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Generation of a cyclic group of prime order

I am trying to implement a cyclic group generator in Java, but I am running into some issues. In many cryptosystems, the following phrase is expressed during the key generation stage. Let G be ...

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“make” command not working for all targets specified

I have to create a make file for building pdf and dvi files separately from 2 tex files.. resume.tex and article tex. What I have made looks like this: all: resume_all article_all dvi: ...

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Estilo citação: “(Autor, Data)” para “Autor (Data)”

Estou usando abntcite. Gostaria de saber como alterar o estilo de apenas algumas citações de (Autor, Data) para Autor (Data). Eu tentei usando \citeauthor{chave}, mas não funcionou. Obrigado.

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Inserting electric braces in AUCTeX

This is a question a friend of mine had; figured posting here might give quick responses. Old version in new language, après Name How do I define the mapping ^ |--> Nothing while ^^ |--> ...

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Kryptos : K1. What is the origin of the “palimpsest” keyword?

I'm studying the Kryptos sculpture with its cryptographic puzzles K1 to K4. I understand that the keyword "palimpsest" was reverse-engineered using the tableau (and brute-force computer processing), ...

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Given Final Block not properly padded while AES decryption

First, I'll tell what is my primary goal. I'm going to use AES to encrypt some content in the client side, then use RSA public key to encrypt the important AES specs and sending both AES encrypted ...

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How hard is it to find plaintexts whose hashes satisfy $h(a)\oplus h(b)=h(c)$?

Given a cryptographic hash function $h$, for example SHA256, how hard is it to find plaintexts $a,b,c$ such that $$h(a)\oplus h(b)=h(c) \text?$$

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Kryptos K2 keyword derivation

So I've been doing some reading on Kryptos, and to be honest the keyword for K2, ABSCISSA, has a pretty weak derivation. (The method using the eee's). Isn't there a better way to come to that? I dont ...

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Iteration in LaTeX

I would like to use some iteration control flow to simplify the following LaTeX code. \begin{sidewaystable} \caption{A glance of images} \centering \begin{tabular}{| c ||c| c| c |c| c|| c |c| ...

2 answers | 56 mins ago by Tim on Stack Overflow
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Non-repudiation and digital signature of a dishonest participant

Let's assume a dishonest Alice who sends, encrypts & digital signs a message to Bob. Bob stores the decrypted message and the digital signature in a database. However Alice is a bad girl and ...

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Never spell a word the same way twice?

A long time ago I was reading about Renaissance-era ciphers and I remembered this quote: David Kahn, author of The Codebreakers, quotes Giovanni Battista Porta who published, in 1563, a famous ...

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Parallel Pollard's Rho: Number of distinguished points

When using the parallel version of Pollard's Rho algorithm for discrete logs, each processor performs its own random walk to find distinguished points, and reports the starting point and the ...

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sftp fails with 'message too long' error

My java program uses ssh/sftp for transferring files into linux machines (obviously...), and my library for doing so is JSch (though it's not to blame). Now, some of these linux machines, have shell ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by tomper on Stack Overflow
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pandoc full-featured online?

Is pandoc hosted anywhere for online use with complete functionality? The online pandoc demo lacks PDF output and has a character limit. Specifically, I'd to convert Markdown to PDF with embedded ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by fvogel on Stack Overflow
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What do Futures and Agents in Akka offer over Clojure's counterparts?

Having watched the presentation Composable Futures with Akka 2.0, I am curious to know what additional features the Akka implementation of Futures and Agents bring over Clojure's ones.

1 answers | 3 hours ago by zcaudate on Stack Overflow
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Convert a string into a key

Is there a way to convert a string into a key so I can have the same encryption key for encoding/decoding? I do not mean using SecretKey btw. Key symKey = ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by user3511446 on Stack Overflow
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Encryption error on Android 4.2

The following code is working on all the versions of android except the latest 4.2 import; import; import ...

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Can public key be recovered from ciphertext & encrypted private key?

I'd like to implement something like a write-once public/private encrypted shared secret (no better quick description for the lack of terminology knowledge). I guess, I'm trying to implement HSM. The ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Dima on Cryptography
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Local UC(LUC) : About the impossibility of any simulations which consists hybrid protocols

In LUC framework, if a protocol has access to an ideal functionality(hybrid model), is it impossible to simulate this protocol? Just because, each of simulators has its own view of the protocol, so, ...

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Typesetting LaTeX fraction terms to be larger in an equation

I have the following formula in LaTeX, based on Fisher's Exact Test. (NOTE: requires the use of the amsmath package for \binom.) \begin{equation} P(i,j) = \sum_{x=|N(V_i) \cap V_j|}^{\min\{|V_j|, ...

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Android - RSA algorithm : Decrypts a message with any private key

I am having a serious problem with the RSA asymmetric cryptography algorithm. A message encrypted using User A public key is being decrypted by the User's private key. On the computer it works fine. ...

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Existing Java implementation of $2y$?

I'm going to be doing some integration work between Java and an existing PHP app. PHP stores user passwords using the PHP function password_hash(), which implements the $2y$ Blowfish mode ...

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XOR cipher with three different ciphertexts and repeated key, key length known. How do I find the plaintexts?

Let us say we have three different plaintexts (all alphabets, A-Z): $x$, $y$ and $z$, each of length $21$. Let the key, $a$, be also of length $21$. Now, what we have is $x \oplus a$, $y \oplus a$ ...

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cryptographic issue on Android 4.4.2

I tried to run two examples cryptographic. Doing debugging with emulators via eclipse everything works fine, debugging with the physical device I get an error: pad block corrupted the code is ...

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Finding the Modular Multiplicative Inverse of a large number

I am practicing some modular arithmetic and I am trying to find the multiplicative inverse of a large number. Here is the problem: 345^-1 mod 76408 I'm not sure how to go about solving this problem. ...

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How to capture all wireless network traffic wireshark and wpa2?

Ok, so I want to do some tests on my network. I have a wireless network, with a WPA2 password. I have the password, it's my own router. I have 3 laptops in here, and I want to capture all the traffic ...

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Is Computer Modern a high-quality font?

Computer Modern, a font created by a computer scientist for use with his own typesetting system TeX, has become one of the most frequently used fonts of all time, precisely because of the popularity ...

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The perfect way of using IV in CTR mode

I understand that it is necessary to use the same IV for both encryption and decryption in the CTR mode. I'm thinking about the case when I concatenate the secret key along with the IV after ...

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Asymmetric sign in public enviroment

I have RTS game, where all players run game and server just relays messages. Game can generate and store text file on player pc. I want to allow some players to be moderators, so I need to sign or ...

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Python: Caesar cipher encryption

Hello everyone I have a question. Why doesn't the following code dont produce any output or errors? This is a code that encrypts and decrypts user codes alpha = ['a','b','c','d','e','f', ...

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