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0 answers

I have a challenge for anyone willing

I am incredibly new to the world of cryptography, and perhaps this isn't quite the best site to post on, but I was hoping I could gain insight from some smart minds on my method. I encrypted an ...

2 answers

Possible to generate a one time secret which all nodes on the distributed network can know but cannot pre compute

I have a distributed P2P network. Everyday, I want each node to have a secret which is only valid for that day, while each of the other remaining nodes on the network will be able to calculate the ...

0 answers

Negative Molar Entropy?

I have Atkins "Chemical Principles" book and in the end of the book, in the data section I saw that some molecules have negative molar entropy for example Sm of OH-(aq) = -10.75 J/(K*mol) I am ...

1 answer

Error Decrypting JWE

Kind of new to the JWE Decryption thing. I have a server that performs the JWE and sent it to client based on a key that is shared between server and client. I am using a Jose4j for decrypting and am ...

1 answers | asked 1 hour ago by Aravind R on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Extracting key bits from linear cryptanalysis equation for SDES

From the linear cryptanalysis of SDES, we get a linear equation consisting the K[1, 3] of the round key 1 and 2. From this how will I retrieve the key bit? How do we solve the linear equation we get ...

0 answers

Caesar Cipher not working in python 2.7

import sys import string import re keywords = [] task = "*" while task not in "ed": task = raw_input("Encrypt or Decrypt: \nType ‘e’ to Encrypt\nType ‘d’ to Decrypt\n").lower() keyword_1 = "*" ...

0 answers

JSch ChannelExec time out after 15 minutes

I am running a command on remote server using JSch's ChannelExec. My script usually takes more than 15 minutes to run. But the channel is getting closed after 15 minutes and the exit status stays ...

0 answers

Do smartphones produce cnonce when connecting to secured networks or when logging into user accounts?

Do smartphones produce cnonce when connected to secured networks or when logging into user accounts ? I know that computers generate cnonce and use cnonce for verifying users. My question is do ...

0 answers

How to write LaTeX in jupyter (not just equations)

Is it possible to write LaTeX in jupyter? It seems that IPython.display.Latex supports only a subset of LaTeX equations. In particular I would like to use \tabular and others LaTeX commands (HTML is ...

0 answers

In Miktex (Latex), how do I rotate figure and fill the entire page with it?

I have a horizontal (say A3 page) .eps figure which I want to import into Miktex generated text, rotating it so that it will fill the entire A4 page rather than occupy only it's say 30% when imported ...

1 answer

Vulnerabilities in specifying the hash algorithm used for signature verification on a per-message basis

Let's say that I have a 4096-bit RSA key and when I sign data, I typically use SHA-512. As far as I understand it, the hash algorithm used to sign/verify a message is specified in the message. If a ...

1 answers | asked 3 hours ago by Melab on Cryptography
1 answer

Generation of a shared nonce that cannot be pre computed

Is there any system out there currently, which can generate a nonce, which all nodes on a distributed network can agree and calculate the same nonce at the same time, but one an attacker cannot pre ...

1 answer

How to calculate key size of a security algorithm?

There are lots of security algorithms. One of the way to measure security of a cryptography algorithm is to find out its key size. There are many key size of a single algorithm. ECC (Elliptic ...

0 answers

Architect a secure web site that uses sql server 2014

I have an issue and I'm looking for some guidance on how to solve it using the current best practise. I'm using c#, sqlserver 2014 and EF 6 and I need to encrypt data in the database. I ...

0 answers

How are the attributes of a user authenticated in attribute-based encryption?

It seems that the papers I am reading do not talk much about this point. That is how the attributes of a user are authenticated in ABE system. To my understanding, there is an attribute authority ...

1 answer

How is the root certificate transmitted to pc?

i understand that the purpose of root certificates and CA's is to ensure that the communication parties are who they say they are. But how is the root certificate acquired? Is it not possible that ...

1 answers | asked 5 hours ago by ele lont on Cryptography
2 answers

NHibernate - where .. in .. and future

I have two models: Thing and ThingStatus. Thing has an Id and some other fields. ThingStatus is a model which stores Status enum corresponding to id of Thing. Now I want to fetch Things that have ...

2 answers | asked 6 hours ago by k_wisniewski on Stack Overflow
2 answers

How to Decrypt an Encrypted String using a specific Key

First of all this is my code so far. public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); desObj = Rijndael.Create(); } string cData; byte[] cBytes; byte[] pBytes; byte[] pBytes2; byte[] pKey; ...

2 answers | asked 7 hours ago by SyxDuLappen on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Compile and run java program with mutiple external jar files

I have a simple program that uses apache.poi external libraries in order to manipulate excel files. I used eclipse in a windows environment and now I have to compile and run my program on linux with ...

0 answers

Convert one encryption scheme to another without decryption

I want to convert one encryption scheme to another without decrypting the first scheme and then encrypting with the second scheme. For example convert OPE encryption to Paillier without decryption. ...

1 answer

How to do Redis Data encryption?

We can secure the data while its travelling using spiped or stunnel. But How do we do that while the data at rest? What if someone took the whole database? How can we encrypt the persistent data ...

1 answers | asked 10 hours ago by Sreeraj on Stack Overflow
0 answers

SFTP upload with Apache Commons VFS2 fails after consecutive transfers

I've created a class which uploads files to SFTP server using Apache Commons VFS2 and JSCH libraries. Everything works fine for the first (usually) 19 transfers but after that I'm starting to get ...

1 answer

Perl Encryption to PHP Encryption conversion

Im in the middle of converting a very uncommented / cryptic perl "webpage" to PHP, and I am stuck in the middle of trying to decrypt strings.. Here is a sample of the encrypted string ...

1 answers | asked 11 hours ago by darrylp on Stack Overflow
2 answers

How can we define division operation by using Fully homomorphic encryption

Last fews months, I'm working with homomorphic encryption. Now I am dealing with some computational problems with integers or real-numbers (like arithmetic mean, standard deviation) where division is ...

0 answers

Visible spectrum of photon via its acceleration throughout the universe and Invisible spectrum of Time and Entropy throughout the universe

The true speed of light Tc = c.(∆λ + 1) When ∆λ = 0, Tc = c, To the observer us. It is a trustful referential frame absolute. When ∆λ ≤ -1, It is an invisible spectrum what we will get. (e.g. dark ...

1 answer

How Diffie-Hellman authentication works?

There are a lot of good videos on a simple Diffie-Hellman in the internet but unfortunately that is susceptible to the MITM attack. I understand how with DH the two parties are able to calculate a ...

1 answers | asked 14 hours ago by ele lont on Cryptography
0 answers

Caculated time One Point Multiplication with double and method

I am using double and add method for point multiplication in affine coordinates. How we compute 1PM in double and method? Di Wang said one point multiplication consists of repeated addition and ...

asked 14 hours ago by Alfred Saut on Cryptography
0 answers

Gaussian distribution in lattices

In many lattice based cryptosystems, Gaussian distribution is used. Can you explain why only Gaussian distribution is preferred?

1 answer

What does the probability subscript mean in Shannon's secrecy definition?

Shannon's secrecy can be defined as: $$P_M (M=m) = P_{SK,M}(M=m|E(SK,m)=c)$$ What does $P_M$ means? (same question for $P_{SK,M}$) I know that is the probability space M, M being the messages; I do ...

0 answers

What happens to NORX if the same (key, nonce, header data) triple is reused

As I understand it, reusing a (key, nonce, header data) triple in NORX leaks the XOR of the initial common prefix (but this is zero, so only its length is leaked) the XOR of the first distinct ...

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