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Can CygWin 64 bits compile 32 bits sources?

I am trying to compile on CygWin 64 bits the (presumed) 32 bits wake on lan tool here created by Thomas Krennwallner, supposed to compile on Unix and Windows under CygWin. After download I did: ...

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How to configure Cygwin git for two-factor authentication at

I'm a git newbie. I setup an account at with two-factor authentication. I can use it fine with the MINGW32 bash shell, but I'm trying to use it with Cygwin. This is what I get: ...

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installing rvm results in bash: no such file or directory

I have installed cygwin with the latest binaries for bash, curl, etc. Everytime I run the command curl -L | bash -s stable, I get the same result: % Total % Received % Xferd ...

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Sort command included in Cygwin launched by normal Windows promppt don't accept $ operator for tab character

I have installed Cygwin on my machine and I would to know if there exist a way to use full power of sort command also with the normal DOS prompt. I have read this question: Unix Sort with Tab ...

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Cygwin to execute windows shortcut files (.LNK)

I use Cygwin as my cmd replacement on Windows and I am in the process of cleaning up my system PATH variable. I now have a folder containing exe's and shortcuts (.LNK) files which is in PATH ...

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Hadoop: Failed to set permissions of path: \tmp\hadoop-User\mapred\staging\

I am trying to work through this tutorial about hadoop and eclipse: It went fine until the last step "Running Hadoop Project". Here, when I run the project in ...

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How to run cygwin's startxwin from bashrc?

I use cygwin occasionally, where I start a mintty.exe from Windows 7, and then run the following command to start XWindows and an xterm: /bin/run.exe /usr/bin/bash.exe -l -c /usr/bin/startxwin.exe ...

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How to optimize multiple calls to library function (e.g., random.random)?

Say I want to estimate π using a monte-carlo simulation based on sphere volume (code below). Is there a way to optimize the calls to random.random()? $ cat #!/usr/bin/env python """ ...

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How to use Mercurial Pager extension in Cygwin with non-Cygwin Mercurial

I try to use from a Cygwin terminal (or XTerm on Windows too) the Mercurial Pager extension. When using the Mercurial provided by Cygwin (v2.7) it works fine. However, when I use Mercurial installed ...

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compiling Win64 bit library using MingW64 compiled libCurl

I need 64 bit windows library for my 64 bit library. I am not able to find any 64 bit libcurl from the libcurl community. They only provide 64 bit in MingW64 or CygWin. My problem is I dont if I can ...

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UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte when running webkit layouttests

I succeeded Webkit window builds (WinLauncher and DumpRenderTree exe works.) And I'm trying to Webkit layouttests on windows 7 64 bits. $ ./Tools/Scripts/run-webkit-tests --debug ...

2 answers | 15 hours ago by bean lee on Stack Overflow
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Simulate dictionary attack with THC-Hydra

I work as an IT consultant in a High School. Recently, a student was able to gain access to a teacher's account on the school intranet. When questioned, he simply stated that he "hacked" the system ...

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What is the difference between Cygwin and MinGW?

I want to make my C++ project cross platform, and I'm considering using Cygwin/MinGW. But what is the difference between them ? Another question is whether I will be able to run the binary on a ...

14 answers | yesterday by Łukasz Lew on Stack Overflow
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Installing Cygwin on Windows XP without having the admin rights?

Is it possible to install Cygwin on a Windows XP system without having the admin rights?

6 answers | yesterday by Gugussee on Super User
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Curl SSL error in command line of Cygwin

I'm just trying some basic cURL commands in Cygwin. I keep on getting the following error: curl: (35) error:140773F2:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert unexpected message I can force ...

1 answers | yesterday by user2029890 on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin Bad Address

When I open a cygwin console I get the following message: hostname: : Bad address Furthermore when I try to ssh into a server I get this message: gethostname: Bad address Does anyone know what ...

4 answers | yesterday by Joseph Yuhas on Stack Overflow
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Alternative to `pkill` or `pgrep -f` on cygwin?

Suppose I have starting my process like: java -DSOME_STRING -jar foo.jar Then on linux, I can use the following to find or kill this process: pgrep -f SOME_STRING pkill -f SOME_STRING However ...

4 answers | yesterday by toolkit on Unix & Linux
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make error cygwin

I know this question has been asked before, but none of the solutions seem relevant to my problem. I am new to unix shell and I am using cygwin on win64. I downloaded jasper and tried to compile it ...

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postinstall autorebase not running cleanly

I am always getting an error when I add a package to cygwin, for example: Package: Unknown package autorebase.bat exit code 1 /var/log/setup.log.full indicates the problem: 2013/12/02 10:07:57 ...

1 answers | yesterday by acarchau on Stack Overflow
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Configuring msysgit to use putty/plink

Apologies in advance for the basic question - I'm new to git and am sure that I'm missing something super easy that someone could answer very quickly. During the msysgit installation I specified that ...

1 answers | yesterday by rawb on Stack Overflow
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Cannot delete folder in network drive in Windows 7 after using Cygwin

I'm using Windows 7 and have Cygwin installed on it. Using Cygwin, I recently tried to write a new file using Vim within a network drive. When trying to save it, Vim complained the file was read-only ...

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How can I make log4js on cygwin write exactly what I want to file?

I have a node.js project on cygwin, which I test with mocha. My logger is log4js. I have an appender to get log4js to write to file, but I don't know how to get it to write it exactly as I want. ...

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Build or Compile Webkit on Windows7 64bit

I'm trying to just build webkit on windows. As usual I started with webkit site and trying to get developer tools setup. I'm struck basically at the cygwin Installation itself. The cygwin-downloader ...

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Converting 2s compliment to a decimal. Output is double

I have a project and part of the project is to convert a given string of 0s and 1s to a decimal. (So, convert binary to decimal, 2-s and non 2s compliment) However I am running into a weird problem. ...

1 answers | yesterday by user2512806 on Stack Overflow
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no rule to make target, needed by Cygwin

I am using windows 64 and cygwin. I have installed cygwin with ALL the packages and I have all the required packages. I am trying to install a C/fortran library following these instructions. ...

1 answers | yesterday by user3886109 on Stack Overflow
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How do I install git-subtree with Cygwin in Windows 7?

I'm struggling to install git-subtree with Cygwin and there hasn't been any good tutorials online focused on building from source in Windows. Have you ever had this issue, and what is the best ...

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Is it Possible to Delete “C:\cygwin64\usr\share\” Directory, to Decrease The Cygwin Library Size?

I've the Cygwin Packages Library installed om my system (Win7- x64) at location C:\Cygwin64\ . That directory contains over 185.000 Files ! and its size passed the 5GB this week, Knowing that the ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Karim AlHousiny on Stack Overflow
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Git Alias for Message with Argument

I am using msysgit to run Git on a Windows box and I'm interested in establishing an alias for a common task: committing. In our environment, our messages need to follow a certain format: ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Sven Grosen on Stack Overflow
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How do I get PhantomJS / CasperJS working on Cygwin?

I am having trouble getting PhantomJS and CasperJS working within the cygwin environment. I am very new to cygwin. I was able to download both packages for windows and run them via windows cmd. To ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by Teja K on Stack Overflow
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ld cannot find cannot find -luser32 (from Eclipse)

I am trying do CPP development from Eclipse.. I've installed cgywin.. and when try to compile, link any simple Hello World App, I got the following while linking ... ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by Muhammad Hewedy on Stack Overflow
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