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javadoc: how to add product name and logo?

In the JDK javadoc, on the left panel above all-classes, there is a product name like: Java™ Platform Standard Ed. 7 It is also in the header and footer of every page. How to add product name in ...

1 answers | asked 53 mins ago by Dave on Stack Overflow
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TCP protocol instead of SSL/TLS in Wireshark

I am trying to use .NET implementation of SslStream by this tutorial. I did everything like in this article, but I have some question. I downloaded RawCap and captured packets from the localhost, ...

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How obvious is it to decrypt numerics encrypted with a reused one time pad?

For instance say you encrypt text using the one time pad and you end up with some scrambled text that appears illegible. If you reused the key for multiple times for enough text, someone could ...

1 answers | asked 6 hours ago by erotavlas on Cryptography
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Decrypt PHP openssl_seal in BASH

I am trying to decrypt some data encrypted via PHP openssl_seal. There don't seem to be any examples involving bash on the net (spent a while researching the matter), so I think this post will help ...

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Modular arithmetic and semi elgamal encryption

I'm implementing a semi ELGamal cryptosystem(from a research paper) function that has been used in PVSS. Unfortunately, I fail to decrypt as it has been described in the algorithm. Here is the ...

1 answers | asked 7 hours ago by mersad00 on Stack Overflow
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Add markers and hyperlinks for citations in pandoc

I put references in a yaml metadata-header: references: - id: fenner2012a title: One-click science marketing author: - family: Fenner given: Martin ... (described here: ...

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Segmentation fault when trying to use EVP functions in OpenSSL

I am trying to do public encryption with OpenSSL using RSA and its high-level envelope functions. However I cannot seem to get my head around them and I'm getting a segmentation fault. This condensed ...

1 answers | asked 8 hours ago by user3586173 on Stack Overflow
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Data imputation using cross entropy iterative procedure in R

I am trying to impute county business employment data in R using a cross-entropy method described on this poster: ...

asked 9 hours ago by Chris on Stack Overflow
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How do I add a note or text in addition to the caption to a knitr figure for latex output?

I am using knitr to write my thesis and compiling it as a latex document. I have successfully included figures with the appropriately labeled caption; however, in addition to the caption I would like ...

asked 10 hours ago by ssaltamon on Stack Overflow
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How do I use MS-XCEP and MS-WSTEP in .NET or javascript to get a certificate from AD CS?

Active Directory Certificate Services offers a web service that implements MS-XCEP and MS-WSTEP for non-domain connected computers to submit a certificate request. This certificate can be used for ...

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How do you convert an unencrypted PEM file to an encryped format

I have an unencrypted PEM file I want to secure by requiring a passphrase to unlock (to prevent issues in the case where it is possibly stolen). How would one go about converting it using a terminal ...

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Clickable links (from hyperref package) do not work upon selecting a subset of pages via “printing to file” in evince

I use the hyperref package for clickable cross-referencing within my document. It works well, however, if I want to send a colleague just a part of the document by using the "print to file" feature in ...

1 answers | asked 12 hours ago by wondering on Super User
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Change DES master key to AES in Mifare Desfire

I want to change DES master key to AES key on Mifare DESFire Ev1 cards. I am using Delphi (XE7) and I wrote our communication protocol in native commands. I have too completely datasheet (under NDA ...

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How is Cryptography Defined

This is a site on Cryptography, but in the site, I couldn't find a definition of Cryptography. How will we define that? Literally translated, cryptography is Greek for "hidden writing". ...

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How does $g$ being a generator imply Diffie-Hellman's correctness?

In the Diffie-Hellman protocol for key exchange over an unsecured channel, we choose $p$ and $g$, where $g$ is a generator of $\mathbf{Z}_p^*$. However I want to know why this assumption makes the ...

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Simple encryption/decryption algorithm causing EOF

I was playing with very simple encryption/decryption algorithm like this; #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #define BUFFESIZE 1024 int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { int ...

1 answers | asked 19 hours ago by yasar on Stack Overflow
2 answers

In (m mod n = x) how to find m when you know n and x?

So I'm doing some cryptography assignment and I'm dealing with a modular arithmetic in hexadecimal. Basically I have the values for $n$ and the remainder $x$, but I need to find the original number ...

2 answers | asked 19 hours ago by Keivan on Mathematics
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How to add an online bib file in latex's bibliography path?

Latex only lets you have a relative or an absolute path when importing a bib file, so you may have something like \bibliography{../mybib} Is it possible to have a url instead? For instance, ...

1 answer

Differences between Work Factor and Time Complexity

I am interested to know if work factor means the same thing as time complexity. Quoting Work Factor : Uncovering keys in cryptosystems The Work Factor of a cryptosystem is related to its ...

1 answers | asked yesterday by laycat on Cryptography
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Would the Fiat Shamir identification scheme be more secure if I design it with an exponents higher than 2?

Let's say both Prover and Verifier would use nth power instead of 2nd when creating public keys and when verifying. I know it would slow it down but would that cause the protocol to be more secure?

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RSA encrypt from modulus, exponent in PHP

I have an RSA public key defined only as the modulus and exponent (in hex). How can I encrypt some plaintext message using this key definition in PHP? I've found openssl_public_encrypt but I don't ...

3 answers

Can this modified 'Many' Time Pad be made 'stronger' by using an extrememly long key?

Starting with a one time pad say you want to encrypt some small strings like the words in this sentence but you want to reuse the same OTP key for each string so that when you encounter the same word ...

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Notation for secret sharing

Two of the most commonly used secret sharing algorithms used in cryptography are Shamir secret sharing and additive secret sharing. They take as input a secret value and output $n$ shares of that ...

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about xor and encryption with a multiple character encryption key

I'm a newbie and learning assembly x86, and I got to the exercise to create an encryption with a multiple character key, and everything is great and works perfect, but I noticed a behavior that as a ...

1 answer

Why does a Fernet encryption token always start with the same sequence? (Python Cryptography package)

I've been playing around with the Cryptography package, and the Fernet (symmetric encryption) module. When encrypting some text like: key = Fernet.generate_key() f = Fernet(key) token = ...

1 answers | asked yesterday by dbf9000 on Stack Overflow
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What does a private key actually look like?

In cryptography, what does the public and private key actually looks like? Is it some form of computer code or text file, or an actual piece of hardware? Sorry for my lack of knowledge in this topic

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How to encrypt client-side with AWS KMS using the C# SDK

Is there already a C# library for encrypting and decrypting data using Amazon's Key Management Service (KMS) but without sending your sensitive data to Amazon (i.e. using "envelope encryption" as ...

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What do you think about this message encryption?

I am currently working on my diploma project, a high security NFC door lock and need to exchange very sensible data. That's why I thought of PGP encryption, which is as far as I know one of the ...

asked yesterday by Raavgo on Cryptography
1 answer

Using a Cryptovariable with an API Designed for Human-Generated Passwords

I'm working with a vendor who provides an API with a user registration method clearly designed for human-generated passwords. We're calling the API in an offline server-to-server fashion, however, ...

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nodejs crypto module, does hash.update() store all input in memory

I have an API route that proxies a file upload from the browser/client to AWS S3. This API route attempts to stream the file as it is uploaded to avoid buffering the entire contents of the file in ...

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