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3 answers

Query to Delete Rows where Columns Match or are NULL

This seems simple, but I haven't been able to find anything. Any help is appreciated. I have a table with several columns. I need to compare a few of those columns to each other and delete the rows ...

3 answers | 49 secs ago by THEMEDIA on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Several Foreign Key and Cascade Delete SQL Server

In SQL Server 2014, I'm trying to add CASCADE DELETING (I want to set field to null actually, but is the same ) on 3 FK. If I add a Cascade Delete in one relationship, it works fine. If I add more ...

1 answer

Mysql - fazer cada linha incrementar 1

Quero fazer uma consulta sql e quero que cada linha tenha uma coluna indicando o numero da linha ex: linha nome 1 joao 2 maria 3 tiago . . . . . ...

1 answers | 7 mins ago by SneepS NinjA on Stack Overflow em Português
0 answers

Database for image tagging

I need to design an image tagging database for a school project. The site will have Images, Tags and Users. Evey Image gets tagged with one or more of the tags (Tags are things like: summer, beach, ...

1 answer

Which database type i should user SQL or NoSQL

I am developing an application where the following things needed. I don't know about the database. So which type of database I should use, like SQL (MySQL, Oracle) or NoSQL (Mongo or Couch). I am ...

1 answers | 12 mins ago by Tabish on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Arithmetic operations on a table

can anyone give me some advice on the following situation: I have two basic tables: Then a view created by the two: select product.IDPRODUCT, sum(quantity) as totalOut, PRODUCTSTORAGE.DATAINPUT, ...

1 answers | 12 mins ago by Nike on Database Administrators
3 answers

How to determine if sql INSERTED or UPDATED?

Say I have a function like this: Private Function addNicheMerge(ByVal tyNicheMergePOLE As typeNicheMergePOLE) As Integer Implements IGenie.addNicheMerge Dim objParameterValues As New ...

3 answers | 12 mins ago by w0051977 on Stack Overflow
4 answers

SQL query to find unreferenced records

I have two tables bound through an ID field: table1: id, name, type table2: id, id_table1, date, status I have to collect all the records of the table1 that have a certain value of ...

4 answers | 15 mins ago by weirdgyn on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Select Multi rows from table B accoring to array value in table A

I have two tables (A, B), B table has a column Fruit which stores id values of table A rows as array, how can I output IN ONE SELECT STATEMENT the title of each id in table B, like that: Table B : ...

2 answers | 18 mins ago by Samer on Stack Overflow
1 answer


Hello guys I need load a file to a table I use LOAD DATA INFILE 'D:....example.txt' INTO TABLE test_table CHARACTER SET utf8 LINES TERMINATED BY '\r\n'; My file look.. 4STPS ...

1 answers | 21 mins ago by jasilva on Stack Overflow
4 answers

DbQuery behaves differently in a for loop. Why?

If I use the following code, I get a list of students that study course 1 and course 2. (This is almost what I want.) IQueryable<Student> filteredStudents = context.Students; filteredStudents = ...

2 answers

Extracting a wild card characters into the table

I want to extract all records in product table wherein PRODUCT starts with letter N and save it in a table named "List of N - Products" I've tried with Select * from product where PRODUCTS like = ...

2 answers | 25 mins ago by john cam on Stack Overflow
7 answers

Checking if a SQL Server login already exists

I need to check if a specific login already exists on the SQL Server, and if it doesn't, then I need to add it. I have found the following code to actually add the login to the database, but I want ...

7 answers | 26 mins ago by Brett Rigby on Stack Overflow
3 answers

Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.ReportViewer.Common, Version=

I recently upgraded my n-tier solution from .NET 3.5 vs 2008 to 4.5 visual studio 2012. Every thing went fine apart from crystal reports and I had to install new runtime crystal reports for visual ...

1 answer

Oracle FIRST_ROWS optimizer hint

I'm writing a query against what is currently a small table in development. In production, we expect it to grow quite large over the life of the table (the primary key is a number(10)). My query does ...

1 answers | 27 mins ago by jedd.ahyoung on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Associate couples between 2 tables with SQL Server 2005

The question is easy, answer is not (for me). I have 2 identical tables composed of 2 columns : ID and value. I have to find all couples sharing the same value. So when a record is used in a couple, ...

1 answer

Query to flatten schema

I have the following tables and columns: Users id | other-non-important-columns Containers id | Users_id | other-non-important-columns Content id | Container_id | other-non-important-columns ...

1 answers | 33 mins ago by Art on Database Administrators
2 answers

max connection MySql reached during tests

When i launch my PHPUnit test suite i reached the max connection limit (200) for MySQL. The hot fix was to set max_connection to 500, but i'm looking for a better solution in Zend Framework 2 ...

0 answers

protect mssql 2008 r2 from mssql_ping

How to protect MSSQL Server 2008 R2 from "mssql_ping" exploit? MSSQL shouldn't show its relevant information like server version. msf auxiliary(mssql_ping) > run [*] Scanned 13 of 55 hosts (023% ...

0 answers

sql recursion calls

I have the scenario where The session is cancelled I need to come up with the list of contiguous (sessions within 30 minutes for the same instructor) and adjoin session (different instructor, same car ...

3 answers

command error *incorrect syntax near ','*

Dim Query As String Dim con As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection("Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=Minimarket;Integrated Security=True") Query = "INSERT INTO ...

5 answers

SQLzoo more JOIN execerise #16

I am working on the more JOIN operations with the movie database. My question is on problem #16: List all the people who have worked with 'Art Garfunkel' You need to first fetch all movies in which ...

5 answers | 47 mins ago by Paul on Stack Overflow
2 answers

MySQL GROUP BY two columns

I'm trying to group by multiple columns here - one on each table. It's a scenario where I want to find the top portfolio value for each client by adding their current portfolio and cash together but a ...

2 answers | 50 mins ago by ChrisS on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Distinct query not very distinct

I have the following query... Select distinct r.LocSeq ,r.ChargeSeq ,r.Heat ,ISNULL(r.status,'') as status ,r.Grade ,r.FinalProd ,s.Location ,s.RollRecID ,s.ShiftIdent ,s.prodtime ,ts.Super ,ts.Oper ...

2 answers | 52 mins ago by Obfuscated on Stack Overflow
2 answers

How to create Daylight Savings time Start and End function in SQL Server

I need to create a function in SQL server that returns daylight savings time start datetime and daylight savings time end datetime. I've come across a few examples on the web, however they all are ...

0 answers

Conteudo de um text box atualizar outro textbox com dados do banco

Sou iniciante em C# e tenho o seguinte problema: Tenho um Textbox no qual eu queria que ao digitar uma ID nele ele buscasse automaticamente o nome do produto pertencente aquela ID e atualizasse um ...

0 answers

Error on MS Access Query

I am having an issue with a query on Microsoft Access 2007. I've developed query which runs correctly when I run it from the query editor of Access. My problem is that I have put this very same query ...

1 answer

Red Gate SQL CI Build Error: FILESTREAM filegroup is not available in database

I get the error Synchronization of 'Scripts.state' and ... failed: Default FILESTREAM filegroup is not available in database when trying to run a Red Gate SQL CI Build step in TeamCity against my ...

0 answers

ssrs parameter showing up in report manager but not through url

I have a report that works like a charm in visual studio, and the Report Manager interface. I have one hidden parameter (Origin person id) and two visible parameters (date and person id). the ...

0 answers

Outer join 4 tables sql access

I had to use an sql request to join 3 tables, which went fine, but now, I need to use an outer join with a 4th table. In my first request, I used the old Oracle syntax to join my tables, but now I ...

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