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Difference between return 0 and return 1

My professor posted int main(int argc, char **argv) { // enter code here printf("Test 1: trying odd(3) AND even(2)...\n"); printf("%d\n", odd(3) && even(2)); printf("Test 2: ...

6 answers | 12 hours ago by NewCsStudent432 on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin chmod failing with path, working after cd

Windows 7, 64-bit, Genuine Intel. NTFS. SSD, fwiw. C:\SVN\zFPE610>uname -r 1.7.35(0.287/5/3) If I do a chmod with a path, it says it worked, but doesn't. If I cd into the directory first, it works. ...

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why bash throws unbound variable warning when I declare a local array in function whose name is shadowing a global one?

In this example declaring local variable with different name from that of global scope produces no error but when name is the same as global I get: line 5: !1: unbound variable code: set -u ...

1 answers | yesterday by rsk82 on Stack Overflow
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Git Extensions: Win32 error 487: Couldn't reserve space for cygwin's heap, Win32 error 0

Git Extensions: Everything was working fine until yesterday. But suddenly I am get this error when I try to pull some repositories using git extensions C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe pull ...

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How to move files to hdfs in hadoop using unix command

I have 2 directories "dft" and "hdfs" in the unpacked Hadoop folder. I am trying to copy the file(StartUnit.txt) in dft into hdfs. The corresponding command and exception are as shown below ...

2 answers | yesterday by Shreyuth on Super User
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Windows PATH variable not imported into Cygwin

I wanted to add a new directory to my path. I of course could do this by adding an export for my .bash_profile, but I'd rather have it done using the Windows environment variable., so that it will be ...

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glib errors on cygwin

I want to compile and install geany text editor in Windows 7 by using cygwin. I follow the usual way to compile and install C source: ./configure make make install the configure script was ...

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Android NDK compilation gives undefined reference for c++ files

I am facing a weird problem related to android ndk compilation when I put .cpp file in . This gives undefined errors : LOCAL_PATH:= $(call my-dir) include $(CLEAR_VARS) LOCAL_ARM_MODE ...

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Unable to add files with name containing tilde, '~' followed by a number

The folder consists of files with filenames like abc~1, 123~1, a1d2~3. When I do git add --all it says, $ git add --all error: Invalid path 'abc~1.png' error: unable to add abc~1.png to index fatal: ...

1 answers | yesterday by Saby on Stack Overflow
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apt-cyg install return md5sum error

Since the last time I reinstall windows, and then cygwin, apt-cyg stops working. It keeps telling me "md5sum: standard input: no properly formatted MD5 checksum lines found". What could cause the ...

1 answers | yesterday by Chong on Super User
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how to export a varchar2 from oracledb containing special characters and process it from bash

I want to export data from an oracledb and then process with a bash script. However the output may contain special characters (like new-line, etc) which makes it hard to process the plain file. So I ...

1 answers | yesterday by Sébastien F on Stack Overflow
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Git - How to fix “corrupted” interactive rebase?

I managed to create a little mess in my local git repository. I was trying to fix a broken commit by using the following instructions. Before running the "git commit --amend" (and after the git rebase ...

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How do I configure cygwin cyg-get mirror sites?

I installed cygwin via Chocolatey on Windows, got cyg-get package manager along with it to install packages. Now that I want to install to packages like openssh, rsync. These are not getting ...

1 answers | yesterday by Monk789 on Stack Overflow
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Launch failed. Binary not found. Why?

I am on Windows 7 32 bit using Eclipse Juno. I have installed the CDT plugin. I have also installed Cygwin and the necessary files from packages like gdb, gcc, gawk, make etc. I still get a Binary ...

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What packages should I install with Cygwin to make it not bloated but also have everything I would need as a developer?

Normally, I run Linux in a VM, however, most of my VMs are on an external HDD and I might or might not have one with me. I figure Cygwin would be a good alternative for lightweight functionality when ...

