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White space below footer

I just noticed that here on meta the footer doesn't stick to the bottom of the page, I know that it's not that big of a deal but it does look a bit clumsy. Shouldn't there be an easy fix for this? ...

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Bug in the rank change in reputation leagues

I just visited the reputation league of Math.SE and noticed a mistake in the rating difference. My rank difference should have been -3 rather than -2. Jack d'Aurizio's rank difference should have been ...

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Encouraging people to explain downvotes

I used to get "upset" (though that is too strong a term) when I got downvoted without comment. If my answer isn't good enough then I'd like to know why. Not only does it improve the answer for the OP ...

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Tags cannot have accented characters?

On the newly created French Language & Usage (private beta started today), I tried to have a tag named évolution, but the accent on the é is lost. The SE engine really should allow accents on ...

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Current user directive in profile doesn't work with tabs on stackexchange.com

If you go to http://meta.stackexchange.com/users/current?tab=activity it will open the all actions tab for the currently logged in user. When going to ...

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If I have flagged a post, show me a “flags” link in my profile

The Problem Currently if I flag a post, I cannot check the status of the flag unless I have prior helpful flags. This means, for example, that a new user who wants to check the status of his first ...

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Merged question shows up when viewing questions that need answers

This question showed up when I was looking for questions with my favourite tags that needs answers. It's true that that question doesn't have any answers, but the question it was merged with has lots ...

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Domains listed multiple times on new log out page

When I load /users/logout on any site, I see the following: Really? Clicking this button will log me out from not only stackoverflow.com, but also from stackoverflow.com, stackoverflow.com, ...

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Careers PDF, expand links to show url in copy areas

When you export a PDF of your careers profile, if you have links to other sites in a copy area like "Background" those links aren't shown. It would be nice if the link in the markdown was rendered ...

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Stack Exchange should be capitalized in the copyright

In the footer of every Stack Exchange site, it says: site design / logo © 2014 stack exchange inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa 3.0 with attribution required I think "stack ...

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“Next: Review & Send” button is not displayed correctly

After selecting "browse for file" and selecting a file, the "Next: Review & Send" button and the file name occupy the same space. I was using a clean Safari 7.0.6, but I see the same thing ...

1 answers | Jul 30 at 14:17 by Jeroen on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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On the new User Profile screen, why can't I link my Stack Overflow Careers account?

On the new profile screen (I just noticed it today), I am unable to link my careers account, even though I have had one for a couple of years. I see this instead (screenshot included): No Careers ...

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On the contact us page of Stack Overflow Careers, the words “Select one” are not localized

Go to the Stack Overflow Careers contact us page, scroll down to the bottom and select either French or German. The words "Select one" in the dropdown menu in the middle of the page remain in ...

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Company name in the copyright of Stack Overflow Careers site correctly shows “Stack Exchange Inc.”

Please do not mark this question as a duplicate of Stack Exchange should be capitalized in the copyright (I have just posted my answer there) as that question talks about the proper way to display the ...

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Extend the new Hot Questions sidebar

I really like the new sidebar. With the new top bar eliminating the "Hot Questions" area there, I think this is the perfect place for it. One-click access to time-wasting questions about topics I may ...

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Please do not auto select answers on bounty questions

Questions that offer bounty should NOT auto select the highest vote answer as the accepted answer. Currently after an answer has been auto-accepted, it can't even be unaccepted. This is not a desired ...

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Server Fault account registration email marked as spam

I just registered after using the site for some time and my registration email from do-not-reply@serverfault.com got marked as spam by my mail server. I have somewhat aggressive settings, but it looks ...

1 answers | Jul 29 at 20:51 by red_shift on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Magic links for Stack Overflow in Japanese and Russian

We have the magic link [pt.so] which expands to Stack Overflow em Português in comments and chat. However, two other languages are less fortunate: [ja.so] does not work in chat In comments, [ja.so] ...

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10k tools: all headers in the deleted tab have an incorrect tooltip

See: Questions deleted (not by owner) in the date range, by delete date ^^LIES! That list shows questions and answers. It should, instead, be something like: Posts deleted (not by owner) ...

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Bug if the name of a rare tag badge is too long

I think this doesn't occur very often, but if a tag badge has a very long name and it has been earned at least one year ago, and it shows up in the rare badges, then it doesn't fit, causing a bug: ...

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Another blog formatting error

From The Death of Meta Tags: There are >> for the new paragraph, ** for bold, and _ for italic.

2 answers | Jul 27 at 23:10 by Tim on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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SALAMANDAR - strange text in links description in careers

I noticed strange text "SALAMANDAR" in description of links in sections Writing and Reading on profile page. Is it a bug? Or what does it mean? Example can be found in my profile.

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Drafts for edits get lost on leaving the Android app

When editing in the Stack Exchange Android app and navigating away to get some reference URLs the text is gone when I go back into the app. Seems like the edit isn't kept in memory. Can you please ...

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What are the moderation tools available to high-reputation users?

The site FAQ refers to moderation tools, available to users who've earned more than 10,000 reputation: 10,000   Delete closed questions, access to moderation tools What are these tools ...

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“Need Answers” tab has a “Need Answers” filter… Why?

Not sure if this has been asked before, but: I get that bountied questions, questions with no answer and questions with no accepted answer should appear here, but why is there an all option? ...

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Two ways to join a community; why is one more complex than the other?

I have a StackExchange login that I use for all the communities that I'm a member of. If I visit a community that I am not a member of, the title bar shows a link. Clicking it brings up a "CONFIRM ...

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Please add the markdown to make an image link to itself

I can insert an image like so: ![Desc Text][1] [1]: http://www.funnycatpix.com/_pics/What_Are_You_Doing522.jpg I can also link to said image: [![Desc Text][1]][1] [1]: ...

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Modification to the 'excessive self-promotion' moderator private message

The boilerplate text for the 'excessive self-promotion' moderator contact form includes a direct quote from the help center: Be careful, because the community frowns on overt self-promotion and ...

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The “related tags” no longer filters by both tags in the new navigation

Similar (but not a duplicate) to my last question about filtering by multiple tags, I noticed that the "related tags" links no longer filter the original search by requiring the additional tag. ...

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“Related tags” are AWOL in the new nav

It seems that they used to be there (despite being broken), but i can't find them right now. When i go to [javascript] on SO, it's missing this beautiful sidebar: Please bring it back. What ...

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