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1 answer

Calculating Probabilities for Substitution Ciphers using Frequency Analysis

I have been trying to put together a tool that can take in cipher text encrypted via a simple substitution cipher and calculate the most likely "key" (that is, how the plain text letters were mapped ...

0 answers

Gravitational entropy

In the beginning (big bang), mass was evenly distributed (if you consider an elementary particle as an extended object, like a circle on a very thin cylinder, with a radius near the Planck length, but ...

25 answers

MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference

To see how any formula was written in any question or answer, including this one, right-click on the expression it and choose "Show Math As > TeX Commands". (When you do this, the '$' will not ...

2 answers

What ds>dQ/T mean?

I read the derivation on page 216 over here: First it considers an irreversible process between state 1 and 2 followed by a reversible process between ...

1 answer

CRITICAL Can't recognize the encryption algorithm used: 0x8004. Abort - dislocker on Ubuntu 14.04

So here is my problem: On windows 10 I encrypted my hard drive (D or sdb) with bitlocker. I have both the user password and the recovery key. I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on (C or sda) and I wish to ...

1 answer

Positioning of figures in sections and avoid blank pages with float package

I have the problem that latex creates empty pages while using the float package. This is the Code: \section{Sample} Sample Text. \section{Title} \begin {figure}[H] Insert figure via R-Code. ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Lennie on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Which tag should be used as paragraph separator in Javadoc?

Which is the more appropriate HTML tag for breaking up paragraphs/long sections of javadoc so according to best practices? Is it <p /> or <br />? Why?

1 answer

Do other one-time signature schemes exist?

I'm curious to know if there are any one-time signature schemes other than Lamport's or its variants (Merkle trees are one such variant). The first I've discovered is called "Bins and Balls" which ...

2 answers

Why can’t DSA be used for encryption?

This question at StackOverflow mentions that DSA cannot be used for encrypt. But Both RSA and DSA can be used to generate public and private keys, right? (Or am I wrong?). Then why can't I use the ...

1 answer

Using HMAC-Whirlpool in Java

My program has to use HMAC-sha256 and HMAC-whirlpool. I use javax.crypto for the HMAC-sha256 algorithm and it works without problems. But I got problems using HMAC-whirlpool. I only found whirlpool. ...

1 answer

C# / WPF / SQL - How to encrypt connectionstring in web.config of WCF which will be deployed to remote Cloud

The architect of my software is, WPF(Windows desktop application)- WCF middleware(on remote Cloud)- Cloud SQL Server(SQL database) If I encrypt connnectionstring(to Cloud SQL database) in web.config ...

0 answers

Appending values into a list with except: pass

for c in update: try: converted = (int(c,2)) check = chr(converted) #Converts the inverted list back into a character except: overflow.append(c) check = ...

2 answers

C# SQL) How to encrypt connectionstring of web.config to Azure SQL database? (and import the key into Azure SQL database for decryption?)

The Architecture of my software is, WPF (Windows desktop application on users' computers) - WCF web role(Windows Communication Foundation) on Azure Cloud Service (Here, the connectionstring to Azure ...

1 answer

Is this cascading encryption, and is my security weakened as a result?

I'm trying to understand what is, and what is not, considered cascading encryption. All of the posts and conversations I've read over the past few days discourage the practice, including this article. ...

1 answer

Where is the mistake in my RSA by-hand calculation?

Like several previous askers, I seem to have made a mistake in my RSA calculation, but despite going back over it three times, I cannot spot it. I picked 1000003 and 6000011 as my primes, p and q. n ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by Aerovistae on Cryptography
0 answers

Lines numbers inside the .class file differs from eclipse compilation and maven compilation

I am using java assist to replace method calls inside a method based on the line number in the source file. The functionality works like a charm. The problem is line number of the method call differs ...

0 answers

Deoxys: disadvantages vs. AES?

The CAESAR candidate Deoxys is based on a tweakable block cipher that seems to be a strict improvement over AES, in that it is a tweakable cipher resistant to related-key attack. The mode proposed ...

0 answers

How to decrypt an android encrypted SD card?

Scenario My LG G4 would not turn on this morning, I purchased a new LG G5 phone this afternoon running the latest version of android. The SD card from my old phone was encrypted using the LG G4's SD ...

2 answers

Will a SHA256 hash always have 64 characters?

I'm setting up my database to receive hashed passwords and not accept plain text. Would I go something like this? create table User( username varchar(20) not null, password varchar(64) not null, ); ...

0 answers

Left aligning a LaTex equation

Below is an rmarkdown document with a LaTex equation. The default for these equations is centre. How do I left-align this equation? I have searched the similar answers but none of the suggestions work ...

0 answers

latex formatting negative number with brackets/parenthesis

In expressions, I use Latex macro such as \a to have '23' or '-23'. The problem I have is that \a-\a produces '23--23' instead of '23-(-23)' as it should, when \a is negative. I tried the numprint ...

1 answer

Why is DSA falling out of favor?

Windows abandoned DSA rather than extend it to support > 1024 bits; but otherwise I cannot find a reason why DSA would be less desirable. I see in SSH the disabling it by default with a completely ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by Joshua on Cryptography
0 answers

Openssl_encrypt works, Openssl_decrypt does not work when data is passed to another page

Working in wordpress. What I want to accomplish is to encrypt ids url link on a table. User can click the url link that now has the encrypted id. On the next page php gets the encrypted url link ...

0 answers

modulo error on matrix operation

So I'm trying to calculate the inverse of a matrix using the determinate. My loop gets no errors when I remove the % 26 but when I include it I get the following errors: '=' : conversion from ...

1 answer

Can I get successful signature verification with just altering message and signature?

Assuming I can modify a message and also modify the verification signature, and I also have the public-key but not the private-key. Can I create a message that can be verified with a signature that I ...

1 answer

Ciphers providing Deniable encryption?

I stumbled on the concept of Deniable encryption on Wikipedia, with the following scenario: Deniable encryption allows the sender of an encrypted message to deny sending that message. This ...

7 answers

Android 4.2 broke my encrypt/decrypt code and the provided solutions don't work

First of all, I've already seen Android 4.2 broke my AES encrypt/decrypt code and Encryption error on Android 4.2 and the provided solution: SecureRandom sr = null; if ...

1 answer

Caused by: no such provider: Crypto - Android N

Seems like "Crypto" provider has been removed in Android N. My application crashing because of NoSuchProviderException. If I change the provider and Algorithm then it will affect user who are all ...

2 answers

Programming a Cipher Program (Plain Text->Caesar Cipher->ASCII)?

I really need to know how you would code this or something similar in Java: Here is my attempt I've been at it the whole ...

0 answers

Exporting parts of crosstab to a table format in R?

How do I export part of a cross tab o frequency tab to a table format with for example latex or write.xlsx? Here is my code: library(gmodels) data(infert, package = "datasets") tab= ...

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