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Часть модулей в NS3 не собралась

Я работаю в Windows 7, но волею судьбы должен работать с NS3. Потому я поставил эмулятор Cygwin, в который успешно следуя инструкциям с оф. сайта установил NS3. Правда шесть модулей не смогли ...

1 answers | 35 mins ago by hunter on Stack Overflow на русском
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Using rsync on windows with vagrant running a CoreOS VM

I am using windows 8.1 Pro pc running vagrant and cygwin's rsync. I am configuring as such: config.vm.synced_folder "../sharedFolder", "/vagrant_data", type: "rsync" And when I execute vagrant up ...

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Installation Root (Cern) v6.00.02 with Cygwin

I have installed Root (Cern). Before calling "root" it is necessary starting the X server (by Cygwin, typing "startx"), to allow Root to use Windows. By setup-x86_64.exe I installed Cygwin ...

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How to resolve 'Linker error' (namedpipe example)

I am trying to compile following Client, Server codes from here: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/stat.h> ...

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SSH: Permission Denied in Cygwin, works in Putty

I am trying to SSH into a server, where I do not have root privileges. I don't like using Putty, I prefer Cygwin. I can log into the server using Putty, but using the exact same private key and typing ...

2 answers | 10 hours ago by rshaq on Super User
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mono mkbundle windows

I've used mono mkbundle on cygwin, to compile a dot net app, and it works fine. I used the instructions from here ...

1 answers | 12 hours ago by Smithy on Stack Overflow
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Php Error when running drush in cygwin

in order to manipulate a theme in drupal I had to install Drush in order to make sub-theme. I installed cygwin and followed the tutorial in the link drush installer in cygwin I am getting an error ...

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Ошибка, связанная с Case-sensitive при сборке кросскомпилятора, используя crosstool-ng в Cygwin

Возникает ошибка: $ /opt/ng-crosstool/bin/ct-ng build [INFO ] Performing some trivial sanity checks [ERROR] Your file system in '/forbuild/.build' is *not* case-sensitive! [00:01] / make: *** ...

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Can't read the value from pipe correctly

I am trying to initiate a simple pipe in C (using CygWin and Dev-C++) to pass values between a parent and a single child. Here is the parent code (pipesnd.c): #include <stdio.h> #include ...

2 answers | 22 hours ago by Bababarghi on Stack Overflow
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Starting X with Cywgin

Running latest Cygwin64, Window 10, startxwin gives: winClipboardProc - XOpenDisplay () returned and successfully opened the display. winMultiWindowXMsgProcErrorHandler - ERROR: BadMatch (invalid ...

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cannot compile anything with gcc on cygwin32; missing cygisl-10.dll

I have a problem wit compilation with gcc on 32-bit cygwin. The message is: C:/cygwin/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/4.9.3/cc1plus.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cygisl-10.dll: cannot open ...

1 answers | yesterday by ardabro on Stack Overflow
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How do I use Notepad++ (or other) with msysgit?

How do I use Notepad++ (or any other editor besides vim) with msysgit? I tried all of the following to no avail: git config --global core.editor C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe git config ...

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How to check if cygwin mintty/bash is run as administrator?

Problem Statement: What is the most elegant and robust way to test if Cygwin mintty bash session is "Run as adminstrator"? Why, specifically? I have typically several mintty terminals open when using ...

5 answers | yesterday by FooF on Super User
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'\r': command not found - .bashrc / .bash_profile

I have windows, using Cgywin, trying to set JAVA_HOME permanently through my .bashrc file. .bashrc: export PATH="$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH" export JAVA_HOME=$JAVA_HOME:"/cygdrive/c/Program Files ...

8 answers | yesterday by Jasmine on Stack Overflow
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Scipy installation cygwin64 Windows10 fails at late stage

Installed cygwin64, including Python 2.7, on my new computer running Windows10. Python runs fine, adding modules like matplotlib or bitstream goes fine, but when trying to add scipy the build ...

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Heroku on Cygwin is logging some weird stuff, looks like “mysql --help”

I'm using cygwin and every time I call on heroku, it outputs what looks like the help return of msql twice, then works as normal: Kenneth@Forge ~ $ heroku MySQL Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.41, ...

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format hadoop namenode gives error cygwin

I am trying to install and configure single node hadoop cluster on my pc on cygwin. Cygwin has been properly installed and configured but hadoop configuration is giving me tough time. bin/hadoop ...

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How to compile packages for Cygwin

How is it possible to compile packages for Cygwin? I want to use the second factor authentication for SSH. So I need the packages libpam-otpw and otpw-bin for cygwin. Is is possible to compile these ...

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VIM under Cygwin some characters missing

Just installed vim and vimified plugin set under cygwin. Everything works like a charm except one annoying issue - i can see some special symbols (like new line) and it seems that some characters are ...

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Tool(s) “patch” is(are) missed, please install it(them)

I am using xampp in Windows 8. I want to install magento security patches in local magetno. To run command I have install Cvgdrive but when I run the following command I am getting an error. bash ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Lalit Kaushik on Super User
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Cygwin Gcc error while loading shared libraries?

I have instaled Cygwin after running MinGW for a while now. But when I try to compile the console gives me: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-cygwin/4.9.2/cc1.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ?: ...

5 answers | 2 days ago by CoderGuy on Stack Overflow
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Run bash command in Cygwin from another application

From a windows application written on C++ or python, how can I execute arbitrary shell commands? My installation of Cygwin is normally launched from the following bat file: @echo off C: chdir ...

3 answers | 2 days ago by G-71 on Stack Overflow
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What is the practical benefit of using Mintty via Cygwin Vs. Command Prompt (on Windows)

I have been using Putty for SSH connections and it works great. Now I need to do more local command line development and I found that Putty doesnt do that. Mintty is basically the local version Putty, ...

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compilation on cygwin64 doesn't work with g++ 4.9.2

I have GNU make version 4.0 g++/gcc version 4.9.2 Command make clean works perfectly But when I use command make to compile I got this error ...

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How can I install GnuTLS in MinGW/MSYS?

I've installed MinGW and MSYS on my Windows XP machine and now I want to compile an application which requires the GnuTLS libraries. How do I install that package? I tried mingw-get install ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Daniel Rikowski on Super User
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ConEmu new tab loses cygwin bash profile

I am using ConEmu as a dropdown terminal for windows 7. Rather than cmd, I'm using the cygwin shell. To have ConEmu recognize cygwin, in ConEmu --> Settings --> Startup, I specified my named task to ...

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How do I install cURL on cygwin?

I tried to enable curl on cygwin but it says bash: curl: command not found How do I install curl on cygwin?

14 answers | 2 days ago by Drew LeSueur on Stack Overflow
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chmod causes no change cygwin

I was trying to set up install and configure cygwin on my windows 8.1 . The installation finished error free. I have been through number of tutorials on configuration of ssh and they suggest to change ...

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Why using Mingw64 when you enter a value, it is displayed again in Clion?

Why is it that while using mingw64 when you enter a value, it is displayed again? When using Cygwin it does not. Screen:

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configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables when installing Jasper libraries using cygwin

I am trying to install pygrib on my laptop so that I can access GRIB files. Since I have a Windows computer, I have to use the CYGWIN environment to build the libraries for Jasper, GRIB, OpenJPEG, PNG ...

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