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Regular MACs vs Carter-Wegman MAC

Carter-Wegman MAC variants (VMAC, UMAC etc) are known to be very fast and efficient when compared to MAC algorithms that are based on block ciphers and compression functions (like HMAC, CMAC etc). …

asked 18 mins ago by BlaX on Cryptography
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Vim conceal feature is applied to active line

I am using MacVim with the vim-latex plugin. There is a conceal feature turned on by default that converts LaTeX symbols to unicode in vim itself so the source is easier to read. I think this is ...

1 answers | asked 56 mins ago by akxlr on Super User
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Private Key - Memory Lifecycle

I often heard about private key storage, but rarely about key life cycle in memory. For example, when SSL is used from one peer, the private key is used to sign messages or decrypt other peers' ...

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GitHub store Files encrypted

due to the fact that all files on GitHub are stored within the U.S. and it is officially known that the government has the right to access and read such data (even from companies in europe), I need …

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Java AES En/decryption for a String

I have found an useful AES256 implementation to en/decrypt strings, all work fine except the fact i have to store the initialization vector (IV) for the decoding. Cipher cipher = ...

1 answers | asked 1 hour ago by mikki on Stack Overflow
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Usin JSch to run an application on remote server

I have a Intel galileo board which is connected to my DSLR and I installed gphoto2 in the board. The command "gphoto2 --capture-image" captures an image. It works good when I connect to the board ...

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Encrypt complete object with triple des

I need to encrypt a complete java object. I am having a code which i have seen on internet which shows how to encrypt and decrypt text not the java object. So i was confused whether this is possible …

2 answers | asked 2 hours ago by tarun verma on Stack Overflow
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How to submit HTML form or submit button login in Delphi 7

sScript1 := '<FORM name=login_frm2 method=post action=/login/login/>' + '<INPUT name=e2_userid value="' + pwd + '">' + '<INPUT name=e2_password value="' …

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A patched SHA1 attempt

This is a classical scenario: For our web based authentication platform we have a username and a password field. User enters these values and presses Log In. The browser gathers the user data, ...

1 answers | asked 3 hours ago by fritzone on Cryptography
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How can I calculate matrix differentiation ?

I am studying about the Matrix Differentiation. I don't know this red box differential metric, which is how it is calculated. ...???? Thank you.

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javac package bla.bla.bla does not exist

I am trying to compile a java file on windows that contains an import statement to classes inside another jar file. The classes inside the jar file is compiled with java version 1.5, and the javac …

asked 4 hours ago by user955732 on Stack Overflow
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Why does javac emit “error: method in class cannot be applied to given types” when an instance method is used in a static context?

Consider the following (invalid) Java program: public class Test { public static void main(String[] args) { int[] ints = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}; print(ints); } public void ...

1 answers | asked 5 hours ago by jdphenix on Stack Overflow
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How can i use blowfish encryption/decryption in

Is there a way i can implement blowfish crypt in project? i looked everywher but couldn't find anything in System.Security.Cryptography or microsoft's documentations regarding this type …

1 answers | asked 5 hours ago by razzak on Stack Overflow
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What approach to take if one standard object need to use different @future call from API?

I am still new in Salesforce and have Java background.There some governor limit that I totally not sure what to do. The issue started when I need to update the Account object with the value that I …

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Can anyone help me decrypt this?

We were told that GREENENVY was a hint but I don't know how to do anything from there. AU/W/ACBXMSN/IEHOFIE/NZ

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Storing PBKDF2 Settings Alongside Password

I'm experimenting with PBKDF2 for my passwords right now, and it dawned on me that if I were to ever upgrade to a faster machine in the future, I would want to increase the number of PBKDF2 ...

2 answers

Validating TLS email reception

I am trying to convert our current email agent to send email with TLS. We use C# and I just used the following changes. SmtpClient sclient = new SmtpClient(); sclient.EnableSsl = true; and a ...

2 answers | asked 14 hours ago by Dexters on Stack Overflow
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Configure Jasypt Encryptors using my own SecretKey, instead of setting String password using the 'setPassword' method of the PBEString encryptors?

I'm trying to configure Jasypt StandardPBEStringEncryptor using the following code. StandardPBEStringEncryptor strongEncryptor = new StandardPBEStringEncryptor(); ...

1 answers | asked 14 hours ago by Aravind on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Change random methods without losing too much performance

I have a class in C# that uses a Random object to get a list of numbers randomized from an array of 1-25. Now what I need is improve this method to use RNGCryptoServiceProvider because it is not ...

1 answers | asked 16 hours ago by Phoenix_uy on Code Review
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How to Conceal/Detect PGP Symmetric Algorithm Used

When Symmetrically encrypting a file, (not signing, not an asymmetric encryption question), is it possible to conceal the encryption algorithm used, or is it already concealed, but just showing on ...

5 answers

Cryptography vs Security

This may sound a little bit of basic but here it goes… Which of the following is correct? “Cryptography is under the security field”, or “Security is under the cryptography field?” Cryptography …

5 answers | asked 18 hours ago by Giliweed on Cryptography
1 answer

CTR mode of operation in the Bouncy Castle lightweight API?

Is there an implementation of CTR (counter) mode of operation in the Java / C# Bouncy Castle lightweight API?

1 answers | asked 18 hours ago by owlstead on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Future method cannot be called from a future or batch method, Case Trigger with Salesforce for Social

I get the following inside a Case Trigger when I try to call a future method: System.AsyncException: Future method cannot be called from a future or batch method So far this exception ONLY occurs ...

1 answers | asked 19 hours ago by Tom on Salesforce
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Character Lookup Encryption

I have just gone through a job interview question that left me with the really bad aftertaste in terms of not suggesting an efficient solution. Yet I cannot think of a better answer. The Question …

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I am looking for a specific (encryption)-algorithm

its my first post here. I spent a lot of time in reading, but i am not able to solve my problem. The problem is very special, so i don't think its of public interest, but maybe someone can help me. I …

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Can't use /input command with gedit-latex-plugin

I've recently installed the latex plugin for gedit, to write my .tex documents in my favorite text editor. But when I use the /input command to include an other .tex file in my main document, the ...

asked 22 hours ago by Vinm on Stack Overflow
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Images in Javadoc with IntellyJ Idea

I'm trying to include images in my JavaDoc. I follow documentation and store an image in the doc-files in the package directory. My javadoc looks like: /** * This is class desctiprion. Image: * ...

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Wide image vertical alignment in 1 page

I have a very wide image (7059 x 665) which I want to put as Appendix in my LaTeX document. How can I place this picture vertically aligned on a single (really big) page?

asked 23 hours ago by Dennis on Stack Overflow
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d3.js/LaTeX translation

I'm producing a scientific data visualisation in d3.js, and hence being from the scientific community I am a "LaTeX-er" but very new to d3.js... I want to include the following in my visualisation …

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Is it appropriate to encrypt a file using identifierForVendor?

I'm pondering the correct way to encrypt a file in my application. The following applies to the data stored in the file: The data is not very sensitive The data can be recreated if lost (although …

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