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LED cryptography algorithm

I would like to better understand the operation of the LED algorithm, especially the process of substitution and permutation of the blocks and especially the use of the keys in each round. The keys ...

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Secure Channel - Encryption and Decryption Keys For A Message

I'm currently reading Cryptography Engineering and in Chapter 7, the topic of secure channel is discussed. The channel described is using CTR for encryption. Below I include images with pseudo-code ...

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Authenticating small packets

I intend to authenticate small packets of data, between 16 and 256 bytes each. For some of them encryption will also be required. This will be used on small micro controllers, with RAM sizes ranging ...

1 answers | asked 1 hour ago by ngoncalves on Cryptography
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Error javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException: in Decryption

I am trying to encrypt and decrypt a String using jks Keystore file.But while decryption i am getting following error... Here is my class for encryption and decryption : package com.Encrypt; ...

1 answers | asked 1 hour ago by Anurag on Stack Overflow
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ElGamal Generator g problem

Having an ElGamal encryption scheme with p=19 which value can not be assigned to g? The answers were : 1,7,11,2 I think you can't assign value 1 to g.

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Elliptic curve point addition

I have this curve in E(F131) : $$Y^2 = X^3 + X + 2 $$ I want calculate the sum P + Q considering that $$P= (5,1)$$ and $$ Q = (60, 49)$$ For calculate the result i use these formulas: $$ xr = ...

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Javac command prompt compilation classes not found

New to java so getting my hands dirty with cmd compilation. Getting 'cannot find symbol' for the instantiated classes. Please please help! :) MovieDAO class for database query instantiates beans ...

3 answers | asked 3 hours ago by Sudipto Dutta on Stack Overflow
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Computing the order of a divisor in the Jacobian of a hyperelliptic curve.

Given a hyperelliptic curve of genus $g$, of equation $H: y^{2}+h(x)y=f(x)$ and defined over the finite field $\mathbb{K}$, how does one compute the order of a (reduced) divisor defined over ...

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Object Hashcode hashed with SHA512 and encrypted with AES

I want to implement a way of detecting unwanted changes of my objects in database. I store my entities via JPA in database, to this object I add BLOB with hashcode (SHA) of this object which is ...

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RSA Simple example with Javascript?

I know this may be kind of basic but I am having an exam on the next week and I wanted to test my knowledge of RSA. I have a very simple problem that I am working on to see the mechanics of RSA, and ...

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How to get file type from encrypted file?

How do I get the file type using C# from an encrypted file (i.e. file.enc)? Encryption Method: Shift Cipher Z256 Shift Cipher Encryption: Yi = (Xi + k) % 256 Xi = (Yi - k) % 256 Where: Xi, i = 1 ...

1 answers | asked 6 hours ago by Khaltazar on Stack Overflow
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Entropy of pure split caculated to NaN

I have written a function to calculate entropy of a vector where each element represents number of elements of a class. function x = Entropy(a) t = sum(a); t = repmat(t, [1, size(a, 2)]); ...

1 answers | asked 6 hours ago by Newbie on Stack Overflow
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How to protect text file in iOS app bundle?

I'm working on an app that will have in-app purchases that grant access to a text file already in the app bundle. How do you encrypt the file before putting it in the app? And how do you decrypt it ...

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fgets() creating another copy of string at time of input?

I'm wondering what the error is here? I'm making a causer cipher, and it works fine but when I print the encrypted message at the end, it reprints the unencrypted message. When I comment out and set ...

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AES decryption after sending message to IP address

So I am making an app that sends secure messages to the specified IP address. I am using AES to encrypt the message and that part works great. I am able to encrypt the message and also decrypt it ...

1 answers | asked 8 hours ago by Restnom on Stack Overflow
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Vertical align text to a box next to it

In the output below, I'm trying to align Author with the top of the box next to it. I've tried a couple of different boxes and whatnot, but I can't get it to align properly. Here's the code: ...

1 answers | asked 8 hours ago by Kristof on Stack Overflow
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How to securely pass data from php forms to html

I have a login system which is an html form and I need to send the username and password back to the php backend where I can there securely encrypt it and store it in a database. I was wondering what ...

1 answers | asked 8 hours ago by KVohra95 on Stack Overflow
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Winternitz Signature Scheme Verfication

I am reading page 39 in this "Post Quantum Cryptography" book. Why does equation 15 hold? There is no further knowledge about f and you definitely cannot use any power laws. So, why is ...

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Constructing set membership proof for private set

Is it possible to construct a set membership proof to show $\delta \in \Psi$ where $\delta$ is publicly known and $\Psi$ should stay only known to the prover? It seems rather impossible but I would ...

1 answers | asked 9 hours ago by WeGi on Cryptography
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UserInsertUpdate: System.LimitException: Too many future calls: 51

I have a trigger on User that after it's inserted or updated, I want a contact for that user to be created. For example, if a new user Fred is created, I also want a contact created with Fred's ...

2 answers | asked 9 hours ago by Stephen on Salesforce
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Difference between “will now be” and “is going to be”

What is the difference between "will now be" and "is going to be"? Just to provide you some contest: The memory will now be deallocated. vs. The memory is going to be deallocated.

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why does my python code not encrypt or decrypt my message

For some reason when I run the code at the end it just displays the message without encrypting or decrypting it im really confused please do not hate on me if this is really obvious I am very new to ...

2 answers | asked 10 hours ago by Starthan on Stack Overflow
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hook to time knitr chunks

I would like to time knitr chunks and record how long it took to render them using comments in LaTeX output. I've tried the following hook: now = Sys.time() knit_hooks$set(timeit = ...

1 answers | asked 10 hours ago by god on Stack Overflow
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Having issues with a corrupt encryption error

Im trying to encrypt every line of the file test.txt the function encrypt() will output basically the text all jumbled up. For an end of year project in my computer science class. But my problem is ...

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My attempt of solving socialist millionaire. Is it good?

I've come up with an algorithm to solve the socialist millionaire problem, but I'm not sure if the algorithm is secure. I wasn't able to find any flaw in it, but it seems too simple to be secure, so ...

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Table layouts for use with Pandoc

I'm trying to create a document generation workflow (professional documents). The goal is to write as much as possible in Markdown. The resulting document should be PDF, while still being able to ...

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Why does node.js's crypto module give a different result than Java's Cipher class for AES encryption?

I'm trying to understand why encrypted data changes when using Java or Node.js to encrypt it, I need to adapt node.js code to make it return exactly the same encrypted data that I have on Java. (Note ...

2 answers | asked 12 hours ago by Luca Vitucci on Stack Overflow
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How to identify PKCS of a certificate used in SSL?

As per how to identify which pkcs is used in a certificate used in SSL?

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How does javac automatically compile dependencies of a class

Given the following directory structure: /top |--- wrk |--- pkg |--- |--- Assume that the two files and contain the ...

3 answers | asked 12 hours ago by paidedly on Stack Overflow
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How secure is CertiVox M-PIN?

CertiVox have designed a system with the aim of "getting rid of passwords". Essentially the system authenticates users with two factors of authentication: A 4 digit PIN and a token stored within the ...

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