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Installing SDL in cygwin

I have Cygwin, setup version 2.8473, 64-bit. I've installed gcc-g++. I am trying to install SDL2, trying both SDL2-2.0.3 and SDL2-2.0.4. I'll talk about the problems with 2.0.3, since that's the ...

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■環境 ・Windows(Cygwin) ・Ruby 2.2.3 ・sqlite3 某サイトのスクレイピングを行い、更新チェックのスクリプトを作成しております。 "< dt >" のタイトルと "< dd >"のコンテンツをそれぞれ別個にデータベースへ保存したいのですが、階層が一緒なためタイトル1とcontent 1に全部保存されてしまいます。 これを ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by Joe Togo on スタック・オーバーフロー
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Cygwin ssh server is not accepting connections

I've just set up an SSH server (OpenSSH) on a Windows 7 machine using cygwin and I'm trying to connect to it using PuTTY on a Windows Vista machine but I keep getting Connection timed out. I've ...

4 answers | 9 hours ago by Surma on Super User
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Building GMP library on Windows

I've builded gmp as shared library using msys, also created lib using VS utilites. But I've noticed, that there is no mpf_cmp_z declaration in automatic created header gmp.h. In gmpxx.h this function ...

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eclipse cdt cygwin gdb stackdump is not a core dump File format not recognized

I tried below commmand after running my application in debug mode on eclipse cdt and which gave a segmentation with generating file TestC++.exe.stackdump gdb ./Debug/TestC++.exe ...

1 answers | 17 hours ago by user2713375 on Stack Overflow
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Syntax error =~ operator in msysgit bash

I'm trying to add a function to my bash_profile for msysgit: function git-unpushed { brinfo=$(git branch -v | grep git-branch-name) if [[ $brinfo =~ ("[ahead "([[:digit:]]*)]) ]] then ...

4 answers | 17 hours ago by Aaron Blenkush on Stack Overflow
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'libiconv is missing' error when installing nokogiri gem on cygwin

I'm trying to install the nokogiri gem on Windows in Cygwin, and am getting the error: gem install nokogiri -v '' libiconv is missing. please visit ...

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Git ssl error on windows

I keep getting the following error when attempting to clone a git repository using ssl on windows: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed The ssl ...

5 answers | yesterday by Jimit on Stack Overflow
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Qt Creator Deploy to Remote Linux Target (Raspberry Pi)

I'm setting up the environment so that I can build Raspberry Pi apps in Windows 7. Until now compiling is fine and deploy is also (almost) fine. The thing is that I need another SSH connection to the ...

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git what's the recommended way to update from old 32bit version to new 64 bit version in windows

I want to update my git version from 32bit (v 1.9.5) to the latest version (2.6.3) I downloaded a 64bit version. Should I stick with 32bit? As I see it I could uninstall the old version by removing ...

1 answers | yesterday by Loopo on Super User
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Cygwin in cmd not working

I need to run cygwin commands from my cmd.exe. I installed cygwin to my C partition, I have added the C:\cygwin\bin to path in environment variables. I have tried restarting cmd, rebooting computer ...

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How to intall Rsubread, Edge R and limma packages in R in Cygwin?

I'm new to Cygwin and want to install three packages called Rsubread EdgeR and limma in R in Cygwin. I typed R in Cygwin console and once in the R environment, then I installed the packages as: ...

yesterday by hamid on Super User
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How do I get the 'clear' command in Cygwin?

I installed Cygwin, choosing a fairly minimal set of packages. In a terminal, I tried to do 'clear' to clear the terminal, but I get bash: clear: command not found How do I get this to work?

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Accessing parallel ports in Cygwin?

Is Cygwin able to access parallel ports, if so how? I would actually be using a USB To RS232 TTL, not a physical parallel port. But Windows see's it as a parallel port so I don't think it matters ...

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Vagrant up gives 'cygpath' Vagrant was not found in path

I've installed Vagrant, Vagrant init worked fine. When I now run Vagrant up I get this error: The executable 'cygpath' Vagrant is trying to run was not found in the %PATH% variable. This is an error. ...

