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Github logo for Stack Overflow on Google Developers page

When I was browsing through Google Developers (Google Glass) page I noticed a thing Stack Overflow is being represented by Github logo. <img src="/site-assets/logo-github.svg" ...

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I've just earnt the Announcer badge for a deleted question, which feels wrong

I recently filed what I initially thought was a bug, but was mostly user error here on Meta, and tweeted about it. Once it was pointed out to me that it was user error about 2 hours after I posted it, ...

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Please increase (or remove) the limit on concurrent bounties for moderators

One of the tools moderators have available to encourage and reward high-quality participation (and beneficial behaviours in general) is to set and award bounties. For example, in addition to their ...

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Tags cannot have accented characters?

On the newly created French Language & Usage (private beta started today), I tried to have a tag named évolution, but the accent on the é is lost. The SE engine really should allow accents on ...

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SHOWPLAN permission denied when including execution plan in Data Explorer

If I select the "Include execution plan" checkbox in the Data Explorer, the query fails: SHOWPLAN permission denied in database 'StackOverflow'. I see that this has happened before following ...

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Stack Exchange mobile app for iOS GUI bug

Nothing major, just reporting. There's a bug in the GUI of the Stack Exchange mobile app for iOS for which a submitted edit's title and tags will be displayed as removed if they haven't been touched ...

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My profile on careers is displayed in language mix

Currently My Profile on careers is displayed partly in German and English. I have selected the Language "Deutsch" at the bottom of the page. I also tried private browsing mode in Chrome and tested it ...

1 answers | Aug 28 at 19:04 by Jehof on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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Editing a post shows error about suggesting an edit

I just tried to edit one of my questions using the app. When I hit preview and submit it gave me this error: What is the cause and can this be fixed?

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Inbox message in app shows HTML encoded characters

I can't remember if is has always been like this, but the recent update seems to break the encoding of messages in the inbox in the iOS app: This happens in the achievements box too: Can ...

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Allow recovery from flag hellban

Currently, users can get stuck in a permanent flag hellban from which there is no recovery. I've asked around before and it doesn't look like recovery is possible. To recover, you'd need to gain ...

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Moderator Filtering of Highest Voted Questions

I am curious if anyone thinks that maybe having moderators (or multiple moderators) be able to filter out questions from the "Highest Voted Questions" is a good idea. This might be a duplicate or not ...

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Podcasts missing from new blog

The blogs used to have links to the old Joel & Jeff Stack Overflow podcasts. These are now all gone. Instead, there is now a sad and dismal [display_podcast] line at the bottom; see podcast #41 ...

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StackExchange Android App login failed

Yesterday I downloaded StackExchange App from Play Store and installed it to my brand new Samsung Galaxy S5, but it didn't recognize my login and password pair. So it failed to login. I checked with ...

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I'm getting a big “oops” when clicking on the questions tab

Oddly enough, I'm only getting this when I click on the "questions" tab. I can open links to questions, go to "tags" page, successfully reach the home page by clicking on the logo etc. I'm using ...

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Where's the Strangedupe blog post?

Previously, in order to explain the benefits of (certain limited kinds of) duplication on Stack Exchange sites, I've seen a blog.stackoverflow blogpost with the words "Dr. Strangedupe" in the title. ...

1 answers | Aug 26 at 22:29 by Shokhet on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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All users should see their flag history as soon as they make a flag

This is described in more detail here. Rather than waiting for the first flag to be positively handled, as soon as a user makes a flag, they should be able to see a history of the flags they have ...

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Show “helpful flags” counter and link on the mobile site profile page

There is no "helpful flags" counter (with a link to flagging summary) on the mobile version of profile page. And I see no other way to reach flagging summary page and check your flagging history from ...

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Flagging summary improvement : clear view

On the flagging summary, it is not always easy to distinguish one flag from another. We don't know where it starts or finish. I would suggest to add the dotted line (the one that already separates ...

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Icons in MultiCollider Dropdown are wrong on Gaming's Blog site

When you click the StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ on a blog. subdomain, the Stack Exchange icon is used instead of the icons for the community the blog is for. Screenshot demonstrating ...

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SEDE migration failed?

It's currently 11AM UTC and SEDE still has previous week's data (usually migration occurs around 4AM Sunday UTC). I know there's no SLA; this is just a heads-up and bug-placeholder in case there's a ...

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SEDE not fully-up-to-date after last “update”

According to this previous bug report, SEDE had error so it did not update at usual time. The bug report was marked status-completed. Even though SEDE says it "updated 14 hours ago", it isn't ...

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'add/show # more comments' link broken after browsing back in review queue

In certain cases, the link 'add / show # more comments' under a review doesn't work. I can reliably reproduce this when doing the following: Open a review you have already done (or one that is ...

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The “related tags” no longer filters by both tags in the new navigation

Similar (but not a duplicate) to my last question about filtering by multiple tags, I noticed that the "related tags" links no longer filter the original search by requiring the additional tag. ...

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Please allow us to see who the employers are on the career site

Please allow us to see who the employers are on the career site. A simple list would be fine. Even better would be if it linked back to jobs.stackoverflow.com and the listings that employer has ...

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Redesign community wiki edited posts?

Currently when community wiki posts are edited, the user icon is only shown for the last editor and not for the person who owns most of the content. At a glance, I usually tend to mistake the last ...

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We need a Meta sticker

In the latest blog post, Jeff has revealed that he's making some stickers for the SO family sites: As mentioned on the podcast, we’re working on Stack Overflow Trilogy stickers. I just placed the ...

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Please use proper en-dashes for ranges in SO Careers

Tagged spelling since some wonderful person is probably watching it for these quick fixes and it's in the same spirit as a simple typo. Please replace the hyphens on the careers profile page with ...

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Informed badge description outdated

The Informed badge description still refers to the About page while it was renamed to Tour and moved to a new URL after the unified topbar introduction. Not sure how the about-page tag should change ...

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“�” causes a problem on opening question with cyrillics (с кириллицей)

� sign cause a problem on accessing the question. Bad Request - Invalid URL HTTP Error 400. The request URL is invalid.

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Bad Request - Invalid URL with Unicode in URL

There is a question on the Ru.SO that can't be opened (at least for me under Chrome and Edge) with HTTP 400 error: I have made a dumb question on Meta.SE to reproduce this. Question Bad Request ...

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