3 answers | yesterday by Thomas Owens on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin automatic script launch

Im trying to automatically run a script using Cygwin via CMD. I basically created a BAT file that goes to the directory and executes an .SH file. SH files are accosiated with Cygwin, and I tried ...

3 answers | 2 days ago by Bombillazo on Stack Overflow
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warning: ft_render: unable to set font size to 10 in Octave

I'm a new user of Octave. I tend to run some matlab files in Octave in cygwin. It's quite useful,but it always show me that : "warning: ft_render: unable to set font size to 10" . I don't know ...

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java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactory

I install Hadoop-0.20.2 in windows using cygwin. If i run $ bin/hadoop version Hadoop 0.20.2 Subversion -r 911707 Compiled by ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Siddhu on Stack Overflow
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SSH Password/User problem with Cygwin sshd service

hello I just set up SSHd through Cygwin on a Windows XP Pro box overseas using a RAT and discluded the openssh package from the install. I ran the cywin shell (from c:\cywin) and ran Now, It's under a ...

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Is it possible to substitute a number using sed matching multiple regexp?

I'm trying to replace a number in a file using sed. This number can be found using \b<NUMBER>\b. However, there are comments in the file I'm parsing that sometimes have the same number and I ...

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Codesourcery toolchain under Win7/cygwin can't find some files

I have searched this but the questions I found are about getting the toolchain to work, my problem is that it works on all but a few directories. Also I am not building Linux. I am trying to move a ...

2 answers | 2 days ago by ilnadi on Stack Overflow
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Babun pact checksum error

I am trying to setup babun following the official website, but when I try to install a package, I constantly get a checksum error. Additional info : babun check is OK I tried to use another ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Harijoe on Stack Overflow
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Converting .out file into .dll in cygwin command line

We have built our project into a .out file using cygwin. We have to call functions from that project using python script. For that we need .dll file. Is there any way or command to convert a .out ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by Manikandan A on Stack Overflow
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git svn fetch/rebase error: unable to remap msys-ssl-0.9.8.dll to same address as parent — 0x678F0000

I recently started getting following git error on 'git svn fetch' or 'git svn rebase' and other local git commands are working fine Following is the detailed error message: C:\Git\bin\perl.exe: ** ...

5 answers | 2 days ago by Hemant on Stack Overflow
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adb shell auto-complete under Windows 7

Regarding this post: adb shell auto-complete under Windows 7? The owner's answer is: "Solved this problem by recompiling adb under cygwin. :)" Unfortunately I can't send comments asking him how did ...

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“cannot create hard link X to Y: Operation not permitted” on ext2 drive from cygwin cp -al

/cygdrive/d/ is a USB hard disk formatted as ext2 and mounted with ext2fsd. When I try cp -al /cygdrive/d/X /cygdrive/d/Y where X is a file, I get the error in the title. Things I've Tried/Verified ...

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How do I force git to use LF instead of CR+LF under windows?

I want to force git to checkout files under Windows using just LF not CR+LF. I checked the two configuration options but I was not able to find the right combination of settings. I want it to convert ...

5 answers | 2 days ago by sorin on Stack Overflow
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.dll Loaded but entry-point 'DllRegisterServer' was not found

Missing .dll file, after downloading i placed it in system32 folder then I run command regsvr32 with the name of the DLL. But it gives me an error, now the error is: The module 'cygwin1.dll' was ...

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Why “jobs -p | kill -n 15” doesn't work?

I'm very new to Linux. And as a matter of fact I use Cygwin now and not Linux itself. I'm trying to install RVM (Ruby Version Manager). I was doing rm -r ./.rvm -i command. I wanted to remove .rvm ...

4 answers | Mar 25 at 21:47 by Green on Server Fault
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cron send STDOUT or logfile by mail only when STDERR is not blank

I've seen many questions about only emailing STDERR, but that's not quite what I want. When STDERR is not blank, I would like both STDOUT and STDERR to be sent to me, or, alternatively, the contents ...

1 answers | Mar 25 at 19:26 by Kev on Stack Overflow
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