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1 answer

Encryption phonegap/cordova module?

I know... I cannot protect an HTML5 app... I have an idea, potential solution... I'm hoping someone will advise if its possible or where the weakness in the thought might be... Background: I use ...

0 answers

Python RSA import key

I am trying to decrypt a message using RSA in python, but when I do RSA.importkey(private_key_string), I keep getting a IndexError. The code is: def encrypt_message(request): ...

1 answer

ElGamal Generator g problem

Having an ElGamal encryption scheme with p=19 which value can not be assigned to g? The answers were : 1,7,11,2 I think you can't assign value 1 to g.

3 answers

Android Studio: Installation failed since APK was not signed

I am attempting to run my app in an emulator and have been receiving the following error: Installation failed since the APK was either not signed, or signed incorrectly. If this is a ...

1 answer

Save the world from Dr. Mysterious

My name is ????? You must find out Dr. Mysterious's name, which is your greatest weapon against him (it gives you power over him). His slave, Mr. Useless, has sent you some information but it is ...

2 answers

ECC keys vulnerable to brute force attack?

I have started learning about Elliptic curve cryptography. Since the key size required in ECC is relatively lesser than the key size in RSA to provide the same amount of strong encryptions, I wonder ...

0 answers

Need 32bit block cipher

I need simple cipher with 32bit output block. There is no need for secure cipher, just need to make value more random, and cipher should be fast. Does anyone know such algorithms?

1 answer

Initializing PGP keys by one side

I am using a PGP method to encrypt and decrypt messages shared between users A and B. Upon the start of a message exchange is the initialization of the public and secret keys by both Users. Lets say ...

5 answers

Should chat have TeX support?

OK, so chat is now available... but; it has been suggested that for Mathematics we should have TeX support. The current TeX processing has some non-trivial client impact. Before I even attempt trying ...

0 answers

Compiling Mathematica script in Latex

I am writing a report in physics and I want to use a Mathematica script that produce something like a simulation. I want to know how I can add this code to my LaTeX file, so when I compile that LaTeX ...

2 answers

Java conversion of base 16 to base 64

I wrote a solution in Java to solve the problem here. I use BigInteger to convert first from base 16 to base 10, then base 10 to base 64. This seems quite inefficient to me, and I would have no ...

1 answer

SSL with both local client and server

I'm not sure whether this topic belongs in Cryptography, Programming or StackOverFlow so please forgive me if I don't add a useful question to this site. I want to give both server and client ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by KeksArmee on Cryptography
0 answers

Access Structures in Attribute Based Encryption

What are the different access structures that can be used with Attribute Based Encryption?

1 answer

Is it legal to export open-source cryptographic software from Canada

I'm an independent software developer who has developed a program that links to the OpenSSL libraries for the purpose of allowing users to decrypt, filter and re-encrypt secure content. For example, ...

2 answers

What ECC certificate would work with the following PKCS7/CMS code?

We are using the PKCS#7 / CMS data format standard to encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify sensitive payloads. Currently we're using 2048 and 4096 bit RSA certificates (and keys) for our PKCS7 / CMS and its ...

4 answers

javac.exe not found in JDK 1.8

I am installed JDK 1.8 in Windows 7x64. But javac.exe not found in /bin folder. How to fix this problem? Anybody resolve it? Paths set.

4 answers | 6 hours ago by Kosmos on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Public key crypto instead of hashing passwords in a database

Suppose I want to keep a client's password database secure (not in plaintext), while still having access to the plaintext password. Now I generates a public/private keypair. Then I send the public ...

0 answers

How to check if a function is significant or not?

f(n) = 1 / ( log n ) ^ 1/2 I know that this function is not negligible because it will never converge to zero even for large values of n. Now my question is, how can i tell if this function is ...

2 answers

Why is PuTTYgen-created RSA public exponent(e) not in {3,17,65537}?

As far as I know, RSA public exponent(e) should be one of {3,17,65537}. However, I found PuTTYgen-created RSA public exponent(e) is 0x25(37) by default,as follows, (PuTTYgen version: 0.66) I am ...

1 answer

How to implement CSPRGs in Python?

I want to implement a CSPRNG for a stream cipher. I've tried implementing the BBS, but I've heard that it needs very big seeds to be secure. Is there a function in some library for Python 3 that adds ...

1 answers | 9 hours ago by Voso on Cryptography
1 answer

Custom encryption

I made a custom encryption library/class which allows to en-/decrypt Strings with a custom charset. I think you'll get what I mean with that when you take a look at the code. Since I haven't much ...

1 answer

How to force non-negative int64_t output for blowfish encryption with int32_t input?

I would like to encrypt a series of small integers one by one. The range of them is about 0~10^8. The output must be non-negative int64_t integers. Since Blowfish is 64-bit cipher, I prefer to use it ...

1 answers | 9 hours ago by ShenLei on Cryptography
0 answers

C# API or library for the bit commitment protocol in C#

I am working on a crypto project and I was looking to implement a Bit-commitment protocol. I've searched the web desperately and I was unsuccessful. Can anyone suggest a specific library or API I can ...

1 answer

ForkJoinTask vs CompletableFuture

In Java 8 there are two ways of starting asynchronous computations - CompletableFuture and ForkJoinTask. They both seem fairly similar - the inner classes of CompletableFuture even extend ...

0 answers

Memory hardness of key derivation function through XOR-ring multiple matrix values

For theoretical purposes in order to enhance my own understanding, and NOT in order to create my own cryptography, I am asking a question about the memory-hardness of a key derivation function ...

0 answers

Get file from SVN-Repository by svn cat using Python 2.7: erroneous additional blank lines

When I get tex-files from a svn-repository with svn cat and work with the content in Python 2.7, additional blank lines appear which were not there before. This happens only for some files. See Python ...

2 answers

JS script to convert latex formula into a single image

Is there an online JS script/library to convert any latex expression like $\frac{a}{b}+\frac{c}{d}$ into a single image on a webpage?

2 answers | 11 hours ago by tic on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Why does Key.getAlgorithm return a different result after saving and reloading the KeyStore

I am generating a KeyPair for signing using the Elliptic Curve algorithm. After generating the private key I store it in a KeyStore and write it to a file. When I call Key.getAlgorithm it returns ...

0 answers

How to debug/find calls to a specific function?

We are in the process of debugging roaming credentials. We realized there are AD user objects containing more then 2000 RSA keys. Now I have to find out which process/application is going havoc and ...

1 answer

Problems when using AES crypto between Node and CryptoJS in browser

I want encrypt a string with Node, and decrypt the string with CryptoJS in browser. Encrypt: var crypto = require('crypto'); function encrypt(txt, cryptkey) { var cipher = ...

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