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How to update Cygwin from Cygwin's command line?

To search and download a package missed from Cygwin I need to run setup.exe GUI each time, click many times and do other boring things. Is there a way to do the same from Cygwin's command line ...

5 answers | 1 hour ago by Pavel Vlasov on Super User
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Undefined reference to WinMain in Cygwin

I am trying to compile and having following problem $ gcc errlib.c -o errlib.o /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-cygwin/4.8.2/../../../../lib/libcygwin.a(libcmain.o): In function `main': ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by user3448716 on Stack Overflow
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glewInit() fails with “Missing GL version”, SDL2 OpenGL context, cygwin compiler

The program following, is one that creates a window which does nothing except close when you press esc. When I compile it with cygwin, there are no errors. The GLEW I use is from Cygwin Ports, and the ...

2 answers | 6 hours ago by Winestone on Stack Overflow
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How do i enable syntax highlighting and syntax indentation in msysgit vim?

Am using mysgit for windows, but mysgit vi editor is unable to do syntax highlighting and indentation for my source code (html/python/css .... files) I managed to copy the syntax folder from my ...

3 answers | 8 hours ago by gath on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin git config --global --edit looks in wrong directory

I am having an issue using git under Cygwin. I am able to store values using git config --global <name> This places the config file in the correct directory (cygwin64\home\user) I ...

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cygwin win 8.1 error: find_fast_cwd: WARNING: Couldn't compute FAST_CWD pointer

This error has occurred some time ago, in 2011 From what I have read on this and some other posts, I see that they have written some ugly hack which ...

1 answers | 17 hours ago by DominikDitoIvosevic on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin git push hangs, msysgit okay

I'm behind a proxy, and I'm quite new to git and I'm on Windows XP. I've been able to make a git push origin master work from msysgit but can't make it work in Cygwin with Cygwin's git. I configured ...

2 answers | 20 hours ago by yohann.martineau on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin wraps text back on to the same line, causing text to be overwritten

I have cygwin installed on my Windows 7 box and I have been running into a problem where when I type a command it will occasionally be wrapped back onto the same line, deleting the bash prompt. Here ...

2 answers | 20 hours ago by Vidia on Stack Overflow
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How to add a kernel module on Cygwin?

I would like to add a kernel module on Cygwin, however the modprobe command is not supported by Cygwin and I was unable to find any solution to this. I am interested in this to add Fuse support in ...

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Git showing identical files as changed

Git is showing me an entire file is changed, when I can't seem to figure out the changes. This is cygwin git, but it also happens in msysgit $ git --version git version 2.1.1 $ diff <(git show ...

1 answers | 21 hours ago by user1570690 on Stack Overflow
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usr/bin/env: bad interpreter Permission Denied --> how to change the fstab

I'm using cygwin on windows 7 to run a bash script that activates a python script, and I am getting the following error: myscript.script: /cydrive/c/users/mydrive/folder/ usr/bin/env: bad ...

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Is there any way to run a Windows-based Eclipse with a Linux-based Java SDK?

I want to test my code against the (beta) IBM Java SDK 8.0, which will be a part of IBM Java products in future and support Java SE 8. The beta version is available for download from here, but it's ...

1 answer

Wildcard argument to cygwin utility

Command ls "myfolder" does its job, listing csv files inside the folder. Yet ls "myfolder/*.csv" -> No such file or directory because ls "myfolder/*" -> No such file or directory and ls ...

1 answers | yesterday by Val on Super User
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tar extract into working copy unversions

As part of our build system we generate some .tar files which we extract into a working copy and commit. This has been working fine for some years. (on windows using cygwin tar). Now, for some ...

1 answers | yesterday by user1606413 on Stack Overflow
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Native Symlink Windows 2008 r2 with cygwin

Is it possible for me to create an ssh session on windows which then does some folder/file manipulation and then creates a NATIVE windows symlink. i.e. a symlink that will be recognised by IIS and ...

4 answers

Accessing a cygwin symlink from windows

I am quite new to cygwin. I created a symlink as follows $ ln -s /var/www /cygdrive/d/foo and when I check the D drive via windows, I see a system file called foo. Is there a way to make foo act as ...

4 answers | yesterday by Optimus on Stack Overflow
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Classpath Discrepency with Netbeans Javac

So a bit of background: I have a JAR file, 'project1.jar' that has its classes under its default package. As such, I cannot import the classes from adding it as a library (see my other post: ...

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gcc,cygwin: Unable to find depending library when creating library

Why cannot ld find the library below? gcc -shared -Wl,-soname, -I/home/jocke/development/jstring/../jarray/output -I/home/jocke/development/jstring ...

2 answers

Error installing bcrypt with pip on Cygwin: cant find ffi.h (libffi is installed)

Similar to this question, I'm having trouble installing bcrypt under Cygwin, and receiving this error: Downloading/unpacking bcrypt Downloading bcrypt-1.0.2.tar.gz (40kB): 40kB downloaded Running ...

26 answers

SSL certificate rejected trying to access GitHub over HTTPS behind firewall

I'm stuck behind a firewall so have to use HTTPS to access my GitHub repository. I'm using cygwin 1.7.7 on Windows XP. I've tried setting the remote to ...

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cygwin open current folder from webstorm 9

I have set my shell as cygwin instead of the cmd.exe in Windows 8 using WebStorm 9 IDE. But it opens the console at the default path ~, how can I somehow specify it to open the current IDE root ...

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Which is better CMD or Cygwin for a invoking cl.exe in windows?

I want to compile some C programs in windows by Visual Studio. What should I use to invoke cl.exe, Cygwin or cmd.exe?

1 answer

Copy Paste on Command Line Ubuntu on Virtual Box with Cygwin Terminal

What is a command line tool that enables copy paste text on ubuntu, also Is it possible to paste on Host machine that is copied from a virtual box, on a Cygwin terminal.

1 answer

SSHD on Cygwin: can't connect as “root” from a Linux box

I'm trying to connect a Linux (CentOS 6.5 x64) server and another server, a Windows Server 2008 R2 running Cygwin, and transfer files daily via SSHD from Linux to Windows, and I will use public keys ...

1 answer

lsusb in cygwin environment not working

I have downloaded and installed Cygwin in Windows 8. I connected a USB device and was trying to access it in Cygwin environment. On typing lsusb i am getting below error. It says lsusb command not ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Unicorn on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin : typing characters can't display after popup browser

I want to run activator from play framework( When i type activator, the program will run and popup browser. When i closed or hided the browser, I continue to use cygwin bash ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by drategon on Stack Overflow
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Are there instructions for installing Kivy on cygwin?

I'm failing in running the following hello world on Kivy: import kivy kivy.require('1.7.0') from import App from kivy.uix.button import Label class HelloApp(App): def build(self): ...

1 answer

Script to find files in subdirectories

I need a script that will find and get me all files in all subdirectories (and leave them in the folder structure as they are now). I know how to find and print that files: find . -name ...

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Incorrect behaviour of arrow keys using SBT on Windows 7

I'm using SBT 0.13.6 on Windows 7, and I'm running it using Cygwin (bash shell). I have a problem with the arrow keys: Arrow-up moves the cursor up, whereas I want it to cycle through the command ...

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compiling ncmpcpp with cygwin in windows

So I'm trying to compile ncmpcpp using cygwin. I'm running windows 7, so you can understand the difficulty I'm having. Whenever I ./configure, I get an error message: "checking for main in ...

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