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Entropy of radiation emitted into space

In several papers I see something equivalent to the following expression for the entropy of radiation given by an astronomical object such as the Sun (assuming the object can be approximated as a ...

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Evince is no longer auto-reloading documents. How can I troubleshoot this?

Evince (the pdf viewer) used to reload my .pdf files after I compiled them in LaTeX. However, this behavior has recently stopped to the point where I have to manually reload Evince (control + R) to ...

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Saving in $\LaTeX$

When I save the following notebook code as $\LaTeX$, In[1]:= DSolve[y'[x] + x y'[x]^2 == 1, y, x] Out[1]= {{y -> Function[{x}, C[1] + 1/2 (-2 Sqrt[1 + 4 x] - 2 Log[1 - Sqrt[1 + 4 x]])]}, ...

2 answers | 23 mins ago by Zbigniew on Mathematica
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scala - phantom dsl - cassandra - RequestHandler - onTimeout

I'm trying to run 2 async queries on cassandra and then compute an average of some values. Apparently cassandra runs all queries, but I can't get the result due this error: 12:17:44.389 [Hashed ...

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What is wrong in this command about grepping and pandocing?

I am thinking this answer which returns a broken PDF document in OSX 10.10.3. The file test_dummy.tex is here. pandoc test_dummy.tex -f markdown -t html | grep -E '(^<|^$|^ *$)' \ | grep -v ...

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How to encrypt VNC connection? SSH port forwarding?

I'm trying to secure/encrypt my VNC connection (personal computer to linux/ubuntu server) using SSH port-forwarding to secure the connection: ssh -L 5901:localhost:5901 joe@laptop This is from: ...

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/dev/random in EC2 cloud

is /dev/random any good in AWS EC2 for use in making a shared key that will be passed over a secure channel? i am concerned that a launched instance would have not much entropy to begin with. what ...

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One time pad in CBC mode?

I have been searching about if it is more secure to use CBC mode in OTP but I can't find anywhere where people have sad that it is more secure. Question: Is CBC mode in OTP more secure? Because I ...

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Is anything like LaCheck (mistakes checker for LaTeX) for ConTeXt?

I am writing my thesis and I would like to compare some tools for finding common mistakes in TeX files. I only know LaCheck for LaTeX. I have not find anything like LaCheck, maybe someone from you ...

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Cryptographic enforcement schemes using Diffie-Hellman

If one wants to set up a decentralized cryptographic enforcement scheme in which the level of 'confidentiality' of information is marked by its position in a poset, why not use Diffie-Hellman to ...

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Can a TLS client perform any DH regeneration?

I have only the barest understanding of cryptography, but I've been following the Logjam issue; some posts and articles (elsewhere) imply that a client can regenerate DH keys. Is Logjam solely a ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by pasca on Cryptography
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encrypt/decrypt between Java and JavaScript using Web Crypto API

I am trining to encrypt/decrypt between Java and JavaScript using Web Crypto API ( I found useful information in this forum but now I am stuck... Java: ...

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Sharing a secret key between many users

I would like to know if there is any security issue in sharing a secret key (of an asymmetric cryptography) between several users. I know that this secret key is no longer "secret", so it's no longer ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by watou on Cryptography
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PGP public RSA key format

I have been trying to use Go (I could post the code, but I think I posted enough already...) to generate a PGP RSA key. However every time I try to encrypt something with it, something fails. However, ...

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Javadoc fails with class file for java.lang.FunctionalInterface not found

Using Android Studio, I am trying to generate the Javadoc. Under Eclipse it worked fine, but under Android Studio I get the error: javadoc: error - ...

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Is HMAC-MD5 still secure for commitment or other common uses?

MD5 collisions have been out for some time. In spite of this, HMAC-MD5 is still secure for authenticating data1. This illustrates a strength of the HMAC construction, it does not require that the hash ...

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upload/download HTML div from html page encrypt/decrypt it in a text file/secure file using jquery in MVC-4 application

I am looking for the solution where user can download the HTML element(lets say div) present on the same page in a text file(or any secure file) in a encrypted way.User will allow to email the file ...

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How can i encrypt particular column data in Android SQLite Data base.Using SQLCipher utility

I have a SQLite DB in android, and I want to encrypt only few columns in that DB. I founded that its available with whole DB to encrypt, but I need to encrypt only few columns data only.

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LaTeX listing package coloring part of keyword only

For some reason when i compile my master, only part of keywords in my listings are colored. It's almost like it's combining keywords and only coloring the parts that are the same in the keyword. See ...

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Image sharing without data overhead

The idea is to share n images among n persons so that all images can be reconstructed by someone in possession of all shares. However, there must not be any data overhead (which means the shares sent ...

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Part of Decrypt non-sense

I am working a chat in android, here I am using the next methods for key generation, encrypt and decrypt messages. The problem is that when I send a message for example "hola" in the other side I get ...

2 answers | 3 hours ago by Juan on Stack Overflow
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Enunciate reporting - How to Exclude few APIs and include few APIs from a same class

I would like to exclude few API methods in a class from Enunciate documentation. Is there a way to achieve it using enunciate ? Thanks in Advance

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GnuPG for Java library ant build issue/bug

I'm working GnuPG Java API to encrypt/decrypt files. Googled and found a Java Wrapper GnuPG for Java, Java wrapper for GPGME(GnuPG Made Easy,C language library). Official website also referring this ...

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Drupal B2B related for the Pricing according to the users

Matala , I am working on pricelist module to get the prices according to the priority of the customers. actually i had created the roles and added the different prices for their roles and i had ...

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Simple Javascript encrypt, PHP decrypt with shared secret key

This is not about security. It is also not to make it hard to break. I'm looking for a simple algorithm to change a string (a url) in a way it does not resemble the original. The encryption will be ...

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Hash function such that fx(hash(s1),hash(s2)) = hash(concat(s1,s2))

First, I'm not a mathematician, so I may express this question awkwardly. Feel free to chuckle. I'm wondering if there exists a hash function h such that for given strings s1 and s2, and string ...

3 answers | 4 hours ago by Reece on Cryptography
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Client-server encryption technique explanation (TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256, 128 bit keys)

I opened a web page using https. When I looked at the page info provided by my browser (Firefox) I saw following: Connection encrypted: High-grade Encryption ...

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Encrypt Spatialite Database using SQL Cipher

I'm currently using a spatialite lib given here: What I want is to encrypt the spatialite database, but the problem I don't know where to start. I'm thinking of using SQLCipher, but If I'am not ...

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RSA public key exponent generation confusion

Quote from Wiki: $e$ having a short bit-length and small Hamming weight results in more efficient encryption — most commonly $2^{16} + 1 = 65537$. However, much smaller values of $e$ (such as $3$) ...

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rails saml how to decrypt xml?

I'm doing an SAML AUTHENTIFICATION, and when I received the xml, a part of it is ecrypted. This is the part I need (contains name, email etc.) For that I have a private key to decrypt it, but I don't ...

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