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A geometric transposition cipher

This is my first cipher puzzle. Here is the ciphertext: ...

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Why do I need to use loop0 to mount aes-cbc-essiv:sha256 luks drive?

This drive worked just fine under FC18 and not I need to do this loop0 workaround to mount the luks disk in FC20 with latest updates. Why? [root@NNJ-Home-D ~]# cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdd1 data ...

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vector space retrieval model

In tf-idf weighting scheme of vector space model, weight matrix is calculated as a product of term frequency(tf) and inverse domain frequency(idf). I need paillier dot product calculation here. Can ...

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Org-mode doesn't seem to be exporting listings/minted correctly

Emacs is exporting listings blocks (i.e. #+BEGIN_SRC <lang>) in a strange, incorrect way. Here's an example of what I mean with a simple org file: #+AUTHOR: #+BEGIN_SRC js var dog = "dog!" ...

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cant open the image after decryption of DES encryption C#

I'm having trouble in encrypting and decrypting image with DES encryption I'm using the code from I modified it a bit(I add the ...

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What is the cipher behind this circular cyphertext?

I have a cipher and I am wondering if - provided you have both the cipher-text and the clear text, given below, can you describe the cipher which was used? The cipher-text is in this image: ...

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How to use SubjectPublicKeyInfo encrypt data?

I'm newer to RSA and used BC get SubjectPublicKeyInfo from a public key. String key = "-----BEGIN RSA PUBLIC KEY-----\n" + "........\n" +// Multiple lines here "-----END RSA ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by zzy on Stack Overflow
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Stargazer and gam - how to include the whole summary output?

When fitting a generalized additive model with smoothed splines stargazer only returns the main effects and not the smooth terms which you can see in summary(pros.gam). Can stargazer return these as ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by JT85 on Stack Overflow
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Passing Values To and From Background Worker

I'm a self-taught novice experimenting with the Rijndael encryption algorithm, I've previously got it to work very well, but since trying to get the encryption to run on a background worker to free-up ...

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Java 1.7 + JSCH: Key is too long for this algorithm

I'm trying to use JSCH to upload a file to a remote SFTP share. Every time I attempt to connect to the share from within my code, I get an exception that looks something like this: ...

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Security of DES P_BOX

I'm curious about the design of the P_BOX of DES. I found a paper on this topic, but it dates back to 1989. This means the effect of p-box values of the cipher immunity against Differential ...

1 answers | 7 hours ago by HSN on Cryptography
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Attacker in a key exchange

I'm having trouble with the following question: $X(A) \rightarrow B:(A,N_X)$ $B \rightarrow X(S):(B,((A,N_X,T_B),K_{BS}),N_B)$ $X(A) \rightarrow B:(((A,N_X,T_B),K_{BS}),(N_B,N_X))$ ...

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Does RSA operate over a Finite Field (Galois Field)?

Is it correct to say that RSA operates over a Finite Field (Galois Field)? In this case GF(p)? I do understant that the modulo in RSA is not itself a prime number, but all the operations ...

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Why are primes important for encryption

Why are primes so important? Why can't we just use a random number? My guess is that it's because finding a random prime require more computing power, than finding a random number. Can anybody confirm ...

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Can keys from Bitcoin's Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets be correlated (reducing privacy)?

I'm trying to understand if the feature "Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets" in Bitcoin allows for complete privacy of all derived keys, and if any of those keys can be associated with each other ...

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How do we find the subkey out of a differential cryptanalysis?

I understand the differential cryptanalysis up to the "finding the last subkey" part. If XORing with the key doesn't change the differentials, how can testing different key affect the equations we ...

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error converting iPython Notebook to PDF

I have searched many related posts and not finding a solution. I am trying to convert an Ipython Notebook .ipynb file to PDF, using the command: $ ipython nbconvert --to latex --post PDF ...

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Custom Encryption using Application Level Add-In

I am trying to develop an add-in to Word 2013 (using Visual Studio 2012) which will allow user's to use custom encryption to encrypt the document. The resources on internet suggest that I need to ...

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codeigniter encryption on production server and local server

Will a encrypted password using codeigniter's encryption class produce the same encrypted password on two different machines? For example, I have a production site online with some host and i have ...

3 answers | 9 hours ago by Karl on Stack Overflow
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Memory requirement in light weight block ciphers cryptanalysis

If we have a light weight block cipher where the block length is different than the key length. Let's say the block has a length of 64 bits while the key is 80 bits. For an attack to be successful, ...

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how do I start a browser in a remote ubuntu system

Here is the scenario. I am running two Ubuntu 12.04 machines. Machine A needs to start a browser (firefox or chrome) on machine B but it is not required for it to see the browser window. It just ...

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Jsch SFTP Error “inputstream is closed” on Mac but not Windows

I've read a few of the other questions related to Jsch and SFTP, but still cannot get this to work. I was able to get it to work on a Windows machine, but cannot get it to work on Mac. I'm wondering ...

1 answers | 10 hours ago by jktravis on Stack Overflow
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javadoc stackoverflow java.lang.StackOverflowError

I am working on the BYU EDIF Tools Sourceforge Project after downloading the source code and all of it's dependencies I get the following error when trying to generate javadocs for it: ...

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Decrypt encrypted files (AES CFB8) in iOS

I need to decrypt files that are encrypted with openssl as follows: openssl enc -d -aes-256-cfb8 -nopad -in myFile -iv myIV -K myKey Specifically the iv and key are array of bytes. Example (in ...

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why $e(g,g)^N=1$ in bilinear pairings holds?

I can't get the point of prime order bilinear pairings:$\mathbb{G}\times\mathbb{G}\rightarrow\mathbb{G}_T$,$g=$ generator of $\mathbb{G}$ , $N=p*q$, $p$ and $q$ primes and $e(g,g)^N=1$. why ...

2 answers | 13 hours ago by curious on Cryptography
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A secure way to encrypt a connection between 2 clients securing against both passive and active adversaries

Recently I got interested in encryption and the methods behind them. So for a fun / school project I am building a program in python to encrypt data between two clients (chat and files). I'm just ...

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NICE Recording decrypt / decode vcArchiveUniqueID

Background: We have (several) installations of the NICE interaction recording software. I am trying to make the link between the vcArchiveUniqueID (found in nice_interactions.tblStorageCenterXX), ...

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Select images in auctex with preview

If I insert an image into a latex file (via \includegraphics) auctex lets me select the file and inserts the filename. However using this dialogue, I can only choose the filename and cannot see ...

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Cross Entropy, Softmax and the derivative term in Backpropagation

I'm currently interested in using Cross Entropy Error when performing the BackPropagation algorithm for classification, where I use the Softmax Activation Function in my output layer. From what I ...

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How do you Encrypt and Decrypt a PHP String?

What I mean is: Original String + Salt or Key --> Encrypted String Encrypted String + Salt or Key --> Decrypted (Original String) Maybe something like: "hello world!" + "ABCD1234" --> ...

6 answers | 14 hours ago by 夏期劇場 on Stack Overflow
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