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Hashing password at user signup on client side and database stores hash only. How to use the same salt again when logging in?

So during user sign up the user enters (password + random salt) and sends that to the server. During login the user enters (password + random salt?) and sends that to the server. What do I have to ...

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Ideal chain / entropic spring - what is the *microscopic* force?

The ideal chain is the classic example of an entropic force. Usually one derives this force from the fundamental relation describing forces in the canonical ensemble: $$ \tag 1 F = (\partial \langle E ...

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How does this Cryptowall v3 working to encrypt the file?

In Wikipedia, I've found an explanation about this Cryptolocker, the predecessor of a new variant this Cryptowall v3. I think there's an interesting value to know more about this kind of Trojan. ...

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Is only one shared secret generated by ECDH per key pair?

I'm confused about ECDH. Using their public keys and private keys, two entities can arrive on a shared secret. But from the equations I've seen, it looks like ONLY the numbers present in their key ...

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In HMQV, can one use multiple identities with one public key?

The HMQV protocol has 2 "identity" fields $\hat{A}, \hat{B}$ that are used in the dual signature - and it tries to guarantee that any properly-generated session key is only shared by a single $(A, B, ...

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How does the factor command on the TI-89 works?

So to put my question in context, I am working on the following problem. Let $N=1291233941$. Eve's magic box tells her the following three encryption/decryption pairs for $N$: $$(1103927639, ...

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Two Sheriffs and Eavesdroppers

Two sheriffs are working on a case to find one culprit. There were initially 8 suspects; through independent work, each sheriff has narrowed this down to a list of 2. Because they are good sheriffs, ...

1 answer KeyGenerator AES implementation not found

I'm getting the following exception (so far only Android 4.0.4): KeyGenerator AES implementation not found at ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by mntgoat on Stack Overflow
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How to store a SecretKey within a Java KeyStore protected by a PublicKey (RSAPasswordProtection)?

I want to store a SecretKey within a Java KeyStore protected by a PublicKey. When loading the protected KeyEntry i would like to get the protected key byte-array to manually unwrap it later on with ...

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knitr syntax highlighting: numbers and logical values are not highlighted

This is a minimal example for Rwn taken from Yihui Xie website. All I did was to add an expression involving logical values and to delete some of the text to make the example a bit shorter. ...

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Is it possible to make a more secure random number generator algorithm by XORing two or more less secure random number algorithms?

Is it possible to make a more secure random number generator (e.g. for cryptologic purposes) by combining two or more less secure random number generator algorithms using XOR? Here is an example of ...

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What can cause similar MD5 hashes

I have a set of MD5 hashes with huge similarities in the second half of the hash, (made up) examples: abcde1234560e0e0e0e0e bcdedcdedcc0e0e0e0e0e 654abcdefff0e0e0e0e0e [...] What ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by jokman on Cryptography
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FUSE file system read data missing

I'm working on a toy file system with FUSE and OpenPGP and I am having a really weird issue: When an encrypted file is read, not all of the data is returned, despite all of the data being decrypted ...

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What is the probability of the sum of elements in $\mathbb{Z}_{N^2}^*$ to be multiplicatively inverted?

Given a set of elements $ x_i \in \mathbb{Z}_{N^2}^*$ how can we express the probability of $\sum{(x_i)}^{-1}$ to have a multiplicative inverse $\mod \mathbb{Z}_{N^2}^*$, where $N=pq$ for two safe ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by curious on Cryptography
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Set all column names with tableContinuous from reporttools package

In the following example I would like the name of the first column to be blank and the second column to be "Cylinders". All the other names can remain. library(reporttools) col.vars <- c("n", ...

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Java RSA encrypted AES key

I have an RSA private key that I am trying to decrypt another files contents that has an AES key in it. So far all I can seem to get to return from the processes is jargon. Not really sure what I am ...

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Scala waiting for sequence of futures

I was hoping code like follows would wait for both futures, but it does not. object Fiddle { val f1 = Future { throw new Throwable("baaa") // emulating a future that bumped into an exception ...

2 answers | 5 hours ago by matt on Stack Overflow
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Place a photo besides address

I am trying to place a photo in my CV besides my address. Now I use the code: % LaTeX resume using res.cls \documentclass{res} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{lipsum} \usepackage{fancyhdr} ...

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Test Method for callout in Future method

I have a trigger on Account. On Account insert, I am sending a callout through future method. I am trying to write a test class for this but I am getting either of these two errors - 1) You have ...

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JSch, lock file while session is open

Is there any way to lock file, which i am reading with JSch sftp channel, to prevent other applications to modificate it while session is open? The problem i have: while i am reading/writing file, ...

2 answers | 5 hours ago by Vovan on Stack Overflow
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JSSE Configuration in Tomcat - enable AES256 cipher

What are the ciphers supported by JSSE in Apache Tomcat server? How can i enable AES256 and reorder the ciphers?

2 answers | 5 hours ago by samvijay on Stack Overflow
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How to protect HAProxy SSL Certificates as a service?

I'm trying to devise a method to protect my HAProxy SSL certificates while at rest on disk so that if the load-balancer host gets hacked, the SSL certificates will not be sitting there ripe for the ...

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How to fix Invalid AES key length?

I am working on a web based text encryption and decryption project on eclipse(following Struts 2) Whenever I enter the password and the plain text I get a Invalid AES Key Length error. The Service ...

4 answers

Searching over encrypted data

Is there any library/tool available which can allow me to search over encrypted data? I would like to encrypt data on client side, send it to cloud and perform search in cloud. I've been reading ...

3 answers

Is it possible to match encrypted documents using user-defined search terms?

Suppose I am storing a number of encrypted documents in a database. I would like to make it possible to identify the subset of documents whose contents match user-specified search terms without a) ...

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Justice and Fairness: Part 2

A friend of yours was part of a secret society and was put on trial on 15 December 2014 without a lawyer. Alice encrypted the trial's transcript and sent it to Bob, but double agent Carol was able to ...

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Latex align undefined control sequence

I'm not entirely sure why but my LaTex file keeps tripping up on an \end{align}? \begin{align} & \vec{E}=\frac{Q}{4\pi\epsilon_0r^2}\vec{\hat{r}}\\ & ...

1 answers | 7 hours ago by Tom on Stack Overflow
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Lotus flower encryption

I am trying to understand how multiple steps of encoding can be intuitive. (I will delete this edit tomorrow): This was solved by both possible methods (decryption and dictionary attack). But the ...

2 answers | 8 hours ago by Len on Puzzling
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Longtable written in latex starts from the next page

I created a longtable in latex for my Appendix A. Appendix A starts with a short paragraph and this table should start right after the end of this paragraph, but it starts from the next page, what can ...

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Eclipse fails where javac and IDEA succeed

Consider the following self-contained sample: package bloopers; import java.lang.annotation.Annotation; public final class Blooper5 { interface Converter<T,F> { T convert( F ...

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