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0 answers

What are meaning of the parameters of CryptoJs.AES function?

Can anyone tell me what are meaning of these two parameters in CryptoJS.AES.encrypt function (message, password)? And can i just put in one parameter, the parameter of the password that i want to ...

1 answer

If Black holes are maximal entropy how can they evaporate?

According to Hawking/Bekenstein a black hole represents the highest amount of entropy for a given volume, (actually the entropy is related to the surface area of the black hole but the fact that they ...

2 answers

why does IV not need to be secret in AES CBC encryption?

According to Wikipedia, the initialization vector (IV) does not have to be secret, when using CBC mode of operation. Here is the schema of CBC encryption (also from Wikipedia): What if I encrypt ...

0 answers

Javascript Object in Outline View of Eclipse Mars.2 Release (4.5.2)

Preface: There are a lot of old questions on stackoverflow regarding objects showing up correctly in the outline view, I've walked through each of them that I was able to find and placed the solution ...

0 answers

jupyter to latex, why inline images are not exported

I want to convert jupyter notebook to latex, I use jupyter-nbconvert in command line (windows 10) but images aren't included how to have the embedded images with ![title](image.jpg) are used when ...

0 answers

Is it possible to enumerate the possible RSA keys?

As far as I understand ECDSA keys are smaller than RSA because all of the value of the ECDSA (up to a high number) are valid private keys. Is there any method of compressing RSA keys, based on some ...

3 answers

C# equivalent of Scala Promise

In scala there are Promises and Futures. With Promise I can control when Future completes, i.e. val p = Promise[Int]() val fut: Future[Int] = p.future // I already have a running Future here // here ...

3 answers | asked 3 hours ago by Łukasz on Stack Overflow
0 answers

How to get unsigned attributies from detached signature using BouncyCastle

I need to get list of unsigned attributies from detached CMS signature BEFORE veryfing the signature. I need to find one special attribute with specific OID Standard .Net code does not work ...

0 answers

Statistical tests for PRNG that generates a sequence which is not binary

Is there a pratical application to PRNG that generates a sequence which is not a binary one? A ternary, quaternary sequence, for instance. If so, how can we test this? Is there any alternative test ...

0 answers

How is the base64 encoded signature in Craig Wright's proof constructed?

Mr. Craig S. Wright might be Satoshi Nakamoto - the inventor of bitcoin. He is currently proving the case. But how is the base64 encoded proof, that is published by himself on his blog post ...

2 answers

Entropy always increases in a closed system - what if the universe is open?

An interesting question I was asked: Entropy always increases in a closed system - what if the universe is open? Does that mean that entropy can decrease in such a system? Of course, I think there is ...

0 answers

javadoc doclet and static results in NoClassDefFoundError

import com.sun.javadoc.*; import org.apache.log4j.Logger; public class ListClass { public static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger("ListClass"); public static boolean start(RootDoc root) { ...

asked 5 hours ago by jpllosa on Stack Overflow
1 answer

What the situation will make channel.getExitStatus() return 1

private String test(String command){ channel = sesConnection.openChannel("exec"); ((ChannelExec) channel).setCommand(command); BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new ...

1 answers | asked 5 hours ago by Acacia on Stack Overflow
0 answers

File encryption in svn

We've got some files containing sensitive data that we'd like to encrypt and check into our subversion repo. Is there something like git-crypt but for subversion?

asked 5 hours ago by patforna on Stack Overflow
0 answers

One time pad encryption and decryption

This is my code here that's supposed to use plain word and a user entered key to encrypt and decrypt /* * To change this license header, choose License Headers in Project ...

1 answer

Are shm and wal files needed when using an Encrypted CoreData implementation?

I'm using an encrypted CoreData framework that was recommend. I noticed that the shm and wal files are missing from the documents directory. I did some research and it seems like they are temporary ...

0 answers

Decrypt decompressed python code in correct format

I have a python code which has been decompressed and enrypted which i would like to see the actual code. I have even been able to see code but still some part has zeroes. I am doing import zlib ...

1 answer

ECFP harder than ECDLP ?

Given two points $P$ and $Q = \sum_{i=1}^{n} x_i.P$ over $E_p(a, b)$ for $x_1,x_2,...,x_n \in \mathbb F_p$. The Elliptic Curve Factorization Problem (ECFP) is to find the points ...

1 answers | asked 8 hours ago by Sandy on Cryptography
0 answers

Is their any symmetric key cipher (block or stream cipher) providing partial decryption?

symmetric key cipher (block or stream cipher) providing partial decryption of data at some points. Although the entire data is not been decrypted but the data decrypted to that specific point should ...

2 answers

Remove 'b' character do in front of a string literal in Python 3

I am new in python programming and i am a bit confused. I try to get the bytes from a string to hash and encrypt but i got b'...' b character in front of string just like the below example. Is any ...

2 answers | asked 11 hours ago by xXxpRoGrAmmErxXx on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Why does HS1-SIV use the universal hash function the second time?

HS1-SIV uses HS1-Hash twice: once with the message as input, and the second time with the authentication tag as input. The second use seems somewhat strange to me: assuming that the core is a strong ...

0 answers

Hash function with good performance on extremely short messages

Are there randomized hash functions that are fast for extremely short messages (usually <10 bytes) and almost universal?

0 answers

Decrypting with the wrong password, final block not properly padded

I have the following code to define a cipher class import java.util.*; import javax.crypto.Cipher; import; import; import ...

0 answers

Are Hashed Timelock Contracts and Zero-Knowledge Contingent Payments the same thing?

This answer to How is a node in the middle prohibited from keeping the money in a routed Payment in Lightning network? describes how a Hashed Timelock Contract would be used to exchange the "secret" ...

0 answers

Texmaker vs. MikTex

I finally got tired of trying to type mathematics in Word and am installing Tex on my desktop. Any recommendation for which version to install? I've used MikTex before (it's been a couple years ...

0 answers


I am having a problem generating the signature key in PHP as describred in the Apple nes API documentation found here: ...

0 answers

Decrypt Media Files in chunks and play via AVPlayer

I have a mp4 video file which i am encrypting to save and decrypting to play via AVPlayer. Using CRYPTOSWIFT Library for encrypting/decrypting Its working fine when i am decrypting whole file at ...

0 answers

TLS 1.2 PRF Cipher Suite Specification

I am upgrading our assembler SSL/TLS implementation to support TLS 1.2 and am reviewing RFC5246 specification for TLS 1.2. It states that the PRF is now part of the cipher suite specification but ...

0 answers

SignalR Symmetric Encryption

I need to implement a basic SignalR chat example, but with symmetric encryption to Prevent others in the chat without the proper passphrase from reading what they shouldn't be allowed to Prevent ...

0 answers

What are the steps to bootstrap encryption into an existing unencrypted consul cluster without downtime

I have setup a consul cluster with 3 server nodes. The cluster in unencrypted. Please let me know what steps do I need to follow to bootstrap encryption into the existing unencrypted cluster without ...

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