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Cygwin Terminal - Reading from file

I'm using the Cygwin Terminal and I'm trying to get input from a file. I have a file filled with numbers (decimal numbers), a new number is on each line. The file has positive and negative numbers. ...

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GRUB-mkrescue error in cygwin

I'm trying to make my own OS using tutorial on this site: I installed Binutils, GCC, Grub and Xorriso into Cygwin. Compiler works fine, but when I tried to make bootable iso using ...

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How do I launch/use Cygwin as the shell for TortoiseHg?

In the settings for TortoiseHg, there is an option to select what shell you would like to use. The two defaults listed are, as you might expect, "windows_command_prompt" and "powershell" but I would ...

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cwrsync speed issue (200kBps) - requesting files from CentOS VPS

It has taken a long time for me to get it working properly, but I have recently successfully set up cwrsync on my Windows 10 box to automatically retrieve files from a remote location (CentOS) with ...

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SSH Authentication Failure in source Tree

I have created SSH key (dsa) via Cygwin and placed the public Key in Then clone the repository and pull also work fine via Cygwin. I tried to use the same key with Source Tree. I created ...

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shmget is not working

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/ipc.h> #include <sys/wait.h> #include <sys/shm.h> int main() { ...

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Windows proces hangs with 100% cpu usage

We have an application which seems to hang under high load. It is a command like utility built using cygwin. We fire multiple such commands in parallel which get data from remote servers. They seem to ...

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appcrash when running compiled app

I tried to compile this code myself in MinGW's Msys, the resulted exectable crashes with the following message: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: rawgl.exe ...

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How to install new packages on Cygwin?

I installed the latest version of Cygwin with a number of packages. I soon realised that I need more packages (such as wget, etc) and I couldn't find a way to install the new packages without running ...

5 answers | yesterday by Mulone on Super User
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SSHed cygwin does not mount mapped drives

I have got UNIX machine (eg UNIXMAC) and Windows Machine (ex WINMAC) on my environment On Windows machine (WINMACH) we installed 'cygwin' and mapped 'few network drives' Following works well on ...

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Cygwin Emacs, Windows Everything and ^M

Within a Cygwin Emacs, how is it possible to use Helm (and the fantastic es command-line tool from Everything) to locate files on Windows? I've the thing running easily, except that there are ^M ...

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Makefile not pulling in include dependency

Here's the directory structure for my setup: Matrix │ Makefile │ ├───bin ├───include │ matrix.h │ ├───lib ├───obj ├───rc │ matrix.rc │ └───src matrix.c matrix_mem.c ...

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cd(1) and variables with spaces (cygwin)

I've been having quite an unusual problem. In my .bashrc file, I have set a variable to a path name with spaces in it. I had a feeling this would cause problems, but I played around with setting an ...

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Trouble installing MySQL through Cygwin on Windows 10 “error while loading shared libraries”

I'm running babun(cygwin based) shell on Windows 10, and trying to install MySQL. I've ran: $pact install mysql mysqld Which executed successfully. Now, when running: $mysql_install_db I'm ...

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cygwin's chmod behaves as working, but it does not work

My Cygwin installation is behaving strangely: chmod does not work. [09:45 Administrator@DellIns14 ~] > ls -ls /usr/bin/chmod 64K -rwxr-xr-x 1 Administrator None 38K Feb 6 2012 /usr/bin/chmod ...

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Just open the Cygwin Emacs frame without black terminal window

Having added the Cygwin bin directory to the PATH, I can launch Cygwin Emacs directly from a "Run Command" (Windows + R) window. However, typing emacs-w32 open first a black terminal window and then ...

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Fix Shell PHP with cygwin error

I am a new developer on Windows 7. I tried to install Babun to get my shell to be similar to zsh on mac OS, but I changed my mind and uninstalled it. However, now I'm unable to run my php commands and ...

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How do I prevent my computer screen display to change when I try to bring a cygwin window?

I am a regular cygwin user, but since I added the curl functionality to my cygwin program, everytime I click on the cygwin icone, I get a change of screen color. The first image is what happen when I ...

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Not able to run pybot batch file in cygwin in windows environment

I am running a shell script in cygwin where I am using python robot framework, but in that environment it's not getting 'pybot' as command. $ pybot --version Result- -bash: pybot: command not ...

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Why does maven doesn't deploy when run from bash?

when I execute maven like this (from cygwin): mvn clean deploy -pl cjr-extract-ws -am -Denv=test -DdeployExtractWS=true it does exactly what it needs to do (build the cjr-extract-ws module with ...

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Cygwin Error : tcp_peer_send_blocking: send() to socket

My Cygwin installed on Windows 7 was working properly till I try to install a new package. The package installation failed. Then I keep getting this error every time I want to run my Open MPI program. ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by soulemane moumie on Stack Overflow
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Script to strip sections from ELF binaries

I need to run the following two commands on each file in a directory: A) First Command: readelf -aW A_FILE | grep Machine where A_FILE is the name of a particular file. The output from the first ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Jacko on Stack Overflow
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Change default shell on MSYS2

I want to change MSYS2's default shell from bash to zsh. I've tried chsh - not available in MSYS2. Editing /etc/passwd does nothing. It seems to be ignored. I took a look at the batch scripts in ...

4 answers | 2 days ago by sorbet on Super User
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zsh does not recognize HEAD^

I am using zsh and prezto with cygwin. When I type this git command 'git reset HEAD5', zsh does not found HEAD^. But when I switch to use bash, it works. $ git reset HEAD^ ...

3 answers | 2 days ago by michael on Stack Overflow
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Can I Force XTerm.exe's Default BASH Shell and Other Non-Login Shells in Cygwin to Load ~/.bashrc?

I'm having a problem with Cygwin, specific to XTerm.exe sessions not loading BASH configuration file(s) properly. For starters, my .startxwinrc is: #!/bin/sh xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources xterm ...

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Linking LAPACK library with g++ on cygwin

Background I am trying to find the eigenvalues of a complex matrix by using zgeev routine in LAPACK library. As far as I understand, LAPACK is written for FORTRAN and hence to use it with a C (or ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by user1906035 on Stack Overflow
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Enable native NTFS symbolic links for Cygwin

Recent NTFS and Windows implement symlinks: NTFS junction point can be used as directory symlink since NTFS 3.0 (Windows 2000) using linkd or junction tools. NTFS symbolic link can also be used as ...

4 answers | 2 days ago by olibre on Stack Overflow
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How to pipe binary stdout to a compressed tls connection?

Not so long ago, I could use : cat somefile.txt | openssl s_client -connect server:port -quiet -comp However, this command doesn’t work, even with-ign_eof: $ cat somefile.bmp | openssl s_client ...

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Can Jupyter notebook's bash_kernel be installed in a windows 7 OS

Jupyter Notebook offers bash_kernel. Installation fails in a windows machine as 'pip' couldn't install pexpect 3.3 which is a dependency for bash_kernel along with ipython3. Refer link for steps to ...

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How to compile SIPP with pcap on cygwin64?

I am trying to compile SIPP on cygwin64 on windows 7 64 bit with enabling pcap according to the official sipp documentation here: ...

Apr 28 at 10:38 by takobaba on Super User
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