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Why are we not using multiple ciphers per message?

I am aware of at least RSA, El Gamal, and variations of ECC all relying on different problems and that those problems are considered hard. However, if someone figures out a way to break this ...

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Verify signature on a file nodejs

I don't understand why verify always returns false for me... running openssl will return that everything is just dandy $ openssl dgst -md5 -verify -signature signature message.txt Verified …

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Public-key cryptography - guessing encrypted data that decrypts to character string

How difficult would it be to make up data that when decrypted using a public RSA key (1024 bits) resulted in any character string? Background: I plan to use the email addresses of customers encrypted …

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3DES Decryption Sometimes Different

I'm having a problem using the CCCrypt function to simply encrypt/decrypt a chunk of data. My platform is iOS 8 in Xcode 6. What I'm doing is, I convert a test string to NSData format and pass it …

1 answers | asked 2 hours ago by Brandon Mantzey on Stack Overflow
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How to RSA encrypt with an .RSA file in Java

I'm trying to use the public key from an APK file for encryption. The file type is .RSA and I'm having difficulty using it to encrypt: X509EncodedKeySpec keySpec = new ...

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How do I use the SSLEngine methods wrap & unwrap with application data?

I'm using SSL with NIO in Java with a simple client/server proof-of-concept app. I've got the handshake up & running just fine, but trying to encrypt & decrypt application data after is ...

1 answers | asked 3 hours ago by Michael on Stack Overflow
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Generate RSA PKCS#1 with passphrase in Javascript

I'm using PHP and securelib RSA so can I not use the password_* functions of PHP. Instead I log the user in with RSA keys. Both public and private key will be stored at the server, but the private one …

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Is there any way to get the results of a PromiseList if it times out

I have a PromiseList in Grails that has a list of promises. If I request the value with a time out value, will I still get the results, of the non-timed out futures, if the timeout stopped the promise …

1 answers | asked 5 hours ago by monksy on Stack Overflow
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How Can I get IntelliJ to check for _ or __ at the end of Javadoc URLS when it can't find them?

I'm trying to add Javadocs to IntelliJ for CIS-Client-11g. From what I can tell Oracle doesn't offer the javadoc jar file as a download. The actual documentation is online though here: ...

1 answers | asked 5 hours ago by Raystorm on Stack Overflow
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Compiling Class files in Java has been confusing

I have three .java files,, and public class A { public static void main(String[] args) { A a = new A(); B b = new B(); a.display(); …

2 answers | asked 5 hours ago by Aditya on Stack Overflow
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set javadoc to print where a method is called?

Im deconstructing a project. Is there a way to tell javadoc to print a listing of where a method is called? Meaning in its description of a method, you have the normal javadoc stuff, but is there a …

1 answers | asked 6 hours ago by scphantm on Stack Overflow
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Modify javac in ant

I want to use a new javac compiler with ant. I would like to modify build-impl.xml to do that. Previously I modified build.xml, such as: <target name="compile"> <javac ...

asked 7 hours ago by smc on Stack Overflow
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Circumflex in TexMaker

To write a circumflex "^" anywhere in my system, I am used to push the button ^ twice on my keyboard. Another way to do it is ^+Space, but I find it less convenient. In TexMaker, ^+Space works, but …

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Modular polynomials for elliptic curves point counting

The Schoof-Elkies-Atkin (SEA) algorithm (for counting points on elliptic curves over a finite field) performs computations over polynomials modulo some modular polynomials. Originally the "classical" …

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“Coverting a byte array into a Hex string” shows error

I am trying to calculate the message authentication code(MAC). Now at the very end, when I try to display the MAC by converting it from the byte array, it shows error in that line. This is what I …

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What's the difference between MANIFEST.MF and CER.SF?

I'm trying to perform a checksum of an apk. If I perform the checksum on a given file inside the apk, the value equals the one that's listed in MANIFEST.MF. What do the values inside the CERT.SF ...

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How to manually output publishing content from a variable

When using the Publish feature of MATLAB, it typically publishes only what comes after the % signs or the function output. However, is there any command to take a variable and splice its value into …

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Inaccurate hamming distance of two strings in binary

I'm trying to calculate the hamming distance between two strings in binary. However i'm not getting the expected output which is 37. Instead i get 33. Can someone explain to me the mistake i'm making …

1 answers | asked 10 hours ago by Utkarsh.K on Stack Overflow
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How do you interpret the p-values from the Dieharder testsuite to evaluate an RNG?

#=============================================================================# # dieharder version 3.31.1 Copyright 2003 Robert G. Brown # ...

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How do I securely handle and zero key material buffers on the JVM?

I'm writing software for the JVM (in Clojure) that performs a cryptographic operation. Specifically, given a secret input, secret key, non-secret salt, non-secret personalization, it uses BLAKE2 to …

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Any weakness when sha256'ing output of sha256, repeatedly?

Is it significantly easier to reverse a sha256 hash if you know that the input was a 32 byte output of sha256? I assume for most outputs of sha256 there will be zero, one or two possible 32 byte ...

2 answers | asked 12 hours ago by chrisdew on Cryptography
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Unmixing of gases: What is the relevant temperature for my Entropy?

This answer to a question about unmixing gases states: However, let us now assume we have to hand a source of mechanical work, and a large heat reservoir at temperature $T$. I'll assume that …

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Homomorphic encryption based on XOR

Consider the values a and b are encrypted as c1=(a XOR D )and c2=(b XOR D), my question is that can we derive b+a from any combination of c1 and c2 ? Note: (1) I admit that the D should have not been …

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Gain key and iv from plaintext and ciphertext?

If somebody knows plainText(original text), cipherText(encrypted text) and algorithm name, can he/she gain Key and IV? If algorithms are different in this case assume AES encryption algorithm.

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Compiling a latex document from PHP

I want to use the shell_exec command to compile a very simple latex file in order to generate a report of sorts in the webpage. I move to the folder where I created the tex file. If I issue the ...

1 answers | asked 12 hours ago by user792589 on Stack Overflow
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How to encrypt a specific image by its location without opening dialog box?

This is the simple program i'm using to encryption and decryption an image. But i don't want to click on button and encrypt or decrypt the specific image. I want to use it in form_load and ...

2 answers | asked 14 hours ago by BuschJoe on Stack Overflow
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What is the order of creating and destroying main class and its superclass

Given that execution starts from main method how can super-class instance be created before main class instance and if given that super class must be initialized first before main class, will the ...

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Encrypt private key with java code

i have generate a private key with java code and a save it so: KeyPair keys; try { keys = KeyTools.genKeys("2048", AlgorithmConstants.KEYALGORITHM_RSA); //SAVE PRIVKEY ...

1 answers | asked 15 hours ago by luca on Stack Overflow
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Key Wrapping with RC4 Key

Does anyone know what standard used by Microsoft to apply key wrapping using RC4? There are standards for key wrapping using DES, AES, RC2 however I could not find any standard for RC4.

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How to add image link in a form using this encrypt code?

How can this code supposed to do converting an image here? how can i define image from folder which is there in bin folder "ch/1.jpg" Can any one help me to solve this? i have 20 pictures and 20 ...

1 answers | asked 16 hours ago by BuschJoe on Stack Overflow
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