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Wrong layout on Android tablet

On the Stack Exchange app for Android I get a really annoying layout bug so that I can't really use the app. Here is a screenshot: It only happens in the Question/Answer view. Not in the latest ...

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Add Wiktionary to Chat Onebox

Chat already oneboxes Wikipedia links, so it would surely be quick and easy to add support for other MediaWiki sites. I'd particularly like to see Wiktionary added. Please.

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'Request invitation' doesn't give any feedback of successfully sending

I filled the "Request an Invitation" form: But after submitting, I just got bumped back to the "check your profiles" page without being told whether it worked or not. If it does work, I may ...

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Add an image directly from the clipboard

I've tried to find other questions covering this, but (surprisingly) I did not find any. When I want to add a screenshot to a post, as far I know the only way to do it is to save it as a file and ...

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Please use absolute timestamp in email notifications

I don't read my emails 24/7, and today read an email that was sent 2 days ago: The time stamps were correct in the time when the email was sent, but now they are pretty much useless. Can you ...

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Can we use non-gravatar avatars?

Alternative to Gravatar has been rolled out. It would be nice to have the option to just upload an avatar rather than have to use some external service like gravatar. While gravatar may be ...

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How do I rename a tag to include non-English characters?

In response to this post I decided it was appropriate to re-spell some of our tags over at Spanish.SE to use proper accent marks. However, it doesn't appear to be working. When I enter this: ...

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WMD unable to render markup inside words

Wrote text in an rtl language (from the context of the question you can see it is done with good reason). I then tried to make bold one letter within the word, while making the entire word in italics ...

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Implement OData API for Stack Overflow

The request is simple Implement the OData API for Stack Overflow sites Benefits: It's a standard API. OData allows the Stack Overflow database to be queried and navigated for questions, ...

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Bounty notice lost background color in iOS app

Recently, bounties' values have lost their background color here: This is how it used to look like in previous versions:

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“Joel test” is translated to “Test de Joël” on French version of Careers

On every job from Careers, the "Joel test" string is translated to "Test de Joël" (note the diaeresis sign (2 dots) over the e) in the French version. The diaeresis (also called trema) is used to ...

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Suggested edit “sticks” in queue after parent post is locked

There's a suggested edit in the MSO queue right now that I can't act on: This is how it appears to the user who made the edit: The suggestion was submitted at 20:19:19Z. Robert Harvey locked the ...

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Sites popup issues

With version I'm having the following two issues on my iPad: If you open sites, select a site that is not in the sitebar it opens below the sites menu on the left. If you now select sites ...

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Unescaped HTML and source code bleeding through CW links

Eeeeek, what happened there? Seems that for CW posts, the linking is broken. Actually quite nice source code revealing here in the HTML: 2 revs<br><a ...

1 answers | Oct 17 at 18:40 by slhck on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Merge “area51-discussion” with “area51”

Considering that Area 51 has its own discussion place, which is also its meta site, having area51-discussion and area51 is useless. A discussion about Area 51, is still a discussion, and those ...

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The reached percentage of privileges are shown in a new line

The reached percentage for the "remove new user restrictions" privilege is show on a new line. In some sites, for example drupal.stackexchange.com, that happens also when the privilege page being ...

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Links to the help in off-topic reason in closing and flagging dialogs became raw

as you can see (and click it to see some more raw links). This happened to all sites.

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Text overflow on review page

I just saw a question which overflows the side under the review page. I don't think this is intended, is it?

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Close vote review queue wording is clunky

I know that close votes are technically flags now, but this wording seems a little forced. Can we change it back to how it was, or at least to "this question has been flagged as" ?

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iOS iPad design issues

I'm using the iPad app I have a few design/layout things that came to my mind: The about page hasn't a lot of content. Maybe it makes sense to display the about page in a popup similar to ...

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Body watermark is not removed when asking new question

With the iOS app v1.2.0.140 the watermark in the body section when creating a new question is not removed after content is entered. If I cancel the creation and then resume the draft everything is ...

1 answers | Oct 16 at 14:06 by timbooo on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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More descriptive “User was removed” explanation

Currently, when rep is changed due to the removal of another user account (to undo the rep gain/loss that happened when they up-/down-voted/accepted/were downvoted by you), the associated message is ...

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Blank screen after opening a notification in iOS8

In my device (iPhone 6, iOS v8.0.2, app v1.2.0.138) whenever I receive a notification and I tap it in order to open the application, the screen that is displayed is blank. I need to quit the app, ...

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iOS App - “More” Area Doesn't extend over whole “Edited by LongUserName” Text

Bit of a minor issue, but when I was trying to find out how to 'Favourite' a Question, I found an answer here that said you had to hit the three dots, or the the 'Edited by UserName'/Date area. This ...

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Removing vote results in blinking triangle

After removing an up or downvote the triangle flashes before it is removed. I'm using the iPad app with version

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Trying to assign a bounty with an unregistered account, during the grace period, causes a silent error

Assigning a bounty from an unregistered account silently fails. The notice about the bounty says, "you have 23 hours to award the bounty"; selecting one of the answers shows a browser dialog box, and ...

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Menu selection/focus jumps around

I'm using the iPad app When I select my Inbox or Achievements in the menu on the left then the focus (red marking bar) jumps to the respective icon and the popup (inbox or achievements) ...

1 answers | Oct 15 at 12:44 by timbooo on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Disable SSLv3 network wide

I know HTTPS isn't supported, but sadly we support SSLv3. Can we disable this pls? Reason: SSL3 "Poodle" Vulnerability

1 answers | Oct 15 at 7:25 by Braiam on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Bounty custom message less than 30 characters breaks dialog

There's a strange edge case when adding custom bounty messages. An empty message is allowed, but if you do type a message, it must be at least 30 characters: If you try to submit a non-empty ...

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