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What's up with the autoplay videos on Careers ads?

This job listing has an obnoxious video (with sound obviously) that autoplays as soon as the page loads. Not surprising when you see who their parent company is, but why is this allowed here ? ...

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Ban LMGTFY (let me google that for you) links

I've just asked a question on Stack Overflow which was a prime candidate for googling. I admit it was a poor question and with a little bit of research I would have found the answer. It annoyed me ...

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Can't add interesting tag that is a substring of existing interesting tag

It seems you can't "+Interesting" a tag if you already have an interesting tag thats starts with the target tag. For example, if you have "asp.net-mvc-2" as an existing tag the system won't let you ...

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Where's the summary of your own suggested edits?

Where can I find my pending/approved/rejected suggested edits? (a bit like the Flagging Summary page)

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The text size in the Stack Exchange app should be user-configurable

Why can we not adjust the size of the text in the Stack Exchange app? The tiny size text may be unhealthy to my eyes. Can the ability to adjust the text size be added?

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'answer?' In search preview

I found out a strange bug while searching for some possible duplicates in the search field. When seeing it in the search field, this question's preview becomes answer? while there is a lot of ...

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Revision history is out of order in the iOS app

When I look at the revision history for this answer in the iOS app (version 1.2.2), I see the following - notice the revisions are not shown in the correct order:

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In French StackOverflow Careers locations overlaps the list of locations

Go to Stack Overflow Careers and select French at the bottom of the page. Scroll back up to the top of the page and you'll see the word Emplacements overlapping the text that follows it i.e. I ...

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Portuguese Stack Overflow top bar dropdown contains English

Go to Stack Overflow in Portuguese and expand the StackExchange dropdown menu that is found on the top left of the screen. Provided you are not logged in already, you will see the words Sign up ...

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Within “Unanswered” tab, with a favourite tag selected, “all” questions are highlighted

When in the "Unanswered" tab, and with a "favourite tag" selected, all questions are highlighted to signify they include my favourite tag. Surely this is incorrect behaviour, as when I have a ...

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Bounties broken network-wide

An attempt to set a bounty on any question results in 404 at the URL {site}/posts/bounty/start/{post-id} {post-id} being the actual post id. I haven't tried every SE site, but given that this ...

1 answers | Mar 25 at 14:15 by Woodface on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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What's With The Giant Overlap

I am on my browser for Samsung Galaxy 2 (phone) and while viewing my profile/activity on Meta.SE, I saw this overlap with so many different features: It is a little too confusing to look at here. ...

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iOS App Crashes when trying to open StackOverflow Page

Using the iOS App (version 1.2.2) on iOS 8.2. I opened the app without an internet connection (worked fine), but then when I hit the menu button to go to the StackOverflow specific site the app ...

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Profile tab hyperlink should match name change

The recent user profile tab name change - from "activities" to "all actions" - was not accompanied by a hyperlink update from ...?tab=activities... to ...?tab=allactions... Click on the "posts ...

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Reset question grace period once an answer has been posted

When answers are posted within a question's initial grace period, it is possible that further edits could completely change the question (see "chameleon questions"), and render those first few answers ...

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Open ​​​​Redirect

StackOverflow bought the hyphenated site! </kidding> The URL http://stackoverflow.com/messages/mark-as-read?messagetypeid=128&returnurl=? will redirect to any URL in any domain.

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Can we clarify to the OP that their question is not yet closed and the duplicates are only suggestions?

I keep seeing custom flags in the queue from question askers who are incredibly irritated because there is a big, prominent box at the top of their question. It's just a list of other questions which ...

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Add high-resolution-graphics and / or .svg-icons

I think that Stack Exchange could optimize the Stack Overflow logo on top of the page for high-resolution displays. Moreover I think that svg-Files are a better solution for simple icons like upvote ...

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Question lock prevents commenting on any answer

There are several types of locks available for moderator use: Content dispute Historical significance Offtopic comments #2 - Historical - is special: when applied to a question it also locks all ...

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“All Jobs” showing only 12 jobs for users from Japan

There's currently only a small number of jobs appearing on the site. All jobs: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs?f=t shows 12 jobs. Python jobs: ...

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Tag entry screen for question should start in lowercase

Tags on SE sites are all in lowercase, but the tag selector when asking new question starts typing tags in Titlecase. This should be changed to lowercase to match the tags case.

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Make text of invite links to XING and LinkedIn different

Both hyperlinks on StackOverflow Careers in German that invite contacts from XING or LinkedIn display the text "Kontakte auswählen...". To make it clearer where each hyperlink points to (without ...

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Two incorrect translations on the French version of Careers

Apps & Software Here is the Apps & Software part in English: Here is the same part on the French version: The word application has been incorrectly translated to candidature. ...

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Missing translation on German http://careers.stackoverflow.com/faq

The German version of the Stack Overflow Careers FAQ contains the following three sections that are not translated into German. 1. What is Stack Overflow Careers? 2. Think of ...

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Vote counts in iOS app

From the nosy neighbor department: View number of 'Up' and 'Down' Votes of a question/answer - Android App I want what they have! Can we see vote counts in the iOS app too?

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Answers with score of -3 or lower (on normal sites) and -8 or lower (on meta sites) are no longer greyed out after the series of redesigns

Just look at this list on SO, this list on MSE, this list on M&TV, this list on UX, etc. In short all the sites which had a recent redesign or relatively recently graduated sites with those new ...

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Background text bleeds though into dropdown menu on employer page of Stackoverflow careers

Go to the StackOverflow careers employer page and select the StackExchange dropdown menu at the top left. The menu is not completely opaque and the word Products from the background bleeds through ...

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Mark message as read after action taken from email

At the bottom of the "So and so viewed your Stack Overflow Careers profile and sent you a message" email, I clicked the "Not interested" link: That link takes me to careers.stackexchange.com, where ...

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Portuguese Stack Overflow 404 page has mixed English and Portuguese

For reasons unrelated, I browsed to this user page on the Portuguese Stack Overflow site. There, I was met by the following: See the English in the middle? That should probably be translated. I ...

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Should we change the positive asking record criteria for the Curious badge set?

Poking around the people's profiles to see how the new activity page looks I keep seeing things like this: It looks strange to have a 25/5 progress on a badge, but the dialog explains that what ...

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