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Connect to a server behind a server that is password protected jsch

I'm using jsch to connect to a server once I've connected to this(which I can do successfully) I want to connect to another server with a password. I know there is an example here ...

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Anki + Latex not working : I have installed BasicTex + dvipng

I'm trying to get Anki to work with Latex. Currently, when I open a flashcard with latex on it I get: Generated file: /var/folders/41/v5plvhx12wg0qlrj9h_l0g680000gn/T/anki_temp/tmp.tex Have you ...

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encrypting a large file by cryptoapi in C++

I am using CryptoApi to encrypt a file (asymmetric encryption). Everywthing is ok but when the file is large, it can not encrypt it. I searched and found that I must encrypt block by block. Except for ...

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Is there a correct way to generate a symmetric key?

Looking in some cryptographic algorithms, I've realized that: The way the plain text is encrypted/decrypted is always specified, but what about the key? Every paper I've seen describing the algorithm ...

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Encrypt mysql database

I'm trying to build a platform for users who will store confidential data about their clients. The context is quite simple: french laws prohibit me from having access to the data that my users will ...

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How to reduce unzipping time using Zip4j library in Android

I am using zip4j library in Android to unzip a password protected .mp3 file. The code for the same is as follow: try { ZipFile zipFile = new ZipFile(source); if (zipFile.isEncrypted()) { ...

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Getting every char of the line and then encrypting it

I have to read every character of each line and encrypt/decrypt it to the outfile file. But the thing is it only outputs one char in the output file. The program takes every character in the input ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Kemal P. on Stack Overflow
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How to use EVP_CipherUpdate to encrypt a bytestream in C

I have a struct that eventually gets handed down as a stream of bytes to a lower-level function. From that lower-level function, I need to encrypt this bytestream ~ either byte-by-byte or as the whole ...

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Why do we require a CSPRNG's output to be indistinguishable from true random?

Everywhere I read, indistinguishability of output from true random is stated as a requirement for CSPRNGs. However nobody bothered to give the rationale for such a strong requirement. Specifically, ...

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Trying to play a clearKey encrypted file in IE gives “Object doesn't support property or method requestMediaKeySystemAccess”

I'm trying to play an MP4 file that has been encrypted with CENC/clearKey. I created the file using MP4box with the command line MP4Box -crypt drm_file_clearkey_2.xml file.mp4 -out ...

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Prevent CryptoLocker on Server

A quick question, which may have a not-so-quick answer - Are there any ways to prevent files associated with CryptoLocker, to be propagated to a data server, by means of a back up? We use Cobian as ...

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Is Diffie-Hellman Secure or backdoored?

I'm a noob cryptography. The Diffie-Hellman algorithm looks extremely straightforward and simple, however, is it backdoored by the NSA?

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Docusign to Salesforce Encryption

Good evening, I have a client who needs a secure portal for a customer to submit sensitive info (SSN, W9's,etc.) that will integrate with Salesforce. Docusign seems perfect for this but we want to ...

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Read Encrypted PKCS8 Key

I'm trying to read an encrypted PKCS8 File. I generate the keys like so openssl genrsa -out file.pem -passout pass:file -aes256 1024 openssl pkcs8 -topk8 -inform pem -in file.pem -outform pem -out ...

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How to handle future completion without explicit handling of non-Exception Throwables

The pattern I keep using for handling Future completions inside of Akka looks something like this: val caller = sender() doSomethingAsync().onComplete { case Success(arg) => caller ! ...

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GPG Encrypt Fails in IIS .net App but works in Visual Studio

Workstation: Win7 Pro Server: Win 2008 - using the System.Diagnostics.Process tools Gpg4win 2.2.5 in stalled on both computers. The Key Pair was generated on Win 7 and backed up to the ...

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how digital signature verification process works

I am not able to understand that how the digital signature is verified. I know that digital signature will be attached to the message and sent by sender to receiver. then receiver uses the public key ...

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C# 2-way Encryption Class - Rijndael possible initialization vector issue (jibberish output)

I am having problems with an encryption class that I made: public static class Encryption { public static string EncryptToString(string TextToEncrypt, byte[] Key, byte[] IV = null) { ...

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Should I use “will” or “would” for the future tense if there is a condition?

Once you send me your final SOP, I will place it in the main document. Or should it be "would place" in the main document since it is conditional? Thank you

2 answers | 6 hours ago by khizi on English Language & Usage
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Migration Paths for Crypto.SE

We were told in chat that we should open a meta thread to ask for the migration paths. This is this thread. For everyone not knowing what a migration path is: Question can be migrated between ...

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How to decrypt data in binary file by XOR operator using a given key at specific offset?

I've a binary data files which are encrypted by a simple XOR cipher using a given key at offset +0x88 (which is 0x80 long), then the data (+0x108) is compressed by lzo1x. What would be the most ...

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Simply put, what does perfect secrecy means?

I would like to ask for a clear (but maybe not so deep) explanation of what the term "perfect secrecy" means. As far as I have researched and understood, it has to do with probabilities of assuming ...

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Best way to implement secure client/server communication in Python

For a college programming assignment I have to implement a secure communication protocol between a server and one or more clients. Upon instantiation of the server program, a file is generated, call ...

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plain text file or encrypted file(C programming)

I have to write a code that accepts an input file , 1)if it's a plain text file then it is encrypted and given a s output. 2)if it is an encrypted file it is de-crypted and given as output file. How ...

1 answers | 7 hours ago by iamlearning on Stack Overflow
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C# Constant-Time comparison

A relatively simple question: It appears that C# doesn't come with baked-in constant-time comparison methods or extensions, why not? Sure it's a simple algorithm, but it seems so basic it should be ...

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Why is public key cryptography (RSA) used in sites like Google or Facebook?

The RSA algorithm is used for encryption (plain text to cipher text) and decryption (cipher text to plain text) of data. What is the need for using public keys in these sites; why is data is encrypted ...

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Unable decrypt URL encoded Base64 String

Hello thank you for reading; I've tried to decrypt thise Base64 string in anyway possible. Also tried searching Stackoverflow and tried other methods. Every response it's just jibberish. ...

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Key derivation design to avoid key leaks

I have the first function that generates keys from AES decryption (128-bit key). It takes seed as input: derived_key_1 = AES-DEC(key, seed) seed and key are both fixed values that the attacker ...

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Tips on mongodb encryption server setup, mongodb security ssl & mongodb security certificate setup

Can you send me some links or videos on how to install or step mongo db security such as; mongodb encryption server setup mongodb security ssl & mongodb security certificate setup or maybe some ...

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Using db40 .db file in another pc

I am new to db4o. We are working on a team project in java using db4o and have inserted some objects in the database (say Cricketdb) on one pc. When I try copying the .db file and use it on my pc, it ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by Tarun on Stack Overflow
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