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Installing freetype (pre-requisite for matplotlib) on Cygwin: mission impossible?

I fail to install freetype (a pre-requisite for matplotlib) on Cygwin, eventhough I followed the instructions on freetype2.html, and did all the suggestions - on the first few page worth of results - ...

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Why is the Git Plugin for Jenkins rewriting my local git repo url with extra slashes?

I'm having an issue right now trying to set up a Jenkins job (on one Windows server) to monitor an internal Git repo located on a Gitosis server (on a different Windows server). The url looks like ...

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Cygpath troubleshooting with Jenkins and Windows slave

I have a remote Windows computer with Cygwin 1.7.35 installed on it and we use it as a slave for CI testing with Jenkins. I created a Jenkins job to build a Maven project (after cloning from ...

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How to make GTK work under Cygwin?

I'm trying to make Gtk works under Cygwin/Code Blocks, but I encountered this error: cannot find -lgtk-win32-3.0 The file gtk-win32-3.0.lib is located at C:\gtk\lib But when I try to add ...

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cygwin open current folder from webstorm 9

I have set my shell as cygwin instead of the cmd.exe in Windows 8 using WebStorm 9 IDE. But it opens the console at the default path ~, how can I somehow specify it to open the current IDE root ...

1 answers | 23 hours ago by Vadorequest on Stack Overflow
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CMake convert unix to windows path

I'm trying to convert a unix style MSYS path such as /c/my/path/to/a/folder to a Windows path, or something that CMake would understand, e.g C:/my/path/to/a/folder. I'd like it to work on a path ...

2 answers | yesterday by Lectem on Stack Overflow
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Windows C++ __imp reference error when building

Environment: Windows Server 2012 R2 Eclipse Luna cygwin MinGW I am building a C++ program that queries against Active Directory using LDAP (similar to this MSDN page). I have the following code ...

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How to use the 'at' command on cygwin?

How can we schedule processes using the 'at command on cygwin'? 'The at command has been deprecated on cygwin'is the error I got on trying out the 'at command.' Are there any equivalent commands in ...

1 answers | yesterday by Sanjyot Bakshi on Stack Overflow
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Curl output cookie jar contents to clipboard

I'm using Curl on a site that returns the cookie upon login. In the command line (cygwin) I'd like to output the cookie data to the clipboard. Typically I would use > /dev/clipboard at the ...

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Scrapy installation on cygwin

I'm trying to get Scrapy running on cygwin 2.7 using the command easy_install Scrapy however I'm a warning followed by a gcc error: warning: no files found matching '*.txt' under directory ...

2 answers | yesterday by Drew on Stack Overflow
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Run a Cygwin shell (cygwin.exe) from a JAVA programme and write command line

I am working on windows 7 and I need to run the cygwin shell from a java programm and to write command line from my programm I have tried it with this: String[] mkdir1 = {"export ...

1 answers | yesterday by Anatch on Stack Overflow
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How to make a user dissector in wireshark?

I am using window 8, 64-bit. I follow the steps from wireshark tutorial. I download files from code project. I have installed cygwin but when I try nmake Makefile.nmake, I get -bash: nmake: command ...

1 answers | yesterday by sflee on Stack Overflow
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Modifying wget permissions and download directories on Cygwin

I have Cygwin installed on my Windows 7 64 bit PC and I often download large files using wget. wget, however, saves all files with permissions that forbid me from executing the files when they're ...

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How do I delete a file with invalid characters in Windows 8.1 (not even Cygwin helps)

After a problem I've encountered with the Windows 8 Store I had to delete a system folder. Unfortunately, inside it there's a file with invalid characters (filename as it's displayed via ls or dir): ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Kostas on Super User
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Open and Write in a cygwin shell via a JAVA programm

I am working on Windows 7 and I need to create a program, that will run a Cygwin shell and then write commands into it like cd, ls, make, etc.. I have succeed to run a Cygwin shell (it opens a Cygwin ...

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what's the cygwin/Windows equivalent of Linux' notify-send

Linux has the command notify-send for sending user notifications to the desktop manager. (In many environments, these show up as pop-ups in the corner of the screen, along with low battery warnings ...

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How do I configure ConEmu to run Cygwin Bash?

I created a new task {Bash} passed my home directory /dir "C:\Users\TMB\" and added bash as an application C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe When I open Bash, it is unable to use the basic ...

5 answers | 2 days ago by TMB on Super User
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Unable to auto-config arch from toolchain

I'm trying to configuration toolchain in Cygwin for Android NDK. I use of this tutorial. when I run the following command: ./ --platform=android-9 ...

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OpenMP in FORTRAN does not run expected number of threads

I am new to parallel programming, and am having trouble getting a simple parallel Fortran program to use multiple threads in OpenMP. The following program: Program Hello Use omp_lib ...

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Is it possible to install llvmlite Python package on Cygwin?

When trying to install llvmlite Python package on cygwin, I get the following errors: $ pip install llvmlite Downloading/unpacking llvmlite Downloading llvmlite-0.4.0.tar.gz (69kB): 69kB downloaded ...

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How do I get the 'clear' command in Cygwin?

I installed Cygwin, choosing a fairly minimal set of packages. In a terminal, I tried to do 'clear' to clear the terminal, but I get bash: clear: command not found How do I get this to work?

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Can't find the good Cygwin shell executable

I am working on Windows 7 and I need Cygwin for my project. I am trying to launch the Cygwin terminal from a Java programm and then write command lines but my problem is that I can't find the right ...

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Calling a Windows batch file from a GNUMakeFile

I have a GNUMakeFile (with that name) in a folder, also with a batch file run.bat which writes to standard output. How can I call that batch file from the GNUMakeFile? I've tried @CALL run.bat but ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Slodge Monster on Stack Overflow
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How to run makefile in Cygwin

I am trying to run Makefile in cygwin. Error msg: $ make /cygdrive/d/IoT/trunk/Macchina/TestBed/Makefile make.exe: *** No rule to make target `/cygdrive/d/IoT/trunk/Macchina/TestBed/Makefile'. Stop. ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Rahul galgali on Stack Overflow
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Lauching Cygwin terminal from a JAVA programm

I am working on Windows and I have downloaded cygwin. I want to launch the cygwin terminal from a java programm but I can't find the command so I can launch the terminal and then write line command ...

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Libpcap on Cygwin

I recently installed Cygwin, and while trying to get Reaver onto it I got the following error: pcap library not found!. Although I think Cygwin is a terrifically useful tool, I'm still not used to not ...

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Building and using Log4cplus with CMake

community, I have the following problem with building and using the Log4cplus library with Embarcadero. First, I download the library from, then I ...

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How to use cygstart when using run.exe in Cygwin

I'd prefer to use emacs as a shortcut directly by using run.exe, but when I open it that way, I lose access to cygstart when I try to do things like open web links (etc). Is there some way to get ...

1 answers | Apr 15 at 6:59 by Zach Sheffler on Super User
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How to compile CppUTest in cygwin?

I've taken over a programming project from another programmer. This project uses a lot of unit tests to verify the code which I intend to continue using. I have no prior experience with unit testing ...

2 answers | Apr 15 at 6:39 by Jesper Evertsson on Stack Overflow
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Statically linked, correctly working readline library under windows?

we're developing a c++ software package which depends on the GNU readline library and we usually build using gcc (requiring at least version 4). Now we would like to port this to windows, obtaining a ...

3 answers | Apr 15 at 4:24 by Broes De Cat on Stack Overflow
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