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Midnight on Jan 1, 1970 (the Unix epoch) doesn't display as a date in SEDE

If you select a date or datetime value that is exactly 1 Jan 1970 at 00:00:00, SEDE displays "0" instead of the date. See this query for a repro. The second and third column should probably both ...

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“View all questions” list cut off on iPhone 4S

When I go to one of my per-site profiles, and tap 'All X posts' it gives me a search list, where the screen height appears to be calculated wrong. The below screenshot is as far down as I can scroll ...

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Android app: two achievements views

In the newest beta of the android app, when you enter a question then click the achievements button twice it will open two achievements views, one on top of the other. Continuing to press the button ...

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Save button has an extra )

I'm saving the Background section, and the Save button looks like this:

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Feeds don't expire

When I try to load a feed using Miranda RSSNews plugin, it only loads on startup. The root of the problem seems to be in the server-side cache which does not seem to grace If-Modified-Since when ...

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Add a duplicate:0|1 search operator

I often search for closed questions and sift through the ones that are not duplicates to see if any of them need to be killed. Technically, closure is the first step towards deletion and the only ...

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Multiple Edit Windows in Chat Transcript

When you go to edit a message from the chat transcript, multiple edit textareas can be spawned. This is using Chrome Version 40.0.2214.93 (64-bit) on OSX

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Android app should send edits to edit queue if necessary rather than rejecting them

I edited a question, on Stack overflow and when submitting preview, got red bar telling me my account isn't allowed to make suggested edits. On the Sandbox android question it works fine, but that is ...

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Encourage people to use alt text

People should be encouraged to use alt text when they upload images to questions or answers. Even experienced users with 110K rep have forgotten to do so at least one times. A tooltip would be ...

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500 Internal server error in stacksnippets.net

Go to http://stacksnippets.net/ or click "Run code snippet" in a stack snippet. ​ It says 500 - Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, ...

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iOS app beta update page broken

Such a fragile page it is, broken yet again. I'm not including a link since I believe it's still security through obscurity, but the entirety of the page for downloading beta app updates reads: ...

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Indentation changes in markdown diff should be less noisy

When a suggested edit changes the indentation of some code (for example indenting four spaces to get proper formatting), the markdown diff often shows the changed spaces highlighted differently in ...

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iOS Today View extension doesn't respect accessibility settings

I use iOS's accessibility settings to change text size - I'm young and I have good eyes so I make the text a couple clicks smaller than usual. It helps get more on the page. The iOS app Today View ...

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Can't horizontal scroll widgets on main screen

Just updated the stack exchange app on my nexus 5 today running lollipop and I have to slowly and very deliberately swipe to the left to horizontally scroll items in the feed. 95% of the time it auto ...

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Please add an indication of which of my flags were dismissed as valid/invalid

First of all, I'm AWARE of this question but its answer doesn't answer mine. In the mentioned question it states that in order to check if a flag is valid, the question has probably been locked, ...

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The Download CSV link seems broken in SEDE query result window

I've created this query with a UserId parameter which works nice. I would really like to download those results as an CSV file. Therefor I click on the provided link on the right hand side of the ...

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Moderator ask for answer edit and do not respond

hi i have no response from moderators on message/10230 since Dec 11 at 22:32 please help Because (I cannot post an additional message until a moderator has responded) moderator ask me to modify ...

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Bounty label wrapping incorrectly

I just noticed that for questions with open bounties, the blue label is wrapping improperly (iPhone 6 on iOS 8.1 here):

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Questions migrated from old Economics site erroneously link back to new one

In May 2012, a question was migrated from the old Economics Stack Exchange to Academia Stack Exchange: Are European schools experiencing the same cost raise as American schools? The question has a ...

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Hide “not an answer” and “very low quality” flags in the moderator flag queue

At present, when something is flagged as "not an answer" or "very low quality", that flagged post appears alongside all other flags that moderators have to handle. However, a little while ago these ...

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Badge icons on mod history page overlap, don't look good

On the mod history page, if a moderator has the Talkative and/or Outspoken badges, they are displayed next to their display name. Clearly this was designed to work with Stack Overflow, which has tiny ...

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My real name was used in a beta invite email

I've been participating in the engineering private beta this week and filled in the form in the sidebar to invite a friend. I was very surprised to find out that my real name was sent to that person ...

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Super collider drop downs have stopped working on chat.stackexchange.com

...at least in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, anyway. If you browse to chat.stackexchange.com while logged in you get your StackExchange/Inbox/Activity menu icons but clicking them doesn't ...

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Badge icons not showing on chat profile

I just noticed that badge icons for my chat profile don't show up anymore: Unihedro could not repro, but Fundamental could. Is this a bug, or is it just us? I'm using Firefox 35.0 on Windows 7. ...

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Please charge rep for questions after threshold

Similar things have been asked before and declined: Award no rep or limited rep for questions Drop giving rep for questions This suggestion, Restrict People With Low Answer/Question Ratios From ...

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Rotating within a question in the iOS app messes up the question list

Here's a way to mess up the question list on the iPhone: From a list of questions, tap to enter the question Rotate your device Return to the question list with the back chevron. The question list ...

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Careers is eating my GitHub API rate limit

Sometimes, when I make requests to the GitHub API I see this error: { "message": "API rate limit exceeded for IonicaBizau.", "documentation_url": "https://developer.github.com/v3/#rate-limiting" ...

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V1.0.53 - Crashes on initial launch

Ever since the last upgrade the app seems to be frequently crashing when trying to launch it (android reports the app has unexpectedly stopped) and I have to launch it a second time in order to use ...

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Syntax highlighting in SEDE editor fails past 5000 characters on a line

If you open this query and fork it (so it opens in the SEDE editor), and then scroll about two-thirds of the way to the right, you see that syntax highlighting vanishes. It appears to vanish past 5000 ...

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Synonyms page says suggested synonym gets declined at “--2” votes?

Just thought it was weird that there's an extra minus sign in the tooltip when the suggested synonym has a negative vote. When you hover over a synonym with a negative vote, it reads:

15 30 50 per page
1 2 3