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Does Openmp support async operations

I have been using Javascript for a while and I like its async operations either in callback way or the latest prmoise/future way. Now I need use OpenMP and failed to find any support for even ...

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PHP Yii2 Password Encryption

Need help because i'm still new to Yii2. I want to encrypt the password before saving it to the database. So i'm using sha1 but the problem is that the password field in the form has contents when i ...

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encryption implementation in java

i want to implements a cryptography algorithm encryption process in java. This is algorithm.. Step1: Input the key randomly. Step2: Convert the key to 16-bit binary format. Step3: Construct the list ...

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What is the state of cryptographic obfuscation in 2015?

Cryptographic Obfuscation is a technique that allows one to obfuscate source code in a secure way (as opposed to insecurely mangling it into spaghetti code.) For example, here is a way to protect a ...

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Doclava - Federate Google Apis is possible?

I want to know if it is possible to federate documentation in doclava. I'm federating Android API using this file: ...

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How to avoid page break in latex when a new section is created after the previous subsection?

I am working on latex document. My packages are \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{article} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{color} \usepackage{ragged2e} \usepackage{hyperref} \usepackage{graphicx} ...

1 answers | asked 4 hours ago by Ana_Sam on Stack Overflow
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ColdFusion 9 and IIS server encryption

We have a ColdFusion developer who claims that solely by adding a few lines of code in the Application.cfm file of an application that he wants to be encrypted that he can force the IIS Web server to ...

1 answers | asked 4 hours ago by user3634661 on Stack Overflow
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Javascript Encrypted File Upload

Is there a way to use javascript or ajax to encrypt file uploads, if so can you give me an example or link to working example?

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Why Curve25519 for encryption but Ed25519 for signatures?

NaCl and libsodium libraries use Curve25519 for authenticated encryption (actually for sharing a key which is used for encryption) and Ed25519 for signatures. What is the purpose of using different ...

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Calculating Enthalpy Changes at Different Temperatures

To calculate $\Delta$H, the change in ethalpy at $100$˚C for the reaction below, one needs what addition information? N$_2$ $(g)$ + 3 H$_2$ $(g)$ = 2 NH$_3$ $(g)$ $\Delta$H˚ = $-92.0$ kilojoules ...

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Assuring Client is Authorized to use JSON Web Token

JSON Web Tokens ( JWT ) are server-signed objects that the issuing server uses to identify a user, track session data and authorize requests. The fact that JWT are server-signed gives assurance that ...

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How do I encrypt a PGP message through java's crypto extension?

Currently I'm using bouncy castle's libraries for the actual work and have found an example at that (after a little tweaking) works with v1.52. I've also got a working example from ...

asked 6 hours ago by mike on Stack Overflow
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Strategy for finding the key to this cipher

A coworker and I are perplexed over this puzzle. We gave up and looked at the answer, but we cannot seem to understand how it works. Can anybody explain? Text version of the above image We've ...

3 answers | asked 6 hours ago by Chris on Puzzling
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Trouble compiling CMD Java program getting error

New to java and compiling through CMD. My class is compiling fine but the class containing the main program is giving me an error. DataAnalyzer: package ...

2 answers | asked 7 hours ago by user1927242 on Stack Overflow
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FIPS 140-2 Compliance vs Validation & Products vs. Modules vs. Ciphers

Some vendors appear to advertise their products as using "FIPS 140-2 compliant algorithms & ciphers". However, some of these products cannot be found on the NIST website that lists validated ...

2 answers | asked 7 hours ago by Iszi on Information Security
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What is the impact of a server not fully verifying the data in the Client Finished packet of a TLS connection?

F5 BIG-IP devices suffer from a vulnerability in which not all bytes of the Finished packet in a TLS connection are validated. The sort-of technical description can be found here. F5 don't consider it ...

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Is it safe to run GPG tools in x11?

Given the relative (anyone with my present user permissions can swipe scancodes) ease of keylogging in an x11 environment, should I run GPG tools only in the TTY?

1 answers | asked 8 hours ago by nebuch on Unix & Linux
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Calculating key space size

I am confused with how to calculate the key space size for the following: A key consisting of 5 letters (7 bits per character, 128 possible characters) My understanding is that the key space is all ...

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Test for randomness

Suppose I have a data set provided by PRNG in a matrix form with 400,000 rows and 20 columns. Each row consists 20 unique integer values from 1 to 80. I need to check the goodness of the PRNG. For ...

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LaTex and Math formatting

I've noticed that different users have written LaTex code using either commands inside two $ signs or simply connected a single term to a & symbol. How many different ways are there of coding ...

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Using a hash (like SHA-256) vs AES as the source for pseudo-random values in Feistel network?

This question is in relation to Wikipedia article on Format Preserving Encryption It says the following It is also possible to make a FPE algorithm using a Feistel network. A Feistel network ...

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C# Chilkat RSA Asymetric Encryption Bytes

I'm using C# Chilkat library. In this example; I can encrypt the file with public key and open it with private key. But in my scenario there is no physical file for encrypt, at runtime I have byte ...

1 answers | asked 11 hours ago by andy kary on Stack Overflow
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Does javac optimize “foo”.length()?

If I have this statement/literal in the code: "foobar".length() Is it replaced by compiler with 6? Or does it call the method on internalized instance? It's more readable to put something like this ...

1 answers | asked 12 hours ago by Jiri Kremser on Stack Overflow
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Table of contents sidebar in Sphinx LaTeX PDF

I am generating a LaTeX document from Sphinx, and converting it to PDF using pdflatex (from MikTeX). The document is missing a table of contents in the sidebar of the PDF viewer. If I add manually ...

1 answers | asked 12 hours ago by galinette on Stack Overflow
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OpenSSL ECDH key exchang mechanism

I am using FIPS based OpenSSL module for encryption of sensitive data for my desktop socket server and client applications. I am using ECDH for key agreement.The keys public and private pair is ...

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POODLE attack on TLS 1.2

The POODLE attack uses the way block ciphers in CBC mode are decrypted in combination with the packet's padding to determine some byte's value. From what I understand, even TLS 1.1 can be vulnerable ...

1 answers | asked 12 hours ago by Graa on Cryptography
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Can I do AES-128-ECB encryption with Libsodium?

I need to encrypt a block of data using AES-128-ECB and would like to do so with libsodium and Ruby. I have prototyped a solution in Ruby using OpenSSL APIs as shown below: aes = ...

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ConfigurationErrorsException was unhandled while encrypting the connection string of the Web.config file

I tried to encrypt the connection string section of the web.config file via a simple winforms application. I ran the VS2010 as an administrator and ran the following section of code. private void ...

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std::shared_future operator= thread safety/ atomic?

General question: Is std::shared_future::operator= atomic? For example struct object { object() { sf = std::async(std::launch::async, &async_func).share(); } void change(){ ...

1 answers | asked 13 hours ago by Superlokkus on Stack Overflow
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RSA encryption with privatekey as string

So looked answer for 2 days. Not finding anything. The situation: I have private RSA key(2048 bit) as a string - "-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----AAKC..uDwqs=-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----". I also ...

asked 13 hours ago by Mihkel L. on Stack Overflow
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