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0 answers

How to check if a function is significant or not?

f(n) = 1 / ( log n ) ^ 1/2 I know that this function is not negligible because it will never converge to zero even for large values of n. Now my question is, how can i tell if this function is ...

1 answer

ForkJoinTask vs CompletableFuture

In Java 8 there are two ways of starting asynchronous computations - CompletableFuture and ForkJoinTask. They both seem fairly similar - the inner classes of CompletableFuture even extend ...

0 answers

Get file from SVN-Repository by svn cat using Python 2.7: erroneous additional blank lines

When I get tex-files from a svn-repository with svn cat and work with the content in Python 2.7, additional blank lines appear which were not there before. This happens only for some files. See Python ...

0 answers

Custom encryption

I made a custom encryption library/class which allows to en-/decrypt Strings with a custom charset. I think you'll get what I mean with that when you take a look at the code. Since I haven't much ...

3 answers

javac.exe not found in JDK 1.8

I am installed JDK 1.8 in Windows 7x64. But javac.exe not found in /bin folder. How to fix this problem? Anybody resolve it? Paths set.

3 answers | asked 1 hour ago by Kosmos on Stack Overflow
2 answers

JS script to convert latex formula into a single image

Is there an online JS script/library to convert any latex expression like $\frac{a}{b}+\frac{c}{d}$ into a single image on a webpage?

2 answers | asked 1 hour ago by tic on Stack Overflow
0 answers

How to debug/find calls to a specific function?

We are in the process of debugging roaming credentials. We realized there are AD user objects containing more then 2000 RSA keys. Now I have to find out which process/application is going havoc and ...

0 answers

How can I get localized quotation marks with pandoc?

I would like to get quotation marks like these „...” but when I process my markdown text wih Pandoc, it gives me “...”. It probably boils down to the question how to make Pandoc use locale settings? ...

1 answer

write a tex expression like $y=x^n$ directly inside a Word document

Is there any addon/plugin that allows to write a math expression or formula like $y=ax^2+bx+c$ inside a MS Word document and have it transformed as some JS script does on some web pages?

1 answers | asked 2 hours ago by Toc on Super User
0 answers

I've been given an encrypted image. Can anyone help me find out how it was made and how to decrypt it?

So I have to decrypt this image. The person who gave it to me only said that it was made with a very old software which apparently uses multiple layers to mask the original image. Anyone willing to ...

0 answers

Sniffing SSL android app data and decrypting packets

I'm on OS X and I've set up CharlesProxy as proxy server and I'm using Wireshark to sniff packets. The traffic goes from my Android phone to my mac to the internet, but sent packets are SSL encrypted. ...

1 answer

Is there a security risk using a Symmetric-key for both encryption and HMACing

I am proposing to use an AES key to encrypt some data to send to a third party and in a completely separate operation/flow use the same key to create a HMAC of a message to send to the same third ...

1 answers | asked 4 hours ago by devo on Information Security
1 answer

Has anyone validated if KeePass is safe to use? Does it have any backdoors?

Everyone says "the code is open source, go check it out". The truth is, neither do I know how to validate the complex code nor can I understand the binaries in code or predict their behaviours. Has ...

1 answers | asked 4 hours ago by LearnByReading on Information Security
1 answer

g++ does not find library

First of all, feel free to answer as if I was 5 yo :) I've written a Hello World c++ program, intended to include the cryptography library fhe.h, which I have installed previously (make check works ...

1 answers | asked 4 hours ago by Tal-Botvinnik on Stack Overflow
1 answer

swift aes 128 decryption with string input

I'm using zaph's example for encryption and decryption from this post The encryption works well, and with my encryption key and iv, returns an NSData object, containing the following string: ...

1 answer

ECC keys vulnerable to brute force attack?

I have started learning about Elliptic curve cryptography. Since the key size required in ECC is relatively lesser than the key size in RSA to provide the same amount of strong encryptions, I wonder ...

2 answers

Generate CSR and private key with password with OpenSSL

I am using the following command in order to generate a CSR together with a private key by using OpenSSL: openssl req -new -subj "/" -out newcsr.csr -nodes -sha512 -newkey ...

0 answers

Does the RSA algorithm use repeated squaring?

Simple question, in order to reduce such huge exponents in modular arithmetic, is repeated squaring used in RSA or is there a better way? (I would put an example but I'm unsure how to format the ...

1 answer

Problems when using AES crypto between Node and CryptoJS in browser

I want encrypt a string with Node, and decrypt the string with CryptoJS in browser. Encrypt: var crypto = require('crypto'); function encrypt(txt, cryptkey) { var cipher = ...

0 answers

stargazer title placement with knitr

I'm using stargazer to generate tables in knitr. By default it places caption (title="..." option) above the table. I've read through manual but did not find any way to make it appear below the table. ...

asked 7 hours ago by god on Stack Overflow
1 answer

First line at PDF doc is tabbed (LaTeX, R Sweave)

my problem is now the first line of the PDF-Document: \underline{PDF-Document:}[l]\\% ~\\ In this way it begins with a TAB. With [l] I wanted that the first line remains left, but [l] isnt accepted ...

1 answers | asked 8 hours ago by b4154 on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Memory hardness of key derivation function through XOR-ring multiple matrix values

For theoretical purposes in order to enhance my own understanding, and NOT in order to create my own cryptography, I am asking a question about the memory-hardness of a key derivation function ...

0 answers

Java encryption: How to do the same encryption as C#?

I trying to do the same encryption as the C# code below, but I get different results. I am not a C# developer and I might have missed something when reading the C# code. Can anyone help me about what ...

0 answers

Is ECC encryption vulnerable to brute force?

I have started learning about Elliptic curve cryptography. Since the key size required in ECC is relatively smaller than the key size in RSA to provide the same level of strong encryption, I wonder if ...

1 answer

How to force non-negative int64_t output for blowfish encryption with int32_t input?

I would like to encrypt a series of small integers one by one. The range of them is about 0~10^8. The output must be non-negative int64_t integers. Since Blowfish is 64-bit cipher, I prefer to use it ...

1 answers | asked 9 hours ago by ShenLei on Cryptography
2 answers

Changing my blocking play / scala /slick algorithim not to block

So, here is a relatively simple problem, I'm sure I'm missing something basic. I'm using Slick to query a DB. I know that it gives me back a sequence which is going to have missing values... so I ...

1 answer

Bilinear map assumpion

Is there an assumption that says from a tag $k\cdot e(g,g_1)^{rx}$ ($k,r$ are secret) it is difficult to forge it with some x': $k\cdot e(g,g_1)^{rx'}$, as long as you cannot solve DL in ...

0 answers

Rijndael encryption giving different encrypted text of the same string

I've been trying to encrypt simple passwords into rijndael encrypted text. I didn't write the code and I don't understand the code. I saw the code from a YouTube tutorial and I'm now using it in my ...

1 answer

Crypto in Nodejs and Ruby

I want crypto a string and pass to Rails app,so I find the crypto library both in Nodejs and Ruby. In Nodejs: var crypto = require('crypto'), algorithm = 'aes-256-ctr', password = ...

1 answers | asked 15 hours ago by HXH on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Using WebCrypto to generate a key pair useful for both encryption and signing

In Chrome this fails: window.crypto.subtle.generateKey( { name: "RSA-OAEP", modulusLength: 4096, hash: {name: "SHA-256"}, }, true, ["sign", "verify", ...

1 answers | asked 15 hours ago by Mitar on Stack Overflow
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