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How do I read a string from a text file and stop at a certain character? C++

I'm decrypting an encrypted file that was made with my encryption program. I'll try and explain the whole scenario so everyone gets what exactly my program is doing. My encryption program had the ...

asked 46 mins ago by Cush on Stack Overflow
1 answer

I need to format my output without ruining my encryption algorithm

Im doing a railroad cipher (zigzag cipher) however you may call it, I finally seemed to get my code to work properly and I got it to print the correct output, but unfortunately my teacher calls for ...

1 answers | asked 1 hour ago by user3474281 on Stack Overflow
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Open SSL Private Key Decryption Fails

So I've created myself some certificates to test out two way authentication on my server application. Here is the snippet of code that culminates in a failure followed by debug printouts (the lines ...

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Verify signed file using GPG by passing in signature hosted online rather than stored locally (i.e. in keyring)

Is it possible to pass the URL of a GPG signature when executing a verify query against a signed file? For example, instead of: gpg --verify file.txt Is there a variation of something like: gpg ...

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Vim-latex does not compile with \ll , but does compile with :!latex -interaction=nonstopmode %

Help! I followed instructions in this page and this part Q: Compiling does not seem to work for me. My gvim hangs/does ...

asked 4 hours ago by knowNothing on Stack Overflow
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REST API calls to 3rd Party (Pardot), multiple @future callouts

Setup: Pardot (3rd Party services I'm using) requires you to request an API_Key by submitting your email, password, and user_key so that you can then use the api_key with the user_key to do any API ...

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Decrypt self-signed certificate throws IOException: Wrong version of key store

I'm using a self-signed certificate on my network requests. I've used BouncyCastle to generate the BKS keystore, and the code below works fine: private static SSLSocketFactory getSSLSocketFactory(){ ...

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How does a one liner to create passwords in linux look like?

How do you create a readable password using bash with one line? What if i'm looking for 128 bits of entropy?

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Compile Latex source automatically on creation/change

Is it easy to do the following script? I have my LaTeX-documents on /home/jaakko/Documents/LaTeX and its subdirectories. I would like to have a script watch the .tex documents in that directory and ...

1 answers | asked 8 hours ago by Jaakko on Unix & Linux
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How to correctly and consistely get bytes from a string for AES encryption?

I am currently working on AES implementation in C#. The encryption method has two parameters: a string and a password. I am taking the supplied string and converting it to an array of bytes, so I can ...

3 answers | asked 9 hours ago by Mandos on Stack Overflow
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Using @future tag on Apex Webservice but code not executing asynchronously

With the winter '15 release over the weekend some mission critical code for us is now getting the infamous "Apex CPU time limit exceeded". It worked fine for the past 8 months until this release. (as ...

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Outline view in Sublime Text 3

I've been advised to use SublimeText and I'm giving it a try. When I take notes in a text file, I would like to structure it with a few levels of headers (in LaTeX, that would be sections and ...

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encrypt videos using eme clear key for cloud storage

Since the big cloud providers offer storage ever more cheaply, I am looking to move my media collection into the cloud. However, being aware of the privacy related issues I want to use encryption. My ...

asked 11 hours ago by thankyou on Stack Overflow
1 answer

entropy of a long molecule chain with respect to its length

Consider a (very long) one-dimensional chain of $N$ moleculs, which can be in either of the energy states $\alpha$ or $\beta$. The configurations have length $a$ or $b$ respectively. Show ...

1 answer

Using OAuth 2.0 without token storage

I am building a system for a product which requires Authentication and Authorization. Naturally I have chosen using OAuth 2.0 as it is a commonly used protocol and has proven to be useful. I am ...

1 answer

Statistical Inference, Differential Geometry and Entropy

Context: Statistical Inference and Differential Geometry Let's consider a generic $ p(x;\theta) $ distribution with $ \theta $ Parameters Vector, it is obvious that $$ \int p(x; \theta) dx = 1 $$ ...

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How to change the textcolor of the JavaDoc view in Eclipse

I sometimes use the JavaDoc-view in Eclipse. By default it has a black background and a white font. I'd really like to change it to "black on white" (as in the rest of Eclipse). I only found a way to ...

1 answers | asked 13 hours ago by Edward on Stack Overflow
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Decrypt and use PGP file

I am actually working on a Javascript solution to encrypt and decrypt messages using the same process as PGP (hybrid encryption -> AES + RSA). I would like to know what is the method used by PGP to ...

2 answers

Simple password encryption / decryption

I'm working on a simple data storing program for my senior year (Secondary School / Grade 12), and there is a user sign-in functionality I've decided to implement. The way I've done this is by storing ...

2 answers | asked 13 hours ago by Mayur Mohan on Code Review
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Protection of Elliptic Curve Implementations against side-channel attacks

Recent fast elliptic curve implementations, for example a presentation at Eurocrypt 2014 (earlier presentation slides, the paper) talks about protection against only timing attacks. Why only timing ...

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Is it possible to access a runtime decrypted file in android?

I want to decrypt a file stored at my app's res folder. This file is distributed with the app, and I'm trying to decrypt it only once during app start. So far, I've found some answers (this one, for ...

1 answers | asked 13 hours ago by Lucas Jota on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Does a stream cipher require a KDF when it's key is variable length?

RC4 has a variable length key. Is it still necessary to use a key derivation function, such as PBKDF2, to initialize it? Would using a single character password weaken it's output when compared to a ...

2 answers | asked 13 hours ago by TruthSerum on Cryptography
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How to get a list of algorithms supported by the certificate

Here's the code to create a digital signature: ContentInfo contentInfo = new ContentInfo(msg); SignedCms signedCms = new SignedCms(contentInfo); CmsSigner cmsSigner = new CmsSigner(signerCert); ...

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Javadoc @link references in Android Studio

I'm trying to generate some javadoc with Android Studio. I'm referring with {@link #method()} a method in the same class as the link but I still get a reference not found error from javadoc. I'm ...

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How to decrypt and extract ESX file?

I am working on ESX file and able to extract the file but after extraction file is encrypted and not readable. looking into this issue, any help would be great!!

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Shamir sharing scheme - Calculating shares

In a (2, 5) Shamir secret sharing scheme with modulus 23, two of the shares are (1,22) and (4,8). Find the secret. $$S(1) = M + s = 22 (mod 23)$$ $$S(4) = M + 4s = 8 (mod 23)$$ Eliminate through ...

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What is Example of PCI DSS Requirements Related to Database Encryption?

Now, I have to know about what is PCI DSS and example of PCI DSS requirements related to database encryption because our company's business model project. Additionally, How can I deal with these ...

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Run cgi-script on domain-directory and not on root

I’m trying to implement mathtex on my webserver. It’s a virtual server with Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS and Plesk. I have kept myself to this tutorial and installed everything ...

1 answer

Security of chameleon hash functions

With the knowledge of the trapdoor, we are able to compute the same digest for differents messages. I've read that given two messages $m$, $m'$ and two numbers $r$, $r'$ such that ...

1 answers | asked 17 hours ago by Dingo13 on Cryptography
1 answer

Tips to generate strong RSA keys

Is there any documentation including tips to generate strong RSA key? I mean not just ' use XXX utility with -X flag'. I mean some rules in theory. For example, module n should be not less then 1024 ...

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