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Why does git diff on Windows warn that the “terminal is not fully functional”?

I'm using msysgit on Windows. I get an error when using git diff. What is causing this? Is there no diff tool included in msysgit? What should I do? WARNING: terminal is not fully ...

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g++ curly quotes displayed incorrectly in console and “Problems” list

Recently, I switched from Visual Studio to Eclipse CDT. I've set it up beautifully such that the G++ compiler from my Cygwin installation can locate and compile my code without ado. There is a minor ...

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can somebody explain this line to me please?

(windows user/windows 10) I need to be able to open sublime the text editor from Cygwin , I was following this tutorial : and it didn't work for me, when I ...

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error: “the procedure entry point..” when running exe after compiling with gcc / cygwin

I am learning c and I am using code::block I have wrote this code "from ansi c book" #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> float convertToCelsius(float f); int main() { int start ...

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ANSI Escape Sequences Fail in Cygwin

I am trying to create a 'drop down menu' for a CLI program using ANSI escape sequences in Python 2.7.2. I use ANSI escape sequences to change the 'options' to red and display them below the input ...

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postinstall autorebase not running cleanly

I am always getting an error when I add a package to cygwin, for example: Package: Unknown package autorebase.bat exit code 1 /var/log/setup.log.full indicates the problem: 2013/12/02 10:07:57 ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by acarchau on Stack Overflow
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Trouble compiling praat on Windows with cygwin - internal compiler error

I'm attempting to compile Praat ( with Cygwin. I tried following the instructions on the GitHub page ( When I run 'make', several files ...

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How to use cygwin bash in Android Studio terminal and start it at project directory?

From this blog post, you can set the Android Studio Terminal to cygwin/bash under Settings -> Tools -> Terminal -> Shell path. However, the new terminal will start at your home directory ...

1 answers | Nov 25 at 0:24 by Sungam on Stack Overflow
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How to build hsdis.dll for Windows 32-bit?

I am trying to build hsdis.dll in my laptop 32-bit Windows. I read instructions and got to know that I will have to follow those steps. I saw that I have to use ...

Nov 24 at 20:35 by sdafad on Stack Overflow
4 answers

sudo command not found on Cygwin

I am currently trying to install and update a few packages on a Windows OS. The only matter is that I am using Cygwin in order to type the commands through a terminal (as I'm aware, I can type in ...

4 answers | Nov 24 at 16:05 by Adam on Stack Overflow
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Execute commands on new terminal on cygwin

I am trying to execute a script on cygwin terminal.I want to start a new terminal, close the existing one and run the rest of commands present in the script on new terminal. I have included the ...

1 answers | Nov 24 at 10:29 by happymind113 on Stack Overflow
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Error while executing sed command

I am trying to execute script with commands: sed -i "USER/c\export USER=${signumid}" .bashrc sed -i "DEVENVHOME=$/c\export DEVENVHOME=${DEVENVHOME:-/home/${signumid}/CPM_WORKAREA/devenv.x}" .bashrc   ...

1 answers | Nov 24 at 7:09 by happymind113 on Stack Overflow
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yaffs2utils compile error in cygwin

I am trying to make yaffs2utils in cygwin and I have error below: gcc -I. -I./yaffs2 -O2 -Wall -Wshadow -Winline -Wpointer-arith -Wnested-externs -Wwrite-strings -Wstrict-prototypes ...

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usr/bin/env: bad interpreter Permission Denied --> how to change the fstab

I'm using cygwin on windows 7 to run a bash script that activates a python script, and I am getting the following error: myscript.script: /cydrive/c/users/mydrive/folder/ usr/bin/env: bad ...

5 answers | Nov 24 at 3:49 by Hatmaker on Stack Overflow
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Clearing the screen in C using Cygwin

I have attempted several approaches to clearing the screen in C, under Cygwin. system("cls") and system("clear") don't work when the application is running, giving errors that say in effect, "that ...

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