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How do I estimate Strunk & White progress?

Self-edits and retags don't count toward S&W. The former are easy to filter, but what about the latter? #! /usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; sub num_last_editor { my($id) = @_; open ...

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“undo your comment upvote” is missing in app?

There is an option to undo the comment upvote in stack exchange sites like an alert Whereas using Stack exchange app, I'm able to upvote a comment but unable to undo it. I think instead of ...

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No confirmation pop up when deleting comments (Android app)

According to this other question, we should get a confirmation pop up when trying to delete comments from within the android app. However, I do not get such pop up when touching the delete button in ...

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Upvoting a comment doesn't update the UI

When you upvote a comment in the latest beta release of the iOS app, it doesn't update the vote count and coloring. Instead it flashes and returns to its normal color. When refreshing, the UI shows ...

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Seattle Cities Strapline Has The First Letter Of Every Word In Capitals

In Careers Cities, each city has a strapline visible within the main city image e.g. Paris Known for its beauty, Paris is home to an exciting tech scene with momentum LA Life’s a beach in ...

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On French Stack Overflow Careers the Try Stack Overflow button is misplaced

Go to Stack Overflow careers login page, scroll down and select French as the language. The words Essayer Stack Overflow are outside the button because the button is not in the right place. Tried ...

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Height and margin of #fav-tip are incorrect when clicking “add to favorites” on Stack Overflow Careers when not logged in

When clicking "add to favorites" for a job on Stack Overflow Careers when you are not logged in the styling is incorrect on the #fav-tip element. Here's what appears currently: I don't know ...

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Wrong conjugation of “need” in Stack Overflow Careers house rules

Stack Overflow Careers house rules contains the following line in the Job Listings section Multiple positions needs to go into multiple job listings. The conjugation of the verb need is ...

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Can we use non-gravatar avatars?

Alternative to Gravatar has been rolled out. It would be nice to have the option to just upload an avatar rather than have to use some external service like gravatar. While gravatar may be ...

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The question is misaligned, too far to the right

This is happening on all three trilogy sites. It is also happening at Ask Ubuntu and Home Improvement, as well as on the beta sites Crypto and Expatriates, but it is not happening at Travel. Those ...

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Calendar Display link is somewhat hidden

On the Profile Page I was hunting around to find the calendar which shows me when I was active and what not. It took me a while to find because it wasn't an obvious link. After running some tests I ...

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“Achievements” toolbar at SE proposes that new users edit their profile

Upon creating a new account, users are shown the below message if they click the "Achievements" toolbar next to the inbox on the top: The first link works in any network site you may see the ...

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“A new batch of invitations” email has a typo

Because your friends and colleagues accepted your invitiations and created profiles, [...] Should be "invitations".

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Inconsistent title bar reference to “featured questions”

In this screenshot, when clicking on the "Featured" tab, in the window tab, it says "Bounty Questions": Can we change that from "Bounty Questions" to "Featured Questions"? Just like when you click ...

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Tumbleweed wording is incorrect

This may be too rare to matter, but... The description for the Tumbleweed badge is: Asked a question with no votes, no answers, no comments, and low views for a week. (Emphasis mine) The ...

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New Profile banner lacks punctuation at the end of sentences

Meta profiles got a big blue banner. It's neat, but the long sentences describing various features should probably end with a full stop.

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See question when answering

Right now in the iOS app, I have to save my answer as a draft in order to view the question. Since I'm often referring back to the question, this is inconvenient and less friendly than the old app ...

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Support viewing old editions of the question on iPad app

I want to see the old revisions of this question. Is there a way to show this in the iPad app? If not, please add this to your wish list.

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Can we highlight the OP's comments on the Android mobile app please?

On the websites, whenever the OP comments on an answer, or on his question, his name his highlighted. This is a handy feature because you can easily tell whether the comment is from the OP or not. ...

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Missing line break on election results

OK so this has been annoying me for years so I figured it's time to put an official meta post about it. When viewing an election results page (e.g. on Server Fault), the descriptive text is inline ...

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Help center page contains unparsed markdown (MSE only)

On the how to answer page on MSE we see the following: ...are not about the software that powers the Stack Exchange [network](http://stackexchange.com/sites) as defined in the help center. The ...

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Reduce number of taps to get to commonly used screens

So I open the app fresh, and it opens me to the feed page. The feed page has "hot" and "interesting" using half the real estate, except the interesting section has 5 sites that I do not use, I've only ...

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Stack Overflow Careers - Can't select mileage

In Opera 28, Win 8, I can't select a mileage from the location distance dropdown - when I move my mouse over the select options, the popup vanishes.

1 answers | Apr 13 at 12:33 by Josiah on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Do people really look for Users that often that it deserves its own tab in the iOS app?

I only got into the iOS app beta a couple of days ago and my first reaction was "Do people really look for other users on the site that often that it deserves to be a main navigation item?" I know ...

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Add a link to chat

I'm aware there's an existing feature request to add chat to the iOS app. As this doesn't appear to be coming in the very near future however, would it be possible to temporarily add a link to launch ...

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Privacy policy is partially translated in French and German StackOverflow careers

Go to Stack Overflow Careers privacy policy, scroll down and select French or German at the bottom of the screen. The page becomes a mismash of the selected language and English. Here's an example ...

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Area 51 Service Unavailable 503 on all pages

Is it just me getting a 503 server error from Area 51? I get it whenever I click on a proposal link. Update - all pages on Area 51 return this: Service Unavailable ...

1 answers | Apr 10 at 21:39 by Tim on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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“My sites” link on the top bar

Can we have a "my sites" dropdown next to the "Stackexchange" dropdown on the topbar that lists all the sites the user is registered with? Or maybe an additional "tab" on the existing menu? Or even a ...

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Site age in Stack Exchange sites list showing “1y0m”

In the sites list sites active for exactly whole year(s) are showing something like: This feels wrong, better be just "1y". Worth to mention that similar bug was fixed in the ...

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User profile apps view title contains “…Users.Show.AppsModel”

On the user profile apps page (located at http://stackoverflow.com/users/apps/{userId}) the <title> element contains the following content: Applications used by ...

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