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2 answers

Selecting most recent date per ID for every day

I've checked a few questions about this already but they don't do quite what I want and involve multiple columns and conditions so I'm going to distill it down to its most basic form. SERIAL ...

2 answers | 27 secs ago by Charles Flynn on Stack Overflow
0 answers

INNER JOINs using hibernate

I have two classes Task and TaskComponents. TaskComponents contains a task mapped by a Task_ID. I am trying to select a task joined to the TaskComponents table. I have tried many different SQL ...

2 answers

Merge tables and remove duplicates: Use Join, Union or both

I have two tables with the same structure, similar to those: A: gid, col 1, 23 2, 24 5, 63 B: gid, col 1, 54 3, 223 5, 32 I want to have a merged table like this: gid, colA, colB 1, 23, 54 2, ...

2 answers | 3 mins ago by tareq on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Is it Necessary to Load all the dataset in SSRS Report

i have a webapplication in MVC framework having SSRS (.rdlc) Reports.. I have come to situation where i have to load a Singal Report (m_memlst.rdlc) Report from two different modules. so i have ...

5 answers

How to convert blank into null in ssis

I am extracting data from excel in ssis. One of the excel column contain blank values. so i need to replace blank value with null otherwise my package is going to fail. Any suggessions?

2 answers

How to handle to many inserts?

I have a database which are accessed from remote locations in the world wit very long delays and poor transfer speeds. I currently transfer the data using a transaction since either all or no data ...

0 answers

C# create hierarchical GridView with Telerik UI for WinForms with SQL Query

I tried to create a hierarchical GridView with Telerik UI for WinForms with two SQL queries for getting data. I found this code example: ...

1 answer

how to create history tables or audit tables on ALL_IND_COLUMNS?

I am writing a utility which keeps track of dropped indices or missing indices. I got to know about 2 index tables namely ALL_IND_COLUMNS and ALL_INDEXES which contains all the indices associated to ...

0 answers

Implementing ISO standards for HTML5 input type time from mssql?

I am trying to deduce the official formatting for time input fields according to the web specification. As browser support for time fields is somewhat sporadic it is difficult to test accurately. W3 ...

1 answer

T-sql datediff doesn't look at the year if you pass in day for datepart?

I am using datediff in a query to return the dates that are less than 7 days from the start date. DECLARE @d1 DATE SET @d1=(SELECT CurrentServiceWeek FROM Technician WHERE ID=150) SELECT ...

1 answers | 9 mins ago by John on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Using function inside a cursor (by using a variable)

I would like to confirm the correct use of the following: 1) Use a global variable to get return values from a function only once (since my function will be returning some Sequence values) 2) Use ...

1 answer

SSRS 2012 Custom Code/Expression for Divide by Zero and calculations

I know similar questions have been asked. However, I have not found anything that exactly helps me out in my situation. I need to avoid divide by zero but before I do a divide with another column ...

1 answers | 11 mins ago by Neeru on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Account structure with multiple nested and recursive parent / child hierarchy

This is my very first question asked (ever). So, please be patient while I try to explain my problem. I have a table as follows which is giving me the hierarchy structure for some account: declare ...

8 answers

SQL Server: What is the difference between CROSS JOIN and FULL OUTER JOIN?

What is the difference between CROSS JOIN and FULL OUTER JOIN in SQL Server? Are they the same, or not? Please explain. When would one use either of these?

4 answers

Using IIF and AND in SSRS Expression

I have a table like below I want to hide the rows where ALL 3 columns are 0. All the columns are of INT data type My expression is like so: =IIF((Fields!PastVal.Value=0) AND ...

2 answers

How to pass 'IN' parameter by using Sql Server Managment Studio execute window?

This is my sample stored procedure query. CREATE PROCEDURE EMP_Details @EmpType varchar(6), @Location varchar(55) AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; SELECT ...

2 answers | 13 mins ago by Jimmer on Stack Overflow
1 answer

SSRS 2014 invalid namespace

I am trying to set up forms authentication on Reporting Server 2014. So far I was able to get rid of most of the errors but when trying to log in on reportserver/logon.aspx I get the following error: ...

1 answer

Select two Tables connect with ID. PHP code alternative in ASP.NET

I'm starting in ASP.NET. I need to write data from two tables that are linked via ID. I would like to write in the cycle. Example: I have a table States and Cities table: 1.United states     a. New ...

0 answers

How do I rationalize a relational model with too many cross-references and optional foreign keys?

I am trying to keep my data model sane, but it appears to have too many references across. Here are the relevant entities User Event Series (group of Events) Signup (for an Event) Registration (for ...

3 answers

Appending two tables in SQL

I have two tables and I want to append them into a new table. Let me illustrate with an example. Table A : (A1,A2,A3,A4) Table B : (A1,A2,B1,B2,B3) Merged Table : (A1,A2,A3,A4,B1,B2,B3) I don't ...

3 answers | 21 mins ago by Tusharshar on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Getting 'IEnumerable`1 parameters' error in RDLC file

I am facing some wierd issue with my RDLC file. I am a BI guy so don't have much knowelge in .net and .net part is handled by a different team. I have created some RDLC file for them which is ...

0 answers

Need a table schema for general store app

I am Developing one application for online general store and stuck some where near making a schema for the products. Here, Every Product has brands and Product can come in multiple varieties like for ...

0 answers

SQL Server MERGE on a large table with small log file

I am running a MERGE statement on a large table (5M of rows) with a small log file size (2GB). I am getting an error: Merge for MyTable failed: The transaction log for database 'MyDb' is full due ...

3 answers

SQL GROUP BY quarters

Using Microsot's SQL server I want to show a list of each costumer and they spends by year and quarter. So, I have the next code: SELECT CompanyName AS 'Customer', YEAR(OrderDate) AS 'Year' , ...

3 answers | 25 mins ago by Argos on Stack Overflow
11 answers

How do I check if a Sql server string is null or empty

I want to check for data but ignore it if it's null or empty. Currently the query is as follows... Select Coalesce(listing.OfferText, company.OfferText, '') As Offer_Text, from ...

11 answers | 26 mins ago by digiguru on Stack Overflow
0 answers

Php Mysql Performance

At first thanks for your help. Currently I´m trying to improve the performance of my queries. Im stucked at ~4sec. The Table log_exercises is ~ 1million rows large. Maybe you have a little tip for ...

1 answer

Viewing execution plans for queries with parameters

I have a sample query generated by an application (Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 in this case) which is ineffective performance-wise (cross joins, order by etc.) I would like to display its execution ...

1 answer

Stored procedure output parameter always gives 0 in PHP end

The Stored Procedure is tested from MS SQL Server and gave expected output (for @AID). But when it is called from PHP @AID always gives 0. What am I doing wrong here? $stmt = ...

6 answers

Viewing SSRS Reports in an MVC Site

Is there a way to put a SQL Server Reporting Services report viewer control on an MVC view? If not...what is the best way to accomplish this?

0 answers

Regarding QUEUE in sql server and its real usage

apologized for posting many question in one thread. i have many doubts for queue in sql server. i searched google for queque for beginner like article but got nothing still. so i like to post few ...

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