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Emacs skips every other line in LaTeX mode

Is emacs supposed to skip every other line when it edits in LaTeX mode? It does so for me. If so, how do I turn that off?

1 answers | asked 47 mins ago by brandbest1 on Stack Overflow
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TripleDES C# Encryption output isn't what is expected

I need to encrypt the data using 3DES but .Net implementation seems not fit what I'm looking for. The sample data is: ** Key = 7F51BA7694136D38CE0E290E25987C34 What I need to encrypt(openData): ...

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Probability of a bit changing SHA-1

I'm looking at diffusion (avalanche) in SHA-1, and how strong it is. I've seen on wikipedia that 'When a single bit is changed the hash sum becomes totally different.' ...

asked 3 hours ago by Anon on Cryptography
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How do I convert this decryption function from PHP to Objective C?

I'm currently working on a project that requires me to decrypt data. I have a php version working and would like to port it to my iOS project. This is the working php function: public function ...

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Auto completion behaviour like in TeXstudio for environments

In TeXStudio I can begin typing an environment name say myenvironment if I have input a part of it for example my or myenvi or myenv and press Ctrl+Alt+Space TeXStudio autocompletes the environment ...

2 answers | asked 5 hours ago by student on Emacs
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KPA on Feistel cipher?

I heard that DES is technically 'broken' because of attacks involving large amounts of known plaintext. These attacks are obviously academic and highly complicated, so for some intuition I was hoping ...

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Putting line number for R code with knitr

I wonder if there is any function to put line numbers with knitr in .Rnw. I found this discussion and these documents (here and here) but could not find the way to put line numbers. Any help will be ...

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How do I encrypt a file with Ruby using symmetric AES256 that can be decrypted with gpg?

I would like to create an encrypted file in Ruby (using a symmetric AES256 cipher) that I can subsequently decrypt using gpg. What's wrong with the following code? $ irb irb(main):001:0> require ...

1 answers | asked 6 hours ago by Kevin on Stack Overflow
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Java: javadocs of arrays type

I am searching for something like javadocs for the arrays in Java. What methods, what their signatures and what they do. I got this problem, because IDE (Intelij) if you click on the called method of ...

2 answers | asked 6 hours ago by serg on Stack Overflow
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VBScript Outlook encounters encrypted email producing error 'Entrust Entelligence Security Provider'

I have an HTA and using VBScript to loop through Outlook email folders and get folder size. The HTA is run on a shared drive by staff, it is not an administrator tool. On occasion, my company will ...

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Textbook RSA game with one prime

Let p be a n-bits prime number, that is drawn uniformly. Let e and m uniformly drawn from Z(p-1) and Z*(p) respectively. Let y= (m^e) mod p Prove that the probability to find m while knowing only ...

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Decrypting packets with wireshark when you have the Algorithm

Algorithm for encryption / decryption data transmitted over the network: Code: unsigned char encryptKey[264] = { 0x2b, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0xda, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x58, 0x24, 0x32, 0x6a, 0xc3, ...

3 answers

How can I get generics in javadoc code block displayed?

I have a javadoc code block where I want to write a code sample that includes generics like this: public interface SomeInterface <T> { } public interface SomeInterface extends ...

3 answers | asked 7 hours ago by confile on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Does a cryptosystem provides unconditional security if and only if it provides perfect secrecy?

Is unconditional security and perfect secrecy one and the same thing, i.e a cryptosystem provides unconditional security if and only if it provides perfect secrecy ? I've wondered about the above and ...

1 answers | asked 8 hours ago by Nicolas Lykke Iversen on Cryptography
1 answer

Can a cryptosystem be unconditional secure if the same key $k \in \mathcal K$ is used for more than one encryption?

Can a cryptosystem be unconditional secure if the same key $k \in \mathcal K$ is used for more than one encryption ? I know that the one-time-pad doesn't have perfect secrecy and doesn't provide ...

