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Exponentiation with fully homomorphic encryption

I have often heard that because a fully homomorphic encryption scheme allows for both additions and multiplications on encrypted data, most other operations can be simulated. I don't understand how ...

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RSA Encryption - Finding P and Q

I'm trying to figure out an RSA Encryption (using Java) by finding out P and Q. Here is what I have to do: I have to generate two random numbers (P and Q) and following the guidelines: P & Q ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Dan on Stack Overflow
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Algorithm negotiation fail SSH in Jenkins

I'm trying to ssh from Jenkins to a local server but the following error is thrown: [SSH] Exception:Algorithm negotiation fail com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Algorithm negotiation fail at ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by sarbo on Stack Overflow
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CryptographicException (The parameter is incorrect) on Windows 8.1 but not Windows 7

I have some code that's been working fine on Windows 7 but fails now that I've started using a Windows 8.1 dev box (see repro code below). Is RSA different on Windows 8.1 vs. Windows 7? using ...

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Best Cryptography Algorithm?

Out of curiosity, what is "the best cryptography algorithm" for you as a programmer, given both security and ease of implementation?

13 answers | 2 hours ago by Joe Morgan on Stack Overflow
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Using NaCl/libsodium crypto in Objective-C

I try to find out, what's the right way to use the NaCl library in Objective-C. Keygeneration seems easy: - (void) generateKeypair { unsigned char pk[crypto_box_PUBLICKEYBYTES]; unsigned char ...

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IntelliJ can't find jdk documentation even though when I visit the URL it works

When I try to view javadocs in Intellij 13 or 14, it doesn't work. I see this error message: Following external urls were checked: ...

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Get Keychain password in encrypted format - iOS

I am working on an iOS app which uses the Keychain, Security.framework and Apple's KeychainWrapper class to securely store the users password in my app. The app allows users to make accounts. When a ...

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Greek symbols in labels for bar chart in MATLAB

I would like to use greek symbols in the ylabels for my barh() chart. I tried the following but it didn't really work: tplot = barh(mdata, 'BarWidth', 0.3); set(gca,'xgrid','on') lbl = ...

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disable spell check in eclipse for javadoc only

Is it possible to disable spell check in eclipse for javadoc only?

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Nothing shows up after trying to add background image

I'm making a Caesar Cipher program, and I'm trying to change the GUI. I've tried adding a background image (from the comments provided by the user(s) below), but now, nothing shows up (the background ...

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Latex references are roman numerals in text and arabic numerals in description

I have a number of figures referenced in my document. The figure references appear as roman numerals in the text. However figure descriptions are in arabic numerals. The numbers are also off - in this ...

3 hours ago by erin on Stack Overflow
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Using Python Regex to Separate a Coordinate Pair into X and Y Commponents

Suppose I have the following segment of LaTex Code: & $(-1,1)$ & $(0,\infty)$ How would I use regex in python in order to separate out the coordinate pair into its x and y components? ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by zara on Stack Overflow
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Generating keys in Public key Cryptography

Our application depends upon several other teams, like the SSO team for instance. So in order for our application to use SSO's (login) service, we do the following: In the following example keystore ...

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How do you center to tables that are alongside each other in latex?

I have two tables that are alongside each other in latex. However half of the second table, is cut of by the page on the right. How do i center these tables so both tables can been seen clearly ...

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Explanation of multivariate cryptography

How do the key generation, encryption, decryption, signing, and verification processes in multivariate cryptography work? How about an example or at least a simplified general one? Also, what is the ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Melab on Cryptography
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Why can the last block contain a full block of padding in CBC Encryption?

I'm trying to understand the SSL Poodle Attack and I'm wondering why the last block of a CBC Record can be full of padding? Wouldn't that mean that the useful data was already a multiple of the key ...

2 answers | 4 hours ago by Eugene K on Cryptography
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MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference

To see how any formula was written in any question or answer, including this one, right-click on the expression it and choose "Show Math As > TeX Commands". For inline formulas, enclose the formula ...

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How to choose an algorithm

I have some understanding of Cryptography and I would like to know if there is a tool or website to help me choose an algorithm based on my own needs (I'm being vague in purpose). I'm looking for a ...

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Questions about SRP algorithm

I trying to use SRP algorithm but I have some questions: Is that a good choice to use for registration and authorization SRP algorithm with SSL/TLS? And for all other transmission using just ...

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encrypting email with attachment in java

My project is to create simple mail client that handle basic operation like sending mail and read from inbox. However I want to make it more secure with some encryption. I know some about encryption ...

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How to make internal links work in Sphinx output (latexpdf)?

I insert links following this manual: However, while the internal links work perfectly in the HTML output, they don't work in PDF. The text supposed ...

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Standard serialization format for libsodium-based messages

Does anyone know of a standardized serialization format which can be (or already is) widely used for encrypted messages? For a variety of reasons (mostly complexity, age and poor support across a lot ...

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How can I make Homebrew and CocoAspell coexist?

After much searching on the Internet, I have never seen a satisfactory answer or explanation to the following problem. I would like to use CocoAspell for system-wide spell-checking on OS X 10.9 (plugs ...

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Javac is not found

I'm running Windows 8 and I can not get javac to work. I have set my PATH in environmental variables to C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0_17\bin I have tried both with and without ';' but to ...

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How can I left align latex equations in R Markdown?

I'm having some difficulty left aligning equations in R Markdown (i.e. putting the equation on the far left side of page, and aligning subsequent lines). I've generally determined that I want to set ...

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LaTex: Is it possible to vertically center multiple columns in a table?

I've found an example here but that only centers one column and I can't really adapt it to my needs. What I'd like is something like this:

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Encoding / Encryption in IHttpHandler Urls

I am using IHttpHandler to get data from a database for filtering purpose. But, I am facing a problem with some filter values which contain special characters like "&","/" etc. How can I pass ...

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What is the best way to determine duplicate credit card numbers without storing them?

I run a website where we mark certain accounts as scammers, and "flag" their account and all credit cards used as being bad. We don't store actual credit card values, but are storing a checksum/MD5 ...

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Need to bypass WCF decryption of response message

I am connecting to a java web service that uses an additional secret key in it's response. My client is written in (VS 2010, .net 4.0). This secret key is encrypted with my public key and is ...

1 answers | 9 hours ago by scott on Stack Overflow
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