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Chef - create test data bags at Compile Time

In my chef recipe, I am basically decrypting a couple of data bags: 1. test.json 2. sample.json The data obtained after decryption will next be used to create files on my kitchen node. Basically, ...

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Difference in blowfish encryption between Perl and Java

We´re writing and application in both Java and Perl storing encrypted CBC Blowfish in the same database. Both will be encrypting and decrypting, so they need to be able to get the plain text that the ...

1 answers | asked 2 hours ago by alvaroc on Stack Overflow
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mcrypt_encrypt(): Key of size

mcrypt_encrypt(): Key of size 10 not supported by this algorithm. Only keys of sizes 16, 24 or 32 supported! How can I fix this??

1 answers | asked 2 hours ago by Ahmet Zeybek on Stack Overflow
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When button is clicked (tkinter), nothing is returned

When I run this no errors come up, but the button does not return anything import tkinter #imports the tkinter module window = tkinter.Tk() #creates window window.geometry("675x300") #sets window ...

1 answers | asked 2 hours ago by pea poi on Stack Overflow
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Break the flow of CompletableFuture

I have certain flow that runs async using the CompletableFuture, e.g.: foo(...) .thenAccept(aaa -> { if (aaa == null) { break! } else { ...

1 answers | asked 2 hours ago by игор on Stack Overflow
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Source for PKCS#11 Header Files

Is there a known authoritative source for the ANSI C header files for PKCS#11 Cryptoki? Specifically, I am having trouble locating pkcs11.h, pkcs11t.h, and pkcs11f.h for v2.30 and v2.40. Are there ...

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What does Europe have in common with Timon and Pumbaa?

The answer is a five-letter English word, but "give me a hint" you might say. Unscramble the non-English text below, and you will be well on your way to solving this riddle. Just don't let ...

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Ideas for non duplicate cryptographically secure numbers

My Boss asked me this today. I am not a math major. He needs to generate 50 billion non-sequential non-duplicate (no collisions) cryptographically secure random numbers. I work in GO. Any ideas?

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Clarifying Derivation of Entropy

I'm learning about probability from the book Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Christopher Bishop. It includes a justification for the definition of entropy that can be summarized as: let ...

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TSQL Decrypt By Key from XML String

I have an XML string where a node's value within that dynamic string is encrypted. My XML structure looks like the following: <optional> ...

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RSA function over $Z_t^{*}$ where $t$ is prime

RSA function is defined over $Z_N^{*}$ where $N=pq$ with $p,q$ primes. A public key is a pair $(N,e)$ and a private key is $(N,d)$ where $d=e^{-1} \mod \phi(N)$. Assume that RSA function is defined ...

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ElGamal scheme attack when one message is known and ciphertexts are intercepted

Let $G$ be a finite cyclic group of order $p$ and let $pk = (g, h=g^a)$ and $sk=(g,a)$ be Bob's ElGamal public/secret key pair in $G$. To encrypt a message $m$, a random number $r$ is selected and a ...

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Are there any plug-ins or software programs (preferably free) that you use to generate MathJax equations and edit them?

It's taking me a very long time to ask questions and respond on here, just because I'm having a hard time figuring out the syntax... Do any of you have suggestions?

1 answers | asked 4 hours ago by Keenan on Mathematics Meta
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Method for storing users passwords for other services

I run a service that integrates with a few other cloud platforms via their apis. In order to do this, we have to store the login credentials for OTHER sites in our database. Obviously security is a ...

1 answers | asked 4 hours ago by joek575 on Stack Overflow
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Android AES/CBC encryption

Currently I'm using AES/CBC encryption using the javax.crypto.cipher library, however, I'm finding its a little too slow. It takes anywhere between 45s-1m to decrypt a 10 minute .mp4 video file. Is ...

1 answers | asked 5 hours ago by user2533039 on Stack Overflow
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How does PeID calculate entropy?

I'm curious about the entropy field value that shows up when a binary is dropped into PeID. Does someone know how it arrives upon this value?

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Cannot Decrypt the encrypted columns from the database backup on local machine

I've a SQL server 2014 running on one of our server. We're in the process of implementing security steps for our databases. I've encrypted a column in one of the table in the database on the server. ...

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What happens if no final subtraction is done in Montgomery multiplication?

I'm doing Montgomery arithmetic modulo $N = 2^{255}-19$ for the Curve25519, picking $R = 2^{256}$ for Montgomery. After multiplying two numbers $0 <= A,B < N$ in the Montgomery representation ...

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Document upload parallel through Apex - Design review

I am doubtful whether I am going in the right direction. My requirement is to upload all the documents from Salesforce to my local storage space. I have a button that triggers the following function: ...

1 answers | asked 7 hours ago by dmachop on Salesforce
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TLS encryption with a self-signed PKI and Python’s asyncio module

I want to enable TLS encryption with a custom / self-signed PKI for a self-contained distributed system built with Python 3’s asyncio. I’ve read Python’s ssl docs as well as several tutorials: ...

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Is AesCryptoServiceProvider.GenerateKey safe to use?

Maarten Bodewes' comments on this question, suggest that AesCryptoServiceProvider.GenerateKey() is unsafe to use for key generation. We are currently using this method to generate cryptographically ...

1 answers | asked 7 hours ago by pixelbadger on Stack Overflow
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AES encrypt in .NET with zero padding and decrypt with Node.js

I'm trying to decrypt some data with a NodeJS. This data was created with C# and the AES-CBC-256 algorithm. The keySize and blockSize are 256 and the Padding is ZeroPadding. I cant' decrypt it with ...

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Enigma Machine Simulation

This is an Enigma Machine Simulator written in Java: package enigma; import*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import; import ...

3 answers | asked 8 hours ago by Kslkgh on Code Review
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Winrar password extracting

If I have an original file and another winrar password protected rar file containing that original file, than can I extract password?

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Why FATCA IDES “protocol” does not use RSA encrytion directly on Zip archive ?

Here is the context: to transmit FATCA data to US IRS service the IDES protocol defines the following steps sign the XML Payload.xml file with enveloping signature, SHA-256 with RSA private key, as ...

1 answers | asked 9 hours ago by Yves Martin on Information Security
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JSch: ByteArrayInputStream: How to check the terminal result

I will use Jsch to ssh to another server And check if the path exist But I found that the baos.toString() will print out all the result on terminal : test -d /root/bin/python || echo python ...

2 answers | asked 10 hours ago by user2492364 on Stack Overflow
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Powershell Byte Array input string invalid format

I've written a powershell script which changes the password of a local administrator that works well - It sets the password through a config file which contains the encrypted password and the aes key ...

1 answers | asked 10 hours ago by Wee Knee on Stack Overflow
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C# and PHP encryption compatibility - 3DES ECB with PKCS7

I have a common problem but none of the various solutions in the web seems working for me. I have C# code which make an encrypt 3DES-ECB with PKCS7. I have to do the same in PHP, but I'm getting ...

1 answers | asked 10 hours ago by Piero Alberto on Stack Overflow
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Approach for encrypting user data with user password

I have the following requirement: Users on my site have some sensitive data, meaning that ONLY the owner user should be able to read it. In other words: I have to make sure that not even the site/sql ...

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When doing su <user> after connecting as root user, it gets hung up in JSCH

I'm trying to execute commands in a particular sequence. (1) Connect to a remote node ssh -i path-to-key root@some-remote-node (2) su user While doing the same using JSCH, I'm able to connect to ...

asked 11 hours ago by Sarath on Stack Overflow
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