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0 answers

To get the count from database table using sql command

I have a database named emp1. There is a table named tx_feeder. I want to get the count of my the said table. I have used the following query to get the data of single day, SQL> select ...

1 answer

ActiveAndroid ORM annotation

I want to map convert to this class and write to database using "ActiveAndroid". I don't know what kind of annotiations should I put?. organizationId should be unique. Should I write some methods for ...

0 answers

MS SQL SSIS - Use statement to Import flatfile

I am working on creating the following statement in SSIS to bring in a Flatfile. SELECT CASENUMBER, MAX(CHANGEDATE) ChangeDT FROM SRC_Flatfile WHERE ThisValue IS NULL AND ...

2 answers

How to use datediff function to show day, hour, minute, and second

I have a record: Depart_dt Arrived_dt 10/1/2013 6:15:00 AM 10/1/2013 7:25:00 AM Based on my calculation, it is 0 day, one hour, and 10 minutes between the arrived_dt and ...

4 answers

Oracle SQL: Return a string based on which column has the highest value

The tabled I am presented with looks similar to this CREATE TABLE user_status ( user_id NUMBER(10,0) PRIMARY KEY, applied TIMESTAMP, joined TIMESTAMP, last_attended TIMESTAMP, quit ...

4 answers | 12 mins ago by akirekadu on Stack Overflow
7 answers

What is the command to truncate a SQL Server log file?

I need to empty an LDF file before sending to a colleague. How do I force SQL Server to truncate the log?

3 answers

how to get sum of each column new records in SQL Server

I have a question about SQL Server. I have a table something like this: productname |Level| January | Feburary | March | total ------------x-----x-----------x----------x-------x------ Rin | ...

3 answers | 13 mins ago by srinivas a on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Display records that have 1 for multiple columns in Access

I have numerous columns that will output either 1,0 depending on the value in other columns. I have a total of 4 columns that only output either 1 or 0 and I would like to include all records that ...

1 answers | 14 mins ago by krnactry on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Como pegar o valor de um id que é incremental e usá-lo como chave estrangeira sem usar set/get?

Eu tenho um id no primeiro nó do meu data base e precisava usá-lo em uma outra tabela como FK, como faço para inserí-lo no banco de uma forma que não precise usar os modificadores set ou get?

9 answers

How to convert SQL statement "delete from TABLE where someID not in (select someID from Table group by property1, property2)

I'm trying to convert the following SQL statement to Core Data: delete from SomeTable where someID not in ( select someID from SomeTable group by property1, property2, property3 ) ...

9 answers | 17 mins ago by nemesys on Stack Overflow
3 answers

Oracle SQL - How to get distinct rows using RANK() or DENSE_RANK() or ROW_NUMBER() analytic fucntion?

I am looking to get the top 3 distinct salaries of each department. I was able to do it either using RANK() or DENSE_RANK() or ROW_NUMBER() but my table is having some records with same salaries. ...

3 answers | 17 mins ago by Rakesh on Stack Overflow
0 answers

sql server management studio express 2014 not enumerating network sql servers

In my apps, I am using SqlDataSourceEnumerator.Instance.GetDataSources() to enumerate the sql servers on local networks. I had VS 2010 pro and Sql Server 2008 R2 Express and SSMS 2008 R2 Express and ...

1 answer

Update MySQL Stored Procedure Definers on shared environment

I am accessing a MYSQL database through PHPMyADMIN. My issue is that throughout the course of a project, my Stored Procedures were created through two main places. PHPMyAdmin, and through MySQL ...

1 answer

Sql query executed and the resultset returns records even though table in database is empty?

I've created a spring security UserService that checks if the user logged in(from a login page) exists in the database (jdbc) . If the record exists then redirection to the home page ,else ...

1 answers | 22 mins ago by pietà on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Finding continuity with records that denote periods

I have a table that expresses periods of responsibility, similar to the following: Key Resp_Key Start_Date End_Date 1 150 2015-01-01 2015-01-25 2 150 ...

0 answers

Using select statement in rails queries

I have three tables, products has 3 columns, let them be product_id,retailer_id,id product_urls has 2 columns, url_id,id urls has 2 columns, url_id, absolute_url All the associations has been ...

2 answers

SQL Server : Statement Conflict

I'm working with SCRUBS and I'm trying to run a job on SSMS but I'm getting this error: Started: 3:41:55 PM Error: 2015-07-31 15:41:58.03 Code: 0xC0202009 Source: Reports Write new ...

0 answers

SQL Server Reporting Services Date/Sum weirdness

I have 2 columns next to each other in a report I'm building. They contain the same structure, with one small difference. One column looks back in time a little further then the other. I have verified ...

2 answers

How does Inner join 3 or more tables works?

I saw some questions about the subject, but frankly i didn't quite understood. What i want: I have three tables and i want to return a select with all intersections of the main table with the other ...

2 answers | 35 mins ago by Clyff on Stack Overflow
1 answer

How to capture PRINT statements from TSQL called by CLR stored procedure

I have a CLR stored procedure that (among other things) calls a TSQL stored procedure. The TSQL stored procedure runs some dynamic SQL, and it prints the SQL before it runs for debugging purposes. ...

1 answers | 37 mins ago by msgisme on Database Administrators
1 answer

How to create a search box and SQL statement for searching an attribute field?

How can I add a HTML search bar that the user can use to search an attribute field for a polygon layer, and then tie that input into the SQL statement? So far I am able to hard code the query of ...

1 answers | 40 mins ago by CrazySpatial on Geographic Information Systems
1 answer

sql table change sequence of items

I have a table and I add a column(aggregate) using a field called identidad that is identity(1,1). I want the sequence of a group of rows. select detfac.identidad,count(detfac.identidad) from detfac ...

1 answers | 41 mins ago by user2367101 on Stack Overflow
0 answers

SSRS Email Subscription Error Converting XLXS Files to icationvnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet

I have set up an email subscription through SSRS that emails a "icationvnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet" file when it should send an excel (xlxs) file. How can I fix this??

2 answers

Журналы транзакций

Как найти на сервере базу данных с самым большим журналом транзакций?

2 answers | 47 mins ago by Dirtman on Stack Overflow на русском
1 answer

ERD one table to many tables relationships

I'm creating an ERD and a certain parts give me headaches. My issue: I have four tables: magazine, book, newspaper, and webpage. Each table has it's own attributes. I want to take notes on each of ...

1 answer

Getting children node only of specified node in openxml

I am Importing XML document into SQL tables. It is nested xml. I need to do 3 tables of it. I decided to use cursors. I am looking up, row by row through main node with first cursor. It works ...

1 answers | 49 mins ago by Jan Walczak on Stack Overflow
2 answers

SQL - update main table using temp table

I have a question about SQL, especially SQLite3. I have two tables, let's name them main_table and temp_table. These tables are based on the same relational schema so they have the same columns but ...

2 answers

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class (PHP)

I'm having big problems with this fatal error. I have 5 files and every of them contains one class (Nationality.php, Team.php, BoughtTickets.php, Users.php, Tickets.php) and two of them require other ...

2 answers | 50 mins ago by xKRgirl07 on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Number of full month (none partial) between 2 dates in SQL

How to calculate full month(s) (none partial) between two dates in SQL? The results should be as follows: Start Date | End Date | Full Month 5/02/2015 | 6/29/2015 | 0 5/01/2015 | 6/30/2015 | ...

1 answers | 54 mins ago by User15 on Stack Overflow
3 answers

Sybase ODBC connection String with .net

I am having SYBASE 12.5 install on my server as well as my PC, I am unable to get the correct connection string. I have used the but unable to get the correct one. After runnig ...

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