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CBC-MAC based on PRF

Why is the block cipher in the CBC-MAC taken to be a pseudo random permutation (PRP) and not a pseudo random function (PRF)? We don't need the bijective property of the PRP. So why go with it?

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How can I retrieve images from MYSQL- Encrypted characters error

i'm working with uploading and retrieving images from database using php and mysql.I have tried the following codes below but it returns lot of encrypted characters. The data type of the image in ...

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How can the RNGCryptoServiceProvider be used to generate Bridge hands?

The game of Bridge is played with 52 different playing cards that are randomly distributed among four players, each player ending up with thirteen cards: a so called "deal". Roughly a little less than …

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Doesn't knitr plot have axes?

In the following MWE, my plots have no axes at all when compiled in RStudio. However, when I do knit2pdf("myfile.Rnw") and compile the resulting .tex document, everything works fine. Why? ...

1 answers | 17 mins ago by Heisenberg on Stack Overflow
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SQL Server - Password Field Encoding

First Question : Which One is better to encode password ? SHA1 HashBytes('SHA1','MySecret Phrase') Encrypt EncryptByPassPhrase('secretKey', '123456789') Is there any better way that is more …

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Unable to install MikTeX

CAn some one Provide me Solution? I attach the log MiKTeX Setup 2.9.4503 Report Date: Tuesday, September 02, 2014 Time: 07:58:43 OS version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic Edition, 64-bit Service …

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How is the following different than RSA Signing of a document?

If the goal is to demonstrate that you are who you say you are, I think the following will work: Bob wants to know that you are Amy. Bob encrypts a number using Amy's private key and then asks her ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Jeff on Cryptography
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PKCS5 or Password Based Encryption (PBE) in JAVA

I want to write a password based encryption and decryption in Java! It means that I have a K (Password) and P (plain Text) and create such an E (encrypted Text) that I can then decrypt that E with …

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Counting graph isomorphisms and entropy

Question: If all graphs on $n$ vertices are given equal probability, what does the induced probability distribution on the graph isomorphism classes look like? Are there any patterns that emerge as …

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Marginsize in Latex resume displays dimensions

I'm using Latex to write my resume, however the default margins for the resume doc type are too wide. The best way to correct this is using the anysize package then setting the margin size, however …

1 answers | 2 hours ago by aa260022 on Stack Overflow
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Are SHA related to AES or TLS in any way

I have been reading about SHA-2 family and I found a lot of In depth details, but I am Confused about how Secure hash is related to TLS and AES, TLS which is present SSL, encrypts data between server …

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MD5 shuffling with a defined pattern of numbers

I've created a MD5 shuffler with a defined number pattern. Does this make sense? Will this make storing passwords more secure? Is it efficient? <?php echo "<pre>"; $md5 = ...

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try with resources introduce unreachable bytecode

Is it possible that javac generates unreachable bytecode for the following procedure? public void ex06(String name) throws Exception { File config = new File(name); try (FileOutputStream fos …

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Copying bytes from FileInputStream to CipherOutputStream (or vice versa) extremely slow

I have been following the tutorial "How do I encrypt and decrypt files using DES?" to add a simple file encryption to an existing Android 4+ app. Everything works fine, except that the encryption …

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Decryption of base64 encoded data objective-C

I have been working on this for a while, but can not find a way to tackle the problem. Hopefully one of you can tell me what I am missing. I am using NSURLConnection to download base64 encoded data …

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Encrypt/Decrypt web.config

I need to Encrypt the web.config file after publish it to the web server. The problem is, if I use asp_reg, I won't be read by the other machine/server. Does anyone have an idea how to do this? Some …

1 answers | 5 hours ago by Haminteu on Stack Overflow
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SMIME can't be validated by receiver when using newer version of Bouncy Castle

I am using BC to encrypt and sign an SMIME message for use with AS2. The code we have works fine with an absolutely ancient version of bouncy castle, bcmail-1.4:125. Upgrading to anything newer ...

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Double multi-encryption?

Just noticed we’ve got two alike tags: multiple-encryption Multiple encryption means encrypting a message two or more times using either the same, or a different algorithm. double-encryption Double …

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Should layered use of crypto always have a cryptographic binding between the layers?

Reading the latest TLS weakness, it seems that multiple weaknesses have been found over the years caused by not ensuring that messages are sent over the same channel, and in general a lack of ...

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Is multiple encryption using NaCL and TLS better?

In general, the idea of multiple encryption sounds interesting - for creating stronger cyphers (especially against implementation bugs), one could always get the configuration details wrong and mess …

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Implement a One-Time Pad

Background A one-time pad is a form of encryption that has been proven impossible to crack if used properly. Encryption is performed by taking a plaintext (comprised of only letters A-Z) and ...

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How do I encrypt and store private messages?

I am developing a private messaging system for my website using Laravel 4, and I want to ensure that the messages remain private. So far, I have the following code written: class PkeyEncryption { …

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Implementation in C++ to aes256

recently i try use a gladman library for aes-256(, i get work encryption and decryption in ecb, but the problem is i can't get the same result what other tool (for example a …

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Is this a typo in the java tutorials?

I was going through the Java TCP Client Server tutorials where they are explaining how a echo server works and how a TCP client interacts with the echo server. For the TCP Client, they have given ...

2 answers | 10 hours ago by Krimson on Stack Overflow
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Prevent MITM attack while encrypting data by using ElGamal ECC?

I am using ElGamal ECC to encrypt my plain text data. I want to ensure that my data is safe from a Man-In-The-Middle attack. What methodology I can adopt to achieve this goal? How can we prevent a …

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Upgrade from Tex Live from 2013 to 2014 on Ubuntu 14.04

According to the TeX Live website TeX Live 2014 was released one week ago (14 June 2014). How do I upgrade from TeX Live 2013 to TeX Live 2014 on Ubuntu 14.04 ?

1 answers | 10 hours ago by Håkon Hægland on Ask Ubuntu
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Kile not working on Ubuntu 14.04 (Error: Cannot open log file; did you run LaTeX?)

I have recently updated to Ubuntu 14.04 and when I try to compile a .tex file using pdfLaTeX in Kile, I get the error message: Cannot open log file; did you run LaTeX? I tried the following to ...

1 answers | 11 hours ago by db1234 on Ask Ubuntu
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Repeatable crypto

Is there a safe way to do crypto that will always produce the same result for a given input? My use case is transferring deltas of huge files, to a backup server. The backup server has no knowledge …

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Desirable S-box properties

What desirable properties should an S-box have? My current standard selection process is to just pick them at random and verify that they fit the following criteria: The probability that any random …

3 answers | 11 hours ago by Polynomial on Cryptography
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Is it worth encrypting email addresses in the database?

I'm already using salted hashing to store passwords in my database, which means that I should be immune to rainbow table attacks. I had a thought, though: what if someone does get hold of my ...

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