1 answers | asked 8 hours ago by Nicolas Lykke Iversen on Cryptography
2 answers

Decrypt message with errors

Say I've got a message A and I encrypt it with AES using password P into my encrypted message B. During the Storage of B some bits flip. So I've got a message B' which is very similar to B. If I ...

2 answers | asked 9 hours ago by Stein on Stack Overflow
2 answers

What makes an algorithm “fast in software” vs. “fast in hardware”?

When reading about different algorithms, I often encounter claims that various algorithms are "fast in software" (e.g. Salsa20) or "fast in hardware" (e.g. DES). What properties make a cipher ...

2 answers | asked 10 hours ago by cpast on Cryptography
1 answer

Are Futures in Scala really functional?

I am reading this blog post that claims Futures are not "functional" since they are just wrappers of side-effectful computations. For instance, they contain RPC calls, HTTP requests, etc. Is it ...

1 answer

Find private exponent in RSA

The other answers for this confuse me, I know the principle of d in terms of the equation it has to satisfy. However I'm not sure how I would go about finding the private exponent without trial and ...

1 answers | asked 10 hours ago by Mac on Cryptography
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initialization vector on Aes

I save value for initialization vector (in a public variable) when i encrypt plaintext and pass that value for initialization vector when i decrypt ciphertext. I have an error "Padding is invalid and ...

1 answer

How to write single bits to a file in C

I am programming an entropy coding algorithm and I want to write single bits like an encoded character to a file. For example I want to write 011 to a file but if you would store it as character it'd ...

1 answers | asked 14 hours ago by user2233233 on Stack Overflow
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Entropy proerty

Let $a,b,c>0$ be distinct postive reals. Define four different probability distributions: $$\mathcal{P}_{ab}:P_{a,ab}=\frac{a}{a+b}=1-P_{b,ab}$$ ...

1 answer

Post-quantum hybrid encryption

Assume the following simplified protocol: seed = curve25519SharedKey(theirPublicKey, myPrivateKey) sharedKey = scrypt(seed, salt, sufficientlyHardWorkFactors...) cipherText = aes256(sharedKey, ...

1 answer

C# <-> PHP dynamic AES key exchange

I want to make an encrypted communication system with a dynamic key exchange between C# and PHP. At the moment I have a working encrypt/decrypt PHP <-> PHP and C# <-> C# but it's not working PHP ...

2 answers

How can a cryptosystem be unconditional secure?

How can a cryptosystem be unconditional secure ? The definition of an unconditional secure cryptosystem states that the cryptosystem cannot be broken even with infinitely computational ressources ...

2 answers | asked 16 hours ago by Nicolas Lykke Iversen on Cryptography
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How to use MusiXTeX to draw chord brackets at the right side of chord?

I am using MusiXTeX but have found that it's official document haven't said anything about placing a right-side bracket onto a chord. Could anyone please tell me how to achieve it? (If I use left-side ...

1 answer

Access an immutable member outside of an actor in akka/scala

I just started learning Akka/Scala, and I wrote a small chat server. Imagine this is a room-based chat server, everyone can create their own room and can be in several rooms simultaneously. Whenever ...

1 answers | asked 18 hours ago by Peter Ren on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Which multiplicatively homomorphic encryption scheme supports encryption of 0?

I want a multiplicatively homomorphic encryption scheme that supports encryption of 0 (e.g. Elgamal doesn't support). I also want the multiplication to be operated on the ciphertext of 0, i.e., if ...

0 answers

Decrypting packet data without private key

Firstly I am not doing anything illegal. How would I go about decryption a packet from the server back to the client and vice versa and get it in plain text WITHOUT using a private key. I have tried ...

asked 22 hours ago by Shiv on Stack Overflow
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LaTeX : handling PNG/JPEG images with both latex and pdflatex commands (same LaTeX code)

I am currently coding a graphic LaTeX editor, which uses in particular MikteX latex (to get a DVI preview) and pdflatex (to effectively generate the PDF file) commands. One of the features of my ...

asked 23 hours ago by Dici on Stack Overflow
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