clion with boost on windows 7

i need some simple example how to include boost libraries/headers with CMake in Clion IDE under windows 7. need it for C++ 11. Boost libs and headers are installed in custom directories. I have ...

2 answers | 17 hours ago by ya_dimon on Stack Overflow
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Tmux copy the selection to /dev/clipboard wiithout key-mapping

Many answers related to this topic suggest to map Ctrl+y to a command that pipes tmux show-buffer to xclip. In the specific case of cygwin, the correct way to interract with the Windows clipboard is ...

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how to configure cygwin cyg-get to talk to certain mirror sites

I installed cygwin via chocolatey on windows, got cyg-get package manager along with it to install packages. Now that I want to install to packages like openssh, rsync . These are not getting ...

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Cygwin OpenSSH server does not respond after first command from PHP (Using phpseclib)

I got cygwin and sshd working fine. And there are no issues at all when using putty. It responds as expected even for multiple commands. But when using phpseclib , A response is received only for the ...

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How do I install htmldoc via cygwin?

I've installed all packages with gcc in their title via cygwin on my PC along with FLTK and I ran ./configure and ./configure ENTER with no errors but now after running make I received the error: ...

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missing dll files but download has them

I'm trying to install console2 or any other good terminal. I previously tried to install cygwin but I couldn't install mintty because of dll errors. However, under the console2 folder I downloaded, I ...

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boost::asio type conversion errors on cygwin

I'm trying to compile against boost::asio on Cygwin with __USE_W32_SOCKETS enabled. I get the following errors, I don't even think from my code (looks like it's just internal BOOST header stuff). In ...

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python-magic WindowsError: access violation writing 0x00000000

I installed python-magic (0.4.6) on my Win 7 64bit using pip. I then installed cygwin 1.7.33-2 to provide the needed dlls and created a copy of cygmagic-1.dll named magic1.dll (see When I run the ...

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gcc can't find phtread in cygwin

I'm trying to install samtools () on cygwin. I followed the various tricks here and here but looks like my problem is that i can't have a functioning pthread. gcc is installed and works, zlib is ...

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Git post-receive not working on non-bare repo

I'm trying to get a simple Git post-receive hook to work, but it doesn't seem to be running. All I have in it is: #!/bin/sh git checkout -f master Note that this is a non-bare repository (I've set ...

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No access via cygwin to USB connected device (Samsung Galaxy tab II)

In Cygwin, I am used to being able to have access to a USB-connected device via a drive letter. For example, my Droid X2 appeared as E://, so I could do: $ cd E:/<something>/ and get access ...

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EPERM error doing npm link on cygwin xterm

I use cygwin Xwin on Windows 8 with nodejs and I'm trying to npm link packages from my global repository, but I always get the following error $ npm link lodash unbuild lodash@2.1.0 npm ERR! Error: ...

1 answers | yesterday by Mikee on Stack Overflow
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How to (best) configure updatedb in cygwin to search windows shares?

Context: Finding Files Quickly Across the Network A confession. I'm more of a bash/linux developer type than a windows admin. Our deployments have over 80 servers. Recently a software bug required ...

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Where is the cygwin setup.exe binary when installed with the Chocolatey package manager?

I am working on a system automation process which will use Powershell to install Chocolatey to install Cygwin. I would subsequently like to install the prerequisites for apt-cyg, which will allow me ...

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Run commands as administrator from cygwin / mintty [SOLVED]

I am running mintty on cygwin in Windows 7. I have mintty.exe set to always "Run as administrator". I am trying to run cmake from within mintty to build a Visual Studio 11 solution. However, when ...

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Running a python script on a remote machine through ssh

The remote machine has Cygwin installed and I have done $echo "PATH=\$PATH:/cygdrive/c/Python27" >> .bash_profile then, source .bash_profile (after doing this I am able to run a Python script ...

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gcc unable to get file which is passed in include directory argument

I've installed win-builds from on windows at c:\cygwins directory. Now when compiling any elementary or gtk code, gcc is throwing error that it's cannot find the ...

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Python in Cygwin

I would like to know the difference in installing Python, Paramiko packages in Cygwin and Python is already installed in my Windows PC. I have installed Cygwin too (but without Python package) and ...

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gcc error unrecognized command line option '-rdynamic'

I install python inside cygwin, and then I enter 'easy_install uwsgi'. It show error: gcc: 错误:unrecognized command line option ‘-rdynamic’ * error linking uWSGI * error: Setup script exited with 1 I ...

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Android NDK debugging: armeabi-v7a not working

Eclipse / Cygwin NDK 8c Building a shared library I can't get gdbserver to start anymore after switching to armeabi-v7a. I've searched online for hours but can't find a topic that deals ...

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How do I prevent Cygwin's XWin Server automatically starting xterm?

Whenever I start Cygwin's X server using the "XWin Server" link in my Start menu, or by running startxwin from a Cygwin shell, I automatically get an xterm window appearing, which I neither want nor ...

3 answers | 2 days ago by me_and on Super User
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How can I use cygwin without wasting HD space?

I love using Cygwin, but I hate all of the extra disk space it seems to use caching stuff I don't need. What can I delete to keep my installation footprint as small as possible? On a related note, ...

9 answers | 2 days ago by Chris Marasti-Georg on Server Fault
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Can't get SSH public key authentication

I have a notebook and a remote PC based on Windows 7 which have a static IP (for example I want create a ssh-tunnel for my work. So I installed cygwin and share port 2222 for ...

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Msysgit bash is horrendously slow in Windows 7

I love git and use it on OS X pretty much constantly at home. At work, we use svn on Windows, but want to migrate to git as soon as the tools have fully matured (not just TortoiseGit, but also ...

17 answers | 2 days ago by Kevin L. on Stack Overflow
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notify_all_at_thread_exit doesn't exist in Cygwin GCC

When I try to build the following simple test program in 32-bit Cygwin with GCC version 4.9.2, I get an error saying: error: ‘notify_all_at_thread_exit’ is not a member of ‘std’ This makes me ...

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HBase region server cannot connect with master

I have configured HBase- in windows using cygwin from here and hadoop-2.5.1 installed. For running HBase in fully distributed mode following this. I want to run HBase in fully distribute mode ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Kumar on Stack Overflow
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