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2 answers

SQL: Create a new id column that changes based on the values of other three columns?

I have a table with three columns named cid, orderdate, and priororderdate among others. Here is how the table looks like: cid orderdate priororderdate position 12 NULL ...

2 answers | 10 mins ago by Georgia2004 on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Connecting to SQL Server in Visual C#

I'll show the code I'm using, but I can't connect to SQL Server through Visual C#. I have installed what came in the C# package and I keep getting this error: An unhandled exception of type ...

0 answers

SQL Table and Full-Text Index Partitioning

I have an application that uses Microsoft SQL Server 2012 to store information and text extracted from documents amongst other things. A single table (let's call it "Docs") stores most of this ...

2 answers

Insert same data multiple times

I have an insert statement similar to this: insert into table (id, name, descr) values (4, 'asdf', 'this is not a word'); I need to insert this same statement with multiple ids. Right now I have: ...

2 answers | 16 mins ago by O P on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Dynamic IN+IF clause with GROUP_CONCAT?

I am filtering buyers (many) for a given property (one) with the main condition of if the buyer requires specific exact # of bathrooms (buyers.bathroom_exact='1'), match it to the property's ...

1 answers | 18 mins ago by meder on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Database Mirroring and Replication in SQL Server 2008 R2

I have configured the mirroring and replication between 4 servers (A,B,C,D).i.e, Mirroring between A to B and C to D, Replication between A and C. The configuration was a success and I am able test ...

2 answers

SQL: selecting the second-lowest value (via subquery) with GROUP BY clause

Given a database of decimal values, grouped into locations ... CREATE TABLE ItemPrices (`Company` varchar(11), `LocationID` char(5), `ProductLevel` varchar(11), `LowPrice` decimal(5,2)) ; INSERT ...

1 answer

Applying normalization to a relational Database (Access & SQL Server)

This question is pretty specific but I hope it can get answered on here. There is a wide range of information about normalization but I feel what I have read so far isn't as effective as just stating ...

6 answers

Null or empty check for a string variable

if((isnull(@value,''))='') I want to know whether the above piece of code works in checking if the variable is null or empty.

1 answer

SQL Server database performance is very poor after a month of use

I am quite new to SQL server and have a question regarding database speed. The database (about 50 MB big) was very fast in the beginning. Now, a month later, the speed is a lot worse. I run a script ...

0 answers

Determine data stored in varbinary for reverse engineering

I have 34 tables of 785 with a varbinary column in a database we are reverse engineering. They have names like CSB_BLOB or OBJECT_BLOB. Now I am having intermittent success with getting the data out. ...

0 answers

How to connect local SQL server database using Google JDBC

I have a question here. I want to set up a Google sheet and populate this sheet with numbers from my local database. And my network is VPN network. I program in Google spreadsheet script editor. Using ...

2 answers

SQL Server increment and return value

Is there anything like a prefix/postfix increment operator in SQL or a way to simulate it's behavior? Ideally I could do something like: declare @count int = 0 cast(@count++ as varchar) The ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by aw04 on Stack Overflow
2 answers

OrmLite Selecting Multiple Columns Across Joined Tables

I'm hvaing some difficulty populating some columns in a POCO using OrmLite. I have three tables named Dog, Bowl and DogBowl. DogBowl is a junction table and holds the id of Dog and Bowl. Dogs PK ...

2 answers

SQL Server 2012 Can't log in with machine account

We're migrating an IIS/SQL Server site from 2008 to 2012, and I'm having a problem with authentication. We use Windows Authentication to authenticate as DOMAIN\COMPUTER$, but this isn't working, ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by mobiusnz on Database Administrators
3 answers

How to write select so it return only one record between two time periods

I have these data Table: Shifts --------------------------------- Shift_Start Shift_End --------------------------------- 6:00 16:30 16:45 22:15 22:15 6:00 ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by Wel on Stack Overflow
1 answer

ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected & ERROR: ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated

I am receiving the titled to error messages(first in sqldeveloper and second in sqlplus) The following is my code for the following task: For each customers we have in the customers table, display ...

0 answers

Remove month from Calculations

I have a query that does the following: Sums up the total clients before a conversion to new software and compares that to clients after conversion to new software. What I would like to do is throw ...

1 answer

IBM i UNION *ALL used here

I have this in CL and would like to make it into a view. I first run 2 queries which are creating these 2 tables. How would the code here for the UNION ALL be? the 2 tables are (Logical) views CPYF ...

2 answers

PHP click ling and open new PHP page according to ID

Question is: I have a PHP webpage with list of data taken from database. --------------------------------------- ----- ID117 ----- aaa ------ bbb ------ ----- ID118 ----- aaa ------ bbb ------ ----- ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Denis on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Table does not respond once in a while

I am working on SQL 2005 database. There is one table in database, which get refresh every day by a SSIS job. Table does not have any key or constraint. It has one non cluster Index.The job truncate ...

5 answers

Database with only text fields

I started working on an existing SQL Server Database System in which most of the fields are stored as text. Except some IDs all fields are varchar (phone numbers, zip codes, Dates, addresses, monetary ...

5 answers

Why does a UNIQUE constraint allow only one NULL?

Technically, NULL = NULL is False, by that logic no NULL is equal to any NULL and all NULLs are distinct. Shouldnt this imply that all NULLs are unique and a unique index should allow any number of ...

0 answers

Returning unique key value pairs from a config table with non-unique data where values are inhereted based on the value of other columns

I have a config table that holds key=>value pairs where the key is nonunique with the following structure: CREATE TABLE config ( ID int IDENTITY(1,1) PRIMARY KEY, key varchar(255) NOT NULL, ...

0 answers

Slow response from SQL Azure database using odbc_fetch_array in PHP

I have a database in Azure. When I run a query that returns 300 records via SMSS, I get the results very quickly. However, when I try to get the results using odbc_fetch_array in php, the response ...

0 answers

Creating on-demand audio playlist using , c#, sql

I am trying to create a web page with an embedded audio player that dynamically creates a playlist on demand for the visiting user. I have about 200 songs files in mp3 format, average file size is ...

3 answers

Inner Join in Access Query not working

Here are DB tables GroupsUsers GroupID - UserID -------------------- 00001 - user1 00002 - user1 00003 - user2 Groups GroupID - GroupName - Locked - Deleted ...

1 answer

echo $values ['sqlcolumnname']; not returning a displayed value even though vardump $values works

echo $values ['sqlcolumnname']; not returning a displayed value even though vardump $values works... I am trying to have these values returned in a readable format on screen. I'm probably missing ...

1 answer

SQL Server append XML child nodes to parent node

I need to have a script which can insert / append new xml child nodes to a pre-existing xml parent node. --New child nodes DECLARE @XMLChildData XML SET @XMLChildData = ' <Persons> ...

0 answers

Importing CSV file using SQL Server Import and Export Wizard (SQL Express)

So I am having a heck of a time importing a CSV file. The ultimate goal is to create a repeatable process to import the file. The only way I've been able to import the file is in a roundabout way ...

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