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0 answers

Book recommendation about MPC?

I have hard time finding introductory book talking about details of secure multiple party computation. Is there any recommendations? Thanks for the help. Hope this is not off topic.

1 answer

SipHash's (non-)collision resistance

I'm very new to cryptography, and I need help understanding the security claims made in Aumasson and Bernstein's paper on the SipHash. In particular, I'm trying to understand the following statement ...

0 answers

Boost future continuations (then) deadlock

I'm currently using Boost 1.55 on Windows with BOOST_THREAD_VERSION=2, BOOST_THREAD_PROVIDES_FUTURE, and BOOST_THREAD_PROVIDES_FUTURE_CONTINUATION. In a unit test the continuation seems to be ...

3 answers

The modulus of RSA public key

I am studying the RSA cryptosystem. The public key consists of $(n, e)$, the modulus (product of two large primes), and the encryption exponent. I want to separate the modulus $n$ and exponent $e$. A ...

1 answer

How to pass an implicit parameter to `recover` method of `Future`?

I want to pass an implicit parameter to a partial function I use to recover my Futures. def delete(id: Long) = ... { implicit something => serviceLayer.doSomething(id).recover(errorHandler) } ...

0 answers

Encrypt an S/MIME message - PHP

Im trying to create "application" for someone to fill out and send an encrypted mail from 1 address to another which are both controlled through godaddy im trying to get it to send from web -> dealer ...

1 answer

mcrypt_encrypt & mcrypt_decrypt doesn't work on localhost

I use mcrypt_decrypt and encrypt to my live website. Now, I would like to change some codes on it and test it on localhost. The encrypting/decrypting works well on my live web, but not on localhost. I ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by xkevin on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Decrypting RSA message

I need help with a practice problem for an upcoming test. I've learned the answer to the problem is "well done", but don't know how to get there. Any help is greatly appreciated. Suppose that the ...

4 answers

syntax highlighting for javadoc?

Currently I format code examples in my javadoc using the PRE tag e.g.: /** * Example javadoc * <pre> String foo = "bar"; </pre> * * @return true if the operation completed */ ...

0 answers

Opening Realm file in browser always requires an encryption key

I'm using Realm Browser 0.9.85 and using the examples in I'm a total Realm newbie so go easy on me. Every time I try to open up a Realm file from the example ...

1 answer

The calculation of the entropy of a single atom

I used to think that the entropy of a single atom could not be calculated, for in my mind only the entropy of a system containing many atoms could be calculated. But my professor told me the entropy ...

1 answer

Converting from Gödel code to text

I am doing a Gödel encryption software, but I am facing a problem. How to get the code after encrypting it? For example, the Gödel number for the symbol 0 is 6 and the Gödel number for the symbol = ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by Altjen Berberi on Stack Overflow
1 answer

How does Maven 3 password encryption work?

I'm trying to understand Maven 3's[password encryption feature. I have found that this feature is poorly documented and confusing. For example, the feature documentation and a blog post by the author ...

5 answers

Find matching phone numbers without actually knowing them

We have a mobile app that, given two users, needs to let them see what common contacts they have based on their phone numbers. How can we do this in a cryptographically secure way and respecting the ...

1 answer

In Fortuna, can I use ChaCha20 instead of a block cipher and Blake2b instead of iterated SHA256?

In the Fortuna CSPRNG, can I use ChaCha20 instead of a block cipher and Blake2b instead of double SHA256, and still retain security? My hypothesis is "yes" because: The block cipher's only use is ...

2 answers

Reverse output of general Fibonacci LFSR

Suppose we have some Fibonacci LFSR, and it outputs some sequence. How to change starting LFSR so, that it outputs exactly same sequence, but in reverse order?

2 answers | 7 hours ago by Timo Junolainen on Cryptography
0 answers

Encrypted result in java and cryptoJS are different

I'm trying to encrypt and decrypt AES using java and cryptoJS, everything good if i encrypt and decrypt a short text in either way. But if i put a long text, the result is wrong when cryptoJS try to ...

2 answers

parallell multiplication of vectors using async C++

I am trying to parallelize a piece of code that multiplies two vectors of complex floats and sums the result. To do this I am trying to use std::async with futures. My idea was to split the vector ...

6 answers

Can one encrypt with a private key/decrypt with a public key?

[Disclaimer: I know, if you know anything about crypto you're probably about to tell me why I'm doing it wrong - I've done enough Googling to know this seems to be the typical response.] Suppose the ...

1 answer

Trying to brute force Ceasar Cipher, cannot get correct characters to appear

I am trying to get my code to wrap around the alphabet, for example Z + 1 should = A. Instead I am getting junk values of non-English characters. How do I make my code only use the alphabet and not ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by zachk23 on Stack Overflow
1 answer

What kind of analysis can I perform on my implementation of Salsa20 and Rabbit ciphers?

I've implemented both the Salsa20 and Rabbit ciphers in C#. My implementation is for academic purposes and I've tested both of them against the test vectors. I implemented a system that encrypts a ...

3 answers

Encoding and decoding small strings of text

This is supposed to encode and decode small strings of text. Unfortunately, even on a really good laptop, it performs slowly. This might have to do with my looping, or just the sheer computation. It ...

1 answer

Batch combining images in latex or inDesign?

I'm making my print and play card game. Everything is ready: card frame which is common for all cards (svg), custom image for each one (svg or png) and text to be placed below image in the text field. ...

0 answers

track changes latex `replaced` command has issues with citations

I am revising a scientific publication and keeping track of the changes using the \added{}, \deleted{}, and \replaced{bad}{good} commands. The compilation fails when trying to replace text that ...

0 answers

Vim-LaTeX Installation using Pathogen

experts, I am trying to install Vim-LaTeX in Gvim using Pathogen. I am an intermediate user of Vim and have installed many many plugins but this plugin is giving me much grief. I have spent enough ...

8 answers

How to determine what type of encoding/encryption has been used?

Is there a way to find what type of encryption/encoding is being used? For example, I am testing a web application which stores the password in the database in an encrypted format ...

2 answers

Where is the mistake in my RSA by-hand calculation?

Like several previous askers, I seem to have made a mistake in my RSA calculation, but despite going back over it three times, I cannot spot it. I picked 1000003 and 6000011 as my primes, p and q. n ...

2 answers | 11 hours ago by Aerovistae on Cryptography
1 answer

Algorithm for Boneh and Durfee attack on RSA

I am trying to understand various attacks on RSA and I believe that they only way to fully understand the algorithm is to implement it. I am trying to implement the code in this paper (pdf) (Private ...

0 answers

TikZ-UML relations seem anchored in middle of class

I'm trying to draw an inheritance tree with VHV relations with consistent leg lengths. I find that the lengths change according to the sizes of the contents of the class boxes. Here's the (not so ...

1 answer

I am trying to use latex for documentation. I am unable to format the table. Please refer the following snippet of code

I am trying to use LaTeX for documentation. I am unable to format the table. Please refer the following snippet of code. \begin{table}[!htbp] \begin{center} \begin{tabular}{| m{3cm} | m{3cm} | ...

1 answers | 11 hours ago by Vishakha Datrange on Stack Overflow
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