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0 answers

How to populate sql query result in crystal report with

I am new to work with and crystal report I searched many links while failed to populate or load SQL query result on crystal report? here is the code to load query result on grid-view Dim cc ...

0 answers

Sort by date + pull up by boolean

I have items in a sqlite database. Each item has a date, written in the format: YYYY-MM-DD. Of course, several items can have the same date. Also, the items have the boolean "new". I would like to ...

1 answer

Невозможно создать snapshot для БД

create database AW_Snapshot_Sample on (name='AdventureWorks_Data', FILENAME='D:/mdf/') AS SNAPSHOT OF AdventureWorks Код вызывает ошибку: Msg 911, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Database ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by koza4ok on Stack Overflow на русском
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Export SQL Server image to Excel file

I have a SQL Database with a table containing an Image Column. My trouble is that Image which is a byte array in c# can have more than 32 767 bytes because i'm stocking some .png files. So I have a ...

0 answers

Finding out the type of value passed is select statement or csv without using sql predefined keyword

Please provide help in this created procedure which when executes returns result as the value passed to parameter it is csv or it is select. Here I used select in like statement to find out what ...

1 answer

sql query to get column of the next row to be of column of a row

I want to write a sql query to get column of the next row to be of column of a row.the test example is as follow: table: ID startno 1 1 2 5 3 9 ...

1 answer

complex sql query many to many

I've been created my database like that: I want to select person and movie names which is same person act as "Oyuncu" and "Senarist" Please help me. I wrote a query like that; select ...

2 answers

How does MIN function work internally in sql?

I wanted to know how does MIN actually function? Using MIN in sql is faster or fetching all the rows from MYSQL db and processing it using php would be faster?

0 answers

Calculate a sum based on all members of a set minus selected members of the set

what I want to do is pretty easy I guess, but I can't figure out an easy and nice solution: I have a sales area (first Level) which sum I would like to see in the Report, futhermore I have specific ...

0 answers

Poor performance during bcp - bulk insert to SQL server

We do bcp about 10-100K records on average in 4 tables at regular intervals say every 5 minutes (tables at empty at start of day). Total number of records reach at end of day to about 5 m, 5m, 10 m, ...

2 answers

MS SQL, invalid object name

Okay, let me make it short, I can delete a whole row from database using this code: $sql = "DELETE FROM [master].[dbo].[TestTBL] WHERE Agent_ID = '{$_SESSION["agentid"]}' "; but when I try: $sql = ...

2 answers

How to make XML values comma seperated using XPath, XQuery in SQL Server

I have an XML column with sample values as <error> <errorno>BL04002055</errorno> <description>Smart Rule PROJECT_COUNTRYCODE_VAL Violated</description> ...

0 answers

how to convert this t-SQL to ibatis statement

I like to write this statement using ibatis but it makes error in syntax please help me to convert that: declare @p1 dbo.tempweb declare @L nvarchar(50) declare @date1 datetime declare @date2 ...

1 answer

CSVJDBC - Interpreting Strings Instead of Integers in Aggregate Functions

I am using the CSVJDBC driver for retrieving results from CSV files. All record fields are interpreted as Strings. How can I utilise the MAX aggregate function in order to obtain the maximim Integer ...

1 answers | 13 mins ago by MightyApe on Stack Overflow
3 answers

Dynamically add like operators in where clause

Can anyone give me a solution for my problem? I have a string array of max length. I want to compare all of my string array elements with a single SQL query. How can I do that? string[] new = ...

3 answers | 13 mins ago by nanthakumar on Stack Overflow
2 answers

ADODB Connection is empty, Unable to read CSV file

I have gotten the code below working with all file types except CSV Files. I am trying to copy a CSV file into a worksheet and I have gotten myself confused. All help will be appreciated. The ...

1 answer

pass parameter in table valued function using select statement

I have created a table valued return function which returns me a table . here is call of my function as follow SELECT * FROM dbo.[StateFixedTaxesCalculation](3020,16,1,1006) and its working OK for ...

1 answer

Adding from two different reportitems

I am trying to add from two separate text boxes from different datasets I had to create a code to summarize (codes below) giving a total. What I am trying to do is get GapTotal + GapTotal2 together ...

2 answers

Reading XML dynamic data in SQL Server

I have a XML column in a table contains a collection of data. Every record may hold a different collection type like sometimes customers data and sometimes invoices data etc. How can I read that cell ...

2 answers | 18 mins ago by Mohamed on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Connect to SQLite3 server using PyODBC, Python

I'm trying to test a class that loads data from an SQL server given a query. To do this, I was instructed to use sqlite3. Now, the problem is that while the class manages to connect to the real ...

0 answers

Full text searching refuses to work without quotation marks

But at the same time, the quotation marks break the query if they are substituted in. I have this query: SELECT * FROM CONTACT1 WHERE CONTAINS(COMPANY, N'Aktie') This returns no results. However, ...

1 answer

How to run sql query for each row value using set based approach

I have following code placed inside a cursor and have to remove cursor due to performance issue. I am trying to use set based approach, with this I have to replace @OriginalValue and @Per_Month ...

1 answers | 23 mins ago by PS078 on Stack Overflow
2 answers

Yii: php -> Cannot execute SQL command in SiteController

I have some problem when submitting the _form.php to SiteController.php this error message will appear, "CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access ...

2 answers | 24 mins ago by mrdidie on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Wordpress pagination for custom $wpdb query

I am using a custom $wpdb query to get all comments from my database. <?php $querystr = " SELECT comment_content, commentmeta1.meta_value AS comment_name, commentmeta2.meta_value AS ...

1 answers | 25 mins ago by user1391152 on Stack Overflow
1 answer

Sql Database server Remote access not working

I have configured Remote settings from TCP/IP with 1433 port and Firewall is also disabled I have checked settings over intenet and applied still not able to connect remotly I am using windows ...

1 answers | 25 mins ago by Chander .k on Database Administrators
1 answer

sql org chart hierarchical table to xml json

I have a table of employees and managers: create table emp_mgr (emp varchar(99), mgr varchar(99)) insert into emp_mgr select 'Adam',NULL; insert into emp_mgr select 'Bob','Adam'; insert into emp_mgr ...

1 answers | 26 mins ago by sqld-_-ba on Database Administrators
2 answers

SQL Server : append string not working if col is empty

I need to programatically append some string to col1. The below code works only in case col1 is not empty. If it's empty then after running the code it remains empty. Why? UPDATE table SET ...

2 answers | 27 mins ago by fishmong3r on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Sorting jtable data from database by clicking on table header java

I have created a program that connects to a server database and retrieves information based on certain search criteria entered by the user, which is then placed into a JTable. The user would like to ...

0 answers

Limited result is coming when i run Join qurery.?

I am getting only 5001 rows of result when I run the query, Below is the query. SELECT CASE V_ALL.JOB_qty_BlankPages WHEN 0 THEN V_ALL.JOB_qty_BWPages + V_ALL.JOB_qty_ColorPages + ...

0 answers

Select all parents records in mysql

Table structure: id(int) title(varchar) parent(int) 1 Accessories 0 2 Man 1 3 Women ...

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