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Garbled text in msysgit on scrolling

If execute some command which will show plenty of text, the text will be disorder after scroll pages, is there any way to avoid that? I don't want cygwin solution, the color in git bash is more ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Chan on Stack Overflow
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tcl_error in Tkinter when launching python IDLE from Cygwin

I tried to launch IDLE from cygwin and I got the below error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/idle", line 5, in <module> main() File ...

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How to use cygwin mintty for corona output?

I mostly develop in Linux, recently I've started a project that needs Corona SDK though, so I'm forced to use Windows for it. As CMD.exe is a horrendous piece of shtako and I'm very much interested ...

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Cygwin not compiling stod

I'm trying to compile this example code #include <iostream> // std::cout #include <string> // std::string, std::stod int main () { std::string orbits ("365.24 29.53"); ...

1 answers | 9 hours ago by Celeritas on Stack Overflow
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CGAL cmake on cygwin fails

I'm trying to compile CGAL 4.5 on cygwin (windows 7). i have gcc-core, gcc-g++ and gmp installed but when i try to run cmake i get following error: $ cmake . -- The CXX compiler identification is GNU ...

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Slow load time of bash in cygwin

At the moment bash takes about 2 seconds to load. I have ran bash with -x flag and I am seeing the output and it seems as though PATH is being loaded many times in cygwin. The funny thing is I use the ...

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MSYS2 does not source .profile

Using MSYS2, if I run msys2_shell.bat, mintty opens a bash login shell, but ~/.profile does not get sourced. Anyway if I run /bin/bash --login inside mintty, ~/.profile get sourced. Why? The same ...

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Is there a command to clear a Cygwin console?

Is there a command to clear all of the history in a Cygwin console window without losing the .bash_history?

4 answers | yesterday by erikvold on Super User
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Open Cygwin at a specific folder

How can I create a Cygwin shortcut that will open Cygwin at a specific folder? This would avoid me having to type cd /cygdrive/c/Users/Tom/Desktop/ each time I launch Cygwin.

15 answers | yesterday by Randomblue on Stack Overflow
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I have been trying to install sipp [on windows] to test a point-to-point SIP application that I am writing. I installed sipp 3.2 as per instructions given here. I also installed cygwin. I am unable ...

4 answers | yesterday by jeera on Stack Overflow
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Can't push to git bare repository on windows

I am playing with GIT on windows. Installed msysgit (latest version) and seems everything look good. I have created bare repository on my c:/repo folder which I had clone to c:/repoclone/ with ...

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Installing Cygwin C and C++ compilers for NetBeans IDE 7.2

I am very new to Cygwin, C, C++ and NetBeans IDE 7.2. My PC is running MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 OS. I have read the documentation on how to install the Cygwin C C++ compilers. ...

1 answers | yesterday by user1294663 on Super User
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Git showing identical files as changed

Git is showing me an entire file is changed, when I can't seem to figure out the changes. This is cygwin git, but it also happens in msysgit $ git --version git version 2.1.1 $ diff <(git show ...

2 answers

I am having trouble trying to authenticate Google SDK using cygwin

I am trying to install SDK using Cygwin as instructed here after Cygwin is installed I follow the guide and then try to authenticate using the ...

2 answers | yesterday by user320541 on Super User
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KDE-Openbox closes immediately after it opens on Cygwin

I just installed Cygwin a few days ago. Now when I want to explore it, I can't run KDE-Openbox. I haven't tried anything else, except compiling Mplayer which did work. Last time I had Cygwin ...

1 answer

Perforce on Cygwin Prompts for a visible password

When I run the perforce login command in a cygwin shell running inside a mintty terminal emulator, the password prompted by perforce is visible--as I type the characters that make up my password, the ...

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Groovy scripts no longer work under Cygwin?

In older versions of Groovy, I could run Groovy as a shell script under Cygwin, following their own instructions for doing so: $ cat ~/bin/hiworld #!/usr/bin/env groovy println("Hello world") This ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by Tim W on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin gcc/g++ locale versus VS locale

[Main Question] Where does Cygwin get the locale information from for the command: char* cpSettings = setlocale(LC_ALL, ""); [Reason for Question] For the same exact source code, the gcc and g++ ...

21 answers

SSH Private Key Permissions using Git GUI or ssh-keygen are too open

Recently I've been unable to clone or push to github, and I'm trying to find the root cause. This is on windows I have cygwin + git as well as msysgit. Msysgit was installed with the following ...

3 answers

How to use cygwin (or linux command) to rename the files and directories recursively with regular expression

I am using Windows, and trying to use Cygwin to perform this task. I would like to rename the files and directories recursively as following: From: 1010110010\ 1010110010\1010110010.jpg ...

3 answers | 2 days ago by Allen on Super User
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No gcc4 in Cygwin's package list

I had to use NS-2 on Windows. Thus, I've installed Cygwin and downloaded NS-2 source and run ./install then it says Cygwin detected Note: Cygwin install is still considered EXPERIMENTAL Checking ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by songsong on Stack Overflow
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How can I solve make error, “make[1]: I: Command not found”

I tried to compile emacs-24.4 for native Windows with mingw64-x86_64 packages and GNU make in Cygwin x84_64. after finishing the ./configure script, when doing make, I got this: [ -r "src/" ...

2 answers

How to use Console2 with tmux

I am able to start tmux using the mintty terminal included with cygwin. However, when using Console2 (running on 64-bit windows 7 and using C:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe as the shell), I get the following ...

3 answers

Setting PHP variable path for Cygwin

I am having a lot of difficulty routing PHP to cygwin. My goal is simply to run the following PHP test command successfully: php -v I'm currently getting the following error: -bash: php: command ...

1 answer

.dll Loaded but entry-point 'DllRegisterServer' was not found

Missing .dll file, after downloading i placed it in system32 folder then I run command regsvr32 with the name of the DLL. But it gives me an error, now the error is: The module 'cygwin1.dll' was ...

1 answer

Cygwin SSHD resets connection only if called locally

I have a WinXP box (called PETER) with Cygwin installed. This is its version: C:\bin> uname -a CYGWIN_NT-5.1 peter 1.7.24(0.269/5/3) 2013-08-15 11:55 i686 Cygwin I have installed SSHD on it for ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by cxxl on Super User
7 answers

Very simple application fails with “multiple target patterns” from Eclipse

Since I'm more comfortable using Eclipse, I thought I'd try converting my project from Visual Studio. Yesterday I tried a very simple little test. No matter what I try, make fails with "multiple ...

7 answers | Oct 22 at 20:59 by Paul Lammertsma on Stack Overflow
2 answers

how to get the same result of smartindent after :%left and gg=G

I am fairly new using vim, so bear with me if this is a very simple question. The thing is that I have set smartindent in my .vimrc (basically only this one w.r.t. indentation) and it works as I ...

2 answers | Oct 22 at 19:42 by Gery on Stack Overflow
7 answers

Sockets in MinGW

I was just trying to build netcat in MSYS using MinGW and realized that MinGW never really ported all of the BSD socket stuff to Windows (eg sys/socket.h). I know you can use Windows Sockets in ...

7 answers | Oct 22 at 17:59 by User1 on Stack Overflow
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MPI_Init() taking a very long time to run

I have a minimal example of a problem where I am simply starting up 4 processes (on a quad core Intel Core i7 cpu with 8 threads) and for some reason MPI_Init seems to take a very, very long time. ...

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