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Sync and back up files encrypted (using a raspberry pi)

I am currently looking for a way to synchronize confidential files between two PCs (and possibly an always running raspberry pi - would serve as a host and backup). On each PC I have an ...

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To prove $r \cdot f_1 +f_2 \cdot (s+1)$ is secure

We define the polynomials $r, f_1,f_2,s \in R[x]$. Where $r$ is a random degree 1 polynomial and $s$ is a random polynomial such that: $degree(s)=degree(f_1)=degree(f_2)$, let $R$ be $\mathbb{Z}_p$ ...

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Does DES-EDE3 mean the same as Triple DES?

I should use encryption DES-EDE3-CBC. Does this mean it is Triple DES in cipher-block-chaining mode?

1 answers | 1 hour ago by LeNoob on Stack Overflow
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Analyzing C++ rand()

I'm trying to predict numbers generated by C++ rand() function. Here's a link to the code, it possibly uses: click And here's my code that emulates rand(): #include <iostream> #include ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by milos on Stack Overflow
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Error in using generate javadoc for android project in eclipse

I have tried many solution available but unable to create javadoc for my android project. checked out the following: solution 1 solution 2 but i got the following error Building tree for all the ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by kadhirvel on Stack Overflow
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Are there signatures that don't have subliminal channels?

Are there signatures that don't have subliminal channels and also don't require commitments or zero-knowledge proofs? DSA or Shorr signatures need a nonce which can leak valuable information. There ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by hanh on Cryptography
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Gnuplot multiplot positions all text incorrectly in epslatex terminal

I am trying to use the multiplot feature of gnuplot to make a inset graphic on the main plot. I can generate the plot exactly as I want with term='wxt' except for the axis labels, which require LaTeX ...

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Does the entire AES encrypted dataset have to be present to be 'cracked'?

I am implementing an AES 256 algorithm on credit cards and I am wondering if I would be strengthening or weakening the encrypted dataset if I split the dataset and persisted it in two locations. I ...

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How to encrypt with private key and decrypt with public key in c# RSA

i found several solutions where i can use the .Net RSA Provider to Encrypt a message with the public key and Decrypt it with the private one. But what i want to have is to Encrypt with the private ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by BOG on Stack Overflow
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What concrete parameters can I change to make my passphrase-protected private gpg key more secure

There are several questions which discuss the resistance of passphrase-protected private gpg keys against brute force attacks. It seems, this kind of discussion could go on forever. Rather than ...

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Cannot find provider error for the supported cipher suite

"TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256" cipher suite is supported by java 8 default providers. Ref - Also ...

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database encryption for message app

I would love to create an mobile messaging app, but I would love to learn more about the security first. I don't want to store data in plain text in the db, where all messages, contact infos, emails ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by xawer on Stack Overflow
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Mathjax 2.5 alpha

We have deployed the latest Mathjax 2.5 alpha on Math.SE. As with any beta release please post an answer to this question if you find any issues. We will be monitoring this thread closely along with ...

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How to implement homomorphic multiplication for Elgamal?

I want to add the homomorphic property to Elgamal in libgcrypt. This is the core code I added to the library. static void do_homo_mul (gcry_mpi_t a, gcry_mpi_t b, gcry_mpi_t data1_a, gcry_mpi_t ...

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What is the cipher behind this circular cyphertext?

I have a cipher and I am wondering if - provided you have both the cipher-text and the clear text, given below, can you describe the cipher which was used? The cipher-text is in this image: ...

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How to crack AES-128 encryption used in WinRar?

I'm trying to crack winrar's password using some methods as explained below. Because rar uses AES-128 encryption, brute-force and dictionary attacks are useless as they would take years. But, if we ...

3 answers | 6 hours ago by user1575903 on Stack Overflow
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Creating custom documents (PDFs) on the fly on a website

I want to create custom documents on my website which is running on a Linux-based server. My website has user login capability to access specific details on the website. What I want to do is: Use ...

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Ability to View Answers in LaTeX

Is there an option or can one be implemented so that new users like myself can view the "source code" of others answers. Obviously there are many tutorials in which we can find the correct commands, ...

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Get JavaDoc of JAR in Maven Repository

I am using Sprint Tool Suit (STS). I have a Java Project created using Maven say Project1. I have few dependencies and a JAR plugin to create the JAR file. In all the classes and methods I have ...

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Top Hashing and Encryption Algorithms?

I know many web projects still use the older MD5() or SHA1() when creating hashes. However, in my projects I have been using SHA256 for stronger/longer hashes since when I last checked there was some ...

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how to find a cryptography scheme (either authentication or encryption) for which some formal analysis of security has not been done yet

I have a project in Cryptography where I have to discuss the provable security of any proposed scheme (encryption or authentication) which has not been discussed yet. Any pointers on how and where to ...

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A geometric transposition cipher

This is my first cipher puzzle. Here is the ciphertext: ...

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How does perfect forward secrecy (PFS) work

I'm in an infosec class and I stumbled upon this concept online and it intrigued me. I've also looked at a few websites and wikipedia that explain the concept, as well as a few posts on ...

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mathjax with latex2html script for generating html pages

I know latex2html tool for generating automatically html pages from a .tex source with nice formulas images (png or gif). I have used it for one of my report and it is useful. I have just found out ...

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RSA implementation issue with converting text to BigInteger

I was trying to create a simple RSA encryption/decryption program using Java. However, the encryption and decryption doesn't seem to work. I think the problem is when I try to turn a file into a ...

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Android : Entries cannot be protected with passwords

I'm trying to store a keypair into Android's keystore. So far, i have this test code : KeyPairGenerator keygen = KeyPairGenerator.getInstance("RSA"); keygen.initialize(2048); KeyPair keypair = ...

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iText/BouncyCastle ClassNotFound org.bouncycastle.asn1.DEREncodable and org.bouncycastle.tsp.TimeStampTokenInfo

I'm trying to use iText Java. When you run the example "how to sign" the following error occurs: Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.bouncycastle.tsp.TimeStampTokenInfo According ...

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Does Encrypt and Decrypt work for SQL Server database files using c#?

I was encrypting and decrypting the SQL Server database .mdf and .ldf files after detach and while attaching the decrypted files I was getting the following error message The header for file ...

1 answers | 16 hours ago by Ram on Stack Overflow
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Issue with phpseclib sha256 verification

I am having trouble using phpseclib to verify the signature used in the example documented in appendix A.2.2 of The values used as ...

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Native options for obscuring/encrypting a string?

As an exercise, I've been working on replicating this game. In case it becomes inaccessible, the premise of the game is to take a quote that's been scrambled by swapping pairs of letters (eg replace A ...

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