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1 answer

Timberline ODBC Error with SQL Server Linked Server: Cannot initialize the data source object

Just to lay the ground work: On a 64bit Windows server we have a 64bit install of SQL Server 2008 R2 We installed a 32bit version of SQL Server Express on the same machine Using the 32bit Express ...

1 answer

RecordCount with UniDAC Dataset component

I'm using the TUniQuery component from UniDAC. I'd like to show how many records I have, so I've put the following code to show in a Status Bar: procedure TForm1.unyQuery1AfterFetch(DataSet: ...

0 answers

Result Column ordering different from Query using XSD

I am querying a MySQL database via xsd/dataset in C#. When I query it within the .xsd designer, I get the column order as I used it in the SELECT statement. For example: Select a, b, c From tbl ...

0 answers

SSIS Data Validation Rules

I have problem with data validation check while loading to database. I have a list of ID's that I have to match against data group that is coming from database. The list of ID's looks like, (AB2 AC3 ...

0 answers

T-SQL Updated date field not the same as date format in select statement

In a SQL Server 2008 database I have a Fiscal Year table where the end_date for each fiscal period is set up wrong. The period start_date is the first day of a calendar month at midnight in the format ...

0 answers

How to get Geography data to GeoJson in PostgreSQL?

I am using PostgreSQL database and there is a field in a table(area) i.e. geog pulic.geography(Points,4326). It contains below type of records 0101000020E6100000BA83D89942334540780B24287ED051C0 I ...

0 answers

Visual studio 2012 website administration tool, how do I set up provider?

I am trying to set up a provider for my website administration tool but for some reason SQL doesnt work anywhere outside of VS. So I cant set up a database using aspnet_regsql.exe. If I create a ...

0 answers

need wordpress admins that cannot delete each other

I have a wordpress with one admin. (This is not a multi-site) I need two add another admin. I realized that one admin can delete the other's profile. I need to know how to add two admins that can ...

0 answers

Transaction log become huge when globally disabling constraints

Using SSIS to build our DW. During final star schema creation i need to disable all constraints so i use this command in a stored procedure in an SQL execute task: EXEC sp_msforeachtable "ALTER ...

2 answers

Is there a relationship between Database Tables and Object Oriented Classes?

Every time I program I recognize this relationship between classes and tables, or am I imagining it. You can have a class per database table or a table per class i.e. : tables: customer, ...

1 answer

SQLIO and its Flags

Any feedback on this will be highly appreciated. 1.-t flag(Threads) – If I capture worker thread information using this query SELECT SUM(current_workers_count) as [Current worker thread] FROM ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by user41891 on Database Administrators
1 answer

SQL UPDATE query fails with LIMIT 1 but works with LIMIT 2

I have a strange problem with a query in my php script. I have a table with many thousand rows that ALL match the queries below, so I (wanted to) use LIMIT 1 to only update one of them. When I ran ...

0 answers

Is there any way to do HTML decode in SQL Server?

I have the following records in one of my table CD&M Communications auburndale oil & propane inc C F La Fountaine #7561 Laramie County Fire District # 2 ...

2 answers

How can I reliably determine if a given SQL Server instance has the “Lock Pages in Memory” right?

The "Lock Pages in Memory" right can be granted to the service account used by SQL Server. This allows SQL Server to prevent memory being paged to disk. I've noticed several of our SQL Server ...

4 answers

SQL query Inner joins returns multiple rows

We have got 2 tables; table1, table2. table1: CNTY | ZIP | SERVICE 111 | 1234 | N 111 | | Y 112 | | Y table2: CNTY | ZIP | 111 | 1234 | 111 | 4321 | 112 | 4433 | ...

4 answers

How do I add multiple "NOT LIKE '%?%' in the WHERE clause of sqlite3 in python code?

I have a sqlite3 query that is executed inside python code. An example would be SELECT word FROM table WHERE word NOT LIKE '%a%'; This would select all of the words where 'a' does not occur in the ...

4 answers | 1 hour ago by Elmer on Stack Overflow
4 answers

WHY? UNION ALL is doing a Calculation

I have two data sets: DS_A and DS_B. My question is why I have 2 quantity for pro_id 71549 and not 3? The ALL Incorporates all rows into the results. This includes duplicates. If not specified, ...

0 answers

Selecting hierarchical data using MySQL variable

I have a table where I store information of directories (like in a filesystem). Each directory (named node) has a nodeid and a parentid. I want to retrieve a full path as efficiently as possible. For ...

2 answers

SQL - select students that had exams on every subject

I have two tables: Exams(StudentID, SubjectID), Subjects(SubjectID) And want to select students that had exam on all subjects. How to do it? Is it possible without using GROUP and COUNT?

2 answers | 1 hour ago by wiwo on Stack Overflow
1 answer

How to import an Access MDB format database to MySQL (utf8_general_ci)?

I Have seen some topics about this issue but non of the free solutions works with utf8_general_ci (When we have arabic words in files we need utf8_general_ci ) for example 1 - I have tried "MySql ...

0 answers

Volume or frequency limitations of SQL Server Database Mail

I've created a nightly sync between two database applications for a small construction company and setup simple notifications using database mail to let a few people know if the load was successful or ...

3 answers

PLS-00201: identifier UTIL_FILE must be declared

I'm trying to export data from a query into a csv file from Oracle Enterprise Express installed on a Windows Server 2008 machine. I've found this solution: ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by Kristy Welsh on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Why do I get a NullReferenceException when adding parameters to an InsertCommand for my SqlDataAdapter?

I am trying to insert a record using the following code: SqlConnection conn=new SqlConnection("Data Source=ASHISH\\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=ASHISH;Integrated Security=True"); conn.Open(); ...

1 answer

MySql wont start in XAMPP

I know this question has been asked several times, I have looked through other answers but couldn't find the solution. Last night MySQL was working fine on my XAMPP. Today, When I started MySQL from ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by UmairKhan on Stack Overflow
1 answer

SQL result duplicates the photos

I want to show all the photos that have the specific tag, but it only duplicates the photos. If I choose another tag, it doesn't show duplicated photos. For the tag "Natur" it should only be 2 ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Erik Edgren on Stack Overflow
2 answers

SQL Server : Creating an index on a table variable

Can you create a index on a table variable in SQL Server 2000? i.e. DECLARE @TEMPTABLE TABLE ( [ID] [int] NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY ,[Name] [nvarchar] (255) COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT NULL ...

2 answers

Impact of altering table column size/length in SQL Server

Consider I've column VARCHAR(MAX). What if I change it to VARCHAR(20) will Microsoft SQL Server will decrease the size claimed by table? If you got any link just comment it. I'll check it out.

2 answers | 2 hours ago by Vicky Thakor on Stack Overflow
5 answers

How to check for duplicates before saving the data into the database?

I have the below codes to insert into my guest table in my database. How do I add an if statement to check for duplicates using the guest_id before I can proceed to my next page to save? $query = " ...

5 answers | 2 hours ago by Gina Chang on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Best way to delete 1 million rows in a table with many relations

I have a set of tables where the main table has 1.5 million rows. One of the subchild is close to 1 million rows too. The data of the main table must also copied to a history table. I wrote a PLSQL ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by br1337 on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Displaying numbers between 0.1-1.9, 2.0-2.9 etc.,

As the title says I'm trying to display numbers between 0.1-1.9 as Season 1 then 2.0-2.9 season 2 etc., that's what I have tried so far $sql="SELECT Patch_No, Created FROM info ORDER BY Patch_NO ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Higeath on Stack Overflow
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