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Git commit on Windows (Cygwin) is broken.

I've got a Cygwin install on Windows 7. Git was working great up until a few days ago, when commits just stopped working. Here's a log of a brand new repo: wt@CO /cygdrive/u/Projects $ mkdir Temp …

3 answers | 2 hours ago by Weston on Stack Overflow
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Error compiling cython in cygwin

Trying to install cython in cygwin (windows machine)...keep getting a gcc error. $ python install running install running bdist_egg running egg_info writing Cython.egg-info/PKG-INFO ...

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SFTP into Google Compute Engine from windows 7 Client (Solved)

I am trying to SFTP, a Debian-7-Wheezy-V20140807 Instance on google compute engine from windows 7, 64 Bit Client Finally my problem got solved using this Accessing FTP on Google Compute Engine …

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How to run make from Cygwin environment?

I am trying to run linux driver on linux environment .. Following instruction to run winkvm .. stuck on point run make command using cygwin environment .. like Building original KVM drivers using …

1 answers | 4 hours ago by user2593158 on Stack Overflow
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ping command not working in Cygwin

I am trying to use the terminal on a Windows machine and so I have installed Cygwin. When I try to test if Cygwin works using ping, it gives me an error. $ ping -bash: ping: command not …

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git on cygwin - pushing has to be done 3 times in a row

I have a cygwin and git that comes with it (1.7.9). I have a repository, which is on network shared drive (r:/). All of my colleagues uses git with windows (and repo has been created with windows MSYS …

1 answers | 10 hours ago by Radek Bart Bartman on Stack Overflow
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Extract a particular version file from Git repository

Is it possible to pull out a specific version of a file from a Git repository to an external folder location? I have a few excel (binary) files in y Git repo. I want to pull out specific version of …

3 answers | 11 hours ago by Ayusman on Stack Overflow
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failed to build hello world application in android ndk using cygwin terminal

I am new to Android NDK and i am trying to run hello world app on emulator/ android device(v4.0). I am getting following error while executing ndk-build command $ ndk-build [arm64-v8a] Compile …

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How can I keep my gpg private key on removable media in Windows?

I use GPG through Cygwin on Windows. I don't want to store my key on my laptop as a convenient file for a casual tech-savvy thief to grab if they steal the machine, so I'd like to keep it on a USB ...

1 answers | 20 hours ago by Archeus on Super User
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Pushbullet on python throws import error due to python-magic unable to find libmagic?

I'm trying to use which uses python-magic which in turn uses libmagic. I have followed the dependencies instructions and installed Cygwin and copied the three files to system32 but ...

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Gitolite on Windows - cloning stuck

I have installed gitolite on windows server using cygwin, installation steps went without problems and when I try to "ssh gitadmin@gitserver info" from local machine(windows) I get the correct ...

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Unknown Eclipse Errors using gfortran, Cygwin

Using Windows 7 64 bit. I've followed these instructions for installing Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers and Cygwin, the latter because I want gfortran to compile Fortran code. At 18:20 …

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How to use git-extras on windows(PortableGit)

the project : how to use it on windows(PortableGit)

2 answers | yesterday by Dozer on Stack Overflow
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Installing some files into /usr/share/ with cygport (Cygwin packaging utility)

I've been doing some hacking on mintty to get it to support themes. The repo is here My code changes are complete, but I cannot get the packaging using cygport …

1 answers | yesterday by Philip Daniels on Stack Overflow
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Netbeans build suddenly unsuccesful using cygwin compiler

I am a beginner to learning C++ and have had a lot of issues getting my compiler to work and my program to build successfully. I started with using MinGW though had no success. After converting to ...

2 answers

Cygwin can't find files in shell script

I am running a shell script in Cygwin, and the files in the shell script aren't showing up, even though they are definitely in the same directory as the shell script. Cygwin command: $ bash `cygpath …

2 answers | yesterday by dmr on Stack Overflow
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Cygwin: Relocation truncated to fit R_X86_64_32S against '.data'

I was recently trying to compile the "Find a Maximum Value" program from the book "Programming from the Ground Up". Since I'm using Windows, I compile the assembly file with Cygwin. However, I get the …

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Cygwin can't execute shell script

I am trying to execute a .sh file with Cygwin on Windows 7, and I'm getting an error cannot execute binary file. Here is what I wrote in the Cygwin command prompt window: $ bash cygpath --unix ...

1 answers | 2 days ago by dmr on Stack Overflow
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Install valgrind for android, C compiler doesn't work

I'm trying to configure valgrind for android on Windows 7. I'm using guide from this site, but there is a problem with C compiler while configure. I'm using cygwin. Error: configure:3531: error: in …

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Setting up SSH/Git on Cygwin yields “Bad permissions on ~/.ssh/config”

I'm attempting to setup Git with OpenSSH under Cygwin. I almost got everything setup. I have the agent and public key and all that.. but now I get this really weird error: $ git pull -u origin master …

4 answers | 2 days ago by Earlz on Super User
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Python 3.4 command not found

I'm trying to do a doctest, I used the cd command in cygwin to navigate to where my .py file is located and then entered this command: python3 -m doctest and I get this error in return: …

1 answers | Aug 24 at 19:00 by BunkerHer on Stack Overflow
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Set up Cygwin with Python executables

I have a Windows 8 laptop on which I have used Python for some time. I have both 3.3 and 2.7 installed, along with several libraries. I recently installed Cygwin, and am enjoying it immensely. I ...

1 answers | Aug 24 at 18:46 by Matthew on Super User
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cygwin fork error

I have set up a new PC and installed cygwin on it. Its windows 7 pro. Whenever I try to build our application on it, I get the following error: 0 [main] sh 3472 child_info_fork::abort: can't commit …

1 answers | Aug 24 at 13:16 by Techie Help on Super User
1 answer

How do I run bash shell scripts in cygwin?

I have a file called butcher and at the top of this file I put #!/bin/bash. The I changed permissions like so chmod 777 butcher. however when I try to run the script by typing butcher, I get this ...

1 answers | Aug 24 at 0:03 by Ryan Alcorn on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Delete files from a specific folder in C

I'm trying to delete files from a specifc folder. My deleteFile() function only deletes on its home folder, not on /tmp folder which is what I need. I tried the same approach as my displayDIR() ...

1 answers | Aug 23 at 21:42 by user3335344 on Stack Overflow
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Is it possible to re-order Cygwin tabs in Conemu

I can re-order 'cmd' tabs in Conemu ( as per Is that possible to reorder tabs in ConEmu?), but the WinAltLeft and WinAltRight shortcuts do not work if the tab has a Cygwin shell in it. I have tried …

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java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.InstantiationException running mapreduce code on eclipse using cygwin

Hi I am running mapreduce code on eclipse using Cygwin. I am able to successfully run wordcount program in this environment. But for my new code I am getting below exception. My program does not have …

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.dll Loaded but entry-point 'DllRegisterServer' was not found

Missing .dll file, after downloading i placed it in system32 folder then I run command regsvr32 with the name of the DLL. But it gives me an error, now the error is: The module 'cygwin1.dll' was ...

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Can't vagrant install a plugin: gem dependency fails despite being installed

I am attempting to install the vagrant-vbguest plugin in Windows 7 from within cygwin 64. $ vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest Installing the 'vagrant-vbguest' plugin. This can take a few ...

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How can I run something as Administrator via Cygwin's SSH?

I'm trying to connect to a remote Windows 7 box that needs a setup change or two. I've got access to an Administrator account via Cygwin's SSH server, but Cygwin won't let me run ...

5 answers | Aug 22 at 15:08 by ZorbaTHut on Super User
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