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NSCFArray objectForKey crash?

I am trying to do something relatively simple. I have a .plist in my bundle and I am trying to save it to the documents directory with encryption. Now before I tried added encryption, it worked fine. …

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user defined counter increment function for blowfish CTR in java

The javax crypto blowfish counter increment function seems to be fixed ( standard inc by 1? ). (a) How to change the increment function, say by 4? (b) Could "increment" be achieved by manipulating …

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Out of memory decrypting large files in PHP with phpseclib

I'm trying to write a program that decrypts AES files on the fly with phpseclib. Files are large, so I get an out of memory error if I use file_get_contents($f) or fread(filesize($f)) to read the ...

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Secure password-hashing in Java

Here is an article on password hashing, along with an implementation. Is this code secure with number of iterations 10000, key length 256 and salt bytes 32? Is there a rule-of-thumb for key ...

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OCSP unknown status when passing cert, good status when passing serial

Okay, so I have a multi-layered ca system that looks like this: -ROOT_CA ----intermediate_CA --------intermediate_CA2 ------------client certs... I have an OCSP responder set up on ...

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Using future simple tense in a thesis

Being a non-native speaker, I have of course a bit of a problem with writing my thesis in English. In the thesis, I propose a software solution and I describe it. What I am not sure is: should I use …

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Objective -C AES: 128 Bit, CBC, IV Encryption?

I'm building an iOS client for generating a token for Shopify's Multipass: Our nodeJS code is working fine (using the library ...

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How to convert an array of 16-bit values to base64?

So I'm working on an encryption/decryption method in C++ right now. It takes an std::string as an input (plus a "key which will it uses for encrypting the message), and it produces an std::string ...

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Using mcrypt for password encryption in php

I want to know that can I use this encrypt-decrypt script for password encryption and put it into database? And what will be the sql table password column structure(currently it is password ...

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Key Derivation from random salted seed, HMAC and HMAC based KDF

I would like to generate a key which would be good enough to be used for encryption with AES in a mobile environment. My idea is to use as a seed ''random attributes'' from a mobile device. Is hashing …

1 answers | 3 hours ago by Hashed on Cryptography
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Is it secure to use Diffie-Hellman key agreement to generate a nonce?

I have a system, using AES, in one of the modes that uses a nonce and authentication. We have a pre-shared key, and to agree about initial nonce we could use Diffie-Hellman, using the resulting ...

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Streamed encrypt then MAC construction

I've been porting python Keyczar to work under 2to3 conversion (Github). I wanted to consolidate it's streaming AES encrypt/decrypt backend interface with it's string decrypt/encrypt. So I wrote a new …

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VBA Access: How to zip and encrypt a directory from VBA Access?

Do how does one go about Zipping a directory and and encrypting the zip file using VBA Access using the windows standard zip function? So far i have managed to find code which Creates a Zip file and …

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Unhandled exception at 0x77031D4D in Mini-Project.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: std::out_of_range at memory location 0x00CFF620

I trying to do a cipher for my project, I found a bug for getline as I wish to compelete the string with '.' but when I key in just '.' error show up saying "Unhandled exception at 0x77031D4D in ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by user3719952 on Stack Overflow
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Rainbow table for DES with all-zero plaintext?

Consider the function $F$ from $\{0,1\}^{56}$ to $\{0,1\}^{64}$, mapping the operative bits of a DES key to the ciphertext for all-zero plaintext. How could we organize a rainbow table to invert that …

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Latex to PDF error unknown float option 'H' Doxygen

I'm attempting to convert latex to pdf, using doxygen generated latex files. I am using Doxygen 1.8.7. However, I keep getting this error: !LaTex Error: Unknown float option 'H'. ... 1.6 ...

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PHP self encoding algorithm

I've been using base64 encoding for a while & it isn't secure because some decoders can easily identify it. So is it a good idea to develop my own mechanism to protect data or make my encryption …

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rgl.postscript doesn't keep the colors of a plot correctly

I am trying to run this code in order to plot a density function kernel smoothing and then save the plot as a "eps" file: library(ks) library(rgl) kern <- read.table(file.choose(), sep=",") hat …

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External login verification in Joomla

Using code from simular questions here I am trying to login users from a game into Joomla. My problem is that i'm not getting a positive pasword verification. Since I was having great difficult ...

2 answers | 4 hours ago by Bluestrike on Stack Overflow
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On spontaneity of a redox reaction

Suppose we have a redox reaction and we want to see in what direction the reaction is spontaneous. We do this by comparing the standard reduction potentials of the sub-reactions available in the main …

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CSPRNG that cannot be used as random extractor

Are there any specific CSPRNG's that cannot be used as randomness extractor within a TRNG? In other words, can you simply provide enough entropy gathered from a good entropy source as seed in any …

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How to convert LaTeX equations to SVG?

At the moment, I'm using mimetex to automatically convert a bunch of equations into gif-images. The program is fast, but the images look pretty bad: How can I (quickly) convert a LaTeX equation …

4 answers | 4 hours ago by Stefano Palazzo on Ask Ubuntu
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What is the difference between a low vs. high entropy plasma just after and before a singularity occurs?

Although it appears that the universe is not closed (since it is accelerating) I have been reading different websites on how the universe would look like if it was closed and the big crunch did occur. …

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Mathematica to LaTeX php

Is there a way to get LaTeX out of Mathematica code? I have to possible inputs: 1. Cell[BoxData[FormBox[RowBox[List[StyleBox["3", Rule[ScriptLevel, 1]], RowBox[List["(", "\[NoBreak]", ...

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GPG Encrypt/Decrypt between versions

I have 2 servers that will be passing data between them, one is Ubuntu and the other is Red Hat. Using the already installed versions on each, Ubuntu is 1.4.x and Red Hat is 2.0.x, I can't decrypt ...

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What can be recovered by Akka Future recover?

I'm curious under which situation can the recover function in Future recover a thrown exception? I'm using Akka Actor and Future together: Here is where I made the future call: implicit val timeout …

2 answers | 6 hours ago by Wind Dweller on Stack Overflow
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Encrypt Web.Config (Web.Release.config) Transform files using aspnet_regiis

I have a requirement to not store any sensitive information (e.g. usernames and passwords) in source control. We are doing a .NET 4.5 MVC app so my plan was to encrypt the web.config using the ...

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Implementing CD serial key system

I am trying to create a system where to unlock the application one needs to enter a serial code. I have read many articles on the theme but there are two problems bugging me. One is, If I have a ...

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Android 4.2 broke my encrypt/decrypt code and the provided solutions don't work

First of all, I've already seen Android 4.2 broke my AES encrypt/decrypt code and Encryption error on Android 4.2 and the provided solution: SecureRandom sr = null; if ...

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Trying to compare my two hash values. Both in big integer form

Am trying to compare two values, hcB has been hashed then exponentiation is done on the value, and hci is doing the inverse of exp value. then comparing. They should be equal but are not. public ...

1 answers | 7 hours ago by SBG on Stack Overflow
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